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Queens of the Universe

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  “My darling… My darling Trish…”

  The murmur echoed through Trish’s head. She blinked. Her heart pounded, and her fingers curled in on themselves as she unblinkingly let the gaze of the woman before her.

  It was difficult for Trish to call such a being a woman though. The being possessed breasts and feminine physique, that was true but there was something about her – it? them? – which made it difficult for Trish to decisively gender it.

  Nonetheless, the murmur persisted in her head as the being’s mouth did not move. It eyes, yellow and alien, watched every reaction. It leaned in against Trish’s head; their foreheads touching, and heat sparked between them.

  “My darling Trish, for so long I have waited for us to reunite.”

  Trish’s shoulders were soon weighed down by the being’s arms. It slowly encroached upon her, chest to chest and nestled unto her. An awkward yet fervent embrace. Trish’s skin burned as the creature emanated this great and grotesque heat. She felt as though she would melt underneath it, but she remained shoulders squared, and she tried to remain courageous as she tried to understand who or what she had encountered.

  The night was quiet. Serene. It encapsulated them both. But to call it night would be disingenuous as stars burned fierce around them. They were in a space all of their own.

  “Who… Who are you?” Trish asked and her words felt like broken glass in her mouth.

  The being was disturbed by such a reaction; by such a question. Fear sparked in its eyes and for a moment, they were emotive and human before dulling back to that alien and impossible to read gaze.

  “Do you not remember?” it asked.

  “No. Who are you?” Trish asked.

  She felt the bump of its lower face on her neck as its arms continued to snake around her. Keeping her close and bound. Trish swallowed and then she heard her reply.

  “I am Spice Girls.” it said.

  “Spice Girls?” Trish echoed.


  The affirmation was stone cold yet so warm. Trish’s heart thumped as she tried to wrack her brain. Spice Girls, Spice Girls, Spice Girls – where had she heard such a name? where would she have met such a name?

  For now, neither question could be answered as Trish only felt the wallowing murk of her earliest memories resonate in them. She couldn’t remember. Those memories were gone. Locked.

  Spice Girls slowly reeled back. Her hands traced along Trish’s arms. The hair rose on them and again, felt singed as the nubs of spice Girls’ fingers bumped along Trish’s arms. Then, their hands intertwined.

  “How do you not remember me, my precious Trish?” Spice Girls asked.

  Fear began to prick up inside of Trish, but she was strong. She knew better than to let such things meld upon her face and become the mask she wore.

  “I don’t know.” Trish confessed.

  “No matter, we shall be one again soon…” Spice Girls murmured and the way they spoke was intoxicating. “My precious Trish and I… together at last… I’ve been so lonely. Space is so lonely… Why did you send me there?”

  Trish’s hands twitched. “Space?” she replied.

  “It hurt. It hurt me so much, but I’ve returned, and I forgive you, my precious Trish.” Spice Girls said.

  Trish looked up. Her heart now felt like it was in her throat. She could feel it bulge and her mouth dried. Fear continued to creep through her as she tried to understand who or what the being before her was and, more importantly, its intentions. Its voice was sweet like honey, but it dripped with dulcet venom as Trish tried to understand who or what she was to it.

  “I love you, my precious Trish,” Spice Girls said once more, “and together, we shall be Queens of the Universe.”

  Trish blinked. She was scared but that brought her out of such fear. She didn’t half mind the sound of that. But at the same time, she felt a darkness incited inside of her. One facilitated by blood and destiny.

  “No matter who or what we have to crush.”