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pete’s bag was forgotten on the floor at the edge of the couch, and his shoes were still on. you mindlessly started to play with pete’s hair when he laid down on top of you on the couch as soon as he got home. His head was resting on your thigh, and one of his arms was wrapped around your leg. he had been gone almost three weeks, and you knew that he was pretty much working nonstop with limited time to sleep. the minute he snuggled into you, he fell asleep. he never slept well while he was on the road - he’d say it was because you weren’t there and maybe that was true considering he passed out as soon as he was touching you. he had enough mind to move the dog from your lap to his back before he fell asleep. the dog, groaning at pete picking him up, had willingly snuggled into pete and fell asleep again. you had been scrolling through instagram on your phone, watching random dog videos when pete came home, and you were back to doing just that considering pete wouldn’t be good company. he was practically dead to the world at this point. you could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket and he shifted slightly. “pete, just gimme your phone, it’s just gonna keep goin off.” he grumbled something you couldn’t understand and pulled his phone out of his picket then placed it next to your thigh. you traded your phone for his, and quickly typed in his code. the messages that caused his phone to go off were pictures from his matches and appearances the last couple of days that robyn of beyond gorilla had taken. robyn always did an amazing job capturing the wrestlers. you had seen the ones from his match against will, but the others were new and pete looked good in all of them. you saved a couple to send to yourself, before texting back about how good of pics they were. you sent your personal favorites to yourself, before saving the rest of the pics and choosing the best couple to post on pete’s instagram. you were unbelievably proud of him, the man who was definitely in a deep sleep on your lap. he was continuing to enjoy wrestling in the indies, something you were afraid he wouldn’t want to give up, while representing wwe at the same time with their uk championship. then, after picking your own phone back up, you snapped a picture for your isnta story of pete, almost drooling on your leg, and your sweet pup snoozing too. you added “unbelievably proud of the love of my life” and drew a little heart over your dog. you set both phones down on the table next to the couch, and went back to playing with pete’s hair. he snuggled closer into you, and let out a little sigh. you reached forward, trying not to move pete too much, and grabbed your dog to pull him closer to you so you could pet him as well. you smiled, you could spend lazy days like this with pete all the time - you wished you could at least. but you knew, wrestling was his first love and as much as he put you first, you wouldn’t dare ask him to give it up just for lazy days snuggling on the couch.