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tyler had always been able to feel the pain that pete and trent felt. he always knew that the random pain he’d feel had been from his soulmates even though he didn’t know them yet - the pain intensified when they actually met though. but up until 2012 when they had all met, he learned how to deal with the pain and try to act like it wasn’t bothering him as much as it really was. he hadn’t really known what to think about the pain when it really started in 2005, but he’d later learn that pete had started training then and it explained everything. when tyler started training he had started to put two and two together and realize what the pain was from, since he recognized the similarities between the way his body hurt in the beginning and the ghost pain he had felt before then. in 2008 he started to feel it multiplied, and now blamed trent’s training for that - figures he’d be paired with two wrestlers, but with himself being a wrestler as well it helped them to spend a lot of time together. tyler could remember nights where he’d be hurting badly, not quite understanding why, and his mother would be comforting him. she had gone through the same thing with tyler’s dad - although not as intense, but tyler didn’t want to tell her that. she was his support system until he found pete and trent, and she also meant the world to him. she had pushed him to go to the one wrestling class where he actually met his perfect men, so in a way he owed her the world. trent and pete didn’t have the same pain sharing that tyler had with them, which was understandable it was mostly always just one of the soulmates that could really feel what the other(s) felt. the emotions they all shared, but the pain was all tyler. the only way to get it to be less bad was for them to change careers, but wrestling was a dream for all three of them and tyler wouldn’t dare ask his boys to give it up. trent and pete didn’t have a thing that affected them because of their soulmates, but if you had even just two of them together you’d never have their full attention because it’s hard to get their attention away from the love(s) of their lives. tyler did help them a lot, especially pete. he taught pete how to care for someone else, and be kind, and realize his actions impact people. he brought out goodness in pete that isn’t often seen - the softer side of pete dunne. tyler bate was pete’s weakness, as was trent but it was easier to tell with tyler. pete blamed himself whenever tyler was hurting because he was also hurting, and at first didn’t know how to react to that emotion but the only thing that helped then was touching tyler. pete was always touching tyler actually, if they were together it was rare for them not to be touching in some way. in the rare occasion that they were together but not touching, then trent was probably touching pete because trent knew that the physical contact helped pete, it distracted pete from getting lost in his thoughts. the grumpy bruiserweight often doubted himself and would think about how much better off his two mustached men would be without him. so to keep him grounded and out of those thoughts, tyler or trent would need to be touching him - showing him that they need him. that was why pete was always insistent on snuggling for hours when they had free time. tyler could never say no to pete, and trent struggled with it too - how can you deny the man who refuses physical touch from most other people the cuddling he wants. so they often agreed, afraid that one day he wouldn’t crave the physical touch from them - something that would never happen because even just having a hand on one (or both) of them made pete feel 1000 times better. trent’s thing was being able to take care of his boys, watching out for them and make sure they were okay. truth be told, trent didn’t really have a thing like tyler and pete but he just loved his boys and would do anything for them. he wanted to give them the world. he liked to take care of his boys, make sure they were ok, and just help them to be the best they could be. sometimes it was hard, because pete can be a brat - luckily he was often bratty to others, not trent, and especially not tyler. it wasn’t that pete loved tyler more, he loved the two equally, but it was just how tyler was - his sweet, innocent, perfect self that pete would die for. trent knew, because he had the same weakness for Bate, so the way pete was with tyler didn’t bother him. everyone with two soulmates had trouble balancing the relationships just because you had to be there and be everything for two people, instead of just one like the majority of the pairs in the world. it’s not that soulmates in 3s were super rare, just uncommon enough that it wasn’t normal really. but they knew a handful of other guys who were 1 of 3. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose for example. Then there was Finn, Karl, and Luke. Plus they couldn’t forget Big Cass, Carmella, and Enzo Amore - Enzo being one that both tyler and pete had the opportunity to punch beat up, pete more than tyler but bop and bang count for something. There was also Big E, Xavier, and Kofi, although Kofi wasn’t really a soulmate of E and Xavier, but he had lost his soulmate early on and had a connection arise with the other two and had been pulled into their relationship. but those four other 3 person pairs weren’t the focus of the universe, sure they mattered and were perfect - but all eyes were on BSS because of the way they were so open with their relationship, the way pete welcomed the PDA and trent loved to repeat their finding each other story to anyone who asked. The others, although not secretive about their relationships because how could you be when your soulmate’s name was tattooed on your body, were more private about their relationships. you’d never see enzo clinging to cass the way tyler clings to pete, and you wouldn’t see karl and luke holding hands constantly like pete and trent. and none of the other groups would press their lips to any space of bare skin on their partners like trent did to his boys. he couldn’t help it - he loved kissing his boys just like pete enjoyed biting them. they definitely reveled in being able to kiss and bite tyler at the same time. but the best thing of all to all three of them was physical contact between the three directly to the marks on their bodies. it took two nights together to memorize the locations and designs of the names on their bodies, and since then it was muscle memory to return their hands to those spots. that was the one thing they tried to keep more private, touches on the marks. it wasn’t that they were ashamed, and they didn’t try to hide the marks, and it was easier to hide it in public when they’d brush a hand over trent’s thigh, or touch pete’s chest. pete was the most daring with it, always quick to slide his hand underneath the tyler’s shirt to drag his fingers across the top of the mark. but for the most part they kept that more hidden, mostly because of the locations of tyler and trent’s marks, in places that were harder to get to, and places that were frowned upon to be shown all the time in public - but that was another reason pete loved their job, it left his boys in trunks which allowed for easier access. whenever your soulmate touched the mark, it would send tingles through your body. depending on your mood it would comfort you, probably calming you down, just because of the closeness of your person. it was the usual go to in calming tyler down after a brutal match for trent or pete, especially pete because dunne tended to put his everything into every match. overall, they loved each other. and who knows if they would have fallen in love without the soulmate thing - but they kinda assume they would, since they wouldn’t have not met considering all of them shared a first love: wrestling.