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you and shaun were facetiming with pete while he was gone for work. “daddy, today i pedigreed a boy at recess” pete smirked, muttering a quick that’s my boy, but stopped when he caught your grumpy expression. “now little bear, you gotta remember that it’s ok to practice wrestling, especially with me but you can’t do it outside of a ring.” you smiled a soft smile his way. you had been trying to tell your son exactly why he shouldn’t pedigree people, but the boy was as stubborn as his dad. you knew all it would take was pete telling him. “but dad” “no shaun, you know that when i do it, and your uncle tyler and uncle trent, when we all do it we practice inside of the ropes and go over it a bunch of times and learn how to do it - both people involved in a match. you can’t just do it with someone random.” the little boy groaned, not wanting to hear this from his dad who typically encouraged him when it came to wrestling. “but, when i’m home I can take you down to the gym with the ring and we can work on some of those moves, bud.” shaun lit up instantly. you rolled your eyes, hoping you could have put off training your son for a few more years. “as long as it’s ok with mommy of course.” pete had seen your response, but he also knew how you felt - you didn’t really want Shaun in the ring until he was at least 12, couldn’t stop him after that since Pete was 12. “and i’ll ask tyler and trent to come help too, maybe mandrews will join us as well.” you ran your fingers through shaun’s hair “i guess it’s ok.” both boys smiled widely, each a mirror image of each other. “wait could we also go to the trampoline and foam pit park???” pete chuckled, “of course we can bud. but if i find out you wrestled anyone else at school then we won’t go.” shaun frowned, a look that broke your heart. “you can’t get this reward if you’re gonna keep doing it. now go play or somethin, i need to talk to your mum.” Shaun pressed his forehead to the phone, growling softly. You knew on the otherside of the phone, Pete was doing the same thing. The action a normal occurrence between the father and son. “i love you little bear.” “i love you too” then the phone was in your hand, and your son was off. “love, we’ll keep him safe.” “I know, just be careful.” “aren’t we always?” his confident smirk was all he needed to convince you of that statement. “well, ok. anything to get him to stop doing this…it’s not the first time. they keep calling me because he does whatever move on someone - once he actually told them that he did a tyler driver 97.” “well don’t tell Bate that.” you both laugh. “at least he’s not biting, your mum told me how often you got in trouble for biting the other kids.” pete rolled his eyes, “of course she did.” “but you never actually stopped doing that.” he smirked at you. you had meant it mostly toward his biting in the ring, but you were also implying the way pete would bite you. “I tried to keep him away from it, love. it’s not my fault you love watchin me and let him watch with you.” you rolled your eyes. “i know, i know. but if the little cub didn’t try so hard to be like his papa bear we wouldn’t have a problem at all.” there was a small moment of silence while you both just looked at each other. “god i miss you.” “i know babe, but i’ll be home next week.” you sighed, shifting on the couch but careful not to bump the sleeping dog next to you. “sweets, what if you and shaun come with me on my next tour with NXT? a lot of wwe’s talent brings their families from time to time, and he’ll love it” “idk, maybe…” he smiled “the next tour is with ‘mania, love. you’ll love it.” he knew you so well “I don’t wanna pull Shaun outta school for too long…they’ll get upset.” pete bit his lip. “i’m sure it’ll be ok, babe. you can get whatever work he needs to do, or something.” “okay.” his smile grew, if that was possible, and you were pretty sure your heart stopped like it does everytime he smiles your way. how did you get so lucky. “okay? great!! I’ll plan it and talk with hunter and make sure all the reservations for me have a bigger room, and i’ll make sure you’ve got the best seats, and we can figure out scheduling for everything.” you smiled “sounds good. but let’s not tell shaun, you know his birthday is coming up.” pete nodded. “now I better let you go pete, you’ve probably got a busy day.” he nodded again “but i’ve always got time to talk to you, mama bear.” he smiled, you rolled your eyes. “but I really should go, trent and tyler wanna work out before we get lunch.” you sighed, nodding - knowing he had a busy lifestyle. “I love you pete.” “i love you too, darling.” he blew you a kiss before hanging up the call.