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you hadn’t seen pete in over a month with how busy his schedule kept him, luckily he had a couple of days free coming up so you two would get time together. but before he could take some time off, he had a few shows to do at home. he had, of course, asked you to join him to watch the show and hang out backstage so he could spend as much time with you as he could. you knew that as soon as pete landed, he had a show to get to so there wasn’t much time for hellos when you picked him up. “when does your match fall on the card, pete?” he looked up from his phone, shrugging. “last i think, since i’m defending the title.” you nodded, “well lets go then.” he smiled at you, before getting out of the car and grabbing his bag. he walked next to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you closer to his side. you two arrive at his locker room and you take a seat while pete changes. “where are tyler and trent?” once pete was ready, he sat down next to you. “they’re not working this show, love.” he wrapped his arm around you to pull you close to him. “now we’ve got some time to waste, and we didn’t get a real hello.” he smiled at you, and then leaned closer to kiss you. you were making out for awhile before you were interrupted. “oh my god, that’s disgusting.” pete pulled away from you to give trent a grumpy look. you clutched the fur on pete’s vest. “thought they weren’t supposed to be here? you know they always interrupt us and i wouldn’t have kissed you in the first place.” pete rolled his eyes and muttered something about seven and bate cockblocking him. you looked towards the door to see trent, and tyler peaking over his shoulder. “pete, they sent us back here to get you.” tyler had pushed his way in front of trent. “i’m just trying to get a proper hello from my girl.” pete nuzzled his face into your neck, sighing before releasing you to stand up. “fine, fine. i’m ready.” he grumpily pushed his way past the boys, looking back at you briefly before leaving.