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you had rearranged the flat since pete had been gone but had long ago invited you to move in with him, “can’t leave the place empty the majority of the year” was his reasoning. he was going on a month gone for some responsibilities with WWE, which you understood since it was what he loved and how the two of you had met. when pete got home after that month, his reaction to the moved furniture was unexpected. he seemed grumpy about it, mumbling under his breath and a scowl permanently on his face. you had been living with him for over three months, and the place had felt too much like a boy’s apartment until now. “love it was fine the way it was.” pete had taken a seat next to you on the couch and was resting his head on your shoulder, trying to convince you to move it back. “pete, sleep in your car if you don’t like it.” he grumbled more at that, wrapping his arms aorund you to pull you closer to him ‘can’t sleep another night without you.’ his face was now pushed into your hair and he took a deep breath. ‘I guess i can get used to it, babe.’