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Wings Of Fire: False Truth

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Blizzard knew he was in no position to bargain with the queen, but he liked to do it to see how much she could take. When the guards came to his spire that afternoon, after the fight with the Nightwing, Pathfinder, and the dragon who was in the spire next to him, Hoarfrost, Blizzard knew he was going to fight. The guards approached him slowly, Blizzard just sat up and yawned showing off his impossibly white teeth, especially after all the dragons he’d killed. Blizzard enjoyed toying with the guards, they were the only dragons besides the queen and his opponents he interacted with.  

Blizzard had lived in the arena for about a month and a half. Blizzard knew the dragons in the arena always needed to interact with other dragons. Blizzard had seen and heard dragons talking to one another, only to be poked by sharp spears. Even if the guards wouldn’t poke Blizzard, he didn’t want to talk with Hoarfrost anyway. Most dragons interacted with dragons from their tribe, Blizzard interacted with the guards instead. Blizzard knew the guards feared him, chains of no chains, which made things fun.  

Blizzard waited patiently as the guards came closer and closer. These guards are very cautious. The queen won’t be pleased, Blizzard thought pushing down a smile. The guards paused for a moment and looked at one another until one made a move to unclasp the chain on Blizzard’s left back talon. The other guards did the same to his other talons, Blizzard waited. The guards picked him up and flew him to the arena floor where he sat down looking bored. The guards were probably expecting him to instantly leap at them and strangle them, but he didn’t... at the moment. 

When the guards started exchanging confused glances to one another Blizzard took it as his cue. Blizzard moved as swiftly and silently as a shadow as he ran across the arena floor. He bunched up the muscles in his back legs and sprang at a guard who was well flying within Blizzard’s leaping range.  Blizzard’s teeth easily found their way into the soft flesh as the Skywing started to scream. Blizzard knew the guard could hold both of them up but would drop to the ground in fear or pain eventually. Blizzard didn’t want to wait. He jerked his head back flinging him and the Skywing guard into the sand. Blizzard had lots of practice fighting dragons larger than him, he used to be in the first circle after all. Blizzard landed on the guard and sunk his teeth into the warm flesh of the Skywings neck. Warm red blood, much different from his blood, pooled in Blizzard's mouth. The guards in the sky did nothing for a moment so Blizzard continued attacking the guard. Blizzard dug his talons into the pyrite skin of the guard and bit harder around the neck until the guard’s thrashing stopped and the guards in the air seized him by his tail and pulled him off their comrade. The Skywing guard Blizzard attacked was alive, barley, but Blizzard knew he wouldn’t make it through the night. 

Blizzard clawed and spun in the grip of the Skywing guards, slashing their scales as beads of blood dripped down their blood colored scales. The guards tried slashing Blizzard, but Blizzard moved so swiftly the guards couldn’t land a hit. Blizzard soon pulled his way out of the cluster of guards, only with one or two minor scratches. He faced the guards crouching low to the ground snarling ready for a fight. Blizzard was satisfied with what he had done today, the guards had lots of cuts and purple swelling burses one had a long deep scratch over his eye rendering it useless. 

"Now calm down and stop harming my guards,” The queen on the balcony said with an amused expression. Blizzard knew that Queen Scarlet didn’t care for her guards, she was more amused by the skirmishes the guards and Blizzard had. "I know how you keep asking for a fight with the champion, so I made a compromise,” the queen said with an annoying smirk. 

"I will only fight the champion then get away from this horrid place,” Blizzard growled. She's never going to let me fight the champion. If I do get tired of this place, I can try to escape... and probably die in the process.  

“Don’t call my arena a horrid place,” The queen said putting on a mocking smile. "You can fight a dragon who has won four fights. That sounds like a compromise to me.” 

"I will fight your champion and win and get out of this horrid place. Or die and escape this world forever. Besides I need to leave this world eventually, there’s nothing left for me anyway,” Blizzard growled without any emotion. He always wondered what life held for him as a dragonet, but now he knew he had to make his own destiny. After he was exiled or rather, he left, he decided to go to scorpion den. He wasn’t prepared for the full battalion of Skywing guards that ambushed him after a battle with the Seawings. 

"Well if you want to get out of this place so desperately, maybe you should let you opponent kill you,” Queen Scarlet said with a smug smile.  

I'd never die at the claws of a normal dragon, I'd die at the talons of a worthy opponent, Blizzard thought. "I will not stain my honor to die at the claws of any ordinary dragon. If I die at the claws of your champion, at least I have honor in dying in the talons of some sort of fire monster,” Blizzard said knowing Queen Scarlet wasn’t too fond of her champion at the moment. 

“My champion is not a monster. She's MY monster!” Queen Scarlet shouted sounding insane. "Now continue,” Queen Scarlet said waving at the announcer. Blizzard glowered at the announcer causing the announcer to shift uncomfortably as the announcer flew in to the sky higher, whether it was to broadcast his voice or to stay out of Blizzard's reach, Blizzard didn’t care. 

 The announcer hesitated for a moment looking at the Icewing who was glowering hatefully at him. Gulping, the announcer continued. “He has won eight fights so far. I give you Blizzard of the Icewings!” 

The crowd erupted in roars of excitement. 

“Blizzard! Blizzard! Blizzard!” they started chanting. Well if I wasn’t appreciated in the Ice kingdom at least I can be looked up to here, Blizzard thought halfheartedly. 

Blizzard turned to the opposite side of the arena where he knew they would drop his opponent. Blizzard didn’t think much about the dragons he killed. He knew some dragons were squeamish with death, but Blizzard didn’t care who died or who he killed, they were just another obstacle in Blizzard’s path. Blizzard had memorized the felling of a squirming body below him as he tore the throat out of the dragon's neck. For Blizzard the only way for him to survive was to kill without hesitation. 

The guards flew up to a spire holding a beige and lemon colored dragon. Blizzard didn’t have to be able to read his mind to know this Sandwing was terrified. The dragon tried to leap out of the guards talons as they unlatched the Sandwings cuffs, unsuccessfully. The guards caught him as the dragon tried to escape. Dragons would try to throw themselves off the spires when they knew they couldn’t win, a dragon who was going against Blizzard once killed themselves that way. 

The guards brought the Sandwing to the arena floor as the Sandwing stood clearly shaking in fear. The two dragons looked at one another one look of fear and one look of boredom.  

"With four wins, I give you Yucca of the Sandwings!” 

The crowd gave a half cheer, not expecting Yucca to win. 

“Claws up! teeth ready! fight!”  

Yucca bolted to the other side of the arena with her tail raised defensively. Smart one, she knows not to come charging at me, Blizzard thought remembering his early fights when dragons didn’t know how dangerous he was. As he started taking long strides across the arena towards Yucca. When Yucca saw him getting closer, she edged her way around the arena keeping an eye on Blizzard as he stood in the middle of the arena taking slow strides to where ever Yucca moved. Yucca darted around the arena and after a few moments she stopped and looked at Blizzard with confusion. Blizzard could just imagine what Yucca might be thinking; what's he waiting for? or maybe I should strike, he doesn’t seem interested in attacking me.  

Yucca took one look at Blizzard and charged, her venomous tail gleaming besides her skull. And she strikes, Blizzard thought as he leaped in the air high above her head and tail. Yucca skidded to a stop as she whipped around tail raised ready for an attack from the front. But she wasn't ready for the attack to her side. Bizzard ran at her side and rammed is shoulder into her rib cage. Yucca screamed in pain as Blizzard heard crunching from her chest, probably her ribs. Yucca was knocked back and rolled along the ground and laid on the ground unmoving. 

You think I haven’t seen that before? Blizzard thought amused. Blizzard had faced many enemies who played dead, none did it successfully. Blizzard took the advantage of his opponent sprawled out on the floor and grabbed Yucca's tail and bit hard.  

Yucca howled and thrashed in an attempt to get Blizzard to release her tail. Blizzard bit harder and harder the more she struggled. Warm blood pooled in Blizzard's mouth and dripped down his jaw and into the previously blood-soaked sand. There will be a lot more blood when I'm done, Blizzard thought as more blood dripped into the sand. Finally, he heard a loud crunch from Yucca’s tail as he released it and took a step back as Yucca swiveled her head to assess the damage. 

The part of her tail that attached to the barb was limply hanging from the rest of her tail, her barb was covered in her blood and her tail had a large gash from where Blizzard had bit her. You won’t be using that barb ever again, Blizzard thought with satisfaction. 

Yucca tried to bolt to the other side of the arena only to have Blizzard standing in the way. "We can’t have you running, we have an audience we need to entertain,” Blizzard said with a smirk as the Skywings behind him cheered in agreement. 

Yucca staggered and finally found her voice, “Do you work for them? You're a prisoner like me, I've seen you fight you could easily escape,” Yucca said. 

“Well the thing is I enjoy this life, it’s much better than my old life.” Blizzard said shrugging as his electric blue tail flicked around behind him. 

"If you really enjoy this life why do you insist on fighting the champion to get free?” Yucca growled. 

"Let's just say there are dragons I need to see,” Blizzard said thinking of his allies in scorpion den. "Now let's put on a show,” Blizzard growled as he advanced closer. 

Yucca gave a warning growl and she shot a storm of fire from her mouth. Blizzard darted to the side feeling the heat radiating from the gold and orange flames. Summoning an ice storm from below he shot a blast of frost at Yucca’s exposed side, the flames then disappeared. Blizzard ran at Yucca and knocked her over and pinned her to the ground. 

"I would kill you here and now if I thought you could possibly win against me,” Blizzard said making shure all the Skywings could hear what he was saying. "This performance hasn’t been all too interesting now has it? We want to give the queen an interesting performance, don’t we?”  Blizzard said in a smooth voice. Blizzard looked at Yucca for a moment before raking a claw down the membrane of her wing as she started shrieking, more blood pooled into the sand. "Now, I know your holding back to protect your life, the thing is you can’t win. So, with that knowledge don’t hold back and let's make this an interesting show,” Blizzard said as he took a step off Yucca. 

Yucca stood up utterly shocked. "You- your letting me live?” Yucca asked as soon as she found her voice. 

"No, no,” Blizzard laughed as the Skywings around him made noises of confusion. "I’m letting you show me and everyone here what you're capable of,” Blizzard said with a menacing smile. 

Yucca looked at Blizzard shocked and devastated. Blizzard was used to this when he fought with dragons in the arena, no dragon truly thinks about death until they’re moments away from it. 

"Now come on, you won’t survive no matter how careful you are.”  

Yucca took one shuddering breath and shot a burst of hungry orange and gold flames one again. Blizzard summoned a storm from inside as he met the flames with a blast of frost. The ice held off the fire for a moment, just enough time for Blizzard to move. Now this might be fun, Blizzard thought missing the feel of adrenalin coursing through his veins.  

Blizzard darted forward and slashed Yucca's side with his sharper-than-normal Icewing talons, then darted back waiting for his opponent’s next move. 

Yucca recoiled and ran at Blizzard as she raked her talons at him, missing as he darted under her and ran his claws along her exposed stomach. He stood behind her assessing the damage he’d done. Good, that will hurt but it won't be the killing blow or cause her to bleed to death, Blizzard thought. Blizzard always loved to toy with his opponents. He’d deal damage, only small shallow wounds to cause pain, then when he was bored, he would kill his opponent. 

Yucca lunged at him as her talons collided with his electric blue scales knocking him over. Blizzard grunted and rolled to one side to avoid being pinned. Blizzard hissed and leaped a Yucca who was starting to stand. Blizzard bit the back of Yucca’s neck drawing blood but only damaging enough to slow her down. Blizzard jumped of Yucca pushing her down once again as he waited, preparing his frost breath. Yucca ran at Blizzard as he unleashed his ice breath on her. Yucca doubled over as Blizzard ran at her. Blizzard pinned her down assessing how much damage he’d done with the ice breath. Blizzard had made shure that he didn’t use enough to kill her, but it seemed he might have used too much. 

"Looks like that might have been too much,” Blizzard said in a low tone.  

"Y... yo... you should just... kill me,” Yucca said wheezing, and shivering. 

“Looks like I used too much frost breath,” Blizzard said not wanting this fight to be over. "I won’t kill you. If you use a bit of your fire it could melt the frost and keep you warm enough to continue fighting,” Blizzard said as Yucca looked surprised that he was telling her how to heal herself. "What? You think I'd let you die? The queen has only let me fight dragons with one or two wins, fighting you is a treat,” Blizzard said flatly. “Aren’t you going to try to stop the ice?” Blizzard asked ready for her to spring at him thinking she could catch him off guard.  

Yucca lifted her talons fast as a striking snake, Blizzard thought she was going to try to attack him, so he leaped back. But Yucca wasn’t after him, she sunk her talons into her stomach as she screamed and pushed her talons in deeper. Blizzard moved fast grabbing her talons and pulling them out of her stomach that was bleeding rapidly. 

Yucca’s talons were covered in sticky warm blood that then covered Blizzard's talons. "That was a mistake,” Blizzard growled. Swiftly he sunk his claws into the part that would allow him to immobilize Yucca's front talons. He pushed his talons in deeper as Yucca screamed louder and louder. Blizzard started moving his claws around as much as possible until Yucca’s left talon went limp in his talons. Blizzard then did the same thing to Yucca's right talon. "Now that you can’t try to kill yourself, I'll do it for you,” Blizzard said snarling and sending a breath of cold air into Yucca's face. 

Yucca girted her teeth as blood spewed out of her wounds on her shoulder. "You said, you... wouldn’t kill me, you said you wanted to fight me,” Yucca said gasping for breath and shivering, clearly weak from blood loss. 

"Yes, well you are in no condition to fight and I'm currently mad at you so I'm going to kill you,” then Blizzard dropped his voice to a menacing tone "I promise it will be extremely slow and painful,” Blizzard said with a smile. 

Yucca looked at him with horror and fear. "You are a monster, you belong in this blood thirsty prison,” Yucca panted. 

"Yes, well at least I belong somewhere. You belong in the fires with the dead bodies,” Blizzard said nodding to the fires where corpses of dead dragons were being burned. "You might as well enjoy this moment, it will be your last living moment when you're not in horrendous pain,” Blizzard said and paused for a moment before adding on. "You’re one of the only dragons I’ve face here who doesn’t run the entire time. I might remember you after you’re dead,” Blizzard said meaning what he said. 

"I hope you die a slow painful death,” Yucca half gasped half snarled. 

"I take that as your last words. You're going to wish you are dead once I start killing you,” Blizzard said as his already blood-soaked talons hovered above Yucca's chest. 

Slowly Blizzard sunk his talons into Yucca's chest watching the blood pool out of the wound ran down Yucca's scales joining the pools of blood around Yucca. Yucca's screams got louder and more insane sounding the deeper Blizzard's claws went. This will teach dragons not to test me, Blizzard thought taking a quick glance at the dragons above who looked down with terror. Blizzard pulled his talons out of Yucca's chest as blood spewed from the wound every time Yucca tried to take a breath. “How does it fell? To have talons in your chest?” Blizzard asked not wanting an answer. 

"Y... you sh... ould... fell the pain. You deserve it,” Yucca said weakly.  

"Well, it would never happen for me, I'm far too skilled to lose in a fight with an ordinary dragon,”’ Blizzard hissed as he sunk his talon into Yucca’s chest wound once more. Yucca gave a weak yelp as Blizzard twisted his talons in her chest.  when Blizzard removed his talons the hole in Yucca's chest was larger and bloodier Blizzard could see glints of white broken bones beneath the mess he made of Yucca's insides. 

"Your stronger than I thought, you're still breathing and giving me the death glare even though you have a bloody hole in your chest. I'm impressed.” 

This time Yucca was too weak to give a sharp retort, this time she just narrowed her glare. 

Blizzard moved his talons to Yucca's neck and raked his claws down the part without scales as Yucca's blood dripped down her neck as she screamed a silent scream. "I did say it was going to be painful, didn’t I?” Blizzard said as he squeezed Yucca’s neck causing blood to squirt out of her neck and onto Blizzard's electric blue scales. Blizzard squeezed harder and Yucca started gasping for air as Blizzard constricted her windpipe. “Most of the time I give my opponents a quick death, they weren't worth wasting time on. But YOU four wins, that’s impressive, for once I can be pitted against a fighter,” Blizzard said looking into Yucca's bulging eyes. After a minuet when Yucca was barely alive Blizzard released her wind pipe. Yucca's eyes fluttered open with confusion in her gaze. "You thought I'd kill you by suffocating you? I rather have you die felling my talons crushing your heart,” Blizzard snarled. 

Blizzard then sunk his talons into Yucca’s stomach as she convulsed, not stong enough to give a yelp, as Blizzard opened up a new wound in her stomach. After a moment Blizzard pulled his talons out and watched the warm red liquid run down his talons. "I promised you’d die because of my talons crushing your heart,” Blizzard said as he sunk his red talons into Yucca's chest wound and moved his talon around until he found Yucca's heart. "I’m not a monster, I'm just trying to survive,” Blizzard said quietly as Yucca's eyes closed one last time. Blizzard crushed the beating organ beneath his talons as Yucca’s heart beat stopped. “Rest well,” Blizzard said quietly. He pulled his talon out of Yucca’s chest and turned to face the audience. 

“Blizzard! Blizzard! Blizzard!” the  Skywings chanted as they beat their wings and roared with pleasure. 

"Now that was entertaining!” the queen shouted over her subjects. "I might pit you against dragons with more wins from now on.” 

Blizzard gave one long look at Yucca and kicked her bleeding body. "I’m glad I was able to please you,” Blizzard said bowing slightly. "Now that I have nine wins, I think it's time for me to face the champion, don’t you?” Blizzard asked feeling Yucca's blood from her corpse pooling around his talons. 

"That would be interesting, but I'd much rather keep you alive. Lots of dragons want to see you fight, and as queen I need to please my subjects,” the queen said with a roar of support from the audience. "Now guards, get this dragon cleaned up and bring him to my throne room,” the queen paused for a moment before continuing. “But do put him in chains.” 

Blizzard stood in the sand as Yucca’s blood soaked into his scales as waited for the guards to take him away. The guards were hesitant and kept sneaking looks at Yucca’s torn up body. Eventually the guards picked up Blizzard and brought him to the raging river outside the arena for him to wash up his blood-soaked talons.  

Blizzard looked at the crystal-clear waster that ran down hill to the delta below. Blizzard took a step into the cold water that reminded him so much of home. You can never go back. The Icewings won’t ever accept what you are, Blizzard thought coldly. Besides, the Ice kingdom was never my home. Blizzard watched the red blood flow away into the river turning it red and his electric blue talons were visible once more. Blizzard scrubbed at his talons to wash off the blood that stuck to the underside of his scales. Blizzard rinsed his teeth as the salty tang of blood disappeared from his mouth. When Blizzard was satisfied with his appearance he stepped out of the cold water and walked over to the guards. "I'm ready, take me to the queen,” he said with such authority he sounded like the Icewing prince he was. I'm not the Icewing prince Blizzard thought with annoyance. I never want to have anything to do with the Ice kingdom or Icewings.  

The guards picked him up and carried him to the queen's throne room entrance. The guards started attaching chains to him. Blizzard always hated the felling of chains, but he didn’t struggle. 

“Ah, you’re here. You look clean,” the queen said as she inspected her gold rings on her talons. “So, I was thinking about your offer. I do think everyone will want to see you fight Peril, but the problem is if you die that would take all the excitement away from the Skywings. You know, all the Skywings love you, I think they wish you were a Skywing so you don’t have to live in this prison,” the queen said shifting her gaze to Blizzard's azure eyes. 

"It’s nice to know that at least one tribe likes me,” Blizzard said coldly. 

"Yes, yes I already picked up on the fact that the Icewings don’t like you. But why?” the queen asked leaning forward. 

"It’s none of your concern,” Blizzard said flicking his tail. 

“But I'm curious. You're such a stong fighter. Why wouldn’t the Icewings adore you like the Skywings do?”  

"Nothing. Why did you bring me here? Was it to ask about why I don’t like my tribe? I don’t think so,” Blizzard said in a smooth voice. 

"No, that’s not why I brought you here. I finally decided that I'll let you fight my champion... and one of the dragonets of destiny,” the queen said expecting a reaction from Blizzard. But Blizzard just sat there looking the same. 

"Why are you letting me fight the champion?” Blizzard asked. 

"Well as you know she called upon the tradition of champion's shield yesterday. The dragon she’s defending is a dragon I'd like to keep. So, I decided to have her fight the dragonet of destiny who is immune to her fire and you. The dragonet if destiny is immune to fire and Peril’s main weapon is fire. And you, your so skilled and your ice breath is the only thing that the dragon tribes have that can get close to peril and do damage to her. And if you defeat Peril, I'll let you go, or you can be my champion. Are you up for it?” Queen Scarlet asked. 

This might be my chance to escape. If Peril is distracted by the other dragon, I can escape. Or I can fight and see how much damage I can do to her then bolt. And the dragonet of destiny... I want to see how well he can fight. This sounds like my opportunity and I won’t let it slip away. "Yes, I'll do it.”