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Pale Words (Lucas Baker x Clancy Jarvis)

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Clancy's POV

   I felt a hot stinging all across my body as the floor was engulfed in flames. There was no escape. I screamed and finally dropped to the floor, falling onto my stomach with my arms around my head. I closed my eyes and was about to slip into unconscious as the door squeaked open, Lucas slipped in and giggled, ripping my camera off my head, he giggled louder.

"Happy birthday!" He managed to say through his fit of chuckles. I finally passed out.

Lucas's POV

   I switched off the camera and threw Clancy over my shoulder, his breathing was light. I walked quickly to the extra room in the barn and carelessly tossed him on the bed, I set his camera on the night stand by his head. I tied his hands to the headboard, what? He was able to get past my mother, I have to take extra precautions. I walked over to my set up of monitors and turned them off, getting ready to start caring for Clancy's wounds, there was a knock on the barn door. I turned on the speaker and spoke.

"What?" I asked.

"Dinner. Now." I heard daddy answer. (I feel so weird typing that. T-T) I closed my eyes and set down the med kit. I glanced back at Clancy and looked across his body. His shirt was more of just singed threads, his chest was burned, same with his thighs, and shins. His hands were the worst of it. I took one more look at him and shut the door.