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Your Boys

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You sat at the table in the library, slowly sipping at your drink. Sam, Dean, and Cas had left about an hour before to get groceries, beer, and more supplies before their next hunt. You had opted to stay at the bunker to work on your missed emails and reading up on more lore. You were stressed and in need of a break. You lifted yourself out of your chair and meandered through the halls towards the bathroom. Deciding to have a bath to relax while you waited made you think back to your early days at the bunker.

“Dude, I don’t think she fully understands where we are. She might still be in shock.” The taller Winchester had turned to his brother.

“(Y/N)” a hand waved in front of your face. “Hey, sweet heart, I need you to answer, please.” The elder man nodded at his brother agreeing to his recent diagnosis of you.

“Definitely in shock. I would be too if I had just been taken from a nest.”

“Are we sure she wasn’t in on it?”

“Sam, she’s Bobby’s niece. Raised around the life. She should know better.” Turning back to you he tried again. “(Y/N), it’s Dean and Sammy, do you remember us?”

You turned your head slightly not fully making eye contact but registering his words. “Dean? Winchester?”

“Yeah, that’s me, sweet heartl.” He grinned. “You’re not in danger anymore. You’re in the bunker with me and Sammy.”

With his words you began to look around but began to shake. Tears started running down your cheeks and your breathing became ragged.

“Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.” Suddenly you were pulled into giant, warm arms and brought into a hard chest. You couldn’t help the tears flowing. Bits of information ran through your mind. You could remember being taken, tortured, made to watch them kill and drain your friend. Your breathing intensified as you remembered the look on the leaders face as he turned to you, probably planning to do the same thing to you.

You could remember the whistle that caught all of their attention. The large form of a man in the door as the light shined in. It blinded you from seeing what happened next. The next thing you remembered was being untied and lead away from the old barn and towards a black car. You must have blacked out at some point because you couldn’t recall walking into the place you were in now. But one thing you would never forget was Dean Winchester holding you close as everything came crashing down on you.

You had eventually calmed down enough for the brothers to explain what had happened. The nest had taken you and your friend along with three other women. They believed that they had taken care of all the Vampires and that you were safe with them. They encouraged you to make yourself at home for the night and they would take you to your apartment first thing the next morning.

You had been given sweatpants and a t-shirt from Dean and then lead to the bathroom. Sam had encouraged you to relax and have a bath. They said that they would be in the entertainment room when you were done. That had been the first night you had enjoyed a bath in the claw foot tub. It was amazing being able to relax and not worry.

After calming down and taking your time to clean yourself thoroughly you had gone to visit the boys. You could remember them being at your uncle’s when you were growing up. They still joked and bickered with each other like they had done in the past.

That had been your first night in the bunker. The brothers had helped you clear out your apartment the next day. You couldn’t stay there after your friend/roommate had been taken from there. The guys had invited you to stay as long as you needed.

A couple weeks after being there you finally met Castiel. The angel of the Lord who automatically took to you and wanted to know all about the Winchesters as young men. Castiel and you grew close quickly. He never strayed too far even on hunts. To him you were another human that needed protecting or so you thought.

You were brought back from your memories by a deep voice calling your name. “I’m in here, babe.” You smiled as your boyfriend entered the bathroom and sat next to the bathtub.

“So how did it go? Please, tell me you brought back the right ice cream and syrup. If not, then you have to explain that to your child that kicks me all day.” You laughed and kissed your blue-eyed angel as he gave you his special crooked smile.

“The ice cream is in the freezer. I got extra this time, just in case.” Castiel reached down and stroked the top of your swollen belly that protruded from the water. You rested your hand on top of his and moved it slightly to the left.

“She knows your back. As soon as I heard your voice she started moving. I guess she loves you as much as I do.” You kissed him again and then moved to get out of the bath. “Okay, I’m stuck. I’m going to need your help with getting out.”

Castiel immediately jumped up to get your favorite fluffy bath towel. You loved it because it wrapped all the way around you and even covered your baby bump. Being eight months pregnant was sometimes a struggle.

As you redressed you could tell something was on Castiel’s mind. “Hey, blue-eyes, you okay baby?”

He regarded with you with your favorite smile again. “I will be. I am just worried that I won’t be here next time you need help. Or what if I’m not here when our daughter arrives?”

“Hey, Cas. Sweetie, you are just one prayer away if I ever need you.” You grabbed his hand. “Don’t forget who her grandfather is. I swear if Chuck pops in one more time asking whether she’s here or not, I’m going to scream.” Your angel chuckled at that.

“Fine, but I insist that one of us is here with you at all times. For everyone’s safety.”

“You mean your sanity.” A chuckle escaped his lips at your snarky comment. “I will only do this if I get to choose my company and I make the rules.”


“Yes. Like, Gabriel can “stand guard” but only when the boys are gone. I love your brother but sometimes his pranks are way too over the top. Him and Sam seriously need to figure out their sexual tension.” Cas nodded to that one.

“Also, Dean is not, and I repeat, is not, allowed to suggest baby names. Or try to get me to try weird craving foods. The last one with the pickles made me puke.” Again, a nod from Cas was all you got.

“And my most important rule.” You turned and wrapped your arms around your angel. “I want you here the most, and so does she.”

The both of you could feel the slight kicks to your abdomen that your daughter was bestowing upon you. With a kiss to your forehead you sighed. Slowly Cas lowered himself until his face was level with your belly.

“Are you okay with all of your mother’s rules?” he asked as he slowly rubbed his hand in a small circle where the kicks had been.

You smiled proudly as you watched Cas enjoy his time with your child. “I think we will be just fine as long as our boys are here to take care of us.”