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25 Days of Bechloe

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December 25

Chloe had woken up before Beca with the sole intention of waking her up with sex. She even bought some festive lingerie for the occasion. She slipped out of bed quietly, knowing that the boys were past the point of waking up super early for presents, and giving herself at least an hour and a half with Beca. Chloe went into the bathroom and put on her special lingerie, and came out into the bedroom. Beca had insisted they put Christmas lights on their headboard because she wanted to be festive, and Chloe was going to put a new use to those lights.

Chloe climbed on the bed and hovered over Beca. She leaned down and kissed her to wake her up and when Beca came to, she blinked a few times before her eyes shot open. She was taking in the sight of her wife before her and enjoying every minute of it.

“Have you been naughty, or nice this year Becs?” Chloe purred.
“Whatever one keeps you on top of me.” Beca said, her eyes wide and racking over Chloe’s body.

This only made Chloe smile and she started moving her hips against Beca. She had her full attention. While Beca was distracted, Chloe was getting the Christmas lights untangled enough that she could tie Beca’s wrists to the bed with them. Beca noticed what was happening, but she couldn’t pull enough of her attention to what was happening to say anything about it. Once Chloe had Beca’s hands tied to the bed with the lights, Chloe remembered her other part of the Christmas surprise.

“Merry Christmas Becs.” Chloe said as she leaned off the bed to grab something.

Beca had no idea what Chloe’s plan was, but she was willing to find out. Chloe had something purple behind her back but Beca couldn’t tell what it was. She was pulled out of her wondering when Chloe lifted Beca’s shirt to lightly bit at her nipples. Quickly after biting them, Chloe’s tongue came out to soothe any possible pain away. Beca’s hips were begging for friction but Chloe held them down until she wanted Beca to feel something.

“I love it when you take control Chlo.” Beca choked out.

This just made Chloe smile and she kissed down Beca’s body until she got to her underwear. Chloe thanked her lucky stars that Beca had gone to bed without her night pants on and she pulled her underwear off. That was when Beca heard the distinct noise of something vibrating. Before she could say anything, she felt vibrating on her nipples and she couldn’t think straight. Beca was moaning and frustrated from the lack of friction she was being given and Chloe was enjoying it.

When she felt like she’d teased her enough, Chloe moved the vibrator down Beca’s body until it was lightly hitting her clit.

“Please Chlo…” Beca begged.

It was all Chloe needed to hear before she slowly slid the vibrator into Beca, earning herself a loud moan. The one good thing about their bedroom is that Beca insisted that they sound proof it if they were going to have children, because she wasn’t going to let their sex life die. Chloe was thankful for that at this very moment because Beca was being anything but quiet.

Chloe took the opportunity to slide her tongue over Beca’s clit and hold pressure to drive her even more wild. She did this while moving the vibrator to hit all of Beca’s spots until Beca’s hands were in her hair pulling her up towards her. Chloe knew that Beca was getting close so she let her pull her up into a searing kiss. Beca’s nails found their way to Chloe’s back and they dug in, not meaning to scratch as hard as they did. When Beca finally fell apart, she was panting and Chloe was pleased with herself.

“Merry Christmas Becs, let’s get out to the living room before the kids try to burst into here, huh?” Chloe asked.
“Uh huh, Merry Christmas Chlo.” Beca answered softly.

After Chloe untied her and went into the bathroom to clean up, all she could hear was Beca talking to herself about how hot her wife was. That was enough to ensure a smile was on Chloe’s face for the rest of the day.