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25 Days of Bechloe

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December 1st

Beca despised Chloe Beale, everything about her screamed happiness. It was December, in Brooklyn, nothing about that says happiness. Yet here was Chloe being an actual ray of sunshine. Beca and Chloe didn’t have to see each other for the most part, being that Chloe worked with the dancers in the company and Beca worked with the artists. The two of them are absolute opposites and for some reason, they were both friends with the intern, “Fat Amy”. She was outspoken and excited about everything when it comes to work. Though many people call her lazy, Beca admired how she found creative ways to get things done.

“Hey Shawshank, what are you going to bring to the Christmas party?” Fat Amy asked walking in to her office.
“Amy, hello, what Christmas party?” Beca asked, confusion swirling on her face.
“The one that you and Chloe are now going to be planning together. Boss’s orders, sorry Shawshank.” Amy said with a shrug.
“Chloe?! As in?!” Beca whisper-yelled, her eyes widening.
“Yeah Beca, Chloe as in Chloe Beale, as in me.” A voice answered her from the doorway.

Beca’s head shot up. She knew that voice, it was bubbly but full of bite. Chloe knew she wasn’t liked by Beca, she hated that Beca didn’t like her. She didn’t know what she did for her to be so disliked, but she decided to just ignore the annoying looks she got from Beca when they were in the same room.

“Chloe, what brings you to my office? Did someone dangle a gingerbread cookie in front of you to lead you up here?” Beca asked, folding her arms over her chest.
“Funny. No, I guess I figured this dark corner of the building needing some light.” Chloe answered with an eye roll.
“Uhhhhhh so you guys have some planning to do, I’m going to go. Try not to kill each other!” Fat Amy said as she walked out the door of the office.

Chloe looked at Beca with a raised eyebrow and Beca’s breath catches in her throat. She clears her throat and fixes her gaze on Chloe again.

“So, Grinch, how do you want to do this? Make me do all the work and you claim half of the credit?” Chloe asked with a look of annoyance on her face.
“Excuse me? Do you think I can’t help you plan a stupid Christmas party? You think you’re too good for my help?” Beca spits at her.
“I didn’t say that. I just figured you wouldn’t want to help with anything. I figured that you would hate Christmas because that’s what Amy said.” Chloe answers, throwing her hands up.

Chloe was your stereotypical gorgeous girl. She had the good jawline, she had the piercing blue eyes, the bright smile that can lighten a room, she was a dancer and it showed, and she just had an overall confidence about her. Beca, being the awkward human she was, was absolutely envious of Chloe’s confidence. Beca could be confident about music, but this woman was confident in everything she did.

“I just, I’ll help, okay? We can have a meeting tonight if you want. We can go over everything and make a plan.” Beca sighed out.
“Really? You think we can make it through a meeting together without killing each other?” Chloe asked, raising her eyebrow.
“Well it’s either we make it through, uneventful, or one of the other two options happens.” Beca shrugs.
“Other two options?” Chloe asks.
“Yeah, hate sex or death.” Beca says like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Right, I’ll uh, I’ll see you tonight, Wednesday.” Chloe says with a nod, heading for the door.
“Wednesday? Today is Friday Beale.” Beca calls out in confusion.
“Wednesday Addams, you remind me of Wednesday Addams.” Chloe says in clarification.

Before Beca could protest, Chloe was out the door. Tonight was going to be interesting.