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Of the Sea and Starlit Sky (and the Moons Behind the Clouds)

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Takashi thought about Pai’s words throughout breakfast. He flips it over, turned it this side and that and still, he found no flaw with the man’s logic. His father did wish him a happy life and Genjiro is not a man who fuss over small things.

“LAND AHEAD!” Matt shout from the crow’s nest and Takashi take a deep breath to calm himself down. The time is here.

He unconsciously glances over at Pai and found the musician already smirking his way.

“EVERYONE, TAKASHI HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.” The orange-hair man suddenly screams catching everyone’s attention and instantly put Takashi on the spot. He gives Pai a dirty look, the man exaggeratedly winks back.

Whatever, it’s now or never.

He wet his lips and looked around, Lance is there, at the stirring wheel, looking down at him. Takashi felt nervous and excited at the same time.

“My name is Takashi Shirogane. I used to work at the Kurogane manor in Yamato as a butler to the young master. Due to an incident, I was framed for the murder of everyone in the manor and was sentenced to death by hanging. Lance…Captain Lance saved me.

“I know I was the one who wanted to leave, but after staying here…on Voltron…I came to consider all of you as friends. I know it’s rather capricious of me but I would like to continue staying here. Please.” He bows at the waist at the last sentence and hopes they would not push him away.

Everything was silent until a heavy feeling pushes down on him crawling inside his skin making him unable to look up. His heart beat erratically in his chest and he struggles to breathe. Cold sweat drip down his nose and he gritted his teeth enduring all of it.

Are they angry?

“Ho?” A chilling voice came from the man who had become his beacon of light. Takashi stomach drop.

“You want to stay now? What do you take us as, a bed and breakfast? You can’t even fight, what do you plan to do here anyway?”

He knows he’s useless during battle but Pai said there are other things he could do, and there are other things he wants to do. So he gritted his teeth and fight against the pressure.


The heavy atmosphere instantly vanishes as everyone looked at him incredulously, including the captain himself.

“What did you say?” Lance asked

“I told you I used to be a butler, I liked my old job and want to continue doing it.”

“Soooooo you decide to be my butler?” Lance’s face was getting worse by the second but Takashi ignored it and nodded his head.

“Like hell-”, “He accepts” Pai interrupt Lance’s rejection and Takashi smile at him in gratitude.


“Come on, he has good intention and you’re the one who recruited him. He’s your responsibility now.”

Lance scowl heavily and look back at Takashi, the man was looking back at him with determined eyes that held a hint of pleading. Lance felt his heart soften. Shit, he’s going to give in to this man a lot in the future, isn’t he?

“Fine, do whatever you want.”

“Thank you, Master Lance”


Takashi held his tongue as the crew burst into laughter, repeating the title and teasing their captain. Pai came to swing his arm around Takashi’s shoulders, feeling thankful at the musician he let the man lean into him.

The others came to congratulate him and express their happiness that he decides to stay.

“What does a butler do?” Nyma, one of the few females aboard the ship, asked.

“Basically, whatever their master-” Takashi saw Lance’s eye twitch, “want them to do. They prepared the necessary things for them and look after their meals and belongings.”

“So, a slave,” Rax said. Takashi spluttered and tried to explain it better but saw Lance walking away while massaging his temple. He smiles wryly after him. 

Someone demand a welcome feast and Hunk happily comply. Didn’t they just have a feast 3 nights ago? Not like he’s complaining, it’s for him, isn’t it? How long was it since he has a party thrown in his favor?

They change their sail from black to white and safely dock at Daerum. Lance was getting down and he made to follow as his first job as the butler. Rolo came to grab his wrist.

“You can do your butler stuff or whatever after, right now you’re coming with me. You’re going to carry my stuff as compensation for what you did on your first day.”

Takashi could do nothing but comply.




As the man of honor, Takashi was giving the first mug of rum and made to finish it in one go to get the party started. The rum went down with much trouble and burn his throat and stomach. The crew cheered and start for the food table.

He made his way back to Lance’s side who laugh when he sways on his feet. Somebody push another full mug into his hand and he blanched. Hunk came over with a plate piled high with food and his eyes brighten. The cook really is an angel sent from above.

The large man hand Lance the plate and turn to him, “Since you’re part of the crew now you have to scavenge your own food, it’s part of a bonding process.”

He looked at the fight breaking out at the table and look back at Hunk. The cook smile and make shooing motion with his hand. He turned to the captain for help but the man only shrugged. He felt so betrayed.

He stayed at the edge and only pick out things that people pay less attention to. He doesn’t want to get punched in the face over some meat. Even though that meat sautéed in butter and garlic looks and smell heavenly. Damn it.

Good thing no one is fighting over water.

Different from the party last time, this time Pai brought out a guitar and start to sing. Now he knows why the man is the musician. His nimble fingers glide over the strings while his voice drops down into a smooth velvety tone. It’s captivating and made the rowdy crew settle down into a gentle atmosphere.

Takashi saw Lance hung back near the railing, his body swaying along with the music. An idea came to him and he made his way toward his new master.

Lance quirk his eyebrow when his ‘butler’ extends his hand to him and bow.

“May I have this dance, my lord?”

Takashi had a teasing smile and Lance have the mind to show him up. He smirks when the older male jolt in surprise when Lance took his hand and spin him around before bringing their face close.

“I only do lead.” He whispers huskily into the other’s ears.

Takashi shivered involuntarily and think how perfect it is that he usually does follow as Isamu’s practice partner.

Pai’s melody shift into something that resembles a waltz and Lance spun Takashi around and lower him into a dip. Takashi took his chance and shift their position. Lance stared at him wide eyes from his position below and Takashi smile at him challengingly. The captain’s eyes turned sharp. Oh, it is on.

The two moved around the deck spinning and shifting trying to take control of the other, a playful smile on their faces.

Lance wondered how long it has been since he’d dance, good thing his mother drilled it into him that even now he can still remember the steps perfectly. Takashi is good, befitting of his job as a butler, it’s really easy to follow him.

The two didn’t notice the many pairs of eyes that watched them or that the music only consists of waltz or something similar.

Pai kept his voice steady and his songs constant as he watches the couple enjoy themselves. Do they even notice how they’re looking at each other? Probably not.

Things sure are going to get interesting around here. Don’t you think so, Blaytz?