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Of the Sea and Starlit Sky (and the Moons Behind the Clouds)

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It’s always advantageous to be the one to land the first hit. Your opponent were not expecting it and by the time they realized what’s going on you’re already rearing your arm back for another punch. But that’s only when your opponent is of the same or lower level of skills.

Sadly these pirates didn’t plan on their opponent falling into the other category.

They’d hide behind a large rock island with a scouting group perch on a vantage point to look for passing ship. One happen to came along and after seeing the black sail they deem it’s safe to raid. The captain seems uncertain, he felt like he saw that symbol somewhere before. But the ship is coming closer now and they need to prepare if they’re really planning to raid this ship. Their water supply is getting low and if he can’t remember it means it’s not important anyway.

They’ve been doing this for a long time and got their routine down pat. Fire the first shot then go around the island, the group scattered on the island will then descend onto the ship and take the crew out. 

Who would have thought that the other side’s cannon would actually hit them?

Preparing a cannon takes time not to mention aiming it. How could they retaliate that fast? They’re going round the back now and the captain felt a sense of doom, like they’re walking towards the end of the plank. He push the feeling away. It’ll be alright, his people are well-trained not to mention they have the upper hand of being in their home turf. Those pirates are not their match.

Rax cursed when the ship went behind the rock, he’s so closed to landing that second hit but the wind are in the other’s favor. They went behind the rock so logically they would aim for a surprised attack from behind. Thinking that he and Shay relocate the cannon waiting for the other to pop back into their range.

Shay stuff the cannon ball inside and he hold the fuse at the ready. This time they’re taking down the mast.

Hunk was going over Gyrgan’s recipe book thinking what he’s going make for dinner when the cannon hit. He open the door to see the large metal ball a little way away from his galley door. A little more to the left and it would have damage his kitchen. Those bastard! The large man grab his trusty iron pan, locked up his galley, and join in on the fray.

Keith was facing off against an enemy when he heard Hunk’s angry roar. He quirk his eyebrow and look back. His opponent took offence but he paid no mind to the insults, not like the man can back up his words anyway. The swordsman spied the cannon ball near the galley door and know that these pirates are in a world of hurt. Their cook usually don’t participate in fights but when he does…let just say Keith don’t want to be on the other end of his iron pan.

Rolo, on the other hand, took one look at the scene outside and proceed to slam his door shut. He’s the only doctor here if something happen to him then who’s going to patched up those scoundrels out there when this finish.

Pai sauntered over to the dead body and pulled out his throwing knife from the man’s jugular. He walked over to the other two and do the same. All three’s heads are cracked open, must be because of how high they fell. Not his fault, they’re the one who choose to come from above. He threw one of the blood-soaked knife at the man who’s creeping up behind Katie. It hit him at the back of the throat and the man fell down, blood gurgling from his mouth. Ah, the neck is always the best place to hit.

Katie heard the sound of something wet falling and turned around to see one of the pirate glaring up at her. Oi, don’t’ look at her like that, she’s not the one that killed you. She looked at Pai who waved at her and she nodded at him. Even though they bicker daily doesn’t mean she’s ungrateful. She snap her whip and hit one of the pirate across the face causing him to shrieked and rolled around on the floor. She couldn’t help it and let out an amused laugh, they always look so pathetic.

Takashi hid behind the barrels by the kitchen as everything goes on. He had run over when the cannon hit thinking to hide out with Hunk but the cook had locked the door and went out fighting. He’s too far from the stairs so was left to hide pathetically on his own.

Matt was nearby fending off the pirates with a staff. The stick might look harmless but in Matt’s hand it’s deadlier than a sword. The inventor was doing quite well but he kept getting distracted by his sister.

“KATIE!” He called out when he notice a man coming up behind her. He tried to break free and go to his sister’s aid but they took advantage of his distraction and sweep his feet out from under him. From below he manage to stab the end of his staff into one man’s eye socket, he was dead before he even hit the ground.

One down three to go.

Takashi watched as Matt tried to back away and get back on his feet. This is not good, the inventor doesn’t realized he’s getting cornered. He bite his lips and when it seems like things will turn real bad he jumped out of his hiding place and shot forward to punch one of the man at the back of his head. He went down fast, his face smashed against the floorboard and went limp.


Takashi shield Matt allowing the latter to quickly get to his feet. He side-stepped his savior and smash his staff over the other two’s head who went down easily.

“Thanks,” Matt patted his shoulder and turn serious, “but you shouldn’t be out here.” The black-hair man nodded in agreement and watch the inventor dashed off toward the last place he saw his sister. Takashi tried to make himself invisible and make his way back towards his hiding place.

Matt is right, he shouldn’t be out here.

Lance was standing beside the steering wheel, his rifle’s stock against his shoulder, eyes trained at the chaos on the deck below. One by one he took down the people who tried to harm his family. Up here all alone he know he stood out like a sore thumb but it’s alright, like how he protect them they too are protecting him.

A man rush up the stairs trying to get to him, Hunk hit him hard sending him overboard. He could see one aiming his pistol at him from the corner of his eye, Pai dealt with him swiftly too.

From his vantage point he could see Takashi taking down one of the pirates and defend Matt. He whistled, impressed. He knew he made a good choice, too bad the guy want to leave. Oh, he’s walking towards the barrels, is he going to hide, how cute.

Lance frown when he see a man walking toward his new member. He position his rifle and aim for the head. Bullets are expensive so they can’t afford to waste much or risk giving up meat for a while.

Good thing he’s a good shot.

Takashi spun around in time to see a man toppling over sideway with blood pouring out from the wound in his head.

Oh no. He’s been trying to avoid seeing this type of scene but now with the man corpse at his feet he think he’s going to puke. He gulped in a big lungful of bloody air, the coppery taste hit his tongue and take him back to the memory of that night in the kitchen. His knees gave out and his face came closer to the dead man, eyes still open glaring up at him.

Like them. Dead, all dead. Blood is everywhere, on his hands, his face and his clothes, seeping into his bones dying his whole body the color of crimson.

He tried to breathe but no air is getting in his lungs, his eyes staring blankly at the fallen man who have the face of Isamu and his father.


Isamu is looking at him, mouth gaping as he tried to cling to life but failed.


His father eyes are closed now and will never open again.


He heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh, the world around him spin and when it came back into focus Lance is in front of him. He’s saying something but Takashi’s ears are full of cotton and he still can’t breathe.

The captain brought his face up close till their forehead touch, his hands cradling both side of Takashi’s face holding him still. He’s talking again, closer now, and the cottons are dispersing.

“Look at me, Takashi, and do as I say. Now, breathe in, here.” Lance place one hand on his stomach guiding Takashi through the process. “Slowly, now hold it.”

He did as told. The sound of firing cannon and clashing swords goes on around him but all he could see is Lance. Those blue eyes he found intimidating before is now what’s grounding him.

“Out.” They do it several time more each time Takashi felt like he could breathe a little easier, his tension slowly dissolving.

“Good boy.” Lance’s smile small but sincere. Takashi tried to smile back but couldn’t make it reach his eyes. Lance took him by the hand and personally escort him to the barrels. “I’m going back to my post, think you can stay alone? Don’t worry I’ll be right there, nobody can hurt you.”

He nodded and Lance walked away. He poke his head out from time to time, Lance was always within sight and the thought that the captain of Voltron is keeping an eye on him brought forth a sense of security. It’s stupid to take a pirate’s words to heart but he really believe that Lance will keep him safe.

The fight end with victory on Voltron’s side who suffer no lose at all. Takashi knows they’re famous, but isn’t this a bit ridiculous? There must be a limit to how strong one can be but these people make it looks so easy.

Half of the crew went over to the other ship to loot for valuables while the other half clean up the bodies.

Takashi want to help but every time he look at a dead body he have the sudden urge to puke and become light headed. In the end he can only help after all the bodies were cleared from the deck and the blood washed away, and by then there’re only heavy lifting here and there. He’s quite depressed. Pirate or not these people had helped him, for him to be this useless it really is depressing.


Katie came up to him, eyes avoiding his and face a light pink. “Heard you help Matt. Thank you…very much.”

“It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing.” She frown eyes looking straight at him, all shy demeanor gone. “He’s all I have left of our family so it’s not nothing.” She came closer and hold his hand in hers, eyes wide and moist, “so, thank you, so so much. From now on if you have any problem you come to me, alright?” She emphasize every word wanting him to know how sincere she is.

Warmth bloom in his chest chasing away the gloomy feeling. At least he did one thing right. “It’s my pleasure.”

After rolling the cannonball into the sea Hunk open up the galley and get to work. They got a lot of treasure, seems like those pirates are only looting and not using, they hit the jackpot this time. Well, more like the jackpot hit them. Lance was so satisfied he even leave behind three days’ worth of food for those pirates. Well, anyone that’s still alive that’s it.

Hunk look at the barrels of salted meat and potatoes and couldn’t help smiling. He rolled up his sleeves and open up Gyrgan’s recipe book.