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I loved remembering the day I met Toshinori. I was working my shift at the flower shop my parents owned. I was on staff with a teenager working for the summer, and the evening was drawing to a close. The other employee left early. Soon, we'd close up shop, collect my pay and go home. I was only nineteen, turning twenty soon, and this job was giving me a consistent amount to move out in the next few months. 

It had been a slow day of work, and at this point, I was just standing behind the counter and watching the cars drive by. Not a lot of people come this time of the week. I tore my entranced gaze away from what was beyond the window. 

Enter the pro hero. I heard the bells on the door ring, indicating someone had come in. I looked over to see a man in a wonderfully intricate red, white, and blue hero costume. His hair was a golden blonde, two strands of his long bangs sticking up into the air at his forehead in a V shape. His vision panned across the store, and his blue eyes fell upon me. 

"Hi, welcome!" I gave the instinctive greeting as I would give to any customer. "Can I help you with anything today, sir?"

"Yes, actually...I just got a new apartment and I thought some flowers would liven it up a bit. Any suggestions?" The hero glided one of his large hands over the soft flowers of one of the displays. 

I came out from behind the counter to join him where he stood. "That depends...what's your favorite flower?" 

He gave a soft laugh, "I don't think I have one." 

Oh, so he's one of those customers...doesn't know what he wants.

"Lilies are a nice touch if you're looking for something less profound. If you want to have something more brightly colored, how about bleeding hearts?" I immediately began a search for the two different flowers. 

"What's...your favorite flower?" He asked me.

"Oh me? I really like (favorite flower). They're really pretty." 

"I've heard of those...they're right there, aren't they?" He pointed to the display by the side window.

"Yeah! Those are it!" I clapped my hands once, grinning ear to ear at the sight of them. 

"Ah, they are lovely. I'll be looking over there." He gave me a proud, happy smile before moving in that direction. 

"Alright, call if you need anything!" I dusted my hands over my apron.

He was cute. Definitely a people person. I guess you need that to be considered a good hero. That's what I thought at least. 

The front door opened again, the jungle of the bells being indicative that another customer was in my sights tonight. 

"Hi, welcome-!" I turned my head and was greeted with a gun pointed directly at my head. My smile from my previous conversation faded and I felt my heart pick up. 

"This is how it's gonna be,'re gonna go back to the register and gimme all the dough innit, aight?" The robber came closer to me, the gun still trained right in between my eyebrows. "Or I'll make that pretty face red as sin."

With a nervous nod and squeak, I began to walk back to the counter to fulfill his request. I couldn't believe this was happening, we've never been robbed and the one day I decide to do the second shift we do. 

"Detroit-" I hardly had time to turn my head around before that pro that I had been helping was lunging at the villain, raising one of his fists and punching the villain, "-Smash!"

The wind danced rapidly across the store, some of the flowers losing petals or leaves. None were extremely damaged, though. The villain flew through the window, crashing onto the pavement. I brushed my hair from my eyes and saw that he was lying in a crater created by how hard he had hit the ground. 

"Have no fear, miss, you are safe now. I am the perfect time." the pro looked over his shoulder at me, beaming all the while. 

I was amazed at the strength of his Quirk. The window may have been broken, but my eyes were fixated upon him. " you so much."

He held a bouquet of (favorite flowers) in his other hand. "I would like to purchase these."

What? He wanted to buy from me so causally after saving me from being robbed at gunpoint? He saved my life, probably!

"No, please...take them for free," I uttered, clearing the fear from my system slowly but surely. 

"I can't just do that!" He laughed, "Absolutely not! These flowers are too beautiful!" 

"Oh, but please, I insist! In fact, free flowers from here for life for you!" I crossed my arms, looking up at his amused expression. Goddamn, was he tall. He had to be at least two-hundred fifteen centimeters. 

His tan face flushed slightly and he looked to the flowers, "Then if that's the case, I want to give them to someone special." He held them out to me. 

"Guh!" I went redder than a tomato, "F-for me? Are you sure, what about your apartment?"

"I think it could stand to be bland. You, however, are definitely not bland. They're your favorite, after all." He winked, giving me a thumbs up. 

I looked down at the petals, taking the bouquet into my arms. "Hey, uh..." Goddammit, Y/n, don't you dare- "Would you like to go on a date sometime?"

It was his turn to an impression of a red fruit, apparently. He gave me a lopsided grin, "Well, I suppose that would be a fun break on my off day...!"

"When's your off day?" 


"I'm sure I can work things out...Do you want to pick me up here?"

He gave me one sharp nod, "Of course...I'll take you out for dinner!"

"That sounds lovely..." I could see myself having a hell of a time with this hero. "Oh yeah...what's your name?" 

"For now, All Might... On Tuesday your date." He began to walk from the store, "Meaning, you'll get my real name on Tuesday, Miss...?"

"Y/n...Y/n L/n." I chuckled at him.

"Well, I'll see you then. I'll also give money to help fix the window. Until Tuesday!" All Might walked outside, grabbed hold of the villain's shirt, and jumped up into the sky. 

Huh...I guess I have a date. 

Before closing shop, I organized the whiplashed flowers in the store. I fixed some sunflowers that had been knocked over, picking one up. Now that I'm looking at it, his hair did look like a sunflower.


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The butterflies in my stomach intensified the closer the hour drew. I went about my shift with a nervous aura about me. 

My father took notice, his eyebrow arching, "You okay, girly? Did that attempted robbery last night shake you up a little?"

"No, no! I mean, yeah, it did, but-!" I stutter when I'm nervous. It gets a little harder to breathe. Slowly, I took a deep breath, "I'm...going on a date."

"What!?" Oh, dad, you and your protectiveness. "Tell me about this guy, and maybe I won't beat him up!"

"Dad, dad...He's a pro-hero. His hero name is All Might, and he said he'd give me his real one tonight. He's...really sweet. He gave me flowers after punching that villain. For the record, he said he'd pay for the window." I blushed at the memories of him being so kind and flirtatious. 

"All Might, eh? A bit of a rising star for sure. I've seen that name in the news." He tapped his chin as he obviously thought back to certain articles and news coverage. "I...I think I could allow it. He'll keep you safe."

"Yeah, he proved that last night. Sure, he was doing his job, but you know...He's...really great." I swooned, watching my father groan in a small amount of anger, feigning legitimate disgust. He didn't like seeing his little girl grow up, especially when she thinks about getting married. 

Though I was playing with his emotions, I genuinely began to picture myself with All Might. He was very handsome. He couldn't be much older than me, I was only nineteen and definitely looked it. My best guess was about twenty-five. But...damn, could I picture him laughing and holding me, carrying me down the aisle at our wedding. I did recognize him from TV as well, now that dad mentioned it...

All I knew for sure was that I definitively wanted to get to know him more for who he was outside of his hero work. 

After the shift ended, I changed into a comfortable, semi-casual outfit. I pinned my hair back, putting on a little bit of makeup. I didn't want to go overboard by over-dressing or under-dressing. 

He'd be here soon. 

For a few more minutes, I'd stand here and wait for him, but if he didn't come soon, I'd wait inside. It was really warm out here tonight. I pulled at the collar on my blouse, wiping the sweat from nerve and heat on my heck away with the back of my hand. "Please come soon, All Might..."

"Hello, Y/n!" I jumped maybe five feet into the air from surprise. I looked up to see the large and burly All Might wearing a plain pair of jeans with a collared shirt tucked into them. How...American of him?

"Hi, All Might!" I gazed up into his eyes, seeing that he was obviously just as timid as me when it came to the aspect of going on a date. "Where are we going tonight?"

"I know a place down the block if you don't mind following me." He cleared his throat, trying to keep his increasingly cringe-like smile up as he held out his hand. "It's not too far." 

I hesitated for some reason. It's like my hand weighed five hundred pounds suddenly. By the grace of whatever deity is out there, I managed to lift my hand to his, clasping it. His hands were so big and also rather callous. 

"Great, let's go." I coughed awkwardly, my face red. 

All Might led me down the sidewalk, holding his hand low and trying not to swing it as we walked. He was being utterly delicate and gentle with me. 

A look at his face and the way he carried himself showed me that his attitude was different from the confident man I met the night before. He was appearing to be worried, maybe even a little paranoid. His blue eyes occasionally darted into alleyways or to doorways to street-side apartments. It was as if he was watching out for someone. 

"Hey, are you alright?" I tapped his shoulder.

"Huh!?" He winced, my touch bringing him back down to earth. "Oh..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Pardon me, Y/n, I'm just a bit distracted. I'll try not to think about it too much."

"Think about what?" 

His smile dropped and he sighed, "I don't want the media to see us. I'm rising to fame, you see, ever since that building collapses a few months ago. I don't want the media to swarm you or think I've been hiding a romantic relationship from them if they see you." 

Oh yeah, the building collapse. I remember hearing about the hero that saved one thousand or more people and made the name for himself. "That hero was you! I kinda did recognize you, I just didn't place it at all! You...You're actually really cool, I forgot to say that last night. I like your hero costume." 

"Ah," He laughed softly, pink coming to color his cheeks. "Thank you...My friend David designed it. You think I'm cool?"

I nodded stiffly, "Your Quirk is amazing, and you saved all those people! You're a real hero!" 

His smile got larger, "I'm flattered, but I was just doing my job."

"I know, but you're still pretty great if you ask me." I jokingly bumped my head into his arm. 

We both shared a heartfelt laugh. 


The restaurant All Might brought me to was a fun little tapas place. We ordered a bunch of little snacks to pick at, his choices obviously more healthy than mine. 

Meanwhile, we entertained one another with small stories and jokes. He was really funny and interesting, too! 

"...and then my shirt fell off." All Might concluded a story from a previous internship in America. "It was so embarrassing at the time, but looking back it was actually hilarious!"

I tried to keep my volume low as I snickered and nearly howled with laughter, the thought of him shirtless making me blush like some kind of pervert. "Oh my gosh, that's the best one you've told all night."

We both calmed down the spasms of laughter. 

I sipped my water, "This is nice..." I let out a calm breath. 

"It is." He agreed. "I'm having a great day off. We should do this again." 

"We should! Next time, I'll take you somewhere. How does a day at the aquarium sound?" The aquarium was honestly the first place I thought of. It was darker naturally, and he would be less likely to be recognized by any crazy groupies or tabloid reporters interested in ruining his...or should I say our day. 

He nodded sharply. 

This was going to turn into something, wasn't it? My heart skipped a beat thinking about a life with him again. Was it normal to be with someone you liked and see a future with them, all too ideal to possibly be real? Well, regardless if it's normal or not, I'm more than willing to chase it. 

Our food came out. I had hardly noticed how hungry I actually was because of how much fun I was having to talk with All Might. 

"What's...your real name?" I pondered to him at some point during the meal. 

"Oh, right! I said I'd tell you." He patted the hair on the back of his head. "My real name is Toshinori Yagi."

"Well, Mr. Yagi...I-"

"Please, call me by my given name. No use being formal, I guess." He smiled, his cheeks reddening brighter than before. 

"Alright...Toshinori, it's nice to know you by your real name. It's just as mighty and interesting as your hero name." I figured throwing in compliments made my chances go seeing such a big man blush and stutter was adorable. 

"Th-Thank you...I'm flattered!" Jackpot. 

After finishing, we split the bill. This was after some bickering: Toshinori insisting that he wanted to pay in full, but me wanting to contribute. Finally, he budged and let me pay half. 

I have never felt so safe walking home beside him. "It was wonderful tonight...When'd your next off day?" 


"How's does then sound for the aquarium?" 

He looked up at the sky, "Perfect. I enjoyed spending time with you."

"Same..." I said, blushing, "B-but with you I mean!"

Toshinori and I were outside the building I lived in with my family. He muttered something under his breath, which I think was "Shit" before reaching into his pocket and taking out a small sticky note. He handed it to me. 

"What's this?"

"I realized I never gave you my phone number." He chuckled, "And I almost forgot to give it to you again."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Well, I'll see you on Sunday. Thank you again, Toshinori." I walked up a few steps, bent down and- Oh god, Y/n don't do it, it's too early.

I didn't listen to myself and pecked him on the cheek. 

Now that was the brightest shade of red I've ever seen on a man's face. He pressed his hand to the spot, his smile melting into one that was giddy and affectionate. 

"No problem...See you Sunday." He waved and walked into the road a bit before jumping away with the use of his Quirk. Wind whipped lightly around, moving the leaves on trees and a wrapper littered on the sidewalk. 

I definitely like Toshinori Yagi. 

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The time in between seeing him started to not matter much to me anymore, spending two years together. It would draw out when I really couldn't wait for our next date. Wherever it was, I had fun and enjoyed his company. My normal life was shattered and I almost couldn't stand to spend a moment away from him, but when I did, I watched his victories on the news.

"I haven't even met him, and I like him." Mom sipped a coffee on the couch, reclining back and watching as he gave a review to the news anchor about what had occurred behind him. All Might...I mean, Toshinori had taken down a group of robbers with only one fell swoop. This gave me the fix I needed when he wasn't around.

We had been going on dates for maybe four months now, and my heart was beginning to feel torn. I...liked him very much. He had expressed he had feelings for me in gesture, but not in words. He was nervous, I get it, I am, too. I think I might as well say that I loved him, but that might be stretching it.

Hearing his voice through the TV, I perked up, blushed and grinned like a lovestruck schoolgirl.

"Aw, you like seeing your boyfriend on TV, huh?" Mom poked my cheek.

"He's so handsome and sweet... Guh! I can't stop thinking about him." I hid my face in my hands. Might as well be upfront about how I feel and hope someone would catch the hint and help me out. 

"Oh, young love." Mom snickered. "You have to bring him here sometime to meet your father and me. What'd you say his name was again? Yagi?"

"Toshinori Yagi, yes." I nodded.

"Toshinori is such a handsome name." 

I fell face-first into the couch, grabbed a throw pillow, buried my face in it and groaned, "He's so beautiful...I can't handle how amazing of a boyfriend he is, and we haven't even had a kiss yet. Those muscles, that smile, his laugh, his personality, his...everything!" 

"Wow, you're really in love with him." Mom set her cup down and moved closer to me.

I cuddled into her leg, feeling her brush my hair with her fingers. I smiled gratefully, " him."

"I know, dear...You should let him know that." 

My heart pounded in my chest at that thought, irrational anxiety clouding my mind. I knew I had to eventually, and my affections couldn't be void forever. 

Another date, another chance to tell Toshi that I loved him. For three dates, including him meeting my parents, I had neglected to confess. Today, we lounged on a park bench after having lunch together. 

"Y/n, are you okay?" Toshi rested his large hands on top of my own, making me flinch. 

I had spaced out staring at the grass, kicking it as I swung my feet. "I'm alright, just tired."

"Should I take you home, then?" He looked a little concerned, his eyes flashing with uncertainty. 

"No, no, I'm having fun, I'm just..." I took a deep breath, "I wanted something? Tell you something? I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do here." 

"Go ahead, you can tell me anything." He beamed at me what that reassuring smile. 

I leaned my head into his shoulder, "I...I think I love you, Toshinori."

I felt him stiffen, his muscles going more rigid than normal. 

"T...T-Toshinori?" I squeezed his hand, worried that I had offended him or scared him. My worry was obvious as I slowly pulled myself away from him. 

"I love you, too, Y/n." He squeezed me back to his embrace, making me yelp in surprise. 

He hugged me close, and relief washed over me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, snuggling close. 

"I thought you didn't yet, and I didn't want to catch you off guard. I'm glad you told me." He rested me on his lap, holding me so I could look at his earnest and happy expression as he laughed that beautiful belly-laugh. "You make my off-days immensely fun. I wanted to tell you, I've...well, been in love with you ever since you kissed my cheek when I dropped you home on our first date. When you kissed me, I had this feeling in my chest telling me to never ever leave you, because you make me feel like I can save a billion people!"

"You probably could." I smiled, a pink blush coloring my cheeks. "I'm so glad that I make you feel like that because you make me feel like nothing trivial matters. You have this thing that always makes me feel like I'm safe, even if you aren't nearby. You're my peace...and my sunflower." I brushed my hand over his soft blonde hair. "You're also so handsome that I can't stand it."

I erupted in hysterical laughter when he blushed, his smile quivering in embarrassment.

"You flatter me."

"No, I mean it! You're an absolute hunk!" I couldn't hold back the giggles, watching his face continue to contort from my compliments. "You're so easy to make blush, Toshi." 

Toshinori softly smiled and looked down at me, clearing his throat. "Can I kiss you?" 

Now he was laughing because I was blushing. "I think...I'd like that." I nodded, trying to regain my composure. 

He leaned in and pecked my lips with his. 

"Is that all you're gonna give me, Toshi?" 

He chuckled, "You want another one?"

I rolled my eyes and leaned in, kissing him for a longer period of time. This time I got to truly experience it, my small hands barely wrapping around his neck due to its size. He grunted in wonderment, easing himself into the kiss with repose. I could feel the affection in his touch as he pulled me even closer, gentle as to not crush me with the strength of his Quirk. Reluctantly, I pulled away for a breath of air, opening my eyes. 

"I certainly like that more than a peck." He snickered.

"Me, too. You're too modest, Toshinori." 

He nodded with a small laugh. 


Now it was my turn to be worried about Toshinori. He was acting squirrelly lately, even paranoid. He was nervous about the media, I was sure, but he seemed to be torn up beyond recognition about it. He couldn't even stand to go out to dinner, so I ordered takeout and sat in his living room.

He was right, this place was a little bland. I should probably give him some flowers for free.

"Toshinori...?" I uttered, resting my hands on his shoulders as he sat on his couch.

He lurched slightly, looking over his shoulder at me with wide eyes, "Hi, flower..."

"Are you feeling okay? You look as if you've seen a ghost." I rested my chin on his head, hoping my concern would let him tell me what was wrong.

"I've been thinking about how I would tell you something super important. God, this is so important, I just don't know how to make it not sound absolutely insane." 

I walked around the couch, sitting on the ottoman footrest in front of him. "You can tell me anything, I'll listen."

"It's about my Quirk." 

"Your Quirk? What's so crazy about your Quirk?"

"Well, I never told you what it's called, huh?" He rested his elbows on his knees. "Listen, this is a huge secret, and I love you and trust you, so I know you're smart enough to not go around screaming it to the heavens...My Quirk is an odd Quirk passed down from generation to generation...called One For All." 

Passed down...? My eyebrow arching in confusion, I shook my head, "What do you mean-? Someone gave you this Quirk...You weren't born with it?"

"No, I wasn't...I was Quirkless as a child. Until I met my Master, Nana Shimura, and she gave this power after determining that I was a worthy individual. The purpose of One For All is to defeat an ancient evil that still rules today known as All For One." He explained it so flawlessly, but I was scaredly confused. 

Why would he make something like this up? HOW could he make something like this up? I didn't think he was crazy, I just an reasonable doubts that any average person would have when receiving this information. What the hell? What does this mean? Why in general? 

"All For One...?"

"Yes, he's a truly evil man that has killed a majority of the successors of the power...sometimes after demoralizing them by killing or hurting those whom they love. I love you, and I'm worried that he'll make an attempt on your life if he finds out I'm with you." 

"Oh, Toshi, is that why you're scared about the media finding out?" I reached over and took his hand. 

He nodded slightly, "I don't want you getting pulled into the mess I'm involved in, but I still want you to be part of my life because you give me solace when I'm afraid of All For One." 

So this was why he had been jumpy. The amount of trust he had in me made my heart flutter with joy and warmth. I clasped my hands to his, kissing his cheek, "I understand, sunflower. I'll be extra careful." 

"Thank you, Y/n...I love you more than anything."

"I love you, too, Toshi."







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Months and months of nothing but love and happiness passed. I remained hidden and careful when speaking of Toshinori with friends, wary of even them. The idea that an evil villain that held the underground villain world in his grasp was willing to murder me and my family in order to get into Toshinori's head was truly terrifying and surreal. 

We went on minimal outside dates, and even then we tried to be extremely secretive. Toshinori was gaining more and more fame by the day. He was rising through the ranks of heroism. I was sad that I couldn't join him to see him accept the position of Japan and America's Number 1 pro hero. I...couldn't believe I was dating the top hero.

With the promise that I'd still work in the flower shop as much as possible, I moved in with Toshinori. I brought in some of my colorful design to his bland apartment.

"Not characteristic of the number one hero to have such a bland apartment." I used my Quirk for one of the first times in front of Toshi, manipulating the flowers I had hung to grow in full bloom. Basically, I can make plants grow excessively fast. I never thought that it would be a good hero Quirk, but it worked well with working in a plant store.

"I'm not in heroism for the money, you know that." He was washing the dishes in the kitchen.

"I was just joking, sunflower." I walked into the kitchen and ran my fingers through his hair, "So soft."

"Hey, don't mess it up." He chuckled.

I heard the mail slot in the front door open, and a pile of mail and a newspaper plopped onto the mat inside. I retrieved the stack from the floor, sifting them into piles for me and Toshinori separately.

He dried his hands and picked up the first few, throwing them to the side as he sorted them. "Bill...bill...taxes, ugh...Hmm...a letter?"

"Who's it from?"

He gasped, quickly opening the letter to find a huge invitation notice. "It's from my dear friend named David Shield! He's inviting me to go to where he lives on I-Island."

"Oh, cool! Is he a scientist?" I asked.

"He is. He made my first suit when I lived in America. You saw that beautiful thing..." He smiled fondly, "You should come with me and get away for awhile."

I-Island was far into the ocean. It was a mobile island that could travel over the water, in which the scientists were not allowed to leave with their creations unless it was being brought out for mass-distribution to the public. It was a sealed research hub.

"Oh, gosh, I'd love to." I nodded enthusiastically. "It would be so fun...Is it just for a visit?"

"Kind of... he wants us to go to a party. By the way, I should warn you, he doesn't know about One For All..." He sighed, "It's meant to keep him safe..."

"Ah, okay, I won't talk about it." I nodded again, making sure he was certain of my honesty.

Continuing to read his letter, he had a gleeful smile on his face, "Oh, he has a one-year-old daughter now... Melissa."

"Oh, cute! I can't wait to meet her, babies are so cute." My face suddenly crossed with terror, "What are the chances that All For One would attack the island?"

"What? Well, that would require more work than it's worth for him. Besides, it's been radio silence for over two years with him...if he were to attack, it would be strategized and well-planned." He explained. 

I knew not of what this man's thought process was. I had never met him and never wanted to. I knew that Toshinori would meet him one day and have a life or death battle. According to him, though, the Quirk had possibly gotten powerful enough to finally defeat him. Still, I sometimes tried to wonder if I had met this man while out and about, and that maybe he blended in well.

The most concerning thing I had heard about All For One was his Quirk. Stealing Quirks and making mindless living dolls out of people was a terrifying concept I had barely had any time to digest. He could have any combination of Quirks, creating city-flattening results. That's apparently how he had killed Nana Shimura, Toshinori's predecessor. 

"Uh, babe, can you let go of my arm?" Toshi broke my train of thought, lifting me up off the ground by raising his arm into a flexing position. 

I kicked my feet, "Hey!"

He belly-laughed, "You just grabbed onto my arm. What's wrong?" 

"Just thinking too hard. Don't worry about it." He let me down and I buried my face into his chest. "You make me feel very safe, sunflower." 

He dropped the letter onto the counter and brought me into a bear-hug. I was pressed into his large muscles, but I hugged him back nonetheless. 


I groaned, pulling the pillow closer to my embrace. My brow furrowed somewhat. 


"One more hour..." 

"Y/n!" I felt a large hand delicately rested on my arm, and I was shaken awake. 

"Huh?!" I sat up, hearing sudden laughter from Toshinori, who had woken me up. 

"Oh my god...You're so cute. Not used to the timezone yet, huh?" He handed me a tissue, "You're drooling." 

I dabbed it to my chin, yawning, "What time is it?" 

We were in the hotel on I-Island. Toshinori's side of the bed was partially made, and he was in his hero costume. 

"Time to get ready!" He leaned down and kissed me on the lips, picking me up out of the warm and inviting sheets. 

Toshi was excited, I could tell. He couldn't wait to see his friend, and he wanted me to be ready as soon as possible. He sat me down in front of the bathroom, "I'll be waiting, pretty girl." 

I crossed my arms, raising an eyebrow at him. "You're so weird, Toshi..." I shook my head. 

I closed the door behind me and brushed my tangled hair through, spraying it with dry shampoo and fastening it up. My breath smelled terrible, so flossed, brushed my teeth, and used mouthwash. God, travel made me feel gross. 

I applied a bit of makeup and left the bathroom. I took off my pajamas in a teasing way in front of Toshinori. I stood in my underwear before him, "Don't stare, perv." I teased.

His face flushed and he coughed, looking away. "Are you teasing me?"

"No, I'm changing..." I shook my hips as I slid the capris on, facing away from him. 

He coughed and stood up, hiding his embarrassment with a large grin. I buttoned up my blouse, swinging my purse over my shoulder. Fine, be that way, Toshi. 

"I'm ready." I took his arm, which he held out for me to hold. 

"Let's go, then." 


David wore a pair of glasses, had orange-brown hair, and blue eyes. He waved to us, but Toshinori hugged him and spun him around, careful to avoid the stroller that his friend had been pushing. Inside of it was a small blonde girl, who shook a stuffie as she saw her father be engulfed by my boyfriend's huge form. 

"Toshi! Lemme down, big guy!" David sputtered, fluttering between breathless pleading and excitement. 

Toshinori set him down, "You still remember the first bump, right?" 

"Of course." David raised his hand in a fist, knocking it together with Toshinori's. 

Oh my goodness, this was so cute. 

"Who is this, Toshi?" David looked at me. 

"This is my girlfriend, Y/n. I hope you don't mind, I've told her a lot about you!" Toshi laughed. 

"Hi, it's great to meet you!" I shook his hand, "Don't worry, he's only said good things."

"That's relieving." David snickered, flicking a gaze of mischief at my boyfriend. 

My focus turned to the little girl in the stroller, "This is Melissa right? She's so cute!"

"Ah, thank you! She really is, isn't she?" David picked the girl up, and she looked with wide-eyes at Toshi.

With one of his large hands, he patted the small girl's head, and she gave a small giggle. 

"See him, Melissa? He's your Uncle Might." her father pointed to him, then to me, "And this is your Auntie Y/n." 

Auntie?! I'm not ready for this kind of commitment, David! "Oh my gosh." 

I would have definitely been able to get behind babysitting Melissa for David if we didn't live in Japan. 

"My wife passed away soon after having her, but I seem to be managing well...I miss her, and she looks so much like her mom...Though, she's my pride and joy these days." David ruffled his daughter's hair. 

"I'm sorry." I offered my condolences, "She's super sweet." She was sitting in my lap, brushing her tiny little fingers through her stuffed animal. 

"She is." We looked up as Toshi came back around with some food for us.

"Alright, the lady gave me all this stuff for free...We have the salad for me, the udon for Y/n...the caesar wrap for you, David?" Toshi set down all of the various food items on the table. 

"Thanks, sunflower..." I sat Melissa in her highchair and situated myself to eat my lunch. He placed the cup in front of me and kissed my cheek. 

"I also got dessert for you." He placed the clear cup, heaping with ice cream down in front of me behind the soup.

"It's melting, Toshi...What the heck?" I picked it up, seeing that there was something shiny embedded in the chocolate sauce.

The hot sun wasn't doing much to help as the milky vanilla ice cream dripped in globs onto my hands. Toshinori was staring at me as if he expected something from me. 


"Nothing, just keep looking." 

I raised an eyebrow and scoffed at his behavior. 

The grossly liquified treat slid a little, and I sighed, "I appreciate the gesture, but it's too hot even for ice cream."

"There's something in it, flower." He seemed to be holding back laughter, covering his mouth with the side of a fist. 

Oh yeah, that thing. What the hell was it? I didn't want to get my hands anymore covered than they already were, so I took the spoon meant for my soup and scooped it out. The chocolate cascaded in sticky strings back to the ice cream, and all the remained in the spoon was a silver ring with a diamond on it. 

My eyes went wide, and I looked at Toshinori. He took the ring out of the spoon, into his large hand and quickly cleaned it off before falling down to be on one knee. 

"Y/n L/n, will you do me the absolute pleasure of being Mrs. Yagi?"

His expression was pure affection, and his eyes said that he admired me more than anything. He held my hands in his other, and David smiled widely in my peripheral. 

Slowly, as the shock crashed over me, and I fell into his embrace. 

"Yes! Yes! Of course, sunflower!" 

The love Toshinori and I had for each other was one that no monster like All For One could ever hope to break. Geez, that sounded so stereotypically lovey-dovey...But it's true. 

The ring fit perfectly, and I gazed at it with joy. 

"I better be your best man, Toshi." David crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled. 

He gave his friend a thumbs-up, "Absolutely..." He sighed and slouched a little, "That was nerve-wracking..."

"What, did you think I was gonna say no?" I grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips, "I can't say no to you, Toshi, babe." 

He laughed hardily, closing his eyes and pressing his forehead to mine. "Your hands are sticky."

"Don't hide things in ice cream next time, you big romantic oaf." I pulled away and flicked his forehead, making his face scrunch up slightly. 

"Sorry, Y/n."

Another thought came to mind, then. 

"Oh yeah, Toshi, did you ask my dad about this? He's an old-fashioned guy." 

He coughed, his face flushing pink from fear. 

Oh boy...Well, I guess that was another battle on another day. I just get to focus on being the future Mrs. Yagi now, and those are all good, warm and fuzzy thoughts.  
















Chapter Text

I do have to say, the ceremony wasn't supposed to be much. Those who were coming sworn to secrecy about my groom, the location, and everything regarding it. Those on the guest list included my parents, David and his daughter, a few of my closest friends, my immediate family, Toshi's detective friend Naomasa, and a man that I didn't know who was written as 'Gran Torino/Sorahiko.'

I was fantasizing about the best day of my life so much that I didn't realize that someone had come into the store. I quickly looked up as I saw the figure of a well-dressed man walking around and observing the flowers. He had messy light hair and a strong build. By no means was he as buff as Toshinori...very few got close. He seemed to be confused for lack of better term. 

I sighed softly, leaving my open notebook and colorful pens on the counter hidden partially behind a display. "Hi there, sir. What brings you in today?" 

"Oh, hello, Miss... I was hoping to find flowers for a young lady that I'm taking on a date in a few hours." He gave me a smile. 

"I can help with that. Looking for anything specific for her?" 

He hummed, his eyes flickering over to one of the various cases. "I haven't the slightest clue what she likes." 

I swatted my hand, chuckling, "Tell me a few things about this girl, I should be able to pinpoint what she might like. Believe it or not, people's favorite flowers often have meanings that indicate what they hold as values...if that makes sense." 

He nodded, "I suppose it does. Care to give an example?"

I immediately thought of Toshi. "Yeah fiancee's favorite flowers are chrysanthemums and sunflowers. Chrysanthemums stand for chivalry and optimism, while the sunflower stands for adoration, loyalty, and longevity. I also just think he likes the color yellow, but..." I laughed and rolled my eyes. 

He gave a soft laugh, "I think I understand... What flowers should I pick for a girl who is bubbly, enthusiastic, and affectionate?" 

I loved playing match-maker. Hearing the way he almost monotonously gushed about this girl of his made my heart swell with joy. So cute. I saw a display of gardenias, slowly approaching it, "Tell me, sir, is she the sweet and innocent type as well?" 

"I would say so." 

"Then I have the flower just for you." I took a bouquet from the wrack and showed him, "Gardenias! Purity, sweetness, and enthusiasm! They also tell the person who received them that they're lovely!" 

"Absolutely perfect. You're good at your job, Miss. I'll be taking these. How much?" He took the bundle in his arms and nodded, reaching into his coat for his wallet. 

"I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that those will only be fourteen hundred yen due to the sale it's on...also I'm taking off some since you're going on a date. Romantics discount, you see." I winked, stepping behind the counter. 

"Err...That's not necessary, really..." He rambled for a few seconds, mumbling. Wow, he was really taking that to heart, huh? 

I waved my hand in front of his face to gain his attention again. "I insist!"

"Well, alright. I can't argue against insistence." He paid the discounted price, signing his receipt. 

"Do you want me to include a free card with her name on it to make it know, personal?" 

He hesitated, "I think that would be nice. Her name is Inko."

I wrote 'Inko' and a small heart on a decorative card, inserting it into the bouquet. Then, he proceeded to the exit as a man more educated about flowers and romance. 

"Have a wonderful time on your date..." I looked at his signature, "...Mr. Midoriya!" 

"Thank you for your help!" He waved, smiling in a grateful way at me before leaving and setting out into the city. 

He was an exceptionally strange man...but, I was glad to have helped him. I'm sure his date will go spiffingly, possibly leading to more and more dates, and eventually a marriage. Just like my circumstance. 

With my wedding only a week and a half away, I went back to planning between customers.

Chapter Text

"Y/n, you've brought immeasurable joy into my life when I met you three and a half years ago. To think that our meeting was all a fun coincidence...I wouldn't have been brave enough to ask you out if you hadn't asked me. You make me a better person...a better pro hero." Toshinori looked as if he were on the verge of tears as he saw his vows. He held my left hand in his absolutely giant hand, giving them to me from the heart. He took the ring, which looked comedically tiny in his aforementioned giant hands.

With some aiding, he put it on my finger, quickly wiping his eyes to catch any stragglers. 

Oh, how this day was perfect. Such a small, intimate wedding. Toshinori stood before me in that wonderful custom-made tuxedo. I was wearing a rather plain wedding dress with a few flowers in my hair. I brushed a piece of my bangs out of my gaze, realizing it was my turn to say my vows to Toshinori. I became a little nervous, but I held on tight to his hands and was gifted with his reassuring stare. Those beautiful eyes, that wonderful smile. This was exactly the future I had hoped for before our first date. 

"Toshinori, you respect me, you cherish me, you treat me with kindness and understanding...You do all that and so much more... You make me laugh harder than what is probably healthy. You engulf me in giant bear hugs when I feel down and make me my favorite food. You always make time for us to just sit and talk about anything and everything." I was more joyful than emotional, ignoring the stares from family and friends. "I know you can't wear your ring...because of how secret this is, but I love you so much, sunflower. I'll love you no matter what happens, wherever you long as love lasts." 

The devotion and love I felt for Toshi transcended death...if he died, or if I died, I'd still love him. For however long love lasts, I'll love him and only him.

"Well, with those beautiful speeches, I pronounce you husband and wife...It looks like the suspense is killing you...You can kiss her now, All Might." Naomasa, who volunteered to be the ordained 'minister' for the ceremony barely finished the sentence before Toshinori swept me off of my feet...literally. I howled with laughter, kissing him. 

My family and friends erupted in applause as we promptly made our way to the reception. 

I was finally getting to meet this strange "Sorahiko." I had never even met or heard of him in my three years of dating Toshi. Maybe he was his father figure? He didn't act as father of the groom at all during the ceremony, just sitting there on Toshinori's side of the aisle, listening and going through the motions of a wedding. 

The man was becoming short from age, and he had white hair that was messily done for a more formal event. 

"Toshinori!" The man called, walking over to us as guests mingled and ate around us. 

"Oh, Y/n, I don't think I've ever introduced you-!" Toshi was cut off by the man dealing a swift strike with his cane to his shin, making him hiss in pain, "You haven't changed a day, teacher." 

"I'm mad at you, boy, you never introduced me to your bride...let alone mentioned her! How do you think I felt when I got a random invitation in the mail!?" The man scolded him like he was a child, making me cover my mouth to hide my laughter. He turned his gaze to me, "My apologies...he's a real numbskull, isn't he?" 

"I'm sorry, Gran Torino!" Toshi gasped. 

I rested my arm on Toshinori's shoulder as he rubbed his aching leg, and pat his upper back. "He's a bit much sometimes, but I love him...It's nice to meet you..." 

"Nice to meet you, too, dear. Toshinori is a lucky man, he better appreciate you or he'll regret it." At this point, the threats were all teasing. 

"Where do you two know each other from again?" I hoped to gather some answers to my questions. 

"He didn't tell you anything about me, huh?" He shot a glare at Toshi, who sweat nervously and cleared his throat. "Well, I helped Toshinori's master train him when he was a student."

Aw, he was afraid of his brash and brutal teacher. I wonder how many times this guy had beat Toshi to the ground before he perfected his Quirk...That would instigate fear in my eyes... I shuddered at the thought. It made me wonder what his Quirk was. 

"I'm commending you here, Toshi and Y/n...making this a secret event was smart. You've been hiding your relationship extremely well. Shimura would be impressed by it. Regardless, All For One is still out there, searching diligently. Be absolutely careful, Y/ wary of anyone you encounter, as they could be his spy or underling." 

More anxious thoughts of the villain filled my head. I sighed deeply to keep myself from panicking or spiraling on my wedding day. "We know...I know. I live low with everything I do, especially at work. I'm still gonna use my maiden name on my public records...until he's defeated one day. I always had faith that Toshi would do it. I mean, he's so strong...but he's a big old scardy cat around you, huh?" I changed the mood of the conversation, letting loose a soft giggle. 

Sorahiko chuckled and tapped my husband again, lighter than last time. "Yeah, he's having war flashbacks."

"I still have the scars." Toshi fake cried, whispering like he was genuinely freaking out. He then laughed with us. 

Sorahiko was an amazingly interesting man. He seemed like Toshinori's crazy uncle rather than a father figure...I liked him, to say the least. I knew he would be appearing in my life much more in the future. 

Despite a wonderful day of celebrating with friends and family, I cuddled up beside Toshinori in the dark. It was a blessing for alone time...oh so long-awaited alone time. After thoroughly enjoying our wedding night together, he and I threw blankets over ourselves like it was the winter. I rested my head on his chest, listening to his booming heartbeat. Even after we had calmed down, it was still an incomparably loud sound. To me, though, it was utterly relaxing. 

"How does it feel to know we're married?" I mumbled sleepily, grinning as his muscular arm draped around my body. He was truly a giant of a man. 

"'s relieving and terrifying." He shifted slightly, pulling me even closer. 

"Why terrifying?" 

"Uh...because...I worry about you." He admitted, yawning loudly. I giggled hysterically, as the noise echoed across the room of our apartment. We preferred a stay-at-home honeymoon. It saved money, also it was a safer bet for both of us. 

"I worry about you every second I'm not with you...when I'm not there, I worry that...he...could come at any moment and..." He trailed off ominously, not wanting to complete the words. 

"Toshinori..." I crawled on top of him, taking his cheeks into my hands and making him look at me with those beautiful, glowing blue eyes. "Listen to me...I'm afraid of him, too...But he wants us to be afraid of him at all times. He wants us to be paranoid all the time about where he could be hiding. He wants us to think we're never safe. We are...He acts like some omniscient, omnipresent god of wrath, but he doesn't hold a candle to you. You're better than him, you're stronger than fear and terror. You are Toshinori Yagi, All Might, Number One Hero, Symbol of sunflower." I kissed the tip of his nose. 

He slowly began to understand, nodding. "That's why I smile...I'll smile to push that fear away, and to make sure he never gets what he wants..." He touched my hand that laid on his face still, "Wow...are you sure those weren't your wedding vows?" 

I rolled my eyes and laid my head back down on his chest, "If only..." I closed my eyes and he snuggled me like a stuffed animal, making whatever fear I had in my heart dwindle away for the time being. I felt safe, warm, and loved. 

"I love you, sunflower."

"I love you, too, Y/n." 




Chapter Text

The years flew by, and we had a routine. Toshinori would have a date night every week with me at home, cuddling up with me and we'd do everything that couples do when they are cooped up in their house. I went to work, and so did he. Some days he'd come home with small injuries, and I'd wrap him up and scold him. Regardless, it was a happy marriage. We always made time for each other, that's for sure, and I couldn't be happier with my reality. We approached our second anniversary, which was tomorrow. 

Another day, more flowers to sell. I hummed the tune of my favorite song as I put new flowers on the displays through the store. There were few customers today, but since it was summer, our greenhouse section was open. It was humid in there, and I couldn't help but sweat when I went in. 

I got a ping on my phone from Toshinori. 

'I'll pick up your favorite food for our dinner tomorrow. Want any dessert?'

I put the bundle of bleeding heart flowers down and answered my message, '(Favorite dessert), please!! What are you gonna get me for a gift? ;)'

'I'm not telling you. It's a surprise, flower.' 

'Awww...Love you.'

'Love you, too.' 

The bell on the door rung as it opened, and I stuffed my phone into my pocket. "Hi, how are you today?"


It was a shorter woman with green hair, the top of it up in a small bun and the rest dangling down. She had a simple little engagement ring on her left hand, beaming brightly as she took in the swarms of color brought by flowers. "I'm great. I was wondering if you did arrangments for weddings?" 

"Of course, we have a whole book of centerpieces, decor, and etc. if you wanted to see that." I walked behind the counter and gestured for her to come closer to observe the pictures of various displays we had done over the years. 

"Oh, these are all so pretty...You guys really do a good job, I'm so glad my fiancee told me to come here. He said he bought me the flowers he gave me on our first date here." She flipped through the pictures, 'ooo'ing and 'aaa'ing at what she liked about each of them. 

"That guy?! I'm so glad you guys are getting married, I coached him into getting you those gardenias, right?" I had a spark of remembrance at the thought of that strange man. He was marrying this girl, and I couldn't help but feel my heart swell with pride. 

"Those were so lovely! I remember those, he was redder than sin when he gave them to me." She giggled, gasping as she saw another picture in the catalog. It was all green and white flowers, "It's like our hair colors, that would be cute..."

"That's actually one of our more affordable ones, too." I touched it with my finger, "My husband and I had similar displays at our wedding."

"Well, Hisashi did say I could pick whatever I wanted...I think I'll go with these. We only need about...twenty of them." She pulled out her wallet. 

"Twenty? Alright." I took out a log book and wrote down some information, "I'll just need you to fill out some information on this form." 

She filled it out, and we talked about other things regarding her wedding before she left. 

I'm so pleased that the two of them got together completely. I like to think that the gardenias helped. 

Five years into the marriage had suddenly gone by in the blink of an eye. Toshi and I went on dates more and more due to his schedule being freed up slightly... The routine was changed with Toshinori brought a sidekick under his wing. He was twenty-seven years old, gentlemanly, and endearing to be around. 

Deeming him trustworthy of knowing about me, Toshinori invited him over for dinner one night. I considered him...pessimistic, to say the least. I hope he didn't mind me bringing that up in a conversation.

"It's because of my Quirk, Mrs. Yagi..." He sighed deeply, cleaning his glasses on a napkin, "It's called Foresight, meaning I can see into someone's future by touching them and making eye contact with them...A lot of futures are quite grim, so...I try not to use it too much, but I can't help but bottle some of the hard truths..."

"I see..." I guess it was a valid answer. It was a Quirk that could be both a curse and a blessing when put into proper application, I'm sure...seeing the deaths of others before they can must truly take a toll on the mind. 

Toshinori said that the young man broke his rule of the "no sidekicks" variety because his intelligence was treasured and he was an exceptionally good man to have behind the scenes, ratting out villains so Toshi could deal with them. He was truly respectful as well, calling Toshi by his hero name no matter the circumstance. Even after I insisted he call me by my first name, he said it felt wrong to refer to me in such an intimate way, as I was his boss' wife. Fair enough, I suppose! 

His hero name was Sir Nighteye, and since I didn't want to budge for a real name, I just call him Night or Sir for short. 

After he left, I sat down beside Toshinori. "You seem quiet, sunflower." 

"I'm just tired...It was a long day of catching some rather notorious villains." He let me cuddle as much of him as I could hold into my arms. I brushed my fingers through his hair, kissing the bridge of his nose. "But guess what? I have the next two days off because Nighteye offered to hold down the fort." 

"Really? Oh, that's wonderful...considering it's gonna be snowing tomorrow, we can just relax in here..." I was elated; we hadn't had many full days off together in a while. "I'm telling need to take more monthly vacations. It's better for your health." 

"The doctor says I'm healthy." He mumbled as I caressed across his sharp cheekbones, feeling his smooth skin. It was so easy to lull him to sleep like this...he was a giant teddy bear when it came time just snuggle up with him. This time of year especially. "That's a be completely honest, I'm staying home the next two days because I feel a cold coming on..." 

"You do feel a little warm...I just thought it was because you're a human, heating blanket." I pinched his cheek and watched his brows furrow together. "What's hurting?"

"My throat...You know, that always happens first when I get sick." He touched a few fingers to his neck. 

"I'll grab you some cold meds from the cabinet...and some honey tea...Does that sound good for now?" I moved to get up, but he pulled me closer. "Toshi!"

"Stay...You're so comfortable to cuddle with." He nudged his head into the crook of my neck. 

"As much as I love you, I don't want to catch this cold. Let me get you the meds and tea, and we'll cuddle virtually nonstop for the next two days, alright?" I cupped his cheeks in my hands, pressing my cheek his forehead. "You are burning up! Let me up, Toshi!"

Pouting, he released me from his strong grasp. I ran over to the bathroom where I could find over the counter cold medicine. I shook the bottle of liquid cold medicine and gagged at the thought of having to take it. It sloshed around thickly as I showed it to Toshi. "I am so sorry for the loss of your taste buds..." 

"That looks absolutely disgusting." He narrowed his eyes at me and the medicine. 

"Oh, don't give me that face...Take it with the tea and it won't be nearly as bad." I placed it down on the coffee table in front of him and went to make a cup of herbal tea to calm the enraged soreness in his throat. "Honey?"

"Yes?" He coughed.

"No, I mean, do you want honey in your tea, honey?" I tried not to laugh as he flushed bright red and nodded. 

"You're too cute."

"You did that on purpose." He crossed his arms and rested his feet on the table. 

"Mm, maybe." I brought the steaming beverage to him and passed it to his grasp. I poured the proper amount of medicine into the dosage cup, handing it to him as well. 

With great disdain, he swallowed the medicine with a grimace on his face, immediately sipping the tea. He took as much as he could without burning his lips. 

"Why do we not have pills?" I asked, "Because I could only find the liquid in the cabinet."

"I guess I forgot to buy some. It might be a good idea to get some." He mumbled, pressing himself against me again. 

"You have trouble swallowing pills, don't you?" I teased, poking him in the stomach. 

"I do not..." 

I snickered and cuddled with him all weekend, nursing him back to exceptional health. He went off to work that Monday, a happy and rehabilitated man.

Ten years of marriage came. Currently, Toshinori was chasing All For One, hot on his tail. He advised me to go about my business as usual, as he really could be anywhere. Blend in, be careful, and don't stand out. 

"I'm nervous, mom..." I commented over the phone, "This villain he's chasing is as old as Quirks themselves...he killed people Toshi cared about. I'm not worried for my sake, but for his..." 

"Do you want your father and I to come over, honey? How long has Toshinori been gone?" 

"No, you don't have to come over. I'm fine. He's been gone for two days. We have been texting and video chatted once last night. He's not returning anything right now..."

It was earlier in the morning, about nine to be exact. I put my phone on speaker as I began to stress-eat. "He always texts me good morning if he's away for work...always before this time of day! Every day for the past ten years!" 

"You could just be being paranoid..." Mom proposed. She was right, I could have been just going mad without seeing his handsome face. 

"Maybe...I-!" My phone on the counter started to buzz with another caller...Sorahiko? "Can I call you back? His...uncle is calling!" 

"Okay, let me know if you need anything. Love you!" She hung up. 

I answered Gran Torino, "Hello?"

"Hi, is this the right number? Y/n?" He was such an old man that it almost made me laugh in spite of myself. 

"Yeah, this is me. Hi, Sorahiko." If he were standing here, he would have seen my wobbly smile. 

"Y/n...Something terrible has happened. Toshinori fought All For One and was injured severely. He's in the Hina Eto Yoichi Hospital ICU." He explained quickly. 

Yet, I took a few seconds to absorb this information. "H...H-How bad is it...?"

"The doctors won't tell Naomasa anything. Bring your marriage documents, medical insurance...everything you need to prove you're his wife. I'm coming to pick you up, so don't go anywhere yet." 

I began to cry, fearfully. "Where is All For One...? Did Toshinori defeat him?" 

A deep sigh came in on the other end. "He...He managed to defeat him. He was pronounced dead on the scene." 

Relief mixed like oil and water with my terribly blistering terror of losing my husband along with him. 

I pulled on my shoes, threw my hair up and continued to frantically exchange information with Sorahiko. I practically tore apart my filing cabinet in the office looking for every necessary document. 


Chapter Text

Sorahiko picked me up, and we began our drive to the hospital Toshinori was in. I fidgeted, nervous that at any moment I'd get a text on my phone or a call saying that he passed, but it was paranoia. I needed to hold Toshi's hand when he came out of surgery, whisper to him that he would be alright.

In some strange way, I was grateful that we didn't have any children to call our own yet, as this would be twenty times harder to handle emotionally. I had always wished to have even one child with Toshinori, but he said that it would have to be after he found a successor and raised them up to be independent.

"Toshinori is going to want to keep this all quiet." Sorahiko had his eyes trained on the open road in front of him. As we were entering the section of Tokyo that this fight took place in, more and more buildings looked like they were on the verge of collapse. It was a war zone, and Toshinori had come out on top, "The media is gonna ask a ton about this...Help him come up with an excuse."

"I will..." My voice was raspy from crying. I looked out of the window, "At least All For One is dead...I might actually be able to be Toshinori's wife outside of the house now."

"Possibly, but there are still other villains out there that want your husband dead. Granted, they'll be taken down quick by newer waves of pros every year, but it should be sparingly allowed even now...I'm proud of Toshinori...even though he got himself all injured."

We pulled into the hospital parking lot, and I held my bag filled with documents tightly, my knuckles going white on the straps. The lady in the lobby was surprised to hear that the Symbol of Peace was not an eligible bachelor.

"He just came out of surgery...he's in room 888 of the ICU on the fifth floor. The doctors will give you a briefing about his condition."

We hurried up to that level, finding ourselves outside of the room. Outside of it was Sir Nighteye and Naomasa. They both seemed tense, even Nighteye, who probably foresaw this and didn't tell...I hope he didn't and he was just as surprised as all of us.

"Sorry everyone, it’s only family that’s welcome in for visits." The nurse standing outside said.

"She's his family." Gran Torino pointed to me, "Take out your documents, Y/n."

With shaking hands, I removed the marriage certificate from the bag. I held it out for the nurse to read, "I'm his wife of ten years..."

The nurse was confused and bewildered, to say the least. “Married…? I had no idea All Might was married! Come right this way, Mrs. Yagi!” He opened the door to the recovery room where Toshinori was.

My legs moved before I could even process the open door. I dashed in, almost dropping my bag from just how jittery I was.

My eyes found Toshinori in the hospital bed. On a hook was his bloody, ripped, and shredded hero costume. The one he had come into my flower shop wearing the day he saved me… His injuries were reflected by the marks on the suit; those where were the most bandages were. His whole left side was wrapped in thick gauze, damp from the still-bleeding wound. He had an oxygen mask on his face, his lips stained a crimson from his own blood. His two mighty strands of hair that usually spiked upright laid limp as his arms on either side of his head, the rest of his well-kept hair messy and damaged. Other various injuries of different varieties covered his skin.

“Toshinori…” I nearly collapsed beside the bed, “Sunflower…” I gently touched my hand to the side of his bruised face, and he moved his head into my touch.

His brow furrowed, and he opened his blue eyes, “Y/n...Hello, Y/n.”

“Toshi...You’re so beaten up, what did he do to you…?” I leaned against the bed and pressed my lips to his forehead.

“I blacked out after...after...I defeated him.” He muttered weakly, muffled slightly by the oxygen mask. “I remember he...punched my side...with some strong Quirk he had stolen…”

I cradled his head in my arms, extra gentle and careful of his injuries.

His doctor came in, holding a clipboard. “I was informed that you were All Might’s wife… Y/n L/n Yagi? Is that correct?”

“Th-That’s me.” Nodding, I confirmed his question.

The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Shinso. He had messy purple hair and looked as if he hadn’t slept in years. Though, he seemed as awake as ever. “Alright, really got yourself beaten up out there, All Might. First things first, your left lung was damaged beyond repair, so we were forced to remove the tissue up to the very top of it...all that remains is your right lung, so you’ll have trouble breathing for a while…”

I looked down at the bandages on his left side, wondering with sicking curiosity what other serious injuries my husband had sustained.

“Second, the attack also left us with no choice but to remove your stomach. Until further notice, you’re on a donor’s list and will receive a new stomach in the next week...for now, you’re on a nutrient IV drip…”

His whole stomach?! Oh god, this recovery was gonna take a long time, wasn’t it?

Breathing in, I made myself determined to be with him throughout the duration of his recovery time...As long as it took, I’d be here to help him.

Dr. Shinso made his leave, telling us that Toshinori would need at least two more surgeries...the stomach transplant, and one to attempt to repair his lung. This didn’t include the few biopsies that they’ll need to put him under anesthesia for…

“I’m sorry…” I heard Toshinori whimper, tears welling up in his eyes before he shut them. “I’m sorry that I got myself all busted up like this…”

“Toshi, don’t cry, sunflower…” I cupped his cheeks in my hands and bent over him. Seeing him so broken made me so sad…”You did everything you could...I’m so happy that you’re alive…”


Weeks passed, and Toshinori was becoming thinner. His muscles seemed to be shrinking from lack of use, and now he was basically a skeleton. His cheeks hollowed and his eyes began to sink into his skull. His hands felt bony to the touch...He was becoming so different from the surgeries.

“ we’ll say that I fractured my leg in a few places and had to go into physical therapy after fighting Toxic Chainsaw… One of All For One’s minions that was apprehended in the situation. I’m sure he will appreciate the credit.” Toshinori explained though I had only partially paid attention. I had been focusing on the sound of his voice, which had grown increasingly more raspy and gravely.

I nodded and hummed in response, “Alright…”

“And it’s your decision about whether or not you tell the media about you and me…” He looked down at the small portion of sushi I had ordered for us. He had only eaten two. Though his stomach transplant was being considered a relative success, his appetite has diminished. He could only manage to pick at the food in front of him before getting cramps or getting full. So, he tended to snack more or less whenever he happened to feel hungry.

His last surgery before being discharged from the hospital a week and a half ago was one to cauterize any open internal bleeding in the remnants of his collapsed lung. It would now be common for him to cough up blood every few hours, so he would have to keep tissues on his person most of the time.

“I think it’s fine now…” I finished my plate, setting down my chopsticks. “All For One is dead...I know there are villains who could come for me, but the biggest of them all is down. Without their leader, they’re sure to fall into chaos. I think it would be...wonderful to have our relationship be out there so we’re not confined to love each other in this little space…” I glanced around at our apartment.

“Hmm...maybe you’re right about that. It would be nice.” He nodded, attempting to finish the fourth piece of sushi with a grimace on his face.

I giggled, “You don’t have to eat it all now...I know you like to snack these days.”

“Yeah...I think I’ll finish it later. It’s really good, I just can’t stomach it right now.” He looked down at the food with disdain.

I put it back in the container and into the small refrigerator to keep it fresh.

“So, what are we gonna do about your appearance…? Still handsome as ever in my eyes.” I bent down and kissed his lips softly, seeing him blush a soft pink across his face and neck. “But you certainly looked like you suffered far more than a fractured leg….How are we gonna get around the media in that aspect?”

He hissed, “Well, I found something out...One For All is able to help in that factor… You see, I can inflate the weakened muscles in my body to fill in my hero suits and stuff… But only for maybe four to five hours a day, I think. I was testing it before the last surgery when you weren’t home…”

“Fill you in...What?” What the hell did he mean by that?

“It’s better if I show you…” He stood up, still taller than me at his gargantuan height. A sudden cloud of steam surrounded him, startling me.

I lunged forward, “Wh-?! Toshinori!”

“I am here!” He picked me up into his muscular arms. I gasped in surprise; it was like the accident had never happened. He rested me on his flexed arm, letting me sit on his shoulder as he gazed up at me with a huge grin.

“Whoa! I get it! So One For All is able to...inflate you? Give you your strength back for a few hours a day?” I played with the spikes of hair in the V shape, which I hadn’t seen on his head for weeks.

“Pretty much! I think it will be great...the public won’t have to know that their Symbol of Peace was ever daunted or injured in the first place.” He set me down on the wooden floor, the same cloud of gas surrounding him again, and he stood in his true form: a human skeleton.

A handsome human skeleton.

Coughing, Toshinori took a napkin and dabbed off some blood from the corner of his lips. He sighed and knitted his brow together in a frustrated glare at the floor. “But… Sir Nighteye is suggesting that I retire...He doesn’t think that I can hold up in a battle for all too long.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine...You’ve survived this long...You survived All For One.” I saw him move over to the open window, gusting in the warm summer breeze.

“He also suggested that I began looking for a successor for One For All… I just...don’t think that it’s time yet.” He looked at his bony hand, exhaling out of his nose.

“You’ll know...I mean, your master must have known when she chose someone as wonderful as you to become the next holder.” I hugged him gently around the waist, minding his injured left side with great care.

He leaned his head onto the top of mine, chuckling abruptly.

“What?” I turned my eyes upwards.

He held out his left hand and took my left hand, “Maybe I can get a ring that gets bigger in my other form…”

“Aw, you want a wedding ring.” I smooched his cheek. “So cute!”

“Well, I want the whole world to know that I’m taken by the best wife a hero could ask for!” He messed up my hair.

I swatted at his hands and snickered, “You’re on a roll today, big guy… I love you.”

“I love you, too, Y/n.”

Chapter Text

"Mrs. Yagi," The reporter asked me, swaying a microphone closer to me so it could pick up my voice. I was at a press conference...alone. "How is All Might holding up after three and a half months out of work due to his broken leg...?" 

"Oh, he's walking on it now! He'll be back to fighting crime in the next week or so, I believe. All depends on what his doctor allows." I grinned, pattering my fingers nervously against my leg under the table. I had never spoken in front of such a large crowd before...I guess it was the side-effect of being the spouse of the Number One Hero. 

"That's great to hear!"

Another reporter came up to the plate...Only two more questions and I could go home. Home to my handsome husband to cuddle and receive advice about how to handle myself better on TV...

"Why did you and All Might keep your relationship a secret until now? Was there any particular catalyst that made you want to finally be recognized as his wife in the public eye?" Did that count as two questions? Oh, I shouldn't be petty...These tabloids would rip me apart. 

"To put it simply...To- Ah, I mean All Might thought it would be healthier and safer for me to live a quieter life. So we could focus on our relationship at home rather than work." They had already asked me what my job was, and I knew that I'd get a load of publicity for my flower shop the instant I said I owned one. Oh god, I'm gonna need to hire more employees. 

"That makes sense..." They muttered, sitting back down. 

Finally, the last question...

"What is the Symbol of Peace like as a husband...? In other words, what is he like domestically?" 

I looked at the camera like I was on some comedy TV show, a smile pulling harshly at the corners of my lips when I began to think of all I could say to embarrass my husband. I could picture the redness on his face already. 

"He's a cuddler...He loves it when I play with his hair and make him cups of his favorite tea after work. One thing you'll see the more we appear in public together the next few years is that he's an absolute gentleman who worships the ground I walk on." I could see him covering his face, shaking his head at the admission. "He's the best husband a woman like me could ask for." 

The conference wrapped up, and I commuted home. Anyone could be surprised how a change of clothes and a scarf wrapped around the lower part of my face could keep me hidden from fans of Toshi. 

I opened the door of the apartment, finding Toshinori giving me a narrow-eyed glare. "You were very generous with those answers. Especially with that last one." 

"What, was I supposed to tell them that you're an awful husband? That would be a lie, and we already tell enough of those to the public." I walked behind his chair and kissed his cheek playfully. 

He grumbled and chuckled as I sat beside him. "Well, you did a pretty great job for your first time in front of that many people." 

"I did? That's good to hear." I laid my head against his shoulder.

Toshi clasped his bony, skeletal hand to my normal (slightly dry from the cooling weather) hand. "I'm stressed..." he let out a long breath of air. 

"Here, turn around, I'll give you a shoulder massage." I raised up my hands, wiggling my fingers at the offer. 

"That would be nice..." He slid around, facing partially away from me. I kneaded my fingers against his formative shoulders, feeling him slump down and relax against my touch. "Hng...yeah, that's helping." 

"I'm glad..." I continued, making him melt like putty. Seeing him like this in front of me was...beautiful. After weeks and weeks of weakness and hurt, he deserved to feel nothing but happiness and joy. "I think...We should move into the bedroom for the night..."

"Ah...I...I don't think you want to see my scar, Y/n." His face erupted into various shades of red, shame crossing his vision. 

"Toshinori, turn and look at me." I knitted my eyebrows together, waiting to see his full face. He slowly turned back around, "You may think that because of your injury, because you look different that I won't love you as much, but you're still my Toshinori. The fact that you have a skinny face...less muscle...and a huge scar on your chest doesn't make you any less handsome to me. I love you all the same." 

Toshinori's crystal blue eyes gleamed with adoration and relief. "I was worried that you didn't find me attractive anymore..." 

"Toshi...I find you absolutely smoking hot. Always have...always will." I cupped his sunken cheeks into my hands and laughed as he did. 

" want to, I suppose that would be fun." He draped one of his long arms over my waist. 

Toshinori and I never considered sex a necessary component to our happy relationship. It was a nice, occasional, added-bonus for maybe once or twice a month. Due to his injury, we haven't gotten the chance to be intimate since the week before he left on his mission to defeat All For One. Now, all we had to be was gentle. 

Leaning forward with a start, I pressed my lips against Toshinori's. He yielded into the gesture, his grip tightening. The soft pecks and protective kisses slowly dissolved into deep and longing touches. His hands flew up to grasp into my hair, tugging lightly. His skinny fingers combed through it in a different way than the ones of his larger form did, but it felt amazing nonetheless. 

My palms rested on the tops of his thighs, feeling across his legs through his pants. I could tell he was nervous despite what I told him. It was true that I still found him wonderful and attractive, but his insecurities were always on high alert ever since the surgeries and his injury started taking their toll on his appearance. Wanting to increase the steamy mood, I swallowed my doubts and climbed over into his lap, hovering over him on my knees. 

He opened his eyes, heavy with the dreds of arousal. 

I needed to find a way to get him more into the mood. I could tell he wanted to, but that his nerves were on overdrive. I reached my hand to rest against his navel, sliding it up and under his shirt. As my fingers brushed over his skin, his breath caught in his throat and he urged his lips together, sighing out of his nose. 

Toshinori was never a very vocal man in the bedroom. I could always sense his gratitude, especially by the small sounds of enjoyment he made. I moved in to kiss him again-

"A phone call is here! A phone call is here!" Toshinori's cell phone rang beside us. He glanced over to see if the person calling was important, and then picked it up. 

While I was snickering over his ringtone, he huffed in frustration. "It's Nighteye...can I take this, dear?" 

Nighteye? What could he want this late at night? I moved off of him, plopping onto the sofa with a grunt, "Sure..."

He stepped a little ways towards the kitchen, clearing his throat. He answered, and I tried my best to listen in without making it too obvious. "Hi there, Sir...I-...Oh, that isn't necessary..." He pressed a hand to his forehead, stumbling to the closet a few feet away to find his coat. "Fine, I'll be over as quick as possible." 

He hung up the phone and groaned audibly...his way of complaining. "I have to go to the agency to meet with Nighteye...Do you want to come with?" 

"How long do you think this will take...? It's getting awfully dark already." I gazed out of the window for a moment. 

"It shouldn't take too long...Come on, we can get something to eat on the way home...Something for you, anyway." He chuckled, taking my coat and a scarf to hide my mouth with. 

"Oh yeah...don't want people thinking I'm cheating on All Might with Toshinori Yagi..." I winked, bunding myself up. 

He snorted so hard that he coughed up a little bit of blood. 


I sat in the lounge, holding a cup of tea in my cool hands. They didn’t know how to have this conversation quietly...I was forced to listen in as they began to argue in the next room over.

“Nighteye, you have no place to tell me when I have to retire. The doctor will give me the all clear to start working again soon, and that’s just what I’m going to do!” Toshinori said.

Nighteye hissed, “But, All Might, your time limit with One For All will take an even greater toll on your body. What if you were to transform to this weakened state while in combat? You’d surely die! You can’t use One For-!”

“Sir...Please, the world needs their symbol.”

“But Togata, what did he-?”

“He rejected the offer to take One For All… It’s just as I told you, Sir, it’s not time for me to pass it on yet. He was not the right choice.”

There was a long pause, and Nighteye hummed under his breath, “You don’t get it, do you…? I used my Foresight on you, and it’s more urgent than I thought.”

“You used…? What!?”

“All need to find a successor...because what I saw was your death at the hands of an unknown villain. My best guess is within the next seven to ten years…”

My heart sunk hard in my chest. I dropped the teacup, hearing it break on the floor. Hot tea spread around the tile, my hands trembling.

Toshinori was...going to be murdered…? I thought I’d lost him weeks ago at the hands of All For One...But now I could lose him at any time. He could die, he would die…

My mind began to spiral as I saw the images of him after all of his surgeries, recovering in bed. How he slept with the incubator lodged into his throat for a week...How I knew he would pull through after the first time he walked after it all…

But then my eyes spilled over with angry and fiercely mournful tears at the thought of viewing his casket. My sunflower, dead...The world’s Symbol of Peace snuffed out.

“Y/n!” Toshinori swung open the door a few feet behind me, and I bent down. I furiously wiped at my eyes, not wanting my husband to know I was eavesdropping.

“It’s okay, I just tripped and dropped my tea…” I fake-laughed, “I’m just drying it up now.”

I bit down on my lip, holding back more tears as I continued to think about all the terrible things….

This was Nighteye’s doing, my mind decided then. I was angry that he used his Quirk without Toshinori’s consent. I was angry that he...broke my heart.

The conversation continued, “Sir Nighteye, you’re fired…”

“Fired!? But, All Might, I-“

“Your last cheque will be in the mail by Monday… Please see yourself out.”

Nighteye huffed, his feet heavy as he walked out of the office by me. I looked behind me to see Toshinori slump into his office chair, resting his face in his hands.

I stood up and wiped my eyes, “Goodbye, Nighteye…” I couldn’t hold back the wobbliness and broken tone in my voice.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Yagi…” He muttered, the door slamming behind him.

I stared at the door until my eyes burned for me to blink.

Nighteye was always right when he predicted the future...It was inevitable that what he foretold about Toshinori would come to pass eventually.

However long it took…

I had to enjoy Toshinori while I had him.

I finished cleaning up the spilled tea and broken cup. I threw the cracked porcelain into the trash with the paper towels, fixing my eyes.

I walked into the office slowly, gazing at my husband as he leaned into the chair. His eyes were closed and he appeared to be meditating on the issue of his own mortality.

I came behind the chair and rubbed my hands over his shoulders. “Are you alright, sunflower…?”

He nodded his head, looking up at me, “I’m fine.”

“Are you still stressed?”

“Even more so than earlier.”

I massaged my fingers into his muscles like earlier, feeling his tensity go away once again. “You’re easy to help in at least the physical part. Just work stuff, right?”

Yes, just work. Just his life at stake. I would pretend like I heard nothing, despite how much it hurt me to contain this in my heart.

Because I loved him, and I didn’t want him to know that I was scared for him.

“Hey, Toshi?” I reached a little further, finding the buttons on his shirt. “What if we went home and continue what we were doing when we were so rudely interrupted…?”

I felt him swallow hard, “O-Okay…”

This man was absolutely perfect, and I’d cherish him more than anything or anyone in these years we had left…

Chapter Text

Toshinori was gone late again today, making me a little nervous. I was in the kitchen, making a meal of a smaller portion that he could possibly stand to eat. I checked my phone again, tapping the button to illuminate the screen.

It had been five years since the incident that injured his left side. Four years since Nighteye predicted his death.

I spaced out of reality for the time being as I poured a glass of water for Toshinori. I couldn't think about that, but I would have to question him like crazy about why he was out this late into the afternoon. He sent me a single test after I saw him on the news, so I guess the most logical explanation was that he got hung up by the media. He only said, 'I'll be home soon.'

The front door opened, and Toshi stepped in. He was grinning brightly in his weakened form.

"Sorry that I'm late, dear!" He blushed.

Out of relief, I sighed happily and hugged around his waist. "How as your day, Mr. Hero? I saw you on the news after you saved those two kids."

The news covered how he defeated a villain with a sludge Quirk, eliminating his grip on two middle-school students. I thought it amazing how he came in out of see came out of seemingly nowhere to protect them. I loved my husband's courageous heart that made him into a true hero in a world of those in the profession for money.

"It was...a true experience today." He pressed a kiss to my forehead, fixing his baggy white t-shirt. "I actually have a few things to tell you...Over dinner."

"Well, I just finished making dinner!" I was eager to hear about his day, wondering about all the other things he did while on his day out. He was able to disguise himself nicely in his weakened form. "Good things, I hope. You didn't push yourself today, right?"

"Uh..." He sheepishly smiled, taking the bowl of soup into his hands and finding his place at our little table by the window. "I might have pushed it a bit when fighting the sludge villain. I ran out of time a bit before it, but...well..."

"Oh, Toshi, don't force yourself to do too much. I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore than you already have." I sat across from him, furrowing my brow in concern.

"I couldn't help myself in this circumstance, dear..." He reached across the table and engulfed my hand within his own. He chuckled and looked down at his food.


"I believe that I found a worthy successor for One For All."

I looked at his face, my lips parting slightly as I realized that he wasn't playing a prank on me or anything. He glanced up at me. "Oh, sunflower, I'm so happy that you found someone worthy! Tell me about them."

"He was one of the boys I rescued today...It started as me saving him the sludge villain on his walk home from school. He latched onto me...such a spunky little fanboy! Well, then I accidentally revealed my secret to him regarding the injury...I couldn't hold it any longer. So, I departed from him and found on my walk back to the trains that the villain wasn't with me, and that he was trying to pretty much murder the other child. Turns out that kid and the one I met earlier were classmates, and despite being a little Quirkless kid, he jumped into action to save his friend. It was inspiring...I saw myself in him, seeing as he was willing to put it all on the line despite not having any power to call his own. That's why I couldn't help but spring back into action..."

As he told the story, I stared back in awe. A child much like Toshinori; one with such a heroic spirit that he couldn't sit still when someone was asking for help. This boy truly was meant to be the next holder after Toshinori. The next Symbol of Peace.

"He made me realize that I've been becoming more and more bitter since I was injured..." He clasped his other hand around mine, "I haven't been living up to my own ideals...I told him after our first encounter that he couldn't become a hero due to his Quirklessness... but he proved me otherwise and made me remember my origin. I told him that he was worthy of my power after it all...and he accepted the challenge."

"I'm so proud, Toshi...of you and this kid that I haven't even met yet!"

I could picture the future, meeting this child and helping Toshinori train him in any way that I could. I wanted to be a part of this experience.

"His name is Izuku Midoriya...his hair truly matches his name." My best guess was that he had green hair due to the kanji in his name meaning 'green'. "Oh yeah, and since I'm gonna be working on training him in the next eleven months so he can make it to the UA entrance exam next year, I'm going to be taking a lot more time off from specific hero work. If I happen across a villain, then yes, I'll take them down, but my primary focus is Midoriya's development."

"Where are you training him?"

"Dagoba Beach Park."

"Um...Toshi...that's a trash heap..." I raised an eyebrow.

"Exactly...the plan is to have him clean it up...a part of it anyway." Toshinori chuckled, "I'm just glad that I'm working at UA next year...I'll be able to guide him through his whole high school career! I won't have to search for a successor amongst the already powered among the children there."

"I'm happy that you're giving this Quirkless kid such an opportunity." I sipped the broth from the soup, humming at his warming taste. "Don't kill him, though..."

"Relax, I have a plan...He'll be on track at a healthy rate for someone of his age. He still needs to pass middle school, after all."

His rang through my head a few times. I giggled softly, "I think I met a Midoriya once...”

"Were they a customer at the shop?”

"Yeah, right before we got married...I remember names sometimes of very memorable customers, but I can’t remember his name... He was going on a date with a woman, I think...I mean, if Midoriya's mother looks familiar, then that would be funny! Such a small world!"

We finished our dinner, and I cleaned the bowls.

"Just make sure that you're home for dinner most nights, Toshi. I'm excited to meet the boy one day." I smooched his cheek. "I'm sure you chose correctly."

"I know I did...he just needs to grow that beanpole body of his..."


It's been a month since that day, and Toshinori invited me that afternoon to introduce myself to Izuku Midoriya. Using some of the fruit I had around the house, I decided to make a sweet drink for him.

"Make sure it's following the diet," Toshinori told me, a teasing look on his face.

"It does, don't worry. I made sure that it's more of an electrolyte and protein drink after his long workout." I tucked it into my tote bag, wrapping a lite scarf around my mouth to hide my identity while we walked to the train station.

I held his hand while sitting beside him on the subway, "I'm excited to meet him."

"He's asked about you, you know..." Toshinori rested his head back against the window. His hair fluffed out a bit, and he coughed a little bit of blood into his hand. "Um, do you have a tissue?"

I nodded, reaching into my bag before anyone noticed. I handed one up to him.

"Thank you, dear..."

When we were in public like this, people often did stare. Toshinori looked quite a bit older than me in this form, even though he was only nine years my senior. He will be having his forty-seventh  birthday not too long ago, and I was turning thirty-eight in the coming year. I managed to somehow keep any age-related grievances out of my life until the stress of Toshi's injury. I had to dye my hair, so I sometimes chose fun little colors. I treated myself whenever possible, but these days I settled on my natural color with (favorite color) highlights.

Toshinori still looked very much so like a big buff hunk in his hero form. In this form, his sunken eyes and hollow cheeks made him appear twenty years older than his actual age. I didn’t think he was any less attractive than he was before his incident.

I was a proud wife, but a worrisome one nonetheless. I was worried people would see my full face when I was with him in this form, and think that I was cheating on their Symbol of Peace.

“We’re here.” Toshinori stood up and extended his hand to me. I took it and let him help me stand. I guess I got a little comfortable there.

The walk was a short one from the Tatoinne Train Station to Dagoba beach. It was the nearest station.

“Young Midoriya, you’re already here, huh?!” Toshinori called down to the beach.

I spotted the young boy speedily lugging a water-stained cardboard box filled with various other pieces of garbage towards the stairs. He had messy blackish green hair, freckles, and emerald eyes.

“Early bird gets the worm, right All Might?” He huffed, winded as he reached the top of the stairs, tossing the garbage away. Spotting me, his expression lit up even more so than before. “A-All Might, y-you brought your wife!”

“I sure did, my boy. She wanted to meet you!” Toshinori gestured to me, resting his hand on my shoulder.

“H-Hi, it’s nice to meet you, ma’am!” He bowed respectively.

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Izuku Midoriya.” I stepped closer to him and touched his arms, bringing him back to standing position. He went bug-eyed when I hugged him. “I feel like I already know you! All Might told me so many good things about you.”

He became a stuttering mess, and I giggled hysterically, “He does mumble a bit, doesn’t he, sunflower?”

Toshi blushed brightly at the use of my nickname for him in front of his pupil. “Ha, he sure does! Midoriya!”

Izuku snapped out of la-la-land, looking up at my husband.

“Get back to work, kid!” Toshi winked and pointed to the beach.

“Alright, All Might!” Izuku nodded and dashed down the stairs.

“Wait, Midoriya!” I called, reaching into my bag. The boy skidded to a stop. He was fast for a Quirkless child, but that might be due to the training. “I have something for you to drink! I made it myself, and it should help you feel better if you start getting the shakes or something!” I handed him the bottle, and he studied it.

“Thank you so much, ma’am!”

“Please, call me Mrs. Yagi or Y/n…I insist.” I pat him on the head, wanting to come off as a friend to him rather than just the wife of his idol. He still acted like he was meeting some celebrity as he continued his run back down to the trashy sand.

“He’s a good kid, Toshi…” I went a step above him and kissed his temple, playing with his raggedy and thick blonde hair. It was so pleasant to run my fingers through it.

“He is...He’s going to do amazing...I mean, he’s cleared ten feet in the past month, and one of the things in it was a dresser… Wait, crap I was-!” Toshi covered his mouth.

Dresser? What’s the big deal with a….oh my god. I flicked his scalp as I put two and two together. “Our new dresser was in a trash pile?!”

“I’m sorry! I mean, I cleaned it first, so...I thought it was alright! Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I guess!” He waved his hands, defending himself.

I groaned and rested my forehead against the back of his head, “What am I gonna do with you?”

“I dunno...Love you...haha…” He chuckled awkwardly.

I sighed, looking back out at his future successor pulling around a few discarded tires. “I love you, too…”

“When he’s all done...I’ll take you to get some dinner, okay? To make up for bringing you a trash-dresser….” He offered me, dusting some sand off of his shoe.

“Deal…Goof.” I reached around and pinched his nose between my index finger and thumb. “I know you usually take your car here, I should have known…”

“It’s still a nice old thing… Admit it.” He sounded nasaly because of my antics.

I shrugged my shoulders. I mean, it was bigger than the last one we had, and it could fit all of my foldable clothes and Toshinori’s. “It’s pretty good, I’ll give you that, big guy.”

I married such a funny, strange man.  

Chapter Text

The UA entrance exam was drawing closer, and Toshinori's successor Midoriya was getting stronger. Every time I visited the beach, it was slowly getting clearer and clearer. He was getting bulkier and muscular, it was amazing to see what hard work was doing to him. Seeing how determined he was to be a hero moved me to start using my Quirk more. 

Around the house, I'd grow the plants to immense heights and densities. Most of the time it was a vining plant. It was a common joke between Toshi and me. He would come home from training Midoriya that day, and I'd be standing within the mass of leaves and flora to see the look on his face. Then, I'd jump out, kiss him, and talk to him while I cut the plant back down to size. One time, I filled an entire room with vines...that was fun to clean up. 

"It's been fun to use the Quirk in the shop, you know...I started making fresh aloe...I might start an all natural skin care line and sell it!" I walked through the doorway of the office, giggling as Toshinori had an armful of leaves, "You need any help? I didn't realize there was more." 

"There was some on the ceiling...I had to get into my hero form to get it!" He gave a breathy laugh before coming back into the kitchen area with me to throw them away. 

"I got the mail...there's a letter from UA. It's probably for you." I placed it down in front of him and flicked through a magazine catalog. 

Toshi opened the envelope as he read the back. "Uh...this is actually for you, Y/n."

"Wh...? For me? What does UA want with me?" I took it from him and continued opening it. I unfolded the typed letter. My eyes darted over the page, my eyes slowly going wide as I realized what it was. 

"What is it, dear?" Toshi rested his chin on top of my head and looked down at the paper with me. 

Composing myself, I began to read the words on the page. 

"Dear Y/n Yagi,

Upon highest recommendation by your husband All Might, I have highly considered to allow you a spot on the UA staff. Your task will be to aid in the education of tomorrow's heroes, technicians, business owners, and general members of society. I would greatly appreciate a call at your earliest convenience.


Principal Nezu."

I looked up at Toshinori, making him laugh hardily. He transformed into his hero form, steam making me cough and drop the letter on the countertop. He lifted me up off of the ground, "Yes! I'm so glad Nezu looked at your resume!" 

"Resume?! Toshinori, what the hell?" I couldn't help but laugh as he held me up by my hips. "What did you do?"

"Consider it a gift, dear, I recommended you to be a teacher at UA! This is because I overheard you the other night talking to your mother over the phone..." His usual smile faded. "I noticed that you were worried about being apart from me for too long due to my injuries... But this would allow you to be in the same building as me!" 

"A teacher job!? Toshi, I don't know about this..." My voice fell. "I don't even know what I'd teach...Plant husbandry isn't that useful of a subject!"

"You know a lot about chemistry though!" 

Chemistry... Oh, yeah! I sighed deeply, nodding my head, "I guess...I like the idea of being close to you in case you need any help that others can't provide you with." I rested my forehead on his, "I'll call Nezu. Now get out of your hero form, no pushing yourself!" 

"Alright, alright..." He placed me down to sit on the counter. 

A puff of steam, and some blood on his lips, he wiped his face. When the red was cleared, he leaned in and gave me a kiss. He snaked his arms around my waist, and I brushed my fingers over his cheeks. He pulled his lips back and smirked lowly at me, "I'm sorry that I did this without your permission...I just hope you feel comfortable with it." 

"The way you put it, it sounds okay. I have...what? Four months to prepare? Plenty of time to get ready." I twirled his strands of hair in my fingers. 

"I'm glad that you're not mad at me." He rested his face in my shoulder, and I hugged him tightly. 

More time to spend with him until the end. 

"This will be your classroom, Mrs. Yagi!" 

The principal of UA, Nezu, was an indistinguishable animal with an intelligence Quirk.

He slid open the door to a dim classroom. I glanced around the space, flicking on the light. It was set up with eleven lab benches- one in the front for me, the teacher, the rest for groups of two students- and a whole row of cabinets. 

"It has everything for eyewash and a shower, plus goggles, gloves, and sinks for every student." He jumped and climbed up on one of the benches, using the chairs behind them as a stair. "The cabinets, vault, and industrial refrigerator contain over fifteen thousand different items for you to work well as containers meant for all of them!"

"Whoa! That's a...a lot chemicals! How did you get that many...this is a dream, I have so much to teach!" There were too many possibilities! The fact that I was working for such a heavily-funded school presented such options, especially with equipment. We were going to be able to teach usually deadly experiments in spaces outside so they'll hurt no one!

"I'm so happy that you decided to teach with us here... I know it's primarily to watch after your husband's health. Nonetheless, we really think you will do well here despite not being a pro-hero! You're really qualified!" Nezu clenched his paw and gave me an odd-looking thumbs-up. 

My heart fluttered with happiness at his appreciation. "Thank you, Nezu!" 

This was going to be simple. My first class was in two days...Class 1A was the hero course class that had Midoriya in it. I haven't seen him since before the entrance exam. I'm so proud that he got in! 

I began to organize the room in a way to make it more 'me'. I hung up some plants around the room, mostly (favorite flowers) and sunflower bouquets to remind me of Toshi throughout the day. 

It was ready, and I was ready for my first time leading the younger generation! I was particularly excited about the first assignment I would be giving after a short briefing on material needed for it! Both Class 1A and Class 1B's teachers, Eraserhead, and Vlad King asked me to help the kids understand exactly how their Quirks worked to the atomic level, and I'd do just that and then some. 

"Good luck today, dear." Toshinori pressed a kiss to my cheek. When not alone with me or by himself, he'd have to push himself to use his hero form to be recognized as All Might. I didn't like it; this would take a toll on his health for sure.

Regardless, I gave him a smile as my face turned pink. "You, teaching that class this afternoon. Battle training will be fun, I bet..." 

"I think it will be interesting for sure." He made his way over to the door, the slight clink of his ring brushing against the frame as he blew me another kiss. 

I waved and rolled my eyes at his romantic gestures, sighing deeply as he walked down the hall out of sight. 

The bell from homeroom rang, and students filled the halls. The first student to walk into my class...well...speed-walk was a tall boy with dark blue hair and glasses. "Hello, ma'am! I look forward to class today!"

"I'm glad you are...!" I beamed at him, "What's your name, young man?"

"I'm Tenya Iida!" 

"Oh, Iida...Your seat is the sixth bench on the left. You can pick whichever seat you want there." I pointed back in that direction. 

"Thank you very much!" the boy raced to the part of the room and sat down, ready to do his work. Iida was serious about learning...I adored him already. Something tells me I'll be adoring all of these-

"Hi, miss!" I looked toward the door, having to look down to about hip height to spot the next student. This one had four purple balls attached to the top of his head, and he seemed very, very happy to see me... uh...

"Hey there! Welcome to chemistry! What's your name?" I broke from my train of thought and held the seating chart in my hands. 

"I'm Minoru Mineta. A pleasure to be here." He winked up at me. 

Ignoring the gesture, I hummed, "'re gonna be seated at bench eight." 

"Thanks." The small young man walked away from me, and I suddenly felt a little more comfortable with myself. What the heck is with that kid? Come now, Y/n... No picking favorites. He's just a confused, weird...awkward teenaged boy with urges just like the rest of us. I'm sure when they remember I'm their Symbol of Peace's wife he'll back off. 

"Ey, teach, where am I sitting?" A blonde boy with spiky hair asked me. He didn't wear a tie to fit the proper uniform...I get it, ties are uncomfortable. 


He sighed deeply. "Katsuki Bakugo..." 

"Bench two, Bakugo." 

His thank-you was a huff from the nose, and he sauntered off to his spot. 

Bakugo was...intense...I wasn't intimidated, I was more confused. Oh well, these are all teenagers. Just gotta keep nailing that one into my brain. 

Others came in, and I seated them where they belonged. All twenty students were in their seats. 

In bench one was Koji Koda and Tsuyu Asui. Bench two was Ejirou Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugo. Bench three was Tooru Hagakure and Denki Kaminari. Bench four was Shoto Todoroki and Mezo Shouji. Bench five was Hanta Sero and Mashairo Ojiro. Bench six was Tenya Iida and Mina Ashido. Bench seven was Fumikage Tokoyami and Kyoka Jiro. Group eight was Rikido Sato and Minoru Mineta. Bench nine was Yuga Aoyama and Momo Yaoyorozu. Lastly, bench ten was Ochaco Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya. 

"Hi everyone, welcome to Chemistry Class. We won't be doing a whole ton today, I just want you all to be slightly familiar with what our first few lessons will be on, educate you on some basic lab safety...the usual first day of class stuff." I clapped my hands together, "I'm Mrs. Yagi, All Might's wife!"

There was some chatter in the classroom. 

"Oh yeah, I recognize her from TV now!"

"Why's she teaching at UA?"

"This year's gonna be cool!"

I almost busted out laughing at the way these children treated me. "Now, now...I don't want to be treated as if I'm anything but your teacher! In any case, regardless of who's teaching it, you all are probably thinking...'Woe is me, another boring old regular class I have to take while I'm in the hero course!' Nope! My intention is to link this class in with everything you learn about yourself while studying to be a pro...!" 

A hand was raised in the back of the classroom. 


The girl from bench nine...Yaoyorozu stood up. She had black hair up in a lovely ponytail and grey eyes. "What do you mean you will link it to our hero course?"

"Well, that's actually going to relate to your first assignment." I took up a pile of papers and walked to the first two benches. They took them and passed them back to the people behind them. "I'm going to have you all write a two-page minimum essay about the chemical functionality of your Quirks. Every Quirk..." I made short eye-contact with Midoriya, who noticeably stiffened. " rooted in your genes. Its function relates to the interaction of energy with molecules or molecules with other molecules in one way or another. You'll see on the paper that I want you to analyze what chemicals are at work...what type of energy you're expelling or using...!"

"When is this due...?" An unsure voice asked. 

"Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself...It's due in one month. We'll be working in here on understanding some terms as you're writing, and of course, you can conduct your own research within medical documents and online! And of course, ask me if you're confused about anything." I turned back to my desk, placing extra papers down...they'd be for the next class, Class 1B. 

"Let's do an example...who here as a Quirk that revolves around a an acid or solution?" 

Three hands went up. Bakugo, Ashido, and Iida. 

"Ashido first...What's your Quirk?" 

"Acid...I can secrete acid from my pores to melt stuff." The pink girl wiggled her fingers. 

"Acid, huh? Do you know what kind of acid?" I arched an eyebrow. What a great Quirk! It was so convenient that I chose her to demonstrate. 

Her face glazed over with thought. She tapped her chin. "Uh...I dunno off the top of my, but its super strong! It can melt metal and stuff." 

"Ah!" I leaned back against my lab bench, sitting casually. "See the importance of getting to know your own Quirk is that you know your weaknesses and strengths. Knowing what fuels your Quirk and what damages it is imperative to future heroes like all of you. So, Ashido, dig for that information. We will be conducting in-lab experiments for some of you to help figure out these barriers and strengths...starting today. Look to the person sitting next to you, kiddos." 

I saw some heads turn to view their classmates. 

"These will be your lab partners for the rest of the year. If you have any legitimate quarrels, bring them up with me... but after the lab safety rules, we shall begin our lesson."

There was some cheer and loathing in the crowd. Uraraka seemed very happy to be partners with Midoriya. 

"Woo-hoo! Yes, we're partners Deku!" She clapped her hands in joy.

He went red from forehead to the collar of his shirt, hiding his face, "A-Ah, yeah! I'm excited!" 

I grinned cute. Reminds me of me and Toshinori when we were dating. 

I went home early after all of my classes wrapped up. When not with Toshinori, I didn't have to wear a scarf to cover my nose and mouth, so I enjoyed the mid-spring weather as I walked to the train station. 

I guess I might have been caught up in my walking because I bumped shoulders with someone. 

The man was in a black hoodie, and stumbled and bounced off of the wall of a building. There weren't very many other people around. Something...what looked like a wad of cash fell out of his pocket, yet he continued on his way, mumbling a few curse words. 

I bent down and grabbed the yen, calling after him, "Sir, you dropped your money!" 

He turned his eyes to me. His face was dry...he had a scar on his eye and his lip, a birthmark on his chin. His eyes were a piercing crimson. I extended my hand out with the money. "Sorry I bumped into dropped your money, and you probably need it..."

His expression went from neutral displeasure to insane surprise in a split second. He flickered his gaze to the money, taking it with just two of his fingers and sliding back into his pocket slowly.

Okay, this was getting weird.

He itched at his neck, his lips twitching into an awkward smile. "Thank you..." 

I nodded, moving to continue on my way...

Something was off about that young man...





Chapter Text

"Come on, Toshi...Please come with me to work. You're pushing yourself too much." I reached out and grabbed Toshinori's wrist, pleadingly looking up at his face. 

His expression fell slightly when he saw my face, "I'm sorry, dear...I heard someone call for help, I can't resist. Just one, I swear!"

I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow of doubt, "I...OKay, just one. There are other heroes who will be able to help people...Please be on time to the rescue training today. I'll bring your lunch for you." I grabbed the middle of his tie, lightly yanking it down. I kissed him on the lips, then let go. 

"O-Okay...just one." He gave me one solid nod. 

So, we went our ways. I went to the train station and rode the line to work. 

Toshinori didn't show up after my morning classes with the general study classes. My disappointment was noticeable, as well as my nervousness. Did he get killed? I checked my phone for any news notification to indicate that, not no...He was alive, and he probably tired himself out. 

I've noticed that his Quirk was progressively getting weaker and weaker since he passed it on. He was at risk of using up his time quicker, and it was getting to my head. 

"Y/n." There was a knock on the doorframe. 

I glanced upwards to see Aizawa, Class 1A's instructor. "It's time we go...the kids are waiting by the bus."

"Alright, I'll be there in one minute. Just gotta gather my notes."

It had been a week since I had assigned the Quirk Chemistry project. It was my turn to analyze the students of the hero course's Quirks in action to start making my best guesses in order to help them. It was my responsibility to help them, after all. 

"Have you seen your husband at all? He's supposed to be there." Aizawa rubbed his eyes, having probably just woken up from a nap. 

"Not since we left the house this morning..." I sighed, flicking the lights in the room off. I tucked my phone into my pocket after checking for more notifications. 

He grumbled in response. 

We reached outside, seeing as a few of the students were getting on the bus. 

"Hi, Mrs. Yagi." Midoriya wasn't wearing his hero costume like the rest of his classmates. He had on his PE uniform. I heard that the costume was trashed in the fighting exercise three days ago. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to analyze how your Quirks work." I flashed him a knowing smile. "So I can help you guys on your projects." 

"Ah, that makes sense." Uraraka nodded beside him. 

Midoriya coughed into his hand. "Hey...Mrs. Yagi, can I ask you something in private real quick?" 


Uraraka walked a few feet away to prevent herself from eavesdropping. 

" do I explain One For All? It's like a...kaplow! And I usually break my bones...All Might doesn't know how to explain it to me, I guess. It kinda feels like heat? Also, are you taking notes? I take notes, too, maybe I can help and compare-!" 

The boy mumbled hysterically, almost as if he forgot about the initial questions. 

"Izuku." I tapped him extremely gently on the cheek, snapping him back to reality. "Don't worry about it for now. I know very little about how the Quirk works, frankly...I didn't hear about the breaking bone thing, what?!" 

"Y-Yeah...Recovery Girl is able to help me most of the time...but One For All is shattering my bones..." He rubbed his arms, looking a little glum. "I think I'm using it wrong..."

"I'm sure you'll figure it out...But you said that you have notes on Quirks?" 

"I do. I like to analyze people's Quirks as a hobby. I've done it since I knew how to read and write..." He rested his hand on the back of his head, almost embarrassed. 

"Well when I'm done recording data today, you and I can compare notes maybe tomorrow after class." I smiled, "For now, let's focus on rescue training." 

He nodded and moved to join his classmates on the bus. I saw in the corner of my eye, Todoroki, who looked to be deep in contemplation. He too joined his class on the bus. 

Aizawa and I stood in the front, holding the bars above us to remain upward. I listened in to the bickering in the bus: some of the others were picking on Bakugo and talking about their Quirks. 

"Alright, we're here!" Aizawa called to them as the bus slowed to a stop outside of an absolutely massive dome. 

I had met Thirteen in the past. They were a wonderfully inspirational person and hero. They let us into the stadium, and even I was in awe. Five separate ecosystem-like environments for different types of scenarios. 

Still not Toshinori in sight. Thirteen held up three fingers, "He used up too much energy...he's recovering in the teachers' lounge." 

I groaned and pressed hands to my face, shaking my head, "He said he'd just deal with one issue this morning...Dear god..."

"So you tried to talk him out of it? How do you deal with his irresponsibility?" Aizawa asked, though probably rhetorically. 

"I'm gonna give him a call before we begin...You can continue with the briefing, Thirteen." I dialed up my husband, walking off to the side of the stairs. I looked out at the artificial scenery. 

"Hello, dear..." He uttered, his voice tired. 

"You said just one, Toshinori..." I pinched the bridge of my nose. "You're missing this class..." 

"I know, dear, I'm sorry...I really am, I seriously messed up. I couldn't help myself." Toshinori truly did sound ashamed, but also as if he were defending himself, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry to sorry to the kids. Please try to come, but don't do it if you'll be pushing yourself." 

"I will...I'll text you if and when I'm my way. I...I love you, Y/n."

I smiled softly, "I love you, too, you heroic oaf."

I pressed the phone to my chest.

"Alright, let's get to it," Aizawa instructed at the end of Thirteen's speech. It was good judging by how much the students clapped and cheered.

From where I was standing, I heard a strange noise. There was a large fountain in the center of the paths, and the water began to shut on and off. The large stadium lights flickered and then powered down.

I was sure that Aizawa and I spotted it first; there was a murky black vortex forming below by the fountain, and it exploded into a wall. As far as I could see, there was a hand that reached through. Too far to completely make out, a figure emerged and stopped.

My heart was in my throat as I waited. Waited for whatever was going to happen. This wasn't in the exercise...this was real...People flooded out of the warp. There had to be upwards of at least fifty villains. That's just what I could see.

"Get back!" Aizawa yelled at the students. He reached into his capture scarf, removing and putting on his signature goggles, "This is real. Those are villains!"

My suspicions were confirmed then. I could hardly move, overcome with fear and shock. My legs would have given out beneath me if I was alone here... I dropped my papers and clenched my fists. My throat was dry, and my heart was racing.

Come on, Y/n, keep calm, keep calm...You're a teacher, and these kids need to see that you're alright.

I controlled the fear in my expression. I needed to stay calm. I repeated the mantra to myself over and over, taking deep breaths to stabilize my rapid breathing.

How the hell did something like this happen? Thinking quick, I opened up my phone again. I re-dialed Toshinori's contact frantically.





'Sorry I missed your call, I'll call back as soon as possible! Have a nice day!'

"Shit..." I cursed outwardly. I looked at the bars, which were down to a complete zero. There was no service suddenly, and I realized that it had to be the work of the villains.

Aizawa was preparing for battle...all by himself?

"You can't be a pro if you only have one trick." He stated flatly, making a few of the students calm noticeably. "I leave it to you Y/n and Thirteen..." He jumped up into the air, flying down the steps of the stairs like the wind to counter the villains.

Within seconds, I saw him canceling Quirks left and right and sending a few unlucky of the few through the wringer.

Keep your composure...Toshinori will be here soon, and you're surrounded by future pros with powerful Quirks. Surely, everything will be alright. We just have to get to the exit!

"Come on, students, make for the exits while the villains are distracted!" I pointed toward the metal doors.

Most of them began to run, Thirteen in the lead.

Without warning, the group stopped. The warp gate villain that welcomed these others in appeared in front of us, standing tall and wide. He was blocking our way out.

The cloud began to speak, "Greetings. We are the League of Villains. I know it's impolite, but decided to invite ourselves into this haven of justice to say hello. Besides, is there really any other fitting place for All Might to take his last breath? I believe he was supposed to be here today, yet I see no sign of him. There must have been some kind of change in plans we hadn't foreseen." He began to spread out, an almost sickening tone taking to his echoed voice, "Ah, well, I suppose it doesn't matter. I still have a role to play." 

My body went rigid at the thought. There hadn't been any real villains capable of killing Toshinori since All For One, and these ones were going to try?! This was a planned event for sure... Regardless of the circumstance, I was frightened quite noticeably, my face going pale. The notion of Toshinori's death was one that I thought of in a morbidly curious and sad way since Nighteye predicted his demise almost four years ago. Could this be the day? I both prayed for and dreaded Toshinori's arrival.

I was ripped from my thoughts, seeing Bakugo and Kirishima, Quirk's activated, lunging at the villain with full force. 

The shockwave from the impact made me trip up backward, stumbling to remain on my feet. 

"Did you really think we were gonna stand around while you tear this place to shreds?!" Kirishima taunted, the smoke clearing slowly. 

The villain was undaunted, spreading out once again. "You live up to your school's reputation...But you should be careful, children. Otherwise, someone might get hurt." 

"You two, get out of the way, right now!" Thirteen yelled at the two boys in front of them. 

The mist from the villain's Quirk began to surround the lot of us, "I'll scatter you throughout this facility to meet my comrades-!" His voice boomed threateningly, "And your deaths!" 

The warp gusted around me like the wind, and I covered my mouth. It was such a strange experience. I began to run, reaching out as I passed by someone. Whoever it was, they came with me, making various cries of distress. 

Exiting the purple cloud, I realized how fast I ran- I ran right off the edge of the platform. 

I screamed as I fell...I was going to die, wasn't I? "Shiiiiittt!!!" 

I abruptly hit a tree branch, and then another, the blunt-force breaking my fall, but injuring me in the process. Finally, I landed hard on the ground, flat on my back into grass- real grass. 

"Fuck...that sucked..." I uttered to no one in particular. 

A second figure hit the artificial forest floor a few feet away from me. 

It was Aoyama! 

"Aoyama...are you alright?" I painfully scooted closer to him. 

"My glamorous armor broke my fall...mostly! You don't look so well, though, Mrs. Yagi." His usual smile wavered slightly, and his purple eyes flashed with concern. 

Yuga Aoyama was an interesting child...he was certainly vain, but he did show care in his own special way. 

"I'm just bruised...Nothing feels broken." I felt left arm, my lower back, my right ankle... I stood up and put weight on it, walking around in a circle. "I'll just need ice..."

"Provided that we survive this ordeal...Gosh, this day has really turned for the ugly." He stood up, too, "Though it sent us here, thank you for saving me from the cortex! Just as I'd expect from the Number One Hero's wife!" 

I smiled in spite of the fear I was feeling, becoming a little bashful. "Don't worry about it, Aoyama...We need to find a way to an exit without getting spotted by any villains." 

He nodded feverishly, rubbing out the scuffs in his armor. 

Such a fitting hero costume for his personality...bright and sparkly. 

We began to walk through the lush environment. How Thirteen managed to make this forest completely real was absolutely insane and astounding. I brushed my hand against the bark of a tree, feeling it's living bark. 

"Mrs. Yagi?" 


"If we do run into any villains, what do we do?" 

"Um..." Neither of us were certified to do combat with villains, not with our Quirks anyway. No hero license to my name, I stopped, "I...believe Mr. Aizawa would...approve combat in self-defense."

He hummed and nodded, "What is your Quirk?" 

"My Quirk? I can make plants grow really fast...That's it really..." I shrugged.

Though I had been playing around with it lately, it truly was nothing that could have let me be a hero in the past. It was not special, a lot of people had plant-growing Quirks. 

"Is that why your family owns a flower shop? Lovely flowers must come easily to you!" I found it great that he was trying to make small talk, but the situation was still dire. I mean, whatever keeps him calm, I guess. 

"Eh...yeah..." I heard a few twigs snap maybe thirty feet away into the treeline, making the both of us freeze like deer in the headlights of a car. 

"I heard noises from out this way...talkin' and all that." 

"Let's go check it out, there could be some of those brats in here!" 


From what I could see, there were three villains. 

My terror returned like turning on a light switch, and I swallowed hard. I made a gesture to be silent to Aoyama, walking as carefully as possible to hide behind a tree. I waved, mouthing 'Come here!' to him. 

Aoyama, covering his mouth with his hand, took great caution as he came to me. 

I presented him with an option to run, "There's three of them...we need to wait until they're near...and make a-!" 

"There's two right here!" One called to the others, standing before us. 

Aoyama shrieked, and I flinched, my eyes widening as the villain fashioned a pitchfork out of the dirt in the ground, which solidified in his grasp. 

"Ah! Ain't this All Might's little wifey?" A lanky one arched an eyebrow, licking his fangs. 

"It is...and a gay little whiny-ass with her. Honestly, I can't even tell if that's a boy." the last one rudely mocked the student beside me. 

"Say, wouldn't it be fun to play with All Might's wife? We could kill the kid!" 

"I'd say that sounds plenty fun!" 

"NO!" I shouted against my own will. What am I doing? I doing?! I'm being a coward...being inactive. What would Toshinori do? What...would I do? I pressed my hands against the trunk of the tree behind me, activating my Quirk. I clenched my eyes shut, feeling the cells of the wood move beneath my fingertips. "It's going to be fine, Aoyama..."

The three villains hollered with laughter. 

I blindly began to shove as much energy as possible into my Quirk. What was I doing? Making the tree grow tall? What good was it going to do? I just knew that these villains weren't gonna let up- and that meant the death of us. This was what I hoped to be an act of self-preservation and protection for my student. 

I'm no pro...but I needed to do something. 

I heard the strangled gasp of one of the villains and opened my eyes to find that there were vines and branches tangling their way around all three of their arms, torsos, and legs, constricting tight enough to act as restraints. 

"Dammit, what the hell!?" The lanky one thrashed but to no avail. "I didn't know this bitch had a powerful Quirk!" 

I pulled my hands away from the tree, astounded and dumbstruck. How did I...How did I do that? I looked down at my hands. 

They were restrained...we could run. 

I snatched Aoyama's hand and yanked him, running. He caught on and began after me. 

"Mademoiselle.. you lied, your Quirk is not simple at all...You manipulated the wood!" He grinned. 

"I didn't lie...I just didn't know!" 

Though we weren't in the clear yet, I was just happy for the two of us to be alive... I hope the same is true to the rest of the students here. 

Chapter Text

Aoyama and I escaped the forest, no villain near enough to worry. I was overcome with astonishment at the realization of how powerful my Quirk actually was. I kicked the dirt, "Stupid Quirk doctors! You told me it was just a plant growth Quirk, not a plant manipulatory Quirk!"

"I was almost misdiagnosed as well..." Aoyama hummed, "It's alright! At least you know now that your Quirk is flashy and sleek!"

"I wish I knew when I was a teenager...! I could have become a hero!" I hid my face in my hands, sighing in a frustrated manner. Why me? This world was truly cruel, wasn't it? "Whatever...Doesn't matter now." 

I composed my heated state, my eyes traveling over the edge of the woods. I could still hear those villains thrashing and complaining. The closest zone to us was the shipwreck zone...a few students had to have gone there... The walk to it had to be at least a quarter of a mile. 

"Regardless of it all, you're a hero, Mrs. Yagi." Aoyama winked. 

"Thank you, Aoyama..." I let out a soft breath, "We should...find our way to the stairs to regroup with some of your classmates?" I turned my eyes to him...But he was gone! Where could..."Aoyama?" 

No response. 

My mind began to wander...What the hell happened to him? I didn't even hear him move! Did some weird villain snatch him up when I wasn't looking? Was he okay? "Aoyama!" 


In the shipwreck sector, the water suddenly exploded upwards into the expanse. I jumped out of my skin, my eyes going wide as I saw a wad of squished-together villains be swung high into the air. 

The students appeared to be fighting...I guess it was obviously a rational thing to do. 

These villains had something planned...the warp villain only confirmed my suspicions. How were they thinking they could murder Toshinori? What means did they have to end his life? Whatever it was, it needed to be stopped.

I needed it to be stopped, as selfish as it was. 

With no Aoyama in sight, I concluded that I needed to get to the rest of the class. I needed something to defend myself with, so I broke off a few large sticks from one of the trees and took a handful of grass into my pocket. I had a theory about how my Quirk worked and I was dying to see if it was correct. 

I held one of the smaller sticks at the base, pressing into it the energy of my Quirk the same way I had when I contained the villains. I pictured what I wanted it to do...I wanted it to wrap around the tree trunk in front of me. 

The cells multiplied at a rapid rate, and the end of the stick morphed outwards, branching out and slowly inching toward the tree. I suppose the speed depended on how much I put into it. I added more, feeling a surge of fatigue come over me. Nonetheless, I gritted my teeth. The branch suddenly burst outwards, sending me flat on my ass. 

I gasped as the wind was knocked out my chest. I opened my eyes to see the branch became a tree in its own right, also having knocked over a few trees. Okay...So that was a little too much energy...

I got up and dusted myself off. It was far too heavy to pick up now. least I was experimenting. 

I gathered a few more plants to utilize in case I came in contact with more villains...I hope Aoyama was alright. I wonder where he went. He was smart, maybe he found an exit!

My steps were quick but filled with caution...a villain could be anywhere. I was unwittingly close to the center where the main battle was taking place. Aizawa was in my sights...He was running out of steam and fast. This wasn't his typical style of fighting. 

The villain that looked as if he were the ringleader took charge at Aizawa with surprising speed. I made it to the edge of the rail on the stairs, hiding there and analyzing if it was a good time to begin my treck up them. 

I could hear the conversation...I was so close to them that I had to hold my breath. I wrapped my fingers around one of the twigs, my sleeves brushing against the wall. 

The villain he was doing battle with snatched the end of his scarf. His messy hair revealed a pair of intensely bright carnelian eyes behind a mask that looked to be a human hand...he was covered in different disembodied hands across his upper body. It was creepy...

"First it was twenty-three seconds... Then twenty...Then nineteen, then seventeen." 

Aizawa elbowed him in the ribcage, the villain daunted for only a moment. He grabbed tight onto his sleeve, holding his elbow in the palm of his hand. 

"It's hard to see when you're jumping around, but I found your tell...It's your hair." 

Aizawa stiffened noticeably. 

This bad guy had figured out my coworker, and it made my grip grow tighter on the plant...If I needed to jump in...I would. I had no hero license...Damn the consequences, I guess! 

"When it drops it means you've stopped using your Quirk. You're having to blink more often..." 

Whatever his Quirk was, it was making the skin of Aizawa's arm turn to ash. The dust of that and his clothes fell to the ground under him, obviously causing a great deal of pain. He snarled his lip and twitched. 

"Don't push yourself too hard might just fall apart. Wouldn't that be a shame?" The villain said the words in such a giddy manner...he was proud of his action, even as Aizawa broke free and sent him to the ground. 

Other villains attempted to catch him in his vulnerability, but he was too strong. He relentlessly pummelled them, downing them to be ready to take on the blue-haired one again as he rose to his feet. 

"And look at you, you're still standing...You really are so cool!" He tilted his head in a smug fashion, "Oh, by the way, hero..." 

There it was- some kind of giant monster. It looked like some strange muscular bird, and it was gargantuan. 

"...I am not the final boss." 

"Aizawa!" I shrieked as the hand of the beast was brought down hard onto my coworker's head. It pounded him to the ground, hitting him against the ground. His goggles shattered, and his blood gushed out from his skull. 

The hand villain nearly spotted me, probably seeing me covering my mouth to contain my terror-filled sobs as I ducked behind the wall. Oh, god...Oh, god...Please, if there's any deity out there, please don't let him be dead...

The corners of the villain's mouth protruded from behind his mask. "What do you think of him, Eraserhead? He's the bioengineered anti-symbol of peace, but you can call him Nomu." 

Nomu gave an ungodly howl. He held Aizawa down. The fact that Aizawa shook with pain indicated he was living, which was a relief...but also a curse. 

I was frozen...why couldn't I move? Hot tears gushed down my face and my breathing was strained as I adjusted to see the scene more clearly. 

Aizawa's arm was gripped onto by the villain was snapped, making him cry out in agony. The sickening crack of it made me flinch, my legs shaking underneath me like leaves. 

This villain was unbelievably strong- he had to be as strong as Toshinori. As he broke Aizawa's other arm, I obtained the idea that this thing was the means they had to murder my husband. 

He smashed his face down into the pavement. 

The warp villain reappeared beside the ringleader. "Tomura Shigaraki." 

"Kurogiri...Did you deal with Thirteen?" 

"The rescue hero is out of commision. However, one of the children I wasn't able to scatter made it outside of the facility..." 

Who made it out? That brought me a little hope, it was obvious that they were headed for the school to gather the pro teachers. 

The villain called Shigaraki seemed surprised and then irritated. He scratched his neck aggressively, and I was astounded how he didn't draw blood. "Kurogiri, if you weren't our warp gate, I'd tear apart every last atom in your body." He stopped, his fingers distancing from his throat...he pondered for a moment. "We can't take on dozens of pros..."

Such disappointment was present as he slumped his shoulders. 

"It's game over for real this time...Let's go home." 

They were retreating? They came to kill Toshinori...He was probably on his way, so why back out now? I didn't understand the reasoning, but I felt release. 

I heard a squeal of glee come from the water, and my eyes darted to it. There I could make out the shapes of three students- Their unique features made it obvious...Minoru Mineta, Tsuyu Asui, and Izuku Midoriya. The messy hair of Midoriya looked rather like a bush, possibly aiding to their hiddenness. They waded in the shallow shore, probably having been the trio that defeated that block of criminals in the shipwreck zone. 

"Oh yeah, before we go...Let's make sure the Symbol of Peace is broken..." Shigaraki turned his attention to...the kids! In anticipation, my breath caught in my lungs. I inched my way up to straddle the wall as he ran to be in front of the three students, reaching out his hand. 

The crumbling on Aizawa's arm... I let out a strangled yell, my panic sending me into a dead sprint towards them. His fingers went around Asui's face, her eyes going wide with fright. "Asui!" 

Nothing happened. She wasn't turned to ash. 

Instead, the villain turned his head, " really are so cool...!" He looked at Aizawa...Aizawa was using his Quirk despite the odds. "Eraserhead..." 

With a strained gasp, he was knocked unconscious by Nomu slamming his face down into the ground. I winced, seeing him lie limp, but I grasped tight to my sticks. "Get away from my students!" I came to a stop, the villain's attention on me.

"I thought I saw that she would be here..." Shigaraki casually interjected, standing tall, and beginning a long lunge for me with open palms. He was so fast...The fury in his eyes was mingling with an odd look of recognition, and his speed wavered for a moment. He hesitated. 

My teeth clenched tight. Fight or flight kicked into high gear, and I began to discharge energy into my Quirk again, hoping to repeat the rapid growth I had achieved earlier to shove him out of the way to provide a way of escape for the three in the water and myself

It began to bud faster and faster, getting heavier and harder to hold by the millisecond. 

"You! Get away!" Izuku screamed, jumping out of the water, "Smash!" 

The knockback was intense- like being hit by a wall of bricks. I was blinded momentarily, the entirety of the enlarged branch blowing back just a few feet beside me. My arms were covered in scrapes, and I had to hold myself up on the plant to stay standing until I got my bearings again... So that's what it's like to be hit by the entirety of One For All? How could anyone survive something like that? 

I adjusted my vision, finding that Shigaraki was still there, kneeling down as he had been before...but the Nomu was in front of him, having taken the entirety of the force from the punch onto himself. The shock one could experience...It was impossible! 

"That smash...are you one of All Might's disciples?" Shigaraki almost seemed to tease the boy. "Oh well...I suppose it doesn't matter. I'm done with you. Kill him Nomu, then All Might's wife." 

Nomu grabbed Midoriya's arm, and the scared child yelped in shock as his other hand was coming down on him to end his young life. Asui reached out with her tongue to save him, but Shigaraki's palms of destruction were lowering steadily to dispatch her and Mineta all the same. 

"No!" I frantically grabbed hold of the tree, blinding shoving in as much stamina as possible...all my vitality needed to be sacrificed if it meant I could save them.

I needed to save them! Think as Toshinori would...

My body grew weak, and I fell onto my knees. I couldn't let hold on!

All of time suddenly stood still as there was the sound of the doors at the top of the stairs behind burst open. I leaned on the tree for support as I gathered my thoughts. 

The joy of life suddenly came back to be...Toshinori emerged from the cloud of the grin of justice upon his face...Instead of a smile was an angry snarl of condemnation. He was furious, and even I had never seen such contempt upon that man's face. 

I covered my mouth, feeling as if this scene was nothing short of an ethereal gift from the heavens. He was here...He was here to bring an end to this. 

"Fear not, students...!" He proclaimed in a booming voice. He ripped off his tie, throwing it to the ground with his coat, "I am here!" 

The wave of emotion I felt...I felt safe again. I knew of the villains' plan, but I cried tears of relief. I collapsed against the side of the tree, on my knees. His god-like presence engulfed me like a security blanket. 

We were going to be fine, I reassured myself... 

My husband is here. 

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It was too heart swelling with every emotion at once, I brought myself to stand up.

Everyone was either frozen in fear or awe. Pure glory.

He was fast to deal with the villains at the bottom of the grand staircase. Less than two seconds and they were all fallen on the ground.

Toshinori picked up the unconscious Aizawa in his arms, pity, and regret in his eyes.

"Sunflower..." I uttered, gaining his attention.

His face glazed over with surprise, then worry, and then the twinge of anger. He turned his eyes to the villains.

Once again, he lept and before I could react I felt the force of him coming to me. As my feet made contact with the ground again, I saw that he had retrieved all three of the students. His heavy hand rested on my shoulder, and he glared daggers at the criminals before us.

Toshinori had knocked the hand off of the ringleader's face. Shigaraki looked immensely distressed, his shoulders heaving as he searched for the hand on the floor. "Father...I'm sorry Father..."

He was obviously a very disturbed individual. I'm sure I figured that out before now, considering how ready he was to dispatch three children and violently torment someone.

"Go for the entrance. Take Aizawa with you! He doesn't have much time!" Toshinori was ready to fight, figuring it to be a relatively easy fight.

"Toshinori, that villain...Watch out for him. He's so powerful. I don't want you to hurt yourself." I pleaded, hoping to get through to him. He was reckless in some circumstances, and that last thing we needed was for him to get hurt. I...don't want Nighteye's future to come to pass yet.

"Yeah! I punched him and my arm didn't break!" Midoriya joined me.

"Don't worry." He looked at us, grinning once again. To trick our fear. "It'll be alright!" He gave us a peace-sign with his fingers.

Furrowing my brows together, I hopped up and gave him a peck on the cheek, "I love you..." We had to clear the battlefield.

His expression softened momentarily, and he hushed his tone, "I love you, too..."

Letting go of him, I couldn't help but feel that familiar terror come over me.

"Be careful with Aizawa...his arms are broken."

Midoriya and Mineta carried him, Asui and I walking beside them to ensure they wouldn't drop him or anything.

That Nomu was created by someone to supposedly aid in the killing of Toshinori. He was the 'bioengineered anti-Symbol of Peace' supposedly.

As the ground shook behind us, I saw the same look of horrific contemplation on Midoriya's face. A shadow fell over his eyes.

"I'm nervous..." I whispered to him, swallowing hard.

He hummed, his lip quivering as he bit down on the inside of his mouth.

A cloud of smoke behind us began to fade out, and I heard the sound of struggling. I looked over my shoulder to find that the Nomu was holding tight to Toshinori's sides...fingers digging tightly into his scar. A warp gate separated two halves of the villain, obviously to create a strong grip; a prison built to keep him still.

My breath caught in my lungs, and the other students took notice of what was occurring.

"Toshinori!" I cried, my heart filled with that disgusting feeling of white-hot grief.  

"Asui, can you hold Mr. Aizawa for me?"

"Uhm, sure...What are you going to do?" She replaced him, her eyes wide with concern.

With almost no warning, Izuku began to storm towards his predecessor with abandon.

"Midoriya, no!" I reached out, my fingers brushing against the back of his uniform before he was out of my reach. "Dammit! You two, get Mr. Aizawa to the top...!"

I began to run after him, my teeth clenched together and my movements rigid with the pain of all I had previously endured.

I knew I was going against what Toshinori wanted, but I couldn't stand idly by and let the villains damage his already weakened body.

My throat burned with hair.

"All Might!" Izuku screamed, lunging forward to use his Quirk in order to free my husband.

A split second later, the warp villain, Kurogiri, manifested before him. "How foolish."

Izuku was faced with a warp gate leading to an unknown location in front of him, too much force applied to himself to slow down in time.

"Midoriya!" I gasped, my eyed catching the lightning-fast reflexes of another- Katsuki Bakugo imposing a violent explosion upon the villain.

"Get the hell outta my way, DEKU!!!" He hollered, slamming the criminal to the ground.

Ice jetted across the earth from...Todoroki! It covered half of the Nomu holding Toshinori in the waist-lock, allowing him to free himself.

Wincing, Toshinori pressed his hand to his side.

"Toshinori!" I panted, coming up beside him.

"Y/n...I told you to go to the entrance!" He pointed upwards, apprehension and distress filling his pleading eyes. It was hard to see his eyes in this form, but I could tell...

I shook my head, seeing Kirishima attempt to deal a strong blow to the ringleader's head. "No! I know this is dangerous, but I'll be damned to hell if I stand by and let them use this freak of nature to kill you." I gestured to the Nomu, sizing it up as it laid completely still between the two warps.

Toshinori didn't like that I was here...not one bit. He didn't know that my Quirk was more powerful than we believed it to be. I held a stick in my hand against my leg, a determined aura in my gaze as I stifled my fear behind my new mantra for the time being...Protect Toshinori. Protect him.

"It seems we're at an impasse." Shigaraki seemed perplexingly calm. "They've gone and restrained my two strongest men...We can't have that." He turned his body to face Nomu, saying his name.

The beat began to pull himself out from the hole he was trapped in, the ice breaking apart his limbs.

The five present in this 'protect the Symbol of Peace' swarm watched in curious horror as Nomu began to rapidly regenerate his missing leg and arm, his face left with that gross, alien-like smile.

"I thought you said that his Quirk was Shock Absorption!" Toshinori said, aghast by the scene like the rest of us.

"I didn't say that was his only Quirk." Shigaraki grinned ear to ear, some sort of sadistic satisfaction at the notion of our bewilderment. "He also had Super-Regeneration!"

My face noticeably paled...more than one Quirk? How can someone have more than one Quirk? That couldn't mean-

"First, we have to get out warp back. Get him, Nomu."

My eyes darted to Bakugo, and I opened my mouth to call out his name, "Kats-!"

All of us were blown back by the force of the impact. My back hit the ground, and I heard a sickening crack in the side of my rib cage followed by scorching pain. I screeched in distress, feeling the road rash on my arms.

Shaking, I raised myself up slightly.

"Whoa, Kacchan! You dodged him?! How-?!"

"Shut up, no I didn't..." Bakugo was with us! He...couldn't have dodged something that quick...

"Then, who...?" Kirishima muttered.

All eyes on the wall.

Toshinori stood behind the smoke, his chest heaving as he coughed and sputtered.

"Toshinori!" I flinched as another wave of pain shot through my torso, "Hngg...." I caved in on myself, Todoroki taking notice. 

"Are you alright, Mrs. Yagi?" He murmured quietly to me. 

I shook my head, "I think I broke a rib or two...I can't move much without pain..." 

"Let me ice it a bit." He held out his right hand and pressed it to the center of my back. A bit of physical relief came over me. 

"Thank you, Todoroki," I whispered, my eyes traveling back to Toshinori. 

He attempted to regain his bearings...He had thrown himself in front of Bakugo to take the hit. Something that strong in its entirety would have severely injured the boy. 

"Don't you know how to hold back?" Toshinori scolded the villains. 

Shigaraki lumbered forward. "I had to do it to save my comrades...and besides, these ones aren't saints. That plain looking one-," He gestured vaguely to Midoriya, "-tried to hit me with everything he had, and your little wife tried to attack me with her Quirk as well! You think you all can get away with being as violent as you want if it's for the sake of saving others. You know what, All Might? That pisses me off! Why do people get to decide if some violent acts are heroic and others are villainous? You're just another government-sponsored instrument of violence. And violence always breeds more violence. I'll make sure the world understands that once you're dead!"  

The ringleader got straight to the point of what he was feeling... 

"You're nothing but a lunatic..." Toshinori spat, "Criminals like always try to make your actions sound noble...But we both know that you're only doing this because you enjoy it!" 

The silence from Shigaraki and his rigid form indicated to me that Toshinori dug to close into his motives for comfort. 

"We have them outnumbered," Todoroki stated, rising to his feet. 

"We also found the mist-guy's weakness." Midoriya raised his fists. 

"These guys may act very tough, but we can take 'em down now with All Might's help!" Kirishima activated his Quirk, hardening his forearms. 

The four were ready for battle. 

"No!" Toshinori's booming voice cut through the conversation. "Retreat, all of you!" 

"I beg your pardon, All Might, but if we hadn't come in earlier, they would have managed to defeat you," Todoroki added.

I suppose it was true. They could help fight, they had proven that they're capable of attacks. I closed my eyes momentarily in contemplation...Come on, Toshi, they could help you. You can't just move them along when they're this willing to help you in taking down at least one of the three monsters before you... They could help you stay alive and buy you more time in this form... 

"I thank you for you're assistance," Toshinori was pushing it, but he looked over and I understood something... "But this is different! It's gonna be alright! Just sit back and watch a pro at work!" 

I pressed my lips together, halting my speech. I sat up slightly, "Be careful, sunflower." I knew what his concern was: these were merely students, and this was like the last big boss in a video game. 

Midoriya didn't seem to understand, "All Might...time's almost-!" He cut himself off.

In response, Toshi gave him a resolute thumbs-up. 

In light of the odds, my heart beat in my throat. 

The villains prepared for battle, and so did my dear husband... Come on, Toshinori...

Shigaraki charged at my group, Kirishima stepping in front of me, "Heads up, we might have a fight, after all...Defend Mrs. Yagi, she's injured." 

No one could react in time for the intensity that encompassed all of us as Toshinori and the Nomu collided fists, the energy released more than ever before. 

I was flying back many feet again, and to prevent myself from being injured further, I thought quick in my panic. I tried to adjust myself, landing in a way that kept me low to the ground. I stabbed a stick into the floor and held on for dear life as Toshinori threw punches at the speed of a gun! 

I could barely see what was happening, my dry eyes blinking rapidly in the face of the wind. However, I saw Toshinori- fighting harder than I had ever seen! My being took in the awe and wonder. My husband, the man I married, the Symbol of Peace was truly living up to his name. 

"He said your power was Shock Absorption, not nullification! That means there's a limit to what you can take, right!?" 

I gasped- that was right! It was possible to defeat him! 

"If you can really withstand me firing off at one-hundred percent of my power, then I'll have to beyond that and force you to surrender!!!" 

Go beyond? How far and how long could he manage!? My mind was surrounded with discord, torn up between whether or not to be as impressed as I was= seeing him fight a tough battle like this was like experiencing his power from far away. I could feel the surges of energy through my whole body! The other side of me pleaded for him to not go too far, that I wanted to hold him tonight in our own bed, and not on a hospital bed, or worse: to see him in a coffin! 

The blows became faster, and faster, and faster...! Every single blow hit like a meteor, tearing up the ground. 

He hurled Nomu to the ground, the cement shattering as if a city-killing comet hit it. 

My jaw went slack, as I saw him reel back his fist for the final blow- My heart fluttered with amazement as the knock slammed into the monster full force, sending him jetting off through the ceiling of the dome. The light of day shone through after the fireball, and the villain was sent practically to the next galaxy over! 

Toshinori...he did it! I grimaced in agony as I raised myself to my feet, hearing the astounded remarks of the boys around me. 

"That was like the finishing move in a video game..." Kirishima, you summed it up perfectly. "He beat the shock absorption right outta him!" 

The smoke cleared around Toshinori, "I really have gotten weaker..." Yeah, not shit, baby... "Back in my hay-day, five hits woulda taken that guy out!" He pressed a victorious fist to his chest, where his heart was. "But today, it took more than three-hundred mightly blows!" 

He beamed proudly through his pain, making me even more concerned... I'm surprised I haven't fainted yet. I might soon, given the fact that even I could see that his body began to give off its characteristic it did before he let go of this form for his weaker one. 

I wished deep in the bed of my soul that the villains retreated, or for the other teachers to get here to deal with them...

"You've been bested, villains. Surrender, we all want to get this over with quickly." 

Shigaraki trembled with rage, scratching his neck aggressively from the stress of his practical loss. 

Toshinori obviously couldn't move a muscle...and the villains, at least the warp gate, were beginning to take notice. All he could do was taunt and prod them until something happened. "What's wrong? Not attacking me? Didn't you say you were going to clear this level earlier? Well, come and get me, if you dare!" 

While Shigaraki shied in terror at his gaze, I limped up beside Midoriya to see his anxious expression- he knew what I did... 

I whispered to him, "You see it, too...don't you?" 

"The steam on his body...he's out of time..." His voice was shaking as Toshinori yelled out more gibes. 

"He's bluffing...the others can't tell, but we need to be ready to defend him if the other two villains decide to attack. The mist is beginning to get a few ideas." I glanced in that direction, seeing Shigaraki on the verge of ripping his skin off. 

Kurogiri began to console him with the grand idea of murder...his voice to hushed for us to hear that this distance. 

I reached back into my pocket, hissing through my teeth at my broken bones, "If you can...go for the mist-guy... I'll be right behind you to tackle the ringleader." 

"But you're hurt too...!" Izuku clenched his fists. 

"So is you think I'm done? I can fight still...I'd die for him." My lips trembled as I held another twig in my hand, applying a small amount of energy into it to make it heavier and larger...enough to crack bone if swung at the appropriate level. 

The villains made their charge, "Consider this revenge for what you did to Nomu!" Shigaraki shrieked. 

Before they could get to him, Midoriya took off, blasting high enough to aim for the warp gate. It was obvious he broke his legs- but he was following through with it. 

Swallow your fear, pain, everything! I narrowed my eyes and let that feeling of adrenaline fill me. No holding back! I too sprung forward, arms out to bring Shigaraki down while he was restrain him so he could go to prison where he belonged! 

A warp gate opened beside Shigaraki, and his hand was flying up towards Midoriya's face. he laughed maniacally. 

He was going to decay his face. "Midoriya, no!" I raised the branch high, "Don't lay a finger on him, bastard!" 


Blood sprayed on the floor, and the position I held the wood in sent a wave of unbearable pain across my side. I fell over my own feet, falling to the ground with a loud grunt. 

The shot had been dealt with Shigaraki's hand, and he pulled away, him and his counterpart stepping back as they realized who it was- the teachers! 

"They're here..." Toshinori sighed loosely, clearly 

I was too amazed, tears escaping my eyes...We were saved. This exercise from hell was over. 

Shigaraki was shot in each limb at least once, doubling over. 

Feel it, bitch. 

Kurogiri enveloped him in a warp, fighting the intense vacuum of Thirteen's blackhole Quirk.

Shigaraki stared back at Toshinori, while I glared right through his warp. "This isn't over! Mark my words, All Might, Symbol of Peace, I am going to kill you!" 

And they were gone...leaving us in the aftermath. 

I rubbed my eyes, tired...Tired of everything. Tired of crying, fighting, and having emotional turmoil about Toshinori. 

After Recovery Girl healed me, I aided her in helping clean dirt off of Toshinori's face. He laid back in the bed in her office, his form too tall to completely fit. His feet hung over the bar on the end, making me laugh slightly...The first amusing thing all day. 

"I suppose I can't scold you for him being back here, All Might since it wasn't your fault." Recovery Girl said. 

I wiped the soothing towel over raw marks on his face, and he closed his eyes to lean into my hand. I brushed my thumb affectionately and softly over the bandages there. 

"I can't be sure yet...but I think I lowered my time limit again with that fight." Toshinori muttered, "I hope I can at least still hold the form for an hour." 

"Oh, sunflower..." I softened my expression, brushing my fingers through his hair. 

The door slid open, gaining everyone's attention. "I hope I'm not intruding. Hi, All Might!" 

It can't be-

"What the hell?! I didn't know that you were investigating!?" Toshi sat up, coughing from shock. 

"Naomasa!" I grinned, "It's great to see you!"

"You, too, Y/n!" 

"Whoa, All Might! Is it okay that he's seeing you like this!?" Midoriya freaked out. 

"Oh yeah! This is Naomasa Tsukauchi, mine and Y/n's best friend on the police force. He's legit, we trust him." Toshinori slumped his shoulders, relaxing. 

Naomasa chuckled, "That's quite the introduction." 

A collective thought flooded both mine and my husband's minds. 

"Naomasa, are the students all okay?" I asked, hoping for a positive answer. 

"And Ai-Eraserhead, and Thirteen!?" 

He nodded, "Not counting this one, the only student injuries are bumps and scrapes. The teachers are recovering, expected to pull through." 

I let out a long sigh of immense relief. 

"If you heroes didn't fight as hard as you did, we could have had a tragedy on our hands."

"That's not entirely true, Naomasa..." I interjected, "The students all fought tooth and nail..." 

"Yes, all of them..." Toshinori leaned on me, nodding in agreement, "They fought as hard as us, so did Y/n." 

Naomasa looked down at me and blinked, "Whoa..."

"Thank you, All Might." Midoriya's emerald green eyes gleamed with admiration. 

"I don't think there's ever been a group of first years that experienced a fight like this so early in their training...Those villains made a mistake attacking them. This class is strong, filled with courage, and drive. Mark my words: They'll become great heroes!" 

The events of the day flooded through my mind as I pressed my face into his neck. Instead of looking through and seeing the terror, the peril, and the bloodshed, I saw each student and their power. I witnessed this truth. 

They will become great, and I'll help make sure of it alongside my husband, who I cherished. 

"You're staying in bed today," I whispered hoarsely, snaking my arm around Toshinori's waist.

He groaned audibly, "Y/n, I have to get up today..."

"No you don't, don't lie..." I insisted, snuggling even closer and throwing more blankets on him. 

The sunlight shined down from the window, but I just wanted to spend all day glued to his side. 

He huffed, "I guess..." He looked down at me, readjusting to wrap his form around me. I smiled proudly, "I guess I can stay here... at least for a little while longer." 

A little while. A little while to spend close with my strong, powerful, amazingly vibrant sunflower. 

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I had dozed off again, cuddled into Toshinori's form. He was too tired to protest my demands that he stay well-rested today, but he was wide-awake. I looked up with heavy eyes to see him scrolling through news feeds on his phone, texting Naomasa about the case, and liking funny pictures on social media. 

I stirred to turn around, evidently awake. 

"I didn't know you liked puppy videos." I yawned, laughing breathily. 

"How can I not when they're this adorable?" I scrolled to a clip of a montage of a dog trying and failing to catch various foods in its mouth. 

"Aw, he's just like you. I remember playing that game where you try to catch the popcorn in your mouth...You're not good at it..." I kissed his chin and giggled. "You can throw an earth-stopping punch, but can't catch food in your mouth." 

Toshi huffed out of his nose, "It's funnier when it's a dog." 

"Do you want a dog, Toshinori? I'm fairly certain we're allowed to have one on our lease..." I brushed my hand over some light stubble on his cheek. 

He chuckled deeply, "I've always wanted a puppy, but it might turn out to be a little too high-maintenance considering we're both out until sunset some days." 

I nodded, "Maybe after you retire. However far out that may be." I pretended that he might live to see it, smiling in spite of the sadness that thought brought me. "Put it on your retirement bucket-list." 

He snickered, "A perfect hobby." He placed his phone down on the nightstand, engulfing me in a great hug. I spun around to face him, humming and shutting my eyes again. 

"You're so warm, sunflower." My hands latched onto his shirt. 

"It's warm in here, too..." He brushed his hair out of his face, leaning his head down to kiss me. 

I happily obliged, pulling myself closer to him. I played with his hair, enjoying the closeness of my husband. 

I loved him so much. Everything about him was perfect in my eyes, no matter what form he was in. That golden hair, his crystalline blue eyes, and his pure heart. He was the true one for me. Regardless of everything we've been through, who he is, what he does...I always remembered the day he stumbled into my little shop and saved me as the moment I met my soulmate. 

I pressed myself even closer to him if that was possible. My hands wrapped up around his back, lightly tugging at the back of his shirt. Oh my god, did I want him now... I hope he wanted it as well. 

My fingers brushing against the skin of his upper back made him shudder, his hair standing on edge in the most pleasant of ways. 

Morning sex was something we rarely indulged in. Maybe when we were younger, but it was almost always an evening to ourselves or the nights of our anniversary or birthdays. I knew what he liked for sure by this point, using it to my advantage. 

Toshinori gasped softly as I nibbled on his bottom lip, a smirk tugging at the corners of my mouth. His grip tightened on my waist, bunching up my clothes. I was turning him on with my gestures. 

I grinded my thigh against his crotch, a sharp groan escaping his mouth as he pulled away from the kiss for a breath of air. 

"Y/n, is it really wise do this after yesterday? You're not hurting at all, right?" He caressed my mid-back, wondering if my previously broken ribs were properly healed. 

I nodded, "Recovery Girl said I was healed...Everything feels alright. How about you?" I pressed my leg in a little more, noticing how aroused he was growing by the second. 

"I..I feel alright." He hissed and tipped his head up a little, "Ah, god..." A bright red flush came over his face and neck. 

"Toshi..." I wrapped my legs around his hips, climbing on top of him. "You were more hurt than me yesterday...regardless of how you feel now, allow me to be on top... I have to make the savior of Class 1A feel god." 

He swallowed hard, gazing up at me with heavy eyes. He bobbed his head in a nodding motion. His long fingers held tight to my bare thighs, the tips of them ducking beneath the fabric of my panties. The warmth of his skin on my own caused me to shiver so euphorically. 

I bent down and kissed his hollowed cheeks, and he removed my shirt. I was not wearing a bra, and the coolness of the air conditioner made my hot insides feel like they were on fire in comparison. 

"It's only fair that I take yours off, too..." I mumbled against his lips, bunching his shirt up. 

Toshinori had been shy about his scar since he had gotten it, and now it was partially wrapped in bandages from the previous day's events. He gave a shaky inhale to me as I threw his shirt to the floor. 

The tips of my fingers ghosted over his marked skin, feeling the years of healing and scar tissue, rougher than his usual semi-soft skin. "Your hands are cold..."

I giggled softly, "It's chilly in here in general." 

I planted a kiss on his neck as I dragged my hands under the waistband of his pajama pants and boxers. He clasped his hands to the front of my panties. Two of his fingers rubbed against my clothed sex. 

A moan escaped my lips, making me slide his pants off faster. 

"You lie back, Toshinori." I pressed my hands to his shoulders, seeing him peer up at me, "I'll ride the soul out of you." 

Toshi blushed darkly. He never had been too vocal in the bedroom before, and this was loving stress relief for him. He needed a release, and I was gonna give it to him. 

I raised myself up to I was sitting on my knees, removing my panties and tossing them directly into the dirty laundry hamper. 

"Are you sure you don't want me on top of you, dear?" Toshinori's voice was rasped, thick from arousal and desire. 

"I want nothing more than to drive you wild this time, sunflower." God, that was the truth. The thought of him beneath me in his tired state...Oh, it was beautiful. I was dripping just thinking about it...

I pumped my hand up and down his dick a few times, a quiet and strangled gasp coming from him. I teased him, grazing his tip with my entrance. It was so tempting to edge him like this...if only I wasn't needy myself. 

Toshinori's lips parted, his grip on my thighs tightening as I lowered myself down on him. I inhaled sharply, my brows furrowing together. I adjusted myself for a moment, breathing out a long puff of air. I bent down, kissing him on the lips. He tangled his fingers in my hair while I brought myself up and down on his member. 

He murmured, his breath labored, "A-Ah...thank you, Y/n...I-I needed this, dear..." His cheeks were pink, his eyes closed tight. 

I moved a little faster, the knot in my stomach becoming a tighter with each passing second. I could tell Toshinori was close to his limit as well, his head thrown back onto the pillow and his mouth agape, giving me those rewarding sounds of ecstasy. 

It felt so good, I lost myself in the fun of it all. I whimpered loudly as he bucked his hips up into mine repeatedly. "Toshi...!" I moaned. 

Swiftly, Toshinori used this opportunity to flip me below him, my back on the mattress. "Toshi! I wanted you to...wanted you to relax...Oh, god...!" My muscles tensed as waves of pleasure filled my body. 

Toshinori gave me a soft smile, "I couldn't take it..." He struggled to control his breathing while he thrusted down into me with a surprising amount of force. Just the right amount of it over and over.

He was so good, so hot...I let out a string of the lewdest noises, my hands grabbing the sheets for purchase. "F-fuck, Toshi..." I was so close...keep it up, Toshinori!

He clenched his teeth down on his lip, his eyes narrowing as his concentration on our mutual pleasure only grew direr. 

As the climax hit me, I arched my back off of the bed, "A-Ah, god, Toshi, I love you so much!" 

Toshinori looked like some kind of ethereal being on top of me like this. With a deep, elongated, husky groan, he kissed me when he came. 

He pulled away from the embrace, both of us sweaty, panting messes. 

He grinned ear to ear and repeatedly pecked my lips as he chuckled. "You have no idea how much I need that, dear." 

"Trust me, sunflower...I'm fairly certain I am..." I snuggled into his chest as he laid at my side again to recover. 

"We haven't had morning sex in years..." He brushed my hair behind my ear. 

"Mm, it was great...We should do that more often..." I teased, winking. "I like it when you do me like that." 

He flushed red again...making me giggle profusely. He was so easy to embarrass, even after just having full-fledged sex with him. He was always super bashful when receiving compliments or even having a short lewd conversation. Jackpot. 

"We should clean up a bit..." Toshinori suggested, holding my hand as he climbed out of bed. 

I nodded aggressively, "Shower please...!" 

Before I could completely stand up, Toshinori transformed into his hero form, engulfing me into some kind of naked bear hug. I sputtered with laughter and worry, "Toshinori! Don't push yourself, especially not post-coitus, dum-dum!" I noogied him, causing him to laugh hysterically. 

I messed with Toshinori's wet hair in one hand as I sat above him on the couch, him seated on the floor. Homework correction time. These were the rough draft notes for the Quirk Chemistry project. 

"Yaoyorozu's notes are so neat...Bakugo's paper has rage rips in it, but his notes are extremely meticulous and detailed...lots of swears. I guess, as long as they understand it, it's okay...?" I raised an eyebrow as I spotted the fifth F-Bomb on the paper. 

Toshinori chuckled, "He has some anger issues...he's super strong, though. He'll be a great hero one day." 

Toshi was back in his weakened form, discovering that he had indeed shortened his time to about an hour and a half at most...I hope it doesn't affect him too much. He was reading standard paperwork about the next week's curriculum. 

"Anger issues are an understatement...But he's super intelligent. He knows what kind of chemical right off the bat that makes his sweat combust...He's dug a little deeper than most others." I laughed aloud, "Aoyama's just has three sentences basically restating 'My navel laser is absolutely astonishing, does it even need an explanation?' in different ways..." 

"What did Midoriya put for his?" 

I flipped through to find the boy's writing. It was a little messy, but I could make it out just fine enough. "it's rather detailed...he has it written in both Japanese and English. He's calling One For All 'Power Up'  as a cover. Clever enough..." I cleared my throat, "'Through electrical energy, my Quirk might possibly be one that uses my vitality to concentrate pure energy into one area of my body at a time. This often results in injury, but it releases all of the energy at once, crashing air molecules together to wind and force.' Would you say that's basically a good representation of how One For All works?"

"The kid's got it figured out...I guess this might actually also help him figure out how to not break his bones!" Toshinori chortled. 

I set the papers down and kissed his forehead. "I'm glad I can help him dig a little deeper...What do you want for lunch?" 

"Hmm...maybe a cookie?"

I rolled my eyes, "Toshi, I said lunch, not dessert." 

"Fine,'s the sweet tooth talking...I'll have that Thai takeout I could barely eat last night." He slumped his shoulders. 

"And one cookie, coming right up." I snickered, getting to work on heating up the food, "I thought I already satisfied your sweet tooth, honey...?" 

"Gah...!" I see I caught him off guard with the flirtation. 

Perfect...God, I loved this man. 


Chapter Text

"Oh, interesting...So, you think the citric acid from the orange juice converts itself into a semi-combustible fuel...?" I leaned my elbows on the desk beside Iida.

The student gave a determined nod, "I gain the most energy from drinks with citrus in them. I have probable cause to believe that my engines run on some form of citric acid-based fuel, yes." 

I gave a small smile, "Well, you seem to have a good grasp on understanding it, then... Keep developing your analysis." 

"Yes, ma'am." 

The typical chatter of a high school classroom came back to me as I pulled my focus away from the class representative. 

Everyone's projects were coming along spiffingly. I looked forward to reading everyone's final products in a week... It was due the day before the Sports Festival. That was planned on my part; I wanted to know as much as I could about their Quirks before the time for their trials came. I wanted to know who knew their Quirk best. 

I went back over to my lab bench in the front of the room, taking a few glances around as I saw my phone lying dormant under a few papers. I dusted them aside and subtly hit the home button to wake up the screen. 

There were a few messages on it that came when I was walking about the classroom. 

Two from Toshinori...the first sent about an hour ago. 

'Love you, dear. have a nice class' 

I smiled at it and cleared the banner to read the next. 

The second made my heart lurch slightly. 

'Come to the teachers' offices as soon as possible. Something has happened to your father and we need to get you to see your mother.' 

It had only been sent two minutes ago. 

The latest text was from my father himself...thirty seconds ago at that...

'I just want you to know that I love you so much." 

I must have looked shaken. What the hell...what happened to my parents...? I stared downward with wide eyes of absolute terror. I stuffed my phone into my pocket as the clock ticked loud above my head.




I fought down panic, "Students..." I called across the room, creating silence. "I need to step out for a moment, but please, continue working." 

I bent over and wrote down a shaken instruction to whoever would substitute for me before I speed-walked to the door. I closed it behind me and broke into a sprint. 

I needed to get to the teachers' office space...What happened to my father? 

My legs carried me so fast that I nearly slammed into the doorpost at my high velocity. "I'm here, I'm here! What's wrong!?"

Toshinori was there with Naomasa, Nezu, and a few officers I had interacted with in the past. 

The solemn expression of worry and gloom on my Toshinori's face, while he resided in his hero form sent a chill across my entire body. It was as if my insides were burning up, but my skin was as cold as ice.

"Mrs. Yagi, it seems as if your father has been taken from his home...Your mother only suffered a fall and shock, and she's recovering quickly..." Naomasa pressed his lips together in a cringe. He had come to be a family friend. He and his younger sister had come for Christmas many years in a row, and he had grown to be a good buddy to my father, much like a son. I could tell he was just as confused.

I lifted up my phone... "He sent a text a few minutes ago, though..."

Naomasa took my phone in his hands, eyes darting over the message. "It seems like a goodbye message of some kind...perhaps he still had his phone when he was taken. The break-in occurred about two hours ago, and your mother awoke and called us."

My head spun with an odd array of emotion. Toshi's heavy hand rested on my shoulder, his thumb rubbing my shoulder blade in a soothing motion. I felt like the air was a thick syrup to breathe in, my legs shaking beneath me. "Do we have any idea on who kidnapped him...?"

"Your mother managed to give a short description...It's very vague, and we don't have any defining features. It was a man about one hundred eighty-eight centimeters...he was wearing a strange mask, but she can't give out a detailed description."

I felt the fear of the possibility of losing my father...I felt sadness at that aspect as well. But my heart was also pumping on pure adrenaline. The sooner we gained leads, the better I'd feel. 

I pressed my back into Toshinori, who kept me from completely breaking down. 

"We can try to track where that text was sent from...It won't take too long, but it could lead us to where he's being held." Naomasa jot down the number, dialing his own phone for people at the scene of the crime. 

My thoughts went off into their own direction...

I felt empty...these had to be the stages of grief. I laid in bed well into the morning, my eyes pressed closed with firey hot tears on my face. 

It had been a week and he was nowhere to be found. 

When the police pinged where the location of his phone was, it was on the edge of Camino Ward in a dumpster with extreme damage. The cryptic message saved as the last image taken on the phone was a picture of just a strange tank filled with a peculiar green fluid. It was blurry and gave no clues to the police. 

My mother recovered and was in a state similar to me, but worse...she went to therapy and is getting better. 

I felt a gentle hand brush my wet cheek, and I opened my eyes to see Toshinori, still in his pajamas. 

"Toshi..." I choked out words past the tightness of tears in my throat. "Don't you have work?"

He nodded, "I do, but it's benched as long as you're here like this. I'm taking the day off to be right here." 

He placed a cup of tea on the nightstand next to me, my eyes flickering over to glance at it. It smelled so good, so I reached out and sipped it. 

Toshi sat next to me, his long fingers ghosting through my hair. I moved myself to be upwards, leaning my head into his shoulder. 

The silence was appealing, especially when it was spent with my husband. His touch felt healing...I guess this would help. 

"My master..." He gained my attention again, "She always told me...the ones always smiling were the strongest of them all. She was's hard to smile." 

It was hard to even crack a short, gentle one right now. I touched my fingers to my lips, bobbing my head in affirmation. 

"I told that to your father years back..." He looked at his lap, eyes half-closed in remembrance. "He took it to heart...He was strong."

I held my eyes shut to prevent more tears from escaping, my shoulders heaving. As much as I wanted to believe he was alive, I knew he was dead...I knew whoever took him, took him with intent to kill. I sobbed, my face falling into Toshinori's chest. He wrapped his arms tight, like a security blanket around my body. 

A weak whimper came from his mouth, "He loved you so much...He was a great father to you, and all I could have asked for in a father-in-law..."

"Yeah...he was..." I gasped through heaving breaths. 

An array of memories came flooding through my hazy mind...I chuckled sadly, "Remember that time he dropped that entire salad on your head? You were picking lettuce out for weeks!" 

He snickered and sniffled, a soft smile on his face. "Yeah...That time he punched me for proposing to you without his permission but proceeded to let me marry you anyway...God, could he throw a punch!" 

"I was so scared he knocked a tooth out..." I hummed, sighing. "I miss him...but...I need to get out of bed and do something...hopefully move onto the next stage of grief..."

He wiped his thumbs over my face, running any tears away. He bent down and kissed me passionately on the lips. I swung my arms around his neck, closing my eyes as I remembered that he was here with me again...

"I'll be right by your side, dear." He held both of my hands in his, our rings touching together...

A day at the flower shop was what I needed to help myself adjust to the world again. 

I tied the apron around my waist, my hair up nice and tight. I tended to the plants that a few rather negligent teenaged employees had been neglecting... and then I found it on the top of the counter...It was a folded note, written in plain Japanese. 

'Dear Mrs. Yagi, 

I wanted to thank you after all these years for practically setting me up with my wife. Gardenias truly are a magical thing...


I never remembered his name, but that encounter was one I'll always remember. That well-worded, awkward man in a business suit, with his messy hair and his remarkably unchanging stare. 

I wonder if they have any children...



Chapter Text

I sifted through the essays written from the two hero course classes Quirk Projects, sipping a soda I purchased from the food stands outside the stadium. I was making my way back towards the teachers' box.

The two big events deciding the finalists were finished, and now it was time for the tournaments. The primary roster consisted of mostly class 1A students, and I made permutations on who they would fight in the first matches. That hadn't been revealed yet and would be after lunch.

"Yaoyorozu would probably best fight someone like Uraraka...Each have a high chance of winning..." I skimmed over each of their essays, all my highlighted praises and critiques standing out to me.

Yaoyorozu described her Creation Quirk as one that used the fusion of atoms contained in her body fat and stored calories to make non-living objects. It used great physical and mental stamina.

Uraraka's Zero-Gravity Quirk was harder to deduce, but she said she thought the pads on her fingers were capable of annulling the weight of an object by sending short waves of her vitality through it, which could explain why she gets nauseous after using it on heavy objects.

I was so lost in my thoughts, that I was only broken by a sudden change in temperature as I stepped up the stairwell.

"That kid of mine will beat you someday. I'll make sure of it, that's why I made him."

That voice-

"You did what ?" Toshinori was on the top step, utilizing his hero form in the public eye.

Endeavor looked over his shoulder, that rage, and jealousy burning in his eyes as hot as his fire. The number two hero was so angry at the notion of my husband, and he was one of our student's father. Shoto Todoroki was the child he was referring to, and the thought of his supposed purpose made my heart lurch.

"He's in a rebellious stage right now...but he will surpass you." He turned back forward and lumbered down the stairs.

The heat of his Quirk radiated to me as he passed me.

"Hi, Endeavor...!" I waved, pretending as if I hadn't heard the terribly damnable conversation.

"Mrs. Yagi...It's nice to see you." He nodded, pressing his hand into the railing.

I knew the Todorokis from being friends with Endeavor's wife Rei. She recently has only rarely been able to reach out, and I haven't seen her in a solid five to six years...

"You, too... Your son did fantastic on the chemical explanation of his Quirk. It was a little project...I think he got one of the highest grades in the class." I smiled, tucking the pile of papers closer to my chest.

He nodded once, "My condolences for the loss of your father." He stated, the flatness in his voice giving me the vibe that he was only being civil to appear as such.

"Thank you..." I nodded, sighing deep and long, "How's Rei and the other kids?"

He noticeably stiffened. "They're all just fine...Fuyumi is a teacher and Natsuo is in college."

"What about Touya?"

"He's fine." He turned his eyes down. "I must go...goodbye, Mrs. Yagi."

I knitted my eyebrows together, "Alright, bye..." I ran up the steps, finding Toshinori standing there still, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. "Endeavor seems...more intense than usual. What was that whole thing about?"

"I should have known his jealousy would get the best of him..." Toshi shook his head with disdain. "Come on, I'll talk about in a more private place...I need to conserve this form for the rewards ceremony."

We quickly walked up to the hallway outside of the teachers' box. He let go of his form and I touched a napkin to his face to wipe away the little blood that came out.

"He's power-hungry...he wants my title so bad that he's created children for that specific purpose." He smoothed his hands over the coat of his suit.

"He's also very vague..." I fixed Toshi's hair. "But...don't dwell too hard on it...See?" I pointed out toward the field. "They're announcing the first match pairings...!"

"Oh! Who's Young Midoriya fighting?" He squinted his eyes and found his name.

"Hitoshi Shinso?" I raised an eyebrow. "Shinso...he's in general studies...and...that name sounds familiar."

"Dr. Shinso was the surgeon who reconstructed the upper half of my left lung...His father, possibly." Toshinori

"His Quirk is...something to do with the mind? I don't know, he didn't do the Quirk project as the hero course kids did." I shrugged my shoulders. 

I studied who was fighting in the rounds after Midoriya and Shinso. After them was Sero and Todoroki, then Shiozaki and Kaminari, Iida and Hatsume from the support course, Aoyama and Ashido, Yaoyorozu and Tokoyami, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, and lastly, Bakugo and Uraraka. That last one made me nervous about the girl's wellbeing. I knew she was strong, but Bakugo was a brute, apparently. 

"I should go talk to Young Midoriya...he's probably psyching himself out over this match." Toshi stretched his hands over his head. 

"Okay...I'll be out and about...!" I pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, "See you in a bit." 

Soon indeed, the round began. Cementoss created the battle arena with his Quirk, and the two challengers peaked up the stairs. I went down to the student area to check up on how they were doing. 

Ojiro was bouncing his leg up and down with an anxious attitude. I knew he dropped out of the match due to something about his honor...I sat beside him. "Hey, Ojiro...something bothering you?" 

"Oh, hi, Mrs. Yagi! No...well, a little. I'm nervous for Midoriya, but I know he's gonna follow my advice." The boy brushed a hand through his dirty blonde hair, chuckling. 

"Hmm? What advice did you give him?" 

"Well, I told him not to answer the kid he's fighting. I dropped out of the matches because of him...his Quirk is kinda scary. I spoke to him, and I barely remember anything from the cavalry battle." He slumped his shoulders. 

"Oh, I get it...You're an honest kid, Ojiro...I think that's a good quality of a hero." I pat his shoulder. 

He flushed, his tail standing up into the air. "Thanks!"

The match began, Present Mic calling out in a screeching tone, "BEGIN!" 

If I squinted hard enough I could see Toshinori hiding behind the edge of the entrance hall to the field, watching his successor up close. My gaze flickered over to see Midoriya charging headlong towards Shinso, but then...he stopped. 

Ojiro stood up, a stressful look on his face as he slapped his hands to his cheeks. "Ah, dammit! I told him not to answer him!" 

My eyes widened...Midoriya had a dumb moment, didn't he? The brainwashing of Shinso worked by answering him then, huh? What could he have said to Izuku to trigger such a reaction...? My heart picked up in speed...

He grew closer and closer to the edge of the arena, and I closed my eyes, "Come on, Izuku...!" I muttered, praying for a miracle. 

A strong gust of wind knocked against my face, ruffling my hair. I opened my eyes, seeing my husband's successor standing firm before the line. He breathed heavily and turned his head...

A smile of relief came over me, and I sighed...

Call it picking favorites, but I wanted Midoriya to get as far as possible. As a holder of One For All, he was bestowed a burden by Toshinori to be the number one hero, and the Symbol of Peace. I had faith in the child, and to see him succeed brought a maternal-like joy to me. 

He charged back towards Shinso, grabbing his shoulders and shoving him hard to the other side of the arena. A struggle broke out, and Shinso threw two punches, landing each of them...But Midoriya grabbed his collar, and with all his strength, swung him down and slammed him into the concrete. It was perfectly beyond the line...

He won! The whole bit of ease rested into me. 

Toshinori and I sat within the box again...every round but one went by. Every winner was deserving of their place in the second round. 

He noticed my unease. "What's wrong?"

"I'm nervous for Uraraka...She's a strong girl, but Bakugo is...brutish." I shrugged my shoulders. "Midoriya was the worst injury so far, but Bakugo is capable of...concussious shocks, possibly lacerations." 

"Mm, I agree...This will be a tough round for her." Toshi held my hand, "It'll help her become a good hero, though..." 

"Yeah, I mean, you're correct." I pressed my side into his, "I just think Bakugo overdoes it sometimes..." 

He chuckled deeply, "Where's the lie?" 

I rubbed my thumb over his bony knuckles, fluffing his poofy blonde hair. 

"Do you have a preference for Young Uraraka?" Toshinori questioned. 

"Uh, well...she reminds me of myself in some weird way." I grinned, "She and Midoriya remind me of you and me...It's a little obvious, but I think they kinda like each other...Though, they aren't focusing on it as much as school. Which is good, but it's cute nonetheless." 

"Oh!" Toshi snickered, "You and I are kind of like them, huh?"

"You and Midoriya are so different yet so alike...It's like some strange father-son thing. It makes me think you'd be a good dad one day." 

He coughed, quickly reaching for a napkin in my bag. He wiped the blood from his lips, "A dad? Ah...maybe?" 

"It was just a comment, Toshi, I'm not telling you anything. Just an observation." I pat his back. 

His face was beet-red, but he got over the wave of intense emotion quickly. 

The round began, and I was rigid. She had a few options, but she had to touch him no matter what for her Quirk to work. 

"Try not to have a preference..." He told me. 

"I'll try...Bakugo is cool, too." I smiled with unease. 

"Just hold my will be alright." Toshinori looked around before pressing a soft kiss to my temple. 

Everything will be alright...



Chapter Text

I knocked on the door of the competitor room. The one I knew Ochako Uraraka was in recovering from her match. She was the one who lost, but her valiant efforts were respectable.

"C-Come in!" She uttered, her voice broken from tears.

Furrowing my eyebrows together, I opened the door and saw her swiping at her eyes, avoiding touching her bandage on her face. "Hi, Uraraka...!"

"Mrs. Yagi! I didn't expect you to come! Were you looking for Deku? He just left." She sniffled, looking past me to the hall for a moment.

I shook my head. "No, no...I came here to see how you were doing." I smiled gently, "Are you doing alright?"

Her puffy face and red eyes betrayed her as she nodded her head, but then she sighed. She sighed as her lips curled into a tiny, sad smile. "I'm feeling better than I did a few minutes ago... My dad called me and we talked. I was feeling terrible after the match..."

"You held your own so well...I just wanted to see if you were alright, I knew how hard it was going to be. Your Quirk is fantastically powerful, and you're doing amazing at controlling your nausea issue! I certainly didn't expect the meteor shower, it was very clever." I came closer and patted my hand on her shoulder.

Uraraka let a chuckle slip out, "Thank you...I just need to get stronger. I need to work more to be more like...Deku, I guess."

"You look up to Midoriya, huh?" I reached down and held her new coat, unwrapping the plastic around it. "Come on, walk with me back to the benches so we can watch his match."

She hummed, letting my drape the jacket on her shoulders.

We exited the room, heading back over toward the stands.

"Deku is amazing...he's strong and powerful, even though his Quirk beats him up. He makes the best of it." Uraraka rubbed under her eye, trying to make it so her tear-lines were invisible. "He's a good friend too and a real hero."

I looked down at her- she wasn't that short- and grinned. Seeing the sparkling look on her face at the thought of him made my heart flutter with joy. Now wasn't the time to be that maternal-teasing nature; she was vulnerable right now.

The light of day shone in from the stands, and we stood in between the student stands and the stairs leading to the teachers' box.

"If he's your source of encouragement, then use his match as a work of inspiration regardless if he wins or loses." I took her shoulders gently, bringing her into a hug.

She wrapped her arms around me, and she accidentally activated her Quirk. I began to levitate off of the ground and she gasped. "Ah! I'm sorry!"

With my wide eyes, I stared down at her as she backed up a few feet and quickly nullified her power. I dropped on the ground and laughed from how comical the situation was. "It's okay...! That was fun, to be honest. But, take what I said to heart, Ochako!"

She nodded once, her face still red from her sorrows. "I will... Thank you for coming to see me, Mrs. Yagi."

"Anytime, young miss. Remember, just like my husband, I am here...for you." I winked, heading toward the stairs as she giggled. Oh, what a stupid little joke that was...

The feeling began to change as I climbed the steps. It was time for the match between Todoroki and Midoriya.

Todoroki's match with Sero was insane...the giant ice wall left damage on the roof of the building and gave the other student severe frostbite on his hands. Recovery Girl was able to heal it, but nonetheless...This was going to be a mindblowing match.

My throat was dry while picturing how many bones Midoriya was going to snap in order to win. He could flick the air only so many times, and the stamina of his opponent was untold.

"Hello, dear." Toshinori gave me a skeletal smile, "How was Young Uraraka doing?"

"Better than I thought. Her father called and gave her a peppy speech before I did, so I didn't do much but give her someone to talk to again." I snickered, sitting in the seat beside him. He took my hand, and I drew my lips taught over my teeth. "I'm more nervous about this match though..."

"Me as well..." He shifted beside me, whispering his conversation to me to avoid mentioning any secretive information to uninformed co-workers.

The two combatants rose onto the stage. The stadium was roaring with excitement and anticipation of the match, but my heart was in my neck, almost making me deaf to their sounds.

Present Mic gave them their introductions, then cried out, "BEGIN!"

Immediately, ice jetted across the ground toward Midoriya from Todoroki's right foot. Yet, the child was ready with the flick of his finger.

Wind ripped across the ground and upwards, shattering the ice and slamming it against the walls below the stands. Whatever was left would melt.

This happened twice more, and the look of determination on Midoriya's face was laced with agony. I squeezed my husband's hand, making him grunt from how hard I did, "Sorry..."

"It's okay...if you're worried, then you can keep doing that." He gave a breathy, nervous laugh.

I clasped my other hand around the same hand.

The ice came and Midoriya jumped up into the air to dodge it when he realized a simple flick wouldn't get him out of this. Ice latched to his foot, but he raised his fist...oh no.

He hurled a powerful punch at the ice, his arm surely shattering. "No...this is bad, he can't use anything anymore...he could only throw another punch with his other arm, but then he'd be done..."

"You're right...but keep watching, maybe he'll come up with something." His voice was filled with uncertainty and a glimmer of hope. 

The tense feeling in the air was thick, almost constricting.

Another volley of ice flew toward Midoriya, and I closed my eyes. I expected to hear the cry from Present Mic in the announcing bay that he was out, but instead...

The power of One For All jolted again, and the wind ghosted through my hair. 

How the hell did he manage to use the power with no fingers or arms available?! He hadn't reeled back his arm for a punch...he wasn't stupid, he wouldn't have done that! This was something else...

The dust settled and I came to know what he had done, a bead of sweat dripping down the side of my forehead. 

"Oh my god...he used his already broken finger..." I covered my mouth, spotting the reddish-purple markings all over his skin...his arm was extremely broken and abnormal. "He really needs to know how to use One For All better, Toshinori. Sorahiko is probably watching." 

Toshinori gave a hard swallow, his eyes trained widely on his battling successor. 

The cycle continued: ice flying toward Midoriya and him countering it with a broken flick of his fingers. His face was contorted in a mix between agony and conviction. There was no doubt about it that adrenaline was pumping through his whole body, numbing and dulling the sweltering fire of broken bones and cracking skin. 

What was driving him now? My thoughts fell wayward for a moment as I imagined what it would take for me to damage my body such; to put up with such pain on my own accord. I attempted to put myself in the boy's shoes, and I realized why:

Izuku Midoriya was a heroic young boy, and he was trying to save someone from something. 

That, someone, was Shoto Todoroki. But from what was he saving him? It had to be something relating to his father's high-strung ambitions and dreams for the child. He wanted to save him from that. 

The two stopped a few feet from each other, and Midoriya was obviously speaking to him, yelling even. 

He landed a hard punch to Todoroki's stomach, sending him to the ground hard and fast...but then he got up. 

Through it all, I heard the distant call of Midoriya, "It's yours! Your Quirk, not his!" 

I understood then...

The neglected left side of Todoroki began to ignite like dropping a match into a sea of gasoline, the inferno heating up mine and Toshinori's faces as if we were next to it. I gripped onto my husband's coat for dear life. 

"He's...He intended for this all along, didn't he?" It was rhetorical. I knew the answer was yes. 

"YES, SHOTO!" Endeavor's voice cut through the crowd, "Have you finally accepted your purpose?! Finally, yes! With my blood in your veins, you'll surpass me! Live up to the reason I created you!" 

"Uh, Endeavor gives...encouragement? What a doting father!" Present Mic announced. 

I couldn't help but lock eyes with my husband, sharing a second of understanding that we both knew exactly how doting Endeavor really was. 

The fire raged, and the ice began to jet out once more. Across, Midoriya's pants ripped with the new surge of power. It was going to be the final blow. 

"Toshi, this is bad, they could be killed!" I uttered, tugging at his clothes. 

The world shook as ice slammed into the side of the stadium in rivets, extreme hot and cold winds gusting at hurricane speeds crashed against us all in the crowd. I held my hair out of my face, feeling as if I could fly away from the force. 

Cement walls burst up and blocked the brunt of the attack from either opponent, the rapid heating and cooling of the air causing an explosion that sent small pieces of debris raining down line small meteors in every direction. 

Toshinori's expression strained at the wind, and he grabbed onto me with a stiffened grip. His teeth were clenched together, and I knew he was thinking about how seriously injured Midoriya must be. 

I wiped the sweat and dirt from the young man's face with a mix of water and antiseptic. 

He was hazy from the local anesthetic on his arms as well as Recovery Girl's healing, one healed enough to just need bandages. 

He looked down at the new scar on his hand, shaking his head. 

"Consider your crooked hand a reminder..." Recovery Girl's voice was laced with scolding, making even me feel like a child. "And also, I will not heal injuries like this anymore."

All three of us looked up at her, concern running through my body. 

"You'll have to find another way for him to use his power." she was directly speaking to Toshinori and I, more him than me. 

We left the room, our task to deliver Midoriya to the student stands again so he can watch the rest of the festival. 

"Hey, All Might?" Izuku began, his voice wavering from exhaustion and what presented itself as sadness. 

Toshinori looked down to him. 

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you hadn't given me One For All?" The boy swallowed hard, fighting back any emotion. "Given it to someone better...Someone more powerful here?" 

"Are you saying that someone else should be my successor?"  Toshinori stopped, then he sighed, "You speak the truth, this place is filled with amazing potential heroes. One For All is the crystallization of power; it bolsters Quirks...for example if Young Todoroki were to inherit it...the combination of super strength atop his ice and fire would make him a practically unbeatable superhero..." 

Midoriya's lower lip wobbled, "Then-"

"But you know...I was Quirkless, too, as a kid." Toshi pointed to himself. 

The boy's head whipped around, astounded and nearly speechless. "Quirkless? You were..."

"Back then, it wasn't as rare of a thing...but it was still out of the ordinary. My master had a Quirk but she passed One For All onto me to allow me to be a great hero." 

My heart fluttered, and I held his other hand. A smile spread over my face as I came to distinguish just how alike they were.  

"I never knew that..." Izuku had the dreds of tears forming in his eyes. 

"Well, you never asked." Toshi snickered, "Back when we first met, I saw a little of the old me in you... But, man, you've gone above and beyond my expectations time and time again. You'll do amazing things with One For All." 

I reached out and placed my hand on the side of his face, "We both believe in you no matter how hard it gets... Remember that, Midoriya." 

The boy closed his eyes to prevent the waterworks from spilling over. "I'm sorry...thank you..." 

Toshinori gave him a warm smile. The love I had for this man, and the way I saw dear little Midoriya...A wonderfully loveable man with all the determination in the world to train and raise up the next generation's Symbol of Peace...and the next All Might, the next to save his people from the tyranny of All For One's aftermath. The villain was dead, but he still had work to do.

"Now get to the stands...there are still fights to watch!" 

"Yeah, of course!" 

When Izuku was gone, I squealed and I stood on my tip-toes, stealing a kiss from Toshinori. He flushed a bright red, but his smile remained. I pulled away and brushed my fingers over his hollow cheeks with care. The look I gave him was one of pure admiration. "You're such a good teacher to him, Toshi...Shimura is probably looking down on you with pride." 

He sighed, looking up for a moment. He gave ma half-lidded stare, his piercing blue eyes glinting with some sadness, but mostly happiness. It was bittersweet. "I'm glad you think I'm a good teacher..." 

I stepped back, taking his hand again. "We're lucky Midoriya wasn't injured any further..."

He rubbed the back of his neck, huffing. "I don't believe in luck...But yeah...he could have been hurt so much worse..."

"Recovery Girl is right, we need to help him figure out how to use it as you do." I lightly elbowed him in the waist, "Let's train him together." 

He grunted, "Thank you for being by my side." 

"Always and forever, Toshi. I love you forever." 

"I love you, too."

A few more rounds passed, and it was almost determined that the final fight would be between Shoto Todoroki and either Fumikage Tokoyami or Katsuki Bakugo. 

Tenya Iida lost his fight against Todoroki, and there he was: running down the hall with a terror-filled look on his face. 

"Mrs. Yagi, thank goodness...I-I need you to bring this note to Mr. Aizawa if you can...!" he tried to run past me as he handed me the note. 

"Whoa, whoa...Iida, what's wrong?" I lightly grabbed his forearm, stopping him in his tracks. I then saw eyes, full of white-hot tears that only showed worry and grief. 

"My brother was attacked by a villain... I need to get to the changing room and go to see him in Hosu." His voice shook. He was clearly worried...I should have known something of this level was wrong. 

"Ingenium! Oh no...!" I shook my head, "Before you go, Iida...yes, I'll deliver this note...Also, come here." I hugged him and pat his back, feeling him slump into it. "Tell your brother that I hope for a speedy recovery...and I'll send some food over as soon as possible for you and your family." 

"Mrs. Yagi, that isn't necessary..." He swatted at his eyes under his glasses when he pulled away. 

"But it is! You and your family need time now...I insist, alright? Now, go...get to your brother! I'll deliver your note." I gave him a sympathetic look, patting his back. 

He gave a strong nod before doing the fastest bow I had ever seen and then running off to get on his everyday uniform. 

I pitied the poor boy...But I couldn't dwell on it now. I simply had to run up and deliver the note of absence.

Finally, the end of the Sports Festival: First Year Stage. That didn't mean the end of my pesky anxiety...I was standing on the roof of the goddamn stadium with Toshinori. He was supposed to make a grand entrance when Midnight announced him, and I was supposed to help him hand out metals. 

My knees were nearly buckling underneath me, and I grabbed tight to Toshinori's arm. "Are you sure this is where they wanted you to come down from? And hey, why do I have to make the entrance with you?" 

He looked down at me and chuckled deeply from his stomach, "Are you scared of this height?"

I nodded, my, "Mhm," coming out like a squeak of a scared kitten. God, I was pathetic, wasn't I?

"No need to worry, young lady..." He chortled, giving me his signature All Might grin before picking me up off my feet into a bridal position. "I am here and will get you down safely!"

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Hero!" I dramatically cried as he hugged me close into his muscley form. He was hot and either form and his hero suit left almost to the imagination...then again, I am his wife of nearly fifteen years and I've seen every bit of him... I flushed red at my lewd thoughts. Wait until tonight, Y/n, wait until you're alone with him...

I knew with the power of One For All surging through him that I weight about the same as a sheet of paper to him, and he has been saving up his form all day for this ceremony. 

"When Midnight calls us down, just smile and wave your hand out into the air! I won't let you fall, I never will." He walked us closer to the edge, and I heard Midnight give the signal. 

"Of course, there's only one person worthy of distributing the awards-!" She began.

Toshinori's profound laughter cut through every sound in the stadium. I wrapped my arm around his neck and put a big grin on my face. 

I didn't even realize what was going on, and we hit the ground before I knew it! I giggled softly as he left me back onto the ground. 

"Ruined that, didn't I?" Nemuri pressed her palms together apologetically. 

"Wait, what happened?" I furrowed my brow. 

"Doesn't matter..." She rubbed the back of her neck, snickering as I saw the look of distant disdain in Toshi's eyes. She handed me the three medals...bronze, silver, and gold. "Start with third place and go up." 

Toshi and I nodded, and I took the bronze medal into my hands, passing it up to Toshi in order for him to bestow it to Fumikage Tokoyami. 

The avian child bowed his head as the band was placed down on his nape. 

"Young Tokoyami, congratulations. You showed great strength out there." 

"Your words humble me, sir..." He said, serious as ever. 

Toshi bent down and hugged him, patting him on the back. So paternal, it was so cute! My heart skipped a beat. "However, you have more training to do it you want to be able to fight against different kinds of villains. You're not going to be able to rely on your Quirk in every battle you face." 

When he pulled back, Tokoyami looked at the medal with contemplation. "Yes, sir." 

I smiled. "You did great, Tokoyami...That Quirk is something else." I gave him a thumbs up. "Keep up the hard work, okay?" 

He fought a soft smile tugging on his...beak lips, I guess. He nodded at me. 

"Young Todoroki." Toshi began, and I set the silver medal into his outstretched hand. He put it over Todoroki's head. "I'm assuming there was a reason you didn't use your left side, and it cost you the final..."

Todoroki's eyes flashed with reflection...the cogs of thought turning quickly but concisely. "Midoriya opened my eyes during our match...but then I started to doubt myself. I think I understand a little about why you're so interested in him. I want to be the kind of hero you are, but my isn't as clear as I thought it was. I have a lot to think about." He gazed up at Toshinori, "And...I still need to settle things with someone, very soon." 

Rei Todoroki...

"I've never seen this sort of look on your face before..." Toshinori's gaze softened, and he embraced the boy. "I won't ask for details, but trust yourself. I'm sure you'll work things out." 

I gave an affirming nod from the ground below. 

"Now, Young Bakugo!" Toshi stepped up a few little stairs, his smile wavering slightly as he saw the child...the winner of the Sports Festival, restrained like Hannibal Lector. I was holding back any and all laughter, but I could hardly hold it together at the need for such a restraining device. 

Bakugo was so pissed off that he had to be tied down like a rabid animal. 

"Hmm, this is a little much." Toshi reached out to remove the mask from his face. "Well, you did what you said you'd do in the pledge...You're true to your word!" 

"All Miiiigghhhhtttt." Bakugo began, his found laced with fury and seething hot anger leaked from his glare. "Winning first place this way... DOESN'T PROVE THAT I'M THE BEST ONE HERE. EVEN IF THE WORLD CONSIDERS ME THE WINNER, I REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT LIKE THIISS!!!" 

Such intense rage! I contained and bottled my laughter behind a courteous smile. "It's okay, Bakugo, you can crush it next year!" 


I gave Toshinori the gold medal, which I was almost certain Katsuki wanted incinerated. 

"Take this medal, even if you have to think of it as a scar. Something to never forget!" 


"Now, now!" Toshi was on the verge of hilarity as well... 


Toshi couldn't manage to get it over his head, so he had to settle for the inside of his mouth. The kid bit down on the fabric of the band, gnawing it like a hungry dog. 

"It's okay, Katsuki... kick everyone's butts next year and feel like a true winner!" I pat his shoulder with great hesitation, wondering if I was going to get bitten. Does he have rabies? 

Toshinori's voice boomed, "Here they are, the winners of this year's Sports Festival! Listen closely: Any of you first years could have ended up on this podium! It's as you all saw- competing! Improving each other and climbing to the top! The next generation of heroes is definitely promising! I have just one last thing to say, everyone say it with me!" 

The crowd roared, giving him a huge "PLUS ULTRA" when he said, "thanks for your hard work!" 

Well, there it goes...The last barriers holding down my hysterical laughter. I covered my mouth as the crowd booed and chastised him over the saying. 

"Oh man, first Katsuki and then this...! I'm gonna pop a lung!" I leaned into him, tears spilling down my face as I howled with laughter. 

Damn, what a day... I needed a nap.

The next day, I was cutting vegetables in the kitchen, having been teasing Toshinori all day about his slip up at the rewards ceremony. 

"Thanks for your hard work..." I smirked as he entered the kitchen, handing him his pile of mail. 

"You're mean to me." He wiped away a fake tear and bumped his hip into my side, making me stumble over. He then hugged me tightly, a loving smile on his face. "So mean to me..."

"It ain't my problem that you're so easily embarrassed, big guy." I slapped his ass, another laughing fit coming on as his cheeks turned red and grunted. 

"Oh goodness...I suppose it isn't...but that was awfully naughty of you." He narrowed his eyes and returned the favor. 

"Ah!" I winced, a squeal escaping my lips. "Okay, I get it... Go get ready for dinner, sunflower..." 

He chuckled softly with a slight sigh. 

"I love you, Toshinori."

"I love you more, pretty lady." 





Chapter Text

The middle of the night. I was in and out of sleep as I heard and felt Toshinori moving around restlessly. I yawned silently when I felt him suddenly thrash, the sound of hysteric coughing and wheezing. 

"Toshi? Are you alright?" I raised myself up on my elbows, rubbing my eyes when the bathroom light flooded into the bedroom. 

I heard what might have sounded like him falling and vomiting into the toilet. Panic crossed my mind, and I threw the blankets down and quickly untangled myself. He had to be having a respiratory episode, and I'd have to be there to help him through it and possibly call his doctor. 

Sleep was wiped away and I crossed the threshold of the bathroom to see him crumpled on the floor, his bony hands gripping with white knuckles to the side of the toilet, his forehead rested on the same edge. His back heaved with labored breaths. His scar on his side almost appeared to be raw and strained. 

I knelt down beside him and took his hair back into my gentle grip, rubbing tender circles on his back. "'re okay, sunflower...I'm right here." 

Toshinori's tightly closed eyes opened to look at me, tears of what I assumed was pain pouring in rivulets down his cheeks.  His eyes flashed with sadness and despair. I recoiled at his expression slightly. 

My suspicion was true...he had coughed up a few blood clots and the small dinner he had before we went to bed. I looked down at my phone... 03:09...

"It's okay, Toshi..." I skimmed my fingers into his hair, the intensity of emotion on his face relaxing a little. 

He gave a hard swallow, his gums and tongue stained bright red like he had a strawberry lollipop. He pulled his head away and sat upright, moving his legs out from underneath himself. "I-I'm was just a bad nightmare, and when I got up and triggered a coughing fit." 

I flushed the toilet, leaning in close and hugging his head into my chest. "A bad nightmare? I'm sorry, sunflower..." 

"A nightmare about my master's death...It was the whole thing, over and over...I couldn't do anything then and I'm forced to relive the feeling..." His breath hitched in his throat, his shoulders and arms shaking weakly. 

I smoothed his bangs, "I never heard anything about that...I never wanted to ask about that, I didn't want to make you talk about it..."

He huffed out of his nose, coughing into his elbow. "Well...I was eighteen. My third year at UA...I was interning with my master and Gran Torino, and we were on an island where we suspected All For One to be hiding...Really, he was there. My master defended us, and then she pushed me away when I wanted to help her... and Gran Torino grabbed me and started flying us away... I screamed for her so loud that I damaged my vocal cords for a few days after...But, I'll never forget the last thing she did." He pulled away slightly, "She pointed behind herself to me...and she said..." He choked up a little.

"What did she say...?" I massaged his shoulders to help him relax.

"S-She said...'All Might...I'm counting on you'...I'll never forget it." He hung his head. "She knew she was going to die, and I was helpless to stop it." 

Toshinori rested into my touch, "She sent you away to protect you...She wanted to make sure you'd be safe, so she sacrificed herself..." My expression softened with pity and understanding. 

"I know, I understand her reasoning...It just hurts...I felt so useless, and it's a feeling that I never wanted to feel again. I feel it...I feel it right now, and I have been off and on ever since I was injured." He hid his face into my neck, admitting to me all of his woes and troubles. 

"Toshi, I'm your wife...You can talk to me anytime about how you're feeling..." I pressed my lips to his forehead, my deepest hope at the moment being that he knew that. 

"I...I have doubts about so much. I have doubts about my ability as the Symbol of Peace...I have doubts about my relationship with you, because how could you love-"

"Toshinori Yagi, stop that right now." I furrowed my brows together, cupping his face into my palms so he had to look at me in the eyes. "Toshi,'re worthy of so much... You may hate how you look, be critical of yourself, even insecure about how much I love and cherish you, but you're worthy of love. You're so strong, and it doesn't matter what you can't do. Look at what you have done! So much good. You left your mark on humanity, and at the end of the day, you're still a hero both in a title and to me and so many people." 

He shook his head slightly, his bottom lip quivering. He hid his eyes down in my shirt, his long and skinny arms tangling around me. "I love you so much, dear...I couldn't ask for a better partner in life. I'm sorry." 

"Don't apologize, sunflower..." I hugged him tight and combed my fingers into the hair at the base of his neck. "You're my favorite person... I love everything about you, even if you don't love all of you." 

He rested his chin on my shoulder, not wanting to let go of me. 

"Physically...I love your hair...its golden and so beautiful and thick. Your eyes are stunning...they're like looking into a deep ocean. Even in this form, your body is perfect. Your scar is a sign of your fighting spirit. You're so strong and caring...I married you because I love you." I soothed his tense back muscles, studying the feeling of his imperfect, but fine by my standards. So perfectly imperfect. "I'm proud to be your wife. You've taught me so much, sunflower." 

"Like what?"

"To smile...even when I'm afraid." I smiled then, the thoughts of my own anxieties passing through my vision. Toshinori didn't have forever...every single day and every beat of his heart brought him closer and closer to the day he'd die. As far as I knew, he wasn't aware that I had eavesdropped on him and Sir Nighteye that day. Smile, smile, smile...trick the fear inside me even though it's making my heart smolder and catch fire with grief. 

"I'm sorry that I...we never had a child together back when I was healthy..." Toshinori chuckled softly, a little self-deprecating bitterness in his tone. "I know how much you wanted to start a family." 

"Wh-?! Toshi, we're a family. Sure, yeah, I wanted to try for a baby, but think about how harder it would have made keeping you and me a secret!" I shut my eyes, swallowing down a lump of tears, "Maybe we can try after you retire..." 

"But I'm all old and gross now, what's a kid going to think of me?" 

"That you're their father...that loves them and wants the best for them. And hey! You're not old or gross. You're only almost forty-eight...!" I giggled, pushing the bad thoughts that would need addressing to the back of my head. "I'm the one who has to dye her hair because of greying..." 

Toshinori let out a soft snicker, pulling his back to see his previously depressed eyes filled with a small ember of joy. He hummed and stared into my own eyes, only gratefulness, and affection. "You complete me, Y/n. I love you." 

"I love love, love, love, love you, Toshinori. Don't ever forget that." I leaned in to kiss him on the lips but remembered why he was in the bathroom in the first place. "Um...can you brush your teeth?" 

"Oh, yeah! My breath probably smells bad..." He scrambled to his feet and to the vanity. 

I stood and embraced him at the waist while he brushed and used mouth wash, "Let's get back to bed..." 

He bobbed his head, "I'm tired..."

"I'll hold you, tonight, big guy." I kissed him on the lips, standing on my tip-toes to reach him at his extremely tall height. 

Sunlight shone through the blinds...the spring air blew into the room and the birds chirped to indicate a new day. 

Toshinori stirred in my arms, rubbing his eyes with his thumbs. 

I opened a sleepy eye to look at him, "Good morning, Mr. Bed Head." 

He raised a quizzical eyebrow at me, "I always have bed-head, what are you talking about?" 

"Your hair is especially messy today, sunflower." I pressed my hand into it and kneaded it, making him scrunch his face up. 

"I'll see if I can brush it..." He sat up and pulled my head into his lap, his slender fingers circling my cheek. "Thanks for helping me last night, dear...You're beautiful." 

I blushed and fluttered my eyes closed again. "Thank you." 

"Beautiful, stunning, perfect-in-every-way, Y/n Yagi." He gave a lopsided smirk to me at my newly flustered state. 

"Stop, you're making me blush, Toshi...!" I breathily cackled, hiding my face behind my hands. 

"You make me blush all the time...payback." 

"Heroes don't do payback."

"All is fair in love and war."  

Chapter Text

The teachers' lounge was my abode for the day, it seemed. After the General Studies classes, I only had some paperwork to do and then I was free. It was a pleasant view from the window of the ocean as the end of the day drew near.

The hero course kids were all away on their internships. Midoriya was training One For All with Sorahiko, who admittedly had a better understanding of how to utilize it and its fundamentals than Toshinori since he was the helper of Shimura. No offense to my husband, but he was better at moral support than power-advice.

Some other news was stirring the nation in such an odd way. In a way like never before seen...

The villain that had injured Tenya Iida's older brother was apprehended by Endeavor... The Hero Killer: Stain. He was truly dangerous, and it was nothing short of relief that he'd be locked away in Tartarus forever. However, he was influential in his ideology.

A viral video hard surfaced, being taken down and put back up. It told of the killer's life and why he fought others to death for his view of a better society. When it was sent to my phone, I viewed it and found myself with goosebumps on the back of my neck.

With labored breath, he called, "ALL MIGHT IS WORTHY!"

Such intensity, hatred, and admiration.

The door slid open, making my heart lurch as I closed my phone and stuffed it into my pocket.

"I can't believe he was able to frighten someone like you, Gran Torino!" Toshinori was there, shutting the door behind him as he gave me an embarrassed wave.

I arched an eyebrow, sitting down on the couch and patting the cushion beside me. I mouthed, "Sorahiko?"

Toshinori nodded rigidly, "Uh, sir, Y/n is right here with me. We're alone, can she listen in?"

The answer must have been the affirmative because Toshinori placed his phone on the table with the speaker enabled.

"Hello, Y/n..." The man found me like a pleasant little daughter-in-law, his tone changing from serious to happy for a moment.

I smiled, even though he couldn't see me. I rubbed Toshinori's stiff arm, helping him relax while speaking to his former teacher. "Hi there, Sorahiko. So, what's this all about?"

"I was speaking to Toshinori about the Hero Killer...and how alike he is to Toshinori in some odd way. To put it simply, both of you two have charisma."

I hummed. It was a true statement...a little unnerving...

Sorahiko continued, "As the investigation continues, his ideology and opinions will be all over the media. Everyone'll wanna know his motives. This age we live in his run by suppression, whether that be for better or worse."

That video was everywhere... I was beginning to catch onto what he was implying.

"The Hosu incident suggests that Stain and the League of Villains are connected somehow. That means that the League will go from a bunch of juvenile delinquents who attacked being recognized as a group with an ideology."

With Shigaraki's goal to assassinate my husband, this could feed it more. Especially if this is so...there'd be more willing to do his bidding.

"Even if each individual is insignificant...if that evil gathers under one banner, it could swell to unstoppable proportions. If the villain in charge knew this would happen, then he is a brilliant strategist..."

Toshinori's weak muscles trembled, and his voice became uneasy as he opened his mouth to speak... "When I heard that the Nomu had multiple Quirks...I had a bad feeling. What if he's back?"

"Wait, the Nomu had multiple-?!" I cut myself off, my eyes bugging as the wave of realization and reality crashed on me. That monster did have more than one Quirk...I remember being concerned about that. Shock Absorption and Super Regeneration. How did he get more than one...? There was no way... No way. No, no, no... "It can't be..."

"You're concerned that it could be the man who killed Shimura, my sworn friend, your master, and the previous holder of One For All. The man who opened that hole in your stomach..."

My breath caught and tears came to my eyes.

"You're afraid the villain named All For One is on the rise again."

I covered my mouth. How could he have...What?! "This can't be happening..." I whispered.

"For him to had survived such injuries..." Toshinori looked at the table with an intensely fearful glare. He was afraid of the aspect of facing him again in his current state. If the villain could survive could he be defeated?

"Toshinori...That child admires you so wholly and fiercely. You should find the time to tell him everything concerning you and One For All. He deserves to know..."

The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I felt like I could cave in on myself from the deep pangs of fear coursing through my heart. My eyes were shut tightly as I hoped that this was all some cruel nightmare and that I'd wake up at home. That this was not the reality I was in.

I couldn't delude myself forever by denying the horrific truth. All For One was alive, and he was the one who aided in the orchestration of the League of Villains. He survived the destruction of his body, and he lived today, plotting and scheming. He knew about my relationship with Toshinori. He knew who I was. He knew...everything. He would come to take his revenge.

After the phone call ended, I held my head in my hands, standing and pacing, "You need to tall soon as possible." 

He gave a heavy nod, "As soon as he returns." 

The weight of the couch beside me felt like a ton. Toshinori's presence was overpowering as always, but something felt different. He was clearly overwhelmed with emotion, reworking how to tell the tale in a way that made sense to his successor. The way his own master might have told him when he was young. 

The sunset in the distance created bright orange and pink streaks across the clouds. The scene looked like a painting of a world exclusively full of peace. Toshinori was here as the Symbol of Peace, but he was dripping with discord and nervous thoughts. The peace of this world was shaking in his shoes. 

"He's a smart child, Toshinori...He'll understand what this means." I placed a cup of tea across from him, hot and ready for Izuku to enjoy while we spoke. 

My husband closed his eyes and tilted his head to the ground, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees, "It's a huge responsibility, especially for a kid his age. I remember how I felt...I was scared. I was awfully scared about the future. With what All For One did to me, I don't want him to feel the same fear..." 

I sympathetically rubbed the side of his waist where his scar was, "He's brave as well...he'll understand the implications."

Within moments, the door slid open to show the young man. The intensely serious look on my face and the solemnness of his master's head hung low made him grow uneasy. 

When he sat, Toshinori instigated the conversation, "I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you from the Hero Killer..." 

"Oh no, it's fine." Izuku sat up straight on the stool. 

"We're glad you weren't hurt severely," I interjected, gesturing to the hot tea in front of him. 

He smiled, leaning down to take the cup into his hand, sipping it. 

Toshinori nodded in agreement, raising his head, "I heard-" he licked his pointer finger, "the Hero Killer got a lick of your blood." 

"Yeah...his Quirk allowed him to temporarily paralyze someone if he ingested their blood," Midoriya explained as if he remembered every detail about the Quirk. What a photographic memory. 

"Huh..." I knew it had to be something along those lines. That's what everyone had been previously theorizing. 

" you know what I said to you...what I did to give you my power?" Toshinori asked. 

Comically, the boy mimicked Toshinori's signature expression of his hero form, deepening his voice to match my husband's. "Eat this!"

"No, not that!" Toshinori almost scolded. 

I stifled a laugh...the impression was spot-on. 

Toshi huffed, "I said the key was in my DNA..." 

Midoriya stood up, swiftly placing the cup on the table to avoid spilling it, "Whoa, wait! Don't tell me the Hero Killer as One For All now!!!" 

"No! He doesn't!" Toshinori shook his head. 

Oh, that never occurred to me...the way the power was given from DNA to couldn't be taken, that's what made it odd. 

"Well, I didn't cross your mind. One For All can only be passed down if you, the bearer, intends to pass it along. It can't just be taken by force. I can be transferred by force, though..." Toshinori gave a strange example of a girl forcing a boy to eat chocolate. Izuku took exception to that and then he continued...proceeding with a matter of its origins.

"One For All was derived from another odd Quirk; a power that's very old. The name of that Quirk is All For One. The Quirks allows its user to take Quirks from others. The user can keep them for himself or give them to other people." 

"All For One...? Like...everything for one person?" He mumbled, keeping his wide eyes trained into Toshinori's. 

"Back when society was first starting to deal with the emergence of Quirks, it became impossible to say what it meant to be a normal person. Laws and civil rights were hotly debated...civilization stalled...society decayed. During this chaotic time arose one man who aimed to unite all the people. He went by the name of his power, All For One. He stole Quirks from people, and with his overwhelming influence, became the leader of villains and ruled over Japan." 

I had heard this story from my husband many times before...I great tale of the past, one not known by many due to its shameful history. 

Izuku was just now learning the story, as it had been covered up by the government. "What does this have to do with One For All?"

"I said that he could give Quirks to others remember? He made people trust him or submit to his will by altering their abilities. Some Quirks merged and combined with already existing powers. There were some poor souls who couldn't bear the burden of the power given to them, and they became like mindless living dolls who couldn't speak...Just like the Nomus are." 

Midoriya seemed to be understanding, a visible jolt of fear jutting across his expression. 

"This evil man had a Quirkless younger brother. He was small and sickly, but he had a strong sense of justice. It pained him to see the way his brother acted... he decided to pass a Quirk onto his sibling, one that could stockpile power. It's unknown if it was a gift he was giving to his brother, or if he was trying to force him to submit."

Izuku's eyes widened, "Wait, don't tell me..."

"Yes! Even though everyone thought he was Quirkless, the younger brother did have a Quirk. It was useless, but it allowed him to pass on Quirks." Toshinori gloriously stuck his arms out, careful to avoid accidentally striking me as I sat beside him, "And so, the stockpiling ability merged with the younger brother's power. And how One For All came to be." 

Every time I heard it, the story sent a shiver down my spine. 

"It's justice always spawns from evil." Toshinori slouched his shoulders. 

"Wait, this happened a long time ago, so this bad guy must be long-dead by now, right?" Midoriya asked.

"He can steal Quirks...that leaves very little limits. There are Quirks that halt aging, so he probably stole one of those. The Symbol of Evil was pretty much immortal. With the differences in their abilities, the younger brother decided to entrust his Quirk to future generations, hoping that one day it would be powerful enough to stop his sibling. Then, it was my turn, and I was able to defeat All For One..." Toshinori stood up and looked out of the window. I got up and placed a hand on his shoulder, "at least, that's what I thought, but he survived. Now he's back in action as the brain behind the League of Villains." 

The sun dipped further and further below the horizon and the streamers of warm color. 

My husband frowned at the view, "One day you might have to face this great evil yourself...because I failed. I hope you-!" 

"I'll do my best!" Midoriya's voice cut through, making the two of us turn around to look at the green-haired boy's determination flooding from his vision. "I'll do anything you ask of long as your with me, there's nothing I can't do. I know you'll have my back!" 

Toshinori's whole body became rigid under his suit jacket. His expression...his mouth opening, and his shaking hand covering it for a moment as if he was holding back a shriek. He sad suddenly. 

"Thank you..." Toshinori uttered, swallowing down whatever he was feeling. 

He went to see the boy out, leaving me by the window for a few minutes. What did that mean...? I attempted to understand why Toshinori acted the way he did...

The sun's setting was growing closer. Every second that ticked on brought deeper shades of red and was bringing on the night. 

This image helped me realize. It was growing closer to the end of my Toshinori's reign with One For All... that the end of his era was drawing soon. I remembered Sir Nighteye's prediction, and tears came to fill my eyes. 

Toshinori's inevitable death would prevent him from being there for his pupil. 

The small tears were hot and burning as I sobbed into my hands. 

The door opened behind me again, and Toshinori's reflection in the glass of the window jumped when he heard my hitching cry. "Y/n, what's wrong?" He ran up to me and took my shoulders. 

"Th-that boy is so devoted to you. He's too innocent to know the truth, sunflower." I felt him wrap his arm around me and pull me into a comforting embrace. I latched onto him like he'd slip away from reality in front of me. "You won't be around forever..."

His silence made me aware that I was right. 

"I have a secret...years ago when I went with you to your agency...I overheard a conversation between you and Sir Nighteye. I know all about...all about his prediction of your demise..." I shook my head, the wetness on my cheeks soaking his dress shirt. 

"Oh, my weren't supposed to know that...I never wanted you to know." He tipped my face up to look at his. His lip wobbled as if he was about to cry as well, "I didn't want you to be hurt by that terrible truth..." 

"It hurts..." I blinked out more white-hot tears. "I don't want to lose's so selfish of me, but I can't imagine my life without you. The thought of you dying rips my heart into tiny little pieces..." 

His hands took the sides of my face, his bony thumbs ghosting over my cheeks to wipe away my tears. "It's not selfish, dear... I can't imagine my life without you, either. I'm sorry that I put so much on your shoulders as my wife..."

"No, no...I'd do anything for you, sunflower..." 

Sunflowers wilt when there is no sun. Sunflowers are always facing the light, ignoring the dark except when it leaves them. The fire inside of him was fading rapidly...and it would be snuffed out soon. 

"I'll cherish every moment I spend with you..." He combed my hair in his fingers, smiling down at me with reassurance. 

A sad smile came to my face, and I sniffled, nodding my head. "Let's go on a date after school today, alright?" 

"That sounds amazing..." 


Chapter Text

My parents hadn't seen Toshinori since before his fight with All For One, and he was nervous to show his weakened form to the in-laws for sure. He bounced his leg anxiously under the table, noticeably making the drinks jitter on the surface. 

I leaned in and whispered, "I don't think you realize how strong you are even when not using your Quirk, sunflower." 

He blushed and pressed his palm to his knee, giving my mom and dad an awkward, lopsided smile. 

"So,'s the broken leg?" My father had been fed the same stretched-truth at the time. 

"'s better. I can walk on it, as you saw." He had hardly touched his food, his appetite depleted from his injury. He coughed into his hand, a little blood coming out, and he gave me a positively frightened look. 

"Oh goodness, are you alright?! Is that blood!?" My mom gasped.

"Do you need to go to a hospital?!" Dad rested his chopsticks down and stood up. 

I looked up at him and then to my mother and father, and back. I gave my husband a sympathetic look. "We wanted to tell you something...regarding Toshinori's injury." 

Toshinori was as stiff as a board. He was unbearably shaken by what they'd say when they saw his true form. I grabbed onto his clean hand, "It's okay, Toshi..." I rubbed my tired eyes, giving him a reassuring smile. 

He sighed inwardly, "I'm sorry that we didn't make you aware of this...but my injury was far more than a broken leg."

"Is that why you're coughing up blood?" 

"Yes...I've been in and out of the hospital for months. The fight I was in was nearly fatal...a blow to my side left the doctors no choice but to use extreme surgeries to remove my left lung and my entire stomach...I can only manage to eat extremely small amounts of food at a time." 

I remembered the moment in the hospital when all of this was revealed to me. I closed my eyes and saw the image of him, reading in low oxygen levels and an intubation tube in his throat for a week as he restabilized after a difficult surgery. 

"God, Toshinori, that's do you still look healthy?" My mom looked extremely concerned. 

"I'm Quirk is able to hide the fact I look like this. I can only look like this for about four hours a day... speaking of which, my time is almost up...I hope it won't alarm you." Toshinori stood up and took a napkin from under his almost full plate. He pressed it to his lips and let go of his strong hero form. The puff of steam dissipated, leaving my sunflower there in his true, skeletal form. 

"Wh-?! Whoa, look like a..." My father wrapped an arm around my mother, who looked like she could faint. 

"Deadman?" Toshi chuckled bitterly, sitting back down as he wiped the crimson blood from his lips. "Yeah, I feel like one some days, too...But Y/n has been helping me more than she should have to... I feel bad for how much grief I've put her through." He pulled me into his side. 

I nodded, brushing one of his bangs from his face, "He's perfect the way he is...but the stress of the last few months can't be seen by the rest of the world, so please, don't tell anyone."

"Why would we tell anyone? Your mother and I managed to keep the secret of your marriage for years! We can keep this one, too. We promise we won't let it slip, okay?" My father got up, patting my husband's back apologetically. "Your secret is safe with your family, Toshinori."

"Thank you, Mr. L/n." 

"I thought I told you to call me dad?" 

Toshinori flushed and laughed softly, "Alright...thank and dad." 

"Jeez, it's like you haven't been married to my daughter for nearly eleven years!" Dad laughed hardily. 

The flower shop was where mom spent most of her days since dad was abducted. It gave her time to herself and a place to cope with the loss of him. I was the technical owner since he vanished, but mom owned half of the income, so she could come in and work whenever she wanted as far as I'm concerned. Anything for my mother...

Toshinori and I entered the shop, and he gave a fond smile at the old window he had falcon-punched a villain through the day we met. 

"Hi, mom. Toshi and I are here!" I flipped the open sign on the door to closed, hoping for a private conversation with her. 

She perked up from the display she was working at, her neutral expression becoming happy. 

"Hello, you two!" She ran to us and hugged us both. 

I felt guilty that I hadn't spent more time with her these last few weeks since our loss. It made seeing her that much harder... but we had important matters to discuss today. 

"Toshinori, have you put on weight?" She joked, gesturing to his slender appearance. "Also, stop slouching, your back will get a hump!" 

He smirked, "I wish I could put weight on in this form...and okay, I'll try." He was truly a tall man, and it was even more noticeable in this form rather than his hero form. It looked natural for a man with as much muscle as him to be that tall...but he became a walking bean poll in this one. 

"I got your wanted to talk about something?" She removed her apron, hanging it on a hook behind the counter. 

"Yes, we do..." I took Toshinori's hand and nodded once. "Can we go to the back room to talk?"

Mom took us back there and set up three chairs. 

"How goes teaching at UA?" She started, pressing her hands together like the cute old lady she was. 

"Very good!"

"Yes, it's great!"

"We were actually going to talk about that...why we both chose to become teachers there, I mean." 

That was only part of the reasoning. After a long talk about it, Toshinori and I decided to tell my mother the truth of One For All. She was trustworthy for sure. A chilling detail from Naomasa made us officially push to this. We heard that he had probable cause that the League of Villains had something to do with my father's disappearance. If she was in danger, she had a right to know why and by what threat. 

"Oh, do tell!"

"Well, Toshinori wanted to be there for a young man he was training...I'm sure you saw the green-haired boy named Midoriya on TV in the Sports Festival?" I reclined back in my chair. 

"Oh, that poor boy! Such a painfully destructive Quirk! But yes...I know who you're talking about." She said. 

Toshinori leaned forward, elbows on his knees. He looked like a giant in this small was almost comical. "I was training him because I selected him for something...We put in a lot of time thinking about this, but you deserve to know the truth..."

Mom raised an eyebrow and cocked her head, "Huh?"

"You know Naomasa Tsukauchi, right? He's the lead investigator on dad's missing person case, and he found a few details that led us to do this. He said that dad might have been taken by the organization that assailed UA during the class we were teaching."

Her interested yet sad expression broke my heart, but Toshinori pushed on. 

"We know why they might have taken dad..." He took her hand, the gentle side of his heroic nature showing on his face. "And we want to make sure you're aware and safe..."

"Why did they take him...?" She uttered, biting the inside of her lip.

"Because their leader has a bone to pick with me, to say the least...He wants us to suffer. His name is All For One, and he's the man who opened the hole in my side." 

"He's dangerous...and he can steal people's Quirks to use for himself. However, Toshinori has been combating him since he became a pro-hero! We thought he was dead, but he apparently survived the injuries from their fight almost six years ago...This isn't the first time All For One's done something like this, presumably." I took her other hand, reviewing all of Toshinori's tales of previous holders' distress in family much each of them sacrificed, especially Nana Shimura.

"He murdered my teacher right before me when I was young...he's been around for more than a hundred years, and he's willing to kill again. The reason being an age-halting Quirk...but he's after us because of the power I other words, my Quirk." Toshi hated telling just anyone this story, but mom needed to know. 

"Your Quirk is so strong! You managed to injure him, so I can see why he has a grudge... But why against your whole family?" She showed alarmed. 

"Well, he wants me to suffer...and those who are around me to burn...! This Quirk was given to me by someone else, meant to defeat him...I guess it's better explained that way." Toshinori shrugged uneasily, adjusting the collar of his baggy dress shirt. 

Mom paused, staring straight at us with eyes as wide as dinner plates and her lips drawn into a small cringe. "Oh makes a surprising amount of sense...?" She stammered off, shaking her head and giving a nervous laugh. She sighed out a groan, "What an evil old bastard...thinks he can mess with our family...!" 

"Mom!" I couldn't help but laugh. 

"Well, it's true, Y/n...!" She reached and took my husband by the shoulders. "Listen here, Toshinori, my son...I want you, the next time you see this All For One, to smash his sorry old ass into the ground as hard as you can!" 

"A-Ah! I will, ma'am! I will!" He faltered, a wobbly grin on his thin lips. 

"Call me mom, deary!" 

"Oh yeah...I will, mom!" 

"What a day..." Toshinori threw his coat over the arm of the chair, stretching his hands over his head. "A stressful one, too...I'm glad your mother reacted the way she did..." 

"Me, too..." I removed the mask from my face I used to disguise myself while on our commute home. 

"I think I wanna go to bed..." He rubbed his eye on the back of his large hand. 

"Yeah...Let's go get changed into something more comfortable..." I chuckled, yanking on his tie lightly to kiss him lovingly.

He mumbled against my lips, "I love you..."

"Mm...I love you, too, sunflower..." I combed my fingers slowly down his chest. "I have a better more activity before we go to bed..." 

His face became hotter than the surface of the sun, probably. "O-Oh...? Show me the way, pretty lady..." 

Chapter Text

I woke up from what was supposed to be an early turn-in night for Toshinori and me to see him pulling his day clothes on frantically. I rubbed my eyes, "Toshi, what's going on?" 

"Something happened, and I'm needed at the police station...Tsukauchi said Young Midoriya was held hostage by Tomura Shigaraki while shopping today." He noticeably sweated, looping his belt around his waist. 

"Wh-What!? Is he okay?" I threw the tangled blankets off my legs and dashed to the dresser to find my pants. 

"Physically, yes...Thank goodness." He shook his head, resting his hand on my shoulder. "I won't be a long time...Please, go back to sleep." 

I shook my head, "No, sunflower, let me come with you." I had already finished getting dressed, "I care for that boy as much as you and I won't be able to sleep until I see he's alright." I probably almost started crying. 

He sighed, his eyes dropping to the floor for a moment as he contemplated, reaching for his wallet and car keys with one hand and to cup my cheek with the other. "Okay...okay, alright come with me... Don't forget your mask, I don't have enough energy to transform." 

I felt a little bad for intruding, but I grabbed my bag and the mask, looping the strings around my ears in record time. 

The officer sent for us was quick to deliver us to the town's police station, where I followed right next to my Toshinori and removed the mask. 

The young man looked surprised to see us, "All Might?! Mrs. Yagi?! But how?" He walked fasted to us as my husband smiled in contentment. 

I released a breath, calming myself at the sight of his health. 

Toshi pressed a large palm into the boy's hair, making his face scrunch up. "What a glad you're okay..."

I pat the side of his face with affection. "We're so happy nothing worse happened..."

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there to protect you and the others..." Toshi trailed off, removing his hand and taking mine, a flash of pink coming to my cheeks at his uncharacteristic public display of affection. 

"It's fine..." Izuku had some assurance in his voice, but also contemplation. He furrowed his eyebrows together and peered upwards to his mentor. "H-hey, All Might?"

"Yes, what is it?" 

"Do you ever have times...where you can't save all the people that you want to?" 

The question seemed to pause time for a second from my point of view. Such a heavy...loaded inquiry. Shigaraki probably planted the seeds of this thought. I saw Toshinori's sunken face change from relief and slight-joy to one of somber and solemn regret.

"Yes, I do...and often." He seemed straightforward. 

He carried that shame on his shoulders, sometimes coming to me so I could hold him and let him try to forget the lost souls he had failed to save from terrible villains and the reality of the world in which we live in time. It was something I knew all too well...

Izuku looked shaken for a moment before Toshinori continued, turning his head to the vast cosmos above, leading for my eyes to become affixed to them as well. 

"Someone could be injured and calling out for my help anywhere in the world right now and I would never know about it. I know it's frustrating...but we're only human. There are always going to be people beyond our reach that we can't protect." He paused, his intense stare softening, "But, that's all the more reason to stand tall and that Symbol of Justice is always there...even when I can't be. A flicker in people's hearts, whether they be a hero or a villain." 

I had never heard this conclusion from him...It sounded heartfelt, and it made my lips part much like his student's with awe at the gravity of it. A harsh reality...but an optimistic feeling surely came over the both of us. 

Naomasa grinned softly from behind Izuku, stepping forward. "The kid's worried about what Shigaraki said, but that was likely the villain's resentment talking-!" His resentment for my husband... "All Might here as never failed to save someone after arriving at an emergency." 

That darkened aspect was on Toshi's face again, and I could only wonder...I squeezed his hand and recognized the motion of him easing up a little into the gesture. 

"Think we got everything we need, so you're good..." Naomasa told Midoriya.

On the other end of the outside corridor was a short and stout middle-aged woman. She had green hair, a worried and mortified gaze of a mother in her eyes. My own eyes widened as I realized she was this child's poor mother... "Izuku...?"


"Izuku!" She pitched forward to her dear son, taking his arm into her trembling grasp, "My baby... I can't do this anymore... I don't think my heart can handle another scare..." She took her cloth, crying into it with grief. 

I saw Toshinori glance at me as I stared on at the scene while the boy profusely apologized to his mother while she sobbed and hugged him. Three different and equally strange attitudes settled into my gut. The first was amazement. 

This woman was just like me. She was always worrying about someone. She was stressing over losing her precious and dear son...and I was constantly fussing over my sunflower. Relation.

I felt like I knew her from somewhere. She looked oddly familiar, but my head spun with so much that it was probably impossible to place it while standing here watching this scene. Recognition.

I pressed a hand to my lower stomach with subtlety. Her display of maternal concern reminded me of myself in another way; I remembered how badly I wanted to be a mother myself. How much I itched to hold a baby that I could call mine and Toshinori's, watch them grow, teach them, and love them with only a love parents could give. Yearning...

They made their leave for their home, and I was left on the curb trying to suppress the emotions working in my head. 

"This time it appears to have been a coincidental meeting, but there's still a pretty big possibility that he or another student could be targeted in the future. You two might have to consider leaving UA..." Naomasa suggested. 

I chuckled bitterly and slumped my shoulders, and Toshinori rubbed the back of his neck, "But we've barely gotten started..."

"The school might have to take drastic measures to ensure the students' safety..." our detective friend looked towards the night sky, "All For One again...this time we have to capture him..." 

Toshinori nodded heavily, turning his gaze to the same. So did I. 

That feeling of relation turned into a jolt of realism when he said, "One more fight..." 

An inevitable showdown between the two enemies...All For One and One For All would have to do battle once more soon, and only one would walk away this time. 

"I'm counting on you again, Tsukauchi."


We laid in bed, and it was obvious the two of us were wide awake with our eyes trained on the unmoving ceiling. 

"Are you awake, Y/n?" Toshinori wanted to confirm the obvious.

"No..." I joked, feeling one of his long arms tangle around me and pull him closer to his chest. 

"Me neither..." he buried his face into my messy hair, a chuckle rumbling through his weakened body. 


"You want a baby, don't you...?"

I shot up in surprise, my forehead bumping with his chin. He coughed blood into his hand, "Ouch!"

"Sorry, sorry! I-I just didn't expect you say that...!" I pushed my hair from my face, tangling my fingers in it. He really did pay attention to my body language...

"I didn't mean to be invasive or startle you with the question..." He reached for the tissue box and cleaned off his hand, rinsing his mouth with the water bottle on his nightstand. 

I let my hands fall into my lap, lying back down flat on my back. "I've always wanted a baby...I've always wanted to be a mother...But, you know how I felt about having a child for the majority of our marriage this far...when you were injured, that thought was put on the backburner. Now, it's starting to come back full swing... I'm almost too old to have kids, so I guess it might be my last bout of hormones telling me to do it while I still have time... while we still have time..." 

Toshinori huffed from his nose, opening his mouth to speak before holding it back. He simply cuddled into me again and closed his eyes. 

"With All For One pretty much confirmed to still be out there and out for blood...I'm so torn."

"I'm torn, too...Because I want to be a father...but I'm also forced to be a realist rather than an idealist. He could hurt you and a baby...I won't have this power to protect you and the world forever..." He sighed, "But...wasn't it you who told me not to live in fear of him constantly...?" 

I remembered our wedding night, how I laid on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. How I told him to be strong...and be happy in light of the darkness hanging over us. I pressed my ear to his chest and heard that rhythmic thumping. 

I relaxed then and only then, "'re right..."

He smiled as he kissed my forehead, "When the students go away on their training camp trip in a few weeks...we can start trying for a baby if you want." 

I felt the corners of my lips pull into a large grin, a quiet laugh escaping my lungs. I nodded a few times.

"It's a date." 



Chapter Text

I hung around in the teachers' offices, my pen writing symbols of approval and correction on the chemistry finals from the previous week. No one failed! The lowest grade was from Denki Kaminari, and even then it was only an 80. Momo Yaoyorozu and Itsuka Kendo each shared the top spot with 104. It was wonderful; it made me feel like my novice teaching methods were working!

I entered the grades into their report cards, smiling as I hit the send button on my computer.

I leaned back into my chair and stretched my hands above my head, filled with happiness and excitement of the future. A future with my husband and a greatly possible child. Even if it was a short one, I appreciated the time I had.

The sliding door opened, the figure walking in none other than Toshinori himself. "Ugh...staying in my muscle form for a long time is excruciating..."

"Hi, dear...We'll definitely have to take a break for a few days, huh?" I looked up at him and his get-up made me sputter and bust out laughing. "Sunflower, what are you wearing!?"

The outfit was green cargo shorts with a black shirt, yet with spiky shoulder pads, black fingerless gloves, and a horned mask under his arm. He chortled tiredly, the table shaking as he placed the mask down on it beside his computer.

"Is that your villain costume? For the exercises with the students?" I stood and played with the spikes while giggling.

"Yeah...that was comical today, if only you were there. Asui almost made me break character at the beginning." He chuckled, entering his password on his computer in order to read any emails he might have had. "What are you doing, love?"

"I just finished with all of my grading for the semester and responded to all the emails from students...teacher stuff." I hugged him and grinned up at him.

He hummed, "Oh, that's right...I had an email to check out."

"Oh?" I let go of him and stood behind his chair as he sat down at his computer. I rested my chin on top of his head, his ragged hair dusting across my cheeks and chin.

"It's from Melissa." He clicked on it.

I perked up even more with glee. "Melissa!? What's it say?"

Toshinori cleared his throat and read it aloud for me to hear. "Dear Uncle Might...It's been such a long time! Melissa Shield, here. I bet you're surprised to get a message from me. I'm writing to you because I-Expo will be held in I-Island soon, where Papa and I live! Schools in Japan are on summer vacation right now, right? You and Auntie Y/n  should come to see Papa! I'll send you both a formal invitation to the Expo later... A Japanese hero who fought villains while studying abroad reunites with his American friend after so many years. Don't you think it sounds dramatic?

P.s: This is a surprise. He'll be so shocked if you show up out of the blue! Can you imagine the look on his face when he sees you again?"

Toshinori looked up at me, reminiscing of his youngest days while living in America. I hadn't seen David or Melissa since before Toshi's injury while on vacation to I-Island!

An email pinged on my phone, and I opened it to see it was a copy of the tickets for the Expo. "Melissa sent us the tickets! There's three of them!"


"Yeah! Why don't we take Midoriya with us? I mean, introduce him to important people from your past. Plus, he's probably wanted to go to the I-Expo for years!" I pat his back, "It's in two days, but we can go to the preview if we leave tonight!"

Toshinori smiled, nodding once and opening his own phone, "I'll dial up my pilot and see if we can get him to fly us overnight! If that's the case, let's go home and speed-pack!" 

"Suprise vacation!!" I excitedly yelled, shaking the back of his chair with laughter.

He swayed with the force, unclipping the heavy material from his villain outfit. 

I smirked, bumping my hip into him when he stood, "You should bring that home during training camp weak...maybe we could do a little...roleplay?" 

A deep red blush covered him from forehead to collar, and he dribbled blood down his chin. "O-okay...yeah, I-I'd like that." 

I was satisfied with my ability to still make him flush the way he did. He was so self-conscious these days that it became even easier for compliments to land. Everything was genuine about how I felt, so that also packed a sucker-punch of love. 

I felt the heavy body weight of my husband lean into me in the last few hours of our flight. He was out cold but had a dim little smile across his thin lips. I wonder what he was dreaming about...

I sighed as his heat covered me like a security blanket. 

Izuku looked over at me and held back laughter with his hand. 

"He's cute, isn't he?" I glanced up at Toshinori and back to the boy. 

"He's a really heavy sleeper!" He whispered, resting his pencil in the binder of the notebook he was writing in. 

I nodded lightly as not to disturb Toshinori's slumber. "He's always been...I guess that training exercise tired him out. He's always tired these days...ever since his accident." I frowned and clasped my hand around Toshi's. 

"How did you do it?" Izuku uttered, shaking his head. 

"Do what?" 

"Not break down...not lose your mind over All Might's injury and his health? Isn't it stressful?" The boy made a valid point by asking this...There were only a few explanations, and all rooted back to one simple truth. 

"I worry like crazy over his health. I know he's the Symbol of Peace...but sometimes I just wish he was a man with lesser responsibilities. I wish he cared more about himself..." I brushed my fingers over his knuckles. "But...I'm mainly fine with all of it because I knew he'd pull through...I knew he'd have trouble, but I was more than willing to care for him because I love him."

Izuku huffed out of his nose, smiling while looking down upon on the world below from the window. "It's amazing to know All Might has someone like you in his life..."

A grin tugged at the corners of my lips, "I'd say that it's been a happy marriage...even when we were hiding it from everyone. How'd you react when you found out All Might was married?"

He snorted, "I was ten...I thought you were cool even then. Though, I do remember being confused as to why you and he came out about that when you did. Now I know it was because you thought All For One was dead..."

"I think the reason we managed to not succumb to fear was the fact we never had any fights." It was true. A philosophy we discovered early in our relationship was probably what made it last this long. 

"You guys never fought?" 

"Not while we were married. When we were dating-maybe a few months before we got engaged- I got mad at him for something stupid...I think he broke something in our kitchen on accident. I hadn't had a good day or something, so I yelled at him and we fought for a few hours...silent treatment. Then, we proposed that we shouldn't argue over stupid things. If we were to argue, it would be serious issues only. Most of the important things in our life are able to be spoken about with civility, however. Since we've had a lot of strife in the last few years, you may think we've had a lot of fights...but no, most things we agree on. And all of our little disagreements are settled with banter." I explained, watching his expression change to one of understanding. 

"Wow...that's a cool philosophy." The boy blushed softly and looked at his thumbs in his lap. 

"Cali...fornia...smash..." Toshi mumbled in between snores. 

Izuku and I locked eyes for a few seconds, then we each busted out laughing. I covered my mouth while my lungs made my chest spasm at how funny that was. 

"I wonder what he's dreaming about..." I wiped my eye from the tears of hilarity. 

We were landing soon, the sun rising over the ocean...we'd wake him up a little before. Sweet dreams, Toshinori. 


Chapter Text

The summer air gusted into my hair when we entered customs. The high-class security system scanned the three of us, our profiles coming up on the wall to analyze. I yawned and slugged my backpack around my shoulders. 

Izuku pranced forward like a kid in a candy store. Well, I do admit, the island was amazingly decorated with the newest technology and bright colors for those attending the expo. He was like a puppy-made-human with his bright glowing eyes. I stifled a giggle, linking my arm around Toshinori's. "They really went all-out, huh?"

"I'm surprised there are this many people here before the expo even officially open to the public!" Toshinori exclaimed, his eyes widening for a moment as we each scanned the crowd. 

"The pictures of this place don't do it justice!" Izuku said excitedly. 

"Unlike back in Japan, people are allowed to use their Quirks however they wish on this island. The pavilions are jam-packed with attractions and demonstrations. Make some time for them later!" Toshinori was definitely freeing up some time for him to spend with his friend. I couldn't wait to see him and Melissa! 

"Oh, that's right! I totally forgot about the Quirk use thing here." I hummed thoughtfully, "I'll probably be going to some too, so you can spend time with good old Davey." 

Toshinori flashed a grateful glance to me as he checked his phone for the address of our hotel. "The hotel should be around here somewhere..."

An employee of the expo came up to us, "Hi, welcome to I-Expo...I- Oh my gosh! Is that you, All Might!?"  her eyes flashed with awe and wonderment, her shriek attracting the attention of almost every person in the area. 

"Uh-oh..." I whispered under my breath. My head spun and my grip on my husband's arm tightened. The crowds came rushing in like tidal waves, and Toshi knew the drill. He swept me up and sat me on his shoulder so I could avoid the swarms of reporters and fans, laughing hardily all the while. 

"Mrs. Yagi, what brings you and your husband to I-Island?" A reporter extended a microphone up to me, being jostled by the fans. 

"We're, uh...we got invited! A thankful break in teaching for summer vacation has allowed us to come and visit a few scientist friends!" I answered in my best English for the media, my vision catching sight of the poor Izuku being elbowed in the face and disregarded by the people. "Oh goodness, that's our student!" I over-exaggerated my worry, my hope being that the people around us would be willing to help him out a bit.  

What a fun little situation...Well, this is the consequence of being around and married to the Number One Hero!

"Oh wow...I didn't think we'd get stopped for so long!" Toshinori winced as my jealous wife aura surrounded me while I scrubbed various shades of lipstick off of his face and neck with a makeup remover wipe. 

"Too long, too many fangirls..." I hissed, glaring at the wipe, that irrational feeling swarming my brain and clouding my judgment. I was still on his shoulder, straddling it to better reach the extra-pigmented colors. 

"I'm afraid we're in terrible danger of being late!" Toshinori set me down when I was done. 

"Late? Late for what?" Izuku stood up from slouching in exhaustion from being pummeled by fans.

"Oh yeah, we didn't tell him!" I tucked the wipe into my pocket to throw out later. 

"Ah! we wanted to drop in on a dear old pal of ours whom we haven't seen in quite a while!" Toshinori turned to him. "Sorry to spring it on you, but would you mind coming along?" 

The boy lit up once again, "You mean I get to meet one of your friends? Obviously, of course, I'll go!" 

Toshinori leaned in, resting a hand on my back to have me come in closer as well. "By the way, I haven't told him about One For All, or how I passed it on to you, Young Midoriya. It was just a reminder, as well, dear..."

I nodded. Good, he told me, I almost totally forgot that Dave was unaware of the Quirk's nature. 

"Whoa, not even your close friend knows?" Izuku seemed surprised.

"That's because danger seems to follow anyone who knows the truth about my power." Toshinori brought a finger to his lips as if he were shushing us. 

"Oh yeah, I see..."

"The reason I know is because All Might told me back at a time when it would be safer for me to know." I laced my fingers together, "Even though I'm his wife, I was able to lay low enough and be considered just a face in the crowd, unlike our friend..."

Dave was extremely well-known as a world-class inventor and scientist here, and all around the globe. He would have been an easy target, but I was just a nobody from a big city in Japan with a little flower shop to hide in. 

My thoughts were jumbled off of the topic the instant I heard the sound of a spring. I turned my sights with Toshinori and Izuku to see a figure bouncing down the stairs on a pogo stick. Her long blonde hair gusted up and down with her. 

Toshinori chuckled, and the corners of my lips pulled my mouth into a wide grin. 

"There you are, Uncle and Auntie! Finally!" She threw herself over the bars and flew directly into Toshinori's arms, the three of us laughing joyously. "Oh my gosh, it's been forever...I can't believe you guys are actually here!" 

"We're grateful for the invitation! I almost didn't recognize you! Where did you go and get so grown up!?" Toshinori teased. 

"Well, I am seventeen now. Much heavier now than the last time you saw me!" She giggled as Toshinori lifted her higher with ease. 

"Are you? No!" 

"Toshi, put her down." I crossed my arms jokingly, "I need to hug my niece, too!" 

"Aw...okay, dear." 

I didn't expect her to drop into my embrace, and I grunted as she squealed. Though, I laughed and wrapped my arms around her. "You've grown into such a beautiful young woman, Melissa! So happy you invited us!"

"Thank you, Auntie Y/n! I knew Papa would be so excited to see you guys, I couldn't help but send those invites out! You two are looking well as always!" 

Only if you knew about your Uncle, dear Melissa... 

"And Dave...where's he hiding?" Toshinori looked around. 

"Oh, he's in his lab. He had a breakthrough on some research he's been focusing on for years! Actually, he has no idea you two are here. This is just a little surprise to celebrate his work!" She explained gleefully.

"So that's what this is about!" I stood beside him, holding his hand. 

"Give us the scoop, what's he cooking up this time?" Toshinori said. 

"He said it's confidential. He won't even tell me what he's doing." Melissa shrugged. 

"Psh..." I rolled my eyes.

"Scientists and their secrets..." Toshi shook his head, and we both noticed the awkwardness of Midoriya. "Oh right, Young Midoriya. Allow me to introduce to our friend Dave's daughter."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Melissa Shield." She reached out her hand to shake his. 

He mumbled something, looking a little relieved. 

"Hmm? What was that?" Melissa asked. 

"Oh, nothing!" He politely removed his glove and shook her hand, "Hi, it's really nice to meet you. I'm a first-year student at UA High School, Izuku Midoriya!" 

"In the hero course? So that's how you know Uncle Might and Auntie Y/n!" 

"Yeah, I'm their student!" 

"He'll be a great pro one day!" Toshinori rested a hand on my shoulder, and I nodded in absolute agreement. 

Melissa sighed thoughtfully, "I can't believe I'm meeting someone that Uncle Might teaches! You must have a promising future!" She edged herself closer, inspecting the shy kid's costume. 

"W-Well I hope so...I still have a lot to learn...!" He stammered, blushing profusely as she eyed the fabrics. 

"So, what kind of Quirk do you have?" She questioned. 

"I-It's a-a-a power type!" He managed.

I covered my mouth and tried not to laugh aloud as I tapped Toshinori while they dicussed. 

In a hushed voice, I said, "He's get's so flustered around girls...He's a lady-magnet, huh?" 

Toshinori had to stifle his snort with clear of his throat, hoping to save the boy from further embarrassment. "Melissa, shall we?"

"Oh, sorry! I got distracted!" She grabbed her pogo stick, it compressing into a small object for her to store in her pocket. "If we hurry, we can surprise Papa in his lab. This way, everyone!" 

We followed, excited to see our dear friend David!


I nearly doubled over in hysterical laughter when Toshinori laughed so joyfully when he saw his best friend, former sidekick, and ally, David Shield. He lunged forward and swung him around into a bear hug. "I came all this way just to see you old buddy!" 

He plopped down, flat on his butt from wonderment. 

Now it was my turn to be excited. I hadn't seen him in a long time either! "Daaaaaaaveeeeeyyyy!!!" I slid down and tackled him into a firm hug of my own. 

"Y/n!" He jumped. 

"Well, Papa, are you totally surprised!?" Melissa beamed from behind Toshinori. 

I gave a last squeeze before sitting back. He's been aging pretty well!

"Uh, yeah! Completely astounded...!" He sighed, calming himself. 

"We all have Melissa to thank!" The two us helped him get up, though Toshinori did most of the work. 

"She organized this whole thing super quick!" I pat his shoulder. 

"How long has it been?" Toshinori reminisced. 

"Oh come on, don't make me say it! I already feel old enough, you jerk!" David groaned, making the three of us holler with laughter. 

"You do have a point!" Toshinori nearly yelled. 

"Oh stop it, you two haven't aged a day!" I mused. 

Toshinori looked down at him, his smile softening, "I'm glad to see you again, my friend..."

I stepped back beside Melissa, tears nearly coming to my eyes as I watched the happy scene of my husband's reunion with his best friend above all. He knew him for the longest time, even before he met me, and it made me so happy to see him getting to see him. They did their signature fist-bump, and my heart swelled with joy. Toshinori deserved to see him with all that has been going on lately. 

"Now, Young Midoriya!" Toshinori turned around to face us. "Let me introduce you to someone incredible. David Shield!" 

I peered over my shoulder to see the startled and star-struck boy, his body rigid with realization. 

Izuku rambled about how much he knew about David. It was amazing how much knowledge could be crammed into that kid's brain. 

Melissa giggled, and I whispered to her, "He's obsessed with all things hero and hero related...he's amazing at this stuff." 

"I figured...very cool!" She nodded, giving me a giddy side-hug. 

"Well, it seems I don't have to introduce myself." David grinned, amused. 

Izuku jumped out of his skin when he awoke to what he had just done. He bowed apologetically. "A-ah, I'm sorry!"

"No, don't apologize!" David waved it off. 

Toshinori coughed into the side of his hand, and that look of familiarity came to both mine and David's faces. I came closer to them once more. 

"Listen, it's been a long time...can the two of you give All Might, Mrs. Yagi and I some time to catch up?" David asked. 

As the two children agreed, I shook my head. "I'll go with them. You two deserve some time to catch up alone as friends. I'll see you at the preview tonight, Dave, so don't worry." I looked around to make sure no one was listening before taking Toshi's wrist, "I urge, you, relax while we're gone, sunflower. Don't push yourself until late tonight, alright? Love you."

He gave me a strained, "I love you, too." 

With that, I waved like no big deal and left, feeling a little bad that I wasn't there helping him. 

What an...adventerous afternoon! Turns out a bunch of UA students where here for an array of different reasons. I was a bit of a chaperone, I guess, even though Melissa was our guide. I had to make up a big lie about how Toshinori and I were visiting our niece Melissa and we had just so happened to run into Izuku, who had a ticket because of a relative. 

Yaoyorozu was here because her father was a shareholder in some of the island's expenditures, and she brought along Jiro and Uraraka. Bakugo was here because he was the winner of the sports festival, and he brought Kirishima. Those two were totally a future couple... They sure acted like it. Iida and Todoroki were each here representing their hero families. Kaminari and Mineta each showed as waitstaff for a restaurant. Smart of them, though they did try to hit on my niece. My protective stare scared them off for the most part, though. 

After a short stop to her personal lab, where I waited outside to let Melissa and Izuku have a private conversation, Melissa offered to walk me back to my hotel to get ready. I pretty much just had to slip on my dress, pin my hair and put some lipstick on at this point, so I definitely wouldn't be late. 

"I have to thank you for inviting us, Melissa." I began, seeing her look to me in my peripheral. "Your Uncle Might have been feeling...very stressed lately. Both of us have. It's so nice to see family...My father recently passed away, and an old enemy of Uncle Might's has been on the rise this is a much-needed vacation!" 

"Aw, I'm so sorry to hear, Auntie." She frowned and her gentle hand on my back made me smile. 

"Thank you..." I closed my eyes, "I...uh, was going to tell you this later, but I think it would be fun to see how you react..."

"What is it?" 

This was going to be fun...

"Your Uncle and I are thinking about having a baby. Don't you think it would be fun...? You would be a big cousin!" I exclaimed. 

She squealed, "I'd love that so much! I know it's not my say, but pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee have a baby!" She hugged me as we stood under the marque of the hotel. 

"I'm pretty sure he's convinced. It's very likely that we'll have one by this time next year. No big promises, though!" I pat the back of her head, hugging her with six years worth of love. 

"Ooh! I'm sure Papa would be super happy to be an uncle, too! I won't tell him, though. It can be another surprise!" She pulled back and jumped for joy. "You and Uncle Might deserve to have a child if that's what you guys want. Didn't you once say that you wanted kids, but it was too much of a hassle at the time?" 

I nodded, grinning lopsidedly. "Yeah, but we have a lot of openness in our schedules now...more time to lay down roots and start a family." 

"I'm so happy for you!" She blinked, her watch beeping. "Oh no! I'm almost out of time. I need to go get ready." 

"Me, too, no worries. I'll see you there, Melissa." I waved, walking toward the entrance. 

"Bye! See you there!" She pranced off, using a gadget to get there faster, no doubt. 

God, I love that girl. Now to get into my beautiful dress and spend time with my family for hours on end! Something felt weirdly off about tonight, though...I couldn't place it, and it was probably just weird jitters. 




Chapter Text

I looked down at my outfit for the night: an ankle-length flowy gown of my favorite color with platform heels to match. I commented with disdain to Toshinori that I had to get it felt a great deal tighter around my tummy than it did when I first bought it months back. I absolutely hate that my metabolism is slowing and that I'm gaining weight. He told me not to worry about it and even suggested that he could stretch it out by tugging on the fabric, which I found hilarious, as it would damage the outfit.  

"...I'm glad I can wear heels with him." I giggled, shrugging my shoulders and taking a long sip of red wine.

"What is that supposed to mean, dear?" Toshinori's smile cocked to the side slightly and he arched an eyebrow.

"Sunflower, I mean you're super tall, so I'm not towering over you with my own height in heels!" I jokingly and extremely daintily punched his elbow.

"It wouldn't matter if you were taller than me!" He insisted.

"Says the seven-foot-four guy!" I narrowed my eyes and snickered.

Dave was laughing at the scene of us, "Oh, you two are just like you were when you first got married." He shook his head, "And they say that the love dies down."

I chuckled deeply, "It sure doesn't."

"I'll be right back, I have to go get something!" Dave waved to us, smiling and walking away.

I abruptly felt a bit woozy, some stars spinning on the edge of my vision, and I leaned my arm on Toshinori for momentary support.

"Hmm? Are you alright? You look like you could be sick!" Toshinori rubbed his hand on my back, his voice filling with concern.

"I'm fine...I just need to go to the bathroom, probably. It might be the wine, but I feel a little sick. I'll be right back..." I disconnected myself from him, and he nodded.

"Well, alright! Let me know if you need anything, dear!" He gave me his signature smile and I blew a kiss while exiting the main center for the gala.

I walked over to the elevators, annoyed to discover the nearest bathroom was a floor above. I left the elevator and found the private room. Why did I feel so queasy? It had to be the nerves from the party, or even that run in with all of those fans earlier today... I covered my mouth and fell on the tiled floor of the bathroom in front of a toilet in a stall, not bothering to close the door behind me. I created a bridge for me to rest my forehead on with my forearm, clenching my hand into a fist as I threw up the contents of my stomach into the bowl. When I was sure I was done, I slowly lifted myself up and flushed the toilet.

I leaned myself over the sink, running cold water into my hand and taking a drink from my hand to rinse the taste of bile away from my lips. I needed something to get rid of this awful taste of stomach acid, and lucky me there was a dispenser by the door that had mints in it. I sighed, elated.

I popped one in my mouth, the sweetly bitter taste overcoming the unpleasant one as it dissolved. Well, at least I can go back to the party without much suspicion from Toshinori or any others.

A loud announcement echoed across the entire floor, no doubt everywhere at once, so I stopped right outside of the bathroom to listen. "This is an announcement from the I-Island Security System. We have received notice that an explosive device was found somewhere on the I-Expo grounds. I-Island will now be in high-alert mode. Your safety is our top priority. Residents and tourists should return to their lodging centers or shelter in place until further notice. Anyone on the street in ten minutes will be in violation of the law. As a precautionary measure, most of the island's main buildings will now be sealed off."

I heard the sound of the windows above and below me being covered with metal sliders from the security system. My brows furrowed together in confusion and interest. Finally finding the courage to move, I walked over to the elevator while taking my phone out of my pocket. A dress with pockets was the best kind of dress... I had no bars, no signal, no way to contact anyone. This was a real situation, wasn't it? I hummed, pressing the button to go back down, but it made no noise like usual. Dammit, was I stuck here!?

I approached the little lookout into the gala area below, and I peered down. My eyes went wide with terror when I found the real reason as to why this island was on lockdown...Toshinori was restrained, tied down and lying on the floor of the stage. Every hero there was in the same devices, and there were armed gunman spread out about the whole room.

A door being pushed open behind me made me yelp in shock, fearing it was another group of villains. Yet, I was faced with Melissa, Midoriya, and the other UA students that had come to the island.

"Auntie Y/n?" Melissa called, running over to me.

"Melissa!" I cleared my throat, pressing the mint under my tongue. "Something is wrong down husband is all tied up! I don't think that the emergency was really about a mere bomb threat!"

Midoriya stood beside me at the railing, peering downwards to see the scene as well. He gasped, "Guys, Mrs. Yagi is right! Jiro, can you plug your jack into the ground right here? I'll try to get his attention so he can tell us what's going on down there!"

Jiro nodded, extending the jack of her right ear into the floor. Izuku took out his phone and flashed the light on it like a signal flare. "He knows we're here. Listen in, Jiro..."

She nodded, "Right, ready."

I was anxious to hear about the situation.

As the message came through, Jiro's face contorted in fear, "This is bad, Midoriya..."

Can we not get a break from villains...?


Standing in a dark stairwell, I watched over the students and my niece. My legs shook under my dress, but I wouldn't let them see how scared I was for Toshinori and everyone else down at that hostage situation.

As they bickered about what to do, I heard some voice in the back of my head, like an intrusive thought demanding my attention. Save the tower...

I bit down on the remnants of the mint in my mouth, making a quiet crunching sound.

"All was can do it sit and wait until everything is over, I guess." Kaminari slumped against the wall.

You're their teacher, too.

"Are you really okay with that, Kaminari?" Jiro questioned, standing to her feet. "Don't you think we should at least try and stop them?"

"Hey, come on, those villains even got All Might trapped! There's no way we can actually beat them if the actual pros are stuck!" Mineta asserted.

One glance at Midoriya's face and I knew he was contemplating the exact same thing as me. I tried to avoid the thoughts, pushing them down but to no avail. They were beginning to make my skin crawl. Toshinori really had rubbed off on me in all of these years, because I was beginning to feel that call to action that he undoubtedly felt every time someone was in need.

"I wanna help..." Izuku uttered.

I snapped my mind back into the present.

"I wanna save them!" He exclaimed.

"You really wanna go and fight those villains?! DIDN'T YOU LEARN ANYTHING FROM THE USJ, MIDORIYA?!" Mineta cried at him, terrified of just the thought of facing off with villains.

"This is totally different! We don't have to fight them! We just have to find a way to rescue everyone in the tower without facing the bad guys!" Midoriya, you sly thinker. "I wanna try! We need to find a way to keep everyone safe and keep these villains from winning!"

Melissa stepped forward, "I know where the security system is. It's on the top floor of this tower. If these villains managed to take control of it, then the authentication locks and password have probably been disabled. We should be able to restart the system ourselves, we'll just have to stay off the villains' radar until we get to the top floor. That's all. If we do that, then the whole island will be safe again." Melissa, your brilliance and forward thinking had me filled with Auntie-pride!

As everyone agreed to the plan, I stood there, torn about what I should say.

Iida looked at me with urgency, "Mrs. Yagi, what is your say? You are the adult here, after all."

Oh, great, the pressure is on me now. With this plan in mind, my thoughts of resisting were raging louder than ever. I sighed, "I'll agree to the plan, but fighting is a complete last resort... If we do it, it's only to defend yourselves, alright? I'm coming with you."

"I'm going, too!" Melissa said, a determined look on her face.

I was surprised, she was Quirkless and had no way to defend herself! But, who else was skilled enough to restart the system? Without any plants nearby, I was Quirkless, too, for all intents and purposes.

I realized there would be a lot of running up flights and flights of stairs, and I suppressed a groan. Labor was part of being a hero, and this was going to be the long haul. Whatever it took to avoid battle, I suppose.

Midoriya went back to show Toshi what we would be doing, for sure worrying him. I didn't want Toshinori to be worried for me, it would ruin his resolve to stay in his muscle form. It had to be so painful...

By the thirtieth floor, my face was covered in sweat and makeup was running.

"Are you sure you're good, Mrs. Yagi?" Yaoyorozu chastized, noticing my panting. To be young and lively again...

I nodded rapidly, pushing past the burning of lactic acid in my legs. "I may be old, but I'm not weak..."

"Level thirty..."

"Melissa, how high does it go?"

She caught her breath enough to say words, everyone taking a small break, "T...Two hundredth floor..."

"The wh-?!" Kaminari moaned bitterly.

Over every other option, it was immensely better than running into the villains. Fiftieth flood...a quarter there... Fuck, this was the hardest workout of my life...

Melissa and I each abandoned our shoes, dumping them because of their heels. My mouth was dry, demanding of water or something cold to drink.

We rounded the corner as we passed the seventy-ninth floor, but Iida ceased our movements. "The route's blocked!"

"Should we break through it?" Todoroki asked.

"if we did that, the security system might alert the villains that someone's in here..." Melissa looked for our next course of action... So did I, spotting a door with a latch on it. No, we shouldn't go through there, it would for sure set off a signal. Anyone with common sense must know th-

"Why don't we go through this door instead?" Mineta pulled the latch, it glowing red.

"Mineta, no!"


Well, everyone has different levels of common sense...

I followed the students through the open door, hoping that we could find another route upwards. We still had to clear through one hundred and twenty floors before we reached the top. Good grief... I didn't feel very heroic with how out of shape I was...

As we pressed on, my mind kept trying to pull me into a dark place. What if Toshinori ran out of time while he was restrained down there? He was already hurting from this morning, it was possible that he could let it go out of desperation...I bit my inner lip, holding it tight between my teeth as we sprinted down the winding hall to keep myself in the present. What we needed to right now...!  We were looking for the other emergency staircase at the other end of the hallway!

The gates behind and in front of us began to close, shutting off any possible route of escape. Iida called, "Todoroki!"

"I'm on it!" Ice held the two barriers open. 

Iida climbed up quick, using his own Quirk to bust open a large door. The other side was a large room, filled to the brim with what I assumed were fake plants for show. So many different kinds, too!

I pressed my lips together, trying to keep up with my students. Keep your eyes on the prize, Y/n...this will be over eventually. If only I could be more useful I would-

"What is this place?" Izuku huffed. 

"A plant factory! They research the effect Quirks have on fauna here." Melissa panted. 

Wait, real plants! If I could just gather some, then surely I could aid the group. My head spun with possibilities. I could use vines to scale walls, twigs to make larger and hold open closing doors. 

Jiro hastily held out her arm, "Hold on! Look! The elevator's coming up!" 

"Oh, crap...Okay, okay." I took in one large and deep breath to gain control of my heart rate pounding in my ears, now more from anxiety. "Come on, we should hide...if they're coming to look for us, then we need to make sure they can't see us. Come on, now!" I exercised what I hope was an imposing teacher-voice to get to them, taking off toward a huge flowerbed with plenty of coverage. 

In our hiding spot, I eyed around on the plants local to me, stuffing some sticks into the pockets of my dress. My eyebrows were furrowed so tight together that I had to be creating hard wrinkles there and would be surprised if there weren't any after this. They aren't going to see us, they will not notice us... I saw something hanging from the branch just above my head...

"Yaoyorozu..." I whispered, almost silently mouthing it. 

She looked at me with wide, fearful eyes, and I took her hand reassuringly. 

"Create me a knife..." 

Without hesitation, she held out her arm and a small pocket blade appeared. I pat her shoulder gently to thank her, and, as subtly as possible, reached up to grab what I needed when the villains were busy looking the other way. Wisteria Sinensis... A strong and invasive vining plant. 

"Hey! We see you, stupid kids!" 

I stopped in my tracks, my breath hanging in the place between my mouth and lungs with terror. I didn't move an inch, my finger gripping the blade tighter in case I had to use it. 

"Whatchya say, you bastard?" 

I turned my head to look through the hedges, and lo and behold... Kirishima and Bakugo waltzing through this large area. 

"What are you two doing here?"

"I wanna know the same thing..." Katsuki growled, but Kirishima stopped him. 

"We kinda got lost looking for this party...could you guys maybe tell us where it is?" 

I was amazed and mildly unsurprised that they got all the way up the eightieth floor looking for something on the first ten levels of the building...

I didn't look, but I continued to chop the vine down. I repeatedly looked up and down at the scene and my forearms as I wrapped it around myself like a glove. If I was able to funnel energy into my Quirk, then I could make this thing grow over and over, using the knife to free myself after a large attack. I didn't know everything about my Quirk, I had only learned it was more powerful from the USJ attack and had only used it a few times since. 

"Don't lie to me, or you'll REGRET IT!" One of the villains hurled an attack toward the red-haired boy. 

"Kirishima!" Midoriya and I cried. 

Beside me, Todoroki used the ice of his Quirk to create a protective wall just in time to save Kirishima from a direct hit unprepared. 

We all emerged from the bushes, the crashing of the villains from the other side as they began to break through shaking the whole floor. 

Todoroki's ice began to rise underneath every one of us but the two new arrivals and himself. "We'll keep them busy down here, you look for a way to the top! We'll rejoin once we've handled it! Go!" 

"Right!" Yaoyorozu nodded. 

"Be careful, students, please!" I announced. It was only a hope that they would truly be tactful. 

The ice stopped like an elevator at the catwalk that was just above us, allowing us to continue upwards. Yet, out way was closed off by the large metal doors once again. Midoriya scanned the ceiling, and I tried to keep up with his stare. "Hey, Melissa, where does that vent lead?" 

"I think its a maintenance room for the sunlight system."

"Ha! Then there's probably an emergency ladder in there, right?" Iida suggested. 

"Yes, but it can only be opened from the inside, so someone would have to let it down for us." 

I glanced around rapidly, hoping to come up with some sort of solution. I had to help, at least, I was their teacher, after all! Oh, Toshinori, please be alright...

The solution was rather simple, actually. Mineta.

I had to give that poor...perverted boy a pat on the back for facing his fear of heights today.

We were running again, clearing cameras where we could find them to make sure the villains lost our path. The kids seemed to find it fascinating when I used my Quirk to knock them down, slicing at the vines to shorten them.

The next problem was how clear our trail was. It was suspicious for sure. In my haze of running and wiping sweat from my brow, I realized the villains were trying to direct us somewhere for sure. The students agreed. 

"Even if that's the case, we're so close to making it to the top floor. We're so close to this being over!" Midoriya had reassured us. 

It was true, they were indefinitely trying to capture us. Kaminari was able to disarm a lot of the robots in our way within the first wave, sacrificing his ability to be cognizant. Poor thing, his own Quirk can fry his brain...I tied down a few with my own Quirk, Iida carrying the other on his back. 

The second wave, inside of the server room, would be harder to deal with. 

"Midoriya, go. Take Melissa and see if you can find a different route." Iida almost commanded, setting Kaminari down to fight. 

"You two should come as well, Ocacho, Auntie!" Melissa urged, taking my shoulder. 

"But the robots..." Uraraka worried. 

"Go. They may need the two of you!" Iida flashed me a polite yet serious smile, and I nodded once. 

The cool ocean breeze of the night felt amazing against my sweat-slick skin. This spot on between floors was filled with turbines. 

"What is this place?" Izuku questioned. I was itching for an answer, too. "What are we doing here?"

"The wind-power generator." My niece replied, "There are more robots in the tower, probably just waiting for a chance to encounter us, but if we climb to the top here, we'll completely avoid them. There's an emergency exit we can enter." 

"All the way up there...?"

I gulped, spotting it high up on the perch of a catwalk. My knees became a little weak once I realized how far up we truly were. 

"But we have Ochaco and Auntie Y/n. Your Quirk makes anything you touch weightless, right? So this should be easy..." Melissa trembled, her eyes showing that she felt the same as me about our current height. "And Auntie can use her vines to create a ladder for you...and to keep us on trajectory when we meet some strong gusts, and keep us strongly latched together until we reach the top." 

I was finally being...useful. I couldn't help but smile softly. "That makes sense. You're a great tactician."

Melissa grinned momentarily before we began to get into position. I snaked the vine across all of us like some sort of seat belt. With one strong leap from Midoriya and a push from Uraraka after activating her Quirk, we were rising quickly. 

It felt rather peaceful in some strange way. I looked out over the island with wonderment, sighing out at the calmness. Even for a moment, I felt like this whole thing wasn't happening, and it was fine. 

I was locked back into reality with the sound of panic from the two I was rising to the top with. I turned my attention down to Uraraka, gasping as robots sentries began closing in on her. 

"Uraraka! Use your Quirk on yourself!" I hollered, my throat raw from dry heaving. I felt around in my pocket, grabbing a stick. I shoved stamina into my Quirk, but the weight of the log made us drop a few inches. I had to let go of it or we would surely fall. Come on... think...!

An explosion from none other than Bakugo saved the girl from inevitable capture. "Kacchan!" Izuku said, startled. 

We didn't have much to worry about then, just get to the top! 

"Thanks so much, you g-WAAH!" 

My reaction was the same. I shrieked when were hit with a strong blast of wind that sent us completely off course. 

"Argh! I'm sorry!" I unraveled the vine from them both, hoping to extend it far enough to grab hold to the sides of the turbines, but the wind was far too strong, and it flipped around with us, weighing us down. I grunted, trying my best to grab the knife to cut it off. Piece by piece, it began to fall down over the sides of the building. 

"Bakugo! Aim the propeller at them!" Todoroki said. 

"I TOLD YOU, DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Bakugo proceeded to do it anyway. In any other circumstance, I would have laughed. 

Using his left side's flames, Todoroki changed the temperature of the air to hot, making us rise higher and on proper trajectory. He had been paying attention in my class!

"Deku, we're going to hit the wall!" Melissa screeched. 

"Hang on tight!" Midoriya called, reeling back his fist. 


"Alright!" I gripped myself around Melissa's waist, clenching my eyes shut. The punch sent a surge of adrenaline through my whole body, my heart banging as we crashed through the wall. Holy shit!

Uraraka released her Quirk from below, and when we hit the ground, I caught my breath. Sweet, stable floor... Only a little bit longer, Toshinori, I promise. 

"Deku! Are you okay?" Melissa helped him sit up. 

"I think so. I'm more worried about you." Izuku, you heroic little man. "Mrs. Yagi, you good, too?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Physically, at least. 

"Just some scratches."

I heard shuffling from the stairs beside us and was suddenly tackled by Izuku, holding both Melissa and me as a large metal blade hit the ground where we were only milliseconds before. 

There stood a villain with pink hair and knives on his forearms, for sure part of his Quirk.  He swung again, Midoriya using some strange red gauntlet on his arm to shield it. "You shouldn't have come here!"

Thinking quick, I used the vines to try and sweep the villain's legs out from under him, but he noticed and sliced through them like hot butter! Dammit! 

"Tell us what you villains are after!" Izuku demanded, glaring with such fierce intensity that he reminded me of Toshinori for a moment. 

"You chose the wrong place to play hero, kid!" One slice and Midoriya was at risk of falling from this great height with nothing to break his fall!

Melissa sprung up and grabbed the criminal's arm in an attempt to stop him. I took out another stick and expanded it's size to deliver a strong blow. 

"Stop it!" My niece ordered, but he slashed her. 

"Melissa!" I shouted, reeling back the heavy stick with a battle cry, "Damn you, don't touch my niece!"

"Little girl-!" Both Midoriya and I landed our two hits into his body, my stick shattering into thousands of splinters, and the grab-punch sending him hurtling to the stairs. 

When the rage subsided into extremely worrying, I ran over to Melissa with the other. "I'm alright. Look, it's hardly even bleeding!" 

"That's a trooper!" I groaned, relieved she wasn't injured further than the arm laceration, combing my fingers into her hair with affection and comfort. 

Izuku dressed her wound, looking frustrated. "I apologize, I couldn't protect you." 

"I think you mean thank both of us." Melissa chuckled, nudging me. 

With his Quirk, Midoriya was able to protect us from the few villains we encountered. Finally, we made it to the top floor. Almost over...almost free from his party from hell, and now we were peaking around the corner to check out surroundings as we grew closer to the control room. 

"Someone's in there."

There were two figures in sight. It was Dave and his assistant friend! Sam, I think! 

"What's Papa doing up on the top floor?" Melissa inquired in a hushed voice. 

"Maybe the villains brought him here." Izuku proposed. 

"They could be using his expertise to get something while they hold everyone hostage," I muttered, narrowing my eyes to try and see better what they were doing exactly.

"We have to help him!" Melissa was fearful of her father's safety in there, and so was I as his friend. 

"Yeah, let's get him out of there and safe." Izuku moved forward with us, closer to the door where we could hear what was going on and spot any guards around the doorway that might ambush us. There was no one there but them. That was...weirdly off-putting to me. 

"Ah! I've unlocked it! Lock eleven-forty-seven!" Dave told Sam.

He paced up the stairs to the newly opened, high-tech drawer of sorts that opened. From that, he withdrew a briefcase. "You did it, professor! Look, everything is here, it's perfect." 

From what I could see, it was a claw-like device. Were they excited because they finally had what the villains wanted? 

"Finally! I've gotten it back..." 

Whoa, David...I didn't like that tone. 

"All that research and they just took my device away from me... But now it's back." He was rigid under his suit, tense. He looked...almost crazy. 

"Just like we planned!" Wait, don't tell me... "And it looks like the villains are holding things down!"

"Thank you, I couldn't have done any of this without your help, Sam." 

We were standing out in the open now, not yet noticed until Melissa let out a hurt, "Papa..."

David...don't tell me it's true. I had wide eyes as I tried to process the conversation we had just heard. 

"Melissa...Y/n?" David said, shocked.

"What does he mean that it's like you planned it...?" Melissa inched forward with slow and small steps, disbelief. "Don't tell me were the one behind this..."

David...Oh god...

My head was clouded with so many feelings, and I pressed my un-vined palm to my cheek. My mouth was agape and so was Midoriya's. 

"This was all you...just to steal something?" She sounded pitifully broken, and Dave's stare and lack of an answer only buried him deeper. "No! It can't be true!"

David inwardly sighed, "Yes, it is." 

I let the damn in my mind break, shaking my head, "Dave, why?! Why would you-?!"

"The professor was only trying to get back what was stolen." Sam insisted, gesturing to the case in his grasp, "The invention inside this briefcase can amplify someone's Quirk!" 

"Wait, is that even possible?" Midoriya chastized. 

"Yes. It's still being tested of course, but unlike drugs, this device can amplify someone's Quirk without doing any damage to their body or brain. Yet despite that, our sponsors confiscated this prototype and our research data. Then they ordered that the project be abandoned. They worried that something like this could drastically effect superhuman society. Governments from different nations put pressure on your father, Melissa, to end the project. That's why we did this. The villains are actors, they're not meant to do anything but hold the heroes back." 

That invention could be used for both good and evil...I could see why someone would be wary of it. Yet, I was still at a loss as to why Dave would allow the terror that ensued tonight. Would let this whole party fall to ruin... Why he would let his friend suffer over controlling his injured body. 

"I don't understand...there's something I'm missing, right? You'd never do this!" Melissa insisted, each of us collectively holding out for the small hope that this was a lie.

"I'm so sorry..." 

Melissa's eyes filled with tears. "This doesn't make any sense...The Papa I know and love wouldn't act like a villain, no matter what! So why, then?! Why!?"

I closed my eyes, reaching out and hoping that me being beside her provided some comfort...for the both of us. I was so confused...I felt sick to my stomach again, but it felt so different and wrong. This wasn't supposed to happen... I held her shoulders as she began to weep before David cut in again. 

"I had to for All Might..." 

I immediately stared back up at him. For...Toshinori...?

"You two kids probably aren't aware of this, I know you are, Y/n, but his Quirk is disappearing." his voice was heavy like it was sitting down on my chest and constricting my breathing. "However, if he uses this device, he'll be his old self. No...his abilities will be even stronger than they were before! The Number One Hero, The Symbol of Peace, can get his strength and light back again. He can keep saving people, just like he always has!"

I swallowed hard, feeling tears welling into my eyes. He wanted to do this for my dear husband...he wanted to prolong his closing era. I wanted it too, but...I knew that Toshinori would never approve if he was aware of what his best friend did here tonight. Toshi was so sick...this device could make him well again, at what cost? Dave was unaware of One For All and why Toshinori's Quirk was fading so fast... I took in a shaking breath, my lips quivering and my eyebrows furrowing together. 

"So please, please, just let me hand this device over to All Might. There's no time to remake it!" Dave took the briefcase, "Once he's better I don't care what kind of punishment I receive." 

"They risked their lives..." Melissa pulled back from me, ripping off the dressings to her wound. "Auntie Y/n, Deku, and his friends went through so much! Do you have any idea how hard they were trying to save everyone on the island?!" 

Dave looked perplexed, unnerved even, "No, what do you mean...? The villains are fake. It was all supposed to be an act!" 

If the villains were fake, then why would they attempt murder on us? "Dave...they tried to kill all of us on numerous instances tonight." My mouth went dry again. 

"Of course it was a performance." A voice cut through the echoey room, grabbing everyone's attention. It was the boss villain of this operation, the man wearing a long white coat and a metallic mask that concealed most of it. "But the real act was pretending that we aren't criminals." 


 ((Pictured below: Me cosplaying as All Might at a local convention this previous weekend))


Chapter Text

It felt like everything was being viewed through the mud. In light of the news that David was working illegally to obtain his Quirk-bolstering creation for my husband Toshinori, I felt hazy and overwhelmed. I felt like I could throw up when I heard the lead villain's voice, my heart sinking deep into my stomach and leaping into my throat at the same time. 

Midoriya's body engulfed in the display of One For All, ready to jump forward and attack the criminal. "You're the boss!"

However, a wry smile and a nonchalant movement of his hand to touch the wall beside him was his response, activating his own power to entangle Izuku within a prison of metal bars. So he could manipulate metal... 

Melissa ran for him, "Oh no! Deku!" 

I felt stuck. It was fear prickling the corners of my eyes and not sadness. I was absolutely petrified of my own friend and these monsters that he and his associate hired. How could they not bother to do a background check and ensure that this was truly meant to be fake? These guys were real, and with the system offline, I had no assurance that Toshinori would come to save us and end this trap. How would he react when he found out his best friend was conspiring with criminals? It would surely break his confidence if he somehow found out in a fight. 

The metallic villain came closer to me, and I backed up. This was an odd form of fight or flight mixed with adrenaline that made my heart pound in my ears. He seemed to disregard me...for now. 

"You'd be smart not to resist. Sam, hand it over..." He ordered. 

The larger older man took the briefcase from Dave's grasp, "Right! Urh...Here you go!" He began to trot down the stairs. 

The newest turn of events made my eyes widen with David's. 

"Sam?! This was your plan?" David hissed with betrayal and venom on the edges of his voice. "You were gonna hand it over all along?" 

Sam paused, "You're the one who tricked me, professor. I've been your assistant for all these years...and you let them take our work. We could have had fame and fortune, but no...! I deserve more...I need to be rewarded, otherwise, my career was a complete waste of time." 

This was one extremely large revelation after revelation. 

That's when I thought it couldn't get much worse...the villains would take what they needed and fuck off, but that's when the leader raised his pistol to be level with Sam's shoulder. "Here's your payment." 

The gunshot rang in my ears. I didn't even know Sam that well and my knees were about to give out. This felt so much like what happened at the USJ!

"No...argh...this wasn't part of the plan!" Sam cried painfully, holding his bloodied arm. 

"Really? Isn't that strange? Because it was always part of mine!" He pulled back the hammer to fire again, and my knees half-buckled when the second bang filled the room.

I thought Sam to be dead, but then I saw a second figure had taken the shot in his place. I almost hurled my dinner up then and there when Dave fell to the ground, having taken the shot point-blank to his shoulder. 

"Dave, no!" I tried to spring forward on my heel, but I immediately collapsed onto my knees, the metal scraping against them. Tears from earlier poured like torrential rain down my face. 

"Papa!" Melissa sobbed, dashing forward. 

"Stay back!" Dave and I called, almost at the same time. 

The villain whipped her roughly across the face with his gun, sending her spiraling to the floor. 

"Melissa!" Something clicked in my chest then, as if a match had been thrown into a sea of gasoline. I crawled forward to her and held her, feeling like a protective mother bear. I brushed her blonde hair from her face and checked for a wound. She weakly grabbed onto me and wept from the pain on her cheek, the redness already indicating she would have a bruise. 

I engulfed her into a protective hug, holding my hand out in case I had to use my Quirk on the vines again. I hope it would do...

The villain smashed his boot on Dave's bullet wound, adding pressure as he taunted him. "Trying to play the hero after all this? Too late for that! No matter what your reasons were, you dirtied your hands now. Whether we're real villains or actors is irrelevant. You planned and committed an actual crime here." Melissa trembled in my arms as we took in what he was saying. Poor girl... "You're exactly the same as we are. You can no longer remain a respected scientist, or continue your research without shame. Your life is forever tainted by the darkness of villainy." 

He picked David up by the collar of his jacket. "And if you even want a future, you'll be a good scientist, and mass-produce this so I can sell it." He knocked him over the head with the gun, rendering him unconscious. "Take him to the roof."

From the girl in my arms came a meek, yet pleading voice, "Don't... Please no...give him back..." 

My heart shattered into a billion little pieces for her. 

"That reminds me. This will be a lot easier if I get rid of the professor's attachments!" The barrel of the gun was pointed directly at us, and my grip instantly tightened around her. 

"No!" I shouted, weak vines wrapping around the front of us as my Quirk acted with my emotions. 

A crash from across the room and Midoriya had freed himself. "Don't hurt them!" 

The villain hurled up a wall of metal to defend himself and his one minion. 

With his intense glare, the boy looked over to us. It reminded me of Toshinori yet again...his stare...

The one look from Midoriya told us...this was still our mission! Melissa still needed to get the island back online! I needed to protect her on our way there. I grabbed her hands and helped her stand up, and we took off in the fastest sprints we could manage toward the direction. "Keep running, Melissa, go, go!" 

"Don't let them get away!" 

I ripped a stick from my pocket, throwing as much of my Quirk into high-gear as possible. With it, I dropped it down directly before the minion charging for us. Midoriya could handle the rest, he's Toshinori's successor! He was capable of so much. 

Operation save the island was in its do-or-die time! You're almost free, Toshinori, I promise for sure this time. Dave, we won't let them take you!

We made it to the control room, and Melissa flung herself into the chair, her fingers darting across the keypads and panels. The red system was green again, back up and operational! 

I teared up again, hugging her from behind quickly. "You're amazing, Melissa...! You're one of the strongest girls I know!" 

"You, too...Auntie, thank you! You've done so much to help tonight, I could never repay you!" She began to blip through security footage. "Now, call Uncle Might! Put him on speaker!"

"Alright!" I dug in the dress pockets for my cell phone, scanning through and ringing for Toshinori. 




"Toshinori! Melissa and I are up in the security room on the top floor!" I nearly cried happily even more so at the sound of his voice, still deepened from his hero form. 


"Papa's been taken by the villains! And Deku's gone after them!" Melissa pulled up the two cameras of the villains dragging David toward the helicopter pad on the roof, and a scarily determined Midoriya in hot pursuit. 

"Don't worry! I'm going to stop them!" Toshinori declared. 

This night was far from over, and I don't know exactly what gave me that impression...

Melissa and I made it up to the roof, the helicopter swaying in the air dangerously. The green-haired boy dangled from it, his power flashing brightly from upon it. 

"Deku!" Melissa hollered. 

"Midoriya..." I was more awe-inspired. All alone...and he was fighting like this. Fighting to save David. 

A gunshot and the boy began to plummet from the flying vehicle. 

I gasped, rushing with all that was in me to try and create something soft for him to land on. I grunted, swinging my arm forward and sending a bed of vines underneath the spot beneath him. He bounced through it, but it indefinitely cushioned his fall. 

As we asked him questions about his condition and blood dripped down his forehead, he screamed out into the distance as the helicopter grew higher and further from reach. "LET HIM GO!! DON'T TAKE THE PROFESSOR!! DAMMIT!!" 

"Don't you dare lose that smile! Alright, Young Midoriya!?" 

My heart jumped with joy, and I turned my head to see my husband leaping at the speed of sound into the air. 

"It's fine now! Do you know why!? Because I am here!" 

"Toshinori!" I cheered, leaping as if I was rooting for him in a sports game, but with million times the enthusiasm and meaning. 

"I'll have you return my friend to me, you fiend!" He shot through the helicopter so quick, it almost didn't register that it exploded milliseconds after, right behind us. The heat felt rewarding. 

Toshinori landed beside us, David in his arms. 

"Papa!" Melissa grinned. 

"Dave, Toshi!" I gave a tender kiss to my sunflower's face, hugging around his neck with arms that felt like jelly. 

"Everything will be okay, you're all safe..." Toshinori assured, pressing his large hand to my cheek and rubbing comfortingly while I sniffled. "Don't cry, my dear. I am here."

"I love you." I giggle-cried. 

I pulled away from the hug. This night was over. Despite everything David did...I wanted to go home and cuddle with my husband, recover. 

David's eyes stirred like a sea as if he were trying to formulate how he truly felt before this. "I'm so sorry..." He glanced at both of us. "This was my-"

The only way I can equate the shock I felt seeing my husband suddenly vanish in front of me, and the force of the metal pillar slamming into him was like being hit by a bullet train. I fell back, straight on top of Melissa, screaming. 


"All Might!" 


Wires worked like tendrils, ensnaring David back into the grip of the villain. How was he...? He was... alive, bending metal...!

"I heard Sam! All Might's Quirk is failing him! He doesn't have the same unstoppable power he once did!" 

I huffed out a hot breath in horror. This won't be...Toshinori, please! The villain was using the claw-like device, amplifying his Quirk to the intense level it was being used at now. He could rip apart the tower...

"You really don't know when to give up, do you?!" Toshinori darted from behind us. 

"Toshinori!" I managed again, reaching out to no avail. My mind had to work on overdrive, and even then it was feeling burnt out from my Quirk and the entire experience tonight. 

"Texas Smash!" 

The punch was fruitless, the wall erected seeming unbreakable. I couldn't say anything again, and my heart was in my ears again as the villain mocked him for his attempt. 

The ground shook beneath us, the electrical influence of his Quirk surging around our bodies as it lifted up the metal all over the infrastructure. All of it went towards the criminal!

David...what the hell have you created!? 

"Now, I think I know how I can raise the price of this device! I can charge whatever I want if it was used to kill the world's Number One Hero!" 

Toshinori narrowly avoided each attack, giving me more and more worry. It was so selfish of me, but I wanted him to retreat! 

"I knew he was getting weaker...Please, don't die, Toshi..." I uttered under my breath.

Melissa and I were flung off of our balance by the ripping walls of metal, but Midoriya caught us and attempted to deliver us to solid footing again. I was panting, my eyes trained no matter what on Toshinori. 

"Is Uncle Might okay?" Melissa whimpered. 

"I don't know, Melissa, sweetheart." I don't know how I spoke even a word...

Please, don't die, please, don't die...

"Why won't you just die already!?" The villain sent down what might be the crushing blow! 


Ice covered the metal, the strength of it being enough to hold it back. Todoroki! 

"GO TO HELL!!!!" Well...Bakugo. I agreed with him this time!

Everyone was here! We landed down on the ground, and it brought a smile to my face. A big one, too! They were taking charge...and the motivation...It amplified Toshinori's power just enough!

He crushed through every chunk hurled at him, utilizing some to grow closer to his target. The hope that had been dwindling in my heart suddenly burst back into a lush garden. 

"Prepare yourself, villain!" 

Do it, Toshi!

He reeled back his fist-!

The wires snatched him before he could send the punch. 

I audibly gasped, expecting him to snap free, but... He grabbed him by the neck, making him sputter on his own blood. He squeezed his other hand against the injury on Toshinoir's left side, the cry of agony he let out making every hair on my neck stand tall. 

"All Might!" Deku abruptly collapsed to his knees, as if he were feeling the phantom pains through One For All. 

He seemed unnaturally strong, even for the amplification. That should only be extending the use of his Quirk, not is... Oh my god...

He had multiple Quirks, and that only meant one thing...

All For One was behind this!

"NOOOOOOO!!!" Toshinori bellowed, almost in time with my discovery, jarring me from my thoughts. 

The villain howled with maniacal laughter, flinging a bombardment of metal cubes to entrap Toshinori further. When two slammed together around him, I became lightheaded and queasy, covering my mouth and stumbling to my side like a drunk. My ears began to ring. No...No...! 


Metal rods stabbed through the newly created crushing mechanism. 

"To...shi...nori..." I didn't even feel myself hit the ground, but I blacked out, spots filling my vision. All I could hear was distant banging, yelling, the sound of my own labored breathing and what was left of my torn-up heart.

When I came to, the world was blurry, and I was tightly wrapped around someone. Melissa clutched onto me, securing me as we were jumbled around. I felt limp, but I moved, blinking to regain my vision to see what was happening. 

"Wh...What's happening...?" I muttered weakly, alarmed by the quietness of my voice.  

"Auntie! You're alright! You fainted!" She crawled next to me.

Where is Toshinori? 

I snapped my attention to the scene before us. Toshinori...He was alive! The confirmation brought me to tears then and there. He and Izuku were fighting together, master and student. They weaved through every crush and dodged every attack with such velocity and intelligence. Every blow they landed hit like a bomb going off! 

As I pulled myself out of the haze of my unconsciousness, I knelt. That feeling I felt in the USJ that day, it was brought back again, but stronger. 

Overcome the crisis in front of you, to go beyond...To save people no matter the cost. That's what makes someone a hero! 

The villain crushed all of the malleable metal into a colossal cube, "I'LL BRING DOWN THIS ENTIRE TOWER!!!" He launched toward Toshinori and Izuku, and I held on tight to Melissa in case. Over any other feeling, I had faith. Not blind faith, but a truly reasonable trust. 

The counterattack's wave of influence shot out at light speed, and the cube exploded like a supernova! 





They were all cheering. 

"Come on, you two! KICK HIS ASS!" I cupped my hands around my mouth, hoping my words reached their ears in the chaos, and that they brought some encouragement. 

The light of One For All was like that of the sun, lighting up the night sky. "PLUS ULTRA!" 

The final blow impacted like a city-killing asteroid, the shockwave ripping outward for the world to see. 

When the dust began to settle, I took in and let out two shaking breaths, standing on my own. "They did it..."

"They did..." Melissa nodded. 

The roof was nothing like it's former glory, but that didn't matter. We rushed to go find everyone and round up. 

"Deku!" Melissa found him.

"Melissa! Mrs. Yagi!" He grinned, albeit a little in pain. 

"You were amazing, kid, I'm so proud of you as your teacher...and your friend." I pat his back, feeling some kind of maternal pride for him. 

A thought entered my mind when the two kids called out to him. 


I flickered my gaze around and found him at the before me, steaming at the use of his hero form. "Sunflower!" I bellowed with great relief. 

Fighting through his pain, he picked me up and spun me around, "Y/n, my love!"

"I thought...I thought I lost you!" I began to cry again. Dear god, much waterworks. Then again...tonight warranted a lot of emotion. 

"Oh, dear, I'm so sorry that I scared you like that. Please don't cry!" He stammered, scared by my hitching sobs. 

I sniffed, his thumbs wiping my cheeks again. That valuable feeling of his skin on mine that had almost been stolen from me. 

"Where's Papa?" Melissa questioned. 

"Dave! Oh god, Toshi we should go look for him!" I was placed back down, but adamant about staying pinning to his side for the rest of time. 

"Uncle Might...I don't know if you heard...but Papa was trying to get that device the villain was wearing to save you...that's why everything happened tonight...he wanted to save you." She shook her head, almost ashamedly. 

Toshinori huffed out a breath; a sigh from his nose. "Did he...? Oh, Dave... Well, um...we should go looking for him." He was hurt, but...something else as well. 

David came to before us, our smiles calm and small. 


"All Might...Y/n..." David whispered, frail from blood loss.

"I came to save you, my friend." Toshinori had half-let-go of his form, one strand of his bangs hanging low. 

"Thank you..."

"PAPA!" Melissa yelled, joy in her voice. We all looked up, and David smiled tiredly at the sight of his overall uninjured daughter. A father's love...

"If you want to thank someone, you should thank Melissa and Young Midoriya." Ain't that the truth...

I'm gonna need therapy after this one...

Toshinori finally let go of his stronger form, "We need to get pressure on your wound, Dave..."

I found a tear in the skirt of my wrecked dress, ripping along it. The sound of the fabric being torn startled them both, but I produced a bandage and gave them each a semi-amused look. "What? Never seen a lady's legs before? This isn't the 1920s!"

They both weakly laughed. 

"Use this..." I pecked Toshinori's sweaty cheek, sitting down beside him as he covered and wrapped Dave's arm. 

"I heard most of what happened from Melissa..." Toshinori said somberly. 

"It's all true..." David said, shame hanging in his voice. "I was so scared to lose your light... I was scared the peace that you built as a hero would fade away with you. But my ideas that device were nothing more than ways to maintain the status quo, to ensure that nothing would ever change..." He leaned forward, clearly wanting to stand. Toshinori and I each carefully raised him up. 

The sun was rising in the horizon, the morning breeze bringing peace over the damaged island. 

"...even though the future was standing right there in front of me the whole time..." Melissa and Midoriya... "I just didn't notice it. Look at those two... She wants to become my successor, you know that? And you have Izuku Midoriya. He'll take your place one day, too, won't he?" 

"He still has a long way to go, him shines the greatest potential among those who will become heroes..." 

My heart stirred with repletion, but also with that nagging fear of the future. The future was an unknown, bumpy road that all of us had to embark on some day...It could be ignored for now...there were more important things. The present is what mattered most. 

"I can see it, too, Toshi...A light like yours. That boy...has the heart of a hero." 

I still had my Sunflower to hold and love, and a few days of vacation so spare and spend with family and friends. 



Chapter Text

I looked over at the bed where Toshinori slept. I was dialing up people and calling them, telling them what happened so that they were sure we were alright. Sorahiko was the last, and the more concerned. 

"I'm glad you and Toshinori are injured were you two?" He asked over the phone. 

"I had cuts and scrapes...Toshinori was lucky to somehow only have the same. His scar is all flared up, but the doctor here was able to proscribe him some pain medication. He took it last night when we finally got back to the hotel and he's still asleep...I'm glad he's resting." My voice was raw and scratchy from how much I had yelled, and the tea in my other hand was soothing its painfulness. 

Sorahiko sighed deeply, "All For One was behind it all, huh? And David Shield...?" 

"Well, partially. He's still negotiating, but he might have to be put under supervision for a few months to a year after he gain his sponsors' and the island's trust back. I'm just glad he and Melissa are alive, too...I forgive him...I'm happy he's taking his portion of responsibility." I glanced over as Toshinori turned over on his side, the blanket over his shoulders in a comforting manner. "All For One gave the leader of the villains a second Quirk...along with the Quirk bolstering tech, he was nearly able to murder Toshinori."

"He's truly out for revenge...It scares me what he might do next." He admitted, grumbling.

"Me, too..." I furrowed my brows, crossing my legs and huddling in on myself. I took a sip of the hot tea, the heat calming me from my thoughts of a terror-filled future. 

"Hmm...Well, we'll talk about this more when you arrive home. I just wanted to see how you were doing!" He said, "Have a nice and restful day."

"You, too, Sorahiko...Bye." 


I looked down at my phone, a chip in the side of it from the day before. I'd have to get that fixed. I felt the bandaids on my knees and elbows, standing up uncomfortably and walking over to Toshinori and the bed. I sat down beside him, brushing my fingers into his matted blonde hair. His eyes opened, and he inhaled sharply, turning over to look at me. "Hi, my love..."

"Good afternoon, sleeping beauty." I smiled fondly, "How are you feeling?" 

"Better, I suppose...not loopy on medication anymore. I'm not going to take that Vicodin again...I hate pain meds, they make me spacey." He chuckled, "How are you?"

"The scrapes are healing...and my voice is getting better since I started drinking tea." I inched myself closer to him, sitting up. "You seem it about the other night?"

"Uh...kind of..." Toshinori winced as he stretched his sore body out, "I woke up last night...I started thinking about something."

"What was that 'something'?" 

"I think we should start trying for a baby this week." He pushed himself to sit up beside me. 

I froze, "Uh...Toshinori...don't you think it's...too dangerous? I mean, I...I want a baby and all but-!"

"It may be dangerous...but this whole incident was yet another reminder that life is too short. It was a reminder that I'm mortal. My life is extremely short...I don't know if I'll be alive next week, so-" he took my hands into his own, warm and calloused "-I don't want to make you wait. Let's start trying now...for a I can give you what you want." 

His eyes flashed with that passionate energy that showed when he fought or when he was adamant about something. My lips parted, touched by his offer. “Toshinori...only if you aren’t hurting, okay? I don’t want you to over-exert yourself for me. We can start trying now, I welcome that…”

Toshinori grinned, “I’d do anything for you, my dear.” His breath was hot on my ear, goosebumps rushing down my spine. “Mm, I’m sorry that I stress you out so much…”

“Y-You can’t control...can’t control what the villains do…” I bit the inside of my lip while his lips worked their magic down my throat. “I just worry…”

“I think it’s good to worry a little...I make you worry too much.” he murmured, his hands under my shirt. “It’s not healthy...I’ll try to be more careful for you.”

“Be careful for me now…” I said in a hushed and shaking voice. “I want to have a baby with you…I want you to fuck me and get me pregnant…” I blushed at my own vulgar words, my shirt slipping off. Since I had been in bed all day, I wasn’t wearing a bra.

The dirty talk spurred him on, his face reddening from forehead to collar with a groan. He stared at me like he was famished, blood dripping from the corner of his lips. He dabbed it on the back of his hand, “You’re so beautiful...I could look at you all day.”

“You flatter me, sunflower.” I extended my grip and tugged the waistband of his boxers. I suddenly felt greedy and impatient, wanting him to take me right here and now. My arms ached from my own fight, my movements slowed from my lack of fresh stamina.

He put his hands on each side of my head, his fingers shakily holding onto the fabric of the pillow. “No, I mean it. You’re the prettiest girl in the world, and I can’t stand how you make me feel…”

I desperately shucked off my shorts and panties, “Oh, Toshinori, take me...make love to me.”

Ever since his injury, Toshinori always started out without much confidence in his performance. Now, that sudden dominance he was displaying was turning me on more than I probably have ever been. He was absolutely sexy, regardless of how different he looked as compared to how he looked years ago.

He swallowed hard, his Adam's apple bobbing as he nodded, removing his shirt and shyly looking down at himself while he stripped free of his boxers. His scar was irritated and red from the night before, but he was otherwise ready for this.

The evening came, and we both finally had enough energy to go to a little barbecue with the students that had arrived on the island. There was pretty much all of them, save for a few.

I closed my eyes and hummed while the warm summer breeze gusted off of the ocean.

“Hi, Mrs. Yagi.”

I opened my eyes and saw every girl of class A standing before me, some taking seats around me. “Hi, girls. Enjoying everything after last night…?”

“Yeah, jeez...what a scare.” Uraraka huffed, hanging her feet off of the dock into the water.

“I wasn’t even there and with what the girls are telling was scary!” Asui hiccuped, taking a bite of whatever American food she had on her plate.

“I’m glad All Might was able to defeat that villain. Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t!” Ashido exaggeratedly left the question hanging for suspense.

Oh, Y/n, don’t think of that...It’s in the past, and your husband is alive. He’s real as ever, considering the lovemaking we shared this early afternoon. I itched at my red cheeks to cover up what I was thinking about to the young ones around me.

“Well, I’m just glad everyone is alright.” I smiled, turning my eyes to the cloudy skies.

“Say, Mrs. Yagi, you have a phone right?” Jiro took her claim to the spot right next to me.

“Oh, yeah. I try to keep up to date.” I took out my smartphone, which of course was the most recent model of the best brand. Toshinori loved spoiling me on my birthday and on our anniversaries with an expensive gift or two, so updating our phones was normal.

“Ooh, nice. You should make an Instagram.” Ashido suggested, swinging her legs under her chair. “You must have an interesting life, being married to All Might of all people!”

Social media was a definite no before Toshinori’s injury, and since then I just hadn’t had the time to create something for an online presence.

“Ah, maybe...I mean, yeah, it’s a fairly interesting life. It’s just that we’re a pretty private couple!” I pat my palms down on my lap, “But, I wouldn’t be totally opposed to it...I just wouldn’t be super active.”

“We can help you make one. You’d get a lot of followers real quick, most likely! Mine has a lot because of fashion and my family’s companies.”  Yaoyorozu declared, "I can get you verified, that will draw people in."

"Uh..." I opened up the app store. I paused for a moment. If I made one, I had to be careful of sharing my location because All For One could possibly surveying the internet. Though, at least for now, he seemed to be sending attacks from a distance. "Alright, let me download it."

I went through the first steps of creating an account and signing off my interests. The girls immediately helped me chose a profile picture. Within minutes, I was verified, notification after notification pinging my phone annoyingly, so much so that I shut off the alerts for it. I had followers gaining quickly, and my first post was a picture of me with all the girls poking in.

'My students convinced me to branch out into social media. Thank the girls of Class 1A!' And then they taught me how to tag them all. This old woman was catching on quick!

"Hey, Mrs. Yagi?" Ashido questioned, stretching her hands above her head.


"How'd you and All Might meet? You guys never really talked about that. How old where you guys?" She asked.

I smiled fondly, resting back in my seat and clasping my hands together in my lap. "We met sixteen years ago. I was nineteen and he was twenty-eight, fresh home from America and debuting himself as who he is today...the Symbol of Peace. I didn't recognize him, but I was a year out of high school and working almost non-stop in my family's flower shop when he came in. He was trying to find flowers for his apartment, but a robber came in to raid the store. He saved me, and I...I asked for his number and everything took off from there."

The girls all swooned.

Hagakure bounced, "You two are one of the most real celebrity couples I've ever seen! It's amazingly cute!"

"Aw, thank you. We really love each other..." I noticed Uraraka, her face red and her staring off into the groups of boys from class playing games.

I smiled. She was looking for someone...probably Midoriya. I wonder if she was coming to terms with her affections for him. It was adorable. 

When they would return, they would have a few days before their training camp, leaving the teachers not present to have a week of vacation. The future was an unknown place, but I was excited about it. I rubbed my hand over my stomach tentatively, imagining the future with a baby in my arms. 

Only time will tell. 

Chapter Text

I waited for Toshinori to come home from his hero duties. It was a day off from teaching, and he insisted to go around town performing at least a few good deeds. I received a notification saying he was almost home. I hummed and ran a bath, squirting soap into the heavy flowing water to create bubbles. He needed a little bit more downtime, and a hot bath with me and some grape juice to drink. He can't have alcohol and it's probably not wise for me to have any either, considering how we were trying for a baby.

I slipped my loose clothes off my body, sinking into the water and moving the suds over my chest.

"Y/n? Yyyy///nnnnn?" Toshinori called out, his voice echoing through the bedroom.

"I'm in here, sunflower. You can come in!" I leaned against the back of the tub and rubbed soap into my arms.

Toshinori opened the door, his face flushing when he saw me, and he stepped in. "Wh-what's all this?"

"I thought it would be'll help you unwind after a long day. It can also be the first thing in a nice evening..." I pat the surface of the water beside me.

"Hmm, I don't know if I'll fit."

"You always do..."


I giggled as he undid the zipper on his hero costume, slipping out of the boots. He stripped off his boxers and took a large step into the water. "Ah, it's very warm..."

He faced me, his knees poking like tall islands out of the bubbles.

"Nice and comfortable..." I snuggled up, flush against him. "What do you think we'll have...? A boy or a girl? More than one?"

He placed his bony hand loosely on my back, shaking his head. "I don't care, as long as they are healthy and happy...I'd be so happy with either..."

I nodded, "I agree...I've been wanting one for so long..." I brushed my fingers over his hollow cheeks, "I think they're going to have your beautiful eyes and your hair..."

He chuckled softly, his eyelids lowering while he moved into my touch, "I'm not that beautiful, dear... I think it would be better if they looked like you."

I pouted my lips, "Shush, you're so perfect..."

He frowned and shut his eyes. "What did I do to deserve a wife like you?"

"You didn't have to do anything...we had the chance to meet each other, and we did." I leaned forward and kissed his thin lips lovingly.

He kissed back, groaning and wrapping his arms around me like a seat belt. His wedding ring was still cool from the air conditioning, and the feeling of him trailing up my back sent a chill down my spine despite how warm the water was.

"I love you," He whispered.

"I love you more..." I rubbed my thumbs under his eyes, feeling over all the lines on his face.

I grinned at the relaxed look on his face. An entire week of looking at him like this made me excited...with the hero course students at their summer camp, there was nothing we were obliged to do.

It was dark in the room, my body tangled in Toshinori's long-limbed grasp as we slept. It had to be three or four in the morning, but Toshinori's phone started ringing and so did mine. 

I didn't move for a second, but my husband shot up and reached out for his, so I inhaled sharply and rolled over to retrieve mine. I covered my other ear. Why were we both getting calls at the same time in the middle of the night? I noticed the caller ID was Vlad King, and I raised an eyebrow as I pressed it to my face. 


"Y/n, I'm so sorry for waking you! But we were attacked by the League of Villains at camp!" He sounded winded, tired even. 

I chucked the blankets off of me almost in synch with Toshinori. The weight of sleep was gone from me, and the adrenaline was pumping. "Oh no...oh my god is everyone okay?! Oh my god, oh my god..." 

"A lot of those in my class are knocked out and injured from the villains, but the only serious injury is Midoriya from class A. He's got two broken arms, a concussion, and a whole set of other messes...and we have a student and pro hero missing." 

I froze, gripping tight onto the mattress. "Wh...who?"

"Ragdoll from the Pussycats is missing, and she apparently lost a lot of blood. The student...Katsuki Bakugo. He was kidnapped, as well." 

I cringed, my head spinning and my eyebrows furrowing tightly. "What do my husband and I need to do...?" I saw him get up and turn on the light, the sudden brightness making me blink rapidly. He mouthed a 'sorry' to me and proceeded to begin pulling himself together a dress shirt and tie while on the phone with another person involved, no doubt. 

"Nezu is calling a meeting when everyone's parents are contacted. It's tomorrow afternoon. You personally don't have to be there since your jurisdiction isn't related to the hero department...but you can come if you want. Your voice could be needed."

I huffed, resting my forehead in my palm. "I might be there...Stay safe, Vlad...I might come by the hospital the kids are at to check up on them...please send me the information." 

"Will do...Goodbye."


I stared down at the screen as the media outlets that never slept began to cover the incident in the woods. And I began to cry. I began to cry bitterly and angrily. 

"Honey! Dear, don't cry, my love!" Toshinori had ended his call, and now he was coddling me close into his half-dressed form. I tugged on his shirt.

"Those kids get not one break...and Bakugo, he's missing...All For One is behind this as well, I feel it..." I sobbed. 

I gulped down what tears and emotion I could, preparing for myself a bag to go to the hospital. Three hours away by train...but to see and comfort the children so viciously attacked. At dawn's break, I was on the train with no disguise, but the look on my face told everyone to stay away from this woman scorned. 

Chapter Text

Midoriya was unconscious still when I reached the hospital. I heard he awoke today, but I was too tired to move from my protected place. 

I functioned almost purely on keeping myself busy and worry these past three days. As the sun began to lower into the sky today, I sat in my mother's apartment with my exhaustion quite evident. 

"You should go to sleep, sweetheart." Mom pat my head gently. 

I shook my head, sipping the lemon tea I held in my grasp. "I got to sleep last night, I promised Toshi I'd be here waiting when he got back from the mission." 

"That could be all night and day tomorrow." She crossed her arms. "You know how heroes work. They do their job, arrest villains, and help in the investigation. He might have to provide evidence and stay with the child that was kidnapped until his parents come and get him. Who knows how long that could take!" 

I turned my eyes to the TV, playing the news which covered the kidnapping and the press-conference soon to begin. A perfect cover-up, might I add... She was right, it could take an almost unbearable amount of time. "It's taking place in this city, mom...I mean, you're correct about all that stuff, but people acknowledge he's got a wife to get home to." How selfish, Y/n. 

"So does Endeavor, and he's involved, too. He also has children to get home to..." 

I stiffened lightly for two reasons. One, because of my awareness of where Rei Todoroki was and how Enji treated his children- at least previously- behind closed doors. Two, because Toshinori really only did have me to return home to. At least we were trying to have a baby, and he would soon come home to the open arms of his wife and child. 


The colors of the sunset outside of the windows reminded me of Toshinori again. I smiled softly and sighed heavily. This tea was giving me heartburn. That was odd; it's the same I used at home. I rested my hand on my neck and cringed as I swallowed another mouthful. 

"You okay?" 

"Heartburn...I've been getting it a lot lately." I shrugged, clearing my throat. "And throwing up...only a few times with that though. I had a really bad nausea episode on I-Island before the shit hit the fan..." 

"Hmm, well have there been any changes in your diet or life in general lately?" She took my cup from the table beside me and went to the open kitchen to clean it out and get me water instead. 

I tapped my chin, "Nothing really diet wise...I've always eaten as best I can..." I furrowed my brow in thought. What had changed recently? Nothing much besides Toshinori and I trying for a... 

My lips parted and I gasped quietly. 


"What was that?"

"Toshinori and I have been trying to get pregnant...Could this mean...? I can't already be...we...What!?" I stood up and dashed to get my shoes from the front door. 

"Y/n, what?! Where are you going!?" She lunged after me, taking my arm with confusion present on her face.

"To that drugstore, I need to get some pregnancy tests!" I couldn't hold back the excited and hopeful smile on my lips. 

Mom let go of my arm, and as fast as I could, I ran to the drugstore and bought two...I had to be sure.

I paced back and forth, back and forth, each of my steps punctuated by the ticking of the clock on the wall. I was lost in my thoughts, hoping for both of the tests to be positive. 

"So, you two started trying in the past week? I hate to break it to you, dear, but it takes more than a week to get definite results about this kinda thing." She rested back on the couch, "Unless..."

"Yes, unless I got pregnant before then...I could probably be as far along as two months..." Given each time Toshinori and I were intimate, the most plausible time was about seven weeks ago after the USJ attack. The morning we shared our tender lovemaking...

Mom chuckled, "If they're both positive, I will cry. I've always wanted to be a grandmother." 

It was getting later, the sun has gone on the horizon and the stars were hazy beyond the light smog in the city. I went to the window and looked out, wondering if I could spot the raid taking place on the other side of the city. I pressed my hands down flush against the painted windowsill and watched the people walk around stories below in the shopping center, taking a deep breath in through my nose. The past was important, but I had to find out what the next steps looked like...

With that, I turned on my heel while looking at the clock. It has been fifteen minutes, it had to be enough. I found the two tests where I left them, picking them up with squinted eyes. Flipping them over, I found...

Positive...and... "Positive...Mom, both are positive!" I dropped them down on the granite and began to laugh, joy flooding my heart and mind. I jumped in the air and squealed. I'm so excited! I'm gonna be a mother!

"Positive!? Oh, Y/n!" She embraced me, crying happily. "I'm so happy, I'll babysit for you whenever you need me to!"

I took them into my grasp again and tugged away from her for a moment, "I need to find a little box. I want to give them to Toshinori when he comes back!" 

"Oh, I have a little necklace box you can use, and some tissue paper somewhere around here." Mom disappeared into her guest bedroom and shuffled around the closet and some drawers, finding the two products for me. 

Giving them one last sentimental look, I rested them down in the box after wrapping them up. All the while, I had a large and goofy smile on my face. "Toshinori is gonna be so happy...This will bring up his mood so much after this mission." 

I danced around in a dream-like state, visions of the future. filling my mind. My stomach getting bigger until I could feel little kicks, and then holding my baby when they are born, rocking them in my arms to coerce them to sleep. Toshinori singing them a lullaby when they have a nightmare, teaching them how to be kind to others. Being adoring parents to a perfect angel of our own. How I-

I was shaken from my thoughts when a massive explosion across town shook the windows and broke a vase within the apartment. Mom and I each raced to the window and saw smoke and dust rising high into the air. 

"Whoa, could that be from the raid?!" She questioned. 

Wait, the raid was supposed to be quick and easy, getting Katsuki out, arresting every member of the League of Villains, and seizing the Nomu factory to rescue Ragdoll... This wasn't right! I took the TV remote and turned up the volume, finding that the post-press conference commentary was interrupted by what had occurred. 

"Breaking News out of Camino Ward, a giant explosion has flattened part of the city! Helicopters are being deployed now to detect the cause and analyze the exact magnitude of the damage. We will keep updated, so stay tuned."

Some dread in my gut told me what caused it, and my heart sunk deep into my stomach at the realization. 

All For One...

I gulped, "Toshi, please be careful..." 


Chapter Text

"Relax, Y/n! Toshinori is strong, and so are the other heroes. I'm sure everything is under control!" Mom tried her best to reassure me as the news coverage continued in the background. There were more crashes and bangs from the distance. I was sure Toshinori was there.

I stood before the TV and tried to focus on only that, hoping for the relief of knowing that everything really was going to be okay...I took a deep sigh to calm myself. Toshinori was a capable hero, and he had survived All For One before. I properly didn't even know if this villain was the real thing...but it was a reasonable deduction. I didn't know how to contain the turmoil in my heart. 

Finally, after about fifteen minutes, we received a picture of what exactly was happening down there. The news helicopters televised the battle occurring.

"ENOUGH!!!" I spotted Toshinori reeling back his fist to land a hit out of anger upon the figure whom I assumed was All For One, but before he could, he was fired high into the air. I flinched and stepped back when he almost hit the helicopter, but Gran Torino snatched him from the sky.

"He's already hurt...his limit is too near." I cringed, feeling my limbs begin to tremble.

My anxiety was made worse when I remembered that the whole world was watching this newscast. If anything went wrong, everyone would watch their Symbol of Peace fall. I clenched my fists, turning up the volume.

"This scene looks like it could be straight out of a nightmare! In an instant, half of Camino Ward has been destroyed! Currently, All Might is fighting with the villain thought to be the ringleader! I can't believe it! There's just one villain! He's destroyed the city and is more than holding his own against the Symbol of Peace!"

I couldn't look away if I tried, but I felt like my head was spinning and like I could hurl up dinner. My sunflower looked beaten up, half of his hair already bending downwards and blood on his lips showing that he was suffering through. The fact people were watching little faith everyone had in heroes already could be amplified by this event...

"He looks hurt..." Mom was somewhere behind me, watching intently as well.

It looked as if All For One was preparing for another attack, raising up his hand. Gran Torino took off with his Quirk to dodge, but something kept Toshinori on the ground. "Toshi...Get out of there!" I extended my hand as if I could grab him and pluck him out of the danger, but the hurricane-force air-canon slammed into his fist. He redirected it in all ways around him, taking almost all of the shock into his hand. The camera was blinded for a moment, but the dust began to settle down.

I gasped and covered my mouth, "He''s..." I wasn't able to get the words out.

Everyone was seeing this...

Everyone knew.

Toshinori was in his weakened form, his costume hanging limply off of his skeletal frame.

"What's...What? All Might has...deflated?"

His secret was out and the whole world knew. 

"Y/n, he can't fight in that form, right?" Mom asked, just as flabbergasted as me. "Oh my god..."

The camera angle steadied itself to show that it seemed as if All For One and Toshinori were conversing. There was still such willpower in Toshi's eyes, almost glowing from fury. All For One raised a single finger, and whatever he said next made Toshinori freeze.

Nothing. What did he say? A distraction? Something heartbreaking? 

From what I could see, Toshinori was...devastated. His whole body shook in absolute terror. There was no remnant of a smile. It was as if his resolve had been shattered. All For One mimicked a grin on his face, reminding me of all those times Toshinori told me tales of his master. He looked truly helpless. Totally isolated. 

A broken yell cut into the audio, making every hair on my neck stand tall and tears come to my eyes. "Toshi..." 

Toshinori told me that Nana Shimura once said that heroes should smile to show others it was going to be okay... those true heroes didn't just save a person from danger, but saved their heart, too...

But...who was going to save Toshinori?

My mom rested her hands on my shoulders as I broke down, "You shouldn't watch this, honey..."

Toshinori please...please don't leave me! Something felt different about this from what happened on I-Island. I felt deep-seated hopelessness...


"Beat him!"

"Come on All Might!"

"Stop this guy!"

I perked up, the world blurry through my tears. I sniffled and walked over to the window. The people below...they were cheering! And it kept getting louder and louder! They were still holding out that little hope that Toshinori could win the day, and it awoke something in me. I felt touched. People still had faith in their Symbol of Peace and I should have faith in my husband! 

"Don't you dare give up, you hero, everyone is cheering for you!" I hollered at the TV as if he could hear me. 

Toshinori's right arm swelled as if he were in his muscle form, yellow lightning surrounding it. He steadied his stance, clenching his fist. That light returned to his eyes and so did his smile to his mouth. I kept cheering for him, as did everyone in all of the city, Japan, and the world. 

All For One rose up into the air with another Quirk of his. 

"Is that the villain you two told me about!?" 

"Y-Yeah...the one that hurt Toshi all those years ago and who took dad," I uttered.

She chuckled bitterly, "Toshinori better pound him into the ground...! Come on, Yagi!" 

As All For One prepared to attack with the air canon again and my whole body tensed fire erupted up from the ground. 

"What's going on with that weak little body!?" Endeavor screeched. "Stand up and show them WHY YOU'RE BETTER!!!" Encouragement comes in many forms...

All For One's focus was off, and Edgeshot used his Quirk as a distraction. Endeavor! Edgeshot! Kamui Woods! Tiger! The heroes were helping lighten his load and rescue those close enough to be hurt! I grinned tearfully, "They're helping..." 

While watching this truly historic event play out, I remembered something from my past with Toshinori...

"I want to be a Symbol of Peace...someone everyone can look to when they need help and that deters crime!" Toshinori said triumphantly. "It's been my dream since I was young and One For All is my torch of peace!" 

Toshinori...You're the one holding society upright. You're exactly what you promised me you would be. You are exactly what you dedicated yourself to. Everyone wants you to win, everyone is cheering. Civilians...heroes...villains...your students. Your successor... Your wife! I'm certain you can hear them in your heart calling your name! I know I can...

All Might! 

All For One aimed an attack directly beneath him, stirring up the ground again. Cheering subsided for a moment as some of the heroes were caught off guard. With him still floating, his own right arm began to swell with an almost uncountable amount of Quirks. My eyes widened as it grew and grew, spikes, spears, and knives on it to maximize force. Yet, Toshinori still clenched his fist. 

I swallowed, furrowing my brow, "Come on, Toshinori..." 

And then he was hurtling toward Toshinori. My mind raced as fast as he did with anticipation. No doubt, Toshinori was horrified underneath his resolute posture!

I flinched with the fists collided. Milliseconds later, blood spurted from Toshinori's arm! I raised my hands to cover my eyes but I had to watch. I screamed in horror, almost losing consciousness as I staggered back. I just kept yelling for him, "TOSHINORI!"

My mother raced to me and embraced me and I gripped onto her clothes. I still observed with that horrible morbid curiosity. I just kept weeping and shrieking my voice raw.

"Don't...leave me..."  

Just as it looked like he was defeated, Toshinori regained his footing, digging down. Once he stopped, the ground shook. I could feel the electricity from here. 

There was no way to do a head-on attack, but Toshinori's other arm inflated with power. Leaning in, and let go of the punch and landed a harsh blow on All For One's face. 

I watched in wonderment, his other arm purple and gushing blood, obviously broken. 

All For One made an attempt to reactivate his Quirks. 


"THAT'S BECAUSE... I DIDN'T PUT MY BACK INTO IT THAT TIME!!!" Toshinori drew back his broken arm as if he were reaching for something. 

I heaved, my jaw slack. 

The Power of One For All!

His arm filled full of it, and it was as if the inferno was relit. A nuclear blast of power surrounding him, he collided his mighty fist with such godlike power that I was brought to more tears, throwing my arms into the air, "YES!"


All For One was pounded head-first between the enormously passionate impact into the floor of his battlefield, buildings and debris lifted into the tornado. 

"That a boy, Toshinori! Smash that bastards face into the pavement!" Mom crew. 

The dust began to settle once more...the final time...and Toshinori's wry frame was there. He was still standing. But was he okay...? His hand twitched as he raised up his arm, higher and higher...above his head, adding his muscle back. 

The news reporter cried. "All Might! The villain has stopped moving! Victory for All Might!" Toshinori reverted wholly into his hero form, staggering. "He's standing in victory!" 

I fell to my knees, sobbing hysterically. "Toshinori...he did...he did it!" I whimpered, the remaining waterworks pouring from my eyes like a rainstorm. I scrambled for my phone, dialing up Naomasa. 


"Naomasa, my friend, I need you to get me to Toshinori! Please, I-I need to be there as soon as I can!" I pleaded. 

He spoke a little on the other end to someone. "I'll have a car sent to your address to pick you up. Your mother's apartment right?"

I was so grateful...My Toshinori, my sunflower...My light was still alive. 


Before the car even completely stopped, I opened the door and began to run. My body moved faster than my mind, almost. I didn’t even look back, the need to take Toshinori into my arms causing me to disregard everything else but him.  

“Mrs. Yagi, wait!” the officer called after me, but he was too late.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me over the dust and debris. My breath was labored - It wasn’t good for me or the baby, but I needed to get to him.

He stood upon shaking knees, the sun rising across the horizon as other pros began clean up. My eyes only for a second turned to see All For One, an oxygen mask on his face, being led into a portable holding cell to prevent the use of his Quirk. Toshinori watched, making sure the villain was secured. He was truly still working...only for a few minutes. 

“Toshinori!” I yelled, his head turning to meet me.

Tears of joy and worry cascaded down my face. I was so happy that he was alive. My heart wouldn’t be able to handle the grief of losing him, so I was so relieved he still stood tall.

“Toshi…!” I finally got to him, reaching up and touching his face. “Toshinori…” My voice broke.

“All Might’s wife has arrived...Look how relieved she is.” The news reporter smiled softly despite the carnage around her. The camera fixed on us for a moment before the reporter and cameraman began to report again about the whole situation.

“Y/n...who got you here?” Toshinori’s voice was tired...god, he was exhausted and need to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

“Naomasa drove me here...I begged him to. Oh, Toshinori...I’m so proud of you...I thought I lost you.” I wiped my tears on the back of my hand, but more and more relentlessly poured past the threshold. “Let me help you to the ambulance…” I offered, reaching to have him lean on me.

“Wait.” He uttered as the camera focused on him again.

“Sunflower, please, I-!” my lips parted as his hand went up, and he pointed at the lens, his head lowered to me. Yet, I looked towards his pointing finger. 

The world around me was total silence and the breeze ruffled through my hair. 

“Now…” His eyes looked towards the people through the camera. “It’s your turn.”

The sun rose higher, beams of light shining down upon us. What did that mean? I was hit with the abrupt understanding of what he meant as the cheering across the remaining parts of the city rang out so loud that we could hear it even where we stood.

No, he wouldn’t be taking on any other villains. It wasn’t a warning...It was a call to action. A call to action for his young successor, Izuku take his place.

One For All was gone within my Toshinori...and he had nothing left. The succession was complete.

My gaze darted to his face, and the solemn look of an unknown mix of emotions stared back at me as his hand fell limply to his side.

He covered his mouth and coughed a blood clot into his wrist. I took his other hand, and he winced.

“I think that one’s broken…” He wiped the blood onto his suit, holding out his hand to me.

“Sorry,” I propped his tall, skeletal figure up on my shoulder. He was a lot lighter in this form...I helped him begin to walk towards the medical personnel…Once he was in the ambulance, they had him lean back on a gurney and take in oxygen through a mask. He looked so relaxed, yet stressed all the same. He looked to be in mourning. 

I had an appearance of contemplation on my face, and he took notice. “It’s gone, isn’t it…?”

A deep sigh, “Yes…”

“I’m sorry, Toshinori…” I pouted my lips, brushing my hand across his hairline. "I'm so're alive..."

He closed his eyes and ever so slightly nudged his forehead into my touch. 

"I'm so proud of you." 



Chapter Text

I felt my hair being rustled, fingers kneading at my scalp comfortingly. My nose scrunched up, and my eyebrows furrowed. I opened my eyes tiredly, yawning and wiping my chin of drool. I looked up and saw Toshinori with a weak smile on his thin lips. 

I remembered where I was: sitting on a chair with my head on the bed. I didn't want to be separated from Toshinori in any instance before we fell asleep. I swallowed hard when I saw him again, carefully taking his hand and kissing his bandaged palm. 

"Good...what time is it?" My voice was hoarse and I reached down into my bag, lethargically searching for the time; this had been the first time I slept for more than five hours in four days. 

"It's morning..." He whispered, sitting up a bit more in his hospital bed. He was covered in various bandages around his forehead, his other arm in a sling. 

I sat up, cracking my back and stretching my hands above my head. Finally, a ten-hour nap. I stared at Toshinori and moved my chair closer to his face, leaning in and pressing a gentle yet passionate kiss to his mouth. "Oh, I missed you, Toshi."

He kissed back, cupping my cheek in his hand, "I'm sorry that I stressed you out, my dear." He mumbled against my lips. 

I chuckled, "I was horrified, but I don't care about that're alive, and that's all that matters to me. Keep kissing me, please." 

Toshinori snorted from his nose, kissing me with as much energy as he could muster. I didn't care how good it was, it just needed to be a reminder he was here, breathing and thinking of me. 

"Ahem..." I gruff voice in the doorway caught our attention. 

Both of us flushed from forehead to collar when we saw Sorahiko walking over to us. 

"I see I...came in at a bad time...?" He raised his uncovered eyebrow. He had been beaten up pretty bad as well, using a walking stick that he actually needed now instead of just a prop. 

"No, no! We just woke up, that's all, Gran Torino." Toshinori insisted, waving his hand at him defensively and cringing. 

"Yeah, a morning kiss!" I giggled, poking Toshinori's cheek and sitting up on the side of his bed. 

"Alright...Tsukauchi and I wanted to talk about something...everything regarding what All For One told you, Toshinori..." Sorahiko tapped on the door, and Naomasa entered with his work bag. He looked tired...he probably hadn't gotten much sleep either. 

They pulled another chair over, and I listened in. 

“Tomura Shigaraki...Shimura’s grandson…” Sorahiko had great disdain in his voice.

"Wh...what?" I gasped. 

"Yes...All For One told me during the fight..."

I held greedily to Toshi’s resting hand, my brow furrowing at the thought. I had never known Nana Shimura...I’m fairly certain I’ve met her in dreams past, but no...I’d never know the exact struggle this must be.

“After Shimura’s husband died, she put her son into foster care to keep him safe...She requested that Toshinori nor I have any connection with the child, even if the worst were to happen to her.” Sorahiko explained.

I subtly pressed a hand to my lower stomach, imagining the mother’s grief. I couldn't bear to part with my baby, not in any way...

“So your promise to the deceased backfired…” Naomasa concluded.

The conversation seemed to rouse my husband. “I still have work to do...I must find Shigaraki...and-!”

“And do what? Give him a pat on the back? You’re not looking to him as the criminal he is anymore… That’s dangerous. No matter who he’s related to, he’s a villain. The child wants you dead, and even though that is the case for the Symbol of Peace, we still have All Might.”

I saw Toshinori’s eager aura fade, replaced with one of deep contemplation. I could tell he was torn up over this. He felt as if he failed as if he had betrayed his master somehow. That this was his fault.

I gave an extremely mild squeeze to his hand, “It’s going to be okay, Toshinori...I know this is difficult for you. That bastard hit too close to home and it hurts...But Gran Torino is right...He’s dangerous because All For One manipulated him and destroyed him…” I teared up and sniffled, wiping the waterworks away quickly, "It pisses me off...that All For One did this." 

He sighed deeply, keen on the advice. His heart was heavy with the realization. 

I swung my feet in the awkward silence, my heel hitting my bag. My heart fluttered as I remembered its contents. I reached for it, my finger barely hooking around one of the straps. I pulled it up into my lap and sifted through it, past the chapstick, the wallet, and the checkbook. I located the box. I smiled softly, holding it in my hands.  “Um...I don’t mean to flip this conversation on its head...but, Toshi, I have a gift for you. I hope that it makes you feel a little better…” 

“What is it?” He asked.

I handed it to him, “It’s in here...If you need help untying the bow...I know you got only one open hand.”

He attempted his bed to undo it, but then conceded to help. I let him remove the lid and push back the tissue paper. “You wrapped this up nice...Wh-?”

Toshinori noticed it then, his eyes going wide as dinner plates. His jaw went slack. “Is this what I think it is?

“If what you think it happens to be a positive pregnancy test...then you won.” I grinned ear to ear, seeing the reactions of Naomasa and Gran Torino.

“Oh my god...Congrats, man!” Naomasa pat his shoulder with a huge smile.

Gran Torino laughed hardily, “Well isn’t this something…?”

“Aren’t you happy, Toshi, you’re gonna be a father!” I held his free hand in my two.

His eyes filled with joyous tears. “I’m...I didn’t expect this...Oh my god, I’m so happy!” 

"We've been trying so hard to have one, and I think I'm already two months along." I giggled as he inched inward to hug me. 

"Ah, if I could, I'd pick you up and swing you over my head right now!" He swatted at his cheeks, swinging his arm over my shoulders. "I can't...I can't wait to be a father." 

Sorahiko smiled up at us, "Let me guess, you're gonna want me to assume the role of 'gramps' to this little one, huh?" 

"Oh, well, I mean, if you want to!" I snickered.

"Of course I want to." He chortled. 

As they left, intention to continue the serious conversation later, Toshinori rested his forehead onto my shoulder, and his hand on my stomach. 

"With all the stress we've had in the past two months, not to mention being messed up on I-Island, I think this kid is a real fighter," I remarked. 

"I think so, too."

"Well, they're also your kid," I kissed his forehead. 

Chapter Text

It was only after Toshinori was discharged from the hospital that the total reality of our new predicament crashed onto us like a tidal wave. Sorahiko was going to stay with us for a few days, as we lived closer to the hospital he needed to return to when he gets his stitches out.

"I still can't believe you're pregnant..." Toshinori sighed when he walked back into the door.

I kissed him and chortled, "It's insane...How was Midoriya?"

"He took the criticism well, but he's still a huge crybaby." He huffed, and I noticed a few small tear marks on his sunken eyes.

I rubbed my thumb on them, smudging them under the lines on his face. "Sorahiko has claimed the couch, so sorry, your spot is taken."

Toshinori and I each looked towards there where the man was sprawled out there while eating a taiyaki pastry that I had delivered after dinner. He was happy but annoyed with his bandages. With his good eye, and gave a sly look to Toshinori and chuckled.

"Well, that's fine... I was going to ask if you could wash my hair and go to bed." Toshinori touched his hair, which was rather dirty from a lack of legitimate cleaning the past few days.

"Yeah, I can help you with that...and change out your bandages. Recovery Girl said to do that once a day." I led him to the bathroom and looked at the rolls of gauze on the bathroom counter.

Toshinori undressed, taking off his shirt and bending over comically into the sink.

I sputtered and laughed, making him blush darkly.

"What?" He choked.

"You look like a giraffe trying to take a drink of water!" I rubbed his shoulder and snickered, trying to gain control of my emotions. "Sit up, we need to take off your bandages first."

He nodded, and I helped undo the ones on his arms and forehead. I frowned when I looked at his left arm, covered in a few small cuts and stitches. The arm in the sling was even worse, though. Gashes that would leave scars up and down from wrist to shoulder. His inflamed stomach scar was looking worse for the wear, but otherwise, it was normal. There was a slash on his hairline, some dried blood under it in his hair. Luckily, it wasn't deep enough for stitches, and the bandaids covering it were enough. I sighed sadly as he stared down at me. "Your injuries are nowhere near as bad as your last encounter with All For One, but still..."

"I know, I'm grateful that I wasn't killed. Damn, my arm hurts, but my scar doesn't feel half as bad as I thought it would." He put his newly-bandaged arm in his sling, yawning and bending into the sink again.

I kissed his ear, turning on the water. "Tell me if it gets too hot..."

I kneaded shampoo into his damaged hair, him using his better arm to prop himself up. I wrapped a towel around his shoulders and squeezed the water out of his two long bangs. His damp hair being dried looked cute.

"Looking good." I giggled and stood on my tippy-toes to kiss him.

"Oh, thank you, pretty lady." he smooched me.

“I love you, sunflower.”

"Mm, I love you, too." 

I pulled back and traced my finger down his jawline, booping his nose. "Let's go say goodnight to Sorahiko, okay?"

We exited the bedroom.

"What are you gonna do about the public and this kiddo that's coming along, huh?"  Sorahiko abruptly asked.

I looked up at my husband, taking his hand. "I think we'll cross that bridge when we get there. We've made it this far improvising, haven't we?"

"What about Izuku Midoriya? That boy is too analytical, he'll realize it before anyone else, especially given how much time he spends with you both. Especially you, Toshinori." 

"I don't think it would be a huge issue telling him." Toshinori shrugged, "It's another big secret...though, with the main threat locked up, and the fact I've made good measure in ensuring where we live is kept under wraps, if it gets out there, it's not a giant deal..." He rubbed the back of his neck. 

"I suppose so, but you know how diligent the media what you think is best, but be careful!" He shot up and nailed his walking stick into Toshinori's knee, making him double over. "I don't want you kids and the baby in danger!"

"Aw, you care about us!" I cackled, helping Toshinori back up. 

"Of course I do!" Sorahiko insisted.

I pat my husband's back with great care. 

Lying in bed, I was cuddled up to Toshinori's side. He suddenly sunk down and kissed my forehead, his good hand caressing my stomach. I hadn't even begun to show at all, and his fingers tickled me lightly. 

I opened my eyes and found him frowning. 

"What's wrong, sunflower?" I whispered, cupping his cheek in my palm, concerned. 

"I'm just thinking too hard again...I was just having some iffy thoughts about being a dad and all..." He rested his chin on top of my head, cuddling as close as comfortably possible to me. "Am I really going to be a good enough dad?"

"Oh, Toshi, you're gonna be an amazing dad...Why, do you think you won't be...?" I rubbed soothing circles on his back in between his shoulder blades.  

"No, not at all...I just...well, I-I just don't think I'm cut out for it...? I don't really know..." he sighed heavily. 

"I think you're perfectly cut out for it. Look at how well you handle Midoriya! And everyone else! You're already a father-figure to them, they've told me first hand. Especially, Midoriya...Our baby is gonna think you're the best man to walk the earth because're a hero and you're gonna be their hero." 

"You really think I'm...already a practical dad?" He snickered.

"Yeah!" I laughed, "You're gonna do fine, my sunflower. We're both gonna figure everything out. Don't forget we're both gonna be newbies at this!" I snuggled myself into his chest. 

"Hmm...yeah, let's do this together..." 


Intertwined together, we fell asleep. 



Chapter Text

"How'd everything go?" I helped Toshinori out of his suit jacket and tie. He and a few other teachers went to the entirety- yes, the whole body- of the students and gathered approval to go to live on dorms on UA's grounds. I liked the idea, it was for safety.

Toshinori huffed, "It was...okay. Mrs. Midoriya was very hesitant to let her son even continue hero work...but, I promised that I'd protect him, and she humbly agreed. She's a very heroic lady...really cares about her son."

I hummed, looking at his bandages. Some of them were stretched, and I knew exactly what that meant. "You went into your hero form again, didn't you?"

He nodded, "I'm sorry, I had was to prove my devotion to my successor and his training."

"I understand, but..." I trailed off, frowning. "I'm sorry, I know...but, now that you're retired, I don't want you to ever put your health on the's very fragile, after all."

Toshinori slumped himself on my shoulder, kissing my temple. "I'm sorry. I don't like worrying you..." He groaned tiredly, so did his body.

I let go of my serious demeanor, hugging him tight and protectively. "You wanna sit down? You need some more rest."

"So do you..." He limply plopped down on the sofa, grunting as he kicked off his shoes and putting them up on the ottoman.

His eyes landed on the end table, seeing all my new papers for the second semester of chemistry. I was eating myself alive over them, not wanting to go insane on the students. "Classes don't start for about two weeks...are you gonna be ready to teach?"

"Yeah, I'm just figuring out the new curriculum for this semester. I want it to be fresh and helpful..." I picked up a few papers, typed out with about two units to go over so far for the first quarter. "I feel like this year has...flown by. Like the instant when you met Izuku the world sped up, you know?" 

"I agree..." He rubbed his forehead, pinching his nose and shutting his eyes. "There's too much going on all the time, but I think it's gonna get easier...With the baby on the way...I hate to say it, but I think it was about time to retire anyway..." 

I parked myself on the spot next to him, basking in the peaceful moment. It felt like the world was standing still, just for a few seconds. Toshinori looked beaten still. He was done, he couldn't do much anymore. All he had left to do was to raise up the new pillar who would save society again. 

I frowned as I thought of Tomura Shigaraki...I couldn't help but feel horrible for him in some odd way. He must have...he had to have been manipulated to be the way he is now. I had so many questions sitting in the corners of my mind. 

Calming myself, I took Toshinori's hand and rested it on my stomach. He stirred and opened an eye to look at me, a small smile tugging on the corners of his lips. 

"Can you imagine it, sunflower? Sitting like this in a few months and we can feel those little kicks..." I couldn't help but giggle softly, laying my head on his shoulder. 

"I can't wait for it..." He blushed and scoffed, brushing his hair out of his face. "I can't believe you got pregnant over two months ago...we were a little irresponsible!" 

"Oh, yeah, but I think it was worth it. A fun story to tell them when they're old enough." 

We locked eyes for a second before we both busted out laughing. 


"Hi, Mrs. Yagi!" Uraraka waved as I entered the dorm. Wow, it was really well-decorated and for sure offered enough room for all the twenty students. 

Some of the students were all relaxing from a long day of training in the lounge area, eating snacks and socializing. I really liked this other aspect of the dorms idea besides safety for the students, they really got to become closer as a class now that they were living together. 

"It's great to see you, ma'am." Yaoyorozu waved. 

"It's great to see you all, too!" I smiled politely. "How has dorm life been so far?"

"Pretty good! I like being so close to everyone, it's fun!" Ashido swung her feet.

"That's great to hear...! Well, I was hoping for everyone to be around because I have an announcement. I'm sure you all would like to hear it. I'll wait until dinner, though."

I chatted with the girls about various little things and what not until about twenty minutes past. 

It was funny to watch Bakugo curse a few of his classmates out. He shut up when he realized I was there, all of them having little conversations with me. 

"Mrs. Yagi, would you like some food to eat?" Iida offered. 

I grinned, thinking it might be a fun time to tell them all. "Actually yes. Could you make it a double portion?"

"A double portion? I hope you don't mind me asking, but why a double portion?" Izuku raised an eyebrow as he sipped a cup of water. 

I chuckled, "When you're eating for two you have to make sure both of you are fed." 

Both young men exchanged confused glances, Bakugo on the edge of the kitchen slowly sipping the broth of the soup. He evidently understood as he began coughing and sputtering on his food. 

"Wh- Jesus, you and All Might are having a kid!?" He cleared his throat hysterically. 

The commotion of it all attracted much of the other students. 

Izuku and Tenya started freaking out.

Word spread very quickly, and soon everyone was clattering with wonderment. 

"Yes, I am pregnant. All Might and I are going to be parents. We're due in February." I explained when asked, every student individually congratulated me.  

"Ey, teach." Katsuki reached out and shook my hand, leaning in and whispering, "Congrats, I guess."

I was surprised he even said something at all. "Thank you, Katsuki." 

The level of support I received was amazing. 

Izuku came up to me when the others began to disperse, happy and giddy about it. "I wonder what kind of Quirk the kid will have since you know-"

"Yeah, the baby might have All Might's Quirk! Imagine a kid like that!" Kaminari interrupted. 

I forced a smile back to my face, "Yeah...! Well, we don't care what their Quirk is, so long as they're healthy." 

Izuku and I knew for a fact that the child wouldn't have anything near Toshinori's Quirk. He was Quirkless genetically, after all. If they were to have anything it would be plant related like mine. 

Though above everything else, it was quite obvious that every student here wanted to protect my little growing family, and that touched my heart. 

I woke up the next morning, groggy and looking at my phone. I don't think I fully processed seeing the news article suggestion on my screen. 

'All Might and wife expecting child'

I sat straight up with wide eyes, noticing Toshinori wasn't in bed with me. I rolled out of bed to find him talking with someone in the living room. He looked distraught. I recognized him as Naomasa. 

"Hi, my dear, how'd you sleep?" Toshinori waved sheepishly. 

"I slept" 

"Well enough." 

"Why are you here so early in the morning, Naomasa?" I yawned and kept looking back and forth between the messages on my phone from extended family and others. 

"I was just talking about it with All Might. Ah...well, it's about your father's case." He sighed, "It's actually super important."

I immediately sat down, at full attention to the present. 

I needed to hear this. 


Chapter Text

"Uhh..." Toshinori coughed blood and stumbled on holding his phone, "I didn't expect to see the news already found out about your pregnancy! I wonder who leaked it..."

I hummed thoughtfully, "Well, any of the students could have told someone..." I looked out of the window of the car, my mind feeling clouded with smog. I was buried in so many questions. I think all I've been doing lately is asking questions. 

So, it was time to get some answers. 

The massive building looked like an imposing structure. I've only ever seen pictures. Tartarus, the most high-security prison in the entire world. Created for the specific purpose of holding the most dangerous villains with the blackest hearts...Where All For One was being held. 

Where my father's killer was being held. 

I pressed my lips tightly together in a grimace, watching the crashing of water on the rocks in swells. 

Toshinori grabbed my hand, and I quickly turned my head to look at him. "Hmm?"

"Hey...Are you nervous?" He squeezed my hand, the rubbery feeling of his hero suit almost unfamiliar on my skin. He was out of his sling, healing rather quickly due to Recovery Girl's Quirk and the most high-class medical techniques. Now, he wanted to appear 

I softened my gaze, glancing around for a moment. "A little..."

"I'll be talking to him first...It should give you enough time to decide if you really do want to see him." He pulled me closer and kissed my temple. 

I smiled listlessly, "I really want to understand the past...He's the key to it. I don't understand what it's like to talk to him and won't until I do myself, no matter how many times you've spoken to him...I just hope I get my answers." 

Toshinori and I had made this appointment to speak with All For One a week ago, on a day we knew we had off. The hero course kids were all away right now, fighting to earn their provisional hero licenses. 

And here we were...about to speak with the evil of evils. 

Toshinori had an intense and frustrated feeling about him. He puffed out his cheeks and lamented strongly. “That man truly is terrible… Are you absolutely sure-?”

“I’m certain. I want to talk to him for the full ten minutes.” I was shaking like a leaf, but I held a damnable look of determination in my eyes. I held my lips tight together. “I need to ask him certain things...that I need to know.”

Toshinori nodded, looking over his shoulder at the entrance to the cell with worry, “Don’t take anything he says at face value...He’ll just want to mess with your head. Be strong, dear.” He helped me stand up from the uncomfortable plastic waiting room chair.

“Wish me luck.” I swallowed hard, my throat dry from the sheer terror of this entire situation. It was a different kind of felt like I was a prisoner walking into the lethal injection room.

Walking down a short hall, I stood in front of reinforced metal hanger doors. I kept my sharp glare, hoping I didn’t come off as some sort of under-intimidating puppy to him. Not that I particularly cared about what he thought of me…

The doors opened. Behind a thick glass wall was All For One, missing all above his upper lip from the wound Toshinori inflicted upon him many years ago. His mouth twitched as he realized someone had entered the room. It was almost as if he was staring right back at me, even without any piercing eyes.

I cleared my throat, stepping in. My trembling legs carried me to the seat in front of the glass, the feeling akin to looking into a zoo enclosure at a truly dangerous animal.

“All For One…” I nodded, folding my hands in my lap and fidgeting with my wedding band.

“Y/n...Yagi.” He ever so slightly tilted his head. “All Might didn’t mention that you would be paying me a visit. It's a pleasure to meet the former Symbol of Peace's wife.”

He was so smug for a man behind bars, and it was extremely intimidating. I felt like I was on the verge of breaking down, but I kept myself out of the abyss, grounding myself. Come on, Y/n...he’s in the best prison in the entire world...the most secure one meant for holding people like him here for the rest of their lives.

How I wanted to reply something witty, like 'I can't say it's a pleasure to meet you.' My nerves got the best of me. 

“Mrs. Yagi, be sure to share no recent news with him, we’re keeping him isolated from it.” A guard over the intercom said, telling me the rules of our conversation.

“O-okay...I won’t. I’ve come to...make sense of the past. R-regardless, I hope you’ll be generous enough to answer them and not play a cheap, ten-minute mind game with me…” I pressed my legs together, wondering where to look. His face was unsettling, and there were no eyes to look into. He could see me, I knew that. A Quirk he stole was probably aiding him in that.

“How lucky I am to have two rather stimulating conversations in the same day!” He chortled, a soft smile coming to his lips, the only true indicator of his mood.

There was truly nothing special about the room he was in, and he would be given nothing to do but to think and be trapped in his own mind it almost complete solitude. It was a fitting punishment, but it made my skin crawl when I pictured such a composed and calm man on the brink of absolute insanity. Depending on how this conversation went, I might possibly come back to gather more answers.

“For how long were you aware of mine and To...All Might’s relationship?” I held my hands to my stomach, hoping the thought of our child would aid in my relaxation.

“Since just after your engagement, almost sixteen years ago.”

My heart sunk deep into my chest, a deep chuckle escaping him as he saw the pale color on my expression from this revelation.

“Are you surprised by that? I have eyes everywhere that can deliver news to me.” He shifted a little, the guns in the corners of the rooms locking onto him.

“I honestly don’t know what I expected to makes sense…” I fiddled my thumbs together, easing into this horrifying conversation. "Why did you wait until recently to...steal away someone important to us?"

"Are you referring to your father? There was no particular reason to take him when I did, I simply needed another Nomu and your father had the Quirk for it." 

I was mildly confused then. "Was it only for his Quirk? I can't help but doubt that." 

He cocked his head to the side as if he were asking me to elaborate. 

"Was it not to get back at my husband or cause hurt and strife in the family? I don't understand..." I shrugged my shoulders. 

"That was part of it all, yes. I'm one that enjoys meticulous plans, and so I waited until the right time to abduct him. It was all part of a separate plan to ruin All Might's resolve in slow, precisely-timed attacks." All For One added.

It was partially personal, then. He killed my father because he wanted him to become a braindead doll for his plan and because he knew it would hurt Toshinori. Then it clicked, there was another way he could have ruined Toshinori's willpower. 

"If that was to ruin my husband's mind, then why didn't you kill me?" 

"Kill you?" 

"Yes..." I looked up at him, feeling a sudden surge of confidence. "I heard that you had Shimura's husband killed. No doubt that hurt her...she had to give up her whole family. All Might is more emotional, no doubt, so wouldn't you want to go and kill me, his wife? You injured that whole why not again?"

He hummed, "I had plans to kill you. I was waiting for the right time. Everything must be timed correctly, don't you agree?"

I furrowed my eyebrows. Something wasn't right about what he just said. He couldn't be lying, could he? I just had this feeling that he was lying, the feeling crawling over my skin. I wasn't unsettled by what he said, just the tone of which he said it. It seems Naomasa teaching me about body-language years ago was finally being put into practice.

"You're lying," I stated flatly. 

He seemed surprised, and I would have started laughing if it were anyone else, but he grunted. "Lying?"

"You had ample time to kill me. Sixteen years to send someone to assassinate me or to do it yourself. Seeing what you're capable of on such a level leads me to believe that you're simply...well," I smirked, "bullshitting me, trying to scare me. What's the real reason you didn't kill me? Time is not a good excuse, Mr. Evil Overlord."

All For One frowned, "You wound me, Y/n. You really do." 

"Oh, no I don' husband beat me to that." I crossed my arms, "Spill the reason."

He shifted again, "Well, let's just say that I have a small debt to you. One you are only occasionally aware of." 

"A debt to me?" 

"Yes. You see, you brought great joy into my life in a rather direct way. If you hadn't had done one small, specific thing, I don't think I would feel the joy I did." He explained, almost fondly. 

"How did I bring you joy?" I questioned, wanting to draw out more answers, but it was too late. 

"Mrs. Yagi," the guard on the intercom said, the metal door behind me opening, "The ten minutes are up. Please exit the room." 

I sighed, "I guess I'll find out one day..." I turned around when I got up and started walking toward the exit. 

"Tell me, Mrs. Yagi, how is your flower shop doing?" All For One asked me, hoping to interject a final jab for sure. 

"Well enough, I suppose..." I shrugged, maybe five feet from the door. 

"Have you perhaps sold any gardenias as of late?" 

Gardenias? Why gardenias...? 

The realization smacked me across the face, then beat me up. I looked back at him with widened eyes. There was only one specific memory I held about those flowers, and it was a socially-inept man coming in asking for flowers for a date. 

"They represent enthusiasm, correct? And they tell the person you give them that they're beautiful?"

My lips parted, but all I could do was huff out a small breath of air. I felt like I was standing there for a year, but it was only about fifteen seconds. 

"Y-yes...they do... Um, goodbye, All For One." 

With that, I left, but the last thing I saw before the metal doors shut was the widest, proudest grin on that wicked man's face. 

I walked quickly to the waiting room where Toshinori and Namosa sat. 

Oh, Toshinori looked nervous as all hell, and he jumped up and hugged me when he saw me return. 

"My dear, what's wrong? What did he say?" Toshinori brushed a strand of my hair out of my face. 

"I don't know...but, I think All For One has a wife," I stated, the intensity in my speech stronger than I thought. 

"What?!" both of them shouted, Toshinori coughing a bit of blood into a napkin he snatched at the perfect time. 

"What makes you think that?" Naomasa immediately took out a notepad. 

"Well, years ago I had a younger looking guy come into the flower shop and ask for flowers for a date. I don't remember exactly what he or his significant other looked's been so many years, but the type of flowers he got and what I taught him was super specific. He got gardenias and I told him what they meant...I mean, it probably is relatively common knowledge, but to bring it up in passing unsolicited like that was...scary. I know it might seem strange, but maybe it's worth looking into." 

"A wife..." Toshinori rubbed his chin, looking to the floor. "That would be strange...if it's true then I can't help but feel bad for the woman..."

I nodded my head, thinking of that cute skinny girl that came in two years after that event with pity. 

Toshinori was brimming with glee, showing me his phone as we sat in the car, driving back home after this emotionally challenging day. 

"What is it?" I giggled.

"Young Midoriya got his provisional license!" He exclaimed, smiling widely and proudly. 

I looked at the photo of the card the boy now held. His picture was kinda funny looking. It reminded me of something, but I couldn't place it. I read the text, 'Thanks to you, I'm taking my next big step!'

I then saw what Izuku's contact name was on Toshinori's phone. 

I raised an eyebrow playfully, "'Midoriya, My Boy?"

He blushed furiously, closing the screen. 

I messed up his hair even more, "You are such a dad-figure, I can't take it! There's no more denying it, Toshi!" 

"I am, I am! I hardly realized how dad-like that is!" 

"That's the most dad thing I've ever heard," Naomasa remarked from the driver's seat. 

We all shared a good, heartfelt laugh. 




Chapter Text

The late summer weather made me feel relaxed. I sat outside of the school after a long week of teaching, my eyes closed.

The duration of the summer was so stressing...but all of it was over and done. Toshinori was finishing his recovery, and we got to look forward to raising up his successor and raising a child of our own.

Having been almost two months since I got pregnant, I was sure that I was going to start showing more in the next month. I needed to start planning...and that’s the new stress of the situation.

We’d need to set aside money for the child. I’d need to rework the office at home for our child’s room. I’d need to start purchasing maternity clothes, and clothes for the baby.

A few other issues were sitting on my mind. The first being All For One, and how I now needed to go back and talk more with him. I still had more questions, especially new ones. I wanted to help investigate his family and figure out who that woman was. The second was Midoriya. That boy had gotten into a fight with Katsuki Bakugo a few days before. Their quarrel was about my husband's retirement. Katsuki believed himself to be the blame for it all, and the result was him finding out about One For All. Another to keep the secret close. 

I heard footsteps beside me, and I opened my eyes to see Toshinori coming down to sit with me.

“How are you doing, dear?” He handed me a cup of tea, which I sipped gingerly due to its temperature.

“Very well…” I cuddled my head on his shoulder, his skinny arm draping over me like a blanket.

Even without his Quirk, he still made me feel so safe.

Toshinori raised a look of doubt, “Are you worried about something?”

Oh, how he saw right through me these days. “Well...I’m just thinking about all we have to do to prepare for the baby. I know I’m only two months along, know.”

He gave a sharp and defined nod, “I’ve been thinking about that, too...Though, whenever I think about it, I get so happy...I can’t wait to be a father.” He grinned widely with euphoria.

"I've been thinking about something regarding Midoriya..." I sounded, tapping my toes on the stone steps. "It won't add more responsibility onto him now, just down the line." 

"What is-? Ah!" His phone vibrated in his pocket against my leg, and he scooted a bit to take it out.

“It’s a text from Young Midoriya… ‘Come to the 1A Dorms now...we have a surprise for you and your wife.’” He read it slowly, his eyes narrowing in confusion and wonder.

I arched an eyebrow, “Uh...should we go? I don’t know what those crazy kids are planning…”

“It can’t be bad...I mean, it’s not an emergency. He said it was a surprise.” Toshinori shrugged his shoulders, standing up at his great height. He held out his hand to help me stand. “How bad can it be?”

“I guess...Yeah, let’s go.”

I held his hand tight. The sun as getting lower and lower into the horizon. “I wonder what it is...Class A is very unpredictable…” I snickered.

“That, they are.” He agreed with a chortle in his voice.

The walk was exceptionally short from the main campus...maybe five minutes.

All of the lights were off in the common area, which was extremely odd. I raised an eyebrow as I pushed open the door.

“Anyone home?” Toshinori called, cupping his hand to the side of his mouth to project his voice.

The lights suddenly flicked on, and there was the entirety of the Class 1A and Class 1B jumping out, “SURPRISE!”

I flinched from the shock, yelping, but Toshinori sputtered on his own blood for a moment. I pat him on the back.

“All Might, are you okay?!” Uraraka cried, concerned.

“I’m fine, Young Uraraka...that just happens sometimes.” Toshinori accepted a napkin from Awase of Class 1B.

“What is all this?” I eyed around the various party favors: balloons, confetti, and a table with food and presents on of them, given a fair estimation of the students who were here. In addition, there were also a few cards…

“The hero students wanted to throw you a baby shower… Aizawa and I couldn’t stop them, they have such pesky insistence.” Vlad King crossed his arms. “Though, I do admit that it’s great.”

A baby shower? I teared up, genuinely touched by their kind gesture. “Thank you all so much…!” I wiped my cheek on the back of my hand.

Toshinori rested a heavy, yet equally elated hand my shoulder, and I leaned into his side. I wiped my tears on the back of my hand.

“Well, come on, Mrs. Yagi and All Might! This is a party, isn’t it!? Come sit, we have a place for you!” Iida cleared a path for us through the students. All forty of them seemed genuinely elated. 

They sat us down on one of the rearranged couches, wry little smiles on our faces. 

Yaoyorozu, Sato, and Kendo had made a cake for the party, the sweet smell filling the place. 

They began passing gifts, and my worries slowly depleted. I was cared for by so many people. 


After the party ended, I was left with the racing thoughts of how in all of hell where Toshi and I gonna get all of these gifts for the baby back to the apartment! 

“I can help move if the school lets me,” Midoriya offered, “Some of this stuff will be easy to bring for me…!”

“Thank you, Young Midoriya...I’ll talk to Nezu about it.” Toshi pat him on the head. The way he behaved around his successor made me believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would be a wonderful father.

“Oh yeah...Midoriya.” I stood up, taking the young man by the shoulders. “All Might and I wanted to give you a gift as well…”

“Me? Wh...What is it?”

Toshinori stood up behind me, nodding once to confirm that he agreed with what I wanted to tell him. 

“We want you to be the godfather to our child when they’re born.”

The boy’s face crossed with surprise and joy. “R-Really? Are you sure?”

I nodded, “Absolutely! We’ve discussed it. We're certain you'll be around them when they're born. Nothing too difficult or distracting, of course. We just think....hey, you're important to us both, and we want you to be in our child's life as if you were family!" 

The boy's eyes filled with tears, and he hugged me tightly with gratefulness. "Thank you... I'll be the best godfather I can be!" 

I embraced him right back, looking up at Toshi with big, happy eyes. I mouthed, "He's such a great kid..." 

Toshinori laughed hardily as we pulled back, "Midoriya, my boy, thank you and your class for the party. You really took care of us."

He swiped under his eyes, "O-Oh yeah, you're welcome! We had fun putting it together. Kacchan was mad we planned it today, he's still under house arrest. Though, he won't let us help him clean up..." He chuckled, "It was the girls' idea. They invited Class B after Monama interjected and told them. We're glad you like all the gifts." 

I tenderly picked up one of the little onesies that had been gifted to us, "Everything is amazing..Oh, I can't wait to mention this when we go to that talk show in a few weeks, Toshi. Embarrass the class." I winked. 

Chapter Text

I fixed my makeup in the mirror, humming the tune of a song stuck in my head. 

My thoughts had been consumed by something lately. Little visions crossing across my vision as if I was there. It happened when I was awake and when I was asleep like a dream. 

"Y/n, my dear, you uh...your lipstick..." Toshinori poked my shoulder. 

"Gah!" I focused in on my reflection and saw I had used a shade of copper-colored lipstick where I should use concealer. "Oh shoot, thanks for pointing that out." I grabbed a makeup wipe, scrubbing it off. 

Toshinori furrowed his brow, "I'm concerned about you, are you okay, dear?"

"Y-Yeah! It's probably just the pregnancy! I'm feeling a little off, but nothing relating to that. I just feel a little foggy." I shrugged my shoulders. 

Even I couldn't really articulate my thoughts about what I was seeing and feeling. I just pasted a smile on my face and stood up when I fixed my appearance. I faced my husband, who immediately engulfed me into a hug. I gasped, slowly embracing him back. 

"Y/n, I've been married to you for sixteen years, I can tell it's not just the baby messing with your hormones." He huffed, tipping my chin up to look him in the eyes. 

Those blue eyes flashed with concern. I was so easily distracted right now, I could have gotten lost in them if his voice didn't pull me out. 

"You've been acting like this for three days, my love, it's concerning. Are you sure there's nothing going on?" 

"Well, I suppose I've been having weird dreams lately... I've been thinking about them too hard." I nudged myself into his giant hand as he caressed my face. "I don't understand what's happening in them. Midoriya's always just staring off at this figure in the distance, crying. Every dream, the figure gets closer, but his face is always just out of sight. It's so strange." 

"Hmm, I agree. That is strange." He nodded, rubbing his chin, "Maybe we can get you to talk to someone who knows more about dreams and the subconscious to try and figure out what they mean?" 

"Yeah, we should try and find a therapist for that. They're starting to become daydreams, too." I turned and gathered a few belongings, "I'm sure it'll be cleared up soon." 

"That's the spirit! Are you ready for work?" 

"Yeah! Let's go!" 

It was later in the afternoon, and I was walking to the front gate of the school when an oddly familiar voice caught my attention.

"Mrs. Yagi?" 

A jolt shot up my whole body and I saw a face I could never forget walking from the main building. He looked just as surprised as me. 

"Sir Nighteye?" I adjusted myself, my head spinning, "I-It's been a long time!" 

"Almost five years."

Oh god, this is kind of awkward. 

"So, uh! How are you?" I pulled my papers closer to myself, trying to bask in this small talk for a few minutes longer. 

"Well enough. I was here to turn in some forms regarding a new fledgling hero I'm taking. Togata from class 3-A recommended him. He's truly interesting...and equally infuriating. I'm sure you know him as your husband's successor." He scowled, appearing to have a bad taste in his mouth. 

"Yes, Midoriya is a kind and wonderful child. Too heroic for his own good sometimes!" I laughed uncomfortably.

"Truly. His future is quite grim as your husband's future is." 

My forehead felt hot and my face reddened. I blinked, dumbstruck. How could he say something so...wicked? I was seething with rage. Thanks, pregnancy, hormones, you're really helping me out now. My small body shook and I tried to keep a smile on my lips, "Well, I'll be going to an appointment now...Have a wonderful day, Nighteye." 

I quickened my pace, staying ahead of him as I felt my rage bubbling up and over my edge of reason like a volcano. When I was alone, I kicked a rock on the sidewalk and pulled at my hair, hissing out my anger like steam. 

"Are you alright?" Nighteye stood just outside the gate of UA behind me. 

I jumped out of my skin, "I stubbed my toe! I should really get go-!"

"I wish you have forgiven me, Mrs. Yagi. I knew you heard five years ago when All Might learned of his fate from my Quirk." He grunted and pushed his glasses on his face. "It's...horrible. I know I shouldn't have used my Foresight without permission. I know you dislike me because I made you aware of the horrible truth. I just wanted to say that I give my condolences and ask for your forgiveness." 

I listened diligently, pretending to fix my shoe all the while. I slowly turned my head to look over my shoulder at him. There was this earnest aspect of humility in the place of his usual stoic glare. Age had treated him well; he looks no different than he did the last time I saw him. He only had a few new lines on his face. Was he sincere? I have no idea. I didn't know much about this crazy world we lived in anymore. I didn't know who was lying or telling the truth anymore. 

I sighed and rose myself up, holding my hands in front of me. "I...I'll think about it, Sir...I promise I'll get back to you when we next meet." 

"Thank you...Enjoy your appointment." 

I nodded, turning and beginning to walk away toward the station where Naomasa was waiting for me. 

On the way there and pressed a tender hand to my slowly expanding baby bump and withdrew a shaking breath from my lungs. "I wonder how strange the world will be for you, kiddo... Then again...It'll just be what you know." 




Chapter Text

I don't think it will ever get easier to come here to Tartarus. It was going to be the same feeling every time: dread. What could All For One say this time? I looked down at the blank notebook, clicking the pen as I walked down the long, secured hallway toward the cell, my muscles trembling. 

I stood facing the metal doors, taking one deep and calming breath. I've done this before...let's do it again. 

"I'm ready..." I whispered to myself. 

With that, the door opened, and I was face to face with the man himself again. 

"Mrs. Yagi...I admit I didn't expect you to return." All For One stated, serious surprise in his tone. 

"I wanted to continue our stupidly endearing conversation. I'm sure you're happy to hear that?" I took my seat on the metal chair, crossing my legs at the ankle and holding the pen tightly in my sweaty grip. 

"I am. There is a complete lack of stimuli within this wretched place. I could simply go mad..." He grumbled, shifting. 

"Depending on what answers I get from you, I might come back again. I'll make this little deal with you, that I'll keep that wicked brain of yours working and from turning to mush if you provide me with answers to my questions." I wrote the date at the top of the page, flicking my glance between him and my book. I remembered the fear I had felt last time, and how I felt towards the end of the conversation. confident. 

He sputtered with laughter, "Oh, come now! Blackmail isn't befitting of the former Symbol of Peace's dear wife!" 

I scoffed, "Well, you can't knock a hustle, can't you?" 

"I suppose not. Very well. I will trade certain answers to certain questions in exchange for conversation... Please, begin." All For One chortled, giving me his full and undivided attention. 

I folded my hands in my lap, rubbing the sides of my fingers against the smooth paper. "Gardenias, huh? You mentioned it in passing last time... I remember you. You came into my shop sixteen years ago to buy flowers, did you not? If only I could remember your real name...or, well, at least the name you used to purchase them. What is your real name?" 

All For One hummed fondly, "Tell me, do you not think that you're thought process is flawed? You're making a-!"

"You're dodging the question," I said in a sing-song voice, arching an eyebrow. This persona of impatience was almost comical to me, I could only imagine how stupid it looked to him. Though, I hoped he took the wager seriously. 

"Well, dear Y/n, I simply refuse to tell you my name."

"Refuse to?" I scribbled down some notes, "Then you understand that I'll keep digging through old finances from years ago until I locate your receipt. You did pay with card, I'm sure I'll find out eventually, anyway." 

"I'm afraid to inform you that you're assuming that the man you're describing is truly me. It could have been anyone, correct? I could have just been watching." He grinned slyly.

I pursed my lips, biting on my tongue gently in thought. He was playing a mind game with me, and I saw right through his unethical little ploy. There was a reason that this man was him, and he admitted it last time I had spoken to him. "No, it had to be you..."


"You told me that I brought great joy into your life. Someone who loves you...this woman you were taking on a date...Why else would you mention gardenias? Why would you confuse me, the woman you technically owe a whole relationship to? I'm more aware of it now, I think of it constantly. So, spare me your sick and twisted, time-wasting game and answer me one thing...Are you a married man?"

All For One was silent, a soft frown on the blank canvas of his face. His breath steamed the mask providing life to him... And then he answered, "Yes. I do have a wife...and a child." 

My eyes widened, "A child? A son or a daughter?"

"A son." 

I frantically wrote down notes. He was actually cooperating. I couldn't believe it! I was getting answers from this brick wall of a man! 

"Mrs. Yagi, your ten minutes are up. Please make your way to the exit." 

I was in a fantastic mood. I felt like a scientist making a huge breakthrough on a project! I stood up and finished the sentence in my grasp, "Well, I will most definitely be back. I'm sure you appreciate the conversation, so let's continue." 

"Yes...I do appreciate it. Goodbye." 

"Goodbye, All For One." I waved in a semi-dismissive way, not wanting it to come off as a friendly gesture. 

With that, I left and ran towards the waiting Naomasa. 

"Y/n, you look...happy?" 

"I can basically confirm it for you, Naomasa...All For One is married and a father." I showed him the notes, "He apparently has a son. Perhaps once I finally dig up the receipts of the first flowers he got for the date and his wife's name, everything will open up and we can figure it out!" 

"Damn...I never thought it was true. How do you know he wasn't lying, though?" He walked with me towards the exit of the building. 

"Well, two reasons, really...I think I've learned a bit from you and your Quirk. Also, I maaaaaybeee blackmailed him a little? I need to stop by the visitation desk and make an appointment to visit him again in two weeks." 

"Ah, the hustle...very smart of you, everyone falls for it!" 

I was elated with this information.