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Jeongguk happily intertwines his fingers with his boyfriend and swings their arms back and forth as he walks around the theme park, enthusiastically dragging Yoongi towards whatever attraction they could ride without having to wait countless hours in a line. The boy was practically skipping with joy and Yoongi fondly follows, stumbling overe his own two feet as he tries to keep up with his speeding boyfriend. Yoongi notices the way Jeongguk's eyes light up when he catches sight of a churro vendor and he realizes he no longer regrets the excessive amount of money he had spent on the theme park tickets.

Jimin and Taehyung are trailing not too far behind, unable to keep up with the speed of Jeongguk as they walk hand-in-hand, stopping every once in a while to take artsy photos of eachother beside the classic Disneyland landmarks they had known about since they were young. They snapped a few selfies in front of the castle and Jimin instantaneously decided that he wanted to get married inside of it someday, to which Taehyung responded cheesily with 'Anything for you, my prince.'

"Let's wait for them to catch up, okay? I'll get you a churro and then we can talk about where to go next." Yoongi says softly as he pulls Jeongguk into the line for the churros. Jeongguk waves the other couple down when they're finally in sight. The line is surprisingly short and it takes less than a minute for them to finish ordering once they make it to the front. It smells delicious and Yoongi almost regrets not getting a churro for himself but he needs to stay strong. He needs to avoid eating until they're done with rides.

His stomach is pathetically weak and he doesn't want to disappoint Jeongguk by sitting out on all of the rides so he opts for keeping his stomach empty, that way, if he goes on a ride that puts him over the edge, his stomach won't even have the option to freak out, or at least, in the unfortunate situation that he does throw up, he won't have too much to bring up.

Taehyung and Jeongguk happily clutch their churros, smiling widely as they make their way over to the nearest bench where they're supposed to discuss ride plans. After walking through the castle, Yoongi knows they're in fantasyland and that means the dreaded teacup ride is nearby. Taehyung, Jimin, and Jeongguk had been talking about it since the drive over, not stopping until they finally entered the park, where they were then too overwhelmed to think about specific rides.

Jimin grabs out the small map of the amusement park he had grabbed at the entrance and lazily skims his eyes over the paper, tracing his fingers over the areas to locate exactly where they're at. He gasps dramatically when he notices that they're just a short walk away from the infamous teacup ride, jumping up from the bench to show Taehyung and Jeongguk who were now wiping the cinnamon and sugar off of their hands, churros completely vanished.

Yoongi trudges behind them as they excitedly scurry off to their destination, an involuntary pout forming on his lips as he contemplates going on the ride. He knows for a fact that his embarrassingly weak stomach can't handle it but he doesn't want to sit alone for a good hour while the other three wait in line and enjoy the ride without him, but then again, that sounds better than spending the rest of the day nauseous.

When they make it in front of the ride, they feel a rush of disappointment. The teacups are spinning beautifully, cheerful music blaring through the speakers along the sidelines, but they're also completely vacant, effortlessly maneuvering around the track without a single rider in sight. There isn't a line forming anywhere nearby and It's painfully obvious that the ride is closed, though it appears to be functioning just fine.

Yoongi feels slightly relieved but he also feels terrible for his boyfriend who had been so excited to experience it. Jeongguk doesn't want to believe that the ride is closed so he approaches one of the ride operators that's standing beside the gate. He pauses for a moment. He doesn't know exactly what to say. He can't fluently speak english but he knows enough to get the point across.

"This ride is closed?" Jeongguk asks in his best american accent so that there's no chance he'll be asked to repeat himself. The employee shakes his head before unclasping one of the chains that was previously cutting off the area where the line would usually form.

"Just closed for a quick maintanence check. You can be first in line if you're willing to wait a couple of minutes." The man says cheerfully and Jeongguk understands enough to walk into the lineup area, giving a small nod as he relays what he understood to the other three who are now standing behind him, curious looks on their faces.

Taehyung, Jimin, and Jeongguk bounce excitedly on their heels, eagerly staring at the ride as the few operators shout things to eachother, using hand-gestures and signals that are hard to understand, except they all keep watching and Jeongguk is able to decipher the meaning of the secret-code when one operator gives a thumbs up to the other, walking towards the small, cheerfully informing the group that the ride was back in business.

"Do you want to go on this one with us, pumpkin?" Jeongguk asks softly, leaning closer towards Yoongi to make sure he's keeping his words as quiet and discreet as possible, knowing the older boy can get pretty embarrassed whenever his self-proclaimed, emasculating, motion-sickness is mentioned in public. Yoongi glances at the ride and gives a gentle shake of the head, gently reaching to grab Jeongguk's hand.

"It's okay. If you don't think you can handle it you don't have to go on, baby." Jeongguk whispers after noticing how unsure of his choice Yoongi looked.

"I'm going to sit this one out." Yoongi says quietly to the other couple, nervously running his thumb over his boyfriends knuckles, raising their intertwined hands to place a gentle kiss over Jeongguk's fingers before letting go and heading towards a bench that's placed just beside the exit of the dizzying death-trap ride.

The ride operator speaks loudly on the speakers of the ride and informs the small line that they can board the ride. No more than two-seconds later, Jimin stomps over towards the bench with a dramatic pout, silently dropping himself onto it with a huff as he crosses his arms, mumbling something incoherent underneath his breath about how his boyfriend is a traitor.

"We couldn't all fit." Jimin grumbles out, resting his chin on his knees that are propped up on the bench. "Taehyung and Jeongguk decided they wanted to go together."

Yoongi gives a lighthearted laugh, rolling his eyes at the younger boy before turning back to face the ride. He feels bad for the boy but he knows Taehyung will go on a second time just to make Jimin happy.

"Please ride it with me? The line is still short!" Jimin pleads as he points over to the line that has no more than twenty people in it. Jeongguk and Taehyung are already climbing inside of a purple colored teacup, smiling widely as they position their hands on the wheel in the center. Yoongi doesn't hesitate to shake his head, fear making a home for itself in the pit of his stomach.

"You're just afraid you're going to throw up, right?" Jimin asks and there's a hint of mockery in his voice. "These rides are for babies. It's practically impossible to get sick."

Jimin does have a point. They wouldn't put a ride that could make little kids sick at Disneyland, would they? Maybe they somehow figured out a spinning pattern that wouldn't induce nausea and ruin family trips, maybe the ride ends just before you have the chance to realize you're spinning. Maybe everything would be okay if he gave it a try. Nobody on the ride looks too dizzy or sick, they're just smiling and laughing. Maybe he's going to give it a chance.

Any ounce of courage he had just gained from Jimin's words vanishes when he looks up to see just how fast the ride is spinning. Jeongguk and Taehyung are surely going the fastest, the purple teacup becoming nothing but a blur as they hurriedly spin the wheel inside of the ride, trying to go as fast as they can. Yoongi wouldn't even place his hands near the wheel if he ever gained enough bravery to ride.

"I don't want to ride it." Yoongi murmurs out after a few moments of silence. The ride slows to a stop just a few seconds later and Jeongguk and Taehyung clamber out of the ride, stumbling and swaying towards the exit, both giggling and discussing just how fast they went.

"Taehyung almost puked on me!" Jeongguk shouts with a laugh when he's close enough to the bench. "I'm starting to doubt his position in the steel-stomach club."

"Please don't change my rank just because I made the mistake of eating a churro before going on the ride." Taehyung says dramatically, like he's genuinely afraid of being ranked-down in some imaginary club that's only made up of him and Jeongguk, he's always going to be secondary in ranking since he can't go below anyone else. He's technically the second strongest-stomached boy while also being the weakest.

"How about we go on it again. You keep your stomach down and you can keep your spot." Jeongguk offers playfully and Taehyung nods eagerly, rushing to drag the boy back into the line. They're already half-way gone when Yoongi attempts to speak up. "What about Jimin?" He shouts hopelessly, gaining nothing in response.

"Please, Yoongi?" Jimin asks once again, a genuine frown on his lips. Yoongi caves in, feeling bad for the poor boy.

"Only because I feel pitiful for you." Yoongi grumbles as he stands up and walks into the short line. Jeongguk and Taehyung are already boarding their teacup but there's no more space for this round. They're going to have to wait for the ride to finish before they get a chance to choose a teacup of their own. Jimin is endlessly thanking Yoongi, assuring the worried boy that everything will be fine.

Yoongi can already feel his stomach swirling inside of him. He's far too nervous and he knows there's a fifty percent chance he's going to get sick on the ride. He needs to calm down but he can't as he focuses his eyes on the ground beneath him, feet nervously shuffling as he struggles to stand still. The ride is already slowing down and he knows he's going to be boarding soon. He has no choice.

The ride ends and a flow of people walk towards the exit, Jeongguk and Taehyung getting buried somewhere in the crowd. Yoongi was going to call them over, have his boyfriend take his place in line so he can return to the safety of the bench, but he couldn't spot them in time and they were surely out of the ride by now, leaving him stuck with his awful decision to ride with Jimin, all out of pity because Taehyung and Jeongguk are a little too childish when together.

Jimin grabs Yoongi by the wrist and drags him into the first unoccupied teacup. It's an orange one and Yoongi suddenly hates the cheery color and he hates the feeling of being locked inside once he climbs in and closes the small door. He looks up nervously at Jimin who is already positioning his hands on the spinning wheel, a childlike grin on his face as he waits for the ride to start.

It starts off slow and calm, whipping around the track like a well choreographed dance. Yoongi fixes his gaze on one of the lemonade vendors just outside the ride, inhaling and exhaling calmly, executing every single nausea-preventing tactic he had learned over the course of his life. He had been dealing with severe motion-sickness since he was just a baby. He was commonly told that he would grow out of it, but unfortunately, he never did.

He feels a swirl in his stomach as the ride picks up speed and his steady breathing is out the window, replaced by panicked pants as he grips the rim of the oversized teacup and squeezes his eyes closed, giving up completely on trying to prevent anything from happening. He was entirely screwed. He can hear Jimin laughing almost maniacally beside him as he spins the ride faster.

"N-no more spinning." Yoongi manages, opening his eyes and placing his hands over Jimin's busy ones. Jimin shouts something in response but Yoongi can't make out the words. He's far too disoriented to even try to ask Jimin to repeat himself but It's obvious that Jimin doesn't listen to the plea and continues to spin the ride. Yoongi can hardly swallow without feeling the urge to gag. He's overwhelmingly nauseous.

The spinning begins to slow down and Jimin slumps himself back against the seat of the ride, dropping his hands from the wheel as he laughs.

Yoongi can't move. He can feel the color draining from his face as his stomach sloshes something horrible. He feels a gag creeping up his throat and his entire body goes hot at the feeling, shuddering slightly when a sickening wave of nausea washes over him, his head still convinced that they're spinning at a thousand miles per hour, his gaze unfocused and frantic as he tries to figure out how the hell he's going to get himself out of this situation.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Jimin asks playfully, patting Yoongi on the back when he hunches forward slightly.

"Move your legs-" Yoongi groans out thickly, a sick belch bringing up an unexpectedly thick splash of puke, splattering onto the floor of the ride. Jimin jerks back and lifts his up legs onto the seat, scooting as far away as he can from the sick boy. "Oh, gross!" He mutters as he looks away from the mess.

Jimin jumps out of the ride the second it comes to a complete stop. Yoongi stays seated for a few seconds, fighting against the next wave. He swallows hard and clenches his teeth until the feeling momentarily passes and he takes the opportunity to stumble out of the ride, jogging behind Jimin to get out the exit where he can have a little more space. He gags hard behind his clenched teeth, he really needs to throw up.

Yoongi skillfully maneuvers his way through the crowd of people that are walking to their next destination. He doesn't exactly know where he's trying to go but he's hoping he'll spot his boyfriend somewhere, or maybe a trash-can. Thankfully, Jimin catches sight of Taehyung and begins briskly walking towards him, seemingly desperate to get help, or maybe just desperate to get far away from Yoongi.

"Where were you guys?" Taehyung shouts loudly, looking slightly relieved when he see's Jimin only a few feet away. Jimin turns and points to the ride before stopping in front of the confused boy. He's just about to explain the situation when Yoongi catches up, barely having time to stop before he's throwing up onto the pavement below. He had planned on leaning over the planter that's just a few steps in front of him but he can't move, hunched over, shaking aggressively.

"Oh no-okay, okay." Taehyung panickedly rushes out when he hears the splatter of liquid hitting the cement. He turns around and looks through the crowd in search of Jeongguk who had gone off looking for the other two just a few moments prior. Taehyung calls out for the boy, not caring about all the attention he was drawing. He doesn't know what to do in this situation.

Jeongguk jogs back and looks relieved until he gets close enough to see the mess on the ground. His heart drops entirely and he's beside Yoongi in an instant, a caring hand placed on the smaller boy's back, patting gently.

"What happened?! Did you throw up?" He asks even though the answer is obvious. His voice is laced with confusion as he looks up at Jimin for answers. Jimin looks slightly pale himself as he fumbles with his fingers, avoiding eye contact.

"I made him go on the ride with me." Jimin murmurs as he watches helplessly, standing beside Taehyung who looks severely sympathetic for the poor boy in front of him. Jeongguk feels anger seep into his bones. Jimin knows about Yoongi's motion-sickness, almost everyone knows, so why Jimin decided forcing Yoongi onto the most nauseating ride in the park was a good idea, nobody knows.

"Why the hell did you think-" Jeongguk cuts his sentence short when Yoongi gives a queasy burp and more unpleasant chunks spill from his lips.

"There you go, there you go. I know you don't feel good, just get it all up, you're okay." Jeongguk soothes, instantly dropping any signs of anger. His hand that was previously patting is now rubbing calming circles along his boyfriends back as he continues to bring up more and more of the vile liquid.

"I'm sorry the ride made you so sick, baby." Jeongguk murmurs as Yoongi stumbles forward for the planter when his stomach lets up for a few seconds. He clutches the railing tightly and leans over, accidentally pressing his stomach against the metal bars which sends him into another harsh fit of vomiting. He gives a powerful heave and surprisingly, he still has enough left in his system for a round to pour projectile out of him, coating the bushes.

Yoongi gives a whimper when he catches another break and he turns to look up at Jeongguk with tear-filled eyes, stomach twisting uncomfortably inside of him, head still spinning. Jeongguk gives a reassuring smile but it doesn't reach his eyes. He's worried about his boyfriend, even if he's used to dealing with his motion-sickness.

Yoongi hurriedly turns back towards the bushes and coughs up another stream that's so powerful he can hardly breathe as it exits his stomach. He straightens up a little and gives a sniffle, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before crashing into Jeongguk, burying his head in the taller boy's chest. Jeongguk hugs him tightly, pressing gentle kisses onto Yoongi's hair as the boy cries.

The sick boy doesn't know if he's crying because of how bad his stomach hurts or because of how embarrassing the situation was. He thinks it's a combination of both. Jeongguk stands patiently, quietly hushing the boy until he's calm enough to break away. Eyes red-rimmed, cheeks flushed, complexion entirely ghost-like. His hair is now disheveled and he looks like an absolute mess but he's still adorable to Jeongguk.

"I think we should go find somewhere to sit down, maybe a restaraunt so I can get him a cup of water?" Jeongguk suggests, mostly directing the words at Taehyung, he's still mad at Jimin and he's going to continue to be mad until he hears an apology. Taehyung nods and begins walking, remembering the locations of a few restaraunts they had passed on their journey to the teacups.

"Wait, stop. I don't feel good." Yoongi groans as he weakly squeezes Jeongguk's hand, stopping in his tracks as an unexpected wave of nausea washes over him. Jeongguk stops and patiently waits, murmuring soft words of encouragement, trying his best to let Yoongi know that everything was going to be okay.
Yoongi thinks he's going to be sick again and the feeling makes him want to cry.

Thankfully, after a good thirty-seconds of standing in the middle of the crowded walkway, Yoongi decides he's going to be okay for now. Jeongguk notices that the boy looks worn out from all the puking he had been doing earlier and decides to give him a piggy-back ride, crouching down and scooping the boy up onto his back. It's a lot easier to navigate his way through the crowd now that he doesn't have to worry about getting separated from Yoongi.

He speedily walks to catch up with Taehyung who hadn't even noticed the other couples absence. Jimin hadn't noticed either, mostly because he was trying his hardest to avoid Jeongguk. He completely ruined their trip. They were supposed to be happy, having the grandest time of their lives, but instead, Yoongi looks miserable, Jeongguk looks stressed, and Taehyung looks upset. He thinks the guilt of this situation might haunt him until the day he dies, but then again, Jimin has always been slightly melodramatic.

Taehyung sucessfully leads them into a fancy and definitely overpriced italian restaraunt, glancing around at the busy tables, forks clattering loudly as he looks for an empty spot.
"Do you want to sit inside or outside? I'll go find us a table." Taehyung says softly.

"Outside. The fresh air is better for Yoongi." Jeongguk replies and Taehyung nods, rushing off to go find somewhere to sit, Jimin silently following, moping right behind him. Jeongguk moves to set Yoongi down so he can order but Yoongi tightens his arms around Jeongguk's chest, mumbling something into Jeongguk's hair with a soft giggle that warms the younger boy's heart. He's happy to know his boyfriend is already feeling better.

"I don't want to walk. I'm tired and my stomach is sore." Yoongi whimpers and Jeongguk tightens his grip, ditcing the idea of setting him down. He readjusts his hands on Yoongi's legs until the boy is as comfortable as possible, and then he gets in line to order, not caring about the strange looks he's getting from every single employee and customer, from every direction.

"Do you want to try to eat something, pumpkin?" Jeongguk asks and Yoongi shakes his head. He still feels like he could throw up at any moment and he doesn't want to find out how much worse he would feel if he gave his stomach something to bring back up. Everything sounds unappetizing and just the mere smell of the food is making him feel extra queasy. He wants to go back outside.

Jeongguk orders three pasta dishes, one for himself, one for Taehyung, and even though he's still upset at the boy, he even buys one for Jimin. He also orders a glass of water for Yoongi, knowing that the boy needs to drink something or else he'll get dehydrated and his symptoms will become worse, making this dream trip into even more of a nightmare.

Jeongguk struggles to grab out his wallet and Yoongi hesitantly moves to get down since he's being nothing but a burden to Jeongguk at the moment. He just barely loosens his arms and then suddenly, Jeongguk uses his free arm to grip Yoongi's leg, making sure he stays exactly where he is. It's a lot harder to grab out his credit card when he only has one hand but he does it anyways, because he loves his boyfriend.

Once he pays for everything, he grabs the tray of dishes off of the counter when the chef sets them down, skillyfully balancing it on one hand as he uses the other to grab the cold glass of water. He hurries to find the table so he can set everything down. His legs are starting to ache from carrying Yoongi for so long but he would never mention it. He would one-hundred percent, without hesitation, carry Yoongi to the end of the earth if he needed to.

Jeongguk finds the table and sets the food down before carefully setting Yoongi down in one of the chairs. It's metal and it doesn't look very comfortable but it'll have to do. There's a frozen lemonade vendor parked just across from the restaraunt and Jeongguk thinks that will be the perfect thing for Yoongi to eat.

"I'm going to go get you a frozen lemonade, okay? I think it'll do good for your stomach." Jeongguk says, beginning to turn away from the table before Taehyung jumps up.

"I'll get it for you, don't worry about it. You stay here with him." Taehyung says and jogs off before Jimin even has the chance to think about following. The boy looks about ready to cry, nervously glancing around the table. He knows Taehyung only offered to buy the lemonade because he wants Jimin to fix things with Jeongguk.

"I'm really sorry." He says quietly, voice nearly inaudible as if he's too ashamed to acknowledge the fact that he had completely peer-pressured Yoongi into going on a ride he didn't want to go on, unfortunately, knowing from past experiences, that the outcome would be exactly like this. Yoongi looks confused but Jeongguk doesn't look up from the straw he's opening, bunching up the plastic wrapper in his hands after setting the straw in the drink.

"Why are you sorry? I could have said no." Yoongi responds but it doesn't help at all. He did say no. Jimin remembers, and Yoongi does too.

"I just feel really bad. I'm sorry I didn't stop spinning it when you asked. I didn't think you'd really get sick." Jimin says quietly and Jeongguk scoffs in response, finally looking Jimin in the eyes for the first time in the past hour, and it doesn't feel good.

"You watched him throw up into a popcorn bucket at the movies when we chose seats that were too close to the screen that one time. You know how sensitive his stomach is, yeah? so don't try to make up excuses that aren't even valid." Jeongguk says bitterly as he brings the glass of water up to Yoongi's lips, letting the boy take tiny sips through the straw, softly encouraging him to drink a little more each time he would try to back away.

Jeongguk is just severely overprotective when it comes to Yoongi. He knows Jimin didn't mean any harm, the boy was just jealous that he couldn't ride with his own boyfriend, which perhaps is understandable seeing as they're on a double-date disneyland trip. Jeongguk suddenly feels bad for lashing out at Jimin but before he can apologize, Yoongi intterupts, a hand resting on his uneasy stomach.

"I'm going to throw up again." He mutters out. The few sips of water set him off all too fast, or maybe it was the memory of that disgustingly buttery popcorn he had thrown up that reactivated the bubbling in his stomach, either way, his stomach feels terrible and he needs to stand up, to get to a bathroom, or at least somewhere far away from the dozens of dining people. He doesn't want to ruin their trip just because his weak-stomach ruined his.

"Alright-okay, easy, you're okay, do you want to try to find a bathroom?" Jeongguk rushes to set the glass of water back on the table, standing from the table when Yoongi does, his chair nearly falling over from how quick he had gotten up. "I bet there's one inside the restaraunt if-Okay-okay, shit, get it up." Jeongguk frantically says when Yoongi gags and throws a hand up to his mouth, doing nothing to suppress the water that comes barrelling up his throat.

Puke splatters onto the ground beside the table and anyone that walks by would think they just had a water spill, which is technically what happened, just with a few missing details. Yoongi crouches down until he's on his knees and Jeongguk instinctively moves to shield the boy with his body, standing right in front of him as he coughs up more of the water.

He gags one last time, back arching as he brings up one last mouthful of the cold water. It isn't exactly pleasant, but it's a lot better than puking up food. He feels exhausted as he climbs back into his seat but he's already feeling a lot better, most of the dizziness finally leaving his head. Jeongguk kisses the boy on the cheek before offering him another sip of water. Yoongi takes a sip a lot bigger than last time and swishes it around in his mouth before discreetly spitting it onto the ground to rid his mouth of the foul taste.

Taehyung returns a few seconds later and sets a small cup of frozen strawberry lemonade in front of Jeongguk. The younger boy doesn't hesitate to grab the spoon, shoving a scoop into his own mouth and humming in contentment before offering a spoonful to his boyfriend, patiently holding it in front of his lips until he takes a bite.

He swallows it down and nearly jumps for joy when it settles perfectly fine in his stomach, not sitting heavily like the water did. He accepts another bite when Jeongguk offers and he can already tell his stomach is fully calm, his dizziness finally subsiding. He easily finishes the cup of frozen lemonade and feels a lot better afterwards. He even decides to have a few bites of Jeongguk's pasta.

Jeongguk is relieved to see that Yoongi is doing a lot better. Now that the chaos is finally over with, he remembers that he owes Jimin a little apology.

"Hey, Jimin? I'm sorry I was so rude to you earlier." Jeongguk says and Jimin gives a smile.

"It's okay, I understand." Jimin replies. "Let's just all agree to never go on the teacup ride ever again."