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you walk by, and i fall to pieces

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“All I want to get is a little bit closer
All I want to know is, can you come a little closer?”

Waverly startles awake at the sound of banging on her bedroom door, “Waverly, get your ass up!”, Waverly jumps up, realizing she had fallen asleep at her desk the night before

Her history notes, fly across her desk and some landing on the floor, “Shit”, she mumbles to herself as she shoves her notes into her backpack

Quickly tossing off her pajamas, she threw on a plaid skirt, putting on tights underneath, and matching it with a black turtleneck. She ran her fingers through her hair, untangling the knots

A car horn beeps outside, Waverly throws her backpack over her shoulder and rushes down the stairs, and out the front door

“Only took you three years”, Wynonna groans, putting the car into reverse, “I fell asleep studying, I forget to set an alarm”, Waverly admits

Wynonna glances over, “Baby girl, you know there is more to life than school and homework?”

“Not if I want to get into a good University!”, Waverly replies,

Wynonna shakes her head, “Can you at least come to one party this break?”

“Wy, you know parties aren’t my scene”, Waverly tugs at the strands on her skirt,

“Waves this is my senior year, I want to see you get shit faced at least once before this year is over”, Wynonna says

Wynonna turns into Purgatory High, eyes searching for an open spot. Wynonna puts the car in park, turning towards Waverly, “Just think about it”

Waverly sighs, following Wynonna into the building.

Waverly and Wynonna move through the students standing near their lockers, talking about their big winter break plans.

Chrissy Nedley leans her back against her own locker when Waverly walks up to her, “Hey Chrissy!”

Chrissy smiles, tightening her hand around her books, “Hey Waves, you going to the party at Stephanie Jones’s tonight?”, Chrissy asks excitedly

Waverly lets out a groan, resting her head against the locker, “I wish everyone would stop talking about this stupid party”, Chrissy places a hand on her shoulder

“Waverly, it’s time you step outside of your comfort zone. You don’t even have to drink, just come with me”, Chrissy pleads,

“Fine, if it means you and Wynonna will get off my back, I’ll go”, Waverly says, Chrissy squeals beside her

“Hey nerds”, Wynonna says, Waverly closes her locker, turning around to yell at Wynonna

Waverly chokes on her words, at the sight of Nicole Haught standing next to her sister

Nicole Haught had been Wynonna’s best friend, for as long as Waverly could remember. Nicole had moved to Purgatory in third grade, and quickly became inseparable with Wynonna

“Wy, lay off dude”, Nicole smacks Wynonna in the arm

Chrissy chimes in, “Waverly is no longer a nerd, she’s coming to the party”

Wynonna’s eyes widen, a smirk playing on her lips, “Finally baby girl! Someone knocked some sense into you”, Waverly feels her face blush, the bell rings signaling that first period is starting

Wynonna turns on her heels heading down the hallway to her first class, “I’ll see you tonight?”, Nicole says turning her body towards Waverly

Waverly nods, unable to clear the lump in her throat. Nicole gives her a small smile, before walking towards Wynonna.

Waverly’s eyes linger on Nicole, until she fades into the crowd of students, “Earth to Waverly?”, Chrissy waves a hand in front of Waverly’s face

Waverly’s eyes shoot back over to Chrissy, whose eyeing her intently, “What?”, Waverly asks looking down at her outfit, “Is there something on my face?”

Chrissy shakes her head, looping her arm through Waverly’s, “Nothing at all”, Chrissy sings

“Why are you being weird?”, Waverly says stopping in front of her first period class

“We can talk later, I’ll come over to get ready for the party”, Chrissy says, untangling  her arm from Waverly’s, giving her a small wave as she walks down the now empty hall

“Whatever”, Waverly mumbles, pushing her way into the classroom

The day dragged on forever, the students jumped out of their seats when the dismissal bell rang

Waverly walked through the parking lot, until she found Wynonna’s car, Wynonna was leaning her back against the car with a cigarette between her lips

“What have I said about that?”, Waverly pulls the cigarette out of Wynonna’s mouth, throwing it on the ground, smashing it with her foot

“Hey, that was my last one!”, Wynonna whines, getting into the car,

“Good, you shouldn’t be doing that”, Waverly says, browsing through the radio stations as Wynonna pulls out of the parking lot

“So, you excited for your first high school party?”, Wynonna asks,

“Sure, I guess”, Waverly says looking out the window

“Don’t be scared, Chrissy will be there and so will I”, Wynonna assures Waverly

Wynonna pulls into the driveway, next to the beat up pickup truck, “I thought he’d be at work?”, Waverly just shrugs her shoulders

Waverly walks into the house, “I thought you had work?”, Waverly questions sternly,

“I have a shift at eight”, Ward’s voice slurs from the kitchen

Ward had never been a father to Waverly and Wynonna, especially when their mother left. He left them to fend for themselves most of the time, Ward spent most of his days working or at the bar.

Waverly heads upstairs to her room, flopping down on the bed, she can hear Wynonna yelling something at her father before a door slams.

She grabs her headphones off her nightstand, turning up the volume of her music. Waverly closes her eyes, hoping that she would just sleep through this entire party tonight, so she wouldn’t have to go

“Waverly, I’m coming in”, Chrissy opens the door, flicking on the lights

“Chrissy, not the lights”, Waverly groans into her pillow

“Time to get ready”, Chrissy squeals, jumping onto the bed

“I think I’m sick”, Waverly coughs slightly

Chrissy smacks her in the arm, pulling down the covers, “Nope, get out of bed”

Waverly pokes her head out from under the covers, Chrissy is looking at her with a huge grin, “So I brought lots of outfits for you to try on and all my makeup”, Chrissy gets off the bed, grabbing her three bags

“Chrissy, can’t I wear what I have?”, Chrissy dumps out the clothes onto Waverly’s bed

“Waves, I love you. But the nerd outfits won’t cut it for tonight”, Waverly gasps, sitting upward in her bed

“Take that back”, Chrissy just smiles, throwing a dress at her face

“You need to look extra hot tonight, and as your best friend, I’m here to make that happen”

Waverly looks down at the bright red dress, eyes widening, “Can I at least choose from your outfits?”, Waverly asks

Chrissy nods, rummaging through her clothes, “We need to make all the boys drool over you!”

Waverly shakes her head, “No, thank you”

“Come on! Waverly you haven’t even had your first kiss yet!”, Chrissy says dramatically

“So? I’m saving it”, Waverly tosses the blankets off, walking towards her desk

“So, don’t you want to kiss Champ Hardy? Oh, what about Perry Crofte! He’s super nerdy”, Chrissy follows Waverly over with her makeup bag in hand

“Gross, no”, Waverly sits down on her chair, spinning towards Chrissy

“Eventually, you will want to kiss someone”, Chrissy unzips her makeup bag, pulling out different products that Waverly has never seen before

“Maybe someday”, Waverly replies

By the time Chrissy finishes Waverly’s hair and makeup, it’s nearly time to go. Chrissy makes Waverly try on more clothes than she ever has in her life, “Alright, let me see”, Chrissy calls from behind the bathroom door

Waverly runs her hand over the purple crop top, and high waisted jeans, one last time before opening the door, “Holy shit”, Chrissy grabs onto Waverly’s hand, twirling her in a circle

“You look hot”, Waverly runs her fingers through her now straighten hair

“Are you sure?”, Waverly asks

Chrissy nods, handing her a pair of brown boots, with a small heel, “Totally”

Wynonna walks passed the bathroom with bottles of alcohol in her arms, “Damn Waves, looking good”, Wynonna puts the bottles into a bag, before throwing her leather jacket over her shoulders, “Let’s go, nerds”

The ride to Stephanie's was filled with loud music blaring, and Wynonna singing loudly off key to every song. Pulling down the street, Waverly could already see cars lining up and down the road. The Jones’s were one of the richer families who lived in Purgatory, their house almost double the size of the rest of the resident’s

“Holy shit”, Chrissy says pressing her face to the window

“Welcome to the life ladies”, Wynonna chuckles, as she parks the car

Waverly’s hands felt clammy, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, “You can’t puke before you even had a drink”, Wynonna pats Waverly on the shoulder as they walk up to the front door

As soon as they step into the house, Waverly is hit by a wave of smoke and the smell of alcohol floods her nose

Chrissy leans into Waverly, “I see Rosita, I’m going to talk to her, I’ll find you in a bit”, Waverly nods, feeling her stomach twist as Chrissy walks away

Wynonna grabs Waverly by the hand, pulling her through the crowd of people into the kitchen, “Nicole”, Wynonna yells over the music

Nicole has her back towards them, but turns at the sound of Wynonna’s voice.

Waverly feels her heart jump, when Nicole’s eyes land on her, “Hey!”, Nicole is wearing a black leather jacket, with blue top underneath, paired with dark jeans and vans. Her hair falls in soft waves, sitting right under her jaw.

Nicole moves closer to Wynonna, handing her a red cup, “Here you go”, Nicole’s voice raises slightly, trying to speak over the music

Nicole’s eyes land on Waverly, “You came”, Nicole gives her a soft smile, Waverly feels her cheeks heat

Wynonna eyes Doc in the corner of the room, “Baby girl, I’ll be right back, have to go talk to Doc”, Wynonna presses a kiss to Waverly’s cheek before taking off

“Okay but”, Wynonna was already moving across the room, “So much for not leaving me”, Waverly mumbles

“Here let me get you a drink”, Nicole turns back to the bottles of alcohol lined up on the table,

“What’s your drink?”, Nicole asks over her shoulder, “Uh”, Waverly stutters

Nicole turns to fully face Waverly, “Have you never had a drink before?”, Waverly feels her ears burn, as she shakes her head

“That’s okay, how about you start with a beer?”, Nicole hands her an open beer, Waverly fingers brush gently against Nicole’s

Waverly shivers at the touch, taking a long sip of her beer, trying to calm her nerves

“Slow down there”, Nicole laughs as Waverly pulls the beer away from her lips,

“Sorry, I’m just a bit nervous”, Waverly admits

Nicole takes a step closer to Waverly, “You want to go somewhere quieter?”

Waverly chews on the inside of her cheek, “I’m sure you have other people you’d rather hangout with”

Waverly feels Nicole’s hand rest on her forearm, burning through her jacket, “Hanging out with you, sounds much better than dealing with these drunk idiots all night”, Nicole motions to Champ Hardy who is standing on the beer pong table, chugging two cans of beer.

“If you’re sure”, Nicole nods, grabbing two more beers, Waverly follows closely behind Nicole, so she doesn’t lose her in the crowd.

“Outside”, Nicole asks, as they push through the crowd of people, Waverly nods. Waverly is hit with the cold air, as soon as Nicole pushes the backdoor open

Nicole sits down on the open bench, Waverly sits leaving enough room between them, Waverly takes another long swig of her beer, “So, first party huh?”, Nicole’s eyes landing on her

“Yeah, I thought going to one would get Wynonna and Chrissy off my back”

Nicole finishes the rest of her beer, opening up the next one, “Parties aren’t all that great”

“Why do you go to them?”, Waverly says cautiously

“My friends, mostly. Flirting with pretty girls isn’t bad either”, Nicole says, Waverly chokes on her beer, causing her to cough uncontrollably

Nicole moves closer to her, “You okay?”, Waverly wipes at the tears in the corner of her eyes, trying to communicate that she was alright

“I uh, didn’t know you were gay”, Waverly blurts out, immediately covering her mouth with her hand

Nicole smiles widely at her, “Yeah, I just assumed most people knew”, Waverly nods nervously

“I’m sorry”, Waverly breathes out, trying to catch her breath

Nicole furrows her eyebrows, “For what?”

“Making you stay out her with your best friend’s little sister”, Waverly pulls at the strands on her jacket,

“I don’t think of you like that”, Nicole says

Waverly feels dizzy, when she turns her head to look at Nicole, “You don’t?”

Nicole takes another sip, “Not at all”

Waverly feels her heart skip, “Everyone sees me as Wynonna’s nerdy younger sister”, Waverly pauses to chug the rest of her beer, “I know I’m lame, but people don’t have to keep telling me”, Waverly’s words come out louder than intended

Nicole’s eyes lock on her, “For what it’s worth, I think you’re pretty cool”, Waverly feels her heart clench

“How can you think that? This is my first highschool party and I haven’t even kissed anyone” Waverly hears herself slur

“Hey, it’s okay”, Nicole puts a gentle hand on Waverly’s thigh

Waverly feels her stomach twist again, “You shouldn’t be nice to me, I just yelled at you”

Nicole chuckles, “You were just letting your feelings out, the alcohol helps with that sometimes”

Nicole’s hand stays firmly on her thigh, “Have you kissed a lot of girls?”, Waverly says honestly, “You don’t have to answer that, I shouldn’t be ask-“

Nicole cuts her off, “Don’t apologize. I don’t mind”, Waverly grabs the other beer off the ground, popping it open, “But, I’ve kissed quite a few girls”

“What’s it like?” Waverly questions

“Magic”, Nicole smiles bringing the bottle to her lips,

Waverly’s head feels fuzzy, “I think I’d like that”

Nicole smiles, “To kiss girls?”

Waverly’s eyes widen, “I don’t know”, Waverly feels bolder with the alcohol coursing through her veins, “Maybe”

Waverly looks down at Nicole’s hand resting on her thigh, “You’re really pretty”, Waverly looks up from Nicole’s hand

“I think you’re drunk”, Nicole smiles

Waverly shakes her head, “No, I’ve always thought you were pretty. Especially in that jacket”, Waverly slurs, moving closer to Nicole.

Waverly’s thigh presses into the outside of Nicole’s, “My head feels funny”, Waverly laughs into Nicole’s shoulder

“Waverly Earp, you’re such a lightweight “, Nicole says taking the bottle out of Waverly’s hand

“I was still drinking that”, Waverly pouts

“No more for now, I don’t want you throwing up all over me”, Nicole wraps an arm around Waverly’s shoulder

“That would be super gross”, Waverly says resting her head on Nicole’s shoulder

Waverly’s not sure how long they sit in silence for, before Wynonna comes barrelling out the back door, “There you are! I thought I lost you”

“You left me to go makeout with Doc”, Waverly groans lifting her head up from Nicole’s shoulder

“Guiltily”, Wynonna replies

“Let’s try to stand you up”, Nicole stands, grabbing onto Waverly’s hands

Waverly’s legs feel like jelly, causing her to fall into Nicole’s arms, “How are you an Earp? What did you have one beer?”, Wynonna laughs beside Waverly

“Hey! I had two!”, Waverly shouts against Nicole’s chest

Waverly inhales the warm vanilla scent of Nicole’s shirt, “Do you want me to take you home?”, Nicole asks looking down at Waverly

“No, can we go dance?”, Waverly asks excitedly

“Come on, I think I saw Chrissy dancing with Rosita”, Wynonna says helping Nicole hold up Waverly

Waverly sees Chrissy from across the room, “Chrissy”, Waverly shouts

Chrissy turns her head, she throws her hands up in the air, motioning for Waverly to come over, “Waverly, are you okay to go by yourself?”, Nicole shouts over the loud music

“Wait, aren’t you coming to dance with us?”, Waverly pouts, holding onto Nicole tighter,

“Baby girl, leave Nicole alone, we are going to drink some more”, Wynonna says, Waverly lowers her head

“I’ll come back around in a bit, okay?”, Nicole gives Waverly arm a soft squeeze

Chrissy is pulling her into the crowd of people, before she has a chance to say goodbye to Nicole, “Here drink this”, Chrissy thrusts a red cup into Waverly’s hands, 

“What is this?”, Waverly asks

“Vodka”, Chrissy cheers, Waverly downs the drink, nearly gagging on the taste

“That is disgusting”, Waverly whines

Chrissy laughs, “Dance with us”, Waverly lets the music take over her body, laughing as Chrissy nudges her ass into Waverly’s front

Waverly feels her head become even more fuzzy with the added alcohol, she can feel the beads of sweat running down her chest, as the crowd of people dancing grows, “Chrissy”, Waverly tries to yell over the music

Chrissy doesn’t seem to hear as she continues to grind against some boy. Waverly pushes through the crowd of people, trying to get some air, “Waverly”, Nicole’s voice booms through the crowd

Waverly reaches out for Nicole, suddenly feeling sick, “Nicole”, Nicole grabs onto Waverly’s hands, “I think I’m going to be sick”

Nicole’s face turns to a panicked expression, “Okay, okay, let's go outside”, Waverly feels her stomach twist even tighter, as she walks with Nicole’s hand tightly gripped in her own

Nicole manages to get Waverly to a bush, before she empties out the alcohol in her stomach into the bush, “I’m so sorry”, Waverly feels tears prick at the corner of her eyes

“Wave, don’t cry it’s okay”, Nicole rubs a reassuring hand down her back

“I’m going to take you home, okay?”, Nicole says

“You can’t you’ve had something to drink”, Waverly slurs

“Always the smart one”, Nicole smiles, “I’ll take you to my house, we can walk”, Waverly nods

“I’m going to tell Wynonna, I think she was going home with Doc tonight”, Waverly groans, as Nicole lowers her to the ground gently

“Be right back”, Nicole takes off into the house, Waverly closes her eyes, hoping to help the pounding in her head

“Come on, let's go”, Nicole’s soft voice, makes her peel her eyes open slightly, “Wynonna is staying with Doc”, Waverly nods reaching out for Nicole.

Nicole helps Waverly up by the hands, “Do you need me to carry you?”, Nicole asks once they start making their way to Nicole’s house

“That would be so nice, my legs feel unstable”, Waverly giggles

“You’re still drunk”, Nicole laughs, sliding her hands behind Waverly’s thighs to lift her up

Waverly yelps in surprise, but quickly wraps her arms around Nicole’s neck, “Warm”, Waverly says resting her head on Nicole’s chest

Waverly dozes off as Nicole carries her, “Wave, I need to stand you up”, Waverly shakes her head in protest, “Only for a second”, Nicole sits her down, letting Waverly cling to her front

Nicole fumbles with a key in her pocket before opening the door, “I’m going to get you upstairs, then I’ll bring you some advil and water”, Nicole helps Waverly up the stairs and into her room

Waverly notices the amount of posters hanging on her wall, and the scent of warm vanilla, “Here”, Nicole says walking Waverly to her bed, Waverly immediately crawls in, tucking herself under the blankets

“Do you want to change?”, Nicole asks pulling out a t-shirt and shorts

“Nicole Haught, trying to get me out of my clothes”, Waverly fake gasps, her words still slurred

Nicole throws the clothes at Waverly’s face, “I’ll be back”, Waverly manages to get her shoes and jeans off before Nicole comes back

“Help”, Waverly whispers standing up from the bed, Nicole takes a step closer to her

“Are you sure?”, Nicole asks, Waverly nods

Nicole’s hands reach for the bottom of her crop top, Nicole’s fingertips brushing against the skin on her stomach

Waverly feels more sober in this moment, feeling the warm touch of Nicole on her. Nicole’s hands seem to move slowly as they lift the shirt over Waverly’s head

Nicole’s eyes look down at the shirt in her hand, then up to Waverly’s eyes, Waverly feels her breath catch in her throat, eyes dropping from Nicole’s eyes to her lips

Waverly is taken over by the feeling of wanting to kiss Nicole, to feel what her soft lips are like against her own

Waverly takes a step forward, till their chests are nearly touching, “Waverly”, Nicole breathes out, never disconnecting their eyes, “What are you doing?”, Nicole says even quieter

“I want to kiss you”, Waverly chews at her bottom lip, Nicole swallows roughly,

“Waverly, you’re drunk”, Nicole takes a step back from Waverly

Waverly shakes her head, then smiles, “I mean yes, but I know I’d want to kiss you sober”

Nicole reaches around Waverly handing her the t-shirt, “You aren’t going to remember any of this, okay?”, Nicole pauses, rubbing at the back of her neck, “So you need to sleep”

Waverly nods, climbing back into Nicole’s bed, “Take this”, Nicole hands her the advil and water, Waverly finishes the water, then rests her head on the pillow

“Are you coming”, Waverly mumbles, feeling herself fall closer to sleep, 

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a second”

Waverly feels the bed dip beside her, “Thank you”, Waverly whispers into the silence

“Anytime Wave, close your eyes, okay?”, Waverly nods letting the warmth of Nicole’s body next to her lull her to sleep.


“Everything is new to me, I like what you do to me, now it’s you, only you”

Waverly groans at the pounding in her head, as she tries to open her eyes but the stream of sunlight casting through the window makes her eyes burn

Waverly rubs at her eyes, flipping over to avoid the sunlight, she reaches for her phone, but her hand bumps into what feels like a book, “What the?”, Waverly's eyes shoot open

She looks around, realizing she is for sure not in her room, and she’s definitely not in her bed, “Oh my god”, she whispers as she looks down at not the clothes she wore to the party

A light knock comes at the bedroom door, “Waverly, you awake?”, Nicole’s voice calms her, realizing she’s safe, at the sound of her voice all the memories of last night come crawling back to her

The drinking. The dancing. The throwing up. And Nicole, being so sweet and taking care of her. Nicole who she wanted to kiss.

She had asked to kiss Nicole.

“Yeah”, Waverly’s voice cracks, she grabs the water off the nightstand, downing the rest of it. Nicole walks into the room with a plate of pancakes, a water, and bottle of medicine

“I know you’ve never had a hangover, so I made you some things I like when I’m hungover”, Nicole pushes the door closed with her foot

Waverly sits up immediately, “Nicole, you didn’t have to do that”

Nicole places the tray in front of Waverly, “Just eat, and make sure you drink some water”

Waverly sips at the water, “I’m so sorry about last night”, Waverly says shyly, “Chrissy and Wynonna should have been watching me not you, I probably ruined your night-“

Nicole cuts Waverly off, “Don’t worry about it, I wanted to make sure you were safe”, Nicole pauses, “And you’re a cute drunk”

Waverly swats at Nicole’s shoulder, “Am not”

Nicole laughs taking a bite out of one of Waverly’s pancakes, “Are too”, Nicole smiles at her

“Wynonna is probably wondering where I am”, Waverly says taking a bite out of her food

“I told her last night, but I also called her this morning”, Nicole says sitting on the foot of the bed

“You’re the worlds greatest best friend, taking care of her little sister and all”, Waverly’s eyes nervously fall on Nicole

“I don’t see you as just Wynonna’s little sister”, Nicole says, eyes moving up to meet Waverly’s gaze

“Nicole about-“, A phone blares, causing Waverly to jump. Nicole pulls her phone out of her pocket,

“Hey Wy”, Waverly casts her eyes away from Nicole, “Yeah, she’s awake. I’ll bring her home”, Nicole nods at whatever Wynonna is saying on the other line, before ending the call

Waverly takes another bite out of her pancakes, “Wynonna asked me to bring you home, she said you have a shift at Shorty’s tonight”, Nicole explains

Waverly groans, “Shit, I totally forgot about that”, Nicole stands grabbing the tray off of Waverly’s lap

“I put your clothes in a bag, I think your phone is in you pants pocket”, Nicole says, Waverly climbs out of Nicole’s bed

“Take these, they may be a little long, but it’s cold outside”, Nicole says handing Waverly sweatpants,

Waverly slips them on over her shorts, “Thank you for everything”

Waverly follows Nicole out of her room, taking in her house, eyes widening when she realized how big it was, “Do you have a lot of siblings?”, Waverly asks as they walk down the stairs

“No, it’s just me. My parents just like showing off their wealth”, Nicole’s voice hardens, Waverly wishes she wouldn’t have asked, but Nicole turns back to her with a smile.

Nicole helps Waverly into her car, blaring the heat as soon as the car is on. The drive back to Waverly’s was filled with comfortable silence, and soft music playing in the background

Nicole pulls into the driveway, next to Wynonna’s car, putting it into park, before turning towards Waverly, “Well, how was your first party?”, Nicole asks with a wide smile, the one that shows her perfectly shaped dimples

“Shut up”, Waverly groans, trying to hide the smile tugging at her lips, “Thank you again, I probably would have done something really stupid without you taking care of me”

Nicole’s smile softens, “Anytime Waves”, Waverly feels the air shift, she desperately wants to bring up the almost kiss

Wynonna yells from her bedroom window, “Waverly get your lightweight ass in the house”

Waverly buries her head in her hands, “I’m never going to hear the end of that”

Nicole chuckles next to her, “Definitely not”

Waverly reaches for the door handle, suddenly finding some confidence, “Uh my shift ends at nine”, Waverly blurts out, Nicole’s face shifts in confusion

“Pick me up”, Waverly says, swallowing the lump in her throat, “Unless you have something else to do, I mean you probably do because you’re cool and-“

Nicole grabs onto Waverly’s hand, steadying her, “I’ll be there”

“Okay”, Waverly breaths, taking in the softness of Nicole’s hand in hers, Nicole gives her hand a squeeze before pulling her hand back.

Waverly hops out of the car, turning back once she makes it to the front door, giving Nicole a small wave

Nicole is already looking at her with a smile, Waverly feels her heat race as Nicole’s eyes linger on her for a moment, before pulling out of the driveway

Waverly enters the house, walking up the stairs into her room, where Wynonna is already sitting on her bed, “Hey lightweight”, Wynonna says while laughing

Waverly picks up the closest thing to her, throwing at Wynonna, “I can’t believe my sister is a lightweight, I thought I would have taught you better than that”

“Please shut up, my head is killing me and I have to work later”, Waverly groans as she lays down in bed

“Gus will let you call off, just say you’re sick. You’re family”, Wynonna says next to her

Waverly lifts her head from the pillow, “I’m not going to do that, even if we are family, so either be quiet or get out”

“Drinking has made you hard baby girl”, Wynonna slaps the back of Waverly’s arm, as she gets out of bed

“I’ll drop you off at work but I’m going to Doc’s after, so find yourself a ride home”, Wynonna says halfway out the door,

“I’m going to Chrissy’s”, Waverly lies, as Wynonna nods, closing the door

Waverly rolls over into her back, trying to focus her mind on sleeping instead of certain redhead who hasn’t left her mind since this morning

“Come on Waverly, go to sleep”, Waverly mutters to herself, as she buries her head into Nicole’s shirt. The warm vanilla scent still fresh from this morning, lets her eyes fall heavy


“Waverly”, Gus’s voices calls from inside the kitchen

“Yeah”, Waverly yells back as she finishes cleaning up one of the tables, “Put that last order in, then you’re free to go”, Waverly nods giving Gus a smile

Waverly checks the clock seeing it's nearing nine, which means Nicole should be arriving any moment, she quickly gets the order in, passing the order sheet into the kitchen

Waverly hears the bell over the door ding, her eyes turn to see Nicole walking in. She’s changed since Waverly saw her this morning, now wearing dark jeans, a sweatshirt , and vans. Waverly feels her cheek blush, as Nicole smiles at her

“You ready?”, Nicole asks, looking around the almost empty restaurant

“Yeah let me grab my bag, I also made us some milkshakes”, Waverly says

Waverly heads into the back, grabbing her bag, and stopping at the bathroom to look over herself. She fixes her high ponytail, and brushes off her shirt

She takes the milkshakes off the counter, shouting a bye to Gus, as she heads up front, “Here you go”, Waverly says handing a chocolate milkshake to Nicole

Nicole brings the milkshake to her lips, “This is fantastic”, Waverly smiles at Nicole’s admission

“Where do you want to go?”, Nicole asks as they walk towards the car,

“How about to the lake?”, Waverly says getting into the passenger seat, “It’s a pretty view at night”

Nicole nods putting the car into drive, heading out of Shorty’s parking lot, down the backroads till they make it to the lake entrance

Waverly scans the parking lot, she only notices a single car parked in the back of lot, “We can pull up to the clearing, so we don’t have to get out”, Waverly suggests

Nicole parks the car in the clearing, reaching down to grab her milkshake, “Thank you for picking me up”, Waverly says after a moment

“Of course, you don’t have to keep thanking me”, Nicole shifts in her seat, “I’m just a bit curious as to why you asked me though”

Waverly feels nervous without the alcohol in her system, “I just wanted to talk about last night”, Waverly says digging her fingernails into her palm

Waverly inhales sharply, trying to calm her voice, “About what I said”, Waverly pauses, “You know about, um kissing”, Waverly stutters over her words

She can feel Nicole’s eyes on her, not daring herself to look over at the redhead, “I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m just going to-“, Waverly reaches for the door handle, but stops as Nicole places a hand on her shoulder

Waverly is forced to meet Nicole’s gaze, “It’s okay, I honestly didn’t think you remembered”, Nicole’s voice is calm, “Are you okay?”

Waverly nods, “I just can’t stop thinking about what I said”, Waverly admits shyly,

“About kissing?”, Nicole questions, removing her hand from Waverly’s shoulder

“That, but more specifically. About kissing you”, Waverly’s eyes drop from Nicole’s eyes, down to her lips

“Oh”, Nicole breathes out

Waverly’s heart aches at Nicole’s words, of course she wouldn’t want to kiss Waverly. Nicole must have had millions of girls lining up to kiss her

“It’s whatever, I mean you obviously don’t want to kiss me, which is totally fine”, Waverly rushes out, “I’m so lame, I have no idea what I was thinking”, Waverly feels her chest tighten

Nicole grabs onto her hands, “Waverly look at me, okay?”, Nicole’s hands are cold from where she was holding her milkshake, and it makes Waverly shiver

“I need you to breathe”, Waverly nods, letting the air through her mouth and into her lungs, trying to loosen the tightness in her chest, “That’s it”, Nicole whispers, stroking her thumb over the back of Waverly’s hands

Waverly’s chest loosens, her breathing starts to regulate, as Nicole holds her hands, “I never said I didn’t want to kiss you”, Nicole says

Waverly’s eyes shoot up to Nicole’s, “What?”, Nicole smiles slightly, “I didn’t want to kiss you when you were drunk”

“I didn’t want to confuse you, and I didn’t want to lead you on”

Waverly tilts her head, “Lead me on?”

Nicole nods, “I’m not the relationship type Waverly, I didn’t want to kiss you and ditch you without explaining”

“I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship”, Waverly admits, “I think right now, I want to be less clueless about things”

“Like girls?”, Nicole questions,

“Yes, but also kissing, and other stuff”, Waverly says feeling her cheeks heat up

Nicole smirks, “I see”, Nicole readjusts their fingers, so they’re interlocked with one another, “If you’re looking for some type of experience, I could help?”

Waverly shivers at Nicole’s words, “You’d do that for me?”

Nicole pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, “I’d do a lot of things to you”

Waverly’s voice gets caught in her throat, “I really don’t know how to do any of this”

“I’ll show you”, Nicole says, “But we need to have some ground rules, I think”, Waverly nods in agreement

“First rule, Wynonna can never find out”, Nicole says

Waverly laughs softly, “Definitely a good first rule”

“Next, you dictate the pace. I don’t want you rushing into anything”, Waverly smiles at Nicole’s sweetness

Waverly chimes in, “Another rule, mostly for you I guess, but obviously it’s okay if you’re seeing other people”, Nicole nods, tightening her hand against Waverly’s

“We can still hangout outside of our experimenting times”, Nicole says, “So basically friends with benefits”

Nicole detangles their fingers, reaching up to push a strand of hair out of Waverly’s face, “And the most important rule of them all, don’t fall in love with me”

Waverly smacks Nicole hard on the shoulder, “Don’t be so cocky”

Nicole leans closer to Waverly, her stomach pressing into the center console of the car, “What do you want to do?”, Nicole’s face moves closer to Waverly’s

“I think I want to kiss you, but I don’t know what I’m doing”, Nicole gently takes Waverly’s hands, placing them on Nicole’s shoulders

“Don’t overthink it”, Nicole’s hands slip to the base of Waverly’s neck, resting in her hair,

“What happens if I suck?”, Waverly says

“You won’t, I promise”, Nicole pauses, “I’ll lead, just tell me when to stop, okay?”, Waverly nods

Nicole leans in, and Waverly can feel her warm breath on her lips. Waverly watches as Nicole’s eyelids flutter shut, Waverly presses her eyes closed

Waverly nearly misses the touch of Nicole’s lips on hers, but the soft touch makes her heart flutter. Nicole presses a more firm kiss against her lips, and Waverly feels every nerve in her body wake

Nicole captures her lower lip, sucking on it slightly. Waverly moves her hands from Nicole’s shoulder, onto her cheeks. Waverly presses her lips into Nicole’s, letting the feeling guide her

Waverly opens her mouth slightly, letting Nicole’s tongue touch hers for a moment, “This okay?”, Nicole pulls back resting her forehead against Waverly’s

“Yes”, Waverly moves her lips back down to Nicole, opening her mouth to kiss Nicole’s top lip, as Nicole sucks on her bottom lip

Waverly felt her heart pound in her chest, realizing she really enjoys kissing, “I think I like this kissing thing”, Waverly says pulling back for air

Nicole smirks slightly, moving her hand from Waverly’s neck to her cheek, “Yeah?”

Waverly nods, “You were right”, Waverly says

Waverly unable to keep their lips apart for long, presses a peck to Nicole’s swollen lips, “It feels like magic”, Nicole smiles sweetly

“And for sure, I’m definitely a bit gay”, Nicole laughs against Waverly’s lips, pulling her closer, letting their lips move together like they’ve done this forever



“You know I love it, so please don't stop it
You got me right here in your jean pocket, Laying your body on a shag carpet, You know I love it so please don't stop it”

Waverly texted Nicole the next night, deciding it was finally time they exchanged phone numbers, Waverly had typed her number into Nicole’s phone before she went inside her house, leaving Nicole with a quick kiss on the cheek.

Nicole had texted her back, letting her know that she was already coming over because Wynonna had wanted to watch a movie.

Waverly heard the opening of the front door, and Wynonna’s voice carry throughout the house. She could hear the sounds of footsteps up the stairs till they stopped in front of her door.

Wynonna swings the door open, “Hey, we are going to watch a movie, want to join?”, Waverly can see the redhead standing behind Wynonna smiling brightly at her

“Yeah, sure”, Waverly hops out of bed, following Wynonna and Nicole back down the stairs,

“I’m going to get some snacks for us, Nicole could you help me?”, Waverly asks in an innocent tone

“Of course, Wy get the movie setup”, Waverly says to Wynonna, making her way into the living room.

Waverly looks to the living room, seeing Wynonna engrossed in setting the television up, “Hurry up”, Waverly whispers, pulling Nicole by the hand into the kitchen

“Well hello to you”, Nicole smirks

“Don’t be an ass”, Waverly groans resting her hands on Nicole’s hips

Nicole covers Waverly’s hands with her own, “Wave, not now”

Waverly juts out her bottom lip, “But I want to kiss some more”

Nicole breathes in, “One quick peck, that’s it”, Waverly leans up pressing a soft kiss to Nicole’s lips

“Lets go, I’m about to start it without you”, Wynonna calls from the living room, Nicole leans down pressing one last kiss to her mouth

Waverly grabs a bag of popcorn and chips, handing cans of soda to Nicole, “So it looks like you were helpful”, Waverly teases

Wynonna is sitting in the middle of the couch, when Waverly walks into the living room, “Thanks baby girl”, Wynonna snatches the bag of popcorn out of her hand

Nicole laughs taking a seat at the far end of the couch, Waverly disappointingly curls up on the recliner that’s on the opposite side of the room from Nicole

Wynonna starts the movie, halfway through the movie Waverly feels her phone buzz in her pocket, she slides her phone out of her pocket, seeing Nicole’s name on her screen

Nicole Haught: I wish we were kissing right now, instead of watching this lame movie.

Waverly feels the tips of her ears burn, and her stomach fills with butterflies at the message.

Waverly Earp: Me too, but if we leave she will definitely be suspicious

Waverly looks up from her phone, to see Nicole gazing over at her with a smile. Someone’s phone rings, and Nicole everts eye contact with Waverly

Wynonna answers the call, pausing the movie, and holding up a finger signaling that she would be right back

“Who do you think that is?”, Waverly asks eyes following Wynonna into the kitchen,

“I bet it’s Doc”, Nicole says popping a chip into her mouth, “You think she’s going to leave?”

“I hear you whispering about me in there”, Wynonna says, walking back into the living room, “And yes, sorry to cut this short, but Doc needs a hand”, Wynonna pauses, “If you know what I mean”

Nicole throws a pillow at her, “We both know what you mean”, Wynonna shrugs, “Sorry that both of you aren’t getting any. Haught, I’ll stop over tomorrow”, with that Wynonna, heads out the front door

Waverly giggles, “At least she’s oblivious”,

Nicole nods, “Very good point”, Nicole pats the spot next to her on the couch, “We can finish the movie?”

Waverly nods, moving to sit next to Nicole on the couch, Nicole places an arm around Waverly’s shoulder

She feels a rush of nerves suddenly, “You alright?”, Nicole asks scooting closer to Waverly,

“I’m okay, I’ve just never done this before, I mean this sounds lame, but like cuddling I guess”, Waverly says, Nicole looks like she wants to bust out laughing at Waverly

“Don’t laugh at me”, Waverly whines, moving away from Nicole,

“No, come here”, Nicole says grabbing lightly at Waverly’s arm, “It’s cute”

Waverly huffs, moving back over towards Nicole, “Am I the lamest ever?”, Waverly asks in a quiet voice

Nicole shakes her head, “No, never.”

The movie continues to play in front of them, but Waverly’s mind has been drifting somewhere else, since Nicole moved her hand from her shoulder, down to her thigh

Nicole had been tracing light circle along her thigh, for the last twenty minutes, and Waverly felt like her body was on fire, as the movie begins to roll the ending credits across the screen, Waverly turns towards Nicole

“Kiss me”, Waverly commands, wrapping her hand around Nicole’s neck, Nicole dips her head kissing Waverly roughly against the mouth

The kiss was sloppier than the night before, Nicole’s tongue dips into her mouth, and Waverly can’t help the small groan that leaves her body.

Nicole pauses for a moment, “Waves, we are going at your pace, so tell me what you want”, Waverly breaths out, catching her breath for a moment

“Are you okay, if we just keep kissing like that?”, Waverly says nervously

“Of course”, Nicole leans kissing Waverly again

Nicole’s hands tangle in Waverly’s long hair, scratching at her scalp lightly, “I like that”, Waverly breathes out

Nicole smiles, continuing to scratch at Waverly’s scalp as they kiss. Waverly feels herself growing bolder as time passes, she pushes her tongue into Nicole’s mouth, enjoying the feeling of Nicole sucking lightly on it

Waverly’s hands begin to roam slightly from Nicole’s hips, into her hair, tangling in the short strands.

Nicole sighs into the kiss, pushing into Waverly’s lips, nibbling at Waverly’s bottom lip, before resting her head on Waverly’s forehead

“Sorry, I just have to take a moment”, Nicole breathes out, Waverly looks up at her through her lashes, she notices Nicole’s cheeks nearly match her hair, her chest rising and falling rapidly

“It’s okay, I feel like we should probably slow down for the night”

Waverly says bashfully, “I think my body may explode or something”

Nicole smirks, “Are you turned on?”

Waverly rubs at her forehead with her fingers nervously, “I’m assuming so?”

“Have you never been turned on before”, Nicole questions, gently taking Waverly’s hand in hers

“I don’t think so, I mean I’ve never felt like this”, Waverly gestures to her whole body

Nicole leans in pressing a kiss to Waverly’s nose, “That’s hot, you getting turned on when we kiss”, Nicole whispers against Waverly’s lips

“It is?”, Waverly squeaks, her hand tightening around Nicole’s, Nicole nods before connecting their lips again

Waverly lets herself get lost in Nicole for a few more moments, “Nicole”

“I know, I know”, Nicole leans back against the couch, letting out a dramatic sigh, Waverly smiles at the sight

Nicole checks her phone, “I guess, I should probably get going”, Waverly pouts, “You want to come over tomorrow?”, Nicole asks standing up from the couch

“Aren’t you hanging out with Wynonna?”, Waverly questions, as they walk towards the door,

“Yeah, during the day. I meant maybe at night?”, Nicole clarifies 

Waverly’s eyes widen, “No, I didn’t mean it like that, I wasn’t trying to insinuate that we were going to have sex”, Nicole rushes out

“Nicole, it’s okay. I just didn’t think you’d invite me over”,

Waverly sees Nicole visibly relax, “Why do you think that?”, Nicole asks

“I don’t know, I think I’m just insecure, and you actually wanting to do things with me or just hangout, is kind of baffling”, Waverly rocks back and forth on her heels

“Hey, I don’t want you to ever feel insecure around me, okay? I told you I was down for this, but I’m also here as a friend, alright?”, Waverly feels her stomach go uneasy at the word friend

“Okay, I’m sorry”, Waverly replies, Nicole pulls Waverly close against her chest

“No more apologizes”, Nicole says, Waverly wraps her arms tightly around Nicole’s waist, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Waverly nods her head, letting go of Nicole’s waist, “Wait, would be able to pick me up at Shorty’s? My shift ends at seven”

“No problem Waves, I’ll see you then”, Nicole gives her one last smile, before getting into her car

Once Waverly sees Nicole drive away, she heads up to her room, scrolling through her phone, when a text pops up

Nicole Haught: You turn me on too, if you couldn’t tell. See you tomorrow

Waverly’s body heats up again, holding her phone against her beating heart, she can’t help the huge smile that tugs at her lips.

Waverly really couldn’t wait till tomorrow


“Whisper in my ear, I'm the only one you're lovin' on,
Take advantage of the moment, you're the only one that I want”

Waverly has been antsy throughout her entire shift, bouncing around from table to table, cleaning the counters and sweeping the floor, trying to keep her mind off Nicole

“Girl, what has gotten you so hyper tonight?”, Gus asks coming out of her office,

“Nothing, I’m acting like myself”, Waverly says

Gus eyes her, “No, there’s something else. You don’t ever want to sweep, and I just saw you out here ten minutes ago humming to yourself, sweeping the whole damn restaurant”

“I uhm”, Waverly tries to defend herself, but then she sees Nicole pushing through the front door, her brain immediately going blank

Gus looks from Nicole to Waverly, “How can I help you?”, Gus asks already picking up a pen to collect Nicole’s order

“Oh, I’m just here to pick up Waverly”, Nicole says, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jeans,

Gus nods, “Well kiddo, I’ll let you out early”

Waverly gives her a smile, sitting the broom against the counter, “You two girls have a good evening now”, Gus says before picking up the broom to sweep some more

Waverly notices something flash over Gus’s face, as they turn to leave Shorty’s. Waverly quickly forgets about it as, Nicole opens the car door for her

“After you”, Nicole says with a charming smile, the one that makes Waverly’s insides feel mushy

Nicole turns the radio up, letting Waverly sing to the pop songs that played as they made it to Nicole’s house

Waverly follows Nicole to the front door, once they arrived, “Are you parents home?”, Waverly questions

“No, they aren’t home most of the time. They travel for work a lot”, Waverly nods, picking up the change of Nicole’s tone

Waverly nods wordlessly as she follows Nicole upstairs, “You want to watch a movie for a bit?”, Nicole asks

“Yeah that sounds great”, Waverly says trying to wipe her sweaty palms on her jeans, as they enter Nicole’s room

“I’m going to get some snacks, if you want to change into something more comfortable, you can just look through my drawers”, Nicole pauses at the door, before heading down the stairs

Waverly tugs open the top drawer, immediately seeing Nicole’s underwear, she slams it shut, holding her hands against the handle. She managed to find a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt, avoiding the top drawer at all costs

Waverly changed into Nicole’s clothes, feeling a sense of warmth as the vanilla scent surrounded her, she adjusted herself comfortably on the bed, scrolling through her phone as she waited for Nicole

A light knock came only a few moments later, “Are you good?”, Nicole’s says from the other side of the door

“Yeah, I’m good”, Nicole opens the door, her hands holding a bowl of popcorn, and cans of soda,

“Thank you”, Waverly smiles as Nicole passes her a drink

“Okay”, Nicole pauses, leaning down to grab her computer off the floor,

“Have you seen any gay movies before?”, Nicole asks, Waverly nearly chokes on her drink

Nicole snorts, “I’ll take that as a no”, Waverly clears her throat, ignoring the burning in her chest

“I haven’t seen any”, Waverly says

“Well that’s about to change, let me be the first to introduce you to lesbian films”, Nicole places the computer in between them

Nicole scrolls through her computer till she gets to the movie she wants, “So we are going to watch Carol”, Nicole presses the play button, letting the opening of the movie begin

Waverly shifts closer to the computer, letting her hand dip into the bowl of popcorn every once in awhile, Waverly wasn’t sure how long the movie was playing for before her eyes drifted over to Nicole

Nicole was watching intently, eyes following the characters on screen, taking in every line they said, when Waverly focused her attention back on the screen, she felt her stomach drop.

The main characters were staring at each other in a mirror in their hotel room, then suddenly they were kissing each other, then the scene changed to them on the bed kissing, and taking their clothes off

Waverly felt the familiar feeling of heat fill her body, as the women continued to touch with no clothes on, Waverly took a peak over at Nicole, who had her bottom lip pulled between her teeth

Waverly took a sip of her soda, trying to cool the heat that was coursing through her body, Waverly hadn’t realized Nicole had hit pause on the movie

“Are you okay? Was that too much?”, Nicole asks, Waverly’s eyes darting from the screen to Nicole’s eyes

“I’m okay”, Waverly says hoarsely

Nicole nods, moving the popcorn bowl to the side, scooting closer to Waverly, “Come here”, Nicole whispers pulling Waverly into her chest, situating the computer in front of them

Nicole’s arm is resting underneath Waverly’s back, and Waverly’s head resting on the side of Nicole’s chest. Waverly attempts to pay attention to the rest of the movie, but the feeling of having Nicole so close, made it nearly impossible to concentrate.

Waverly watched as Nicole closed the computer, as soon as the movie rolled the ending credits, “What did you think?”, Nicole asks nervously from behind her

Waverly twists in Nicole’s arms, now facing each other. Waverly felt the words slip her mind, realizing how close she was to Nicole’s face.

“It was good”, Waverly’s eyes dropping from Nicole’s eyes, to her lips.

Nicole smirks slightly, resting her forehead against Waverly’s, “Can I kiss you?”

“Yes”, Waverly breathes out, Nicole leans forward connecting their lips

Waverly feels the oxygen leave her body, as Nicole kisses her hard, “Do you want to lay down?”, Nicole says in between kisses

Waverly stiffens next to Nicole, “We don’t have too Waves, we can sit up if you feel more comfortable”

“No, I want too. Can you just lead me?”, Waverly says shyly,

Nicole presses another kiss to the corner of her mouth, “Of course, and we can stop anytime. Just tell me”

Waverly leans in to kiss Nicole, “I trust you”

Nicole moves out from under Waverly, “Here lay back”, Nicole positions a pillow under her head, as Waverly moves to the center of the bed

Waverly takes a deep breath, as Nicole hovers over her, “I’m just going to lean on you a little okay?”, Waverly nods, Nicole takes Waverly’s hands, placing them around her neck

Nicole’s thighs press slightly into the top of Waverly’s, as she leans down to kiss her. Waverly groans into Nicole’s mouth at the weight of Nicole on top of her

Waverly’s hands slip into the ends of Nicole’s hair, running her fingers through the short locks. Nicole’s hands are holding herself up, on either side of Waverly’s head

Nicole opens her mouth, letting Waverly slip her tongue into her mouth, “Waves”, Nicole says resting her forehead against Waverly’s shoulder

“Yeah”, Waverly answers breathlessly, “Can I lay in between your legs”, Nicole pauses, “It’s okay, if you aren’t ready”

“Yes”, Nicole smiles, moving her thigh in between Waverly’s, pressing her stomach more into Waverly’s

Nicole kisses Waverly slowly, letting Waverly get used to the feeling of Nicole. Waverly runs her hands down Nicole’s back, fingernails pushing into her skin slightly

Nicole nips at Waverly’s bottom lip, releasing it with a pop. Nicole’s mouth moves from her lips, over her cheek. Nicole brushes Waverly’s hair away from her neck, placing a kiss right below her ear

“Is this-“, Nicole starts to ask

Waverly tightens her hold on Nicole’s back, “I’ll tell you when I need to stop, just keep going”, Waverly says sternly

Nicole leaves open mouth kisses along the column of Waverly’s neck. Nicole’s body starts to rock slightly, her thigh bumping into Waverly’s center

Waverly lets a soft moan leave her mouth, her cheeks flushing at the unfamiliar sound, “Jesus, Waverly”, Nicole says against her neck

Nicole sucks lightly on Waverly’s neck, till the skin beneath turns red. Waverly feels heat shoot straight to her core.

“Nicole”, Waverly whimpers against Nicole’s lips

“You need me to stop?”, Nicole’s voice is hoarse as she pulls away from Waverly’s neck

“Don’t you dare”, Waverly pulls Nicole down to connect their lips again, Waverly puts her hand lower on Nicole’s back pulling her closer

Nicole’s lips move from her lips, down to her neck, kissing and sucking on the bare skin. Nicole starts to rock her hips quicker against Waverly’s core

Waverly’s stomach tightens in a new feeling, as Nicole rocks her thigh harder into Waverly

Waverly can feel Nicole panting against her neck, and Nicole’s hands resting on her hips, the coil in her stomach starts to tighten even more

“You’re so fucking hot”, Nicole groans as she continues to move her thigh even faster

Waverly thinks her chest might explode, if she doesn’t loosen the tightness in her stomach, “Shit”, Waverly moans, unable to find words to say to Nicole.

Her stomach twists even tighter, Waverly feels her eyes start to roll back in her head, “Nicole, I”, Waverly voice catches in her throat as the tightness snaps

Waverly’s body arches, pushing harder against Nicole’s thigh, she can vaguely hear Nicole’s voice in her ear, “I got you, I got you”

Nicole lets her rub against her thigh for a few moments, before Waverly’s body collapses down against the bed.

Her body relaxes, Nicole’s lips press a kiss against her shut eyelids, “Wave”

Waverly slowly opens her eyes, “I’m sorry”, Waverly whispers turning her head to hide against the pillows

“Hey, don’t hide”, Nicole says lifting Waverly’s head off the pillow, “Look at me”

Waverly looks everywhere but at Nicole, “Please look at me”, Waverly finally brings her eyes to Nicole’s, “That’s better”, Nicole smiles

Nicole runs a hand across Waverly’s cheek, “Are you okay?”

Waverly groans, “I wish the world would swallow me up, but other than that I’m peachy”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed of”, Nicole says, running a finger from Waverly’s cheek, down to her neck

“Yes there is, especially since that’s the first time, that’s ever happened”, Waverly whispers

“Wait, you’ve never had an orgasm?”, Nicole asks, eyes going wide

Waverly swats at Nicole’s shoulder, “I told you I was clueless about everything”

Nicole grabs onto her hand, “I mean I guess I assumed that you’ve touched yourself before”

“No, I never really thought about it”, Waverly says, Nicole smiles softly

“Waverly, I’m not here to make you feel embarrassed”, Nicole pauses kissing Waverly, “I’m here to help you”

“So, that totally wasn’t the lamest thing? I mean I know you’ve probably been with a lot of other girls-“, Nicole cuts her off, placing a finger on her lips

“First off, that wasn’t lame”, Nicole moves her finger off Waverly lips, “It was really sexy”, Nicole pecks Waverly’s lips, “And second, I’m not comparing you to anyone else, so you need to stop comparing yourself”

Waverly nods, nuzzling her face into Nicole’s neck, “Does it always feel that good?”

Nicole rests her chin on top of Waverly’s head, “I think so, hopefully I can make you feel that good all the time”

Waverly laughs into Nicole’s chest, “I don’t think I’m ready to go all the way yet, but I didn’t mind that”, Waverly says, chewing at her lower lip

“Waves, you’re setting the pace. Whatever you want to do, I’m down for”, Nicole says reassuringly, running a hand down Waverly’s back

“Thank you, for being patient with me”, Waverly says

“My pleasure, and I guess yours as well”, Nicole says jokingly

Waverly groans, “ You’re such a dork”

Nicole fake gasps, “Ms. Earp take that back right now”

Waverly giggles into Nicole’s chest, “Nope”, Nicole pushes Waverly onto her back, before straddling her hips,

“I said take it back”, Nicole says inching her face closer to Waverly’s

Waverly’s breath catches in throat, at the weight of Nicole on her hips, “Well maybe you should make me”, Waverly breathes out

Nicole’s eyes darken, a smug smile pulling at her lips, “I will definitely take you up on that”, Nicole surges forward connecting their lips,

Waverly swears Nicole lights a fire inside her, and Waverly’s not sure she’s ever going to want to put it out.


“Let it be, baby breathe, I swear I am right here, We’ll be good, I promise, we’ll be so good”

Waverly hasn’t seen Nicole since the night at Nicole’s house, which had been three day ago.

Waverly has been picking up extra shifts, trying to save as much money for her christmas shopping as she could, and Wynonna had been with Nicole for all three of those days as well

Leaving no time for Waverly and Nicole to see each other. So when Nicole texted her about a party on Friday, she immediately said, she would be there

Waverly called Chrissy, asking if she would come with her. Waverly had to move the phone away from her ear when Chrissy squealed into the phone

“Waverly Earp going to another party, who are you and what have you done with my best friend!”, Chrissy laughs on the other line

Waverly wants to say Nicole has done this to her, but she doesn’t. She just laughs along with Chrissy

Chrissy comes over bringing more clothes than she did last time, letting Waverly sort through the outfits

“Chrissy, did you bring that red dress?”, Waverly asks nervously, Chrissy face breaks out into a wide smile,

“You’re in luck”, Chrissy says pulling it out of another bag, flinging it at Waverly

Waverly looks over the dress, hands feeling the material beneath her fingertips, “I’m wearing this”

“Waverly Earp, are you trying to get some tonight?”, Chrissy says jumping onto the bed next to Waverly

Waverly knows her cheeks are flushed, as Chrissy stares at her intently, “No, I just want to change it up”,

Chrissy furrows her eyebrows, “I don’t think I believe you”

Waverly tries to stutter out a sentence, but Chrissy places a hand on her shoulder, “I know you’ll tell me when you’re ready”

Waverly nods, smiling at Chrissy, “Thank you”

“So let me do your hair and makeup?”, Waverly asks, Chrissy pulls Waverly over towards the mirror,

“Of course”, Chrissy tells her to close her eyes, “I want you to be surprised”

Waverly agrees, closing her eyes. Letting Nicole’s face flash in her mind, as she tries to relax herself

Chrissy taps on her shoulder awhile later, letting her know she was finished. Waverly opened her eyes, gasping at her reflection

“You like?”, Waverly’s hair had been done in soft waves, left down to fall against her back. Chrissy had down simple makeup on her eyes, but pairing it with a dark red lipstick on her lips

“Chrissy, I love it”, Waverly says moving closer to the mirror, trying to get a better look

Chrissy hands her the red dress, and small black heels, “Go get dressed, we need to see the whole look”

Waverly slipped into the dress, managing to buckle her heels without tearing at the skin tight dress, Waverly nervously walked back into her bedroom

Chrissy’s jaw dropped, “Whoever you’re trying to impress, will not be able to keep their hands off of you tonight”

Waverly’s heart skips in her chest, hoping Nicole won’t be able to keep her hands off her


Waverly tugs at her dress, as they walk up to the front door of Stephanie Jones’s house, “Are you sure this isn’t too much?”, Waverly questions before Chrissy opens the door

“No, you look hot as hell. Come on”, Chrissy grabs Waverly by her hand, pulling her into the house

Waverly thinks there might be even more people shoved into the house, then there was the first time she was here. The music is blaring, Waverly notices the walls shaking slightly as Chrissy pulls her forward

“Is Wynonna here?”, Chrissy yells over the music

“She should be”, Waverly says, eyes scanning the room till she sees Wynonna in the corner of the room

Waverly tugs on Chrissy’s hand, “She’s over here”, Chrissy follows behind Waverly

Wynonna is standing with a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Wynonna’s eyes widen once she sees Waverly, “Damn who the hell are you trying to kill?”

Waverly tugs at the bottom of her dress, “I wanted to try something new”

Wynonna inhales letting the smoke fill her lungs, “If any of these fuckboys try to touch you, let me know”, Waverly nods, eyes scanning the room for the redhead

Chrissy bumps into her shoulder, “Who are you looking for?”, Waverly whips her head around, to see Chrissy smirking slightly

“Nobody, just seeing the easiest way to the kitchen. I need a drink”, Waverly says quickly

“Nicole should be coming over soon, I told her to grab us some drinks”, Wynonna says, ashing her cigarette in a tray

Waverly chews on the inside of her cheek nervously, as Chrissy talks to her about some cute senior she saw staring at her

“Hey, I got us-“, Nicole stops mid sentence, nearly spilling the drinks all over herself

Waverly’s eyes lock on Nicole’s, feeling that now familiar tightness in her stomach. Nicole’s eyes burn into Waverly as she looks her up and down

“Jesus Haught, be careful with those drinks”, Wynonna says oblivious to Nicole’s eyes undressing her baby sister.

Nicole shakes her head, breaking eye contact, “Sorry, here you go”, Nicole hands a drink to Doc, then Chrissy.

Nicole gives the last drink to Waverly, her fingertips touching Waverly’s hand slightly as she passes her the drink

“Thank you”, Waverly breathes out

“My pleasure”, Nicole replies, and Waverly sees the darkness cloud Nicole’s hazel eyes

Waverly smiles shyly at Nicole, whose eyes are still on her, “Wave, I’m going to talk to that senior, I’ll meet up with you later?”, Waverly nods, never breaking eye contact with Nicole

Waverly misses the way Chrissy looks between Nicole and then back to Waverly, with a knowing smirk.

Chrissy fades into the crowd, Nicole takes a step closer to Waverly, “You want to go somewhere”, Nicole whispers,

“Please”, Waverly replies

Wynonna is mindlessly talking to Doc, “Hey Wy”, Nicole calls out

Wynonna looks over to Nicole, “What’s up?”

“Waverly needs to use the bathroom, I’m going to go with her”

Wynonna waves her off, “Make sure none of those boys start grabbing on her”, Wynonna says

“I’ll make sure of it”, Nicole smirks, taking Waverly’s hand, walking her through the crowd

“Where are we going?”, Waverly asks, as Nicole walks her upstairs

“To the bathroom”, Nicole says

Nicole knocks once at the bathroom, when no one responds, she pushes open the door, pulling Waverly in behind her

Waverly’s back hits the door, “Nicole”, Waverly moans, as Nicole’s hands rest tightly on her hips

“You did this on purpose”, Nicole whispers into her ear, “How am I supposed to keep my hands off you, when you’re wearing that”, Nicole nips gently at the column of Waverly’s neck

Waverly lets her head fall back against the door, tangling her hands in Nicole’s hair, “I wanted you to notice me”

Nicole stops her motions, lifting her lips from Waverly’s neck, “I’ve always noticed you”, Nicole tilts Waverly’s chin up till their lips are inches a part

Waverly smiles into the kiss, letting her tongue slip into Nicole’s mouth. The base of the music pumps through the door, matching the rhythm of Waverly’s heart

Nicole’s hands slide from Waverly’s hips to the small of her back resting her hands slightly above Waverly’s ass

Nicole breaks away from the kiss, “Can I?”

Waverly pushes into Nicole, “Please”

Waverly groans as Nicole’s hands grab at her backside over the tight material, Nicole’s lips move quickly all over Waverly’s neck, then back up to her lips

Nicole slips her thigh in between Waverly’s leg, pressing up against her, “Nic”

“Yeah, baby”, Nicole says rocking her leg quicker against Waverly

Waverly gasps at Nicole’s movement against her center, and the way she called her baby

“I like that”, Waverly sighs as Nicole’s hands push at Waverly’s hips, helping her rock against Nicole

Nicole lets her hands roam back down to Waverly’s ass, squeezing it softly, “This?”, Nicole asks, her voice laced with confidence

“Yeah that, but”, Waverly’s words catch in her throat, when Nicole sucks at her pulse point, letting her teeth nip gently at Waverly’s neck

“How about that?”, Nicole whispers into Waverly’s ear

“All of that is good”, Waverly chokes out, “But I really like it when-“

Nicole’s thigh moves faster against Waverly’s center, and Waverly feels the coil in her stomach tighten even more

“When you come on my thigh?”, Nicole chews on her lower lip as her eyes watch Waverly move against her thigh

Waverly’s eyes roll back, her head thumping against the wall again, she moves her hands from Nicole’s hair, down to her hips

Waverly’s chest burns, and she feels tiny beads of sweat collecting on her lower back, as Nicole keeps thrusting her thigh up against Waverly

“I think I know what you like the best”, Nicole rests her forehead against Waverly’s, “You like when I talk to you”

Waverly moans her eyes squeezing shut, “You like when I ask what you want”, Nicole pauses, “I think I figured out something else you like”

Nicole pushes a piece of Waverly’s hair behind her ear, “Isn’t that right, baby?”

Waverly tightens her hold on Nicole’s lower back, twisting her fingers in Nicole’s shirt, “I think it’s about to happen again”, Waverly says against Nicole’s lips

“Hello? Anybody in there”, a voice who was not Nicole’s or Waverly calls from behind the door

“Fuck”, Nicole moves her thigh from against Waverly’s center, “Hold on”, Nicole yells

Waverly’s chest is heaving, and the pounding between her legs is almost painful, Nicole gives her a sad smile before wiping the sweat from her forehead

“I’m sorry”, Nicole says pressing a kiss to Waverly’s lips,

“It’s okay, we couldn’t keep going with someone right outside”, Waverly says pulling down at her dress

“I know, but I’m totally blue balling you right now”, Nicole runs a hand through her hair

Waverly laughs, leaning her head into Nicole’s chest, “You’ll just have to make it up to me later”

“It would be my pleasure”, Nicole smirks leaning down for one more kiss

Waverly puts her hand on Nicole’s shoulders to stop her, “You have some of my lipstick, um on you”, Nicole turns to look at herself in the mirror

Waverly’s red lipstick is on Nicole’s lips, and along her neck, “Damn”, Nicole laughs turning on the sink wiping away at the red streaks

“I’m sorry”, Waverly says shyly

“Don’t be”, Nicole says kissing her cheek after she finishes cleaning herself

Nicole opens the door, letting Waverly out first

“Jeez, it took you long enough”, the guy said as he pushed passed them into the bathroom

“Guess he really had to go”, Nicole laughs, reaching down to link her hands with Waverly’s

Waverly’s eyes cast down at their hands, and then back up at Nicole, “Just so I don’t lose you”, Nicole says moving through the crowd

“Right”, Waverly mumbles to herself, her chest sinking a bit, before Nicole turns back giving her a smile

“You okay?”, Nicole asks, eyebrows furrowing, Waverly nods returning a smile

Waverly thinks as long as Nicole is holding her hand, she’ll be okay


“Put it in drive, I’ll be outside, I’ll be on the way, I’ll be on the way”

Waverly couldn’t seem to pull herself out of bed, it didn’t matter anyway since she was still on break and she called Gus letting her know she was sick, and wouldn’t be able to work tonight

“Waverly”, Wynonna knocked on the door, “Why don’t we go out tonight”, Wynonna calls

“I don’t feel good”, Waverly lied tossing a blanket over her head

Wynonna opens the door, “You’ve been in your room all day”, Wynonna pauses, “Come on Christmas is in two days Waverly, let's go look at some lights or some shit”

Waverly pokes her head out from under the blankets, “No, thank you”

Wynonna sits on the bed, “Waves”, Waverly hates the way Wynonna’s voice softens,

“Don’t, I’m fine”, Waverly says facing away from Wynonna

“You do this every year, and I know it’s not fine”, Wynonna places a hand on Waverly’s leg

“Wy, please”, Waverly feels tears burn in her eyes

“Alright, if you need anything just call”, Wynonna leans over pressing a kiss to Waverly’s forehead

“I love you”, Wynonna says quietly

Waverly turns slightly, giving Wynonna a small smile, “Love you too sis”

Wynonna gives her a pat on the leg, before exiting Waverly’s room

Waverly hears the engine of Wynonna’s car start, then disappear as she pulls out of the driveway

She lets the tears fall from her eyes, letting herself be consumed by the painful ache in her chest. Waverly held a hand over her mouth, to stifle the sounds of her cries

Her phone ringing, startled Waverly, grabbing it off the nightstand, she held it to her ear

“Hello”, Waverly cursed the way her voice cracked

“Waves, it’s me”, Nicole’s soft voice says on the other end

Waverly had seen Nicole the night before, but Wynonna had crashed their evening and suggested they go out to a movie. Nicole had sat in between Wynonna and Waverly, sliding her hand close to Waverly’s, letting their fingers brush throughout the movie.

“Nicole, hey”, Waverly tried to clear her throat, hoping to sound less pathetic

“What’s wrong?”, Nicole asks sweetly

“How do you know something’s wrong?”, Waverly responses, sniffling slightly

“I can hear you sniffling”, Nicole waits a second, “And Wynonna texted me that you were sad”

Waverly lets out a watery chuckle, “She really doesn’t know how to deal with emotions”

“She really doesn’t”, Nicole joining Waverly with a small laugh

“Would you mind, um”, Waverly starts to ask

Nicole interrupts, “I’ll come and get you”, Nicole says, Waverly can hear her shuffling in the background

“I’ll be there soon”, Waverly nods even though she knows Nicole can’t see her

Waverly watches from her window, heading down the steps as she sees Nicole car pull down the street

“Hey”, Nicole smiles as Waverly hops into the passenger seat

“Hi back”

“Is it okay, if we just go to my house?”, Nicole asks pulling at the strings on her jacket,

“That sounds perfect”, Waverly says reaching out her hand, seeking the feeling of Nicole’s hand in hers

Nicole brings Waverly's hand up to her lips, pressing a kiss on her palm. Waverly holds on to Nicole’s hand tightly for the entire drive

Waverly follows Nicole up to her room, knowing the way by heart now.

Nicole closes the door quietly, as Waverly climbs into bed, “Lay with me”, Nicole nods laying down next to Waverly

Waverly tucks herself into Nicole’s chest, letting her hand rest on Nicole’s stomach. Nicole’s hand ran through Waverly’s hair, softly scratching at her scalp

“You want to talk about it?”, Nicole speaks up, Waverly casts her eyes up at Nicole

“It’s going to sound stupid”, Waverly says

Nicole presses a kiss to Waverly’s forehead, “Nothing you feel is stupid”

Waverly takes a deep breath, “I get really sad around Christmas time, every year”, Waverly blinks trying to push back the building tears

“My mom, she left when I was six. It was around this time”, Waverly pauses, clearing her throat, “We didn’t even know why. She left us a note, and gifts under the tree”

Nicole tightens her arm around Waverly, “Then my dad started drinking more, and he’s never home now. He barely says anything to us”

Waverly’s chest aches, as tears stream down her cheeks, “Christmas just reminds me of all that I lost and I hate it”

“You still have Wynonna”, Nicole says,

“I know, but sometimes it’s hard for her to understand. I’m the sensitive one, I guess” Waverly says sadly

“It’s okay to be sensitive”, Nicole reaches to wipe the tears on Waverlys cheeks, “And you have me”

Waverly lifts her head off Nicole’s chest, “Yeah?”, Nicole smiles leaning forward pressing a kiss to Waverly’s lips

“I know you don’t like Christmas, but maybe we could start our own tradition”, Nicole pulls back from the kiss

Waverly nods, “What are you thinking?”

“How about some Christmas movies?”, Nicole says turning to grab her laptop, “I have tons of them, I used to watch them when I was younger, but my parents aren’t really around”

Waverly presses a kiss to Nicole’s cheek, “Well you have me now”

Waverly watched as something passed over Nicole’s face, before she broke out into a wide grin, “Yeah?”

“For as long as you want me”, Waverly blushes at the words as soon as they leave her mouth

Nicole doesn’t seem to notice Waverly’s blush, leaning forward and connecting their lips, “I think it’s time to make it up to you”, Nicole’s lips trailing across Waverly’s neck

Nicole throws her leg over Waverly’s hip, sitting softly on top of her, “For the party, more specifically the bathroom incident”

Waverly’s body goes slack, under the weight of Nicole, “I definitely will not object to that”

Nicole’s dimples pop, when she smiles down at Waverly, “You’re something else”, Waverly reaches up, placing her hands around Nicole’s neck

“Kiss me”, Waverly breathes

“What about the movies?”, Nicole jokes, trying to pull away from Waverly

“Later, much later”, Waverly mumbles into Nicole’s lips


“Every moment spent with you, I bet was always eventful, I’ve never seen your type of species give me heebie-jeebies”

Wynonna told Waverly that Nicole would be sleeping over tonight. It was Christmas Eve and Wynonna didn’t want Nicole to be alone

Waverly jumped at the idea, knowing she wouldn’t get any alone time with Nicole, she suggested the three of them hang out together

“I can get us matching pajamas and we can watch christmas movies together”, Waverly squeals, “And Dad won’t be home, so we don’t have to worry about him”

Waverly jumps when another idea pops into her head, “We can bake cookies too, I just need someone to take me to the store, but we totally can”

Wynonna held up her hands, “I think I liked it better when you hated Christmas”

Waverly pouts, stepping to move around Wynonna, “Hey, I didn’t say we couldn’t do it. You’re just being a big nerd about this”

“Wow, way to make me feel better”, Waverly sighs,

“Okay, I’m sorry Waves, we can do this whole christmas thing, if you really want”, Wynonna says

Waverly pulls Wynonna into a hug, “Thank you”

“Yeah, yeah, but I’m having a beer when we make these cookies”, Waverly smacked Wynonna on the shoulder

“And Nicole is going to think this is super lame by the way”, Wynonna says over her shoulder as she walks into the living room

“No, she won’t”, Waverly whispered to herself

Waverly shot Nicole a text, asking her to bring over her christmas movies, before Waverly got into the shower

She heard Wynonna’s voice yell from outside the bathroom, “Nicole’s here, hurry up, so we can do your lame plan”

Waverly hears Wynonna yelping, assuming Nicole stops up for Waverly, makes her heart warm

She quickly finishes in the shower, throwing on jeans and a oversized sweater. Waverly hears music coming from Wynonna’s room

“Wy”, Waverly calls banging her fist against the door, she can hear the music stop and rustling behind the door

“Proceed”, Wynonna says, Waverly opens the door, her eyes fall on Nicole whose sitting on Wynonna’s desk chair

Waverly freezes at the sight of Nicole in a beanie, leather jacket, and the tightest jeans she’s ever seen, “Uh, hi”

Nicole spins in the chair, locking eyes with Waverly, “You ready for the store?”

Waverly nods, “Are you suddenly mute, because you wouldn’t shut up earlier?”, Wynonna says grabbing her jacket off the chair

Nicole tosses a shoe at Wynonna, hitting her in the stomach, “Be nice, it’s fucking christmas”

Waverly smiles at Nicole, “Alright I’m driving, because you nearly killed us last time”, Nicole says

Nicole grabs her keys, as she brushes past Waverly, letting her hand gently knock against Waverly’s

“That was one time Haught”, Wynonna groans following Nicole out of her room

“Baby sis, you are sitting in the back”, Wynonna yells as she exits through the front door

“Fine”, Waverly puts on her coat, before heading out to the car

“Wait, I got to pee”, Wynonna yells hopping out of the car

Nicole groans leaning her head against the seat, “She’s going to take forever”

Waverly moves behind the driver's seat, reaching her hand around, to run her fingers up and down Nicole’s arms, “Hi”

Nicole twists her neck, trying to get a better look at Waverly, “Hi yourself”

Waverly’s eyes flash from the front door, back down to Nicole’s eyes, “You look, um really good”, Waverly says, biting on her bottom lip

“Waves”, Nicole says with a warning tone, “She’ll be back any second”

Waverly sighs deeply, moving to sit back against the seat, “I know”

Nicole opens her mouth to say something, but Wynonna swings open the door, jumping into the car, “Let's get this party started”, Wynonna chants

“And you said I was a nerd”, Waverly mumbles from the backseat, Nicole adjusts the radio letting the Christmas music fill the car

Pulling into the shopping center, Wynonna had already claimed she was in charge of the matching pajamas, “I’m the coolest out of this group, so i’ll pick the best ones”

“Who decides on the cool levels?”, Nicole laughs as they walk into the store, “Because they’re definitely not correct”

Wynonna grabs a cart, pushing it over to Nicole and Waverly, “Well Waverly is the lamest, so it was a tie between you and I”, Wynonna pauses, “And you said Waverly’s Christmas plan was cute”

Nicole’s cheeks flush, “So that makes you just as lame as Waverly”, Wynonna says, walking away towards the clothes aisle

“You thought my idea was cute”, Waverly turns to Nicole, who’s rocking on the balls of her feet,

“I mean yeah, and you’re cute so”, Nicole says

“Thanks for not thinking I’m the lamest”, Waverly smiles knocking her shoulder into Nicole’s

“Never”, Nicole replies

Waverly wishes she could lean up and kiss Nicole in the middle of the store, but she knows she can’t

Because in the outside world, they’re just friends. And Waverly tries to ignore the feeling of hurt that flashes through her

“You alright?”, Nicole asks, pushing the cart through the aisles

Waverly shakes the feeling away, “Of course, let's go find some baking stuff”

Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole pile into the car with enough baking goods to feed a small village

“Waves, did you think you got enough cookie dough?”, Wynonna calls from the front seat,

“Well I’m going to eat some of it when I’m cooking”, Waverly admits shyly 

Nicole laughs, eyes meeting Waverly’s in the rear view mirror

“You two can cook it, I’ll just eat it”, Wynonna says

“Whatever, you’d probably burn the cookies anyway”, Waverly says , as her eyes watch Nicole the entire ride back to the house

Waverly and Nicole carried the bags into the kitchen, Wynonna ran off to get dressed in her pajamas

“Maybe if she eats and drinks enough, she’ll pass out on the couch”, Nicole says dropping the bags onto the kitchen counter

Nicole moves behind Waverly, letting her hands rest gently on Waverly’s hips, “So we can sneak off, and have our own celebration”

Waverly shivers as Nicole’s breath hits her ear, “I’d like that”

Nicole smacks Waverly’s ass lightly as she moves to take things out of the grocery bags, Wynonna strolls in a onesie covered in candy canes, “So how do I look?”, Wynonna twirls

“You look super cute”, Nicole says taking the cookie sheets out of the oven

“Haughtstuff, I’m flattered but you're not my type”, Wynonna jokes, grabbing a handful of cookie dough, that Waverly had just rolled out and put it into her mouth

Nicole laughs grabbing the rest of the ingredients for the cookies, “It’s okay, I’m definitely not after you”

Waverly chokes, coughing roughly trying to get air flow back into her lungs, “Jeez, here drink this”, Wynonna says handing Waverly a glass of water

“Thanks”, Waverly takes a sip of the water, letting it cool her burning chest.

Wynonna gives Waverly a pat on the back, before moving to the cabinet, reaching to grab the whiskey bottle, “I’ll be watching some tv while you guys bake”

Nicole flips her off as Wynonna walks into the living room, and propping her feet up on the table

“She is no help ever”, Waverly laughs, making small cookie shapes from the dough on the oven pan

Nicole helps, placing cookies on the other pan, gently brushing her hand against Waverly’s to grab more dough, “I could have told you that”

Waverly and Nicole work in comfortable silence, until all the pans are filled with cookies, “Let’s get these in the oven”, Nicole pauses, “Then we can start on the movies”

Waverly puts them in the oven, setting a timer to make sure they don’t burn, “Wy, where are our pajamas”, Waverly asks cleaning up the counter

“I put them yours in your room, Nicole’s are in the bathroom, go change I want to watch movies”, Wynonna answers back from the living room

Nicole wiggles her eyebrows out Waverly suggestively, “Alone time”

Nicole grabs Waverly by the hand, turning back towards Wynonna, “Be down in a bit”

“Whatever”, Nicole hears Wynonna say as they make it to the top of the steps

Nicole opens the door to Waverly’s room, stopping abruptly causing Waverly’s front to slam into the back of Nicole

“Shit, sorry”, Waverly apologizes, Nicole turns to face her with a smile on her face,

“Why are you looking at me like that?”, Waverly questions, feeling nervous under Nicole’s gaze

“Because I want to kiss you”, Nicole says smoothly taking a step forward, placing a hand on Waverly’s waist

“You think you’re so smooth, don’t you?”, Waverly chuckles leaning into Nicole’s touch

“Is it working?”, Nicole’s lips ghosting over Waverly’s

Waverly nods, grabbing Nicole by her jacket collar, pulling her down for a bruising kiss

Nicole let out a soft moan into Waverly’s mouth, which urged Waverly on, she let go of the collar of Nicole’s jacket, running her hands to the small of Nicole’s back

Waverly felt Nicole stiffen for a moment, “You can touch me, don’t be afraid”, Nicole whispers against Waverly’s lips

Waverly lets her hands fall to Nicole’s ass, grabbing softly through Nicole’s jeans, Waverly watched as Nicole’s eyes fluttered closed at the touch

“You’re really hot”, Waverly breathes out, letting her mouth wander to Nicole’s neck, pressing a soft kiss to Nicole’s neck

Nicole’s hand tightens in Waverly’s hip, “Waverly”

Waverly kissing along Nicole’s neck, letting her tongue touch the soft skin for a moment, “Wait”

Waverly jerks her mouth away from Nicole, “Did I do something wrong?”

Nicole shakes her head, “I don’t want to start something, we can’t finish”, Nicole kisses Waverly once more

“And I don’t want to pressure you into anything”, Nicole says looking Waverly in the eyes

“You haven’t pressured me, every kiss and every touch, was something I wanted to do”, Waverly says tangling her hand in Nicole’s hair, hoping she believes her words

“Okay”, Nicole smiles, pulling away from Waverly, “Wynonna is going to start calling for us soon”

Waverly pouts, moving around Nicole to grab the pajamas, “Then we better get changed”

Nicole nods, “I’m going to get changed in the bathroom, I’ll be right back”, Nicole heads for the door, smiling once more at Waverly before exiting the room

Waverly bit her lip trying to hold back the squeal she desperately wanted to let go, instead focusing her attention on getting changed before Nicole came back into the room

She flings off her clothes, pulling on the two piece pajamas that are covered in small santa hats

“Waverly”, Wynonna’s voice shouts through the house, Waverly checks herself over in the mirror, then heads downstairs

“What’s up?”, Waverly asks, watching as Wynonna cracks open another beer

Wynonna motions to the kitchen, “The timer buzzed”, Waverly grabbed a towel before pulling the cookies out of the oven, resting them on the counter

“It smells good in there”, Wynonna calls out

“Let me just put them on a plate”, Waverly responses

Placing the cookies on the plate, Waverly walked into the living room, where Wynonna sat in the same spot

“Where’s Nicole?”, Waverly says eyes scanning the living room

“Still getting her pajamas on”, Wynonna says, Waverly notices the way Wynonna seems to be holding in a laugh

“Wynonna, what did you do”, Wynonna doesn’t have a chance to answer before Nicole comes walking down the stairs

Waverly’s eyes nearly fall out of her eyes, at the sight of Nicole’s long legs uncovered. Nicole has her hands folded across her chest tightly

“Let me see the front”, Wynonna turns in her seat, smirking slightly

“Fuck you”, Nicole whines, sitting on the far end of the couch

Waverly softens at Nicole’s expression, “It’s probably not that bad”, Nicole narrows her eyes at Waverly

Nicole slowly takes her arms away from the front of shirt, Waverly’s eyes read over Nicole’s shirt

“Jingle my bells”, Waverly covers her mouth to hold back her laughter

“Seriously Wave”, Nicole groans covering her face with a pillow

“Stop being a pussy, it’s funny”, Wynonna says moving to slap at Nicole’s bare leg

“Nicole, it’s not that bad. Here”, Waverly hands her a cookie, letting her hand linger on Nicole’s, “Come on, let's watch the movies”, Nicole nods placing the cookie in her mouth

Wynonna clapped, standing up to pick the first movie, “It’s my house, so I choose first”, Nicole moved over on the sofa, patting the spot next to her

Waverly mouthed, “You sure?”, Nicole smiles patting the spot again, Waverly sat down leaving enough distance between them that Wynonna wouldn’t become suspicious

“For our first movie, we shall watch Home Alone”, Wynonna says flopping down on the couch next to Waverly,

“Can I get some blankets? You did pick out shorts as part of my pajamas”, Nicole says, motioning for Wynonna to hand her the blankets

Wynonna tossed the blankets over to Nicole, Waverly helped spread them across the three of their laps, “Alright, shut up it’s starting”, Wynonna whines

Waverly felt a finger brush against the outside of her thigh, her eyes dart over Nicole whose staring straight ahead at the tv screen

Waverly feels Nicole’s fingertips tips move from the outside of her thigh, up to the top, drawing small patterns over her pajama pants

“I have to pee, be back”, Wynonna says, causing Waverly to startle, Nicole’s hand now resting flat on her thigh

Waverly waits till she hears the door close, before turning to Nicole, “What are you doing?”

Nicole just shrugs, “I wanted to touch you”, Waverly’s face heats up, “It's very distracting”

“Do you want me to stop?”, Nicole leans closer to Waverly

Waverly shakes her head, placing her hand under the blanket, and letting her fingers collide with Nicole’s

“What did I miss?”, Wynonna asks as she plops back down next to Waverly

“Nothing much”, Nicole replies keeping her hand firmly on Waverly’s thigh

Wynonna makes it halfway through the second movie before she falls asleep, “Wy”, Waverly nudges her sisters leg, but Wynonna doesn’t budge

“I think she’s out”, Nicole whispers, hand still stroking Waverly’s thigh

Waverly motions to the stairs, “Do you want?”, Waverly asks lowering her voice even further

Nicole nods, gently getting up from the couch careful not to wake Wynonna from her sleep. Waverly follows Nicole as she walks slowly up the steps

Nicole quietly opens Waverly’s door, “Sit, I have something for you”, Nicole says opening her backpack

Waverly sits on the edge of the bed, “What is it?”

Nicole pulls out a gift wrapped in snowflake wrapping paper, “It’s a christmas present silly”

Nicole puts the gift in Waverly’s lap, sitting down gently next to her, “Merry Christmas”

Waverly feels tears build, “You didn’t have to get me anything”

Nicole smiles, nudging Waverly’s shoulder with her own, “Just open it”

Waverly peels off the wrapping paper, a brown box lay in her lap, she peels the tape of the top, and breaks open the box, “I wasn’t sure what to get you, but I thought this would be something you could use”

“Nicole”, Waverly breathes out, pulling the camera out of the box

Waverly looks up from the camera, “I noticed you don’t have pictures in your room, so I thought this could help change that”, Nicole says nervously

“I can’t believe you got me a camera”, Waverly lets her fingers run over the buttons and lens, “This is too much Nicole”, Waverly moves to hand Nicole the camera

Nicole’s hand covers Waverly’s, stopping her movement, “I want you to have it, I’ve never experienced a family Christmas, the idea of giving gifts to someone you care about”

Nicole pauses, “Never really meant anything to me, but I care about you and Wynonna, so please keep it”

Waverly leans forward pressing a soft kiss to Nicole’s cheek, “Thank you, but I feel terrible for not getting you anything”

Nicole’s face softens, “Tonight was the best gift I could have asked for”, Waverly’s heart melts at Nicole’s words

“And I definitely can think of another gift I’d like”, Nicole takes the camera from Waverly’s hand, placing it on the nightstand, “Move back”

Waverly moves till her back hits the wall, Nicole climbs up the bed to reach Waverly, placing her arms on either side of Waverly

“What’s the gift? The one that you’d like”, Waverly stutters, with Nicole hovering over her

Nicole’s face inches down, letting her lips barely touch Waverly’s, “I’m sure you can figure it out”, Nicole husks

Waverly’s eyes flutter from Nicole’s eyes to her lips, leaning forward to kiss her. Waverly doesn’t think she’s ever going to get used to the softness of Nicole’s lips

Nicole hums into the kiss, letting one of her hands move from beside Waverly onto her neck, Waverly lets her hand rest low on Nicole’s backside as they kiss

Waverly widens her legs, letting Nicole’s thigh slot in between her legs, Nicole’s lips leave kisses from Waverly’s lips down to her neck

Waverly tightens her grab on Nicole’s ass, when she feels Nicole’s teeth nip at her skin

The feeling of Waverly’s hands on Nicole seems to urge her on, running her hand down Waverly’s side to the bottom of her shirt

Waverly uses her unoccupied hand to grip Nicole’s neck, pulling her away from her neck, “Kiss me”

Nicole kisses her softly, letting her tongue push slowly into Waverly’s mouth. Nicole’s hand grasps at the front of Waverly’s shirt

Waverly rocks Nicole forward into her as she’s pulling Nicole’s ass into her, Nicole groans, quickening the pace of her hips, Nicole’s hand slips under the end of Waverly’s shirt

Nicole’s hand strokes at the skin on Waverly’s hip above her pajama pants, “Nicole”

Waverly’s eyes are glued to Nicole’s hand under her shirt, “Shit, I’m sorry”, Nicole says pulling her hand out from under Waverly’s shirt

“No, it’s okay”, Waverly reassures, grabbing onto Nicole’s hand, “I just don’t know if I’m ready for no clothes on yet”, Waverly continues, ducking her head shyly

Nicole kisses Waverly’s forehead, “Don’t be embarrassed, I should have asked”

Waverly closes her eyes leaning into the touch, “It’s okay, I like it when you lose control a bit”, Nicole gives her a wide smile, before moving to lay beside Waverly

“I’ll remember that”, Nicole pulls Waverly into her chest, “But, I want to make sure you’re ready as well”

Waverly nods against Nicole’s chest, “We should go downstairs, in case Wynonna wakes up”, Nicole says

Waverly wants to protest, wanting to stay in Nicole’s arms for a little longer, “Yeah”, Waverly says instead

Waverly’s heart tugs slightly, as Nicole pulls away from Waverly, running a hand through her hair. Waverly desperately shoves the feeling aside, like she did in the store.

Nicole turns back to Waverly, giving her a half smile, “Merry Christmas Wave”

And Waverly feels the feeling boil right back to the surface again

Waverly smiles brightly ignoring the feeling in her chest, “Merry Christmas Nicole”


“You can touch me with slow hands,
Speed it up, baby, make me sweat”

Nicole calls Waverly two days after Christmas, “Waverly, I need your help”

Waverly’s mind panics thinking something has happened to Nicole, “Nicole, are you okay?”,

Waverly hears Nicole laugh, “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I just need help with this math homework”

“You definitely should have started with that”, Waverly sighs, letting her racing heart calm down

“My bad, but would you like to come over and help me?”, Nicole asks sweetly,

“You have to come get me, but yes I’ll help you”, Waverly replies

“You’re the best”, Nicole says pausing for a moment, “And I’ll definitely repay you for this tutoring session”, Nicole’s rasps

Waverly’s cheeks flush, “You are such an ass”

“Maybe, but you like it”, Waverly knows Nicole is smirking on the other end of the phone

“I’ll see you soon”, Waverly says with a teasing tone

Waverly waits patiently in her room for Nicole’s car to pull into the driveway, after checking over her outfit once more she hears Nicole’s car pull into the driveway

Nicole greets her with a wide smile and a milkshake, “For you”

Waverly takes the milkshake gratefully, “Thank you”

The drive takes less than ten minutes and Waverly already finished her shake before they pulled into Nicole’s driveway

“Alright, so let me just start by saying, I’m horrible at math”, Nicole says once they settle down in Nicole’s room

“I’m sure you aren’t horrible”, Waverly picks up Nicole’s most recent test, eyes locking on the red D plus marked in the corner, “Okay, so we just need some improvement”

Nicole laughs, grabbing for her notebook, “I need more than just improvement”

“Well luckily you have me, not to brag but I’m pretty smart”, Waverly says, tossing her hair over her shoulder

“Cocky Waverly, I like”, Nicole smirks, placing her notebook down, reaching for Waverly’s hands

Waverly lightly swats Nicole’s hands away, “No, I came over here to help you with math”

Nicole pushes out her bottom lip, “But Waves”

“Nope, I will not fall for the pout and puppy eyes”, Waverly says placing Nicole’s notebook back in her lap

Nicole dramatically throws herself backwards on her bed, “What about after?”, Nicole asks batting her eyelashes

“Possibly, depends on how well you do”, Waver says shrugging her shoulders before tossing a pencil to Nicole

“Fine”, Nicole groans sitting up, looking down at her blank notebook,

Waverly smiles sitting down next to Nicole, “Let's get started”

Waverly notices Nicole starting to get annoyed after they finish the first ten problems, “I want to be done”

“Only a few more, then you don’t have to worry about it”, Waverly says looking down at the almost filled page

Nicole takes a deep breath, running her hand through her hair, “But there are so many other things we should be doing”, Nicole’s eyes flicker from Waverly’s lips back up to her eyes

“We should just finish, so we don’t have to worry about it later”, Waverly breathes out, as Nicole inches closer to her

Nicole places her hand on Waverly’s thigh, “Or”, Nicole pauses, “We could worry about it much later”

Waverly feels her stance fading, when Nicole moves her hand to tuck a piece of Waverly’s hair behind her ear, “Just for the record, your seducing will not always work”

Nicole smirks, moving her lips close to Waverly’s ear, “You sure about that?”, Nicole questions pressing a kiss to the side of Waverly’s head

“Very, very sure”, Waverly nearly moans out as Nicole’s
lips move to her neck

Waverly grabs Nicole’s notebook and tossing it on the floor, then pulling Nicole in for a kiss

Nicole quickly pushes Waverly down onto the bed, crawling on top of her, “I think it worked a little”

Waverly rolls her eyes, “No more talking”, Waverly leans up kissing Nicole, letting her tongue push into her mouth

Nicole’s thigh finds the familiar spot, between Waverly’s leg. Waverly tangles her hands into Nicole’s hair, holding her close against her lips

Waverly feels Nicole’s hand roam along her sides, careful to avoid touching Waverly’s skin under her shirt

Nicole’s lips follow the path from Waverly’s lips down to her neck sucking on the soft skin. Waverly’s hands loosen off Nicole’s hair, running down the front of Nicole

Waverly’s hands brush against the top of Nicole’s breasts, Nicole’s eyes dart to Waverly’s, “Waves”

Waverly swallows roughly, “Is this okay?”

Nicole nods, smiling, “Do you want me to show you?”

“Yes, but I want to keep my shirt on”, Waverly’s face reddens, moving her eyes off Nicole

“Don’t be embarrassed, if you’re comfortable with that, then that’s what we will do”, Nicole drags her fingers across Waverly’s jaw, waiting till her eyes meet hers

Waverly’s eyes look back at Nicole, “I’m going to kiss you, okay?”, Nicole asks

“Yeah”, Waverly sighs at the feeling of their lips meeting once more. Waverly is hyper aware of Nicole’s hands running up her sides

Nicole’s hands move in slightly, resting flat against her ribs, slightly under her breasts. Waverly kisses Nicole harder, tongues gently brushing against one another

Waverly feels Nicole’s fingers brush against the underwire of her bra, then move to palm Waverly’s breasts fully

Nicole's eyes never leave Waverly’s, “Are you okay?”

Waverly gasps as Nicole squeezes slightly at her breasts, “Yes”

Nicole leans down to take Waverly’s lips between hers, Nicole’s hand stay put on her chest

“Nicole”, Waverly moans out as Nicole pinches her nipple through the material of her shirt and bra

Waverly’s hand reaches up to palm at Nicole’s breasts through her shirt, Nicole’s movements falter for a moment, “Shit”

Nicole’s reaction makes Waverly shiver, Waverly’s hand squeezes again, letting her hand fully cup Nicole’s breast

“Baby”, Nicole moans out, and Waverly feels the pounding in her center intensify

Nicole quickens her movements, moving her lips to suck at Waverly’s neck. Waverly throws her head back letting Nicole reach more skin on her neck

Waverly’s hand moves from Nicole’s breast, down to her ass pushing Nicole’s thigh harder into Waverly

Nicole’s hand is still pinching at Waverly’s nipple, and Waverly’s body is telling her she needs more

“Harder”, Waverly whispers, letting her hand rest on top of Nicole’s

Nicole’s hand pinches even harder, and the air seems to get sucked out of Waverly’s lungs

Waverly’s hand keeps Nicole rocking steadily into her. Every part of Waverly’s body feels like it’s on fire

She can’t help letting out a loud moan, as Nicole’s thigh bumps faster against her center.

“Nicole, I need this off”, Waverly tugs at the bottom of Nicole’s shirt

Nicole puts her hand on Waverly’s, “I thought you said”

Waverly cuts her off, “I changed my mind”

“Waves, we can stop. I don’t want to pressure you”, Nicole says 

Waverly shakes her head, pulling off her own top, “I want this”

Nicole eyes roam Waverly’s tan skin, “You’re beautiful”

Waverly suddenly feels nervous, the rush of confidence rushing away, “Wave, we can stop?”, Nicole’s voice is warm and caring

“I want to see you too”, Waverly says, Nicole presses a kiss to the top of Waverly’s chest, before peeling off her shirt

Waverly’s eyes widen as Nicole tosses her shirt on the floor, Nicole’s chest is flushed, Waverly's eyes landing on Nicole’s dark purple bra

Nicole leans down pressing her bare stomach into Waverly’s, the warmth of her skin heats Waverly’s body up again

Waverly’s hand runs down the soft skin of Nicole’s back, Nicole lets her hand find their way back to Waverly’s breast

There’s less of a barrier now without shirts, the cotton bra Waverly is wearing provides a thin layer between Waverly’s bare breast and Nicole’s hands

Nicole starts rocking against Waverly again, letting her hand pinch and squeeze again at Waverly’s breast

“My god”, Waverly cries out as Nicole starts to grind down against Waverly’s leg

“This okay?”, Nicole breathes, hips still pushing down on Waverly’s leg

“Mhm, keep going”, Waverly shifts her hands from Nicole’s ass to the front of her chest

Nicole’s eyes are shut as she keeps grinding on Waverly’s leg

Waverly feels something swell in her chest at the sight of Nicole like this

Nicole’s lips on the top of her breasts, pulls Waverly out of the thought, “So beautiful”, Nicole mumbles into her skin

Waverly feels the pressure in her stomach tighten, she wonders if Nicole is feeling the same, “Nic”

Nicole’s cheeks are flushed, small beads of sweat rest along her forehead, “Yes”

Waverly’s eyes linger on the way Nicole’s hips still move against her leg, and the knot in her stomach twists, “I think I’m close”

Nicole just smirks, connecting their lips once more, “Me too”, Waverly eyes widen, “Fuck”

Nicole’s hips drive faster into Waverly, “Come for me baby”

Waverly’s hips snap against Nicole’s thigh, fingernails digging into her back, Nicole’s hips don’t stop moving

“Waverly”, Nicole gasps, Waverly feels Nicole’s body stiffen on top of her

“Oh my god”, Waverly whispers as she watches Nicole’s body relax on top of her

Nicole looks down with a sly grin on her face, “Hi”, Waverly smiles back, pressing up to kiss her, “Hi”

“You okay”, Nicole asks climbing off her, moving to lay beside Waverly

“Very, you?”, Waverly responds 

Nicole pulls Waverly into her chest, “Same”, Waverly lets her fingers brush against Nicole’s bare stomach

“Was that good?”, Waverly says shyly

“Waves, that was so good”, Nicole leans up looking down at Waverly slightly,

“I mean I didn’t know, if I could make you do that”, Waverly shyly answers

Nicole presses a kiss to Waverly’s forehead, “You need to have more confidence in yourself”, Nicole pauses kissing her forehead again, “Because that was fucking hot”

Waverly feels her eyes burn at the comment, “You make me feel good too”, Nicole smirks leaning into capture Waverly’s lips

Nicole’s phone blaring startles the both of them, “Sorry, one second”, Nicole answers the phone and Waverly can hear Wynonna’s voice on the other end

“Hey, Wy”, Nicole says nervously picking her shirt up off the floor, putting it over her head

Waverly suddenly feels exposed, eyes searching for her t-shirt, “Maybe she’s with Chrissy?”, Nicole hands Waverly her shirt with a smile

Waverly heart drops. Nicole doesn’t want Wynonna to know she’s with her.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you there”, Nicole ends the call, moving to sit down next to Waverly

Nicole reaches for Waverly’s hand, “I didn’t want her to get suspicious”

Waverly nods, “Of course, I understand”

Nicole brings Waverly’s hand to her lips pressing a kiss to the top of her hand, “You going to the New Year’s eve party?”, Nicole asks

Waverly shakes her head, “Nobody told me about it”

Nicole gives her a wide smile, “Come with me”

“Really?”, Waverly chews on her lower lip

“I want you to be my New Year’s kiss”, Nicole says eyes locking with Waverly’s

“Maybe, we could sneak off during the party as well”, Nicole says wiggling her eyebrows at Waverly

Waverly slaps her shoulder, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach, “I hate you”, Waverly says jokingly

“No, you don’t”, Nicole shrugs getting up off the bed, Waverly watches her move towards the door, turning back once more to look at Waverly

Waverly’s breath catches in her throat when Nicole winks at her. And Waverly doesn’t think she could hate her if she tried.


Chapter Text


“But something just keeps telling me I'm better than the rest
And I ain't tryna rush you, but goddamn, I'm a mess, mess, mess”

Waverly sits nervously in the back of Wynonna’s car, waiting for Wynonna to finish putting the cases of beer into the trunk of the car.

Nicole had texted Wynonna asking if she could pick her up and take her to the party, because she didn’t feel like walking in the cold.

Wynonna slides into the front seat cranking up the heat,

“Why does winter exist”, Wynonna grumbles rubbing her hands together

“Eventually, we may not have winter because of Global Warming-”, Waverly is cut off mid sentence by the loud groan Wynonna let’s out a groan 

“I didn’t ask for a science lesson, let me complain in peace”, Wynonna says pulling the car down the driveway towards Nicole’s house

Waverly quietly looks over her outfit for the hundredth time this evening, making sure she looked good. She hoped Nicole would like it as well.

Chrissy told Waverly she was going to meet her at the party, and that she would be on her own for hair, makeup, and outfit selection

After an hour of staring at her closet, Wynonna rummaged through her clothes, pulling out high waisted jeans, a tight black crop top, and boots.

“Here, I’m tired of you staring at your closet”, Wynonna said tossing the clothes onto Waverly’s bed

Waverly watches the lights flicker off in Nicole’s house, once Wynonna honks the horn as they wait on Nicole’s street

Nicole jogged down the driveway, getting into the passenger side, “You didn’t have to honk, I saw you pull up”, Nicole says turning to face Wynonna

Wynonna shrugs her shoulders, “Starting the New Year’s festivities early”

Nicole looks back at Waverly, giving her a smile, “Hey, Waves”

Waverly smiles back, “Hey”

Wynonna drives the car further down the street till they are parked outside of Stephanie Jones’s house

“Alright, help me bring this in”, Wynonna says once they all exit the car. Wynonna grabs two cases of beer heading towards the house, leaving Waverly and Nicole by the car

Nicole lets her hand brush against Waverly’s hip, before reaching into the trunk, to grab a case of beer, “You going to drink tonight?”, Nicole asks

“Maybe a little bit”, Waverly replies

Nicole nods her head, “Don’t drink too much, okay?”

Waverly knocks her shoulder against Nicole’s, “Yes mom”, Nicole lets her shoulder hit back against Waverly’s

“I just want to make sure you’re sober for the after party”, Nicole says as she starts walking towards the house

Waverly quickly picks up the last case, following behind Nicole, “What after party?”

Nicole stops in her tracks, turning quickly on her heels causing Waverly to nearly knock into Nicole’s chest, “It involves me and you, with hopefully a little less clothing”, Nicole husks, pushing as close to Waverly as possible with cases of beer between them

Waverly inhales sharply, “But what about Wynonna”

“Apparently she already has an after party plan with Doc, if you know what I mean”, Nicole laughs, as she turns back heading towards the door once more

Waverly takes a moment to compose herself before following Nicole into the house. Waverly maneuvers her way through the crowd, making sure to not lose sight of Nicole as they make their way into the kitchen.

“Haught, in here”, Waverly hears Wynonna’s voice call over the loud music

Waverly sits the case of beer on the counter, huffing as someone knocks into the back of her. Wynonna is already cracking open the cases of beer, pulling one out for herself, then handing one to Waverly

“Please drink slow, I can’t watch your lightweight ass all night”, Wynonna snickers, pressing a kiss to Waverly’s cheek

Nicole grabs a beer out of case, quickly undoing it and taking a long swig, “I remember your first party freshman year when you threw up all over the bathroom, and then on some random sophomore outside”

Wynonna gasps, smacking Nicole in the chest, “I told you never to share that with anyone”

Waverly laughs loudly, Nicole’s eyes drift over to her, giving her a small wink, “Then leave her alone”, Nicole says turning back to Wynonna

“You guys are lame, I’m going to hangout with Doc”, Wynonna whines, moving around Nicole and Waverly

“Love you too”, Nicole says, trying to hug Wynonna as she pases by her

“Gross, dude get off”, Wynonna pushes Nicole’s arm off her, then gives her the finger before fading into the crowd

Waverly smiles up at Nicole, “Thank you for that”

“No problem Wave”, Nicole returns the smile, bringing the beer to her lips

Waverly sees Chrissy pushing through the people in the crowd, trying to get into the kitchen, “Chrissy, in here”, Waverly calls out

Chrissy’s eyes meet Waverly’s, letting out a squeal, as she pushes the rest of the people out the way, then pulling Waverly into her arms, “Your here”, Chrissy slurs

“Chrissy, I told you I’d meet you here, Waverly laughs, letting Chrissy keep her arms around her

Waverly hears Nicole clear her throat next to her, “Waverly, I’m going to find Wynonna”

“Okay”, Waverly says trying to hide her disappointment

Chrissy retracts her arms from around Waverly, “Waves, meet me in the living room, so we can dance”, Chrissy interjects

Waverly nods her head watching Chrissy head towards the living room. Nicole touches Waverly’s arm to get her attention, “Meet me upstairs by the bathroom a little before midnight, okay?”, Nicole says, letting her fingers gently stroke Waverly’s arms

“I’ll see you then”, Waverly replies, trying to ignore the aching in her chest at the thought of not spending time with Nicole during the party

Nicole gives her one last smile, before making her way towards Wynonna and Doc who were sitting in the back corner of the room.

Waverly finds Chrissy easily dancing, with her long blonde hair bouncing in a ponytail. Chrissy smiles lifting her drink to Waverly’s, “Cheers”, Chrissy says tapping her solo cup and Waverly’s beer together

The music seems to get louder as the night goes on, more people shoving into the small space of the living room to dance. Waverly tries her hardest to keep her eyes from wandering around the room to look for Nicole

“You seem distracted”, Chrissy questions, moving closer to Waverly as they dance

Waverly shakes her head, “No, I’m fine”

Chrissy doesn’t push the topic, smiling at Waverly, before pulling her through the crowd to get another drink. Waverly’s heart sinks, when she sees Nicole talking to a girl she’s never seen before, the girl is too close to Nicole for Waverly’s liking

She feels her heart clench, but then Nicole turns away from the girl, giving Waverly a wide smile when their eyes meet

“Fancy seeing you here”, Chrissy speaks up, eyes narrowing in on Nicole

Nicole’s eyes move from Waverly to Chrissy, “Uh, just getting a drink”, Nicole says motioning to the beer in her hand

“Who's your friend?”, Chrissy questions

Waverly elbows Chrissy in the side to get her attention ,“Chrissy, let Nicole be”

Nicole hold her hands up in defense, “I don’t know her, she just asked me to open her beer”

The sounds of cheers broke the conversation up, “Five minutes till midnight”, someone yells throughout the house

Chrissy breaks eye contact with Nicole turning towards Waverly, “I’m going to kiss Perry at midnight, will you be okay here?”, Chrissy asks

“Yeah, of course”, Waverly says, placing a hand on Chrissy’s wrist, “Go get him”

Chrissy brings Waverly in for a short hug, then throwing Nicole another look, before searching for Perry

Nicole speaks once Chrissy is no longer in sight, “You want to go?”

Waverly nods, letting Nicole guide her through the house, keeping her hand tightly in Nicole’s

Nicole walks through the long hallway till they reach a door at the end of the hall

“We can sit on the roof in this room”, Nicole says moving towards the window

Nicole grabs a few blankets she finds on the bed, laying them down along the roofs edge, Nicole carefully crawls through the window onto the rough

Nicole reaches her hand back through the window, grabbing onto Waverly’s hands, “Watch your head”

Waverly ducks through the window, crawling onto the pile of blankets

“Fifty Seconds”, someone calls from inside the house, everyone starts the countdown till midnight

Nicole moves closer to Waverly, hand moving to rest on Waverly’s cheek, “You okay?”

Waverly smiles, pressing a kiss to Nicole’s lips

“Waves, it’s not midnight yet”, Nicole whines, trying to pull back from Waverly

Waverly wraps her arms around Nicole’s neck pulling her in for another kiss, “I don’t care”

“Thirty Seconds”, another person calls

Nicole’s hand strokes at Waverly’s cheek as they continue to kiss, “Wait”, Nicole says pulling back from this kiss

“What’s wrong?, Waverly questions, as her eyes scan Nicole’s face

Nicole runs her tongue over her bottom lip, “That girl in the kitchen, I wasn’t trying to do anything with her”

“Twenty Seconds”, a group of people scream from the hallway

“You know, I said you could see other people”, Waverly says, ignoring the bitter feeling in her chest at the thought of Nicole and another girl

Nicole nods her head, “I know, but I’d be honest with you, I mean if there was someone else”

Waverly smiles, “Okay, thank you”

“Fifteen seconds”, a person yells from the house across from the Jones’s

“But there isn’t, at least right now. Just you”, Nicole says smirking slightly

Waverly’s heart races slightly, “Does that mean I’m better than the rest”, Waverly asks

“Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six”, the entire house cheers

Something shifts in Nicole’s face, before a smirk plays on her lips, “You have no idea”

“Five, Four, Three”, more cheers break out

Waverly pulls Nicole closer again, tangling her hands in Nicole’s hair, “Kiss me”, Waverly whispers against Nicole’s lips

“Two, One, Happy New Year”, a wave of screams floods the streets and the Jones’s house, but Waverly can’t hear them over the pounding of her own heart

Nicole pushes her tongue into Waverly’s mouth, letting it brush against Waverly’s

Nicole moves her hand off Waverly’s cheek to wrap around her waist, stroking at the bare skin below her crop top

Waverly gasps, at the feeling of Nicole’s cold fingers on her bare skin

“So about that after party?”, Nicole says pulling back from Waverlys lips

Waverly tightens her hands in Nicole’s hair, “Lets go”

Nicole helps Waverly crawl back into the room, quickly pressing another kiss to Waverly’s lips before exiting the room

“What should we tell Wynonna?”, Waverly asks as they get to the stairs

“She’s going to Docs, but i’ll tell her you weren’t feeling good”, Nicole says holding onto Waverly’s wrist as they head down the stairs

Nicole and Waverly make their way through the crowd of people, looking around to find Wynonna

“Waves”, Chrissy voice calls from behind her

Nicole drops her hold on Waverly’s wrist ,“I think I see Wynonna, I’ll be right back”, Nicole winks before heading towards Wynonna

“Waves”, Chrissy calls once more, Waverly turns to see Chrissy smiling widely at her

Chrissy pulls her in for a hug, “Happy New Year”, Chrissy squeals into her ear

“Happy New Year”, Waverly says hugging Chrissy back, “Did you get your midnight kiss?”, Waverly asks

Chrissy lets Waverly back out of the embrace, “I sure did”, Chrissy grins widely

“I’m so happy for you”, Waverly replies

Chrissy looks around the room, “Did you kiss anybody?”

Waverly’s cheek reden, “Uh no”, she stutters out

“Waves you ready?”, the sound of Nicole’s voice makes Waverly turn her head around

“One second”, Waverly says before turning back to Chrissy

Chrissy is chewing on her lip wearing a small smirk on her face, “I’ll see you later?”

Waverly nods, watching Chrissy’s eyes fall on Nicole and then back to Waverly

“Nicole, make sure you take care of her”, Chrissy says

Nicole smiles, “Of course”

Chrissy gives Waverly a small wave, before finding her way through the kitchen

“Was that weird?”, Nicole asks as they exit the house

Waverly panics, but responds quickly, “Chrissy is weird, I don’t think it was weird”

Nicole sighs, reaching out to interlace her hand with Waverly’s. The walk back to Nicole’s house is quick, Waverly holds onto Nicole’s hand the entire time

Once Nicole pushes open the front door, Nicole immediately presses Waverly into the door, closing loudly behind her

“Finally”, Nicole whispers as she rests her forehead against Waverly’s

Waverly moans as Nicole’s lips fall to her neck, pressing open mouthed kisses along both sides of her neck. Waverly feels Nicole’s teeth sink into the skin surley leaving purple bruises scattered on her neck

“Off”, Waverly says tugging at the bottom of Nicole’s shirt

Nicole grabs at Waverly’s hands, pinning them against the door, “Patience”

Waverly’s eyes flutter shut as Nicole leans down to kiss her, the kiss is sloppy, all tongue and teeth

Nicole drops Waverly’s hands, quickly running her hands to underside of Waverly’s thighs, “Can I?”, Nicole asks sweetly

“Please”, Waverly says, wrapping her arms tightly around Nicole’s neck as Nicole lifts her up, wrapping Waverly’s legs around her waist

Waverly lets her lips nip at Nicole’s neck, as she carries her up the stairs, towards Nicole’s bedroom

“That’s very distracting”, Nicole groans, once they get into Nicole’s room

Waverly smirks against Nicole’s neck, sucking lightly at her skin. Nicole presses Waverly against the wall, still holding her in her arms

Nicole nudges Waverly’s face away from her neck, trying to connect their lips

“Bed”, Waverly mumbles against Nicole’s lips, letting her teeth slowly bite down on Nicole’s lower lip

Nicole places Waverly down gently on the bed, immediately tossing her shirt off, before climbing on top of Waverly

Waverly lets her legs fall open, so Nicole can lay between them, Waverly’s hands wander from Nicole’s back down the smooth skin of her back

“Do you want your shirt off?”, Nicole asks, hands running softly against the exposed skin on Waverlys abdomen

Waverly doesn’t respond, but instead pulls the top over her head throwing it on the floor

“Fuck Waves”, Nicole says eyes falling on to Waverly’s black lace bra

Waverly smirks pulling Nicole down for another kiss, letting their tongues roam each other’s mouths

Nicole’s hands stay firm on Waverly’s hips, as her thigh starts to rock against Waverly’s center

Waverly moans softly, grabbing at Nicole’s hands, “Touch me”

Nicole chuckles, “I am”

Waverly’s eyes roll back as a particular push of Nicole’s thigh hits Waverly’s center

“Don’t tease me”, Waverly says voice stern, pulling Nicole’s hands off her hips, and placing them on her breasts

Nicole’s eyes lock with Waverly’s as she squeezes Waverly’s breasts in her hands

Waverly moans loudly, lifting her hips to meet the thrust of Nicole’s thigh. Nicole’s lips press kisses from her collarbone down to top of Waverly's breast, letting her tongue glide across the skin

“Nicole”, Waverly gasps, trying to get Nicole’s attention

Nicole lifts her head from Waverly’s chest, “What’s wrong?”, Nicole asks

Waverly shakes her head, “I want to take this off”, Waverly motions to her bra

Nicole’s eyes widen, “Are you sure?”

“I really want to”, Waverly says nervously

Nicole leans down pressing a soft kiss to Waverlys forehead, “Okay, do you want me to take mine off too?”

Waverly nods, “If that’s okay with you?”

“Of course”, Nicole smiles

Waverly feels her chest tighten as Nicole’s hands palm at her breasts once more, knowing Nicole will be touching her bare chest soon

“I’ll go slow”, Nicole says kissing Waverly again

Waverly gets lost in the feeling of kissing Nicole, she doesn’t realize Nicole’s hands sliding behind her, reaching to unhook her bra

“You still okay?”, Nicole asks, before completely unhooking the bra

Waverly nods, “I trust you”

Nicole slowly unclips the bra, letting it rest against Waverly’s chest. Nicole slowly lets her hand run across the top of Waverly’s shoulder to the first strap

Waverly tangles a hand in Nicole’s hair, scratching lightly at Nicole’s scalp

Nicole pulls the fist strap all the way down, than the next one. Letting the fabric of the bra still cover Waverly’s chest.

“I’m going to take it off, just tell me if you want me to stop”, Nicole says, pulling the bra off Waverly’s chest

Waverly closes her eyes, listening to the rapid beating of her heart

Nicole runs a finger from Waverly’s collarbone, down to the top of her now bare breast, “Wave, look at me”

Waverly’s eyes open, looking up at Nicole. Nicole’s cheeks are flushed, and her hair falling wildly all over her face.

“You’re beautiful”, Nicole says, running a finger gently down the top Waverly’s breast

Waverly feels the tips of her ears burn, “Kiss me?”, Waverly asks

Nicole doesn’t give her an answer, she just leans down capturing Waverly’s lips in between hers. Nicole’s hands cup Waverly’s breast fully as they kiss

Waverly gasps into Nicole’s mouth, as Nicole lets her thumb run over Waverly’s harden nipple. Nicole smirks against her lips, “You like that, baby?”

Waverly’s voice seems to be caught in her throat, only able to muster a head nod as Nicole pinches slightly at her breast

“I really like that”, Waverly pants, as she digs her hands into the skin on Nicole’s back

Nicole lets her fingers tug gently at Waverly’s nipple, Waverly’s hips buck on instinct trying to release some of the tension in her lower stomach

Nicole’s mouth presses one last kiss to Waverly’s lips before moving down her neck, then her collarbone. Nicole’s chest is pressing into her lower stomach as she moves her lips to the top of Waverly’s breasts

“This feels good too”, Nicole says lowering her lips onto Waverly’s breast kissing the skin gently

Waverly moves her hands to Nicole’s head holding her close against her chest. Nicole’s mouth takes Waverly’s nipple into her mouth, sucking lightly. Waverly’s head feels light headed, at the warmth of Nicole’s mouth around her breast

Waverly lets one of her hands drop to the clasp of Nicole’s bra, tugging at the clasp, “Take this off”

Nicole takes her mouth off Waverly’s breast, reaching around to unclip her own bra, slowly letting it fall

Waverly’s jaw drops at the sight of Nicole’s bare chest.

Nicole smiles nervously at Waverly, “You okay?”

Waverly’s throat feels dry, her eyes move back up to Nicole’s eyes, “Yes”, Waverly breathes out

Nicole leans down to kiss Waverly, letting their bare chests touch

“Oh”, Waverly sighs at the feeling, she can feel Nicole smile against her lips

Nicole rocks her thigh faster against Waverly’s center Waverly reaches to Nicole’s collarbones moving her hands down to the top of her chest

“Can I touch you?”, Waverly asks quietly

Nicole takes Waverly’s hands, pressing a kiss to the back of her hand, then putting Waverly’s hands over her breasts

Waverly’s hands shake slightly, but Nicole eyes flutter at the touch, and Waverly is determined to make Nicole feel good too

Waverly squeezes softly, letting her hands get used to the feeling of Nicole’s breasts in her hands.

Nicole whimpers at the touch, “Waverly”

Waverly thinks her name sounds the prettiest coming out of Nicole’s mouth

Nicole reaches down placing a steady hand on Waverly’s stomach. Waverly keeps her hands in place on Nicole’s breasts, suddenly nervous about what to do next

Nicole seems to notices Waverly’s hesitation, “Here, I'll show you”

Waverly nods, letting Nicole move her hands where she wanted them

“Okay, so it’s good when you did what you did”, Nicole says squeezing Waverly’s hands over her breasts

Nicole takes a deep breath before continuing, “But try this”, Nicole takes Waverly’s thumb and pointer finger, placing it on her nipple. Waverly feels it harden when she punches lightly

“Just like that”, Nicole says with a shaky breath

Waverly keeps pinching and squeezing at Nicole’s breasts, making sure to move her hand between both of them.

“Baby”, Nicole whines after a few minutes of Waverly just exploring Nicole’s breasts

Waverly pauses her movements, “Yeah?”

“I think we need to stop”, Nicole says

“Oh, I’m sorry did I do something wrong?“, Waverly panics moving her hands off Nicole

Nicole laughs, giving Waverly a wide smile, “You were doing everything right, I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to stop”

Waverly’s cheeks burn, “Oh”

“I just don’t want to do anything, you aren’t ready for”, Nicole says, as she moves to lay beside Waverly
“I appreciate that”, Waverly says nervously, crossing her arms over her chest

Nicole places a hand on Waverly’s forearm, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, okay?”

“But I feel like I’m being selfish”, Waverly replies, turning her head to look at Nicole

Nicole shakes her head, moving closer to Waverly, “This is about you Waves”

Nicole leans in pressing a kiss to Waverly’s lips

“I have been thinking of something, we could try”, Waverly says against Nicole’s lips

Nicole connects their lips again, biting at Waverly’s lower lip, “Tell me”

Nicole moves Waverly’s hands off her chest, running a single finger down her chest

Waverly inhales sharply, when Nicole’s finger makes contact with her stomach, “We could touch ourselves, like next to each other”

“Fuck Waves”, Nicole says pausing her movements

“I mean we don’t have to do that”, Waverly quickly interjects

Nicole shakes her head, continuing her motion, letting her finger run back up Waverly’s stomach to her breast, “Thinking about doing that is really hot”

“I want you to feel good, and I want to try”, Waverly gasps out, when Nicole’s lips wrap around her nipple

Nicole mumbles into Waverly’s breast, “Whatever you want baby”

“Whatever I want?”, Waverly response, tanging her hand in Nicole’s hair

“Of course baby”, Nicole says smirking into Waverly’s chest

Waverly has wanted many things in life, but nothing more than Nicole Haught in her bed kissing her sensless and calling her baby

Chapter Text

“In my imagination you’re waiting, lying on your side, with your hands between your thighs”

Wynonna flops down on Waverly’s bed, “It’s only the first day back and I want another break”, Wynonna groans into the pillow

Waverly turns in her chair, looking over to Wynonna, “You know graduation is soon”

Wynonna holds up a single finger, waving it in the air, “We are not talking about this”

“Come on Wy, what are you going to do after graduation?”, Waverly asks

Wynonna shakes her head, “I’m ignoring it, until I can’t anymore”

“You can’t just ignore your problems”, Waverly says turning back towards her textbook

Wynonna scoffs, “Of course you can, I do it all the time”

Waverly tries to concentrate on her studying, but, Wynonna starts humming something off key behind her

“Wy, I love you. But why are you interrupting my study time”, Waverly says over her shoulder

Wynonna sits up, “That sentence was gross, anyway just wanted to have some sister bonding time”

“Wy, I know that means you need something from me”, Waverly sighs

Wynonna gasps, “It doesn’t, I always love hanging out with you”

Waverly turns in her chair, raising her eyebrows at Wynonna

Wynonna rolls her eyes, “Okay, so maybe I need a small favor”

“What is it?”, Waverly asks

Wynonna bats her eyelashes, “So I need you to be out of the house on Friday night?”

Waverly face contorts in confusion, “Why?”

“Well, it’s Doc’s birthday and you know how strict his parents are about us having sex”, Wynonna says

Waverly puts her hands over her ears, “Okay, I’ve heard enough”

“And I know Chrissy is going to be at some nerd retreat this weekend, because she wouldn’t shut up about it on the ride to school this morning”, Wynonna laughs

“It’s not a nerd retreat”, Waverly mumbles

Wynonna shrugs, “Anyway, I already asked Nicole if you could stay over there”

Waverly’s eyes widen, “You did what”

“She said it was cool”, Wynonna says giving Waverly a weird look, “I mean for being such a nerd, I’m surprised she likes to hangout with you”, Wynonna continues

Waverly’s cheeks burn, “Whatever, if that’s all you need. Please leave me to studying”, Waverly says

“Thanks baby girl, you’re the best”, Wynonna hops off her bed pressing a kiss to Waverlys cheek

Waverly tries to focus her attention back her studying, but her mind keeps going back to Nicole. Waverly hadn't been able to be alone with Nicole since New Year’s.

It had only been a few days since then, but her body seemed to crave Nicole’s presence even more now

Waverly couldn’t stop her mind from wandering to what she had suggested Nicole.

Touching themselves, next to each other

Waverly instinctively squeezed her thighs together at the thought

“Christ”, Waverly mumbles, opening her book again trying to distract herself

Waverly let her eyes roam over the page, but her mind was still on Nicole.

Waverly thought about her warm skin underneath her fingertips, Nicole’s soft lips leaving kisses on her neck, and her strong hands roaming Waverly’s body

The ache between Waverly’s legs seemed to grow as her mind wondered further into her thoughts about Nicole

Waverly runs a hand through her hair, trying to calm herself down. She wonders if Nicole ever thinks about her like this

An idea runs through her mind, wondering if she could make Nicole feel the way she’s feeling, without being near each other

Waverly quickly locks her door, turning the lock as quietly as she can

She tosses her shirt off, looking down at her tan t-shirt bra

“That’s not going to do it”, Waverly says to herself, moving to look through her bra drawer

She’s able to find a red lace push up bra in the very back of her drawer, Wynonna has given it to her as a gift.

“One day you’ll need this”, Wynonna had said smiling as Waverly held the bra nervously in her hand

Waverly laughs at the memory, and Wynonna definitely would kill her if she ever found out Waverly was using the bra to turn her best friend on

Waverly stripped out of her t-shirt bra, and into the red lace one. She took a moment to look over herself in the mirror fixing her hair, making sure it fell in the right places

“Okay, you can do this”, Waverly breathes out, picking up her phone and moving towards her standing mirror

Waverly clicked on the camera app, watching as her whole body came into view. Waverly turned the camera sideways, tilting the camera to only get a view of her bare stomach and breasts

Waverly pushes out her chest slightly, trying to get the best angles for the photo. She took a few making sure her face was for sure not in them

Not that she didn’t trust Nicole, but she didn’t need anyone accidentally seeing them

She cropped the pictures, adding a color filter onto them. Waverly looked over them once more, before pulling up Nicole’s message thread

Waverly decided to send a simple caption under the photos, taking a deep breath and sending the images and quickly turning her phone over

Waverly could hear the pounding in her heart, and feel the pounding between her legs. She wasn’t sure how long she stayed still till she heard her phone ding

She quickly flipped her phone over, inhaling sharply when she saw Nicole’s name flash on the screen

Waverly slide open the messages from Nicole,

Nicole Haught: Oh my god Waverly

Nicole Haught: Fuck

Nicole Haught: Wow

Waverly’s ears burn, as she reads over Nicole’s texts

Nicole’s contact picture fills the whole screen, before Waverly has a chance to respond

Waverly’s finger hovers over the accept button for a moment, before taping it lightly, putting the phone to her ear quickly

“Waverly”, Nicole’s husks into the phone

“Nicole”, Waverly breathes out in response

Waverly moves to lay across her bed

“Those pictures”, Nicole says pausing for a moment, “You knew what that was going to do to me”, Nicole finishes

Waverly swallows, trying to wet her dry throat, “I was thinking about you”

Nicole breathes out harshly into the phone, “What were you think about”

“I was thinking about kissing you”, Waverly says nervously

Nicole hums, “What else?”

“I’ve been thinking about what I said on New Years, about touching ourselves”, Waverly whispers

Waverly hears Nicole let out a soft moan, “It hasn’t left my mind since you suggested it”

“You think about me, or I mean what we do?”, Waverly stutters out

Nicole laughs slightly, “Waverly Earp, it’s hard to get you off my mind”

Waverly feels her heart race, “Really?”

“When you make me feel that good, it’s not something I can easily forget ”, Nicole says, voice changing slightly

Waverly squirms on her bed at the sound of Nicole’s voice dropping lower, “I don’t think I can wait till friday to see you”, Waverly whimpers

“Who says we have to wait?”, Nicole replies

Waverly pushes her thighs together trying to loosen the pressure in her lower stomach

“What do you mean?”, Waverly asks, chewing on her lower lip

Nicole quickly ends the call, before calling Waverly back through facetime

Waverly fumbles with her phone before hitting the accept button

Nicole’s face pops up on the screen, a small smile on her lips

“Hey Waves”, Nicole’s smile turns to a smirk

Waverly feels the tightens in her stomach twist even more, “Hi”

Nicole tilts her head, eyes meeting Waverly’s through the screen, “Ms. Earp, I think we should continue our conversation about that photo, don’t you?”, Nicole asks in a playful tone

Waverly can only nod her head in agreement, not trusting her voice

“If you don’t want to that’s okay?”, Nicole says, her voice suddenly filled with concern

Waverly shakes her head, “No, I want to do this or whatever we are going to do”

Nicole gives her a reassuring smile, before continuing, “I think we should get a little more comfortable”

Waverly furrows her eyebrows, not understanding what Nicole meant. Her eyes widen when she sees Nicole hold the phone in one hand, taking off her shirt with the other. Nicole had decided to go braless and Waverly couldn’t help the small whimper that left her lips at the sight of Nicole’s naked chest

“You like what you see?”, Nicole husks through the phone

Waverly nodded, reaching down to pull off her shirt as well. Waverly had kept the red bra on and Nicole’s eyes darted to her chest
“Fuck”, Nicole sighs

Waverly feels warmth go straight towards her center at Nicole’s voice

“I didn’t know if this was your thing?”, Waverly says nervously motioning to her red lace bra

Nicole laughs slightly, “Baby, that’s everybody’s thing”

Waverly watches Nicole’s eyes shift from her chest back up to her eyes

“I wish I was with you right now”, Nicole says, moving to lay comfortably in her bed

Waverly’s heart skips a beat

Waverly feels confidence rushing through her, “What would you do if you were here?”

Nicole swallows roughly, “I would kiss you, like really kiss you”, Nicole pauses for a moment, “Then I’d start kissing down your neck, I know you like it when I bite slightly”, Waverly’s center aches, almost painfully as Nicole continues to talk , “I’d move to kiss your skin right above your bra, maybe letting my hand squeeze at your chest”

Waverly watches Nicole’s eyes flutter shut as her own hand trails from her neck down to her breasts, “Nic”, Waverly breaths out as she watches Nicole touch herself

“Yeah”, Nicole whispers, eyes still closed

“Tell me what to do”, Waverly sees Nicole’s open at her statement

Nicole watches Waverly for a moment, “I want you to unhook your bra”, Nicole says

Waverly quickly unhooks her bra letting it fall off her chest

“Now, I want you to let your hands touch all over your chest”, Nicole commands, Waverly’s hands immediately fall to her chest, palming at her breasts

Waverly tries to keep her eyes open to watch Nicole as she follows Waverly’s movements. Waverly watches as Nicole pinches at her nipples, and her back arches off the bed

“Nicole, I need you”, Waverly moans, trying to keep as quiet as she can

Nicole’s eyes fall to Waverly’s, “I know baby”

Waverly’s hands start moving towards her pants, sliding down under the material, over top of her underwear

“Waverly, what are you doing?”, Nicole says, as her chest heaves up and down

Waverly lets her fingers press into her covered center, she gasps at the wetness covering her underwear, “I need”

“It’s okay, go ahead”, Nicole coos, Waverly watches as one of Nicole’s hands disappears down the front of her body

“Is this going to ruin it? Like when I see you on Friday?”, Waverly asks, her hand stilling on her covered center

Nicole shakes her head, “This is just a warm up”, Nicole pauses, “Nothing will compare to having you lay next to me with your hand in between your legs”

Waverly gasps at Nicole’s words, letting her hand start to stroke up and down her underwear.

“Just like that”, Nicole says, as Waverly lets her body rock into her hand

Waverly lets her fingers press slightly into her center

“Nicole”, Waverly moans as she moves her fingers faster against her soaked underwear

Waverly’s eyes never leave Nicole’s, watching as her mouth falls open and head falling back. Nicole’s hand is moving quickly in her pants and Waverly thinks her heart might explode at the sight

“Waverly, I’m going to come”, Nicole gasps, moving her hand faster

Waverly groans, rubbing her hand harder against her center, “Me too”

Nicole comes first, placing a hand over her mouth trying to stifle her cry. Waverly follows, biting on her lower lip trying to keep quiet.

Waverly’s body shakes slightly as the after waves go through her. Nicole’s eyes are still screwed shut as her body falls back against the bed

“Wow”, Nicole mumbles, opening her eyes slightly

Waverly lets a nervous chuckle leave her lips, “I guess you really liked those pictures?”

Nicole smirks back at Waverly, “You could say that”

Waverly wishes she could kiss the stupid smirk off Nicole’s face

“Friday can’t come soon enough”, Waverly smiles softly at Nicole

“Only a few more days, I can’t wait to spend time. Especially alone time”, Nicole wiggles her eyebrows

“Nicole Haught, only hanging out with me to get into my pants”, Waverly says jokingly, but deep down knowing it was a bit of a insecure moment

Nicole sits up, picking up her shirt and tossing it over her head, “Waverly, you know that’s not it”

Waverly’s stomach fills with butterflies

“I’m your friend first okay? I like hanging out with you”, Nicole says, and Waverly feels the butterflies turn into something much darker at the word friend leaving Nicole’s mouth

Waverly nods her head, giving Nicole a smile, “You’re too sweet”

“I’m being honest, I like you a lot”, Nicole says, Waverly tries to stop the fluttering in her stomach

“I like you too”, Waverly whispers, letting a smile tug at her lips

Nicole’s eyes flick around her room, “It’s late, I should probably let you go”

“Yeah, I’m going to try and study some more”, Waverly replies, reaching down to grab her shirt

Nicole gives her a smile, “Always the smart one”

“Hopefully I see you around before friday”, Waverly says nervously

“Me too Waves, have a good rest of your night”, Nicole smiles one last time before exiting the call

Waverly stares quietly up at her ceiling, wishing Nicole was laying beside her

“Fuck”, Waverly groans to herself putting her hands over her face

She definitely shouldn’t be feeling these things for Nicole. Nicole was strictly a friend who was helping her out.

And that’s what friends do

But friends don’t kiss each the way Nicole kisses Waverly

That keeps Waverly a little bit hopeful, that maybe Nicole would see her than just a sex buddy

“Stop”, Waverly mumbles trying to stop herself from getting her hopes up

She needed to remember the rules, the ones she had agreed, especially the last one

Nicole voice replays in her head, “And the most important rule of them all, don’t fall in love with me”

Waverly flips over smashing her face into her pillow trying to ignore the images of Nicole flashing through her mind


Waverly literally runs into Nicole the next day at school. Waverly was looking over her science notes, that she hadn’t looked over the night before, because her mind wouldn’t let her think about anything other than Nicole

She’s was already running late for class because she forget to set an alarm, and was rushing to her class

Waverly fell backwards as she hit another body, her notes flying all over the hallway, “Shit, I’m sorry. I should have been looking up”, Waverly says panicking that the person she hit was going to yell at her

“Waves”, Nicole laughs, Waverly's eyes shoot up to see Nicole standing above her laughing slightly

“Oh”, Waverly’s cheeks blushed and ears burned at the sight of Nicole

Nicole leaned down helping to collect Waverly’s notes off the ground, “Here let me help you”

Nicole puts out a hand, Waverly looks from Nicole’s hand up to her eyes. Nicole nods her head and Waverly takes Nicole’s hand

Waverly hates the way her body heats up at the feeling of Nicole’s hand holding hers. Nicole helps Waverly to her feet, letting her hand linger on Waverlys

“This is kinda a cliche, don’t you think?”, Nicole says with a small smirk

“What do you mean?”, Waverly asks a bit confused

Nicole’s smile gets bigger, “You know the nerd running into the super cool guy, dropping her notes all over, then the super cool guy helps her clean up and they touch hands”

Waverly shakes her head, reaching out to slap Nicole’s shoulder, “You are the worst”

Nicole’s smile shows off her deep dimples, and Waverly isn’t sure if she wants to push Nicole up against the lockers and kiss her hard or slap her on the shoulder again

“You have to admit I’m right about the scenario, I’ve seen it in like a million romantic comedies”, Nicole says shrugging her shoulders

Waverly chuckles, “I think you just got promoted to the nerd, for watching romantic comedies”

“Waverly Earp, take that back”, Nicole replies taking a step closer to Waverly

“No”, Waverly says shaking her head

Nicole backs Waverly up till her back hits the lockers behind her. Waverly’s breath catches in her throat.

Nicole eyes move from Waverlys eyes to her lips, “I said take it back”, Nicole whispers

“Make me”, Waverly responses, as her heart races at the proximity of Nicole’s face to hers

Nicole leans closer, their lips are nearly touching

A door slams from somewhere down the hall and Nicole jumps back from Waverly, her eyes scanning the hallway

“I’ll remember that”, Nicole says tapping her forehead, giving Waverly a smile before turning to head down the hallway

Waverly lets her back rest against the lockers for a moment before she takes a deep breath and moves quickly towards class

Her mind still running wild about what Nicole would have done if that door wouldn’t have slammed

Waverly hasn’t seen Nicole since she bumped into her in the hallway.

When Nicole texts her on friday letting her know she was coming to pick her up, her nerves were at an all time high

Waverly looked over her outfit for the millionth time, making sure it looked good. She decided on wearing the red bra underneath her shirt, knowing Nicole would definitely like that

Nicole’s car pulled into the driveway a few minutes later, Waverly quickly made her way outside into Nicole’s car

“Hey Waves”, Nicole says as Waverly gets situated in the car

“Hey”, Waverly says nervously, picking at her fingernails

Nicole turns to her, putting her hands on top of Waverly’s, “Why are you nervous?”

Waverly swallows roughly, “I just kinda realized what I did the other day, and I feel like I definitely don’t have that type of confidence right now”

Nicole lets her thumb run across the back of Waverly’s hand, “It’s okay to be nervous, but I’ll take care of you”

Waverly feels her nerves subside slightly, “I trust you”

Nicole smiles, keeping her hand on Waverly’s, “Good”

The ride to Nicole’s house is relatively quiet, soft music fills the silence

Once they arrive at Nicole’s house, Nicole tells her to let herself in and head to her room. Nicole said she had to make a phone call quickly

Waverly knows her way to Nicole’s room, letting herself walk through the house till she reaches Nicole’s room

Waverly sits down on Nicole’s bed, looking around the now familiar room.

Nicole walks into the room a few minutes later, her face pinched tightly

Waverly stands up moving towards Nicole, “Are you okay?”, Waverly asks

Nicole runs a hand through her hair, “My parents just called, they’re coming home next week”

Waverly reaches for Nicole’s hands, “I’m sorry”
Nicole gives Waverly a small smile, “Thank you, but let’s forget about that for tonight”

Waverly’s stomach twists, “I think that’s a good idea”

Nicole drops Waverly’s hand, taking a step closer to Waverly, putting her hand on her hip

“Remember I’ll take care of you”, Nicole whispers, leaning in to rest her forehead against Waverly’s

Waverly leans up to connect their lips, unable to keep their lips apart any longer

Nicole pulls Waverly closer by her hips, letting her hands fall to the small of Waverly’s back. Waverly pushes her tongue through Nicole’s parted lips. Nicole moans into the kissing, sucking on Waverly’s tongue slightly

Waverly’s hands move to tangle in Nicole’s hair, pulling slightly to keep her in place as they kiss

Nicole pulls back first, moving to kiss across Waverly’s cheek and then down her neck

“Can we lay down?”, Waverly moans as Nicole’s lips attach to her neck

Nicole nods, connecting their lips again as they walk backwards towards Nicole’s bed

Waverly’s back hits the bed, as Nicole climbs on top of her

Nicole’s lips are still moving against Waverly, as Nicole’s hands wander to the bottom of Waverly’s shirt

“Can I?”, Nicole asks curling her hand into the bottom of Waverly’s shirt

Waverly nods her head, putting her hand on top of Nicole’s, helping her lift her shirt off

Nicole’s eyes fall to Waverly’s chest, eyes roaming the red lace covering Waverly’s breasts

“Fuck”, Nicole says, eyes still locked on Waverly’s chest, “This is even better in real life”, Nicole continues

Waverly smiles nervously, “I hope you would like it”

Nicole breaks her gaze off of Waverly’s chest, moving her eyes up to Waverly’s

“I love”, Nicole smirks leaning down to press a kiss to the top of Waverly’s breasts

Waverly sighs into the contact, letting her hand rest on Nicole’s shoulder

Nicole kisses and nips the exposed skin, placing her hand on top of the lace fabric and squeezing softly

“Nicole”, Waverly moans as Nicole’s hand continues to palm at Waverly’s breast

Nicole pinches her harden nipple through the fabric, making Waverly's hips push up for some contact

“You need something baby?”, Nicole says, eyes casting up at Waverly

Waverly reaches around trying to unhook her own bra, but Nicole’s hands stop hers

“Use your words sweetheart”, Nicole husks hovering her lips over Waverly’s

“I need you to touch me”, Waverly says, pushing Nicole’s hand to unhook her bra

Nicole moves her hands to undo the bra, tossing it on the floor once it’s unhooked

Nicole’s hands are immediately on Waverly’s breasts

“So beautiful”, Nicole mumbles as she leans down to take Waverly’s nipple into her mouth

Waverly’s center is pounding between her legs, hips canting up trying to bump against Nicole’s thigh

Waverly’s hands move rapidly all over Nicole, pulling at her shirt

“I need to feel you”, Waverly says, letting her hands slide under Nicole’s shirt

Nicole pulls her mouth away from Waverly’s breast, reaching to take off her shirt tossing it to the side, then her bra

Waverly quickly pushes Nicole off her, causing her to fall next to her

“Waverly, what the hell”, Nicole says, Waverly places a finger to Nicole’s lips, before climbing on top of her

“I want to be on top”, Waverly replies, reaching out to touch Nicole’s chest

Nicole moans as Waverly's fingers brush across her breasts, stopping to roll her nipples between her fingers

Waverly leans down taking the unoccupied breast into her mouth, keeping her other hand busy on Nicole’s other breast

Nicole’s hand is tangled in Waverly's hair, holding her close against her chest

Waverly continues to suck and squeeze Nicole’s breast until Nicole’s voice breaks her concentration

“Baby”, Nicole moans, pulling at her hair

Waverly moves off Nicole’s breast, “What’s wrong?”

Nicole smiles, running a hand down the side of Waverly’s face, “Nothing, I just think it’s time”

Waverly blushes, “Yes”

Nicole moves to kiss Waverly again, “Here lay next to me”, Nicole says once she pulls back from Waverly’s lips

Waverly moves off Nicole, laying down next to her

Nicole unbuttons her jeans, pulling them down her legs, and kicking them off the bed. Waverly’s eyes widen at seeing Nicole naked from the waist up, and only underwear covering her

“You okay?”, Nicole asks turning her head to look at Waverly

“I didn’t know seeing you in underwear would turn me on this much”, Waverly says nervously

Nicole laughs, “You’re too cute”

Waverly realizes she should take off her pants as well, quickly slipping them down her legs

Waverly could feel her heart beating harshly in her chest

“Breathe”, Nicole says beside her, placing a hand on Waverlys bare thigh

Waverly gasps at the touch, feeling her body heat up even more

Nicole’s fingertips run from the outside of her thigh to the inside, sliding dangerously close to Waverly’s underwear

Waverly watches as Nicole’s other hand starts running up down her own stomach. Waverly moves her one hand on to Nicole’s thigh

Nicole’s turns towards Waverly leaning closer to connect their lips

Nicole’s hands continues to rub along Waverly’s thigh, and Waverly’s hand does the same

“Waves”, Nicole moans resting her head back on the pillow

Waverly looks over to Nicole, who has her bottom lip pulled between her teeth, “Yeah”, Waverly says

Nicole looks over to Waverly, as she slowly drags her own hand to the top of her underwear

Waverly watches as Nicole pulls the sides of underwear down. Waverly swears she stops breathing when she sees Nicole completely bare for the first time

“Oh my god”, Waverly breathes out at the sight of light red hairs covering Nicole’s center

“Are you okay?”, Nicole questions

Waverly nods her head, “Should I take my underwear off?”, Waverly asks nervously

“Do whatever you’re comfortable with”, Nicole says, keeping her hand flat on Waverly’s thigh

Waverly let’s her own hand move from her side down to the sides of her underwear. Waverly feels Nicole’s eyes on her as she slowly peels her underwear off

Nicole whimpers beside her, and Waverly looks over to see Nicole’s hand running up and down her center

Waverly’s center pounds as she watches Nicole’s hand run along herself

“Nicole”, Waverly whispers out

“Yes”, Nicole gasps as her fingers keep moving against herself

“I don’t know what to do”, Waverly says, watching as Nicole hand stops moving

Nicole turns to her with flushed cheeks, “Follow what I do, then figure out what you like”

Waverly nods her head, turning her attention back to Nicole’s hand
Nicole’s fingers continue to run up and down her center, and Waverly slowly lowers her fingers down as well

Waverly groans at the amount of wetness she feels as soon as she touches herself

“Is that good?”, Waverly asks, as she continues to move her fingers in the same motion as Nicole

Nicole’s eyes trail down Waverly’s fingers, “You’re so wet baby”, Nicole moans as she moves her fingers faster against herself

Waverly lets out a loud whimper as her finger bumps roughly into her clit

“That’s it baby”, Nicole says urging her on

Waverly watches as Nicole’s fingers disappear inside herself

“You don’t have to go inside”, Nicole whispers as she pushes her fingers in and out of her center

Waverly digs her nails into the flesh of Nicole’s thigh, letting her other hand continue to stroke up and down

“I need to kiss you”, Nicole groans, moving her head closer to Waverly’s

Waverly leans in to kiss Nicole, getting lost in the feeling of Nicole’s soft lips on hers

Waverly stomach tightens even more as she watches Nicole’s hips rise up to me her thrusts

“Nic, I’m going to come”, Waverly voices as she focuses her attention on her clit

Nicole rocks faster against her hand, “Go ahead, I’m right behind you”

Waverly feels stars burst behind her eyelids as her orgasm rips through her body. She can feel Nicole move even faster, before her body completely stills next to her. Nicole lets a loud moan fall from her lips as her body collapses on the bed.

Waverly lets her head rest on Nicole’s shoulder as they both try to catch their breath, Nicole wraps an arm around Waverly’s back letting her fingers run up and down the bare skin

“How was that?”, Nicole asks after a moment

Waverly buries her head into Nicole’s shoulder, “Very good”

Nicole laughs slightly, “I can’t believe you never touched yourself before”

“I just never thought about it, I mean I guess not until you”, Waverly says chewing on her lip

Nicole presses a kiss to Waverly’s forehead, “So fucking hot”

Waverly nips at Nicole’s shoulder, “Don’t be so cocky”

Nicole shrugs her shoulders and gives Waverly a small smirk, “The ladies love it”

“That's how you get all the ladies?”, Waverly asks with a small smile

“Well for right now, I’m only trying to seduce one lady”, Nicole jokes, looking up and down Waverly’s body, “And I think it's working out well for me”, Nicole says

Waverly groans trying to pull away from Nicole, “I’m never getting naked for you ever again”

Nicole grabs Waverly by her sides, tickling her slightly, “Waves, that is a horrible punishment, you would never do that to me”

Waverly squirms in Nicole’s arms, “Nicole Haught, you don’t know what I will or will not do”

Nicole presses open mouth kisses to the back of Waverly’s back, “No, stay here”, Nicole says

Waverly knows if she turns around she will fall right into Nicole’s trap, but she can’t help herself. When she looks back at Nicole, she’s wearing a pout across her lips and batting her eyelashes at Waverly

“No, not that face”, Waverly says closing her eyes

“But I’m so cute, look”, Nicole laughs trying to pull Waverly’s hands off her eyes

Waverly melts into Nicole’s touch, opening her eyes slightly to see Nicole staring at her with a huge smile, the one that showcases her perfect dimples

“You are unbelievable”, Waverly says with a smile, as she rests her head on Nicole’s chest

“I just wanted to hear your pretty laugh and see your smile”, Nicole respondes holding Waverly closer to her bare chest

“Nicole Haught, who would have thought you’d be such a sap”, Waverly says

Nicole brushes a piece of hair behind Waverly’s ear, “But I’m your sap?”
Waverly feels her heart pound at Nicole’s words, the feelings she had desperately been trying to ignore suddenly rushed to the surface.

Nicole was not hers, even though Waverly wished she would be

Waverly swallowed the lump in her throat before responding, “Of course”

Nicole seemed satisfied with that answer humming in agreement, pulling Waverly closer to her chest. A few moments passed, and Waverly heard Nicole softly snoring above her.

Waverly wondered if Nicole could feel the pounding of Waverly’s heart against her chest or the way she stumbled over her response

“I’m yours”, Waverly whispered slightly, pressing a kiss to Nicole's neck, “I’m yours”, Waverly repeats one last time before letting herself drift off into sleep

Chapter Text

“I’mma make you mine, mine, Got me pulling on your hair, I’mma make you mine, mine for tonight”

“Earth to Waverly?”, Chrissy says, waving a hand in front of Waverly’s face

Waverly shakes out of her daze, “What?”

“I’ve been talking to you for five minutes and you haven’t said a word”, Chrissy replies, closing the textbook in front of her

“I’m sorry Chrissy, I’ve just got a lot on my mind”, Waverly says with a sad smile

Waverly wasn’t lying to Chrissy, she did have a lot on her mind. Most of it revolving around Nicole

It was getting harder and harder trying to sort through her feelings and desires for Nicole all by herself

She certainly couldn’t talk to Wynonna about it, and she wasn’t sure Chrissy would understand why Waverly was doing what she was doing

“Waves, you can always talk to me?”, Chrissy voices, placing a hand on Waverly’s forearm

Waverly’s palms start to sweat, “Chrissy, I want to tell you, but I’m scared”

Chrissy catches Waverly’s eyes, “You have nothing to be afraid of, I’m your best friend”

Waverly nods taking a deep breath, “I’m not straight, I don’t know what label works best, but yeah definitely not straight”

Waverly watches as Chrissy’s face breaks into a small smile, “I’m proud of you”

“Really?”, Waverly asks

“Waverly, you’re my best friend. Nothing will ever change that”, Chrissy says with a smile

Waverly sighs, “I’ve been wanting to tell you for awhile now”

Chrissy gives Waverly’s arm a squeeze, “It all makes sense now”

“What does?”, Waverly questions

Chrissy lets out a loud laugh, “You and Nicole”

Waverly’s eyes widen, her heart racing in her chest, “What does Nicole have to do with any of this?”

“I know you guys are together”, Chrissy says wiggling her eyebrows at Waverly

Waverly’s heart sinks, “Chrissy we aren’t together”

Chrissy smile fades, “Then why did you go home with her after the New Year’s party?”

“She’s helping me out”, Waverly pauses, “Like with sex stuff”

Chrissy gasps, “Waverly don’t tell me Nicole Haught is just your fuck buddy”

Waverly feels her cheeks blush, “Yeah, but I think I’m starting to actually like her”

“Waverly I’ve seen the way she looks at you, it’s definitely not one sided”, Chrissy says

“We made rules Chrissy, and that was her rule. No feelings involved”, Waverly groans laying her head down on the pillow

Chrissy moves to lay beside her, “Sometimes it’s okay to break the rules”

Waverly nods wordlessly, eyes roaming the ceiling, “Do you think I’m stupid for not breaking it off?”

“Waverly, you make your own choices. I just don’t want to see you get your heart broken”, Chrissy says turning to face Waverly

“I know, but I think if I’ve held my feelings in for this long, I can do it some more”, Waverly replies

“Waves”, Chrissy interrupts

“I need this experience, I trust Nicole. I’ll be okay, I promise”, Waverly says before Chrissy can finish her sentence

Chrissy nods, “If you trust her”

“I do”, Waverly says

“So tell me how good is the sex?”, Chrissy says giggling next to Waverly

Waverly slaps Chrissy on the shoulder, “No, we are not doing this”

“You have to share some dirty details with me, that’s like in the best friend code or something”, Chrissy squeals pulling on Waverly’s arm

Waverly tries to pull out of Chrissy’s grasp, “It’s definitely not”

“Your silence is telling me it’s mind blowing”, Chrissy smiles widely at Waverly

“We haven’t had sex yet”, Waverly blurts out

Chrissy’s faces shifts, “It’s okay to take your time, I’m totally just messing with you”

“I think I’m ready though”, Waverly says nervously, “I mean we’ve done a lot of other stuff, so that’s kinda the next step”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, and I’m sure Nicole tells you that”, Chrissy replies

Waverly just nods turning towards Chrissy, “Please don’t tell anyone, if Wynonna ever found out I don’t even know what she would do”

Chrissy smiles, “Your secret is safe with me”

Waverly wraps an arm around Chrissy waist, putting her head on Chrissy shoulder, “I know you’re dying to ask questions”, Waverly says after a few moments of silence

“Nope, totally don’t need to know”, Chrissy sighs dramatically

Waverly laughs, “Alright I’ll answer your questions”

“So is she a natural redhead? If you know what I mean”, Chrissy smirks

Waverly smacks Chrissy on the stomach, “I’ve changed my mind, I’m not answering any questions”

“Waverly”, Chrissy says laughing

“You’ve lost your question asking privileges”, Waverly says rolling onto her side

Chrissy’s laughter dies down after a few short moments, “Just make sure you don’t fall too deep”

“I won’t”, Waverly replies, knowing her words are a lie

Waverly knows she’s already too deep, and she’s bound to get her heart crushed

But she can’t stop herself from wanting Nicole Haught


There’s another party happening on Friday night, but Waverly decides she’s not in the partying mood

Wynonna tries convincing her to go, and so does Chrissy

Waverly ultimately stands her ground, telling them she’s not feeling well and she rather just stay home

Chrissy gives it one more try, “But Nicole’s going?”

Waverly reconsiders her decision for a second before responding, “So?”

“Well don’t you want to go and make sure she’s not with someone else?”, Chrissy asks

Waverly feels a flare of jealousy spark through her, “It doesn’t matter if she’s there with someone else, we aren’t dating Chrissy”

“I didn’t mean to upset you”, Chrissy says on the other line

“You didn’t, just not really in the mood to discuss this”, Waverly sighs

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later, if you need anything just let me know”, Chrissy says before ending the phone call

Waverly tosses her phone to the side, curling onto her side, pulling the blankets over her head

Waverly wishes she could stop the painful twist in her stomach, when she thought about Nicole and another girl at the party

Her mind ran over a million scenarios of Nicole and other girls

Those girls getting to touch Nicole and kiss Nicole

Waverly felt her stomach become queasy at someone else kissing Nicole

“Fuck”, Waverly groaned trying to stop the pain from her stomach

Waverly decided the best way to ignore her feelings was to distract herself
She pulled out her computer, clicking mindlessly on a movie on Netflix, letting herself get lost into the film

Waverly was halfway through her second movie, when she heard her phone light up

She watched as Nicole’s name flashed across the screen, Waverly hesisted for a moment before unlocking the message

Nicole Haught: I thought you were coming to the party?

Waverly quickly typed back

Waverly Earp: Wasn’t feeling it

Waverly watched as the three bubbles come up on the screen

Nicole Haught: Can I come over? Wynonna just told me she’s staying with Doc tonight

Waverly chewed nervously on her lip

Waverly Earp: You don’t have too, I know you are having fun at the party

Nicole Haught: Not as much fun as I’d be having with you here

Waverly felt a smile tug at her lips

Waverly Earp: Stop being smooth

Nicole Haught: I think it’s working though?

Waverly Earp: Shut up and get over here

Waverly let her eyes close as she laid back against her pillows, holding her phone close to her chest. Waverly waited patiently to hear Nicole’s car pull into the driveway.

She could hear the front door open and Nicole’s voice call out , “Waverly”

“Up here”, Waverly called back quickly sitting up in her bed, running a hand through her hair

Nicole pushed open the door, “Hey Waves”

Waverly couldn’t ignore the flutter in her chest when Nicole smiled softly at her

“Hey”, Waverly says, patting the bed for Nicole to come sit

Nicole kicked off her shoes and placed her jacket on the back of Waverly’s desk chair, before moving to sit on Waverly’s bed

Nicole instantly leaned forward pressing a soft kiss to the side of Waverly’s cheek, “I missed you”

Waverly feels her cheek blush, “I shouldn’t have let you drive because you’ve definitely been drinking”

“I have not”, Nicole gasps holding a hand to her chest

Waverly smile grows, “I think you have”

“Why? Because I said I missed you?”, Nicole questions, moving closer to Waverly

“Yeah”, Waverly respondes quietly

Nicole reaches out tucking a piece of hair behind Waverly’s ear, “Let me prove it to you”

Waverly swallows roughly as she watches Nicole’s eyes move from hers down to Waverly’s lips. Nicole leans in pressing her lips softly against Waverly’s

Waverly’s hands move to tangle in Nicole’s hair, tugging her closer to her mouth

Nicole pushes Waverly down on her back, crawling on top of her

Nicole kisses Waverly deeply, letting her tongue roam Waverly’s mouth

Waverly’s hands move from Nicole’s hair to claw at her shirt

“Nicole”, Waverly whimpers as she pulls back from Nicole’s lips

“Hmm”, Nicole replies moving her lips down to Waverly’s neck sucking lightly at her pulse point

Waverly whimpers when she feels Nicole sucking lightly at her skin

“Wait”, Waverly says trying to get Nicole’s attention

Nicole looks up at Waverly, “What’s wrong?”

Waverly shakes her head, “Nothing, I just want to tell you that”, Waverly pauses trying to catch her breath, “I think I’m ready to have sex”

Nicole’s eyes widen, “Okay, I don’t have anything prepared”

“What do you need to prepare”, Waverly asks bringing her hands to rest around Nicole’s neck

“I would have gotten candles, chocolates, maybe some rose petals, or twinkly lights. I would have made it magical”, Nicole says shyly

Waverly chuckles, “I don’t need all of that”

Nicole chews on her lip, “You don’t?”

Waverly shakes her head, “I just need you”

Waverly watches as something flashes over Nicole’s face, Nicole’s eyes soften and her cheeks flush pink

Nicole leans down to connect their lips, slipping a leg in between Waverly’s

Waverly lets out a gasp as Nicole’s touch is suddenly everywhere

“Off”, Nicole says tugging at Waverly’s shirt

Waverly slips out of the shirt tossing it on the floor, before reaching for the buttons on Nicole’s shirt, her fingers tremble as she tries to undo them

“Baby, let me help”, Nicole places her hand over Waverly’s to help her unbutton the rest of her shirt

Nicole leans down pressing their chests together as they kiss, Waverly pushes her tongue through Nicole’s parted lips, letting their tongues roam each other’s mouth

Waverly’s hands slide down Nicole’s back, reaching to unhook her bra

“I need to feel you”, Waver whispers as she unhooks the bra with ease

Nicole nods, reaching to rid Waverly of her bra as well

Waverly pushes the bra off Nicole’s shoulders, throwing it on the floor with the rest of their clothes

Waverly leans up taking one of Nicole’s nipples into her mouth, while her other hand plays with Nicole’s other breast

Nicole’s body lurches forward at the unexpected touch, her hands grasp the bed sheet next to Waverly’s head

“Holy shit”, Nicole moans as Waverly continues to suck and palm at her breasts

Nicole’s thigh rocks fast into Waverly’s core, sending heat throughout her body

Waverly pulls back from Nicole’s breasts, and her lips are instantly connected with Nicole’s

Nicole seems to be moving at a higher pace, her kisses are sloppy as they move from Waverly’s lips, over her neck, and down to her chest

Waverly holds Nicole’s head as she takes Waverly’s breast into her mouth

“Nic”, Waverly groans as Nicole moves from breast to breast giving them both attention with her mouth and fingers

Nicole pulls away from Waverly’s breast with a smirk on her lips, her hands move from Waverly’s breast down to the top of her pants

“Are you still okay? We don’t have to do this tonight”, Nicole asks letting the pads of her fingers make soothing circles on Waverly’s hipbone

“I want this”, Waverly assures giving Nicole a smile

Nicole presses warm kisses along Waverly’s stomach, letting her tongue run along the outline of Waverly’s abs

Nicole tugs at the string on Waverly’s pants before glancing up to Waverly once more for consent

Waverly nods lifting her hips off the bed, to help Nicole take off her pants

Nicole leaves kisses from the top of Waverly’s foot, up her calf, and along her thighs

Waverly’s heart pounds in her chest, as Nicole’s face hovers over her covered center

“What do you want?”, Nicole asks moving her eyes up to meet Waverly’s

Waverly feels her inexperience show in this moment, because she has no idea what she wants Nicole to do to her

As if Nicole can read her mind, she moves her way back up Waverly’s body, leaving kisses as she moves up to her lips

“How about I start up here with you, okay?”, Nicole says kissing Waverly softly

Waverly nods, reaching her hand to tangle in Nicole’s hair

Nicole kisses her, letting her hand move from her breasts, down to the top of Waverly’s underwear

Waverly’s body goes still as Nicole lets her fingers run along the inside of Waverly’s thighs

“You want me to stop?”, Nicole questions pausing her movements

“I want you to touch me”, Waverly says pulling Nicole in for another kiss

Nicole pulls down Waverly’s underwear with hand, and Waverly wiggles her way out of them till they rest at the end of the bed

Nicole’s hand moves from Waverly’s thigh to the top of her center, resting her hand for a moment

“Breath baby”, Nicole says kissing Waverly once more

Waverly gasps as Nicole fingers slide slowly through her wet center

“Oh”, Waverly whimpers as Nicole continues to slide her fingers up and down her

Nicole’s eyes are locked on her own hand on Waverly’s center

“You’re so wet”, Nicole husks eyes moving up to look at Waverly

Waverly’s eyes squeeze shut as Nicole’s fingers bump against her clit

Nicole picks up the pace sliding up and down Waverly quicker, letting the tips of her fingers press inside Waverly

“Nicole”, Waverly moans hands tightening in Nicole’s hair

“You want me to”

“Nicole, yes”, Waverly says rocking her hips into Nicole’s hand

Nicole places another kiss on Waverly’s lips before moving down her body a bit, letting her mouth suck a red mark on the top of Waverly’s breast

“Try to relax”, Nicole replies, pushing into Waverly with a single finger

Waverly hears Nicole moan as her finger slips inside of Waverly, Nicole’s mouth goes back to sucking on Waverly’s breast

Nicole pushes in farther, pausing when Waverly gasps

“It’s going to hurt a little, but it feels better after a bit”, Nicole says moving off Waverly’s breast and back up to her lips

Waverly nods, letting herself adjust to the feeling of Nicole inside her

“Keep going”, Waverly speaks up after a few moments

Nicole’s eyes find hers as she pushes all the way into Waverly, Nicole keeps her fingers pushing in and out of Waverly slowly

Waverly’s body is on fire and the knot in her stomach feels like it could burst at any second

“Faster”, Waverly gasps pulling at Nicole’s arm

“You sure?”, Nicole questions

Waverly digs her nails into Nicole’s arm, “Nicole Haught, I swear if you don’t”

Waverly feels the words die on her lips, because Nicole starts moving her hand faster against Waverly

Nicole smirks as Waverly throws her head back against the pillow as Nicole’s thumb comes in contact with Waverly’s clit

“Baby”, Waverly moans loudly as she feels herself on the edge

“I’m right here”, Nicole whispers bringing her lips to Waverly’s, as she picks up the pace

“I need more”, Waverly groans

Nicole quickly slips another finger into Waverly, without much resistance on Waverly’s end
“Oh dear god”, Waverly cries out as she feels Nicole’s second finger enter her

Nicole’s hand matches the pace of Waverly hips rocking into her hand

“Kiss me”, Waverly whines

The kiss is sloppy and all tongue, as Waverly feels her body clench down on Nicole’s fingers

“I got you baby”, Nicole coos into Waverly’s ear as she reaches her peak

Waverly’s body stills before collapsing back onto the bed, her body shivers and jerks slightly as the after waves wash over her body

Waverly can hear the pounding of her heart in her ears

“Waves”, Nicole says quietly, brushing strands of hair out of Waverly’s face

Waverly slowly opens her eyes, looking up at Nicole whose wearing a smile on her face

“One minute”, Waverly replies pulling Nicole’s head to lay on her chest

Nicole laughs into Waverly’s neck, pressing a kiss to the top of her collarbone

“I’m going to pull my fingers out”, Nicole says slowing removing her fingers from Waverly’s center

Waverly gasps at the emptiness when Nicole pulls her fingers out

Nicole locks eyes with Nicole before putting her two fingers into her mouth and sucking slightly

“Fuck”, Waverly whispers as she watches Nicole taste her

Nicole pulls her fingers out of her mouth, smirking widley at Waverly, “So good”

Waverly tosses a hand over her eyes, trying to hide her blush

“You okay?”, Nicole asks pulling Waverly’s hands off her face

Waverly nods smiling shyly, “That was perfect”

“I’m glad I could lend a hand”, Nicole says trying to stifle her laughter

“You’re such an asshole”, Waverly laughs smacking Nicole’s bare stomach with her hand
“Hmm, maybe”, Nicole responses laying down next to Waverly

Nicole lets her arm rest against Waverly’s bare stomach

“Do you want me to do you?”, Waverly says suddenly turning towards Nicole

Nicole shakes her head, “As much as I would like that, tonight was about you”

“Are you sure?”, Waverly asks again

“Positive”, Nicole says pressing a kiss to Waverly’s forehead

“Are you going to go?”, Waverly says nervously after a few moments

Nicole tilts Waverly’s chin up, “Do you want me to go?”

Waverly shakes her head, “No”

Nicole smiles, then grabs at the blankets to pull over their naked bodies

Nicole presses into Waverly’s back, wrapping a hand protectively around her waist

Waverly knows she should have told Nicole to go

Because Waverly is breaking the rules by asking Nicole to stay

But she can’t bring herself to admit to herself what’s happening ,that she’s falling in love with Nicole

The one thing she can’t possibly do, but Waverly is already too deep

Nicole pulls Waverly closer against her chest and leaves a kiss on the back of her neck

And Waverly thinks it can’t hurt to fall just a little bit more

Chapter Text

“Loving you is really all that's on my mind
And I can't help but to think about it day and night, I wanna make that body rock, sit back and watch”

A loud bang pulls Waverly out of her sleep, groaning slightly as the sun shining through the window blinds her eyesight

“What’s wrong?”, Nicole asks, voice still filled with sleep

Waverly suddenly remembers her naked state, and pulls the covers up over her chest

“I think someone came home”, Waverly says sitting up with the covers held tightly against her chest

Nicole shoots up out of the bed, nearly tripping on the pile of clothes that was made last night

“If that’s Wynonna, she can’t see us like this”, Nicole says panicking slightly, putting on her clothes as fast as she could

Nicole throws Waverly’s clothes on the bed, “You need to get dressed”, Nicole says before turning around to look over herself in the mirror

Waverly feels extremely vulnerable as she sits naked underneath the blankets. The comfort and safety she felt with Nicole last night, seems to be fading quickly as she watches Nicole panic

Nicole is panicking because she doesn’t want to get caught with Waverly

Because Nicole would be embarrassed if someone found out that she was with Waverly in a way that was definitely more than friendship

Waverly feels like she’s going to be sick as those thoughts run through her mind

“Could you just go to the bathroom or something?”, Waverly asks nervously

Nicole turns back to her with a confused expression, “It’s not like I didn’t just see you naked last night?”

Waverly nods, her jaw clenched tightly. Nicole seems to sense a change in Waverly’s behavior, “But if it makes you more comfortable, I’ll leave”

“Thanks”, Waverly says quietly, watching as Nicole makes her way out into the hallway

Waverly throws her clothes from last night into the laundry basket, then looks through her drawers to find new clothes to put on

She runs a hand through her hair, taking a deep breath before exiting her room

Nicole is standing against the hallway wall, scrolling through her phone when Waverly walks out of her room. She looks up when Waverly closes the door behind her

“Hey, it wasn’t Wynonna. I think your dad just got home”, Nicole says taking a step closer to Waverly

Waverly’s body reacts first, moving backwards as Nicole steps into her space

Waverly freezes as she realizes what she just did, eyes casting up to look at Nicole

Nicole’s eyebrows are furrowed together as she watches Waverly intently, “Are you okay?”

Waverly’s stomach drops because she knows Nicole didn’t mean to make her feel uncomfortable earlier, but her mind can’t stop thinking how Nicole might be embarrassed of her, and definitely not having any secret feelings for Waverly

“Yeah, I’m just not feeling well. I think I might be getting sick”, Waverly lies, digging her fingernails into the palm of her hand

“Oh”, Nicole replies, giving her a small smile, “Do you need me to get you anything?”

Waverly shakes her head, “No, I’m okay. Probably should just sleep it off”

“You want me to stay with you? Since Wynonna isn’t home?”, Nicole asks

Waverly feels her stomach twist, and not in the good way it did last night when Nicole asked to stay

“I’m fine”, Waverly says, “But thank you”

Nicole’s eyes seem to be reading Waverly, like she knows that Waverly is lying straight to her face

“If you need anything just give me a call”, Nicole replies taking a small step towards Waverly

This time Waverly’s body stays still as Nicole leans forward to press a kiss to Waverly’s lips, but she turns her head at the last second causing Nicole’s lips to land on her cheek

Nicole’s draws her head back, her forehead slightly pinched and eyes filled with confusion

“I didn’t want you to get sick, if I have a stomach bug or something”, Waverly says apologetically

Nicole’s body stiffens slightly, “Well it’s a little too late for that, don’t you think?”

Waverly’s ears burn at the flood of memories from last night, “Yeah”

Nicole takes another look at Waverly before heading to the stairs, “I’ll see you around”, Nicole says, with a hint of sadness in her voice

Waverly only nods in response as she watches Nicole head down the stairs and outside. She can hear her car start and listens as the engine sound slowly fades as Nicole drives farther away from Waverly’s house

She makes her way back into her room flopping down on her bed, with a deep sigh. Waverly grabs a pillow placing it over her face, and lets out a loud scream

Tears start to flood in Waverly’s eyes as she sets the pillow down next to her. Waverly knew she shouldn’t have treated Nicole like that. Waverly hates the way she acted because she was unable to keep her feelings in check

Waverly wishes she could go back to the way Nicole had held Waverly in her arms last night, how safe she felt as Nicole kept pressing soft kisses to her back and running her fingers over her skin.

Waverly felt like they were the only two people who existed in the world last night, maybe if that were true Nicole would feel something more towards Waverly.

Waverly notices Nicole’s jacket still resting on the back of her desk chair, quickly getting out of bed, she grabs the jacket and falls back into bed. She buries her face into Nicole’s jacket, hoping the vanilla scent will relax her thoughts, but it only causes her to let more tears fall

Maybe she’s deeper in this than she thought, and maybe letting herself fall a bit more for Nicole was the wrong choice

Waverly has successfully ignored Nicole for about three days now, and Waverly has been a miserable mess for about three days. Nicole had made it easy for Waverly to ignore her, only sending her a text once she got home from Waverly’s, wishing that she felt better.

Waverly immediately wanted to text back and apologize for being harsh to Nicole, and make up an excuse for why she felt so hurt.

Avoiding Nicole at school was one of the more easier tasks, they were on different schedules and the only mutual friend they shared was Wynonna. Waverly had waited to walk by Wynonna's locker till she knew Nicole would already been on her way to class. And Waverly decided that she would stay after school to tutor on the days Wynonna drove Nicole home from school.

Waverly had been able to avoid Nicole, up until she slammed face first into her chest as she was leaving the school after her last tutoring session.

“Shit”, Waverly cursed as she rubbed a hand across her forehead

“Waverly, I’m sorry”, Nicole says, shocking Waverly at the sight of her

Waverly pulls her hand away from her head, looking down at her feet, before looking up at Nicole, “Hi”

Nicole rocks on her heels, chewing on her lower lip, “Hey”

Waverly’s eyes scan Nicole’s face, looking at the dark circles that hang under her eyes and her red hair falling in different directions

“I was hoping I could talk to you”, Nicole says shyly

Waverly isn’t sure she’s ever seen Nicole act like this, and it makes her heart ache

“Of course”, Waverly replies quickly

Nicole pushes her hands into the front pockets of her jeans, “We can sit in my car, if you want?”, Nicole asks

Waverly nods, following Nicole over to her car. Waverly can see the sun nearly setting as they walk to Nicole’s car

Waverly hops into the passenger side, watching as Nicole climbs into the driver’s seat. Letting her hands rest on the wheel

The air fills with tension that makes Waverly shift uncomfortably in her seat

Nicole turns towards Waverly, “Did I do something wrong?”, Nicole asks

Waverly looks up to see Nicole’s eyes filled with tears, instantly regretting ever thinking avoiding her was the right thing to do. Waverly reaches over to take Nicole’s hands in hers, sighing at the feeling of Nicole’s touch again

“You didn’t do anything wrong Nicole, I just was overwhelmed when we thought that Wynonna came home”, Waverly says, only sharing a little bit of truth with Nicole

Nicole clears her throat, “I know I shouldn’t have panicked, it’s just I didn’t know what I would do if Wynonna caught us like that”, Nicole pauses, “I don’t want to ruin my friendship with Wynonna and I certainly don’t want to ruin the friendship between me and you”

Waverly’s heart sinks at Nicole’s use of the word friendship to describe what they are doing

“I just thought I had made you uncomfortable when we had sex, and I felt horrible and I didn’t want you to regret it”, Nicole continues, letting a few tears fall from her eyes

Waverly shakes her head, “Nicole, you didn’t make me uncomfortable. That was one of the best nights of my life, okay?”, Waverly says, “Everything that happened that night, I was completely okay with”

Nicole nods her head, wiping away a few tears that had fallen down her cheeks, “I just thought I had hurt you and that’s why you were avoiding me”

Waverly leans over the center console, trying to get as close as she could to Nicole, “Let’s get in the back, okay? I need to hug you properly”

Nicole sniffles before climbing into the back, Waverly follows, pulling Nicole into her arms before she had a chance to say anything else

Waverly held Nicole’s head against her chest, running a hand through her short hair, “I’m sorry for avoiding you”

“I understand why you did”, Nicole says

“It doesn’t make it any better, I’m better at avoiding my feelings than talking about them”, Waverly replies, scratching at the back of Nicole’s scalp

Nicole pulls her head off Waverly’s chest, “You can always talk to me”

Waverly thinks that’s not true because she can’t tell Nicole how much she wants her, but Waverly gives Nicole a smile, “Thank you Nicole”

Nicole smiles back, eyes flashing from Waverly’s eyes down to her lips. Waverly knows what Nicole is asking with her eyes.

“Please”, Waverly whispers moving her face closer to Nicole’s

Nicole reaches a hand up to rest on Waverly’s cheek, before leaning down and capturing Waverly’s lips with hers

Waverly sighs into the kiss, moving her hands to wrap around Nicole’s neck

Nicole nips softly at Waverly’s bottom lip, letting her tongue slip into Waverly’s mouth

Waverly feels her entire body relax into the kiss, making sure to keep Nicole as close as possible as they kiss

“I don’t want to do that again, the no talking thing. It was horrible”, Nicole says pulling away from the kiss

Waverly nods leaning her forehead against Nicole’s, “I didn’t like it either”

Waverly leans in to kiss Nicole again, but Nicole puts a hand on Waverly’s chest

“I need to tell you something before we get more distracted”, Nicole says with a small laugh, “My birthday is Saturday, and Wynonna is throwing me a party. I want you to come”

“I’ll be there”, Waverly smiles before leaning in to kiss Nicole

“You can bring Chrissy too”, Nicole says against her lips

Waverly nods her head, “No more talking”

Nicole leans in letting Waverly kiss her once again, “I can get on board with that”

Waverly ignores the voice in her head saying that she should tell Nicole the truth

That she should protect herself from the heartbreak that she knows is coming

But Nicole’s pained expression that Waverly saw early flashes in her head

Waverly thinks she’d rather carry the pain by herself, then ever hurt Nicole again


“Chrissy, I need your help”, Waverly says once Chrissy arrives at her locker

“Good morning to you too”, Chrissy laughs as she puts in her locker combination

Waverly rests an arm on Chrissy’s shoulder, “This is serious”

Chrissy pulls a few books out of the locker before turning towards Waverly, “Is this about you know who?”

“That’s not subtle Chrissy”, Waverly groans, “But yes it is, we are going to her birthday party tomorrow”

Chrissy wiggles her eyebrows, “So this means we need to have a shopping trip?”

Waverly nods, “I was hoping we could go after school today?”

“Sounds good”, Chrissy smiles before giving Waverly a side hug before, making her way to her first period class

Waverly waits for Chrissy by Wynonna’s car once the final bell rings

“Wy”, Waverly calls out

Wynonna pulls a single headphone out of her ear, “Yes?”

“Can you drop Chrissy and I off at the mall?”, Waverly asks, giving her a small pout

Wynonna groans, “Baby girl you really need to get your license, I can’t be driving you around forever”

“I know, I know. But please”, Waverly starts pleading

“Fine”, Wynonna grumbles as she hops into the front seat

Chrissy joins Waverly in the back seat a moment later, giving Wynonna a polite smile before she pulls out of the school parking lot and down the street towards the mall

“Thank you”, Waverly and Chrissy both say as Wynonna drops them off at the front of the mall

Wynonna flips them the middle finger as she drives out of the mall lot

“Okay, so I have this idea”, Chrissy says

Waverly turns towards Chrissy as they walk past different stores, “What is your idea?”

“You should get some lingerie and put on a show for Nicole”, Chrissy giggles

Waverly stops in her tracks, “Chrissy, no way am I doing that”

Chrissy grabs Waverly’s shoulder, “But why not? Nicole would cream in her jeans”

“Ew, don’t say that”, Waverly says covering her face with her hands

“Come on Waves, that’s like such a hot birthday present”, Chrissy replies, hands still holding on tightly to Waverly’s shoulders

Waverly shakes her head, “I don’t think she would like that”

“Waverly, pull your head out of your ass and get sexy for your girl’s birthday”, Chrissy says, shaking Waverly’s shoulders

“She’s not my girl”, Waverly grumbles, trying to pull out of Chrissy’s hold

Chrissy stops her from moving, “Waves, she looks at you like you hang the stars in the sky. It’s kinda gross”, Chrissy smiles, “But anyway, I think it would at least get you laid”

Waverly feels her cheeks flush, “About that, we kinda already had sex”

Chrissy gasps, smacking Waverly’s shoulder, “And you didn’t tell me!”

“It was over the weekend, I mean she only did me. If you know what I mean”, Waverly says nervously, avoiding the morning after incident

Chrissy squeals, “Well then this is your chance to prove you aren’t a pillow princess”

Waverly feels her ears burn, “Fine, but I’m just trying stuff on”

Chrissy shrugs her shoulder, dropping her hands from Waverly’s shoulders and pulling Waverly by the wrist to the first lingerie store she saw.

“Hi ladies, anything I can help you find?”, the store associate asks as they enter the store

“We are just-”, Waverly starts

“Yes, we are looking for a full lingerie set”, Chrissy says interrupting Waverly, “Preferably in white”

Waverly glares at Chrissy, as the sale associate leads them to the back of the store

“Here are some of our best sellers, if you need any more help let me know”, the sales woman says before walking away

Chrissy smiles, looking through the different sets, “Ah, perfect”, Chrissy says pulling a white lace set out

“Oh my god, I can’t wear that”, Waverly says, looking at the lingerie that looks like it would cover nothing

Chrissy sighs, pulling Waverly towards the dressing room, “She’s seen you naked, stop being a prude”

Waverly goes into the dressing room, quickly peeling off her clothes. She slips on the lace set, struggling to get the stockings up her legs without ripping holes in them.

Waverly successfully gets the underwear and stockings on, then hooks the white see-through bra. She looks herself over in the mirror and runs a hand down the lace material

Chrissy was right. Nicole was definitely going to like this

“I hope you kept your underwear on underneath it because that’s gross”, Chrissy says from outside the dressing room

“I’m not stupid, I kept my underwear on. But I’m going to buy it anyway”, Waverly replies shyly

Chrissy bangs on the dressing room door, “Let me see”

Waverly unlocks the door, opening slightly so Chrissy could slip in

“Holy shit”, Chrissy says eyes roaming Waverly’s body, “Nicole is going to freak”

“You think?”, Waverly asks still unsure of the set

Chrissy nods, “She going to want to marry you as soon as she sees you in this”

Waverly slaps Chrissy shoulders, “Shut up”

“But for real you look hot and Nicole should be counting her blessings for getting to see you like this”, Chrissy says

Waverly smiles, “Thank you”

“Anytime, let’s buy this. Then we can shop for the outfit you’re going to need to wear over this”, Chrissy says, smiling before exiting the dressing room

Waverly looks over herself one more time in the mirror.

This might be the best birthday present Waverly has ever given someone


Waverly tugs nervously on the end of her short skirt, pulling it down just an inch farther. Chrissy had to help Waverly slide her tights over the lace lingerie that she wore underneath. Chrissy had laughed as they wiggled Waverly into her outfit, trying not to rip any parts of it.

Wynonna had set up the party at Nicole’s house, asking Waverly and Chrissy to come early to get everything ready. Wynonna had Doc keep Nicole out of the house until the party was starting.

The music was already blaring as people started to come into the house, Waverly was pretty sure Wynonna had just invited the whole school. As more and more people started making their way through the house

“How many people did you invite?”, Waverly yells over the music to Wynonna

Wynonna grimaces at the question, “Too many”

Waverly shakes her head before setting out the snacks that Wynonna had bought from the store.

“Waves, you want something to drink?”, Chrissy calls through a crowd of people

Waverly gives her a thumbs up before turning back to fixing up the snacks

“Who put you on snack duty?”, Nicole’s voice says from behind her

Waverly jumps slightly, before turning around to face Nicole. Waverly’s breath catches in her throat when she sees Nicole in a tight floral button up, that shows off her toned arms. Nicole is wearing tight black jeans and matching sneakers

“Nicole”, Waverly stutters out, as her eyes roam up and down Nicole’s body

Nicole takes a closer step towards Waverly, reaching around to grab a snack out of the bowl. Nicole smirks as she hears the change in Waverly’s breathing

“You look so fucking sexy”, Nicole says leaning in, her breath tickling Waverly’s ear

Waverly’s thinking falters for a moment before she shoots back a reply, “You should see what I’m wearing under this”

Nicole’s eyes darken, suddenly aware of Waverly’s words. Nicole swallows roughly, “Happy Birthday to me”

Waverly laughs breaking the heated tension between them, “Yes, Happy Birthday Nicole”

Nicole gives Waverly a genuine smile, “I’ll kick these people out later, then it can just be us?”, Nicole asks

Waverly nods, wishing she could reach out and hold onto Nicole’s hand

“Then you can give me my birthday present”, Nicole says eyes falling onto Waverly’s chest, then down the rest of her body

“Who says I got you anything?”, Waverly fires back, crossing her hands over her chest

Nicole smirks, “I’m sure you can think of something”

Waverly rolls her eyes, but feels the familiar pounding between her legs start at Nicole’s blatant flirting

“Haught, there you are”, Wynonna slurs as she makes her way into the kitchen

Nicole gives Waverly a wink before turning her attention to Wynonna, “Thank you for this party”

Wynonna slaps her shoulder, “I’m not being soft, but you’re my best friend. So happy birthday”

Nicole hugs Wynonna for a moment, before Wynonna pulls out of her arms, “You need to get a girlfriend, so you’ll stop hugging me all the time”

Waverly darts her eyes everywhere but at Nicole, turning to busy herself with the snacks

“Waves, I didn’t see you there”, Wynonna says from behind her

“Here I am”, Waverly says trying to ignore Wynonna’s previous comment

Wynonna grabs on to Nicole’s hand, “Let’s party, see you later baby girl”

Waverly waves her hand at Nicole and Waverly. Nicole mouths the word “later” to Waverly then blowing her a small kiss.

Chrissy finds Waverly in the kitchen, handing her a drink, before tugging on her hand to pull Waverly to dance

Waverly lost track of time dancing with Chrissy, letting the drink and music relax her nerves

“Are you excited for later?”, Chrissy says as they dance next to each other

“I’m nervous, what if she hates it?”, Waverly says stopping her dancing for a moment

Chrissy grabs onto Waverly’s forearm, “There is no way that’s going to happen”

A loud whistle pauses Chrissy and Waverly’s conversation

“Alright, the party is over. All of you people out of the house, if you don’t leave I’ll call the police or shoot you myself”, Wynonna’s loud voice booms through the house as she stands on the top of the stairs

People groan and boo at Wynonna, who just sticks her middle finger up and shoves people out of Nicole’s front door

“Text me later, okay?”, Chrissy says giving Waverly a hug and a kiss on the cheek

Eventually the only people left in the house are Doc, Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole

“Waves, stay here and help Nicole clean up”, Wynonna slurs as Doc helps Wynonna stand up

“She can stay that’s not a problem”, Nicole speaks up as she gathers red cups to throw into the trash bag

Wynonna leans against Doc, “Good, now Doc and I can have sex without you hearing”

Waverly covers her ears with her hands, “Gross, please leave”

Doc gives Waverly and Nicole an apologetic smile, as he helps Wynonna out the front door

“And then there were two”, Nicole sighs as she finishes putting the last of the cups into the trash bag

Waverly takes a step towards Nicole, letting her hands rest on the collar of her shirt, “You stay down here and finish cleaning. I need to get myself ready, just knock when you come up”

Nicole’s eyes widen, “Waverly”

Waverly shakes her head, placing a finger to Nicole’s lips, “Shush”

Nicole nods, turning away to grab the broom to sweep the floor. Waverly smiles before jogging up the stairs and heading into Nicole’s room

“You can do this”, Waverly mutters to herself before pulling out Nicole’s desk chair into the middle of the room

Waverly pulls out the candles she threw into her bag, placing them around the room and lighting them quickly

She grabs her phone, hooking it up to the tiny speaker she brought. Making sure she was on the right playlist. Waverly and Chrissy had spent nearly all night coming up with songs to add to the playlist

Taking a deep breath Waverly pulled out the white heels that Chrissy had let her borrow. Waverly slipped out of her shirt, then her skirt, being cautious not to rip the tights she had on.

Waverly fixed the lingerie set, pulling up the stockings and situating her breasts in the bra. She ran a finger through her hoping to untangle any knots she had in it. Waverly quickly hooked her heels on and applied a tad of lip gloss.

A knock at the door startled her

“Waves, can I come in?”, Nicole says from behind the door

Waverly grabbed the robe she had thrown in her bag tossing it over her shoulders, “Yeah, but close your eyes, I’ll help you”

Waverly opened the door to see Nicole with her eyes shut tightly and her arms hanging at her sides. Waverly reached out grabbing onto Nicole’s hand

“I’m going to sit you down, okay?”, Waverly says guiding Nicole to the chair

Nicole let’s Waverly help her down, giving her hand one last squeeze before taking a step back

Waverly takes a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves, “You can open your eyes”

Nicole’s eyes shoot open, looking around the room at the candles and then landing her eyes on Waverly

“Happy Birthday”, Waverly says nervously, wiping her sweaty palms on the robe

“What’s all this for?”, Nicole asks, making a move to stand up

Waverly holds her hand out for Nicole to stop, “Wait, you have to stay there”

Waverly hurries over to her phone, clicking the first song on the playlist

“I just wanna show you how much I appreciate you”

Nicole’s eyes widen as the music fills her room

Waverly slowly pulls the robe down her shoulders

“Oh fuck”, Nicole says as she catches a glance at the white lingerie set Waverly has on

“Wanna show you how much you got your girl feelin' good, Wanna show you how much, how much you're understood”

Waverly drops the rest of the robe to the floor, taking a deep breath as she feels the robe hit her feet

“Oh my god”, Nicole whispers

Waverly looks up to see Nicole staring with wide eyes and mouth hanging open. Waverly takes a few strides towards Nicole

“Wanna show you how much, I really care about yo heart, I wanna show ya how much, I hate being apart”

Waverly stops in front of Nicole, letting Nicole get a closer view of the matching set. When Nicole reaches her hands out to touch, Waverly slaps them away.

“Not yet”, Waverly smirks leaning down to peck Nicole’s lips

“Loving you is really all that's on my mind, And I can't help but to think about it day and night, I wanna make that body rock, sit back and watch”

Nicole lets out a groan as Waverly twirls away from Nicole. Waverly moves her hips to the sound of the music, letting her hands run along her sides, down her stomach and up to cup her breasts.

Waverly moves closer to Nicole, then drops slightly bouncing her body up and down, as she runs her hands on the top of Nicole’s thighs

“Waverly”, Nicole husks as she tries to sit still in the chair

Waverly smirks, digging her nails slightly into the denim on Nicole’s legs

“Tonight I'm gonna dance for you, Tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body”

Waverly stands up slowly, then climbs onto Nicole’s lap straddling her. Waverly lets out a small moan when her center comes into contact with Nicole’s stomach

“You can touch”, Waverly whispers into Nicole’s ear, hoping Nicole’s touch will help guide her along

“I'll be rockin' on my babe rockin' rockin' on my babe, Swirlin' on you babe swirlin' swirlin on you babe”

Nicole’s hands immediately find Waverly’s hips, pushing her harder down on Nicole’s center. Waverly curls her hands onto the collar of Nicole’s shirt as Nicole helps her rock her hips back and forth on Nicole.

Waverly flips her hair to the side, leaning in to capture Nicole’s lips with hers. Nicole’s tongue pushes into her mouth, Waverly sucks it into her mouth. Waverly tugs at the buttons on Nicole’s shirt

Nicole disconnects their lips as she quickly unbuttons her shirt, letting it hang open. Waverly slides her hands up Nicole’s stomach till they reach Nicole’s bra, squeezing at her breasts.

Nicole whimpers, tossing her head back slightly, before moving her lips to Waverly’s chest. Waverly holds onto the back of Nicole’s head as she marks the uncovered skin on Waverly’s chest.

“This is for the time, you gave me flowers, For the world, that is ours, For the mulah, for the power of love, I know I won't never ever eh-ever give you up”

“Nicole”, Waverly cries out as Nicole pulls down the top of her lace bra and taking a nipple into her mouth

Waverly’s hands pull at Nicole’s shirt, tugging it off her shoulders, tossing it to the side. Waverly is already reaching behind Nicole to unhook her bra before Nicole has a chance to do it herself

Nicole’s hands fall to Waverly’s ass, “Fuck baby”

Waverly’s thighs are holding herself up as her hands explore Nicole’s chest, pinching and squeezing at her breasts.

“I'mma take this time, To show you how much you mean to me, 'Cause you all I need”

Nicole grabs Waverly underneath her thighs, lifting her in the air. Waverly clings to Nicole’s back as she walks them to the bed. Nicole drops Waverly softly onto the bed, before climbing on top of her

“I can’t believe you had this all planned”, Nicole says as she leans into suck at Waverly’s pulse point, biting at the skin enough to leave a red mark

Waverly’s fingers dig into Nicole’s back, “Best sex is makeup sex, right?”

Nicole chuckles against Waverly’s neck, pulling back to look Waverly in the eyes, “For sure”

Waverly pushes Nicole off her, then flipping herself off the bed, landing on top of Nicole. Waverly’s mouth leaves kisses down Nicole’s sternum, then moving along to Nicole’s breast. Taking her time to give each breast much needed attention.

Her hands run down Nicole’s stomach till they reach the top of her jeans

“Tonight is about you, birthday girl”, Waverly breaths out, undoing the button and tugging at the jeans

Nicole puts her hand on Waverly’s, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do”, Nicole says sincerely

“I know, but I want this. I want to make you feel good”, Waverly replies, pulling the jeans down the rest of the way

Waverly crawls her way back up Nicole’s body sliding a thigh between Nicole’s legs. Waverly rocks forward, feeling the wet fabric of Nicole’s underwear rub against her thigh

Nicole’s hands grab onto Waverly’s hips, rocking her faster into her own center. Nicole groans when Waverly’s thigh bumps roughly into her clit.

Waverly removes her thigh from between Nicole’s legs, “Can I?”, Waverly asks, motioning to Nicole’s underwear

Nicole nods as she watches Waverly pull down Nicole’s underwear. Waverly tries to stop her fingers from shaking as she gets closer to Nicole’s exposed center.

“Waverly, look at me”, Nicole says

Waverly’s eyes find Nicole’s, reaching out Nicole takes Waverly’s hand moving it slowly down the inside of her thigh. Nicole places Waverly’s hand over her center.

Waverly gasps as her fingers touch Nicole for the first time, “Oh, Nicole”

Nicole’s eyes flutter closed as Waverly starts moving her fingers around Nicole’s center, exploring her. Waverly lets her fingers press a little harder into Nicole, earning a moan from Nicole.

“That’s good baby”, Nicole moans, as Waverly continues to slide up and down Nicole’s center

Waverly watches her own fingers as they move through Nicole’s wetness, “I didn’t think this would make me feel so much”, Waverly whispers out

Nicole smiles at Waverly, pulling her down to connect their lips. Waverly moves her fingers faster as they kiss. Brushing against Nicole’s entrance

“I need you inside, is that okay?”, Nicole asks, trying to control her rocking hips

Waverly nods, pushing her fingers slowly in. Waverly watches as Nicole’s face tenses, before she lets out a deep moan. Nicole’s hips start rocking into Waverly’s thrusts.

“Waves, can you do another finger?”, Nicole says breathlessly

Waverly nods, positioning another finger at Nicole’s entrance. Waverly’s fingers slide inside with little resistance. Nicole’s hips start moving quicker as Waverly moves her fingers at a steady pace.

“I’m close”, Nicole breathes out

Waverly feels her heart swell because she was nervous about not being able to make Nicole come. She starts thrusting her fingers deeper and faster into Nicole, hoping to make this good for Nicole

“Yes baby”, Nicole whines, as her back lifts off the bed slightly as Waverly keeps moving her fingers inside her

Waverly feels Nicole clench around her fingers, then another flood of wetness hits her fingers and palm. Nicole’s body stiffens as she lets a loud moan fly out of her mouth. Nicole’s hands grasp to Waverly’s shoulders as she comes down.

Waverly keeps her fingers inside of Nicole as the aftershocks make their way through Nicole’s body. Waverly slowly pulls her fingers out Nicole, earning one last shiver from Nicole.

“Dear god”, Nicole groans as her body finally relaxes

Waverly presses a kiss to Nicole’s cheek, “Was that good?”

Nicole smiles widely, “Baby, that was fucking fantastic”

Waverly blushes hiding her face against Nicole’s chest

“Now it’s my turn”, Nicole says flipping Waverly over on to her back, “It’s such a shame to take this off, because you look so fucking hot”, Nicole says nipping at Waverly’s lips

Waverly starts unhooking the button half, trying to pull it off as quickly as she can

“No rush”, Nicole smiles putting a hand over Waverly’s

Nicole slowly unhooked the bra, leaving kisses along Waverly’s chest. Then moving her lips and hands to pinch and suck at Waverly’s breasts

“Nic”, Waverly cries out as she holds Nicole’s head close to her chest

“I know you love this baby”, Nicole says sucking harder on Waverly’s breasts

Waverly’s hips jump, trying to find some contact to relieve the ache between her legs. Waverly pushes Nicole’s head down trying to get her to undo the rest of the set.

Nicole’s lips leave trails of kisses along her stomach and sides. Nicole pushes the stockings and bottom half of the lingerie down Waverly’s body. Nicole spreads Waverly’s legs as she gets the stockings fully off.

Nicole’s eyes lock onto Waverly’s center, Waverly watches as Nicole runs her tongue over her lower lip

“Can I go down on you?”, Nicole asks running her hands up and down the tops of Waverly’s thighs

“Yes”, Waverly replies, spreading her legs a little farther, giving Nicole space to lay between her legs

Waverly watches as Nicole lays down, lowering her face between Waverly’s thighs. Nicole places kisses on the inside of Waverly’s thighs, moving around Waverly’s pounding center. Waverly reaches her hand down to push Nicole to where she wants her.

Nicole senses Waverly’s desperation, leaning in she swipes her tongue through Waverly’s center. Waverly feels white dots blur behind her eyes at the feeling of Nicole’s mouth on her.

Nicole moves her mouth quickly, licking and sucking Waverly’s center into her mouth. Nicole swipes her tongue across Waverly’s clit, causing Waverly to pull at the top of Nicole’s hair

“I’m sorry”, Waverly stutters out as Nicole continues to move her tongue along Waverly

“Don’t apologize”, Nicole mumbles into Waverly’s center, the vibrations of Nicole’s lips on Waverly’s center, makes her Waverly rock her hips into Nicole’s face

Nicole dips her tongue inside Waverly, moving her hand to rub at Waverly’s clit

“Oh”, Waverly whines as her hips push harder against Nicole’s face

Nicole bobs her head faster against Waverly, dipping her tongue deeper into Waverly. Waverly knows she’s about to fall over the edge. Her eyes cast down at Nicole who is already peering up at her. Waverly watches for a moment as she continues sucking Waverly into her mouth

Waverly’s hips rock once more against Nicole’s face, before the knot in her lower stomach bursts. Nicole keeps her lips moving against Waverly’s center as she rides her orgasm out.

Waverly’s limbs feel heavy and her heart is pounding in her chest. Nicole kisses Waverly’s center one last time before climbing back up Waverly’s body. Waverly opens her arms, letting Nicole rest her head on her chest.

They lay in silence for a few moments, trying to catch their breath. Nicole presses a kiss to the top of Waverly’s chest

Nicole moves her head to look up at Waverly, leaning in to kiss her hard on the mouth. Waverly moans when Nicole’s tongue pushes into her mouth. Waverly sucks on Nicole’s tongue, tasting herself on Nicole’s lips and tongue.

Nicole pulls back first with a loopey smile, “Best fucking birthday ever”

Waverly nods in agreement. Definitely the best birthday ever.

Chapter Text

“I'm sinking faster and faster
Between heaven and disaster”

“You never texted me about what happened after we left?”, Chrissy says wiggling her eyebrows at Waverly

Waverly closed her locker slowly, placing her hands against the metal surface, “Well I was a little busy”

Chrissy squeaked, slapping Waverly in the arm, “She totally loved it, didn’t she?”

Waverly felt her cheeks blush, “I think so”

“Waverly, of course she loved it. That girl is head over heels for you”, Chrissy smiles, giving Waverly a pat on the shoulder

Dread fills Waverly’s stomach, remembering what occurred at Waverly’s house prior to the party

“Come on, let's get to class”, Chrissy says pulling at the straps of Waverly’s backpack

Waverly follows silently behind Chrissy as they make their way into class

Waverly feels her phone buzz in her pocket as the teacher begins writing out the days agenda

Nicole Haught: Meet up after school?

Waverly quickly types back, hoping she doesn’t get caught

Waverly Earp: Sure

Another buzz goes off

Nicole Haught: Can’t wait

Waverly tries to stop the fluttering in her chest at the prospect of more time with Nicole. She wishes it could just be sex, why couldn’t she just forget about her feelings. Her stomach twists tightly into knots.

Waverly sighs and tries to focus on the mundane lesson the teacher is discussing, desperately trying to get her mind off Nicole.


Waverly rushes to her locker at the final bell, trying to gather her stuff as quickly as possible.

“Woah, where the hell are you running off to”, Wynonna’s voice comes from behind her

Waverly freezes, holding her books tightly to her chest

“None of your business”, Waverly shoots back as she throws her books into her backpack

Wynonna pinches her shoulder, “Now now little sis, where is all this attitude coming from”

Waverly turns around to face Wynonna, “Because you don’t need to track my every move”

“Woah you’re being a real bitch right now, what’s up with you?”, Wynonna says reaching out to grab Waverly’s hands

Waverly panics as Wynonna’s eyes try to detect what’s wrong, “I think I’m getting my period. I don’t feel good”

Wynonna grimaces slightly, “Ah makes sense. Periods suck”, Waverly nods in agreement

Waverly notices a flash of red hair start to appear from down the hallway. Her stomach already filling with butterflies at just the glimpse of Nicole

Wynonna follows Waverly’s eyes to Nicole

“Hey, Haughtie”, Wyononna greets Nicole as she reaches Waverly’s locker

“Wynonna”, Nicole says bumping her shoulder against Wynonna’s

Waverly watches their interaction, a small smile tugged at her lips

“Red, what brings you over here?”, Wynonna questions

Nicole’s eyes flicker over to Waverly, “Waves is helping me study for my math exam. You know I suck at math”

Wynonna pauses for a moment, “Waves?”

Nicole’s cheek blush, “Shut up. Everyone calls her that”

Waverly can’t help the way her heart skips at the cute blush that rises to Nicole’s cheeks

Wynonna shrugs, “Since you both to seem to be PMSing, I’m going to bounce. See you at home, Waves”

Wynonna flips off Nicole before turning on her heels and heading towards the exit sign

“PMS?”, Nicole questions looking at Waverly

“She wouldn’t stop bothering me, so I just told her I was getting my period”, Waverly says

Nicole nods, smiling at Waverly, “You look beautiful today”

Waverly nearly trips over her own feet at the complement, “Thank you”

Nicole and Waverly walk in silence till they make it to Nicole’s car at the end of the parking lot

“You okay?”, Nicole asks as they start heading towards Nicole’s house

“Yeah, of course”, Waverly replies, reaching over to rest her hand on Nicole’s thigh

Nicole glances down at Waverly’s hand, Nicole takes one hand off the steering wheel and intertwines their fingers together

“I just want to make sure. I don’t want you to be upset with me again”, Nicole says honestly rubbing her thumb across the back of Waverly’s hand

Waverly tries to push down the sick feeling in her stomach, “I’m not upset with you”

“And you’d tell me if you were, right?”, Nicole asks

Waverly swallows roughly as she tries to clear her throat, “I promise”

Nicole smiles over at Waverly as she puts the car in park. Nicole brings their connected hands up to her lips pressing a soft kiss to the back of Waverly’s hand

“Why don’t we order some pizza tonight?”, Nicole says as she pushes her way into the house

“Perfect”, Waverly replies following Nicole into the house


The movie they put on to watch plays quietly in the background, as Waverly straddles Nicole’s lap, as their lips continue to press against each other’s

“Baby”, Nicole says as her hands dig slightly into Waverly’s hips

Waverly wishes her heart could stop pounding in her chest when Nicole called her that

“Hm”, Waverly replies as she moves her lips across the column of Nicole’s neck

Waverly feels Nicole’s breath catch in her throat, Waverly would never get tired of hearing Nicole’s breath shudder

“Remember when you gave me a lap dance”, Nicole says chuckling slightly

Waverly smiles down at Nicole, “It was your birthday after all”

“I wish it was my birthday everyday”, Nicole whines as Waverly’s teeth nip at the skin on her neck

Waverly pulls her head back from Nicole’s neck, laughing loudly

“Hey don’t laugh at me”, Nicole says, jutting her lower lip out

Waverly smiles widely before leaning down to press a soft kiss on Nicole’s lips

“Your infuriating Nicole whatever your middle name is Haught”, Waverly says as she pulls back from Nicole’s lips

“Rayleigh”, Nicole respondes

Waverly furrows her eyebrows at Nicole, “Huh?”

“My middle name it’s Rayleigh”

Waverly can’t help the loud laugh that leaves her mouth, she desperately tries to cover the sound with her hand

Nicole’s shoulders slouch as she watches Waverly laugh on top of her

“Your parents did not name you that, I don’t believe it”, Waverly says trying to calm her laughter

Nicole frowns moving her hands off Waverly’s hips

“No, come here”, Waverly coos placing Nicole’s hands back on her hips

“Not if you’re going to keep laughing at me”, Nicole huffs

Waverly tilts Nicole’s chin up with her index finger, “I’m sorry for laughing, but your name is Nicole Really Haught”

“It’s Rayleigh”, Nicole says enunciating it slowly

Waverly smiles, wrapping her arms around Nicole’s neck, “At least it’s accurate. You’re really hot”

Nicole leans her head into Waverly’s chest, “It’s a good thing you’re so cute. I don’t let anyone else bully me like that”

Waverly moves her hands through Nicole’s hair, scratching lightly at her scalp, “I know baby”

Nicole lifts her head to look up at Waverly, and Waverly’s heart flutters at the warm brown eyes looking at her

“What?”, Waverly says shyly

Nicole’s smile, pops her dimple out, “Waverly Earp, you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”

Waverly nearly blurts out an “I love you”

And Waverly’s heart drops at the realization

Nicole doesn’t seem to realize Waverly’s panic, because she leans in kissing her hard on her mouth

Waverly tries to keep the tears that are pushing at the corners of her eyes, she tries to focus on Nicole and the way her lips feel against hers

Nicole slips her tongue past Waverly’s lips, moving her hands to the small of Waverly’s back

Waverly roughly tugs at the back of Nicole’s hair, pulling her closer

“Fuck”, Nicole moans as she faulters her movement for a moment

Waverly tugs again pushing Nicole’s lips into her neck, Nicole presses a kiss to her neck before sucking lightly

“Harder”, Waverly says, voice breaking

Nicole obliges sucking and biting harder at her neck, Waverly throws her head back to give her more room

Waverly knows the mark on her neck will be noticeable after this, but she doesn’t care. The pain and pleasure mixing deliciously together and helping her forget the ache in her heart

Nicole tugs at the bottom of Waverly’s shirt, Waverly reaches down and pulls it over her head

Nicole’s hands are moving across her back and along her sides, her touch warming every inch of Waverly’s body

“You too”, Waverly says lifting Nicole’s hoodie over her head

Nicole’s lips are back on hers, as her hands settle on Waverly’s ass pulling her in closer

Waverly starts to rock her hips, trying to loosen the pressure in her lower stomach

Nicole's hands grab at Waverly’s ass through her jeans

Waverly slides off Nicole quickly, tearing her jeans off her body and tossing them on the floor. Waverly grabs at the strings of Nicole’s sweatpants

“Off”, Waverly commands, Nicole lifts her hips and allows Waverly to pull the sweatpants off

Waverly crawls back on to Nicole’s lap, pressing as close to her as possible

Nicole hooks her arms around Waverly’s shoulders, tugging at the straps of her bra

Waverly unhooks her bra from the back tossing it on the pile of clothes.

Nicole’s mouth is instantly on her breast, sucking the hard nipple into her mouth

Waverly moans loudly, holding Nicole’s head against her breast

Nicole’s mouth on her chest only adds more heat pooling in her core, Waverly watches as Nicole moves from one breast to another giving each attention

“Nic”, Waverly husks, rocking her hips into Nicole’s stomach

Nicole places one last kiss on Waverly’s breast, before leaning up and kissing her. Nicole’s hand slides from Waverly’s hip across the front of her underwear

Waverly feels the faint trace of Nicole’s fingers against the front of her covered center

“Please”, Waverly whispers into Nicole’s mouth

Nicole nods, before pushing Waverly’s underwear to the side, letting her fingers run along her center

“Waverly, fuck”, Nicole says, eyes glancing down at where her hand is exploring Waverly

Waverly’s hips buck into Nicole’s hand, trying to feel more of Nicole

“You want to ride my fingers?”, Nicole asks, eyes never leaving Waverly’s

Waverly nearly comes at Nicole’s words, she only manages to nod her head

“Here stand up”, Nicole says pushing Waverly up and quickly pulling her underwear off

Waverly sits back on to Nicole’s lap, her wet center making contact with Nicole’s stomach

“Jesus”, Waverly whines as Nicole’s fingers move to circle her clit

Nicole moves her mouth to take one of Waverly’s nipples between her lips, sucking gently

Waverly leans back slightly, trying to give Nicole more room to work.

Nicole’s fingers pick up speed, moving quickly against her clit.

Waverly moves her hand out Nicole’s hair, down to the front of Nicole’s underwear. She rubs Nicole’s center through her soaked underwear

“Wave”, Nicole sighs as her fingers pause on Waverly’s center

Waverly leans her forehead against Nicole’s, “Together”

Nicole nods, moving her fingers once more over Waverly’s clit then down to her entrance. Waverly lifts up slightly so Nicole can get a better angle

“Okay?”, Nicole asks, chest heaving

“Yes”, Waverly nearly cries as she lowers herself on to Nicole’s hand

Waverly’s breath catches at the fullness she feel, Nicole is surrounding her everywhere

“Fuck”, Nicole says as she watches Waverly start to bring her hips down on to her fingers

Waverly grips Nicole’s shoulder with one hand, while the other reaches down the front of Nicole’s underwear

Waverly gasps at the amount of wetness she feels underneath her fingertips

“I did this”, Waverly groans as she picks up the speed of her hips

Nicole rocks her hips against Waverly’s hand, “It’s all you baby”

Waverly feels love swell in her chest. She does this to Nicole. Her Nicole

Suddenly Waverly’s body seems to be driven to find release and feel Nicole in her hand

Nicole’s hands are palming at Waverly ass, moving her up and down as her other hand matches the movement of Waverly’s hips

“Nic, baby”, Waverly cries feeling the tightness in her stomach desperate to loosen

“I know, I know”, Nicole says moving her hand faster against Waverly

Waverly’s hand matches Nicole’s pace, the sound of their skin bumping against each other fills the room

“I’m so close”, Nicole moans leaning her forehead against Waverly’s collarbone

“Come for me”, Waverly commands as she clenches down on Nicole’s fingers

Nicole lets out a loud moan, as her body spasms around Waverly’s fingers. Waverly finds herself falling over the edge as Nicole shakes underneath her

Waverly’s heart beats out of her chest

She watches as Nicole’s eyes flutter open, a smirk on her lips

“I want to try something”, Nicole says scooting herself down the bed. Waverly watches as Nicole lays flat on her back. Waverly’s hips still straddling Nicole’s hips

“Yeah?”, Waverly asks, eyes scanning Nicole’s face

Nicole bites her bottom lip, “Will you sit on my face?”

Waverly feels the heat in her stomach build right back up. Waverly nods, scurrying up to straddle Nicole’s face

“You’re going to be the death of me”, Waverly says, as she looks down at Nicole

Nicole winks before closing her eyes and running her tongue against Waverly’s soaked center

Waverly tangles her fingers in the top of Nicole’s hair, holding her tongue and lips as close to her as possible

“Don’t stop”, Waverly groans as her hips start to move slightly against Nicole’s mouth

Waverly feels lightheaded as Nicole sucks her clit into mouth, then dipping her tongue into her entrance

Nicole’s pace doesn’t falter, Waverly feels fire burn through her

“Nic, Nicole”, Waverly tries to get out, beads of sweat dripping down the center of her chest

Waverly shudders as her hips move faster and faster, the liquid heat burning in her core

“I’m going to-“

Waverly doesn’t finish the sentence because a scream rips from the back of her throat as she comes on Nicole’s face.

Her eyes close and all she can think is Nicole, Nicole, Nicole

When she opens her eyes again, Nicole is laying next to her.

“What?”, Waverly asks looking down at the blanket wrapped around her

Nicole smiles gently, “I think you may have blacked out for a minute”

Waverly feels a blush creep up her chest, “Oh my god, I’m so embarrassing”

“No, baby that was so sexy”, Nicole says pressing a kiss to her shoulder

“It was really intense”, Waverly says shyly, leaning her head on Nicole’s shoulder

Nicole nods, “Are you okay though?”

Waverly presses a kiss to Nicole’s cheek, “Yeah, I should probably head home. It’s a school night”

“Of course, of course”, Nicole says jumping up, grabbing a new pair of underwear and t-shirt from her drawer

Waverly slips her jeans back on, not wanting to put her wet underwear on.

“Here”, Nicole says handing Waverly her sweatshirt

Waverly threw Nicole’s sweatshirt on over her head, “It smells like you”

“Hope that’s a good thing”, Nicole teases as she ties her sweatpants

“Definitely”, Waverly says


Nicole drops Waverly off after a few stolen kisses in the car.

Waverly carries herself up the stairs, pushing open the bedroom door she squeaks when she sees Wynonna laying across her bed

“Wy! You scared me”, Waverly says placing a hand over her chest

Wynonna looks up from her phone and shrugs

“What are you doing in here?”, Waverly asks placing her backpack down on the floor

“Waiting for you to come home”, Wynonna says putting her phone down on the bed

Waverly sits down on the bed next to her, “You could have waited in your room”

“Nah, didn’t feel like it”, Wynonna says

Waverly gives Wynonna a look, “You’re acting weird”

“Nope, I’m not”, Wynonna replies sitting up on the bed

“Okay?”, Waverly questions

Wynonna runs a hand through her hair, “So you were at Haughts for a long time”

Waverly’s face pales, “I told you, I was helping her study”

“I didn’t know studying involved getting massive hickies”, Wynonna’s voice booms as she jumped off the bed

“Wy”, Waverly pleads hoping Wynonna will just forget about all of this

“Waverly, what the fuck are you doing with her? You know what I’m going to kill her for putting her grimy hands on you”, Wynonna says pacing across the room

Waverly can no longer suppress her tears, “Please, stop”

“I can’t believe she would betray my trust. All those times I asked her to watch you or you guys hung out was only so she could get in your pants”, Wynonna’s voice raises

Waverly lets a sob escape her lips, “I love her”

Wynonna pauses in her tracks, turning towards Waverly

Waverly wraps her arms around herself as she lets her suppressed emotions flow, “I love her”

Wynonna moves closer to the bed, taking a seat next to Waverly

“I love her, but she doesn’t want me. How was I supposed to know I was going to fall in love”, Waverly cries, “Why can’t I be like you and just have meaningless sex”

Wynonna tugs Waverly’s arms off her chest and pulls Waverly into her chest

“I’m so stupid and I don’t know what to do. I couldn’t talk to you and all I wanted to do is talk to Nicole, but I can’t because I’m so stupid Wynonna”, Waverly sobs

“Hey, Waverly Earp. You are not stupid”, Wynonna says running a hand down Waverly’s back

“I should have known, and I can’t even blame her because it was my idea”, Waverly says trying to catch her breath

Wynonna wipes away her tears, “What do you mean?”

“The first party we went too. When she took me home, I told her I thought I liked girls and I wanted to kiss her”, Waverly says nervously


Wynonna stays silent waiting for her to continue, “And then we came up with these rules so we wouldn’t get hurt, but here I am breaking the most important rule”

“So are you gay or bi? or not into labels?”, Wynonna asks quietly

“I’m not sure. It’s all kinda confusing. I just know I really like Nicole”, Waverly replies

“You know it doesn’t matter to me. I love you no matter what, okay?”, Wynonna says

Waverly gives her a small smile, “Thanks, I’m sorry for not telling you sooner”

Wynonna nods, “Its okay I get it. Especially about the part where you’re sexing my best friend”

“Yeah”, Waverly laughs dryly

Waverly leans her head against Wynonna’s shoulder, letting her breathing settle

“She’s an idiot, if she doesn’t want you”, Wynonna says pulling Waverly down to lay next to her

“She’s the best, I don’t deserve her”, Waverly sighs

Wynonna smacks Waverly’s leg, “Now listen here, Waverly Earp, you’re the very best of us, you hear me?”

Waverly nods, “Don’t let some dumb ginger make you feel less then that”, Wynonna says

“Wy, she treats me better than I could have ever imagined. So don’t attack her, okay?”, Waverly replies

Wynonna huffs next to her, “Well, fine. If you say she treats you so well, how do you know she doesn’t want to be with you?”

“I just know”, Waverly says

“Maybe you should just ask her Waves, it seems like this is causing way too much hurt”, Wynonna says, running a hand over Waverly’s head

“I’m scared”, Waverly admits

“It could turn out to be great though, if you really love her. Ew, I can’t believe I’m saying that”, Wynonna says as she pretend to gag

“Or it could end horribly”, Waverly says closing her eyes, hoping to ease some of the ache in her head and heart

Wynonna presses a kiss to Waverly’s cheek, “There’s only one way to find out Babygirl”

Waverly nods

“Either way, I’m still killing Haughty. First for putting her lesbian hands on you and second for making you cry”

Waverly lets out a wet laugh, “Thanks Wy”

“I love you kid, now try and get some rest”, Wynonna says rising from Waverly’s bed

“Love you too”, Waverly watches as Wynonna closes the door behind her

Waverly runs over every scenario of telling Nicole about her feelings till her eyes can’t stay open any longer.

She dreams of Nicole, hoping it’s some sign from higher up

Or maybe it’s a different sign, letting her know this will be the only way she’ll ever have Nicole

She’s between heaven and a disaster

Chapter Text

“Why can't I hold you in the street?

Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?

I wish that it could be like that

Why can't we be like that?

'Cause I'm yours”


Waverly drags her body out of bed the next morning, trying to ignore the pounding in her head. She quickly hopped into the shower, praying that the heat would clear her head and ease her bruising heart. 


The shower only seemed to make her feel worse, turning off the water, she stood in the mirror looking at her blurred reflection


Her hand coming up to brush against the dark purple mark on her neck, cursing as she pressed her fingers roughly into the mark 


“Fuck me”, Waverly whisped to herself 


Waverly tossed on an old pair of sweatpants and a worn down sweatshirt over her head, letting her wet hair hang down her shoulders 


Tossing her backpack over her shoulder, she headed downstairs, grabbing a granola bar out of the cabinet 


“Woah”, Wynonna says from behind her 


“Wy, not today”, Waverly grumbled as she shoved the granola bar into her mouth


Wynonna gives her a sympathetic smile, “Do you just want to stay home today?”


Waverly shakes her head, “I have an in class essay, that I can’t miss”


“I’m sorry, at least it’s friday” Wynonna says, as they get into the car  


“Let’s just get going, and please don’t bring this up to Nicole yet”, Waverly replies 


Wynonna sighs beside her, “Fine, only because you asked nicely” 


The ride to school is quiet for the most part, the radio playing softly in the background. Wynonna pulls into a spot, shutting off the car quickly 


“I can still punch her in the face, if you want?”, Wynonna says turning towards Waverly 


Waverly smiles, “No, it would mess up her beautiful face”


“Gross”, Wynonna replies, opening up the drivers side door


Waverly walks closely next to Wynonna as they make their way into school. Wynonna walks Waverly to her locker.


“You got this”, Wynonna says pressing a quick kiss to Waverly’s cheek, “And I’ll try to be on my best behavior” 


Waverly nods, “Thanks Wy”


Waverly begins to take her books out, when she hears Chrissy approaching


Chrissy’s eyes bulge out of her head when she sees Waverly at her locker “Waves, not to be mean, but what are you wearing?”, Chrissy asks 


“I really don’t want to talk about it now,'' Waverly says


Chrissy eyes read her before nodding, “Come over after school?”


“For sure, I’ll tell you then”, Waverly says pushing her locker closed 


Waverly walks in silence next to Chrissy as they enter their first class. Waverly feels the buzz of her phone in her pocket, she quickly pulls it out 


Nicole Haught: Dinner tonight? 


Waverly’s stomach twists, the normal butterflies in her chest are replaced with a sick feeling. Tossing her phone back in her pocket, Waverly hopes she can ignore Nicole for the rest of this day. 


Chrissy meets Waverly back at her locker at the end of the day, Waverly’s eyes skimming through the crowd hoping not to see Nicole 


“Waves”, Chrissy says as she grabs the last of her things from her locker before closing it 


“Yeah?”, Waverly responses


Chrissy motions with her head towards the exit of the school, Waverly can just barely make out the redhead leaning against the locker, talking to some girl she had never seen before 

“Isn’t that Nicole?”, Chrissy questions as she starts to move down the hallway


Waverly can clearly see it’s Nicole as they get closer to the exit. She sees Nicole leaning on her side, shoulder pressed against the locker talking to a rather tall blonde girl. 


“Who is that?”, Waverly says, voice cracking slightly 


Chrissy shrugs her shoulders, “I’m not sure, I think she might be new”


Waverly watches as Nicole flashes this girl a smile, the one that causes her dimples to pop in her cheeks. Waverly feels the rush of angry fill her body, her hands start to shake lightly 


Nicole was giving another girl that smile. A girl who wasn’t her. 


“We need to go”, Waverly says, moving through the hallway at a faster speed 


Waverly hears Chrissy’s footsteps behind her as she tries to catch up with her. Waverly keeps her head down as she weaves through the crowd of students trying to leave. Waverly pushes past people till she’s out the door 


She pauses on the bench outside the school, trying to stop the pressure in her chest. Waverly holds the palm of her hand against her head, pushing down slightly




Waverly nearly jumps out of her skin at the sound of Nicole’s voice. She quickly takes her hands off her face and looks up at Nicole 


“Uh, hi”, Waverly says meekly 


Nicole tilts her head to the side, “You didn’t answer my text” 


“Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m just not really in the mood for talking right now”


Waverly can see Nicole’s throat bob, “Are you okay?”


“I don’t know”, Waverly says honestly, her eyes dropping from Nicole’s gaze 


Nicole reaches out to take one of Waverly’s hands, but Waverly pulls back at the touch. 


“Did I do something?”, Nicole replies sofly


Waverly stands up from the bench, twisting the end of her sweatshirt in her hands, “No, but I have to go”


Nicole reaches out to touch her once more, “Waves”


Waverly shakes her head, pushing past Nicole as she makes a beeline to Chrissy’s car. Waverly sees Chrissy leaning against the car door, eyes darting from Waverly to Nicole 


“Drive”, Waverly rushes out, as she slams the passenger door shut 


Chrissy pulls out of the parking lot quickly, making sure to get out before Nicole could stop the car. 


Waverly let her tears fall as soon as the school was no longer in their view. Chrissy reached across the center console, patting Waverly’s thigh a few times 


Waverly followed Chrissy quietly up into her room, when they arrived at the Nedley home. 


“What the hell happened back there?”, Chrissy asks, as she closes her bedroom door


“She asked me if I was okay”, Waverly says voice cracking slightly 


Chrissy watches as Waverly chews on her lower lip, “What did you say?”


“I said I don’t know”


Chrissy nods, “Did something happen between you and Nicole”


Waverly swallows roughly, “I love her”


Chrissy pulls Waverly into a hug, “Waves, I’m so sorry”


Waverly wraps her arms tightly around Chrissy, “I’m so stupid, I should have listened to you”


“Sh, it’s okay. Love isn’t always simple”, Chrissy replies, pulling Waverly over to the bed 


“Wynonna knows”, Waverly says after a moment 


Chrissy jerks back from Waverly, “Woah, what did she say?”


“Said she was going to kill Nicole”, Waverly laughs slightly 


Chrissy grins, “Sounds like the Wynonna way” 

Waverly sighs deeply, “Do you think Nicole is hooking up with that girl we saw?”


Chrissy shakes her head, “Waverly, I know you don’t believe it, but Nicole only has eyes for you. I can tell”


“Chrissy, she doesn’t want to be with me”, Waverly says laying her head down on the bed 


Chrissy follows Waverly down to the bed, “And how do you know that?”


“Because she told me she doesn’t do relationships, that was like part of the stupid rules”, Waverly groans 


Chrissy turns towards Waverly, “That was like three months ago, and have you even asked her about it?”


“I’m scared Chrissy”, Waverly says 


“Well maybe she’s scared as well. Maybe she doesn’t want to spook you away”, Chrissy replies 


Waverly thinks over Chrissy’s words for a moment, “I guess I’m going to have to tell her”


“After the little runaway stunt you pulled today, she definitely is going to want to know”, Chrissy says 


Waverly runs a hand through her hair, “I don’t think I can do it”


“Waverly Earp, you are strong, smart, brave, beautiful, and loyal. You can do it. If Nicole doesn’t see that, then her loss”, Chrissy says slinging an arm across Waverly’s stomach


“You’ll be here to hold me, if it doesn’t go well?”, Waverly ask nervously 


Chrissy nods, “And you’ll still be my best friend, even if you get wifed up to the ginger”


Waverly slaps Chrissy’s arm, “Of course” 


Chrissy and Waverly lay like this for a few moments before Waverly speaks up


“I’m going to ask Nicole to meet up tonight, but I want to stay here till I have to go”, Waverly says 


“I’ll order some chinese takeout then”, Chrissy smiles 


Waverly pulls her phone out while Chrissy is on the phone with the restaurant, she sees about 10 missed calls from Nicole and a few texts. 

Nicole Haught: Waverly, are you okay?


Nicole Haught: I’m sorry if I did something 


Nicole Haught: Can you please just answer me, I want to know if you’re okay 


Nicole Haught: Waves please


Waverly felt her gut wrench as she read over the texts, knowing that she was the cause of Nicole’s panic 


Waverly Earp: Pick me up at Chrissy’s at 8


A text bubble immediately popped up


Nicole Haught: I’ll be there 


“Fuck”, Waverly cursed 


Chrissy sat down next to Waverly leaning into her shoulder, “It will be okay, everything will work itself out”  


“I really hope so”




Eight o’clock came around faster than Waverly had expected, her stomach turning in knots every minute it got closer 


“You look like you’re going to barf”, Chrissy says running a hand down Waverly’s back


“I think I might”, Waverly says 


Car lights shine through Chrissy’s bedroom window, then Waverly’s phone buzzes 


Nicole Haught: Here 


“I can’t do this”, Waverly says shaking her head 


Chrissy helps Waverly up, moving her out of the room and down the stairs 


“You can”, Chrissy says as she unlocks the front door, pushing it open 


Waverly turns and pulls Chrissy into a tight hug, “I love you”


“I love you too, now go get your girl”, Chrissy says with a smile 


Waverly cautiously walks down the front steps and across the driveway to Nicole’s car. Her heart beating rapidly in her chest. Waverly opens the door, sliding into the car like she’s done a hundred times before  


“Hey”, Nicole says softly, reaching over to put her hand on Waverly’s thigh 


Waverly feels the tears already threaten to fall, “Hi” 


“Where do you want to go?” Nicole asks, as she pulls out of Chrissy’s driveway 


“The lake”, Waverly says eyes focusing on Nicole’s hand on her thigh 


Nicole nods, letting her index finger brush against Waverly’s hand. Waverly moves to intertwine their fingers, afraid that this might be the last time she could do this.


They drive in silence, letting the radio do the talking for them. Waverly rests her head on the side of the car window, watching as the street lights pass 


Nicole slows the car down, when they turn into the lake parking lot. Nicole pulls up to the clearing, giving them the best view of the lake


Waverly felt herself almost laugh at the comparison of their fist hangout, and how she had felt just as nervous as she does now. The only difference now is that Waverly is madly in love with Nicole


“I’m sorry if I did anything to upset you,'' Nicole's voice breaks through the silence first 


“It’s not your fault Nicole”, Waverly says turning to face Nicole 


Waverly’s eyes fall on Nicole’s brown eyes and how they look so comforting in the moonlight streaming in from the window 


“Then what’s going on?”, Nicole asks, as she strokes her thumb over the back of Waverly’s hand 


Waverly bites down hard on her lower lip, to try and stop the tears from falling 


“Baby, what is it?”


Waverly breaks as soon as the words leave Nicole’s lips, a sob falls from her lips 

Nicole instantly moves closer to Waverly trying to comfort her from the driver’s seat, she wraps her arms around Waverly’s shoulders as she cries 


“I’m scared”, Waverly cries out, not caring at the amount of wetness she was getting on Nicole’s shirt 


“You don’t have to be, I’m here to listen”, Nicole coos pressing a kiss to Waverly’s forehead 


Waverly shakes her head, “You’ll understand, after I tell you”


Nicole’s face twists in confusion, “What do you mean?”


“Wynonna knows”, Waverly blurts out 


Nicole stiffens next to her, “Knows what?”


Waverly feels the anger from earlier in the day start to rise in her chest, “About us Nicole”


Nicole starts to pull away from Waverly’s arms, “Did you tell her?”


“She kinda guessed it” Waverly says 


Nicole runs a hand through her hair, before resting both of her hands on the steering wheel, “And you didn’t think to make up a lie or something?”


“Are you kidding me? The big mark you left on my neck certainly wasn’t helping either”, Waverly says, disbelief filling her voice 


Nicole looks over to Waverly, her eyes darker than they were, “Great, and I’m guessing Chrissy knows too?”


Waverly felt her heart break at Nicole’s reaction, “Yes”


Nicole slammed her hands down on the steering wheel, causing Waverly to jump slightly, “Waverly, what the fuck? That was like the first rule of this whole thing”


Waverly’s body began to shake as Nicole’s tone grew harsher 


“It’s not the only rule I broke”, Waverly says quietly, letting more tears fall


Waverly waits for Nicole to say anything, as moments go by Waverly’s afraid she didn’t hear her 


“What did you just say?”, Nicole’s voice cracks 

“I said it wasn’t the only fucking rule I broke”, Waverly screams, eyes clenching shut 


“Waverly, you can’t be serious”, Nicole says


Waverly opens her eyes, looking over at Nicole, whose face is stoic. Waverly knows it’s over by the way Nicole’s eyes harden as she looks at Waverly 


“I love you”, Waverly croaks 


Waverly watches as Nicole’s nostrils flare


“No, Waverly”


Waverly feels her heart break into two, “How couldn't I? When you looked at me the way you did, how you made me feel seen, how you made me feel loved, and  how you held me in your arms”


Another sob leaves Waverly’s mouth, “When you taught me things, when you called me baby, and how you kissed me. Tell me how I wasn’t supposed to fall in love with you?”


Nicole leans her head back on the seat, clenching her hands around the steering wheel, “I didn’t mean for this to happen” 


Waverly nods, “I know, I was just some fun for you. I get it”


Nicole turns towards Waverly, “Waverly”


“No, I get it okay. You don’t want me back”


Nicole starts to speak, pausing for a moment, “I can’t Waverly. I don’t do relationships. I told you”


Waverly lets out a dry laugh, “Well, I’m the idiot who thought I meant something more to you”


“Waverly”, Nicole starts again 


“Please, just take me back to Chrissy’s”, Waverly pleads 


Nicole nods, putting the car in reverse. Nicole’s eyes stay locked on the road for the entire ride.


Waverly tries to quiet her cries, placing her hand over her mouth


“Waves, please stop crying. I can’t handle it”,  Nicole says quietly as they turn down Chrissy’s street 


“You won’t have to deal with me ever again after this, so I’m sorry my crying is an inconvenience to you”, Waverly cries as she starts to unbuckle her seatbelt 


Nicole puts her hand over Waverly’s to stop her from undoing her seat belt, “Waverly, stop it”


“I’m sorry that my heart has just been crushed and I want to get out of this car as soon as I can”, Waverly cries, pushing Nicole’s hand away 


“Waves, come on. We can still be friends. I don’t want to lose you”, Nicole says, eyes welling up with tears 


Waverly stays quiet until Nicole parks the car in Chrissy’s driveway


“Please Waverly”, Nicole’s voice less harsh than before 


“You know, we can’t be friends. Not after this”, Waverly says, trying not to give into Nicole


Nicole nods letting tears fall, “Maybe not now, but maybe in the future”


Nicole looks smaller than she ever has, shoulders hunched together as she tries to hold back her sobs


“I don’t know Nicole”, Waverly says honestly 


Nicole wipes away her tears hastily, running a hand through her hair 


“Yeah, I deserve that”


Waverly ignores her rational mind, and leans forward over the console, grabbing Nicole by the neck. Their lips connect and Waverly can taste Nicole’s tears, as she presses her lips harder against Nicole 


Waverly pulls away, letting her thumb rest softly on Nicole’s cheek, “You deserve the world, Nicole Haught. I wish I could be the one to give it to you” 


Nicole closes her eyes, leaning into Waverly’s hand, “I’m sorry”


“You don’t have to be”, Waverly leans forward pressing a soft kiss on Nicole’s cheek, before turning and getting out of the car


Waverly’s legs took off to the front door of the Nedley’s, where Chrissy stood waiting for Waverly 


“Oh, Wave”, Chrissy says, trying to comfort her best friend 

“I should have known”, Waverly sobs into Chrissy’s arms 


Chrissy holds Waverly tightly in her arms, “I got you, I got you”


“It hurts so badly, I love her Chrissy”, Waverly sobs openly trying to catch her breath, but more sobs escape her mouth


“I know sweetie”, Chrissy coos 


Waverly holds on to Chrissy tightly, afraid she would float away if she didn’t


“I should have known, I should have fucking known”

Chapter Text


“You want me to act like we've never kissed

You want me to forget 

Pretend we've never met 

And I've tried and I've tried

But I haven't yet

You walk by and I fall to pieces”

Waverly doesn’t go to school the following Monday, too heartbroken to even leave her room. Chrissy and Wynonna take turns checking in on her, letting her cry on their shoulder and bringing her comfort food. 


Chrissy stops over after school on Monday, placing packet of homework on her desk


“Thank you”, Waverly says softly, her voice hoarse from crying 


Chrissy nods, taking a seat next to Waverly on her bed, “I don’t know if you want to hear this, but Wynonna was meeting Nicole after school today”


Waverly flinches at Nicole’s name, “How do you know?”


“Wynonna told me before, I came over here. She told me to make sure you didn’t need anything”  


Waverly gives Chrissy a small smile, “I appreciate it. Can you stay with me until she gets back?”


“Of course,'' Chrissy says pausing for a moment, “What do you think Wynonna is going to do to her?”


Waverly shakes her head, “I have no idea”




“Nicole”, Wynonna yells across the school parking lot 


Wynonna can see Nicole’s shoulder tense, before she freezes. Nicole turns slowly, watching Wynonna nearly sprint across the parking lot. Nicole takes a deep breath, bracing for the punch she knows is coming 


“If you’re going to hit me, can we at least go somewhere else?”, Nicole asks quietly 


Wynonna locks her jaw tightly, “Give me one reason I shouldn’t kick your ass right here”


Nicole digs her fingernails into the palm of her hand, “Because you know me better than anyone and you have to know it was never my intention to hurt her”


Wynonna takes a step closer to Nicole, pushing a finger into her chest, “Looks like you failed at that”


Nicole nods, “I know”


Wynonna grabs Nicole by the arm tightly, pulling her across the parking lot


“Get in”, Wynonna says harshly 


Nicole gets into the passenger side of the car, silently waiting for Wynonna to speak up


“You broke her fucking heart, I should be pounding your face into the dirt”, Wynonna says, gripping onto the steering wheel


“You should, I deserve it,'' Nicole says honestly 


Wynonna sighs, “Well at least you know”


“So is this it? Are you done being my friend?”, Nicole replies, pushing down the lump in her throat 


Wynonna turns towards Nicole, “Of course not, but I’m pissed at you. Like big time”


Nicole lets out a shaky breath, “Wy, I never meant to hurt her”


“I know, but seriously what the hell were you thinking?”, Wynonna asks 


Nicole rubs her hand on the back of her neck, “I wasn’t thinking clearly, I just thought she was beautiful and I wanted to help her out. I didn’t think about what could happen”


“Gross, I should deck you just for that comment”, Wynonna says with a small smile, “But it seems like you care about her more than just a random hookup”


Nicole tenses, “You know I don’t do relationships”


“Doesn’t mean someone can’t come along and change your mind”, Wynonna shrugs 


Nicole shakes her head, “No, I won’t allow someone to destroy me again. I’ve never seen a healthy relationship in my life, and there’s no doubt I’d fuck everything up if I was ever in one” 


“I know your parents are major shitheads, but your not them”, Wynonna says, reaching over and placing a hand on Nicole’s thigh


“It doesn’t matter, everything could still turn exactly how they did. They fell in love and then over time it just fucking fades. Alone in different cities every night, doing god knows what. Only coming home for a few days, because they can’t stand the sight of one another. Forgetting about their only daughter”, Nicole chokes out, “I don’t know how to handle people leaving me” 


Wynonna grips Nicole’s thigh tighter, “I won’t leave you, okay?”, Wynonna pauses for a moment, “We are kinda stuck in the shitty parents club together”


Nicole lets out a wet laugh, “And besides Waverly deserves better than me”


“You got to cut yourself a break sometimes Red”, Wynonna says, taking her hand off Nicole’s thigh, “But I get it Nicole”


Nicole nods, “Do you think she’ll ever talk to me again?”


“I don’t know, she’s pretty down right now. You just have to give her some time”, Wynonna says, starting up the car 


Nicole stays silent for a minute, before pushing open the passenger door, “I’ll see you around Wynonna”


“Take care of yourself Haught”, Wynonna replies


“And please take care of Waverly”, Nicole says stumbling over her words


Wynonna nods, giving Nicole a small wave goodbye


Nicole watches as Wynonna drives off, down the road


Reluctantly Nicole heads to her own car, prepared for a night of silence and heartache 




Waverly hears Wynonna slam the door shut then murmur something to Ward who was in the living room.


Wynonna knocked once on her door, “Waves”


“Come in”, Waverly says pausing the show Chrissy and her has been mindless watching 


“Thanks for coming over”, Wynonna says directing her attention to Chrissy


Chrissy nods, waiting for Wynonna to continue 


“So I talked to her”, Wynonna continues, making herself comfortable on Waverly’s desk chair 


Waverly tenses, “I know”


“And I was going to punch her, but then I didn’t”, Wynonna says honestly 


“Why didn’t you?”, Chrissy interjects 


Wynonna looks from Chrissy to Waverly, “It’s not my place to share Nicole’s thoughts, and she’s beating herself up more than any one of my punches would hurt her”


Waverly feels her heart ache, Waverly knows she has every right to hate Nicole and be upset. But the thought of Nicole beating herself up, breaks Waverly’s heart even more


“I hope you told her to stop doing that,'' Waverly speaks up, voice cracking slightly 


Wynonna shrugs, “I tried, but she’s definitely not going to stop”


Waverly takes a deep breath, “I guess I should talk to her”


“Waverly, you don’t have to do that. She fucked up. I love her, but she messed up big time”, Wynonna replies 


“I want to be more angry. I want to hate her, but I can’t” Waverly says, feeling tears cloud her vision


Wynonna nods, “I know, she must have some stupid ginger powers or something”


Waverly lets out a small laugh, “Something like that”


“Just give yourself some time to heal before you start worrying about her. You need to take care of yourself”, Wynonna says, standing up and heading for the door


“I’ll make sure she does”, Chrissy says giving Waverly a pat on the leg


Wynonna turns to give Chrissy a smile, “Thanks Nedley”


Wynonna closes the door, leaving Chrissy and Waverly alone


“Do you think I should talk to her?”, Waverly asks after a moment 


“Waves, do you really think that’s the best idea?”, Chrissy says turning to face Waverly 


Waverly puts her head in her hands, letting out a loud groan, “I don’t know. I’m worried about her”


“I know you are, but you have to look out for yourself as well”, Chrissy says, “I think it’s only going to cause more hurt if you just pretend everything is fine”


Waverly sighs, removing her hands from her face, “Maybe pretending it didn’t happen would be easier”


“Waves, I don’t think that’s a good idea. You’re in love with her. You can’t just forget that”, Chrissy says honestly 


“I know I can’t forget it, but maybe I should just try”, Waverly says nervously 


Chrissy pulls Waverly into a hug, “I will support whatever you choose to do, but I still think it’s a bad idea”


“I know, I'll think about it some more,'' Waverly says leaning into the hug 


Waverly and Chrissy finish their show, before Chrissy has to leave for dinner. Waverly flops back into bed, letting her mind run


Her thoughts never leaving Nicole, Waverly grabs her phone off her bedside table, opening messages. Her finger hovers over Nicole's name. She writes and erases the message over a few times 


Waverly’s finger presses send, then she tosses her phone across her bed. Her heart pounding in her chest. She hears a faint ding a few moments later 


Waverly Earp: hi.


Nicole Haught: Waves?


Waverly feels her heart clench as she reads over the simple word. Suddenly texting Nicole feels like a really bad idea. Another ding comes from Waverly’s phone


Nicole Haught: Are you okay?


Waverly releases a shaky breath, typing back quickly 


Waverly Earp: Trying to be 


She chews her bottom lip, waiting for Nicole to reply 


Nicole Haught: I’m sorry 


Nicole Haught: I know I don’t have any right to say this, but I miss you


Waverly tries to hold in the sob that threatens to leave her chest 


Waverly Earp: I miss you too


It had only been three days without seeing Nicole, but it felt like weeks since she last saw her. It had only been a week ago when they were curled up in bed, Nicole pressing soft kisses to her forehead 


Nicole Haught: I don’t know how to do this. I don’t want to make this worse for you. 


Waverly types back 


Waverly Earp: I know. This is really hard


Nicole’s contact picture fills the screen a moment later, Waverly hesitantly answers 


“Nicole”, Waverly says breathlessly


“Waverly”, Nicole responds 


Waverly lets go of the breath she was holding in, Nicole’s voice soothing her immediately, even though she wish it didn't


“I shouldn’t have called, I’m sorry”, Nicole spills out


Waverly sits up a little, holding the phone tighter against her ear, “No, it’s okay” 


“I don’t want to make this worse”, Nicole sighs 


“I know”, Waverly responds, letting silence fill the line, “Maybe we can try, just being friends”


“Waves, you said you needed time?”, Nicole questions 


Waverly pulls at the hem of her pants, “I know”, Waverly pauses, “I wish I could just hate you”


“I know. I think I already hate myself enough for both of us”, Nicole says, her voice cracking 


“I told you not to do that”, Waverly says sternly 


“I deserve it”, Nicole replies, her voice going hoarse


Waverly wants to yell at her, then kiss her stupid face until Nicole understands she doesn’t deserve to torture herself 


“I’ll see you at school, okay?”, Waverly says, pushing down the feeling to comfort Nicole even more 


“Okay”, Nicole says quietly 


Waverly ends the call first, not being able to hold back her tears for much longer. She curls up on her bed, pulling the covers over her. She pulls out Nicole’s sweatshirt from under her pillow, pressing it firmly against her nose. The vanilla smell is not as strong as it was, but Waverly can still smell it faintly.


She holds the sweatshirt tightly against her, pretending it was Nicole holding her. Pretending Nicole wanted her back, pretending that Nicole loved her. 


And maybe that was good enough, maybe pretending would be the only thing to keep her together. 




Waverly catches a glimpse of Nicole the following day at school, Waverly feels her hands start to shake as she watches Nicole put her books back into her locker. Waverly had not been avoiding Nicole all day, but she certainly wasn’t going out of her way to find her.  


“Waves”, Chrissy says shaking her shoulders slightly 


“Yeah”, Waverly says pulling out of her trance 


Chrissy eyes follow Waverly’s, looking past her to see Nicole heading towards them, “She’s coming over here”


Waverly’s hands start to shake even more, “Chrissy”


Chrissy doesn’t have a chance to respond before Nicole is standing right in front of them. Waverly looks everywhere else other than Nicole’s face, she tries to stop her hands from shaking 


“Chrissy”, Nicole says pausing for a moment, “Waverly” 


Waverly’s mouth is suddenly really dry, she tries to swallow hoping to get rid of the sharpness growing in her throat 


“Nicole”, Waverly croaks out, her voice sounding groggy 


Chrissy looks from Nicole back to Waverly, before closing her locker, “Waves, are you okay if I head home?”


Waverly only manages a small head nod, Chrissy looks back at Nicole one last time, clenching her jaw slightly 


“I think she wants to punch me as well,'' Nicole says chuckling nervously 


Waverly finally looks up at Nicole, and she feels her stomach twist. Nicole is smiling shyly, as she tucks a piece of hair behind her ear. Waverly’s stomach twists even tighter, as  bile rises in her throat 


“I, I um”, Waverly stutters out, trying to calm her racing heart and the painful stab in her stomach 


Nicole’s smile falls, “Are you okay?”


Waverly sees Nicole’s hands reach out to grab Waverly, but Waverly jumps back like she’ll be burned if Nicole touches her.  Waverly sees Nicole’s face fall at the action, but she can’t stop herself from moving out of Nicole’s reach


“I have to go”, Waverly says pushing past Nicole and running into the restroom. 


Waverly swung open the first stall door, and emptied the contents of her stomach into the toilet. Tears burst in her eyes, as she lowered herself down onto the bathroom floor. She pushed her hands against her stomach trying to stop the pain that resided there 


“Fuck, fuck”, Waverly whispered to herself as she tried to get her breathing to settle 


Seeing Nicole had sent Waverly into a spiral that she didn’t know was going to happen, everything felt too much. 


Nicole smiling and joking with her. Nicole trying to touch her. Waverly couldn’t handle it. Her heart felt like it was shattering. 


Waverly rocked back and forth on the bathroom, trying to lessen the pain in her chest. The bathroom door opening startles Waverly. 

“Waverly”, Nicole calls, her voice filling the bathroom 


Waverly holds still in her spot, not trusting her voice to speak


“I just wanted to check on you,'' Nicole says walking towards the stall Waverly was in 


Waverly pushed open the door slightly, as she still sat on the floor


Nicole grabbed the door, her face filled with concern, “Waves”


Waverly just shook her head, burying her head into her hands, letting more tears fall. Waverly could feel Nicole take a seat on the floor next to her. Nicole didn’t make a move to reach out and touch her. 


They sat in silence, letting the sounds of kids leaving school for the day fill the bathroom. Waverly kept her head in her hands, too afraid to look at Nicole again.


“Waverly, we should get going. Before they lock us in here or something” Nicole says after the sounds from the hallway fade 


Waverly pulls her hands away from her face, looking over at Nicole, “Because being locked in a room with me would be so terrible for you”, Waverly spits out


Nicole sighs, “I didn’t say that. I just don’t want to be stuck sleeping in the school bathrooms” 


“Whatever”, Waverly says, feeling more anger rise in her 


Nicole chews on her lower lip, “I’m sorry for making you upset”


“I mean I guess this is what heartbreak is. Trying to pretend I’m fine, then throwing up in the bathroom when I see your stupid face”, Waverly says


Nicole pulls her knees up to her chest, “What happened to being friends?”


Waverly scoffs, “I’m sorry if this isn't as easy for me Nicole” 


“I know, I know,'' Nicole replies, “For what it’s worth, it’s not easy for me either. Knowing that I’m hurting you this much” 


Waverly’s anger dwindles slightly, “I know” 


“I understand that you are angry with me,'' Nicole says turning to face Waverly, “I just want you to know that I’m sorry”

Waverly brushes away her tears, “One second I want to scream at you and tell you to fuck off”, Waverly pauses, “Then the next, I just want you to hold me and kiss me. And I’m tired of pretending that this doesn’t hurt like hell”


“I wish I was able to give you that” Nicole says honestly, tears shining in her eyes, “I wish we could pretend it didn’t happen”


Waverly feels another wave of anger wash over her, “I can’t pretend I’m not in love with you to stop your own guilt”


“I know, and I would never ask you to do that. I just wish I didn’t hurt you as badly as I am right now”, Nicole says quietly 


“I wish that too”, Waverly says 


Nicole rubs at the back of her neck, “Someday, someone will give you everything you deserve. They won’t hurt you and they will take care of your heart”


“Don’t say that to me right now,'' Waverly says feeling fresh tears fall from her eyes, “Don’t sit here and tell me about someone new, when all I want is you”


Nicole rests her head against the door, letting her own tears fall, “I can’t give you what you deserve Waverly”


“Why?”, Waverly’s says, her voice small 


“Because I can’t risk you destroying me,'' Nicole nearly sobs out, “I push people away before they can leave me”


Waverly inhales sharply, “So, you’re just going to throw the people who love you to the curb, because they might leave you?”


“It’s the only way I can protect myself”, Nicole cries 


Waverly moves to stand up, “You’re throwing everything away because of a possibility”


“I can’t risk it,'' Nicole says looking up at Waverly 


“So you’d rather not even try at all?”, Waverly voice breaks


Nicole stands up, leaving no room between Waverly and herself, “I’m sorry”


“You know I used to think you were so brave, but all I see right now is a scared little girl”, Waverly snaps 


“I’m not asking you to like my decision Waverly”, Nicole huffs out 


Waverly shakes her head, “Fuck you for not even giving us a chance”


Nicole’s face tightens, she starts to speak, but Waverly interjects


“Fuck you for being a coward”, Waverly’s voice lowers, “And fuck you for breaking my heart”


Waverly pushes past Nicole in the bathroom and out the school door. Her hands shake as she scrolls to find Wynonna’s contact 


The phone rings for a moment before Wynonna answers


“Can you come pick me up?”, Waverly sobs into the phone


“Waves, what’s wrong?”, Wynonna asks concernedly


Waverly tries to catch her breath, “Nicole”


“Hang tight Babygirl”, Wynonna breaths out before hanging up the line 


Waverly lets herself cry sitting on the bench in front of school, finally reality slapping her right in the face.


Nicole and her couldn’t be friends, no matter how hard they tried. It would never work. 


Waverly felt her world fall to pieces

Chapter Text

“So we fuck, till we come, to conclusions

All the things that we thought we was losing

I'm ghost and you know this”


“Let’s go to this party tonight”, Chrissy says laying down on her bed 


Waverly shakes her head, “No, thank you” 


“Waves, come on you can’t just hide in my room for the rest of your life”, Chrissy says grabbing on to Waverly’s shoulder 


“I can at least try”, Waverly mumbles into her pillow 


It’s been two weeks since Waverly has last seen Nicole. Waverly avoids any areas where Nicole could be like the plague. Nicole doesn’t try to contact Waverly, and Waverly is grateful for that. She thought the heartache in her chest would have subsided by now, but it’s not. 


“Are you just nervous about possibly seeing Nicole?”, Chrissy asks


Waverly groans, “Of course I am. I don’t want to go anywhere near her”


“I know, but maybe you could find someone else there”, Chrissy says wiggling her eyebrows


“Chrissy, I’m not ready for that’, Waverly says honestly, moving her head off her pillow 


Chrissy nods knowingly, “How about this, if we go and she’s there we can just leave?”


“I don’t know Chris”, Waverly replies, the possibility of running into Nicole makes her stomach twist 


Chrissy juts her lower lip, “Please for me”


Waverly slaps Chrissy’s shoulder, “If you stop that face, I’ll go”


Chrissy squeals, jumping up and down on the bed, “Thank you, thank you”


Waverly smiles widely, “Yeah, yeah”


“There will be alcohol which might make you feel better”, Chrissy says, turning to get off the bed 


“Your starting to sound like Wynonna”, Waverly jokes 


Chrissy starts rummaging through her closet, tossing outfits out on the floor, “Sometimes Wynonna is actually right”


“Hm, possibly”, Waverly says, looking through the outfits Chrissy was throwing 


Chrissy throws a knitted bralette top at Waverly’s head, “Okay so you’re wearing this”


Waverly grabs the top off her head, eyes going wide, “Chrissy, I can not wear that”


“Why! It will look so cute with a pair of skinny jeans”, Chrissy says tossing the jeans at Waverly 


“First of all, it's still cold outside”, Waverly pauses, “And second, that's basically just a bra”


“No, look it will cover your tits and stop right above your belly button, it’s a shirt”, Chrissy says smirking 


Waverly lets her fingers run over the material of the top, “Your going to make me wear this aren’t you” 


“All I’m saying is you’ll look really good. I think you need to strut your stuff, especially after this whole Nicole thing”, Chrissy respondes 


Waverly sighs, “Alright, I’ll wear it, but I need a jacket to give with it. I don’t want to freeze to death”


“I was hoping you would say that”, Chrissy says as she tosses her a leather jacket, “Now go get ready” 


Waverly walks into Chrissy’s bathroom, looking over her appearance in the mirror. Her eyes held dark circles underneath them and her hair was pulled in a messy bun, with strands falling all over the place 


“I look like shit”, Waverly whispers to herself, tugging on the end of her sweatshirt, “Chrissy, I’m going to need some help”


“I got you’, Chrissy calls from her room


Waverly lets Chrissy fix up her hair and makeup till she starts feeling a little more confident in herself


“Wow, maybe I should become a hair and makeup artist”, Chrissy says laughing as she looks at Waverly’s reflection in the mirror 


“You did a great job, I feel really good,'' Waverly says turning to Chirssy 


“You deserve it”, Chrissy replies, pulling Waverly into a hug, “Let’s get dressed and head over to the party”


Waverly nods her head, looking at her reflection once more in the mirror


“You can do this”, Waverly says to herself, trying to ignore the knots building in her stomach 



Chrissy and Waverly push their way through the crowded house, the music blaring loudly around them. 


“There are so many people”, Chrissy groans as she grabs on to Waverly’s hand, making sure not to lose her in the crowd 


Waverly grips on tightly to Chrissy’s hands, following her till they make it to the kitchen. Chrissy immediately heads over to the cups, pouring whatever alcohol sat on the table into their cups


“Cheers”, Chrissy says, as she hands Waverly her cup


Waverly tips her head back, bringing the cup to her lips, letting the alcohol burn her throat


“Another”, Waverly croaks out 


Chrissy nods, filling up their cups once more


Waverly swallows the second drink, as quickly as she did the first 


“Fill me”, Waverly says passing her cup to Chrissy 


“Waves, are you sure?”, Chrissy asks 


Waverly nods her head, “You did say the alcohol would help me feel better, right?”


“I know, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do”, Chrissy replies, holding Waverly’s cup in her hand 


“I want too”, Waverly says, grabbing the bottle and dumping more contents into her cup 


Chrissy nods, placing more in her cup as well


Waverly downs the third drinking, trying to hold back the cough that threatens to leave her throat 


“I think we should be good for a little bit”, Chrissy says taking the cup out of Waverly’s hands 


Waverly hears a loud voice coming from the living room, “Move assholes”, Wynonna’s voice booms


Wynonna is pushing her way through the crowd into the kitchen, with Doc on her heels. 


“Waves?”, Wynonna says, her tone filled with surprise, “What are you doing here?” 


Waverly motions over to where Chrissy is standing next to her, “She brought me”


“I’m surprised you were able to get her out of the house”, Wynonna says, pouring herself and Doc a shot 


“It was a battle”, Chrissy says nudging Waverly in the shoulder 


Waverly huffs, “I have a very good reason to be hiding, thank you very much”


“Speaking of that reason”, Wynonna starts, but stops abruptly


Waverly eyes follow Wynonna’s, quickly looking behind her. Waverly feels her legs give out slightly, as Nicole enters the kitchen 


Waverly stays frozen, her throat going completely dry


“Uh, hey guys”, Nicole says awkwardly, rubbing at the back of her neck 


Waverly can see Nicole’s wearing a t-shirt on under her green and black flannel. Her hair is curled perfectly, sitting a little past her jaw. The flannel is paired with some of the tightest skinny jeans Waverly has ever seen. 


Waverly can hear her heartbeat in her ears, as she lets her eyes roam over Nicole’s body. She swears the alcohol coursing through her veins is what’s causing this


“Haught”, Wynonna says after a moment 


Chrissy grabs Waverly’s hand pulling her out of her trance. Waverly looks over to Nicole whose eyes are already on her. Waverly grabs a random bottle sitting on the counter, then pulls Chrissy with her as she walks quickly out of the kitchen 


Waverly can hear Wynonna call out after her, but she keeps walking, letting the music fill her ears


“I’m so sorry Waves, we can just leave”, Chrissy apologizes over the loud music


Waverly shakes her head, undoing the top of the bottle, quickly pouring some down her throat, “I want to stay”


“Are you sure?”, Chrissy asks


Waverly nods, passing the bottle to Chrissy, “You guys are right, I can’t just stop living my life because Nicole broke my fucking heart”


Chrissy brings the bottle to her lips, “There you go Waves”


Waverly feels warmth surround her as she continues to consume more alcohol. Chrissy grabs her hand pulling her over to the area where everyone is dancing 


“Let’s dance”, Chrissy yells over the music 


Waverly gives her a wide smile, throwing her head back and letting the music take over her body. The alcohol and music help her forget about the pain in her chest, Waverly closes her eyes and she feels free. Chrissy and Waverly dance for what seem like hours, till Chrissy tells Waverly she needs to use the bathroom


“I’m fine, I’ll stay here”, Waverly says slurring her words only  slightly 


Chrissy nods her head before she pushes through the crowd, and out of Waverly’s sight 


“Hey”, a voice says from behind her 


Waverly quickly turns around to see a tall guy standing behind her 


“Oh, hey? I’m sorry but do I know you?”, Waverly asks tilting her head to the side 


He shakes his head, “No, I’m actually a sophomore. My name is Zach”


“I’m Waverly”, She yells slightly over the music 


“You’re really pretty”, Zach says, moving closer to Waverly 


Waverly ducks her head shyly, “Thank you”


“You want to dance, I love this song”, Zach says reaching out his hands for Waverly 


Waverly nods her head, turning her back towards Zach. He reaches for her waist pulling her closer into him. Waverly knows that the alcohol is affecting her decisions at this point, but she doesn’t care. 


It feels nice to be wanted for once. 


Waverly closes her eyes, letting her hips move faster against Zach, letting her hands reach back to grab at his neck. Waverly opens her eyes, she meets Nicole’s gaze from across the room. 


Nicole’s jaw is tight, and Waverly can see the death grip she has on her cup. Waverly bites her lip slightly, pushing back into Zach. Waverly keeps her eyes connected to Nicole’s, feeling powerful at the way Nicole seems to be struggling to keep her cool 


Waverly lets her own hands run across her body, letting them linger on her chest for a moment before placing her hands back on Zach’s. She feels her body thrum, when she sees Nicole throw down her cup and walk over towards them.


“Get your hands off of her”, Nicole growls


“Yo, who are you red?”, Zach asks keeping his hand tightly on Waverly 


Waverly can’t stop the ache in her center at Nicole’s action, even though she had no right to say those things


“Nicole”, Waverly says lowering her voice


Nicole eyes look back at Zach then back over to Waverly 


“Nice dancing with you, Zach”, Waverly says moving out of his reach


Waverly grabs Nicole by the hand, ignoring the voice in her head telling her this was a bad idea. Waverly pushes her way upstairs, grasping on to Nicole’s hand tightly. She opens the first door she sees down the hallway.


The room shook slightly as the  music floated up through the downstairs 


“I wanted you to know

Whenever you are around, can't speak

I can't speak”


“What the fuck is wrong with you”, Waverly asks, pushing Nicole against the door, “You had no right to say that” 


“He was touching you,'' Nicole says, jaw clenching tightly 


Waverly laughs, “Are you kidding me right now? Let me remind you that you were the one who didn’t want to be with me. You don’t get to tell people not to touch me”


Nicole inhales sharply


“Is that all you have to say for yourself?”, Waverly says taking a step closer to Nicole


Nicole eyes look from Waverly’s eyes down to her lips, “I’m sorry”


Waverly watches Nicole's eyes fall to her lips, and before she can tell herself to stop, she’s leaning forward and connecting their lips. The kiss is hot and messy, Waverly slips her tongue into Nicole’s mouth


Nicole moves her hands off the door and onto Waverly’s hips, trying to flip their positions. Waverly takes Nicole’s hands off her waist, and pushes them back against the door 


“You don’t get to do that”, Waverly says holding Nicole’s wrists against the door


“No settling down, my text go to your screen

You know better than that

I come around when you least expect me”


Nicole swallows roughly, “We shouldn’t do this”


Waverly nods her head, “We shouldn’t” 


Nicole crashes into her lips first, trying to pull her arms away from Waverly. Waverly lets her hold loosen, and Nicole lets her fingers tangle in Waverly’s hair. Waverly lets her tongue brush against Nicole’s lips, letting her hands move down to Nicole’s wasit 


Waverly’s heart burst at the feeling of having Nicole touch her again, the alcohol clouding the logical thinking in her head


“Fuck you”, Waverly says, breaking the kiss, trailing her lips down Nicole’s, sinking her teeth in to the soft skin


Nicole moans, letting her head fall back against the door, “Waves”


Waverly sucks hard at her pulse point, leaving a red mark as she pulls away


“I hate you”, Waverly says looking up at Nicole


Nicole’s face drops slightly, her chest still heaving, “I know”


Nicole leans in and connects their lips again, pushing Waverly backwards slightly towards the bed on the other side of the room


“Lock the door”, Waverly mumbles between kisses


Nicole nods, pressing the lock in and making her way back to Waverly. Nicole stops in front of Waverly, keeping her hands at her own side, “Are you sure?”


Waverly nods, not trusting her voice. Waverly instead steps forward pulling Nicole closer to her. She wraps her arms around Nicole’s shoulders, letting her hands play with the hair at the base of Nicole’s neck. 


Nicole surges forward connecting their lips, letting the talking be done with their mouths. Nicole’s hands slide from Waverly’s waist down to her ass, squeezing it roughly in her hands 


Waverly moans at the touch, her hands tightening in Nicole’s hair. Nicole walks them backwards till the back of Waverly’s legs hit the bed


“I'm sitting at the bar when your glass is empty

You thinking that the songs coming on to tempt me

I need to be alone like the way you left me”


Waverly scoots back, letting Nicole crawl onto the bed and positioning herself on top of Waverly. Nicole leans down pressing their chests together as she kisses Waverly. Waverly wraps her legs around Nicole’s waist pulling her closer 


Nicole starts to rock her hips into Waverly, letting her lips travel across the side of Waverly’s jaw and down to her neck. 


Waverly’s hands start pulling at Nicole’s flannel, desperate to feel her skin underneath her fingertips. Nicole pulls back slightly to take off her flannel and shirt tossing it across the room. Waverly digs her fingers into Nicole’s back, surly leaving red streaks behind 


“Fuck”, Nicole whines as Waverly’s fingers continue to carve up and down her back 


“You like that?”, Waverly gasps as Nicole’s lips latch onto the side of her neck


Nicole bites and sucks across her neck, pulling back after she’s scattered bruises on her skin, “You can go harder”


Waverly’s eyes lock with Nicole’s, the alcohol giving her confidence that she needed. Waverly scratched harder into Nicole’s back, feeling the angry lines swell on her skin. Nicole’s eyes flutter shut as she bites down on her lower lip 


Nicole’s hips move quicker against Waverly, but it wasn’t enough


“Off”, Nicole whines as she pulled at Waverly’s jacket 


Waverly slips out of the jacket, tossing it with the other clothes on the floor. Nicole’s eyes trail from Waverly’s neck down her body.


“You’re irresistible,'' Nicole says lowering her lips to the top of Waverly’s chest, pulling at the knitted top 


“Then why don’t you want me?”, Waverly says honestly, grabbing at Nicole’s breasts through her bra 


Nicole stops for a moment, looking down at Waverly, “Feel how much I want you”


“You start calling, you start crying

I come over, I'm inside you

I can't find you”


Nicole undoes the button of her pants, pushing them down her hips slightly. She takes Waverly’s hand, and slides it down the front of her underwear.


Waverly’s breath catches in her throat as she slides her fingers across Nicole 


“How can you say I don’t want you”, Nicole chokes out as Waverly presses her fingers to her clit, “That’s what you do to me”


Waverly pulls her hand out of Nicole’s underwear, taking her fingers and putting them against Nicole’s lips, “Open”


Nicole lips fall open and Waverly pushes her fingers into her mouth, Nicole’s tongue sucks at her fingers


“Jesus Christ”, Waverly moans as she watches Nicole suck her fingers clean


Nicole pulls Waverly’s fingers out of her mouth, then pushes her tongue into Waverly’s mouth. Waverly can taste Nicole on her tongue, her center aching at the taste


Waverly reaches around Nicole’s back to undo her bra, quickly tossing it to the floor, she dips her head slightly to take one of Nicole’s breasts into her mouth 


“Waverly”, Nicole moans resting her hands on either side of Waverly’s head


Waverly sucks and tugs are Nicole’s breasts, giving each side the proper attention. Nicole moves back from Waverly, hoping off the bed and tugging her pants down her legs.


Nicole crawls back on top of Waverly, pulling at the knitted top. Waverly quickly pulls it off, as Nicole stares at her bare chest 


“So beautiful, so fucking beautiful”, Nicole whispers as she leans down to take one of Waverly’s nipples into her mouth


Waverly lets her hand tangle in Nicole’s hair, holding her close against her chest. Waverly’s body feels like it’s been lit on fire. She feels hot everywhere and she needs Nicole to cure the ache pounding in her center 


Waverly grabs at Nicole’s hands, pushing them down to her jeans. Nicole keeps her mouth latched on Waverly’s breast as she pushes the jeans down Waverly’s legs 


Nicole pulls back from Waverly’s breast, the skin on her chest filled with a pretty pink flush 


“I need you to fuck me”, Waverly says sternly


Nicole’s eyes widen as she nods rapidly, moving her way down Waverly’s body 


“I can see how much you want me,'' Nicole says, letting her fingers run over the dark patch on Waverly’s underwear 


“Shut up Nicole”, Waverly groans, pushing Nicole’s head closer to her clothed center 


Nicole laughs slightly, moving to pull down Waverly’s wet underwear


“It's late night Thursday

I know that you heard me

But you don't want the same thing

Well two can play that game”


Nicole spreads Waverly’s legs wider, throwing them over her shoulders. Waverly nearly sobs when Nicole’s tongue presses against her. Waverly lets her hands fall into Nicole’s hair


Waverly arches her back off the bed, trying to move closer to Nicole. Nicole slings her arm across Waverly’s stomach to try and hold her down. 


“Nic”, Waverly lets the nickname slip from her lips as Nicole sucks at her clit, her tongue exploring up and down Waverly’s center 


“I love hearing you say my name”, Nicole groans into Waverly’s center


Waverly yanks at the back of Nicole’s hair, “I still fucking hate you”


Nicole peers up at Waverly, her lips still sucking at clit. Nicole moves her fingers down to Waverly’s entrance pressing in slowly


“I know you do”, Nicole says, pushing fully into Waverly 


Waverly moans loudly as Nicole starts moving inside her. Waverly wishes Nicole was closer so she could kiss her stupid face.


Nicole’s lips and fingers work quicker against Waverly’s center, enjoying the sounds that Waverly was making above her 


“Harder”, Waverly gasps, trying to rock her hips into Nicole’s lips and hands


“Not even a please”, Nicole says moving her lips off Waverly 


Waverly groans at the loss of Nicole’s mouth on her, “Fuck you Nicole”


Nicole chuckles, leaning down and sucking harder at Waverly’s clit, curling her fingers inside of Waverly 


Waverly could feel the knot in her lower stomach twist even tighter as Nicole continued to curl her fingers.


“Right there, I’m so close”, Waverly cries out, holding onto Nicole’s forearm 


Nicole kept moving, not slowing her pace, “Come for me baby”


Waverly felt her hips snap at Nicole’s words, tossing her head back against the pillow, she let out a stream of moans 


“Fuck, fuck”, Waverly says as tears spill down her cheeks


Nicole finally slowed her motions, before pulling her fingers out of Waverly and leaving a kiss on Waverly’s thigh 


“Waverly”, Nicole’s voice softer than a few moments before 


Waverly’s eyes met Nicole’s, as she tries to wipe away the tears 


“Waverly”, Nicole tries again


“Say the wrong thing and wrong girls come runnin'

I'm paranoid that these girls want something from me”


Waverly ignores Nicole, pushing her onto her back, quickly jumping on top of her. Waverly’s lips press against Nicole’s, the kiss is all teeth and tongue. Waverly feels the tears continue to roll down her cheeks 


Nicole pulls back, letting her thumb wipe away the tears on Waverly’s skin


“Kiss me”, Waverly says, leaning her forehead against Nicole’s 


Nicole kisses her roughly, biting at her lower lip before pushing her tongue into her mouth. Waverly moans as Nicole kisses her


Waverly’s hands slide down Nicole’s body, pinching and tugging at Nicole’s breasts, till Nicole’s legs start to shake 


“Take me”, Nicole mumbles into the side of Waverly’s head


Waverly nods, moving her fingers down the front of Nicole’s underwear, the amount of wetness she found drew a gasp from her throat 


“I want you so badly. I need you”, Nicole says, pushing Waverly’s hand towards her entrance 


Waverly ignores the ache in her heart and pushes her fingers inside of Nicole. Waverly thinks this one of the things she misses the most. The way Nicole seems to break for Waverly when she touches her, the way her body seems to crave Waverly 


“More”, Nicole moans, reaching her hand down Waverly’s back to grab at her ass


Waverly adds another finger, she slowly pushing in, careful not to hurt Nicole


“Is that okay?”, Waverly asks 


Nicole nods her head, getting used to the stretch of three fingers inside of her. Nicole starts to move her hips against Waverly’s hand


“Harder. I need to remember this” Nicole says, her voice cracking slightly 


Waverly moves her hand as fast as she can, pushing and pulling, listening to the sound of her hand slapping against Nicole’s skin


Nicole rocks her body as fast as she can against Waverly, her hands grasping at Waverly’s back 


“Oh, I’m going to come”, Nicole moans moving her hands to tangle in the bed sheets below them


“Let go my love”, Waverly whispers in her ear


Nicole’s body stiffens, letting a low moan leave her lips. Waverly watches as her body shudders before finally relaxing under her fingertips


“Are we dating? Are we fucking?

Are we best friends? Are we something in between that?”


Waverly slowly removes her fingers, wiping them on the bed sheets. Waverly could feel Nicole’s chest still heaving for air next to her. 


Silence fills the air as the song from downstair changes


Nicole and Waverly lay side by side next to each other, careful not to touch each other 


“Waverly”, Nicole speaks up after a moment 


“Yeah”, Waverly says, turning to face Nicole


“I uh”, Nicole starts, “Will you lay with me for a minute”


Waverly sighs, “I shouldn’t”


Nicole nods, “I know”


Waverly scooches closer to Nicole, letting her hand rest on Nicole’s chest. Nicole brings her arm around Waverly’s back. Nicole’s fingers gently stroke the Waverly’s back, drawing soothing circles 


“We can’t do this again”, Waverly says, running her finger across Nicole’s ribcage 


“I know”, Nicole says closing her eyes, letting a few tears fall down her cheek. Waverly reaches up and brushes the fallen tears away


“I should go”, Waverly says, moving out of Nicole’s reach


“Okay”, Nicole says sitting up to grab her shirt


Waverly feels tears burn at the corners of her eyes as she puts her clothes back on. Nicole dresses quickly, moving towards Waverly. Nicole presses a warm kiss to Waverly’s forehead before taking a step back. Waverly squeezes Nicole’s hand, before heading towards the door


“Waverly, wait”, Nicole says, causing Waverly to pause at the door


Nicole runs a hand through her hair, “I uh”, Nicole stutters, “I care about you”


Waverly gives Nicole a watery smile, “And I love you”


Nicole lets out a small sob as Waverly reaches for the door. Waverly doesn’t look back at Nicole, too afraid she’ll change her mind if she does

Chapter Text

“This separation, time and space between us

For some revelation

You didn't even care to discuss”


Waverly doesn’t see Nicole at school for the next week. After the party Waverly had told Chrissy she wanted to leave. Chrissy gives her an understanding smile and they walk back to Chrissy’s house.


“Do you want to talk about it?”, Chrissy asked, handing Waverly a makeup wipe


Waverly shakes her head, trying to keep her tears at bay, “No, not right now” 


Chrissy hadn’t brought up that night again, knowing Waverly would be too heartbroken to discuss it


Wynonna had told Waverly that Nicole was sick. Waverly nodded pretending that she believed her


“Well I hope she feels better”, Waverly says, turning back to focus on her homework 


Wynonna gives Waverly a pat on the shoulder, before exiting her room


Waverly had been placing all of her attention on school now and picking up extra shifts at Shorty’s trying to keep her mind off Nicole.


If Nicole didn’t want to be with her, that was fine. She would be fine without her. She would succeed and go off to do bigger and better things.


That’s what she told herself, each night after she cried into Nicole sweatshirt. Waverly knew this feeling will pass, and she wouldn’t be heartbroken forever 


She told herself it was okay that her eyes scanned the hallway, hoping just to get a quick glimpse of the redhead. It was okay that she slept curled up with Nicole’s sweatshirt, even though her scent was gone. And it was totally fine that she would let Nicole’s name slip from her lips as she touched herself, hoping to feel something. 


Waverly told herself it was fine, she would get over her. It would just take more time than she thought


Chrissy encourages her to try and go out more, reach back out to Zach. Waverly just shook her head, knowing her heart wouldn’t be in it


So her friday nights had been spent similarly to this one, working shifts at Shorty’s, trying to deal with the screaming freshman who came after the football game


“Miss, I need you to take my order,'' a young boys voice calls out to her from behind the counter


Waverly huffs sitting down the broom in the back, pushing her ponytail over her shoulder as she makes her way out front 


She puts on her best fake smile, before heading over to the group of rowdy teenagers. The boys at the table try to be smooth as they order, throwing in a few flirty looks


She politely smiles at them, ignoring their advances, turning to place their orders in the back


Waverly nearly trips over her own feet, when she sees Nicole push in through the doors at Shorty’s


Waverly’s heart skips for a moment, at the sight of Nicole, then dread fills her


A girl follows closely behind Nicole, she’s nearly as tall as Nicole. Her brown skin sparkling in the diner light, her smile wide and bright 


Waverly watches as Nicole pauses as she sees Waverly standing in the middle of the diner. Waverly grips tighter onto the order she just took


“Waverly”, Nicole says breathlessly, like she doesn’t believe Waverly is standing right in front of her.


“Hey”, Waverly says, eyes falling back to the girl standing behind Nicole


The girl tugs on Nicole’s forearm, pulling her towards the open booth, “Nicky, come on”


Nicole nods, “I’ll be there in a minute” 


Waverly watches as the girl releases Nicole’s arm, moving towards the open booth 


“Nicky, huh?”, Waverly scoffs, moving towards the kitchen


Nicole reaches out to grab Waverly’s wrist, “Waverly”


Waverly pulls out of Nicole’s hold, “I get that you weren’t into me, but bringing your new toy here is fucked up” 


“Waverly, I didn’t know you’d be working. We’ll leave”, Nicole says, twisting her hands together 


Waverly shrugs, “Do whatever you want Nicole”


Nicole takes a step towards Waverly, “Waves”


Waverly shakes her head, moving backwards, “Don’t call me that”


Nicole’s face falls, “I’m sorry”


Waverly spins on her heels, pushing her way into the kitchen. Hanging the order up on the line, before grabbing the broom and roughly pushing it against the floor 


“That broom has done nothing to you”


Waverly nearly jumps out of her skin, dropping the broom on the floor, “Gus”


“Sorry for scaring you honey, but you were going to break my best broom”, Gus says, chuckling 


Waverly picks up the broom, “I’m sorry”


Gus looks at her quizzically, “Any reason for trying to injure my broom?”


Waverly swallows the lump in her throat, “No, none at all”


Gus looks out the kitchen door, surveying the diner, “Ain’t that your little girlfriend?”


Waverly’s heart falls into her stomach, “What?”


“That pretty redhead who got you all rosy when she picked you up,'' Gus says, turning back to Waverly 


Waverly’s mouth falls open, “She’s, I uh”, Waverly stutters, “I mean we aren’t”


Gus furrows her eyebrows, “Is she the one whose got you beaten up my broom?”


Waverly chews on her lower lip, trying to stop her tears


“Oh, honey. Come here”, Gus says opening her arms for Waverly 


Waverly lets Gus’s embrace comfort her, holding tightly onto her. She lets a few tears escape, sniffling slightly 


“What happened?”, Gus says


Waverly clears her throat, “She doesn’t love me back” 


“What a damn fool, I should go out there and beat her with this broom. Knock some sense into that girl”, Gus says, causing Waverly to laugh 


“You sound like Wynonna”, Waverly replies, pulling back from Gus, wiping away her tears 


Gus gives Waverly’s arm a soft squeeze, “I’m surprised your sister didn’t give her a bruising” 


“It’s complicated”, Waverly shrugs 


“Love always is kiddo”, Gus says with a sad smile 


Waverly nods, fixing her top, “I should get back out there. Those kids are going to burn this place down if they don’t get their food soon” 


“You can go home if you want, I can handle it for tonight?”, Gus asks 


Waverly shakes her head, “No, I’m okay”


“If you change your mind, you know where to find me,'' Gus says placing a hand on Waverly’s shoulder 


Waverly pauses for a moment, “Aunt Gus, um thank you. I mean for being cool about the whole loving girls thing”


Gus gives her shoulder a squeeze, “I love you and your sister like my own, nothing could change that sweetie”, Gus thinks for a moment, “Except getting one of those tattoos, I ain’t cool with marking up your skin like all these young fools do”


Waverly gives Gus a smile, “Got it, no tattoos”


Gus winks at Waverly before turning back towards her office. Waverly takes a moment to get herself together, before grabbing the finished meals off the counter. She pushes her way out the door, glancing over to the booth where Nicole and the girl were sitting.


Waverly focuses her attention on delivering the meals to the young boys, before having to wait on Nicole and her new girl. The boys lit up in delight when she placed the food down in front of them, they thanked her politely as they dove into their plates 


Waverly takes a deep breath before moving over to Nicole’s table, bracing for the uncomfortableness of the situation 


Nicole looks up when Waverly approaches 


Waverly clears her throat, “I’m sorry for the wait”


“It’s not a problem,'' Nicole says quickly 


Waverly takes in the girl sitting across from Nicole, up close Waverly can see all the physical flaws she doesn’t have. Her eyes a warm shade of brown and her hair shining as bright as her perfect smile.


Waverly stomach twists painfully because of course this girl is gorgeous, and apparently with Nicole. 


“Waverly”, Gus says from beside her, pulling her out of her trance 


“Huh?”, Waverly respondes looking from Nicole, to Gus


“Shifts up sweetie. You can head home”, Gus says giving her a warm smile


Waverly’s face twists in confusion, “I still have 2 more-”


“Well, I said you’re done. So you're done” Gus says sternly before grabbing the order sheet from Waverly 


Waverly looks back at Nicole, who has a pink blush on her cheeks 


“Get gone”, Gus says shooing her away 


Waverly quickly makes her way into the back, grabbing her bag and pushing her way back out of the kitchen. She makes eye contact with Nicole as she walks past their table


Nicole’s face falls into an unreadable expression, but Waverly doesn’t care to stay around to watch Nicole and her new girl any longer. 

“Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much,

And maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up.

Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well”


Waverly opens her bedroom door the following night, hearing commotion in the living room. Waverly’s first thought is Ward is drunk again, but she swore she had heard his car peel out of the driveway earlier that evening. 


“Wynonna, is that you?”, Waverly calls from the top of the steps 


Waverly hears fumbling from downstairs, then a crash sound, followed by a muffled, “Fuck”


Waverly rushes down the stairs, careful not to fall herself. Once she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she freezes


Nicole is standing in her living room with Wynonna in her arms 


“Waves”, Wynonna shouts from Nicole’s arm, pushing at Nicole’s arms to put her down 


Wynonna scurries out of Nicole’s arm and across the room to embrace her sister


“Wy, you reek of booze and smoke”, Waverly says as she pulls Wynonna into her arms


Nicole stays silent from across the room, watching the two sisters embrace


“Sh, it’s okay. Haught sauce brought me home”, Wynonna says smiling wide, before turning to point at Nicole 


Waverly looks over to Nicole, who has her hands jammed into her jacket pockets, “I see”


“She’s such a good friend, she always takes care of me” Wynonna slurs, moving out of Waverly’s arms, “But you already know that because she takes care of you too”


Waverly stiffens for a moment, trying to hold onto Wynonna 


“But not like in the gay way, that was just you guys”, Wynonna whispers, laughing to herself 


Nicole moves from her spot, pulling on Wynonna’s arm, “That’s enough, I’m taking you upstairs” 


“Why? We were having fun. Why can’t we have more fun”, Wynonna whines, trying to pry Nicole’s hands off her arm


“Because you’re shitfaced”, Waverly says, grabbing at Wynonna’s other arm


Nicole looks to Waverly, giving her a nervous smile


“Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I didn’t just see those googly eyes you gave Haught”, Wynonna says with a smirk on her face 


Nicole huffs, “Wynonna, shut up”


“How are we going to get her upstairs?”, Waverly asks turning her attention to Nicole 


Nicole looks shocked that Waverly is speaking to her, “I have an idea”


Nicole swiftly leans down, grabbing Wynonna’s thighs and tossing Wynonna over her shoulder


“Haught pocket this may work on all those girl, but it will not work on me”, Wynonna yells as she smacks at Nicole’s back


Nicole ignores Wynonna as she starts to carry her up the stairs, Waverly follows closely behind Nicole making sure she doesn’t drop Wynonna


“Waverly, the door”, Nicole winces 


“Shit, sorry”, Waverly says, hurrying around them, to push open Wynonna’s bedroom door 


Wynonna groans as Nicole lays her down on the bed


“I’m going to take your shoes off then, you’re going to get under the covers and go to sleep, okay?”, Nicole says, tugging at Wynonna’s combat boots 


Wynonna mumbles something incoherent, as Nicole pushes her legs into bed and throws a blanket over her. 


Waverly slowly backs out of the room, Nicole following, closing the door quietly behind her 


“Thank you for bringing her home”, Waverly says, once they make their way downstairs 


“No problem, I didn’t want her going home by herself,'' Nicole replies, rocking on her heels 


Waverly nods her head, looking up at Nicole 


“Thanks again”, Waverly says folding her arms across her chest 


Nicole runs a hand through her hair, “Do you want to go for a walk?”


Waverly chews on the inside of her cheek, “We shouldn’t”


“Those words haven’t stopped us before,'' Nicole says jokingly 


Waverly glares at her 


“And besides it’s just a walk,'' Nicole says, “I need to talk to you”


Waverly sighs, “Alright, let me just get a sweatshirt”


Waverly hurries backup stairs, tossing on Nicole’s sweatshirt, before heading back down the steps 


“Cute”, Nicole says as her eyes fall to Waverly’s sweatshirt


“If you’re going to be an asshole, I’m not going with you”, Waverly says as they head for the front door


Nicole pushes the door open, “I won’t be”


Waverly walks quietly down the sidewalk, keeping her eyes ahead of her 


“Can we go to the park?”, Nicole asks after a few minutes 


“Sure”, Waverly says following Nicole on the path to the park 


Nicole jogs ahead, jumping onto the open swing, “Swing with me?”


Waverly feels her heart flutter at Nicole’s soft tone, Waverly takes a seat on the open swing next to Nicole 


Waverly watches as Nicole swings her feet back and forth till she gets a steady rhythm going on the swing 


“You know I taught myself to swing?”Nicole speaks up, looking over to Waverly, “How sad is that”


Waverly falls into pace with Nicole, “Were your parents ever home?”


Nicole keeps her hands tightly pressed to the swing, “I think when I was really little, maybe like five or so”


Waverly watches Nicole as she exhales, “That’s around the age Mama left us”


“Parents suck, don’t they,'' Nicole says with a dry laugh


“I think we got stuck with the worst of them”, Waverly says, pumping her legs to keep herself swinging 


Nicole goes quiet for a moment, “I’m pretty sure your aunt hates my guts”


Waverly tugs on her bottom lip, “She’s just protective”


“She told me there was no more  utensils, I had to eat my salad with my hands”, Nicole says looking over at Waverly 


Waverly lets out a loud laugh, her shoulders shaking lightly


“It’s not funny”, Nicole pouts, but a small smile tugs at her lips 


“It’s hilarious”, Waverly says trying to stifle her laughter 


Nicole lets a wide smile fills her face, her dimples popping on her cheeks, “You’re right, it was pretty funny”


Waverly’s laughter settles, sadness now filling her chest, “Guess you embarrassed yourself in front of your date then”


“Waverly”, Nicole’s tone warning 


“I mean she was your date, right?”, Waverly questions 


Nicole places her feet flat on the ground, “It’s not like that”


“Enlighten me then”, Waverly says, slowing her swing down 


“She’s a distraction,'' Nicole says honestly 


Waverly presses her eyes shut, “Nicole, just say she’s your fuck buddy”


“No, I’m not having sex with her”, Nicole starts, “I mean she likes me, but I just”


Waverly tilts her head to the side, “You just what?”


“I can’t get you off my mind”, Nicole says, swallowing roughy, “And that’s not fair to her or you”


“Nicole”, Waverly says, her voice small


“You just waltzed into my life, with your beautiful heart and kind smile. Then you wanted to kiss me and I swear I’ve never been kissed like that before”, Nicole says turning her attention towards Waverly 


Waverly’s heart bursts at the admission


“I told you kissing girls was like magic, but this was more than just magic. It was a sense of safety, a sense of coming home”, Nicole says, letting a few tears fall from her eyes, “I knew I was fucked from the first kiss”


Waverly reaches out placing her hand on Nicole’s thigh, Nicole reaches down to connect their fingers


“I knew the lines were blurring but I couldn’t stop them, but I should have. Because I’ve hurt you so much”, Nicole says squeezing her hand


Waverly tugs at Nicole’s hand pulling her off the swing, towards the big slide. Waverly sits down opening her legs, pulling Nicole into her chest 


“And none of this is fair to you. I never meant to make you feel like I didn’t want you. That I don’t want you”, Nicole says, holding Waverly’s hands tightly against her 


Waverly tucks a piece of Nicole’s hair behind her ear, “I’m not going to say it was okay, because it hurt me. But I know you had no ill intentions”


“I’m terrified of what you do to me”, Nicole craning her neck to look back at Waverly 


“I scare you?”, Waverly asks, eyes softening 


Nicole nods, “You scare the shit out of me”


“What now?”, Waverly says quietly 


“I don’t know Waves, I’m not sure how to do this. How to not ruin myself and you”, Nicole says stroking her finger up and down Waverly’s arm, “I just needed you to know”


Waverly tries to push away the tears of disappointment that cloud her vision. 


“I don’t want to hold you back. I want you to live your life Waves, but it doesn’t mean I don’t wish you’d wait for me”, Nicole says turning out of Waverly’s embrace


Nicole reaches up and brushes the tears off Waverly’s cheeks, “I want to try and be better for myself, and then you”


Waverly can’t help the sob that leaves her lips, throwing her arms around Nicole. Nicole holds her tightly against her chest, running her hand up and down her back


“I’m so sorry Waverly, for everything”, Nicole whispers into her neck


Waverly cries against Nicole’s shoulder, afraid to let go


“Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. Fuck, Waverly I’m so sorry”, Nicole whimpers, her shoulder shaking in Waverly’s arms 


“I know you haven't made your mind up yet

But I will never do you wrong

I've known it from the moment that we met

No doubt in my mind where you belong”


Waverly pulls back to look Nicole in the eyes, “Don’t apologize. I know how much strength it took to tell me that”


“I’m trying so hard, I promise I am”, Nicole says, lip quivering 


“Shh, I know baby”, Waverly says, leaning down to press her lips against Nicole’s 


Nicole moves her hands to cup Waverly’s cheeks, holding her close against her face. Waverly’s hands wrap around Nicole’s shoulders letting her fingers tangle in her hair


Waverly tastes the salt from their tears mixing together, she presses her tongue slightly against Nicole’s lips. Nicole opens her mouth, moaning into the kiss 


“I didn’t mean those things I said”, Waverly says pulling back Nicole’s lips, “I don’t hate you”


Nicole strokes Waverly’s cheek, “I would understand if you do”


Waverly shakes her head, “I was just mad at you”


“I was being an asshole”, Nicole says pressing a kiss to Waverly’s cheek, “And being scared isn’t an excuse for the way I acted”


Waverly leans her forehead against Nicole’s, “If we ever give us a real shot, you need to work on talking to me, okay?”


Nicole nods her head against Waverly, “I know”


“I want you to feel safe with me and I want you to know that no matter what happens, I’m here”, Waverly says, eyes glancing up at Nicole


Nicole’s eyes well with tears again, “Thank you, I’m sorry for making things so complicated and that I’m not ready to give you what you deserve yet”


“A wise woman once told me that love is complicated,'' Waverly smiles, “There’s no rush”


Nicole leans forward connecting their lips once more, softer than before. Waverly melts into the kiss, letting her hands rest on Nicole’s hips 


Waverly pulls back from the kiss after a moment, “Should we put a pause on this?”


Nicole took a deep sigh, “I really don’t want too, but I think it’s the best way for me to get my shit together”


“Whatever you need”, Waverly pauses, “As long as you won’t be doing this with anyone else”


Nicole shakes her head quickly, “I’m serious about this, about working through my issues. There won’t be anyone else”


“Okay”, Waverly says pressing a kiss to the top of Nicole’s nose 


“But, I don’t want to hold you back, so if you want to see someone else or”, Nicole starts


Waverly holds a finger to Nicole’s lips, “I know you’re unsure of everything, which is okay”, Waverly says, “But I don’t want anyone else”


Nicole smiles softly, bringing Waverly’s hand up to her lips, pressing a soft kiss to the back of her hand. Nicole scoots up the slide a bit more, laying down, pulling Waverly down on top of her. They quietly hold each other. Waverly rests her hand firmly on Nicole’s chest, as Nicole rubs soothing circles on the small of Waverly’s back


“I’m sorry for having to figure this out more”, Nicole speaks up 


Waverly presses a kiss to the underside of Nicole’s jaw, “As long as you come back to me, in whatever form that may be”


“Where you go, I go”, Nicole whispers softly in her hair, “I’ll always come back to you”

Chapter Text

“I run away when things are good

And never really understood

The way you laid your eyes on me

In ways that no one ever could”

“Hi, Nicole. I’m Kate”, Kate reaches out to shake Nicole’s hand


Nicole takes her hand politely before, taking a seat on the couch. Nicole’s hands start shaking slightly as Kate looks at her


“So what brings you to therapy today?”, Kate asks, picking up her notepad


Nicole rubs her hands nervously on her jeans, trying to calm her racing pulse, “I um, have some issues”


Kate nods, turning to scribble something down


“Can you not”, Nicole starts trying to calm her voice, “Like takes notes on me, it’s freaking me out”


Kate casts her eyes up, “Nicole, I assure you I’m not taking notes on you. Just simply writing down what we discuss”


Nicole nods her head, still feeling uneasy, “Okay”


“Why don’t we start with something simple?”, Kate proposes 


Nicole shakes her head, waiting for Kate to continue 


“How old are you?”, Kate questions


“I’m 18”, Nicole replies


Kate smiles, “So your graduating in the spring?”


Nicole chews on her bottom lip, “Yeah”


“Do you have any plans for after graduation?”, Kate asks


Nicole tugs at the skin on her wrist, “I’m not sure. I don’t really think college is my thing. I’ve been, um looking into police academies, but I don’t know”


“Have you talked to your parents about that?”


Nicole stiffens, “No, we don’t really talk. I haven’t seen them in like two months”


“Have your parents always been this absent?”, Kate says, writing something down 


“Jeez, really just jumping in now,'' Nicole laughs dryly 


Kate gives her a sad smile, “We don’t have to discuss everything in this first meeting”


“Okay”, Nicole sighs, looking around the room


“Are there other people in your life that you can talk too?”, Kate asks


Nicole nods her head, “I have my best friend and I um sort of have this girl”


Kate smiles, “Do you want to talk about this sort of girl?”


Nicole rubs a hand against the back of her neck, “Um sure”, Nicole starts, “She makes me really happy, I don’t think I’ve ever felt seen or heard before her”


“How long have you been together?”, Kate says


Nicole panics slightly, “I mean we aren’t together. At least not yet. I really fucked up”


“Ah”, Kate exhales 


“I don’t do relationships, I mean not until I met Waverly. But I don’t know if I’m capable of having a relationship with her. I’m scared”, Nicole blurts out


Kate writes something, underlining it, “But you have feelings for her?”


“Um yeah”, Nicole responds 


“So what’s the fear that’s stopping you from getting into a relationship with her?”


Nicole swallows roughly, “I have these fears of people leaving me”


“And so you leave before people have a chance to hurt you?”, Kate finishes Nicole’s thought, “But this Waverly girl, she’s different?”


Nicole nods, “She makes me want to take that chance, but that the other part of me doesn’t know if I should risk it”


“It’s a complex situation to deal with. Have you explained this to Waverly?”


“I did, and she said she was proud of me for talking to her,'' Nicole says shyly 


Kate smiles widely at Nicole, “Sounds like a smart girl”


“She’s the smartest”, Nicole breathes out 


“You said earlier that you had messed up with her, would you like to talk about that a little more?’, Kate asks, scribbling a few things down


Nicole chews on the inside of her cheek, “Um, well she told me she loved me”


“I’m assuming that you didn’t handle that well?”, Kate presses 


“That would be an understatement. I freaked out on her”, Nicole says


“Did you try pushing her away afterwards?”, Kate replies


Nicole nods her head, “She avoided me for awhile, we tried to be friends for like a day”


Kate chuckles, “I feel like I know how that turned out”


Nicole feels her cheeks reden 


Kate pauses for a moment, “Do you feel unworthy of her love and attention?”


Nicole’s stomach twists, tears pushing at the corner of her eyes, “I do. I mean she’s this kind, smart, beautiful person, and I’m just me. I have these issues that have hurt her, but she’s still there no matter what”


“That’s something though. She seems to be willing to put in the work for a relationship with you”, Kate says 


“I know, but I just feel like I’ll always disappoint her. I don’t want to hurt her again”, Nicole replies 


Kate places the notepad on the small table next to her, “It’s impossible not to hurt another person in a relationship, sometimes things are misunderstood or said with anger. But the most important thing for you to do is to communicate”


“I’m not really good at talking about my feelings, but I’m willing to try”, Nicole says


“That’s all you can ask of yourself, and I’m sure Waverly feels the same,'' Kate says glancing at the clock, “So you have a little bit of homework”


Nicole furrows her eyebrows, “Homework?”


Kate nods, “I want you to tell Waverly one thing that you really admire about her or maybe just think of something that you can do for her. I think starting somewhere small will be good, it will help you feel more comfortable expressing your feelings”


“Okay, I think I can do that,'' Nicole says


Kate stood up from her chair, “Great, if you’d like, you can schedule your next appointment with the front desk”


“Thank you Kate, it was really nice meeting you”, Nicole says as Kate opens the door for her 


“Likewise, now go be brave,'' Kate says with a warm smile 


Nicole feels a tiny bit of weight drop from her shoulders as she leaves the office. She quickly pulls out her phone typing out a text to Waverly 


Nicole Haught: Can I pick you up after your shift tonight?


Nicole chews on her lip nervously, as she waits for the text bubble to appear 


Waverly Earp: Of course, see you then


Nicole lets out a sigh of relief, resting her head on the back of her seat 




Nicole tries to distract herself for the rest of the day, until Waverly’s shift finishes up. She breathes through the anxiety plaguing her as she pushes through the front door of Shorty’s. 


Nicole’s eyes scan the diner looking for Waverly 


“Excuse me young lady”, Nicole sees Waverly’s aunt heading straight towards her 


Nicole starts backpedaling, “I’m just here for Waverly ma’am”


Gus stands a few inches away from Nicole, “Now I’ve heard you ain’t be so sweet to my niece”


Nicole swallows roughly, “I’m trying to make up for that”


Gus eyes her, “Well I sure hope so”


Nicole sees Waverly walk out of the kitchen with her bag slung over her shoulder. Nicole’s heart melts at the sight of the younger girl


“Aunt Gus”, Waverly says, moving closer towards them

“I ain’t do nothing wrong, but give her a strong talking too”, Gus replies, putting her hands up in defense 


Nicole nods her head, “I appreciate you looking out for her. I’m trying my best to do the same”


Waverly smiles sweetly at Nicole, her cheeks blushing slightly 


“That’s what I like to hear, now go have a nice night you two”, Gus says pressing a kiss to Waverly’s cheek 


“I thought she was going to kill me,'' Nicole says as soon as they get into the car 


Waverly laughs next to her, “Don’t be a baby”


Nicole pouts turning towards Waverly, “I am no such thing”


Waverly’s eyes meet hers, smiling widely, “Are too”


Nicole pauses for a moment, taking in Waverly’s beautiful smile, wondering why she decided on the no kissing rule 


“Why are you looking at me like that?”, Waverly asks


Nicole tries to remember Kate’s words, “Because I admire your beautiful smile”


Waverly tilts her head to the side, chuckling lightly, “You admire my smile?”


Nicole feels embarrassment fill her body, her cheeks surly matching her hair, “That sounded much more romantic in my head”


“Hey, it was really sweet,'' Waverly says, placing a hand on Nicole’s thigh 


“Okay”, Nicole groans, brining her hand to rest on top of Waverly’s 


Nicole tries to keep her thoughts innocent as Waverly’s hand rubs circles on her thigh the entire drive back to Waverly’s house 


“So is there a reason you wanted to pick me up?”, Waverly asks, as Nicole puts the car into park 


Nicole takes a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves, “So, tomorrow is Saturday,'' Nicole starts, “And I wanted to ask you if you’d like to come over to my house for like a date kinda”


Nicole slowly turns to look at Waverly, bracing for a possible rejection 


“I’d love too”, Waverly says nearly bouncing out of her seat 

“Really?”, Nicole questions 


Waverly nods her head, “Yes”


“Okay”, Nicole breaths, trying to let her nerves fade, “Can you have Wynonna drop you off at 7?”


“For sure”, Waverly says 


“Cool, cool”, Nicole replies


Waverly is smiling so wide, and Nicole notices the cute crinkles building in the corner of her eyes. Nicole leans over pressing a kiss to Waverly’s cheek


“I’ll see you tomorrow”, Nicole says, lips nearing Waverly’s ear 


Waverly nods, leaning to press a long kiss to Nicole’s cheek, “I can’t wait”


Nicole watches as Waverly gives her a wave as she walks into her house. Nicole’s heart pounds profusely in her chest


“What is this girl doing to me”, Nicole whispers to herself 




“I apologize

If it makes you feel bad

Seeing me so tense

No self-confidence”


Nicole curses loudly as she takes the burnt chicken out of the oven, smoke clouding the kitchen


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me”, She groans looking at the now deystroyed chicken


Sweat is running down her neck as she tries to open the windows in the house, to let out the smoke and scent of the ruined meal 


She hadn’t gotten a chance to shower yet, her hair sticking uncomfortably against her forehead. Nicole had managed to clean every single spot in the house, trying desperately to impress Waverly, even though she had been over many times before 


A knock at the door startled her, cursing at whoever decided to interrupt her as tried to salvage whatever she could of the burnt chicken


Nicole swung the door open, ready to shout at the person standing on the other side. Nicole’s mouth opened and shut as she saw Waverly on the other side of the door. Nicole’s eyes drifted from her wide smile down to the netted top with just a bra underneath and blue skinny jeans


“Waverly, what are you doing here?”, Nicole stutters out


Waverly’s smile falters for a moment, “We had a date tonight?”


Nicole shakes her head, “I know that, but at 7”, Nicole says looking down at her watch, seeing 7 flash on the screen, “And fuck”


“Nic”, Waverly’s voice softens


Nicole’s shoulders tense, “Fuck me”


Waverly reaches out to grab Nicole’s arm, but Nicole steps back, cursing under her breath. Nicole turns around, moving quickly through the hallway 


“Nicole”, Waverly tries again, reaching out for her


Nicole runs her hands through her hair, tugging slightly at the strands, “I’m fucking stupid”


Waverly takes a step towards her, “Honey”


“Waverly, no”, Nicole's voice flaters, “I can’t”


Waverly pauses her movements


“I shouldn’t have even asked you on this stupid fucking date”, Nicole yells, banging her hands on the counter, “I knew I would fuck it up”


Nicole feels a sob rake through her body, sliding down to the floor, pulling her knees up into her chest. She rocks back and forth slightly, hiding her face in her legs. 


“I’m going to sit next to you, okay?”, She hears Waverly say


Nicole doesn’t respond, keeping her head down. Waverly wraps an arm around Nicole’s shoulders, pulling her closer 


“I’m so sorry”, Nicole mumbles into her leg, tears wetting her sweatpants 


Waverly strokes a hand through Nicole’s hair, “What are you apologizing for?”


“I burnt the chicken, I’m not showered or dressed. I don’t have anything prepared”, Nicole cries, “I wanted to do this date for you and I can’t even do that right”


Waverly lifts Nicole’s head off her legs, “Nicole”


“If I can’t even get this date right, how am I supposed to not fuck up a relationship”, Nicole sobs, her shoulders shaking, “You deserve better than me”


Waverly has tears rolling down her cheeks, as she wipes away Nicole’s, “This date isn’t ruined Nicole”


“Waverly, didn’t you just hear all the things I messed up”, Nicole says looking up at Waverly 


“We could be sitting in the middle of the woods, eating pickles out of a jar for all I care”, Waverly chuckles, “As long as you’re with me, nothing else matters”


Nicole sniffles, “Pickles are disgusting “


“I know”, Waverly smiles slightly 


“I’m sorry for yelling at you”, Nicole whispers, “I just had a vision of how this night would go, and I managed to really mess that up”


Waverly opens her arms for Nicole, “Come here”


Nicole crawls into Waverly’s arms, snuggling into Waverly’s neck. Letting Waverly’s touch calm her nerves


“I don’t want you to think that you need to do all those things to impress me or make it up to me”, Waverly says honestly 


“But I don’t want to disappoint you, I want you to know I'm trying”, Nicole replies


Waverly moves Nicole’s head off her shoulder, moving her hand to rest on Nicole’s cheek, “Is this what this is all about? You disappointing me?”


Nicole tries to duck her head, but Waverly keeps her in place, “I’m scared I’m going to disappoint you, I’m afraid because I’m not good enough ”


“Nicole Haught, you stop that talk right now, okay?”, Waverly says sternly, “You’re more than enough”


Nicole shakes her head, “I’m trying to be worthy of you and I’m trying to be ready for you. But I’m just not enough”


“You’re worthy of all my love. You deserve the world Nicole, and I know how hard you’re trying. I can see it right now, you’re actually opening up to me”, Waverly coos pressing a kiss to Nicole’s forehead 


“I um, actually saw a therapist yesterday. To try and work through my problems. And working on talking things out”, Nicole explains 


Waverly smiles softly, “I’m so proud of you. I hope you know that”


“Thank you Waves”, Nicole whispers, leaning her forehead against Waverly’s


“Now, why don’t you get into the shower. And I’ll call in some delivery food?”, Waverly says, pulling back from Nicole to stand up


Nicole follows, standing up across from Waverly, “That sounds good”


Waverly reaches for Nicole’s waist, this time Nicole lets her. Nicole opens her arms, letting Waverly press against her chest. Nicole wraps her arms around Waverly’s waist, holding her close 


“Thank you for this”, Nicole says, pressing a kiss to the top of Waverly’s head, “Thanks for sticking around”


“There’s no other place I’d rather be”, Waverly replies against her chest


Nicole holds Waverly for a little longer, not wanting to let her go


“Get your cute butt in the shower”, Waverly says tapping at Nicole’s chest


Nicole nods, letting Waverly’s arm fall from around her waist, “I’ll be quick”


“I’ll miss you”, Waverly groans, batting her eyelashes at Nicole


Nicole’s stomach fills with butterflies, it feels so nice talking so openly and sharing flirty comments with meanings behind them 


Waverly is sitting on the couch, looking through her phone, when Nicole makes her way back downstairs 


“Hey cutie”, Nicole says into Waverly’s ear


Waverly jumps, hand pressed to her chest, “Don’t scare me”


Nicole laughs pressing a quick kiss to the side of Waverly’s head, “Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?”


Waverly’s cheek flush, “Stop trying to sweet talk me, after you just scared me”


Nicole flops down next to Waverly, letting her hand rest on Waverly’s thigh, “I’m sorry”


“You should be”, Waverly huffs jokingly 


“However could I make it up to you?”, Nicole says leaning her lips closer to Waverly’s 


Waverly’s eyes go from Nicole’s eyes down to her lips, “What happened to waiting for kissing and other activities?”


“Fuck it”, Nicole husks into Waverly’s ear


Nicole leans forward her lips nearly touching Waverly’s, when the doorbell blares in their ears


“Saved by the bell”, Nicole smirks, pushing off Waverly and heading to the front door


Nicole quickly pays the delivery boy, then taking the food from his hand


“Waves, stay there a moment”, Nicole calls from in the kitchen 


Nicole can hear Waverly mumble a reply, Nicole quickly pulls the candles out from the cabinet, placing them on the table before lighting them. She sat out their food on plates, making sure to place napkins and utensils next to the plates 


“You can come in now”, Nicole yells, finishing up placing Waverly’s dinner on the plate


Waverly gasps when she sees the lit candles on the table


“Nic”, Waverly whispers, moving to sit down


Nicole holds her hands up in a pause motion, “Here”, pulling out the chair for Waverly


“This is really lovely”, Waverly smiles from across the table


“I just want to make you feel special”, Nicole says nervously 


Waverly reaches out, grabbing Nicole’s hand, “You already do, but thank you for doing this”


“It’s my pleasure”


Dinner goes smoothly, they fill the time with conversation with light topics, enjoying the other ones presence. Nicole cleans up the table after dinner, quickly putting everything away


“Do you want to watch a movie?”, Waverly asks, as Nicole comes back into the living room


“Sure”, Nicole says sitting next to Waverly on the couch, leaving a small space between them


Waverly looks over to Nicole, “Now you’re suddenly shy about touching me”


Nicole stutters over her own words, “No, I’m just trying to be respectful”


“Get over here you goof”, Waverly laughs, pulling Nicole’s arm around her shoulders


Waverly clicks on some movie that Nicole has never heard of before, leaning her head onto Nicole’s chest. Nicole lets her fingers run up and down Waverly’s arm through her netted top


Nicole feels Waverly’s hand rest on Nicole’s thigh, drawing random patterns onto her jeans. Nicole tries to concentrate on the movie, but Waverly’s hands feel like fire against her


“Waves”, Nicole speaks up halfway through the movie, “You’re distracting me”


Waverly looks over with a smirk, “Oops”


“Don’t oops me”, Nicole groans, trying to push Waverly’s hand off her thigh


“You don’t want me to touch you?”, Waverly asks, eyes growing dark


Nicole leans forward, moving her face closer to Waverly’s, “You know that I do”


Waverly leans her forehead against Nicole’s, “Are you sure?”


“I think I should be asking you that,'' Nicole says, “I’m still working on my issues and I’m trying to be better for myself and for you. I’ll probably fuck up a milion more times, and I’m scared shitless, but”


“But what?”, Waverly nearly husks 


“If you still want me, I’m yours”, Nicole breaths, “You’re worth the risk Waverly”



“ Wanting you more and more

I can't help but think of what we could be

Baby, if I could tell you, if I could tell you

How much I care”


Waverly swings her leg across Nicole’s hips, straddling her as soon as she finishes her sentence


“I want you. I know it won’t be perfect and we still have a long way to go, but I want you. I want you to be mine”, Waverly says against Nicole’s lips 


Nicole brushes a strand of Waverly’s hair behind her ear, “Then take me”


Waverly crashes her lips against Nicole’s, pressing herself as close to Nicole as possible 


Nicole lets her hands rest on Waverly’s hips, moving Waverly’s hips back and forth as they kiss. Waverly wraps her arms around Nicole’s neck, letting her fingers slip into her hair


Nicole bites at Waverly’s lower lip, tugging it between her teeth, before soothing it with her tongue. Waverly pushes her tongue into Nicole’s mouth, both moaning at the touch

“I missed this”, Waverly pants, as Nicole sits up to press kisses to the underside of her jaw, down her throat


Nicole sucks at the skin, leaving marks across her neck. Desperately wanting to show the world that Waverly was hers. Her tongue moves across the bruises forming on her neck. Waverly holds Nicole’s lips against her throat 


“Mark me”, Waverly whines, as Nicole’s teeth nip at her collarbone


Nicole smirks, “I am baby”


Waverly’s hands move out of Nicole’s hair, down the front of her shirt, cupping her breasts roughly. Nicole’s lips falter for a moment, as Waverly pinches at her nipple through the cotton of her shirt and sports bra


“Fuck Waves”, Nicole moans, as Waverly starts tugging at the buttons on her shirt


Waverly nearly rips Nicole’s shirt as she tries to undo the buttons, pushing at the shoulders of the shirt when she finally gets it undone. Waverly’s hands are warm across her stomach, as she moves them back up to Nicole’s breasts. Nicole swiftly lifts Waverly into her arms, standing up from the couch quickly, Waverly yelps in surprise


“Fuck that was so hot”, Waverly moans as Nicole carries her over to the steps 


Nicole doesn’t even make it up the first step, before pushing Waverly up against the wall, as Nicole holds her tightly around her waist. Kissing her hard on the mouth, letting Waverly tug at the hair at the base of her neck 


“Hang on,'' Nicole says placing Waverly on the ground, then quickly stepping forward to keep Waverly pinned to the wall  


Nicole pulls at the netted top, that’s tucked into Waverly jeans. Swiftly untucking it from her jeans, she tugs at the bottom


“Off”, Nicole says, letting her hands dip underneath the thing material 


Waverly lifts her arms, helping Nicole pull the top off, before throwing it on the floor. Nicole connects their lips once more, moving her hands to rest on the small of Waverly’s back. Her lips detach from Waverly’s as they move across her neck to the top of her bra. 


Nicole bends down slightly, pulling down the fabric of Waverly’s bra, taking a nipple into her mouth. Her other hand focuses on undoing the button on Waverly’s jeans


“Baby”, Waverly moans


Nicole manages to undo her jeans, without having to remove her lips from Waverly’s breast. Nicole pushes down Waverly’s jeans slightly 


“Baby, you’re going to have to take your mouth off me for one second”, Waverly says, tapping at the side of Nicole’s head


Nicole presses one last kiss to Waverly’s breast, before removing her lips. Nicole drops to her knees in front of Waverly, lifting one leg at a time to remove her shoes. Tossing them to the side, Nicole pulls at the waistband of Waverly’s jeans 


“Woah”, Nicole whispers, once she gets Waverly’s jeans down to her ankles. Waverly is wearing a lacy black thong, that covers nearly nothing 


“You like?”, Waverly asks, looking down at Nicole 


Nicole nods, quickly removing the jeans off Waverly’s ankles. Nicole kisses up Waverly’s calf, then to her thigh, leaving open mouthed kisses as she goes


Nicole rests her head on Waverly’s stomach, nipping at her abs. Waverly’s hand tangles in Nicole’s hair, scratching at her scalp


“You’re the most beautiful girl in this world”, Nicole says, pressing a kiss to the top of Waverly’s underwear


Waverly tightens her grip in Nicole’s hair, as she pulls down Waverly’s underwear. Nicole leans forward swiping her tongue against Waverly’s center 


“Jesus”, Waverly moans, spreading her legs, so Nicole could have more room to work


Nicole lets her tongue explore Waverly, sucking on her clit lightly. Nicole could feel her own wetness drip down her thighs, as Waverly moaned above her 


Waverly’s hand held Nicole’s head tightly against her center, while her other hand played with her own breast. Nicole swatted at Waverly’s hand, before reaching up and placing her fingers on Waverly’s nipple, tugging and pinching slightly 


“Nic”, Waverly cried as Nicole started moving her tongue faster against her center


Nicole pulled her hand off Waverly’s breast, moving it to brush against Waverly’s clit, letting her tongue dip into her entrance 


“You taste so good,'' Nicole moans into Waverly, speeding up her pace


Waverly’s hips move erratically above Nicole, trying desperately to feel more of Nicole


“Just like that”, Waverly groans, as Nicole’s finger pushes harder into her clit 


Nicole keeps her tongue moving in and out of Waverly, loving the amount of wetness hitting her tongue. Nicole could feel Waverly’s legs start to shake, urged on by Waverly’s movements, Nicole held her hip up against the wall


“Please don’t stop”, Waverly moans, looking down at Nicole


Nicole eyes never leave Waverly’s as her hips move even faster, “Let go baby, come in my mouth”


Waverly slams her back against the wall as she comes, Nicole’s words sending her tumbling over the edge. Nicole continues to lick and suck at Waverly’s center, wanting to prolong Waverly’s orgasm 


Waverly pushes her head away after a minute, tugging at Nicole’s shoulders. Nicole presses one last kiss to Waverly’s center before standing up. Waverly nearly jumps on Nicole, as she tries to pull her down for a kiss. 


Nicole connects their lips, letting her tongue slip past Waverly’s lips. Waverly sucks her tongue into her mouth, moaning at the taste of herself 


“Upstairs”, Waverly says, pushing at Nicole’s back


Nicole sprints up the stairs, Waverly following right behind her.


“Everything off”, Waverly commands, tugging off her own bra


Nicole quickly peels her shirt off, then her jeans. She slips the sports bra off over her head, tossing it in the pile of clothes. Waverly’s lips are on her before she has time to pull her underwear down. Waverly walks them backwards to Nicole’s bed pushing her down.


“Shit”, Nicole moans as Waverly crawls on top of her, letting her center rub against Nicole’s stomach 


Waverly latches her lips against Nicole’s neck, sucking roughly at the skin. She brings her lips across Nicole’s neck and down to her chest. Nicole’s entire body is on fire as Waverly continues leaving bruises across her breasts. 


“Waves”, Nicole cries out as Waverly takes a breast into her mouth, Waverly moves making sure to give each breast attention 


Nicole can still feel Waverly’s center rub wetness against her stomach. Nicole feels like she could  come just from the feeling 


“Baby, take off your underwear”, Waverly says, lifting her hips of Nicole’s stomach


Nicole quickly pulls her underwear down her legs, tossing it on the floor. Waverly scooches a little farther down. Letting her center rest against the top of Nicole’s


“Oh”, Nicole moans, as Waverly’s wet center presses against her clit 


Waverly looks up shyly at Nicole, “Can we try this?”


Nicole nods her head, not trusting her voice


Waverly starts moving her hips back and forth, causing her clit to bump against Nicole’s


“Fuck, fuck, fuck”, Nicole nearly sobs out


Waverly looks up at Nicole, bottom lip pulled tightly between her teeth, “Does this feel good for you?”


“Yes, please don’t stop”, Nicole says


Waverly nods, moving her hips against Nicole. Nicole places her hands on Waverly’s waist pushing and pulling at her hips. 


“Take what you need”, Waverly moans as Nicole’s hands push at her hips


Nicole moans as she moves Waverly’s hips faster against her, the sounds of skin slapping fills the room. Nicole isn’t sure whose wetness is seeping down her thighs, and she doesn’t care


“Baby”, Nicole chokes out, feeling the familiar tightness burn in her stomach


“I’m right here, I’m right here”, Waverly pants out, pushing harder against Nicole


Nicole has beads of sweat dripping down her forehead, as her muscles burn in her stomach


“Waverly”, Nicole moans, tightening her hold on Waverly’s hips


“I’m going to come Nic”, Waverly says leaning her forehead against Nicole’s 


“Me too”, Nicole clenches her eyes shut 


Waverly’s moans grow louder, as they both chase their release 


“I love you”, Waverly sobs


The coil in Nicole’s stomach bursts at Waverly’s words, Nicole lets out a loud cry as her body stiffens. Waverly follows closely behind, moaning Nicole’s name over and over 


Waverly falls against Nicole’s chest, pressing a kiss to the top of Nicole’s breast. Nicole takes a minute to catch her breath, her lungs feeling tight in her chest


“Here”, Nicole speaks up, rolling Waverly off her chest and onto her side, Nicole wraps her arms around Waverly’s back


Nicole feels the pound of Waverly’s heart against her chest, letting it soothe her for a moment 


“Waverly, I”, Nicole starts, after a few moments of silence


Waverly presses a finger to Nicole’s lips, looking up at her. Nicole feels her heart swell with emotion as she looks down at Waverly


“Sh, you don’t have to say anything”, Waverly assures Nicole


“But I”, Nicole stutters out


Waverly stops her again, “It’s okay baby, I know”


Nicole nods, snuggling closer into Waverly, “You make me so happy”


Waverly smiles up at Nicole, pressing a kiss to her shoulder, “Ditto”


Nicole chuckles slightly, stroking Waverly’s hair softly. Nicole feels Waverly drift off into sleep, she presses a kiss to the top on top of Waverly’s head. Nicole looks down at Waverly, finally understanding this is where she belongs.