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Hell's Studio Drabbles

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dreamnoteprincess asked: So for the fanfic thing. Hell's Studio. What if Bendy and Boris get into an argument and no longer become friends. Bendy has a talk with Henry and Joey and found out they two stopped being friends, but patched it back, and Bendy does the same with Boris

Credits to @atomi-cat for this comic, which provided the dialogue for Bendy and Boris seeing Sheep Songs.  

As with all friends, Bendy and Boris had their fair share of fights. However, only one had ever been so bad that they’d stopped being friends over it. It had been in the beginning, right after their initial summoning. Bendy had still been new to the world, clinging to his old ways. He could be arrogant, mischievous, and a bit of a pain in the ass. It was a bit of an understatement to say that the little demon had an ego. He always wanted to be the center of attention at all times. Then Boris had gotten a cartoon focusing around himself. Bendy immediately found himself growing jealous, although he kept it under wraps as best he could. But it was bound to come out eventually.

“Look, Bendy! Looks like I’m gonna be the focus in the next cartoon!” Boris said, pointing at the poster for “Sheep Songs”. He never got the focus in the cartoons. He was so excited!

“Yep! Just don’t let the spotlight get to yer head, pal.” Bendy said.

“What’s THAT supposed to mean?” Boris’ expression turned mildly irritated. “You’re the star of every other cartoon!”

“Yeah. Cause it’s MY show.” Bendy shrugged. “Makes sense I would be the star, doesn’t it? And I’ll always be the star around here!”

“But that’s not fair,” Boris said, rounding on Bendy. “I deserve to have screen time just as much as you do!”

“Yeah yeah, take it up with the animators.” Bendy waved his hand dismissively.

“No, I’m taking it up with you,” Boris growled, folding his arms. “You’re the one who put yourself in charge of everything!”

“I did not!”

“Then what do you call what you’re doing now?”

“I….” Bendy felt his face heating up. “Just shut up! It’s not my fault!”

“You’re responsible now! And I’m not going to let you boss me around anymore!” Boris stamped his foot. “I’m done being your lackey!”

“Well, maybe I’m done being your friend!”



And so the two of them stormed off in different directions. Their fight didn’t go unnoticed by the members of the studio. Boris had taken up residence in Sammy’s office, playing melancholy tunes on his clarinet. Now, Sammy didn’t really mind this. After Alice, Boris was his favorite of the toons. But he was a little worried, since Boris was usually so chipper.

“What’s up with you?” Sammy asked. “You look like somebody died.”

“Just my friendship with Bendy.” Boris sighed.

“So you two had a fight.” Sammy turned around to face the toon wolf. “It must’ve been a big one to leave you this upset.”

“He’s just so arrogant all the time, you know?” Boris said. “I was so excited that I was getting my own episode and instead of being happy for me,  he reminded me that he’s the star and he’ll always be the star.” Sammy tried hard not to snort. Alice was slowly growing in popularity, so Bendy might not be the star forever.

“Bendy can be a little shit sometimes, yeah.” Sammy nodded in agreement. “What you need to do is talk it out.”

“Talk it out?” Boris tilted his head to the side. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to hear that kind of advice from you, Sammy.”

“My mom believed in communication,” Sammy said. “If I got into a fight with another kid, my mom would make us sit down and talk out our problems. Wasn’t always fun, but it works pretty well in solving problems.”

“Gee, thanks, Sammy.” Boris swept the music director up in a hug. “You’re a real swell guy.

Meanwhile, Bendy was pacing behind Henry’s desk, yelling and growling about Boris. He’d been at this for about an hour now, and it was beginning to wear on Henry’s nerves.

“Boss, with all due respect,” Henry turned around. “You’re acting like a kid. And not in a good way.”

“I am not!” Bendy snapped. “Boris is the one being unreasonable!”

“No, you are.” Henry adopted his dad voice. “Boris is used to playing second fiddle to you. He was just happy that he’s finally getting a chance to shine. He deserves attention just as much as you do.”

“But I’m the star!” Bendy whined, stamping his foot like a little kid.

“You’re being a diva. Boris is your friend. You should be happy for him.” Henry continued. “Look, being in any kind of relationship is tough, we all know that. But you can’t just give up the second things get tough. Boris has been moping all day, you two should make up.” Bendy folded his arms and hunched his shoulders. He didn’t want to admit he was wrong. But he did miss Boris. It was just….If he wasn’t the star, then what was he? Where did he fit in in Henry’s world?

“Talk things out. It’ll be fine.” Henry assured him.

“You…You really think he’ll forgive me?” Bendy’s voice was small.

“I know he will.”

And with that, Bendy set off to locate Boris. He found him coming out of Sammy’s office, wiping away some stray tears.

“Hey…” Bendy waved tentatively.

“Hey.” Boris waved back.

“Look, I’m really sorry.” Bendy sighed and started in on his apology. “I was a real #$*% to you, and that wasn’t fair. I should have been happy for you, instead of trying to tear you down.”

“I shouldn’t have lashed out at you either,” Boris said. “But thanks. I really appreciate the apology.”

“I missed you bud.”

“I missed you too.”

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phoena12 asked: Hey there! Hell's studio au; the ink machine breaks and causes several pipes to break, so being the mischievous devil that bendy is he decides instead of wasting it by having Franks mop it up, he instead decides to throw an ink war (kinda like paintball or water balloons or a food fight?)

So the ink pipes had burst. Again. Everyone just sort of groaned and Wally got ready to clean it up. But Bendy had a different idea. The week had been rough and he thought everyone could use a break. He gathered everyone in the break room and explained his plan.

“An ink war.” He said, smiling deviously.

“Pardon me?” Henry asked. “What did you say?”

“An ink war,” Bendy repeated. “You know, like, um, paintball or a food fight or something. It could be fun! I think it could do everyone a lot of good. Plus you can drench me and Joey in ink!” Everyone seemed to perk up a little at that. The employees of Joey Drew Studios liked their boss, sure, but he was an exceedingly frustrating person. Having an excuse to throw things at him was an opportunity they weren’t about to pass up. Sammy was absolutely not going to participate in this ink war. Not after he’d gotten turned into an ink monster twice by said ink. But Bendy let him pour a bucket of ink over Joey. After that, Sammy was satisfied and headed home for the day.

“Alright, so let’s figure out how we’re gonna do this,” Bendy muttered.

“I vote in the parking lot,” Wally said. “I don’t wanna clean up after a whole big ink fight.”

“Yeah, good point.” Bendy nodded. “We can do it like a water balloon thing. Henry, you got any water balloons in your car?” It was getting to be the end of summer and everyone knew Henry’s kids loved water balloon fights.

“Yeah.” Henry got up and went out to the car. “They’re mostly pink, I hope you guys don’t mind.”

“I love pink!” Boris said.

“Too bad we can’t get the ink pink,” Bendy said, ruffling Boris’ fur.

“I don’t know how good that would look.” One of the female interns said. “Might look pretty close to a murder scene.”

“Oooh. Good point.” Bendy grimaced. The last thing he wanted was people driving by to see his employees covered in something that looked like blood. Henry returned with the balloons a few minutes later and they set to work putting the ink into the balloons. It took some work to actually get the stuff into them, but they did. Then they went into the parking lot to begin their fight. They divided into two teams, men vs women. The women were led by Susie and Alice, while Joey and Bendy led the men.

“Are you ready to go down?” Susie asked, hefting a water balloon. Alice stood behind her, a look of pure mischief gracing her normally angelic features. She had a balloon in each hand, squeezing them experimentally.

“You’re the ones who are going down,” Bendy said, trying to look as intimidating as possible. This effect was lessened by Boris standing behind him, wagging his tail as his tongue lolled out like a puppy. Oh well. This would still be fun.

“Ready. Set. Go!” The balloons immediately began to fly. Boris was the first one to get hit, being the tallest. When the ink hit him, it just absorbed into his body, leaving him looking as if nothing had happened.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” One of the female interns yelled. “How can we tell if they’ve been hit!” After some debate, it was decided that the toons wouldn’t be counted when they were figuring out which team won. And so the fight continued. As it turned out, Henry was surprisingly good at dodging. He was a big man so no one had expected him to possess the kind of agility shown by Alice and Susie. Joey, on the other hand…While he wasn’t good at dodging, he was particularly vicious when it came to hitting people with the balloons. He had remarkably good aim and tended to use others as human shields. He displayed a level of cunning that no one had ever seen from him before. It was honestly a little scary. Until, that is, he got hit in the face by a balloon. For a moment, he stood there stunned, then he burst out laughing.

“That was a nice shot, Eboni! You really got me!” He said, ducking behind Boris. Bendy visibly relaxed. Okay, everything was fine. Joey wasn’t being creepy anymore. While he was distracted, Alice hit him in the side of the head with a balloon.

“Keep your head in the game!” She yelled.

“Why you- I’m gonna get you back for that, Angel!”

By the end of the fight, practically everyone was covered in ink, along with the majority of the concrete of the parking lot. They were all too tired to pick a winner, so they just said they’d all won.

“Geez, we’re gonna need a hose to clean everyone off.” Wally said, surveying the damage. “My mop isn’t gonna cover all this.”

“Do we have a hose?” Alice asked.

“Doubt it.” Bendy shrugged. “But hey, that was fun!”

“Yeah, it was.” Henry smiled a little. “Thanks for suggesting that, Ben. You were right. We did need that.”

“Of course I was right.” Bendy puffed out his chest. “I’m always right!” Alice rolled her eyes and flicked the back of Bendy’s head. Soon everyone began to disperse. The ink had mostly begun to dry, so everyone needed to go home and wash themselves off so they didn’t get ink poisoning or something. The toons retired to their respective rooms, each pleased with how the day had turned out, Bendy especially.

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phoena12 asked: Hey there! Hell's studio au; Henry angst time! So I had the idea of maybe Henry just has a generally bad day at work or He has an argument with his family member (brother, sister, cousin etc.) And so goes to the studio to cool off. The studio crew notice his lackluster demeanor and so try to figure out a way to cheer him up!

Sorry this took so long. A lot of stuff came up. 

There was a reason Henry didn’t talk to his family anymore. That reason happened to be the fact that they were homophobic, racist assholes. He’d moved out the first chance he got and never looked back, especially when he married his wife Gloria. He’d expected they would have blown a gasket at him marrying a black woman. And…they had. He and Gloria had been at the supermarket with the children, it was Henry’s day off and they had to run some errands, and somehow his parents had been there. He’d frozen, his eyes locking with theirs. Then they’d looked at Gloria and he could see the rage building behind their eyes. He told Gloria and the kids to go to the car and they’d gone. Gloria knew enough about his parents to not want to be a part of this. The police had to be called because of just how violent his parents started getting. All in all, not an amazing start to the day. Gloria assured him that she and the children were fine when he finally emerged from the supermarket, but he could see they’d all been crying. This only made him angrier. How dare they do this to his family?!

“We’re fine.” Gloria put a hand on his chest. “Why don’t you go to the studio to cool off? We’ll finish the errands.”

“Alright.” Henry was reluctant to just leave them at such a time, but Gloria was right. He did need to cool off.

“Say hi to Mr. Bendy for me.” His eldest daughter said. “And tell him he needs to give me back my pen. He knows which one I’m talking about.

“I will.” Henry couldn’t help but smile a little.

“I mean it.” She said. “I said he could use it once and now he won’t give it back.”

“I’ll tell him you want your pen back.” Henry ruffled her hair. “I promise.” They piled into the car and Gloria dropped him off at the studio. He walked in, letting the familiar scent of ink and paper wash over him.

“Oh, hey boss.” Wally tipped his hat as he walked by. “What’re you doing here? I thought it was your day off.”

“It is,” Henry said, brushing gently past him. Wally frowned, immediately scrambling to find Bendy. He was pretty sure the little demon would want to hear about this. At present, Bendy was in his office, mediating yet another dispute between Sammy and Joey. It was the usual deal. The pipe in Sammy’s office had burst again and Joey had yet to send in a request to fix it. Frustrating, yes, but not too big of a deal. Sammy was in the middle of a tirade when Wally opened the door.

“Wally.” Bendy looked about ready to fall over. “What is it?”

“Uh, so, today’s Henry’s day off, yeah?”

“Yeah. So?”

“So he’s here. And he’s not lookin’ so great.”

“Why would Henry be here today?” Joey asked, tilting his head to the side. “It’s his day off.”

“Yes, Joey, we’ve established that.” Sammy snapped.

“Sammy, for the love of whatever god still accepts me, stop yelling.” Bendy rubbed what might have been his temples. “You’re giving me a headache.” Sammy rolled his eyes, but nevertheless, shut his mouth. Bendy nodded and hopped off his chair.

“I’ll talk to him.” He said. “The rest of you stay here. We might need to come up with some kinda plan when I get back.” Bendy left the office, making his way to Henry’s desk. Sure enough, the other man was there, scribbling away on a piece of paper.

“Henry, what’re you doing here?” Bendy asked, putting on his cheeriest voice. “It’s your day off.”

“Gloria told me I should come here to cool down,” Henry said, without missing a beat.

“You two have a fight?”


“Then what happened?”

“My parents happened.”

“Oh.” Bendy had heard stories about Henry’s parents from Joey, but he’d never actually met them in person, a fact he was glad of every day. He’d met enough bigots. He didn’t fancy meeting any more. So he went back to his office to begin making a plan.

“So why’s he here?” Wally asked. The janitor had taken up residence on top of Bendy’s desk and was eating a candy bar he’d pilfered from one of the desk drawers.

“Gimme that.” Bendy snatched the candy away. “It’s his parents.” The room went quiet. Pretty much everyone had heard about Henry’s parents.

“Well, now that we know what the problem is, we can try to do something to fix it,” Joey said brightly. “I’ve dealt with this problem before.”

“Well, what do you usually do to make him feel better?” Bendy took his seat at his desk again.

“Well, it depends,” Joey said, rubbing his chin. “Usually drawing makes him happy. What was he doing when you found him?”

“Drawing. Didn’t look like it was helping neither.”

“Oh dear.”

“What’s going on?” Alice and Boris entered at this point, along with Susie.

“Henry’s having a bad day and we’re trying to figure out how to make him feel better,” Wally said.

“His parents?” Alice asked. The others nodded. Boris, Alice, and Susie entered, shutting the door behind them.

“So, any ideas?” Susie asked, settling beside Sammy.

“Not yet,” Sammy said. “Our best idea yet was drawing. But he’s already doing that.” Susie pursed her lips and gently smacked his shoulder.

“They’re trying. Give them a break.”

Sammy rubbed his arm, but said nothing. And so the meeting began. Susie and Alice suggested Henry sit in on one of the band sessions, but that was thrown out because of how often Sammy would try and correct the players, causing many a fight to break out. Boris’ suggestions tended to be dog related in nature, so they were generally out, although his input was appreciated. As they argued, none of them noticed that Henry was standing in the doorway. He hadn’t seen any of them, and after his conversation with Bendy, he’d remembered he needed to tell the demon his daughter wanted her pen back. He watched his friends argue, unable to stop himself from smiling. They really cared about him, didn’t they?

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phoena12 asked: Hell's studio au: the one and only coffee machine in the studio breaks down and Sammy starts to slowly lose his shit (maybe a cute scene at the end where susie tries to calm him down with sweet words and cuddles??) Also I adore your writing keep up the amazing work \^○^/



The coffee machine was broken. Normally, this wouldn’t have been too much of a problem. But this happened to correspond with Sammy trying to quit smoking. He’d replaced the nicotine craving with coffee, and without it…Well, that wasn’t exactly a pleasant sight. Now the machine was broken and everyone was freaking out. Sammy hadn’t come in yet, so they were doing all they could to execute damage control. Wally had been sent out to get a few pots of coffee from a coffee shop nearby while Susie had brought some from home. Sammy arrived to absolute chaos. He wasn’t the only person the studio who needed the coffee after all.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Sammy asked, grabbing Henry by the shoulder.

“Coffee machine’s broken.” Henry said. Sammy blinked, then put both hands on Henry’s shoulders, his eyes going wide.

“What did you say?”

“The coffee machine is broken.” Henry repeated, keeping his composure.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Sammy groaned, relinquishing his grasp on Henry. “Now what am I gonna do?”

“Wally’s getting coffee from a shop.” Henry said.

“And I brought some from home.” Susie slid in, kissing Sammy on the cheek and handing him a cup of coffee.

“You are a lifesaver.” Sammy sipped at the coffee, sighing.

“You’ll get through this.” Susie patted his arm.

“Your faith in me is admirable, if misplaced.” Sammy said. “I guess I should apologize in advance for how awful this day is going to be.”

“It won’t be that bad.” One of the interns said. They regretted saying that soon enough. As the day went on, Sammy became increasingly moody and irritable. He was the one responsible for downing most of the coffee Wally had come back with. He snapped at most everyone who came near him, meaning the interns avoided him like the plague. Except for Cordelia, who continued on as if nothing was wrong. Susie was in and out of the office to calm him down with sweet words and cuddles.

“You’re going to get through this.” She assured him, kissing his cheek and running her hands through his hair. “Just remember, the first few days are always the hardest.”

“I need a cigarette.” Sammy groaned.

“No.” Susie said firmly. “You have to stick with this.” She pulled him back to his feet. “Come on. The band’s about to play. You can take the banjo section.”

“Fine fine.” Sammy followed her to the band room, where Norman was cuing up the band.

“Is it okay if Sammy takes the banjo bit?” Susie asked. Sammy was honestly a little nervous. He’d taken a disliking to the banjo player, writing especially hard sections for him. Of course, he had faith in his own abilities, so he could probably manage it.

“Be my guest.” Norman said, smiling to Sammy. “As long as you don’t try to backseat conduct again.”

“That was one time.” Sammy grumbled, going to the banjo chair. The banjo player gave him a look, relinquishing his seat without any protest.

“Alright, from the top.” Norman lifted his baton and they began. There was something about playing music that always calmed Sammy’s nerves. This instance was no different. He felt himself relaxing as he played, all his focus going into getting the notes right. Susie’s voice drifted out from the recording book. Listening to her and the band, he almost forgot about the fact that he had neither coffee or cigarettes. But as soon as the recording session ended, the cravings came right back. He retreated to his office to aggressively play the banjo to calm himself down. Susie dropped in again to make sure he was still doing okay.

“At least you didn’t yell at the Jeff this time.” She said, settling on the cot.


“The banjo player. You didn’t learn his name, I’m guessing.”

“I did not.” Sammy picked up his banjo. “I do not like him. He has no respect for music.”

“He’s kind of a little shit, I’ll admit that.” Susie said. “But he’s trying.”

“I got more coffee.” Wally stuck his head into the office. “Give me five bucks and it’s yours.” Five seconds later a crumpled five dollar bill was being hurled at Wally’s head.

“GIVE IT TO ME!” Sammy’s voice sounded almost unholy. Wally set the coffee down, put his hands up, and backed away slowly. Sammy grabbed the box of coffee, holding it to his chest as if it were something precious.

“Okay honey, I think you might have a problem.” Susie managed to pry the coffee away from him. “Let’s share some of this with the rest of the coffee vampires, hm?”

“……Fine.” Sammy poured himself a cup of coffee and let Susie go to share it. With the coffee, he was able to get some more work done.

Joey got the coffee machine fixed almost the next day. He’d been frantically making calls to anyone and everyone. The studio basically ran on coffee after all. Sammy was a lot calmer with coffee, and the interns’ minds were put at ease. The new machine was a lot nicer and definitely sturdier. The last one had been a little crappy, honestly. Joey hadn’t been able to afford a lot when the studio had started. Susie had to physically hold Sammy back to keep him from drinking all the coffee himself. This was an…interesting scene. The other employees just got their coffee and fled. It was pretty much all they could do.

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dreamnoteprincess asked: Okay. I know I said one more, but I just thought of this. Hell's Studio AU. Sammy starts to show an emotion no one would ever expected; Sadness.



No one had ever seen Sammy sad before. Except for the toons during the ink monster debacle, of course. But the human members of the studio were still getting used to seeing Sammy happy. All other emotions from him were foreign. So when Sammy came into work one day looking dejected, no one was quite sure how to react.

“Hey, you feeling okay?” Bendy was sent down to see what was going on with their music director.

“Honestly? No. I’m not.” Sammy sat at his desk, his head in his hands.

“Did something happen?”

“My father just died,” Sammy said. “Does that answer your question?”

“Oh.” Bendy just stood in the doorway, unsure how to proceed. “I’m…I’m so sorry.”

“Yes, well, I’d like to be alone now, if that’s okay.”

“Yeah, of course.” Bendy beat a hasty retreat. He was trying not to think about how weird it was to see Sammy sad. He just seemed so…defeated.

“What’s wrong?” Joey asked when Bendy returned to him.

“His dad died.”

“Oh…” Joey looked away, suddenly ashamed of his behavior. “That’s..That’s awful.”

“He just wants to be left alone right now, so let’s give him some space,” Bendy said. “I don’t want to make this any harder for him than it already is.”

“Of course.” Joey nodded. “I completely understand.”

“He’ll tell everyone when he’s ready.”

Bendy spread the word throughout the studio that everyone should leave Sammy alone for a bit. He didn’t tell them why, just that Sammy was going through a rough patch and he needed some space. The studio employees did as they were told and didn’t bother Sammy. Susie and Alice dropped by a few times to give him emotional support. They were about the only ones he wanted to see at the moment. The next week Sammy flew out to his father’s funeral, taking the rest of the month off so he could spend time with his family.

“Do you think he’s gonna be okay?” Alice asked as the toons gathered together after hours. “He looked pretty rough.”

“I don’t know honestly,” Bendy said. “I’ve never seen him like this before. But…people die, right? You go through a grieving process and then you move on. That’s how it goes, right?”

“I always forget humans aren’t like us.” Boris played with his tail. “It must be tough, losing people.”

“Sammy’ll be fine,” Bendy said again, mostly to reassure himself. “He’s always fine.”

When Sammy returned to the studio, he was more or less back to normal. He remained subdued for weeks afterward, but things slowly returned to the way they had once been. Being Sammy, the music director didn’t tell anyone else that his father was dead. Not until a year later that was. But things were normal again. Bendy clung to that sense of normalcy. He saw Sammy sad more than once in the years that followed, but never as distraught as he’d been when his father died. Not until years later.

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inkavixentheinkdemon asked: Yasssss!!!!! Now please do one about Sammy becoming an ink monster, please. That's gonna be hilarious XD



So part of this is based off this comic



It had been a hard week for Sammy, mostly because of the fact that he’d been turned into an ink monster. Now he was back at work, ready to bury himself in his songwriting. Being at home had been nice, but at the same time, he’d been haunted by the memories of being that inky creature. If he could just work hard enough, he’d eventually forget about it. Everyone greeted him warmly, which made him feel a little better. He opened the door to his office and turned on the light, preparing to hang up his coat. As he put his briefcase down, he noticed something on his desk. Still, with coat in hand, he walked over. There was a piece of what looked like chocolate cake, as well as a little card. The note read as follows,

Felt bad that the ink pipes burst on you the other day…


Made this with Alice and Joey to make up for it! Don’t worry, he didn’t put anything in it I think.

-S. Campbell

A. Angel

He smiled softly at the card. He could always count on Susie to try and make things better. She was such a lovely person. He sat down at the desk, picking up the provided fork and taking a bite. It was a superb chocolate cake. But there was a strange taste to it. It tasted like…ink? Sammy groaned. Joey had slipped ink into the cake. Of course, he had.

“Joey, I swear to God.” He muttered. Oh well, he couldn’t just let the cake go to waste. It took a little for him to get past the ink flavor, but once he did he was able to finish the slice of cake. It was immediately apparent that this had been a bad idea as an intense pain gripped Sammy. He fell off his chair, clutching at his stomach. His whole body felt hot, but it wasn’t sweat coming out of his body. It was ink. Sammy’s eyes widened. No no no no no. Not again. He couldn’t go through that again. Using one hand, he started dragging himself towards the door, leaving a trail of ink behind him as it began to cover every inch of his body. He barely managed to reach the door before he passed out, his arm reaching for the doorknob.

He was found about ten minutes later when Susie and Alice came to see how he’d liked the cake.

“I just hope Joey didn’t put anything in it,” Susie said. “I wasn’t watching him the whole time and you know how he gets.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Alice assured her. Then the two of them saw the puddle of ink spreading out from under Sammy’s door. They exchanged a look then slammed the door open. Sammy was pushed back, the impact of the door jolting him back into consciousness. He had returned to his ink monster form and was bleeding ink onto the floor due to his not so stable emotional state.

“Get Joey,” Susie said. Alice was out the door almost before Susie said anything. Susie hoisted Sammy up, getting him onto the cot he kept in a corner of the office.

“I can’t believe this is happening again.” Sammy very nearly wailed.

“I’m so sorry.” Susie murmured, trying to calm him down. “I didn’t know he was going to do this. But don’t worry, we’ll fix this. We fixed it last time and we’ll fix it again.”

“I found him.” Alice entered, out of breath, dragging Joey behind her. Bendy was at the creator’s heels, followed by Wally of all people. The janitor was carrying his mop and bucket. Ah, he was there to clean up the ink pools.

“Yeesh. You look rough.” Wally said.

“Thanks, Franks, I couldn’t tell.” Sammy snapped. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. If Sammy could snark, he was okay.

“Sammy,” Joey smiled disarmingly and put his hands up. “I promise, I didn’t intend for this to happen. I just wanted to see-”

“What would happen if you slipped ink machine ink into Susie’s gift, is that it?” Sammy asked, beginning to gain his composure once more. “I’m not your fucking guinea pig, Joey! You have to stop doing this to me!” His form began to melt again. Susie put a hand on his shoulder. At first, he flinched back, but as she murmured comforting things to him he calmed down, pulling himself together.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Joey said, fidgeting. He really did feel bad this time. Sammy really looked pissed off. Even more than usual.

“If you’re really sorry, then fix it!” Sammy snapped. Joey nodded and ran out of the room to begin preparing the solution. Susie and Wally stayed, Susie to calm Sammy and Wally to mop things up.

“He really screwed up this time, huh?” Wally said as he started mopping.

“That’s an understatement.” Susie pursed her lips, glancing back at the door. “I really am sorry, Sammy.”

“You couldn’t have known.” Sammy sighed and buried his face in his hands.

“At least you got cake, right?” Wally said. “I mean, that’s a plus.”

“Yes, I suppose. Aside from the ink taste, it was quite good.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you think so!” Susie’s face lit up. “Alice and I worked really hard on it. I’d never made a chocolate cake before and I was worried about how it would turn out.”

“You did well,” Sammy said, smiling a little. “I did appreciate the thought.”

“There we go!” Susie clapped her hands together. “It’s always nice to see you smile.”

“Freaks me out,” Wally said. “There’s somethin’ unnatural about Sammy smilin’.”

“Franks, I will throw something at you.”

“I know I know.” Wally threw his hands up and kept mopping.

Sammy was back to normal by the end of the day this time. Joey had worked throughout the day in order to fix his mistake. Bendy didn’t even mind. Joey had screwed up and so he headed to fix it. Wally complained about having to mop up Sammy’s ink trails, of course, but he did it all the same. Sammy and Susie had spent most of the day together, which gave Bendy a very interesting idea about how Joey could repay the music director…

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0-melodiousunderfan-0 asked: Hell's Studio: Bendy and Joey set up a secret dinner and tell Sammy Lawrence and Susie Campbell to come for different reasons. When they arrive, it's a dinner for two. (Both Bendy and Joey are hiding as to not get killed.)


Everyone knew Sammy had the hots for Susie Campbell. Anyone who had gotten him drunk had heard him ramble on and on about Susie’s beautiful smile, her heavenly voice and how well it suited Alice Angel. After Joey had turned Sammy into an ink monster, again, Bendy had gotten an idea as to how Joey could make it up to Sammy. So at the end of the next day, Bendy sauntered into Joey’s office, closing the door behind him. Joey was doing paperwork, the radio on beside him.


Joey looked up. “Oh! Bendy! Hello. What can I do for you?”

“So, I’ve been thinking.” Bendy walked up and leaned on Joey’s desk. “You really screwed up with Sammy.”

“I’m aware.”

“But I know a way you can make it up to him.” Bendy grinned and swished his tail. Joey put down his pen, his eyes narrowing slightly.

“…Go on…”

Bendy’s smile widened. “So here’s what we’re gonna do.”



Sammy didn’t normally answer notes that were slipped under his door. But he was tired and he was a little worried he’d get yelled at if the note happened to be from Joey. His employer was prone to leaving cryptic messages for some reason. So he just sighed, put on his jacket, and headed to the break room. The pedestals to appease the gods had been taken down a while ago, leaving the room wide open. When he entered the room this time, he found a little table set up for what appeared to be a romantic dinner. There was a candle in the middle, flanked by two plates of spaghetti and silverware. And sitting at the table was Susie. Sammy knew in an instant what was going on. This had to be Bendy and Joey’s doing.

“You get a cryptic note too?” Susie asked. Sammy nodded, sitting down across from her.

“Something tells me Bendy had a hand in this.” He said. “I would say we shouldn’t give him the satisfaction-”

“But it’d be a shame to waste good food?” Susie laughed and picked up her fork.

“Did they happen to provide wine?”

A moment later the door opened and a bottle of wine rolled in. Sammy rolled his eyes and picked up the bottle, popping it open with a provided bottle opener.

“So they’re just going to watch us, aren’t they?” Susie glanced at the door as Sammy poured her a glass.

“Seems likely,” Sammy said. “If we’re lucky they’ll get bored and go away.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Susie held up her glass. The two toasted and drank. The dinner was quiet and quite pleasant as far as Sammy was concerned. Okay, so maybe he wouldn’t kill Joey for setting this up. It was nice to just…talk with Susie. They were both so busy most of the time they barely had time to just talk to one another. By the end of the dinner, Sammy was feeling comfortable enough that he thought he might be able to finally tell Susie how he felt.

“So….Susie…” He took a deep breath.

“Yes?” She leaned on her hands. “Something to say, Sammy?”

“I…For awhile I’ve…” Why was it suddenly so hard to talk? He’d practiced this a dozen times in his mind. Susie waited patiently as Sammy floundered his way through trying to confess to her. She’d known for a while about his crush on her but figured he would confess in his own time. She didn’t want to force him into anything.

“Listen, I like you,” Sammy said. “More than I like other people. I’d like to take you out to dinner some time. Properly.”

“Why Samuel, I thought you’d ever ask.” She smiled wide.

“Wait…Did you know?”

“Half the studio knows. It’s not a very well kept secret.”

Sammy buried his face in his hands, groaning. Susie reached out and patted his shoulder.

“I thought it would be a better idea if I just let you tell me on your own.” She said. “I’m sorry, did I upset you?”

“No,” Sammy said through his hands. “I just feel like an idiot. Half the studio? Really?”

“Something about you always talking about me when you’re drunk?” She withdrew her hand, shrugging a little. Sammy groaned louder. He’d completely forgotten about all the times he’d gotten drunk with his coworkers and rambled on about Susie.

“Don’t worry about it,” Susie said. “We all act stupid when we’re drunk. Now, you want to go get a drink?” She got up and held out a hand to him.

“That would be nice, thank you.” He took it and got to his feet. Bendy and Joey scrambled out of the way so the couple wouldn’t notice them. Sammy and Susie still saw them anyway but paid the pranksters no attention. They walked out hand in hand, heading to the jazz bar that had been Sammy’s former place of employment.

“Looks like it worked pretty well,” Bendy said as he watched them go. “I don’t think Sammy’s gonna kill you after all.”

“At least he’s happy,” Joey said. “Now, I have some paperwork to finish up.” And with that he headed back to his office.

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dreamnoteprincess asked: I hope I'm not annoying you, but I do have one more bendy prompt thing. Bendy makes a bet with Sammy to hold in his anger. Chaos happens.


Sammy had an anger problem. Everyone in the studio was well aware of this. Not a day went by when Sammy wasn’t yelling at someone. The employees in the studio were pretty used to it by this point, although most of the interns were scared of him. Sammy’s temper tended to get on Bendy’s nerves though. Especially during deadline weeks. Everyone was on edge and having Sammy yelling certainly didn’t help. After a particularly difficult deadline week, Bendy got an idea.

“Well well well, if it ain’t the physical embodiment of pure unbridled rage. Howzit goin’ Samuel?” Bendy sauntered up to Sammy, who was glowering at the coffee machine. It was pretty early in the morning, so not the greatest time to be approaching the music director.

“What do you want?” Sammy asked.

“I wanna make a bet, Sammy-Boy.” Bendy pulled Sammy down to his level, hooking an arm around his shoulder.

“…What kind of bet?” Sammy asked. He knew better than to just dive into said bet without any caution. If he wasn’t careful this could end up like the superglue war.

“If you can go an entire work week without yelling at anyone, I won’t prank you for a month.” Bendy pulled out a contract, flourishing it.

“And if I fail?” Sammy eyed the contract warily.

Bendy’s grin widened. “I’ll decide that later.”

“I’ll only do it if you do the same thing,” Sammy said. “One whole work week without yelling at anyone and if you win I’ll take your pranks without retaliation.”

“Alright.” Bendy’s tail swished back and forth with anticipation. “Sign to make it official?”

“I’m not signing your contract,” Sammy said, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Why not?”

“I already sold my soul to Joey. I’m not signing any more contracts.”

And so began their competition. Word got out about the bet pretty quickly. Sammy and Bendy’s perpetual prank wars were a constant source of entertainment for the studio, but this was even better. Everyone wanted to see who would break first. Wally was at least a little interested. Sammy didn’t yell all the time, he knew that, but it was surprisingly easy to get him to go off. He expected it would last maybe a day or so and then things would go back to normal. At present, he was mopping up another ink stain.

“Wally.” Wally turned around to see Sammy striding towards him. The janitor started to panic. Sammy showing up wherever Wally was meant he was about to get yelled at. However, instead of yelling, Sammy held out a battered key ring. Wally’s battered key ring.

“You need to keep a better eye on your keys. Or at least invest in a better key ring.” He said, surprisingly calmly.

“You’re…You’re not going to yell at me?” Wally asked, taking the keys.

“Not in this case,” Sammy said. “Bendy bet me I couldn’t go a whole work week without yelling at someone, and in this case, you just had a shitty key ring.”

“And you haven’t broken yet?” Wally’s question made Sammy close his eyes and start counting. “How long’s it been?”

“It’s been two days. I am dying.”

“Well, good luck.” Wally grinned, mock saluted, and walked off. Sammy groaned and retreated to his office to blast ‘Willow Weep For Me’. That always calmed him down. It would be okay. He could do this. Unbeknownst to the rest of the studio, Sammy had actually been going to anger management at the request of his long-suffering landlady. He’d been pissing off some of the other tenants, so she’d not so gently suggested he go to anger management. It was definitely helping him, he could say that much. As the week progressed, he found it easier to not yell. It was still difficult, but not as impossible as it had seemed at first. Bendy was having an extremely difficult time. He was stressed and Joey was not doing him any favors.

“How are you holding up?” Henry asked as he passed by Bendy’s desk. Bendy was face down, screaming quietly.

“Peachy.” The demon said. “Just peachy. How many more days've we got left?”

“Two. You’re almost there.”

Okay, he couldn’t do this. He had to make Sammy break first. He had to break the music director. He started with the most simple of pranks, a bucket of water over Sammy’s office door. Bendy set it up and waited. Sammy left his office a few minutes later and was subsequently drenched. Instead of yelling, he sighed heavily.

“Very funny, boss.” He said, looking in Bendy’s direction. “You’re breaking, aren’t you?”

“Of course not!” Bendy stamped his foot, hands on his hips. Sammy grinned, a very creepy expression.

“I’m gonna win this.” Then he went back into his office for a change of clothes. Bendy ramped up his pranks after that. Each time, Sammy reacted mostly with tiredness, or with the smug satisfaction that he was winning. By the end of the week, neither had cracked yet, but Sammy was very obviously winning, despite almost being turned into an ink monster by Joey. Again. It was almost becoming a thing.

“You ready to throw in the towel?” Sammy asked on the morning of the last day, sipping his coffee.

“I don’t give up, Sammy Boy.” Bendy glowered at him over his cup of ink.

“Well, I for one wouldn’t mind more peace and quiet,” Alice said, walking in. “It’s been so calm lately. I think this is really doing you some good, Sammy.”

“I do feel better.”

“I’m dying,” Bendy said. “Just in case anyone’s wondering. This is killing me.”

“It could do you some good if you weren’t so obsessed with winning.” Alice looked coolly back at him. “And don’t think I haven’t seen your smug looks, Sammy.” Sammy, who had been smirking at Bendy, quickly stopped and excuse himself to go do his work. Bendy beat a hasty retreat as well. Alice sighed, heading out to find Susie. The end of the day came faster than either of them had expected. Neither had broken yet. But they soon would. It was an hour before the end of the workday and Sammy was headed up to deliver the day’s songs, while Bendy was going to check how Joey’s shots were coming. They met outside Joey’s door.

“So.” Sammy looked down at Bendy. They both knew that if anyone could break them, it would be Joey. This was likely going to be the breaking point for both of them. They both sighed and entered. Joey was on the floor, a summoning circle in front of him, lit candles around it, and one of his black magic books open in front of him.

“JOEY!” Both Bendy and Sammy yelled together. Joey looked up, the hood of his robe falling back.

“Oh, hello you two.” He said, smiling. “I’ll be right with you-”

“Joey, what did we tell you about summoning?!” Bendy stormed in, putting out the candles.

“This job is shaving years off my life, I swear.” Sammy dumped the songs on Joey’s desk. “I’m going home.”

“See you tomorrow.” Joey waved Sammy out as if nothing was wrong. Bendy then proceeded to chew him out royally. In the end, neither of them won. But Alice made a sign for Joey to wear that said ‘I can’t control myself around black magic’. He had to wear that sign for a whole week. It didn’t bother Joey, but it made Sammy and Bendy feel better about both of them losing their bet. As a courtesy, Bendy didn’t prank Sammy for the aforementioned month, and Sammy actually continued to try not to yell when he could help it. But Joey still got yelled at. Just not as much.

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dreamnoteprincess asked: (Okay! This has to be a fanfic to make my day) Hell's studio. Sammy decides to propose to Susie, but is nervous and feels like he'll be rejected. That is when Bendy (surprisingly), Boris, and Alice comfort him and tell him he has to do this or he'll miss out. And he does, in front of the studio, with a happy ending.

Sammy and Susie had been dating for a few years now, and Sammy had decided it was time to propose. It was what people did, right? He’d bought a ring and everything. But the more he thought about it, the more nervous he became. He still considered Susie agreeing to date him to be some kind of fluke. He knew he wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around a lot of the time, and although he’d been taking anger management he still had problems with his temper. He was still waiting for the day Susie would come to her senses and decide she didn’t love him anymore. It was going to happen. He was sure of it. She’d probably reject him if he tried to propose. So he sat at his desk, playing with the ring box. It was getting close to the end of the day now and his chance was slowly slipping away, which made him even more nervous.

“Hey, Sammy boy, what’s up?” Bendy sauntered in without a second thought.

“Not not, boss,” Sammy said. Bendy immediately stopped in his tracks. Something was definitely wrong.

“Sammy, what’s wrong?” Bendy asked, walking up to stand beside Sammy’s chair. “You know you can tell me, right?”

“Boss, I’m fi-”

“No, you’re not.” Bendy cut him off. “Hang on, I’m gonna get Boris and Angel. They can help.” Sammy buried his face in his hands as Bendy ran out, returning with the other two toons. Both looked a little confused, but for the most part concerned.

“What’s wrong?” Alice asked. “Bendy said you weren’t acting like yourself.”

“I told him, I’m fine,” Sammy said, head still in his hands. “You’re all making a big deal out of nothing.”

“Hey, what’s that?” Boris pointed to the box sitting on Sammy’s desk. Sammy scrambled to hide it, but Alice picked it up instead. Her face lit up upon opening it.

“Oh, Sammy.” She looked up at him. “You’re going to propose! This is amazing!”

“Way to go!” Bendy slapped Sammy’s back. “Always knew you had it in you!”

“I’ve never been to a wedding before,” Boris said brightly. “This’ll be really fun!”

“I don’t even know if I’m going to do it,” Sammy said. “She might reject me. It’s probably better if I just don’t do it.” He tried to reach for the box again, but Alice wouldn’t give it to him. All the toons crowded around him. Boris laid his head on Sammy’s hugging him tightly.

“Sammy, you can’t avoid it because you’re afraid,” Alice said, holding the box to her chest. “We all have to do things that scare us. And I know Susie will be thrilled if you propose to her!”

“Listen, Sammy,” Bendy put a hand on Sammy’s shoulder. “If you don’t do this, you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life. All of us can see how much you and Susie care about each other, and I think you’re gonna last. And even if she says no, you will’ve at least done it. Trust me on this.”

“I’ve got faith in you, buddy!” Boris said, his tail wagging. “We all do!” Alice gave him the box back with a small smile.

“So. Are you going to do this?” She asked. Sammy took a deep breath, disentangled himself from Boris, and took the ring box.

“Alright alright.” He said, trying to sound long-suffering. “I’ll do it.”

“Attaboy Sammy!” Bendy slapped his back again. “Let’s go!” And with that, they all trooped upstairs to catch Susie.

Susie was walking out to her car when she heard Sammy yelling her name. It was honestly a relief to hear his voice. She hadn’t seen him all day and she’d honestly been a little worried.

“Sammy! There you are!” She smiled down at him as he paused to catch his breath, hands on his knees. Once he had recovered, he stood up and straightened his tie.

“There’s….There’s something I want to ask you.” He said, reaching into his pocket. Susie’s eyes widened. She knew where this was going. She’d been waiting for this moment. Behind the two of them, the toons had gathered the rest of the studio to witness the event. Half of them hadn’t believed Bendy when he’d said Sammy was proposing, so they’d come just to see if it was true. Joey was starting to cry a little. He always got teary when it came to proposals.

“Yes?” Susie asked, trying to hide her excitement.

“Susie,” Sammy took a deep breath and got down on one knee, opening the ring box. “Will you marry me?” Even though she’d known it was coming, Susie still started to tear up.

“Yes!” She nodded, trying to fight back the tears. “Oh my God, yes!” She practically bowled Sammy over in hugging him. Sammy couldn’t help but smile a little as he slipped the ring onto her finger. In the doorway to the studio, their coworkers cheered.

“We toldja you could do it!” Bendy yelled, putting his hands around his mouth like a megaphone. Alice was starting to cry as well. When Susie was happy, so was she. The two were connected after all. As Sammy looked around at his friends and his new fiance, he felt…happy. He hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. He really was lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people. So he held Susie closer and smiled. For once, he didn’t mind that Bendy had been right.

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florfster asked: hey if you're still doing the prompt thing can you make something about how in @doodledrawsthings 's hell's studio au where whenever bendy curses its replaced with like a car horn and other sound effects


The first time Bendy tried to swear after his summoning was…interesting. Of course, Bendy knew how to swear. He’d heard Joey (and especially Sammy) swear in the studio, and he was rather certain he’d done it before. So he knew how to do it. But when he actually tried, all that came out were car horns, squeaky toys, and alarms. Joey had missed another deadline, and Bendy thought it required some harsh words.

“Joey you @$%*!?& moron!” Bendy snapped. Instead of the proper swear word, all that came out was a car horn.

“Pardon?” Joey asked, blinking.

“&%#@,” Bendy repeated. “&^*$! Why isn’t this working?!” First was an alarm, then a squeaky toy. The little demon kept going, producing more and more sound effects. Joey was trying very hard not to laugh and failing miserably. It was just too funny not to.


“I-I'm sorry Bendy,” Joey said in between gasps of laughter. He held on to the edge of his desk to keep himself upright. Bendy started swearing at him again, which only made Joey laugh even harder.

“What the hell’s going on in here?” Henry asked, opening the door. The laughter and loud sound effects had drawn him to check things out. Normally Joey’s office was a pretty quiet place. Bendy whirled around, looking absolutely livid. His form was beginning to drip.

“He’s laughing at me!” Bendy said, pointing back at Joey. “The &^%*@#$! jerk!”

“Oh, you figured out you can’t swear,” Henry said as if this was normal.


“You’re a cartoon made for kids. You can’t swear.” Henry said. “I don’t know why Joey’s laughing so hard, he should know this.”

“It’s just funny to hear.” Joey had managed to get himself under control now. “You can’t tell me it’s not a little funny.”

“Joey, we’ve got a deadline to meet,” Henry said, trying to hide his own smile. Bendy muttered some curse words and stormed out.

Boris and Alice didn’t have as much of a problem with swearing as the sleep-deprived Bendy did. Alice sometimes swore a little, getting the same sound effects as Bendy, while Boris said things like ‘shoot’ or ‘darn’ or ‘fiddlesticks’ and it was the cutest thing ever.

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inkavixentheinkdemon asked: If you're still doing the prompt thing... How about Bendy falling in the middle of a street and gets run over by a car (toons can't die, right)? Or Bendy falls like, 2 or so stories from weak floorboards in the studio, making a loud crash? ((Hell's Studio AU))


Bendy hadn’t left the studio that day expecting to get run over by a car. He and Henry had left the studio that afternoon for their usual lunch and figure drawing outing. He was in one of his patented disguises, his favorite one, the trenchcoat, fedora, and fake mustache. The little demon was rather proud of his collection of disguises, especially that one.

“I still can’t believe that works.” Henry sighed as they left the studio. “It’s so obviously fake.”

“Hey, if it works it works,” Bendy said, shrugging. “You don’t mess with greatness, Ross.” Henry rolled his eyes. They crossed the street, heading into a park where they could unpack their bagged lunches and watch the people. People watching was always especially fun in the park. It was good for dynamic movement poses as well. Always children running around with their parents chasing desperately after them. Bendy needed to practice drawing older people though. Thankfully, they moved a bit slower and gave him more time to draw them. Bendy got out his sketchbook and started scribbling furiously. There was a cute older couple on a bench that he wanted to draw.

“So much to draw, so little time.” He muttered to himself.

“You’re not even going to eat?” Henry asked.

“No time. Gotta draw.” Bendy swatted at Henry’s outstretched hand, which bore a sandwich. Henry withdrew the sandwich, eating it himself. Only once he was done with his food did he join Bendy in drawing. He was working on landscapes this time. Backgrounds were always rather tough so he had to get some practice in when he could. Trees were hard. Trees were always hard.

“You drawing anything good?” Henry asked, glancing over at Bendy.

“Cute old couple,” Bendy said. “You think you and your wife will be like that when you’re old?” He pointed them out to Henry, who expression immediately softened.

“Well, I’d hope so.” He said.

“You will be,” Bendy said. “You two are gonna last. I can tell.”

“Thank boss.” Henry patted Bendy’s back. “You wanna pack it up now?”

“Lemme finish this,” Bendy said. Once he was done with the drawing, he packed everything up and they headed back towards the studio. That was when it happened. They were crossing the street when a car came speeding up and hit Bendy straight on. For a moment, the world seemed to stop. The car kept going, and Bendy flattened against the ground. People stopped walking, gathering around to see the scene unfolding. The car screeched to a stop, the driver stumbling out. Bendy peeled himself off the pavement, birds and stars spinning around his head. Well, that was certainly a first. He’d gotten run over by things in the cartoons before, but never in real life like this.

“Oh my God! Are you okay?” Henry ran to his side.

“‘M fine,” Bendy said, blinking and shaking his head. Around the two of them, people were starting to whisper.

“Did you see that?”

“He was literally flat against the pavement!”

“Where did those birds come from?”

“It’s like something from a cartoon.”

“What is he?”

“That thing can’t be human.”

“We need to go. Now.” Henry dragged Bendy up, practically carrying him back to the studio. The whispers in the crowd turned to shouts as Bendy and Henry fled. This was the sort of thing they’d been trying for years to prevent. People had seen Bendy do something that no human should be able to do. This could be a media nightmare if the word got out. The members of the studio were assembled when the pair returned.

“We heard yelling, what happened?” Alice asked.

“Bendy got run over by a car.”

“He what?!” Most everyone practically jumped out of their shoes. No one in the studio had ever heard Joey yell before. It just didn’t happen. Now he was red in the face, looking both terrified and furious.

“He got run over by a car,” Henry repeated. “In front of a giant crowd of people. It’s bad.”

“I’m okay, in case you were wondering,” Bendy said, raising his hand.

“We’re going to have to lay low for a while,” Henry continued.

“It’ll be fine, right?” Boris whispered. “We’ll be fine.” Henry didn’t say anything. He didn’t want to lie to Boris. This could conceivably get bad if people found out Joey Drew had summoned living breathing cartoons via black magic. They could lose a lot of funding, people could stop watching their cartoons. It could get bad.

“People are dumb, it’ll be fine,” Sammy said, folding his arms and avoiding eye contact. “By tomorrow everyone will probably just chalk it up to some hoax. You know how it is.”

“I need to go think.” Joey murmured, wringing his hands. Henry knew he was thinking the same things. The black magic, the possible loss of funding. But then again, they didn’t have to advertise the black magic.

“Come on, let’s get back to playing.” Alice took Boris by the hand and led him back to the music room. Soon, it was just Henry and Bendy alone in the foyer hallway.

“This is such a pain.” Bendy groaned, rubbing at his temples.

“Just stay inside for a little,” Henry said. “People will forget about it.”

“Will they, Henry?” Bendy looked up at Henry, uncharacteristically solemn. “A living cartoon isn’t exactly something you see every day.”

Henry sighed. “I have to believe, Bendy. It’s all I’ve got.”

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freddy-fransisco-fazbear asked: So are you still doing the prompt thing? If so; bendy's disguise falling off in the middle of a speech or something at a charity event. Bendy tries to calm everyone down but they all realize he's a living toon. (hells studio au)


It had been a month since Bendy’s little car accident. Despite how worried everyone was about their secret getting out, Bendy was still insisting on going to their annual toy drive. It was an event they’d started back when the studio had still been new. It had been Wally’s idea and it had become a widely beloved event. Everyone pitched in, but no one was more into it than Bendy. The little demon coordinated everything, appeared at the event, and entertained the children. He never missed an event. But this was different. It was dangerous for Bendy to appear after the car accident. Bendy wouldn’t hear of it though.

“I can’t disappoint the kids!” He said, grabbing his shirt, tie, and fake glasses disguise. “They always look forward to seeing me!”

“I know, Ben, it’s just-”

“No buts, Henry,” Bendy said. “I’m not gonna abandon those kids.” His tone indicated he wasn’t open to discussion. “Alright.” Henry backed off. When it came to the kids, Bendy would sacrifice anything to make them smile. Henry didn’t feel like getting into an argument with Bendy at the moment. Soon enough they were all crammed in Henry’s van, on the way to the event. The toons sat in the back, with Sammy jammed in between Boris and Alice. They had fewer problems with Alice and Boris, given that Alice looked human and most people assumed Boris was wearing a suit. Bendy was the most complicated case, due to his small stature and demonic nature.

“You sure this’ll be okay?” Boris asked. “We won’t get in trouble, will we?”

“We’ll be fine,” Bendy said, patting Boris’ shoulder. “I’m sure it’ll go off without a hitch, just like always!”

“I’m not wearing the elf costume this year,” Sammy said. “Just so we’re clear, I’m not doing it.”

“Aw, but you look so good in it, Sammy-Boy~” Bendy elbowed Sammy in the ribs with a conspiratorial wink.

“I’m not doing it, boss.”



“Boris, do the puppy eyes.”

“What-?! That’s not fair!”

In the end, Sammy did end up wearing the elf costume. He wasn’t happy about it, but he did it anyway. After all, it did make the kids smile. Bendy dressed up in a little Santa costume and ran around taking pictures with the kids before giving them presents. Kids climbed all over Boris, petting him and giggling over the big doggy. Alice mostly stood to the side with Samy, handing out presents to the shyer kids. Everything seemed to be going fine. Henry was starting to relax. Then it happened. One of the kids pulled off Bendy’s beard and knocked his hat off.

“Bendy!” The kid’s face lit up. “Mom, it’s Bendy!” A few of the parents looked over, their eyes widening upon seeing the little demon’s head. The whispers began again.

“That’s Bendy.”

“A cartoon character come to life?”

“How did they manage to do this?”

Bendy, ever the showman, took a deep breath and ditched his Santa suit.

“That’s right!” He forced himself to smile. “I heard my pals were here, and I couldn’t miss out on that, could I?” The kids cheered, crowding around and clambering to touch Bendy.

“I don’t know how you managed this, but it’s incredible.” One of the mothers whispered to Henry and Joey. “You always hire the best actors.”

“Thanks. We work hard at it.” Henry managed a smile. Okay. So it was alright. He should have known that in a situation like this, the parents would assume the ‘living cartoons’ were merely actors. They had an explanation for it. Thank God.

“Mommy, Bendy’s dripping on me!” One of the kids yelled. Bendy was starting to melt a little due to the stress, getting ink on a few of the kids.

“Wait, that’s not an actor.” One of the mothers gasped. “Is…Is it a real cartoon?”

Bendy began to melt even more, wilting under the gaze of the horrified parents. This was bad, this was really really bad.

“Are they…Are they all real?” A mother asked. “Boris, Alice, Bendy, all of them?”

“Yes.” Henry nodded.

“I wanted to bring them to life.” Joey stepped in. “So that they could reach more people than they could as just drawings on a page.” For a moment, the room was silent, then the parents erupted into questions. The children, meanwhile, were more concerned with Bendy.

“Why’re you all melty? Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine, kiddo.” Bendy tried to pull himself back together. “Just a little….A little nervous.”

“Nervous about what?”

“Your parents. I think they might be mad at Joey.”

“But Mr. Drew made you real! That’s awesome!”

“You…You really think so?” Bendy asked slowly. The kids all nodded. Bendy smiled softly. You could always count on kids to be the most accepting creatures on the planet. As long as he had their support, he was happy. It was all for the kids after all. Once the parents noticed their children weren’t freaking out, a good portion of them calmed down. Bendy made their kids happy after all. Still, Henry knew this was going to make it into the papers. How could it not? But it wouldn’t be as bad as he’d previously anticipated.

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fiddle-dee-dee777 asked: If you're still doing the BatIM prompt game, then how about. . . The Hell's Studio gang discovering that Boris the Wolf needs reading glasses?


The day started out normal enough. Boris was in the music room, playing the clarinet while the band started to rehearse. Boris was trying to get this one section right, but as usual, he was having trouble seeing the notes on the paper. It was a problem that had just developed recently, but he didn’t want to tell anyone for fear of inconveniencing the other members of the studio. Of course, he knew realistically that he wouldn’t be bothering anyone, but he still worried. He just wanted to be helpful.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Bendy’s voice startled him. It was amazing how quietly the little demon could move. He must have seen Boris frowning at the sheet of paper.

“It’s nothin’ Bendy, don’t worry about it,” Boris said. Bendy sighed, then put his hands on Boris’ muzzle.

“Boris, buddy. We’re best friends. You can tell me anything.” He said, his expression faux-serious. “I promise, whatever it is, I won’t judge ya.” Boris hesitated, playing nervously with his tail.

“Well, it’s just…I have trouble reading the notes sometimes, that’s all.” The wolf explained. “They’re all blurry and I gotta get up real close to see ‘em.”

“Huh.” Bendy frowned. “We should ask Henry about that.”

“Oh no, it’s alright, I don’t want to bother him,” Boris said. “He’s probably busy.”

“Boris, you wanna play your music, don’tcha?” Bendy didn’t take no for an answer, already starting to drag Boris up to Henry’s office. The wolf whimpered a little but didn’t fight his friend too much. He had known his problem was going to come out sooner or later. It was hard to hide things from people in the studio. He’d just hoped he could keep from inconveniencing everyone for as long as possible. The two of them found Henry in Joey’s office, along with a typically irate Sammy.

“Maybe we should come back later,” Boris said.

“Nah. They’ll make time.” Bendy waved a hand dismissively. “Hey! Guys! I gotta ask Henry something!”

“What is it?” Henry asked, his head currently in his hands.

“Boris is having trouble seeing the notes on his sheet music,” Bendy said. “Why is that?”

“Sounds like he needs reading glasses,” Joey said.

“Reading glasses?” Sammy frowned. “Since when do toons need reading glasses?”

“Since now apparently,” Henry said. He started digging in his pockets before pulling out an old pair of reading glasses. “Try these.” Boris nodded and put them on. It took a little effort to get them balanced on his muzzle but he managed it.

“Looking good, buddy.” Bendy slapped Boris’ back. “All we need’s a nightgown and you can be the gramma from Little Red Riding Hood!”

“Does that make you Little Red?” Sammy asked, smirking.

“Lawrence, I will not hesitate to slap you.”

“You can’t even reach my face.”

“You wanna see me bite your kneecaps, Sammy?”

“We’ll probably need to get you some tailored to your prescription though,” Henry said, getting everyone back on topic. “Your sight’s definitely better than mine.”

“Looks like it’s disguise time again.” Bendy rubbed his hands together.

“It’s not going to work.” Henry groaned, even as Joey started scrambling to find some disguise clothes. Henry just sat back in his chair, watching as the others began to formulate a plan. Even Sammy had joined in, for one reason or another. He was probably bored, Henry concluded. Or avoiding work again. Boris’ tail was wagging pretty hard at the prospect of a new fun adventure. Bendy always made this little outings seem like grand epics. As long as Bendy was with him, it would be alright.

A few days later they snuck Boris out and took him to the optometrist, someone who wouldn’t ask any questions if they brought an anthropomorphic toon wolf into their office. Boris got a nice pair of reading glasses and was able to start playing his music once again. He was a lot happier with the new glasses, even if it was a sign of how they were all getting older.

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dreamnoteprincess asked: (I hope you don't mind me asking another BATIM fanfic ask thing) Hell's Studio: Henry trying to hang out with Sammy, hoping he can be friends with his co-worker

Joey Drew Studios was an…interesting place to work. Henry had learned that from the very beginning. When he and Joey had first started out, it had just been a few of them. Sammy had been the first employee they’d hired in the beginning. Things had been a little….awkward starting out. Sammy wasn’t exactly the most open or welcoming person. He did his work and didn’t interact with anyone. This was a stark contrast to other employees like Wally or Norman, both of whom tended to be very sociable. Henry didn’t go out of his way to be liked or anything, but Sammy….Sammy was a little different. It bothered Henry not being on at least good terms with Sammy. So he had decided to invite Sammy out for drinks after work.

“What?” Sammy stared at Henry as if the other man had just asked him to jump off a cliff.

“I was wondering if you wanted to get drinks after work,” Henry repeated, trying not to sigh. “I think we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot.”

Sammy narrowed his eyes, putting his pen down. “There’s no catch, right? It’s just free alcohol.”

“No catch. I just want to get to know you.”

“Okay…” Sammy turned back his work. “I know a really good jazz bar. We’ll meet up in front of the studio.” Henry had been prepared to argue, to try and convince Sammy. This had gone a lot better than he’d expected.

“Alright. See you then.”



True to his word, Sammy met up with Henry outside the studio after work. Samy insisted they take his car over. Henry agreed, a mistake he would not repeat again. Sammy was a careful driver, but when someone pissed him off he had a tendency to blow his top. Henry’s knuckles had gone white clutching at his seat by the time they got there.

“You alright?” Sammy asked, glancing over.

“I’m fine,” Henry said, his voice a few octaves higher than usual. “Let’s just go in.” Sammy shrugged and the two of them went inside. The inside of the bar was dimly lit, the air clogged with cigarette smoke as people spoke in low tones. A jazz band played on a stage in the back, illuminated by a spotlight. Somehow, it seemed exactly the kind of place Sammy would enjoy. Dark, quiet, everyone smoking.

“This is a nice place,” Henry said. Sammy shrugged, but Henry could see a faint smile gracing the music director’s face.

“So, what’s your poison?” Sammy asked as they seated themselves at the bar.

“Beer’s fine.”

“Hm. A bit boring, but if that’s what you want.” He turned to the bartender. “A beer for him and a whiskey for me.”

“Ah! Sammy! It’s been a while!” The bartender boomed. “We thought you’d forgotten about us!” The bartender was a big man, taller than Henry and about twice as wide. While Henry winced at his loud voice, Sammy just sat there calmly.

“Don’t worry, Morris, it’s nothing like that,” Sammy said, starting to dig for his wallet. “I’ve just been busy.” Henry put a hand on Sammy’s and pulled out his own wallet.

“This one’s on me.” He said. Sammy looked ready to protest, then thought better of it and withdrew his hand.

“Who’s your friend?” Morris asked, beginning to get the drinks.

“Henry Stein,” Sammy explained. “He’s my boss at the studio.”

“Hi.” Henry just waved. “Um, how do you know Sammy exactly?”

“He used to play piano here,” Morris said, slamming the tankard of beer onto the bar. “Damn good at it too!” Henry thanked him quietly and took the beer, starting to sip it quietly. Sammy took his whiskey before Morris could slam it down.

“Joey showed up a couple months ago and offered me the music director job.” He said. “I’m guessing he didn’t tell you that.”

“Must’ve slipped his mind.” When referring to anyone else, it might’ve sounded like an excuse. But when it came to Joey, it was most definitely true. A lot of things tended to slip Joey’s mind. Sammy snorted into his beer, taking out a cigarette and lighting it.

“Yeah. Probably.” He glanced back at the band, blowing out a ring of smoke. “He really is a weird one, isn’t he?”

“No one’s arguing with you there.” Henry laughed.

“How long’ve you known him, exactly?” Sammy asked. “It seems like the two of you are pretty close.”

“We met in college. We were in the same animation class and sort of hit it off from there.” Henry took a sip from his beer. “And before you ask, yes, he’s always been this weird.”

“You think I’ll get used to it?”

“Probably.” This was going much better than Henry had expected. Maybe it was because of the alcohol, maybe it was because Sammy was comfortable in this environment. Either way, he seemed a lot more forthcoming than he’d ever been at the studio. Henry couldn’t help but smile to himself.

“Wipe that stupid expression off your face.” Sammy’s signature sour look descended upon his face. “We’re not bonding or anything.”

“Right. Of course.” Henry shook his head and went back to his beer. They didn’t talk about their little meeting much afterward, but thankfully Sammy opened up a little more to the studio. He and Wally became rather close, even if their relationship mostly consisted of pranking and making jabs at each other. Sammy and Henry didn’t talk much, but Henry was always glad he’d gotten to hang out with Sammy, even for a little while.

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dreamnoteprincess asked: Hell's studio: Sammy on a road trip with Henry and Joey


Sammy didn’t know why he had to be here. They were headed to an animation convention, something he was most definitely not involved with. He was the music director for crying out loud! But nooo. He had to come because apparently, Joey would try to summon demons if they weren’t careful. The more he thought about it, the less surprised he was he’d gotten dragged into this. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to complain though. So here he was, jammed in between a bunch of animation supplies in the back seat of Joey’s car.

“We should’ve taken Henry’s van,” Sammy said, trying to get a tripod to stop poking him in the ribs. “There’s more room in that thing.”

“Nonsense,” Joey said brightly. “There’s only three of us.”

“And a shit-ton of your animation stuff. Why do I have to be in the back anyway?”

“Because you’re a string bean,” Henry said, not even looking up from his book. “I can’t fit back there.”

“Well, Joey’s a string bean too! Why can’t he sit back here while I drive?”

“Because you get road rage.”

“I do not!” Sammy protested, even though he knew it was true. Everyone liked to joke about how his high strung nature bled into every part of his life. He stayed silent for at least an hour or so, actually managing to doze off a little. Until the tripod jabbed him in the rib again.

“Dammit!” He was pretty close to throwing the tripod out the window.

“Careful,” Joey said. “If you break that it’s coming out of your paycheck.”

“……Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Nope!” Joey beamed into the rearview mirror. Sammy groaned and leaned on the tripod. He dug a notebook out of his back pocket and started furiously scribbling down some song ideas and tunes. Music helped him. Henry glanced back. Sammy had been quiet for a while now and he was honestly a little worried. Bad things happened when Sammy got quiet. However, his fears were assuaged when he saw Sammy scribbling. That was okay. That was good. Sammy writing music seldom hurt anyone. Except for those times he wrote curses instead of music and handed the sheets out. That had been pretty bad.

“I told you it would be alright,” Joey said.

“You could’ve packed the car better,” Sammy said.

“That was my fault,” Henry admitted. “We were short on time. I didn’t plan ahead.” He’d done this partially on purpose so that Joey wouldn’t have time to pack any demon summoning stuff. He knew, though, that Joey had still managed to pack in some things.

“What the Hell?!” Ah, Sammy had found some of the stuff. The music director thrust a roll of paper towards the driver and passenger.

“Joey, what is that?” Henry asked, sighing deeply.

“My portable summoning circle,” Joey said, as though this was a perfectly normal thing for someone to pack. Henry sighed again.

“Ben’s gonna be pretty angry.”

“Oh, hush. It’ll be fine.”

“No, it won’t.”


“Sammy, please lower your voice.”


And so the trip continued, mostly, without a hitch. They got to the convention, did their thing, and headed back, the car packed in a better manner the second time around.

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42-of-t asked: Hey there! I just stumbled into your tumblr, and wanted to say that i really enjoyed reading your Hells Studio AU writings :DDD!! Tho after i read the "road trip" one, im starting to wonder what happened to poor Sammy last month when he was around pentagrams ;) can you please elaborate more on that part and write some more if you dont mind? (If you alrdy wrote sth or its in one of the Hells Studio's episodes, im sorry, i only recently found out still trying to catch up things!) Thx in advance <3

I was originally referring to Sammy getting turned into an ink monster, but let’s torture him a little more, shall we? >:3


Sometimes Sammy really hated his job. It was by no means a bad job, he just….didn’t know how to deal with Joey sometimes. Joey was a decent boss, he paid well, he was halfway decent about deadlines, and he didn’t work everyone too hard. That honor went to Bendy. But Joey liked the occult. A lot. Almost every day, Sammy would walk into Joey’s office to find his boss painting a pentagram on the floor. These incidents had decreased since the toons had been summoned, but it still happened a fair amount. Normally this wasn’t a problem. Sammy would walk in, yell at Joey, then leave. That was how it went. On this particular day, things went bad. Sammy was just sitting in his office, working on a new song, when the pipes began rattling. Ever since the ink monster incident, the pipes had been reinforced, but they still rattled like crazy. Sammy grumbled and got up, slapping the pipe. Almost instantly he yelped, drawing his hand back. It had cut him!

“Damn pipes.” He muttered, holding his hand to his chest. He took a moment to rifle through his desk for bandages. Unfortunately Bendy had nicked them the other day for Wally, so there were none to be found. Sammy swore under his breath. Maybe Joey had some. Sammy took a deep breath, then yelled,


“Here we go.” One of the interns groaned. Sammy gave him a withering look as he left his office. When were these interns going to learn a little respect? He’d chew the kid out later. Right now, he had to go yell at Joey. He stalked up the stairs and towards Joey’s office.

“Hey, where ya goin’ Sammy boy?” Bendy fell into step beside him.

“Cut my hand on one of the pipes,” Sammy muttered. “Gonna yell at Joey about it.”

“Geez. Shouldn’t you clean up that cut first?” Bendy asked. “You can’t just go yell at Joey for every little thing that goes wrong.”

“Did you forget that you took the bandages that were in my office?” Sammy smiled menacingly. Bendy grimaced. Right. He’d forgotten about that. Maybe he’d just let this run its course. He’d get Sammy to deal with his anger problems later. Sammy got to Joey’s door and slammed it open. Joey was on the floor on top of a freshly painted pentagram. Candles were burning low and there was ink in the middle of the symbol.

“Ah, good morning!” Joey said brightly. “I was just finishing up here. If you’ll give me a moment I’ll be right with you.”

“What on Earth were you doin’?” Bendy skirted around the circle to stand next to Joey. “You better not be summoning again.”

“Oh no, nothing like that,” Joey assured him. “I was just helping Alice stabilize her form. She was having a little trouble.” He turned to look at Sammy. “Oh dear, that looks nasty. What happened?”

“I cut my hand on one of your damn pipes.” Sammy spat, stalking into the room and waving his hands around wildly. “I thought you said they were safe!”

“Sammy, you might not want to walk there-” Joey began as Sammy got to the circle.

“I’m not done! Do you have any idea how dangerous a sharp pipe right above my head is? People are in and out of there all day! Someone could cut their head open!” Sammy continued, oblivious to the fact that he had entered the circle, his blood splashing onto the sigil and mixing with the ink. The candle flames began to burn brighter.

“Oh @%*&,” Bendy said. The flames almost exploded, shrouding the music director from view. Within the circle, both Bendy and Joey could hear Sammy start to scream. Joey began flipping frantically through his book. Then it was over. The candle flames died and there was Sammy, standing in the middle of the circle. Thankfully, he wasn’t an ink monster like he’d been the last time. No, he was a toon.

“…Sammy?” Bendy asked slowly. “You okay?”

“I….I feel weird,” Sammy said, then promptly fell on his face. Both Bendy and Joey ran to his side. He was still breathing, that was good. In fact, a dream cloud seemed to be forming above his head.

“Well, this is…new,” Joey said, scribbling something in his book. “I wonder if he’ll be okay.”

“Joey, we gotta fix this. Sammy’s gonna kill us for it.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

“Joey, it’s Sammy.”

Suddenly the door slammed open again, revealing Henry, Boris, Alice, Wally, and Susie. All of them looked some level of concerned.

“We heard screaming,” Alice said, looking frantic. “What’s going on?”

“Hey, isn’t that Sammy?” Wally pointed to the figure crumpled on the floor. “Why’s he got wings?”

“Wings-?” Bendy glanced down at Sammy. Sure enough, Sammy had a tiny pair of wings, along with a halo.

“Joey.” Henry sighed deeply, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Why…Why is Sammy a toon? Please tell me you didn’t try some kind of ritual on him.”

“No!” Joey looked almost offended. “It was an accident. I’d just finished up with Alice and Sammy came in here and splashed blood all over the circle.”

“My form was getting unstable,” Alice explained. “He was helping. Where did the blood come from? Did he hurt himself?”

“He cut his hand on a pipe,” Bendy said, in the midst of prodding Sammy with his foot. “Nothin’ major, I swear. He just had to walk into that circle.”

“Is he gonna be okay?” Boris asked. His ears and tail were drooping.

“Don’t worry, big guy. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Henry said, slapping his back. Bendy didn’t feel comfortable assuring everyone of that, so he just shooed them out. He and Boris moved Sammy down to his office and watched to see what would happen. Alice stayed as well, feeling responsible.

“His blood must have mixed with my ink.” She said, pacing the floor. “This is my fault. I-”

“Angel, give it a rest.” Bendy groaned, rubbing his temples. “You couldn’t have known this was going to happen. It’s Sammy’s fault for just walking into the circle like that. He should’ve known that getting blood on a pentagram’s a bad idea.”

“What’s a bad idea?” Everyone spun around to see Sammy sitting up on the cot they’d hastily set up in the corner of his office.

“Getting blood on a pentagram,” Bendy repeated. “You feelin’ okay?”

“Yes. Why?” Sammy swung his legs over the side of the cot.

“Well, you…sort of….turned into a toon?” Alice said. She wasn’t sure how exactly to broach the subject, deciding it best to just say it outright. Sammy turned, looking himself over and giving his new wings an experimental flap.

“Huh. So I did.”

“You’re not…angry?” Alice asked. Normally steam would have been coming out of Sammy’s ears, quite literally given his current toon status. It was strange to see him so calm. He still looked slightly pissed off, but overall a lot more stable.

“No. I feel….pretty good actually.” Sammy nodded slowly. “I mean…It’s a little uncomfortable, and I don’t want to stay like this, but I’m…I’m okay.”

“We were so worried!” Boris latched himself onto Sammy, his tail wagging fairly hard. Sammy laughed, actually laughed, and rubbed Boris’ head.

“Man, big guy,” Bendy laughed. “You got Sammy to smile! Nice job!” Still, it was so weird to see Sammy actually happy. He quickly excused himself to update Joey on the situation. He found Joey bent over his books and the pentagram.

“So, I think I’ve got it figured out,” Joey said, not looking up. “The first time, Sammy’s blood reacted with Alice’s ink, so this time we just need Sammy’s blood to react with human blood. It would probably be better if you didn’t bring him u. I don’t really want to get yelled at-”

“Joey.” Bendy strode over, putting his hands on Joey’s shoulders. “He’s calm.” Joey looked up, blinking.


“He’s calm,” Bendy repeated. “You gotta see this.”

“Oh, um, alright. Bring him up.” Joey resettled himself with the book. Bendy ran back down, grabbing Sammy by the arm and dragging him upstairs. For once, Sammy didn’t protest, letting himself be dragged along.

“Hm.” Joey titled his head to the side upon seeing Sammy. “Very interesting. You know, he would make a pretty good character on the show.”

“Joey, no,” Sammy said, settling into a cool glare. “You have to fix this. It’s better than being an ink monster, but I don’t want to stay like this.”

“Right. Right. Of course.” Joey waved a hand dismissively. “I do think I know how to fix this.” It was certainly a better situation than the ink monster debacle. Sammy settled in a corner, watching as Joey began to try and bring the components together again. Somehow, Sammy managed to pull out a harp and played a little melody on it. He was the picture of a perfect angel. It was so strange to see him like this. An angel was the furthest thing from Sammy’s true personality. Meanwhile, Joey was humming away, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Bendy was beginning to get antsy.

“Is this gonna be done soon?” He tried not to snap. Sammy was starting to freak him out.

“Yes yes. I’m about finished.” Joey said. “Sammy, if you’d get in the circle, please?” Sammy put the harp away and got into the circle. Joey then pulled out a long, wicked looking knife from his pocket.

“JOEY PUT THAT AWAY!” Bendy shrieked, grabbing for the knife.

“What? We need blood.” Joey said, frowning innocently. Where had he even gotten that from? Even Sammy reeled back a couple steps.

“Let’s just use some of the blood he smeared on the door, okay?” Bendy grabbed a bandage, rubbing off the blood and dumping it in the circle.

“We still need some of toon Sammy’s blood.”

“Fine.” Sammy grabbed the knife and pricked his finger. The second the toon blood touched the human blood, the candle flames roared to life. Sammy began to scream again, and when the flames died, he was back to normal, if a little inky.

“We will never speak of this again,” Sammy said in a low voice. “Never. Again.”


“Never means never Joey!” Sammy stalked out of the office, but not before grabbing a roll of bandages to wrap up his hand. Joey looked disappointed, retreating to his desk to start sketching up ‘Sammy Angel’. He didn’t care what Sammy said, it was a good idea for a character. Bendy was just glad things were normal again.

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Based on these posts:

Even though he’d never admit it, Sammy liked working for Joey Drew. Sure, the man had the self-preservation instincts of a lemming, but he was patient and understanding towards his employees. However, because Joey had the self-preservation of a lemming, he was prone to doing things that had disastrous consequences for the people around him. The ink machine had been one of those decisions that had resulted in consequences for people other than Joey. Namely Sammy himself. The cartoons that had sprung from it, those Sammy didn’t mind. It was the constant leakage of the machine that got on his nerves. It seemed like every day his work was ruined because ink bled through the ceiling and drenched his clothing and music sheets. He had gone through so many shirts he’d stopped wearing anything nice to the office.

That day, he expected it would be like any other. He’d brought an extra change of clothes, expecting his clothes would be ruined yet again. He went to his office, stowed the clothes out of reach, then set to work. He heard the telltale rattle of the pipes and braced for the impact. There was much more ink than usual in the downpour. And it…It felt strange. The ink seemed to coat every inch of him, but when he opened his eyes, his clothes weren’t stained. He felt…different. Then he caught sight of his arms. They did not look like his arms. They were black and dripping ink all over the place. He felt his head, and found it similarly inky and featureless. The second this realization came about, he was up the stairs and headed towards Joey’s office. He garnered more than a few stares as he did so, given his appearance. The toons stopped what they were doing and followed after him, recognizing him only by his screaming of Joey’s name. The music director slammed open the door to Joey’s office and stalked inside, pulling Joey up by his lapels.

“FIX THIS, IDIOT.” He growled.

“Sammy?” Joey asked, a little shaken.

“Who the fuck else would it be?” Sammy snapped. “Now fix this!” Joey stumbled back, grabbing for his book.

“Well, I’m not exactly sure what to do here…” He said, beginning to flip the pages. “I’m not even sure what happened to you.”

“So what you’re saying is, you don’t know how to fix this?” Sammy grew eerily calm for a moment.

“Well…..No,” Joey said. The toons and Henry burst in just in time to stop Sammy from attempting to throttle Joey. The creator ducked behind a very confused Boris as Henry hoisted Sammy up.

“Sam- Sammy calm- Oof!” Henry tried to calm Sammy down while the other man flailed wildly, still trying to get at Joey and screaming curses as he struggled.

“Whoa! Whoa! Cool it, Lawrence!” Bendy said.


“Sammy! I don’t want to have to put you in a corner!” Henry said, adopting his dad voice.

“I’m a grown ass man, Henry! You can’t put me in a corner!”

“I will if you don’t stop it!”

Sammy stopped struggling for a moment, as if considering whether or not Henry would actually put him in a timeout in the corner like a child. He seemed to decide that, yes, Henry would do that, and stopped attempting to kill Joey for the moment.

“Sammy, go take a break,” Bendy said, rubbing what would probably be his temples. “I’m gonna try to figure this out with Joey, alright?”

“Fine.” Sammy hunched his shoulders and stormed out of the room, his body dripping ink as he went.



Sammy wasn’t able to go home for the next couple of days. Whatever had happened to him, it seemed to have put a tether on him. He couldn’t leave the studio or his form would begin to collapse. This gave Sammy ample ammunition to complain, and complain he did, but it was less than usual. He spent a lot of time in his office, listening to the radio and pouring over music sheets. It seemed as though this transformation had genuinely scared him. Which led him to the colored ink.

“Don’t the toons drink this stuff like alcohol?” Sammy asked, holding up a bottle of colored ink. He’d been following Henry around for the past half an hour or so, dressed in a ratty pair of Boris’ old overalls.

“Well….yeah,” Henry said. “But I’d probably advise against you doing that since you’re still kind of human-” Sammy took a large swig. “Or just ignore me. That works too.” It wasn’t like he’d expected anything else from Sammy. He shuffled off to his desk to keep working, leaving Sammy to find the toons so he could experiment with the colored ink. He showed up in Bendy’s office, an empty purple inkwell in his hand.

“It just occurred to me that the fate of my human form rests in the hands of Joey Drew.” He announced. “I’m doomed, aren’t I?” He hadn’t yet noticed, but his previously black inky body had turned a very nice lavender.

“Sammy, you haven’t been drinking colored ink, have you?” Alice asked, rushing to take the inkwell from him.

“I thought I’d try it,” Sammy said, seating himself in a chair in front of Bendy’s desk. “Since I’m literally made of ink now. Oh God. I’m going to be stuck like this for the rest of my life.”

“No, no you’re not,” Alice said. “Joey will fix this.”

“It’s Joey,” Sammy said. “I’m never going to be normal again.”

“Let’s try a different color.” Bendy opened his desk drawer, taking out a collection of colored inks. “Pick your poison, Lawrence.” Sammy had devolved into frantic muttering to himself. So this was what he was like when he was scared. It was frankly a little off-putting. Of course, Sammy smiling was even more strange.

“Why don’t we try yellow?” Alice suggested, pushing the yellow bottle towards Sammy. He eyed it, then knocked it back. The toons watched as yellow began to replace purple on Sammy’s body. His frantic muttering quickly turned into giggles, which turned into roaring laughter. This was definitely weirder than seeing Sammy scared.

“You know, it’s actually kind of funny.” He said as he laughed. “Joey and Henry are the ones who love cartoons so much, but I’m the one who gets half turned into one!” He held up his four-fingered hand to his face and laughed harder.

“Okay, I’m uncomfortable,” Bendy said. “Anyone else uncomfortable?” Boris nodded. Alice made a noncommittal shrugging motion.

“Let’s see what red does,” Bendy muttered to himself, sliding the red bottle over. It took a minute or so to get Sammy to stop laughing enough to get the ink down. Then the red spread across his body and he stopped laughing.

“Huh…I don’t actually feel that much angrier.” He frowned and looked at the bottle. “Are you sure it’s supposed to work?” All the toons just stared at him. Red had done nothing to him. Good lord, just how angry was he on a regular basis?

“Sammy, I think we need to get you into anger management,” Alice said gently. Sammy just rolled his eyes and grabbed a different bottle. This one turned out to be blue, and a bad decision.

“Shit, now I feel worse,” Sammy muttered, turning blue. “Can I have the yellow again? I liked the way that felt.”

“Sure.” Bendy slid the yellow bottle back to Sammy, settling back in his chair. It was kind of fun to watch Sammy sample a part of their world, not to mention seeing how it affected him. He’d been a little surprised when Sammy hadn’t seemed drunk after drinking the ink. Evidently, it just changed his emotions. Sammy was soon back to laughing. The toons found out that afternoon that Sammy was actually rather pleasant to be around when he was in a good mood. They’d been too freaked out last time to spend any time with him, but now he was stuck with them until Joey fixed him. While under the influence of the yellow ink, he played some happy tunes on the piano jammed into a corner of Bendy’s office and danced with Alice. He was a surprisingly good dancer, something Alice filed away in her memory for further use. It was nice.

Eventually, the ink did wear off, but Sammy still stuck around. He didn’t feel too comfortable going out and mingling with the other employees looking the way he did. He spent more time with the toons during his week as an ink creature than he ever had with anyone else in the studio, save maybe Susie. It was comforting for him to be around them. They didn’t look at him strangely, even the way he was.

“Sammy, you done with those songs yet?” Bendy asked, swinging himself inside on the doorknob.

“Not yet. I keep dripping on the paper and it ruins everything.” Behind Sammy was a pile of papers about as tall as he was. Each was smudged beyond recognition with ink. The music director was trying to put on a facade of calm, but Bendy could see how agitated he was by how much Sammy was melting.

“Just take a few deep breaths, okay Sammy?” Bendy put his hand on Sammy’s shoulder. “You’re gonna be okay.”

“You don’t know that, boss.” Sammy’s voice was soft, defeated.

“Don’t you have any faith in me?” Bendy asked, feigning a hurt expression. “Honestly, I’m insulted.” He smiled when he saw Sammy rolling his eyes.

“I’m gonna go see how Alice is doing,” Sammy said, getting up. “I need a break.”

By the end of the week, Sammy was back to normal. Joey had managed to pull something out of his ass and reverse engineer whatever black magic had done this to Sammy in the first place. Sammy almost cried when he could see his skin again. He was gone for the next couple of days, both by choice and by order of Bendy. When he came back, things almost felt the same as normal. Except…Sammy spent his free time with the toons. He sat and listened as Susie and Alice sang, played music with Boris, drank with Bendy. It wasn’t the same as before, but it certainly put Sammy in a better mood. Everyone seemed to agree that this normal was a better one than before. Even if Sammy did seem a little more peeved off at Joey than before.

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Sammy had a fan. This in itself wasn’t all that unusual. Sammy got a lot of letters from aspiring musicians saying how they enjoyed the music he composed. But this was different. This time the fan was a little girl who wanted to compose music like Sammy someday. It was the cutest thing any of them had ever seen because almost no one had ever approached Sammy in such a way. Everyone in the studio assumed he was terrible with children due to his…well….everything. His other fan letters were formal, poised, every pen stroke thought out in advance. The little girl’s letters were a little messy, a bit crude, and usually included little tunes she’d thought up. At first, Sammy had hidden the letters, but the curiosity of his coworkers had gotten the better of him.

“So a little girl just wrote to you?” Joey asked, looking at Sammy. “That’s so cute! You’re her role model!”

“Joey no.”

“Who would’ve thought you’d be good with children.” Henry laughed and shook his head.

“I’m regretting showing you the letters.” Sammy groaned, slamming his head onto the desk. “Look, it’s not a big deal. We get fan letters all the time.”

“Yeah, but you never get any from kids!” Boris said, tail wagging. “This is amazing!” Sammy groaned louder.

“It is really sweet,” Alice said. “What’s her name again?”

“Cordelia Bell. She draws little bells next to her name.” Sammy lifted his head to point at the little bells right next to Cordelia’s scribbled name.

“That’s so %$#@ing cute I can’t even take it,” Bendy said, holding the letter up. “You’ve been writing back to her?”

“……Yes.” Sammy mumbled, head on the desk again.

“Attaboy!” Joey slapped his back. “Maybe more people will like you this way!”

“I don’t care about people liking me.” Sammy gestured vaguely with one free hand. “You all should know that.”

“Obviously you care about this girl liking you,” Alice said, leaning on Sammy’s shoulder.

“Always good to know your black little heart is still working.” Bendy slapped Sammy’s back as well.

“She’s ten. I’m not gonna break her heart.” Sammy said. “I’m not that evil.”

“Still, good job,” Henry said, leaning against the door. “It’s really sweet to know you’ve got a little fan." Sammy muttered something that was probably supposed to be rude, snatching the letters back from the rest of the staff. He was smiling a little as he shooed them out, looking down at the letters. He kept writing the little girl, continuing to encourage her down on her path. To see someone else so dedicated to music, it warmed his heart. He liked corresponding with her, remembering when the world had been new and possibilities had been endless. Years later he got a knock on his door.

“I’m busy. Go away.” He said, chewing vigorously on his cigarette.

“Mr. Lawrence?” A young woman’s voice came from just outside his office.

“What?” He turned around, glowering at the girl standing in the doorway. The girl’s face lit up. She was clutching a clipboard to her chest. There was something familiar about her, but he couldn’t place where he’d seen her before.

“My name is Cordelia Bell. You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you.” She said. “I’m going to be working under you from today on.”

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Based on these posts:

One time, Sammy had come to work in a good mood. And everyone lost it. Sammy was smiling as he entered the studio, humming to himself. Everyone froze and just stared. No one had seen Sammy actually smile before. They’d seen him smirk, sure, but never genuinely smile. It was…really weird. They hadn’t been aware his face could actually make that expression.

“Bendy!” Boris burst into Bendy’s office, slamming the door open. “Sammy’s doing something weird with his face!”

“Boris, it’s too early for this.” Bendy groaned. “Whatever Sammy’s doing, it can wait.”

“I…I think he’s smiling.”

“WHAT?!” Bendy jumped up from his chair, eyes wide. Boris ushered him out and to the music department. Sammy was whistling, whistling!, as he unlocked the door to his office.

“What the @#%*?” Bendy whispered.

“I don’t know what he’s doing with his face,” Boris whispered back. “Is…Is he smiling?”

“Sure…Sure looks like it, buddy. I’mma go talk to him.” He pushed past Boris and went down. He took a moment to compose himself and went in.

“Heya Sammy.” Bendy knocked on the music director’s door. “How…How’s it going?”

“Pretty well, all things considering,” Sammy said, continuing to smile. He hung his coat up and began to prepare his desk.

“Good good.” Bendy nodded. “Uh…What are you doing with your face?”

“I’m smiling.” Sammy frowned a bit. “Have you never seen someone smile before, boss?”

“Right, of course. Uh, I should probably get back to work.” Bendy said, making a beeline for the door as quickly as he could. He spent a while just standing to there, watching as Sammy worked. The music director worked on compositions, singing along to the radio louder than Bendy had ever heard him do before. He seemed to genuinely be in a good mood and it was so….weird.

“What are you doing down here?” He heard Alice approaching from behind. “I’ve been looking all over for y-” She stopped when she saw Sammy.

“Is he…Smiling?”

“It’s weird, right?” Bendy said. “I mean, I’m glad he’s happy, but it’s just so…”

“Unusual.” Alice finished. “We gotta show everyone else.”

Soon everyone was gathered outside Sammy’s office, staring inside at Sammy. Somehow he hadn’t yet noticed them. He tended to get like that when he was working, which worked pretty well for the rest of them.

“My glasses must be broken,” Henry said, taking them off and looking them over. Joey just stared, unable to wrap his head around what he was seeing. Never in his life had he seen Sammy smile. It just didn’t happen. Boris was still freaking out about this whole thing. He didn’t do too well with change and this was a huge change. Maybe this was a sign of the apocalypse. Like the four horsemen or something. Eventually, Sammy opened the door and found them staring.

“Just how long have you all been there?” He asked, his smiling fading a little bit.


“I don’t get why you’re all making such a big deal about me smiling. That is what this is about, right?” Sammy leaned up against the doorframe. He was actually laughing quite a bit. This floored everyone even more. When was the last time Sammy had genuinely laughed at something?


Sammy rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Here’s the new music. I’m not going to let you all ruin my day.”

“Why are you so happy?” Henry asked.

“That’s my secret,” Sammy said, winking. “Now scram, the lot of you. I’ve got work to do.” Then he slammed the door in their faces. Everyone dispersed, and things mostly returned to normal. Except Sammy kept smiling throughout the whole day. The next day he was back to his normal self, but it wasn’t the last time this would happen. No matter how many times they saw Sammy smile, which didn’t happen very often, they still freaked out.

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Based on this post:

Ever since Bendy had discovered invisible ink, no one had been safe. The studio had thought the little demon was a prankster before, but now he could literally turn invisible. This led to him playing pranks he normally wouldn’t have been able to get away with, such as stealing Joey’s glasses as he was using them, messing up the band during rehearsal, stealing Alice’s halo while she sang. His favorite person to prank though, was always Sammy Lawrence. The music director was notoriously high strung so it was easy as pie to get a reaction out of him. Bendy’s favorite prank was to stand by Sammy’s radio and turn it off while Sammy was listening to it. This would lead to at least a half an hour of Sammy turning the radio back on, Bendy turning it off, and the cycle repeating again until either the ink wore off or Sammy started throwing things. The latter was generally more likely. It was almost a weekly occurrence to see an almost imperceptible blur running out of Sammy’s office while the music director screamed obscenities It was how the studio members judged Bendy’s stress level. If he was pranking Sammy, it meant he was in a generally good mood.

Now, Sammy was getting pretty fucking tired of being messed with, so he decided to concoct a plan of revenge. He took Bendy’s bottle of invisible ink and mixed clear glue into it. That would show the little bastard. All he had to do now was wait. It didn’t take long for Bendy to get in the mood and when the demon drank the ink, Sammy was waiting. Bendy put down the bottle and rubbed his hands together as he disappeared from sight. Sammy could still make out a vague outline as Bendy began to move towards his office. Bendy’s hand closed around the knob and he let himself in. However, a problem arose when he tried to let go of the doorknob. His hand held firm, even as he shook and pulled. Soon he had his feet up on the door to pull, which only led to them getting stuck as well.

“SAMMY!” He yelled. Sammy sauntered into view, looking quite pleased with himself.

“I can play pranks too, shitlips.” He said, smirking.

“Sammy, get me off here!” Bendy yelled. “Right now!”

“If I do that I’m gonna be stuck too. So no thanks.” Sammy said, turning away. “Don’t worry, it’ll probably wear off once the ink does. See ya tomorrow, boss.”


Sammy whistled as he made his way up the stairs and out of the music department. After that, Bendy didn’t play pranks on Sammy anymore. He didn’t even go near the music department for an entire month. When he did, he was wary of Sammy. Slowly though, things began to return to normal. But Bendy never played a prank on Sammy again. He knew what would happen if he did.

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I went to the beach with my friends yesterday and so I wanted to write this. After all, you gotta have a beach episode. 


The employees of Joey Drew Studios were going to the beach. The toons themselves weren’t going to be swimming since they didn’t know what effect water would have on them, but they were all going nonetheless. It was the middle of summer, and everyone was getting a little antsy being cooped up in that studio all day. All except Sammy Lawrence, who most of the studio was half convinced would burst into flames in direct sunlight. Alice, Susie, and the new intern had been sent down to attempt to coax him out. Joey, Henry, Bendy, and Boris waited by the door. Joey had managed to wrestle Bendy into a ridiculous looking bathing suit, complete with a little sailor hat and innertube, which the demon kept trying to take off when no one was looking.

“I’m not even gonna go swimming.” He complained, folding his arms. “I shouldn’t have to wear this. Why can’t I go in one of my disguises?”

“I think it looks nice,” Boris said. He’d been given a similar outfit, minus the sailor hat. “Plus, we match!”

“It’s cute,” Henry said, desperately trying not to break down laughing. Joey just stood there, oblivious as usual, and very proud of his work.

“Shut your trap.” Bendy glared at Henry, then turned his attention back to the hallway. “How long’s it gonna take the girls to get Sammy up here?”

“Oh, you know how stubborn Sammy can be,” Joey said. “It could take a little.” A few minutes later, the women surface, dragging Sammy behind them. Susie and Alice had his arms, while Cordelia was pushing him from the back. To his credit, Sammy was putting up one hell of a fight.

“OPEN THE DOOR!” Susie yelled. The men scrambled to get the door open, Henry making a beeline for the van they were taking. He got the doors open and the women threw Sammy into the back, the car taking off before the music director had a chance to escape. Bendy momentarily forgot how angry he was about his stupid outfit, instead focusing on how hilarious it was to see Sammy acting like a cat that was being taken to the vet.

“I hate all of you,” Sammy said, slouching in his seat. “You know I hate the beach. There’s always fucking sand everywhere.”

“Oh come on,” Alice said. “You haven’t left your office for nearly a week. A little break will do you some good.”

“At least you didn’t actually burst into flames in the sunlight.” Susie laughed. “Half the studio thinks you’re a vampire.”

“They do not.” Sammy snapped.

“They kind of do,” Cordelia said sheepishly.

“At least you’re not wearing somethin’ like this.” Bendy gestured to himself. Sammy looked Bendy over, took out his cigarette, then started laughing uproariously.

“Yeah yeah, get it out of your system.” Bendy went back to sulking. At least Sammy was in a better mood now. This trip wouldn’t be any fun if Sammy was in one of his famous foul moods.

The drive lasted about a half an hour as they headed for the coast. The girls talked in the back, Sammy sandwiched in between Susie and Cordelia. Bendy looked out the window. He was excited about this, although he wasn’t about to admit it. He’d never been so far away from the studio before. Boris’ tail kept hitting him in the leg, so he knew his best friend was excited as well. Even Alice seemed excited. She’d even donned a bathing costume, despite the fact that none of them could go swimming. It was a nice day to go to the beach. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, it wasn’t too hot out. As soon as the van parked outside the beach, everyone was out of the car, scrambling towards the sand. Cordelia wanted to swim no matter what, discarding her overcoat to reveal her bathing suit. She jumped right in and contented herself in swimming.

“Ah, the vitality of youth.” Joey sighed, setting up a lawn chair.

“Makes me feel old just watching her.” Henry settled down beside his friend. Boris set to work digging a hole. Alice started making a sandcastle, with Susie’s help. Sammy set up a chair, opened an umbrella, and stubbornly laid down and refused to do anything else.

“I vote we bury him once he’s asleep,” Alice whispered, smiling conspiratorially. Susie grinned back at her and nodded. Bendy just sort of hovered, unsure what to do. The beach they’d chosen was a private one, where they likely wouldn’t be bothered, so he didn’t really have to worry about someone stumbling on them and being exposed. So Bendy sat with Henry and Joey.

“You two go to the beach often?” He asked.

“Does it look like we spend a lot of time outside?” Henry said.

“Alright alright.” Bendy wriggled out of his innertube. ”You bring your kids here Henry?”

“Sometimes.” Henry leaned back in his chair. “My daughter really likes to swim. Kinda like Dee.”

“You ever wish you had kids, Joey?” Bendy glanced at the other animator.

“I’m married to my work,” Joey said, folding his arms and shaking his head solemnly.

“You could at least buy me a drink, first.” Bendy grinned, elbowing Joey in the ribs. Joey just rolled his eyes, while Henry took the opportunity to elbow Bendy back. This led to a shoving contest which ended with Bendy getting buried up to his neck, right beside Sammy.

“I’m gonna be cleaning sand out from everywhere,” Sammy grumbled. Still, he seemed like he was having fun nonetheless.

“Oh don’t be such a grump.” Susie tapped his nose. “You’re enjoying this.”

“Yeah yeah. Just put some sunscreen on my face, okay?”

The day was uneventful other than that. It was a nice break from all the deadlines that they had to finish. But the next day it was back to the studio and back to their work.

Chapter Text

I’m in the mood to write something sad. So I decided to write about people Bendy cares about dying.


Bendy had never been any good at goodbyes. As far as he was concerned, they were things that happened to other people. He was a cartoon living with other cartoons. They didn’t age, they didn’t change, they were the same for all eternity. He, Boris, and Alice were going to stay the same for as long as their existences would last. Sure, he’d known Henry and Sammy and Joey weren’t going to live forever, but he hadn’t ever wanted to consider that. They were his family, the only people he could ever rely on. He didn’t want to think about a world where they weren’t there. He wasn’t prepared to deal with something like that. Besides, he didn’t have time to be thinking about things like that. He had a studio to run, deadlines to meet, cartoons to make. He buried himself in his work so that he wouldn’t have to face the mortality of the people he cared most about. Time marched on unbidden though, and soon enough the staff began dying.


Sammy was the first to go. Lung cancer, the doctors said. By the time they’d caught it, it was too late to save the music director. Some of the employees at the studio tried to convince him to fight, but he knew it was too late for that. He checked himself into a hospice and said goodbye to everyone. Bendy had stayed in his office for the going away party, unable to go down there and face what was happening. It was bad enough seeing the grey in everyone’s hair, how slowly they had begun to move.

“Everyone’s asking for you,” Alice said, opening the door.

“I’ll be down in a minute.” He waved a hand dismissively.

“You said that an hour ago, Bendy,” Alice said. “You’re not going to come down, are you?”

“I will.” He snapped. He hunched over his desk, shuffling through paperwork. Sammy’s final notice, insurance payments. There was a tightness in his chest. He was sure if he just kept working it would go away. It only grew stronger with the passing of time, though. When Henry went, dying in his sleep, it was like Bendy couldn’t breathe. Every breath was short and gasping. His eyes stung. He worked even harder, positive it would go away this time. He didn’t have time for grief. He had to do this. Alice and Boris both left him alone, absorbed in their own grieving. They knew better than to push him before he was ready. He was forced to face his feelings after Joey died. His heart had given out, the doctors said. Alice found Bendy in his office again as the funeral went on downstairs.

“You really should go downstairs this time.” She said.

“Nah, funerals aren’t my style.” Bendy shook his head. “Everyone’s always so serious. You’d think someone died or something.” He laughed, but it was hollow.

“Joey’s dead, Bendy,” Alice said.

“I know.” Bendy nodded, trying to keep smiling. “I just…Maybe if I don’t go downstairs…Maybe he’ll still come in Monday. Him and Henry and Sammy…If I just…If I just keep working, maybe they won’t be…” He trailed off, trying to fight back tears.

“It’s not going to stop them from being dead.” Alice put a hand on his shoulder. It sunk in a little, given that Bendy’s form was beginning to go a little gooey.

“I know that. I know. I just…” He just what? What was he supposed to say? That he had hoped the staff would just live forever? He didn’t know what he’d expected. People died, it was just a fact of life. But that wasn’t the way things worked for toons. Toons didn’t die. So long as they were drawn and remembered, they’d stay alive. God knew what was going to happen to him, Alice, and Boris, but they certainly weren’t about to die any time soon.

“Boris needs his friend. Please, come down.” Alice said. Bendy sighed and got up from his chair. Boris had taken it the hardest. The wolf toon was reduced to a blubbering mess while Bendy and Alice patted his back and assured him it was going to be okay. The other employees of the studio milled around in the conference room. There was a picture of Joey on some kind of altar, and a podium beside it where people could speak. At the moment one of Joey’s friends was talking. It was mostly about what a great guy he’d been, and how much this animation studio had meant to him and to all of them. Once Boris was able to form coherent sentences again, Bendy took the podium. He cleared his throat a few times, tapped the microphone.

“Alright, everyone.” He said, hoping they couldn’t hear how much his voice was shaking. “I’m gonna say a few words. Joey Drew…He was a real asshole sometimes.” Laughter rippled through the room. “No, really, he was. Brought me into the world and didn’t even make me on-model! I mean, how ridiculous is that?”

“He flooded the music department fifteen times!” Someone from the back shouted.

“Yeah! He did that!” Bendy motioned towards the speaker. “He was an asshole! But I guess I didn’t hate the guy. He was decent at his job, usually met his deadlines. He made…all this.” He gestured around the studio. “And I am gonna miss that bastard like crazy. Even if he did try to summon Satan every other Thursday.” He could feel himself losing his composure and stepped down, retreating to his office once more. He’d done his job. He cried that night, more than he’d ever cried in his life. Alice and Boris joined him, the three of them huddling together to form one amorphous blob of ink on the floor of Bendy’s office. When morning came, the tears had stopped. They all got up, dusted themselves off, and went to work. They had a job to do after all. The show had to go on.


Years later, three kids walked into Bendy’s office. Two held notebooks full to bursting with doodles and designs, pencils tucked behind their ears and ink staining their shirts. The third sulked behind his friends, a banjo strapped to his back and music sheets bursting from a book in his back pocket. Bendy smiled as they tried to make their case for their suitability to work at the studio. They hadn’t changed at all, had they? Once they were finished, he stood up.

“Gentlemen, welcome to Hell’s Studio. We’re glad to have you back.”

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dreamnoteprincess asked: Well for the fanfic since you did proposal. Let's move on to the Hell's Studio Wedding, where Joey has to walk Susie down the isle, Henry is the best man, and I don't with anyone else what their roles, but it has to be the best wedding for Susie and Sammy.

Sammy and Susie’s wedding was a very private affair. Sammy didn’t have much in the way of family, and besides, they had actual living breathing cartoons attending. That had to be kept on the down low. So only close friends and relatives were present. Susie’s family were a little…unnerved at first when they showed up and there were three living cartoons walking around as if nothing was wrong. Alice served as the maid of honor, since she and Susie were practically sisters, while Henry was Sammy’s best man. It had been decided that Joey would walk Susie down the aisle, as her father had some mobility issues. Bendy was the ringbearer since Boris wanted to be the flower girl. They’d gotten him a cute little dress and everything. Meanwhile, Norman was on organ. Wally was just sort of…there. He didn’t have anything specifically to do so he just hung out and existed. A few of Susie and Sammy’s relatives struck up a conversation with him. The venue was a park a few miles from the studio. They’d set everything up so the ceremony would take place in a gazebo, with the guests sitting in folding chairs. A church had been out of the question, given what had happened last time Bendy had been in one. Neither Susie nor Sammy had minded, despite how much Sammy had complained about the bugs.

“I still can’t believe this is happening,” Sammy muttered as he adjusted his bowtie for the millionth time.

“Stop fiddling with it, Sammy,” Bendy said. “Everything’s gonna be fine!”

“He’s right. You need to stop worrying.” Henry said, putting a hand on Sammy’s shoulder. “I made sure Joey didn’t do anything weird.” He whispered, soft enough that Joey couldn’t hear him. “I checked the whole place out.”

“Thanks.” The corners of Sammy’s mouth twitched up. He could always count on Henry to make sure things went smoothly.

“No problem,” Henry said. “This is important.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Joey asked, sidling a bit closer.

“Nothing,” Sammy said quickly.

“Hey, where’s Boris?” Bendy suddenly asked, trying to get attention away from the hushed conversation. The trick worked and Joey’s attention was immediately drawn elsewhere.

“I think he went out to find some flowers to throw.” Joey looked back to the entrance of the tent they’d set up. “He said something about fresh flowers?”

“Just hope no one has an allergic reaction,” Sammy muttered.

“Hopefully not,” Henry said.

“I found flowers!” Boris reentered the tent, holding a basket of dandelions and tulips.

“Where’d you get those?” Bendy asked.

“I picked ‘em!” Boris said brightly. “Now I can toss the flowers!”

“Nice job, big guy,” Henry said, patting the wolf’s back. “Now, we should probably get moving. The ceremony’ll start soon. Don’t want to miss your own wedding, do you, Sammy?”

“Susie’d kill me.” Sammy couldn’t help but smile.

“Well, let’s get going then!” Joey headed for the gazebo. “I just hope I won’t cry too much. Wouldn’t want to embarrass you two too much.”

“We all know you’re going to bawl like a baby,” Sammy said. “We wouldn’t have it any other way, though.”

And with that, they made their way to the gazebo, where the minister was waiting. The guests were waiting. Sammy’s mother, normally a very composed woman, dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. Sammy started fiddling with his bowtie again. This was happening. It was really happening. He almost couldn’t believe it. He turned his gaze back to the aisle. Bendy and Boris stood together, ready to do their duties. Catching Sammy’s eye, Bendy gave the music director an enthusiastic thumbs up. Then Susie arrived. Susie was a modest person, so she’d chosen a dress that was simple, not too frilly. It suited her quite well, and to Sammy, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Alice walked directly behind her, holding some of the flowers Boris had picked. Joey was at her arm, dabbing at his eyes as he began to walk Susie down the aisle. Boris sprung into action, walking in front of the bridal procession, throwing flowers and happily doing his job.

“Nice job,” Henry whispered to Boris as the wolf passed. Susie, Alice, and Joey reached the gazebo and took their places. Joey scrambled back to his seat in the front row beside Wally. With everyone there, the minister cleared his throat and began. Normally, Sammy wasn’t a terribly religious person, but for Susie, he was willing to make an exception. Not to mention his mother had wanted a Christian wedding as well. He just stared into Susie’s eyes as the minister spoke. The prospect of spending the rest of his life with her honestly excited him. She was one of the best friends he’d ever had and he loved her more than he could possibly put into words. They’d discussed whether or not they’d change their names and decided against it since they were both so fiercely independent. Soon enough, the time came to exchange vows. Bendy proudly presented the rings, winking at both Sammy and Susie.

“Do you, Samuel Horace Lawrence, take Susie Alice Campbell to be your lawfully wedded wife?” The minister asked. Sammy took a deep breath and slipped the ring onto Susie’s finger.

“I do.”

“And do you, Susie Alice Campbell-”

“Of course I do.” Susie interrupted the minister, putting her own ring on Sammy’s finger. Sammy tried not to laugh at this. That would be rude, and his mother was watching. God he loved her. Alice had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing. The minister frowned but quickly regained his composure.

“Very well. I pronounce you husband and wife.” He said. “You may kiss the bride.” Even after all these years, Sammy still got a little nervous when it came to kissing Susie. He leaned forward, preparing himself. Susie then proceeded to grab his head and plant one on him. There was a whoop from the guests as Susie’s sister stood up and cheered her on. This time Sammy laughed.

“Way to take the initiative.” He said when she pulled away.

“Well, you weren’t going to do it.” She said with a little half smile.

“Alright!” Bendy grinned and applauded them. “Now, who wants cake?’

“I do!” Boris raised his hand, tail wagging. Bendy didn’t have the heart to tell him it had been a rhetorical question. The group made their way to the tent where the catering had been set up. Henry’s wife, Bella, had put herself in charge of the food. No one really trusted Joey to not sneak ink into the food. Henry’s kids went straight for the cake, jumping and begging for a slice.

“Hang on,” Henry said. “The couple’s got to cut the cake.” Susie and Sammy were the last to enter, walking arm in arm. Sammy was making a joke about how he’d half expected Bendy to pull some kind of prank on him. Susie agreed, adding that she was glad he hadn’t. She would have had to get a little…physical if he had.

“Reminds me of when we got married,” Bella said, leaning on Henry as the newlyweds made their way to the cake. “Although, we didn’t have living cartoons in attendance then.”

“It’s certainly interesting.” Henry agreed.

“Alright, settle down,” Sammy said as the kids clambered for the cake. “You’ll get your piece.” The cake was chocolate, Susie and Sammy’s favorite. Together, they cut the cake and began dishing it up. Henry’s children got the first few slices, then the toons got some, and finally the adults. Sammy stood back and watched everyone. How had he gotten to this point in his life? Sammy had honestly never expected to get married. He’d never expected to have such good friends or be part of something like Joey Drew Studios. It wasn’t what he’d expected from his life, but it was so much better than anything he could have ever predicted. Beside him, Susie squeezed his hand.

“I’m glad I met you.” She whispered.

“Yeah. Me too.” He said, leaning his head against hers. He could hear Henry yelling from somewhere to his left, trying to get Joey to stop doing something. Probably black magic. Bendy was running over, handing his cake off to Boris. Sammy smiled to himself. This…This was alright.

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inkavixentheinkdemon asked: So, everyone in Hell's Studio goes on a vacation to the beach. Girls stay in one cabin, boys in the other. And the toons(except bendy) are in their own. Sammy is left with Joey and Bendy, because no-one wants to deal with ANY of their sh¡t. They go to swim in the ocean, and Bendy nearly drowns.


It was almost August and Joey had decided that they needed to go on a “company retreat”, which was a fancy way of saying they were going to the beach. Again. Sammy was in a much better mood now, so getting him to come along was a lot easier than it had been the first time. In fact, he came along willingly. A lot of the employees declined to come, for their own various reasons, so it ended up just being Sammy, Susie, Henry, Joey, Wally, Bendy, Boris, Alice, and Cordelia. Joey had rented a few cabins they could stay in over the weekend, stating it would be good ‘bonding’ time. Everyone was pretty sure he was just trying to avoid work though. On Friday, they all piled into Henry’s van and headed to the beach. It was mostly quiet since it’d been a long day and they were tired. Sammy, Susie, Wally, and Alice slept most of the way over. The only sounds in the car were Joey giving directions and Cordelia talking quietly with Bendy and Boris. The sun was setting by the time they got there.

“Okay, everybody up!” Joey said, leaning back to shout at the others. “We’re here~” Sammy grumbled out some very choice words, which Susie slapped his shoulder for, and they all stumbled out.

“Girls in one cabin, boys in another, and toys in the last one!” Joey explained as they gathered their luggage.

“Looks like we get a cabin all to ourselves,” Susie said, elbowing Cordelia gently. The smaller girl nodded.

“Man, this place is gonna be a sausage fest.” Wally groaned. “Why couldn’t more of the girls have come?”

“This isn’t an excuse for you to flirt with girls,” Sammy said, slapping the back of Wally’s head.

“Ow! Hey!”

“Let’s just go to bed,” Henry said. “We’re all tired. And Joey?”

“Yes?” Joey looked up from beginning to pull his suitcase across the sand.

“Please, don’t try to summon a sand golem.”

“You say that like I’m always practicing black magic.” Joey almost sounded offended.

“You are.” Everyone said together. Joey just shrugged and went back to pulling his suitcase. The others did the same, settling comfortably in their respective cabins. The girls’ cabin had more beds than they needed, given there were only two of them. The boys had just enough beds at four, and the toons were just fine. Most of them were asleep fairly quickly. Henry stayed up to make sure Joey was actually sleeping before going to bed himself. Thankfully, the night was uneventful. Henry was the first one up the next morning, given the fact that he had small children with a lot of energy. Once Joey was up, he pulled out some literal pots and pans, going outside to bang them together.

“Why in God’s name did he bring pots and pans?!” Sammy growled, doing everything in his power to stop himself from throttling his boss.

“Probably for cooking and probably for this,” Henry said, getting dressed as calmly as he could. The banging didn’t stop until Susie started throwing rocks.

“Glad to see everyone’s up,” Joey said once everyone had assembled.

“Joey, I swear to whatever god will have me if you do that again I will @#$%&*@#$^$&%@%@.” The rest of the sentence was incomprehensible as it devolved into a series of car horns, alarms, and squeaky toy noises. Joey just kept smiling, as if to say ‘you couldn’t hurt me if you tried’. Henry just sighed.

“So, what now, Joey?” He asked.

“Who wants to build sand castles?” Joey whipped out a bucket and a tiny plastic shovel, likely filched from Henry’s kids.

“Sandcastles?” Sammy asked incredulously.

“It’ll be fun,” Joey said.

“What are we, 12?” Wally asked, snorting. Joey’s smile grew wider, almost eerily so.

“It’s team building,” Joey said, looking a little hurt. “Don’t you think so, Cordelia?” Cordelia stiffened, shrinking back a little. Joey seemed to assume that since Cordelia was the youngest she’d be more receptive to it.

“I-I….I mean, it does seem fun.” She said. “I haven’t built a sandcastle in forever.”

“Okay, fine, we’ll do it. Quit picking on her.” Susie put a hand on her hip, staring Joey down. Joey just hummed and started handing out the equipment, all of which had been provided by Henry’s children. They naturally broke off into separate groups based on how much of a perfectionist each one of them was. Which meant Bendy and Sammy got exiled to make sure Joey didn’t try to create a sand golem.

“I hate this,” Sammy muttered, stabbing his little plastic shovel into the sand. “I hate sand.”

“You think you’re suffering?” Bendy said. “Sand sticks to me like I’m a magnet!”

“Come on, you two,” Joey said, patting their backs. “This is a retreat. We’re supposed to be having fun!” Some of them were, at least. The girls, along with Boris and Henry were managing to make a passable and castle. Susie and Alice were working on sculpting and shaping, while Henry was more structure. Boris was just digging a hole, which provided them with sand. Cordelia ran back and forth with a bucket bringing them water. Bendy got up.

“Sammy, watch Joey. I’m gonna go swimming.” He said, grabbing an innertube. Joey suddenly looked up, showing more fear than anyone had ever seen him express. He wasn’t able to stop the little demon before Bendy was in the water. Almost immediately, it was evident that something was wrong. Bendy’s form was diluting in the water, causing him to slip out of the inner tube. He’d floated out pretty far by that point and he didn’t float. He sank beneath the water, air bubbles the only thing signaling his position. Joey was on his feet in moments, screaming and running towards the water. This drew the attention of the others, who sprung into action. Henry, ever the problem solver, was the one who dove in, looking for the demon under the water. Bendy was barely the size of his hand when he located him, laying on the sand. He grabbed the demon and lifted him above the surface, swimming back.

“We need ink.” Those were his first words when he came ashore. “Lots of it.”

“We have some back at the cabin.” Alice’s voice was shaking as she stumbled back. Boris stayed by his friend’s side while she ran back to the cabin to get the bottles of ink.

“I tried to warn him,” Joey said. “I…He moved too quickly. I couldn’t tell him….”

“It’s going to be okay,” Susie assured them. “He’s not dead yet.” Sammy didn’t even know how to react. Toons were supposed to be immortal, he’d never expected this sort of thing to happen. Joey was the one who was taking it the worst. While Cordelia was outright sobbing, Joey was babbling quietly to himself. The toons were the closest things he had to children, and for all his strangeness, Joey cared about his work more than anything. The studio, the cartoons, they were everything to him. Alice returned a few minutes later with a large jar of ink. Henry uncapped it and shoved it in Bendy’s face. The tiny demon practically inhaled it, slowly growing back to his normal size.

“See? Everything’s fine.” Susie said, nodding to everyone. “He’s okay.”

“You had us worried sick!” Alice said, grabbing Bendy and pulling him into a hug. “Never do that again!” Boris joined the hug, holding both of the other toons as tight as he possibly could.

“It’s okay,” Joey said to himself. “It’s okay. Everything is fine.” Things returned to normal after that, but they weren’t quite 100%. Still, it was a nice break, aside from the little scare. But it certainly put the fear of mortality in the heart of one Joey Drew.

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magicalmonsterhero asked: Ooh, what about a karaoke night story? Bonus points for Sammy singing a Sinatra tune/Susie performing a Beatles song.



Joey Drew Studios was having a karaoke night. It had been Joey’s idea, because of course it was, but they hadn’t really minded. It was a celebration for them completing a particularly difficult deadline. No one cared when Joey herded them into the break room, where he’d erected a sort of stage, with a karaoke machine set up on top of it.

“What’s this?” Bendy asked, sauntering in. “You expect us to sing?”

“Not if you don’t want to,” Joey said. “It’s not compulsive this time. Just having a little fun. Now, who wants to go first?” Henry shrugged and took the stage. He had a decent voice. Wally, as it turned out, could actually hold a tune fairly well.

“Church choir.” He explained to his shocked coworkers. “We went to church a lot when I was a kid.” Sammy, having a similar upbringing, nodded and raised a glass to the janitor. Joey was as tone deaf as they came, but he had a confidence very few of them possessed. He sounded like a dying cat, but damn did he believe in himself. Even Norman got up and sang the Batman theme song, which consisted of him just singing Batman over and over.

“Thank you, Norman,” Joey said, clapping enthusiastically. “That was very nice!”

“It was something alright.” Sammy nodded. Susie swatted at his shoulder. “Hey! I never said it was bad!”

“So, who’s next?” Joey asked, looking around.

“I think it’s time I showed you how it’s done.” Bendy got up, stretching dramatically. “Angel? You wanna do a duet with me?”

“Sure, why not?” She shrugged and got up on the stage next to him. They were pretty good, although Bendy was certainly hamming it up. He’d forgotten just how much he liked performing. He’d been cooped up in the studio for so long, working himself to the bone. Now he was back in his element. Alice stepped down after two songs, but Bendy kept singing until his voice was hoarse and he couldn’t sing anymore.

“Thank you, thank you.” He bowed grandly. The other employees applauded politely. It was a treat getting to see their boss let loose and have fun in a way that didn’t involve Sammy throwing things at him. They considered suggesting it again once this was over.

“Sammy-boy!” Bendy yelled as Sammy got up to get a drink. “Why don’t you sing a song?”

“You don’t want to hear me sing,” Sammy said, pouring himself a scotch.

“C’mon!” Wally said. “Even I did a song!” Sammy rolled his eyes, downed his scotch, and took the makeshift stage.

“Alright, fine.” He said. “But I’m a little out of practice.”

“What’ll you be singing?” Henry asked. Sammy didn’t answer, beginning to sing.

“And now, the end is near. And so I face the final curtain. My friend, I’ll say it clear. I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain. I’ve lived a life that’s full. I traveled each and every highway. And more, much more than this, I did it my way.” Sammy had a surprisingly rich singing voice. He was no Frank Sinatra, but he wasn’t half bad. Susie leaned on her hand and sipped her drink, delighting in how blown away the rest of her co-workers were. Up until this point, only she had seen this side of Sammy.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention. I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption. I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway. And more, much more than this, I did it my way.” Sammy completely lost himself in the song, slipping into the character of Frank Sinatra. “Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew, when I bit off more than I could chew. But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way. I’ve loved, I’ve laughed and cried. I’ve had my fill, my share of losing. And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing. To think I did all that and may I say, not in a shy way. Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way.”

The music and his voice swelled. “For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.” Sammy waited as the instrumental played out before leaning in and whispering the final line. “Yes, it was my way.” Everyone was on their feet in moments, applauding. No one, save Susie, had ever heard him sing like that before.

“Your turn.” Sammy said, passing the microphone to her with a small smirk. Susie returned the smile, taking the stage. Everyone knew they were in for a treat. Susie had been hired based on her voice after all.

“I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping.” Susie began, her voice drifting out across the darkened break room. “While my guitar gently weeps. I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping. Still my guitar gently weeps. I don’t know how nobody told you how to unfold your love. I don’t know how someone controlled you, they bought and sold you. I look at the world and I notice it’s turning. While my guitar gently weeps. With every mistake we must surely be learning. Still my guitar gently weeps. I don’t know how you were diverted, you were perverted too. I don’t know how you were inverted. No one alerted you. I look at you all I see the love there that’s sleeping. While my guitar gently weeps. Look at you all. Still my guitar gently weeps.” Her song was significantly shorter than Sammy’s, but time seemed to slow down as she sang. All eyes were fixed on Susie as she crooned into the microphone. If you closed your eyes, you could pretend you were in some smoky bar, listening to a glamorous lounge singer. Sammy sighed and leaned on his hand. God he loved her.

“Oh Susie, that was amazing!” Alice clapped her hands together.

“Thank you.” Susie blushed a little. “I haven’t sung like this in a while.”

“We have such talented people here,” Joey said. “You all make this place the best it could possibly be.”

“Getting a little sappy there, aren’t you, Drew?” Bendy asked, elbowing Joey gently in the ribs.

“I was just thinking about how glad I am that I met all of you.” Joey smiled softly. Everyone got very quiet. No one was entirely sure how to react to this situation. Joey didn’t get like this too often. So Bendy took the stage again, dragging Sammy with him, to sing another song. Everyone sang until they were too tired and too drunk to sing anymore. They spent the night at the studio since they were too drunk to drive home. It was like a big sleepover. It was…nice. Nice for all of them. Joey was the first one up the next day. He watched them, a faint smile on his face. He didn’t know what he’d do if any of them ever left. This was his family. They meant everything to him.

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phoena12 asked:
Heeeey I'm back from the dead \○□○/ May I request hell's studio au where Henry finds a sad joey drew moping in his office about a ritual gone wrong and Henry tries to cheer him up (it works!)


Henry had gotten used to a lot of weird things in knowing Joey Drew. Strangeness was par for course with someone like Joey. But the strangest thing Henry had ever witnessed was seeing Joey upset. Joey was the kind of person who tried to be relentlessly positive all the time. It was how he’d gotten through polio and how he intended to get through most of his life. Always look on the bright side, make the impossible possible, that was Joey’s motto. So when Henry entered Joey’s office to deliver his shots and found his old friend bent over a summoning circle sobbing, he was more than a little shocked and worried. Especially when he saw a body lying in the middle of the circle. It was a strange approximation of what Henry assumed was supposed to be a toon. Its chest seemed as though it had exploded outwards, its ribs sticking out like teeth in a gaping maw. Its face was contorted in a scream, hands reaching out towards Joey.

“Joey, what happened?!” Henry shut the door behind him, running to Joey’s side.

“I…I tried to summon another toon,” Joey said. “I thought it would be nice for Alice to have another angel around. A brother or something. It….I don’t know why it didn’t work this time. I had a character sheet drawn up and everything. But when I tried the ritual…He came out….He was screaming, struggling to breathe.”

“Hey, Joey, breathe,” Henry said, putting a hand on Joey’s back. HIs friend was starting to hyperventilate. Joey nodded, trying to get his breathing under control.

“You’re okay,” Henry said. “It’s going to be okay.” Already the body was beginning to melt back into ink again.

“I don’t understand why it didn’t work.” Joey began tapping his finger on the floorboards. “I did everything the same.”

“Hey, let’s get out of here.” Henry pulled Joey to his feet. “We can clean this up later. You shouldn’t keep looking at this thing.”

“But I have to figure out what went wrong, I have to-”

“No buts,” Henry said. “I’m taking you out to dinner. How’s Italian sound?”

“It sounds fine,” Joey said, straightening and dusting himself off. Henry led him out of the office. They took Joey’s car. Henry drove since Joey’s hands were shaking too much. Slowly, the other man began to regain his composure.

“Wally’s going to have a fit when he sees your office,” Henry said as they drove.

“Better him than Sammy,” Joey said, smiling. “I love him, really, I do, but his temper can get out of control sometimes.”

“Yeah, I guess you’ve got a point. He has calmed down a little now that’s he’s with Susie though.” Henry tried to hide his sigh of relief. Joey was starting to sound like his old self again.

“The two of them bring out the best in each other.” Joey nodded. They reached the restaurant and went in, getting a table fairly quickly. They had beat the dinner rush, thankfully, giving them a nice opportunity to talk and relax. Henry steered the conversation toward their college days. It was amazing how little Joey had changed since then. He was no longer naive or innocent, but he still had that stubborn optimism, that belief that the impossible could be made possible.

“Do you remember when we first made Bendy?” Henry asked.

“Of course!” Joey’s face split with a huge grin. “I do feel bad that I scared you so badly, by the way.” Henry had been plugging away on some homework when Joey had burst in and sprung his idea on Henry. Joey had wanted to do a cartoon about a mischievous demon, one who wasn’t inherently evil. Something about subverting expectations. Honestly, Henry hadn’t caught a lot of what Joey had said that first time. Joey had been talking so quickly it had been hard to keep up.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m used to it.” Henry reached over to pat Joey’s shoulder.

“You’re a good friend, Henry,” Joey said, his smile turning slightly mournful. “I’m glad I met you. I don’t think I could have made it this far on my own.”

“What are friends for?” Henry asked. “Besides, I couldn’t have gotten this far without you either.” Henry knew Joey’s downfall would inevitably be his desire to make the impossible possible, but that same desire had pushed the studio farther than it ever would have gone without Joey. Henry wouldn’t have it any other way.

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that-girl-nix asked: If you're still doing the Hell's Studio prompts I have one for ya. Since ya wrote Sammy and Susie as a couple how about a story where the have a baby. Sammy's worried that they won't like him since he's a grouch, but when the baby comes and they bring the baby to the studio it turns out the baby is much like him in some ways. Like being calmed down by music, liking Alice, cries because of Joey, ect...


When Susie had announced she was pregnant, Sammy had freaked out. He wasn’t the best with small children. Or, at least, he was never quite sure how to deal with them. Contrary to popular belief, Sammy was actually quite good with children. He never dumbed anything down, never treated children like they were stupid. His coworkers would have been blown away if they’d seen him interact with a child. Babies were a different matter though. Babies were just so tiny and loud and....strange. Everyone told him it would be different when it was his own though. He took their word for it, just trying to help Susie whenever he could. Secretly, though, he still worried. He wanted to be a good father for his child and a good husband for Susie. When the day came, everything was pandemonium. The two of them drove to the hospital in a frenzy. Susie was the calmer of the two, although she was still screaming because of the contractions. But Sammy was a mess. Susie was in pain and she was about to push a baby out of her and he didn’t know how to deal with that. He didn’t have a lot of friends, nor did he have any sisters, so he’d never experienced this before. Henry, being the only one with actual children, showed up prepared. He had a bag and everything. 

“You need to breathe, both of you.” He said once he arrived. 

“I’m working on it,” Susie said through gritted teeth. 

“That means you too, Sammy.” 

“I’M TRYING!” Sammy snapped, briefly ceasing his pacing. He’d been walking back and forth ever since they’d gotten there and he’d called everyone. Joey was in the waiting room, along with Alice, Boris, Bendy, Norman, and Wally. 

“Sammy, really, you need to calm down.” Henry put his hands on Sammy’s shoulders. “I mean it. You’re no good to her if you’re a wreck.” 

“Remember your breathing exercises,” Susie said. She was surprisingly calm for someone about to push a baby out of her. Sammy took a few shaky breaths. For her, he’d try to calm down. For her, it was worth it. The birth proceeded without complication. Henry was sent out of the room for the actual birth, but Sammy was there to hold Susie’s hand. The baby that came out was, in Joey’s humble opinion, the grumpiest looking baby in the world. It was a girl, and they decided to name her Aria. Aria was an exceptionally chubby baby who had her father’s perpetual scowl. 

“Are babies supposed to look like that?” Bendy asked as they all crowded around Susie’s hospital bed. “It looks...weird.”

“All babies look weird when they’re first born,” Alice said, swatting at his head. 

“Well,” Wally looked from Aria to Sammy. “You two got the same frown. Definitely your kid, Sammy.” 

“You say that like there was any doubt.” Sammy snapped, mostly out of nervousness. He was honestly a little worried he’d somehow screwed up their baby with his genetics. She wasn’t a very happy baby those first few nights.

“She’s just a fussy baby,” Susie assured him. “Some babies are like that.” Then she started to sing a lullaby to little Aria. Immediately the baby’s demeanor changed. She stopped crying and stared up at her mother in wonder. When Susie stopped, Aria screwed her face up and started crying again. So Susie started singing again, until she couldn’t sing anymore. 

“Why don’t you play her a song?” She said, handing the baby off to Sammy. “My voice is getting hoarse.” Aria only seemed to cry louder when handed off to Sammy, which initially caused him to panic. 

“Keep calm.” Susie kissed his cheek as she went to get coffee from the kitchen. Sammy took Aria over to the piano, settling her down on his lap as he began to play Sheep’s Songs from the Bendy cartoons. It was one of his favorite songs that he’d composed after all, and it was a song written for children. Aria’s face lit up as he began to play and sing softly. She burbled happily and clapped her hands. Sammy smiled softly, kissing her head. Aria kept clapping, as if demanding more music. The others had been right. It was different when the baby was yours. 

As it turned out, Aria was a lot more like Sammy than he’d ever anticipated. Not only did music seem to calm her down, but she adored Alice Angel just as much as Sammy did. She seemed to notice the similarities between her mother and Alice, and once she was able to talk she called her Auntie Alice. In addition to that, she seemed utterly done with Joey Drew the moment she met him. Joey greeted her when Susie and Sammy brought her to the studio and Aria just stared at him with the very same look Sammy routinely gave his boss. 

“She’s definitely your child.” Joey sighed as he drew away from her. 

“No one’s going to mess with our girl,” Susie said proudly. She could already tell Aria was going to be someone who did not suffer fools lightly, just like her parents. Aria turned away, reaching for Alice again. Alice and Susie both laughed and Aria was passed off to Alice again, where she gurgled and patted Alice’s cheeks. 

“She’s certainly an interesting kid,” Bendy said, peering down at Aria. 

“She’s a very serious baby,” Norman said. “Although, I’d expect nothing less from a child of Sammy Lawrence.”

“We should take her down to see Johnny.” Susie suddenly said. “He never gets any visitors, and I’m sure she’d love to hear the organ.” Sammy nodded, and they all went down to the music department. He was starting to feel like maybe...Maybe this would be alright.

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dreamnoteprincess asked: Hell's Studio Au. Henry and Joey first met.


Henry had been 18 years old, heading into his first animation class at Caltech. When he found his classroom, he sat in the front, ready to absorb everything he could. He’d come prepared with everything he imagined he could possibly need. Notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers. He was ready. What he had not, however, expected was Joey Drew. A few minutes before the class started, someone sat down right beside Henry. He turned to see who his neighbor was, and was greeted by a young man not much older than him, with what could only be described as grandfather glasses and a huge grin.

“Hi!” The other man said, sticking his hand out. “My name’s Joey Drew! What’s your name?”

“Henry...Ross.” Henry shook Joey’s hand tentatively. “It’s, uh, it’s nice to meet you.”

“You too! Man, is this going to be great or what? I’ve always wanted to make cartoons, y’know. Do you wanna make cartoons too?” Joey said, pumping Henry’s hand up and down with more force than Henry had originally thought the rather scrawny man to be capable of.

“Yeah....” Henry just sort of nodded. He’d never been a terribly energetic person, nor was he familiar with anyone quite this...exuberant.

“You alright?” Joey stopped shaking Henry’s hand, frowning a little bit. “Oh, sorry, did I scare you? My family always says I need to reign in my energy, and I swear I’m trying, it’s just-”

“Mr. Drew.” The two boys turned to see the teacher standing in front of them, staring down at Joey with crossed arms.

“Hi.” Joey smiled sheepishly. “I suppose class is starting now, huh?”

“Indeed it is, Mr. Drew, so I would suggest you turn your attention to me.” The teacher said coolly. “If you wouldn’t mind.”

“I will. Sorry, sir.” Joey turned and fished out a notebook from his bag. The teacher sighed and began the first lesson of the very first day. Henry couldn’t help but laugh a little bit at the display. If nothing else, Joey Drew was certainly an entertaining person to be around.

“What a way to start out my college career,” Joey said once class was over, falling into step beside Henry.

“It was definitely something,” Henry said. “Um...Why are you following me?”

“I thought maybe we could be friends.” Joey grinned, sticking his hand out again. “Since we’re in the same class and all. We might even get to work on things together!” Henry had come to California from a small farming community in Iowa. He barely knew anyone here. Maybe, he thought to himself, it wouldn’t be so bad to make friends with this strange boy. It would certainly give him someone to hang out with when he wasn’t doing homework. It would give him someone to lean on.

“Alright.” Henry tentatively took Joey’s hand once more. Joey’s smile widened.

“I look forward to working with you, Henry Ross!”

In the months that followed, Henry found himself growing closer and closer to Joey Drew. The two of them ate lunch together, compared notes, studied together. In their second year, they even became roommates. In this time, Henry learned the downsides of Joey’s enthusiasm. He’d wake up at 3 in the morning to find Joey puttering around on whatever project had caught his interest at that moment. Joey often forgot to eat, sleep, do the basic things that he needed to do to take care of himself. Henry made sure that didn’t happen as often as it might have. As they neared the end of college, one project kept coming back. One of their early assignments had been to create characters that subverted expectations. Joey had created a little demon, while Henry had gone for a mostly harmless wolf. Henry had mostly forgotten about his wolf, but Joey never really let go of that demon. He’d draw it over and over, practicing poses, expressions, scenarios.

“Hey, Henry.” Joey poked him one day while Henry was doing some math homework.


“Do you think people would watch a show about our characters?”

“Which ones?”

“The demon and the wolf,” Joey said. “I think we’ve really got something great here! People love little rascals, right? We could make your wolf the foil!”

“Hm. You think so?” Henry looked up from his textbook.

“I know so.” Joey flashed him a big smile. “I even drafted up some storyboards for an episode! It’s called Tombstone Picnic!”

“Let me see.” Henry’s studying was completely forgotten as Joey drew him into his new idea. By the end of the night, Henry was completely sold. The two of them made plans to start up their own studio once they got out of school. And they did. They saved up enough money and bought a run-down little building in Pasadena. Once that was done, they built their team. Joey’s magnetic personality drew in everyone they needed. Even as they grew older, and everything changed, whenever Henry looked at Joey Drew, he saw that excitable boy that had come up to him on the first day of class. That day was certainly was he was never going to forget, not as long as he lived.

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phoena12 asked: Heeeey, so excited your taking prompts again \●□●/ Sooo hell's studio au; Henry gets sick, so the tons decide to help him feel better?

Sorry this took so long to write. I wasn’t exactly feeling great. 

Honestly, part of this is inspired by this comic. 


Employees at Joey Drew Studios tended to work themselves far harder than their bodies were able to handle. Bendy was a perfect example of this, but at the moment he wasn’t the one working himself to his limit. That lucky bastard was Henry. The animator had come down with a fever, but they were approaching a deadline, so he’d dragged himself to the studio.

“Yeesh. You’re lookin’ rough there, Henry.” Bendy said when he saw Henry shuffle his way in. “You sure you should be here.”

“Gotta get my shots finished,” Henry mumbled, waving his hand dismissively. Bendy debated for a moment whether to make Henry go home or let him work. He decided to just let the guy work for now. After all, Henry could pretty stubborn when he wanted to be, and Bendy didn’t really feel like trying to drag the guy home. 

“If you say so.” He said. 


“I’ll be fine,” Henry assured him with a worn smile before heading to his desk.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t fine, as Wally found him passed out at his desk about an hour later. They quickly moved him to Bendy’s office and set him up on a cot in the corner. Since everyone else was busy meeting the deadline, it fell to the toons to take care of Henry.

“I swear, it’s like none of you take care of yourselves.” Alice clicked her tongue as she laid a cool washcloth on Henry’s forehead.

“I’m fine.” Henry insisted, trying to get up. “I just need to-”

“Boris.” Bendy snapped his fingers. “Sit on him.”

“What?! Bendy!”

“Okay~” Boris settled himself on top of Henry in a way that prevented the animator from getting up, but also didn’t actively endanger him.

“There. Now he’s not going anywhere.” Bendy folded his arms, looking rather proud of himself.

“We need to feed him something.” Alice shifted her attention to looking around the office. “He needs to stay hydrated. Do you have tea or something?”

“Water literally melts us. What do you think, angel?” Bendy asked flatly. Alice rolled her eyes, starting to search his desk drawers. He always kept the strangest things around. After a few minutes, she proudly brandished two teabags.

“I knew you’d have some!” She said. “You always hoard the weirdest stuff.”

“Huh.” Bendy just stared at the tea bags. “I did not know I had those. Hey, do you think bacon soup is good to feed him? We’ve got like a %#@ton of it.”

“That stuff’s like 20 years old!”

“Well, what else are we supposed to feed him?”

“We could ask Wally to go buy some chicken soup,” Boris suggested.

“Ask an intern!” Wally yelled from the hallway. “I’m not your damn gofer!”

“Fine, I’ll track down an intern.” Bendy straightened his bowtie. “You boil the tea, Alice. And Boris?” Boris perked up. “You’re doing a great job. Keep doing it.” Boris nodded enthusiastically, his tail slapping against the wall. Henry stared at the ceiling, already falling asleep again.

The rest of the day consisted of the three toons watching over Henry and keeping Joey away. Joey needed to be focusing on the deadline, not coming in with his weird satanic books to test remedies on Henry. It was surprisingly hard to keep him out of the room. He was pretty quiet when he wanted to be, and hardly made any sound at all if he really tried to muffle his footfalls. But in the end, they managed to keep Henry safe for the day before Sammy was drafted to drive Henry home at the end of the day. The music director did so, and with hardly any complaining too! Henry was instructed to take a few days off, just until he felt better. Henry, reluctantly, agreed. By the end of the week, he was back at work and back to normal. But the studio had to implement some new rules to keep staff from overworking themselves.

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phoena12 asked: Back at it again with another prompt request \●□●/ Hell's studio au; susie tells sammy she's pregnant?? Oooooor Hell's studio au; the tons experience snow for the first time ⊙□⊙


It was December when Susie told Sammy the news. She’d known for about a month now. She’d just needed to find the right time to tell him. December worked out the best. They were having the studio Christmas party and Sammy was in a decent mood. Susie had put the positive pregnancy test in a little box and put it under the studio Christmas tree, addressed to Sammy.

“You’re looking happy.” Alice said, walking over to Susie. “What’s got you all smiley?” Susie leaned over and whispered the reason into Alice’s ear. Immediately, the toon’s face lit up.

“That’s amazing!” She said in a loud whisper. “Have you told Sammy yet?”

“That’s going to be his present.” Susie grinned.

“Do you think he’s going to cry?”

“Oh, most definitely.” Susie giggled a little. “He acts all tough, but believe me, he’s a real softie.” Alice and Susie’s conversation didn’t go unnoticed by Sammy, who had been dragged into a conversation by a slightly tipsy Joey and Wally. Henry was busy keeping Bendy from hitting the colored ink too hard. Wally had a plate of food, stuffing his face in between talking.

“What do you think they’re whispering about?” Sammy said, watching Alice and Susie.

“Probably you.” Wally said, snorting. “Maybe she’s talking about your sex life.”

“Very funny, Franks.” Sammy rolled his eyes.

“Cheap shot?” Wally shrugged. “They’re probably just talking about work or something.”

“You know, Christmas actually falls on the pagan holiday of Saturnalia.” Joey said, swaying a little. “It’s very interesting, really. It’s a Roman holiday celebrating the roman god Saturn and…” Wally and Sammy respectfully drowned him out. Until, that is, he pulled out something that looked like a sigil made of blood.

“And that’s why I made one of these! It’s not actual blood, it’s just paint. No one would let me use their blood.”

“Joey….What is that?” Sammy asked as Wally scooted away.

“It’s the seal of Saturn.” Joey said brightly. “I’m going to put offerings on it!”

“Oookay.” Sammy patted his back tentatively. “I think you’ve had enough to drink, buddy.”

“What did he do now?” Henry walked over, carrying Bendy under one arm. The demon was basically a rainbow at this point, hiccuping slightly.

“He made a weird sigil thing,” Wally explained, going back to eating.

“At least there’s no blood sacrifices going on this time.” Henry sighed.

“I’ll blood sacrifice you.” Bendy muttered, flashing red. “Put me down! I’m a grown man…demon….I’m an adult! Can stand on my own two feet.”

“I know.” Henry patted his head.

“Hey! Let’s open presents!” Boris said, holding up a box. “This one’s for Sammy!” Sammy strode over, snatching the box from the wolf’s hands.

“Wonder who it’s from.” He said, turning it over. From the wrapping, he assumed, it was Susie’s gift to him. He smiled a little and tore it open. Inside he found a mostly empty box, which puzzled him at first.

“Susie? What’s in he…re…” He trailed off when he saw the item at the bottom.

“What’s in it?” Henry asked. Sammy just stared into the box, his face blank. Then he looked at Susie.

“Is it….You’re sure, right?”

“I’m sure.”

“Are…Are you crying?” Wally frowned.

“Shut up!” Sammy wiped his eyes. “I’m just…This is great.”

“Well, what was in there?” Joey asked, tilting his head to the side.

“It’s a positive pregnancy test, you idiot!” Sammy tried to sound angry, but he was smiling so wide it hurt. “Susie’s having a baby. We’re going to be parents!” For a moment, the room was silent, then everyone erupted into applause and cheers.

“Ya..Ya think the baby’s going come out frowning?” Bendy said, squinting at Sammy and Susie. “If it’s Sammy’s baby, it’s gonna be grumpy.”

“Oh hush.” Alice swatted at his head. “This is a happy moment.” Bendy would likely congratulate the two better once he was sober. Then Boris came running into the room, his face all lit up and his tail wagging.

“Guys! Outside!” He said. “There’s stuff coming from the sky! It’s all white and fluffy and I don’t know what it is!”

“I think he’s talking about snow,” Susie whispered. “Have they ever seen snow before?”

“I guess not.” Sammy shrugged.

“I wanna see!” Bendy wriggled free, scrambling out to the front door. The human employees, and Alice, followed the little demon out to the parking lot. It seldom ever snowed in California, so this was a treat for all of them. Puffy white flakes drifted lazily down from the dark sky, lighting dusting the pavement, trees, and cars.

“Oh my.” Alice gasped, her hands flying to her mouth. “This…This is amazing!”

“I…I’mma fight it.” Bendy put up his fists. “What’re you look- lookin’ at?!” He did a few swipes, then fell over. Boris was just running around like an excited dog.

“Henry! Henry look at it!” He said, pointing. Henry laughed and nodded.

“Yes, Boris, I’m looking.”

Sammy and Susie leaned on one another, watching the scene before them. Sammy couldn’t believe it. He was going to be a father. He would worry later. For now, he wanted to enjoy the moment. Susie squeezed his hand.

“Not a bad Christmas party, huh?” She said, smiling.

“No.” He said. “Not a bad Christmas party at all.”

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dreamnoteprincess asked: Hell's Studio AU: Literally a Hell's Studio, Bendy and the toons go against the studio workers in a little game of truth or dare, however, the toons seem to give out dares more then truths and the dares are ridiculous or weird.


It was Friday night, and the studio had decided to play Truth or Dare. No one was entirely sure who had suggested this, probably Bendy, but they were doing it anyway. There was alcohol, they had a bottle for maybe playing Spin The Bottle later. They were all gathered around in a circle, with the bottle in the middle.

“Alright. Who’s going first?” Bendy asked. No one came forward. “Okay. Let’s spin the bottle.” And so he did. The bottle landed on Sammy, who groaned and took a shot.

“Alright, Sammy-Boy,” Bendy said, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “Truth or Dare?”

“I’m not an idiot.” He said. “Fucking truth.”

“Alright, big guy.” Bendy examined his nails. “How long have you and Susie been &$%@ing?” Sammy choked on his drink, causing Susie to slap his back.



“That’s a highly inappropriate question,” Alice said coolly.

“C’mon Angel, it’s truth or dare,” Bendy said, smiling disarmingly. “I’m allowed to ask whaaateeeveeer I want.”

“Two-” Susie started to answer.

“Nuh uh.” Bendy wagged his finger side to side. “Sammy’s gotta answer.”

“I’m not answering that!” Sammy said.

“If you don’t, you have to take the dare,” Joey said. He had a bowl of popcorn in his lap. He’d mostly been excluded from the game because they were worried he’d do something weird.

“Fine.” Sammy’s face was bright red. “About…About a year now.” Wally whistled, only to be smacked over the head by Susie. Sammy just gave him an evil eye.

“Now spin the bottle!” Bendy said. Sammy rolled his eyes, muttered some rude remark, and spun the bottle. It landed on Wally, who immediately went white as a sheet.

“Alright, Franks.” Sammy gave him an evil smirk. “Truth? Or Dare?”

For a moment, Wally just fidgeted, then he steeled himself. “Dare.”

Sammy’s evil grin widened. He started laughing, which freaked out pretty much everyone in the conference room, except for Joey.

“Get on that table,” Sammy pointed to the conference table. “And do a striptease.”

“We have children here!” One of the employees said.

“The interns are not children,” Henry said. “Half of them are already screwing each other in here anyway.” Said interns went bright red and shuffled a little bit. Wally, unwilling to do truth when faced with Sammy, got up on the table and stripped. No one in the studio would ever forget the sight, even though they wanted to. When he was done, Wally sat back down. No one said anything, just spinning the bottle. As it turned out, the toons had extremely strange ideas for both truths and dares. Thankfully they weren’t at all sexual in nature, but they were strange. Alice asked a bunch of people to act out slapstick routines or movie scenes or things like that, Bendy delved into people’s deepest secrets, and Boris mostly just wanted pets and scratches. Joey kept, not so helpfully, suggesting that he could do some black magic as part of a dare. He was continually shot down. By the end of the night, they were all pretty plastered, and tired. They decided to sleep at the studio due to them all being way too drunk to drive. It had been an…interesting night.

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phoena12 asked: He'll studio au; bendy learns to play Bohemian Rhapsody?? Hope your feeling better today too!

Thank you for your concern. I am feeling a bit better. Sorry this one is short. 

Bendy wouldn’t admit it, but he loved playing the piano with Joey. It was fun in a way that was calm and kept Joey from doing weird black magic shit. Now, classical music was all well and good, but Bendy wanted to learn some more current music. Something….fun and cool.

“What do you have in mind, exactly?” Joey asked when Bendy brought it up.

“I don’t know.” Bendy shrugged. “I just wanted to play something, y’know, current?”

“Well, I can ask Sammy to try and arrange something.”

“Maybe Queen. I like the look of that Freddy Mercury guy.” Bendy said, nodding and fingering the keys.

“Oh, so do I!” Joey’s face lit up. “He’s really quite an interesting man.”

“But we should really get back to work now,” Bendy said. “We’ve got shots to finish.” Joey seemed to deflate at that, but he stood up and went back to his desk to finish his shot. Bendy went to go talk to Sammy about maybe arranging some sheet music for a Queen song. Sammy was none too pleased by the request, but he agreed to do so anyway.

“It’d be nice to something other than write these stupid cartoon songs,” Sammy said, which was the closest to being excited that he was going to get. Bendy walked off to go get back to work. A few days later, Sammy slammed some sheet music onto Bendy’s desk. He was actually grinning.

“It took me three days, but I did it!” He said, smirking at Bendy.

“Man, Sammy-Boy.” Bendy picked up the papers and shuffled through them. “You really outdid yourself.”

“When you manage to learn it, I want to be there to hear you play it,” Sammy said, then went back to his office. Making sure no one else was there, he scrambled to the piano and started practicing. It took him at least a week to manage to play it somewhat passably. He didn’t let anyone in while he was practicing, mostly out of his own pride. But he managed to do it. And once he could do it, he called everyone into his office to sing it along with him. That day, the walls reverberated with the singing of Bohemian Rhapsody. The singing was a little off key in some cases, but they all sang together. Bendy didn’t understand exactly why Sammy had chosen Bohemian Rhapsody, but he didn’t really mind. It was a good song, just dramatic enough to work for him. Plus, everyone knew the lyrics.

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deviltufts asked: Hi! I also saw you were taking prompts again! (I love the ones you've done so far, by the way. They've earned a spot in my iBooks library pffft) Anywho, I was wondering if you would do one with Hell's Studio AU. Sammy transforming into an ink monster in a place other than the studio on accident, and maybe the staff helps him get back to the studio to bring to Joey, yet again? (I am such a sucker for Ink Sammy shenanigans, let me tell you.)

I’m so glad you like my stuff! It means a lot to me to hear that.

Now, let’s torture Sammy. >:3


Sammy Lawrence had been turned into an ink creature twice and a toon once. This was three times too many as far as he was concerned. He was always worried he’d someday wake and he’d see ink instead of skin again. So far, that hadn’t happened, and he hoped it was going to stay that way. However, his life wasn’t meant to be that easy. At the moment, he was at home, playing the piano to calm himself down from the frankly awful day he’d had. He’d agreed to housesit for one of his neighbors, and that had been a whole ordeal. He’d gotten the wrong alarm code, the cats had bolted, the fish had died. It had been frankly awful. So now he was at home, playing the piano, trying to calm himself down. Susie had called and agreed to come over, but traffic was bad so it would be a little while.

“Happy place, Sammy.” He murmured to himself. “Happy place.” Okay, so, the piano was working. He got up and headed to make himself some tea. Susie had been trying to get him to drink herbal tea to calm himself down. As he waited for the water to boil, he noticed a black spot on the floor.

“What the-?” He leaned down. It looked like…ink. Immediately, he began to panic. He saw more drops of ink begin to appear on the floor. He reached up to touch his hairline, and his hand came away wet with ink.

“Why does this keep happening?!” He jumped up, scrambling towards the bathroom. This could not be happening again. He couldn’t be turning back into that….that thing! When he got into the bathroom, he could see the ink beginning to take over his body again. HIs first thought was that his clothes were going to be ruined again. His second thought was that he wanted to throttle Joey.

“Sammy?” He heard the front door open. “Are you here?”

“Susie.” His voice was shaking. “It’s happening again.” Susie ran to the bathroom. She knew as well as Sammy what ‘it’s happening again’ meant. After all, it had happened twice now. This made a third time. His whole face was almost covered now, and black patches were appearing on his arms.

“Oh dear.” She said.

“I’m going to kill him.” Sammy said, his hands curling into fists. “I’m going to kill Joey.”

“If we kill him, you won’t get fixed.” Susie patted his back. “But he is in so much trouble.” She left Sammy alone in the bathroom to go call the other members of the studio. Sammy changed into the ratty pair of overalls he’d kept since the first time. He left his normal clothes to soak in the bathtub.

“Okay, Wally’s heading over to pick us up.” Susie said. “I told Ben to yell at Joey too.” Sammy just made a noncommittal noise. He was already starting to melt into the floor.

“Hey.” Susie knelt beside him. “Pull yourself together, sweetheart. We’re gonna get through this. We always do.” A few bubbles popped up on the surface of the puddle that was Sammy, and his head peeked out.

“I’m getting really tired of this.” He said.

“So am I. This time we’ll get it done.” She patted the puddle about where she thought his back was.


“Oh joy. Franks is here.” Sammy muttered, pulling himself back into a stable form.

“I got the door.” Susie wiped her hands off and headed to the door. Wally stood there, carrying a giant stack of towels.

“What are the towels for?” Sammy asked, skulking over.

“To lay in the car.” Wally said.

“So you’re going to make me wear towels so I don’t ruin the interior of your car.”


“I hate you, Franks.” Sammy grumbled, taking the towels.

“You say that to everyone.” Wally said. The three of them headed to Wally’s van. Sammy got put in the back, complaining the whole way. It was the only way he could really cope with his fear. He wondered if this time was going to be the time he wouldn’t be able to change back. He didn’t want to cry. He couldn’t. But he wanted to.

“Hey.” He looked up to see Susie glancing back at him over the back of her seat. “It’s going to be okay. I promise.”

“If you say so.” Sammy turned away, hugging his knees. He did feel better now that she’d said that.

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.” Wally chimed in. “Joey’s been scrambling to find anything he can to get you back to normal. Bendy’s been working him pretty hard.”


The studio was actually pretty calm when they showed up. They didn’t have any deadlines coming up, which made it easier on the employees. Everyone had been warned that Sammy had turned into an ink monster again. At this point, they were all pretty used to it, unfortunately. No one batted an eye when Sammy sludged in with Susie and Wally.

“Joey’s in his office.” An intern said. “Just head on in.” Sammy practically ran to Joey’s office, taking a deep breath before slamming the door open.


Joey nearly fell over, but quickly composed himself, smiling nervously up at Sammy.

“Sammy. Hello.” He said. “I’m working on finding some kind of binding ritual-”

“Binding ritual?” Sammy nearly snarled.

“Well, from what I heard, this transformation was brought on by stress.” Joey explained. “So we need to find some way to disconnect the transformation from your emotions.”


“So, get in the circle.” Joey gestured to the circle that seemed to permanently be on his office floor.

“Don’t do anything weird to him.” Susie said from the doorway. Wally stood at the ready with his mop. He knew better than to complain when in the presence of a royally pissed off Sammy. Joey got out his spellbook and sat down, beginning to chant. Susie and Wally waited, watching intently as the ritual began. Sammy just waited, towel wrapped around his shoulders. He felt the ink receding, but there was a strange sensation on his back. It was like something was forming from the ink. When he opened his eyes, the ink was gone again, but there was something on his back.

“I told you not to do anything weird to him.” Susie snapped. “There’s a pentagram on his back!”

“A pentacle.” Joey said. “It should keep him from turning back into an ink monster.” Sammy craned his neck to get a look at what Susie was talking about. Sure enough, there was a five pointed star in a circle in the small of his back.


“I fixed it, didn’t I?” Joey put his hands up. The two bickered for a few minutes before Susie stopped them.

“Well, I guess it can be covered up.” She said. “Now come on, let’s get you some proper clothes.” Sammy flushed a little in realizing he was still in the oversized overalls.

“Yeah….Okay.” Hopefully this was going to be the last time it would happen.

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phoena12 asked: Hell's studio au prompt! \●□●/ I think you mentioned this in your last fic you did, sooooo, Sammy pranks bendy for once after years of getting pranks from the little devil incarnate :D

This is what I was referring to, but I’m all for more Sammy revenge. Adding in a little Wally bonding.


Sammy Lawrence was a patient man. One might not know this based on his behavior, but he could wait for days if the need arose. He’d already glued Bendy to the door by mixing in glue with his invisible ink, and he was ready to repeat the trick. Bendy had since stopped using invisible ink, but that didn’t mean Sammy couldn’t still glue him somewhere. So he set about forming a plan, one where he could get back at Bendy for all the years of merciless pranking from the little demon. When Wally entered Sammy’s office and saw him smiling, he knew something was up.

“You aren’t gonna prank me are you?” He asked.

“No. Not today.” The music director hummed. “Today’s target is Bendy.”

“Oooh. Lemme in on it.” Wally grinned and leaned on his mop.

“Well…” Sammy tilted his head to the side, tapping his pencil on his chin. “I could use an accomplice and Susie’s busy right now.”

“What do you need from me, boss?”

“How much superglue do you think you can find in an hour?” Sammy asked with a malevolent gleam in his eyes. Wally mimicked the expression, grinning.

“Oh, you’d be surprised.” He said with a laugh.

About an hour later, Bendy was walking back to his office. He still wasn’t sure why Sammy had wanted to talk to him for the last hour. Sammy wasn’t the kind of person who engaged in idle chatter. Usually, when he wanted to talk to you, he had a distinct reason for it. This had been…out of character. Sammy had called him in because he’d been unsure about a specific bar of the new song. That wasn’t weird, what was weird was how Sammy had held on to him after he’d gotten his answer. The music director had started talking about whatever came into his head, and it was frankly a little off-putting. Sammy didn’t make small chat. It just didn’t happen. Then he’d said he had a surprise for Bendy in his office. Bendy shook his head. It was probably nothing. He was probably just overthinking things. He needed sleep, but then again they were approaching a deadline within the next couple of days. When he got to his office, he saw Wally walking away with a bucket and a paintbrush.

“Hey, what’re you doing?” Bendy asked.

“Door needed a new coat of paint.” Wally said, shrugging. “Sammy suggested I got that done while he was talking with you.”

“That was…nice of him.” Bendy said tentatively.

“He said it bothered him.” Ah, that explained it. As Wally walked away, Bendy braced his shoulder against the door, ready to open it. The door always stuck. There was a wetness against his shoulder that he assumed was the wet paint, but once the door was open, he found he couldn’t detach himself from the door. He sniffed, and there was the telltale smell of…

“Superglue.” He whispered. There was only one person he knew could be behind this. Sammy smiled to himself as he heard Bendy’s voice.


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phoena12 asked: Cute fic idea! How's about a hell's studio au wherein the studio and Co throw a birthday for wally (I feel like the guy doesn't get enough love y'know?) Bonus points if sammy joins in with singing happy birthday XD

Despite how much Wally talked, his coworkers knew next to nothing about him. When it came to his personal life, Wally was surprisingly tight-lipped. He’d always change the subject, chattering on about something else entirely. Few people in the studio even knew when his birthday was. Susie Campbell, ever the ambitious one, had decided that she was going to change that.

“You want to what?” Sammy asked, staring at his girlfriend.

“I want to throw Wally a birthday party,” Susie repeated, a bit testily. “Don’t you think he deserves that much? We throw parties for everyone else.”

“I guess it would be nice,” Sammy admitted. “Might get him to shut up for a while too.”

“Oh hush, I know you care about him.” Susie swatted at his shoulder. Sammy grumbled, but Susie knew she’d been right. Even if Sammy and Wally fought a lot, the two of them did like one another. Susie had often found them in Sammy’s office, talking music together. Wally didn’t know nearly as much as Sammy, but he knew enough that Sammy found it enjoyable to discuss with him every so often.

“Anyway,” she continued. “I just need to go find out when his birthday is from Joey.”

“What makes you think Joey will know?” Sammy asked, then realized how stupid he sounded.

“You know as well as I do that Joey knows just about everything about everyone,” Susie said. “He’s a nosy bastard, and that’s what I’m counting on.”

“Alright.” Sammy shrugged. “I’ll be here.” So Susie set off for Joey Drew’s office. She found him actually doing work for once, which she assumed meant he was either in a productive mood or Bendy had just come by to yell at him for now working.

“Hey, boss?” She leaned on the doorframe. “I’ve got a question for you.”

“Oh, Susie!” Joey looked up and smiled. “What’s your question?”

“When’s Wally’s birthday? I want to throw him a party.”

“Hm.” Joey frowned, tapping his pencil against his chin. He was silent for a few minutes. “I think…It’s the day after tomorrow, actually.”

“What?!” So she didn’t have nearly as much time as she’d thought. “Thanks boss, gotta go!” She frantically ran back downstairs, almost slamming Sammy’s door open. He jumped, his pen flying out of his hands.

“What the Hell?!” He asked, turning around. “What’s wrong?”

“Wally’s birthday is the day after tomorrow.” She said, breathing heavily. “We’ve gotta move fast.” Sammy retrieved his pen, capping it and putting it on the table.

“Right. Let’s get started.”

They enlisted Henry, Johnny, and Norman to help them prepare the party. Johnny was tasked with keeping Wally occupied, while the other four put together the party in the breakroom. Henry secured a cake and some food, while Norman and Sammy set up the tables and chairs. Susie got the party supplies from a local party store. Balloons, little party hats, paper plates, silverware. By the time Wally’s birthday came around, they were fully prepared. Joey was mostly kept out of it since he wasn’t the best at keeping secrets.

“You guys sure are acting weird,” Wally said on the day of the party. “Did you send Johnny to follow me or somethin’? He’s been at my side nonstop.”

“We thought you might be lonely,” Susie said, recovering quickly.

“It’s getting kind of creepy,” Wally whispered, glancing back at the organ player. “I mean, all he does is watch me.”

“Well, I’m sure he means well,” Susie assured him. “Anyway, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“We both do,” Sammy said.

“A…surprise?” Wally eyed them suspiciously. A surprise from Sammy seldom meant good things. The last time someone had gotten a surprise from Sammy it had been Bendy getting superglued to a door.

“I swear, no one’s getting pranked,” Susie said. Wally didn’t seem to completely believe her, but he followed the two of them up to the breakroom anyway. Waiting inside were most of the studio employees. The lights were off so they could surprise Wally when they walked in. Susie opened the door, the lights went on, and everyone yelled,


“Happy birthday Wally!” Susie loudly proclaimed. For a moment, the janitor just stood in the doorway. Susie was immediately worried she’d done something wrong. Did he not want to celebrate his birthday? Then he grinned.

“Man, you didn’t need to do this.” He said, taking the whole scene in. “How’d you guys find out?”

“Joey,” Sammy said, pulling out the cake. “He really does know everything. Now, shall we sing?”

“Lead us, won’t you, Sammy?” Susie said. Sammy rolled his eyes, but still smiled and started singing anyway.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Wally. Happy birthday to you.” The studio crew sang as the cake was placed before Wally. Wally smiled softly. He’d never been a bit fan of too much attention being placed on him, but this was nice. Being surrounded by his fellow coworkers felt good.

“You really didn’t need to do this.” He said again once they’d stopped.

“Nonsense!” Susie said. “We celebrate everyone else’s birthday. I thought you deserved some attention to.”

“You’re gonna make me blush.” Wally shrugged a little, pulling his hat down over his face.

“That’d be a first.” Sammy snorted and dished him up a slice of cake. The party was quiet, but that was alright. Wally was happy just being around his coworkers.

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phoena12 asked: Hey there! Sorry for lack of prompt giving (have been very sick as of late, again, :( So how's about a a hell's studio au; wherein bendy and crew go for a day out e.g. a local funfair Bonus points if; bendy gets lost/ joey critiques the shit out of a haunted house XD

It was Halloween, so the studio was headed to the local fun fair. Since it was Halloween, it was easier for the toons to move around unnoticed. Although, at this point, pretty much everyone knew that Alice, Bendy, and Boris were alive. But it was certainly more accepted for the toons to be out during Halloween. Plus, they always got excited when they saw little kids dressed as them. Speaking of costumes, Joey had insisted that everyone dress up in order to head to the fair. Sammy and Susie were going as Jack Skellington and Sally, Wally was a werewolf, Norman had chosen to be the Black Panther, Henry was Frankenstein’s monster, and Joey…Joey had dressed up as Walt Freaking Disney.

“I swear, we’re risking copyright here,” Bendy said, adjusting his vampire cape as they headed out of the studio. “Especially with Angel dressed up like she is.”

“Oh please, no one cares,” Alice said, pulling up her dress. She’d decided to be Betty Boop, out of respect for her fellow animated lady. Boris had decided to be a werewolf too, which he was perfectly happy with.

“Just relax and have some fun.” Joey said brightly. “If I got Sammy to put on a costume, then I can get you to have fun.” Bendy just rolled his eyes. They headed to the local fair, bought their tickets and went inside. Joey immediately headed to the haunted house, wanting to check it out for himself. He had always wanted to start up a haunted house at the Studio, and he had a lot of ideas about how a haunted house should work. Henry trailed after him. He had to make sure Joey didn’t get punched by whoever ran the haunted house. He found Joey looking the haunted house over and clicking his tongue.

“The exterior is just so shabby.” He said. The teenage girl who was collecting tickets stared at Joey, popping her gum boredly.

“Sir, I didn’t design this place.” She sighed. “Please take any complaints up with my boss.”

“Alright, let’s go in.” Joey turned to Henry with sparkling eyes. Henry sighed and followed Joey inside. The haunted house was pretty low budget, with a few actors jumping out at random points. They surprised Henry, but Joey remained unphased. He came out shaking his head.

“I expected better, honestly.” He said, taking out a notebook and starting to scribble in it. “The actors obviously don’t want to be here, the scares are cheap, and it doesn’t take the viewer at all seriously.”

“Sir, I’m not the one you should be complaining to.” The teenage girl rubbed her temples.

“Really, it’s awful!”

“Sir, I’m not paid enough to give a shit about this.”

Meanwhile, the others were still in the main area, just wandering around.

“So, what do you guys want to do?” Susie asked, looking to the rest of their group, only to find Wally and Norman had wandered off.

“Wait, where’s Bendy?” Boris asked. Bendy seemed to be gone as well. Alice sighed, running a hand through her hair.

“Figures we lost him in the crowd.” She said. “He’s like a little kid.”

“Don’t let him hear you say that,” Sammy said, a small smile pulling at the corners of his mouth. “He’ll throw a fit.”

“He always throws a fit.” Alice said. They started searching for Bendy in the crowd, eventually locating him with a group of kids, many of whom were dressed as Bendy, Alice, and Boris. Bendy was telling stories to the little kids.

“There you are,” Alice said, hands on her hips. “You had us all worried.” The kids all squealed at the sight of Alice and Boris, immediately flocking to the two of them.

“Hey, I was in the middle of a story!” Bendy feigned indignance.

“Sorry, I guess our charm is too great,” Alice said with a cheeky grin. Boris leaned down so that the children could pet him. A few ran up to Sammy and Susie, asking if they really were Sally and Jack. Sammy put on his biggest smile and winked.

“Don’t tell anyone.” He said in a stage whisper. “We wanted to experience Halloween in the human world.”

“You all look lovely!” Susie said, clapping her hands together. “The spirit of Halloween is strong in this place.” Bendy snickered a little at this display, but it did make him happy to see Sammy interacting with children. The music director was so good with children. Eventually, Joey and Henry joined them. Joey happily entertained the children, explaining what he did and answering any questions they had about the toons and about the animation industry. It was a good outing.

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Alternate Prompt

By @magicalmonsterhero

If you’re still stuck on the last idea, I have an alternative:

Norman hears that Stan Lee is going to be at a local comics convention, and Bendy decides the gang will be attending in costume.

Bonus points for the following quote:
“And the award for grouchiest Mr. Fantastic goes to…”
“Shut. Up.”

The studio was going to a comic convention, much to Sammy’s chagrin. But at the same time, seeing Norman’s face all lit up as they piled into Henry’s van was worth it. 

“This is going to be amazing!” He said. He’d decided to go as Black Panther, just as he had for Halloween. Black Panther was one of his favorites, after all, although Captain America was a close second. The rest of the crew had dressed up as well, at Bendy’s suggestion. Henry had chosen to be Bruce Banner, while Joey had decided to be Hank Pym. Bendy had made himself a little Iron Man suit because of course he wanted to be a genius playboy philanthropist. Susie had insisted upon a couple’s costume with Sammy, which he pretended he was upset about.

“And the award for grouchiest Mr. Fantastic goes to…” Bendy drummed his hands on the seat. 

“Shut. Up.” Sammy adjusted his suit. He had to admit, he didn’t feel as ridiculous as he thought he would. 

“Well, he does pull it off,” Joey said, sounding a little disappointed. He’d wanted to be Mr. Fantastic originally, but Susie had persuaded him to be Ant-Man instead, mostly due to their shared disastrous science. 

“I told you he would.” Susie adjusted her blond wig. It was a lot itchier than she’d anticipated. 

“I honestly thought he was cosplaying the first time I met him,” Norman said. “He just looks so much like Reed Richards.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Sammy said. 

“It is.” Norman insisted. “I’m sure Stan Lee will love your costume!”

“It is pretty cool that we’re going to see Stan Lee,” Henry said, grinning. “The man’s a legend.” This was mostly said for the benefit of Sammy, who didn’t know quite as much about the comics and animation industry as the others did. 

“I’ll expect Joey to fanboy,” Sammy said with a slight smirk. 

“Oh yes! That will definitely happen!” Joey said brightly. 

“I wonder how the great Stan Lee’ll react to me?” Bendy flipped up his visor. “I’m a legend in my own right, after all~”

“Yes, you are.” Susie kissed his head or his helmet at least. 

The ride over was filled with quiet excitement, and Norman spouting off interesting facts about Marvel comics. Everyone listened, even Sammy. Norman’s knowledge of comics history was impressive, to say the least. It was always interesting to listen to him. Once they got there, Norman took the lead. They were doing a panel later in the day, but first Norman wanted to go to the meet and greet with Stan Lee. Joey did indeed fanboy in meeting Stan Lee, and Stan Lee was rather excited to meet Bendy. 

“Who wouldn’t be?” Bendy said. “I’m incredible.” 

“Humility isn’t his strong suit,” Sammy muttered. Apparently, word of Joey’s incredible feat had spread to nearly everyone in the animation industry. Joey nearly fainted on the spot when Stan Lee actually greeted him by name. He greeted all of them by name, which excited even Sammy. 

“Nice costumes too. You really do look like Mr. Fantastic.”

“Um, thanks.” Sammy tried not to blush. “They were Norman’s idea.”

After a few more minutes of talking, they were escorted to their convention room for the panel, still in costume and still giddy. It was a good day.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, don't know if you still make batim hell's studio stories, but if you still do I've got an idea : Sammy is somking too much and one day he does't feel realy good. He starts coughing with blood, so everybody quickly finds out that he has got tuberculosis. Hopfuly he gots back to health pretty fast. Sorry if I bother ya with that, I only thought that this might be interesting.

I haven’t written for Hell’s Studio for a while, but I’m definitely willing to write for it again. Hell’s Studio was what made me fall in love with BATIM in teh first place. 

Warning, this might be a little intense. 

Hell’s Studio belongs to @doodledrawsthings

Everyone had been slightly concerned when Sammy had started having chest pains, but he waved them off, insisting he was fine. 

“Occupational hazard of smoking.” He said. This had convinced absolutely no one, and Bendy had sent him home for the day. He’d been back the next day, of course, still claiming that nothing was wrong. Everyone around him could tell that something was going on, though. He was pale, his face was flushed, he’d lost weight, and he was coughing more than usual.

“You look like Death warmed over, Sammy,” Bendy said when he went to collect that day’s compositions. 

“It’s just a cold or something.” Sammy waved a hand in a weak dismissive gesture. “I’ll be fine. Give it a few days.”

“You sure about that?” Bendy leaned on the desk. “I don’t know much about human sicknesses, but I’m pretty sure a cold doesn’t do this to people.” He gestured to Sammy in a broad sweeping motion.

“I’ve probably just got bronchitis. I always get it around this time of year.” Sammy said before launching into another coughing fit. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, coughing violently into it. When he pulled away, though, he froze. There were flecks of red dotting the pristine white cloth.

“Is that…?” Bendy asked, feeling his heart beginning to drop. Sammy just stared at the handkerchief, his face going even paler than it currently was. 

“Hey, uh, Henry?” Bendy backed out the door, shouting into the hallway. “It ain’t normal for humans to cough up blood, right?” Almost immediately there was a commotion as Henry came running, Susie not too far behind him.

“Who’s coughing up blood?” Henry demanded. 

“Sammy.” Bendy pointed with a shaky finger at the music director. Sammy hadn’t moved from his desk, still staring at the blood-stained handkerchief. 

“Sammy, what’s-” Susie took a step towards Sammy, but Sammy put up a hand. 

“Don’t…Don’t come any closer.” He said, looking over at her with wide eyes. 

“What? Why?” Henry’s brow furrowed. “We have to come in to check you out and make sure you’re alright.” 

“You can’t come in here.” Sammy shook his head. “I can’t risk having you two get infected.”

“Sammy, you’re bein’ awful cryptic.” Bendy started tapping his foot on the floor nervously. “What’s goin’ on? Why’re you upset?”

“It’s tuberculosis, boss.” Sammy’s voice got soft. He seemed on the verge of tears. “I’ve got tuberculosis.”

“I-It can’t be tuberculosis!” Susie shook her head vigorously. “How would you even have been exposed to it? It only happens in-”

“Poor communities, I know.” Sammy cut her off. “I…I was volunteering at a soup kitchen last month. I must have caught it there.” 

“Are…Are you going to die?” Susie asked quietly. 

“He’s not going to die,” Henry said quickly. “We’ll get him treatment. It’ll be alright.” 

As Henry left to figure out what to do, Bendy just stood in the doorway. He’d heard about tuberculosis before. It was generally spoken about in hushed tones, a threat of the past that had consumed many lives. But things were better now. Tuberculosis wasn’t as much of a threat as it had once been. Still, people died from it. Bendy felt his stomach beginning to sink. It was too soon for a member of the studio to die! He’d only been here for a few years! 

“Hey. Bendy.” Bendy’s attention snapped back to Sammy, who smiled softly. 

“Everything’s going to be alright.” The music director assured him. 

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Bendy offered a shaky smile. “It’d take a lot more than some old disease to put you in the ground.”

He tried to keep telling himself those words even as Sammy was whisked away to a sanitorium. They weren’t allowed much contact with him for fear of the disease spreading. But Susie diligently visited Sammy every chance she got, giving the rest of the studio progress reports.

“He’s doing pretty well.” She told them. 

“How can you tell?” Alice asked. Unlike Bendy, she wasn’t afraid to express her concern for Sammy.

“He’s complaining.” Susie smiled wearily. 

It seemed as though Sammy was at that sanitorium for years, even though in reality he was only there for about nine months. The studio just wasn’t the same without him. They hired a replacement music director, who to his credit was very competent, but everyone missed Sammy. Even Wally. 

“It’s too quiet.” He moaned whenever he got the chance. Joey echoed this sentiment, although he didn’t really count since he never seemed to mind getting yelled at even when Sammy was there. 

“Never thought I’d miss Sammy’s tirades,” Norman admitted when asked. Boris and Alice had banded together to form a little support group in Sammy’s absence. Boris needed a lot of comfort. He was a sensitive boy. Bendy and Alice were happy to provide that comfort, especially since Bendy also needed comfort but he didn’t want to admit it.

Everyone was delighted when Sammy finally came back to the studio. Granted, he wasn’t technically back, but they were throwing a party to celebrate the fact that he’d been cured of TB. Susie was bringing him over, so it fell to everyone else to prepare the party. It went…about as well as one would expect. Joey wanted to do some weird black magic stuff, which Henry had to talk him out of, Wally got tangled up in the banner they’d made, and one of the interns had accidentally spiked the punch. It was a disaster. But it was their disaster. Bendy and Henry managed to reign things in so when Susie and Sammy arrived, the party looked alright. Sammy still looked pretty rough, too thin, skin too pale, wheelchair-bound, but when he saw the party, he smiled and rolled his eyes. 

“Welcome back, Sammy!” Everyone said. Boris threw up some confetti and Alice blew a noisemaker. 

“We’ve missed you.” Susie kissed his head. “All of us. Even Wally.”

“Even Wally?” Sammy looked over at Wally, a smirk forming on his face. 

“You said you wouldn’t tell ‘im!” Wally said, pulling his hat down further over his face. 

“Glad to have you back, you grumpy bastard.” Bendy walked over, slapping Sammy’s back. “Should’ve known Death would be too afraid to take ya.”

“Yeah yeah.” Sammy rolled his eyes. Still, there was the barest hint of a smile tugging at his lips. 

“I made cake!” Alice announced, brandishing a cake. “Well, Susie and I made it, but I did a lot!”

“Alright, wheel me over so I can have a slice.” Sammy nodded to Susie, who happily obliged. Bendy stood back, watching as the party commenced. He’d really been worried there for a minute. But things had been alright. It had turned out for the best. Everything was going to be alright. 

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Anonymous asked: Hello, it's the anon asking about hell's studio fic! Maybe something with Bendy and Sammy, just their genral dynamic?? Sorry if that doesn't help, I can try and be more specific?

No no! That’s perfect, thank you.

So, Hell’s Studio belongs to @doodledrawsthings

It’s been a while since I wrote in Hell’s Studio, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

Sammy had always been pretty ambivalent on the subject of cartoons. They’d only really just become a thing when he went to work for Joey Drew, so he hadn’t had much time to form an opinion about them. At the very least, he enjoyed writing music for the show. It was fun. Especially when he got to write music for Alice. Oh boy did he enjoy writing for Susie’s voice. But he’d still remained fairly neutral on the subject of the cartoons himself. Until, that is, Bendy was summoned. Words cannot express the confusion Sammy had felt upon entering Joey’s office to find his boss being berated by an inky monstrosity yelling with the voice of Bendy the Dancing Demon. Sammy just stood in the doorway, mouth open, music sheets clutched to his chest. It took a moment or two before either of them noticed him.

“Hello, Sammy!” Joey waved brightly. “Just give me a minute, I’m finishing something up.”

“Finish something up?!” The inky creature sputtered. “Oh no, I’m not done with you, Drew!”

“What…What the fuck?” Sammy finally whispered. 

“I summoned Bendy!” Joey said as if this explained everything. “Isn’t it great!”

“That…Does not look like Bendy.”

The creature, it did look like Bendy, made a derisive snort. “Exactly! This studio’s literally covered in my model sheets! How did you not summon me right?! The whole point of a model sheet is making sure I stay on model!”

It was at this point that Sammy just turned around and went back to his office. There was a limit to the weird shit he was willing to put up with. He spent the rest of his day in his office, getting as much work done as he possibly could in order to avoid Joey and Bendy. He’d known Joey was weird, but he hadn’t expected this kind of weirdness.

It took a few days to finally get Bendy on-model, but once he was everyone was much happier. Or at least much less freaked out. Joey remained very proud of himself, despite everyone’s reminders that this hadn’t immediately worked out in his favor. Still, Bendy was nice to have around. He was a genuinely funny and charming little creature who got on with pretty much everyone. Even Sammy enjoyed his company.

He actually wasn’t all that surprised when Bendy ended up pretty much taking over the studio. Bendy might have been barely two feet tall and a literal cartoon demon, but he had a better grasp of deadlines and coordinating employees than Joey did. Sammy loved Joey, loathe as he was to admit it, but Joey really wasn’t the best when it came to organization.

And the best thing that came with Bendy becoming the boss was the complaining sessions he and Sammy had together. At the end of most work weeks, Bendy would show up with a bottle of colored ink for himself and some whiskey for Sammy.

“This job is killin’ me.” Bendy groaned, face down on Sammy’s desk. 

“And why is that, boss?” Sammy asked, sipping his whiskey. He couldn’t help but smile a little. He enjoyed these little meetings of theirs. Absolutely no one was allowed to know this, though. Save for Susie, maybe. And Norman, because Norman knew everything.

“No one can keep their deadlines, Joey keeps trying to summon Satan, and the music department has flooded three times in the last week.” Bendy was starting to melt a little, but Sammy didn’t particularly care. Everything was always covered in ink anyway.

“We’ll get through it.” Sammy shrugged. “We always do.” Bendy looked up, his pie-cut eyes narrowed.

“You’re awfully optimistic.”

“Wouldn’t call it optimism.” Sammy snorted. “It just seems like the world refuses to let this place die.”

“What do you mean?” Bendy properly sat up, eyes still narrowed. 

“Did Joey tell you about how the studio literally almost collapsed when he put in the ink machine?” Sammy asked, smirking slightly as he sipped his booze.

“What the &%$#?!” Bendy’s voice went comically high. “No! He didn’t tell me that!”

“In all honesty, he probably forgot.” Sammy leaned back in his chair. “But yes, the studio almost collapsed when the ink machine was put in. Joey doesn’t know the first thing about construction, so he just kept building down instead of out as the studio expanded. And when the ink machine was put in…” He paused, trying to stifle a snicker at the memory. “The studio couldn’t really take the added weight. That’s why the machine’s in a big shaft now.”

“For %@#$’s sake,” Bendy muttered, massaging his temples. 

“It’s Joey.” Sammy shrugged. “You get used to it.” Bendy sighed heavily, taking a long swig of his ink. Then he looked over at Sammy. 

“Y’know, I like you, Sammy.” He said. 

“I’m honored.” Sammy chuckled.

“No, I really mean it.” Bendy reached out to touch Sammy’s arm. “You do your work and you do it darn well. I’ve never had any problems with you.”

“Well, I do try,” Sammy said. They lapsed into silence for a moment or two, drinking their own respective poisons.

“D’ya like workin’ here?” Bendy asked after a bit. 

“It’s not the worst place I’ve worked.” Sammy shrugged. “Pay’s good. I like the people here. You’re a decent boss.”

“I think that’s one of the nicest things you’ve said about me.” Bendy laughed. 

“It’s the best you’ll get,” Sammy said, focusing on his glass. 

“Yeah yeah, alright.” Bendy slapped his back. “You’re a good guy, Sammy. I’m glad you’re here.” Sammy snorted derisively, but he was smiling.

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Anonymous asked: i don't know if your accepting prompts at the moment, but for hell's studio i could see henry becoming a toon when a pipe bursts, covering the poor man in a ton of ink

I am still accepting prompts, yes. This honestly sounds like a really fun one. 

Henry hadn’t expected to ever be turned into a toon. Sure, it had happened to Sammy once, but that was mostly because Sammy’s office was near a pipe and Bendy liked pranking Sammy. Henry’s desk was away from the pipes and Bendy was far less inclined to playing ink-based pranks on him. Not to mention, Linda had made it very clear to Joey that if Henry happened to become part of his eldritch bullshit, she was going to kick his ass. So, he’d been relatively safe.

But, as was the glorious rule of life, shit happened. 

He’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time, headed down to the Music Department to discuss the animation of a Bendy and Alice song with Sammy when an overloaded pipe had burst. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. Except that Joey had been experimenting with some magic ink that may or may not have fallen into the machine. Which meant when Henry got absolutely covered with the ink, it had an...interesting effect. 

“Henry! Are you alright?” Alice and Susie immediately came running over. At their shouts, Sammy poked his head out of his office. Once he saw the vaguely human-shaped blob of ink he assumed to be Henry, he too came running.

“What happened?” He asked. 

“One of the pipes burst,” Susie explained, taking out a handkerchief to begin wiping the ink off Henry’s face. 

“Again,” Alice added. Henry tried to say something, but the ink covering his mouth made it rather difficult to speak.

“What else is new?” Sammy rolled his eyes. He was mentally preparing the complaint he would be sending to Bendy. Bendy would be yelling at Joey anyway. 

Suddenly, Susie stopped what she’d been doing, starting to frown. 

“Huh.” She said. 

“Huh?” Alice and Sammy echoed, both immediately worried. 

“What does that mean?” Sammy demanded. Susie didn’t answer, instead pointing to the portion of Henry’s face she’d managed to clean off. Sammy leaned over to see what she was pointing to, his eyes widening when he did.

There, under the ink was a pie-cut eye and stark white skin. These were both perfectly fine things on Alice and Bendy. They were not fine on Henry. Henry was not a toon. Henry was a human being. 

“Oh golly,” Alice said. “That’s probably not good.”


It wasn’t as bad as it could have been. They decided on that once they got Henry cleaned up. He still seemed like himself, facing the prospect of toonhood with the same weary resignation he seemed to give every bad thing that came his way. But he was undeniably a toon. He was a bit smaller than he normally was, everything about him simplified to make for easier animation. He kept looking at himself and muttering about ways to improve his character design, which was at least a little comforting. He was a nerd to the end. 

Once they had him cleaned up, all three promptly marched him up to Joey’s office so that they could yell at him. 

“I wonder what Joey was messing with this time,” Henry remarked as they climbed the stairs to Joey’s office. 

“Clearly something he shouldn’t have,” Sammy grumbled. Part of him was glad it hadn’t been him caught up in this stupidity this time. But he wasn’t about to say that out loud. It seemed a bit insensitive.

“When has anything Joey’s messed with been something he should have been doing?” Alice couldn’t help but giggle. Although she was worried, she was confident they’d be able to figure this out. Sammy had been turned into an ink creature more than once and they’d fixed it every time. 

“He’s certainly curious, I’ll give him that.” Susie sighed and shook her head. 

“Curious is an understatement.” Henry snorted. 

Upon arriving at Joey’s office, they found Bendy had already beat them there. He’d already found out about the burst pipe and was chewing Joey out for it. 

“I mean, come on! Wally’s already gotta clean this whole studio! This is just giving him more work!” Bendy was saying. Joey, to his credit, did look rather sheepish and remorseful. 

“I know.” He replied, beginning to fiddle with his bowtie. “I shouldn’t have gotten so overzealous with the ritual.”

“Dang right you shouldn’t have!” Bendy slammed his fist on the desk for emphasis. 

“So sorry to interrupt you two,” Susie strode in, the others trailing behind her. “But I think you’ll want to see this.”

“Henry got caught in the pipe explosion.” Sammy gently pushed him forward. 

Henry smiled awkwardly, waving with one of his gloved hands. “Hey.”

The office was deathly silent as Bendy and Joey both stared at the newly toonified Henry. Then, slowly, Bendy turned back toward Joey. He had an unnaturally large forced grin, his ink starting to drip down his forehead.

“Joey,” he said through gritted teeth. “You better have a way to fix this.” Henry was the most senior animator they had. He was also the best animator they had. And since they were coming up on another deadline, they couldn’t afford to lose him.

“Oh, of course!” Joey replied brightly. All the times Sammy had gotten turned into some form of inky monstrosity had certainly prepared him for this sort of thing. Alice let out a quiet sigh of relief. 

“That’s good to hear.” She said, turning to Henry. “Well, while you’re stuck like this, do you want to hang out with me and Boris?”

“Sure, why not?” Henry shrugged.

Toon Henry was, thankfully, not that different from normal Henry. He had a bit more energy, sure, but he was still a tired old artist. That seemed to be his character type, the perpetually tired straight man who didn’t even react to weird shit anymore. He also mostly wanted to use his time as a toon to figure out how to better animate Bendy, Boris, and Alice.

“You are such a nerd,” Bendy groaned as he and the others watched Henry try to figure out how to properly translate his body language onto paper.

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime,” Henry replied, not even looking up. “If I understand what it’s like to move like you all do, I’ll be able to better draw you.”

“You could literally be doing anything!” Bendy moaned. While his boss side appreciated that Henry wasn’t causing trouble, his more mischevious side bemoaned that Henry wasn’t taking full advantage of his new toon state.

“And here I thought you’d be happy,” Alice said. She was doing nothing to hide her smirk at Bendy’s distress. It was always funny to see Bendy get bent out of shape at silly things like this.

“But- But he’s a toon now!” Bendy gestured weakly toward Henry. “He could be doing anything! Anything!”

“I think it’s pretty cool.” Boris piped up. “This is probably a dream come true for him. To really be able to understand us.” Both Bendy and Alice looked over at him. Boris was perched on a stool, his clarinet resting in his lap. He watched Henry with a sort of wistful understanding.

“Dang, that’s pretty deep, Bo.” Bendy picked himself up, lightly punching Boris’ arm. “You holdin’ out on us, big guy?”

“It was just a guess.” Boris blushed a bit.


Due to the past experience, it only took a day or so to get Henry back to normal. Once human again, Henry immediately sat down to feverishly animate. He had so many new ideas and new things to test out and he was eager to get them all down before he forgot what he’d experienced.

“This better not happen again.” Bendy warned Joey with an exaggerated ‘I’m watching you’ gesture. He said this despite knowing that this incident would indubitably be repeated. At least they’d be ready.

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Anonymous asked: hell's studio prompt idea: both sammy and henry fuse together (because of the ink) because of joey's shenanigans

Well, I’m always down for some fusion.

Henry was pretty sure he shouldn’t be doing this. He knew better than to agree to participate in Joey’s weird experiments. Despite Joey’s good intentions, his experiments usually ended in disaster. Sammy’s multiple transformations were a testament to that. But Joey had seemed so excited about this one. And he’d assured Henry that he knew how to undo it as well.

Joey wanted to fuse.

Henry hadn’t entirely been clear on what this entailed when Joey had first approached him about it. Joey had been happy to explain, though. What he wanted to do was merge two people into one separate being. The consciousnesses of the two individuals would be present in the fusion, but they would also be their own person.

“Sure, why not?” Henry didn’t know why he’d answered that way. He really shouldn’t have. But he’d said yes and it was too late to back out now.

He was currently sitting in the middle of Joey’s circle as Joey scrambled about trying to get the components together. His unease was lessened by how genuinely excited Joey was.

“This is going to be so interesting!” Joey was saying. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to share a consciousness with someone else, especially since I’m not allowed to get possessed.”

“You not getting possessed is a good thing,” Henry said. “Being possessed is bad. Please tell me you understand that.” Joey did not tell him he understood, continuing to set up the components. Henry sighed. Well, they could talk about it later. Hopefully, this would sate Joey’s curiosity on that front.

It was a few more minutes before Joey had everything set up. Once he did, he began the recite the incantation. Henry was starting to nod off a little. He had been sitting there for a long time with nothing to do. Not to mention he hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. He was almost completely asleep by the time Joey reached the crucial part that required him to jump into the circle himself.

That was when Sammy arrived.

Henry wasn’t entirely sure what had brought Sammy up to Joey’s office this time. It was something that had made him extremely angry, judging from Sammy’s memories and the emotions Henry had felt. But it didn’t really matter why he’d been there. What mattered was that he had stepped into the circle at the moment Joey had been supposed to.

The flames on the candles flared, both Sammy and Henry becoming consumed by a bright light as their two forms melted into one. Fusion was…a strange experience. To Henry, it felt like he was melting into Sammy. He wasn’t sure where one ended and the other began. Suddenly, he was intimately aware of Sammy’s every thought, desire, and memory. He was sure Sammy was similarly now aware of every aspect of Henry’s mind. It was like nothing either of them had ever experienced before.

Joey watched as the two became one, clutching his spellbook to his chest with a put-out expression. He’d been rather hoping that he would be the one to fuse with Henry. Oh well. It could be replicated. Besides, he was now rather curious what this fusion between Sammy and Henry would be like. The two of them were polar opposites. One wouldn’t think they would be suited to share one consciousness at all. And yet, they were also close friends. He was rather excited to see what a fusion between the two of them would be like.

When the light faded, there was a man kneeling in the center of the circle. He was taller than either Sammy or Henry, and had four arms hanging at his sides. Both Henry and Sammy had dark hair streaked with grey, and so this man had the same. It was neater than Henry’s hair but messier than Sammy’s. He wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, suspenders, black pants, and a black tie.

“How do you feel?” Joey asked brightly, picking up a clipboard and pen. Even if he couldn’t experience it, he was determined to learn as much about it as he could.

The man stirred, four pairs of eyes fluttering open. An array of emotions flashed across his face. Confusion, interest, frustration, worry, anger.

“Joey, what the hell-?” He began. He tried to get to his feet, stumbling in the attempt due to the conflict in his mind.

“Are you alright?” Joey asked, taking a step toward him.

Sammy, you need to calm down.

Don’t tell me to calm down! Look what he did to us!

To be fair, you did walk into this. Joey had it under control.

When does he ever actually have anything under control?

That’s…a good point. But I did agree to this.

“Are you alright?” Joey repeated, waving his hand in front of the fusion’s face.

“Yes…No…” The fusion’s face twisted in frustration. “Please tell us…Me that you know how to fix this.”

“Of course!” Joey said brightly. “The circle just needs some time to recharge. After that, I can get you both back to normal.”

“Okay.” The fusion nodded, managing to get to his feet this time. He turned over his hands, looking around the room.

“How do you feel?” Joey asked, ready to take notes.

“…Weird.” The fusion said slowly. He wasn’t sure what to call himself. Sammy? Henry? Both were right, yet at the same time wrong.

“Feels…weird…” Joey murmured, scribbling down the answer. “Alright. Would you mind if I ran a few tests on you, Senry?”

“Senry?” The fusion asked incredulously.

“It’s a combination of both your names!” Joey grinned. “Sammy, Henry, Senry!” The newly dubbed ‘Senry’ just stared at Joey.

“Yeah, fine,” He finally said. “I’ll do your tests.”

Thankfully, Joey’s tests were just simple ones, like testing Senry’s agility, his eyesight. Joey wanted to what traits had transferred over from the two halves of the fusion. Sammy was still pretty annoyed, but he had to admit that Joey’s excitement was pretty cute. And it wasn’t like he and Henry were stuck like this.

See? It’s not so bad.

I guess it’s not. But Joey better not try this again.

You mean he better not get you involved again.


By the time Joey was finished with his tests, the circle had recharged enough to separate them. By that point, Senry seemed to have developed a sort of personality of his own. He was still a bit grumpy, but it was lessened by Henry’s easy-going nature. He was rather nice to be around, actually. Joey almost lost track of time talking to him.

“Oh! The circle’s charged!” Joey exclaimed, looking past Senry. “Would you two like to separate now?”

“You two?” Senry frowned, momentarily forgetting his situation. Then he remembered. “Oh. Right. Uh, yeah. That’d be nice.”

“Alright.” Joey smiled nervously.

Senry went back into the circle, sitting down. Joey followed, getting out his spellbook to read the incantation. In just a few minutes, Sammy and Henry were separated. They were both avoiding looking at each other. They knew they’d have to talk about this at some point. But that point was not going to be now. Without another word, they both got up and left the office. Joey frowned, making a note on his clipboard. This was definitely going to have some repercussions.

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Anonymous asked: prompt idea: Hea bendy somehow ending up in hell's studio and confusing everyone and joey trying to figure out how to get hea bendy back to where he came from

Oh my goodness! That would be so cute!

HEA Bendy belongs to @a-rae-of-sunshine

Briefly mentioned is @pipesflowforeverandever‘s Gingie.

Bendy had gotten pretty used to meeting other versions of the people he knew from his universe. It was usually pretty fun for him, especially the time he’d met that red-haired Joey. He’d really liked that Joey. He’d been really nice and Bendy hoped he could see him again.

This instance was a lot like the one where he’d met the red-haired Joey. Linda was watching him for the day since Henry was at work and Tom and Allison had gone into town on a not so subtle date. Bendy had been playing all afternoon and now he was tired. So, Linda took him up to his room and tucked him into bed to let him take a nap.

He was all cuddled up under his blankets, starting to drift off to sleep, when he suddenly saw a strange white light. He was sure his eyes were closed. Where was that light coming from? When Bendy opened his eyes, hoping to find where the light was coming from, he found himself in a room he didn’t recognize. It…Kind of looked like Joey’s office back at the studio. No, it was Joey’s office at the studio. Right down to the pictures of Alice, Bendy, and Boris on the walls. Immediately, Bendy began to whimper. Was this another nightmare? He always hated the nightmares where he was back under Joey’s control.

“Oh dear.” He stiffened when he heard Joey’s voice. But it sounded…different. Less like he was about to yell. Bendy turned around very slowly. The man standing behind him…didn’t look anything like the Joey he knew. He looked like an eccentric grandfather with his sweater, little glasses, and bowtie.

“I’m sorry, I seem to have made a bit of a mistake.” The man who had to be Joey smiled apologetically.

“You’re not going to yell at me?” Bendy’s hands shook as he signed.

“Of course not.” Joey looked very offended. “You haven’t done anything wrong. I’m the one who dragged you here. Speaking of that,” he turned away to rifle through some papers on his desk. “I should really figure out what I did so I can send you home.”

Bendy stayed where he was, taking in his surroundings a bit more. He was in the middle of some weird magic circle painted on the floor. Joey’s desk had been pushed up against the wall, likely to make more room for the circle. Now that Bendy looked closer, he saw more pictures of people on the walls. There was Joey, smiling, with his arm around a shorter and stockier man Bendy assumed was his Henry. They both looked genuinely happy. This seemed to be a universe where Joey hadn’t turned to murder and black magic. Bendy allowed himself a hopeful smile. He liked the happy universes.

“JOEY! WHAT’D I TELL YOU ABOUT SUMMONING %$@# DURING A DEADLINE WEEK?!” The door was suddenly slammed open and a small dark shape came barging in. Bendy let out a small squeak of surprise at the fact that the dark shape appeared to be…him. Or, another version of him. A more modernized version, who was wearing a suit and whose design had been tweaked.

“Oh! Hello, Bendy!” Joey looked up from his papers.

“Joey…Is that me?” Other Bendy asked, pointing at Bendy.

“Well, not you specifically,” Joey said. “But a version of you. From a different universe.” Bendy waved awkwardly. If he was in this universe, maybe there was an Alice and a Boris. He wanted to see them so badly.

“Do you have an Alice and a Boris?” He asked, ignoring the way Other Bendy had started pacing and muttering to himself.

“We do.” Joey nodded. “Do you want to see them?” Bendy lit up, starting to bounce up and down as he nodded. He was finally going to get to see his friends again! Joey’s expression softened upon seeing Bendy’s excitement.

“Bendy, why don’t you take him down to them?” He suggested. “Then we can talk.” Other Bendy turned to him, looking ready to yell. Then he saw Bendy’s face, the stars in his eyes.

“Yeah, fine.” Other Bendy sighed. “But then we’re gonna have a talk.”

“Of course.” Joey laughed softly.

“Alright, c’mon.” Other Bendy gestured for Bendy to follow. Bendy happily obliged, taking in his surroundings as he did. The studio was bright and bustling, people everywhere. No one gave him a second glance, probably because of Other Bendy. Everyone seemed tired, but also happy and comfortable.

“I think they’re in the band room.” Other Bendy muttered, heading down the stairs. For a moment, Bendy froze. Band room meant Music Department. Music Department meant Sammy.

“You coming?” Other Bendy stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Bendy hesitated, trying to calm himself down. This wasn’t his universe. This wasn’t his Sammy. This Sammy wouldn’t hurt him. It would be fine. He wanted to see his friends. He started slowly down the stairs, sticking close to other Bendy.

They made it to the band room without encountering Sammy. Sure enough, there were Boris and Alice, both sitting on stools and talking with….Susie. Bendy balked again before once more reminding himself that he wasn’t going to get hurt.

“Hey!” Other Bendy called out as they got closer. “We’ve got a visitor!” The trio looked over, eyes widening upon noticing Bendy. Bendy stood in the doorway, tears welling up in his eyes at the sight of Boris and Alice. They too had had their designs updated, but they were still Boris and Alice. Before he could stop himself, he ran over and hugged both of them, starting to sniffle.

“Hello, sweetheart.” Alice’s voice was soft as she patted Bendy’s head. She, Boris, and Susie looked at Other Bendy for some sort of explanation.

“He’s a version of me from another universe.” Other Bendy explained. “Joey summoned him. Could you watch him while I get Joey to find a way to send the little guy home?”

“Sure!” Boris said brightly. His enthusiasm made Bendy start to cry. He’d missed Boris. He’d missed him so much.

“Thanks.” Other Bendy nodded to them before leaving.

Bendy kept hugging Alice and Boris for a little while longer before pulling away. Inky black tears were streaming down his cheeks.

“What’s wrong, dear?” Susie asked, reaching for his shoulder. He flinched away from her, hunching his shoulders. Susie looked shocked for a moment, then sad.

“Oh. You’re from one of those universes.” It was clear from her tone of voice that she knew exactly why he was afraid of her.

“Oh.” Both Boris and Alice’s faces fell.

“Poor Ben.” Boris scooped him up in a hug, starting to sniffle himself. “You must’ve been so scared.”

Bendy nodded, nuzzling his face against Boris’ chest. It felt so good to be around a happy Boris. He’d liked when Tom was a Boris, but Tom hadn’t been happy like that. He hadn’t really been Boris. This was really Boris. He knew it was.

“Are Tom and Allison here?” He asked. Susie looked confused, apparently she didn’t know sign language, but both Alice and Boris understood.

“He’s asking about Allison and Tom,” Alice explained to Susie.

“Oh, they come by every so often when they have to check on the machine,” Susie said. “Tom likes to say we’re all ‘too crazy’ for him, but the joke’s on him because he invited us to his wedding.” She sat back with a self-satisfied smile.

“That was a lot of fun.” Alice smiled wistfully. “I’d never been to a wedding before.”

“I got to catch the bouquet!” Boris’ tail started to wag. Bendy smiled to himself. That was good. They deserved to be happy.

He spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and talking with Alice, Boris, and Susie. Sammy came in at one point, took one look at Bendy, then shook his head and muttered, “Joey” before leaving. Bendy didn’t even mind. He was just so happy to be able to talk with his friends again, even if they weren’t really his friends.

It was getting close to the end of the workday when Other Bendy finally returned with an ink-stained Joey.

“Sorry that took so long,” Other Bendy said.

“It’s fine,” Alice replied. “I think he had a really good time.” Bendy was falling asleep a little, huddled up against Boris. He hadn’t left Boris’ side since getting hugged.

“Let’s get you home.” Joey gently picked him up, patting his back. Bendy yawned, snuggling against this nicer Joey. He couldn’t wait to tell Henry about this.

Slowly, as he was carried back to Joey’s office, he fell asleep again. When he woke up, he was back in his bed. Henry was seated beside his bed, reading a book.

“You have any good dreams, bud?” He asked when he noticed Bendy was awake. Bendy nodded, sitting up. Then he started to describe the adventure he’d just had.

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Anonymous asked: i could see hell's studio joey accidentally fusing henry's soul to bendy's soul and body and it taking joey a week to undo the what he did

That’s certainly interesting. Linda’s gonna kick his ass.

Alright, so, Henry’s streak of not getting involved in shenanigans had officially been broken. First, there had been the fusion thing and now there was…this. Granted, with the fusion thing, Henry had agreed to it. This…This he had not agreed to. And now he was stuck occupying the same body as Bendy until Joey got this fixed.

Backing up, it had all started a few days before. Joey had been trying to figure out ways to reduce the stress on the toons’ bodies. They sustained themselves through ink and magic, but strong emotions tended to disrupt the magic holding their bodies together. Case in point, every time Bendy got stressed and started dripping on the floor. Bendy had tried to dissuade Joey, but Henry had backed his friend up for once.

“It would be good if Joey managed to find a way to make you more stable,” Henry said. “I mean, it would certainly make Wally’s job easier.” He laughed.

“Joey doesn’t need to mess with black magic for that,” Bendy grumbled.

While he did like the idea of having a more stable form, he absolutely didn’t trust Joey to not screw this up. Joey was a good man. He meant well. But he was basically the human version of Murphy’s Law. If it could go wrong with him, it would. But…he trusted Henry. So, if Henry thought it was alright, he’d go along with it.

In retrospect, neither of them should have agreed to it.

Joey’s idea involved using Henry’s blood to form a connection between Bendy and Henry. Since Henry was Bendy’s creator, Joey thought that having a connection to Henry’s soul would make Bendy’s body stronger as a result. If it worked, he could try linking Alice and Boris’ souls to people who had strong connections with them.

“I still think this is a bad idea,” Bendy announced as he and Henry sat in the circle. Because of course Joey had to draw up a circle. At least he’d started using chalk instead of paint. That was only really after Wally had thrown his mop down and announced he wasn’t going to clean up the paint anymore.

“Oh, it’ll be fine.” Joey waved a hand, opening up his spellbook. “This spell is perfectly safe!”

“That’s what you always say.” Bendy gave him a deadpan look.

“I mean, it’ll probably be fine.” Henry was getting a bit nervous himself, but it was far too late to back out.

“Don’t encourage him, Henry.”

After a few more minutes of preparation, Joey pulled out a knife from his desk.

“Alright! Now you both need to cut your palms!” He announced brightly.

“Joey…Has that always been in your desk?” Henry asked slowly.

“Oh no, it’s a recent purchase,” Joey said, holding the knife out to the two of them.

Henry and Bendy both stared at him for a little bit before Henry took the knife. He chose not to cut his palm, (because that would have really hurt) instead pricking his finger. Bendy cut his palm because he was committed to aesthetics.

“Alright, now press the wounds together,” Joey said. They did as he asked and Joey began to chant. The candles began to flare, the air getting heavier. Both Henry and Bendy started to feel strange, and get the distinct impression that something was very wrong.

However, before either could say anything, they were consumed by a bright light. The fact that there was a bright light should have tipped everyone off that something was wrong, because every time one of Joey’s spells had gone wrong it had been preceded by a bright light and the candle flames flaring. Joey still hoped everything was alright, though. Until the light faded and Henry was gone.

“H-Henry?” He asked, eyes widening as panic began to rise in his chest. Had he just killed Henry? Or banished him to another dimension? Oh, gods. Linda was going to kill him.

I’m right here.” To his surprise, Henry’s voice came from Bendy’s mouth.

“Henry?” Bendy frowned, looking around. “Where are you?”

What are you talking about? I’m right here.” Henry said. “Where are you?

“No, you’re not!” Bendy turned around.

“Uuuh….” Joey laughed nervously. “You two…might want to see this.” With shaking hands, he held up a small hand mirror.

Both Bendy and Henry screamed when they saw what was reflected back. It was Bendy but dressed in Henry’s clothes, and with one human-looking eye. For an unbearably long time, the office was silent. Joey’s hands were shaking so much he nearly dropped the mirror multiple times. Finally, Henry spoke.

Linda’s going to kill you.


Linda did not kill Joey. She did, however, give him the lecture to end all lectures. Joey feared no god nor king, but he feared Linda Stein.

“You fix this.” She said once she was done yelling at him.

“Yes, ma’am.” Joey squeaked.

“Good.” Linda turned back to the strange amalgamation of her husband and Bendy. “Why don’t you take some time and rest while he figures this out?”

Yeah, of course,” Henry said, despite knowing full well that neither he nor Bendy would be resting.

The fact that they were now one entity made things more difficult for both of them. Bendy had to be everywhere, supervising everyone. Henry stayed in one position and drew for hours on end. Henry conceded to allowing Bendy to go about his duties, although he did insist upon stopping every so often so he could draw. He got fidgety when he couldn’t. But he wasn’t allowed to be drawing frames. Those took a lot of time that Bendy didn’t have.

Luckily, they weren’t on a deadline, so Henry wasn’t absolutely needed. They had other animators that could cover the slack while Henry was out of commission. This did nothing to ease Bendy and Henry’s stress. They were very stressed at being in this situation. Bendy’s form did seem more stable, though, so that was probably a plus.

“So, how are you holding up?” Sammy asked at about day 3.

“Everything is awful and I hate my life.” Bendy groaned, face first on his desk.

“What about you, Henry?” Sammy craned his head a bit to see if he could notice a change in expression to signal the shift in who was speaking.

His stress is making me stressed,” Henry replied. “I want my body back so I can hug my wife.” Sammy nodded. It had been a bit jarring, hearing Henry’s voice come out of Bendy’s mouth. And the fact that Bendy and Henry argued a lot now that they shared a body was weird. But weird was par for the course in this studio.

“I finished the songs for today, by the way.” Sammy pushed the papers toward Bendy.

“Thanks, Sam. You’re the best.”

Sammy couldn’t help but smirk at that. “You’re welcome, boss.”

Thankfully for everyone in the studio, Joey had it figured out by the end of the week. He’d worked extra hard because he didn’t want Linda to murder him.

“I’ll, uh, I’ll figure something else for Boris and Alice.” He promised before disappearing into his office. Wally found him passed out about an hour later, curled up on the couch in the corner of his office. Both Bendy and Henry took a few days off after that to just relax. Linda hadn’t been about to let Henry back in the studio for a few days anyway.

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Anonymous asked: Hell's studio prompt: henry becomes a ink monster due to a pipe burst

Ink creature Henry is gonna be cute as Hell. (Pun intended)

And here’s Searcher!Hen because I love him

It had finally happened. Henry had gotten turned into an ink creature.

Everyone in the studio had known it would happen eventually. His streak of avoiding getting involved in shenanigans was over. He’d gotten turned into a toon, fused with Sammy, then with Bendy. Granted, those last two had been due to him willingly participating in the weirdness. But still, it was only natural he’d end up turning into an ink creature too.

It had, naturally, happened due to a pipe bursting.

Henry had been in the projection room in the Art Department with Joey and Bendy, test screening the newest cartoon to see if there was anything they needed to change or add. Everything had been alright until Joey had bumped the ink pressure switch.

Joey froze. “Oh dear.”

Joey. What did you do?” Bendy turned around slowly as the pipe behind their heads began to make a strange gurgling sound.

“It’s, um, I’m sure it’s nothing.” Joey laughed nervously. “I just…may have pump the ink pressure switch?”

Just as Henry was about to ask what that sound might mean, the pipe burst and absolutely buried him in ink.

“JOEY!” Bendy shrieked, running to try and save Henry from the ink.

“I’m sorry!” Joey started to panic. “I’ll-I’ll go get Tom!” He scrambled away to find the GENT mechanic.

“Henry, you okay?” Bendy asked, trying to wipe the ink away. He was given a strange burbling noise in reply.

“Henry?” Bendy repeated, starting to grow panicked. No matter how much ink he cleared, away, there still seemed to be more. He couldn’t find Henry’s face.

Then…He found an eye.

A uniform glowing gold circle.

Like what Sammy had had as an ink creature.

Bendy felt his stomach begin to sink. Slowly, he managed to clear off enough ink that a human form became visible. It was still…mostly recognizable as Henry. He was just…made of ink now. Henry made the strange burbling noise again, reaching out to cradle Bendy’s face in his goopy hands.

“I’m fine.” Bendy insisted, instantly picking up on what Henry was asking. Henry gave him an incredulous look, patented through years of parenting.

“Alright, I got…him…” Joey came running back, dragging Tom by the arm. He trailed off upon seeing Henry’s inky blobby form. “Oh…”

“Huh,” Tom said. “That’s new.”


Joey was panicking. A lot. He’d barely managed to keep Linda from killing him the last time something like this had happened. This was worse than the last time, since Henry was an ink creature now who couldn’t talk and had taken to ‘dadding’ everyone around him. Especially Joey and Bendy.

“This happened before with Lawrence, right?” Tom sat on a chair in Joey’s office. “So, you should already know how to fix this.”

“Oh! Yeah! That’s true!” Bendy nodded, eyes lighting up. “You can just do what you did with Sammy!” He turned to Joey, who was currently rocking in a corner and muttering to himself,

“I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die.”

“Hey! Jo!” Bendy shook his shoulder. “You can fix this. You did it with Sammy, you can do it again.”

Joey paused. “Oh. Yeah.” Then he began to brighten. “Oh yeah!”

He scrambled to his feet, running over to rummage through his various papers to find the specific ritual he’d used. Henry, meanwhile, sat happily in the middle of the room. He kept trying to offer Bendy and Tom cans of soup he’d picked up.

“Uh, no thanks.” Tom politely replied. “Not my thing.” Henry made a concerned noise, holding the soup out more insistently.

“Really. I’m fine.” Tom assured him. Henry frowned, grumbling.

“He thinks you’re too skinny.” Bendy snickered.

“Me? Skinny?” Tom raised an eyebrow.

“He’s a Jewish dad,” Bendy said. “Feeding people is how he shows love.”

“Can confirm.” Joey’s voice came from behind his desk. “Every time I go over to his house for the holidays his family tells me that I need to eat more and they give me really good food.”

“T’be fair, you are pretty thin.” Bendy cast a glance back toward him.

“I see.” Tom tried to stifle the grin that was spreading across his face.


It took a bit to get Henry back to normal, but he thankfully didn’t cause any trouble. He did, however, keep trying to give people soup. His dad energy was too strong. Not even the ink could erase it. His favorite person to follow around and try to force to eat soup was Sammy. Like Joey, Sammy was rather skinny. Sammy didn’t entirely mind, politely turning down the soup. Wally was happy to take it when Sammy wouldn’t, which left him in a bit of a food coma at the end of the day.

“There we go! All done!” Joey declared upon putting Henry back to normal. “No need to tell Linda about this!” He laughed nervously.

Henry fingered the new protection sigil on his hip, the same Sammy had to prevent further ink creature transformation.

“I mean, I still should tell her.” He said. “Communication is important in a relationship.”

Joey hung his head. “Alright. I’ll get ready for the phone call.”

“Stay away from demon magic until I get the machine thing figured out,” Tom called from the hall.


Chapter Text

Anonymous asked: In the fic you wrote where Sammy's dad died, It ends by saying that Bendy never saw Sammy that sad again until years later. Could we see what that means?

I wrote that story so long ago that I don’t remember what I meant. But I suppose I can figure something out. I would like to apologize, because this got really sad.

This is the story. The link’s from AO3 because I wrote it so long ago I don’t know how much work it would be to find the original post

Susie died before Sammy.

They both knew it was coming. She’d been diagnosed with breast cancer. Stage four. That didn’t make it any easier for either of them, though.

“I’ve lived a long life, Sammy.” Susie had assured him. “It’s alright.” Both were in their 70′s, having long since stopped working for Joey Drew Studios.

Sammy had tried to convince her to fight it. There was still a chance she could get better. But Susie wouldn’t hear of it. She didn’t want him to watch her waste away. She didn’t want her body destroyed by the chemo. She wanted to die as she was. No one was going to change her mind on this subject, not even Sammy. And so, despite Sammy’s pleas, Susie decided on assisted suicide. The plans were made and the date was set. It would be done at their house, in their bedroom. Susie didn’t want to die in a hospital.

Their daughter Aria flew home with her wife Eliza to be at her mother’s side for her last moments. Alice was also present, wanting to be there for the woman who had brought her to life in the first place. All of them huddled around Susie’s bed, Sammy still clinging to her hand.

“It’s alright, Sammy.” She kept saying. “I want it to be this way.”

“I know,” Sammy said. “I know.” He knew this was what she wanted. He knew she wanted to go out on her own terms. That didn’t make it hurt any less, though. Sammy could pretend he didn’t have feelings. He could pretend he was a grump who couldn’t care less about anyone. But the truth was that Sammy cared perhaps too much about those close to him.

None of them had seen him cry like this before. Aria had seen her father cry before, but never so hard that every breath was a heavy gasp between sobs. Sammy’s head hurt from crying. His mind felt fuzzy. He just couldn’t stop crying. Why couldn’t he stop crying?

Alice stood beside Sammy, one hand on his back and the other resting on his and Susie’s hands. Of the three toons, she was the one who handled death the best. Boris broke down, Bendy denied it, and Alice…accepted it. It was still difficult for her, but she made herself the pillar of strength that everyone needed. And when they were stable enough, she allowed herself to grieve.

“You need to make sure my funeral isn’t too depressing,” Susie told Alice. “I want you all to celebrate my life. Do that, won’t you?”

“I will,” Alice promised, smiling gently.

The doctor they’d called stood at Susie’s bedside, preparing the injection. She looked like she’d done this before, judging from her precise and calm manner. As did her weary expression.

Bendy had come along with Alice, mostly as moral support. But he couldn’t go in. He couldn’t watch Susie die. He’d already seen Norman and Joey die. Norman from old age, Joey from a heart attack. Henry was still hanging in there, thanks mostly to Linda’s stubborn insistence upon keeping him healthy. As a toon, death didn’t sit well with him. Toons didn’t die. They didn’t age. They always stayed the same. He’d known he’d have to face the death of those he cared about eventually, but he’d always sort of hoped his friends would live forever. They hadn’t.

Plus…He’d never been all that close with Susie. Not like Alice was. Those two were connected, just as Henry and Bendy were. There was a part of Susie inside Alice. A part that would likely leave with Susie’s death. Or maybe Alice would be made whole. He didn’t know. Either way, Bendy didn’t feel right being present for Susie’s death.

He knew it was over when he started hearing loud sobbing and wailing coming from the bedroom. Sobbing and wailing that didn’t come from Sammy, that was. He started to scuff his shoe on the floor.

Should he go in?

Should he try to comfort them?

He shuffled over to peek inside. No one was looking at him. All eyes were on Susie’s body tucked under the heavy down quilt. She looked so peaceful, as though she were simply sleeping. Her lips were turned up in a small smile. The doctor was packing up her kit. Aria leaned on Eliza, sobbing into her shoulder. Eliza spoke to her in quiet, gentle tones.

Sammy had gone quiet, just staring at Susie. His face was red and blotchy, tears still streaming down his face. Bendy’s stomach twisted. He’d never seen Sammy look so defeated before. It didn’t feel right.

“Come here.” Alice gently turned Sammy’s head away from Susie, resting it against her chest as she stroked his hair. Sammy offered no resistance, closing his eyes when she started humming.

Bendy went back into the hallway. This wasn’t for him to see. This was their moment.

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Anonymous asked: I could see joey summoning Edgar on accident and a bit of mischief happening 

Thank you for clarifying. This’ll be fun!

Joey hadn’t yet gotten around to summoning the Butcher Gang. Mostly because Bendy was afraid of the havoc that would be caused if he did. The Butcher Gang were evil with a small ‘e’, but they were still troublemakers. Granted, so was he, but he had a studio to run! He couldn’t have them running around and mucking things up! But Bendy’s dissuasion hadn’t stopped Joey from planning to bring the Butcher Gang to life all the same.

He wasn’t going to start with Barley or Charley, though. They were the ringleaders of the operation and had the brains to execute any dastardly plan. Better to have Edgar be the first. Edgar was the baby of the Butcher Gang, and thus the least likely to cause trouble. He was basically a little kid at the end of the day. Still, out of respect for Bendy, Joey held off on the actually summoning. Because Bendy had a point. They were all very busy and couldn’t afford another one of Joey’s summonings.

He couldn’t stop himself from practicing, though. He wanted to be able to do it right when he finally performed the summoning. He didn’t want any pipes to break or people to be turned into ink creatures. He felt pretty bad about how many times he’d gotten his employees turned into weird creatures. He knew it was a rather traumatic experience. He didn’t want to be responsible for causing his employees trauma. He didn’t want to be one of those Joey’s. 

That was beside the point, though. The point was, he wasn’t planning on doing any impromptu summonings until he was sure they could handle it. But, as was the prevailing law when it came to Joey, if something could go wrong it would go wrong. Which was how Edgar ended up getting accidentally summoned ahead of schedule. 

Joey had been practicing the summoning when Bendy had burst in to make sure he was doing his paperwork. Joey let out a shriek, startled by the sudden slamming of the door, stabbing the ritual knife into the palm of his hand. The candles that he’d set up (he hadn’t even lit them because it was just a practice round) flared to life and the circle began to glow. 

“Joey, what the Hell?!” Bendy yelled. 

“I was just practicing!” Joey yelled back, scrambling for a handkerchief to staunch the bleeding. “You startled me!”

Bendy was about to scold him further, but his attention was drawn to the circle in the middle of the room. It had begun to glow, a shape taking form from the bowl of ink that Joey had set out. Then, abruptly, the bowl exploded. Both Joey and Bendy were thrown back by the force of the explosion. When they opened their eyes, there he was. Edgar the spider. 

Edgar sat in the middle of the circle, looking curiously around. He was almost entirely on model, although two of his legs were a bit too high on his torso. This was fixed when he stood up, cementing them as legs rather than arms. 

“Hi, Bendy!” He chirped, waving to the little demon when he spotted him. “You look different.”

“I…Yeah, I guess I do.” Bendy laughed weakly. “Stuff…happened.”

“Okay!” Edgar gave him a big smile. “Oh, are Barley and Charley here? They get really mad when I wander off, so I should probably go find them.” 

“They’re, uh, they’re not here,” Bendy said. “Not yet, anyway.”

“Not here?” Edgar frowned. He looked around again, finally noticing Joey.

“You’re bleeding.” He announced, pointing to Joey’s hand.

“I am, yes.” Joey smiled nervously. 

“Who is he?” Edgar looked back at Bendy. “Why’s he bleeding? Where’re Charley and Barley?”

“It’s kinda a long story.” Bendy sighed. 

It took a little bit to explain the whole situation to Edgar, especially since the spider kept interrupting with questions, but he took it surprisingly well. He was rather excited to be able to explore this new world without Charley and Barley to boss him around. (Although he did want them to show up eventually because they were basically his family.)

“You can explore, but everybody’s real busy so you can’t bother them,” Bendy told him. “I can show you around later after I talk with Joey here.” He jerked his thumb back at Joey.

“Okay!” Edgar replied. He hadn’t really been listening, continually glancing back at the door leading out into the studio. Bendy groaned, mostly because he knew the look on Edgar’s face. He hardly wanted to admit it, but Edgar reminded him of himself. He was sure the little spider would cause some kind of trouble while left unsupervised.

“Just don’t break too much stuff, okay?” Bendy patted Edgar’s head and drew away. Edgar lit up, darting out the door to explore the studio.

It didn’t take long for him to start causing trouble. He found his way down to the Heavenly Toys area and started to pester Shawn. At this point, Shawn was pretty used to weird stuff going down, so he didn’t bat an eye at the appearance of Edgar. What he did mind was Edgar getting in the way while he was trying to work. 

“Hey! Put that down!” He sprung to his feet, dragging Edgar off the shelf where he was picking up half-finished plushes.

“Did you make these?” Edgar asked, trying to clamber free of Shawn’s grip. “They’re really good!”

“Yeah, thanks.” Shawn let out a sharp gasp as one of Edgar’s legs hit him in the stomach. “But they’re not finished, so I don’t want you touching them.”

“But they’re so good! I wanna see ‘em!” Edgar protested.

“Here, take this.” Shawn put him on the ground, handing him a finished plush. 

Edgar’s eyes widened. “This is me!”

“Yeah, it is.” Shawn couldn’t help but grin at Edgar’s enthusiasm. It was always nice to have his work appreciated, especially by kids, since they were the target audience.

“D’ya have any ones of Barley and Charley?” Edgar asked, clutching the plush of himself to his chest. 

“I think I’ve got some finished ones around here somewhere.” Shawn moved to look, then stopped. “Wait, no, I gotta keep working.”

“Aw…” Edgar’s face fell.

“I’m sorry, kiddo.” Shawn patted his head. “We’re on a deadline. Bendy’ll have my head if I don’t meet my quota.” He was exaggerating a bit. Bendy would be upset, certainly, but he wouldn’t have Shawn’s head.

“Bendy? Have your head?” Edgar giggled. “He’s not that scary.”

“He can be.” Shawn set his face in mock seriousness. “So I gotta get this done.”

“Okay.” Edgar shrugged and moved on, already bored with this area since he couldn’t touch the toys.

He ended up briefly in the Bendyland warehouse but Lacie was quick to usher him out. She knew exactly the kind of damage a child with six arms could do and she did not particularly want to deal with that right now. Edgar was a bit frustrated by this. There were so many games! He wanted to play them! Lacie had been very nice, though.

Edgar wandered out of that area and over to where Grant’s office was. It was the only other room on that floor other than the Archives. Edgar wasn’t really interested in the Archives at the moment. The people who were there all looked pretty stressed and he didn’t want to bother them. So, he went to the office of Grant Cohen.

“Hello?” He opened the door and poked his head in. Grant looked away from the paperwork he’d been doing, his eyes catching Edgar in the doorway. His eyes widened. His mouth dropped open.

“Wha-?” He whispered. 

“Hi!” Edgar smiled brightly and waved. 

“How did…?” Grant stared at him for a moment before shaking his head and snapping back to reality. “Why are you here?”

“Bendy said I could look around,” Edgar replied, rocking back and forth. It was almost like an idle animation.

“Joey summoned you, then.” Grant bit back a groan.

“That’s what Bendy said.” Edgar nodded. “Can I watch you work? I’m bored.” Grant wanted to immediately say no, to tell him to go away. He didn’t like spiders. Spiders had fangs and venom and were dangerous. But Edgar looked so cute…

“Well….Alright.” He pulled his chair back a bit, patting his lap. 

“Yay! Thank you!” Edgar beamed, clambering into Grant’s lap. “Whatcha doin’?”

“Taxes. I’m afraid they’re pretty boring.” Grant smiled apologetically down at the little spider. 

“Okay.” Edgar shrugged, contenting himself with playing with his toy. He really was rather adorable. Grant allowed himself a small smile. At least no one was messing with his papers this time.

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Anonymous asked: Hell's studio prompt: sammy and henry can still fuse with each other after the fusion ordeal and they find that out on accident


Here’s the original fusion story

Sammy was still rather peeved about the whole fusion thing. Every time he got involved in Joey’s shenanigans he got peeved. He didn’t like having weird things happen to his body without his say.

Although, admittedly, fusion hadn’t been…terrible.

Sammy would admit that. Being fused with Henry wasn’t as bad as the other things that had happened to him. They could have actually gotten some work done if they’d figured out how to manage each of their jobs while in that form. Plus, he liked Henry. He might not have wanted to admit it, but he respected the other man quite a lot. Henry was a good man, diligent in his work and kind to those around him. If Sammy had to be fused to anyone, he was glad it was Henry.

“That fusion thing was really crazy, huh?” Henry remarked to him about a week after the incident.

“That’s one word for it.” Sammy snorted derisively, taking a sip of his coffee.

“You have to admit, it wasn’t bad.” Henry gently nudged him. “It was nice to get to know you a bit better.” Sammy flushed, quickly avoiding Henry’s gaze. He didn’t like people being able to gain access to his innermost thoughts.

“It wasn’t bad, sure, but what happened afterward was weird.” He muttered.

For a few days afterward, both he and Henry had felt a sense of….incompletion. Like they were missing something. Joey had been rather apologetic, explaining that it was a side-effect of the fusion. He was looking into a way for people to fuse without feeling that way when separated, but it was a work in progress. Sammy had absolutely not been a fan of that at all and he’d told Joey as much.

“Right…” Henry pulled away with a grimace. “Yeah, that was weird.”

“Don’t tell me you want to do it again.” Sammy looked back at him.

Henry shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe? It did make me kind of curious.”

“You spend too much time with Joey.” Sammy rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to his coffee.

“Maybe.” Henry laughed. His laughter elicited a small smile from Sammy. It was hard to hate Henry. He had very fatherly energy that made one feel at ease.

“I guess there’s a reason you two are friends,” Sammy said.

“Pretty much.” Henry gave him the sort of kind but long-suffering smile that came from being the friend of Joey Drew for so many years. Henry’s approach to weirdness had always been ‘sure, why not’, which made him just about the only person who could stay friends with Joey for so long.

“Anyway,” Henry’s face went serious as he got up. “I was wondering if you could come to look at the frames I’ve drawn so far and see how it lines up with the music you’ve written.”

“Of course.” Sammy nodded. It wasn’t uncommon for Henry to want to listen to the songs Sammy had composed or ask for Sammy to come to see how his animations lined up with the music. He was very meticulous when it came to his work. He wanted to put out the best he could.

“Great!” Henry lit up again, holding out a hand to help Sammy up. Sammy took it, allowing himself to be pulled to his feet.

That was when the strangeness began again.

As Sammy was pulled to his feet, he and Henry began to glow. Everyone else who was in the break room stopped, watching the strange scene unfolding before them. The glow around Sammy and Henry grew brighter and brighter as their individual forms vanished, melting together into one form. Slowly, the glow began to vanish, revealing a man that none of the other employees recognized. He looked like Henry? But also Sammy? The man looked down at himself, then at everyone around him.



Joey was in the middle of a large stack of paperwork when the door to his office was slammed open, and the imposing figure of Senry came barging in.

“S-Senry?” Joey stammered, eyes widening. How had that happened? They shouldn’t have been able to fuse again. Not without a ritual. Joey could hardly see Sammy performing a ritual of his own free will, so it couldn’t have been that.

“Why did this happen again?” Senry demanded, slamming two of his hands on Joey’s desk. The other two were busy fidgeting, one sweeping through his hair while the other worried with his tie.

“I…I don’t know.” Joey said. “You shouldn’t have been able to fuse without a ritual.” He began to wring his hands, trying to calm his growing anxieties. “What were you two doing when it happened?”

Henry was helping Sammy up.” First Sammy’s voice came through, then Henry’s. Senry cleared his throat. “They- We were in the breakroom.”

“I see…” Joey pushed the paperwork aside, bringing out his spellbook and beginning to flip through it. “I’m so sorry. This is pretty weird.”

“Yeah, no shit.” Senry snapped.

“I’ll figure this out, don’t worry,” Joey assured him. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Senry sighed heavily. “Okay. Whatever. I’m going to try and get some work done.”

He turned and left the office. He was too tired to just sit around. He had to get something done or he’d go crazy. The only question was how productive he’d manage to be.

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Anonymous asked: hell's studio prompt: Senry multi-tasking in sammy's office and bendy walking in the room and being surprised at seeing him there and tries to piece together what happened to sammy and henry

This ended up getting kind of stressful for Joey.

Here’s the previous story

Bendy was having a good day. The animations were getting finished at a timely pace, the recordings were going well, and Joey was finally catching up on his paperwork! It felt pretty great not to be stressed for once. He even found himself whistling, something he hardly ever did anymore. He was sure that nothing could dampen his mood. Until, that was, he went to Sammy’s office.

“Hey, Sammy, are those new songs ready…yet…” He trailed off as he opened the door and was greeted not with Sammy, but with the fusion Senry. He was rather busy, one set of arms working on what appeared to be songs while the other sketched out the frames Henry was in charge of.

“They’ll be done in a bit,” Senry replied. “Multitasking like this is…taking some getting used to. But I’m doing pretty well.” He gestured to a small stack of completed songs and frames. “It’s rather interesting to be working together like this. I can see the animations and hear how the music would sound with it.” He stopped and let out a small laugh. “It certainly beats having to run around and track each other down to hash it out.”

Bendy kept standing in the doorway, his mouth hanging open. There were quite a few thoughts at war in his head. On one hand, this was magic bullshit that normally caused a lot of trouble. On the other hand, Senry seemed to be working pretty well judging from the stack of papers. No one was freaking out. There was no screaming.

“Bendy?” Senry snapped his fingers in front of Bendy’s face. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, uh, I’m fine.” Bendy nodded slowly. “Are you alright? Joey didn’t do this to you, did he?”

“Not this time. It just kind of…happened.” Senry shrugged. “Joey’s trying to figure out what happened right now.”

“What do you mean, ‘it just kind of happened’?” Bendy demanded. “This stuff doesn’t just happen.”

Two of Senry’s four eyes rolled in a characteristically Sammy action. “I don’t know what to tell you. Sammy and Henry were in the breakroom, Henry helped Sammy up and then…” He gestured to himself.

“Huh.” Bendy frowned. The whole talking about Sammy and Henry like they weren’t a part of him thing was weird, but that wasn’t all that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Fusion was weird and he didn’t understand it. The part that worried him was the fact that Henry and Sammy had just…fused. Without Joey’s interference. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

“Just when I thought I was having a good day,” Bendy groaned, rubbing his temples.

“It’s nothing you need to worry about.” Senry waved one hand dismissively. “Yeah, this is weird, and we’ll need to figure it out, but right now I just want to get some work done.” Part of Bendy wanted to laugh. Leave it to a fusion of Sammy and Henry to be a complete workaholic.

“Sure. Okay.” Bendy turned away. “I’m gonna go talk to Joey about this.”

“Make sure he’s actually working on it!” Senry called after him. “We don’t want to be stuck like this forever!”

Bendy didn’t reply, already halfway up the stairs. Thankfully, when he arrived at Joey’s office, he found the studio head frantically flipping through his books.

“I’m a little busy right now,” Joey said when he heard the door open. “So, unless this is an emergency, I’ll need you to come back later.”

“Good to see you’re taking this seriously.” Bendy walked over to lean on Joey’s desk. Joey’s head snapped up, panic registering on his features.

“Hey! Relax!” Bendy put his hands up and laughed. “I’m not gonna yell at you!”

“Oh, alright.” Joey went back to flipping through his books. “This is just incredibly stressful and I don’t need any more stress.” He did look rather stressed. His clothes were rumpled and his hair looked as though he’d been obsessively running his hands through it.

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay.” Bendy circled the desk to stand beside Joey, gently patting his back. “We’ll figure this out. You’ve fixed everything else that’s gone wrong.”

“I know I know. I just…” Joey let out a long sigh. “I don’t know why is happening.”

“We’ll get it figured out.” Bendy patted his back again. “Now hand me a book. I’m gonna help.” Joey looked over at him, his face blank for a moment. Then he smiled and gladly handed the little demon a book.


With Bendy helping, it didn’t take too long for them to find some explanation for the sudden fusion. Something about their souls being entwined now and feelings of cooperation or something would cause fusion once more. Neither Bendy nor Joey was paying all that much attention to the exact wording. They were mostly interested in figuring out how to stop it from happening accidentally again.

Once Joey as sure he’d found some proper sigils for preventing accidental fusion, Bendy went and got Senry.

It was easy enough to separate Sammy and Henry. The sigils were the more difficult part, especially since Sammy didn’t like being forced to have weird things tattooed on his body. Henry had long since passed the point of giving any shits. Surprisingly, though, Sammy didn’t resist.

“If it keeps weird shit from happening to me, then fine.” He sighed and lifted his shirt. It could go over the left side of his rib cage. Right next to the sigil that kept him from turning into an ink creature. Henry shrugged and did the same.

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Anonymous asked: Hell's studio prompt: joey somehow ends up as an ink monster (ah how the tudes have turned)

Oooh boy! This is certainly going to be interesting.

Joey had been rather lucky thus far in that he hadn’t been affected by the consequences of his various shenanigans. Others had, yes, but never him. To his credit, Joey felt rather bad about this. He hated the fact that he’d put so many of his employees in danger and caused them so much pain. Especially Sammy. Gods, he’d really put Sammy through the ringer in terms of transformations.

Perhaps it was karma that he’d finally fallen victim to his own magics. He should have known that sooner or later he would be punished for his hubris. He had dabbled in forces beyond his understanding. He shouldn’t have expected to get out of this unscathed. Like Frankenstein, he needed to suffer for his mistakes. He needed to-

“Joey, you better not be brooding.” He was snapped out of his musings by Bendy snapping his fingers in front of his face. Joey made an apologetic burble, shrinking back a bit.

“It’s not that bad,” Henry said from behind a stack of books on Joey’s desk. “At least you still have your mind.”

“You don’t get to be dramatic about this.” Sammy glowered at Joey from behind his own stack of books. “We’ve all been through this.”

Joey had been turned into an ink creature after he’d gone to inspect the Ink Machine with Tom and it had exploded some ink on him. Tom had had to excuse himself for a bit so that he wouldn’t hurt Joey’s feelings with how hard he was laughing. He’d told Joey not to go touching random bits of the machine. This was what he got for not following directions.

“I’m sorry about him,” Allison had said, also trying not to laugh. “But really, you should have listened to him. The Machine can be so finicky sometimes.”

Joey had been relegated to a corner in his office while Sammy, Bendy, and Henry tried to find the spell to turn him back. His organization system wasn’t the best, after all. Well, maybe relegated wasn’t the best word. He’d retreated to a corner so that he could lament his ‘suffering’.

He was, of course, being predictably dramatic about it, moping and acting as though it were the end of the world. Everyone was spared his dramatic monologue, thankfully, since he couldn’t really talk in this strange Searcher form.  

“After this is over, I’m getting you some filing cabinets,” Sammy grumbled. “Your organizational system is abysmal.” Joey let out an offended groan, putting a hand to his chest.

“He’s right, you know,” Henry agreed. “You need to organize your documents better. How you can find anything is a miracle.”

Joey huffed, folding his arms. Sure, his organizational system was strange, but it worked for him. He could find everything he needed! Most of the time. Okay, some of the time. He did have a little trouble on occasion.

“Don’t pout.” Henry gave him one of his patented ‘dad’ looks. “You can’t find anything and you know it.” They both knew Joey was too stubborn to admit he was wrong in this case.

“I think I got it!” Bendy popped up from where he’d been digging in a desk drawer.

“Thank goodness.” Sammy sat back, pushing the books aside. “I don’t know how much more of Joey’s moping I can take.”

“I dunno, it’s not that bad.” Bendy shrugged, gesturing for Sammy and Henry to clear the circle. “At least he’s not monologuing.” Joey made an indignant huff, looking as hurt as he possibly could without distinct facial features.

“He’s just being a ham,” Henry stifled another giggle as he removed books and papers from the circle. It had become a permanent fixture in Joey’s office now, repainted every so often to avoid any complications.

“It’s annoying is what it is,” Sammy said. “You didn’t see me complaining when got turned into an ink creature.” Joey gave him an incredulous look.

“Alright, maybe I complained a little,” Sammy conceded, his cheeks going a bit pink.

“Let’s just get Joey back to normal.” Bendy allowed himself a laugh as well. Joey sighed dramatically, oozing his way into the circle. His friends were so mean.

Thanks to how many times this had happened, it was easy enough to get Joey back to normal.

“I hope you learned something from this,” Henry said once Joey was human once more.

“Of course!” Joey replied brightly. “I learned not to poke the machine!”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that Joey had actually learned something useful. Maybe his self-preservation instincts were stronger than they’d thought.

Joey, meanwhile, was mentally trying to figure out how to keep himself and everyone else from getting turned into ink creatures again. It had happened way too many times already and it was really getting annoying.

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Anonymous asked: I've got a hell's studio prompt for ya if you're interested, Sammy and Bendy actually getting along for once?

YES!!! I am all for this

Bendy liked Sammy. Sammy got his work done on time, he took his job seriously, and he didn’t dabble in black magic and make the pipes burst every other day, Joey! Sure, they ribbed each other a lot, but that was just what friends did. Sammy was a valued employee and someone Bendy genuinely liked to hang around and snark at.

They even had a fun thing they did on Friday nights. They got together, Sammy with a bottle of wine and Bendy with a bottle of ink, and bitched about their coworkers.

“Hey.” Bendy slammed the door to Sammy’s office open, holding a bottle of wine and a bottle of ink. “Business hours are over.”

“Mm. I know.” Sammy was still hunched over his desk. “Just let me finish this song.”

“No. Business hours are over.” Bendy marched over to the desk, slamming down the bottles. “It’s time to drink and bitch.”

Sammy looked away from his work and down at the little demon who was already pulling up a chair. He was wearing one of his ugly ties, the one with the cats on it. He was starting to amass quite a collection.

“You would not believe the shit Joey tried to pull today,” Bendy said, pouring himself a glass of ink. Sammy couldn’t help but smile to himself. He was pretty sure Bendy needed these weekly bitching sessions more than he did.

“What was it?” He asked, popping open the wine and taking a sip.

“So, you know how Tom’s out sick this week, right?”

“And the studio is suffering greatly for it.”

“Yeah.” Bendy took a long swig of his ink. “Anyway, the machine broke down and Joey tried to climb in and fix it himself!”

Sammy almost choked on his wine. “What?!”

“I know! He almost got himself killed!” Bendy gestured wildly.

“Why didn’t he get Wally?” Sammy asked.

Wally had been designated the back-up mechanic for the machine since he was surprisingly good at fixing mechanical issues.

“I don’t know.” Bendy sighed heavily. “He could’ve gotten himself killed.” There was a sadness entering his voice, likely at the thought of losing Joey. Sammy couldn’t have that. These little sessions were about catharsis, not being sad.

“I wouldn’t worry about him, Boss,” Sammy said. “Joey is surprisingly hard to kill.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Bendy looked up at him, eyes squinted a bit. His sadness seemed forgotten for the moment, thankfully.

“Joey’s done a lot of things that should have killed him, but somehow he’s escaped unscathed every time.” Sammy leaned back in his chair. “Rituals, touching things he shouldn’t, eating things he shouldn’t.”

“Eating things he shouldn’t?” Bendy’s frown deepened. “That’s gotta have a story behind it.”

“Does it ever.” Sammy snorted at the memory. That had been the first and last time he’d gone camping.

“Well?” Bendy leaned closer. “What’s the story? You’ve got my interest. You gotta tell me now!”

Sammy chuckled to himself, pouring Bendy another glass of ink. “It all started because Linda thought we needed to spend less time cooped up inside…”

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Anonymous asked: Hell's studio prompt: Henry gets covered in ink and nothing seems to happen until nighttime falls and Henry becomes a small bendy prototype and it takes poor Joey 2 weeks a half to figure it out. [Bonus points if Joey gets sick from overworking himself, Henry panicking while losing his voice when becoming the small prototype, and Bendy and co comforting Henry]

Ooooh. This is a detailed one.

It got kind of body-horrory

A pipe had burst. Again.

It wasn’t like this was a surprise anymore. Despite Joey and Tom’s best efforts, the Machine still had quite a lot of issues. Given that it was basically running on duct tape and black magic, they’d been pretty lucky that it hadn’t completely broken down and flooded the studio with ink. At least the instances of employees turning into ink monsters had gone way down.

But that was about to change.

It was Henry who got hit with the ink this time. Once more, he’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time, visiting Norman in the viewing room when the pump switch was bumped. They’d all heard the rumbling that signaled a pipe about to burst, scrambling to get out of the way. Henry hadn’t reacted quickly enough, and so was hit by the gush of ink.

“You alright?” Norman asked, rushing to Henry’s side.

The last few times Henry had gotten hit by a flood of ink he’d turned into an ink creature, and Norman didn’t particularly want to repeat those incidents. Henry hadn’t been particularly bothered by them, but Linda…She hadn’t been happy.

Henry wiped his face off, revealing that he was completely unchanged. Norman frowned. Well, maybe it had just been regular ink.

“I’m okay,” Henry said, giving Norman a reassuring smile. “I mean, it’s not like this is the first time it’s happened.”

“Yeah,” Norman let out a weary laugh, holding out a hand to help Henry up. “Let’s get you cleaned up and I’ll call Wally to take care of this mess.”

Henry nodded, allowing Norman to pull him to his feet. The ink incident was reported to Joey, but no one really thought anything of it. After all, nothing had immediately happened so that obviously meant everything was fine. Right?


Henry woke up at 2am feeling thirsty. He glanced over at Linda, laying beside him. He couldn’t help but smile to himself as he watched her sleep. Her mouth was open and she was drooling onto the pillow, her hair spread over the pillow and all over her face. Linda hated what she looked like when she was sleeping, but Henry loved seeing her like this. Not because she looked beautiful. No, she looked like a mess when she slept. He liked seeing her like this because it meant she trusted him. He loved her so much. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her head before getting out of bed to get himself a drink of water.

He frowned a bit as his feet hit the ground. Was it just him or did everything seem bigger? Eh, whatever. It was the middle of the night. He was too tired to think too much.

He shuffled into the bathroom, reaching to flip on the light. Only to find he couldn’t reach it. Almost immediately, Henry knew something was wrong. He was a short man, but not that short. Slowly, he looked down at his body, a lump settling in his stomach.

A scream ripped through the silence of the house.


Joey was startled awake by the telephone ringing.

“What on Earth?” He blinked owlishly at the clock on his bedside table. It said that it was just after 2. Who could be calling this late at night?

It was too early for this he decided, rolling over and pulling the blankets over his head. But the phone didn’t stop ringing. Whoever was calling was clearly determined to speak to him no matter what. Groaning, he removed himself from his nest of warmth and picked up the phone.

“You’d best have a good reason for calling at this ungodly hour,” he said, not bothering to hide his irritation.

“It’s Henry!” Linda sounded as though she were in tears. “You promised this wouldn’t happen again, Joey! You promised!”

“What about Henry?” Joey instinctively stood up a bit straighter. “Why are you crying? What’s happened?”

“He turned into a Bendy, Joey!” Linda yelled.

“He…What?” Joey felt his stomach drop.

“He turned into a Bendy!” Linda repeated.

Joey stared at the wall, unable to conjure up any words. Linda continued to cry on the other end. He could understand why she was so upset. This was her husband. She didn’t want him to continually get turned into some strange ink creature. It was scary, he knew that. He didn’t want this to keep happening either.

“Meet me at the studio,” Joey finally said. “I’ll get this figured out, I promise.”

“You better,” Linda said before hanging up.


An hour later, they’d all met up at the studio. The toons were rather surprised to see Joey back at the studio so late, but as soon as they saw his face they knew it was serious. Their suspicions were confirmed when Linda arrived with Henry. Just as Linda had said, Henry resembled the first prototype of Bendy; three feet tall, naked except for a bowtie and boots, and unable to speak or open his mouth. He was wrapped in a bathrobe, clinging to it like a drowning man holding a life preserver.

“How did this happen?” Alice asked as Linda laid Henry on the couch in Joey’s office. Boris immediately got on the couch, curling comfortingly around Henry. Henry relaxed a bit at this, running a gloved hand through Boris’ fur.

“I don’t know,” Linda said, alternating between wringing her hands and glancing back at her husband. “He was fine when we went to bed. Then I woke up to him…like this.” She gestured back to him.

“It might have been some kind of delayed effect.” Joey was already behind his desk, digging through his notes and spellbooks.

“A delayed effect?” Bendy frowned. “Like when Sammy turned into an ink creature at his apartment?” His mind was racing trying to come up with some reason why this would have happened.

“Maybe. I don’t know.” Joey didn’t look up as he began to pour through his notes.

“I’m so sorry, Linda.” Alice gently patted Linda’s back.

“Thank you, Alice.” Linda smiled gently down at her. Her anger had passed and now she was just…tired. Henry was in good hands here, she knew that. Even if Joey wasn’t always responsible, she could trust the toons would be. And Joey did seem to be taking this seriously.

“We’ll figure this out,” Bendy said, going over to start looking through the books with Joey. “It’ll be fine.” It sounded a bit like he was trying to convince himself as well as Linda.

“I’m sure you will,” Linda replied. If her husband was stuck like this forever…There would be Hell to pay.


It took nearly two weeks to figure out just what had happened. Despite initially thinking it might have been like what happened to Sammy, attempts to resolve the situation the same way they had then hadn’t worked. Henry remained a voiceless Bendy prototype.

Bendy had to leave the effort in order to run the studio, but Joey remained steadfast. He hardly left his office for anything, the toons having to remind him to eat and drink and sleep. His guilt threatened to eat him alive. He already felt bad enough about all the other times this sort of thing had happened to his employees. But this was different. This was harder to undo. He didn’t want Henry to be stuck like this. He didn’t want to be responsible for his best friend being forever robbed of his humanity. He didn’t want to be responsible for his best friend being miserable forever.

Henry, meanwhile, was not alright. The toons did their best to make Henry feel better, but there was only so much they could do. No matter how comforting they were, they couldn’t take away the horror Henry felt when he looked down and saw a four-fingered gloved hand, or when he tried to say something but found himself mute.

“Joey’ll get this figured out,” Boris assured him.

“He’s been working really hard,” Alice agreed. “He’s not going to let you stay stuck like this!”

Henry just nodded glumly, burying his face in Boris’ fur.

The more time that passed, the more he was convinced he would be stuck like this forever. Linda wouldn’t want to be with him anymore, his kids wouldn’t recognize him. Would he even be able to work anymore? Would Joey want him to work? Or would he just be another toon, doomed to perform for the rest of his life? The thought made him sick.


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Joey finally managed to return to normal. As soon as Henry was human again, Joey promptly collapsed, his weeks of relentless work finally catching up with him. The toons got him set up in a makeshift sickbed, promising Henry they’d take care of the studio head. Henry was more than happy to go home and be with his family again. He’d missed them so much.

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deviltufts asked: Now that I’ve asked, could you do a hell’s studio scenario where sammy is turned into a werewolf and susie helps him out with it? :) (thank u!)

You’re welcome!

It’s interesting to have Sammy be the werewolf. Usually, it’s Wally.

But I am definitely down for tsundere doggo Sammy

Sammy wasn’t a dog person, vastly preferring cats. He found dogs too energetic and messy for his tastes. He never understood how to interpret their behaviors, always freezing up in the presence of a dog so that he wouldn’t do anything to offend or anger the animal.

So why was it him, of all people, who’d gotten turned into a werewolf?

He wasn’t even sure how it had happened. One minute everything had been fine, the next he was suddenly sprouting fur and a tail. His clothes were completely ruined and he’d broken the chair he’d been sitting on due to his sudden increase in weight. So now he was fuming on the living room floor.

“It’s not that bad,” Susie tried to reassure him, scratching him behind the ear. Sammy made a grumbling sort of growl, unconsciously leaning into the touch. He had to admit, that did feel rather good. His tail began to wag a bit.

“I’ll call Joey about it later,” Susie said, continuing to scratch behind his ear, eliciting more vigorous tail wags from Sammy. “We’ll get this figured out.”

Despite himself, Sammy found himself rolling over onto his back to allow Susie access to his belly, which Susie happy proceded to rub. She was never going to let him live this down. He knew that full well. But it felt so good to have his belly rubbed. He cursed his wolf brain.

“You’re so cute!” Susie cooed. “Just precious~”

Sammy whined, ears flattening against his head. This was so embarrassing. He hoped she wouldn’t tell anyone about this. The belly rub part, not the werewolf thing. He very much wanted her to tell someone about the werewolf thing so they could figure out how to fix it.

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you,” Susie giggled, withdrawing her hand. Sammy righted himself, trying to regain some manner of dignity. Not that he could do that with much success when he was a giant humanoid wolf.

While Susie called Joey, he studied himself in a hallway mirror. He had to be at least a foot taller but hadn’t gained too much in the way of muscle mass. He remained rather thin, although his body might have been better described as wiry and lean at the moment rather than twig-like. His fur was the same black as his hair, streaked with grey in various places. His eyes were startlingly human, peering out with an intensity lacked by normal wolves.

He…actually looked pretty cool.

Gods, he couldn’t believe he was thinking that. But he did look cool. Hardly like the slavering beast he assumed werewolves would be. Maybe…Maybe he’d actually be able to get used to this.

He was startled out of his thoughts when Susie re-entered the room. He stumbled away from the mirror, trying to pretend he wasn’t looking at himself.

“Alright,” she said. “So, I talked with Joey and he thinks he may know what caused it and how to fix it.”

Sammy nodded, attempting to remain stoic and solemn.

“Buuuut.” Susie grinned mischievously. “He’s at home right now so we have to wait until tomorrow to go in.” Sammy’s ears flattened again and he moved back.

“Which means…I still get to do this!” Susie lunged forward, starting to pet Sammy again. Sammy let out a small sigh, resigning himself to his fate. At least if he was stuck like this, he wouldn’t have to worry about Susie getting scared. What a strange and remarkable woman she was.

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Anonymous asked: Hell's studio prompt: joey becomes an angel toon (he's gonna get some suffering today)

Ooooh. This is going to be interesting

Joey had gotten turned into a toon.

This itself wasn’t necessarily weird.

What was weird was that he’d become an angel toon, something that absolutely no one associated with Joey. Specifically, he’d become an angel toon because he’d been trying to bring back the ill-fated Sammy Angel, despite Sammy’s insistence that that character stay buried. Joey really loved the character, even if it embarrassed Sammy to have a character based on him. Plus, Joey thought it was cute to see Sammy and Susie voice act together. He was even considering making the two of them love interests rather than siblings.

Anyway, Joey had been trying to bring Sammy Angel to life. And, as things usually did with Joey’s rituals, it had gone wrong. So Joey was now an angelic toon version of himself, influenced by the character design of Sammy Angel he’d been working off of. Which meant he looked relatively young and was clean-shaven.

Only Henry had ever seen Joey without a mustache before and it was weird. Hell, only Henry had ever seen Joey young. The studio employees had known Joey had been young once, sure, but it was almost impossible for the majority of them to imagine. They just sort of assumed he’d popped out of the womb looking and sounding like an eccentric grandfather.

So seeing him as a 20 something angel who looked like he’d come straight from Sunday school with a rather squeaky voice was a very disorienting experience for everyone. Except for Henry. Henry was laughing his ass off.

“Now, it’s not that funny,” Joey said, his wings curling around him like a shield.

“I mean, it is kind of funny,” Susie started to giggle as well. “You’re not exactly the first person we’d associate with an angel.”

“You look like you did in college!” Henry was absolutely howling.

“If all you’re going to do is laugh at me, then you might as well leave,” Joey huffed. “I have to figure out how to get myself back to normal.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Henry tried to stop laughing, although he continued to hiccup and giggle. “I’ll help you figure it out.”

“Yeah, me too,” Bendy said, already headed to Joey’s desk to find the books.

“Alright! Everyone back to work!” Sammy turned to the crowd that had gathered, ushering them out. “We have a deadline coming up!”

“But I haven’t even gotten a picture!” Wally protested.

“We’re not taking pictures.” Sammy started to push him out the door. As he said this, though, he glanced back at Alice. She nodded, quickly whipping a camera out of hammerspace and snapping a few pictures before storing it away again.

“Alice can send them to you later,” Susie whispered to them both. Satisfied, Sammy left the room with Wally and Susie. Boris trotted after them. He’d been in the middle of a clarinet lesson after all.

Henry and Bendy got to work looking through Joey’s books while Joey hovered beside the mirror in the corner, studying himself with a perplexed expression.

“It is kind of fun to have another angel around,” Alice said as she sat down on the couch. She was smiling, but there was a mournful cast to her expression.

“You get lonely, don’t you?” Joey turned his attention from the mirror. It was strange to see the grandfatherly expression on his young face.

“Sometimes,” Alice admitted.

“Lonely?” Bendy looked up from the book he was going through. “But you’ve got me and Bo and everyone else.”

“I know, it’s just…” Alice trailed off a bit, playing with the hem of her skirt. “I sometimes wish I wasn’t the only angel around.”

“I know.” Joey sat down beside her, putting an arm around her shoulder. One of his wings wrapped around her body as well. Alice leaned into it, snuggling up against him like a child would their father.

“You know, you actually make a pretty good angel.” Alice looked up at him.

“Still looks super weird to me,” Bendy stifled a snicker.

“I like it,” Henry said with a wistful smile. “Reminds me of when we were in college and would pull shit. No one ever suspected Joey because he looked like, well, that.” He gestured to Joey. “At least the first couple times. Then we started to develop a…reputation.”

Joey went a bit red, his other wing covering his face.

“You were a bit of a hellion when you were little, weren’t you?” Alice giggled. Joey went redder, mumbling something none of them could hear or understand.

Given how many times people had gotten turned into toons, it wasn’t too hard to get Joey back to normal. Once human again, he started work on a new character, one Sammy wouldn’t object to. One based on Joey himself, who would provide Alice companionship and add a humorous element to the show.

Joseph the Hellion Angel.

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Anonymous asked: hell's studio henry becoming a fluffy werewolf?

Henry seems very suited to be a fluffy werewoof.

Henry didn’t really mind that he’d suddenly become a werewolf. It wasn’t the weirdest thing that had happened to him by far. Besides, his daughter certainly thought he was cute.

“This is the best day ever!” Ruth squealed as she flopped on her father’s furry belly.

“Don’t be too rough with him, dear,” Linda cautioned her. Henry waved a hand to assure his wife that it was alright.

Henry’s werewolf form lent itself very well to being used as a pillow. His human form was good for snuggling in general, given his generally stocky body, but his werewolf form had thick and fluffy fur that made it feel like one was snuggling with a teddy bear.

Linda sighed, watching Ruth snuggle into Henry’s fur. He looked a bit like a dog she’d had as a child. Big, black, a little on the heftier side, and extremely fluffy. One of his ears even flopped to the side the way that dog’s had.

“We really should be figuring out what caused this, dear,” she said.

“But I like having a werewolf daddy!” Ruth protested. “It’s like having a dog!” Linda and Henry had told her that she couldn’t have a dog since their house was rather small and they weren’t usually home enough to properly take care of a dog.

“Also, like, he’s okay!” Ruth continued. “He’s not upset or anything!” Henry nodded, giving Linda a thumbs up. He still had thumbs, so he could do that.

“I guess that’s true,” Linda conceded. “But we need to figure out how this happened to make sure it’s not contagious.”

“It could be contagious?” Ruth lit up. “could be a werewolf?”

“You are not going to be a werewolf.” Linda scooped her off of Henry. “Not until you’re older.”

“But I wanna be a werewolf!” Ruth protested.

“Go through puberty and then we’ll talk,” Linda said.

“Ugh! But that’s gonna take forever!” Ruth flopped around in her mother’s arms. Henry laughed to himself, his tail starting to wag. Ruth could be so dramatic sometimes. Her Uncle Joey was certainly rubbing off on her.

“Yes, yes it will. Which will give you time to decide whether or not you really want to be a werewolf,” Linda said. “It’s a very serious decision.”

“Fine…” Ruth slumped over, resting her head on Linda’s shoulder.

“But, you can still play with your father while he’s like this,” Linda continued. “If he’s alright with it.”

Ruth immediately perked up, looking hopefully back at Henry. Henry considered this momentarily. He did kind of feel like chasing a ball or a stick or something. Then he nodded.

“Yes!” Ruth wriggled out of Linda’s arms to hug Henry. “This is gonna be so great!” Henry’s tail wagged even more as Ruth began to scratch behind his ears. After a few minutes, Ruth had him on his back as she rubbed his belly.

“I think it’s time for bed.” Linda gently put a hand on Ruth’s shoulder. “It’s getting late and you have school tomorrow.”

“Aw…” Ruth pouted a bit but let Linda guide her to her bedroom.

Henry sat back up, listening to Linda tuck Ruth in. He wondered if this was contagious. Sammy had gotten turned into a werewolf too the other week. He hoped he hadn’t somehow infected Linda. It would be rather inconvenient if both of them turned into werewolves.

It was a few minutes before Linda returned to the living room. Henry was inspecting his tail when she reentered. Linda stifled a giggle, which alerted Henry to her presence.

“Are you having fun?” Linda asked with a smile. Henry’s ears drooped and he lowered his head, looking like a naughty puppy.

“I’m going to go call Joey.” Linda kissed his head. “I’ll be back in a bit, alright?” Henry nodded, ready to go back to inspecting his tail. However, Linda paused as she was about the leave the room.

“After all, I haven’t gotten to cuddle you yet.” She gave him a smile that likely would have made him blush had he not currently been covered in fur. Well, this was going to be an interesting night.

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Anonymous asked: i could see hell's studio wally becoming a toon since he has to clean up ink

He’d certainly make a good toon.

It was honestly a miracle this hadn’t happened sooner, given the fact that Wally was around ink the most out of all of them. Not to mention how clumsy Wally always was. One would have thought this fate would have befallen him far sooner. But no, it had only just happened.

Wally had gotten turned into a toon.

He’d fallen into a puddle of ink, in typical clumsy Wally fashion, and had somehow gotten turned into a toon. Evidently, some of the toons’ magical ink had leaked into the pipes. Tom and Joey were hurriedly cleaning that up while Bendy did his best to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.

They all knew they shouldn’t laugh. This was very serious. Then again, though, this sort of thing had happened enough times that it could easily be fixed. So a few snickers did break out at the sight of the transformed janitor, shaking the ink off of his body like a dog. It just suited him so well to be a toon. He already behaved like a character out of a cartoon, always losing his keys or falling clumsily over obstacles.

Sammy started laughing his ass off upon seeing Wally’s current predicament, having to lean on the wall to keep himself from falling over.

“C’mon, it’s not that funny!” Wally protested, his voice even higher and squeakier than usual due to his toon state.

“I mean, it is kind of funny.” Susie tried to stifle her own giggles. “You look so cute, Wally!” She pinched his cheeks, beginning to coo over him. She’d always thought Wally was adorable, but now he was downright adorable.

“C’mon, Susie,” Wally whined, hunching his shoulders. He sounded distinctly like a child being embarrassed by his mother, which only made Sammy laugh even harder.

“Guess nothing’s gettin’ cleaned up today.” Bendy groaned. He was almost certain that as a toon Wally’s clumsiness was probably ramped up to 11.

“Hey! I can still work!” Wally protested, pulling away from Susie. Only to trip on a bucket that had miraculously appeared and hit the floor face first. Bendy sighed, rubbing his temples. Yep. No cleaning getting done.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Susie knelt beside him, helping him up and dusting him off. She had gone fully into mom mode now.

“Let’s get him to the break room,” Bendy said. Best to get Wally away from anything he could break. Wally had a tendency to break some things on the best of days. Bendy didn’t even want to think about the damage Wally could do as a slapstick toon.

“Oh! It’s lunchtime!” Boris’ tail started to wag. “I gotta go get our lunches!” He scrambled away to go fetch his, Bendy, and Alice’s lunches.

“Lunchtime?” Wally visibly straightened up.

Sammy, who’d stopped laughing at that point, started to giggle again. If anything could get Wally to cheer up, it would be food.

“Be nice,” Susie chided him.

“I wonder how much food he can put away like this,” Bendy said as he, Sammy, Susie, and Wally made their way up to the break room.

“Issat a challenge?” Wally asked, a huge grin spreading across his face.

“If you touch my lunch, I am shoving that broom up your ass.” Sammy’s smile immediately vanished. “Susie made me French toast and you are not going to eat it.” He was tensed, ready to sprint to the break room to protect his precious lunch.

“You expanding your cooking horizons?” Bendy asked, glancing at Susie.

“I am!” Susie clapped her hands together excitedly. “I’m trying to find fun recipes to make for Sammy to make sure he eats properly.” Her face was lit up in a manner that made Sammy weak in the knees. She had such a lovely smile.

“You could use some meat on your bones, Lawrence.” Bendy elbowed him in the ribs. Or, he tried to. He managed to elbow Sammy around his stomach area.

“If anyone needs meat on his bones it’s Wally,” Sammy grumbled, crossing his arms. It was almost like he was trying to shield himself.

They were almost to the break room now. A few people stopped and stared as the group passed by, a tad surprised to see Wally as a toon. It wasn’t as if it was a shock to see a worker transformed into a toon, but Wally was a new victim. Usually, it was Sammy.

“I don’t think it’s possible for him to get fat,” Susie said, a hand on her cheek in thought. Given the amount of food Wally consumed on a daily basis, he should have at least put on a little weight. But no matter how much he ate, he never gained any weight.

“It’s just how I’m built.” Wally shrugged. “Ma always said I was a black hole.”

“Seems right.” Sammy snorted.

When they entered the break room, they found Boris already there, laying out their lunches on the tables. None of the humans questioned it. They’d long since learned not to question the way toons worked. Upon seeing the food laid out, Wally sprinted to claim his lunch. Sammy did the same, eager to protect his own lunch.

“Well, this is going to be an interesting lunch break,” Susie giggled, watching Sammy and Wally physically pushing each other away to get to the food.

“Isn’t it always?” Bendy couldn’t help but laugh as well, although rather wearily. He was too tired for this.

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Anonymous asked: If you’re still taking hell’s studio prompts, I just realized Susie hardly ever gets the spotlight. Maybe one where, due to a magic mishap, she gets super strength (even more super than she already has akfjfjg). Bonus points if Sammy somehow ends up through the ceiling due to Strong Lady and/or he too develops superpowers, except he can only hopelessly levitate (this poor man I swear—) I love your stuff btw!! Have a nice day! :3

I had a lot of fun with this. 

So…Susie had somehow developed superpowers.

Specifically, super strength, which she was happily using to pick Sammy up bridal style and happily carry him around. Sammy had protested at first, but soon enough he’d just accepted it, allowing Susie to carry him around. Norman had also asked for her help with moving some of the projectors since they were incredibly heavy. Susie was happy to help, still carrying Sammy with one arm and the projector under the other.

No one was entirely sure how this had happened. Joey was insistent that it wasn’t his fault, although even he wasn’t 100% certain. They’d just come off a deadline week which had involved Joey running on very little sleep. He didn’t remember much from the past week so it was completely possible he’d done some sort of ritual.

“At least nothing bad happened this time.” Bendy nudged Joey in the ribs as he flipped frantically through his books.

“I gotta find a way to fix this,” Joey mumbled.

“I mean, you don’t have to,” Alice said. She’d come in to sit on Joey’s couch and make sure Bendy didn’t give Joey too hard a time over this.

“But I did something to her!” Joey said. “What if it has adverse effects? What if something happens to her because of it?!”

“Joey, it’s fine.” Alice got up and walked over to pat his shoulder. “I think you’re getting a little too worked up here. Maybe you should rest.”

“Yeah, you haven’t been getting enough sleep.” Bendy shifted out of teasing mode and into concerned boss mode.

“I don’t need to sleep.” Joey insisted, although he had to stifle a yawn as he did so.

“Alright.” Bendy dragged him out of his chair. “You need to take a nap.” Joey protested, of course, but Alice and Bendy managed to get him onto the couch and under a blanket. He was asleep within seconds.

“I’m going to go see how Susie’s doing,” Alice said once they had tucked Joey in.

“Have fun.” Bendy returned to Joey’s desk to get started on some paperwork.

When Alice located Susie, the Music Department had decided to see the limits of Susie’s newfound strength. They were doing this by giving her increasingly heavier things to life. At the moment, she was lifting a piano with Sammy sitting on top. Sammy was writing in his notebook, probably working.

“Are you having fun?” Alice giggled.

“Oh, hi Alice!” Susie removed one hand from the piano to wave at Alice. Somehow she was still able to keep the piano up. “Yeah, I’m having a lot of fun! This is the coolest!” She tossed the piano up an inch or two, jostling Sammy a bit. He grumbled, repositioning himself on the top.

“You enjoying yourself, Sammy?” Alice asked. She wondered how exactly they’d gotten Sammy to stay up there.

“Mm.” Sammy waved from where he sad but didn’t look up from his notebook. He seemed perfectly content sitting there, scribbling away as though he wasn’t suspended in the air.

“I wonder if you could lift a car,” Wally said. Susie turned slowly to stare at him. She gently put the piano down, and Sammy along with it, then put her hands on Wally’s shoulders.

“Let’s find out,” she whispered, her eyes shining.

“Wait, I’m not sure that’s a good idea-” Alice started to say. It was too late, though. Susie, Wally, and many of the Music Department employees were already charging out to the parking lot.

“She’s having way too much fun with this,” Sammy sighed.

“It’s kind of funny, though.” Alice stifled a giggle.

“You’re not the one who’s been tossed around like a rag doll all day,” Sammy grumbled.

“If you really didn’t like it, I’m sure you would have told her.” Alice gave him a smug look. Sammy went bright red, hiding his face behind his notebook.

“You like ‘em strong, I know you do~” Alice grinned even wider.

“Just let me suffer in peace,” Sammy muttered, hiding behind his notebook even more.

Alice relented, leaving him to go see what Susie and the others were getting up to in the parking lot. As it turned out, she was strong enough to lift a car. She was demonstrating this by tossing the cars of employees up into the air before catching them and putting them back down.

“This is the coolest!” One of the employees was saying.

“She’s like Wonder Woman!”

Susie was beaming from the attention and from the feeling of power her newfound strength gave her.

“Don’t go overboard,” Alice warned her.

“I guess I might have gotten a little carried away.” Susie’s cheeks went a bit pink and she put the car down.

Figuring the ‘show’ was over, the employees dispersed, heading back into the studio to get back to work.

“I can understand why you’d be excited, though,” Alice said. “It’s really cool!”

“It is!” Susie lit up again, clapping her hands together. “I feel like a superhero!”

“I think Sammy likes it too.” Alice wiggled her eyebrows, causing Susie to go into a giggling fit.

“We should probably get back to work now,” Susie said once she’d stopped giggling.

“Yeah, probably.” Alice nodded. “Sammy’s probably done with his song now.” If he hadn’t spent the whole time doodling himself being held by Susie, that was.

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Anonymous asked: hell's studio prompt: weretoon henry

I’ll do it this time, but in the future I would appreciate if you asked a bit more nicely

Henry stared down at his four-fingered gloved hands, turning them over and frowning. Attached to the gloves were arms with absolutely no joints, which attached to a round and simplified body. All these parts came together to make him a picture-perfect toon.

“Huh,” he said, his voice coming out higher and squeakier than usual. This was new.

That day Joey had attempted a ritual in order to cure Henry of his lycanthropy, saying it was better to do it on the night of a full moon when the power of the curse was at its strongest. Joey had been very upfront about the fact that it might not work.

“There’s no real cure for lycanthropy,” he’d said. “And it’s not like this is a normal strain.”

“It’s fine,” Henry had reassured him.

He was perfectly comfortable with being a werewolf at this point and didn’t mind if it didn’t work. Linda had been a bit wary, since it was Joey’s meddling that had gotten him into this situation in the first place, but Henry had talked her around to agreeing. What was the harm in trying, he’d thought.

This apparently.

“Linda’s gonna kill me,” he whispered. She’d told him not to go through with this. She’d told him it wouldn’t end well.  

Right on cue, Linda came walking in. It was like something out of a cartoon. Which made a certain amount of morbid sense given his current appearance. He wondered if being a were-toon meant he had some sort of reality-warping capabilities. He’d have to look into that.

“Dear, Ruth’s asking for you to read her a bedtime…story…” She trailed off as she noticed him, her face going blank.

“Hey, honey.” Henry smiled sheepishly. “So, uh, I guess there’s been a new development?”

“This is because of that ritual, isn’t it?” Linda sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“Probably?” Henry squeaked.

“Well, at least you can talk this time.” Linda knelt in front of him, helping him up from his sitting position.

“You’re not angry?” Henry blinked.

“Why would I be angry?” Linda looked a bit offended at the insinuation that she would be angry with him over this. “It’s not like you meant for this to happen. Besides,” she added, kissing his cheek and giggling as little hearts floated up from Henry’s head. “You were already a werewolf. I’d say this is an improvement. Less risk of drooling.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Henry couldn’t help but laugh a little. Why on Earth had he thought she’d be angry? His wife wasn’t the sort to lose her temper over something like this.

“I’m sure Ruth will be excited that her daddy is a cartoon now.” Linda laughed as well, glancing back toward the door.

“I should probably go read her that story before she starts yelling.” Henry gently removed himself from Linda’s arms.

“Of course,” Linda said. “Meanwhile, I will call Joey. Again.”

“Thank you. I love you.” Henry gave her a quick kiss before darting to their daughter’s room. Linda shook her head, laughing to herself. It was strange how quickly this strangeness had become her normal. Oh well, that was what came with being associated with Joey, she supposed. Speaking of him, she had to go call him about this.

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Anonymous asked: i could see Hell's studio henry teaching a curious wally how to draw

I already did this for another verse, but it’s so cute I’d be happy to do it again.

Wally had been watching Henry for the past hour.

He was trying to be discreet, but it was Wally. Nothing he did was ever discreet. He kept mopping near Henry’s desk, trying to crane his neck to get a good look at what Henry was doing. He’d been cleaning the same area so much that a large puddle was forming around Wally and his cart.

Finally, after Wally had tripped over his bucket for the umpteenth time, Henry turned and addressed him.

“Do you need something?”

Wally froze, looking very much like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

“No…?” he said slowly, a sheepish smile on his face. Henry raised one eyebrow incredulously, then pointed to the puddle around Wally.

“Oh…Uh…” Wally fumbled his mop, almost falling over again.


Wally flinched. The dreaded “dad” voice.

“Alright. Fine.” Wally let his shoulders slump. “I was tryin’ to see what you were drawing.”

“Why were you trying to see what I was drawing?” Henry asked, frowning.

“‘Cause I…kinda wanted to try drawing myself,” Wally mumbled, his shoulders hunching.

“Why didn’t you say so?” Henry’s face lit up and he immediately drew up a chair next to his desk. “Sit down. I’ll give you a lesson.”

Wally blinked, not having anticipated this outcome.

“You’ll…give me a lesson?” he repeated dumbly.

“Of course,” Henry said. “I’m always happy to teach anyone who wants to try drawing.”

“I’m not gonna be any good,” Wally said.

“That doesn’t matter.” Henry patted the chair next to him. “No one’s perfect on their first try.”

Wally hesitated for a moment or two then quickly sat down, bouncing excitedly in the chair.

Henry couldn’t help but smile. “Alright. So. Let’s start with the basics…”

They spent the afternoon going over the basics of drawing. Wally got frustrated more than once, throwing down the pencil and declaring he was never going to be good at drawing. Each time, Henry picked up the pencil again, reassuring Wally that it just took practice.

“You’re just starting out,” he told Wally. “You’re not going to be perfect right away. You just have to keep trying.”

His gentle reassurance convinced Wally to try again and again. Henry was patient, never chastizing Wally when the janitor inevitably messed up.

By the end of the lesson, Wally had managed to draw a rough but recognizable Boris.

“I did this,” Wally whispered, holding it up.

“You sure did.” Henry patted his back.

Wally lit up, scrambling out of his chair to go show everyone what he’d drawn.

Henry smiled to himself, turning back to his animation cells. He was a bit behind now, but it had been worth it. It was always worth it to see someone get excited by art.

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Anonymous asked: How would HS!Sammy react to HS!Susie turning into a werewolf? Would Susie try to hide it so people wouldn’t worry about it (maybe it happens during a deadline and everyone is already suuuper stressed D:)?

Oooh! This is really cool!

Susie had turned into a werewolf for the first time while Sammy was away for a conference with Joey and Henry. Upon transforming, Susie was delighted. Now she and Sammy could be werewolves together! They could cuddle together and groom each other and run in the woods together! Oh, it would be wonderful! She couldn’t wait to tell him!

But…then she thought about it for a moment. They were nearing a deadline and Sammy was incredibly stressed. He’d almost certainly worry if she told him about this. Sammy always worried about her. She didn’t want him to worry. Not when he had a big deadline coming up.

So, she kept it to herself. She didn’t want him to worry. It would be fine, she told herself. She threw herself into her work along with him, doing her best to ease his burden as best she could and make sure he wasn’t pushing himself too hard. That was all she really could do to help him.

She had a few close calls where she thought she might have been found out. Being a werewolf came with some dog characteristics. She’d noticed it with Sammy after he’d transformed. An increased hatred for squirrels, a desire to just flop on people he was close to (mostly Susie), a certain dog-like joy at being praised. Norman had most certainly figured it out, but thankfully Sammy didn’t notice. All he noticed was how helpful she was being.

It was due to this throwing herself into work that she didn’t notice that the full moon creeping up on them. Normally, she kept a meticulous calendar so they wouldn’t be surprised by Sammy’s transformation. It went right beside her calendar for her period. This werewolf calendar had gone by the wayside due to the deadline and so when the full moon arrived, neither Sammy nor Susie was prepared.

“It’s getting a bit late,” Susie said as she noted the time on the clock. It was nearly 9 at night. The two of them should have gone home ages ago. But Sammy had wanted to finish up some work. He looked dead on his feet.

“I just…I just want to finish this piece.” Sammy mumbled. Susie raised an eyebrow. Sammy’s pen wasn’t even on the paper anymore.

“I think you’ve been working long enough,” she said, gently removing the pen from his hand and helping him up. “Come on, let’s get you home, sourpuss.”

Sammy whined, of course, but he couldn’t really put up much of a fight against Susie. Especially since she’d been working out more to be able to lift him in his werewolf form. He didn’t stand a chance as a human.

However, when they got outside, a problem arose. The moonlight hit them and Sammy felt the familiar tug of the transformation. He sighed to himself. He should have known it would sneak up on him like this. However, when he turned his head to apologize to Susie, he found that he was not looking at the human Susie Campbell but a sheepish blonde werewolf.

“Susie?” It had to be her. She hadn’t left his side.

“Surprise~” Susie smiled weakly.

Sammy couldn’t really communicate with humans while in werewolf form, only able to communicate through barks and growls. But, evidently, since they were both werewolves they could talk to each other. Which made everything quite a bit easier.

“When did this happen?” Sammy asked. His ears were flattened against his head.

“Last month.” Susie’s tail was between her legs. “When you, Joey, and Henry were out of town. I was going to tell you but…Well….” She started to fidget. “We were coming up on a deadline and I didn’t want to worry you.”

“This is something I would have liked to know about!” Sammy gestured to her.

“I knew you’d worry!” Susie instinctively let out a growl. Sammy flinched back a bit at the growl. Susie’s ears drooped and she hunched her shoulders.

“Sorry,” she said. “I just…I knew you’d worry about this and I knew it would probably take away from your work. But I should have told you.”

“No no, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have snapped.” Sammy reassured her. “You’re right. I would have worried about this.” Susie’s ears perked up a little.

“You…Do make a rather nice wolf,” he admitted. Susie’s tail began to wag, a grin spreading across her muzzle.

“Oh really?” She moved a bit closer. Sammy swore he would be blushing if he didn’t have fur to cover his face.

“You know, I was pretty excited to share this with you.” She bounced on her hind paws. “There’s a lot of stuff we can do together like this.”

“Like?” Sammy squeaked. His mind was going to some dirty places that he was absolutely sure Susie’s mind was not going to.

“Like grooming each other and cuddling and running in the woods.” Susie counted her ideas out on her paws. Her tail was wagging rather vigorously now and her eyes shone. Sammy’s tail was starting to involuntarily wag as well. He cursed his wolfish body. It was so much harder to hide his emotions when his tail broadcasted his every emotion.

“Well, we need to get home,” he said. “We might as well run through the forest.” They could collect their car in the morning.

Susie lit up, her tail wagging even more furiously.

“I’ll race you,” she said before sprinting off for the forest. Sammy set off after her, unable to keep himself from smiling. He was actually rather excited to be able to share this with Susie. God knew she was better at dealing with this sort of thing.

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imsorrythisexists asked: If you're taking any prompts, would you be willing to do HS! Sammy, Henry, and Joey being friends?

I’m still doing prompts, yeah, and I’m more than happy to do this one!

This takes place during the business trip mentioned in this story

“I hate this,” Sammy announced.

“Oh, come on, it’ll be fun,” Henry said. Sammy just groaned louder, flopping on the hotel bed.

He, Henry, and Joey were at a conference for members of the animation community. Joey was excited to try and find people to do crossovers with, Henry was excited to talk animation with other animators, and Sammy was…Well, he was technically there to talk about composition with other composers, but he wasn’t excited to be interacting with so many people. The downside of being an introvert who was friends with extroverts. Well, singular extrovert. Henry was mostly rather introverted. Joey was the true extrovert.

“I’m sure there are quite a lot of young composers who are excited to meet you,” Joey said, his face appearing in Sammy’s line of vision. “You’re always happy to meet a fan, aren’t you?”

“Well…Yes.” Sammy conceded. Despite his standoffish nature, he’d never been one to insult a fan. Mostly because he didn’t have many fans.

Henry shooed Joey off the bed, gesturing for him to go finish getting dressed. He hadn’t even put on pants yet. Joey rolled his eyes but did as Henry asked.

“You don’t have to stay the whole time, you know.” Henry sat down beside Sammy, patting his shoulder. “Just as long as you’re comfortable.”

“It won’t reflect poorly on you two if your composer bolts in the middle of a conference?” Sammy sat up a bit, giving Henry something of a smirk.

“Oh, I doubt it,” Joey said. “You have something of a reputation for being mysterious. Your disappearance will add to the mystique.” The impact of his words was lessened a bit by the fact that he was currently hopping around to get his pants on.

“You don’t get to say stuff like that while looking so ridiculous.” Sammy snorted.

“It’s part of his charm.” Henry insisted while holding back snorts of laughter himself.

“Yeah, maybe.” Sammy chuckled to himself as he shook his head. He always wondered to himself how on Earth he ended up working under someone like Joey.

Joey was undeniably clever and charismatic, with the sort of personality that naturally drew people to him, but he was also one of the strangest people Sammy had ever met or likely ever would meet.

“In any case,” Joey continued, having gotten his pants on. “I don’t there will be any problems if you leave a bit early. If anyone puts up a fuss, Henry and I will defend you. Better for you to leave when you feel uncomfortable than to blow up because you’re stressed.”

“We’re not throwing you under the bus.” Henry patted Sammy’s back again.

“Okay okay.” Sammy shrugged Henry’s hand off and got up. “That’s enough sappy stuff. Tell me about who you guys are meeting at this thing.” He knelt in front of his suitcase, pulling out his vest and tie.

“Well, I’m going to try and talk to Disney again,” Joey said.

Both Henry and Sammy exchanged a bit of a grimace. Walt Disney did not have a terribly high opinion of Joey, something Joey seemed either blissfully unaware of or refused to accept. It was likely the latter. Joey did tend to look for the best in everyone, regardless of how they felt about him.

“I’m going to see what new animators are in the field at the moment,” Henry said, eager to get the topic off of Walt Disney. “I got a letter from a lovely young woman who wanted to talk to me.”

“Are you going to be bringing a new kid home to Linda?” Sammy asked, crossing the room to elbow Henry in the ribs.

“Wha-? No!” Henry went bright red. “No, I am not going to do that.”

“Oh! Just like you did with the new animator Buddy!” Joey lit up. “It was so cute how you adopted him!”

“Please don’t bring that up,” Henry mumbled, burying his face in his hands. “Linda already gives me a hard enough time about that.”

“But it’s cute,” Sammy said, hooking an arm around Henry’s shoulder. “You’re like the studio dad.”

“I am the studio dad,” Henry groaned.

“It’s not such a bad thing.” Joey sat down beside Henry. “It means you’re a good role model and people look up to you.”

Sammy drew away, rolling his eyes. “You guys are so sappy.”

“And yet, you’re still friends with us.” Joey gave him a big smile.

Sammy rolled his eyes again, hiding a smile as he turned away and began tying his tie. “Come on, let’s get going.”

“Of course!” Joey hopped up, scrambling for his bowtie. “Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

Henry got up as well, self-consciously adjusting his tie. Well, at least the young animator probably wouldn’t razz him. But then again, Dot wasn’t afraid to give him a hard time.

“Hey.” Sammy slapped his back. “Snap out of it. You’re gonna get left behind.” Joey was already halfway out the door, vibrating from excitement.

“Right. Sorry.” Henry nodded, following them both out.

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Anonymous asked: would it be cool if bendy got turn into a human for a day and just be able to go outside without being in a disguise and just enjoying being human if only for a day while everyone else is just confuse on what the hell did this to bendy

Oooh! This is really cool! I’m not sure which AU you want this for, but I’m gonna do Hell’s Studio

Bendy’s human design is based on this one by @robsdoodlebook

Bendy woke up to screaming. Well, he didn’t open his eyes, but he was conscious now. It was Alice screaming. He knew that scream well enough by this point. He wasn’t sure why she was screaming, though. Maybe she’d seen a mouse or something. Whatever. This wasn’t his problem. It was his day off. He didn’t have to be anywhere so he wasn’t getting up until he was good and goddamn ready. He rolled over to go back to sleep, only to be poked in the face by splinters of wood.

“The fuck…?” He mumbled. Then his eyes snapped open. He’d swore. He’d swore and it hadn’t come out as a foghorn or some other kind of censoring. He sat up and looked down at himself.

He started screaming as well.


Alice had headed to Bendy’s office that morning to make sure he wasn’t sleeping in too late. Even though it was his day off, it would be bad for him to just sleep the day away. Not to mention, she wanted to get him to eat something. It was never fun when Bendy woke up hungry.

“Ben? You awake?” She knocked on the door. There was no response, only the gentle chainsaw rattle of Bendy’s snoring.

“I’ll take that as a no.” She sighed to herself and opened the door.

However, what she found inside the office wasn’t what she was expecting. Instead of Bendy curled up inside the drawer he slept in, there was a short and stocky human man sprawled out in the remains of the wooden drawer. Bendy’s blanket was draped over him, looking comically small. He did….sort of look like Bendy? He was small and had a similar body shape and black hair. He was wearing the clothes she’d last seen Bendy in as well, right down to the ugly cat tie. But…he was undeniably human. His skin was on the paler peach side, as though he didn’t go outside much, and the places where the splinters had cut him bled red. He actually looked a bit like Henry, now that she looked closer.

Alice froze in the doorway. She tried to feel for the telltale signature of Bendy’s ink. She, Bendy, and Boris could all sense each other’s presence since they were connected by the ink. But there was nothing. Either Bendy was gone or…He’d been disconnected from the ink.

She couldn’t stop herself. She started to scream.

The man stirred a bit, his face screwing up the way Bendy’s did when Alice disturbed him when he was trying to sleep. He rolled over, clearly intent upon going back to sleep. But upon turning over, he got some splinters in his cheek.

“The fuck…?” He muttered. His voice sounded exactly like Bendy’s, but deeper and less cartoony. Then he sat bolt upright and started screaming as well.

It didn’t take long for others to come running due to the screaming.

“What? What’s going on?” Joey looked frantic. “Is someone hurt?” Wally, Boris, and Henry were right behind him. It was Henry’s day off as well, so he’d only really dropped by to say hello to everyone. He had to go shopping for some Hanukkah presents for Ruth.

Alice couldn’t even form words. She just pointed at the man she thought might be Bendy. The man who might be Bendy was still screaming too, patting himself all over his body and pinching his arm as though he thought he’d wake up.

“What’s that guy doing in Bendy’s office?” Boris asked, his tail between his legs.

Joey’s eyes widened, and when he spoke his voice was quiet. “Bendy?”

“Wait, that’s Bendy?” Wally stuck his head around Joey. “But that’s a guy. Like, a human guy.”

“Joey, what’s goin’ on?” The man, Bendy, looked up at Joey. “Why am I like this?”

“I…I don’t know.” Joey stumbled toward him, kneeling in front of Bendy and starting to squish and pinch his cheeks. It didn’t seem like something that could happen. And yet…It was happening. This was Bendy. It had to be.

“So that…It is Bendy?” Alice asked.

“It is.” Joey nodded, stumbling up and heading to his desk. “I…How on Earth did this happen?”

“You didn’t do this?” Wally tilted his head to the side. It was fair to assume that when something like this happened Joey would be responsible, but Joey still flinched at the statement.

“I did not.” Joey shook his head as he dug through his drawers.  

“Then something musta happened.” Wally gestured to Bendy. “‘Cause he did not look like that yesterday.”

“Huh. This is a new one.” Henry leaned on the door frame.

“Wait, that means you can go outside without a disguise!” Boris said, immediately perking up. “That’s so cool, Ben!” He picked Bendy up and spun him around in a big hug. Bendy paused, his fearful expression melting away.

“You’re right,” he said, slowly smiling. The one thing Bendy had never liked about being a toon was that he couldn’t really go out without a disguise. He liked the studio, sure, but it was hard not to go stir crazy when you had to stay in one place all the time. Alice routinely convinced Sammy to take her to Coney Island, but Bendy tended to be hesitant to leave, worried the studio would explode if he left.

“If you’re up for traveling, you can come with me to buy Hanukkah gifts for Ruth,” Henry said. “I could use some help.”

“Well, if you really need help.” Bendy slipped out of Boris’ arms, meandering over to lean on Henry with a languid smile. “I wouldn’t wanna hang around and worry you guys. Henry can take me off your hands for a little. Y’know. So you won’t worry.”

Alice couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Yep. This was definitely Bendy alright. Well, at least he seemed to be feeling better.

“Mm. Yes. Have fun.” Joey mumbled.

“Can you bring me back something?” Boris asked, ready to give Bendy the puppy dog eyes.

“Of course, Bo!” Bendy gave him a big grin. A dog toy would probably satisfy the wolf. That or another warm sweater. He liked sweaters.

“If you’re picking something up for him, get something for me too.” Alice folded her arms.

“What, like makeup or something?” Bendy frowned.

“Don’t patronize me.” Alice gave him an incredulous look.

“Get us both sweaters!” Boris’ tail started to wag. “No no! Get all three of us sweaters! Matching sweaters!”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do.” Bendy nodded in faux solemnity.

“Alright, come on, Ben.” Henry gently pulled Bendy away. “Let’s let them figure this out.”

He took Bendy out of the studio and into the parking lot where his car was.

“Man this is exciting,” Bendy said, getting into the passenger side. “I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to go out to a mall without a disguise!”

“It is kind of exciting.” Henry agreed. He’d gotten a spare coat out of the trunk for Bendy to wear since it was December and too cold for just a button-up shirt. The coat actually fit Bendy pretty well. He looked like he could have been Henry’s nephew.

It was strange. Henry had never considered what Bendy would look like as a flesh and blood human being. He certainly hadn’t expected Bendy would look like him. Was it because he’d created Bendy? Would all the toons look like him as humans? He’d made all of them after all.

“So…You’re getting Hanukkah presents for Ruth?”

“Huh?” Henry returned to reality upon hearing Bendy’s voice. The former toon was leaning against the passenger side window, intently watching the world outside the vehicle.

“You said you were getting Hanukkah presents for Ruth,” Bendy said. “Back at the studio.”

“Yeah, I did.” Henry nodded. “That pretty much explains it, I guess.”

“Hanukkah presents are small, right?” Bendy glanced back at him. “‘Cause you’re gettin’ 8 of ‘em, they’ve gotta be small.”

“That’s the idea, yeah.”

“What’re you thinking of getting her?”

“New colored pencils, maybe a sketchbook, some ribbons to put in her hair.”

“Sounds nice.” Bendy grinned.

He hadn’t been completely clear on Hanukkah when he’d first been brought into the world, but Henry and Grant had explained it to him and the others. Upon learning about Hanukkah, Bendy had pressed Joey to turn the company Christmas party into a holiday party so it could be more inclusive to those who didn’t celebrate Christmas. Thankfully, Henry had already asked Joey to do this back when they’d first started having a holiday party at the studio.

“Well, I’d hope so.” Henry laughed. “I just hope she hasn’t gotten tired of drawing.”

“What? Ruth? Get tired of drawing?” Bendy snorted derisively. “She’s your kid. She’s never gonna get tired of drawing.”

“Eh, you never know.” Henry shrugged slightly. “People change.” He got a wistful look on his face that started an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of Bendy’s stomach.

He tried not to think about the passage of time in relation to the humans of the studio. Ruth had been around 10 when he’d first been brought to life and she was coming up on 18 now. She was growing up. And Henry was growing older. Eventually...Eventually, Henry would die. They would all die. And Bendy would stay the same. Because toons didn’t age, toons didn’t die. Not really.

“I’m sorry.” Henry reached out and patted Bendy’s shoulder. “I probably made you sad.”

“It’s fine,” Bendy reassured him with a half-hearted smile. He didn’t want to think about the passage of time. He just wanted to enjoy this outing with Henry.


The shopping trip did end up being rather fun. It was still exciting for Bendy to be out and not have to worry about keeping a disguise on. It was just so exhilarating to be out with Henry like this. Sure, no one paid him any mind in his disguise due to toon logic, but now he truly was someone no one paid any mind to. He was…ordinary as a human. Unremarkable. And there was something so freeing about that. A few people did stop them, but that was just because they recognized Henry. Henry introduced Bendy to them as his nephew Benjamin. Bendy couldn’t help but feel a not-insignificant amount of glee at being introduced as Henry’s nephew.

He was rather sad when they had to return to the studio. Well, it had been fun while it lasted. Maybe he’d even be able to do this again. As they drove back to the studio, he held the three-pack of sweaters to his chest. He and Henry had found three matching sweaters with snowflakes on them. Purple for Alice, pink for Boris, and blue for Bendy. He was starting to fall asleep a bit, tired from the eventful day and full from all the food he’d eaten at the food court. He ended up falling asleep before they returned, meaning Henry had to carry him inside. Not that Henry minded.

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Anonymous asked: Hell's Studio Prompt: Wally, Henry, and Sammy fusion accident

Oooh. This is gonna be a disaster. I love it.

Here is the previous fusion story

Henry and Sammy made a good combo when fused. Senry was serious and focused when working, able to multi-task due to his four arms. Henry and Sammy had purposefully fused a few times after the initial accidental fusing incident when they had a lot of work they both needed to do and wanted to be more efficient. Everyone had gotten used to occasionally seeing Senry walking around, usually talking to Jack or Joey about the work he’d completed.

Seeing how comfortable Sammy and Henry were as Senry made others in the studio want to try fusing themselves. One of whom was Wally. Everyone had not so secretly decided that Sammy and Wally should never be allowed to fuse because it would most certainly be a disaster. Wally and Sammy’s personalities clashed so much that there was no way the fusion would be at all stable.

But, as so often happened with Wally, he ended up stumbling into disaster anyway.

Sammy and Henry had gone to Joey’s office to fuse as they both had quite a lot of work they wanted to get done and thought it would be more efficient to do it as Senry. Joey had been in the middle of the incantation when Wally had slammed the door open, yelling something about another pipe bursting. He’d then tripped and fallen into the circle along with Sammy and Henry as Joey finished the incantation.

Joey froze, the words dying on his lips. There was an instant where he locked eyes with Henry and Sammy. A second later, the flames of the candles flared and the three of them were consumed by light.

“Oh, dear,” Joey mumbled. This was bad. This was very very bad.

When the light faded, Joey balked a bit. The man before him was taller than Senry had been, and somewhere in between husky and thin. He looked rather stretched out. He had three sets of arms and three sets of eyes. He had Wally’s hat shoved onto his tangled mass of orange and black hair, shot through with streaks of grey. He was still wearing a tie and a white button-up, although Wally’s overalls had been incorporated into the mix and so the fusion wore dark denim overalls that dipped a bit lower than Wally’s naturally did. His skin was dotted with freckles, likely from Wally.

Franks!” The fusion growled, the set of eyes Joey identified as Sammy screwed up in rage. Two of the hands clenched and unclenched in fists.

Hey! It was an accident!” The topmost set of eyes, which happened to be a startling green, closed again. The eyebrows above them indicated a great sense of discomfort and shame. Two of the arms went up to clutch the head.

Both of you, calm down.” Joey was certain that was Henry speaking now. It was funny how the tone changed based on which of the three components was speaking. The overall voice now had a hint of a Brooklyn accent. “We can fix this. Joey knows how to separate us.

“There needs to be a bit of a cooldown.” Joey managed to force himself to speak. “So the circle isn’t overwhelmed.”

Don’t yell,” Henry said before Sammy could yell at Joey. “We’ve been through this before. You know how this works.

The fusion’s face twisted, confused by all the emotions from the three men who made him up. Wally was scared and upset, Sammy was furious, and Henry was just tired.

“I’ll get you all separated as soon as possible,” Joey assured them. “It’ll be fine.”


It wasn’t fine. It took a few hours for the circle to cool down enough to perform the ritual again, and during that time the fusion (who Bendy had dubbed Salry, although he kept calling him Celery, much to the aforementioned fusion’s chagrin) managed to slip and fall into a puddle of ink, break two pens, break an ink well, and end up with a bucket on his head.

No one else was having a particularly good time either as Salry’s components were continually yelling at each other. Wally and Sammy were arguing with Henry trying and failing to mediate. Sammy didn’t hate Wally by any means, but he did hate being stuck in the same body as the janitor. Especially since Wally’s chaotic tendency toward being the butt of physical comedy seemed to have transferred over to the fusion.

Bendy stopped having fun rather quickly, as Salry was causing quite a lot of destruction, couldn’t do any work, and was distracting everyone else with his argument with himself. It wasn’t funny to wind him up when he was destroying the studio.

“Serves you right for tormenting Sammy all the time,” Alice said with the self-satisfied smirk of a sibling watching their sibling receive retribution.

“It’s not tormenting!” Bendy whine. “It’s just practical jokes! Nothing serious! And I do our drink and bitch thing!” Alice just grinned at him, causing him to groan and lower his head.

The collective studio breathed a sigh of relief when Joey got the fusion back into his office and quickly separated the components. Despite all needing to do some form of work, all three immediately fled to go be alone for a little to recover from the ordeal. Joey, meanwhile, elected to start locking his door during these rituals.

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Anonymous asked: Hell's studio Prompt: Susie and Sammy both become toons due to a pipe bursting

Looks like Susie gets to join the toon party now! :D

Sammy was used to becoming an ink creature whenever he got caught in an ink spill. He’d gotten sealing tattoos to avoid one specific kind of transformation and then the ink would trigger another one. He didn’t like it, but he was used to it. It was usually fixed by the end of the day due to the frequency of these events, so it was a minor inconvenience at worst. As long as he still had fingers to hold a pen, he could still work, even if turning into a toon made him a bit antsier and less inclined to sit still.

Susie, however, had been lucky enough to escape this sort of thing most of the time. She’d expressed jealousy a few times that Sammy had gotten to experience these transformations and she hadn’t, but he’d been quick to assure her that it wasn’t something to be jealous of. Still, Susie continued to secretly hope she would be able to experience it herself.

Luckily for her, and unfortunately for Sammy, she got her wish.

The pipe in Sammy’s office had burst. Again. Only, this time, Susie had been present. The two of them had been discussing a song that Sammy had been composing. It was one of Alice’s songs and so Sammy wanted to make sure Susie would be able to sing all the notes without difficulty. The only warning they’d gotten as to the pipe’s structural instability was a rattling before it had burst. The ink covered them before either of them could react.

“Not again,” Sammy groaned, trying to wipe away some of the ink that had thoroughly coated his body. His voice sounded squeakier, so he figured he’d somehow become a toon again.

“Oh, my skirt’s probably ruined,” Susie sighed.

Sammy paused, looking slowly over at Susie. Her voice sounded a lot like Alice’s, but with more of her Southern twang. She too was wiping the ink off of her body, revealing noodle thin limbs and pie-cut eyes. She…She looked really cute actually.

“What? What’s wrong?” She asked when she noticed Sammy staring.

“It, uh, it’s, um…” He found himself tripping over his words far more than he ever did as a human. Damn his toon state.

“Oh no!” Susie ran to his side, brushing more of the ink away. “Did you get turned into a toon again?”

Sammy found it even harder to think with her that close.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, avoiding her gaze as he felt his face heating up. “And you did too.”

“What?” Susie blinked, took a step back, then look down at herself. Sammy tensed a bit, unsure of what her reaction would be. To his relief and surprise, Susie lit up and began to jump up and down with joy.

“Are you…alright?” He asked.

“Oh, yes!” Susie nodded enthusiastically. Due to her new toon state, she was literally starting to shine with excitement.

“I thought you’d be…upset?”

“Why would I be upset?” Susie laughed. “I kept hoping I’d be able to experience this with you! You knew that.”

Ah, yes, that was right. He’d almost forgotten about that.

“Well, I’m glad you’re having a good time,” he said. “But we do have work to do.”

“But do we have to?” Susie asked, taking Sammy’s hands in hers. Her eyes sparkled mischievously.

“We don’t have any deadlines right now,” she continued. “Why don’t we enjoy this for a little? I know you haven’t had the best experience like this, but it can be fun!”

Sammy felt his resolve begin to crumble in the face of Susie’s brilliant smile and infectious enthusiasm. Maybe it would be fun to be a toon for a little, as long as Susie was by his side. She’d always known exactly how to get him to loosen up

“Well…Alright,” he conceded. “But at the end of the day, we need to have Joey turn us back to normal.”

“Of course,” Susie scoffed. “Now come on!” She grabbed his arm and ran off, leaving a Susie shaped cloud of dust. Sammy’s arm briefly stretched out to a ridiculous degree before he was pulled in that direction, leaving the ink that had been on his person floating in the air before it fell to the ground.


Sammy did have to admit, the day he had as a toon with Susie was absolutely amazing. He had more fun than he’d had in a long time. Admittedly, he was forced to play the straight man role for many of the toon gags, but for some reason, he didn’t mind. Especially since he got to see Susie smile. Her sillier and more mischevious elements had been strengthened as a toon, which meant that she and Bendy had a grand time pranking the other employees. Sammy was dragged along for the ride, providing a voice of reason that was seldom listened to. It was like an episode of the cartoon. Which may have been why Dot kept following them and jotting down notes.

As Sammy had requested, they were returned to their normal states. Joey performed the ritual and they were human once more.

“That was a lot of fun,” Susie said as they left for the night.

“Yeah, it was.” Sammy allowed himself a smile.

“Would you be willing to do it again?” Susie looked hopefully up at him.

“I don’t know about that,” Sammy laughed despite himself. “Let’s just see what happens.”

Susie shrugged. “Alright.”

At least she’d gotten a laugh.

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Anonymous asked: "nightfall isn't the best time to do this" (for hell's studio?)

“Not sure nightfall is the best time to do this, Joey.”

“Oh, it’ll be fine.” Joey waved away Bendy’s concerns. “I’ve been working on this all day! It’s all ready!”

Bendy just sighed. Joey had become determined to bring the Butcher Gang into the real world and had dedicated the entire day to preparing the summoning ritual. Night had fallen at this point and almost everyone had left the studio for the day. Most importantly, Henry had left. Henry, who was 90% of Joey’s impulse control.

Bendy was pretty sure this was going to end up backfiring somehow. Especially since Joey was running on a small amount of sleep and an obscene amount of caffeine. At best, the Butcher Gang would come into the world with a few complications. At worst, the office would blow up. Again. They were lucky Tom gave them reduced prices for reconstruction. 

“I guess we’re gonna be goin’ to the ER again.” Bendy sat down near the phone, ready to call 911 when the worst inevitably happened.

“I’m not going to go to the ER.” Joey scoffed, pricking his finger and letting the blood drop onto the circle.

About a minute later, the circle exploded. Thankfully, it wasn’t the sort of explosion Bendy had been expecting. It was enough to throw Joey back, but not enough to destroy the office. Too much. A few of the pictures on the wall dropped, the glass shattering, and some shelves fell over. Bendy got ready to call 911.

“I’m okay!” Joey held up his hand, giving Bendy a thumbs up. It sounded like the wind had been knocked out of him, but he otherwise seemed fine.  

The circle was filled with smoke, but three figures could be made out through the smoke.

“What the heck-?! Where are we?!” That was Charley’s voice. Bendy put down the phone. It looked like it was time for some explanations. And to get Joey to the infirmary.

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A request by Hope Holloway: Well, we still have yet to hear if Joey and Henry finally fused together at some point in time, and without interruptions or accidents. So maybe they did fuse or Joey maybe found another participant??? Both sound entertaining tbh XD

They do sound entertaining. I think Henry is the best fit for fusing with Joey, so I’ll just do that. 

Here’s the original fusion story

Henry had gotten to fuse quite a few times, mostly with Sammy. But Joey had not yet gotten to fuse as he’d hoped he would. He was rather disappointed about that fact, but there had been enough trouble to deal with involving the fallout of the fusions that Joey hadn’t wanted to press the matter. The more time that passed, though, the more disappointed Joey became. He really did want to experience fusion. Henry was his best friend and there was no one he trusted more. 

“If you wanna do it, just ask him,” Bendy said when Joey brought it up to him. “Dithering about it like this isn’t gonna do you any good.”

“But what if it goes wrong?” Joey asked. “What if he doesn’t want to fuse with me? It’s gone wrong so many times in the past. What if he doesn’t trust me?” His repeated failures and continued accidental transformations of his employees were weighing heavily on his mind. 

“Ask him.” Bendy put his hands on Joey’s shoulders. “Communication is important, Joey.” 

Joey made an indecisive and nervous noise. 

Joey.” The look Bendy gave him was rather reminiscent of a disappointed father. He’d definitely gotten that from Henry.

“Alright!” Joey threw his hands up. “I’ll talk to him!”

“Good.” Bendy patted his shoulder. “Now, I’ve got some paperwork to do.” He did a mock salute and left. 

“I’m going to die.” Joey groaned, resting his forehead on his desk. This was going to be Joey’s biggest hurdle. Talking to his friend about a difficult subject. But he had to do it. Bendy was right. If he wanted this to happen he had to talk to Henry about it.

At the end of the day, Joey went to talk to Henry. He almost chickened out a few times, but the thought of Bendy’s disappointed face made him go through with it in the end.

“Henry? Can I talk to you?” He approached Henry’s desk, his heart in his throat.  Henry looked up from packing up his things. 

“Sure.” He gave Joey a smile. “What is it?”

“I was…wondering if you would be willing to fuse with me,” Joey said slowly, wringing his hands a tad nervously. “I still want to try it and I haven’t gotten a chance.”

“Yeah, sure,” Henry said. “But, uh, I hope you can wait until tomorrow.” His smile turned a bit sheepish. “Seems a bit late for fusion right now, y’know.”

“Oh! Yes! Of course!” Joey began to laugh out of sheer relief. “Of course. We can do it tomorrow morning.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Henry returned Joey’s laugh with one of his own. “Let’s hope it goes better than it did the last few times.”



Thankfully, it did. Joey took every precaution he possibly could, desperate to make sure this ritual went well. He didn’t want anything to go wrong. He was so excited he almost flubbed a few components because he couldn’t stop vibrating.

“Geez, Joey, calm down a little,” Bendy said when he came in and found Joey preparing the ritual. “You’ve done this before. It’s gonna go fine.”

“Yes, I suppose so.” Joey returned his attention back to the circle. He’d repainted the sigils and cleaned the floor so that no dirt would interfere. He had everything assembled. Now, all he needed was Henry.

It was at that moment that Henry entered with two cups of coffee, a bag under his arm, and a bagel in his mouth.

“Henry!” Joey sprung to his feet. Henry mumbled a greeting through his bagel, going and setting down the coffee on the desk. 

“Morning,” he said. “I hope you didn’t stay up all night doing this.”

“He didn’t. I made sure he didn’t.” Bendy replied, eyeing the coffee.

“Well, that’s good.” Henry turned to Joey, opening up the bag and offering him another bagel. “Why don’t we eat and then we can do the fusion thing?” 

Joey eagerly grabbed the bagel, practically inhaling it before reaching for another.

“Slow down!” Henry laughed. “You’re gonna choke.”

“Sorry.” Joey smiled sheepishly. 

Together, he, Henry, and Bendy ate breakfast. Joey and Henry ate the bagels Henry had brought, while Bendy drank his ink. Although he did steal some of Henry’s coffee. Joey continued to practically vibrate with excitement. He felt like a child on Christmas morning. But he had to contain himself. It wouldn’t do to rush Henry. Besides, he didn’t want Bendy to scold him again. 

Once they were finished, Henry and Joey entered the circle. Joey got out his book, shifting into a more serious state to make sure he didn’t screw this up somehow. Henry sat patiently, waiting while Joey said the necessary incantations. He was rather excited as well. He couldn’t help but be curious about what sort of fusion he and Joey would produce. 

Bendy watched on with a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher. Just in case shit went down. It was always good to have safety protocols in place. 

The candles began to flare and the two men were consumed by the pillar of light that always signaled a fusion occurring. 

Bendy tensed. What sort of being would come out of this? Henry and Joey were extremely different people, but they always worked well together due to how well they balanced each other out. The fusion could either work in perfect harmony or be an utter disaster. For his sake, and the sake of the studio, he hopped it was the former.

When the light died down, the fusion was kneeling in the center of the circle. He was tall, as Senry had been, but he only had two arms. He wore the same white button-up Henry and Joey did, rolled up to the elbows like Henry’s. He wore Joey’s vest, but had Henry’s tie tucked into it. His hair was somewhere between black and brown, shot through with grey. He had a mustache just like Joey’s and his bottom pair of eyes were framed by Joey’s glasses. 

“How do ya feel?” Bendy asked. 

“Good,” the fusion replied with a brilliant smile. “I’m feeling rather productive, actually.”

“Well, that’s good.” Bendy let out a small relieved laugh. “Bit of a shame you don’t have four arms, though. You could get more work done that way.”

“Oh, I doubt it will be a problem.” The fusion waved a hand dismissively as he got up and sat down at Joey’s desk. He got some paper out of a desk drawer, beginning to draw. Bendy moved the safety measures away from the desk, watching curiously. He hadn’t expected them to immediately start working after fusing. 

“Should I, uh, should I got?” He asked. 

“Yes. I’m afraid I’m not going to be much for conversation.” The fusion smiled apologetically, looking up from his drawing. 

“Well, okay.” Bendy shrugged and left. He hoped this productivity would continue for the rest of the day.

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Anonymous asked: I think a fusion between Hell's studio wally and Hell's studio shawn would be a walking disaster waiting to happen

You’ve got that right. They are the disaster duo together.

The previous fusion story

Despite the disaster that had been his first fusion, Wally very much wanted to fuse again. He wanted to have what Sammy and Henry did when they were Senry. He wanted to be able to create a functioning being with his fusion. However, this meant he needed to fuse with someone better suited to his personality.

Specifically, Shawn.

He and Shawn were pretty much the chaos duo of the studio. When they were together, mischief tended to happen. Wally was certain that if he fused with Shawn, they would make a stable fusion. He was also certain that Bendy would 100% try to stop him if he figured out he was trying this, so he decided he’d initiate this plan while Bendy and Henry were out at lunch.

First, though, he needed to get Shawn on board. It wasn’t terribly hard to do. As soon as Wally brought up the possibility of the two of them fusing, Shawn immediately jumped on board.

“We could do so much with four arms!” He slammed his hand onto the table with a manic smile. Mostly, he was excited about what it would be like to sew with four arms.

“Hell yeah!” Wally pumped his fist in the air.

They waited until Henry and Bendy left for lunch and Joey went to go talk expense reports with Grant before they snuck into Joey’s office. Shawn was tasked with reading the incantation since he could speak Gaelic. Wally wasn’t sure if there would be any Latin in the incantation, or if Latin was at all similar to Gaelic, but he figured it was better if Shawn was reading it. Shawn just shrugged and went with it. There was no harm in it.

So, they settled in the center of the circle and began the ritual. In true comedic timing, the moment they finished was the moment Henry, Joey, and Bendy returned to the office.

“Wally!” Bendy shrieked at the same time as Joey yelled,

“What on Earth?!”

Henry just sighed in his long-suffering way and shook his head. He shouldn’t be surprised that Wally and Shawn had pulled something like this. Behind Bendy, those two were the biggest troublemakers in the studio.

“It’s too late to stop them now,” Henry said, putting a hand on Joey and Bendy’s shoulders. “We can unfuse them later.”

Bendy groaned loudly, his ink beginning to drip a bit.

“Well, we’re not on a deadline.” Joey pointed out, having recovered a bit. “So it’s not as much of a problem as it could have been.”

“But they’re going to cause such a mess!” Bendy gestured to the circle. The light was fading, revealing the fusion.

He could have been mistaken for a perfectly ordinary man if one hadn’t been looking too close. He was taller than average, yes, but not abnormally so. And he had the regular amount of limbs. Two arms, two legs. But, as he pushed his cap up a bit, it revealed a second set of eyes over the first.

“Aw, shit.” He looked down at himself, frowning. “I thought we’d get extra arms!” His accent was…interesting. It was somewhere between Brooklyn and Irish and it sounded pretty weird.

“The number of limbs seems to depend on whether or not the people fusing have different ways of doing things,” Joey said, striding past them to record this new fusion in a journal of his. “You two have a rather similar way of approaching problems.hence, two arms.”

“Oh, uh, hey Joey.” The new fusion smiled sheepishly, eyes darting from Joey to the other two in the doorway. “Hey, Henry, Bendy.”

“Hello.” Joey waved halfheartedly, dedicated mostly to scribbling in his journal.

“Hey.” Bendy smiled through gritted teeth. “I really hope you’re not planning on causing trouble like this.”

“Us, cause trouble?” The fusion put a hand on his chest, looking offended. “We’d never!”

“You would.” Henry snorted.

“Alright, fine.” The fusion folded his arms and pouted. “I guess we are kinda troublemakers. But this time we weren’t doing anything! I just wanted four arms to sew! I could do such cool stuff like that!”

Bendy gave him an incredulous look.

“I’m tellin’ the truth!”

“I believe Sal,” Henry said. Bendy turned his incredulous gaze on Henry, although it was tinged with confusion now.

“Sal?” He raised an eyebrow. Or did the closest thing he could to it.

“I’m guessin’ that’s my name.” The fusion considered this. It was a combination of Shawn and Wally’s names, and certainly preferable to Sally. He liked it, he decided.

“Anyway, I doubt they were up to something,” Henry continued. “They probably just wanted to have a good time. And sew. You know how seriously Shawn takes sewing.”

“That is true.” Bendy begrudgingly conceded.

“Besides, they can cause less trouble as one being,” Henry said. “Especially with just the normal amount of limbs.”

“That is true.” Sal agreed. “Can’t exactly split up to pull shit like this.”

Bendy considered this, starting to pace.

“Fine.” He finally said. “I’ll let you guys stay like this until the end of the day. Then Joey’s unfusing you and you guys aren’t gonna do this behind our back again.” He stopped pacing and leveled a glare at Sal. “Got it?”

“Got it!” Sal gave him a mock salute before scrambling to his feet and running out. He still wanted to see if he was any better at sewing like this.

He was, as it turned out. Wally had a surprising aptitude for working with his hands. He wasn’t any faster, but he certainly did better work like this. He almost didn’t notice when the end of the day came and Henry and Bendy came to escort him to Joey’s office. Bendy hadn’t expected the pile of completed plushes beside the fusion. 

“Maybe we should let them do this again,” Henry suggested. 

“Maybe…” Bendy nodded slowly.

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Anonymous asked: Hey!! Can you write a write a HS where Joey screws up an accidentally turns Wally into a monster? You don't have to! I just really like my boy and think there should be more of him :)

Yeah! Sure! You didn’t specify which kind of monster so I’m gonna just choose one myself. I’ve done a lot of werewolf Wally, so….I think I’m gonna get creative. >:3c

Everyone had spent the day avoiding Wally. It wasn’t out of malice, though. No, everyone had been avoiding Wally because they knew if they saw him they wouldn’t be able to get any work done whatsoever. The reason for this? One of Joey’s rituals had backfired again.

And Wally Franks had been turned into a demon.

No one was exactly sure how Joey had managed to do this, least of all Joey himself, but it had happened all the same. Wally Franks was now a legitimate demon. Something straight out of one of Joey’s demonology books. It was honestly a rather impressive feat, although no one was really in the mood to praise Joey.

The physical changes weren’t too drastic, to the point where everyone had initially thought the light that had hit Wally hadn’t done anything. He had cute little devil horns sticking out of his frizzy hair, making it rather hard for him to wear his hat, a little forked tail, and some frankly adorable bat wings. He also had teensy fangs. He kept accidentally biting his cheek due to not being used to having sharp teeth. Other than that, the changes to his body hadn’t been too much of a hindrance for him.

Now, according to Joey, certain male demons had the ability to sexually arouse humans around them. Had this been true for Wally, it would have been a huge problem for everyone in the studio. Thankfully, Wally didn’t seem to be that sort of demon. Instead, everyone thought he was absolutely adorable. Especially with his itty bitty fangs and teeny tiny wings.

“You’re so cute!” Susie cooed, pinching his cheeks. “Look at your teensy weensy wings!!”

Just as he had when Wally had gotten turned into a toon, Sammy was dying laughing again. He was laughing so hard he could barely breathe, which did not help Wally’s embarrassment.

“Now, don’t give him such a hard time. I’m sure he’s having a difficult enough time already.” Norman chided Susie, although he looked on the verge of laughter as well.

“But he’s so cute!” Susie said, letting go of Wally and gesturing to him. “Look at his little wings!!”

Wally got outta there as quickly as he could.

The toons had thus far proved to be immune to his demonic “charms”, which meant he’d mostly been hanging out with them while Joey was figuring this out. Well, he was hanging out with Alice and Bendy. Boris was in the Music Room.

“This is the worst.” Wally groaned. He was currently hiding under a blanket on the couch in Bendy’s office. His tail was poking out from under the blanket, flicking about like an upset cat.

“Hey, it could be worse,” Bendy said with a shrug. “You could have that whole sex thing goin’ on.” That would have been an utter nightmare.

“If it makes you feel better, the horns and tail actually do make you look pretty cool.” Alice sat down beside Wally, patting the space between his wings. “If we got your hair out of your eyes, you might even look kind of sexy.”

“Really?” Wally’s head popped out from under the blanket.

“I dunno about that.” Bendy snorted. “I don’t think anything could make you sexy.”

“Oh hush, you’re just saying that because you’ve only ever seen him covered in dirt and ink.” Alice stuck out her tongue at Bendy. “I’m sure he cleans up rather well.”

Bendy stuck his tongue right back out at her.

“Maybe…” Wally’s eyes were narrowed in thought. “The last time I wore a suit was when I ten, though.”

“That’s more than enough reason to try again!” Alice clapped her hands together, her eyes shining. Bendy rolled his eyes. Of course Alice would be excited at the prospect of playing dress-up with an employee. Especially Wally.

“You’re seriously doing this?” Bendy asked as Alice ran to the corner and started digging through a trunk she kept for this express purpose.

“Who knows when I’ll get a chance like this again!” Alice said. Every other time she’d attempted this, Wally had somehow managed to get the outfit she’d picked out dirty or he just hadn’t had the time. Since he likely wasn’t going to be doing any work that day, this was the perfect opportunity.

Through the magic of toon logic and hammerspace, she managed to pull out a suit that was exactly Wally’s size. It was black and sleek, made of a shiny fabric that was far nicer than anything Wally had ever worn in his life.

By this point, he’d sat up and was looking rather confused.

“Wait, you’re actually gonna dress me up?” He asked. “Right now?”

“But of course!” Alice chirped. “Like I said, I’m not going to get a chance like this again!”

She pulled out a folding screen from hammerspace, draping the suit over the screen and gesturing excitedly for Wally to go change. Wally blinked, staring at the screen.

“I mean…You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Alice deflated a bit, her smile becoming sheepish. “I’m sorry. I got too excited.”

“No, uh, it’s okay.” Wally got up, gently laying the blanket on the couch. He stumbled over to the screen and took the suit down. Bendy and Alice could see him starting to change, his new features giving him a bit of trouble in undressing. 

“You probably just overloaded his brain.” Bendy supplied, shuffling some paperwork. “First the whole magic thing, now this. It’s probably a lot.”

“I guess I did go a little overboard.” Alice sighed, her halo’s glow dimming. “Oh, I shouldn’t have been so pushy.”

“Maybe.” Bendy shrugged. “But I’m sure he appreciated the faith in him.”

“I can still hear you guys,” Wally said from behind the screen. “Don’t talk like I’m not here.”

“Sorry~” Bendy said in his best innocent voice.

To Alice’s credit, she was right. Wally did clean up pretty nice. Still didn’t look sexy, but he looked rather good in the suit and with his hair brushed back. Alice made sure to take pictures. 

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Anonymous asked: In hell's studio I can see a homeless kid somehow sneak in the studio and make themselves at home in Wally's janitor closet and end up getting(somehow) adopted by Sammy as the kid needs a safe place and Sammy being extremely nervous that he might do something wrong(knowing him), but it would probably end on a good note with the two(though I do see that the kid might have some physical and mental issues from being on the street for some time)

Oh boy. I am going to make this as fluffy and comforting as I possibly can.

Sorry this took so long. ^^”

Sammy Lawrence was not a heartless man. He may have been grumpy most of the time and had a reputation as the studio curmudgeon, but he was far from heartless. The younger members of the studio all knew this quite well, although they kept it to themselves. Many had been shown kindness by him at one point or another. More often than not it couldn’t be traced back to him, but they always knew who it had been that had helped them.

The truth was that Sammy had a soft spot for children. He always had. There was a secret part of him that hoped that one day he would be able to be a father, although it was something he shared with very few people. Susie knew, of course, but knew better than to bring it up in a work environment. But she brought it up sometimes when they were alone. She saw how happy he was when he babysat for his siblings or her family.

Sammy got quiet whenever she asked. As much as he wanted to be a father, he was absolutely terrified that he’d somehow mess up. He knew he could have a temper and he didn’t want to be the kind of father his children would be scared of. He just didn’t think he was ready yet.

But the universe evidently thought he was. Because one day, when he opened up Wally’s closet to get a broom, he found a kid sleeping on the floor of the closet.

Sammy froze, staring down at the child. They were small and absolutely filthy, so covered in dirt and grime that it was difficult to tell how old they were or what they even really looked like. Their hair was long and matted, similarly covered with dirt, and their clothes were essentially rags. They were shivering a bit, a spare blanket pulled tightly around their thin form. It was abundantly clear that this child had been living on the street for some time.

Sammy felt his heart beginning to melt. It had been especially cold the other night. The kid must come in to get out of the cold. There was no way their clothing would provide any protection from the cold. Sammy didn’t give much thought to how they’d gotten in. Wally had probably left the back door unlocked again.

“Poor kid,” Sammy murmured. He set the broom aside, kneeling beside the child.

“Hey, kiddo?” He gently shook the kid. The child’s eyes fluttered open. Upon seeing Sammy kneeling beside them, they screamed and scrambled back, ending up banging their head on one of the lower shelves.

“Hey, hey! I’m not going to hurt you!” Sammy put his hands up, keeping his voice low. The child whimpered, pulling the blanket tighter around themselves.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Sammy repeated, keeping his hands up. “My name is Sammy Lawrence. I’m the music director here. What’s your name?”

“Charlie,” the child mumbled.

“It’s nice to meet you, Charlie.” Sammy smiled gently at them. “Do you want something to eat?”

Charlie lowered their shoulders a bit, their expression suspicious but hopeful.

“Is Mr. Wally here?” They asked.

Ah, that explained a few things. Wally had probably left the backdoor unlocked on purpose for this kid. Everyone in the studio knew Wally would often help out the homeless people around the studio.

Sammy was about to say that he didn’t think Wally was in yet, only to have Wally round the corner with a pile of clothes and a thermos of what was probably soup. He froze when he saw Sammy kneeling beside Charlie.

“Mr. Wally!” Charlie lit up, trying to get to their feet. Unfortunately, as soon as they attempted to stand their legs gave out from under them and they went tumbling back down. Sammy caught them, noting with some sadness how skinny they were.

“Easy there, kid.” Sammy gently put them back on the floor.

“I’m fine,” Charlie mumbled, although their face was looking a bit red.

Sammy looked back at Wally. “Those employee showers Joey had put in are still working, right?”

“I, uh, yeah?” It took Wally a second to response, seemingly stunned by the fact that Sammy hadn’t yelled at him.

“Good.” Sammy looked back at Charlie. “Why don’t we get you cleaned up and then you can have the soup Franks brought.” Charlie’s gaze flicked to Wally, who gave them a nod and an encouraging smile.

“Okay.” They nodded slowly.

“Can you do it yourself or-?” Sammy began to ask. Charlie scrambled to their feet, bright red now.

“I can do it!” They stammered indignantly. “I’m not a baby!”

“Alright.” Sammy stood up as well. “Franks can show you where the showers are. I’ll guard the soup.” He smiled gently at them, taking the thermos of soup from Wally.

“Right, uh, follow me.” Wally gestured and Charlie followed.  

Once they were gone, Sammy went into his office to guard the soup and start to get some work done. After about ten to twenty minutes, Wally entered the office. He looked a bit nervous and wasn’t holding the clothes he’d brought.

“So, uh, you aren’t gonna yell at me about letting the kid in?” He asked.

“Of course not,” Sammy said. “They probably would have died if you hadn’t let them in. It was freezing last night.” He knew his reputation, but he couldn’t help but be hurt by the fact that Wally thought he’d be angry about this. It wouldn’t do to dwell on that, though.

“In any case,” he continued. “Do you know anyone around here who can cut hair? I doubt we’ll be able to brush out those knots. And we’ll need to find someplace for them to stay long term. Do you know if their parents are around? I don’t want to just turn them out onto the street again, not with the weather being what it is.”

There was no answer. Sammy frowned and looked over at him.


Wally was just staring at him, his mouth hanging open a bit. Then his face split in what Sammy could only describe as a shit-eating grin.

“Y’know, I didn’t take you for the fatherly type,” he said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sammy sputtered, feeling his face beginning to get warm. He’d gotten so caught up in being worried about the kid that he’d forgotten that Wally didn’t know about his secret paternal instincts.

“You’ve known the kid for less than an hour and you’ve already basically adopted them,” Wally said, his smile getting even wider.

“L-Like I said, I can’t in good conscience turn a child back onto the street in this weather.” Sammy cleared his throat, trying to hide how red his face was getting. Thankfully, he was saved by Susie slamming the door open.

“I heard you found a kid in Wally’s closet!” She yelled. “Tell me everything!” Wally shrieked and stumbled away. Sammy quietly breathed a sigh of relief and explained the situation to Susie.

As he was explaining one of the interns appeared, pushing Charlie in a wheelchair. Charlie was now dressed in the clothes Wally had provided, which looked to be old clothes of his and were far too big on them. A faded sweater, a pair of old slacks, fuzzy wool socks, and a rumpled white button-up shirt.

“They said they wanted to come here?” The intern said, looking around at Susie, Sammy, and Wally.

“What happened? Why are they in a wheelchair?” Susie immediately looked concerned, as did Sammy although he wasn’t saying anything. He just walked brusquely over and knelt in front of Charlie.

“Are you alright?” His voice was soft.

“Yeah…I’m okay.” Charlie hunched their shoulders. “I just…Can’t stand too long. My legs got tired and I fell over.”

“I found them and helped them get dressed,” the intern explained. They didn’t need to explain where they’d gotten the wheelchair. Joey had started putting them in to make things easier for the workers who had mobility issues and those who had injuries.

“Sounds like I should’ve stayed and helped you get clean,” Wally joked. This, evidently, was the wrong thing to say.

“I’m not a baby!” Charlie snapped, their face getting even redder. “I don’t need help doing easy stuff like that!”

“Oh, sorry.” Wally backed up a bit, looking sheepish.

“There’s no shame in needing help,” Sammy said gently.

Everyone aside from Charlie was surprised by the tenderness in Sammy’s voice. None of them had ever heard him speak so softly or sweetly before.

“Everyone needs help sometimes and there’s no shame in asking for it,“ Sammy continued. “No one is saying you’re weak.”

Charlie said nothing, but their eyes were wide and shining.

“Now.” Sammy stood up, dusting himself off. “We’ll need to do something about your hair. I suspect we’ll need to cut it to get rid of all the matting. After that, we’ll figure out where you can live.”

“Where I can…live?” Charlie said slowly, almost too quietly to be heard.

“Oh! Oh! I can cut their hair!” Susie clapped her hands together excitedly. “I’ve been learning how to cut hair!” Sammy gave her a rather incredulous look.

“Well…You can cut the matted parts away,” he conceded. “But we’ll need to take them to a proper hairdresser later.”

“It won’t be that bad.” Susie folded her arms indignantly.

“I mean…No offense, Susie, but the last time you tried cutting my hair I couldn’t take my hat off for two months,” Wally said. Susie let out a small humph, sticking her tongue out at Sammy and Wally. By this point, the intern had fled, sufficiently weirded out by the situation.

“What did you mean when you said, where I can live?” Charlie asked, tugging on Sammy’s shirtsleeve.

“I’m not about to turn you out onto the street.” Sammy smiled at them. “So, we’ll figure out somewhere for you to live where you can be safe and happy.”

“Maybe we could adopt them,” Susie suggested, grabbing Sammy by the arm. “You’re already acting like a father toward them.”

“W-Well, I, er, um…” Sammy began to stammer and sputter, his face going red. He wasn’t ready. He couldn’t be ready. What if he messed up? What if he traumatized this child?

“Sammy? A dad?” Wally almost couldn’t believe what Susie was suggesting. There was no way Sammy would do well as a father. But…he was acting surprisingly kind and patient toward Charlie.

“You guys would want to adopt me?” Charlie’s voice was quiet and uncertain, as though they were afraid the offer would immediately be rescinded.

“Of course!” Susie pulled away from Sammy, taking Charlie’s hands in hers. “Sammy won’t admit it, but he’s always wanted to be a father. It would be lovely to welcome you into our home!”

Charlie looked at Sammy, as though to confirm Susie’s words. Sammy sighed. It looked as though the jig was up.

“I can’t promise I’ll be the perfect father,” he said, coming to stand at Susie’s side. “But I would like to try.” He knelt down, placing his hand on Susie’s and Charlie’s. “I would be honored to be your father.”

Charlie’s lip began to quiver and they sniffled loudly. Soon enough, they were bawling as Susie and Sammy hugged them. Wally edged out of the office. He figured he needed to tell Joey about this. And also probably find some way to get some adoption paperwork.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there! I hope you’re having a lovely holiday! If you have the time/energy (I know the season can be draining for some), I have a prompt for Hell’s Studio AU: Sammy slowly shrinks over the course of a few days due to an ink incident (he refuses to acknowledge it) until he can’t even drink his coffee without falling in—ofc everyone thinks he’s adorable and Sammy is very upset + is ready to fight the entire world. All Susie has to do is hold him back with a finger or two amdjd.

Than you so much! I don’t have all that much scheduled this holiday season, so I’m happy to complete this prompt. Although, I did get a lot of prompts all at once, so I apologize that this took a bit.

This is going to be really funny.

Sammy was shrinking.

It had started out small. Sammy had woken up one morning to find his pants were a little long. He hadn’t thought much of it at first. But then he’d had trouble reaching something in the sheet music closet that had never given him any trouble before. Sammy had never been the tallest, but he’d been tall enough to reach that one shelf just fine.

“Maybe you’re shrinking in your old age,” Wally joked upon seeing Sammy’s struggle.

“Shut up, Franks,” Sammy growled, smacking the back of Wally’s head.

“It’s all that hunching over your desk.” Susie clicked her tongue disapprovingly. “I keep telling you, it’s going to warp your spine.”

Loathe as he was to concede that he was destroying his back, he was more willing to admit that might be the truth than humor Wally’s outrageous theory that he was somehow shrinking. Nothing out of the ordinary, he told himself. Then he scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor.

The next few days, though, things began to pick up. People were literally able to see Sammy getting smaller. Sammy tried to pretend nothing was happening, snapping at everyone who dared bring it up.

“You’re being ridiculous.” He kept saying. “Everything is fine.”

But it became rather difficult to deny that something was going on when he found himself literally swimming in his clothes and nearly drowning in ink puddles more than once, which somehow seemed to speed up this shrinking.

It ended with Sammy standing at a little over six inches tall. Naturally, Sammy was furious about this. How on Earth was he supposed to get work done when he was the size of a doll?! He couldn’t hold his conductor’s baton, nor a pen. Nevermind the fact that he couldn’t reach his desk or podium. And so he went to the person he was certain was both responsible and could put things right.

“Fix this, Joey!” He demanded, standing on a pile of books so that he could properly threaten Joey. His threats lacked much bite given that he was, again, six inches tall. Joey was trying to keep a straight face but was finding it rather difficult. Especially since he’d had to sit and watch while Susie assembled the stack of books for her six-inch tall boyfriend.

“I’ll do my very best to figure this out.” Joey’s lips were twitching with the effort it took to keep himself from bursting out laughing.

“You’d better!” Sammy growled. “I can’t work like this!” He also rather resented the fact that he now had to wear doll clothes, brought in by a helpful intern.

“It’s not so bad,” Susie said, picking him up. “You could use a break. You’re always working yourself so hard.” She patted his head with one finger.

“I’d prefer if I were to get a break, it wouldn’t be because of something like this,” he grumbled. Susie, in his opinion, had been having a bit too much fun with this whole thing. She’d taken quite a lot of joy in dressing him up in tiny handmade suits and taking as many pictures as he would allow.

“It won’t be for that long. I’m sure Joey will get this figured out,” Susie reassured him, putting him into her breast pocket. She’d worn a shirt with a pocket on it for this express purpose. As cute as she found Sammy like this, she was also rather worried she’d end up losing him and wanted to keep him close by at all times.

“I’ll do my very best.” Joey agreed, his expression becoming more serious. “We can’t have our music director stay six inches tall forever.”

“Good.” Sammy settled more comfortably into Susie’s pocket. “Take me to the band room. I need to conduct today’s piece.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Susie asked even as she was already walking to the band room. “They might not be able to see you. Not to mention, you can’t hold your baton like this.”

“I’ll figure something out.” Sammy waved dismissively. “I can’t let this interfere with my job!”

To his credit, he made a valiant effort. He had Susie stack a few books on his conductor’s podium and got on top of them to conduct, using a toothpick as a baton. Susie had been right that many of the band members had a hard time seeing him. Thankfully the first chairs could see Sammy well enough to lead the others. However, the recording was continually derailed as various musicians kept breaking into giggles at the sight of doll-sized Sammy Lawrence conducting with a toothpick.

Sammy, upon realizing that they were all laughing at him, went on one of his famous tirades toward them. The effect of this was lessened by Susie picking him up by the back of his shirt and putting him back into her pocket where his yelling was severely muffled by the fabric.

“This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.” He proclaimed when lunch break rolled around.

He was sitting on the table, eating pieces he’d torn off of the sandwich Susie had packed for him. It was regular person-sized, so it would likely last him all day. He’d tried to drink his coffee as normal, but had fallen in and had been forced to change his clothes.

“You gotta admit, you look pretty cute,” Wally said. He’d decided to sit with Susie and Sammy that day, mostly because he found Sammy’s predicament hilarious

“I don’t want to be cute,” Sammy snapped, leveling him with a glare. “I am a grown man and I would very much like to be treated with respect.” Each word was short and clipped, betraying just how fed up Sammy was with the situation.

“Don’t be rude.” Susie chided him, poking him with one finger.

“I can be as rude as I want.” Sammy folded his arms. “I’ve had a miserable last few days and I’m still currently miserable.”

“You’re always miserable.” Wally snorted.

“Not true. I’m always surly. There’s a difference.” Sammy corrected him coolly.  

Wally just shrugged and went back to his sandwich. Deprived of someone to snipe at, Sammy looked back at his massive sandwich. He really hoped he could go back to normal soon. Susie had set up a doll bed for him at home, but he didn’t particularly want to sleep in it. He doubted it would be comfortable.

“Joey will get this figure out soon,” Susie reassured him, sensing his change in mood.

“I hope so.” Sammy sighed dramatically, laying back on the table.

“He will. I know so.” Susie nodded definitively, a big smile on her face. Sammy watched her for a moment, feeling a smile of his own creeping onto his features. Perhaps this was what it was like for mortals to behold gods. There almost seemed to be a halo around her head cast by the lightbulbs on the ceiling.

Well, maybe this wasn’t too bad. At least he still had her.

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Anonymous asked: can we see some more fluff of hell's studio Sammy and Charlie, they are just so cute!

Of course! I’m all for some cute family stuff!

Here’s Charlie’s introduction

“Like this?”

“Yes, like that.”

Charlie dragged their fingers across the banjo strings, strumming out a chord. They looked eagerly up at Sammy with a big grin. Sammy was unable to keep himself from smiling back.

“You’re doing very well,” he said, patting Charlie’s shoulder.

“Really?” Charlie’s face lit up further at the praise.


It had been about a couple months since Charlie had turned up and Susie and Sammy had begun the process to adopt them. They were working on getting Charlie enrolled in school, which didn’t thrill Charlie in the slightest, but while they worked on that Charlie came to the studio with them. They spent a lot of time in Sammy’s office watching him compose or listening to Susie sing in the recording booth or the band play. They loved the studio and the studio members loved them. Meeting the toons had been an incredible experience for them.

But out of everyone in the studio, Charlie adored Sammy the most. Most children who encountered Sammy liked him. Sammy’s approach to talking to children was to talk to them as one would talk to an adult. He was gentler with children than he was with adults, but he still spoke to children under the assumption that they were intelligent beings. But he was far more forgiving to children because they were still learning.

In any case, Sammy’s treatment of Charlie made them love him. They wanted to spend all the time they could with him. They were a child, after all. So, they asked him to teach them how to play an instrument. Sammy had been delighted by this, even if he hadn’t been able to completely show it. He’d suggested the banjo as it was his favorite. Charlie probably would have agreed to just about any instrument Sammy had suggested, they just wanted to learn from Sammy.

And so, they were now learning how to play the banjo from Sammy. They’d been a bit discouraged at first by how bad they sounded, but Sammy had been quick to reassure them.

“You can’t expect yourself to be perfect on the first try,” he said. “You’re still learning. All I can ask is that you do your best.”

They were in the middle of one of their lessons at that moment. Sammy had needed to take a break from composing, stuck on one bar, and had been glad for the distraction.

“So, um, which chord is that again?” Charlie asked, peering at their fingers.

“That’s the E minor chord,” Sammy replied. “And if you add this finger.” He gently pushed one of Charlie’s fingers down. “That’s the E major chord.”

“Okay.” Charlie’s face was comically serious as they tried to commit the chord to memory.

Sammy couldn’t help but smile again. He felt a surge of tenderness and pride whenever he looked at them. So this was what it was like to be a father. He wondered if Henry felt like this when looked at the toons or his daughter.

“You two havin’ fun?” Bendy asked, opening the door.

“Yeah!” Charlie nodded fervently, clutching the banjo to their chest. “Dad says I’m doing really well!”

Sammy let out an involuntary gasp. Bendy’s eyes widened as well.

“What? What did I say?” Charlie instinctively curled into themselves, ready to be yelled at.

“You didn’t say anything wrong,” Sammy said quickly. “It’s just…”

“That’s the first time you’ve called him ‘dad’, isn’t it?” Bendy leaned on the door frame.

“Oh…” Charlie let their shoulders lower, frowning slightly. Sammy’s lip began to quiver, tears welling up in his eyes.

“I’m honored that you consider me a father,” he whispered. Gently, he removed the banjo from Charlie’s lap and enfolded them in a hug.

Bendy decided it was best to give them some alone time, closing the door and departing. Susie would probably want to hear about this too.

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Anonymous asked: i do see hell's studio sammy and susie giving charlie their first pet (maybe a kitten?) and charlie is surprised and happy about getting a kitten

Heck yeah! >:D

Warning, this does have some mentions of animal death.

“Charlie, do you want to get a pet?”

Charlie immediately looked up from the book they’d been reading, their eyes wide and sparkling. Susie stifled a giggle.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” she said.

“You’re really gonna let me get a pet?” Charlie asked, putting down their book and scooting closer. They were sitting on the couch, their cane propped up next to them. Physical therapy had made it so that they didn’t need a wheelchair anymore, but the muscles in their legs still weren’t strong enough for them to stand for too long without assistance.

“Of course,” Susie replied. “If I’m being honest, I think Sammy could use an animal around the house too.”

Sammy’s last cat had died a little over a year ago and he hadn’t gotten another one since. Susie could understand why Sammy was unwilling to adopt another cat, as he’d had his previous cat, Carmen, for a good portion of his life. He’d raised her from a stray kitten he’d found in a bush. It was understandable that he’d need some time to recover after losing such a treasured friend.

Charlie nodded, their face screwed up in concentration as they chewed on their lip. They bounced their leg rapidly, as they often did when they were nervous.

“Something wrong, sweetie?” Susie asked, putting a hand on Charlie’s.

“I…Would it be okay if we didn’t buy one?” They asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, um…” Charlie started to fiddle with the hem of their sweater. “There was this cat that I used to feed. Back when I…You know.” They paused, hunching their shoulders at the memory. “Anyway, um, she was really sweet and if you’re gonna let me get a pet I want it to be her.”

Susie watched him for a moment or two, a soft smile spreading across her face.

“Of course,” she said, squeezing Charlie’s hand. “We’ll do our best to help you find her.” She was sure Sammy would be sympathetic to their child’s plight.


Sammy was indeed sympathetic. After he got home from the errand he’d been on and Susie had relayed to him Charlie’s response to her question, he’d immediately agreed to help find this mystery cat.

“Where was the last place you saw her?” Sammy asked, sitting down with a notepad in his hands. “Does she have any identifying markings? What did you call her?”

“Um…” Charlie screwed up their face in thought again. “I called her Shadow. She’s missing the top of her right ear and most of her tail. I gave her a pink bandana because pink’s my favorite color. I can show you the last place I saw her.”

“Alright.” Sammy noted these details down.

“It’s a bit late to go looking for her right now, but we can look for her tomorrow,” Susie said, gently tugging at Sammy and Charlie’s hands. “For now, it’s time for dinner.”

“What’re we having?” Charlie asked eagerly. It always warmed Susie’s heart seeing how excited Charlie got about her cooking.

“Lasagna,” Susie answered in a sing-song voice.

“Awesome!” Charlie squealed. Sammy couldn’t help but smile as well. He loved his child so much.


As promised, the three of them went looking for Shadow. The last place Charlie had seen her was in the alleyway they’d been sleeping in prior to ending up at the studio. They’d seen her other times in other alleyways, but that had been the most recent meeting they’d had.

“I hope she’s okay,” Charlie said as they drove over. “It’s been so cold.”

“I hope she’s doing well too,” Sammy agreed. His grip on the steering wheel tightened ever so slightly, although only Susie noticed.

It didn’t take too long to arrive at the alley, which did little to calm the anxieties of both Sammy and Charlie. Once the car was parked, none of them moved. It was as though they were afraid of what they would find when they got out. They both feared what they would see in that alleyway.

It was Susie who left the car first. She stepped out of the vehicle and started toward the alley. Snow crunched under her boots. Her breath formed a fog in front of her.

“Shadow?” She called out, then made a little clicking sound to entice the cat. There was a faint mewing from the back of the alley. Susie quickened her pace toward a box she could make out at the end of the passage. It was made of cardboard from what she could see and covered with a blanket. She could hear Sammy and Charlie’s voice behind her, but she didn’t stop. She knelt in front of the box, not caring that the cold of the snow pierced through her thin stockings. She lifted the blanket and gasped.

“What? What is it?” Sammy demanded, running up behind her.

“Look,” Susie whispered as she moved aside.

There, laying on a little makeshift nest of blankets and pillows, was a black cat. It was missing the tip of its right and the majority of its tail and had a dirty pink bandana around its neck. And it was curled protectively around two teensy little kittens.

“Oh.” Sammy’s eyes widened. “Oh.”

“Is she okay? Is she there?” Charlie was still a ways away. They couldn’t move very quickly.

“She’s fine,” Sammy called back, keeping his voice low. “And she has some friends with her.” He was smiling, unable to stop himself.

“Friends?” Charlie’s voice got high and they quickened their hobbling. Upon seeing Shadow and her kittens, Charlie squealed. They knelt as well, sticking their hands in to pet Shadow’s head.

“Look at your babies!” They cooed as Shadow purred and leaned into their touch. “Look at them! They’re so cute!!”

“Well, it looks like we have three cats now,” Susie laughed.

Sammy nodded, already beginning to plan out the vet schedule. They’d need to get Shadow spayed, of course, and make sure she and the babies were healthy. They’d have to be brought up to date on their shots. She’d need a new collar as well. One with a tag. Maybe some formula for the babies.

Charlie was crying now, whether out of relief or happiness wasn’t clear. They’d been so scared Shadow would be dead. She was rather thin, but she was okay! And she had babies!

“We should get them back to the house,” Susie suggested. “It’s pretty cold out here.” Charlie nodded, hiccuping loudly and wiping their nose on the back of their sleeve.

Sammy carried the box back to the car, putting it in the back with Charlie. Charlie spent the entire ride back leaning on the side and just staring at Shadow and her kittens. She was curled protectively around her babies but was still perfectly happy to be petted by Charlie. She clearly hadn’t forgotten them. And she was theirs now. They got to keep her and love her for the rest of her life They almost started crying all over again just from sheer happiness.

“I’m gonna make sure you get really fat,” they whispered solemnly to her. “We’ll be fat together.”

“Not too fat,” Sammy said, glancing back in the review mirror. “We don’t want her to be unhealthy.”

“But all housecats should be a little fat,” Susie added.

“Okay!” Charlie lit up, wiggling in their seat. They were going to spoil her so much. She’d get the kind of life she deserved. And they’d love her kittens so much too! Oh, they needed to start thinking of names for the babies. They hummed to themselves, still watching Shadow.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there! I wanted to say I really like Charlie and the Lawrences!! If it’s ok, I wanted to send a prompt in for them? I understand if you have too many prompts right now, so if you can’t do this one, I totally get it^^ Here it is: I’d imagine at some point Charlie gets involved in the magic shenanigans at the studio. What’s the first one they experience? (I.E: they visit the studio after school and it’s teeny Sammy times, or something happens to them specifically, and no one is Ok with This™)

No worries. I’m really glad you like Charlie!

This is certainly going to be interesting. But it also got kind of sad.

It was a small miracle Charlie hadn’t experienced the bizarre shenanigans of Joey Drew Studios sooner. They’d been with Susie and Sammy for almost six months before they witnessed one of the transformations that were so common at the studio. Part of this may have been because they’d recently been enrolled in school, much to their chagrin. In any case, they’d heard about the transformations from their parents, usually through Sammy’s complaining about whatever shenanigans Joey had put them through, but they hadn’t seen one before that point. Despite this lack of concrete proof, Charlie wholeheartedly believed in the magic of the studio. After all, literal cartoons lived in the studio.

They’d been coming back from school that day. Their routine was that they dropped by the studio after school to hang out until it was time for their parents to head home. They’d been a little nervous when they’d first started school because they’d be leaving Shadow and her kittens, (They’d named the girl Soot since she was gray and the boy Pancake. They didn’t really have a reason for naming Pancake what they had since he was black and white, not any shade of brown. Still, that was what Charlie had wanted.) but a nice woman who lived next door had volunteered to watch the cats until the family got home.

“I’m here!” Charlie announced, opening the door to the studio. Almost immediately, they noticed that something seemed to be going on. The employees they could see were running around frantically, but not in the way they usually were.

Usually, when Charlie arrived the employees were running around delivering scripts and checking various animation cells with their superiors. But at the moment they were running around carrying buckets of ink and things that Charlie vaguely recognized as ritual components. Although they weren’t allowed to be around when Joey was conducting rituals, they knew what the components looked like due to asking questions.

“Oh, hey kiddo!” Wally stuck his head out from the hallway. “This, uh, might not be the best time.” For once, he didn’t have ink smeared all over his face.

“What’s…goin’ on?” Charlie asked slowly, hobbling toward him.

It was at that point that Sammy rounded the corner, grumbling to himself. However, he didn’t look the way he had when he’d left the house that morning. He was a toon. Again. A demon toon this time, judging from the horns poking out from his hair and the spade tipped tail flicking back and forth.

“That’s why…” Wally grimaced as Sammy and Charlie locked eyes. Charlie’s eyes widened and they dropped their backpack.

“Hey…” Sammy grimaced as well. He’d honestly been dreading this. Charlie knew about the transformations Sammy went through, but he wasn’t sure what his child’s reaction was going to be. This was weird even for him.

Thankfully, the reaction was far from negative.

“This…is so cool!” Charlie lit up, bouncing up and down as best they could without falling over. Sammy let out an internal sigh of relief, although due to his current toon state it wasn’t so internal.

“What happened? Was it Mr. Joey again?” Charlie asked, getting closer to play with Sammy’s tail.

“Yeah.” Sammy nodded, his tail swishing in irritation at the memory. “He was trying to improve Bendy’s design and, well….” He gestured to himself.

“The magic ink got in the pipes again,” Wally added. “Standard stuff.”

“Can I be a toon?” Charlie looked up at Sammy with sparkling eyes. “Please? I wanna try it too!”

“Absolutely not.” Sammy immediately replied.

“Aw, why?” Charlie asked, face screwed up in a quintessentially childish pout. “Mr. Drew knows how to reverse it, right? It wouldn’t hurt if I got to be a toon for a little.”

“It’s still incredibly dangerous.” Sammy insisted.

“But you get turned into a toon all the time!” Charlie whined.

“And every time I’m worried I’ll never be able to turn back!”

“But you do get turned back!”

“It’s dangerous!”

As the argument escalated, Wally stood there, unsure what to do. He really didn’t want to get in the middle of this. To be fair, Sammy had a point. Getting transformed into various things was incredibly dangerous and it was understandable Sammy wouldn’t want his kid getting involved in it. It was causing a bit of a scene, though.

Sammy was trying very hard not to yell, knowing how terrifying he could be when he yelled, but Charlie was full-on screaming. Their argument was loud enough that it attracted Susie’s attention. She came running from Joey’s office, looking rather concerned.

“What’s going on?” She asked, looking even more concerned when she saw Sammy and Charlie fighting.

“Charlie wanted to try bein’ a toon and Sammy doesn’t wanna let him,” Wally explained in a low voice.

“Oh dear.” Susie turned her attention back to Sammy and Charlie.

Charlie was crying and so had stopped yelling for the moment. Sammy’s horns lowered, like a cat lowering its ears.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you,” he said, gathering Charlie in his arms. “I just don’t want something to happen to you.”

“We worry about you, dear,” Susie agreed, joining the hug. “As fun as it might sound to be a cartoon for a little, there’s always the possibility that something will happen and you won’t be able to turn back. It’s something I worry about all the time when this happens to Sammy.”

“But I wanna try it,” Charlie said weakly. “Maybe…Maybe if I’m a toon, my legs will work better.”

“Oh, sweetheart.” Susie’s expression softened. There were tears in her eyes and even Sammy looked a bit misty-eyed. She and Sammy held Charlie tighter, Sammy’s tail wrapping around both of them. It was a frankly adorable scene.

Wally took that opportunity to leave. He didn’t want to spoil the moment. Besides, Joey probably needed help setting up the ritual.

After a few minutes, the three of them drew back from the hug.

“Do your legs really bother you that much, dear?” Susie asked.

“A little,” Charlie sniffled.

“Physical therapy is always an option,” Sammy said. They’d taken Charlie to the doctor a few weeks after adopting them and the doctor had that physical therapy might help with the muscle damage in Charlie’s legs. It wasn’t a guarantee, but it was a possibility.

“The doctor said it might not work.” Charlie hunched their shoulders.

“But it’s a possibility,” Susie said, brushing some hair out of Charlie’s eyes and fixing their little flower barrette.

“But…I don’t want to be a burden,” Charlie mumbled.

“A burden? Why would we think of you as a burden?” Sammy asked.

“I dunno.” Charlie hunched their shoulders more. “My old family thought I was a burden…”

Susie’s expression darkened and literal steam began to come out of Sammy’s ears. Neither of them had asked about how Charlie had found themselves on the street. They’d known it likely wasn’t a particularly happy story.

“We will never think of you as a burden, darling.” Susie swept them up in her arms again. “You’re our family now and family means no one gets left behind.”

“We might get angry at you sometimes, but we’re not going to abandon you.” Sammy agreed, smiling gently.

“Promise?” Charlie looked up at them, their voice so small and unsure it made Sammy want to find the people who had abandoned them and give them a piece of his mind.

“Promise.” Sammy and Susie said together.

“Okay.” Charlie still looked a bit unsure but allowed Susie and Sammy to hug them again.

“I still think you look really cool, Dad,” they said after a bit.

“I think I look ridiculous,” Sammy grumbled, his gaze flicking down to his tail. “And this thing is more trouble than it’s worth.” Controlling four limbs was bad enough. He didn’t want to have to deal with another.

“I think the idea of you as a demon is rather…interesting.” Susie gave him a mischevious smile. Immediately, Sammy blushed and began to sputter. Charlie looked blankly between the two of them for a moment or two before recognition dawned on their face and their expression turned to one of horror.

“Ew! Gross!”

Susie just giggled.

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Anonymous asked: Hell's studio prompt: Henry gets wings due to a pipe bursting

Okay, sure. But, just as a reminder, I would appreciate it if you phrased it as ‘could you please write’ and then the prompt

The employees of Joey Drew Studios had gotten used to all manner of strange transformations when it came to their coworkers. Generally, not a month went by without someone getting turned into something or another. This, though…This was new. 

Henry had sprouted wings. 

Not out of nowhere, of course. It had happened because of magic ink, predictably. Joey had been working on improving Alice’s form and, as often happened, some of the ink had made its way into the pipes. (Joey was talking to Tom to see if there was anything that could be done to prevent this happening again.) The pipe over Henry’s desk had burst and he’d been drenched. When he’d been cleaned off, everyone had breathed a collective sigh of relief, as Henry didn’t seem like he’d suffered any ill effects this time. Until Wally noticed the bumps on Henry’s back. 

“Hey, what’re those?” He asked, poking at them. 

“What are what?” Henry asked, craning his neck to try and get a look at what Wally was talking about. 

“The bumps on your back,” Wally said, poking at the bumps again. “Those weren’t there before." 

That was when the bumps moved and started to get bigger. Wally shrieked and stumbled back. The other assembled employees began to whisper amongst themselves.  

"This is getting uncomfortable,” Henry muttered. To everyone’s horror and surprise, he started taking off his shirt. A few of the younger employees went bright red, some even covering their eyes.

“Whoa, hey! What’re you doin’?” Wally sputtered, getting back to his feet. 

“My back really itches and my shirt feels tight,” Henry said, giving Wally a desperate look. The bumps were getting even bigger now and Henry’s shirt looked in danger of bursting.

“Umm….” Wally’s eyes darted about frantically. “Let’s go to Joey’s office.” He grabbed Henry’s arm and began dragging him to Joey’s office. Something was going on here. Something different from all the transformations they’d experienced before. 

Just as they reached Joey’s office, Henry’s shirt finally gave up the fight with a mighty rip. Joey looked up from the ritual and Alice turned around. Wally had frozen in the doorway, still holding Henry’s arm with one hand.

“Are those…wings?” Alice asked quietly.

Sure enough, sprouting from Henry’s back were two enormous white wings. Henry didn’t even need to turn his head too much to be able to see the wings.

“Hm. That’s new,” he said. 

Quickly, Wally shoved him inside (maneuvering the wings in took a bit of doing) and slammed the door behind them. Although Henry’s shirt hadn’t fallen off him, the back was completely shredded, which led Henry to just take it off. 

“I guess I’ll have to toss this,” he sighed. 

“How did this happen?” Joey asked, his voice going up an octave out of anxiety.

“A pipe burst,” Wally said. Which told Joey everything he needed to know. 

“Ooh. I guess some of the ritual ink got into the pipes again.” Alice grimaced. “Bendy’s not gonna be happy about this." 

"I mean, it’ll probably be fine,” Wally laughed nervously. “It’ll definitely be fine, right?" 

Henry didn’t seem too put off by this, but then again he never was. Joey was on the ground in the fetal position sobbing.

"Oh, don’t cry.” Alice knelt beside the distraught studio head, gently patting his back. “It’s going to be okay.”

“It really is alright, Joey.” Henry tried to reassure him. “This isn’t too bad. They might take a little getting used to, but I can still work.”

“Bendy’s going to yell at me!” Joey wailed. 

Wally began to edge toward the door, feeling deeply uncomfortable about the fact that he was watching his boss cry. It was always uncomfortable when Joey started crying, mostly due to how cheery he usually was. Seeing him cry made one feel like there was something profoundly wrong in the universe. 

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t yell at you.” Alice drew him to her chest, continuing to pat his back and speak in soothing tones. “It’s going to be okay, Joey. It’s going to be okay." 

"Why don’t you go tell Bendy what’s going on,” Henry suggested, looking at Wally. “And tell him not to yell at Joey." 

"Sure thing, boss.” Wally gave a mock salute and scampered off, with Alice close behind.

Henry turned his attention to his new wings. They looked to be a realistic size in proportion to his body, which was not what he’d been expecting from an ink induced transformation. Tentatively, he reached out and began to run his fingers through the feathers. They were soft, softer than anything he’d ever felt in his life. They looked rather like what he imagined an angel’s wings would look like, especially with the blindingly white feathers. If it was indeed Alice’s ink he’d been covered with, that did make sense. 

“You know, I think Linda would like this,” Henry said.

“I think she’d kill me if she found out,” Joey replied. Alice had managed to calm him down and he was consulting his books to look for clues to reversing this process.

“She wouldn’t." 

The only transformations that upset Linda were the ones that stripped Henry of his humanity and made both of them upset and uncomfortable. She’d probably find this one rather funny. Henry always joked that Linda was his angel, so she’d find it pretty funny that he was the angel this time. 

"Well, if you say so.” The barest of smiles surfaced on Joey’s features. 

“Holy &*^%, Wally wasn’t kidding.” Joey and Henry turned to see Bendy in the doorway, doing his best not to burst out laughing. Joey relaxed further when he saw this. 

“Yeah yeah, laugh it up.” Henry leaned back. “I think I look good.”

“All you’re missing is a halo,” Bendy snickered. 

He took a moment to compose himself before looking at Joey. “You can fix it, right?”

“I can.” Joey nodded. “It likely won’t be as difficult as other transformations since he’s still technically human.”

“Alright. Good.” Bendy looked back at Henry, pulling out a camera from hammerspace and taking a few snapshots. 

“Carry on~” He darted out before Henry could try and snatch the camera away.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm not sure if you're still taking batim prompts for Hell's Studio but I was hoping this one was okay to ask. Basically ink gets on Sammy and Bendy (or whoever you would like) and they body swap.

I am still taking prompts, don’t worry.

This is going to be good.

Based on these two comics by @owldart

The day had started out normal enough. With a hallway flooding.

It was honestly kind of sad that this had become so common in Sammy’s life that when he came in and found the hallway flooded, he didn’t even bat an eye.

“Oh! Hey! Mornin’ Sammy!” Bendy rounded a corner, grinning upon seeing the music director. Sammy just sighed, letting out a long and drawn-out groan.

“Please tell me someone’s working on fixing this,” he said.

“Yeah, Wally and Tom are on it,” Bendy assured him.

“Great.” Sammy put down the boots Bendy hadn’t noticed he’d been holding. They were tall and rubber and honestly pretty ugly. They looked like the sort of thing a sailor or a fisherman would wear. Bendy hadn’t expected Sammy to own a pair of those.

“Are those galoshes?” He tried to stifle a snicker. “Why do you have galoshes?”

“Why do you think I have galoshes?” Sammy replied in a deadpan voice.

“Oh right. The flooding.”

“Yeah. The flooding.” Sammy turned away, grumbling to himself as he began wading his way through the faded hallway. “I’ll be in my office if you need me.”

“Alright! See you later, Sammy-boy!” Bendy called after him.

“Don’t call me that!” Sammy yelled back.

Bendy chuckled to himself, ready to turn around and head back to his office himself. That was when he heard an ominous creaking sound. Slowly, he turned back around. The ceiling above Sammy was sagging mightily, creaking under the weight of what was likely a burst pipe. It looked moments from breaking and dousing Sammy in ink.

There was always the possibility that Sammy getting doused in ink wouldn’t do anything, but if there was the possibility of something going wrong in the studio it absolutely would. If he got doused, Sammy would probably end up getting turned into something or another and then he’d be miserable and unable to work.

“Sammy!” Bendy ran into the flooded section, thinking he could grab Sammy and pull him out of the way before the ceiling could break. Sammy stopped walking, turning to see what Bendy wanted.

Unfortunately, the moment Bendy grabbed Sammy’s arm, the ceiling boards broke and the two of them were covered in a torrent of ink. It was a moment or two before either of them could see.

“Aw, geez.” Bendy blinked his eyes open, noticing ink dripping down into his line of vision. “Don’t tell me I’m meltin’….again….” He trailed off as he noticed that it wasn’t Sammy he was looking at, but himself.  Except ‘his’ eyes looked different. More like Sammy’s eyes.

The two of them stared at each other. Then they started to scream.


Fifteen minutes later, the two of them were in Joey’s office. Sammy, who was now apparently in Bendy’s body, had Joey on the floor and was holding him by his lapels. He’d rolled down Bendy’s sleeves and commandeered his tie from Bendy.

“You have 30 seconds to convince me not to rip off his mustache and feed it to the ink machine,” he growled.

“He signs your checks,” Bendy replied, fixing his bowtie. He’d rolled up Sammy’s sleeves and opened his vest.

Joey, to his credit, was pretty confused. Sammy and Bendy looked and were acting different and he didn’t know why. They both kind of smelled like ink, so maybe they’d gotten doused and something had happened?

“Um, could I ask what’s going on?” He asked, raising his hand. “I’m afraid I’m rather lost.”

“Sammy and me switched bodies,” Bendy said.

“So you’re…” Joey looked at the person he thought was Bendy.

“Sammy,” Sammy said, getting off of Joey and straightening his tie self-consciously.

“Hm.” Joey sat up, frowning as he looked between Bendy and Sammy. “Well-”

“If you say it could have been worse, I’m letting Sammy rip off your mustache,” Bendy pinched the bridge of his nose. He wasn’t entirely sure why he’d done that. It was some ingrained response. It was weird having a nose.

“Then I will not say that!” Joey got up, dusting himself off. “I’ll get on figuring out how to fix this.”

“Thanks.” Sammy headed for the door.

“Where are you going?” Bendy asked.

“My office,” Sammy replied, noting with some irritation that reaching the doorknob was difficult. “Where else?”

“Okay! Stay out of trouble!” Bendy called after him as Sammy sulked out. “Don’t make too many interns cry!”


That day was…interesting to say the least. Everyone was initially rather confused as to why Sammy and Bendy were acting so strangely. Upon being informed of what was going on, that confusion transitioned into a certain degree of interest. It was honestly pretty funny to watch Sammy and Bendy go about their days in each other’s bodies, acting in ways that the original body’s owner never would.

Sammy was still able to play his banjo, somehow, and contented himself with holing up in his office and alternated between playing and composing. No one was entirely sure how he was still able to play with only four fingers. It was probably something about toon logic.

Bendy was delighted at being able to play the piano with five fingers, testing how much better he was in Sammy’s body. It helped that Sammy’s body came with a certain degree of muscle memory when it came to playing just about any instrument.

“This is great!” Bendy said as his fingers flew across the keys. “Why doesn’t Sammy do this more often?” Seeing Sammy’s body smiling in such a Bendy-like way was more than a little disturbing to the assembled studio members.

The two of them were returned to normal by the end of the day, their work mostly not having suffered. Sammy had gotten a good amount done while being a hermit in his office, which wasn’t that different from normal, and everyone had listened to Bendy even more than usual due to residual intimidation from Sammy’s body.

“Maybe we should do that again,” Bendy remarked once they were back to normal. “Being in your body was actually kind of fun.”

“Absolutely not.” Sammy couldn’t leave the studio fast enough.

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flippythezilla asked: Um first time asking a prompt so I was wondering if you can do hell’s studio where bendy somehow turns into beast bendy and Henry freaks out... sorry I love the beast bendy so much

No need to apologize. I can do that! :D

When Bendy had first been summoned into the studio by Joey, he’d been off-model. Although Joey had returned him to his proper form, the monstrous one still made an appearance when he was stressed. Well, more stressed than usual. Bendy always operated at a certain level of continuous stress. The monster form was only popped up when he was on the verge of a breakdown.

So it wasn’t surprising that after the entire studio flooded, Bendy’s monstrous form came back full force.

It wasn’t Joey’s fault this time. It had been bad luck, pure and simple. Joey had noticed the Ink Machine had been having a lot of problems and done his due diligence by calling Tom to take a look at it. It was bad luck that it had decided to break on the exact day Tom was coming in to fix it.

Fortunately, Joey had given everyone the day off to make sure work wouldn’t be interrupted if this exact thing happened.

Unfortunately, the Machine breaking had flooded a good portion of the studio with ink and it would definitely take quite a while to clear out all the ink.

They might not have had any deadlines coming up at that point, but this still sent Bendy’s stress level through the roof. Because they had stuff in the studio! Stuff that was now ruined by ink! Stuff like papers and animation cells and delicate machinery and instruments, and just thinking about it was enough to make Bendy begin to hyperventilate.

Almost as soon as this had happened, Bendy had shut himself in one of the upper offices and hadn’t come out. There had been a lot of concerning noises coming from the office, but neither Alice nor Boris wanted to go in lest they get yelled at.

“We should get someone, right?” Boris looked over at Alice, wringing his hands.

“Yeah, probably.” Alice bit her lip. “He’s been in there for a while. And there’s been a lot of crashing.”

“I’m gonna go get Henry.” Boris turned and ran off to go find Henry.

Henry was in front of the studio trying to comfort Joey, who was rather upset by the whole studio flooding thing.

“It’s going to be alright,” Henry said as he patted Joey’s back. “No one got hurt. And I’m sure we can replace whatever got damaged.”

“I guess you’re right.” Joey conceded, taking a few deep breaths. “Still, so much work ruined.” He sighed heavily.

“It’s going to be fine,” Henry said, giving him a gentle smile.

That was when Boris came running up, a worried look in his eyes.

“What’s up, bud?” Henry turned his attention to Boris. “What’s wrong?”

“Ben’s been in his office for an awful long time and me an’ Alice are getting worried,” Boris explained, tugging on Henry’s arm.

“Why haven’t you guys tried to check on him?” Henry asked with a frown. Boris’ ears drooped, his tail going between his legs.

“They were probably worried Bendy would yell at them,” Joey laughed. Boris nodded meekly. Henry let out a small laugh of his own.

“It’s okay.” He patted Boris’ head. “I understand. I’ll check on Bendy for you.”

Immediately, Boris perked up again, dragging Henry back toward the office where Bendy had holed up. Alice was still waiting outside, pacing back and forth and wringing her hands.

“I got him!” Boris yelled, waving Henry’s hand excitedly.

“Oh, thank goodness.” Alice let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you for coming, Henry. I’m really worried about Bendy.”

“It’s no problem,” Henry assured her, gently removing his hand from Boris’. “I’ll see if I can help.”

“Oh, um, and be careful,” Alice said as Henry approached the door. “There was a lot of banging and crashing.”

“Will do.” Henry nodded and went inside.

It wasn’t often that Henry had to comfort Bendy, but it did happen. Henry never minded when he was called upon to do so. Bendy was still basically his kid and Henry saw it as his fatherly duty to support the little devil whenever the need arose.

He’d expected to find Bendy in a bit of a state when he entered. What he hadn’t expected was to find a beast in the middle of the trashed office. Henry stifled a shriek at the sight of the monster, stumbling back. The beast turned to look at Henry, (how was it doing that without eyes?!) and let out a rather pitiful whimper.  

Henry paused. “Wait…Bendy?”

The beast made another whining sound, thundering over and shoving its head against Henry’s stomach like a cat begging for pets.

“Oh, bud,” Henry laughed. He sat down, allowing Bendy to flop into his lap. Bendy was considerably bigger and heavier in this beast form, so it was a bit uncomfortable to have on his lap but Henry wasn’t about to complain. Bendy needed some comfort.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Henry said, gently patting Bendy’s head.

Bendy made another upset sound, burying his face further in Henry’s chest.

“It will be okay,” Henry repeated. “The whole flooding thing is bad, yeah, but we’ll get it cleaned up. No one got hurt and the damaged equipment can be replaced.”

The noise Bendy made still sounded a tad unsure, although it was less upset than before.

“Tom’s gonna help us take care of it.” Henry kept patting Bendy’s head. “It’s gonna be fine. We’ll get through it.”

Bendy made a rather sleepy sound. He was becoming more relaxed now, the tension Henry had felt in his body starting to ease up. Henry smiled to himself. Bendy really was like a big cat. He’d keep this from the others. He didn’t want them to give Bendy a hard time.

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Anonymous asked: I saw your Hell Studio drabbles on AO3 and the Teeny Sammy one was funny. If it's okay, would you be able to please write a prompt where Bendy does a lot of short jokes to Sammy and eventually Henry or Joey has to step in and does "the dad stare". You know that look parents give their kids when they're in trouble lol

Oooh~ This is great

Here’s the original Teeny Sammy story

Although Sammy had eventually been returned to normal from his miniature state, the time he spent at six inches tall had been unbearable.

Especially since Bendy had taken it upon himself to make all the short jokes he possibly could.

You really couldn’t blame him. He was used to being the shortest person in the studio given that he was ordinarily 3 feet tall. This was the first time he was actually taller than someone else and he was absolutely going to take full advantage of it.

“Sooooo~ How’s the weather down there, Sammy boy?” Bendy asked with a huge grin. Sammy stiffened, almost dropping the pen he was attempting to use. The pen was as tall as he was and he was having a hard time maneuvering it well enough to actually write.

He was in Bendy’s office with Bendy and Henry since Susie was taking care of some things.

“I don’t know, boss,” he said through gritted teeth. “Why don’t you come down here and find out?”

“I dunno, you’re an awfully long way down.” Bendy’s grin widened.

Sammy glared at him, wondering how hard it would be to jam this pen into Bendy’s eye. He turned back to his writing attempt with a grumbling sigh. he could stab Bendy later.

“At least your height matches your temper now,” Bendy stifled a snicker. “Short.”

Sammy gritted his teeth at that because the joke was actually pretty good. It also didn’t provoke as much of a reaction since he’d heard it before. His short temper was a common joke around the studio.

“Don’t make fun of him too much, Ben,” Henry said, not looking up from his work. “He’s not afraid to stab you.”

“I won’t!” Bendy said, but he was still grinning.

There was a blissful moment of silence and then Bendy started right up again with his jokes.

“Y’know, I heard the reason short people tend to get angry easily is ‘cause they’re so close to the ground their anger doesn’t dissipate easily.”

“Is that why you’re angry all the time?” Sammy asked, looking back at Bendy with a shit-eating grin.

Bendy narrowed his eyes. “Touche, Sammy boy. Touche.”

“Do you even know what that means?”

“That’s not important.”

They lapsed into silence again, although Henry was sure that it wouldn’t last. And, of course, it didn’t.

“Hey, Snow White called and asked when you were coming home.”

Sammy gave Bendy a deadpan stare.

“Huh…I guess that doesn’t really apply here, does it?” Bendy laughed weakly.

“I’m too small to be a dwarf,” Sammy grumbled. “I’m more like a doll.”

“Like Thumbelina?” Bendy regained his grin.

“Do not call me Thumbelina.”

The jokes continued for a few more minutes, some of them getting more of a reaction than others. Then, Bendy went too far.

“Must be tough needing a step stool to kiss your wife goodbye each day.”

At this, Sammy froze and Henry jumped to his feet.

“Alright, that’s enough, Ben,” he said in his patented ‘disappointed dad’ voice as Sammy began to shake with barely suppressed rage. Bendy knew he’d crossed a line, quickly mumbling an apology and shutting his mouth.

Sammy said nothing, holding the pen so tightly his arms shook. He calmed down a bit once Susie returned to the office, but remained in a foul mood. No more short jokes were made.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there, I was reading the Hell Studio Drabbles that you've written and Teeny Sammy cracks me up. Would you be able to write a prompt where he somehow ends up on his own and has to find a way back to his desk (or at least someone competent enough not to get him killed and delivered back to Susie lol)


Poor Sammy. He’s really pulling a Thumbelina here.

Here’s the original Teeny Sammy story

Sammy had fallen out of Susie’s pocket. Evidently, Susie had developed a hole in that pocket that neither she nor Sammy had noticed before this point. Sammy had fallen asleep, lulled into a false sense of security by Susie’s body heat and the enclosure of the pocket. He hadn’t noticed he’d been falling until it was too late. By the time he’d hit the floor, Susie had already moved on and there was no one else in the hallway.

“Dear God, I really am Thumbelina,” Sammy groaned, getting to his feet. “I’m never going to live this down.”

Luckily, the fall hadn’t hurt him so he could still walk. Walking was all he could really do now anyway. He groaned quietly again.

“Better get walking, I suppose,” he said. And so he did.

He figured he could go to Henry and get taken back to Susie. Henry wouldn’t give him a hard time and he wouldn’t get Sammy killed. Probably. It was interesting how being six inches tall made you evaluate which of your friends and loved ones you’d be willing to trust your life with. He definitely trusted Susie. Joey was…a bit of a wildcard. He trusted his boss, but at the same time…Joey could be rather reckless.

But Henry…Henry was dependable.

Henry grounded Joey when the other man was on the verge of flying off the handle.

Henry was kind and calm and patient, and always there when people needed him.

Yes, Sammy trusted Henry. Everyone did.

So, Sammy headed toward Henry’s desk. Given that he’d been dropped near the stairs to the Music Department, it was a bit of a hike. It didn’t take long for Sammy to get tired. He was actually seriously considering finding a mouse and riding it, much to his own irritation and horror. Wally had joked that he could do that now, but he hadn’t wanted to sink that low.

“This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me,” he grumbled. He was about to say that nothing could ever be worse than this, but he didn’t particularly want to tempt fate. If he said that, it would get worse. It was like Murphy’s Law.

Still, this was up there with the worst things that had happened to him. At least when he’d gotten turned into a toon or an ink creature it hadn’t been an ordeal to get from one part of the studio to another. He’d only managed to make it a foot or two as well. Curse his tiny legs. He stopped and leaned back against the wall, breathing heavily.

That was when the mouse scurried by. Sammy made eye contact with the mouse. The mouse made eye contact with Sammy. It was a little cartoon mouse. The mice that lived in the studio walls had been transformed by the ink but hadn’t seemed particularly bothered by it. They now resembled cartoons and fed on the excess ink rather than eating the food of employees. And, somehow, they’d managed to gain some form of sapience.

“Hello there,” Sammy said slowly. The mouse stared at him, head tilted to the side. He could see the wheels turning in its brain. It recognized him and recognized that he looked different than he usually did.

“Yes, I know, I look different than I usually do.” Sammy got up, instinctively dusting himself off. “Some…things happened. With Joey.”

The mouse nodded, an understanding look in its eyes.

“Look, I…I don’t want to ask this but…” He grimaced. “Could you take me to Henry’s desk? You know who Henry is, right?”

The mouse nodded again. It pointed to its back and squeaked in a questioning manner.

“Yes. I’d…like to ride you if that’s alright.” He hated this. He hated this so much.

The mouse let out a squeak that almost sounded like a laugh and Sammy could have sworn it was smirking at him.

“Just take me to Henry, please,” Sammy muttered as he climbed onto its back.

The entire ride to Henry’s desk, he dreaded running into Wally. He did not want Wally to be proven right. To his relief, he didn’t encounter Wally. Henry did giggle a bit upon seeing him, though.

“So, uh, how’d this happen?” He asked in between snickering and giggling.

“Just take me to Susie, please.” Sammy hung his head. He mumbled a ‘thank you’ to the mouse, who gave him a salute and disappeared into the walls. Henry took him to Susie after that. 

Susie had a good laugh when he told her about it. He didn’t mind that so much, even if she did tease him about being her ‘little prince’ for weeks afterward. 

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Anonymous asked: i do see Hell's studio Norman becoming an ink creature since he is around ink pipes in the music Department

That could certainly happen. 

Norman was an ink creature now.

Although most of the studio had expected it would happen eventually due to all the time he spent in the Music Department, it was still a surprise that Norman had been affected by the strange magic of the ink. The man had reflexes like a cat, despite his advanced age. A good portion of them had just sort of expected he’d never get turned into anything.

But, here he was, a blob of sapient ink with eyes like spotlights.

He’d been exiled from his projection booth until he could be returned to normal, much to his irritation. In all fairness, though, in his current ink form he’d likely damage the projectors if he tried to work them.

“Don’t pout,” Sammy chided him as Norman sulked in the corner of the Music Director’s office. “We’ve all gone through it.”

Norman just grumbled, sinking deeper into the puddle he’d been creating. He didn’t like being side-lined like this. Especially since Joey had someone else running the projectors. Norman hated other people touching his projectors.

“Your eyes look cool!” Wally said, kneeling beside him. “It’s like you’ve got a projector in your head!” He reached out to pat Norman’s back, then thought better of it and withdrew his hand.

“If only he could play film reels like one,” Sammy chuckled.

Norman stopped, rising out of his puddle again. His glowing eyes widened as if he’d just had an amazing idea.

“What’s that look?” Wally frowned slightly. Sammy turned around slowly, dread building in his stomach.

Norman said nothing, charging for the door.

“Hey! No!” Sammy yelled, trying to grab him. “You are not going to try and play film reels!”

He failed to catch Norman but Wally managed to stop the projectionist by throwing himself onto him. Norman whined loudly, struggling against Wally.

“You’re gonna ruin the reels!” Wally said. “And then you’ll be mad later and yell at us!”

Norman whined louder, struggling more. He’d likely regret this when he was back to normal, but at the moment his desire to make sure no one was messing with his projectors was outweighing his rational knowledge that he would destroy the reels if he touched them like this.

“Hey, Sammy, I’ve got the lyrics for…Alice’s….song….” Jack opened the door, slowly trailing off as he took in the scene before him.

Everyone was quiet, all of them staring at each other. Jack blinked, then slowly put the lyrics down on Sammy’s desk and backed out with his hands up. No one moved for a moment or two after Jack left. Then, Sammy awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Seriously, you can’t go try and play the reels,” he said. Norman grumbled, sinking into his puddle once more.

“So, can I let him go?” Wally asked. “‘Cause I’d kinda like to go clean up.”

“Are you going to try and get to the reels?” Sammy asked, staring pointedly at Norman. Norman sunk lower, shaking his head.

“Alright!” Wally got up and immediately left to go change his clothes and wash the ink off of him. Hopefully, he wouldn’t end up turning into some ink creature as well.

Norman spent the rest of his ink creature time in Sammy’s office, alternating between sulking and being anxious the replacement projectionist would get blown up. The day passed without incident, to everyone’s relief, and Norman was returned to human form.

“I’m never letting that happen again,” Norman said once the ritual was over.

“Well, I don’t know if you can make sure of that,” Joey replied. “But best of luck.”

Norman shrugged and left. Joey could say what he liked, but Norman was not about to have that happen to him again.