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Who their favorite 80s musicians would be: [preference]

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Altair: He would be into black and trash metal ALOT. His favorite musicians would probably be bands like Black Sabbath and Man’o’war. He wouldn’t accept listening to any other musicians but 80s.


Ezio: He isn’t into all that hard metal. He prefers metal ballads like those Metallica sing. He also loves Aerosmith and their romantic songs.


Connor: He would listen to anything as long as it sounds good and has a meaning. Bon Jovi is especially appealing to him. 


Haytham: He’s the metal dad type. He loves AC/DC, Metallica. Guns’n’roses and wouldn’t accept listening to anything else. Connor started liking Bon Jovi because of him. 


Edward: He loves Michael Jackson and secretly tries dancing like him whenever nobody is looking. Always ends horribly. Janet Jackson’s songs appeal to him as well.


Shay: Sting and Scorpions’ songs are his favorite. He doesn’t have a specific favorite genre. He would listen to anything from metal to pop.


Arno: He listens to Madonna and shamelessly says he listens to her because her songs make him laugh. In truth, he just adores Madonna and her songs because he is a pop lover and loves pointless, amusing songs.


Jacob: He doesn’t like 80s music. He says it’s too old for him. He prefers newer artists like Evanescence, Linkin park and Paramore.


Evie: She too doesn’t like 80s music. She is just used to listening to newer music because of Jacob and 80s songs just seem strange to her. Her all time favorite would be Evanescence.


Desmond: He listens to anything, because working in a bar means hearing every single song ever released on the radio. He doesn’t have favorites, because he doesn’t really turn his attention to the music anymore.