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Gonna Breathe a Little Slower

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Kim Namjoon! Kim Namjoon! Kim Namjoon! Kim Namjoon!

As the roar of the crowd intensified, Jimin watched as Namjoon unsuccessfully schooled his expression into something resembling calm. For such an intelligent, capable, amazing man, for someone who had gone through so much with them and for them, Namjoon continued to be taken aback by ARMY’s love for him.

He had talked about it with the members one night, piled up on the floor together in Hoseok’s room eating Jin’s tteokbokki from a giant bowl in the center while Yoongi began constructing his heat nest on Hoseok’s bed. The eldest omega would shuffle over, remove the sweatshirt Hoseok was wearing or the blanket he’d put in his lap only to replace it with a clean one, letting his alpha feed him a rice cake before moving back to the bed and placing the still-warm items just so. His constant low humming - what they jokingly referred to as “hyung’s purr” - served as the soundtrack to Namjoon’s confession of his insecurities: how even though he was pack alpha and BTS’s leader he always expected to be loved the least by their fans, how he was still surprised to see someone come to a fanmeet wearing a Koya headband, how he still felt he deserved the least praise out of all of them. An aborted whimper caught in the back of Jimin’s throat as he watched their alpha subtly hunch in on himself and look down into the neon red of the gochujang. His mind and his instincts called out to comfort Namjoon, but with Tae’s arms around his waist and a bowl of tteokbokki in the way he hesitated, unsure of what to do. Before he or anyone else could act, Yoongi stepped over, grabbed Namjoon by the back of the head and pulled the alpha’s face into his scent gland, holding him there until Namjoon’s pheromones evened out and they all heard a muffled “thanks, hyung.”

Even without the memory to guide him, Namjoon’s scent was a dead giveaway for how he was feeling. Jimin could smell surprise, awe, joy, and fond exasperation, along with the slight tickle in his nose that the omega always associated with Namjoon feeling overwhelmed. Yoongi was on the opposite end of the stage and couldn’t swoop in like last time - Jimin, as the only other pack omega and the one standing next to their leader, was the one who needed to act. Without making the conscious decision to move, Jimin surged forward and tucked his face into the alpha’s neck. He could hear the noise of the crowd surge with the action, knew the camera had to be trained on them, but at the moment his entire focus was on Namjoon. Not even Jungkook standing right behind them was enough to distract him, looking up into Namjoon’s face as he dragged his nose in little swipes right in front of everyone. The alpha tilted his head slightly after a moment, just enough to give Jimin slightly better access as his sweet-woody-spicy scent evened out, the spark of ginger mellowing out into banked heat behind the rosewood. Sending up a quick prayer that whatever fancam recording this moment was shaky enough to mask the details, Jimin pressed his lips to the column of Namjoon’s throat in a barely-there kiss before pulling away. Jin caught his eye and rolled his eyes off camera, but Jimin just smiled and stepped back to watch as Namjoon waited out the cheers and finally began speaking.


“Jiminiiiieeeeee” screeched Yoongi, flushed from the beer they’d brought into the shared hotel suite as he tackled the younger omega to the bed.

“Jiminie you were so bold tonight! A real man of action” laughed Hoseok, leaning his elbow on Namjoon’s shoulder where the two alphas sat on the couch.

“Yoongi-chi our son has grown up! Hyung is so proud” Jin exclaimed, wiping away an imaginary tear and ruffling Jimin’s hair with far more force than necessary. Jimin groaned as he felt his face warm, sure that he was turning bright pink. Now that they had wiped off the makeup and changed into sweats, the sense of surety from the concert had faded in the face of the fact that he’d just scented Namjoon in front of tens of thousands of people - not to mention the millions that would see the clip once it eventually ended up on YouTube and Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr. It wasn’t uncommon for K-Pop groups to transform into packs, and while BTS was not shy about their statuses there were certain aspects of pack dynamics that idols generally avoided mentioning in public.

“Namjoonie-hyung, make them stooooop” he whined, turning the full force of his pout on the alpha.

“Guys, leave him alone,” Namjoon dutifully said, unsuccessfully trying to keep the smile off his face watching the cuddle pile on the bed.

“Hyung if you’re so embarrassed maybe you should have thought about that before scenting Namjoon-hyung onstage” laughed Jungkook from the floor, hugging his arms tighter around Tae as the beta settled in his lap. The alpha let out a small yelp as Taehyung nipped at his ear, soothing the bite with his lips before speaking up.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Jiminie. The whole point of pack is to shoulder each others’ burdens and support each other. People will talk because we’re idols, but what they forget is that anyone the world over would have done the same if their pack member needed it.”

“Tae, when did you get so wise?” murmured Namjoon, the look in his eyes unbearably fond as their two youngest nuzzled each other.

“I just -” Jimin hesitated, steadfastly watching his hands curl into his lap as the room quieted down and he felt all eyes turn to him. He took a deep breath and let the scent of pack wash over him and calm him down. Yoongi’s almond and orange blossom barely indistinguishable from Hoseok’s lemongrass and musk, the two practically mates in everything but the bite; Seokjin’s chamomile and lavender, Taehyung’s jasmine and sage, Jungkook’s cardamom and pine, and of course Namjoon’s ginger and rosewood - all combining with Jimin’s own honey and peony to give even this hotel room on the other side of the world a sense of home. “Hyung was just so surprised that people cheered so loudly for him. Namjoon-hyung, you are so talented and amazing and...of course ARMY loves you. I know you still don’t think you deserve it, hyung, but you do deserve it, you deserve so much love and for good things to happen to you. We love you so much, you’re an amazing leader and an amazing alpha and the best friend any of us could ever ask for and I know that on stage in front of thousands of fans isn’t the best place but you were so overwhelmed and I just needed you to know that you don’t have to take everything on alone and that we’re here for you and that -” the gentle press of lips against his own finally cut off his rambling, and he sighed through his nose as Namjoon pulled away only to cup Jimin’s face in his hands.

“Thank you, Jimin.” Namjoon gazed down at him, running his thumb lightly over the delicate skin under the omega’s eye. The alpha’s scent punctuated the apparent simplicity of his gratitude, warmth and love and that overwhelmed tickle pouring out of him. Jimin allowed the moment to build, his heart beginning to hammer in his chest when Jin lightly tapped the back of his neck in permission. He drew in a deep breath before biting his lip and looking up at Namjoon through his lashes.

“I want to give you what you deserve, hyungie,” he simpered. He was probably laying it on a bit thick, but judging by the way Namjoon’s pupils dilated the alpha either didn’t notice or didn’t care. The moment stretched on, tension building as every member’s scent deepened and strengthened.

“Our Jiminie is right.” A deep, powerful voice reverberated throughout the room, the undercurrent of musk crescendoing and sending shivers through Jimin’s frame as his mind processed the praise that Hoseok had just spoken. It was easy to forget with his general sunshine demeanor and his official position as second-in-command that under all the aegyo and the cuteness, Hobi was their most dominant member. “You do so much for us, Joon-ah. You constantly carry us on your back. Let us take care of you this time.”

Hoseok stood up from the couch and prowled over to the bed, his eyes almost pitch-black as he took in the sight of Namjoon leaning over Jimin with Yoongi and Jin to either side. Jimin whimpered as he got a front row view to Hoseok gripping Namjoon’s chin and claiming his lips in a deep kiss. Jimin sat mesmerized, his entire view taken up by the two alphas nipping each others’ lips and dipping their tongues into each others’ mouths. Hobi pulled back gently - just far enough to look Namjoon in the eyes - and asked, “can we? Is this okay?” Namjoon swallowed, eyes flickering to each of the members in the room, before nodding and breathing out a quiet “yeah.” Hoseok immediately leaned back in, lips devouring Namjoon as he took advantage of his leverage, pressing their leader onto the bed until Namjoon was sitting back against the pillows piled up against the headboard. Jimin bit his lip at the dazed look on Namjoon’s face as Hobi pulled away again, gaze zeroing in on the alpha’s swollen spit-slick lips and not noticing that Hoseok had turned to look back at him.

“Did you like that, Jimin-ah?” Jimin’s eyes flickered to meet Hobi’s before lowering in submission, his head nodding so quickly that his bangs covered his eyes. “Jimin-ah, you’re the one who started this so it’s only fair that you get to be the star here. How would you feel about riding our leader?” Jimin drew in a quick breath at Hoseok’s words, feeling the first pulse of slick start to slide into his underwear. A collective groan issued from the group at the scent of it, followed by a muttered “ fuck ” and then the obvious scent of Yoongi’s own slick joined the bouquet.

“Don’t worry, hyung, I haven’t forgotten you,” Hoseok said, threading his fingers through Yoongi’s hair and drawing him in for a kiss before purring in his ear “why don’t you help Jimin-ah get ready?” Yoongi took a deep breath and brushed his nose into Hoseok’s neck briefly before surging forward and flipping Jimin around. Yoongi had Jimin’s pants off and his tongue teasing at Jimin’s opening before the younger omega could even react, a high keen reverberating through his throat as Yoongi’s tongue pushed through the ring of muscle. In his new position, he could see Namjoon staring at them with a flush high on his cheekbones, mouth open as he watched the two omegas writhe together.

“Jin-hyung, why don’t you prep Joon-ah? He looks lonely.” Jimin arched his back further onto Yoongi’s face as Jin crawled up the bed, a fresh pulse of slick dripping straight onto his hyung’s tongue. Yoongi groaned behind him and redoubled his efforts, Jimin trying everything in his power to keep his eyes open through the deft strokes so that he could watch as Jin stretched his lips around Namjoon’s semi-hard cock, the beta taking advantage of his practically non-existent gag reflex to take the alpha all the way to the root before pulling back and bobbing his head at a more sedate pace when Hoseok followed up with a low “don’t let him come yet, hyung.”

Jimin was fully immersed in the sensations arcing through his core and didn’t even notice that he’d closed his eyes until he felt lips on his own, Tae’s taste growing in his mouth as the beta swallowed the little whines and whimpers Jimin hadn’t even realized he’d been making. He tried to participate in the kiss, to move his lips and tongue the way he knew the beta liked, but the light brush of teeth against his rim distracted him and he called out into Taehyung’s mouth. He rolled his hips insistently into the mattress, barely getting any relief from the aching pressure in his cock as Yoongi added first one finger and then a second below his tongue. Jimin yelped upon the first brush of a finger against his prostate, jolting forward and clacking his teeth into Tae’s while Yoongi began mercilessly circling the calloused pad of his finger directly against the sensitive gland. He rocked his hips in earnest, fucking himself back onto Yoongi before his hyung suddenly pulled back, leaving Jimin crying out and his rim clenching around air. Taehyung brushed Jimin’s hair back out of his face, smiling down at him while the omega blinked dazed eyes and looked around.

“Jimin-ah, now that you’re ready why don’t you go show our alpha how loved he is?” Hoseok was so close his breath tickled Jimin’s ear, the words a vibration so low Jimin couldn’t be sure if he heard them or felt them. He turned towards Namjoon, only to find Jungkook wrapped around their leader, kissing along his neck and using his arms and legs to prevent the older alpha from moving or using his own limbs. Namjoon was - Namjoon was crying , twin tear tracks rolling down his cheeks as he leaned back into Jungkook and let the younger alpha hold him. Jimin - at this point far beyond the ability to use his words - simply let out a questioning whine as he processed the scene.

“Shhhh, baby, it’s okay” Hoseok crooned, petting Jimin’s hair and putting a grounding hand on the back of his neck. “Namjoonie was trying to take control of the situation, and that’s not what he needs right now.” Jimin nodded, letting himself drift under the alpha’s ministrations. Hoseok turned Jimin’s face until he could meet the alpha’s eyes, and then through the pheromones and the scent of sex his eyebrows creased and he put both hands on either side of Jimin’s jaw. “Are you okay, Jimin-ah? Is this okay?” Jimin fought through the haze in his head to maintain eye contact, lightly placing his hands around Hobi’s wrists and nodding. He always succumbed the deepest to his instincts, frequently entering a heat-like headspace when so many pheromones were swirling around the room. Even now, with Hobi grounding him, he couldn’t speak beyond a few subvocalizations specific to omegas - but he was sure that these quiet, content sounds and his scent showed the alpha how protected and loved he felt in this moment. Hoseok searched his face one last time to be sure, but then smiled and placed a quick kiss on Jimin’s lips before steering him back in Namjoon’s direction.

Jimin crawled across the bed, the twin gazes of both Namjoon and Jungkook boring into him. Even with his body humming from Yoongi’s hard work, he hesitated once he settled in Namjoon’s lap. He cupped Namjoon’s cheeks in his hands, searching the alpha’s face and whimpering when he brushed over the tears with his thumbs.

“I’m okay, Jimin-ah,” he rumbled, pulling his hands away from Jungkook’s grip and settling them on Jimin’s waist. “It’s hard to explain, but sometimes...sometimes I think I don’t deserve this. Any of it. Not the success, not the career, not the fans’ devotion...not any of your love.” Jimin could feel his own tears start to spill as a wounded sound forced its way out of his throat. “No, no, shhh it’s okay I know” Namjoon soothed, stroking one hand down Jimin’s back in comfort. The alpha settled back onto Jungkook’s chest and made eye contact with each of the other members in the room. “I know that’s not the case. But even though I know it, I don’t always...believe it. I guess. It just sneaks up on me, you know? I’m not good at stopping the thoughts before they spiral. But I think -” he looked at each of them again, before brushing the tears off of Jimin’s face - “I think I can get better at telling you when it happens. When I need your help. I can work on that. I know you’ll all be here for me.”

Jimin sniffled, and then ducked his head and pressed his nose to Namjoon’s neck in a mirror of what he’d done only a few hours earlier. He could hear murmurs from the other members, and the low vibration of Namjoon responding, but they weren’t significant to him at this moment. He dragged his nose along the column of Namjoon’s throat, smelling the alpha’s scent along with those from the others - Jungkook nuzzling Namjoon while holding him, Jin kissing his pulse point after blowing him, Hoseok rubbing his thumbs across his neck while kissing him. Namjoon himself was releasing a faint scent of wet wood that Jimin interpreted as melancholy, but otherwise all the omega could detect was love and joy and relief. He smiled, pressing his lips to the sensitive skin of Namjoon’s scent gland and sucking gently before traveling up to his jawline, scraping it with his teeth, lining up, and sinking down on Namjoon’s cock in one smooth motion. Alpha and omega both moaned at the sensation, Namjoon already sporting the beginnings of a knot thanks to Seokjin’s earlier efforts. Namjoon threw his head back against Jungkook’s shoulder, biting his lip and inciting the other members to release a fresh wave of pheromones at the sight of their leader trusting them so deeply that he could submit to their control.

The feel of the alpha filling him up brought Jimin’s instincts completely to the fore, his body so primed from the prep that he began lifting himself up and letting himself fall in earnest, using Namjoon’s shoulders as leverage and setting a punishing pace for both of them. The indistinct whimpers spilling from his lips turned into a high wail as he felt a hand wrap tightly around the base of his shaft, obstructing his impending orgasm. He opened his eyes to see Jungkook’s hand squeezing around the base of his cock, the younger alpha having leaned around Namjoon to do so.

“Can you wait, hyung? Until Namjoon-hyung comes?” Jimin continued helplessly thrusting into the alpha’s hand, tears of frustration rolling down his face.

“Jimin-ah, you’re being so good for Namjoonie. Can you do this for him?” Hoseok’s voice groaned out from behind him. Jimin whined higher, but nodded quickly before dropping his head into the crook of Namjoon’s neck and shoulder and closing his eyes. Namjoon kissed the top of his head, his lips brushing against Jimin’s hair as he spoke words that the omega could only interpret as praise . His legs were already tired, so he took Namjoon as deep as he could before just grinding his hips in small circles, coaxing the alpha’s knot into growing. The position also kept Namjoon’s cock pressed tight against his prostate, and with Jungkook maintaining his iron grip Jimin simply held on, sending his own body rocketing higher and higher while muffling his cries against Namjoon’s neck. He could feel the alpha’s groans reverberating throughout his chest, their shifting rhythm the only thing alerting Jimin to how close Namjoon was before Namjoon finally bent his legs, placed his feet flat on the bed, gripped Jimin’s hips hard, and thrust one-two-three times before spasming back into Jungkook as he found his release. The younger alpha took the opportunity to turn his grip on Jimin into a slide, barely giving the omega two full strokes before the combined sensations of the knot growing in his ass and the hand moving on his dick sent him careening over the edge.

As he came down from his high, Jimin could do nothing but slump into Namjoon. The alpha gently carded his fingers through Jimin’s hair, scenting him sweetly even as the sensation of the omega clamping around his knot threatened to make him lose his mind. Jungkook extracted himself from behind them, helping his hyungs settle onto their sides and keeping them from jostling the knot too badly. Jimin could hear him move behind them on the bed, murmuring quietly before helping Hoseok and Yoongi to lie down on Namjoon’s other side. He felt Jin drape himself over his back, and then the bed dipped further as Tae and Jungkook settled themselves in on Jin’s other side. As Hobi and Kook worked to pull the blanket up over all of them, Jimin looked up to meet Namjoon’s eyes right in front of him. Namjoon’s eyes appeared fathomless, drawing Jimin in even as the alpha put a grounding hand on the back of Jimin’s neck.

“Thank you, Jimin.” The omega smiled.

“You’re welcome, alpha.”

Namjoon huffed, but smiled enough for his dimples to peek out, gaze unbearably fond. Jimin closed his eyes and curled in close, letting the scent of pack and the touch of an alpha lull him into a deep, restful sleep.