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Yet, she saw him everywhere.

On the corners of the streets, and on the darkest spots at the pubs, which the young and rebel still used as meeting place.

On every college student who respectfully avoided looking at her breasts.

She could even feel him on the bitterness of her mouth. On the dryness of her skin.

On the darkness in her heart.

It felt like a hole.

Like losing an organ, a limb, and trying to get used to it.

Only she's felt it for too long.

She's carried with her, wherever she went. With whomever.

The weight of his beautiful soul and the light he shone on her and that she was never going to feel again.

He left and with him a warmth she never thought she needed.

Until she couldn't feel its heat anymore.

And all she had were dark and cold all over.

For too long.