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Miss Kobayashi's Cowgirl Maid

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Kobayashi sighed as the doorbell rang. She got up from her spot on the couch and walked towards the door.

"Oh! Hang on, Miss Kobayashi, I'll get it!" The redhead's maid put down her duster and started to chase after her master.

"I'm already here, it's fine," the young woman said, opening the door. The door was open for two seconds before she closed it again. Kobayashi stood there, and let her hands curl up into fists as she stared at the door frame. Even from behind, Tohru sensed a red aura building up in her beloved master.

"Miss Kobayashi?" The blonde put a hand on the redhead's shoulder, and felt the office worker trembling. "What's wrong. Who was at the door?" Kobayashi said nothing, and went Tohru turned to look at Kobayashi's face, there was a mix of dread and fury drawn on her face.

"Um, excuse me? Please let me in!" Tohru recognized the voice behind the door, and let go of Kobayashi to open it. Outside she saw a familiar face, but it was clear to see why her master had been so upset.

"Elma? Why are you here?"

"I just woke up like this today! I don't know what's going on!" Tohru sighed, still feeling the hotspring of hatred behind her getting madder at the way Elma was holding her chest. Somehow the sweet-loving dragon's breasts had swollen up significantly. Elma's chest was already fairly large to begin with, not all that dissimilar from Tohru's own bosom. But what was normally a nice two-pack of firmly-stuffed meat buns had transformed into two mounds that were nearly the size of Elma's head. They almost looked bigger than Lucoa's, though Tohru wasn't sure if that was because Elma's boobs appeared firmer.

Lucoa's had some droop to them, she thought, musing about how to compare Elma's boobs to everyone else's. Compared to Kobayashi and Kanna, who were the same in bust size despite being an adult and a child, Elma might be number two in bust size. Iruru's the only one who could be bigger and that was due to her lack of control over her form…

"T-Tohru? Can I come in please? Everyone stared at me on the way over," Elma noted, trying to break Tohru out of her thoughts. Tohru invited her in, and Elma shuffled through the door. Her hands were wrapped around her chest like an ouroboros, her right hand stretched underneath her rack to support the left boob, with her other forearm pressing down on it. It looked like she was trying to hold them back. "This was the loosest clothing I had that would still fit me!" she explained. Tohru nodded and closed the door. It made more sense why Elma's shirt didn't cover her belly button, all the extra fabric was needed to cover her chest.


"Oh! Yes, Miss Kobayashi?" Tohru asked, her fat dragon tail wagging behind her.

"...kill her."

"What?!" Elma cried out. "No please, I just had to ask Tohru for help, I didn't know what to do! I woke up this morning and I felt ten pounds heavier!"

"You're not helping your case," Kobayashi muttered. "What have you been eating lately?"

"Why would that matter?" Elma asked, tilting her head curiously, still squeezing her boobs like they were about to pop out of her chest.

"Just answer…."

"Well, a pound cake with chocolate cream cheese icing, some strawberry shortcake, a gallon of vanilla ice cream, a package of sweet buns, some chocolate-covered bananas…"

"No, I mean, what did you eat yesterday?"

"That's what I was explaining!" Kobayashi tilted her head back and sighed.

"You gained weight. You've eaten more sugar in a day than what most people can handle in a month. Some of it just went to your tits," Kobayashi explained. "You lucky b…" she trailed off in case Kanna was nearby.

"Gained… weight?" Elma asked. "I don't understand."

"This." Kobayashi reached out to grab hold of the pudge on Elma's stomach only to discover nothing there. Just a washboard belly with barely any meat to it. "How the hell? How are you this skinny when you eat like a vacuum cleaner! You're telling me all this fat went to your boobs?! That's not fair!" Kobayashi angrily grabbed hold of Elma's chest and began clawing at them, moving them around in circles.

"I drink a milkshake and my pants get tighter, what is this insane dragon metabolism?!" she cried out, making Elma whimper and moan as the redhead grappled with her bosom. Her arms dropped to the side as her eyes closed, twitching on the spot as Kobayashi manhandled her with pure fury in her eyes. "You could just give some to me, for crying out loud. Save up enough to get the fat sucked out and then siphon it to me instead!" Kobayashi grunted as she gave the bust one good squeeze and stepped back. Using Elma's knockers as stress balls appeared to have helped her out.

"Nngh, kya, i-is this part of gaining weight?" Elma asked cutely. She placed her hands on the center of each breast for a moment before pulling back to reveal two moist patches on her sweater.

"Er, no, it's not," Kobayashi replied. "Tohru uh. What's pregnancy generally like for dragons?"

"Oh Miss Kobayashi I'm so glad you asked! I-" Kobayashi placed a finger on her blonde's mouth.

"This is not any sort of desire to knock you up. Here humans only lactate when they're pregnant, when they're in very late stages of pregnancy. But Elma's tummy looks way too thin for that to be the case."

"Kobayashi, what's it mean to be pregnant?" Kobayashi felt the tug of a tiny hand on her pants and immediately dreaded any sort of outcome that could come from that.

"Uh… it means you have a bad parasite. It lives inside of you for almost a year! It's very troublesome!" Kobayashi explained, not exactly lying but not wanting to delve into the specifics. "But it's not what Elma has. I have no clue."

"Ooh, it feels like..." Elma groaned and closed her eyes as she clutched her arms around her bosom again. "Pardon me, please!" The three stood aside and watched Elma run off to the bathroom.

"Though she clearly is sick. Must have been all the sugar!" Tohru reasoned. Kobayashi nodded before resting her head on her hand and getting back on her spot on the sofa. She picked up her book and got back to reading while Kanna and Iruru played on the tv. It wasn't until a good hour had gone by that Kobayashi realized something.

"Hey, Tohru. Is Elma still here?" she asked, looking up in confusion, and a fair bit of worry.

"Oh my gosh. Yes, she is!" Tohru cried out. "Oh dear, I hope she's okay!" Differences aside, an illness was not a good way for a dragon to be defeated. The blonde ran towards their bathroom and threw open the door.

"Elma? Are you okay? Did you fall asleep or something?" Tohru yelped and ran back to the sofa to grab Kobayashi. The redhead grumbled like she was a kid being dragged to the dentist office, only to stop when she saw the issue. Elma had gotten in their bathtub and was on all fours. Her sweater was pulled up over her chest, which looked to be even more swollen now, to the point where she was definitely bigger than Iruru. Two large cans the size of medicine balls pressed into the porcelain, with overly-large and pink nipples. Again, Kobayashi's anger welled up at the sight of such massive melons, especially ones that weren't attached to her!

But more disturbing than the increase of Elma's bust size in just an hour, Kobayashi was confounded by how much milk came out of Elma's boobs. At some point the drain to the tub had been closed, and there were several inches of milk stuck in it. Elma was bent over, panting, still on all fours, looking up at Kobayashi and Tohru with tears in her eyes.

"K-Kobayashi, Tohru, I, mmm, I feel so, moooooo…." Elma's back arched as she let out a bovine call, twisting her head in anxiety. Her purple-tipped hair flipped around her ears to reveal them as fuzzy, ovular ears, and far larger than normal. Elma mooed again and thrust out her plump backside. Kobayashi watched as Elma's flipper-like tail swished back and forth rapidly for a few seconds before sticking out straight, and the end of her tail shifted into one resembling a paintbrush. Thick, hairy, and a black-purple blend, the rest of Elma's tail changed in shape to be more similar to a cow's tail than her own, but it was still obscenely thick, covering most of Elma's bum with its size.

"Um, Tohru?" Kobayashi asked, taking a step back. "What the hell is Elma doing?"

"I don't know, Miss Kobayashi! This must be something specific to the type of dragon Elma is?" Tohru leaned down towards Elma and touched the woman's head.

"Elma, what are you doing? Are you trying to transform your body into something else?"

"No!" Elma cried, whimpering as she pressed her chest into the bath and let more milk seep out. "I can't, mmooooo, stop anything. I just feel heavy and fuuuuull. Mooooooo." Elma moaned as Tohru pet her head, looking back at her master.

"Miss Kobayashi, is this some sort of sickness in your world?"

"Nope. Definitely not one that I've ever seen." The redhead scratched the side of her head, having no idea how to deal with this. "I would blame this on Elma's diet but I've seen people in my office eat almost as bad as her and they don't, well, they don't get cow parts."

"Please help me!" Elma said. "I can't go into work like this!"

"Work is quite literally the least important issue at hand here," the redhead explained, sitting down at the toilet. "I'll help you call in sick but I have no idea what else to do with you. I guess you'd just have to go home and wait for it to blow over."

"And, mooo, let everyone see me like this again! Look at how big my boobs are!"

"!" Tohru reflexively put her hands on Kobayashi's shoulders to calm her down.

"I don't have anything that can fit me now, my sweater's moooooo, too small, and moo, I keep, doing this odd sound!" Elma whimpered, shaking her butt in place as she begged for help.

"What do you want me to do? I… er… fine," Kobayashi sometimes resented her own softness. "You can stay here until you get better, I guess. Tohru, make sure there's space for her at dinner tonight. But make her a salad, she needs some vegetables for crying out loud. Oh, and make sure this mess in the tub is cleaned up, okay? I'll go see if we have anything that Elma could use to cover those udders up."

"Understood, Miss Kobayashi!" the blonde dragon unplugged the drain and helped Elma stand up, the poor, overly-busty dragon still moaning softly as droplets of milk hit the collection in the tub. "Elma, you better appreciate what Miss Kobayashi's doing for you. Making my job harder too!" She paused for a moment, after Kobayashi left. "Oh but wait, this means she'll get to see how much more useful I am!"

"Mooo?" Elma whimpered.

"Oh you'll be fine," Tohru said, grabbing a towel to dry her off. "You're not allergic to spinach are you?"

Meanwhile Kobayashi attempted to find anything that Elma could wear which would properly cover her up. If she was to stay with them for a while, she couldn't have those melons hanging out at all times. She'd go insane. Oh, and it would set a bad example for Kanna, she supposed. Kobayashi eventually found one of their old kimonos. They were meant to be large and loose-fitting, it would probably work. The redhead tossed it into the bathroom to with Elma and Tohru and went back to the living room.

"Hey you two. Who's winning?" she asked.

"I am," Kanna said quietly. "But Iruru's won a few. I think she's just gotten lucky, though."

"These controllers make no sense! I thought humans had two hands, am I supposed to make a third one to get to the buttons over here?" the tiny redhead asked. She had to curve her tiny arms up over her prodigious chest to point out the nonsensical contraption to Kobayashi.

"Yeah. No, we never really puzzled out why that was made that way," Kobayashi answered. "So, listen, it's going to get a bit more crowded in here. Elma's not feeling well so she's going to stay with us for a while until she gets better. Hopefully it won't be too long."

"Does this have to do with Elma's parasite?" Kanna asked.

"Er, no, it doesn't seem to be a parasite. Something else we're not sure of. So we're just going to keep her here, and keep an eye on her. She lives by herself so if something really bad happened, we wouldn't know. This way, even if I'm at work and you're at school, Tohru would still be here to check on her."

"Hey, I'd be here too, remember?" Iruru said.

"Yes. But would you actually do anything to help her?" Kobayashi inquired. The busty, tiny dragon just kept quiet. "Exactly. So don't worry about it, Kanna. Elma's going to be fine. And hey a guest for dinner's always fun." Kanna nodded and smiled. The mother of now what was another dragon that needed her help stood up and sat back down on her chair where she quickly dozed off despite the hectic situation going on. It was Saturday, dangit, she needed to relax!

Dinner arrived and it appeared that Tohru had been able to clean up Elma and get her dressed properly for the meal. Kobayashi was fairly bemused at the sight of Elma staring at her salad-filled bowl with utter confusion. Though she was quickly angered again when Elma bent forward, and a cavalcade of cleavage spilled forth from her kimono. Kobayashi's eyebrow twitched as she took a swig of her beer. The redhead may have begun limiting herself to one a night if she ate at home with Kanna, but she would still enjoy it as needed.

"So, Elma," Kobayashi asked. "You're saying all of…" A jab of her chopsticks in Elma's direction was enough to make it obvious. "That happened in a single day?"

"Mmhm." Elma nodded, forking spinach leaves into her mouth, making a face as if decreeing that all spinach plants on the planet were on her list for annihilation. "I'm, moooo, feeling a lot better, though."

"Good. Well while you're here, no sugar, either. You need to eat better. The only sugar you can have is from fruits, then you're at least getting vitamins with it."

"Aw…" Elma sank her head down, and Kobayashi smirked as she took a swig of her patently unhealthy beer. Tohru had informed Kobayashi beforehand that Elma's breasts apparently still produced milk and she didn't seem capable of controlling it. So she would need to use the bathroom on a regular basis to milk herself. Meaning it would be even harder to use it when she needed it. Of course.

After dinner, the five girls made their way to the living room and watched a movie, with Elma having to leave as expected during the film in order to milk herself. Tohru asked Kobayashi if she wanted her to help, and the redhead replied with a simple reply.

"If you start milking Elma you're fired." Harsh, but effective, and it ensured Tohru kept her hands off of Elma. The night came and went, with Kobayashi sliding out of her bed with a grunt and cracking her back to stand up. She opened the door to go get a shower and proceeded to walk into the bathroom. Sleepy-eyed, she took off her clothes and tossed them on the floor, before turning on the shower and stepping inside. She turned around to grab her shampoo, and came face-to-face with Elma standing there, naked breasts in hand. Kobayashi took a deep breath and looked down to see Elma's nipples squirting milk right on her naked boobs.

"Elma…" The milky dragon was lucky to have caught Kobayashi early, before her rage had a chance to build up. "I know you have to milk yourself. And I know the bathtub is the easiest spot to do it. But…"

"Muh… moo?"

"Two questions. One, why are you naked?"

"I-It's a bathtub. You're not supposed to get in with clothes, mooo, with clothes on."

"Fair enough. Two. What the hell is that?!" Kobayashi pointed to a very obvious addition between Elma's legs. A thick, puffy, pink udder that also leaked milk down between her thick thighs and added to the water flowing down the drain. Elma tilted her head in confusion and looked down, but didn't see anything wrong. Kobayashi grumbled and took hold of Elma's boobs, yanking them to the side so she could see down past them.

"Moo! I don't know what that is?! It's, it's!" Elma poked it with a curious finger and watched it sink into the plush organ. "It's pink!"

"Yes! It's called a damn udder and only cows have them so explain to me why you have one now and oh my god I already have a headache!" Kobayashi grabbed her head. "How could you not have seen this when you got undressed to get in the shower?!"


"I sleep naked."

"Ooooof course you do which means there's probably milk all over the spare sheets, gragh." Elma stared at the redhead, as Kobayashi turned off the water and proceeded to escort Elma out of the bathroom. For being a human, she sure could roar like a dragon at times. Kobayashi finished her shower in peace and came out to see that Elma was still standing in the hallway, dripping wet and naked.


"Ah! Yes!" Elma scurried off, and Kobayashi heard the slaps of her udder smacking into her thighs over and over with each step she took. Kobayashi went and got dressed herself and came out to see Tohru making breakfast at the oven.

"Tohru, I think I need something extra good today. Any chance you can make us some pancakes, oatmeal for Elma?"

"Can do, Miss Kobayashi!"

"And, see if we can get in touch with Shouta and see if Lucoa can bring him over today? Maybe he knows about some weird spell that Elma got in contact with. It's getting worse."

"Oh yes, I noticed! It's also contagious!" Tohru said perkily.

"Right, so…" Kobayashi adjusted her glasses. "It's what, now?" Tohru turned around with a blush on her cheeks, and a fullness in her chest. She was still wearing her maid uniform, but a few buttons weren't done up. Across her uniform she wore an apron that stated 'Eat the Cook's Tail'. Kobayashi was grateful that she hadn't tried the 'naked apron' yet. Tohru smiled at Kobayashi, holding a spatula right between her breasts in a phallic manner that was so blatant yet innocent, that Kobayashi wasn't sure if Tohru meant to do it.

"See, look!" Tohru smiled and used the flat of the spatula to glide underneath her bosom. "I'm already a full two cups bigger than normal! At the rate Elma grew I'll be bigger than my head in no time!" Kobayashi's face hit the fridge. Repeatedly. "Miss Kobayashi!" Tohru grabbed the redhead and began shaking her. "No, please, stay with me, Miss Kobayashi!" she shouted, shaking her back and forth. The fact that this sent her breasts into a fit of jiggles did nothing to help Kobayashi's state of mind.

"O-Oh dear!" Tohru let go and closed her eyes, focusing her magic to simply resize her maid uniform instead of letting the buttons be taken off as she had originally. "It's okay, Miss Kobayashi. The cleavage is gone now, you can look again!" The master of the house grumbled and rubbed her forehead.

"Thanks. Why you didn't do that earlier, I don't…" Kobayashi practically heard a lightbulb turn on. "Wait, why didn't Elma just cover herself up earlier?! She was bulging out of her sweater, she should have just been able to turn her scales into new clothes like the rest of you do!"

"Oh!" Elma's voice came behind Kobayashi. "Mooo're, right, um, I just forgot I could do that. I've been wearing clothes I bought recently because I got excited that I could." Elma had put on the kimono once again, and it struggled to fit around her now that there was an udder to contend with.

"Alright fine, then, just put on a skirt and a shirt then so we can wash that thing before you get milk stains soaked into it." Kobayashi turned to face Tohru. "And you… um. Well, you're sick too, so just try and take it easy. Damn. You're getting bigger boobs too?" Kobayashi's hands went to her chest. She'd spent just as much time around Elma, and took a big splash of milk to her chest. Could that cause her to catch this cow thing as well. "Better tell Iruru and Kanna. What a mess." Kobayashi went to find the young ones when she saw Elma was still in the kimono.

"Elma? Seriously. Dress like Lucoa for all I care."

"Um, I can't."


"I'm trying, and, mooo, um…" Elma closed her eyes, and Kobayashi watched her struggle for a moment. Eventually a tiny black t-shirt covered up her chest, but Elma spread the kimono out to show that underneath she was completely naked. "This is all I can moo!"

"Oh dear," Tohru said, making sure the pancakes were flipped before looking at Elma's dilemma. "Could this sickness be affecting your magic?"


"It must. My moogic is usually strong enough to let me make my scales into anything. But I also haven't been able to moose it to turn back to normal either. It's like I'm stuck this way!"


"It's okay!" Tohru said. "Now that I've got it too, that just means you don't have to worry about being sick alone! With two people having it, we're twice as likely to figure out what's wrong and fix it!"

"Not at all true," Kobayashi muttered. "This was supposed to be a lazy Sunday. Now I've got two cows to deal with. I'll go wake Kanna up." Despite the fact that Tohru's boobs were steadily swelling up, she showed no distress about it, and continued to make breakfast for everyone. She was still planning out her day's events for cleaning as well. Unless this illness made her bedridden she was going to keep up her maid duties for the sake of her beloved master.

"Oh no," Kanna said quietly when she came into the kitchen, followed by Kobayashi. "Tohru, you can't be sick! What are you going to do?"

"Hehe, don't worry," Tohru said, smiling and striking a pose with her arms under her arms. "Nothing will stop me from being Miss Kobayashi's maid."

"Nooo, I mean, you said you'd take me to the park today."

"I can still take you to the park!"

"You can?"

"Of course! It's just a little bit more up top, it's not life-threatening."

"It is to me," Kobayashi said as she sipped her coffee, sitting down next to Elma. "Elma you may need to start walking with a bucket between your legs."

"What do you mean?" Elma asked. Kobayashi took one last sip and then stayed quiet, until the pitter-patter of milk droplets hitting the tiled floor grew loud enough to be heard. "O-Oh. M-Moo, I'll go take care of it," she whispered, slinking off to the bathroom.

"Thank you." Kobayashi checked the time. "Hm, Shouta should be up by now, I'm going to call him up and see if they can come over to check the two of you out." The redhead grabbed her mobile phone and dialed the boy's number. She felt bad about relying on such a young kid, especially when he was her boss's son, but he was the only other person she could think of who might be able to help.

"Hey. Shouta. It's Miss Kobayashi. How are you doing?"

"Oh! Um, uh, good. Uh, h-hang on a minute!"

"Okay…" Kobayashi waited for Shouta, checking the time again, a full minute went by before he answered again.

"A-Are you still there?"

"Yes, what's going on, what happened?"

"I'm trying to hide from Lucoa."

"Oh, playing hide and seek. Gotcha."

"No, that's not-"

"Anyway, listen. We've got an issue with Tohru and Elma over here. Both of them caught some weird sickness and it's definitely not a human one. Any chance you could come over today and take a look at them? Going to a regular doctor's pointless, after all. Bring Lucoa too, I don't want you walking around by yourself."

"Oh. Sure, I can come take a look. I don't need her to guide me though, I'm used to going around by myself all the time. Ah, I can make it over at like, 3, is that okay?"

"Eh, earlier the better but that's fine. Okay, I'll see you then."

"Okay, bye Miss-"

"Ooh?" came another voice from Shouta's line.

"Oh crap-" Shouta replied before the phone hung up. Kobayashi looked at it nervously.

"Eh he'll be fine." Kobayashi slipped her phone away and looked around. "Okay so Tohru's taking Kanna to the park after breakfast. Elma, I guess you're just hanging out. What about you, Iruru, what did you wanna do today?"

"This." The tiny redhead was already at the sofa, playing video games.

"Yeah fair enough." Kobayashi went back to the table until breakfast was ready and then wolfed it down with everyone else. She gave a slightly suspicious glance at the glass of milk Tohru poured for her, but realized that Tohru hadn't begun lactating yet, and so she drank it after a moment's hesitation. Months living together and Tohru still tried to get Kobayashi to eat her tail, she wouldn't put it past Tohru to try and offer her milk when it came.

"Good as always, Tohru."

"Hehe, thanks Miss Kobayashi!" The blonde smiled giddily. "How's your oatmeal, Elma?"

"Can I, moooo, can I put some syrup on this?" she asked, reaching for the bottle.

"No," Kobayashi decreed, smacking her hand away with the side of a butter knife.

"Ow! Moookay…" Elma picked at her oatmeal while the others enjoyed her breakfast, and Kanna got ready to go to the park with Tohru. After everything was washed up, the two left, leaving Kobayashi with the two bustiest people she knew, a fact which annoyed her.

"Elma, you play games?"

"A little bit."

"Alright fine. Here, come play with Iruru and me. I'll go easy on you."

"Hey why don't you ever go easy on me?" Iruru asked.

"Because you know how to turn me into a guy with a fully-functioning… thingy and still won't give me boobs."

"Haha, I know. It's a riot."

"I would argue that."

"If you want boobs so much why don't you just catch whatever disease those two cows have caught!"


"Hey, I'm not dumb enough to want to get a sickness just for some boobs… I mean if it happens, it happens… but I'm not trying to infect myself. We don't even know how it spreads."

"Well I better not catch it," Iruru insisted.

"As long as Elma cleans up after herself we'll be fine. Everything's fine," Kobayashi stated, her voice firm.

"I don't understand this controller!" Elma cried out after a moment of playing.

"Yeah, we know," Iruru and Kobayashi said at the same time, leading to a whimpering moo from Elma. In the hour that Kanna and Tohru were at the park, Elma had to milk herself again, leaving Kobayashi and Iruru to play alone for a while. Kobayashi had to admit her day was going along fairly okay so far. Elma was pleasant enough company. When Tohru and Kanna got back she wondered if Tohru would be able to make a snack, only to see wet spots on Tohru's shirt.

"Damn. Already, Tohru?" she asked, getting up.

"Kanna only wanted to play for a little bit. Her friend Saikawa was going to be there today but she had to go shopping with her parents later, so we had a tiny window to play."

"No, I mean, you're leaking already."

"Oh. Yes. Don't worry, I shifted my scales to put some extra padding there to absorb it for now! I'll go milk myself in a moment. Unless…" Tohru sidled up to Kobayashi and blushed. "Unless you'd rather milk me, Miss Kobayashi. I don't know if I can get all the milk out by myself."

"Well you can certainly try," Kobayashi said, moving to grab a soda from the fridge. As soon as the top on her drink was popped open the doorbell rang. Tohru ran to open the door before Kobayashi could.

"Shouta, Lucoa, welcome! Come in please!"

"Thank you," Shouta replied politely. The tiny purple-haired boy stepped inside, but only after wrenching his eyes away from Tohru's boobs. It was clear they were bigger. Definitely the size of her head. But Lucoa's were still bigger, Shouta noted. Not out of any sense of pride, just as a point of comparison, he assured himself. "Um, Miss Kobayashi told me you and Elma were feeling ill?"

"Ehhhh?" Lucoa stepped inside, dressed in her standard denim shorts and too-tight top, and hugged Tohru close. "Oh noooo. What's wrong, mm?"

"Well, Elma's had it longer than me and please let me go I can't feel my hands anymore!" Tohru cried out, until Lucoa let go of her. "Wow. Now I get why Shouta's always running away," she mentioned, getting a sage nod of understanding from the wizard.

"Then I guess I should look at her. Oh and tell me more about it?" Tohru led Shouta to the living room where Elma had returned, still clad in her kimono.


"Well. Elma came over yesterday, and her boobs were way bigger. Then they started leaking, and she didn't know why. An hour later, she had boobs that were bigger than Lucoa's!"

"Huh?!" came the ditzy blonde from behind Shouta. Pure disbelief on her face.

"I know! It's crazy. Then the next morning she woke up with a cow's udder between her legs as well. And her magic is on the fritz moo. Um, too. She can only change her scales to make this simple t-shirt and that's it, see!" Tohru yanked off Elma's kimono to reveal the sweet-loving dragon in the buff. Two huge boobs that were, indeed, the bustiest in the house even with Iruru and Lucoa present. Along with a thick, full udder dangling between her legs. All of which was completely exposed to poor Shouta's eyes. The young boy who was already pure red in the face, steamed up and fell back.

"Shouta!" Lucoa quickly fell on her knees to catch her ward. The boy's head wound up landing straight between her breasts which enveloped the back of his head like two soft airbags. The blonde helped him stand back up, though he was clearly woozy and lightheaded from the forbidden land he'd just stared at. Elma hurriedly grabbed the kimono out of Tohru's hands and wrapped it around herself.

"Elma, what happened to your shirt!"

"It went away. I'm not able moo change any of my, mmmmooooo… my scales anymore. I can't even make a sock, now!"

"That's definitely bad. Hmmm…" Lucoa started fanning Shouta to get him conscious again. "He never does that in reaction to me," she added with a pout, squeezing her arms together to try and jolt him awake.

"Yet you still try," Kobayashi stated. "Tohru, how are you feeling? Can you still use your scales to change your clothing?"

"Let's see." Tohru closed her eyes for a moment and changed clothing, from her maid uniform to a pink shirt, and light blue skirt. She'd managed to make the shirt bigger to support her melons, each one still dripping into the fabric. "Hm. Something doesn't feel right."

"You forgot your shoes," Iruru pointed out.

"No, I didn't, I switched them into… oh." Tohru lifted up a foot and saw that it was bare. "Hm. And Elma was only to change her shirt before it got too bad to alter anything. Well then." Tohru shifted back to her maid uniform before she lost the ability to do so. "Looks like it works the way up the body!"

"That's… good to know," Shouta commented, finally standing up on his own power. He held his mouth in his hand for a moment before taking a deep breath. "Okay. I've never heard of this before. But, I can do some research. You said you had begun lactating as well?"

"Yes! Ooh, I was just about to go milk myself, do you want a sample?" Tohru offered.

"N-N-No, no no, I just, wanted to make sure. Cow ears, tail, an udder. I'm wondering if you can't shift your scales to clothing because… you don't have them anymore? Cows don't have scales."

"But, I'm a dragon. Not a cow!" Elma reasoned, although her explanation fell flat when she reflexively let out a sullen, calm moo. "Oh. I see. So, wait, moooo think I'm going to just end up a cow entirely?! What's that mean?"

"No please, don't worry!" Shouta said frightfully, shaking his hands. "I don't think that's what's going on, but it's just… well. A possibility?" He poked his fingers together. "But, either way, um, I'll ask, and look, and see if I can find anything out on this myself. Okay?

"Got it. Thanks, Shouta, I appreciate it. Can't have a cavalcade of cows running around. Plus my carpet cleaning bill would be ridiculous with much more milk dipping on the floor," Kobayashi commented, staring daggers at Elma who hurried off to find something to collect her milk in.

"Ehhh, but, wait, how did Tohru get infected in the first place?" Lucoa asked.

"Oh, I was cleaning all sorts of milk up earlier. That must have been it," Tohru explained. "So you don't have anything to worry about."

"Ahhhh. Okay," Lucoa accepted that with a nod. "You ready to go then, Shouta?"

"Yes, ha. I think so. But, next time I come over?" he asked, pointing to the hallway where Elma had vanished. "Please keep her clothed."

"Yeah trust me I didn't want to see that again," Kobayashi answered.

"Again?" Lucoa and Shouta asked.

"Nope, time's up. Thanks for checking them out, call us if you find anything, have a good walk back home, be safe, don't be a stranger, buh-bye," Kobayashi muttered rapidly, ushering them both out until she slumped on the floor in a heap.

"Tohru, can you make a pie for dessert?"

"Pie?!" came a voice from the bathroom.

"Not for you, Elma!"


As night came and dinner passed, Kobayashi had to suffer the sight of Tohru's breasts swelling further. Her and Elma had started out at nearly the same size, so it wasn't much of a shock to her to see that Tohru's bosom swelled up to match Elma's in mass and milkiness. At the table, Kobayashi looked down at her hoodie-clad, flat chest. If she were infected, would she get that big? Or had Tohru's self-proclaimed d-cups given her an extra four cup sizes due to her sickness?

Kobayashi just wanted some boobs. She didn't have to be giant. She just wanted to not be flat. It was a simple binary in her mind. Flat or not flat, and anything that would switch a 0 to a 1 would be fine in her book. Just enough to justify a bra, she swore, knowing that somewhere in the back of her head there was a voice that wondered what it would be like to have Iruru's size, as long as there was no back pain. But again, she realized, she couldn't intentionally try and catch this! It wasn't responsible when she had all these mouths to feed.

"Elmooo, you're enjoying yourself, oops." Tohru placed a hand up to her lips with a blush on her cheeks. That had been her first real slip-up. The blonde had stopped being able to transform her scales from the chest down and resorted to an oversized sweatshirt to cover herself up. Elma nodded, and Kobayashi noticed how deeply she was digging into her salad.

"Ha, see. Told you it was good for you. Once you get enough vitamins and stuff in you, you should be able to have some snacks once in a while, but you have to stop running on sugar, Elma." Kobayashi was firm in her words. Being a mother to Kanna had started her on the path to maternal instincts being a daily emotion for her.

"Yoooouuu're right," the cow dragon noted. "This just ended up tasting very good. I like it!" Elma was cheerful, so that put a light mood on the dinner table for the rest of the evening. Tohru had done as Kobayashi asked and prepared a pie for dessert. Between Tohru, Kobayashi, Kanna, and Iruru, more than half of the pastry was finished, while Elma just stared on remorsefully. Kobayashi sighed after gulping down the rest of her glass of milk, popping the cup down on the table.

"Ah, that was delicious, Tohru. Great work." She smiled back at her maid, who giggled cutely before mooing again and covering her mouth with a gasp.

"Oh dear, I do hope you don't mind my mooing, Miss Kobayashi."

"I mean you can't control it. I can't get mad at you for that."

"But I also can't control muh, moooo, my, my sincere love for you!"

"That's an exception to the rule," Kobayashi replied curtly, leaving Tohru to stare at her plate sadly.

"Ohhh, Miss Kobayashi you're so moooooean." Knocks against her kindness aside, Kobayashi helped Tohru clean up a bit, and stayed in the living room with the others for an hour until she looked at the clock.

"I'm going to get to sleep early. Work might be pretty busy this week, so I imagine there won't be any early nights for a while. I'll keep you posted, though." Tohru nodded and came up to Kobayashi, giving her a glass of water to drink before bed.

"Sleep tight, Miss Kobayashi, I'll see you in the morning!"

"Yeah. Night everyone," the redhead replied before heading to her bedroom. When Kobayashi woke up the next morning she managed to get her shower without stumbling into Elma again. So the day had already gotten off to a better start. She slipped on her glasses, put on her clothes, and met Tohru out in the kitchen before leaving for the day.

"Hey, Tohru. How are you feeling?"

"Rather well, Miss Kobayashi. Though being unable to change my scales is bothersome. Oh, and, this udder is a bit, moooo. Excuse moo. A bit difficult to deal with." Unable to keep her maid uniform on with her udder in the way, Tohru had simple taken to draping one of her spare aprons over it. One she purchased at a shop for looking cute with a light yellow shade to it. Though Tohru's udder was so dense, large, and pink, that it turned part of the apron orange from where it pressed against the garment.

Kobayashi took a deep breath as she watched Tohru turn to the side. Her thick tail was no longer fully-reptilian. There was still a deep, green shade to it, but it tapered to a point that was earlier and finer than it was originally, with a yellow, fuzzy ending.

"Damn." Kobayashi frowned as she approached Tohru and grabbed her maid's ears, fingering them for a while and examining their furry natures, and the way they drooped over Tohru's head. "Sorry this happened, Tohru. I was the one who thought Elma should stay here."

"Wha?!" Tohru dropped her tongs and clasped her hands together. "N-No, Miss Kobayashi! Don't apologize! Moo couldn't have known this would happen! I'll continue to be your maid, ears and an udder are nothing to worry about!"

"I knew you'd say that," the redhead commented, before pulling Tohru into a hug. "Still makes me feel bad. We'll fix this though. I'm sure you'll get better soon."

"I know I will, too." Tohru handed Kobayashi her lunch box after recovering from the inevitable swoon that came from being hugged. "You know, Miss Kobayashi, with moooy tail changed like this, my tail has a once in a lifetime flavor! It would be a shame to miss out." Tohru's master closed the door behind her.

Kobayashi's work life consisted of coding, debugging, more debugging, then lunch. Then coming back to find that somehow her code had broken further despite nobody touching it and spending the rest of the day fixing it. With Elma out of commission, she had to help pick up some of Elma's slack. Again.

By the time Kobayashi returned home, she was fairly exhausted. Which was sadly for her, not that unusual. She unlocked her door and came inside, slumping on her seat immediately.

"I'm home," she cried out. It took only a few seconds to hear a 'flump' sound as something landed on her lap.


"Hey, Kanna. How was school today?"

"It was okay. Until I started growing boobs."

"You what?" Kanna sat down on Kobayashi's lap and blushed as her guardian stared at her chest for a moment. Sure enough, underneath her cute pink outfit, Kobayashi saw some dents that indicated swelling breasts. "Tohru."

"Comooo, Miss Kobayashi!" Kobayashi heard the sound of Tohru dumping another bucket of milk down the drain before coming over to the living room. "Oh. Yes. Um. That. Well, her school didn't say anything about it. But she's in the early stages, so, mooo, we got through the day okay."

"Tohru…" Kobayashi rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed. "Kanna, we can't let you go in tomorrow. We can't have you growing an udder in the middle of class. If it's like Elma and Tohru, you won't be able to hide it at all."

"I'm sick?" Kanna asked, eyes glimmering up at Kobayashi. Kobayashi quickly pulled Kanna up close like a tiny dog she was trying to comfort, until Kanna's head was right underneath her chin.

"Just… just a bit. It's nothing bad. But we don't want to send you to school where you could get others sick. I'll stop by after class and get your assignments for you so you don't fall behind. In the meantime, I'll see if I can pull out some more stuff in my collection to keep you occupied during the day, okay?"

"That means I won't be able to see Saikawa until I'm better?"

"Agh…" Hearing Kanna cry felt like a dagger to her chest. She preferred to have her flat-chestedness pointed out than to hear Kanna upset. "N… No. Sorry. But, hey. You want to hear a funny story?" Kobayashi asked. Kanna nodded emphatically. The tiny dragon shifted on the spot so her back was against Kobayashi's chest. Tohru smiled and sat herself on the floor, letting her udder smack on the ground with a heavy thud.

Seeing Tohru do so, Elma joined her as well. The fat-bottomed dragon slid her hips right next to the blonde with a grin, patting her udder almost happily as she stared up at Kobayashi. She whispered to Tohru and snatched the bucket from the other milky dragon, taking out her breasts and starting to milk them as she listened.

"So a human disease that we can actually get is called chicken pox," Kobayashi began. "And it's a very weird sickness because you can only get it once. If you ever get it, your body just stops it from ever happening again. And it's worse to get it as an adult, so parents used to not mind their kids getting it when I was younger. Now they're more sensical about it and just give the kids a shot early on to prevent it. Anyway. I caught it when I was about… seven?"

"And I couldn't see anybody all week. Not only that, but it itched like crazy. You couldn't scratch it because that would make it worse. I was miserable. Just sitting there lonely, and none of my friends could come over. I could only sit there and play games and watch tv and there wasn't anything good on most of the day."

"Kobayashi, this story is not helping me," Kanna commented.

"Er, sorry. The point is, you're much better off than me. You've got more to do and people you can still play with. And then you'll be able to go play with Saikawa. And hey when I was younger, we didn't have a lot of contact tools, so we can still have you chat with her when you want. Okay?"

"Okay." Kanna nodded, still in Kobayashi's lap. "Kobayashi?"


"Your hands are on my chest."

"Oh!" The redhead removed her hands and blushed, wiping them on her uniform. Kanna got off of her lap and walked to the kitchen for a drink. "Damnit, now she's even bigger than me." Elma and Tohru soon had their full, pendulous breasts in Kobayashi's lap, with Elma's leaking on her work pants thanks to them still hanging out and un-milked.

"Miss Kobayashiiii, that story was so nice! Moo I think that really helped Kanna! So after you got better you were able to play with your friends again?"

"Ah, well. No, because the rest of the class caught it right after I got better," Kobayashi admitted. "But that would have made the story worse, right?" The eyes that were previously filled with admiration were now dead and still as they stared at Kobayashi. Iruru walked by with a bottle of water in her hand.

"You guys are dorks. Me and Kobayashi are the only ones not infected now? She's got a stronger immune system than I thought. Makes sense why I picked her to mate with."

"That's a terrible reason!" Tohru said. "You should want to moooote with her because she's beautiful and kind, and loves dragons!"

"Neither of you should want to mate on me so can you two please get your gigantic, unwieldy breasts off of my lap, please?" To taunt her further, Iruru smirked and planted her own gigantic chest on top of Elma and Tohru's, adding to the weight on Kobayashi's lap and squeezing some of their milk out. Kobayashi's grumble of distress was so low it could be mistaken for a motorcycle engine revving up. Tohru and Elma stood up, with Tohru pulling Iruru under her arm to yank her away and finish preparing dinner.

"What's for dinner?" Kobayashi asked, sitting for a moment longer before getting up to join the others at the table.

"Oh just some pasta, and salad for Elma and I!" Tohru stated.

"Eh? Tohru you don't need to stay off of carbs."

"Oh I know, but, moooo, it just sounded good tonight!" Kobayashi shrugged and helped herself to the pasta while everyone else dug in to their meals as well. Elma and Tohru stuck to their salads. No dressing or anything, she noticed, and Elma was eating with that look typically reserved for sugar. Kobayashi just told herself that it was fine. Everything had to be fine or she wouldn't be able to deal with it. By this time tomorrow, Kanna would have an udder of her own. There were multiple buckets over the household for the girls to avoid dripping all over the place, and the constant threat of breasts looming over her made Kobayashi feel slightly claustrophobic. But she would endure it, she just had to. At least work would be a good distraction, she thought.

Tuesday morning came and the redhead once more had a heavy workload ahead of her. The maid-lover returned home later than normal, tired and hungry. It came as no surprise to her to find Kanna sitting at a table with Tohru working on a puzzle, nursing a small udder the size of a basketball between her legs. The tiny electric dragon's tail had changed its tip from a fuzzy ball to a pink brush-tip like Tohru and Elma's had. It was somewhat of a relief to see that Kanna's udder was not as large as Elma's. The older woman at least had become more accustomed to having it swing between her legs as of late, dealing with it by swinging her hips in wide arcs whenever she walked.

Dinner once more involved a lot of salad, along with Tohru implying that they'd eaten salad every meal that day, even breakfast. Another symptom that Kobayashi texted Shouta after dinner ended. They followed dinner by sitting on the couch watching tv, with each infected girl carrying a bucket beneath them. Wednesday and Thursday followed as well, and the lack of progress from Shouta began to annoy Kobayashi. But she hoped he'd pull through eventually.

It was nearly a week now since Elma had been infected and she hadn't gotten any better. Whether out of a new symptom or simply giving up, there had been times where Kobayashi found Elma sitting on all fours. Tohru had been struggling with her workload as well, having more weight to carry around had taken its toll on her. Kobayashi just had one more day of work left in the week. She hoped things would calm down.

"Kobayashi. Wake up."

"Nnghgh…" Kobayashi opened her eyes. Her alarm hadn't gone off yet and she didn't know why she would be woken up so early. The redhead couldn't quite see what was in front of her until she slipped on her glasses, and then it was obvious.


There was nothing but a huge set of knockers right in front of her face. Almost on her face, and on her chest, and her lap for that matter. They were gigantic, soft, doughy mounds of breastflesh that encompassed Kobayashi's entire torso and then some. Her vision blurred for a moment due to her eyes darting back and forth so rapidly in pure shock.

"Huh?" Kobayashi's mouth was slack, open wider than she ever remembered it. She saw the faintest bit of red hair for only a second before it was hidden behind the enormous hooters before her. Kobayashi felt her chest getting wet, as she stared down and saw nipples the size of beer cans digging into her shirt, soaking it. Squirming under the heavy mass, Kobayashi gasped as she recognized what could only be an udder between her thighs as well. It was even bigger than the two tits in front of her, a massive sphere of milk that pushed her legs apart.

"I need you to milk me."

"I-Iruru?! When did you get infected?!" Kobayashi yelled. She tried to squirm away but couldn't, Iruru was simply too heavy.

"Like two days ago. I didn't moooke a big deal out of it. But it's bad now. I can't milk myself."

"Oh because your giant, soft boobs are just so perfect and huge that you can't reach your nipples, is it?!" Kobayashi shouted, pounding her fists on Iruru's chest like a set of drums that made more milk spurt out.

"Moooo…" Iruru let out a low, sensual moan in response to her milk exiting so violently. "No. I can't control my magic as well anymore."


"So." Iruru laid her hands down on top of her breasts. Two meaty claws that were bigger than her head, yet couldn't cover a quarter of her boobs. "I can't make my claws into hands anymore. They're back to this." She squeezed and sank her inch-thick nails into her boobs, squeezing out a bit more milk, but not even as much as Kobayashi had gotten out just then. "You're more efficient."

"I, guh, can't. Why can't. How, I…" As Kobayashi's brain short-circuited, Iruru slid further forward on her boobs. Her breasts had become so massive that she was actually laying on her breasts and udder now.

"Also," Iruru continued. "This udder is, moooo… pink and has four erect thingies on it. Mooooo, moo, mooate with me," she groaned, dragging herself forward enough that Iruru felt the udder nudge against her crotch.

"Gah, no, I'm not doing that!" Kobayashi stuttered. She thrashed around trying to get Iruru off of her, an act which involved much smacking of Iruru's breasts. Each time Kobayashi left a handprint on Iruru's tits, a spurt of milk came out, and the redhead moaned in bliss. "Oh damnit, you're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Yessssssss. Do you want a drink?" she teased.

"N-No! Just, get, off!" Kobayashi had managed to get enough milk out of Iruru that the redhead's body could slide out from underneath. She grabbed everything from her bedroom that she needed and dashed off in a hurry.

"Kobayashiiiiii," Iruru growled. "Come back. Mooo… it took me an hour to get in here."

Kobayashi arrived for work earlier than normal, but also more disheveled than normal as well. Four people now in her life had massive boobs and udders. Okay, she thought, Kanna was fairly small in comparison. But as she stared at her chest while doing busy work she groaned. Just ONE cup size. That's all she wanted! Why couldn't she just get that much. With everyone else infected now, she supposed that there was enough evidence to show that only dragons could catch this. Which, she figured, was a good thing. But god, she was about to face a weekend of this madness.

A ring on her cell phone was a godsend when she saw it was from Shouta, right when she was about to leave work.

"Kobayashi. Can you come over? I think I have an idea."

"Yes! Yes, oh god, Shouta, I'll be there right away. It's gotten Kanna and Iruru as well. I was just about to leave. I'll stop there as soon as I can. Bye!" Kobayashi hung up and finished her last notes at work before getting out of her office building as soon as possible. Her foot tapped like the drummer of a progressive rock band as she waited on the subway to get to Shouta's house. Once her stop came, she took a brisk pace to his house and knocked on the door, waiting for a reply.

"Moooo~" Kobayashi stood there as the door opened. Lucoa stood there in her typical style of clothing; aka clothing that isn't necessarily skimpy by nature, but becomes extra-slutty when you put it on her ridiculous body. Only now it was even more so, as Lucoa's boobs had swollen out to be such massive milkers that they totally hid her waist and hips from view. Kobayashi was mildly impressed that Lucoa was still standing. Even more surprised that Lucoa's boobs still hadn't gotten as big as Iruru's were that morning. Though she didn't see an udder dangling its udders on the ground, so she had no idea if Lucoa would get any bigger.

"Helloooo Kobayashi. Come in! Shouta's excited!"

"Is he now?" Kobayashi asked, her voice dripping with a sarcasm so thick and rich it would make French chefs say 'mais, non'. She walked into the house, rubbing her temple to stop one of her eyes from twitching at the way Lucoa's black top was stretched around her tits like a bit of cellophane wrapping. Her nipples were like ramen bowls, throbbing and pink even through the black material. "Where is he?"

"Ah, h-here!" Kobayashi followed the sound of Shouta's voice into his living room, and saw something that should have shocked her, but didn't. He was dressed in his wizard regalia, standing in front of a huge cauldron, with mystic runes painted on the ground. Any one of those would have made someone confused and concerned, but Kobayashi lived with dragons. This was normal now.

"Hey Shouta," the redhead stated, coming inside. "So. What's going on?"

"This is a way I've come up with to reverse the infection! I just needed a lot of milk to get it done, so that's why it's taken so long." Kobayashi approached the cauldron that Shouta stirred with a huge spoon, and saw it was big enough for her, Lucoa, and Shouta to all fit inside of it easily. Gallons and gallons of milk.

"This… all came from her?" she asked, throwing a thumb back towards Lucoa.

"Yes." Kobayashi's eyes darted back and forth between Lucoa and Shouta, wondering the obvious.

"So. You help her out with that at all, or?"

"N-No!" Shouta insisted, pulling down the brim of his hat. "She's more than capable of milking herself!"

"Awww. Don't be so mean, Shouta. This toooook a lot of work to get so much dairy for you!" Lucoa cooed, bending forward and flashing cleavage at them both. Kobayashi swore she saw the garment tear slightly from the intense jiggle. God, when she bent over they looked even bigger!

"I insisted that you do it in private and you did it in front of me every chance you got!" Shouta cried out.

"Aw but I wanted to make sure, moooo, that I was doing it right."

"You just had to tug on your… your…"


"My big, round nipples?"

"Y-Yes, those! Y-You didn't need me for that."

"But it's hard to stretch my arms that far to get it done," Lucoa whined, demonstrating that when she put her hands on her areolae, she could only pull forward another inch or two. "If you'd helped then they could have stretched so much farther!"

"I'm aware of that, but I couldn't handle the-"

"Okay." Kobayashi stepped between the two and put her hands on both. The hand she placed on Lucoa had no choice but to land on her boobs. "Listen. Can we just fix this now? I'm getting lactose-intolerant just being around all these cows."

"R-Right. Um." Shouta cleared his throat. "I don't know if it'll make a difference, but I wanted to only use Lucoa's milk for this. I figured that once she got infected, if a goddess could catch it, it would need her power to fix it. There's legends of fluids from animals being magical enhancers, so… this," he explained.

"I just wanted you here so you could take the antidotes and get them home for everyone. Can you turn off the lights?" he asked. Kobayashi walked over to the corner and flicked the switch. An array of candles lit up. Lucoa came behind Shouta, who was stood upon a small stool so he could stir the concoction properly. The boy raised his hands in the air and began chanting an incantation. It was pure gibberish to Kobayashi.

"Moo, Shouta? I feel weird," Lucoa muttered, holding a hand to her forehead. Shouta raised a finger up, apparently unable to stop the incantation. Kobayashi approached to see if she could help, walking towards Shouta and Lucoa. When suddenly, Lucoa's tiny denim shorts burst open and an udder the size of a beach ball sprang forth. Kobayashi only saw it for a second before it smacked into Shouta from behind.

"Wh-Wh-Whoa!" The stool Shouta was on toppled back and forth as the poor boy tried to keep his balance.

"Shouta!" Lucoa reached out to steady him, leaning forward, which pushed her breasts right into his back and finished the job that her udder started. Kobayashi dashed forward as Shouta was toppled into the milk, and Lucoa's further attempt to help ended up knocking the entire cauldron over, upending it entirely on Shouta. "Oh mooooo, hang on, Shouta-baby!" Kobayashi watched the ocean of milk spread out onto the floor. She reached down to help Lucoa move the cauldron off of Shouta, and found that she could barely budge it a centimeter.

"Holy crap, this thing is he-" Lucoa proceeded to grab the cauldron by one of its three legs, one-handed, and placed it next to them in one swift motion. "You are a supervillain in the making. Do you know that?"

"Moo?" Lucoa looked befuddled by the comment but turned her attention back to Shouta. "Shouta-baby are you okay?" The boy was covered in so much milk that his hair looked white. She helped swipe it off of him as best as she could as Shouta coughed a bit, some milk obviously getting expelled.

"Y-Yeah, I think so," Shouta muttered. "I don't think I'm hurt." He pat his head and his neck, feeling nothing wrong. "Yeah. I'm…" Shouta's eyes widened and he made a sound that normally came out of Lucoa's mouth when she was shocked. "No!"

"What?" Lucoa and Kobayashi asked, seeing Shouta's legs slam together.

"It's gone!"

"It's…" Kobayashi looked puzzled for a moment. "Oh. Well. That can be fixed, right? I mean, er, there's gotta be a spell for that, so."

"No, but that, ooh, ahhh…." Shouta looked exactly the same in his new, girlish body, as he had as a boy. His stint as a magical girl in their play was more true than Kobayashi thought. But suddenly Shouta's hands went up to her chest. Flat, as normal. Until it wasn't, and Shouta's hands were filled with c-cup breasts poking into her shirt. The purple-haired girl whimpered, and then cried out again when her boobs now overflowed her hands, making her fingers squeeze into the softness as they doubled in size.



"H-Help," Shouta cried, though she knew there wasn't anything either of them could do right now. Lucoa's hands went up to her mouth as she stepped forward, her udder smacking into Shouta's back again before she crouched down and let the pink organ pool on the floor. "Ahhh, Lucoa~" she whined, moaning softly as her boobs continued to cascade outward.

Her shirt didn't stand a chance against such rapidly-swelling breastflesh, especially with no magic to make it stretch and grow. The new girl looked around in worry as they surged out with more growth, splitting her shirt and showing the pale breasts underneath. Already Shouta was bigger than Tohru, and with the next burst of growth, she was bigger than Lucoa's normal breast size.

"Ahhhh, this feels so weird!" Shouta cooed. Kobayashi stared as Shouta's breasts just kept going. She wondered if this was some messed-up magic trick. Cup sizes kept appearing in front of her eyes like a magician pulling more and more handkerchiefs out of their sleeve. Shouta's moans grew louder as her bosom doubled the mass of her head and split her shirt enough for nipples to show.

"Muh, boobs, so big…" Kobayashi twitched a little. That sounded suspiciously like Shouta was enjoying herself. The little wizard was surrounded by Lucoa all day. Had she warped Shouta's mind enough to appreciate something like this, or had Shouta always been a breast fiend? No, this was new, she thought, recalling back to times when Shouta chose behind her slender frame to hide from Lucoa. Unless that was all a ploy, this growth simply felt so good that Shouta couldn't deny it.

It wasn't long before Shouta was on her hands and knees, her breasts pressed into the floor and still growing. Her swelling udders lifted her up until her palms were no longer on the floor, and the girl's backside twitched in bliss. Kobayashi's hand clenched up as she saw a tail erupt from Shouta's back, and another burst of growth left Shouta definitively bigger than Tohru and Elma. But then, she just… kept going. Kobayashi's eyes went to Lucoa's lewd size, and Shouta's body getting lifted higher and higher off of the floor. She got on her knees and tried to pull back, but the weight of Shouta's bosom yanked her back down.

"Moooo, when does it, mooo, stoooop?" Shouta moaned, hiding her head in her substantial cleavage and letting out a yell that had clearly been building. Her hands were already so small and stubby and soon her nipples were twice that distance away from her torso. Even Lucoa looked mildly shocked as Shouta's breasts surpassed her own size, but Kobayashi was still wondering if there was another goalpost they could pass. It only took a minute more for Shouta's boobs to be bigger than Iruru's, a feat which confounded her. Kobayashi slowly walked around Shouta's body, and saw a telltale udder there as well.

Shouta's breasts still swelled even as Kobayashi watched the wizard's udder fill with milk and lift up the legs that kicked futilely to remain on the ground. Kobayashi's glasses nearly fell off as she watched it inflate like a hose was stuck in each of the four rigid teats, sloshing with milk. Shouta's udder was also bigger than Lucoa's was. The mass itself was wider than the girl was tall, by at least a foot if not more. Shouta's new, purple-tipped tail whipped back and forth in a frenzy. When Kobayashi returned to the front, she saw Shouta's tits finally stopping.

But it was far too late for any hope of the girl being able to walk. She wouldn't even be able to crawl, like Iruru had, as difficult as that was. Shouta's tits were beanbags, hiding her cute, tiny face in their massive mounds. Nipples jut out from the front of each like giant firecrackers, looking red and ready to explode at any minute. Shouta barely was able to lift her face, a pink hue strewn across the entirety of her cheeks, letting out a high-pitched moo as adorable bovine ears flipped up for a brief second.

Lucoa bent down to console Shouta as Kobayashi stared. Why? Just… why? Shouta had been a girl for less than five seconds and she gained breasts the size of all the other cows put together. What was wrong with her? Was she immune to it somehow? All she wanted was breasts. She could deal with a cruddy job, a cruddy apartment. Until Tohru came along she was fine with cruddy food. But this was like fate giving her the middle finger.

"Shouta-baby? You look soo cuuuuuuuuute!" Lucoa cried out. She smiled widely and wrapped her arms around one of Shouta's breasts in an attempt to get to the girl's face. Putting all that pressure on a breast created a deluge of milk that continued to spread out on the floor. Kobayashi stared at the puddle of dairy still on the floor, and half-considered rolling in it. It wouldn't do any good, she decided. If she didn't have it now, she never would.

"Hahh, mooooo, Lucoa, moooooooooo," Shouta whimpered, her head rolling around helplessly as Lucoa hugged her close. The poor girl was going to be useless for a good long while, especially if Lucoa kept up this treatment. Kobayashi slumped against the wall and landed her butt on the floor.

"Lucoa… hurry up and clean this up or something. Then… I guess you can carry Shouta and bring him over to my place. May as well keep all you crazy cows there. Friggin' barnyard by now." Kobayashi sighed, and rested an arm on her raised leg before her head hit her chest. What a mess. Literally this time. She was just glad this wasn't her house. Kobayashi raised her eyes for a moment and stared once more at Shouta's immense tits. "You… you may have to squeeze her through one boob at a time. My door's not that big."

"Mooookay!" Lucoa said. Kobayashi had no idea if this hug would last for a few minutes or an hour. Either was far too long in her book. These damn perverted bovines, she thought. Shouta, she noticed, was in heaven whether she'd admit it or not. She probably wouldn't. Kobayashi stood up and readied herself to go home, to give a warning to everyone about their home getting even more crowded.

When Kobayashi returned home, she was not surprised to see the dining room table already had a gigantic salad on it. Specifically, four huge bowls of it for each cow in the house. Tohru had at least cooked Kobayashi a chicken cutlet. She had encouraged Elma to eat healthier but it became clear early in the week that their diets had all changed because of their milky illness. She came in and explained what happened over dinner.

"So, I have no clue if Shouta's going to be able to try that cure again. She couldn't even stand up under her own power anymore. Lucoa's gonna have to carry her here." The doorbell rang and the redhead stood up. "Speak of the devil. Er, goddess. Whatever." Kobayashi opened the door, and saw Shouta's beanbag-sized breast trying to squeeze through it. Just one, and even though Lucoa visibly struggled to push it through the door.

"Mooo, L-Lucoa, s-stop, I'm gonna get splinters on mooooy boobs!" Shouta cried, and Kobayashi saw her hands cover her face in shame. "I can't believe that's a thing I can say now…" Kobayashi stared like Lucoa was attempting to shove a whale through a window. Shouta's breast finally popped through the door, and so much titflesh came through at once that Kobayashi was almost knocked backwards.

"Sorry!" Lucoa cooed. "Almost done, just a bit mooooore," the goddess intoned. Kobayashi couldn't see her anymore as the blonde bent down to get the rest of Shouta's body through. Eventually the purple-haired girl was on the floor, and Lucoa and Tohru helped move her to the living room where she could be more comfortable. As comfy as a gal could be resting on boobs bigger than her body. Which, Kobayashi imagined, seemed pretty comfy.

"Wait." Kobayashi bent down and noticed something else off with Shouta. She brushed some of her purple hair aside and saw what it was. Fuschia-colored lipstick, rouge, eyeliner. "Did you put makeup on her?" she asked Lucoa. "And…is this a blouse?!" Lucoa had found a tiny, button-up garment that she'd slipped over Shouta's arms, along with a dark red skirt. "Why did you have all this?"

"Mooo, I asked her the same thing."

"Well moo were so cute as the match girl, ooh, and the magical girl! Now you've got the proper body for it, too!"

"This is not the proper body for anything! Muh, mooooo!"

"Look," Kobayashi began, wanting to prevent an argument from breaking out. "Would you rather she have brought you out of there naked? Or even in your own clothes so people recognized you? At least this way it was a disguise."

"Moo, oh yes! That's a good reason too!"

"But it's clearly not mooo, what you planned," Shouta muttered.

"Shouta. Here." Kanna approached the tiny, yet huge, cow, and handed her a bottle of water with a straw in it. Kanna inserted the drink deep into Shouta's cleavage, making the cowgirl shiver.

"Th-Thank moo."

"Moo're welcome."

"Well," Kobayashi said to herself. "Least it's a good way to see that Kanna's manners are still good." The cows had to pile themselves into the living room after Tohru finished putting the dishes away. Kobayashi sat on the couch this time instead of her normal seat, because Lucoa needed that instead. The woman's udder and boobs were so big that if she sat on the couch it would have spilled over into the others sitting next to her. Shouta was sat next to the tv with Iruru next to her. The redhead dragon couldn't really crawl anymore, not without making a huge mess and digging her claws into the floor. Kanna sat on Kobayashi's lap with Tohru and Elma pinning the human in on both sides. The tv was on, but Kobayashi couldn't hear it.

"Kann. Hey, brat, go get me something to drink I'm dying of thirst, mooo, over here, and it's too hard for me to go, mooo, get one."


"You shouldn't have gotten yourself infected."


"Moooo, you were insulting all of us. Then you got sick, nobody made fun of mooo."

"Yeah but you can't deny me drinks or I'll, mmmoooooo, die of dehydration!"

Kobayashi looked for the remote but it was on Lucoa's seat, hidden away beneath a valley of turbulent titflesh that Kobayashi didn't dare venture to.

"Ooh Tohru I was wondering?"



"Could you put leafy things in a pie, mooo?"

"I think so. There are spinach pies! So I don't see why that wouldn't work for what we like moo eat now."

"That might be nice for a chance of pace. Or, moo, moo, they make meat pies but, just fill it with veggies instead."

"I feel like that's the same thing moooore or less. But they make veggie shakes too, we can try that. We, mooo, have a good blender."

Kobayashi leaned back on the sofa, staring off into the distance.

"Oooh, Shouta-baby, poor Lucowa is so full, mmmooooo. Won't you please milk her and make it better?"

"Wha- No! No way, I can't. Moo. That's, that's just improper conduct!"

"Ehhhhh? B-But, I can't reach mooooooy nipples or the teats of my udder anymoooore! I let it get this far all for youuuuu, and-!"

"No, no- Wait, 'let it'? I thought you said your goddess powers, moo, muh-moo, didn't have any ability to prevent infection or the symptoms getting worse?"


"Figure it out yourself, you mood, gah, lewd sucowbus!"

"Ehhhhh!? Shouta-kun, wait, I really do need....ohhh...mooooo, it's soooo full~!"


Kobayashi's ears were basically nonfunctional. After a while it just became a din.

"I'm so full and milky now!"


"Moo, I need a milking."

"So heavy."

"Ooh, careful, moo, that's sensitive."

"Mooooove over, I'm trying to reach."

"Mooooo! Watch it!"

"Mooo! Mooo, mooo."

"Moo? Mooo moo moo!"

"Moo! Moooooo moo."

"Moo. Moo."


Kobayashi's eye twitched, and she calmly adjusted her glasses before gently placing Kanna on the floor. She proceeded to turn to her right and grab Tohru's top, yanking it off of her to reveal the heavenly, milky bounty underneath. Kobayashi's mouth latched onto one of Tohru's breasts like a lamprey, and held it close with both hands, suckling away at the milk expressing itself into her waiting mouth.

"Mooo, Miss Kobayashi!" Tohru shouted, throwing her hands up in shock, before quickly putting them around Kobayashi's head and holding the woman closer to her bust in a nurturing pose. She wanted to make sure the redhead had as much milk as she wanted and was as comfortable as humanly possible. "Miss Kobayashi's finally consuming me!" she squealed, shaking her cow tail rapidly back and forth.

Kobayashi's eyes were practically glowing red as she drank from Tohru, drinking as much as she could swallow. She hadn't had any of the cows milk. They'd thrown it all away. But damn, it was tasty. Smooth, creamy, a little sweet, but not so much that she couldn't see herself drinking down mouthful after mouthful, which is exactly what she did. Her teeth nibbled on Tohru's areola a bit as she urged more milk to come out. Some inevitably dripped down her collared shirt onto the sofa, but the redhead was beyond caring.

It was only after a few minutes of drinking that Kobayashi pulled herself away, gasping for breath. Tohru's face was as red as her master's hair, turning slightly away in embarrassment.

"To do such a thing here, moo in front of everyone. Oh, geez…" She held her hands up to her face and swished her head around. "I can't believe this finally happened. We'll have to find someone who'll mooooorry us and-" Tohru cut herself off when she saw that Kobayashi had turned around and was now attacking Elma's breasts. The dragon's eyes went white as she saw the office worker taking one of Elma's tits in her hands and clawing at it like it was a prize in a vending machine. Soon the nipple revealed itself to her and she pulled it into her mouth.

Elma let out a cry of shock as Kobayashi yanked her head back, pulling the nipple with her. Kobayashi's head fell into Tohru's cleavage, and Elma came with her, smothering Kobayashi's head in two sets of breasts as she drank away. Elma just whined and moaned, scared to death at the glare she received from Tohru. But the pleasure that came from having her breast suckled was so good that her arms wouldn't move like she wanted them to, and she couldn't push the other woman away.

"Nngh, ghghgh, ghrk." Kobayashi nearly choked consuming milk as fast as she could. But she persevered, lapping at the underside of Elma's nipple with her tongue to push the nipple up into the roof of her mouth. She took several deep breaths, glomming her mouth as deep onto the breast as she could go, and pulling until she felt satisfied. Satisfied with this tank of milk.

When she turned to face Lucoa, the blonde goddess helpfully picked up one of her breasts for Kobayashi, who jumped on her like a crazed monkey. Lucoa's nipple was far thicker and longer than the previous two, so it nearly filled Kobayashi's mouth to capacity. She still stuffed it in and squeezed hard, letting the milk just shoot down her throat, her body taking it all in and adding to the growing gallons of milk that she'd swallowed. All the while Lucoa just looked peaceful and happy. Either she had no idea what was going on or simply thought it was amusing.

Kobayashi's sounds became more animalistic, snarling at the breast. Even with the nipple in her mouth, it was as if her brain couldn't comprehend the size of the teat even though it was right in front of her. She continued to claw at the mounds, kneading Lucoa's bosom like dough in a mad scramble to try and pull it off the goddess and add it to her own chest. By now there was a sizable bump on Kobayashi's stomach from over-consumption. It hurt, but she couldn't stop. She still felt nothing. Still, having so much milk in her body made it hard to move. So once Kobayashi stood up from Lucoa's seat, she wobbled in place for a moment before falling on her back.

Thankfully, between Shouta and Iruru, there were big enough breasts on the floor to provide ample cushion for Kobayashi's head. Panting and near the point of exhaustion, Kobayashi let her head sink down between them, and then yanked herself out. Shouta whimpered and Iruru growled as Kobayashi took a nipple from each in her hands. Both too big to fit, so she just tugged, and each tug rewarded her with a spray of milk that was enough to fill her mouth.

It was as if Kobayashi was playing a rhythm game. Tug the right, Shouta would moan and shudder, and Kobayashi would swallow. Then she'd yank on the left, causing Iruru to groan and growl, rolling her head around in ecstasy, and Kobayashi would swallow the burst of milk that filled her mouth. Kobayashi kept this up for as long as she could, her wrists getting tired from the amount of repetitive motions she made. If anyone had a camera, her white-coated face would have made a fantastic doujin cover, but thankfully they were all too rapt up in watching Kobayashi lose it.

It had been at least ten, maybe fifteen minutes since Kobayashi began drinking from Tohru, and it looked like she was finally done. She pulled herself into a sitting position, leaning back on Shouta's boob, and panting. There was liquid all over the place and not all of it was milk. Her own stomach had bulged out from her tucked-in shirt, a small dome filled with dairy and taut to the touch. Kobayashi took several deep breaths, trying to calm herself.

"Kobayashi." The woman looked up and saw Kanna standing in front of her, holding a bowl full of milk in her hands.

"Oh, ah, t-thank you, Kanna." The woman accepted the gift and looked at the white swirling in the bowl, before pulling it up to her mouth and drinking it down with a gulp. "Hahhh. Thank you, Kanna. Very… tasty," she commented, desperately trying to catch her breath. Kanna took the bowl to return it to the kitchen, but other than her footsteps, the room was silent, as everyone who didn't have piles of tiflesh in the way turned to look at her.

"S-Sorry about that," she stuttered after a moment. "I just was… very... thirsty." It stayed silent as Kobayashi took one last deep breath and settled in against Shouta's huge hooters. All that milk made her feel like she could pass out. But then there came a gurgling sound that seemed to echo in the living room. Kobayashi blinked as she stared at her breasts and saw her nipples perk up. Her eyes widened and her breath hitched slightly in her throat.

"Come on…" she whispered, seeing her nipples poke into her shirt. With all the milk that spilled on the white fabric, it had become translucent. She saw her nipples extend further into the material, denting the material. A small grin formed on her face as she saw them continue, swelling and lengthening. She tentatively put a hand on her nipples through the shirt, and frowned. "What?" Her nipples were like pill bottles, firm and erect. But beneath them, nothing. No breasts to speak of. "C-Come on!"

Kobayashi's mouth hung open in disgust as her nipples kept growing. She hurriedly undid the buttons on her clothing to bare her chest, and better see what happened. Her breasts remained the same but her nipples kept growing, with her areolae spreading and widening on her boobs to cover more than they were supposed to. In a minute, her nipples had gone from small and dainty to big enough that two hands would be needed to wrap around them. Her vision blurred as fury built up in her brain, burning away all the milk that found its way up there after her binge.

"What. The. Fu-" Kobayashi suddenly found herself deeply embedded in Shouta's tits as a sudden force knocked her back. Clawing her way through the canyon of cleavage, Kobayashi took a deep breath and looked down to see breasts. Her breasts. Big ones. As big as Lucoa's before her infection. But much firmer, and rounder, than the goddess typically had. Kobayashi began laughing, placing her hands under her bosom and cupping it delicately, giggling to herself.

"I-It happened," she said quietly. "I have boobs. These are mine…" She caressed them further. "All mine. And what a perfect size too. So huge but, it feels really, really good. This is incredible, I-" Kobayashi was cut off again as another surge of growth made her explode with titty, her breasts soon hanging down to her waist, extending so far from her chest that she couldn't reach her nipples. Kobayashi's mouth was slack but she tried to stay positive.

"Oh. Okay, um, bit much but, I think I can… work with thiiisss!" Kobayashi threw her head back as her breasts continued to overflow her hands, spilling out all over the place. The redhead hurried to her feet, scrambling around trying to figure out what to do, but her sense of balance felt way off now that there was a fifty pound weight attached to her chest. "Ooof! Okay, this, may be, ooh!" She arched her back as a wave of pleasure coursed through her body and she dropped her boobs. There was a slight tweak in her back muscles as her knockers slapped against her knees, sending a moan of pleasure out of Kobayashi's mouth.

"H-Holy crap, are yours all this sensitiiiive?" she groaned, placing her hands on the sides and rubbing them gently. Kobayashi's slit grew hot from the lightest touch to her tatas. Another tremor of delight went up her back, making her shoulder vibrate for a second as her head reflexively bent down towards the joint, with her smile growing wider. "Oh god, this is just the boobs…" she said. Her voice filled with a bit of apprehension, and a lot of excitement. Kobayashi once again let go of her breasts despite how much her hands wanted to stay attached to them, and dropped her pants in front of everyone. Just in time for a standardized cow tail to pop out from her rump, much like Shouta's, just colored like her hair.

But the real reason for taking pants off came once she felt the mass right below her stomach. Her fingers sank into it while they still could, before her coming udder filled up with milk. Kobayashi bit down on her lip as she felt the new organ swell, pushing her legs apart as it slightly lifted up the underside of her boobs. Her mouth smacked as she opened it thanks to a big accumulation of saliva, her lust building the larger she grew, and the more she looked at her boobs. Kobayashi giggled again, groping her udder and squeezing a teat before it got too far away.

"I guess udders are really just huge boobs if you think about it. With more nipples." She licked her lips and groaned as she felt her body try to lean forward, but she straightened her back even as her tits grew so tremendous that standing up they were still huge enough to hit the ground. Her udder was the only thing slightly preventing that, and the organ itself was bigger than Lucoa's already. It pushed Kobayashi's legs apart, she felt the teats touch the carpet as the pink udder hit her calves.

"Moo," she stated. She didn't even feel a compulsion to say it yet, but she couldn't deny what she had become. The transformation of her ears came and went without any fanfare, she was too focused on the good stuff growing before her. Inches and inches of succulent flesh that was all hers. Radiating outward. She felt the thud of her udder hit the carpet, and then her boobs as well, each mound as large as Kobayashi was, and still growing. A few moments later, Kobayashi's feet left the floor.

"Eh? Moo?" she asked in confusion, taking a moment to realize what happened. Her udder kept growing, and it was such a tight mass, filled with untapped gallons of milk, that it began lifting her up. She felt her toes brush against the sides of her udder, and all the while her boobs were still growing. They actually shoved into Lucoa's seat, and the couch where Elma and Tohru were still sat. The three women were enveloped by breastflesh for a while before the ever-growing hooters pushed the furniture out of the way. Behind her, Shouta and Iruru watched helplessly as Kobayashi's udder crept up closer to them the bigger it got. The sphere of milk spread out evenly beneath the humongous cowgirl, so she was essentially riding her own udder.

The mass lifted her up a few feet in the air before it stopped, and Kobayashi was left towering over everyone else. Her breasts kept going for a moment longer. She felt her nipples throb, begging to release the backed-up bounty behind them. Each throbbing mass was nearly the size of Kanna and as pink as her normal outfit. Kobayashi shuddered as she felt her thighs get moist from the paralyzing orgasm that swept over her body. She couldn't see anything in front of her but her own rack, and it was the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen.

"Mm." Kobayashi just had to lean forward an inch to plant a kiss against her breastflesh. Then another and another, smooching every little bit of her boobs she could get her lips on. It wasn't even a full percentage, she was dwarfed by her own enormity. Her hands crept over her tits. She'd waited so long for this moment and she planned to savor it, letting out a long, mooing groan of pleasure as she rested her head against her tits.

"M-Miss Kobayashi?" Tohru asked quietly, gently poking at her master's thigh, now eye-level with the dragon. "Are you okay?"

"Mmoooooo…." came the reply, before Kobayashi continued to fondle her bosom. "Tohru, I need a tissue. I think, moo. I think I'm crying," she admitted, sniffling with joy before digging back into her bust, damning the consequences and clearly having no regrets. Tohru would do as she asked. She had a bigger job than ever now. She was still a maid, after all. Miss Kobayashi's cowgirl maid!