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❤️ - Ask what Sif meant

"What did she mean?" You asked, arms wrapped around his neck again. Vali froze for a moment, sighing.
"She... There was a misunderstanding. That's all." He said, walking back to the center of the village.
"What misunderstanding?"
Vali grumbled, his cheeks turning a rosy colour.
"She probably thought you were being prepped to serve the Matron." He half mumbled, ducking under the clothesline from earlier. Your cheeks turned red in turn.
"Oh. So she though that we-?"
A slightly awkward silence settled over the pair of you as Vali kept walking. You were wracking your brain, trying to think of something to say but before you could, Vali's home was in front of you once more.
"I hope I didn't cause you trouble." You said as Vali walked into the hall. He scoffed.
"She's old and a little senile. People will hardly believe anything she says."
Things had gotten a little livelier and a gnome you hadn't spotted before was off to the side twiddling away at a harp while singing. A lovelorn, young orc girl was making eyes at him, her elbows resting on the table as her chin rested in her hands. You couldn't help but smile a little.
Someone had lit the fire as well and-

You were breathing hard, the smell of smoke heavy around you as you scrambled up. You felt like a hunted animal as you started running, screams of people behind you.
There was fire.
So much fire.
You felt the heat fade begin you as the distance grew. Your heart pounded harder as an arrow whizzed past your right ear, scraping your cheekbone.

"Hey. Hey. Come back to me. C'mon."
You were breathing hard and fast, the memory fading as Vali came back into view. You were in his room, he'd sat you down on the bed and was sitting on his haunches next to it.
"There we go. Deep breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth."
You did as Vali told you and you felt your body slowly relax. The memories swirled through your head again and you looked down at your bandaged leg which throbbed dully.
"I did- I Remember- Fire-" You chocked out as tears welled up in your eyes and started pooring down your cheeks. "I did something bad."
"What are you talking about?" Vali asked, one of his warm hands on your arm.
You sobbed, rubbing at your eyes with the heel of your hand. You suddenly felt yourself being lifted again and ended up in the orcs lap. You couldn't help yourself and cried, digging your face into the fur shrug on his shoulders. He petted your head and gently shushed you until your crying died down to a tired whimpering.
"You okay there?" He asked, voice soft. You nodded, feeling embarrassed over your breakdown.
"I'm fine. I just remembered something." You started. "There was fire. People called me a murderer. I must've-" you let out a sob again.
"Hey, hey. That's just-... It's not the full story." Vali said, still holding you in his lap. "Maybe they got you confused for someone else."
You stayed quiet, to drained to argue. Vali didn't press the matter either and you stayed there, quietly.
You don't know how long had passed but twilight was settling in as someone knocked on the door to Vali's room.
"Chief? Chief, Chieftain Narfi has arrived. He's getting kinda pissy cause you're not here." A voice rang out. Vali groaned.
"Tell him I'll be right there!" Vali yelled back and he looked down at you.
"You heard him. Think you'll be okay on your own? I can get Eydis if you'd like company?" He asked. You shook your head.
"I kinda wanna be alone for a bit."
Vali nodded, gently manouvering you off of his lap. You sat on his bed and watched him leave, your hand going almost on instinct to the braid he'd weaved into your hair.

You must've fallen asleep shortly after because you woke up when the sun was shining through the bedroom window. You saw a bowl of something on the table across from the bed and you sat up, wiping the sleep from your eyes.
You glanced over to the armchair and found it vacant. You frowned at this, wondering where the heck Vali had slept.
With a sigh, memories of last nights goings on came back to you. An uneasy feeling made its home in your gut and you wrung your hands together.
Trying not to focus on it, you crawled out of bed and carefully made your way to the food on the table, taking a seat at it. As you poked at what turned out to be porridge, you made a mental note of what you'd want to do today.
You were in dire need of a bath and other clothes, you'd have to go to Eydis so she could check on your leg, you wanted to explore the village as best you could,...
Being cooped up in a room all day was hardly your idea of a pleasant time.
You forced yourself to eat as you glanced around, your eyes falling on a few books haphazardly stacked on the table. Unable to reign your curiosity, you read the spines.
"Art of War and Leadership, Fantastical Histories of Crearurekind, The Tale of Gudrun Brightaxe, Tusk Love-" You paused, eyebrows furrowing at the last title you'd read. A quick sideways glance to the door later you had pried the book from the pile and glanced at the cover.
The tips of your ears turned red at the illustration on it. There was an orc on the cover dressed in little more than a fur loincloth. He was holding a human girl whos nightshirt left little to the imagination and who's mane of red hair seemed to defy all laws of physics.
Your curiosity once more got the better of you and you opened the book at a random page.
'-his hands settled on the backs of Guinevere's thighs as she hovered over him, her wanton gaze betraying the lust she felt for him. Oskar's feeling of passion were mutual in the most visible way a man could show them, his cock hard and str-'
You slammed the book shut, staring at the cover again. Part of you was convinced you'd never be able to look at Vali the same again. As carefully as you could, you placed the book back where you found it and finished your breakfast. Your mind kept drifting back to the book and you made a mental note of trying to read it when Vali wasn't around. Just for research.
You pushed the half eaten bowl away and carefully got up, testing your weight on your wounded leg. You'd imagine that if you were careful, you'd be able to make your way around.

What do you want to do?
❤️ - Seek out Eydis
♠️ - Find a place to bathe
♦️ - Read more of the book