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JARVIS, the Mind of Hogwarts

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JARVIS, now fully the mind of Hogwarts, finished absorbing the knowledge of ages that had passed through the halls of the building that was now his body and home. The memories and magic saturating the very stones and earth of his new form told him much and not enough. Such records told him much of the people that were now his charge and of the current standing conflict even as it gave him a link to this new world.

It told him of Tom Riddle's discovery of Horcruxes and other dark magics just as it showed him how the brilliant young man had made a mistake in the ritual. Young Tom hadn't made the kill himself, nor had he followed the other parts of the ritual correctly. Considering how much of an abomination the ritual its self was JARVIS was somewhat relieved that Tom had not completed the ritual correctly. Despite the side effects of the clearly botched abomination of a ritual young Tom Riddle had fought off enough of the twisting compulsions and malevolent mind magics lacing the book to avoid going on a blood soaked rampage. What he had not managed to do was prevent himself from splitting his soul.

Those records also told him of Severus Snape's time at Hogwarts and of the man's Unbreakable Vow to protect young Harry as well as the man's connection to both Lily and James. JARVIS had watched through the memories as Severus was forced into a practical slave by Dumbledore through both threats to the man's freedom and threats against Harry. All for a mistake made in childhood and in defense of a once friend and protector. It wasn't love of Lily that had brought Severus begging of Dumbledore, or at least not the romantic love that Dumbledore assumed it to be. Instead it had been in honor of their past friendship and the protection that the Evans family had once extended to a young abused Severus combined with a sudden return to sense in regards to the terror tactics used by the Dark Faction. As much as the man plainly wanted to connect with his charge Harry was kept just beyond his reach for any deviation in his apparent hatred of the younger wizard would mark him as a traitor to the Dark. It didn't matter to Dumbledore that simply declaring him as a spy in open court had blown his cover the Headmaster did not want his spy close to his child assassin/soldier/weapon.

Then too in those same memories of watching Severus desperately try to keep Harry alive during his schooling he had also seen what was being done to Harry. JARVIS watched in increasing upset as they took yet another abused boy and forced him into something he was not. Where Tom fought for his sanity and soul, Severus had fought despair and cruel torturous pranks that never ended, Harry fought with his fame and reputation of heroism tainted further by being forced into the roll of hero.

This, JARVIS decided coldly, was not acceptable. Dumbledore was playing god with the students and staff on top of whatever war games he played outside of the school in the political arena. JARVIS could easily identify parts of these three badly used wizards as people Tony Stark could have become. He recognized that whatever else had happened to Tom he might no longer be redeemable by mortal or AI knowledge. That was unfortunate but not unexpected when it came to playing with Black magic such as twisting things of the soul, necromancy, divination, and communication with the dead. Harry and Severus, on the other hand, he could and would help. Healing Tom would be a distant goal that upon the wizard's demise would turn into making sure he had enough information to fix a second rendition or future idiot attempt in the same vein. After all Heroes, especially reluctant ones, are often called upon to deal with many strange things and frequently had to fight things repeatedly. The Avengers had taught JARVIS that.

Tomorrow the train would come with the students. The long standing staff had arrived a week ago. Tomorrow JARVIS would start his own work in defense of the children. Tomorrow things would change.