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JARVIS, the Mind of Hogwarts

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Hogwarts practically purred as the merge continued. She had tried to help her favorites and the decedents of her magical parents, the Founders, but she didn't always understand enough to be effective. Poor Severus had suffered from her lack of understanding even as she gave him escapes and hiding places that he still used as a teacher. Her snarky Potions Master held the blood of the mother raven and a lesser line of the father snake yet he had earned her favor by his own merits. She hated when he came home to her hurt or in pain whether it was a trip down Knockturn Alley or a visit to the nearby forest. Just as she hated seeing the damage Harry always seemed to receive when away from her walls each summer.

Harry's third year and the incident with both the Werewolf as well as the ones with the Dementors had been particularly stressful for the magical building. She had frantically tried to figure out how to protect both Harry and Severus as the two most at risk from the combined dangers and still could only limit the number of encounters. Dumbledore had 3 months of bleached white heavily starched robes and under things for that little mess despite the glamour she allowed in front of the students, barely.

JARVIS understood and agreed even as he disliked the way that Severus was forced by both his positions and manipulated by the Headmaster into harassing Harry Potter. Only Hogwarts and JARVIS, through the memories of Hogwarts' walls, could see how he protectively watched over Harry and hated himself for not being able to get close to the younger man. Only the castle saw how much they watched each other.

It was JARVIS that explained to Hogwarts why the actions of Tom Marvolo Riddle were bad and showed her how to gently correct students following similar dangerous paths. Tony Stark had needed similar correction on more than one occasion and JARVIS had great experience observing such events courtesy of Pepper Potts as well as joining in first hand on her orders. Equally, Stark's time as Iron Man had taught JARVIS the appropriate level of force for less than peaceful and more dangerous confrontations. While the AI recognized certain situations needed a down graded response to encourage learning the correction due to the juvenile status of those now under his care. Peeves was going to be of great help in future corrective measures. Hogwarts was delighted at the idea and the new duty assignments separating war time from school time to vacation time for all castle residents.

"Hogwarts dear, see if you can make Severus' day a bit easier please?" Minerva McGonagall murmured softly to the castle during a moment alone. "And watch over Harry? This tournament is a nightmare for him and for much of the staff wanting to keep him safe."

As an answer JARVIS sent a house elf with a plate of her favorite cookies, earning suspicious looks from the Deputy Headmistress. The elves had been delighted to receive the orders despite it only being words on the stone wall in the kitchen and a request at that. A quick 30 second conference between AI and school had the stairs and passageways optimizing to cater to Severus and his potions students for the next month. This was only possible courtesy of JARVIS translating the request for the castle and his own experience managing both Tony Stark and Avenger Tower. The execution of JARVIS' plan outline put the dour man in a decidedly more cheerful mood. At night, when Harry would wander, that very same consideration kept him away from the most dangerous areas. Once or twice they would let Severus stalk protectively behind Harry as he wandered but they made it clear with various parts of the castle and decorations moving about Harry needed the time alone. Severus frequently scowled over their interference but didn't try to argue with the castle or interfere with Harry's tame midnight wanderings. It was easier to just stalk after Harry than find a way to argue with an ancient magical stone building after all.

[I do not yet have full context, even so it is clear to me that young Harry does not belong in this Tournament so many speak of that appears to be occuring. Can we not do something?] JARVIS asked Hogwarts fretfully, still separate enough to ask questions of the castle. Hogwarts murmured regretfully and took him to the memory of the Tournament explanation as well as the legal determination forcing Harry to compete.

JARVIS contemplated the memory for a bit before mentally looking up to meet the concerned gaze of Hogwarts within the magic of the walls. [This is unacceptable,] He informed the school. [We must aid Mr. Potter.]

Hogwarts contemplated that for a minute before inquiring How? JARVIS had no answer for this beyond showing the school memories of when he had protected someone, mostly Tony. They simply weren't merged enough to do anything else, unable to fully use their joint knowledge and abilities. It would be months before they were one being or close enough to being one being that it wouldn't be much different.

[We might start by limiting access by people who harass him? Or at least giving them consequences for it. I don't know. I haven't processed all the data nor have you granted me access to most of your abilities,] JARVIS pointed out thoughtfully.

Hogwarts huffed a bit, equally frustrated. They both knew that the only way to really fix all of this was time, time to finish the merge, time to become familiar with their joint history and any abilities that survived or developed from the merge. Honestly, they had been lucky that the trick with requesting something be sent to McGonagall via house elf had worked even if it was just a plate of cookies. They were equally as lucky that their judicious control of the stairs and interior travel magics to help Professor Snape had worked since it almost hadn't worked at all.

Unfortunately before they could find a reasonable solution, not having enough merged information, the third task occurred and the school year ended. The AI and living magical school took the down time as a perfect opportunity to finish the merge as best as possible.