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We Dared to Dream

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“Qrow, take those damn headphones off!”

He jumped in his place, 18 years with the girl and her yelling voice was still the most irritating thing in the world.

“What?”, he answered with a sharp voice. The airship wasn’t about to land anytime soon, was a little peace too much to ask for?

“Stop being an asshole and listen to me, please?”, Raven’s tone was a bit softer now. She knew pissing of his brother too much only led to a meaningless fight and this was not the time for it. He nodded slowly and lifted his eyebrows, listening.

“So, as you know there is going to be an initiation of some sort to decide partners and teams. From what I was able gather, we will be tasked with finding a certain spot in the Emerald Forest. During the search the first person we make eye contact with will be our partner until we graduate. I thought I could just open a portal to you so we could partner up easily. I don’t know how the teams will be formed but it doesn’t really matter who our teammates are anyways. It’s just important that we are toge-“

“I get it, Raven. You’d just miss your brother too much if we were ever apart.”, Qrow interrupted his sister with an amused grin on his face. He knew all this already, they talked about it more than three times. She was just too much of a control freak and teasing her was always too much fun to pass up.

“Damn it Qrow, why aren’t you taking this shit seriously! This is literally the most important task we’ve ever been given.”, she was anxious. They weren’t the most experienced people when it came to school and strangers. That’s why they needed to be partners in the first place. Her brother also felt the same and nothing he said would convince her otherwise.

“Yeees, I know. I just… Look, I’m fairly aware that this is not a joke, but you talking all stressed and control-freaky doesn’t help at all. I’m going to be there with you, we’ll help each other and when we get strong enough, we bail. Simple as that. We don’t even have to stay long enough to graduate. Try to relax a bit if you can, okay?”, he was pretty tired from the long journey and wanted to rest for a bit before they reached Beacon. He looked at Raven with tired eyes, as if asking whether he was understood.

“Okay…”, and with that she started to watch Vale get further and further away through the giant windows.





“Always, sis.”, he closed his eyes and put his headphones back on again.




“Daaad, pleaaase can you leave now?” , protested the girl that was being forced to pose for the photo album named “Summer’s First Day at Beacon!”.

“Not until I have enough photos to show your mom. Now smile like you mean it.”

Summer Rose tried her best to give the most genuine smile she could, hoping that it would finally make her father satisfied. She loved her parents with all her heart, but as a teenager who was leaving her home for the first time, she gave herself the right to be embarrased of them.

“So, was it okay?”

“Actually, yes. Come on, give daddy a big hug!”, Caleb Rose was a human giant and his hugs were the most intense hugs anyone had ever seen. Summer braced herself and let her father smother her in his muscular arms.

“I love you, dad. But I really should go. How am I gonna meet people if I stay with you all day?”, she already had all the conversation starters her mom prepared for her memorized. She was ready to start new friendships that were going to last for life. After all, huntsmen had a special bond. All of her mom’s friends were her fellow huntsmen, and they were the kind of friends she wanted to have when she got older.

“I love you, too, sweetheart. Don’t forget, you call us everyday and you answer to your scroll when we call you. Unless, of course you have a pretty good reason not to. Hm. Yeah, we’ll have to talk about what counts as an acceptable reason. Also, remember to be kind to everyone.”, Caleb looked like he could go on for an hour. Thankfully, he stopped himself before it was too late to turn back.

“Soo, if you are done with the dad-lecture, this is it?”, she asked with vibrant eyes.

“This is it. Your mom is definitely going to cry when she sees the photos though.”, he smiled like he was the world’s happiest man. They said their final goodbyes before Caleb went back to the mainland and let his daughter enjoy the beginning of her new life. Full of expectations and hope.  




Taiyang Xiao Long had always been a confident guy. He was charming, he had the looks and the brains. Not to mention a bright future as a huntsman, judging by his already impressive skill level. As he was walking through the school, he had a smug grin on his face. The entrance exams to any academy were supposed to be hard but he was sure that Beacon’s were the toughest one. Even he had barely passed, and that said a lot. He was the top of his class in Signal and he knew he’d continue that status. Suddenly, he felt a bump on his back before some other student fell on the ground right next to him.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, man!”, he yelled with annoyance appearent in his voice.

When he looked at the fallen girl, however, he regretted it deeply. She was drop dead gorgeous, with her porcelaine skin and red eyes that were looking at everywhere but him. When he was finally able to hold out his hand to her, he was met with a grunt and nothing else.

“Sorry for my sister, she doesn’t really get the whole being nice thing.”, a guy in a gray shirt said apologetically. Probably the “chill” twin.

“I can speak for myself, Qrow. And you, be more careful the next time you’re aimlessly wandering around?”, she spat. Her voice carried something he couldn’t quite place. All Tai knew was that it was the voice of someone who’s been through some stuff.

“I’m Tai! Would you like to meet my friends Gordon and James?”, he blurted, flexing his biceps. He had no idea what he was doing, except making things even more awkward than they were a second before.


To his surprise, the girl chuckled silently.

“Nice to meet you Gordon, you too James. Can’t say the same about that guy Tai though. He’s a bit off-putting, isn’t he? And you can call me Raven.”, she spoke, head turned to Tai’s arms.

“Seriously, that worked?”, Qrow -as Raven called him- looked amused at worst. He looked like someone Tai could get along with.

“Anyways, we have to go unpack and… Well, we have a lot to do, right Qrow?”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s go. See you around, Tai.”

“Sure, see you.”, Tai flashed a smile their way and noted they didn’t really have any luggage with them.  

He continued his walk, this time much more pleased with himself. Getting in to Beacon Academy was the best thing that had ever happened to him.