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Light Up the Night All Around Us

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Well, it was an attempt at a tent?

“Kratos said it was supposed to be this way…” Lloyd had put down the metal poles for their camping, hands still shaky from hammering them to the ground. But the structure of the tent was all lopsided and a bit defeated looking. The kind of work that Genis would snicker at and Raine to dock points from. Colette, however, clapped her hands with pride.

“You did it! You made us a tent!”

Lloyd still pouted at his work. “Eh, it’s barely enough to fit either of us in. It’s barely any bigger than Noishe! There’d be no space for him at all.”

Said Noishe seemed to be perfectly fine at not being cramped in confined spaces. The dog creature curled by a tree, nose buried in his bushy tail as he quickly fell asleep.

“He seems happy to stay out here,” Colette commented. “But it’s big enough for us both if we stay close, I think?”

Lloyd scratched his head, debating. He had only set up the tent because the night was cold, and he wanted to do something different! Colette understood that, and there was something very cozy about being huddled up in a tent together. She didn’t mind at all if it wasn’t the most professional. It was still Lloyd’s handiwork in the end.

A particular breeze made Lloyd shiver. Unlike Noishe, neither had fur to ward it off. “Okay, okay. I really don’t want to redo it anyway…”

Both of them kinda had to…crawl in there. The ceiling of the tent was low, Lloyd’s half crouching form was not enough to keep him from hitting his head at the top. It was only wide enough for both, but even that was pushing it. Still, Colette was able to roll out their blankets with ease. In the soft darkness of the tent, she smiled. “See? It’s still really comfortable. And it’s warm, too!”

She saw Lloyd eventually had to assent to that, until even he was smiling, too. “Yeah.. Yeah! I think I did pretty good here actually!” He fist pumped the air, succeeding in punching the cloth of the tent and nearly dragging it even further on its side. He sat back down quickly. “…Maybe if Kratos could have been clearer on it when he was teaching me.”

Colette nodded. “Yeah. I miss him, too.”

It didn’t take long of them to get settled for sleep. They had to improvise though, pushing their blankets together so that neither would be half out of the tent. The tent was well insulated despite its construction, enough for Lloyd to take off his jacket. He scratched at an itch near the collar of his undershirt, already yawning loudly.

“We should sleep soon though,” Colette helpfully reminded him. “Dirk told me to make sure you did!”

Lloyd had to choke in mid-yawn. “Seriously? He knows I can take care of myself…”

“Yeah! But he just cares, that’s all.”

“I know, I know.” Lloyd crawled into the layer of blankets that covered the floor of the tent. It was blanket city basically. Colette always made sure that they would sleep in as much comfort as they could. She followed him shortly, her dress gone but wearing a light vest that covered her well, until both were cuddled with each other.

Colette saw Lloyd’s blush when he got close. This was still very new to them. They had only kissed a few times since they started this new journey, but there were still a few physical hurdles to go. And the way Lloyd wrapped their blankets around each other so that he was cocooned with her reassured her that he wanted to keep going with this new relationship.

The wind blew strongly, making the tent shiver. Colette looked above her, but knew the place would not fall on them. “When we wake up, maybe we can go to Asgard for a break? We’ve already gathered a lot of Exspheres. I think it’d be-“

She was interrupted by snoring.

Turning, Lloyd’s face was at her shoulder, mouth half-parted as he slept. She giggled at the sight, and was tempted then to kiss at the corner of his lips. She saw him scrunch his forehead at the contact, moving around a little, but still stay sleeping.

She wished she could give him more kisses than that. But the hour was late, and poor Lloyd was tired. She curled up to his chest, hearing him breathe, and feeling the warmth of his body.

She wished she could go further than this.

Lloyd had been so careful since the beginning, only kissing her when she asked him, and careful to not linger on a stare. But she felt it. And she wanted it. Even though her and Lloyd could talk about anything, how could she bring this up? To say he could love her in however way he wanted?

He shifted a bit in his sleep, making her press close to him. At the most, they hadn’t even cuddled as much, or at least this close for bed. She wondered if the tent had been an excuse from him? But as she thought on that… she felt something.

Maybe it was because of the cold outside, contrasting with the warmth of their small tent. Or maybe her kiss had affected him more than she thought. Either way, the hardness that pressed against her thigh was very new.

Her eyes had gotten used to the darkness, so she could see very well the way it lifted up the front of his pants. Did this usually happen when he slept? Or was it really because of her?

Unconsciously, her hand reached out for it.

She stopped herself before she did, surprised at her own boldness. I shouldn’t do that while he’s sleeping! Then re-thought that as well. I shouldn’t touch him like that at all!

Still, she barely moved away. Her thigh was still lightly pressed against it. Lloyd shifted forward, and the hardness became harder to ignore. A soft sound broke through his gentle snoring, a stutter of his voice.

I should ask about doing this first anyway…

But Lloyd was still deep in sleep, and she didn’t want to wake him. Not like her, where she still felt wide awake, still hearing the strong wind outside. Lloyd shivered a bit; maybe from the weather, maybe from a dream. She thought it felt pretty warm in this tent, but maybe that wasn’t enough for Lloyd.

Maybe she could help.

The sensation of being hot or cold was something she had taken for granted and was now so glad for. Her hands went to rub at his arm, very gently. Lloyd made another sound, half of his face now in her hair. She giggled at his motions, and pecked another kiss, this time more on his cheek. Another scrunch of his forehead, another soft sound from him.

She still.. felt him.

There were other places that needed warming too.

Could it be any different than making one’s own self warm? (Not that she ever mentioned it to Lloyd. And maybe she should have?) Her hand pressed against his hardness, remaining still as she understood its shape. The flat of her palm pressed even more. It was very hard, staying in its shape against the force of her hand. Lloyd shifted again.

There were better ways to feel him.

She gave him one more kiss, this time gently on his lips. That first time, he had asked her if it would be okay to. And she had done all she could to not jump into his arms and say she wished he had done so sooner, quick and deep, and leave her breathless. But Colette had felt herself wanting to rush through every sensation ever since she reclaimed her body. If Lloyd could give her such an experience, she would take it gladly. She had always wanted him to.

Her kiss lingered over his mouth as she softly rubbed against the fabric of his pants. The shape of him stayed the same, but she could feel its warmth through his clothes. It wasn’t good to be cold, but it wasn’t good to overheat.

I should ask, I should ask, she kept saying to herself, all while her hands went to unbutton his pants.

The blankets covering them made her feel safe, made her feel that this was their secret. His erection stuck out through the air, bigger than she realized it to be, fascinated at the way it fit against her palm. Fingers curled around it, a thumb pressed against the tip. Soft as velvet, a wetness there that she was suddenly eager to taste. This was vastly different to anything she had known, but… she really liked holding it.

The soft rubbing she initiated became stroking. The textures of skin were different, depending on where her hand made contact. From soft and malleable, to smooth and firm. She pressed her body near him still, as she continued exploring his cock in guarded silence.

She heard Lloyd’s breath quicken in his sleep.

Maybe she could give him a good dream if she did this. Sometimes he woke up so tired and frazzled. The Exsphere journey had its own worries and troubles, even when he tried to hide it from her. But now Lloyd swallowed hard. She wanted to watch his face, like how his slightly parted lips opened a little wider as he took in a breath.

She kissed him again, this time with a little more firmness. Her tongue brushed against his bottom lip, and she felt his breath enter her mouth. His own voice broke slightly from the sensation.

“Wha… Co…Colette…”

She kept her strokes, giving him small kisses every once in a while. He was still sleeping. Maybe he was dreaming of her. Dreaming of kissing her? Or more than that? She wrapped her fingers more firmly around him, then quickened her pace.

Lloyd’s eyes were shut, but he breathed hard still. What else was he seeing, she wondered. What else was he feeling? Was it really just her hand?

She had always wanted to touch him like this.

Lloyd arched his back, still sleepy and still so very lost in it. His shirt was wrinkled, she noticed, and how some of it was lifted off his stomach. Still, in her curiousness, she let her free hand trail across his revealed skin, feeling the muscle built deep there, and his toned skin overall. He looked so nice this way. Could there be a way that he could… dress less when with her?

What a weird thing she had been thinking of, but still she stroked Lloyd’s cock, all while he continued to sleep and breathlessly call out for her.

In here, she felt like that Lloyd was her very own. One that she could touch and kiss when she wanted. The blankets shifted under them as Lloyd moved slightly in his sleep.

She laid another kiss on his mouth. His now messy hair, the shape of his lips. He just looked so good.

“Mm… what…” He breathed into her mouth, sending pleasant thrums through her. His eyes were half-open.

But Colette couldn’t find it in herself to stop.

She gripped him a little tighter, pressing her hips near his so that he could feel the fabric of her leggings. She was very warm herself, and there were moments she wished she could feel herself too. Or if he could. Sometimes his hands would stay in their hugs, over her back, or her waist, a small shift that told her he wanted to go more. But he was considerate, he was patient. Except Colette wasn’t. She wanted to say it was all okay for him to want her.

She wondered if he was actually awake. He looked at her, but didn’t really seem to notice her. He breathed through his mouth, hips moving to the rhythm of her touch. His head pressed back into the ground as a particular shudder went through him.

Something about him like this was so helpless. How could her own hand make him act this way? Some of the wetness that leaked out of him went onto her fingers, coating a side of his cock. She concentrated there and then Lloyd made this noise she had never heard, a crack in his voice that sounded so bare and needy, making her heart tighten so well in her chest.

“Lloyd?” she said reflexively. She didn’t mean to call out just yet, and she said it so softly, the touch of her hand on him louder in comparison.

His body shifted more to her, enough that his chest pressed against hers. It was enough to feel the force of his heartbeat. “More…” Another lost breath, hitching in his throat. She had never seen him like this at all. “Tighter.”

There were other things she wanted to do to him. Her free hand kept circling up his chest, playing with what she found, the textures she felt. But she did go tighter on him. He curled a fist into the floor, bringing his hips up and down. His neck was tense, and she kissed him there to help relieve some of it. That and… it was easier to hear him this way. How his voice traveled through her, and how his breath hit against her ear.

“Ah… ah fuck…” he whispered even more, and then suddenly he grabbed her arm, rolling her more onto him. She felt his strength through his body, how his hips moved to the friction, how his voice cracked again. His moan during his orgasm was so new and delicious to hear that she could barely take it. She gathered whatever of him that leaked out onto her hand, trying to keep it from staining their clothes. But his body kept moving, even after she knew it was over, slowing down as the seconds passed, yet his breathing still so harsh and fast.

The wind was loud outside, making the tent fabric flap. Still, it kept standing. Lloyd’s breath caught up, the feel of it in her neck.

She figured he must have been awake now.

Colette was too afraid to let him go, suddenly wondering at herself at how she did that to him. She saw his eyes start to gain recognition, even in the dark. A small line formed in his forehead, and she knew then that she messed up. Why would she do that to him when he wanted to take things slow? That’s how it should have been, even if…

“I…” she started, feeling disgusted with herself. “I’m sor-“

His kiss was deep and searching, and his tongue against hers made her moan soft and wet. She was rolled gently onto her back, careful enough that her hand never left his cock. It was like he was trying to keep her there.

He was still hard against her. It made her feel so warm.

His hands wandered to the front of her dress, unclasping the buttons more easily than she thought he would have known. Sometimes his eyes lingered on her. Did he imagine how he could…?

“I didn’t mean to take so long,” he said to her. Her breasts were bare, a little chill even in the tent. His tongue glided over a nipple, and the heat was suddenly so intense. “Colette…”

She shivered as he sucked and kissed her breasts, still feeling him, and wanting now so badly to touch herself. She tried to, shifting her hand, still wet with him, to slip through her leggings. And then she felt his own touch, how he followed her down there, how his fingers edged against hers, still wondering and slightly unsure, but he-

“L-Lloyd…” she called out to him again. Colette let him explore there as much as he wanted, the sound of his kisses on her making her stretch her body, the way he did not so long ago.