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Crimson Concrete

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Katsuki knew that he was technically fucking dead- but, god, living right now was fucking NEATO.

Two months pass by in what feels like a blink- and it wasn’t even because he was immortal or anything. It was just because he was having such a great time.

School was still kind of shit- he was a bit of a broke ass bitch- but it all seemed paltry in comparison to the array of good things surrounding his life right now.

...Perhaps it was just a momentary change in perspective, but Katsuki just couldn’t stop waking up with a dumbass smile on his face. Sometimes he even found it hard to scowl- which was just fucking absurd considering that was literally his default expression.

He found a bit more work around the college science lab- it was pretty difficult shit but it was nothing that a star student like him couldn’t do with ease. It was extra cash-

And extra cash meant extra dates with Deku.

Deku was definitely the poignant catalyst for this whole ‘happy go-lucky Katsuki’ scenario. Ever since Katsuki had told him about his vampirism- he’d noticed little changes to their whole dynamic. There wasn’t so many walls anymore- because there didn’t need to be. They didn’t hesitate to speak their mind- well, not that Katsuki ever really did...

They understood each other better. So much better than before.

...And since Katsuki opened up a little to Deku-

...Deku opened up a little more to him.

Katsuki knew Deku to be a serial mumbler- but he had always been a little hesitant to get personal with Katsuki- even in his tangents. But this mutual trust that the pair of them had built over the past few weeks had really helped with easing the tension. Katsuki slowly learnt that Deku was an only child to a single mother. He had lived in Japan until his dad left when he was three. That had been when his mom and him had moved over here. He’d always been smart, but he was kind of a loner in middle school. He soon blossomed into a more confident person as he met more like minded people. He still kept in touch with his group of friends from then- Iida, Shinsou, Tsuyu...

He also found out why Deku had so many jobs.

“Uh, my mom’s… she’s sick.” Deku had admitted to him, slowly- like he wanted to taste the words on his mouth first.

He must see the horrified expression on Katsuki’s face because he quickly tries to dismiss the thoughts swimming around his head- “nothing terminal or anything!” He blurts, waving his hands out, “but,” he scratches the back of his head, a little uncomfortable to be talking about the subject at all, “health care here is really expensive- and we’ve never been rich… That and my tuition… It would have crippled us financially.” Deku looks to the floor before a small smile creeps onto his face, “she’s actually partially one of the reasons I wanted to become a doctor in the first place.”

Katsuki raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t say anything for fear of Deku not saying anything else on the matter.

“Do you remember All Might?”

Katsuki nods, the warm feeling of nostalgia heating his chest. “that old cartoon? The guy that’s a doctor by day, superhero by night?”

Deku nods in affirmation, laughing, “it’s really embarrassing, but I really loved him as a kid… still do. When my mom first got sick, I realised that I wanted to be like him… I wanted to help people… I wanted to help my mom.” Deku flushes, looking embarrassed. “So I guess it was a weird mix of me being a naive little kid that just wanted my mom to be okay, and a naive little kid that wanted to be like my hero.” He fiddles with his hands, “this is super embarrassing, I’ve never even told my mom about this...”

And, because Katsuki is inept at sensitivity at the best of times- he fixes his jaw before blurting, “I think that’s kind of kickass.”

Then Deku gave him the brightest smile Katsuki had ever seen and they made out with each other for half an hour.

Like Katsuki said, life was kind of kickass right now.


They had their routine and they tended to stick to it. Deku worked at the Crimson Crypt three times a week (the store for two)- and Katsuki made sure he was there at the end of all of his shifts, without fail. He knew full well that Deku could handle himself- he knew that he would probably be completely fine on his own…

But Katsuki had begun to think more and more like a vampire these past few months. Every time he thought too long about mortality, it had his non-functioning heart in a frenzy.

He tried his best not to think too deeply on it- tried to put his mind to something else. And sometimes that something else was making sure that Deku got home okay from his shady ass job.

Deku tended to sleep over at his house whenever he was tutoring Kirishima- which tended to be every Friday afternoon. Katsuki’s two roommates had accepted Deku into the apartment as an honorary roomie and had started stocking the fridge with all the ingredients for Katsudon. But since neither of them could actually cook- it was mostly just a subtle hint at Katsuki to move his lazy ass off the couch and get cooking for his boyfriend… and them.

Which was fucking dumb because he couldn’t even taste the food properly anymore. Just because he’d been good at cooking when he was mortal- it didn’t mean he was the honorary chef of the apartment.

...He makes it anyway.

Apparently his cooking is so delicious to the three humans that they insist on Katsudon night being every Friday. Katsuki obliges because he likes the way Deku’s eyes light up when he takes the first bite of his food.

And, perhaps, he quite enjoys the little boost to his already inflated ego.

The most interesting tidbit of Katsuki’s life, however, is the addition of Todoroki into the equation. He’d show up at the most random times- perched and collected as always, non-smiling and expressionless.

They’d actually begun hunting together. When Deku was out working during the night, Todoroki and him usually created a tag team of weirdos. It meant that they could take out a whole group at a time- which meant that it was less work.

And, Katsuki would have to admit, it was kind of fun. He’d missed eating with someone.

Even if it meant sharing his meal with Todoroki- it was better than being lonely. He’d deny it for the rest of his long life- but he’d missed the comfort of someone else’s presence when he went fucking ham on a cheeseburger.

Overall, Katsuki’s life was going pretty fucking neato at the moment.

Which, most definitely meant that something, anything was going to come fuck it up at any given moment.