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Crimson Concrete

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Now that Katsuki was finally back in his shitty abode, kicking off his sneakers to the sound of the tv in the background- he slowly gives pause to the happenstances of the night.

He walked Deku home! They had a quippy, banterous conversation together where there were no awkward pauses! He wasn’t even insulted by Katsuki’s… bitchiness, in fact it almost looked like Deku found it endearing .

This. Was. GREAT. Best night ever.

Katsuki pauses.

...Oh, right.

He’d also met the guy who turned him into a vampire.

...Semantics, really.

Who cared about that shit- HE TALKED TO A CUTE BOY TODAY.

Katsuki can’t seem to hide his smirk as he shuffles out of his coat. He hadn’t felt this giddy in ages. And it was all because of some nerd bartender he barely knew… God, how strange.

Katsuki moves into the hallway toward the noise, cringing at the sheer shrillness of the voice on the screen. He’s almost about to shout at his roommates to turn the fucking volume down on the TV when he finds the pair of them asleep on the sofa.

Kaminari is drooling on Kirishima’s shoulder, snoring his ass off. Whereas Eijirou seems to be using Denki as a human body pillow, hugging him close in a death grip that seemed near impossible to escape. They had probably been waiting up for him but passed out as the hour went on.  

Pathetic, they’d never be able to keep watch during a zombie apocalypse.

Still, Katsuki can’t help but feel a little bit of warmth spread through his heart. Perhaps it was this shitty, emotionally vulnerable state he was in right now- but it almost felt nice knowing that his friends cared about him enough to try and wait up for him. Almost.

Katsuki debates on what to do, kick them awake, carry their asses to their room… But instead he just sighs. They looked peaceful where they were- quiet for once . He didn’t want to risk disturbing them. Katsuki groans, shuffling on over to snatch a blanket from the linen closet, the one they usually used when the winter cold was particularly biting.

Katsuki couldn’t very well feel cold anymore, but the slight shiver on their bodies was evidence enough.

He throws the blanket over the pair of them with an embarrassed scowl. If they caught him doing this he’d never live it down.

He turns the TV volume down to a dull murmur and returns to his room to do some homework.


It’s about an hour later and far too late in the night when Katsuki gets a text from an unknown number.


400-XXX-XXX: isn’t it nice that snails never get homesick bc they carry their homes with them! :D


What the fuck?

Katsuki knew full well why he was up at this hour- there was a perfectly good reason for it.

But for a normal- well he shouldn’t say normal after hearing that weird ass text - person, this definitely wasn’t a time that should be spend doing anything other than sleeping.


Bakugou_Katsuki: who the fuck is this


400-XXX-XXX: omg

400-XXX-XXX: im so sorry i thought i texted a greeting before that

400-XXX-XXX: hi! Im izuku! :D kirishima gave me your number!


Katsuki frowns, suddenly wishing he had woken up his room mates with some demonic screeching after all.

He’d forgotten all about Kirishima’s shitty escapade in getting Katsuki a boyfriend…

This must be his tutor, Izuku or whatever.




Kirishima had said this guy was his ‘ type.’

He went to their school.

He was a tutor.

...And he was super smart…


Katsuki puts a hand on his chin.


‘...I wonder if this guy knows Deku?’


Bakugou_Katsuki: oh right

Bakugou_Katsuki: yo

Bakugou_Katsuki: im katsuki


Katsuki had no interests in pursuing some kind of relationship with this guy if he was being honest with himself. Despite Kirishima’s obnoxious badgering- he just couldn’t see it happening. Especially not after tonight. Not after getting to know Deku even more. He really didn’t want to lead anyone on knowing that his heart wasn’t in the right place.

He was an asshole but not that much of an asshole.

Speaking of Katsuki being an asshole- an idea had struck his head. One that was mildly sinister but utterly harmless.

It felt kind of like a dick move, but hey, if it worked it would definitely be useful.


Bakugou_Katsuki: ...since ur a tutor at school do u know a guy named deku or some shit


There’s a weird silence where Katsuki can see the ‘ typing…’ icon rise and fall on Izuku’s side. It had been doing that since Katsuki had introduced himself.

It was probably a weird question to ask. Katsuki feels a touch of guilt rise in his chest. He really ought to know not to use this guy to go after another one. It was a total douche thing to do. Especially after Kirishima had told him how nice Izuku was…

Besides, Deku definitely wasn’t his real name- and he probably only used it when he was at work… Katsuki scowls. He was probably no closer to figuring out this mystery than he was before...





Bakugou_Katsuki: do you know him or what?




Bakugou_Katsuki: whats so fucking funny


Katsuki feels himself beginning to frown even further when Izuku sends an image through his phone.

It loads slowly, making it damn near agonising. Fucking Androids.

What could this guy find so funny about Katsuki’s question? Why was he being such an asshole about it? Could it be that this was all some elaborate scheme to prank Katsuki or something?

The image finally appears before Katsuki’s eyes.

It’s a selfie of Deku, his face lit up by the light of a study lamp. His face is slightly red from laughter and he holds up a peace sign at the camera. Katsuki can see his bright yellow sunflower in the corner of the image, shining outward toward the window.

So he had been right about that...


400-XXX-XXX: yeah u could say I know him


Katsuki feels his breath catch.

Does this mean…

No fucking way.


...Deku had an identical twin brother named Izuku?


400-XXX-XXX: guess u got me after all, kacchan


Oh wait shit no. He was Izuku.




Katsuki had obviously been drinking dumbass juice instead of blood tonight. Good fuck. He nearly had a PHD.  Why was he like this?


Bakugou_Katsuki: uve gotta be fucking shitting me right now

Bakugou_Katsuki: coincidence is an asshole and im going balls deep


Yeah, he really did just send that to a real life person he was trying to get to know better. Katsuki is too buzzed about the situation to even care.




400-XXX-XXX: dangit! :0

400-XXX-XXX: i wanted to keep it to myself 4 a bit longer to keep the allure of mystery

400-XXX-XXX: i cant believe the first thing you asked me was if i ‘knew deku’

400-XXX-XXX: kacchan do you have a crush on me?? :DDDD


Somehow, Deku had managed to flip this conversation in his favour once more. Katsuki promptly goes a nice shade of pink, thanking the gods above that he was alone in his room.

This was bad in a totally different way now.


Bakugou_Katsuki: in ur fucking dreams nerd

Bakugou_Katsuki: i just wanted to find out ur name


God, he was hopeless.


400-XXX-XXX: so now that you have r u going to stop coming to the crimson crypt D:


Bakugou_Katsuki: …

Bakugou_Katsuki: why are you up so late deku


400-XXX-XXX: !!! subject evasion :0


Bakugou_Katsuki: better than tax evasion

Bakugou_Katsuki: nah nvm fuck the government


400-XXX-XXX: u definitely seem like an anarchist kacchan

400-XXX-XXX: that checks out


Bakugou_Katsuki: u still haven’t answered my question


400-XXX-XXX: u still haven’t answered mine :D


Katsuki sighs. This little shit and his dumb ass emoticons.


Bakugou_Katsuki: im not going to stop coming to the crimson crypt

Bakugou_Katsuki: if u get fucking murdered or something kirishima wont have a tutor and then ill have to teach his dumb ass




400-XXX-XXX: ah

400-XXX-XXX: i see :0

400-XXX-XXX: im up late bc this is the only time i can do my homework :/

400-XXX-XXX: im basically nocturnal at this point lol ;P


Katsuki stares at the screen, still not fully comprehending the fact that Izuku Midoriya and Deku were the same person. He’d somehow managed to get Deku’s number by accident. He was that good. Holy shit.

With the hopes that this wasn’t some kind of fucked up dream, he quickly adds the new contact into his phone under the name, ‘Sunflower’ with a flush in his cheeks.

That shit was corny as fuck but he just couldn’t manage to figure out if he ought to put down ‘Izuku’ or ‘Deku.’

So he chose something else, five times more gay than that.

Ugh. Katsuki.


Sunflower: but kacchan,,, why are YOU up this late??


Bakugou_Katsuki: time is an illusion

Bakugou_Katsuki: also i sleep during the day


Katsuki is still staring in disbelief at the mere absurdity of this situation. By the time he’s snapped out of his bubble Deku has left another text in his wake.


Sunflower: lol its like ur a vampire

Bakugou_Katsuki: ha

Bakugou_Katsuki: thats fucking dumb