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Ejirou always thought that Bakugou hated homosexuals. Like, have you seen the way he glares at boys who are holding hands? It’s like he wanted to kill them.

But then again, he looks at almost everyone with that disdainful glare. But gay people get an extra withering dose.

He’d casually brought it up one day — love is love , he said, and watched Bakugou’s face cycle through a series of shock, surprise, and contemplation. Bakugou’s more easy to read than he thinks he is, to be honest.

Eijirou had wondered, privately of course, what the hell went down with Baku-bro that made him so damn angry and grumpy all the time.

Which was also why he was super surprised when they’d past by a bookshop, and Bakugou was standing really, really close to this dark-haired, short, small boy, looking a lot less constipated than he usually did. Eijirou stared, of course. Like, just to make sure he wasn’t getting the wrong person, you know? Bakugou had pressed a hand on the other person’s back lightly, and their heads were fricking close.

And they looked like they were in love, judging by how they looked at each other.

Wow , Denki said, and he was staring too, and the most of their entire class was also staring. Isn’t that Bakugou… oh my god, is that his boyfriend?!

AHHHHHH! WHAT?! It’s not fair, how can Bakugou get one before me?! His personality is shit!

Are you sure that isn’t just someone he’s manipulating into being nice to him?

Enough, you guys, Eijirou said, herding them away. Leave them alone.

Denki called Bakugou later, teasing, while Eijirou just listened to the conversation.

Bakugou told them literally nothing, then, surprise, surprise, told them to fuck off.

Goodness, someone needs to wash the insides of his mouth someday.


After the summer break they had, Bakugou Katsuki had changed, and people had different conceptions of what went down with him.

Class 1A, in particular, wondered if it was time to call in a psychological evaluation for the Explosion Boy.

The stud earring and the reply Bakugou gave was weird enough, but it’s like someone cranked up the weirdness level with Bakugou, and even weirder shit started happening.

LIKE. The weirdest things.

  1. Bakugou started smiling.

Have you ever seen Bakugou — try — to smile?

Eijirou envies the people who has never seen him try. It’s terrifying. Denki asked him once what he was trying to do with his face, and Bakugou just smiled-grimaced-smirked, whatever the hell that was, at him, going closer to Denki before letting loose an explosion near his face.

No one dared to ask him again.

  1. He kept checking his phone and smiling at it. (Sometimes. Other times he just clicked his tongue and shoved it back into his pocket, face darker than usual.)

When Uraraka tried to snatch the phone away, she got exploded too.

At least somethings stayed the same, like Bakugou’s trigger-happy tendencies. Eijirou was starting to think that Bakugou either got hit by a Quirk and became mad, or someone had switched Bakugou with someone like Bakugou, just different enough to be creepy.

For the next three months, Bakugou seemed really over-attached to his phone, checking it at every possible moment, and that was weird, because who exactly would Bakugou be interested in texting, and who was willing to text back ? Eijirou knows Bakugou is a shit texter because he just didn’t bother with it much, but wow, this was really something new.

Then at the end of the three months, the weirdness went on steroids.

  1. Bakugou disappeared after school quite a bit, and when he did, he returned to the dorm right at the curfew, sometimes even later, and he was in this oddly good mood every single time he came back.

Once Todoroki even caught him humming , and Todoroki, being the person he was, started an exorcism ritual outside Bakugou’s door. Bakugou found out due to the chanting Todoroki was mangling. The end result was as you could imagine: Bakugou destroyed all of the candles and all the weird occult equipment (where did Todoroki get those?!), and then destroyed Todoroki’s room. Or at least he tried to. They didn’t get to inflict much destruction since Aizawa came over and started screeching at them for being problem children.

Uraraka said Bakugou was running a gang outside, but Uraraka’s crazy, so no one listened to her. Mineta says he’s going out to hanky-panky with girls, but Mineta is garbage so no one listened to Mineta. Eijirou says Bakugou is going out to fulfill good manly boyfriend duties, but no one believed that Bakugou could be good or could be a boyfriend, so no one believed him anyway. Well, see who has the last laugh.

Coupled with the sneaking out of school bit, Bakugou’s also gotten a lot less angry and intense nowadays. There was a certain languidness with which he was walking or moving these days, less impatience and less rage. But he’s still exploding things left and right, of course.

Denki and Mineta says it's the sex. Eijirou doesn't want to think about his best bro porking.

Is that a hickey?!

He’s dating, he’s definitely dating.

That’s no possible, it’s Bakugou we’re talking about here, are you sure it’s not just because he tried fighting himself and hurt his neck or something?

There was a possibility there, Eijirou admitted.

  1. He was dorm-arrested for reasons unknown, but he was STILL SMILING.

When Uraraka, the busybody she was, raised the question to Aizawa-sensei, the answer was: “messing around and breaking curfew”.

Which sounds normal, but the entire class shuddered to think what Bakugou “messing around” would be like.

Eijirou could see how the world ends: in a big-ass explosion and Bakugou Katsuki laughing his head off as he watch his class sink in a sea of flames.


Kacchan, are you sure you should be outside at this time? It's already after the curfew… Aizawa-sensei is going to scold you.

So you want me to go?

No! No, I mean… uh. I…

Then stop talking .

Katsuki had backed Izuku to a wall, in some alleyway, and kissed him fiercely, his large hands sliding down Izuku’s covered back, over the dimples at the bottom of his spine, and over his bum. He slid a thigh between Izuku’s legs and ground down, and Izuku let out a shocked gasp.

Not here, Kacchan—

Want you.

Not in public!

Tch. I haven’t seen you in a fucking week and you don’t even wanna fuck?

Not in public ! Izuku insisted, and I couldn’t help it, there were so many tests and I had to go to the hospital for check-ups...

Katsuki made a face, but he tilted Izuku’s head up and plundered his mouth, their tongues tangling wetly, hotly. He luxuriated in the warmth of Izuku’s body, the steady thump of his heart under his hand, and kissed him more.

So you’re fine.

Yeah. All clear.


The smile Izuku gave him was bright and sweet, a little light in the shadowed alleyway, and the kisses he pressed against Katsuki’s mouth and the soft, small and tender I love you he muttered against Katsuki’s mouth was worth the scolding he got later.  

(Not so much worth being caught with his hand down Izuku’s pants, but eh. Needs must.)



Eijirou knocked at the door, but there was no answer, so he knocked again.


Eijirou tried to the door and it opened, and he took it as an invitation to go in, raising his voice tentatively.

I need some help—

Fucking idiot.

Eijirou was so confused because he hadn’t even asked the question yet, but as he peeked his head out from the corner, he saw Bakugou flat on his bed, his phone on his chest. A tinny voice was issuing from it.

But Kacchan, I did everything you taught me to and it still was weird-

Did you wash the rice before you cooked it?


Did you measure the water with your finger joint?

It seemed okay…

That's why you're an idiot.

Bakugou sounded so fond that Eijirou got goosebumps from how weird it was, honestly. He turned to go, but his feet landed with a loud thud.

Who the fuck is there? I’ll kill you!

Eijirou turned around quickly, seeing Bakugou sit up, glaring daggers at him.

Bakugou! Ah, I-

Fuck, why are you here?


Shut up, Deku. Get out, fucking Kiri.

Sorry! I didn't mean to bother you… is that your boyfriend?

Wow, Eijirou didn't know Bakugou could blush, but he also didn’t know that Bakugou had an axe hidden under his bed.

Crap, Bakugou was actually really a psychopath. But also, turns out Deku was a real person.




Katsuki was sitting on the bed with Izuku tucked against his front, drinking in his fill of Izuku’s scent, skimming his nose against his neck with his arms caging him in. They are in Izuku’s house, over the weekend, and Izuku’s mother is out grocery shopping.

Why… why do you not want… to… like…

Spit it out, idiot.

Like… are you ashamed of me?

What’s this about? Katsuki demanded, tilting his head around, but Izuku refused to look into his face. Oi, you better not be thinking about something stupid again.

But… you, I mean, it’s totally fine, or anything, it’s not like I want to meet them! I totally understand—

Get to the damn point.

… I mean… you haven’t told your friends about me, right?

… so?

Like… why…?

Ah! It’s totally fine, I mean, I was just wondering, I’m not angry or anything—

It’ll be fucking annoying. That’s all.

… annoying?

They’ll put their hands all over you and talk to you and be nice to you and ask you things and that’s fucking annoying. You’re mine. I don’t have to show you to anyone else.

… you just mean you’ll get jealous, right?

Shut the fuck up.

Izuku laughed and pressed a fond, happy kiss on Katsuki’s cheek. Awww, that’s cute, Kacchan.

Say that again and I’ll kill you.

Izuku rubbed his pierced ear between two fingers, playing with the green stud. Don’t worry, he said, smiling in the idiotic, happy way that makes Katsuki’s heart do weird things. I’m yours, you know?

Of course.

Izuku laughed again. They fell into silence, and Katsuki kissed his neck, sucking a hickey on the pale skin.

Kacchan, actually...


Can you help me get Todoroki’s autograph?

… I’m really going to fucking kill you.


Bakugou also became more of a monster in training. He’d always been a monster, but the way he’d found out everyone’s weaknesses and targeted them and created crazy new attacks in this freaky astute and rapid way was TERRIFYING, to say the least.

Everyone was all working together towards growth, and improvements were made quickly, but the leaps and bounds Bakugou could still make, was mad. He’d always be on par, equals with Todoroki, both of them struggling to pull ahead of each other, but now, when the class stared enraptured, at Todoroki and Bakugou fighting, Bakugou clearly had the upper hand. Todoroki was blasted away, and Bakugou stood there, smirking victoriously.

Ha , Bakugou smirked, you got that, Todo?

Ugh, bloody monster, you. Todoroki said, pulling himself up. He rubbed his bruised back, are you on steroids?

Bakugou set a threatening explosion towards him. I’m always better than you , he said, with every arrogance possible, and Todoroki just made a face at him.

Yeah, yeah .

No one knew the person behind Bakugou’s new tricks was none other than his brilliant boyfriend, one Midoriya Izuku, until much later.


You think you can pull that off with Todoroki-kun? Izuku asked thoughtfully, his pen disappearing into his pink mouth. He started scribbling more ideas and thoughts all over the page, you’ll have to time it perfectly—

Hmm , Katsuki said, pulling the pen away and letting their mouths meet. I can do it.

Izuku looked down and blushed as Katsuki pulled away. O-okay, then…

They spent the rest of the day coming up with crazy, mad ideas to make use of Katsuki’s Quirk, and Katsuki kissed the wistfulness away from Izuku’s mouth later, tucking him against his chest and keeping him there, safe.

You’re fine just like that , Katsuki said gruffly, and Izuku nodded, turning his head to press his ear against Katsuki’s chest.

Go get ‘em, Kacchan.


Kirishima-kun, go and ask him!

Ask him if he has a girlfriend or something!

Or maybe ask him which therapist he went to.


Please, Kiri!

Ugh. Just because Bakugou doesn’t actively try to murder him doesn’t mean they all can push this to him.


You okay?

… what.

Just… you’ve been different, in a good way I mean… but still… like… is it… that, uh, Deku?

Don't fucking call his name so easily , Bakugou snapped menacingly, and Eijirou raised his hands in appeasement.

Okay, okay, it's just. We were wondering what's up.

Katsuki glared, and he touched his pierced ear in an idle, swift move, as if it was a form of comfort.

Don’t be a busybody , Katsuki glowered, and go away.

Well, really, what were they expecting. Bakugou was nothing if not predictable.


Autumn slowly bled into winter, and soon it was December. Everyone had gotten quite used to the new-and-improved (? Debatable, Iida argued, you never knew what Bakugou-kun was up to) Bakugou, and mostly left him and his mysterious partner be, if not for the few curious quips that Bakugou ignored.

Yaoyorozu decided to throw a Christmas party on Christmas Eve in her massive mansion, and invited everyone in the class. She very pointedly said that everyone could bring a plus-ones, and added sweetly, particularly those who have a partner, glancing meaningfully at Bakugou, who just glowered.

It was of course because they all wanted to know about Bakugou’s secret person-partner. Whoever Deku was, they were all curious. Like. Who exactly was this mysterious dude?

Denki says it’s probably some big, beefy person who could probably lift three men at once. Uraraka says it’s probably just Bakugou’s poor, lonely imagination conjuring up some significant other and he was going crazy. Mineta says— okay, no one wants to reiterate what Mineta said, so there’s that.

They all egged Bakugou on — Bakugou, this is your chance to demonstrate that love is really blind: who exactly would date you?/ bring your miracle partner so we can verify you aren't going crazy — until Bakugou snapped and blasted all of them, managing to charr the ceiling with the force of the blast, and leaving everyone  scrambling for cover. (Their reflexes got a whole lot quicker just by being near the Baku-volcano, that’s for sure).

You really don’t want to show Deku to everyone, huh… Eijirou said, the only one escaping mostly unscathed despite his proximity, because of his handy Quirk.

It’s none of your fucking business.

It’s just… you know you can trust us, right?


So Christmas Eve came. They all arrived in Yaoyorozu’s home around evening, decked out in Christmas attire, all ready for a good time. The hall they were in was decorated tastefully, elegantly, looking very expensive, and they even had mocktails . Wow. Rich kids really have it different, Eijirou thought, drinking from a fragile flute. There was a well-sized Christmas tree glittering with bright lights, and a beautiful transparent star resting on top of the tree. Green and red adornments were hung on the ceilings and walls, and shimmered in the warm light. The atmosphere was light-hearted and merry, and the scent of pine, mulled wine, gingerbread and nutmeg permeated the air.

Everyone was waiting in anticipation for one thing: Bakugou hasn't arrived. They wondered if he was really going to bring his plus-one to the party, or he just bailed on all of them.

The latter was the more probable of the two, but they were all optimistic people.

Bakugou came in a little later than everyone, his hand interlaced with — it’s the same boy!!! I knew it!!!! — a dark-green haired, wide-eyed, freckled boy who he was dragging behind him, dressed in a Christmas sweater and dark pants. Bakugou was walking with grim purpose towards the horde of people. The boy looked confused, but seemed fine with Bakugou just dragging him into a stranger’s house.

Kacchan, why are we in someone’s house...

Oi, Deku, Introduce yourself.

What, but — The boy finally looked at the people who were staring at him, and his eyes widen in recognition.

AH! The boy screeched, and he clapped his hands to his cheeks in a very adorable move. AHH, KACCHAN, YOU SHOULD’VE TOLD ME!

If I told you you’d have fucking overthought everything, idiot.

No, but! He buried his face inside his hands and screeched a bit more. AHHHHHH! I can’t, this is too sudden, I—

Oi, Bakugou, who’s that?

I knew it! He’s your boyfriend!


Oh, he’s so cute!

What did you do to deserve this, Bakugou-kun?!

Eijirou watched as the boy flushed bright red, and Bakugou just stepped in front of him protectively and glared at everyone else.

Fuck , he snapped, as the boy hid behind him, one hand clinging onto the back of Bakugou’s shirt. Give him some space.

Goodness. It was so sweet, Eijirou’s gonna get diabetes.

Everyone stepped back and let the boy — the mysterious person who kept making Bakugou smile — breathe, peeking out from behind Bakugou.

Uraraka definitely squealed, that girl has issues.

H-hi, hi , he stuttered, then blushed bright red again. I’m, uh, Midoriya Izuku.

Are you the one who’s changed Bakugou for the better??

Or worse, depending on how you see it—

Are you dating him? Poor thing—


Midoriya hid behind Bakugou again from the sudden increase in volume, and Bakugou glared at all of them.

Stop fucking scaring him, he threatened, or we’ll fucking leave right now.


They all calm down. Some of them went to get drinks and food, but most of them still crowded near Bakugou and Midoriya, curiously waiting.

Midoriya was whispering furiously to Bakugou, who was just shrugging and drawling, and Midoriya just looked excited, exasperated, and fond all at once.

It was a very odd look on a person who was looking at Bakugou, but eh. People can do what they want.

Something caught Eijirou’s eyes.

Oh, you guys have… matching piercings.

Oh, Kiri’s right.


With them both side by side, they could see the mysterious “I lost” earring in Bakugou’s left ear, the same colour as Midoriya’s eyes, and a ruby-red stud in Midoriya’s right, glinting, almost the exact same colour as Bakugou’s eyes.

Oh, the “I lost” earring.

Eijirou isn’t the brightest in the basket, but really, Todoroki really needs to learn some EQ, or have some more self-preservation abilities.


Bakugou looked ready to blow the mansion into pieces, just to hide the fierce blush that’s reddening his face.

Midoriya just looked confused, and Bakugou continued to shoot daggers at them with his eyes.

Kacchan? What?

Oh, it’s like when we asked him what’s up with that stud, he just went all enigmatic and said “I lost”, Denki told him, and Eijirou prayed, for his sake, that his death in Bakugou’s hands is swift.


He said that? Midoriya asked, completely unperturbed that his boyfriend was currently being a complete menace, by how he was headlocking and suffocating his classmate. As Midoriya was met with all their nods, he ducked his head down and pressed his hands to his face, as if he could hide how red his cheeks were. His freckles pop against his skin, and then he sent a love-struck look at Bakugou, who was scowling fiercely.

Midoriya bounded back to Bakugou’s side and laced their hands together, smiling at all of them. Yes, uh, anyway! We are da-dating, and it’s a pleasure to meet all of you finally.

Why is Bakugou’s boyfriend so cute and smiley and nice??

It’s nice to meet you too, the class chorused back.

IT’S NICE TO SEE THE PERSON WHO MANAGED TO GET BAKUGOU-KUN TO CALM DOWN , boomed Iida, as Uraraka went very close to Midoriya, who scooted back in shock.

Oh, you’re so cute! I wanna pinch your cheeks!


It was loud and noisy, and Midoriya stuck close to Bakugou, clearly relaxing as he interacted with everyone.

Oh, oh, what’s your Quirk, Deku-kun?

Very quickly, things got awkward. Bakugou stiffened, and Midoriya was ducking his head down again. He shot a look at Bakugou, worrying his lip.

I’m, uh… Quirkless, he said a little awkwardly, not meeting anyone’s eyes, passing it off with a light laugh. It’s quite rare, but uh…

Bakugou was glaring at all of them, just daring them to comment.

Midoriya must actually be a really, really strong person, then, Eijirou realises, or he must be very, very special to Bakugou. It’s actually the first time Eijirou ever saw him so protective over anyone… and it was, well, sort of surprising that Bakugou’s significant other was Quirkless. It’s just the vibes, you know?

Cool , Eijirou said easily, breaking the sudden awkward air. So what are you studying, Midoriya?

Midoriya sent him a bright, shocked grin, all pearly white teeth and crinkled eyes. Actually, I’m doing literature and a minor in journalism…

Eijirou gave a thumbs up to Bakugou when he shot him a look, that he thought was supposed to look grateful, but just looked a little less pinched than his usual looks.

They have a good time together. Bakugou’s protective hovering only got annoying to the girls, who all seemed to want a piece of Midoriya for themselves. Someone found Midoriya a Santa hat, and Midoriya looked like an adorable Christmas elf, because of his hair colour clashing with red. They all seemed completely fascinated and charmed by him. It’s the freckles. And possibly the shy smile that could melt hearts and create rainbows.

And for the first time ever, 1A saw Todoroki smile at a complete, utter stranger. It wasn’t a grin, but something Midoriya said just got Todoroki’s mouth twitching upwards into a smile. Midoriya seemed to work magic, honestly.

Eijirou and Denki almost died laughing when Bakugou hissed at Todoroki wordlessly, and Todoroki just turned to Midoriya and pointed at Bakugou.

Do you see this disrespect?

Midoriya had laughed, and pressed his hand on Bakugou’s chest to calm him down, then he said, oh yes, Kacchan’s always been disrespectful, you should’ve seen him in bed.

Bakugou had spluttered, Midoriya blushed, and Todoroki shot them a flat glare and froze Midoriya’s drink spitefully.

Both of you reflect on this appalling behaviour, please.

Midoriya laughed again. His laugh is… wow. Purifying. Eijirou can totally see why Bakugou’s so much less angry nowadays, if he’s hearing this everyday.

(Maybe Midoriya is actually magical. I mean, how can someone just be so likable, and actually make Bakugou and Todoroki smile, you know?)

Soon enough, the class managed to convince Bakugou to let them have Midoriya all to themselves, and Midoriya looked like he’s having fun and gesticulating and listening to their stories, laughing and beaming in general. Bakugou was led away by a bunch of the guys into an arm wrestling game.

So, ho w did you guys meet?

… so it's the questions now, Bakugou said flatly, as he sat down on the chair, scowling.

Can’t blame us for being curious.

He was my childhood friend , Bakugou said, sticking out his hand, and Eijirou gripped it.

Hah?! What? But y'all only started dating recently…

Bakugou shrugged and he didn't bother answering.

And he also managed to smash all their hands into the table, thank god for Eijirou’s Quirk, Todoroki’s hand needed to be iced, which is also… well, his Quirk is literally just ice. (And fire, Todoroki insisted, but does he really want to set his own bruised hand on fire? Eijirou thinks not.)

Uraraka came dragging Midoriya behind her, grinning in the way that meant she had a terrible idea. Bakugou was glaring at her, probably because of her hand encircled around Midoriya’s wrist.

Bakugou , she said, and shoved Midoriya towards him. And then she floated a mistletoe above them. You’re under the mistletoe!

No freaking way—

It’d be bad luck if you don’t kiss , Uraraka sang gleefully, so you have to!

Fuck no , Bakugou spluttered, and Midoriya was blushing furiously beside him.

Uraraka-san, I think we shouldn’t—

It’s tradition, Uraraka insisted, it’s not good to refuse the kiss!

Midoriya looked between Uraraka’s beaming face, many eyes turned towards the spectacle, and Bakugou, who was scowling and looking away (what’s new), then rocked forward to kiss Bakugou’s cheek fleetingly, then blushed even harder.

Ehhh? That doesn’t count!

It’s a kiss!

Ugh, fuck, this is so annoying , Bakugou snapped, then dragged Midoriya close with a hand on his waist and planted a kiss on his mouth. They saw how Midoriya melted in his arms, his smile warm and bright.

Now fuck off, Bakugou told Uraraka, as he pulled away. Uraraka just grinned smugly back at him. Bakugou kept his arm still wrapped around Midoriya’s waist, but it wasn’t like Midoriya wanted to move away, given how he still stayed tucked at Bakugou’s side.

Now, now, Midoriya soothed, and Bakugou turned to him, don’t be like that, Kacchan. Uraraka-san’s just being nice.

She just wants to—

It's fine, isn't it? It's tradition after all. Midoriya grinned at him, eyes crinkled, and Bakugou softened - it wasn't as if he suddenly stopped scowling or what, but his face just turned gentler, more tender.


Wow, weird. But also sort of cute. It made Eijirou feel warm and happy inside that his best friend who has found someone who loves him so much, and whom he loves back too, and that their crazy class — family, actually — was giving them their sincere blessings and support.

They all left the two of them alone after that, tactfully averting their gazes.

The couple claimed a spot on the couch. Midoriya leaned his head on Bakugou’s shoulder, hand curled around a cup of warm drink, and Bakugou found his other hand and laced their fingers together. The noise and revelry quietened and disappeared, leaving only the both of them in their own world.

Katsuki turned, his nose pressed in Izuku’s hair.


Hmm, just a bit.

Then we should go.



Thank you.

For what.

For this.

Don't know what you're talking about.

For bringing me to this party. And letting me get to know your classmates…

Idiot. It's nothing.

But I’m still very happy. That you let me into this part of your life too… all your friends are so nice and warm.

… whatever.

Are you jealous?

I’m not jealous, this is just annoying. Fucking hyenas. We’re never doing this again.

Izuku laughed. Oh, you're just going to keep me all to yourself?


Izuku shook his head and smiled indulgently at him. None at all.

They stayed in that position for another comfortable moment, a soft and amber-coloured moment. Izuku kissed Katsuki’s cheek lightly, a butterfly’s caress, all spiced warmth and honeyed sweetness.

Merry Christmas, Kacchan.

...Merry Christmas, Izuku.

The fireplace crackled with joy, Izuku’s heart is whole and hale and full, and all’s well, ends well.