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Hamama Nodi Nodi

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She couldn’t bare it. She couldn’t bare the pain she felt in her chest. Fear was radiating off of her. She hated being afraid but right now, in this time period, she was terrified. She had seen planets burn, civilizations crumble yet in all her thousands of years of being alive she had never witnessed a witch hunt, not even the Salem Witch Trials. No distress signal ever took her there and up until now, she was thankful for it. Something grasped her arm and she jumped, pulling back.

“Doctor? You okay.?” Yaz asked. Worry shone deep in the young woman’s amber eyes.

The Doctor nodded, shifting her stride to sync with Yaz's. "I’m just nervous... scared, I-I mean. After that witch trial I... I’m tired of innocent people dying. I’m bloody sick of it!”

“I know you are.” Yaz murmured, pulling The Doctor behind a tree to talk to her. The Doctor inhaled a shaky breath.

“I know I said not to interfere but I can’t take this anymore. I know the TARDIS brought us here for a reason because something isn’t right but these witch trials- besides the fact that innocent men and women are being murdered."

Yaz held both of The Doctor’s hands in her palms, running her thumb along her knuckles. "We’re going to solve this. I know we are. No more innocent people will die. Not today, not tomorrow. We can do this, Doctor. You can do this. Be brave...”

The Doctor huffed a breath of air our of her nose. "I’m trying-"

“And you’re doing the best you can.” Yaz pecked The Doctor’s cheek. “Lets go. We’ve got a mystery to solve.” The Doctor rubbed her cheek with her hand before following Yaz, lost in thought. Graham and Ryan were still with King James and there was no sign of Becca. Where could she have gone? The Doctor looked around at her surroundings. Sunlight was peaking through the autumn colored tree tops, casting shades of gold. Leaves crunched underneath her boots. The forest was dead silent. No birds were singing, not an animal in sight. The forest seemed completely empty. Cursed. What had happened here? What had caused the peace and sanity of this village and it’s surroundings to vanish? It didnt seem like an alien life force. Yet... It seemed like something was wrong with the people and maybe even the land. These were dark times, maybe thats why the land is dark. But witch trials? This kind of history isn’t easy to tread on which is why she had avoided it at all costs. What if she was accused of being a witch? What if one of her friends got accused of being a witch? What if Yaz... The Doctor quickened her pace and caught up to her partner- lover? She didn't know what they were. She hadn't bothered with labels yet, neither of them had.

“You done day dreaming?” Yaz asks.

“I was thinking. Do you know where Willa went?”

“No.. why?”

“Just curious. I dont want her to... you know..” The Doctor shifted her jaw. “Come on.” The two woman continued their march through the woods, ears perked and eyes scanning. A soft murmuring prayer made her stop in her tracks. Standing before them was Willa, tears in her eyes, throwing holly berries into an unfinished grave. The Doctor felt her hearts ache for the girl. The rest of her family was mad about the witch hunt. Her Gran was the only true family she had left. She knew that pain more than anyone else. The two of them started to walk very slowly towards the girl. Just as they approached, a root-like tendril bursted out of the ground and darted its way towards Willa. The Doctor lunged forward with a shout, pushing the girl out of the way and letting the root wrap around her ankle. She hissed at the burning sensation the root gave her and stumbled to the ground, her sonic falling out of reach.

“Damn it!" She cried out, digging her nails and kicking out her feet in attempt to stop the tendril from dragging her any further into the dirt. “Yaz grab my sonic! Press the third button underneath the crystal!”

Yaz helped Willa stand and told the girl to stay put before grabbing the sonic.

“It’s not working!”

“Oh because it knows it isn’t me!" The Doctor groaned in a mixture of distress and annoyance. She cried out again as the tendril dug deeper into her skin, dragging her farther- "Just hold down the button! Please!”

Yaz took one deep breath and aimed the sonic at the tendril. It buzzed in annoyance at the unfamiliar user. She shook it a few times until a beam of light shot out, snapping the tendril in half-

“What the bloody hell is going on here?!” King James boomed, his guard by his left, Becca by his right. The Doctor scrambled to her feet and took one look at her ankle before standing. A black mark. And it burned to the touch. She winced, shifting her weight onto her other foot instead. Yaz was still holding her sonic, slowly pointing it away from The Doctor. James looked over at Yaz.

“You... you cursed her!” He snarled.

“She did your majesty!” Becca piped up. “Look at her leg! She has given her friend the mark of Satan!”

“No! It’s just a bruise its nothing serious! She didnt hurt me!” The Doctor limped over to them. "I-I just tripped-"

“She’s limping!” Becca gasped.

“She saved me!” Willa snapped, standing next to Yaz.  “She didn’t harm anyone!”

“She has a wand!” James snapped back, referring to the sonic. “She used magic on Mistress Witchfinder! She gave her the mark of the bloody devil himself!”

"I did not!" Yaz spat at him.

“You will be put on trial.” He growled.

“NO!” The Doctor bellowed. “Don’t put her on trial! She didn’t hurt me, I'm telling you the truth!"

James’ guard approached Yaz and when she tried to make a run for it, the guard grabbed her. Yaz shrieked. “Doctor!" She dropped her sonic, struggling to break out of the guards grip as he bound her wrists together with rope.

“Sire you can’t! You can’t do this!” The Doctor begged. She felt herself stumble but forced her self to stand, quickly reaching down to pick up her sonic.

“To the lake!” The King roared with triumph, marching his way down the wooded path and into the clearing. Yaz was screaming in horror, screaming for The Doctor's aid.

“Yaz!” She felt her voice crack, a lump forming in her throat. She limped after them as fast as she could, scolding herself. She knew this would happen. She knew something would happen and one of her friends- most likely Yaz, her closest and best friend, lover whatever she was- would be put on trial.

“Doctor!” Willa caught up to her, wrapping her arm around The Doctor to help her walk. The Doctor took Willa’s aid, silently thanking her and pushed herself through the pain in her leg with the help of Willa’s support. A bell rung in the distance just as they made it out into the clearing. The Doctor soon abandoned Willa’s aid, gritting her teeth in agony as she half sprinted over to her friends.

“Doctor!” Ryan and Graham ran up to her. “What happened?!” Ryan demanded.

“Your leg!” Graham pointed out. “What did you do? Are you alright?"

“Yaz used my sonic to save me and now she’s being accused of bloody witchcraft!" The Doctor ignored the whine that crept up into her throat. "This is all my fault. I need to go and fix it." She shrugged off her coat, shoving it towards Ryan. “Hold this.”

“Doctor wait!” Graham called out.

“Stay RIGHT where you are Graham do not interfere with this!” She snapped at him. "I don't have much time to save Yaz and I'm not losing you two either!"

Yaz was already chained to the tree branch. She struggled against the bindings. "D-Doctor!" She cried out again.

“Becca stop this!” The Doctor growled.

Becca looked at The Doctor in astonishment. "You shouldn’t be walking, you should be resting!”

“Resting?! Are you-“ The Doctor barred her teeth, overwhelmed with emotions.

“Just let her go!" Her voice cracked. "Let my friend go she is INNOCENT!”

“Guilty until proven innocent.” Becca gave the Timelord a wolfish grin. “Dunk the witch!” She roared, letting go of the branch.

“NO!” The Doctor screamed. She was running by this point, ignoring her ankle burning with protest and dove straight into the lake. She swam as hard as she could  over to the top of the trunk where Yaz was chained, flailing and writhing and trying her hardest to hold her breath. The Doctor latched herself onto the trunk, tugging at the chains. She hoped Yaz had a strong lung capacity. She hoped her heart was still beating. She hoped she hadn’t just killed her. The Doctor slammed her good leg against a chain with the heel of her boot. These chains were rusted from the constant exposure of water. If she could manage to just snap one of them- as if right on cue the chain connected to both of Yaz’s wrists snapped free and The Doctor grabbed hold of her, pulling her out of the rest of the bindings and surfacing for air with a gasp. She held Yaz tightly in one arm, swimming them to shore though she barely managed to keep her own head above water. Shouts of both astonishment and protest echoed through the crowd as The Doctor made it to dry land. She limped her way up the slope, laying Yaz down in the soft grass as gently as her stumbling legs could offer. Ryan, Graham and Willa were instantly at her side. The Doctor fell to her knees, shaking Yaz and feeling her pulse but there was nothing.

“Yaz please! Stay with me!” She begged, her voice cracking once again. She gently placed her hands on Yaz’s chest and gently began CPR. Yaz still wouldn't move. There was still no sign of life. The Doctor cursed in distress. Tears welled in her eyes. She put her hands back on Yaz’s chest but this time, pressed their lips together, and began CPR once again. After a few pushes on the young woman’s chest Yaz lurched forward, gasping for air and The Doctor removed her lips immediately from Yaz’s to let her turn her head to the side and cough up a large amount of water. The Doctor felt a sob of relief escape and hurriedly took Yaz into her arms, holding her close.

“Ryan give me my coat. Now, please." Ryan handed The Doctor her coat who wrapped it around Yaz to try and keep her warm.

“Doctor..” Yaz rasped, leaning against the blonde as she drifted in and out of consciousness. The Doctor felt Yaz’s pulse. Her heart was still pounding. Yaz was alive. Her Yaz was still alive.

“You witch!” King James roared. “You brought her back to life! Put her on-“

“Shut the hell up!” Ryan snapped. "You won’t listen to a woman but you’ll certainly listen to me and I say enough witch trials. You are murdering innocent people because of false accusations! You almost killed my friend!”

James swallowed a lump in his throat but his jaw remained clenched. "That's not what I-"

“I don’t want any excuses.” Ryan growled.

“Here’s my offering. I’ll come and visit you again- when? I don't know- but only if you stop the trials."


"I'm serious mate." Ryan warned. "You won't ever see my face in this era ever again."

James thought about the offer for a long moment. "Very well." He sighed in defeat. "I-I shall end the witch hunt."

“Thank you.” Ryan dipped his head and turned to The Doctor. She looked exhausted, both mentally and physically drained. She still clutched Yaz in her arms. Graham tried to help The Doctor stand but she pulled away from him.

“I’m fine.” She gave her companion a harsh glare. “I can carry her myself.” She forced herself to stand, thankful for whatever adrenaline was left from earlier that numbed the pain in her leg. Yaz lay limp in her arms, her chest still weakly rising and falling. "Ryan and Graham, stay with King James and his court please. Make sure they eliminate the witch trials completely and look for any signs of alien life. I need to take care of Yaz.”

“And take care of yourself.” Graham added. “You’re not well Doc. Ryan and I will do the best we can.”

The Doctor dipped her head. "Keep an eye on Willa for me too please.” She murmured, limping off. She rummaged through the coat pocket nearest to her and pulled out her sonic, calling the TARDIS that now slowly started to materialize in front of her. The Doctor scurried in, pressing a button on the console with her elbow. “Dry clothes.” She murmured.

The TARDIS obeyed. In a flash Yaz was wearing her pajamas- one of The Doctor's rainbow t-shirts and joggers. It would do for now. She doubted Yaz would mind. After all she always slept in one of her t-shirts. The Doctor limped her way down a hallway, opening a door with her hip that lead to her bedroom. She slowly laid Yaz down on her bed, pulling the covers over her. She had almost lost her friend back there. She had almost lost her lover because of her. The Doctor squeezed her eyes shut. It was her fault that Yaz was accused of witchcraft. It was her fault that she almost drowned. She shook the thoughts away, forgetting about the mark on her leg until she put more weight on it, causing her to hiss through gritted teeth. She sat down in an arm chair on the other side of the room and pulled up the leg of her trousers. The mark was still there, and it was slowly growing. She cursed silently in Gallifreyian to herself. Surely The TARDIS had some sort of antidote or healing salve she could use. Or she could make something. She took out her sonic and scanned the wound. So it was alien. No surprise there. But whatever it was that dared to spread in her body was being held off as much as her timelord immune system could handle. The Doctor took off her boots and limped barefoot to the bathroom connected to her room. She rummaged through the cupboards, taking out a varieties of ointments and potion looking bottles. She sat down on the floor this time and applied a salve to her wound. The Doctor bit down on her lip to muffle a whimper of agony as her wound stung. She watched the mark slowly change to a paler color, almost the same color of her skin but the dark mark still remained. Thank the gods for extra terrestrial healing properties. It would fade away over time once she properly made an antidote for it in her lab. She had completely forgotten that she was still soaking wet until she noticed her damp hair in the mirror. Right. Clothes. Clean clothes. Dry clothes. She shifted her jaw, poking her head back out into her room. Yaz was still fast asleep. Good. She didn’t want to wake her. The Doctor made her way over to her bureau, pulling out a pair of black joggers and black long sleeve shirt before going back into the bathroom to change. When she came back out, drying off her hair as much as she could, she slowly walked towards where Yaz was sleeping. She watched her chest slowly rise and fall, reassuring herself that her friend was still alive. She wondered how Ryan and Graham were doing negotiating plans with King James. She should be out helping them but she couldn’t bring herself to leave Yaz. And with the state of her leg their investigation would have to be put on hold. But What if something happened to Yaz if she did leave? What if she woke up and she wasn’t there? The Doctor opened her closet, grabbed a few blankets and curled up on the chair she sat in before. She rested her chin in the arm of the chair. Though her mind was restless, her body's physical fatigue pulled her into a short, deep slumber.


Yaz’s trial invaded her dreams. She could hear her screams again, feel the cold water and see Yaz struggling to breathe. She couldn't take it. She couldn’t handle seeing her friend on the brink of death when she dragged both of them onto the shoreline. She needed to wake up. She needed to get out of her head. A low growl made The Doctor opened her eyes with a jolt, her gaze landing on Yaz who still lay in her bed. Soft whimpers emitted from the younger woman. She was curled up in a tight ball, hiding her face. The Doctor nearly fell out of the chair as she stumbled over to her friend’s side.

“Yaz...” she murmured, gently stroking her back. "Y-Yaz you're okay you're safe.." Yaz flinched at her touch. "Don’t touch me!” She snapped, pulling herself away and swatting The Doctor's hand. Her amber eyes were full of fear but they soon softened, seeing The Doctor’s hurt filled gaze. Yaz looked at The Doctor for a long moment before lunging herself into The Doctor’s arms. "I-I didn’t mean it I thought you were someone else.."

“You're alright." The Doctor hushed her. She pulled Yaz closer to her and kissed the top of her head. "How are you feeling?"

“I’m okay. A little sore and shaken up... you saved my life Doctor."

The Doctor cupped both of Yaz’s cheeks, pressing their foreheads together and relaxed at the telepathic touch.

“I thought I lost you..” She murmured. “I cant have a universe without Yaz..”

Yaz smiled softly at the comment. The Doctor’s warmth was beyond soothing and while chained up during that trial looking right at the blonde’s fear stricken face, she thought she’d never feel the warmth of her embrace again.

“I’m sorry.” The Doctor whispered. “It should’ve been me up there, not you.”

“No one should ever have been up there. Not even you.” Yaz hushed sternly. “Why were you sleeping on the chair?”

“Because you’re in my bed. And I wanted to keep an eye on you."

“The bed is big enough for two...”

The Doctor opened her eyes, feeling her cheeks grow hot. "A-are you implying that I sleep with you..?” She asked.

“I’m implying that you dont have to sleep in that uncomfortable chair. There’s enough room for two people. If you’d rather not cuddle-“

“Cuddling? No I can’t give that up." The Doctor pulled away from her and leapt onto the other side of the bed "big spoon or little spoon?”

Yaz chuckled, moving closer to The Doctor to pull her in for a quick kiss. "Little spoon obviously.” The Doctor grinned, sliding underneath the covers and curling her body around Yaz. When her arms wrapped around her middle the younger woman hummed in approval, arching her head back just far enough to kiss underneath The Doctor’s chin.

“I love you, you know that? No matter what we go through."

The Doctor’s cheeks turned a bright pink. She kissed Yaz's jaw. "I know." She murmured. “Get some rest please. You need it more than anything."

“Oi you need rest too.”

“I will, don’t worry about me. You're the one who almost died."

Yaz turned on her other side to face The Doctor. "I will worry about you. You’re just as tired as I am...”

The Doctor shifted her jaw. "I don’t fall asleep easily, you know that."

“I can help.”

The Doctor looked up at her. "H-how.”

“There’s a lullaby my Gran taught me when I was a little girl. She'd sing it to me when she caught me reading past my bedtime or if I had a nightmare... I’ll even hum it to myself sometimes if I'm nervous."

The Doctor’s eyes shown with interest. "I didn’t know you sing.” She rested her cheek in her palms.

“Most people don’t... I-I’m usually not comfortable singing in front of others.”

“But you’re comfortable with me?”

Yaz nodded. "Shows how much I trust you."

The Doctor’s lips curled into a half smile. "Right then. I’m all ears.”

Yaz sat up a bit, exhaling a deep breath. She closed her eyes, and began to sing softly in Arabic.


Hamama Nodi Nodi

Hamama Nodi Nodi

Dove fly, fly and give regards to Zaioni

To bring cloth to Akka

And put it in my box


The Doctor’s hazel eyes widened. It wasn’t the language that astonished her- it did, all languages did- but not as much as the sound that emitted from the other woman’s mouth, smooth as honey, soft as silk. She could imagine the Middle Eastern sands, the hot sun caressing the land in its golden light. She could feel the sun kiss her cheeks.


My box has no key

And the key is at the blacksmith

The blacksmith wants money

And the money is with the bride


It felt as if all time stopped. Every ache, every dreadful thought in her mind had vanished, practically hypnotized by the melody. She flex her ankle as if to see whether the pain was still present- a sharp twinge but nothing more.


And the bride wishes for a man

And the man wants children

The children want milk

And the Milk is with the cow


The Doctor felt herself relax against the mattress, stifling a yawn. Her eyes were half lidded with sleep, trying her hardest to keep them open. She wanted to listen more. She wanted to hear the rest of the song if her body and mind would allow it.


The cow needs grass

And the grass is over the mountain

And the mountain needs rain

And the rain is from God


No God other than God

Mohammed is the prophet of God,

No God other than God

Mohammad is the prophet of God.


When Yaz opened her eyes The Doctor was fast asleep, her mouth slightly parted to exhale a soft chorus of snores. A warm smile formed on Yaz’s lips. The Timelord looked so peaceful, her blonde hair splayed out on the TARDIS blue pillow. She laid back down and pressed a lingering kiss onto The Doctor’s forehead, wrapping her arms around her. The Doctor’s body shifted for a moment, simply to curl herself closer against Yaz’s warmth and Yaz took the opportunity to rest her head in the crook of The Doctor’s neck. She closed her eyes, breathing in the TimeLord’s scent.


Her favorite. And one she knew she could never live without.