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it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

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December 1, 2018

So Levi was the Christmas-y person, Nico discovered. As soon as Thanksgiving was over, he spotted Levi wearing a Christmas sweater. It had a reindeer with colorful fairy lights in its antlers on it. Nico didn’t give it much thought, since Levi looked incredibly cute in it.

He didn’t even know what December had in for him.

Levi had exactly 12 Christmas sweaters. And he would wear one every day until Christmas was over. At least that’s what Taryn had told him yesterday. He didn’t know what to expect, but he was kind of excited. His boyfriend was already adorable. But in Christmas sweaters? Off the charts.

He chuckled when Levi came downstairs into the kitchen in a dark green sweater with elves on it. He was the cutest human on earth. How did he even become so cute? Was it his diet? His genes? He had to find out. How was it even possible to put all that cuteness into one human being? Nico softly shook his head in disbelief over his luck.

 “Wow, I’m definitely in love,” he muttered and pulled his boyfriend into his lap, kissing him softly and wrapping his arms around his body, making Levi giggle.

“Ugh, can you stop being so cute this early in the morning? I didn’t want to feel lonely already,” Taryn uttered, but smiled at the couple.

“Don’t you dare to stop, you two. You are the cutest thing this house will ever get to see,” Dahlia replied and fished out her toast from the toaster.

“Ugh, I want a girlfriend. I’m tired of lusting after Meredith Grey. I get it, she’s straight. They always are,” she sighed theatrical, “Don’t you have a sister, Nico? Or a cousin? There must be a gay cousin in your family. There always is one.”

“Yeah, there is, but that’s me. I’m the gay cousin,” he laughed and leaned his head against Levi’s shoulder.

“Of course you are. After making you, there were probably no good enough gay genes left anyways,” Dahlia mumbled, sipping her tea to stop herself from talking.

Nico just laughed softly. Being here with Levi and the others was something he hadn’t had in a long time. He knew that this Christmas, he definitely won’t be alone. And it made him feel kinda warm and fuzzy inside. A feeling that he never wanted to let go again.