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It was late even though Yoongi had no concept of time at the moment considering his major jet lag. Arriving back in Seoul after having just adjusted to Malta time was likely playing tricks on his mind too: he couldn't find a particular shirt in his hastily re-packed suitcase. And while misplacing a material possession was usually not something that particularly bothered him, it was actually a gift from Taehyung and he would be mortified if the other found out he'd left it behind. If in fact, he had.

He had flown back to South Korea for personal reasons, and even though he didn't want to disappoint fans while they were filming the latest season of Bon Voyage, he knew he had to be there. But with everything finally settled and having a moment to himself for the first time since returning home, he finally noticed what was missing when he went to change start putting things away.

Well, he could just call and see if any of the guys could find it, but the key was making sure Taehyung didn't realize he'd forgotten the garment - he'd never hear the end of not taking care of his thoughtful gift. What time even was it there? Late morning seemed to be an okay time to at least try to get ahold of one of them. So he called one of his previous roommates from their lodging, Jimin, hoping they were still at the villa so he could get the call through wifi.

Much to his luck, the call went through and was finally answered just when he almost gave up. Not as lucky for him, though, was that it wasn't actually Jimin that answered.

"Hyung? What's up? You miss us already?" The teasing tone that filtered through the crackling connection was distinctly lower and a little gruff, maybe having only recently woken up. But it definitely wasn't Jimin.

"Tae-ah? Is Jiminie there?" Yoongi asked, trying to sound casual even though he was internally cursing that of course the one person he didn't want to alert had been the one who answered. And of course Jimin didn't take his actual phone with him since they'd been provided with ones that allowed them to utilize data in Malta. Too bad he didn't have that number anymore.

"Nah, they're actually all out grocery shopping. I won kai-bai-bo last night and got to sleep in! Well until I heard Jiminie's ringtone."

"Oh, sorry to wake you. Uh, you should go back to sleep so you can actually enjoy getting out of shopping." The elder tried to scurry out of the conversation - he would just have Jimin call him later.

"It's okay! Actually I was just thinking how it sucks that I didn't get to hardly see you here, hyung. I miss you." That husky voice perked up a little and Yoongi wasn't ready for the honest lilt in the receiver.

Yoongi's chest tightened a little - he regretted that their one meal together in Malta had been so brief with Taehyung being late to join them and Yoongi having to dip out early. He never would have shown it on camera, but he was fussy on the inside about the whole thing.

"Hey, uh, is there staff around? Can you get away from cameras for a minute?" He actually would rather just have a private conversation with Taehyung while he had the chance.

"Staff all went with the others, and I think I can just turn off the camera in here. You really do miss us!" There was some shuffling and the sound of a door closing as the other went around to ensure their privacy.

"Shut up or I won't say it," Yoongi growled, standing up to close the door to his own room, the space falling into contented dimness again. Just how he liked it.

"Sorry, sorry." The older man smirked internally at how quickly Taehyung stopped teasing in earnest to hear him say something so simple. Because of all people, Taehyung knew how not simple it was for Yoongi to share those bits of sincerity.

"Fine, I miss you, brat. It's shit how this all worked out. I kind of wanted to see you horseback riding, even if I'm glad I didn't have to do it myself." Yoongi let out once he was certain the conversation was strictly between the two of them.

He seated himself on the edge of his bed, staring at the open suitcase laying on his floor, a couple souvenirs glaring back at him and reminding him of what he was currently missing out on now. But his eyes fell closed when Taehyung started talking again, regaling him about the experience. How he went ahead of the other members and literally got to ride into the sunset, how free it made him feel. The promise of pictures was at least placating. One hand held his chin as he canted his head against his palm, elbow propped up on his bare knee. It really was even hotter in Korea at the moment, unbearable to wear anything more than shorts and a t-shirt (not the one he wanted, unfortunately).

"It was a lot of fun even though I'm really out of practice." Taehyung's laugh actually pulled a soft smile from the elder, a dreadfully staunch habit even through the phone. "My thighs ache a lot since I went faster than everyone else."

The sudden image of said body parts flashed behind Yoongi's eyelids - another, more secret habit of his. Especially the way they must have been flexed tight around either side of the horse's flanks, keeping Taehyung seated flush to the saddle, no doubt. Not that Yoongi knew much about horseback riding, but he did know quite a bit about another kind of riding. Somehow he was able to keep his voice even with the new image of his band mate's thighs around him instead. "You definitely deserve the extra rest then."

"That's what I'm saying! Jin-hyung tried to get me to switch with him just cause he's older, but no way." The pout was evident in the blond's voice even through the soft, long-distance static.

"Are you staying comfortable now? Don't strain yourself," Yoongi worried anyway, despite the warmth that was slowly seeping through his veins the more that deep tone continued to filter through the phone.

"Uh huh, I'm laying on Jimin's bed now - well I guess it was yours too." He heard the faint shift of blankets on the other end as Taehyung likely got more comfortable on the mattress and oh, was that a little groan? This was getting dangerous because now all Yoongi could picture was Taehyung laid back nonchalantly and maybe a little messily on his bed where he was laying just a day prior.

And it flew out of his mouth before he could even stop himself or realize exactly what he was saying. "What are you wearing?"


"Uh... my Tata pajamas? Why...?"

Yoongi mentally face-palmed but somehow managed to maintain his composure long enough to scrape up a lie that didn't have to do with completing his fantasy scenario that happened to require knowing what clothing items to take off of his band mate. "Good 'cause those are the most comfortable," he mumbled awkwardly, scooting himself back to the headboard of his bed and trying to calm the kicking he was proverbially giving himself.

"They really are. I didn't even get to see you in your Shooky set. How unfair." The audible pout was back but for some reason, Yoongi was having a hard time placing it with the baritone that seemed to caress his ear. The low vibrations settled right in the pit of his stomach and he had no fucking idea how Taehyung's endearingly handsome face bore them.

"I'd offer to send you a picture in them but it's way too hot here to even think about long sleeves," Yoongi grumbled in a rare tease.

"What, are you gonna sleep naked then?"

A lot of their conversations seemed to head in this direction recently - whether it was a comment about Yoongi's part in their choreography that Taehyung found sexy, or how Yoongi helped convince the stylists to let Taehyung wear the new bandana that he got because didn't it just look so good on him? Fuck, they were practically flirting and it was almost a game. One that the elder was rapidly losing, already having reached the point that each brush of Tae's fingers against his palm or the way muscled thigh draped over his own when they crammed together for pictures set his nerves alight in the most frustrating of ways.

And while neither of them had actually broken yet, there was clearly a mutual desire to. Yoongi typically didn't like to beat around the bush, but the tease that seemed to emanate so naturally from Taehyung made the game so easy - it was ridiculously superficial when the reality lay only skin deep.

"Maybe. Would you still want a picture?" The grumble turned into a low hum in Yoongi's throat, a much more intentional goading this time as he opened his eyes again, mindlessly focusing on the bookcase against the far wall while he awaited a response.

There was a pause, and for a moment Yoongi thought he may have gone too far this time, that maybe he was the only one who really wanted to do anything about this tension that had been building between them for some time now. But his overactive thought process was interrupted when the absolute huskiest voice on the other end of the like finally responded with a soft, "Yeah, I would."

The fingers of Yoongi's free hand curled into the sheets at his side with a death grip, his pulse picking up exponentially at the thought of Taehyung actually wanting to see him naked. Sure they'd seen each other in the nude before, but it hadn't been out of the desire to do so, and certainly not with any kind of intention other than coming out of the shower to yell at whoever left an empty bottle of shampoo.

So it was definitely a new feeling when Yoongi canted his head to the side, jaw unclenching from its previous tenseness and ordered, "You first."

The sharp intake of breath was audible over the soft crackle of the phone, and it pulled a smirk across the elder's lips, knowing that Taehyung was already affected by the reality of possibly being the one to truly break first. To go through with the teasing and imagining. And the rustling on the other end was all the indication necessary to tell Yoongi that this was really about to happen.

Yoongi was so lost in his premature victory that he didn't realize the movements had halted after a few moments.



"Why is your shirt still here?"

Fuck. Fuck.

"Uh, did I forget something?"

"It's the one I just got you for your birthday! How could you just leave it behind?" There was a slight whine in Taehyung's voice even though it was still tinged with the depth from their previous conversation.

Yoongi switched the phone to his other hand, the warmed screen clattering gently over his earrings as guilt curbed his more sordid train of thought. "I'm sorry, Tae-ah. Where did you find it?"

"In the bed. I was about to take off my pants and I saw it wrapped up in the sheets. You didn't even put it in the wash!" Yoongi could tell there was no real hurt in Taehyung's scolding, but he still felt bad - even if it only confirmed that Taehyung was indeed about to take a nude selfie for him.

Another apology was on the dark-haired man's tongue when he was interrupted, the next words making his gaze snap to the side his phone was on, as if that would help him hear better.

"Oh wait, it still smells like you." Yep, there was definitely a pointed inhale. "I can't believe you just-" Exhale. "-left this here for me to find. I miss you... I miss you."

The very obvious knowledge that Taehyung was sniffing his shirt and subsequently falling into desperation was driving Yoongi absolutely crazy. A tight knot formed in his lower abdomen - a mix of arousal and disbelief. He could hardly fathom that the younger man was getting so worked up over him and yet it felt so natural that he would, given the context of the last few months. In any case, Yoongi was nothing if not a man of unwarranted brevity, so he slowly let his head fall back against the wall behind him and fixed his eyes on the ceiling, conjuring the image of what the other must be doing in his mind. And it wasn't helping the twitch in his shorts at all.

"Show me. Take off your clothes and show me how much you miss me, Tae-ah," he commanded, simultaneously reminding Taehyung of the previous matter at hand as well as using the unintentional slight to his advantage.

"Okay. Fuck. Okay." Yoongi could swear the blond's voice dropped a few octaves just from being ordered to do something, and that was a tidbit he was going to file away in his mind for later use.

And sure enough, there was more rustling, a little further away this time, like Tae had set the phone down as he scrambled to work his clothes off and Yoongi pulled his phone away from his ear for the time being as he waited for the notification with bated breath. Eyes trained on the glare of his screen, he heard a few grunts amidst the shuffling, which was truly making his imagination go into overdrive - just what was he getting himself into? And it wasn't until the message notification popped up that he found out.

Opening the attached photo, Yoongi just about lost it. His heart both skipped and dropped all at once as his eyes scanned down the length of the very comfortably stretched out body depicted in HD pixels. Taehyung was never particularly muscular, but he was lean, and every bit of honey skin was stretched taut over his bones in ways Yoongi wished he could be too. But what really brought his world to a halt was the peek of black fabric draped over the younger man's abdomen, slightly lifted like he was still holding it up to his face and the hem just barely brushing the apex of toned, aching thighs, and fuck, Taehyung was half-hard.

"Yoongi-hyung?" came the trepidous voice just barely audible through the receiver only a few inches away from his face now.

"You're a good boy," Yoongi praised naturally, saving the picture and returning the phone to his ear, his pulse rapid-fire at this point. "I really wish I was there right now."

"What would you do if you were? If you were right here over my body laid out on your bed for you?"

He should have known, the only member with an imagination even more active than his own was Taehyung. And that sinful, provoking mouth of his that he teased the camera with was no lie. So when he was finally getting the proverbial solution to their self-induced frustration, Yoongi was not about to pass this chance up - all he had to do was voice the fantasies that had long since embedded themselves in his brain for nightly use. "I'd climb right between your thighs and mark up your gorgeous skin so you couldn't stop thinking about me for the rest of the trip." It all came like second-nature, the obscenities that fell from his lips, low and pointed as though he were rapping in that single breath. Yoongi inhaled sharply afterward and let his head fall back against the wall behind him again, warmth pooling in his abdomen and he knew he was getting hard too.

What followed was probably the sexiest sound he'd ever heard in his life, a mix of a deep groan and a breathy gasp. And  Yoongi just knew Taehyung had touched himself. "I want that. I want you right here spreading me open with your mouth working its way down to... down to my cock." The way the younger man had hesitated before saying something so forward to his hyung was oddly endearing, whether it was out of the last shred of shyness or respect.

And suddenly even the slip of soft sheets against his bare legs was setting Yoongi's nerves alight as he shifted to somehow accommodate his building arousal, picturing exactly what Taehyung suggested; his lips and tongue exploring soft, warm skin while his presence between those powerful thighs kept the other from moving around as much as he may have wanted to. He'd keep Tae right where he belonged.

"Hyung, your mouth would look so good on me, I just-" The desperation was filtering into the blond's tone, voice hitching and going a little higher like he couldn't control it anymore.

"Go ahead, wrap your fingers around your cock like you'd want my lips. Not nearly as wet, but we have to make do." Yoongi would give anything to hear that whine again, confidence overpowering any remaining hesitation.

"A-ah..." It came out as a whisper, a long-awaited sound that had the brunet's hand slinking down his body to skim around the growing tent in his own shorts, a tease that didn't give him quite what he was craving, instead drawing out the temptation as he focused on Taehyung's pleasure first.

"I want to taste you, Tae-ah. I bet you taste real soft and fresh, isn't that right? You're always so fucking clean it makes me want to ruin you," Yoongi practically growled out, the recollection of the younger man's warm cottony scent inciting some animal instinct to dirty something so beautiful.

Now that garnered a more intense reaction - a full gasp followed by a needy, "Please... please wreck me." Taehyung's breath was heavy in the receiver, making his words difficult to catch, but Yoongi heard them - used to deciphering garbled words through his ear piece on stage.

"Move your hand lower, I want to taste all of you."

"Lower..." Yoongi could hear the hitch in Tae's breath as those long fingers likely skimmed over the sensitive skin of his balls, probably already tightening up against his body.

"Lower," he repeated and there was a whimper, low and strained, and he could only imagine the other leaned back so far against the sheets when he finally reached his ass.

"Hyung, I can't, I don't have-"

"I know, you don't have to do anything. We don't have that kind of time, but just know I want to be there; right there."
It was then that Yoongi finally allowed himself to graze his fingertips over the thick, leaking head of his cock through the layers of fabric, emitting the smallest of groans that only intensified when he squeezed; squeezed like he was latching onto his mic on stage and spitting verses as though condemning the world for existing.

The sound must have triggered something in Taehyung because on the other end, Yoongi made out a strangled breath and a sudden rustle. Then... something wet. And the brunet's eyes fluttered closed because there was an onslaught of visions that conjured in flashes behind his eyelids of what that sinful mouth could be doing, and Yoongi felt himself twitch in his own hold. "What are you doing now?" he questioned deliberately, cool fingers creeping beneath the waistband of his shorts in anticipation.

There was some very saturated muffling followed by a suck and then finally Taehyung's mouth was free to speak again. "I'm getting my fingers all wet, I still want to feel, even if it's just a little. I... I want to pretend they're your fingers in me."

What did Taehyung look like right now? Was his head leaned back and neck straining, crushing the phone between his ear and the pillow while he reached down between his legs on Yoongi's orders, saliva-slickened fingers teasing his entrance as the veins in his forearms stood stark beneath his skin from the exertion?

"Fuck, Tae-ah..." Yoongi's hand plunged beneath his boxers, the elastic bunching up against the oystersteel and white gold watch adorning his wrist as he gripped himself tight, long fingers curling easily around his length as his thumb pressed firmly to the pre-cum soaked tip. "They will be. Next time. I'll be the one stretching you open."

He absolutely longed for it. Even though Taehyung was bigger than him in stature, he knew the younger man didn't mind giving up control. He often curled into Yoongi's arm around him, or relented to good-natured teasing with a giggle. It truly made him want to pin the blond against the nearest surface and pull that gorgeous face down to his own. You know, when he wasn't thinking about intertwining his fingers through the longer set to feel Taehyung's heartbeat against his palm. But that was a fantasy for another day.

"Next time..." was the breathy reply he received before a grunt and elevated panting on the other end accompanied by muted, wet sounds. "Yoongi-hyung, ah! There's something I wanna show you..."

The elder had to slow the pace of his hand that had begun gripping his shaft firmly and working himself over at the very drawl of his name in that gravelly baritone. "What is it?" He didn't get a verbal answer, just more lewd sounds of Taehyung driving his fingers in and out of his hole suspiciously closer this time.

Yoongi's heavy eyes pushed themselves open as he pulled his phone away from his ear again, glancing at the screen that lit up with another notification - it was a video this time - and his heart rate sped up so suddenly he got a little light-headed. He didn't think he ever clicked on a message as quickly as he did just then, glad for his own sizeable hand so he didn't have to let go of his cock. The sight that greeted him sent such a sharp stab of arousal directly to his groin it was amazing he didn't cum right then and there.

Taehyung had his hand between his spread thighs, and Yoongi could only see the movement of his wrist from this angle, but he could even more clearly hear the squelch of saliva-slick digits pumping into the younger male. The part that truly had him rapt though was the way the thin, black fabric of his own shirt was draped over his bandmate's cock, the impressive outline clearly visible against honeyed skin and fuck, it jumped when Tae angled his fingers just right. Beneath his shirt, thinking about him.

"Don't you dare stop," he breathed close to the receiver, finally returning the device to his ear so he could hear the real-time gasps and groans on the line. Yoongi gripped himself even tighter, droplets of pre-cum making the slide of his fist smoother as he concentrated the strokes to the most sensitive area just beneath the head of his length. "I want you to cum just like that, think you can?"

"Y-yeah. For you, I can," Taehyung didn't hesitate, his voice growing more and more strained by the second and Yoongi could only pray it wasn't loud enough to be picked up by the other audio equipment stationed around their villa. Though a small portion of him kind of hoped it would be.

Yoongi could feel himself getting close, his own breaths coming in rapid, almost pained heaves as he let himself get swept up by the visions of fucking into the blond on the other end, being the one to cause those heavenly sounds. His head rested back against his shoulders and hips bucked up into his hand continuously, desperation reaching its peak at the same time as Taehyung's crecendo, his voice suddenly breaking like it did when he was too tired to hit a high note, and a loud moan of Yoongi's name practically melted into the elder's ear. That was all it took for Yoongi to topple over the edge too, quiet, stuttering gasps signalling his own release as hot fluid spilled over his fingers and onto his abdomen in rapid spasms. It was so much stronger than when he whispered for Taehyung beneath the spray of the water in their shower at home.

It took several moments of mutual panting for either of them to gather their wits again, and Yoongi was graced with the breathless chuckle he'd come to appreciate in so many measures from the other man. "I guess I'm going to have to help Jungkook with the laundry so he doesn't have to ask why your shirt is still here and covered in cum."

Yoongi's softening cock twitched lightly at that comment, the discomfort of overstimulation hardly a matter when it was Taehyung inciting it. "Why is that so hot yet so appalling at the same time?" he grimaced at first, but his lips couldn't help stretching into a gummy smile when he found how easy it was to still banter with Taehyung. He didn't feel some sudden rift or awkwardness in conversation like he'd been worried about.

"Because that's what depravity is all about. Speaking of which, I believe you still owe me a picture," Taehyung's teasing lilt returned, stopping Yoongi from reaching for the tissues on his bedside table to clean up with.

He almost asked "of what", but he knew. "Fine, but I'm sending it to you. You better delete everything from Jiminie's phone, too."

"Yeah, we don't want him getting any weird ideas," Taehyung snickered and Yoongi rolled his eyes, quickly opening the camera on his phone to snap a picture of his mess cooling on his abdomen where his shirt had ridden up, free hand still leisurely curled around his half-hard length and double-triple checking that he was only sending it to the recipient titled with the tiger emoji.

"Like when he said that if we didn't stop flirting he was going to come blow us individually just to relieve some of the sexual tension?" The brunet recalled their usually mild-mannered friend making the brave claim out of frustration at a particularly innuendo-laced conversation one evening.

"Namjoon-hyung would have murdered us if he heard that," Taehyung sighed, and Yoongi could hear shuffling, no doubt the younger man leaving the room to retrieve his own phone that awaited with his well-earned prize. Not but few moments later a muffled groan resounded through the receiver. "How are you both so tempting and soft? Like I want to suck you clean and then lay on your stomach."

Almost immediately, Yoongi felt his face heat up at Tae's straightforwardness even if he was supposedly used to it. He finally wiped away his mess and re-situated himself, laying back against his pillows as drowsiness threatened him the way it usually did after he exerted any kind of energy, arm flopping over his forehead lazily. "I think I'd like that." There was no point in denying anything at this juncture, especially the way he would really rather Taehyung be there next to him.

"Next time?" Taehyung's voice was hopeful and soothing, prompting Yoongi to close his eyes and allow himself to be surrounded by it.

"Next time."