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“At least make yourself useful if you’re just going to stand there.”

Maya blinks as innocently as she can, or at least however much she can try when she notices Claudine glaring at her from where she’s leaning against the counter in the kitchen. Strewn all around them in their kitchen are shopping bags from their trip to the market. Claudine had gotten right to work with putting everything away, leaving Maya with little to do in the meanwhile.

“But the last time I tried to help, you rearranged everything again even after I put it all away,” Maya points out.

“Because you didn’t put everything away in the right places,” Claudine says with a frown. “I have a certain organization in the kitchen! And you just put everything away without a care in the world!”

Ah. Now that makes sense. “I’m sorry, I’ll try to pay more attention to that, then,” Maya says, turning her head to start taking note of everything. Despite her usual extravagance, Claudine does like to keep everything nice and tidy in a certain way. And, the kitchen is where Claudine certainly has much more of a lingering presence than Maya, who can hardly be bothered beyond buying something of convenience for nourishment.

Claudine’s expression softens, and she comes closer to Maya, sighing. “Just… pay a little more attention next time.”

Maya turns her head back, and finds Claudine’s face suddenly so close to hers. They blink at each other, both of them caught off guard.

“I need the cupboard behind you,” Claudine says slowly. But Maya’s firmly in front of it, and while reaching from the side and swinging it open to let it hit Maya’s head might be the quickest way to get Maya to scramble, even that seems too mean spirited to Claudine.

“Ah, right,” Maya says, and makes no further movement other than a quirk of her brow. She can see the way Claudine wants to roll her eyes but, somehow, she doesn’t.

“... so?” Claudine crosses her arms at her and narrows her eyes, seemingly annoyed. “Going to do that?”

But if Claudine were truly annoyed at her, Maya would be able to tell. Instead, Maya can notice the playful twitches of Claudine’s lips, and also how she hasn’t actually physically bumped Maya out of the way like she would have if she really wanted to.

So, Maya smiles coyly. “I might need some persuasion.”

Claudine steps closer, and closer still, until she forces herself into Maya’s space, placing her hands on either side of Maya on the counter. Then, she leans close, close enough for their breaths to mingle, and whispers, “How?”

Maya’s throat is suddenly dry, and she licks her lips out of habit. She hadn’t really thought this far, and that Claudine would actually respond like this. It would be easy to figure out what comes next, if only she might be able to gather her thoughts. But, with Claudine standing so close to her, merely just a breath away, seemingly clouds Maya’s mind more than she’s realized.

It looks like Claudine’s realized that, because she laughs and a smirk comes onto her lips. Impossibly still, she comes closer. Maya can hardly dare to breathe, not when she can feel Claudine pressed up against her now. They stare at each other, watching, waiting, for who will move.

As always, it is Maya who always succumbs first, closing the distance between them as she firmly presses their lips together and immediately gathers Claudine into her arms. Her hunger has always been far greater than Claudine’s, and no matter how much time passes, she thinks she’ll still never get enough. Claudine only laughs into her mouth in response, and while Maya knows she might consider that a victory, Maya thinks she’s the real winner here. After all, she is the one who gets to hold Claudine here, the one Claudine smiles at, the one Claudine only watches.

Claudine breaks away and sucks in a breath, but Maya is always greedy and chases after her, always craving. Her hands roam all over Claudine’s back. One of them slips underneath the hem of Claudine’s shirt and teases along the skin there. Under her hands, she can feel Claudine tensing, and Claudine pushes back against her in response.

Until Claudine finally moves her own hands, sliding them down Maya’s body until they touch her thighs and—

“Hm?!” Maya breaks away to glance down even though she already knows what will come next. Her hands, already anticipating, find their way to Claudine’s shoulders. Even so, she still finds herself freezing, and the only warning she has is the flash of a grin upon Claudine’s face as she’s abruptly lifted. Her slippers also slide off her feet and fall onto the floor with a thud. With her hands, Claudine pulls apart Maya’s legs and easily fits herself in the new space between them.

She looks up just as Maya looks down. “Enjoying the view up there?” Claudine asks, her smirk still on her face, clearly enjoying the way she’s caught Maya off guard. The way she’s so confident makes a shiver run through Maya and her heart skip a beat.

“Of course,” Maya answers, her voice low. “I have the most beautiful sight in the world right now.”

Claudine blinks, and Maya can see it, the hint of a blush rising to her cheeks. Were they younger like back then, Claudine would have huffed and become embarrassed and needed to storm away to recover. But, now, she stays in place, and though the blush is still upon her face, the smirk turns into a small laugh.

Merci,” she says, clearly preening under the attention. She moves her hands, to the top of Maya’s thighs, palming over it as if it is her prize. Even through the fabric, Maya finds herself shaking slightly. Claudine’s hands move again, this time to the top of Maya’s pants, her fingertips ghosting along the skin there not unlike what Maya had been doing to her earlier.

Claudine has always enjoyed payback like that, Maya thinks as she tries to hold back the whine. Maya moves her own hands now, one to pull up her shirt and the other to tangle through Claudine’s hair, to pull her forward. Against her stomach, she can feel Claudine’s lips forming a smile.

… not that Maya can find herself thinking much when Claudine starts to run her tongue against her skin. She traces the slight lines of muscles there, still retained from all her practice, and one of her hands slides up Maya’s body, to touch the underside of Maya’s bra.

Impatience starts to burn through Maya. She lifts her shirt so she can hold it between her teeth and pushes up her bra. Claudine glances up, and her fingers brush against the underside of a breast, deliberately slow, teasing, dragging her fingernails across.

It still isn’t enough. It is never enough. Maya makes a sound that comes across as half a growl and half a whine. But it is Claudine who has her in her palm, and she instead chooses to slide her hand back down. The hand that’s threaded through Claudine’s hair tugs slightly, but Claudine only laughs again, heedless of the plea.

Her mouth moves lower, trailing her kisses and tongue lower, until they get to the top of Maya’s pants. Maya’s never wanted more than now to tear them away, especially when Claudine moves lower and mouths her even through the fabric.

“C-Claudine,” Maya pants, or tries to. She’s still holding her shirt open for Claudine, somehow. She can’t think much beyond the fact that she would much rather feel that against her skin, that she needs to feel it against her skin, and that she needs that now. Her free hand pulls at her zipper, but her hands are shaking and they fumble. Claudine tsks at her and shakes her head, swatting away Maya’s hand.

“I’ll get there,” Claudine says, and promptly pulls the zipper down and tugs off as much as Maya’s pants as she can. It takes some maneuvering for Maya to even think coherently enough to get her legs together but she somehow manages, and Claudine unceremoniously pulls them off and dumps it onto the floor.

Claudine returns her attention down, pleased when she sees how soaked the underwear is. Maya thinks Claudine might just go ahead and tease her there too and drive her even further close to the brink of madness, but Claudine also pulls that off without any further ado, dropping it on top of Maya’s pants. She moves back down, and teases along her inner thighs instead.

Maya lets out a choked gasp, trying to move so Claudine’s tongue can get right to the middle of her, but Claudine’s got a hold on her hips now, and Maya finds herself trapped in place instead. She has half a mind to use her own fingers if Claudine is going to keep teasing her, but they’re not the same, it won’t feel as good.

She's struggling to hold herself together, breaths coming out heavy. She’s let go of her shirt, letting it fall back down now that Claudine’s focused her attention lower but it feels too hot. She wants to take it off, but she can barely concentrate. It feels too hot. She wants Claudine to touch her already.

The hand that’s still in Claudine’s hair is trying to pull her toward her core, but whenever she does, she can feel Claudine stilling entirely, and Maya learns. So she'll plays by Claudine’s rules, all for that moment when she can feel that wonderful tongue against her.

… but she isn’t sure how long she can hold out if Claudine is going to keep teasing her like this.

And, finally, Claudine takes pity on her, because now she can feel Claudine's breath against her, and all she can do is bite her lip, squirming in anticipation. She looks down just as Claudine looks up and meets her eyes. They watch each other until Claudine sends her another smirk. No doubt she's pleased that she's worked Maya up so much, she's always liked to sit back and look over her handiwork as she reduces Maya to near incoherency. Then, she looks back down, carefully tucks her hair behind her ear, and moves forward.

A gasp tears out of Maya. Her hips jerk forward, but Claudine’s got a tight grip on them and holds her in place. That’s good, Maya thinks distractedly, especially when Claudine’s lips find her clit.

She arches her back with a small cry, the back of her head lightly hitting the cupboard. She can’t help but lean against it as Claudine continues to tease her there, sucking. Her body feels like it’s drawing even tighter with each second that passes. The heat burning through her is starting to feel unbearable.

With all the teasing Claudine had done earlier, she’s surprised she’s still holding on, but she’s close to the edge. She just needs a little more, for Claudine’s tongue to go inside of her and find those places that make her feel like she’s seeing stars. More, she thinks, more. Maya has never been satisfied, she's always wanted more. Claudine has always pushed her even further, has always made her always want go even higher. It is never enough; it never feels like enough. She can never get enough of Claudine.

Finally, Claudine relents and moves her tongue downward, pushing into her entrance. Maya tries to angle her hips, because Claudine’s just a little off—oh! Maya is hissing through her teeth, half choking back a sob as Claudine hits that exact spot she needs. Of course Claudine already knows what she wants; they’re partners in every sense of the word.

Claudine pulls back to say something, but Maya’s too busy focusing on the pleasure spiking through her to translate, and it isn’t as if she can actually think when Claudine’s tongue starts to move against her again. Maya’s hands in Claudine's hair tighten, her ankles cross, and her toes curl. Almost, almost, almost.

When Claudine uses one of her hands to rub against her clit again, her pleasure mounts—and she’s gone.

Claudine’s tongue still works at her, easing her back down. Maya pants as she recovers, slowly releasing her grip upon Claudine's hair, patting her to soothe what she knows must sting. She starts to shift, and Claudine gets the message to back away and look up. Maya wants to kiss her; her hands slide to cup Claudine's face, urging her upward. Claudine obliges, and Maya tastes herself on the mouth that’s made her come undone, and feels the smirk Claudine makes against her lips. 

After, Claudine helps her down, but as soon as Maya’s legs touch the floor, her legs are wobbling and she knows she’s going to crumple to the floor. But Claudine easily catches her though Maya collapses quicker than either of them realize. Now they’re both on the floor, with Maya half on top of Claudine, who only pretends to halfheartedly push her away while also shifting to make her comfortable. Maya manages to find the strength to wrap her arms around Claudine and bury her face into such an inviting neck.

“There, you moved away,” Claudine says, and Maya doesn’t need to look to know her partner has nothing short but an amused expression on. She must be so satisfied, being able to tease her so much and make her so weak. But Maya has always been weak to Claudine, and that will never change no matter how much time passes. She has always been Claudine's, after all.

“Only for you,” Maya answers, as she presses a kiss against Claudine’s neck, her lips curving into a smile when she feels Claudine shiver.