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Love you for centuries

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Yoongi wakes up with cold sweat on his back, the complete opposite of the immense heat he just swore he could feel in his dream. Flames licking at his skin as screams tore themselves from his throat, smoke burning through his windpipe and through the thick haze of heat, fire, and smoke there was a person. A shadow. Moving. As if it tried to get close to him. Call out to him. Save him.

Every time when Yoongi has a nightmare it’s the same. It’s always the same dream about dying in the fire, calling out for help from someone he doesn’t recognize, someone who doesn’t manage to get through the flames to him.

His back hurts and he groans while getting up from the couch. It has been a bad idea closing his eyes on this demon thing – his neck always gets so stiff and right now he feels as if his whole body is just a simple bundle of pain. There’s still the insistent knocking at his door and once he opens it he’s immediately blinded by the lights outside and swallowed up by a cloud of perfume.

“Darling, you’re going out tonight.” It’s his mother who brushes past him easily, ignoring the affronted expression on his face as she completely ignores his protests and goes ahead to sort through his wardrobe.



Sometimes Yoongi wishes he could manage and say no to his mom, he’s an adult after all but at the same time, his mother and he have a very special relationship. It was just the two of them. Right from the start and even after he moved out, he maintained a close relationship with her. They’re more like some kind of weird best friends now.

And what do best friends do? They set their friends up with someone they know.

Since the revelation that Yoongi is indeed as straight as a circle his mom has stopped introducing him to the daughters of her friends and instead, chose a more liberated way of approaching the issue of dating. She doesn’t know any other gay people close to Yoongi’s age so she made it her job to make sure he actually goes and out and tries to get with a guy.

Yoongi squirms in the seat of the car, the rips in his jeans dig a little uncomfortable in his thighs but his mom said these pants make his ass look irresistible. Yeah, he got used to it. More like best friends, it was weird at the start but his mother and he are just like that. The satin shirt he wears has such a loose neckline that he constantly adjusts it to not expose too much of his chest. He could see the doors of the club, a small line of people in front of it. It’s a new one this time.

“Okay, so get inside there and find your future boyfriend,” His mom cheerfully says and Yoongi would like to roll his eyes but he doesn’t want to hear her scolding him at the moment. He glances at his reflection in the rearview mirror, the smudged eyeliner and the faint color of lipgloss on his lips. His mother loves to put make-up on him and he has to admit he looks good but well, he doesn’t look like he’s searching for a boyfriend tonight. More like he wants a simple hookup.

“I don’t think I will find a boyfriend in a gay club, mom,” He says, tugging the neckline of his shirt higher again and his fingers catch on the lace choker around his neck. The slight pressure keeps him grounded, that’s the main reason he always wears it and because it looks pretty of course.

“A one night stand then,” His mom shrugs and winks at him.


She leans over, tugging the shirt down a little again and ruffling his hair. “Seriously, look at you – everyone would want to pick you up,” She says and starts pushing at him to hurry up and get out of the car and into the club already. Yoongi just rolls his eyes and holds out his hand, “You’re insufferable. Give me money, I’m not paying my own drinks in that expensive excuse of a club.”

“Well, played. You really are my son but I doubt you will have to pay a single drink,” She hands him a wad of money from her purse. “You look way too pretty. Guys will fight to buy you a drink.”

“Sure,” Yoongi replies takes the money and gets out. The night air isn’t as cold as he would have expected it to. He still shivers a little as he walks across the street, waving at his mom before he gets into the queue. God, he hopes she won’t wait in front of the club or something. She did that one time. Offering to drive him and his hookup home. God, it was weird. He had a very long conversation about crossing lines and certain privacies that absolutely need to be respected.

His mom has just never really been good at letting go. He’s not a ten-years-old anymore but he as the impression that his mother sometimes forgets about that which leads to a few awkward situations. She’s just – she’s a very protective person.

Yoongi shyly smiles at the huge bouncer in front of the door but the guy doesn’t even move the corners of his mouth. Okay, well, then fuck politeness. He quickly brushes past the first crowd of people. The lights are dimmed inside, a mix of pinks and purples, the bass of whatever song is playing is heavy, thumping in Yoongi’s chest like a second heartbeat. He immediately feels the charge of sexual energy in the air. Sweaty bodies are already dancing up against him but Yoongi pushes further inside, making his way towards the bar and settling down.

Before he’s going to do anything tonight like dancing or finding someone appropriate to hook up with. He downed his first shot of vodka when there’s suddenly a smooth, deep voice coming from next to him and he feels how someone settles in the seat to his right.

“Hey cutie, what are you doing all alone here?”

That was quick. Sometimes Yoongi feels like he’s a magnet, a magnet that only attracts absolute assholes or fuckboys. So, he doesn’t expect much when he swivels around to look at the man who just came up to him and readies himself to tell the same thing again. Hey, no I have a boyfriend. He’s not really in the mood for a hookup tonight, not after having the dream just hours ago.

When he looks at the other guy though, he could do nothing but panic. Gay panic, to be precise because holy motherfucking shit of fucking shit! Who even allowed for such a perfection to exist? There has to be a law against being so beautiful that you kind of distract other people from taking a breath, right? The guy – he looks like a god walking among humans. His face is so symmetrical that it looks photoshopped if it weren’t for the mole on the tip of the other’s nose. His almond-like eyes are boring into Yoongi’s soul, dark shadows highlighting his sharp gaze. His brown hair is pushed back by a bandana, some strands still tickling his forehead. His lips have a beautiful heart shape and a pinkish hue.

He’s way out of Yoongi’s league. Maybe the other hasn’t seen him, right? The lighting might have made Yoongi look more attractive than he really is. Or maybe the other is far too intoxicated to see him properly. But it’s still pretty early and he doesn’t seem drunk at all. Quite the opposite actually. The guy is leaning on his elbow now, one hand propped up under his chin as he smiles at Yoongi. God, that smile does things to him.

Why would this Adonis make a move on him? Oh – Maybe it was a dare. Maybe it was a stupid dare to come and try and flirt with Yoongi. That would explain things. Yoongi chugs the vodka, slams the glass down on the counter and faces the guy again, laughter tumbling from his lips and it only intensifies at the startled look on the pretty guy's face. “Nice one. Who paid you to talk to me?” He asks.

The guy looks a little dumbfounded. (Somehow the confused expression makes him even more attractive.) “What? No one?”

“Seriously, I bet it was my mom,” Yoongi says, motioning for the bartender to give him another shot. “I can’t believe she followed me again – I – really, just tell me if it was my mom.” The guy looks mildly terrified at the moment, eyes as wide as saucers as he stares at Yoongi’s nonchalant expression.

“What kind of mom do you even have?”

“A very weird one,” Yoongi replies and he starts to wonder why the other is still sitting here. If the gorgeous guy is still here with him, still talking to him that means he has actually seen him and isn’t here on a bet or a dare. If he were, then he would have been gone the second Yoongi has started talking about his mother but he’s still here. He’s still here and he’s still smiling at Yoongi. Why is he still smiling?

The guy is taking the vodka shot from the bartender, handing it to Yoongi. “She didn’t pay me. No one did. Promise.” The hand of the guy is brushing against his knee, lingering there for a bit too long to be accidental. Yoongi glances up into the fiery eyes of the other. Well, he gulps. He can’t believe this guy is really trying to flirt with him without anyone daring or paying him to. “Do you wanna get out of here?”

Yoongi chokes on his drink, eyes widening as the vodka burns down his throat. “You don’t even know my name yet,” He coughs.

“Okay, what’s your name?” The guy asks smiling and he looks – god, he looks like a model but still in a childish way. His lips form a rectangular shape and his eyes crinkle. God, Yoongi could stare at that smile for a whole lifetime. Okay – stop. This is still a stranger who wants to get out of here with him.

He shakes his head slightly before answering, “I’m Yoongi…” The guy smiles even brighter – that’s possible?

“Cute. Now, wanna get out of here?” The guy asks, still smiling so, so bright in the dark lights of the club. “To talk? It’s kind of pretty loud in here.” Yoongi feels his heartbeat accelerating like the rhythm of the song in the background. The lights flash around him and maybe it’s because of that or maybe it’s the atmosphere around them, as if they were the only two people in the club, in their own world.

“I… “ He wants to decline. He wants to say no because he isn’t looking for a hookup and apparently the other isn’t either but you never know. You never know in today’s world but the male seems trustworthy – and he’s so hot. “Okay but I’m warning you, I got pepper spray and a panic button on my phone. Every step I take is tracked by my phone and my mom will find me in minutes.”

The guy giggles now – giggles and he looks so cute, so adorable in a matter of seconds. God, Yoongi almost gets a whiplash from the guy switching between total daddy material and total soft boi material. “I’m not going to murder you and I would definitely like to meet your mom,” He says, “She sounds interesting.”

“She just worries a lot for me,” Yoongi explains, “It’s like she thinks I’m still ten and helpless.”

“She seems to care about you a lot.”

“Too much sometimes,” He sighs, shoving the empty vodka glass away from him. “But I still love her.”

“So… wanna blast?” To be honest, Yoongi has already forgotten about the other’s offer but now he already accepted and he actually wants to get out of here. Clubbing just doesn’t feel right and somehow he feels – nice in the presence of the other but he still has to stay safe though.

“No funny business,” He states, waiting until the other nods with laughter tumbling from his lips. Yoongi follows the guy outside, the cold night air waking him up again and once the door closes behind them again the bubble around them seems to burst. The music is muted, the colorful lights are gone and the other man looks even better in the shitty lightning of the streetlamps. A shiver runs down Yoongi’s spine when there’s a sudden warmth enveloping his shoulders.

He looks up at the taller male who wears a smile on his lips while adjusting the wide scarf around his shoulders. Yoongi feels the warmth spreading through his chest and he doesn’t know why the scarf smells so familiar. It throws him off. Slightly. He decides to ignore it though and only buries his nose deeper into the scarf, inhaling the calming scent. “What’s your name anyway?” He asks as they start walking, no idea where they’re going.


Taehyung, it’s a nice name. Fitting. Pretty. God, Yoongi is so weird. Here he is, smelling the scarf of the guy he met at the club, almost having a meltdown about the other’s name. What has he even become? “Okay, so, Taehyung,” Yoongi coughs, “Why did you approach me – out of all those pretty people – why me?”

“You don’t think you’re beautiful?” Taehyung easily replies as if it would be nothing big. As if Yoongi is one of those pretty people that get a lot of attention all the time and already have someone flirting with them as soon as they sit down.

Yoongi bites his lip, casting his eyes to the ground and making himself seem smaller than he already is. “Not really,” He mumbles, trying to hide his embarrassment by tugging the scarf up over the lower half of his face. The deep chuckle from Taehyung makes goosebumps break out over his skin. How can one person be so fucking perfect?

“Would you believe me if I said that I approached you because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my whole life?” He asks with the hint of a smile on his lips. The words ghost through Yoongi’s head as his cheeks redden immediately, his pale skin making it impossible to hide the blush. How can Taehyung just say these cheesy things with a straight face?

“I mean it,” Taehyung insists and he puts a light pressure on the back of the smaller male and guides him around a corner. Now they’re walking along a park, the streetlamps still shining down on them and normally Yoongi would probably think that Taehyung is some kind of serial killer and plans to murder him but somehow the taller oozes safety and Yoongi wishes he could get closer to him.

Yoongi is still staring at his feet as they walk, their steps in sync while the silence between them feels like the most comfortable thing in the whole world. “Yoongi?” Taehyung suddenly stops. They’re at the entrance of the park and the taller man has stepped right in front of him, a weird expression on his face.

“Yes?” There’s an uneasy feeling spreading through Yoongi’s stomach. He hates it when he can’t read the emotions of other people. And he loathes it when it suddenly turns a comfortable situation in a creepy one. Maybe he’s been wrong all along. Maybe Taehyung is a serial killer, after all?

“Do you think something like reincarnation exists?”

That – Well, that is not what Yoongi expected to happen and what he thought the other would say but at least, Taehyung has not talked about killing him and wearing his skin yet. So, that’s a definite plus, right? He coughs, glancing up at the taller male who looks so sincere, so earnest with his question that he must have meant it without any humor to it. “Like – being born again?” He asks to clarify even though he knows what the other meant.

Taehyung nods and now he looks nervous. His hands keep playing with the hem of his shirt and he keeps biting on his bottom lip, the flesh turning red under his teeth. He only gives Yoongi a quick glance before dropping his eyes back to his scuffing feet again. “Yeah… do you – do you believe that two people love each other so much in a previous life that they feel that love in the next life too?”

“I… I’m not sure – I guess it would be something pretty amazing but… yeah, that’s not really something that happens,” Yoongi trails off, not really sure what the younger wants him to say. He doesn’t feel as comfortable as before. Maybe he shouldn’t have agreed to go with the taller. His fingers feel around until they locate his phone in his back pocket. He’ll call for help the second Taehyung starts doing something strange. This is not the night Min Yoongi will die and this is definitely not the way he wants to die.

“Do you believe in fate?” Taehyung continues to ask about reincarnations but the smaller doesn’t answer. He only takes a step back as the other tries to move closer to him. “Do you believe that there are persons who are meant to be, a love between people so deep that it overcomes centuries and death?”

“What do you mean?”

A gasp escapes Taehyung’s lips as he tries to contain an overwhelmed smile, his eyes are widening slightly and he looks like he’s about to go on a little crazy rampage as he comes closer to the smaller. Now, Yoongi is starting to get seriously scared, especially as he feels the fence of the park digging into his back, making it unable for him to escape if he wanted to. “I promised myself I would go slow but it was so long – it took me so long to find you again and I – I just can’t hold myself back –“

It’s kind of a kneejerk reaction – almost literally. Yoongi hears those words and they set off every red flag in his mind and before he could even actually think about it his fist has already met Taehyung’s stomach. His solar plexus, to be precise and the taller doubles forwards, coughing violently as tears gather in his eyes.

“Oh my god!” Taehyung cries, clutching his stomach in pain as he glares or tries to glare up at the other. “Why?! I’m not a stalker or someone weird!”

“Well, you sure are talking like one! I’m leaving,” Yoongi defends himself, heart beating a mile per minute because holy shit, he just punched someone in the stomach. He just punched the most beautiful (and possible serial killer) guy in the whole world in the freaking stomach!

The fence isn’t at his back anymore and Yoongi just wants to get home now. The second he turns around though Taehyung is calling out to him. “Wait!” Yoongi wants to ignore him, he tries to keep walking but what the other says next makes him stop dead in his tracks. “Please – do you dream of fire? Are you stuck in the same dream night after night?”

He gulps, now it’s actual fear thrumming through his veins. “How do you know about that?” He whispers staring at the other male still crouched on the floor.

“Because I was there,” Taehyung coughs, slowly getting up as he wipes the tears from his eyes. The words of the other makes Yoongi’s heart stop for a second – not because of a good thing though. “Because it wasn’t a dream. Because all those centuries back we were in love and I spent what felt like an eternity to find you again.”

His breath catches in his throat and he involuntarily takes another step back, readying himself to run whenever he needed to. His phone is still tightly clutched in his hand. “You’re crazy,” He hisses through his teeth.

“I’m not,” Taehyung says and the way he says it only makes him look a little crazier. “I’m just in love. I swear, I’m not lying to you. Please… we talked about reincarnation, right?”

“That’s impossible. Something like that doesn’t exist.”

But the younger is not giving up, he’s not backing down and it should scare Yoongi to death, terrify him but he feels – he feels this weird pull towards the other that he doesn’t want to admit. But it’s there. And actually, that is the thing scaring him about this whole situation. “Have you never felt like there was something you just had to remember but you never had a clue what it was?” Taehyung asks and Yoongi hates it, he hates it because he knows exactly what the other is talking about. “Have you never felt that there’s something missing from your life, creating a hole you tried to fill with everything but nothing would do the job?”

Yoongi doesn’t answer, he just stares at him. Stares at the man that seems to know much more about him than possible. It should scare him, it should but it doesn’t. It doesn’t and Yoongi starts to question if he might be the crazy one here. Taehyung knows about his dreams, he knows about the loneliness he feels. Seriously, Yoongi has his mother and that’s it. There’s no one else in his life because no matter who he was with… it always felt like something was missing, like this wasn’t quite right. How does Taehyung know about that? Maybe he’s imagining him? Maybe Yoongi drank not two but like thirty vodka shots and is drunk out of his mind and hallucinating. That sounds more plausible than a stranger knowing such intimate details about him and droning on and on about reincarnation.

A sharp gust of wind makes him shiver again and he draws the scarf tighter around his neck. Ah. The scarf. It’s not his scarf. It’s Taehyung’s but he doesn’t want to give it back. It feels right. Like it belongs around his neck and the smell – the smell reminds him of something but he can’t quite pinpoint what it is. But it’s great.

He flinches when Taehyung suddenly reaches under his shirt, taking out a necklace with a ring on it. He takes the ring off and holds it out towards Yoongi. “Take it.”

The ring looks like it belongs in a museum like it costs more than Yoongi’s entire life. The silver band almost sparkles and Yoongi admires the delicate decoration around it. On top of the ring is a big blue stone, he doesn’t know what it exactly is but it looks too expensive for him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about but I can’t take this. I’m sorry – I need to go now.”

“Take the ring,” Taehyung begs and the desperation is seeping through his voice like water through a sieve. “Please. Just the ring.”

Yoongi hesitates for a second but takes the ring before turning around and getting the fuck out of there.



His heart is still violently hammering against his chest when he arrives home later. The ring lays heavy in his hand and he can’t shake off the feeling that by accepting it he just sold off his soul or something. Only as he starts undressing does he realize that he also never gave Taehyung his scarf back and that strangely, the other’s scent is still lingering on the fabric.

Yoongi would deny it instantly but the truth is that he did sleep with Taehyung’s scarf under his nose for the whole night. There was no fire in his dreams. Only happiness.




Yoongi likes his job. He likes art and he likes organized things, he likes cleanliness and he likes silence. His co-worker not so much.

“Yooo!” Yoongi winces at the loud and booming voice of Jeongguk. The boy is younger than him, a little inexperienced and new at the job but Yoongi instantly had to take him under his wing. He always had a soft spot for cute guys and sadly Jeongguk is no exception even though he sometimes wishes he were. The younger could get insufferable. He’s catalogizing the new paintings Jeongguk and him have to check out today and look for potential new works they could exhibit in the museum.

Today was supposed to be boring. A lot of new paintings from rising artists and rather unknown ones but Yoongi heard there was one treasure somewhere between the packages. An old painting, one of the eldest their museum would ever be able to continuously exhibit. “Yoongi – you gotta get over here and look at this!” Jeongguk is still yelling through the whole storage room. “I swear I can’t make that shit up – that dude looks just like you!”

“Jeongguk – I swear to – oh my god,” Yoongi gapes as his gaze falls on the huge canvas Jeongguk is holding with a beaming smile.

“See!” The younger exclaims excitedly, “It’s totally you.”

Yoongi stares a little longer until he finally finds his voice again. “Is this new?”

“Came in yesterday, already passed the examination and it’s an original from an unknown artist. 1737.” Jeongguk rattles down the information as quickly and precise as always. That guy is a machine with a photographic memory which comes in handy from time to time.

“Anything else known about it?” Yoongi asks, eyes still glued to the painting and the man in the middle who does look almost exactly the same as him, maybe minus the long hair but apart from that – they could be twins.

“There’s a dedication written on the back,” Jeongguk turns the painting around to show him the scribble at the bottom left corner. The handwriting is old and light but still readable which is a wonder in itself. “A love defeating time – T. That’s on the back and you see right here –” Jeongguk quickly spins the painting around again and points towards the right corner where two words are woven into the scenery as if they belonged there. “My love.

Yoongi is still staring at the painting. It is indeed absolutely beautiful. A bed is in the middle of the painting but the main focus lies upon the guy who looks exactly like him on the bed. The guy wears light robes, it looks more like blankets flowing from his shoulders and covering the most important parts. He’s not looking straight ahead, his head is tilted to the left and his eyes focused on the owner of whoever’s hand is outstretched towards him. His fingers curled around the hand. There’s a fireplace in the background, giving everything in the painting a reddish tone. “It’s beautiful,” Yoongi comments quietly.

“Yeah… The guy does look exactly like you,” Jeongguk nods proudly, “And the other guy, I’m kind of sad you can’t see his face but it’s probably the artist himself. Don’t you think it’s amazing how fucking talented and dedicated gay guys were even back then to prove to future generations that they were very fucking gay –“

“What the fuck…” Yoongi interrupts him with a hiss and the weird feeling he had when he met Taehyung spread through him again. Like there was something important he forgot, a memory that fought to come back into his head but was still locked away somewhere.

“What is it?” Jeongguk asks curiously.

Yoongi’s fingers tremble as he takes a step closer to the painting, taking the ring with the blue stone out of his pocket. Originally, he wanted to get rid of it, get rid of anything that would remind him of the strange encounter he had with Taehyung but he couldn’t bring himself to throw the ring away. Something stopped him. Somehow he needed it by his side, so he put it in his pocket and carried it around with him for the next few days.

His gaze is locked on the hand of the guy who looks like him. The hand that isn’t holding someone else. The hand that rests gently on his thigh, a ring with a blue stone on the fourth finger. “Doesn’t this ring look suspiciously like the one painting-me is wearing like a fucking wedding ring?” Yoongi shows Jeongguk the blue ring and the younger just gapes at him.

“Where did you get that from?!” He hisses dumbfounded, “It looks hella expensive.”

“Some guy at the bar gave it to me.”

Jeongguk chokes on nothing, looking down on him in disbelief. “Some guy? At a bar? Just – just gave you the ring?” He exclaims. Yeah, Yoongi had been just as confused.

He shakes his head, staring at the painting again and suddenly he starts feeling dizzy. The ring in his hand feels like lead and he couldn’t take his eyes away from the hand painting-him is holding. Everything on the canvas looks familiar, everything on the canvas feels familiar. His head is spinning slightly, a sharp jabbing pain throbbing behind his forehead. He forgot something. He knows he forgot something very important.

Something that had to do with the painting and with the ring and with…– Taehyung.

Yoongi feels like he’s going to throw up. He needs to get out of here. Instantly. “I think – I have somewhere to be, can you please cover for me? You owe me big time already!” He doesn’t wait for Jeongguk’s answer as he just starts bolting. Out of the storage room. Out of the exhibition halls. Out of the building. Out of his confused head. Out. Out. Out.

He catches his breath at the bottom of the stone stairs leading up to the museum. His head is still spinning as thoughts tumble randomly through his mind without making any sense.

It can’t be, he thinks, it just can’t be. But the feelings are still there, the image of the painting still vivid in front of his eyes. He swears he could feel the warmth of the fireplace on his skin, the long hair tickling his back, the satin robes sliding smoothly against his shoulders and the hand – he swears he feels its warmth wrapped around him at the moment.

This can’t be. Reincarnation. It’s impossible. It’s just impossible! Something like that doesn’t exist.

“Do you believe me now?” Yoongi almost shrieks in shock, flinching violently as he snaps his head up and comes face to face with Taehyung.

“How the fuck did you find me?! Not a stalker my ass,” He gasps, pressing himself back against the stone steps even though all his mind tells him to do is press forward, press into Taehyung.

“Please,” The taller male begs, crouching down so that they’re on eye level. Yoongi could see tears glistening in his eyes. “Try to remember. I know you can do it. Please, I looked for so long but I was always too late.”

“What are you?” Yoongi whispers. His head is still thrumming with pain while his heart beats so fast that it has to be unhealthy. “What exactly are you?”

Taehyung speaks slowly, gently and even though what he says sounds ridiculous – Yoongi couldn’t think about another explanation for the painting, for the mess he’s feeling. “I’m an immortal and a long time ago, centuries ago we were in love. You died and it took me so long to finally get ahold of one of your reincarnations. Please don’t punch me again,” He begs and he sounds so serious, so sincere. It messes with Yoongi’s head.

“Immortals don’t exist, just like reincarnation doesn’t,” He says but his own voice doesn’t seem so confident anymore, not so convinced of the words he’s saying.

“And yet you and I are here. Yoongi, I know you – maybe not from this life but from a previous one,” Taehyung comes a little closer and Yoongi finds himself leaning involuntarily forwards. “The one where I promised you eternity together with me.”

Yoongi gulps. The pull he feels towards Taehyung gets stronger with every passing second and every fiber in his being screams at him to touch the male, to get close to him but Yoongi doesn’t understand why. “I don’t know what you want from me…” He whispers pathetically and to his horror, he feels tears prickling at his own eyes.

“I promised to find you in each of your lives and that I’ll make you remember. As long as we love each other we’ll end up together. Remember?” Taehyung asks with a thick voice and the first tears start trailing down his handsome face. “I promised this to you when I gave you the ring.”

And for the first time Taehyung touches him, touches his skin. His thumb swipes over Yoongi’s cheek, collecting the tear there. The smaller leans into his touch, closing his eyes when the pain in his head suddenly explodes. It feels as if he’s caged in a dream, pictures drilling into his head so fast that he could barely keep up.

Memories. They’re memories. Memories of him and Taehyung together.

There’s a house, the room of the painting, laughter, feathery kisses on his skin, a hand trailing over his body. There’s happiness, warmth, and love. But suddenly everything changes and Yoongi is back in his dream. Fire around him as he’s forced to stay in the room, there’s no escape. There’s the shadow at the door, behind the flames and this time he hears it yell. Desperately, full of agony. It’s Taehyung. It’s his voice. Yoongi tastes the smoke on his tongue, feels the fire burning hot on his skin but then there are hands on his cheeks and a voice.

It’s also Taehyung’s voice but it doesn’t sound desperate, it doesn’t sound far away and when Yoongi blinks the fire slowly vanishes from his sight. He trembles, tears running down his cheeks and cold air biting into his skin. The stone step keeps digging uncomfortably in his back but it’s better than the fire that devoured him in the past.

He remembers. He remembers and just starts to sob harder at the thought of ever having forgotten the love of his life. “Taehyung?” He cries brokenly and there are instantly arms wrapped around him. The other’s body trembling against his as Taehyung whispers right next to his ear. “It’s really me,” He says, “I’ve missed you so much.”

Yoongi only hugs him harder, burying his face in the other’s neck and inhaling the scent he missed so much. “I’m sorry – I’m so sorry!” He cries harder, it feels as if everything suddenly makes sense. The feeling of always missing something, the fact that no one ever felt right. Everything makes sense and Yoongi can’t believe he gave Taehyung such a hard time convincing him. He wishes he could go back in time and tell himself that Taehyung is speaking the truth. He wishes he could go even further back in time and prevent the fire from happening, prevent Taehyung from being forced to see him burn alive in the house they spent their lives in. He holds him tighter, the anxiety that has never quite left him settling as he feels the other’s heartbeat against his chest. The hole in his heart has been filled and the longing which has consumed him all the time is gone. Taehyung. Every single one of his senses is filled with the male. “Never leave me again,” He begs him.

“I love you so much, Yoongi,” Taehyung says, pulling away to press a longing kiss on his lips. It feels like home, like coming home after being lost and wandering through the hardest and coldest snowstorm in the whole world. “And I will never let you go again. Not in this life and in the next – I will find you. I will always find you.”

“I’m counting on you.”

It took centuries for Taehyung and it took twenty-four years for Yoongi but for the first time in those twenty-four years, Yoongi is able to take a real breath.

He’s home.