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Cursed Garment

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Taehyung onced saw Jimin wear a crop-top for his performance and it haunted him forever. It wasn't really a crop-top, per sè. It was more costumey than fashionable, which doesn't lessen Taehyung's demise about it. It was odd 'cuz they've practically seen each other naked a million times before, so what's there to fuss about his bestfriend's exposed midriff? Answer: Everything. Especially if the memory of him in the cursed outfit included his sensual dancing. The shear number of time he had wet dreams and inappropriate thoughts with Jimin in that outfit was just saddening and pathetic.


Taehyung has long accepted that he might be half in-love with his bestfriend for life, slash, soulmate. But he's so used to the other's presense that the he doesn't even know where the platonic line ends and his i-love-you-not-just-in-a-bro-way starts.


Then there was this stupid night-out with Jungkook that worsen his misery. He got drunk and went on to blabber about Jimin, his smile, his size, his eyes, his thighs and his crop-top for the rest of night. As lightheaded as he is, it's also a curse that he remembers everything that happened and it's even worse because Jungkook is the same.


Stupid bunny Jungkook and his tactless mouth. Taehyung knew it was only a matter of time before their group of friends found out about it. Namjoon took it casually. Hobi doesn't seem suprised, whilst Yoongi gave him an unimpressed look like he knew it all along. Jin claimed he knew it all along (of course).


It's Jin's birthday and his rich-ass self, unsurprisingly, threw a party at his house (he insists on calling it a house even if the thing is obviously a mansion). Their eldest hyung can be quite full of himself (which is mostly for gags) but chooses to keep his feet on the ground when it matters. He's contradicting that way.


He knew something was up because Jungkook was smiling at him. That smile that says he's up to no good. Jin's the same but he was way better at hiding at it. Always these two. The five year-gap doesn't lessen the fact that within their group, they're the ones who's brain wavelength seems to match.


What he has with Jimin is way different. It's not the similarity of thoughts. It's has more to do with understanding. Hobi once joked that they could do telepathy if they wanted to because they seem to know what each other needs and when they need it.


If you've lived next to each other for all your life, that's what happens. It didn't help that even after they went to college, though they're neighbors, they seem to always stay one apartment a time. He's either sleeping over Jimin's or vise versa. Never away from each other for too long.


The party was bomb as expected but half-way through it, Jin decided to make it more fun (which doesn't necessarily mean the same thing in Taehyung's vocabulary).


"So I want you all to find someone your own size and switch styles with them." He half-yelled to the crowd. "Of course there's a prize for the winner who looks the best in their new out-fit." He says with a smug look as he raises his glass and called for a cheers before proceeding to find a prospect style-switch parter of his own.


"I wanna switch with you but I don't think my clothes right now would fit you." Jimin says beside him.


True enough. He won't fit in the other's outfit. Despite his oversized long-sleeved that swallowed his tiny-figure, he's wearing one of his skin-tight jeans that Taehyung dreaded as well (though not as much as a crop-top).


He tries not to think about it and talks. "I think I'll switch with Namjoon hyung. I dig his style anyways. But I'm not sure if it'll suit me."


Jimin giggles and Taehyung holds back himself from squishing him because gods help him- he's cute as hell. "It's hard for you to look bad in anything Taehyungie. You're the only one who can make those granpa outfits work and still look fuckable."


He wanted to retaliate but his mind stopped working when what Jimin said about him being fuckable sinked in. Wait. Maybe he just meant that as a compliment? Of course he does.


When he retrieved his ability to think, Jimin was already making his way to find someone to switch with. The girls and everyone who wanted privacy went to find a place to change (which is not hard since it's a mansion and they're gazillion of rooms available). Some didn't bother and stripped to their underwear there and there. One of the said pairs being Jeon Jungkook and Bambam.


Bambam's aware his ripped, Jungkook is oblivious and Taehyung can hear some of the girls choking noises from the sight. He wouldn't be surprised if some of them drooled. In certain circumstances, he would've too if he didn't personally know them and if all his hormones didn't only react to a certain someone.


As expected, he feels comfortable in Namjoon's clothes. Now that he sees it on him, he might actually try this style for himself. Namjoon seems to feel that way too. Jin exchange with Hobi and they're both sarcastically commenting about each other's outfit. One is full pink and the other screams money. Both are ridiculous.


"What do you guys think?" Yuna, Taehyung's senior and a very close friend materialized in front of them, wearing a very familiar oversized long sleeved--


"Come on Yuna. You look good in everything." Jimin interjected.


He's not sure but Taehyung might have choked and potentially, drooled. Jimin was wearing Yuna's crop-top. In Taehyung's defense, he's wearing a reaaalll crop-top this time. It was a pink long-sleeve that was intentionally wide on the neck so it exposes the wearer's shoulder. Talk about double kill. Jimin retained his skin-tight jeans that hugged his thick thighs and perky butt which is now exposed. Triple kill. It was clear but he's sure the thing around his neck was a choker. Well, fuck. He thinks Yuna even decided to put make-up on Jimin just to complete the ensemble.


Taehyung feels like he's about to combust. It's a blessing and a curse and he wants to hit Jin with the closest object he could lay his hands on because the birthday demon was wearing a triumphant grin. He's pretty sure Jungkook's around the room, somewhere, basking in his shear reaction and will probably spend the rest of his life reminding him about this moment. Yuna's not innocent either and Taehyung doesn't know whether to thank or curse her.


"You're the one to talk. You look better than me in that outfit, I almost hate it." She retorted.


"Maybe I'll keep it--"


"No." Taehyung meant to keep that inside his head. His mind sort of haywired when his eyes rested on Jimin's exposed torso. He's proportions were just as perfect as he remembers. Taehyung thinks his teeny tiny is gonna be the death of him. Now, if Jimin owned the said piece of clothing, that would coincide with his doom.


"What do you mean 'no'?" The bite on Jimin's voice made Taehyung snap out of his thoughts. Their eyes met and Taehyung wanted to punch his self on the face for his loose tongue. He knows that look all too well. Jimin has always been a bit sensitive when it comes to the way he appears to other people. Whilst Taehyung has always been one of those who gives zero fucks about what people thinks, Jimin's the opposite. He takes their judgement way up that pretty head of his and Taehyung hates it.


"That's not--" but the other was already making his way to the crowd before Taehyung could even think of something to say.


"Trouble in paradise?" Yoongi joined and the rest of the guys that remained in their circle started to laugh. In normal circumstances, he would've too. Yoongi was wearing a whole comouflage ensemble, complete with a tinted glasses. One of those that made you look like a complete asshat when you're wearing them inside.


"Where'd you get that?" Jin asks in between laughters.


"Don't be degrading when you're wearing those ugly ass shoes."


"Excuse you. Those are Balenciagas." Hobi protests.


"I said what I said."


The bickering continued but Taehyung's mind was elsewhere, already thinking of a plan to stop Jimin's sulking, which isn't always the easiest task. He sighed and ran his hand on his hair. What to do?


The party ended. Yoongi won because Jin was most amused by his styel swap. He got a fifty year old wine as a price. The majority got their original outfits back while the rest thought it was fun to keep their new ones. The latter included Jimin, though Taehyung knew he probably did it piss him off. If only Jimin knew the truth of what the damned outfit was doing to his sanity. He was the designated driver and Jimin was pretending to be tipsy, ignoring Taehyung throughout their ride. This wasn't the first time that Jimin gave him the silent treatment and it's not his favorite thing but he figured he'd let the other cool down.


Jimin slammed his car door (which was expected) but he still waited for Taehyung on the elevator for the pleasure of torturing Taehyung from his silent treatment. He hid his small smile because he knows that untherneath all that hostility, he still cares. Taehyung loved that about him. He loves a lot of things about Jimin, he'd make a book about it and it'll be a bestseller because there's no doubt that everyone would agree.


They reached their floor and Jimin went out first, making a beeline towards his front door. If it weren't for the current situation, Taehyung would have marveled the view. It's hard to tear away his eyes from Jimin's beautiful physique in front of him but he did his best. Taehyung took a deep breath before striding to catch up to him.


"Jimin. Listen," He started. The other jammed his hand on his pocket to get his apartnent key. "You're jumping into conlusions here--"


"Save it." Jimin cut.


"You're being unfair." The line finally made Jimin looked at him and he was caught of guard when his face wasn't only sulky but also hurt. Oh boy. What did he do now?


"I'm unfair? You're unfair!" He spitted back, trying to keep his voice down as to not wake up their neighbors. Jimin's apartment door finally opened and he stomped in. Taehyung won't be getting any sleep if they didn't made up tonight so he followed him in.


"I don't even mean what you probably think a mean." He continued. He remained standing near the door as Jimin removed his shoes and threw it at a corner.


"The disapproving look on your eyes was enough." Jimin said, voice a little bit unsteady, like he was about to cry and Taehyung was again filled with urge to punch his self on the face. He thought that it was petty but it's obviously not like that to Jimin. He really wasn't having it tonight and Taehyung began to worry more.


"I can shut down shit from everyone else," Jimin continues. "It's just a million times harder when it's you." Jimin looked at him across the dimly lit room and he can see his glassy eyes from where he stood.


Taehyung was torn. How was he suppose to explain shit from Jimin without confessing? But Jimin was hurt. He hates it and hates it even more knowing that he's the reason for it. Is he gonna tell the truth or somehow bullshit his way out of this?


"Jimin I didn't mean to say or do anything to make you feel shit. You know me better than that." The latter it is.


"I know." He hears the other say in a small voice. "I'm sorry. I've been all over the place lately." Jimin says looking at nowhere in particular.


"Why? What's wrong?" He asks.


Jimin shook his head and gave him a small smile. "It's nothing. I'll get over it soon enough." And Taehyung knew he was lying.


Taehyung moved closer to him, not to near but not to far. Just enough distance to catch him if he ever breaks down. "Jimin, what's wrong?"


Jimin shrugged. He looked defeated and tired and Taehyung wants nothing but to take whatever was causing him to be that way. Why haven't he noticed? How long was his friend's been off lately?


He did what he knew best. He stepped closer to Jimin and wrapped his arms around him. He fits right in, like he always does. If it was up to Taehyung, he'd say Jimin was made to fit in his arms. He belongs there. Jimin burried his face of Taehyung's chest and started to sob.


"I'm here." Taehyung whispered, holding Jimin closer to his chest.


"I'm sorry." He hears Jimin say a moment later.


"I'm sorry too. Let's put all that bullshit behind, okay?" He says.


"No Tae." Jimin steps away from his embrace and his arms never felt emptier. His eyes were puffy from crying but he was still so so beautiful in Taehyung's eyes. "You don't understand." He doesn't. "I really am sorry. I understand if you would stay away from me after this but it's hard to pretend everything is the same when it's not."


Pretend? Taehyung was confused. "What do you mean?"


Jimin cleared his throat before reponding, a habit he does when he expects the worst reaction from someone. "For a while now, I think I've been in love with you."


Taehyung swore he can feel his soul leaving his body. To say he was shocked is an understatement. This must have been what the dinosaurs felt when comets started falling from the sky to wipe them out from existence. His meme persona is imagining him disintegrating like one of the characters from Infinity War, but he was still sane enough not to blurt out 'I don't feel so good' because that would be very inappropriate for the situation and there's a huge chance that Jimin would get the reference and punch him in the face.


"Taehyung can you please say something. You're scaring me." He hears Jimin say.


When his mind caught up, his heart started hammering on his chest as he looked at the most beautiful person in his eyes. Jimin practically radiated anxiety at the moment but Taehyung stands with his belief that Jimin is the most beautiful. There was so much he wanted to say, so much that he wanted to do but like always, this man has left him dumbfounded.


"Starting now, you're not allowed to wear crop-top in front of anyone else but me." He utters the words slowly and clearly.


Jimin's anxious face slowly became confused and honestly, who can blame him? "Wha--" Jimin's words turned into gasp when Taehyung snaked his arms around his exposed waste and flushed their bodies together. So close that they could feel each others hearbeat.


Taehyung hasn't seen Jimin's eyes so big from confusion and surprise before that he couldn't help but grin before swooping down to kiss him. He heard Jimin gasped when their lips met but the surprise didn't last for long and Jimin proceeded to loop his arms around Taehyungs neck.


He didn't know what heroic thing he did in his past life or lives to deserve this or what part of his body he decided to offer to the devil to be this lucky. The man he loves is also in love with him and if that isn't some shit straight outta fairytail, he doesn't know what is.


Taehyung added Jimin's lips among the things that would cause his death. When he nibbled Jimin's jaw and showered kisses along the column of his neck and he softly moaned, he added that to the list as well. Great, he's definitely gonna die early. He planted a soft kiss on Jimin's exposed shoulder before turning his attention back to the other's flushed face. His cheeks were dusted with the prettiest shade of pink. His slightly parted lips were shiny and plumper from being kissed. His eyes were dazed from the heated encounter but the longing and want in his eyes were undoubtedly there. He looked like the softest and most alluring angel in Taehyung's eyes. Scratch that. Jimin is practically the only thing he could see at that moment.


"So what did you really think about me in this oufit?" Jimin asks, carding his hand on Taehyung's hair.


"You look like a sin and I don't really care if I go straight to hell for it." He answers, causing Jimin to blush even more. He's suddenly back to being shy and Taehyung is fond. As majestic as he is on stage, Jimin has this ability to curl up to his tiny self when he gets flustered, just when you think he can't get any smaller. Taehyung has always found that adorable. For the years they've known each other, Jimin almost never gets shy around him anymore, so he doesn't really get much dose of this scene as often.


"You said you've been in love with me for a while now. How long?" It was his turn to ask. Taehyung felt Jimin tense in his arms so he rubbed Jimin's back to let him now it's ok, that he has nothing to be nervous about because it's just him. His Taehyung.


"I-I don't exactly know." Jimin answers, averting his eyes away from Taehyung's. "I just started having this thought about doing gross couple stuff with you and it felt so right." He was silent for moment, contemplating on what to say next. "But it felt equally terrifying because I know I can't afford to lose you. Not now. Not ever."


Taehyung could only agree. Jimin has taken a huge part of his life that even just imagining the other not being a part of it was impossible. "I've been wanting to do gross couple stuff with you for years now, you know?" Jimin finally looked at him again. "Thank god you finally caught up." He says with possibly the cheesiest smile he could muster.


The other gave him an apologetic look. One of those he does when he knows Taehyung would get upset of what he'd done. "Sorry I made you wait." Jimin sighs and tucks a stray strand of hair away from his face.


"Nothing to be sorry about love." He assures, earning him the sweetest shy smile from the endearment. "Besides, you're the brave one here. I'm not sure I could ever muster the courage to say what I feel for, at least, the next two more decades."


"That's stupid." Jimin says. "You'd pine that long?"


"Practice makes perfect." Jimin shakes his head and giggles. "So, wanna go on a date tomorrow?" He asks.


"Only if we watch Fantastic Beast again."




Jimin smiles and Taehyung is a fucking goner. He's seen him smile a million times before but never like. Never so in love and just for him. He probably looks worse. He so in love, he thinks he's chest might combust at any given moment and he could care less. Tomorrow, they'd have to tell this whole thing to their group of friends and he doesn't think he can prepare enough for the teasing they'll get, but that's a problem for another day.


"Since the secret's out, I think you ought to know that I dressed this way especially for you." Jimin says. "So you can't really blame me for getting hurt misunderstanding your reaction, ok." He reasoned out.


"You don't have to do much to make a mess out of me love." Taehyung says. "But that garment is a curse. It's not good for my health."


"Your dick says otherwise." The vulgar mouth was a sign Jimin was back to his usual self.


"I'm aware my dick says otherwise but please don't test me. I'm a weak man." He half-begs the other.


"If it's such a dilemma, wanna take it off me then?" Jimin teased, wiggling his eyebrows. How this beautiful creature turns from bashful to straight up enticing is beyond his comprehension.


"I said don't test me." He warns. "We have a date tomorrow. I've waited for years, I can handle another day."


"Fine. But I'm sleeping in these."


Taehyung groans in protest. "Why do you love torturing me?"


"You're a big boy. I'm sure you can handle another day." Jimin mocks.


At this pace, Taehyung really is gonna die early.