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Empire Of Destiny

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In the Beginning, there was the World Egg. It wasn’t a rock floating in space, or the creation of some God, or even the teardrop of the universe. It was simply, an egg. This egg had been hatched by Mother, the Dragon Mother of the universe. She is the universe, she is everything around us, and she is everything that we are. She hatched us, and we are her children.


When the World Egg hatched, they say that Mother wept with joy, and gripped the newly formed creation with her hands, her tears hitting the surface and flooding, creating our deep and endless oceans. When Mother breathed a sigh of relief, that her new creation had not failed like those previous to ours, it is said that plant and animal life materialized onto our World, living, and breathing and surviving. Over the course of three days, Mother had created mountains and valleys, hills and caves, cliffs and caverns, canyons and many, many of our wonderful land formations. Mother molded our World between her clawed fingers like clay, the surface soft and squishy to her as it had always been, yet hard and sharp and rough to us.


On the fifth day, Mother created a bubble, a bubble around our world to keep us safe and protected from the forces of the vast, wide and dangerous universe. She could not, after all, have her beautiful creation falling to the wrong evil hands, now could she? She could not, would not let her creation fall to those mistakes she had made in the past, before the past even existed. On the sixth day, Mother created the clouds in the sky and the stars of the underground, she created all the beautiful minerals and materials that we use to build and expand our homes with. She knew that we would love them, would come to use and cherish and utilize them, to use the stone and the grass and the dirt to create tomes and stories in her image, in all her universal beauty. Mother is wise, and she knows everything.


And finally, her world formed and fixed and safe and sanctioned, on the seventh day, Mother created us. She created the humans, the fairies and the giants, the mermaids and the vampires and the angels. But most importantly, she created the dragons, the ones powerful enough and prevalent enough and vastly spread far and wide in order to rule the world. In order to rule kindly over the humans and the fairies, the giants and the mermaids, the vampires and the angels. The angels were our closest friends, the ones who could soar like a bird and could fly right alongside the mightiest of us without a single trace of apprehension.


The fairies came a close second, them beings of flight as well, yet too small and too fragile to fly through the highest levels of the sky alongside us. The giants could walk alongside us and tower over the smallest of us, and reach the same height as the average dragons. Giants and dragons loved to pretend wrestle and fight, as though we were simply pet and owner. Granted, we were not so, but it was fun pretending. The other races were simply too small to be around on a daily basis, but we appreciated and cared for them nevertheless. The world was in harmony as all creatures got along well, and peace was Worldwide.


Then one day, no one knows why, nor how, but war broke out between the races. Humans siding with angels, dragons siding with giants, mermaids siding with vampires. Fairies were neutral, helping all sides when the offerings were in their favor. All beings terrorizing and attacking and fighting and killing, and it was slaughter on all sides. 3000 years of this war raged on, and was only ended when the fairies decided that enough was enough, and convinced the angels to help cast a spell that would separate all races into their own areas of the land we resided on. Every race got their own large section of territory, magical markings placed on the boundaries of each one to separate one land from the other. And just like that, the war had ended, friendships broken, alliances over, and shattered souls on all sides. Peace was established again, though it was a silent, hatred-filled sort of peace. Stories and tales were spread to young children about the other races among their own for generations, only allowing misconceptions and fables to grow. Original events forgotten, and past friendships faded into dust. And at the sight of her beautiful children no longer getting along, Mother’s Heart broke. She wept and wept as the pieces of her heart fell, like shooting stars, all across the World Land, the pieces becoming magical energies that would embed themselves into the land itself, and into the creatures that inhabited it.


Magical power was given to those who had none, and slightly increased the power of those who already had some. Humans could use powers of the elements, fairies could weave energy into all plants and trees and bend them to will, creating their Forest. Angels could alter and increase their forms, before becoming Goddesses. Giants had earned the power of the Earth, and built amazing structures from rock and stone. Everyone had some sort of power that they could control and use, and it was wonderful for those involved. The pieces of Mother’s heart that had fallen to the World grew, taking different forms and becoming Sacred Items of power.


Though some 100 years later, humans began to fight among themselves with the powers that Mother’s broken heart had granted, some trying to become more powerful than others, some committing evil deeds simply because they were not pure of heart, and some shunning the magic and calling it evil, and killing those who had it, claiming they were Witches. By now the humans had grown and expanded in their land, and had named the World Britannia. They fought among themselves for decades, before finally, only a few humans actually still had powers, and a majority did not.


The World, Britannia still continued to grow, and as the races expanded, as their minds grew and their beliefs, only one race was having difficult times. The dragons were expiring, they were either hunted down, or simply dying off. It was difficult between them to make more, stronger offspring, more pure offspring, as some dragons shed their true forms and took that of a human’s, ridding themselves of their old identity and coming into a new. The race was going extinct.


Very few pure dragons remained, as many were dead or had rid themselves of their dragon selves, or they had created an offspring with one not of their race, and all three were punished and killed. There was a patriarchy in the Dragon Realm, and they were ruled by a single King, who would rule for some thousand years either alone, or with a Queen under his wing, and they would rule over the Dragon Lands. High ranking dragons would usually breed with a human, creating offspring that carried both dragon blood and human blood within them. These offspring would be able to take a variety of three forms; human, Half, and dragon. Many children were only dragon formed, few offspring could alter between Half and dragon, and even rarer were those who could shift through all three. A dragon offspring that could shift through all three phases came only once every few millennia, and were never always accepted.


And with these new beings in place, the World would soon be met with an adventure no one had ever laid eyes upon. A tale of romance, fierce battles, heartache and magic. A tale of young dragons who would one day save all of Britannia, even if they had to sacrifice themselves first to do it.”

Elizabeth closed the book, and her eyes, placing the item onto her lap. The few children gathered around her whined, making dramatic gestures or leaning closer into the woman.


“Elizabeth!! What happens next?? There’s gotta be more, right?” A small boy with dirty blonde hair asked, pout on his face. Another child, a small dragon with shimmering green scales and tiny, darker green wings gently dug her claws into Elizabeth’s arm.


“There is, isn’t there? That can’t be the end!” Elizabeth smiled, opening her eyes. Her long silver hair spilled over her shoulders in loose braids, the one bang hiding her right eye brushing against her face.


“Sorry everyone, I’m afraid that, that was indeed the end of the story.” The children, dragon and human alike, all whined with indignance, very clearly upset at the ending of the tale. Another child, a small dragon with dull gray scales and burning red eyes looked up at Elizabeth, giving the woman possibly the most pleasing eyes he could manage to muster.


“You will read it to us again, won’t you Lady Elizabeth?” The woman chuckled and stood, gently removing the children that had held onto her and placing them on the bed.


“Maybe another time. I do enjoy reading to all of you, so I will definitely do it again.” The children cheered, and Elizabeth laughed, placing the book on the bedside table and standing the children up.


“Now now, off you go, you wouldn’t want your parents getting worried, now would you?” The children agreed and began to leave the room, all giving an enthusiastic goodbye to the woman as they went. When they had all gone, Elizabeth chuckled to herself, her blue eye gleaming with happiness. She turned, the soft, silky fabric of her dress moving along with her, rippling like waves. The pale blue fabric trailed slightly behind her as she moved to her window, leaning on the sill and looking into the sky from her view through the castle. Dragons flew through the air, and some walked on the streets below her as well. Everyone was bustling along happily and going about their lives, as they had done this past 100 years. Elizabeth sighed, feeling content as a cool breeze swept through the open window and stroked a few loose strands of hair into the air.


“Indeed, I cannot wait to see this adventure the world may bestow upon us. Mother above, I wonder what kind of things she has in store?”

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The sunlight that filtered through the window of the bedroom shone directly onto the inhabitants’ sleeping face. Curled into one corner of the room was a large dragon, with shimmering silver scales and large silver wings curled around it. The dragon’s scales looked like feathers to anyone else who didn’t know better, and her wings looked like those of an angel’s. A groan escaped the creature, it’s eyes squinting closed tighter, before slowly fluttering open to a half lidded state, staring blankly at the wall. One eye was a brilliant blue that would remind anyone of sapphires, and the other was a bright orange, the pupil in the shape of a strange symbol.


The dragon yawned, beginning to move, stretching her body out and upwards, as though she were a cat. She moved to the center of the room, to where she could stretch out better. Her wings spread as far as they could to  either side of the large creature, her body arching downwards as she moaned loudly, before her wings flapped a few times and settled themselves back against her body, the dragon righting itself. She blinked slowly, then yawned again, before heading over to the doorway of her room. Just as she opened the door, she jumped and made a strange noise, having been startled at the sight of another dragon standing in front of her. A large, slightly taller dragon stood in the hall, it’s light magenta scales shimmering in the sunlight filtering through the windows in the hallway.


“Elizabeth, I was just about to come wake you up. Nice to see you up early.” It spoke, a stern tone in its tomboyish voice. Elizabeth smiled sheepishly, tracing a claw nervously over the stone tiled floors in the hallway.


“Yeah, the uhm, sun shone in my eyes and woke me up. Good morning Veronica.” Veronica smiled lightly and stepped back to let her sister exit the room. Elizabeth used her tail to shut the door to her bedroom behind her as she left it.


“Let’s go Ellie, father is waiting for us at breakfast.” Elizabeth nodded at her sister, and began to walk alongside her. Veronica and Elizabeth were sisters, though they looked drastically different. Elizabeth looked as though she was made of feathers, with feathers wings and body, her tail looked like smoothed down feathers. Her face was made up of a long, slender muzzle, with silver and white plumage flaring from her jaw and facing backwards. Two short, curving horns sat atop her head. Veronica, on the other hand, was made of dark purple scales and gradients of pink scales. She had dark brown eyes, and shining white claws. She, too had some scales flaring from her jaw, and her purple wings seemed to be made of crystals themselves. Her long, curving tail had small crystals in places here and there, and as she moved, and the light caught her scales, they seemed to change from purple, to pink, to purple again. The two sisters were definitely as different as could be, yet they still loved each other very much, as any sister should.


As the two made their way to the breakfast room, they passed many other dragons along the way, servants and staff, all wandering around and doing their daily routines and assignments for the day. They bowed and greeted the princesses as they passed, and Veronica and Elizabeth smiled and gave a greeting of their own as well. When they arrived at the breakfast room, they noticed two other dragons already seated at the large table. The first dragon sat on one side of the table, her slender frame similar to Veronica’s, yet she was taller than both of the other sisters, and her colour palette consisted of a very light purple. She has two dainty, curling horns atop her head, and normal scales. No feathers, nor crystals. Though, on her neck to her chest sat scales of a different colour variation, a contrasting light blue. The blue complimented the webbing between her wings, as well as some tones on her tail. She had deep brown eyes, darker than Veronica’s, and shining white claws. This was Margaret, the eldest sister, who greeted and regarded the two dragons who had just entered, giving them a soft and gentle smile.


Finally, the last figure who sat at the head of the table was turned to, a dragon larger than any of the three sisters, with a buff and muscular body, draped in royal robes. A golden jeweled crown sat atop his head, in between long curved horns the same colour of silver as Elizabeth’s feathers, while the rest of his plated scales were the colour of the midnight sky. Great big wings sat folded at his sides, the scales shining in the light. His scales were as tough as steel, and he had two bracelet cuffs on his wrists, as they could be seen because his front claws were placed over one another atop the table. His eyes were a soft grey, and though they had the expression of stern seriousness, one could tell they were filled with love and kindness behind that stern facade. King Baltra smiled at his daughters as they entered the breakfast chambers, watching as the two took a seat. Veronica next to Margaret, and Elizabeth on the other side of her father.


“Good morning father.” The youngest of the princesses smiled, greeting the king.


“Elizabeth, I see that you are a bit disgruntled today. What is the matter my child?” Elizabeth smiled, scratching a claw at her cheek.


“Nothing father, I just woke up a bad ways, that’s all. The sun shone directly into my face.” Everyone at the table laughed, causing Elizabeth’s cheek scales to blush a light shade of pink.


“Father,” Margaret spoke up, turning to the one she was addressing. “Shall we use the spell again for today?” King Baltra nodded, and turned his head a bit, gesturing to a servant who had been standing by the entrance. The maid nodded, before turning and rushing out of the room, presumably to follow whatever orders that had been given. The family sat in silence for a few minutes, before a strange glow began to envelop the room. It was warm and a bright blue, and it grew brighter and brighter, swallowing the whole castle, no the whole kingdom! When the light finally faded, and the castle came back into view, it seemed a little bit… smaller?


At the breakfast table now sat three lovely young women, and a tired old man. Elizabeth looked down at her newly given hands and smiled, before turning to her sisters and father. Veronica was now a tomboyish looking woman, with short purple hair that stopped just around her ears, a serious look in her chocolate brown eyes, and a small frown on her face. She was clothed in a yellow, high-collared, long-sleeved shirt, with a red dress over that with frilly shoulder straps. A small orange ribbon tied into a bow was attached to the middle of the chest area on the dress, completing the look. Margaret was now a lovely young woman, with long light purple hair cascading in small waves around her shoulders, her face set in a soft expression, a smile shimmering in her chestnut brown eyes. A slightly lighter shade than Veronica’s, but still brown nonetheless. Adorning her body was a floor-length navy blue dress, with ruffles around the hem in the chest area, as well as lining the straps that lay resting on her shoulders, and another set that lay resting just below the point where her shoulder stopped. King Baltra was a matching visage to both of his oldest daughters, yet his hair was a light grey, having lost its purple luster from old age. It was more similar to Elizabeth’s, if a bit darker. Draped over his shoulders was a dark blue cape with white fur trim, and gold buttons lining the front. Underneath the cape was a white shirt with navy blue buttons, and gold lining the shoulders. His matching pants were held by a black leather belt with a golden clasp.


All three princesses smiled at their father, before the doors opened and butlers began to step in, carrying the day’s breakfast on trays. As the staff did this, the main doors opened and more nobles and royals began to walk in, prepared to be seated for breakfast. They were chased after and assisted by maids, the girls frantically tripping over themselves and each other as they made the dragons in human form more comfortable. People began to take their seats at the large table, and food was placed down onto the table. Conversation immediately started up, and was held and added onto by everyone at the table. The clinking of glasses and the delicate eating of food and the chatter of others was what could be heard, and everyone was having a grand time. The only one at the table who was not engaged in the conversation was Elizabeth, as she simply stared down at her food, her one blue eye staring solely at her food. She quietly ate, and listened to the chatter of the adults around her. She was the youngest at the table, and even if everyone at the table was at least several thousand years old. She was only a few thousand. Dragons aged slower than humans, yet time for them passed faster than it did for the humans. They could watch generations of humans go by, and have not aged a single bit. Elizabeth felt lonely sometimes, being the youngest, and therefore the only one without dragons her age that she could relate to. She didn’t have many friends, Howzer and Gilthunder and Griamore could be considered friends, but they were Holy Knights, and were usually out on the job, and did not have time to hang out with her. And being the youngest princess, she did not yet have any duties, unlike her sisters. So she was usually spending time with the children, reading stories to them and holding activities for them. Elizabeth glanced back up to the table of chattering royals, sighed, then looked back down to her food. She wished she had something fun to do.


Somewhere else, a group of dragons were flying through the sky, minding their own business and bothering no one. They were all of the same sort of colouring, browns and blacks, they were a pack. As they were flying, they noticed a lone green dragon flying through the air towards them, shimmering smooth green and yellow scales, with hints of black here and there. The pack of dragons growled at the intruder passing by their territory, and moved in to attack. The green dragon, who noticed their incoming attacks, immediately moved to dodge, swiftly and smoothly avoiding all of the attacks. He simply moved out of their way and continued flying, making his way to his destination. The dragon pack, enraged that their attacks had been so effortlessly avoided, opened their mouths, a magic attack charging within. The green dragon ignored this, if need be, he could easily avoid or reflect the attack. But then something caught his eye, something that distracted him from the oncoming attack of the other dragons. His green eyes widened as the light spewing from the thing grew brighter and brighter, and his senses rung danger. The yellow green dragon turned his body to roar, to warn the other dragons to get away, but they released their attack, and he was not prepared, and he was hit, and he fell. And he narrowly missed the fall of the thing heading towards them as it hit the pack of dragons, and sped with speeds unreachable towards the green yellow dragon’s original destination. And the dragon was knocked unconscious and had fallen into a deep fissure hole in the ground above the area they had been flying over. Which in turn caused him to miss the large scale explosion that happened just an hour after, and the panic and the screams of the dragons as everything was soon gone.