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Midnight's Gods

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Name: Violet Shaw

Nickname: Vi.

Princess (Shaw)

Alias: Petra Schmidt. PetraLehnsherr

Mutant Name: Midnight


Height: 5ft 6 ½

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Note: Violet likes to wear a plastic nose ring (septum).

Cast: Katie Cassidy

DOB: 24th April 1930

DOB: 24th April 1930

Age: 14/15 (Whilst at Auschwitz) 31 (First Class) 43 (DOFP) 82 (Avengers)

Species: Mutant





Shaw Family (Constantly)

Nazi Party (Formerly – through her father)

Hellfire Club (Formerly – through her father)

Division X (Formerly)

X-Men (Formerly)

SHIELD (Forcefully)

Avengers (Forcefully)

Asgardian Royal Family (Eventually)



Sebastian Shaw – Father (Deceased – Killed by Magneto)

Unnamed Mutant - mother (Deceased – Died giving birth to Sara)

Scarlet Shaw – Twin Sister (Deceased – Killed by experimentation conducted by Sebastian Shaw) 

Sara Shaw – Younger Sister (Deceased – Killed by experimentation conducted by Sebastian Shaw)

Jacob Shaw – Grandfather (Deceased)


Violet can be seen as a cruel, dangerous, cocky, paranoid, unpredictable, troubled individual. But it is because the experiences she suffered as a young adult and teen at the hands of her father and other members of the SS has made it difficult for Violet to truly trust people, specifically men, so she can come across as cold and distant. But she has a protective side to her too, when she sees an injustice she feels the need to step in where no one did for her. When she sees innocents hurt or attacked she feels the need to help. But this too can be twisted by her dark personality, she may take this protection too far, she may kill and seriously injure instead of apprehend.

She is absolutely devoted to the cause of protecting mutant kind, refusing to let mutants suffer a similar holocaust.

Charles once told her that he knew that if she thought it would save someone she cared for, she would sacrifice herself; after they spoke about how far they were willing to go.

Violet wants to believe that humans and mutant are capable of co-existing, but her experiences make it difficult. Violet is completely accepting of any and all mutants, regardless of their abilities, who they are, and what they have done. Violet loves the mutant kind and will never turn away a mutant who wishes to fight for mutant freedom. Violet is fully aware how cruel humans can be and sees that mutants can be paralleled to the Jewish population under Nazi rule. Violet very much wants a normal life, she wants to fall in love, she wants her own family, but denies herself this, believing that she does not deserve it.

There seems to be only two men she truly trusts. Erik and Charles. She and Erik shared a mutual hatred of her father Shaw, and between the ages of 15 and 32 they were inseparable, after this their relationship became strained, but in 1983 their friendship seemed to gain some lost ground. Charles is possibly Violet's closest friend after Erik.


Violet was born to Sebastian Shaw and an unnamed mutant mother on the 24th April 1929, mere moments after her birth, Violet's twin Scarlet was born.

Whilst at Auschwitz under the name Petra Schmidt, Violet and her two sisters suffered mental and physical abuse by her father as well as physical and sexual abuse at the hands of Nazi SS soldiers (which they paid their father for). During the following year Violet also lost her twin sister, Scarlet and her younger sister Sara, to experimentation. Her father seemed unmoved by these deaths. Following the end of World War II in 1945 Shaw fled Auschwitz, abandoning his 15 year old daughter. She was later liberated by the Soviet along with Erik Lehnsherr.

When asked for her name Erik told them it was Petra Lehnsherr to protect her from the backlash of her father, knowing that she was as much a victim as he is.

She continued to go by Petra.

At 19 Erik and 'Petra' emigrated to America where she saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time, thinking it to be the herald of America as the land of tolerance and peace.

Eventually Erik becomes disillusioned with this fictitious image of America and he and 'Petra' return to Europe to pursue Erik's goal of hunting down Sebastian Shaw.

In 1962, they travel to Switzerland, where they interrogate a Swiss banker as to the whereabouts of Sebastian Shaw. They are directed to Villa Gesell, where they find two Nazi officers having a drink. After seeing an old photograph of Shaw with the two officers, Erik and 'Petra' kill them and proceeds to travel to Miami to face off against Shaw.

They eventually tracks him down to a small yacht off the American coast. Erik's attempt at revenge fails when he and 'Petra' are defeated by Shaw's Hellfire Club cohorts, being no match for their mutant powers.

It was at this point that they meet Charles Xavier, Raven Darkholme and Moira MacTaggert, who were present as part of a botched U.S. Coast Guard attempt to capture Shaw. Together and with CIA support, Charles, Petra and Erik gather a team of mutant teenagers to battle the Hellfire Club, who are attempting to ignite a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States as part of a plot to eradicate non-mutant life on the planet and rule over a mutant new world order.

Charles helps the teens master their powers at his mansion, including Petra. During this time, the two become close friends and Charles starts to persuade her to see the world differently, to see humans and mutants differently. And Charles persuades her not to hide from her past.

Petra Lehnsherr reverts back to using her birth name Violet Shaw.

During a CIA mission within the Soviet Union, Erik, Violet and Charles capture Emma Frost of the Hellfire Club, and extract information from her pertaining to Shaw's plans.

Ultimately, the team decides to jump into action to prevent the Cuban Missile Crisis from causing World War III. The Hellfire Club attempts to stop the CIA-sanctioned mutant team but is defeated.

During the encounter, Erik confronts Shaw, who attempts to bring him to his side with promises of a new, mutant world order. As Shaw has better control of his power, he is initially able to force Erik into submission, but Erik tricks him into letting his guard down and removes his telepathy-resistant helmet, allowing Charles to take control of his mind and freeze him. Erik then dons the helmet to prevent Charles from stopping him. Although he states that he agrees with Shaw's goals, but doesn't forgive him for murdering his mother or even the other innocent lives. Despite Xavier's pleads for him not to (because if he stays alive he can still cause more mayhem and destruction), Erik kills Shaw by magnetically pushing the Reichsmark coin from Auschwitz through his brain.

Despite her hatred for her father, Violet is traumatized by his death (Something Erik actually both does and does no regret, he does not regret killing Shaw, but he regrets that he hurt someone he saw as a sister), this would strain Violet and Erik's relationship.

When the United States and the Soviet Union strike up an impromptu alliance to destroy the mutants, Erik magnetically deflects the missiles, then turns them back towards the fleets. Charles asks him to be the better man, but accidentally says that the men on the ships are "just following orders" which reminds Erik of his experiences at the hands of the Nazis, provoking him to launch the missiles. Charles tackles him and the two engage in a fist fight which distracts Erik long enough to prevent the missiles from killing those at sea. During a subsequent attempt by Moria MacTaggert to shoot Erik, one of the bullets he deflects strikes Charles in the lower back, permanently crippling him.

Horrified at what had transpired, Erik bids farewell to his close friend, and pleads for Violet to join him. She reluctantly refuses. And he departs with Mystique and the remaining Hellfire Club members with the vow of battling humankind in order to save mutants. He later frees the White Queen, declares himself "Magneto", and establishes his first Brotherhood of Mutants.

This would be the first time Violet and Erik have been apart since they were 15 years old.

But Violet doesn't stay with Charles either, she disappears from the world, looses herself in drinking and expanding her powers.

When future Charles, Erik and other mutants (But no Violet) send Wolverine back to 1973, Wolverine's first stop is to track Violet, (Future Charles and Erik knew that she may be the only one to bring the two men together). She refuses at first, not trusting him, but he eventually persuades her to join him. They then travel to the Mutant school, where Hank is surprised to see Violet.

With the help of the Original Quicksilver, Charles, Wolverine, Hank and Violet rescue Erik from prison. Erik is pleased to see Violet, she is both pleased and not to see him.

Onboard a plane, Charles and Erik argue on how they abandoned each other and their kind. Wolverine, Violet, Charles, Erik and Hank arrive, where Erik plans to kill Mystique to prevent the program. She is shot in the leg before escaping through the window. Erik chases after her and pulls the bullet out of her leg and plans to kill her with that bullet, but Beast and Violet attack Erik while Mystique escapes.

Back at the mansion, Charles eventually refuses to take the serum and uses Cerebro to find Mystique. His mind is not focused because of his self-doubt. To remedy that, Wolverine has Charles look through his mind as it is connected between present and future, letting Charles telepathically talks to the older Professor X where he is asked to hope again.

As Wolverine, Charles, Violet and Hank go to the unveiling of the Sentinels to find Mystique, the Sentinels begin attacking the public, where President Nixon and Bolivar Trask are taken to a safe room, followed by Mystique in disguise. Mystique slightly grazes Erik's neck with a plastic gun before being convinced by Charles via telepathy to not kill Trask. Mystique agrees and as Erik would be executed for his actions, Charles lets both go. At the same time, as a mutant was seen to save the President, the Sentinel program is decommissioned and Bolivar Trask arrested for trying to sell American military secrets, meaning Charles effectively finished what Wolverine started and changed the future.

In 1983, Violet had been persuaded by Professor Xavier to join him at the school.

At night, during an earthquake, Violet walks in to check on Jean Grey who has a nightmare about the end of the world, but assures her that is was only a bad dream.

After learning from Hank that Moira MacTaggert was in Egypt when the earthquake began, he, Violet and Alex visit her at the CIA. From Moira, they learn that a group of fanatics had been worshipping an ancient being known as Apocalypse who is believed to have been the first mutant in existence.

Returning to the X-Mansion with Moira Charles finds that Raven has returned alongside a young mutant she rescued named Kurt Wagner. Raven proceeds to ask for Charles and Violet's help in locating Erik Lehnsherr who has resurfaced after his family had been killed. Using Cerebro Xavier manages to locate Erik and begs him to come back to the X-Mansion. Apocalypse catches wind of this and takes control of Charles through Cerebro.

Before getting controlled, Charles is horrified and awestruck by Apocalypse's power. After Apocalypse uses Cerebro to convince the world's government to send their nuclear missiles into space, Xavier tells Violet to destroy Cerebro to keep Apocalypse from doing any further damage and knocking him unconscious in the process. Xavier is then kidnapped by Apocalypse and his Horsemen and taken to Cairo, Egypt where Apocalypse has Xavier use his powers to deliver a message to the whole world. While doing this, however, he manages to send a secret message to Violet telling her of their location. Apocalypse then proceeds to try and transfer his consciousness into Xavier's body so he can gain his powers of telepathy. The transfer begins and Xavier loses his hair in the process before he is saved by Nightcrawler. Following a failed escape attempt, Apocalypse proceeds to call out Xavier and reminds him they are still connected mentally. Xavier can do nothing but feel and listen as Mystique, Violet and Quicksilver are tortured.

Xavier, fortunately, remembers that he and Apocalypse do share a psychic connection that allows him to get inside Apocalypse head and overpower him. Apocalypse, however, eventually overcomes Xavier and proceeds to brutally beat him in the astral plane while Scott, Hank, and a reformed Magneto combat his physical body. All seems hopeless until Jean having unlocked the power of the Phoenix alongside a reformed Storm together vaporize Apocalypse on the astral plane and his physical body. The effort apparently kills Charles, but Jean detects that he is still alive and is able to heal him. Charles wakes up and gives Moira the memories from Cuba and asks for her forgiveness. The next day Xavier, Violet and Lehnsherr talk about humanity still not accepting mutants, Erik ask Charles if he is ever fearful that one day humans will come for the students Xavier responds that while it does bother him he feels confident he can protect them all and Erik parts on friendly terms with Charles. Erik has even seemed to mend his relationship with Violet.

Charles proceeds to watch Raven train the new X-Men consisting of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Storm, and Quicksilver in the Danger Room as Violet leaves them behind. Vanishing back into the world again, secretly and mentally suffering from the torture from Apocalypse. She leaves a note for Charles who understands her need to be alone.



Darkness Manipulation:

Violet can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channelled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: she can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows, etc. The use of her powers are usually accompanied by black smoke and black eyes.

Umbrakinetic Regeneration:

Violet can use darkness/shadows to regenerate her body with the amount of darkness used defining the speed of healing.

Shadow Generation:

Violet can generate and project shadows and darkness which absorb or nullifies light in the area.

Darkness Adaptation:

Violet is able to survive and adapt to dark environments (especially night time conditions), with a circadian cycle programmed for night time activity, heightened senses to compensate the absence of light, and perhaps darker coloration.

Night Vision:

Violet has excellent night vision, the ability to see in low light conditions or even total darkness.

Umbrakenetic Constructs:

Violet can turn darkness into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Violet mostly use this ability to create a dagger or a ball to play with, she fidgets with one or the other when she is thinking. (They are always black)

Shadow Camouflage:

Violet is able to become undetectable as long as she is in darkness or shadow.

Shadow Breath:

Violet is able to generate and manipulate darkness/shadow within her in a way that allows her exhale a scream of darkness/shadows.

Violet is able to generate and manipulate darkness/shadow within her in a way that allows her exhale a scream of darkness/shadows

Darkness Empowerment:

Violet becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when she comes into contact with darkness or shadow. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the darkness or even slow or stop ageing, which Violet does.

- Suppressed Ageing:

Her body metabolizes shadows/darkness to rejuvenate her youth, thereby extending her youth, vitality, and overall lifespan. With the continuous absorption of shadows/darkness, she possibly could even live forever.

Umbrageous Teleportation:

Violet can teleport via shadows/darkness, merging into shadows/darkness and appearing anywhere else from the same element.



Loki and Thor

Loki and Thor



Violet is fluent in several languages - including English, German, French, and Russian.

High Intellect:

She is very intelligent of knowing about wars, technology and strategizing.

Peak of human physical condition:

Violet is in top physical condition. Despite her small frame, she is strong enough to break a man's neck and lift her own body weight while using the salmon ladder. Violet also has excellent reflexes.


Violet is capable of scaling buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop was ease.

Honed senses:

Violet can sense danger before anyone else. This may actually be another part of her mutation or just really good senses.

Master combatant/Martial artist:

Violet is an exceptional combatant due to her training.

Master knife wielder:

Violet is an expert at using knives in combat, she is also an expert at knife throwing, she has the ability to throw several knives in quick succession.

Indomitable will/High pain tolerance:

Because of the 'treatment' she underwent at the hands of her father and his men, Violet has an incredible tolerance to pain.

Expert driver/Pilot:

Violet is able to drive multiple vehicles, able to pursue enemies in various vehicles mostly a motorcycle; she has also demonstrated the ability to hotwire a car.


Violet is highly skilled in pickpocketing.

Expert Hacker:

Violet can hack into most computer systems without tripping any firewalls or security. 

Chapter Text

An alarm blazes in the pure white, and bright lighted cell in a basement in some god forsaken black sight for SHIELD, this alarm is the 6am wake up call for their current in house mutant. Violet Shaw. She groans as she wakes and sits up from the hard block of concrete they call a bed. She rests her elbows on her knees as she stares at the wall ahead of her, almost every inch of the four walls around her are covered in lights, this is to stop any sort of shadow from forming. Even if there were shadows or darkness for her to use, the collar around her neck would stop her from doing anything with them. The mutant inhibitor collar. She reaches up a hand to itch at it before she stands. If she tries to use her mutation then the collar sends an electric shock through her body rendering her a seizing, drooling mess on the floor as she found out a few times when they first brought her in. She takes a breath and looks to her cage door as a guard approaches with a tray of food, her breakfast, at least she gets three meals a day, plus a snack, they give her clothes, white, but better then her wandering around in her birthday suit. He presses the intercom on the wall and speaks into it.

“Against the wall” he snaps at her, she stares at him a moment, debating her chances, this is one man, she can easily take him, trouble is she has no idea how many stand between her cell and the exit, or how to get this stupid collar off her neck, or where the hell she even is. He waits for her to decide, she does this every morning. He knows what she'll choose. She turns and moves to the wall at the back, which she leans back against as he opens the door and walks in, setting the tray on her 'bed' before leaving again, closing the door. She moves towards the bed and sits next to it, pulling her feet up to rest on the bed. She looks over her breakfast, they're not stingy but they don't exactly offer her a choice. There's a single mug of black coffee, an orange, two rashers of bacon, a single fried egg and a slice of toast. It's the same, every morning, adds to the boring. Every lunch is the same. Every dinner is the same. It monotonous. She grabs the mug of coffee and brings it to her lips. Her daily routine is pretty much; get up, eat, shower, sit and either read or play with a bouncy ball, she'll have lunch, then they might let her watch tv or a movie, then she'll have dinner and sleep. It's boring. She's constantly bored. And it doesn't help that they don't cater for her unique sleep pattern either. She's a night creature, prefers to sleep most of the day and be active at night. She sighs around the mug edge and looks up at the lights. 


There's a book at Violet's side now as she sits on the floor, she's read it before, she's more interested in the bouncy ball in her hand, it had taken them a while to agree to let her have this. She throws it against the wall and it bounces back, she catches it. She does this over and over again. Her only entertainment now. Why does this keep happening to her? She thinks throwing the ball harder against the wall. She's always the prisoner. She's too hesitant sometimes. The humans that had come for her did not come to question her, they came to take her. Apparently she's too dangerous to leave out in the world. She knows there are other mutants in this...'prison'. She's not sure how many but she knows there are others. She wonders if Charles knows they are here, she doesn't really see him letting this happen if he could fix it. She throws the ball again and then catches it again.


Violet curls onto her side pulling the blanket around herself, hearing the guard doing his rounds, checking they are all going to bed, she can hear his keys jangling on his belt, the night cycle heightening her senses, her hearing picking up things she wouldn't normally during the day, she can smell things, and see things she wouldn't either, it makes sleeping hard. She sighs and closes her eyes to try and sleep. Not wasting her energy during the day means she is likely to have trouble sleeping, her body is not tired, her mind is not tired. So she lays awake in the dark. Alone. As she has been for the six months now. Six months of the same thing day in and day out, it's really, really close to driving her mad.


The next day, after dinner, Violet is throwing her ball again, listening to it bounce against the wall, bounce, bounce, bounce, she groans and throws her head back deciding to now throw the ball at the ceiling, it makes a change. The whole level has felt tenser then usual, the guard that brings her her food and her book was quiet and tense, his entire frame tight and stiff. Something happened, something they probably won't tell her about. She glances to the side as her usual guard appears with three friends, she watches them carefully, still not exactly a huge fan of large groups of men. Her guard steps to the intercom.

“On your feet” the guard snaps, her eyes flicker around them.

“Why?” she asks not moving from the floor, the ball forgotten as it rolls past her “This doesn't happen....”

“It does today, get up” he counter orders softer, they don't know her full history but they can guess, the way she is around the male guards especially in numbers.

“No” she shakes her head like a petulant child, despite her age.

“Violet” the guard states, they don't talk much but he's been her guard for the whole time and they're is some form of relationship there. “You don't want us to make you” he tells her, her eyes scan over them, without her powers she is pretty useless, she can fight but there are four of them.

“What's happening?” she asks as she stands.

“A day out” he answers opening the door. “Hands in front of you” he asks of her, she holds them out in front of her and swallows nervously. He is the only guard to enter her cell, which she is grateful for, he takes her wrist gently and snaps on a pair of heavy duty cuffs. “Look, if you do whatever it is Fury wants you to do” he starts quietly. “He might be willing to giving you more....a real bed? A menu? Proper clothes?”

“Those are usually a given” she counters. “You know human rights”

“You're not human” he argues.

“I'm not an animal either” she growls, the collar sparking slightly, she gasps and reaches for it. “I'm not an animal” she whispers, repeating, now trying to persuade herself. He looks to her and sighs.

“Just try to behave” he warns and grabs her cuffed hands, pulls her out of the cell, the other men falling into place around her.


Violet follows her guard into a room just off the main hallway of where ever they are. Her usual guard leads her to a table and pushes her down into a chair and stands at her back. It's an office she's been brought to, it's the most colour she's seen in months. Her eyes look over everything. It's the first computer she's seen in six months, the first time in six months she's seen the outside world, able now to look out the window ahead of her. The sun is setting in the distance and the night is coming. Her time of night. She smiles a little. She's more over joyed to see the outside then she thought she would be. The door behind her opens and she listens to the footsteps approaching her before she turns to have a look. They've met before, her and this man, Director Fury, he was there when she was first brought in, he signed her forms and assigned her her cell.

“Miss Shaw” Fury greets walking towards her. “Thank you for coming” Violet snorts.

“Not exactly like I had a choice” she counters shaking her cuffed hands at him.

“All the same” he starts. “This is something a little off scope...” he admits and hands a tablet to her. “His name is Loki” Fury tells her as she looks to the screen. “He's not from around here” 

Chapter Text

Violet smirks leaning her elbows on the table in front of her. Her eyes watching Fury as he sits across the table from her, hands folded under his chin as he watches her back, waiting for her to react, to offer an answer to his question of her helping. So far she's remained silent, internally reacting first before deciding how to react externally.

“You want me to help you?” Violet asks, highly amused at this change of circumstances. “That's rich” she offers leaning back in her seat. “Considering I've been your prisoner for 6 months” she snaps. “Crappy food, poor sleep, no social contact....”

“Will you help or not?” he asks interrupting her.

“Of course I'm going to help you” she answers, Fury looks confused. “You're telling me the world will end if this guy wins?” he nods.

“It's a possibility” he admits.

“Well I live in this world, and I rather like living” she offers. “Of course I also have some demands” she adds, Fury sighs a little. “It's only fair” she teases.

“What demands?” he asks leaning forward a little.

“For starters I want out of this ridiculous white jump suit” she starts. “White is so not my colour, I want a real and if see any yellow I am out. And....No collar, no chains, no guards. If I'm helping it's as an equal not as an animal” she itches at her collar. “And if I'm helping I am going to need my powers” he nods.

“Seem fair” he agrees.

“And my freedom at the end of whatever this is” she adds, Fury gives her a look.

“You killed someone” he argues.

“So have you I am sure” she argues back. “Yet you're in charge of a multinational spy slash military organisation...”

“I can't guarantee your freedom” Fury counters. “The World Security Council is the one to decide that, but I will talk in your favour if you help” she purses her lips.

“Fine” she growls. “Then if I do end up back in my cell I want a real bed, with a memory foam mattress and silk sheets, I want a choice menu, and I want real clothes, no more jump suit, and a good shampoo, my hair is as dry as straw, I want a coffee machine, a good coffee machine, luxury toilet paper not the kind that's like sandpaper on my ass, a flat screen tv installed permanently, a chess set and an hour, every day, to look at the sky, oh and a book shelf, with books obviously” she then smirks. “And this guy” she points to her guard. “Gets a pay raise” the guard looks surprised as she turns back to Fury. “And dress down Fridays...” she smirks a little and then turns serious again. “And I want it all written down and signed” she adds. “I'm not taking your word for shit” she snaps.

“Considering your paranoia I wouldn't expect you to” he offers sliding the tablet in front of him towards her. “Write them down” he tells her, she pulls the tablet closer. “Add anything you want, we'll get it signed for you” she eyes him carefully before looking down at the tablet.


Violet runs her fingers over the leather of her new suit, she smiles, okay they did okay on this demand, all black, mostly leather and kevlar. And they seem to have had it for some time, she casts a look at Fury.

“When you were first brought in I had every intention of recruiting you as an ally, I even put you on the list for a group of remarkable people” he admits. “The council decided otherwise” she looks back to the suit. “They deemed you too....unpredictable, too volatile” he shrugs. “But given your history that is to be expected, and in the end you always end up fighting for what is right. In your own way” she doesn't look up at him just touches the suit. Fury pulls up his phone. “And as agreed” he presses something on the screen and her collar's charge dies down before unclicking, Fury moves to her and pulls it from her neck, Violet's hand moving to rub at the skin, bruised and red from the collar. “I apologise, there was a reason Stark discontinued the collars” he sets the collar down and holds out his hand to her. “Cuff” he offers, she sets the suit back in it's case and turns to him, he unlocks the cuffs and removes them before setting them aside. Violet holds out her hand and feels the darkness under her skin, like a surge as it all comes rushing back, she gasps a little and closes her eyes. A black mist starting to wrap around her hand, which turns into a dagger in her palm, she spins it around a little before it disappears. She holds her hand to her neck and lets the darkness seep into her skin, the bruise and redness disappearing from her skin. She lowers her hand and smirks a little. Oh she's glad to have her powers back. “We had a deal” Fury reminds her, she looks to him.

“And I have every intention of sticking to it” she assures him. “As long as you hold up your end” she adds.


They let her shower with new shampoo before she changes out of the white jump suit into dark jeans, a grey faded t-shirt, a red leather jacket and a pair of healed boots. She's always been into the darker colours, her connection the the night, to the shadows and to darkness comes out in all forms of her life. She pulls her hair out the back of the jacket and turns as the door to the room opens. Fury stands waiting for her.

“Ready?” he asks, she nods and straightens her jacket.

“You better give the council a really good speech” she mutters walking past him. He turns and follows her.


The second Violet steps outside of the building onto the roof, fresh air on her skin for the first time in half a year, she feels it inside her head. She feels him in her head.

[Violet!] she hears Charles' relieved voice in her minds and smiles, where ever she was being held clearly was capable of blocking out Charles.

[Charles] she thinks back at him.

[I was concerned when I couldn't contact you, are you alright?] he asks, she nods a little and glances to the jet ahead of her.

[I'm fine, but you need to be careful, you and the students, something is coming, Charles, you should keep them safe] she can feel him shifting through her mind, watching her memories.

[Do you need help?] he asks.

[I'm interested in seeing this play out] she answers following Fury towards the jet. [That may change] she adds as she walks onto the jet. [I'll let you know]

[Be careful, old friend] Charles offers warmly, she smiles a little, always concerned, always worried, it's part of why he is one of only two men she truly trusts, because Charles has never made her do anything, he's only ever cared about her and what she wants and how she feels. Like Erik. Erik was the first male figure in her life to care, he could have left her behind to be treated as a prisoner by the Soviets for being her father's daughter, he didn't have to do that, but he did, he probably saved her life. She touches her arm stroking the fabric over her Auschwitz identification number on her arm, despite being an American girl, and the daughter of their scientist, she and her sisters were treated like the rest of them, so she knows exactly what they all went through. She sees Fury watching her and she drops her hand, crossing her arms over her chest and setting a glare on her face instead.  

Chapter Text

Fury sets a tablet into Violet's hands and then moves away, she looks to it as a list of names appears. She cocks her head, some are familiar, others less so. Steve Rogers/Captain America, most know who he is and she's old enough to know, Tony Stark/Iron Man, most know of him too, she's aware of him, she watched the news before getting arrested. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Are new to her, those she doesn't know. She clicks on Banner first.

“Those are the others that we are recruiting” Fury tells her. “And we're hoping they'll help” Fury offers. “We hope” he repeats.

“Wait” Violet starts. “I'm the only one you have, definitely, on board?” she asks. “We'll you are so screwed if I am the only one” she comments looking back at the tablet.

“You're pretty powerful” Fury comments.

“We both know I've gone against a god before”

“Apocalypse wasn't a real god” Fury argues. “He was a mutant with ideas of God hood” he offers. 

“You weren't there” she whispers and sighs.

“I watched” Fury admits. “I was a 22 year old military man, my entire team watched it on the news......we all feared for our lives, to me....” Fury starts and nods. “Watching the mutants save the world....” she looks to him. “Doing what man kind couldn't....It was....impressive”

“You were impressed?” she asks, he nods.

“I think a lot of people were, that's the moment a lot of people saw your kind as heroes”

“Is that why I was locked away?” she asks.

“You killed a man” he argues. “With a metal pipe” he adds. She tightens her jaw.

“Do you even know why?” she asks him. “Was I ever asked why I bashed that guys skull in with a metal pipe?” she offers leaning towards him. “Don't you wanna know?” she asks, he stares at her. “Not even the fact I didn't use my powers, that doesn't interest you?”

“Alright tell me” he answers, she makes a non-committal face and leans back.

“Nah” she counters. “I don't feel like it” she glances to the tablet watching the footage of the Hulk's attack on the Army at Culver University. “Is this Banner guy a mutant?” she asks looking to Fury. He shakes his head.

“It's the same thing that made Captain America, Captain America” He answers.

“So the same thing?” she asks. “Two different results?” he nods, she sighs. “This world....every time I think it cannot get any weirder” she mumbles. He smirks a little. She rubs her head and sighs watching the clips of Captain America play on the screen.

“Were you around for Cap?” Fury asks her. She rubs her arm and scoffs.

“I was a little busy being tortured and experimented on by my father to be awe stuck by some American guy with big muscles and a stupid name” she answers dryly. “After though...I heard after”

“You're American” he reminds her.

“But my heart is German and Polish” she argues. “I felt what they felt, I suffered as they suffered, I bled with them, and screamed with them, and was freed with them, they are my people” she looks to the tablet. “Mutants are my people” she adds to herself. Fury watches her a moment before turning away.


It doesn't take long for the jet to land on a helicarrier, Violet is....surprised a little by the sheer size of it, it puts the X-jet to shame. She steps down off the jet and looks around, it is huge, she smirks a little thinking of Erik trying to lift this thing.

[Their weaponry is impressive] Charles comments in her mind. [Bigger then we've ever seen before]

[I told you to be ready] she argues back in her mind. [I told you this was big], Fury glances to her and she shoots him a look back not giving anything away. [I don't trust them]

[You don't trust anyone] Charles counters slightly.

[It's served me well so face, I'm still alive, aren't I?] Violet asks back her eyes flickering around as she and Fury head onto the bridge. Charles is silent taking in what she sees as she looks around the set up.

“This way, Miss Shaw” Fury tells her, she turns to him. “We'll find you a room” he offers. She raises an eyebrow.

“A room or a cell?” she asks following him.

“A room” he answers, she moves to his side and walks inside with him. “We had a deal” he assures her, she eyes him carefully still not actually trusting him despite their deal, signed and everything she still doesn't trust he won't find a loophole to get out of it, humans are too crafty, too sneaky.

“Deal or not I don't trust you” she tells Fury.

“I don't trust you either, Miss Shaw” Fury counters glancing to her. “Don't think I don't know you've been communicating with the telepath” she raises an eyebrow, Fury holds up his phone. “It maps your brain waves” he offers. “The effects of telepathy give off their own signal which I am sure your Professor friend knows...what do you talk about?” he asks.

“I'm not going to tell you” she answers.

“Is he listening in now?” Fury peers into her eyes, as if he's trying to see Charles through her, she smirks a little and shrugs.

“Who knows” she answers. “Can I get some whiskey?” she asks. “I'm feeling a little parched” she adds, Fury stares at her a moment before walking away.

“Any particular brand?” he asks, she smirks following him.

“Strongest you can find” she answers. “The x-gene makes it difficult for mutants to get drunk” she admits, he looks over his shoulder at her, raising an eyebrow, she nods. “It's a injustice we bare” she teases.


Fury opens a door and walks in followed by Violet who looks around, she nods a little, it's better then her cell that's for sure.

“There is a change of clothes in the wardrobe and some...snacks in the draw as per your demands” She side looks at Fury.

“Jelly beans?” she asks, he nods. “Only the green ones?” she asks.

“As asked for” he answers. She nods a little and turns to look at the room.

“Not bad” she mumbles, Fury smirks slightly.

“What was that?” he asks, she shoots him a glare.

“Nothing” she answers. He nods a little.

“I'll have someone come get you when the others arrive and I'll send someone with your drink” he tells her and then leaves her alone in the room, she purses her lips and glances to the door before moving to open the snack draw, it's filled with green jelly beans, she smiles. The green jelly beans was just her way of pushing the demands and seeing how far they would go to get her to work for them, she knew her freedom is a stretch so she started asking for other things, small things, crazy things. Like just the green jelly beans. 

Chapter Text

Violet turns the black bouncy ball around in her hand and then throws it at the ceiling above her, it bounces back and she catches it. She lays on the cot in her Helicarrier room, it's so much better then her cell bed, this one actually has a mattress, and she's gonna enjoy it while she can. They've even blacked out the room for her. It seems they've gone from treating her like a prisoner to treating her like a VIP, they're either desperate for her help, afraid of her, or a little of both. She's betting on a little of both. Especially now she has that collar off. She flicks the ball back up and then turns her head, holding her free hand towards where her glass sits on the bed side table, she stretches her fingers as her eyes turn black; a tendril of darkness flows from her hand and wraps around the glass, carefully she pulls it back, the tendril setting the glass in her palm, she smirks and sits up sightly to drink from it, before the tendril carries it back to the table, she lays back and looks up at the ball, hovering in mid air, because the ball is made out of her darkness she can effectively control it with her powers, just this ball, the ball that SHIELD had given her in her cell was made out of rubber so she would have no control over that. She smirks and snatches the ball out of the air before she returns to throwing it. The door opens and a SHIELD agent steps into her room, she turns her head to look at him.

“Fury sent me to get you, the others are starting to arrive” the agent tells her, she raises an eyebrow and swings her legs over the side of the bed and into her boots. She stares down at them, her eyes turning completely black, her shadow on the floor shifts and crawls and moves around her boots, the agent's eyes widen watching as the shadow does up her laces, she smirks pulling back, she misses the ease of her powers, her eyes returning to normal as she stands and grabs her jacket.

“Shall we?” she asks the agent who stares at her before nodding.

“You're ball, Miss Shaw” he reminds her, she turns to the ball and holds out her hand, it flies into her hand and disappears the second it makes contact.

“Does it bother you?” she asks him. “That I'm a mutant?” she adds, he shakes his head.

“My sister, she's mutant” he admits. “She goes to Xavier's school”

“What is her mutation?” she asks, he smiles as they start down the hall.

“She has bird wings” he answers “And she talks to birds” he adds and looks to Violet. “Her wings are gold and brown and slender” he tells her with awe, he really has no issues with mutants. “Yours is to do with shadows?” he asks, she nods.

“Shadows and darkness” she answers and holds out her hand letting a darkness mist wrap around her fingers before closing her hand into a fist, the darkness turns less transparent, when she opens her hand there is a pitch black butterfly in her palm. It flutters and she turns her hand letting it sit on her fingers.

“That's cool” he tells her. “Will it live?” she shakes her head.

“It's not really living” she answers. “It's just animated” she offers. “If I cut off my powers, if I stop sustaining it” she does just that and the butterfly crumbles into nothing.

“Can you keep a secret?” he asks her, she raises an eyebrow at him. He looks around and then turns to her, back to the cameras, he lifts a hand and his nails grow into sharpened claws. Seemingly less bird then his sister and more carnivore.

“You're a mutant” she whispers. “But you work for SHIELD” she accuses. He shrugs.

“It's what I am good at” he admits. “I stick under the radar, hope that they don't figure it out”

“Well they're not going to hear it from me” she assures him.

“Plus this way” he starts walking away, fingers back to normal. “If they make a move against Xavier.....I'll be able to warn them” Violet smiles following him.

“Alright, that's pretty smart” she agrees walking with him. “What's your name?” she asks.

“Marcos” he answer. “Valentino Marcos” he holds out his hand and she stares at it before taking it.

“Nice to meet you, Valentino” she greets warmly. He's a mutant. There is no trust issue there.


Violet and Valentino walk into the bridge, Fury and his first 'guest' turn to them.

“Ah, Miss Shaw” Fury greets, Valentino takes his dismissal and shares a look with Violet before walking away, Violet raises an eyebrow at Fury. “Miss Shaw, this is Dr. Banner. Dr. Banner this is Miss Shaw” Fury offers. Banner raises an eyebrow.

“The mutant?” Banner asks looking to her. Violet smirks a little and raises an eyebrow.

“Aww, Furry, you're telling people you're slumming it with a mutie?” she asks Fury who sighs.

“Fury” he corrects, Violet looks to him and frowns.

“What did I say?” she asks.

“Furry” Fury tells her, she smirks a little.

“Oh...Sorry. Furry” she offers and then turns to Banner. “It's nice to meet you” she offers. “And I say that cause you didn't look at me like a mutant actually looked pretty impressed”

“I am” Banner tells her. “The X-gene is fascinating and if you'll allow it....I'd love a blood sample” Violet nods a little.

“Urm...sure, I guess” she offers hesitantly, she's not sure how she feels about Banner, he's a human true, but his....alter-ego means he is closer to mutant then human; genetically, biologically. She's not sure yet how she feels about him. “So...we're the first two?” she asks.

“Two what?” Banner asks.

“Outsiders” she answers. “You know the dangerous, troubled ones they bring in when it really is the end of the world” Banner almost smiles and nods.

“So it seems” he counters. “So do you work at Xavier's or are you with the Brotherhood?” Banner asks.

“Neither actually, not for a long time now” Violet answers. “I'm a SHIELD prisoner” Violet admits. “Too dangerous to be allowed out in the real world, right, Furry?” she asks looking to Fury, he shoots her a look and she smirks knowing the name is getting to him. Behind Fury a redhead approaches the group.

“Agent Coulson's quinjet's just landed” A redhead tells Fury.

“Good. That's three” Fury states. “Agent Romanoff. Miss Shaw” Fury introduces them. Violet waves her fingers at Romanoff who raises an eyebrow back. Fury turns to Romanoff, he and her walk away leaving Banner and Violet alone. Violet look around at all the humans on the bridge. This may be a mistake, her being here.

“You look uncomfortable” Banner tells Violet.

“Oh I'm very uncomfortable” Violet answers. “Way too many humans” she admits crossing her arms over her chest.

“You don't like humans?” he asks her.

“Not very much” she answers and glances to him. “You're alright, you pretty much mutant anyway” she assures him and then pulls a handful of jelly beans from her pocket. “Jelly bean?” she asks, he smirks and shakes his head.

“No, thank you” he answers watching her. He read her file, he knows she's older then she looks, a lot older, but the way she behaves, the way she talks, it's almost younger. And skittish. She's very skittish. He understands that well enough. She's been hurt in the past, probably by mankind. 

Chapter Text

Banner doesn't stick around long, he heads outside for air, Violet takes another look over the tablet Fury gave her, she does this walking around, rather then settling anywhere, she doesn't want human eyes on her. For the most part the helicarrier is quiet, people are in rooms working, very few in the way of foot traffic. Violet steps into the shadow at her side and vanishes, blending in like she is shadow herself, she is then reappearing further down the corridor, she likes travelling like this, quick bursts, short trips, it's simple and yet effective. And it freaks people out seeing her vanish and then reappear. She can't believe she is actually doing this, she is part of another group trying to save the world, this marks number 4, she really has to stop doing this, it's becoming a bad habit she needs to quit.


On the bridge as they are waiting to locate Loki using satellite facial recognition, Coulson and Steve stand side by side, waiting.

“I mean, if it's not too much trouble” Coulson asks Steve.

“No, no. It's fine” Steve assures him.

“It's a vintage set. It took me a couple of years to collect them all. Near mint, slight foxing around the edges, but...” Coulson explains. From one of the computers, Agent Jasper Sitwell turns to the room.

“We got a hit. Sixty-seven percent match. Wait, cross match, seventy-nine percent”

“Location?” Coulson asks moving froward, Steve follows slightly slower.

“Stuttgart, Germany. 28, Konigstrasse. He's not exactly hiding”

“Captain, you're up” Fury tells the super soldier. “Take Midnight with you” Steve frowns. “Midnight!!” Fury yells for her. “Word of advice, keep an eye on her, she's a flight risk, and currently under of SHIELD”

“Care?” Steve asks, Fury nods a little.

“She's a prisoner” He corrects. “Don't loose her” Fury warns.


Violet rolls her eyes as she hears Fury, she looks to her side and then steps into the shadow there, she vanishes.


Fury stands with his arms folded over his chest waiting, Violet has teleported into his shadow behind him.

“Why are you yelling when I am literally standing right behind you?” Violet comments as her eyes return from the black of her powers, Fury spins and glares at her, she is stood so close to him, almost pressed up against him, she smirks at him and motions to his shadow. He shakes his head.

“Captain” he turns to Steve. “Meet Midnight” Violet looks over Steve and then glances to Fury.

“You honestly couldn't find him a shirt to fit?” she asks looking from Steve to Fury who sighs.

“Time for you to hold up your end of the deal” Fury tells her. “Suit up” they share a look and she walks away with Steve.

“Well....this should be fun” she comments.

“Lives are at risk and you are excited?” he asks her.

“What? You never saved the world before?” she asks.

“Not sure if it counts” he answers looking to her. “You?” she nods.

“I'm 3 for 3” she answers with a smirk. “We win this and it's 4” she turns to walk backwards. “It gets easier and you start to even enjoy the prospect of fighting” she backs into a shadow and then vanishes. Steve stops to stare at where she was. How does Fury expect him to keep an eye on her if she disappears? This seems like an impossible mission.


At the Stuttgart Museum Loki stands in the front look up at the building. in front of the museum, dressed in 21st century attire and with the sceptre, disguised as a cane, walks up to the entrance of the gala.


Inside, a lavished gala with an orchestra playing, is interrupted as an important doctor walks up to the mic.


Violet reappears in her very own locker room and walks towards the unit with Midnight stamped onto. As she approaches to the steel cabinet, the doors already reveal her Midnight uniform. It's a more personalised version of the last x-men suit she had, it's more her. She smirks. Okay now she is getting excited. There is a chance she might actually get to fight and that is the part of this she likes. Proving how strong she is. Showing that she isn't weak. She'll show SHIELD just what she is capable of.


Midnight steps out of the locker room as Captain America waits for her, he's only been there a few seconds, she raises an eyebrow at him.

“Nice to see they've changed the suit” she offers, they turn and walk down the corridor. “The first one made you look like a chorus girl” she teases, Steve smirks a little.

“Made me feel like it too” he admits. “This is more...practical” he glances to her as they keep walking, both falling into silence, he wants to ask her about her 'gifts', he's never heard of people like that before. He didn't get a file on her, not like Banner, honestly Fury told Banner with him being a scientist and knowing he would probably be less judgemental about mutants, turns out he was right. Steve looks away and then back to her as they enter the hanger and head to the jet waiting for them. “That thing you did before” Steve starts.

“I'm a mutant” she admits, he frowns at her. “I guess we weren't really heard of back before you went down” she offers. “There are a few of us....that are born with a mutation in our DNA” she explains. “I'm not really very good at the science stuff” she admits. “Honestly not 100% but that us abilities”

“And you all have the same abilities?” he asks, she shakes her head.

“No” she answers. “I know someone who can read minds, another can control metal, another runs...super fast, I mean...faster then a bullet, I know another that could sonic scream, another that can shoot lasers out of his eyes.....” Steve watches her. “It's depends on the mutant” they walk onto the jet to see Romanoff behind the controls. “Oo fun another human” Violet states flatly as she takes a seat and straps herself in, Steve sits across from her and does the same.

“For someone who's so opposed to humanity” Romanoff starts. “You saved the race enough times” she glances to Violet who glares back.

“I saved my own kind, the fact that humanity survived as well is an unfortunate side effect” Violet counters with a dark smirk and then it turns amused, in an instant. “So...shall we save the world?” she asks. 

Chapter Text

The quinjet flies towards Stuttgart, Violet is fiddling with a ball of darkness in her palm, her eyes are black as she manipulates the substance into a knife, and then spider, and then a coin before it returns to the ball, she clenches her fist and it vanishes, she takes a breath and closes her eyes resting her head back against the side of the jet.


Outside of the Stuttgart Gala, the crowds from inside flee out of the building and into the streets. Loki slowly walks out and materializes in his gold armor and helmet. The police arrive and with no hesitation, he blasts the cars, flipping them over and over.

“Kneel before me” Kneel before me. The crowd ignores him. Another Loki appears, blocking the crowd. Loki after Loki appears, they all grin as they raise their spears, encircling the crowd. “I said. KNEEL!!!” Everyone becomes quiet and kneels in front him. Loki embracing his arms out, smiling. “Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It's the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel” As the words resonate to the kneeling crowd, an elder German man refuses to kneel and stands, heroic.

“Not to men like you” the elder German man argues.


On the jet: Violet shares a look with Steve, he grabs his shield and she grabs his arm with her left and his shoulder with her right hand.

“You ever done this before?” he asks her.

“Teleporting two people into shadows?” she asks. “Nope” she admits with a smirk, Steve stares at her.


“There are no men like me” Loki argues back watching the elder German man.

“There are always men like you”

“Look to your elder, people” Loki tells the others, smirking as he takes a few steps towards the man.


On the jet: Violet's eyes turn black.

“Brace yourself” she teases and then she and Steve vanish from the jet.


“Let him be an example” Loki is about to execute him with his scepter as the light glows blue. Just as the energy beam shoots out, Violet and Steve appear in the old German man's shadow, Violet vanishes almost immediately and Steve blocks the blast with his shield, knocking down Loki on his ass.

“You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing” Steve tells Loki who starts to push himself to his feet.

“The soldier. A man out of time” Loki counters, Steve's eyes flicker behind Loki as Violet appears in his shadow.

“I'm not the one who's out of time” Steve comments, Loki cocks his head a little and then spins, but Violet is gone, she reappears behind Steve and steps out from his side. Loki turns back to them. Loki looks over her as her eyes turn black, she holds out her hands at her side, two black darkness manifested daggers appear in her hands.

“The mutant” he states, an undertone of admiration and pity to his voice, on Asgard people with abilities would not be shunned or imprisoned or killed, they would be worshipped and protected, mutants, as they are, should be the dominant species. They could be ruling this world. Loki looks over her again, this time really taking her in, the blonde hair, the now green eyes, dark lipstick, all black suit, he doesn't normally find blondes attractive but this mutant is something else. He smirks a little. “You I've been looking forward to meeting” he admits. Violet shifts slightly twirling a dagger in her hand. From above Steve and Violet, the quinjet arrives. A machine gun is pointed towards Loki.

“Loki, drop the weapon and stand down” Natasha announces, and like greased lighting, Loki sends a blast of blue at the quinjet, but Natasha has quick reflexes too and manoeuvres the jet just in time, giving Steve the time to throw his shield at Loki. They begin to duke it out. Loki flings Steve to the ground. Violet lunges with her daggers, Loki manages to block her, she spins and pulls her hands, which lengthens the daggers into a spear, she smirks and begins to stick fight with Loki and his sceptre of doom. Loki knocks her back and she falls to the ground, the spear disappearing as she drops it. Steve then throws his shield, but Loki swats it way. Steve, using all the moves of a boxer, is knocked down by Loki. Standing over him, he points the sceptre's tip on his helmet.

“Kneel” Loki demands, Violet teleports into Loki's shadow and he sighs. “She's standing right behind me, isn't she?” Loki asks, Steve nods.

“Yes, I am” Violet answers and trips Loki up, Steve rolling out the way, Loki turns and grabs Violet, she grabs him back and teleports them into Steve's shadow, Steve flips and knocks Loki out with his leg. Loki grabs him and flips him back over.

“The guy's all over the place” Natasha complains. Suddenly, AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" overdrives the quinjets speakers.

“Agent Romanoff, did you miss me?” Tony Stark asks as he arrives, Steve, Violet and Loki look up at the sky. Tony flies over in his Iron Man suit and blasts Loki right back to the ground. Iron Man touches down. He stands up and pulls out every piece of weaponry the suit has. “Make your move, Reindeer Games” Loki puts up his hands and surrenders. His armor materializes away. Violet eyes him suspiciously though, he catches her eyes and winks, she rolls her eyes. “Good move” Tony tells Loki as his Iron Man weapons retreat.

“Mr Stark” Steve greets pulling on his shield, Violet crosses her arms over her chest.

“Captain” Tony greets and then looks to Violet. “Friend of yours?” he asks Steve.

“Friend of no human” Violet growls raising a hand to scratch at her neck, her collar had been of Stark design, and she's automatically hating him.

“This is Midnight” Steve introduces. “I urm...don't know her real name” Steve looks to Violet apologetically. “I apologise”

“'S fine” Violet offers. “It's Violet” she offers. “But my mutant name is.....Midnight, it's....what I prefer”

“Just Fury” Steve starts.

“Yeah, well...Furry's an asshole” Violet comments and then holds out her hand to Loki, tendrils of darkness burst from her hand and fly towards him.

“What are you doing?” Tony asks stepping to her.

“Did anyone actually bring any shackles?” Violet asks and looks to them both as her tendrils start to restrain Loki, wrapping around his wrists tightly in front of him, she lowers her hand and the tendril snap tightly into place. “Got to do everything myself” she grumbles as Steve pulls Loki to his feet

“Feisty little thing aren't you?” Tony teases, Violet snaps her head to him, her eyes pitch black. 

Chapter Text

Loki watches Violet as Steve straps him into the quinjets seats, she watches him back, the jet takes off, Natasha at the helm. Steve moves away from Loki and towards Tony, Loki smirks at Violet who looks down at her hands her black darkness seeping out and around her hands and to the floor.

“Is that stuff dangerous?” Tony asks her crossing his arms over his chest, Violet glances up at him.

“If I want it to be” she answers and then wiggles her fingers, a tendril moves from the mist and starts around his ankle, Tony squeals a little jumping back.

“Something touched my leg” he complains.

“Miss Shaw” Natasha warns. Violet smirks and leans back in her seat pulling her powers back, she looks to Loki who smirks wider at her, she drops her smirk and looks away. The jet falls silent, except for the mechanics of the jet. Violet scratches at her arm over where her Holocaust brand sits, she clutches to her arm before releasing it and closing her eyes. Natasha watches the skies. Thunder. Coming out of nowhere. Fury speaks over her headset.

“Said anything?” Fury asks.

“Not a word” Natasha answers and glances to Loki. “Just keeps watching Miss. Shaw”

“Just get him here. We're low on time” Fury tells Natasha. Tony and Steve watch Loki from a distance.

“I don't like it” Steve breaks the silence.

“What? Rock of Ages giving up so easily?” Tony asks looking to Steve.

“I don't remember it being ever that easy. This guy packs a wallop”

“Still, you are pretty spry, for an older fellow. What's your thing? Pilates?” Tony asks, Steve frowns at him confused.

“It's like calisthenics. You might have missed a couple things, you know, doing time as a Capsicle” Steve looks at Tony, finally meeting his ego match.

“Fury didn't tell me he was calling you in” Steve points out.

“Yeah, there's a lot of things Fury doesn't tell you” Tony argues.

“Bet there is a lot of things he doesn't tell you either” Violet adds, Tony and Steve look to her.

“Like what?” Tony asks her, she smirks a little.

“Don't” Natasha warns, Violet glances to the cockpit and then back to Tony.

“Remember those shock collars you discontinued?” Violet asks Tony.

“Yeah, they were inhuman and dangerous” Tony answers, she raises an eyebrow at him. “They were prone to short circuiting, pretty much blew the nervous system to bits” he explains.

“Well I just spent the last 6 months wearing an underground prison for mutants” she admits. “And I know there were more then just me down there” Tony snaps his head around to Natasha.

“Is this true?” Tony asks. “Those collars....”

“You'll have to talk to Fury” Natasha argues interrupting him. Tony shakes his head clenching his jaw, Violet smirks a little knowing she's not helping, she's not trying to. If they're all busy fighting they might not notice her slipping out the back door. She glances to Loki who raises an eyebrow back at her, she knows he knows what she is doing, she can see it in his eyes, he smirks, she smirks back and looks away amused crossing one leg over the other. Thunder and lightning nearly hit the jet, making it shake violently. Violet's eyes turn black in defensive mode. “Where's this coming from?” Natasha asks. Thunder rumbles overhead. Loki stares out the window intently.

“What's the matter? Scared of a little lightning?” Steve asks.

“I'm not overly fond of what follows” Loki answers not looking away from Violet.

“Rain?” she asks smirking, his smirk is now gone, real worry edging in around his eyes. Outside the jet a blinding light hits the top of the jet. Not a light, but a king. Thor. He opens the ramp and grabs Loki by the throat and flies out. Violet, Steve and Tony are left dumbstruck. “What just happened?” Violet asks turning to the two men. Tony puts the Iron Man helmet on.

“Now there's that guy”

“Another Asgardian?” Violet asks standing and peering out the back of the jet.

“Think the guy's a friendly?” Steve adds glancing to her.

“Doesn't matter. If he frees Loki or kills him, the Tesseract's lost” Tony answers them both then turns and gets ready to jump off the jet to chase after Thor.

“Stark, we need a plan of attack!” Steve argues.

“I have a plan. Attack” Tony jumps out of the jet and chases after Thor. Cap grabs a parachute to follow.

“I'd sit this one out, Cap” Natasha tells him.

“I don't see how I can”

“These guys come from legends, they're basically gods” Natasha counters.

“There's only one God, ma'am. And I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that” Cap then jumps out the jet, Violet stares and then sighs. She could help. She could escape. She could stay on the jet.


Somewhere out in the European mountains, Thor throws Loki into the side of the mountain. He raises the mighty hammer, MJÖLNIR. He looks down at his brother, who he thought to be dead and is angry to see him alive in this fashion.

“Where is the Tesseract?” Thor asks. Loki laughs.

“I missed you too”

“Do I look to be in a gaming mood?!” Thor scolds his brother.

“Oh, you should thank me. With the Bifrost gone how much dark energy did the Allfather have to muster to conjure you here? Your precious Earth” Thor drops MJÖLNIR, causing the mountain to quake. He picks up Loki. His brother. Although Thor is pissed for what he has done, family is everything to a man or god.

“I thought you dead” Thor tells Loki softer, pained.

“Did you mourn?” Loki sneers.

“We all did. Our father...”

“Your father. He did tell you my true parentage, did he not?” Loki asks, Thor lets go Loki, who walks away from Thor, creating an even bigger wedge between them.

“We were raised together, we played together, we fought together. Do you remember none of that?” Thor asks, pleading with Loki to remember their old relationship, Loki turns around to him.

“I remember a shadow. Living in the shade of your greatness. I remember you tossing me into an abyss. I was and should be king!”

“So you take the world I love as recompense for your imagined slights. No, the Earth is under my protection, Loki” Thor tells him, Loki laughs humourlessly again.

“And you're doing a marvelous job with that. The humans slaughter each other and their betters in droves, while you idly threat. I mean to rule them. And why should I not?”

“You think yourself above them”

“Well, yes” Loki agrees.

“Then you miss the truth of ruling, brother. Throne would suit you ill” Angrily, Loki shoves his brother to the side. He walks back up to the ledge. Turns around.

“I've seen worlds you've never known about! I have grown, Odinson, in my exile! I have seen the true power of the Tesseract, and when I wield it...”

“Who showed you this power? Who controls the would-be-king?” Thor asks.

“I am a king!” Loki snaps.

“Not here! You give up the Tesseract! You give up this poisonous dream! You come home”

“I don't have it. You need the cube to bring me home, but I've sent it off I know not where” Mjölnir flies back to Thor's grasp.

“You listen well, brother. I...” Thor is knocked off the mountain by Iron Man who tackles him in mid-flight. Loki leans forward a little.

“I'm listening” he comments and then smirks glancing to the shadow. “You here to stop me, little mutant?” he asks, Violet steps out of the shadow and shrugs.

“I haven't decided yet” she admits, they share a look.

Chapter Text

Violet moves to the edge of the cliff and looks out over the forest as Thor and Tony crash into the trees, Loki takes a moment to look over her as Thor rolls himself up to his feet, Tony is still standing, but keeps his distance. From up on the cliff Violet can't hear them but she can tell it's hostile, Loki steps closer to her, but it's not threatening, more...curious. Violet's eyes try to stay focused on Thor and Tony below but she can feel Loki at her back, warm and cold at the same time, imposing, and he's taller then by at least half a foot. She watches Tony walk away from Thor, and in one quick move, Thor pulls Mjölnir, throws it, and knocks Iron Man clear across into a tree. For now, unless she is actually threatened by Thor, she's not getting involved. She'll claim she was babysitting the God behind her, rather then leave him on his own.

“Why do you do their bidding?” Loki asks almost touching her shoulder, his eyes lingering on her face. “I can smell the power on you, almost taste it, and yet you are treated worse then a pet...” she snaps her head around.

“I am just as much a prisoner as you” she sneers, reminding him.

“You shouldn't be” he argues. “You should be a Queen” she chuckles a little.

“Oh?” she asks. “Are you offering?” she asks him lifting her eyes to his, he looks down at her lifting his bound hands to brush her hair back, she snaps her hands up and grabs his wrist. “Don't” she warns. “I don't like being touched” she whispers.

“If I guaranteed you your freedom?” he asks her lowering his hands, not asking about why, despite how much he wants to know. She raises her head slightly and searches his eyes, for once wishing she was a telepath, just to know what he is thinking in that one moment.

“I have a deal with the humans” she answers. “If you will be defunct I loose my luxuries I've fought for”

“And when I win you will have anything you desire” he offers. He can see the struggle, the part of her that no longer wants to be a prisoner, the part of her that wants to be free. But she's been knocked down so many times she feels she might actually deserve to be locked away. “You're a caged hurricane, Little mutant, and you deserve to be free and you deserve to be wild” he coos at her.

“And you think your silver tongue is going to work here” she counters with a smirk. “It's not” she steps away from him and waves her hand, the darkness creating a blanket for the ground, she turns and sits on it as Loki gapes a little, his silver tongue is usually more effective against women then this, but he's never tried it with a mutant before. “Sit” she tells him. “We may be here a while” she comments watching Thor and Tony fighting below. Loki watches her a moment before moving to join her. “I'll think about it” she offers not looking to Loki who does look to her. “What you offered” she elaborates. He smirks a little. What is it about this one girl? This one mutant that has him like this? His heart it beating faster, his palms are actually sweaty, and given his preference for the cold that's very new. He can't take his eyes off of her. He shifts closer to her. “What are you doing?” she asks not looking at him.

“I'm curious” he offers. “How did they even capture you?” he asks, she clenches her jaw.

“That's none of your business” she growls a little, he cocks his head peering at her face.

“Did you roll over and let them take you?” he asks smugly, she rolls her wrist and throws up her hand, a darkness dagger in her palm now pressed to his throat. “When you were fighting me” he tells her lifting his chin slightly. “You weren't even trying” he argues. “If that is the effort you put in when the humans came for you no wonder they caught you” her jaw twitches with annoyance.

“You know nothing” she grinds out.

“I know you are more powerful then the two humans down there” he tries to nod. “Maybe not strong like the Captain, or smart like Man of Iron, but raw could be limitless” he shifts slightly as her finger adjust on the blade. “If you wanted to be could achieve it. Easily” he stares down at her trying to push his point home, she pulls the dagger back and goes back to watching the fight, Loki sees the difference to her features though, she's thinking about it. Steve finally reaches the bottom of the mountain and throws his shield, the parachute falling behind him, the shield ricochets off both Thor and Tony, stopping them. They look up and see Steve standing on top of a fallen tree with the shield back in hand.

“Seems the fun police has arrived” Violet states, Loki snorts a little. “Guess our little chat is over” she looks to him now.


As Thor lands back up on the mountain top the quinjet tries to find somewhere to land, Violet stands and wipes her hands over her trousers before turning and holding out her hand to Loki, they share a look and she raises an eyebrow back at him. He reaches up and takes her hand, realises the step this is, the olive branch as they call it, she's offering to touch him. She pulls him to his feet and he's staring into her eyes as the blanket they'd been sat on vanishes. Thor grabs Loki's arm and pulls him away from Violet who turns to watch over her shoulder, Loki looks back over his own watching her. Violet looks away from them, away from the jet, away from her prison and out over the night sky. Loki is right, it wouldn't be difficult for her to leave, not here, not now, this could be her last chance.

“Midnight” Steve calls for her, she takes a second more contemplating her escape before turning to the soldier and heading towards the jet. She would leave, but she likes to think she is a woman of her word, and it's not her only option.

Chapter Text

Violet glances to Loki as she climbs onto the jet, his brother at his side, even Loki looks tiny next to the huge blonde Viking God, Thor glances to her and then stands.

“I did not introduce myself” he tells her. “Thor, Prince of Asgard” Thor offers with a smirk, he holds out his hand to her, she wrinkles her nose a little.

“I don't do touching” she argues. “And I'm Midnight” she introduces and sits back in her seat across from Loki, Steve pulls off his helmet and sits a seat down from her, giving her her space, which she is grateful for, it will give her time to think.

“Is that your real name?” Thor asks, he is not content to let her think.

“No” she answers. “I've had many names and no name” she lifts her eyes to Thor, her hand finding her arm. “Midnight is my chosen name, so call me Midnight” she offers.

“So how come you're nice to him” Tony complains pointing at Thor, Violet smirks.

“He's not human” she points out. “He's already ahead of every other member of your race”

“What did we do to you?” Tony asks. Violet shakes her head. “Come on, seriously, you can't hate us and not give a good reason why” she runs her tongue around her mouth, to be fair, he has a point. She takes a breath and looks to Tony.

“Okay, you really want to know what humans did to me?” She asks, Tony nods.

“Yeah, I do” she leans back setting her arm over the back of the seats.

“Okay” she starts. “Alright.....I was at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp” she admits. “In 1944” Steve snaps his head to her. “I was 14 years old when I was experimented on, they forced my mutation upon me, I was raped, and beaten, and starved, and carved into, and cut open, and abused, the Nazi's took away my twin sister, my baby father....” she lifts her eyes to Tony. Tony looks down uncomfortable. “Then in 1962 I was stood on a beach in Cuba with a number of other mutants and the Americans and the Soviets turned missiles on us and 1973 a man named Bolivar Trask created a group of robots called sentinels that hunted mutants. 6 months ago I was in Ireland.....and SHIELD came for me, locked me in a bunker deep underground, in a room flooded with light with nothing more then a concrete slab for a bed, and forced me to wear a collar that took away my powers and electrocuted me to the point of seizures......and now I am being forced to save a world and a race I have no interest that....That is what the humans did to me” she grits out her teeth, tears now running down her cheeks, her powers out of control, the floor of the jet covered in her darkness, she takes a breath and pulls it all back to her. “So there” she adds. “And there is nothing the humans can do to change the way I feel about them” she admits brushing invisible lint from the leather trousers. “Believe me....people have tried” Everything is silent a moment, then a moment more. Loki stares at her, he imagined it was bad, no-one incurs that sort of hate for something simple, but he was not expecting that. The pain, mental, emotional, physical, sexual, she's felt it all. She's still feeling it all. He's now more convinced that he needs her on his side. That she needs to get away from these people. In the end it's Tony that breaks the silence.

“You're 82 years old?” Tony asks her, everyone, including Loki, shoots him a look to shut up.


As the quinjet lands on the helicarrier Thor stands and pulls Loki up with him, he looks to Violet who lifts her eyes to his, there is something akin to defeat in her eyes now, now her secrets have been spilled.

[Join me] she hears in her mind, Loki's voice filtering in, her eyes track him as Thor pulls him along, Loki watching her, waiting for her answers. [I won't ever treat you less then a Goddess] he adds. She stares a moment and then gives her answer, Loki's lip twitches, it's either a pleased twitch or a disappointed twitch, she doesn't turn back to check it. She quickly looks away and to Tony who glances to her nervously and awkwardly.

“Seriously, Stark?” she asks him.

“I asked” he mumbles. “Just...wasn't expecting that answer. Was thinking a bit of bullying, sarcastic comments”

“My past is my own and I don't usually share it” she admits. “Take from it what you will....and move on...” she turns and walks away from him. Steve giving her a sympathetic smile as she passes him.


Violet pulls off her jacket as she travels through the helicarrier, there are more armed guards patrolling now, their big bad guy is on board and they are being careful now. The locker room opens for her as she reaches it letting her in, she enters and moves to the unit where her clothes are. 

Chapter Text

On the Helicarrier dozens of SHIELD police escort Loki, who is in handcuffs, smiling. As they pass the helicarrier lab, Banner stops working on the chitauri scepter and looks up. Loki eyes him as he walks, nodding and smiling. Banner rubs his head.


Violet pulls her hair loose of the back of her jacket as she dodges a SHIELD agent, her black heels echoing in the hall. She pauses in her steps and cocks her head. She can feel him in her head. Loki. His presence is thicker then Charles has ever been, heavier and colder,

[I honestly thought I was going to have to work harder] Loki's voice states in her head. Violet smirks and starts walking again. [To get you to join me]

[I've been on this side of the war before, the 'good' side] she tells him back. [And look where it got me] she shrugs a little. [Perhaps a change is due] The doors ahead of her open and Fury walks through them, he raises an eyebrow at her.

“Honestly thought you'd make a break for it” Fury offers as Violet turns to him.

“Honestly, thought about it” she admits and then walks onto the bridge, she looks around a little and then heads to the table where the others are gathered, except for Stark, she ends up having to sit next to Natasha, which is fine, the woman is easier to deal with then one of the men. Valentino walks towards the table and sets a bag of jelly beans in front of Violet and a bottle of water, she smiles in thanks and then he walks away.

“How come you get refreshments?” Natasha teases a little.

“They like me” Violet argues with a raised eyebrow. “Plus....I made a very specific deal with Fury before I came on board, signed and everything, I was smart about this crap storm” she smirks popping a jelly bean in her mouth. Another agent approaches and turns on a monitor screen behind the table, each of them turn to look at the screen.


In the helicarrier detention section, Loki is now free from his cuffs and is contained in a large glass cell held by hydraulic rigs. Fury walks up the control panel of the cell.

“In case it's unclear. You try to escape. You so much as scratch that glass” Fury tells Loki and then presses a button which opens up a hatch underneath Loki's cell. Loki peers as much as he can from the glass. “Thirty thousand feet, straight down in a steel trap. You get how that works?”      Fury closes the hatch. Points at Loki. “Ant” Then points at the button which would drop Loki into the steel trap. “Boot” Loki smirks.

“It's an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me” Loki comments.

“Built for some things a lot stronger than you” Fury agrees.

“Oh, I've heard” Loki looks into the camera.


The others watch on the monitor Loki getting interrogated. Banner looks at the monitor, intently.


“The mindless beast, makes play he's still a man. How desperate are you, that you call upon such lost creatures to defend you?” Loki asks.

“How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war. You steal a force you can't hope to control. You talk about peace and you kill `cause it's fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did”

“Ooh. It burns you to come so close. To have the Tesseract, to have power, unlimited power. And for what? A warm light for all mankind to share, and then to be reminded what real power is” Loki counters. Fury smiles.

“Well, you let me know if Real Power wants a magazine or something” Fury walks off leaving Loki in his glass cell. Loki looks back at the camera, smirking.


Steve watches until the monitor goes black. Thor, who didn't even look, just listened, stands there, torn apart. They all just sit there in stunned silence. Violet turns a jelly bean around between her fingers. Finally Banner talks.

“He really grows on you, doesn't he?” Banner offers, Violet smirks a little.

“Loki's gonna drag this out. So, Thor, what's his play?” Steve asks looking to Thor.

“He has an army called the Chitauri. They're not of Asgard or any world known. He means to lead them against your people. They will win him the earth. In return, I suspect, for the Tesseract” Thor explains.

“An army? From outer space?” Steve asks seriously.

“So he's building another portal. That's what he needs Erik Selvig for” Banner offers.

“Selvig?” Thor asks.

“He's an astrophysicist” Banner answers.

“He's a friend” Thor corrects slightly.

“Loki has him under some kind of spell, along with one of ours” Natasha explains.

“I wanna know why Loki let us take him. He's not leading an army from here” Violet offers, Thor glances to her.

“I don't think we should be focusing on Loki. That guy's brain is a bag full of cats, you could smell crazy on him” Banner admits.

“Have care how you speak. Loki is beyond reason, but he is of Asgard, and he's my brother”

“He killed eighty people in two days” Natasha informs Thor who pauses slightly.

“He's adopted” he points out, Violet snorts.

“Iridium, what did they need the Iridium for?” Banner asks confused.

“It's a stabilizing agent” Tony answers as he walks in with Coulson. “I'll fly you there. Keep the love alive” he tells Coulson before turning to the others. “Means the portal won't collapse on itself, like it did at SHIELD” Tony moves towards Thor and pats his bicep. “No hard feelings, Point Break. You've got a mean swing” he turns back to the others. “Also, it means the portal can open as wide, and stay open as long, as Loki wants” Tony turns away and to the rest of the crew of the helicarrier. “Uh, raise the mid-mast, ship the top sails. That man is playing GALAGA! Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did” He covers his eye, looks around. “How does Fury do this?”

“He turns” Maria Hill answers. Tony looks around the monitors and places a button size hacking device under Fury's desk, without anyone noticing.

“Well, that sounds exhausting. The rest of the raw materials, Agent Barton can get his hands on pretty easily. Only major component he still needs is a power source. A high energy density, something to kick start the cube” Tony explains.

“When did you become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics?” Hill asks Tony.

“Last night. The packet, Selvig's notes, the Extraction Theory papers. Am I the only one who did the reading?” Tony asks.

“Does Loki need any particular kind of power source?” Steve asks back.

“He's got to heat the cube to a hundred and twenty million Kelvin just to break through the Coulomb barrier” Banner explains, Violet blinks, confused, this is not where her mind is best used.

“Unless, Selvig has figured out how to stabilize the quantum tunnelling effect”

“Well, if he could do that he could achieve Heavy Ion Fusion at any reactor on the planet.

“Finally, someone who speaks English” Tony teases slightly.

“Is that what just happened?” Steve asks. Tony and Banner shake hands. A glimmer in their eyes shines as the mutual respect for each other shows.

“It's good to meet you, Dr. Banner. You're work on anti-electron collisions is unparalleled. And I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster” Tony tells Banner who looks down embarrassed.

“Thanks” Banners offers weakly. Behind them the door to the room slides open and Fury walks back in.

“Dr. Banner is only here to track the cube. I was hoping you might join him” Fury offers.

“Let's start with that stick of his. It may be magical, but it works an awful lot like a HYDRA weapon” Steve adds.

“I don't know about that, but it is powered by the cube” Fury argues. “And I'd like to know how Loki used it to turn two of the sharpest men I know into his personal flying monkeys” Thor frowns.

“Monkeys?” he asks. “I do not understand”

“I do!” Steve announces proudly. “I understood that reference” Tony rolls his eyes, while Cap looks proud of himself.

“Shall we play, doctor?” Tony asks Banner.

“Let's play some” As Banner and Tony walk out, the Galaga player turns ever so discreetly, watches as everyone else disperses and goes back to playing.


Chapter Text

Violet has little more to do now. They apprehended the bad guy, got the glow stick of doom from him and now...well now she has nothing to do. She doesn't have the science mind, she's not a national hero or an agent, or a god. She's just the mutant they keep as their pet.

“Miss Shaw” Fury states approaching her, she closes her eyes and sighs before turning to him.

“I get it, this is the part where you put the collar back on and I be a good little mutie and go without complaint” she offers and holds out her wrists.

“I wasn't actually going to do that” Fury admits, she lowers her hands surprised. “I came to thank you” he offers.

“To thank me?” she asks.

“For helping us apprehended Loki” Fury answers. “And until we return to the ground, you are free to move about the helicarrier” Violet scoffs.

“And then I will be collared?” she asks.

“I told you; the council is to make that decision, not me” she turns away to look back out of the window, she can see Thor lingering behind at the other end of the hall clearly listening in. “Enjoy your current freedom” Fury offers and then walks away, Violet closes her eyes and shakes her head. She knows how the council are going to vote. She is going to end up back in that cell.

“I have never met a mutant before” Thor admits walking towards her. “I did not know they even existed” she glances to him as he stops.

“We tend to keep ourselves hidden, as you've heard, some mutants aren't exactly treated with much respect or.....humanity” she answers looking back out the window, they both stand there a moment, Thor at her back watching her as she looks out the window in front of her. “This must be difficult for you” she offers, Thor frowns moving to her side. “Loki” she adds. “He's your brother have to stop him” Thor looks down at her. “It's not easy”

“You have experiences in this?” he asks, she shrugs.

“Sort of....when I was rescued from the camp” she answers. “There was this boy I met whilst there. Erik. We bonded and when we left the camp we kind of clung to one another, we both lost our entire families. We were both experimented on. Both mutants”

“You came to think of his as your brother?” Thor asks, she nods.

“Yes” she whispers slightly. “He became troubled as we grew up, ended up on the wrong side. And yes I had to work to stop him”

“Did you?” he asks.

“It took many of us and many years but...I like to think he redeemed himself” she admits. “Erik, he's always going to be scarred by what we suffered through, but he came through when we needed him the most” Thor nods a little, they both continue to look out the window in silence. Thor keeps glancing to her, working out the right words in his head, he sees Loki's influence in her, nothing strong yet, but he knows she'll be weak to it given how she feels about humans. Thor leans closer to her.

“You should not let my brother into your head” he tells her, she looks to him. “He is very good at making you believe him” Thor offers, she clenches her jaw. “No matter what he promised you, it is not worth this world burning in the process”

“What has this world ever done for me?” she asks him. “Imprisoned me. Abused me. Judged me. Hated me. Broke me”

“You are not broken” he corrects. “You are hurt, it is different. And yes, those things happened to you, and you can let it continue to make you bitter, and you shall end up just like Loki” she looks away. “And someone will be there to stop you”

“You?” she asks.

“If need be” he answers, she glances to him.

“Promise?” she asks him, they stare at one another, he gives her a sad smile and nods.

“I promise” he answers, she nods and looks back out the window.

“You are alright, for an alien” she offers crossing her arms over her chest, he smirks.

“So are you” he counters. “For an alien” he adds, she fights a smirk, but it wins, he smiles watching her. There is something about this one. Despite the angry outer shell, he feels like there is more to her, potential for someone glorious. Or someone truly terrible. He can see why Loki seems to be drawn to her, she is literally darkness, he can feel it on her, seeping from her. But he can see some light buried in there too. Deep, deep, deep, deep down, but he can sense it. “Will you show me?” he asks. “I did not get to see you fight”

“There's no space here” she argues motioning around them.

“I am sure they have somewhere” he offers. She turns to him, fully turns to face him and taps her nails on her arm.

“Look, you're huge, there's no way I'll beat you in a fight” she points out.

“I do not expect you too” he offers. “I just want to see what you can do” he assures her, she purses her a lips a little and then nods.

“Fine” she offers.

“I shall see about finding space” Thor tells her already walking away excitedly, Violet shakes her head and rolls her eyes amused. 

Chapter Text

Violet sits on a crate watching Thor moving bigger crates around the hanger, making a sort of make shift arena. Word has spread about Thor and the mutant, so a few agents have drifted closer to see what's going on. Thor pulls his cloak from his shoulders and sets it on a crate before turning to Violet who raises an eyebrow. Tony, Bruce and Steve have even wandered in to watch. Nothing better to do whilst they wait for their tests to run and well Steve is pretty useless now, like Violet. Violet rolls her wrists and produces two long blades, Thor shifts his hammer in his hand a little.

“Are you sure you would not rather use our fists instead?” Thor asks concerned. Violet spins her blades and smirks.

“You're worried about hurting me” she coos and makes a pouty face. “Cute” she offers. “Don't worry so much about me, Princess Barbie” she teases, Tony snorts and chuckles from the edge.

“That was a good one” he comments, Bruce and Steve shoot him a look. "What?" Tony asks. "It was"

“Make your move” Thor tells Violet, she shifts slightly and then launches her dagger at him. It's...a light-hearted battle, it's not meant to be serious, but from the stands it appears so, both concentrating, plotting, planning ahead. Thor has his size and his strength but Violet has her smaller frame, her speed and her flexibility. Plus he is going easy on her, she knows that. But she's going easy on him too, just as she had Loki. She doesn't want SHIELD to know the full extent of her abilities. She dodges, twists and blocks his attacks. The best defence if the best offence. Thor raises his hammer and brings it down, Violet's eyes widen before she smirks, she holds up her daggers which shift and change into a darkness shield, very much like Cap's in shape, the hammer hits the shield, whilst it doesn't hit her it does send her flying, she skids across the floor and then snaps her glare up at him. He smirks a little. She thrusts out her hand, a whip of darkness firing from her hand and wrapping around his ankle, he looks down, she smirks and tugs at the whip, it tugs his leg out from under him, and she uses the momentum to get back to her feet. She runs towards him, producing her daggers again, he stands ready to attack but stops. Violet has her darkness blade to his throat and the other between his legs, dangerously close to his Asgardian jewels. She raises an eyebrow at him and he smirks looking down between them to the second blade. He lifts his eyes back to hers. They are both breathing heavily, almost pressed up against the other, Thor staring down at her as she stares back up at him. Eyes locked. The black of her powers retreating from hers. A warmth in her chest that makes her uneasy, something she doesn't quite understand. She swallows a little and steps back from him, she looks away, around. Everyone is staring at them, at her, some with fear, some awe, worry, concern. She backs away grabbing her jacket before leaving the hanger, Thor looks around noting the looks. Humans. He thinks. How is this how they treat those more evolved then them? He grabs his cape and follows after her, Steve looks around disappointed as Tony sighs sharing a look with Bruce.


Thor finds Violet in her room, she paces running her fingers through her hair, he can see his brother's affect on her, the doubt, that seed that Loki planted, the humans just do more to make it grow. The distrust, the fear, the hatred. It's all working in Loki's favour. And she doesn't deserve for Loki to take her down too. She spots Thor and then growls a little under her breath.

“What do you want?” She snaps at him, he knows it's not about him, well it may be about him a little bit. There were stirrings. He felt it too, he saw it in her eyes. Something shifted. Being closer, that close to her, knowing she bested him in battle, knowing that there is a light inside of her.

“You fought well” he answers. “Interesting tactics” her glare softens and she turns away.

“Yes, well....thanks” she whispers moving to pulls her jacket off of her shoulders.

“I mean it” he assures her stepping closer. “That was just combat” he offers. “You used weapons. Your blades. Your shield. Your whip. Though extensions of your powers they were still only was very impressive” she looks to him and smiles a little. “You should smile more” he comments, she raises an eyebrow at him.

“Why's that?” she asks.

“Because when you are truly beautiful” she stares at him, he offers her a smile and then leaves her alone. She looks away from the door and tries to slow her racing heart. Since when did she react this way to men? First Loki getting into her head and under her skin. And now his enormous brother is right there with him. What is happening to her? Humans.....she pauses, that's the point though, isn't it? She asks herself. They're not human. They don't look at her with fear, or hatred, or animosity. Loki looks at her with acceptance, desire, like she some precious treasure and Thor....Thor looks at her like he sees kin, someone just like him, he looks at her with warmth and acceptance. She sits on the edge of her bed and using her powers pours herself another drink, the black darkness tendrils wrapped around the bottle of scotch. She sighs and grabs the glass. Not even two days, not even one day. And she's folding. This is why she prefers to be alone. She doesn't do well with others. Though that is a lie, considering the Xmen always looked to her after Charles, she never understood that either, she would have picked Storm or Scott above her or Hank. She downs the liquid and then licks her lips before standing. She's free of her collar. For now, she's going to enjoy it. 

Chapter Text

Violet has pulled herself up to the rafters above the hanger, to look out the window at the vast, never ending sky. It's actually a beautiful view. Great big openness of nothing.

[You are quiet] Loki's voice echoes in her head.

“I am contemplating” she answers out loud but knowing he can hear her.

[Did my brother flatter you with pretty words?] he snears.

[Jealous?] she asks back smirking to herself. Loki is silent but she can feel him in her head still. [Wait. Are you?] she asks.

[You are magnificent] he tells her. [Powerful. Beautiful. My brother usually gets the beautiful ones and I get whatever is left] he comments quietly and she's not sure he meant to tell her that. There is a undertone of self deprecating hatred. Violet disappears into the shadows.


Loki stands frowning at the floor of his cell, why did he tell her that? She doesn't care, not know his brother's slithered under her skin, Loki never wins when it comes to Thor and women. He was always left with whatever was left, leftovers. Just another thing he came second in. He senses a presence behind him, then there is a hand on his shoulder. Loki jerks a little prepared to attack, he pauses seeing Violet stood behind him.

“What are you doing?” he asks her. “I could have hurt you” she raises an eyebrow at him.

“You really couldn't” she counters and then waves her hand, the cell suddenly becomes furnished with a small black darkness couch, she drops onto it and looks to Loki. “Sit” she tells him, he pokes at the arm of the chair, trying to gauge how sturdy it is, and whilst it may be for her, it may not for him. “Sit down” she repeats. He takes a hesitant seat next to her, surprised that it holds him. “Give my powers a little credit” she grumbles slightly as she creates a darkness dagger. They both just sit there a moment. She takes a breath and turns to him. “Why me?” she asks him, quietly.

“Because you understand what these....humans are really capable of” he tells her. “Because you are powerful....” he adds. “Because you are....strong” he looks to her. “Because you are beautiful” she lifts her eyes to his. “And you deserve better then you've had....better then you have” she looks down. “And that you don't know that, that you don't believe that...” Loki shakes his head. “These humans broke you” she watches the dagger as she plays absent-mindedly with it, he watches her. “How did they capture you?” he asks her. “Will you tell me?” she twirls the dagger around in her hand and purses her lips. She shrugs.

“Eh, why not” she mumbles and sits up slightly. “I was in Ireland” she offers. “An old friend of mine had tracked a mutant to Dublin and I was closest, I went to find her. She was obviously a mutant” she offers. “She had this long pink hair that seemed to have a mind of it's own....and her eyes glowed white...she was beautiful” She looks down. “This fat, balding, middle aged man grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into an alley” she touches the tip of the dagger. “I followed. He had a metal pipe in hand by the time I reached them” she looks to Loki. “He'd already struck her with it, probably more then once.....I took it off him, and I bashed his skull in with it, killed him” Loki watches her. “Unfortunately there was a witness, I don't know who, the police were called....I got the girl out of there....but when SHIELD turns up....It's just me and the body”

“You sent away the proof that he was who and did what you said” he offers, she shrugs.

“The girl made it to safe place, and I was captured by SHIELD. That's the story”

“I can feel your power....” he starts.

“I was tired of fighting” she admits, clenching her fist, the dagger disintegrating. “I guess I was just too tired that day” she glances to him. He watches her, his smug and devious features shifting a little.

“You were done” he whispers.

“I was done when I was 16” she points out. “All these years....I've just...” she scoffs and closes her eyes. “Ghosted” he touches her knee, meant to be somewhat comforting, but he forgets just for a moment who it is that he is touching because in the next second the dagger is back in her hand and pressed to his throat. “Don't touch me” she snaps, eyes wide, showing more vulnerability then ever before, he stares at her and then nods. She swallows slightly and pulls the blade back. “I don' to be touched”

“You should be worshipped” he whispers, she tightens her jaw and shakes her head before vanishing, the couch going with her, Loki lands on the floor with a thud and a groan.


Violet stands looking over her uniform from Fury and SHIELD. She reaches up and touches her neck. She's conflicted. What Loki speaks is the truth, for the God of Lies, but her morality compass is pointing towards the good guys and SHIELD, despite the fact they held her captive and prisoner.

[Old Friend] Charles states in her head. [You always follow your head, may I suggest maybe following your heart this time]

[My head has never steered me wrong, Charles] she counters. [And I have no heart] she then shuts off the mental connection, wanting to work through this herself. She needs to make her own way now. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, she curls her fingers at her side, a few strings of darkness wrapping around her wrists. She opens her eyes and sighs. She has no idea where she stands. 

Chapter Text

Loki paces back and forth inside his glass cell, his mind on Violet....on Midnight. It's tragic the way these humans have destroyed everything she could have been, she could have been magnificent, she still could be with the right guidance, not used as a pet for people less then her. Suddenly, he stops.

"There's not many people that can sneak up on me" he states and then turns to see Natasha stood on the other side of the glass.

"But you figured I'd come" Natasha comments.

"After. After whatever tortures Fury can concoct, you would appear as a friend, as a balm. And I would cooperate" Loki tells her.

"I wanna know what you've done to Agent Barton" Natasha argues.

"I'd say I've expanded his mind"

"And once you've won. Once you're king of the mountain. What happens to his mind?"

"Is this love, Agent Romanoff?"

"Love is for children. I owe him a debt"

"Tell me" Loki asks of her, Natasha pulls up a chair and sits down.

"Before I worked for SHIELD, I uh...well, I made a name for myself. I have a very specific skill set. I didn't care who I used it for, or on. I got on SHIELD's radar in a bad way. Agent Barton was sent to kill me, he made a different call"

"And what will you do if I vow to spare him?" Loki asks her.

"Not let you out" Natasha answers, Loki laughs.

"Ah, no. But I like this. Your world in the balance, and you bargain for one man?" Loki asks.

"Regimes fall every day. I tend not to weep over that, I'm Russian... or was"

"What is it you want?" Loki asks.

"It's really not that complicated. I've got red in my ledger, I'd like to wipe it out"

"Can you? Can you wipe out that much red? Drakov's daughter? Sao Paulo? The hospital fire? Barton told me everything. Your ledger is dripping, it's gushing red, and you think saving a man no more virtuous than yourself will change anything?" Loki steps closer to the glass. "This is the basest sentimentality. This is a child at prayer... PATHETIC! You lie and kill in the service of liars and killers. You pretend to be separate, to have your own code, something that makes up for the horrors. But they are a part of you, and they will never go away!" Loki slams his fist on the glass making Natasha flinch. "I won't touch Barton. Not until I make him kill you! Slowly. Intimately. In every way he knows you fear! And when he'll wake just long enough to see his good work, and when he screams, I'll split his skull! This is my bargain, you mewling quim!" Natasha turns around, walks away from Loki, disgusted.

"You're a monster" Loki laughs.

"No, you brought the monster" Loki argues, Natasha turns back around; poised.

"So, Banner... that's your play" Loki blinks a little staggered.

"What?" he asks. Natasha presses a finger to her earpiece.

"Loki means to unleash the Hulk. Keep Banner in the lab, I'm on my way. Send Thor as well" She turns back to Loki. "Thank you for your cooperation" Natasha quickly walks out, leaving Loki frozen.

"Well that was just tragic" Violet comments behind Loki who spins to her, finding her back in his cell with him. "I thought you were the God of lies?" she cocks her head, he scoffs as she leans against the wall.

"Thought you went away" he motions with his hand before clasping them behind her back.

"Nobody's ever looked at me and seen someone worth....something" she admits lifting her eyes to his. "Just a mutant, we're only good for being experimented on. Or imprisoned. Or a weapon" Loki steps closer to her, she leans up off the wall. "I might want this back" she offers pulling a hand from behind her back revealing the sceptre. His eyes widen and lift to hers. "Slight of hand" she offers. "And a little illusion" he smirks at her, that is something he would think, something he would say.

"And your deal with the humans?" he asks her, she shrugs.

"Prison is prison" she answers. "No matter how many luxuries I get" she shrugs a little. He holds out his hand to her, giving her the choice here, she looks to it and then to him. She slides her hand into his and he smiles. Something that seems a little out of place on his face, like it's been too long he's forgotten how to do it. Maybe it has been so long since he's genuinely wanted to smile. But this woman makes him want to. They vanish into darkness, leaving an illusion of Loki in their wake, he looks around before walking around the cell like nothing happened.


Violet looks around before heading towards the hanger controls, Loki walks hidden at her side, she turns and glances to the SHIELD agents and then presses a button on the control panel, opening the hanger ahead of them.


In the labs Banner slowly gets upset as he looks at Romanoff, who gets unnerved.

"You wanna know my secret, Agent Romanoff? You wanna know how I stay calm?" he asks her, Natasha and Fury have their hands down to grab their guns as Banner reaches for the sceptre. His fingers fall through it and it disappears into black smoke. They all look to it. "What?" Banner asks frowning.

"Shaw" Fury growls and presses a finger to his ear. "Find Miss Shaw, now" he orders. "She's got the sceptre" Thor looks to Fury.

"Loki is in her head, this is not her fault" he argues, sticking up for Violet.

"She's a mutant" Fury offers. "They cannot be trusted"

"Right, of course" Tony argues sarcastically. "Just because she was born different you slap a label on her as a bad guy, that's why the mutants don't like us" He snaps. "This is why they go into hiding, this is why they would rather defend themselves then help us....this is the problem" Steve hums in agreement. "You are the problem" Tony tells Fury.


Loki leans closer to Violet and then smirks.

"Brace yourself" he whispers, she looks to him and frowns.

"What?" she asks, he smirks wider at her. "What did you do?" she accuses slightly.


Outside the helicarrier Barton pulls the trigger on his bow. The arrow explodes the engine right off the helicarrier, shaking the entire vessel. 

Chapter Text

Behind where Loki and Violet stand at the console, a set of doors open and a group of shield agents step through into the hanger, Loki glances behind himself and to them before leaning closer to Violet, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“We have to go” he tells her, she snaps her head around to the shield agents. “Come on” Loki presses and then they hurry away from the console as the shield agents run towards them.


Loki leads Violet towards the jet Loki's men arrived on, they are now wreaking havoc on the helicarrier so Loki can escape, plus they're disabling systems and splitting up the heroes.

“Loki!” Thor shouts running towards them, Loki steps between Violet and his brother. Thor slows reaching them. “Let her go” Loki looks to Violet and then to Thor.

“She is not her under duress” Loki offers. “She is here through choice” Loki steps aside looking to Violet who steps closer to him.

“You don't have to go with him” Thor tells Violet, stepping closer and holding out his hand to her, pleading with her not to leave with Loki.

“What choice do I have?” Violet asks shifting closer to Loki's side. “Help them” she nods in the general direction of the bridge. “And be treated worse then an animal....?”

“I know it is unfair and cruel” Thor offers.

“You don't know anything” Violet snaps. “Humans” she scoffs. “They don't deserve your protection”

“It's not about deserve” Thor tells her. “It's about what you believe”

“I believe they don't deserve our help” she counters. “I did it, protected this world, protected them......time and time again, and do you know what I got for it?” she asks. “A prison cell” she steps closer to Thor. “So I am done defending this world....and the people who would rather see me in chains” Thor watches her sadly, despite the situation, he feels for her, her logic is as sound as it comes, she's been let down and hurt time and time again by the Migardians.

“They will go easy on you if you stop now” Thor offers. “If you hand yourself over to them”

“I can't” Violet tells him. “My mind is made up....”

“So change it” Thor argues stepping closer to her. “If you go with Loki....”

“What?” She asks. “They'll lock me up? Collar me? They already did that, what more can they do?”

“Kill you” Thor offers, she laughs.

“I can't die” she points out, Loki glances to her. “There is nothing they can threaten me with that they have not already done to me” she steps closer to Thor. “I won't be their pet any more” Thor reaches for her hand, she pulls it away. “I'm going with him” she admits. “Get out of the way, or get put down” she offers him taking a step back, turning to Loki.

“No” Thor argues and then grabs her arm and she spins on him, throwing out her hand towards Thor, tendrils of darkness firing from her and at the god, tangling around him, wrapping around him, around and around they wrap, knocking Thor to the his side on the ground. She pulls her hand back as he struggles. She crouches.

“You made me a promise” she reminds Thor. “You better keep it” she whispers and then stands turning to leave with Loki.

“You sound just like your father” Fury's voice echoes in the room. Violet stops and snaps her head around to the camera in the corner, Loki pauses behind her.

“I'm....I'm not my father” she argues. “I'm nothing like him”

“His hatred for humanity...” Fury states. “His drive to see mutants as the dominant species”

“My hatred for humanity is earnt” she reminds him. “And I only want to be an equal” Loki takes her hand.

“Come on” he whispers to her.

“Wasn't it a mutant who ordered your treatment at Auschwitz?” Fury asks, “Herr Schmidt....also known as Sebastian Shaw....your father” Loki and Thor look to Violet as she clenches her jaw.

“It may have been at his command, was the hands of humans that I suffered” Violet snaps. “And my father met his end” she offers. “I made sure he did” she turns to Loki who looks to her sadly, she yanks her hand free of his. “Let's go” he nods and they glance to Thor before they head onto the jet. Loki glancing back at his brother as the jet door rises.


On the jet Violet sits and sighs running her hands over her trousers, Loki sits at her side and glances to her.

“Are you alright?” he asks her, she looks to him.

“Do you actually care?” she asks him back.

“Of course I do” he argues, she stares at him, studying him, before she looks away, he closes his eyes a moment resting his head back setting the sceptre on the seat next to him. Violet shifts in her seat before moving closer to him, she sets her head on his shoulder causing him to look to her, knowing the step this is. He wraps his arm around her shoulders and squeezes her arm softly. 

Chapter Text

Violet runs her hand over Stark's bar as Loki watches her, stood in the centre of the room, sceptre in hand. She's different out of 'imprisonment'. Taller. Less poised. She's let her hair down so to speak. She's changed into her black leather Midnight suit and the coat tail swishes as she moves. In this she is beautiful. Loki sees it. And he hates that she can't see it in herself. These humans destroyed her in more then one way and he hates them for it. He hates all of them for it. He watches as she releases a little of her powers, they seep out around her before disappearing, it's almost subconscious. He twists the sceptre in his hand and turns to face her fully.

“What he said about your father....” Loki starts, she snaps her head around to look at him.

“He was a doctor” she admits. “He worked at the concentration camp, and he experimented on humans....and mutants” she nods. “He experimented on me and my sisters” she adds walking towards Loki. “He was the one that gave the orders, that...allowed things to happen, but he never did anything himself” she touches Loki's arm and shrugs, he looks to her hand, trying to not make a big deal over the fact she's touching him, he looks back to her. “The pain inflicted onto me was always done by humans, even if the order came from a mutant. My father's views were....extreme, he saw mutants as the superior species...the evolved species”

“Because you are the more evolved species” he argues.

“But that doesn't make us better” she counters and sighs turning to walk to the window. “But it doesn't make us worse either” she crosses her arms over her chest. Loki walks towards her.

“Midnight” he starts reaching her, his hand curls around the small of her back, she shudders slightly fighting her instinct to pull away and push closer to him. He confounds her. Confuses her. Every inch of her physical form is screaming at her to not let him touch her. But something inside of her is pushing her closer to him. Telling her that he is not like other men. She turns to him, his hand moving to rest on her waist as she does.

“Why me?” she asks him. “Was I an easy target?” she adds, he reaches up for her face, pausing before he can touch her.

“No” he answers. “It's because you didn't deserve to be treated like that” he answers, she looks to his hand. “Because you are this....beautiful, powerful, delicate, delicious little butterfly” she lifts her eyes to his. “And they pinned your wings”

“So you set me free?” she asks. “I am free to leave if I wish?”

“Yes” he answers. “But you will not leave”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because I am the first person to ever see you” he answers. “And not ask you to change anything about yourself” he touches her face, and whist she does stiffen, she doesn't move away. “You are perfect, just the way you are” he whispers. “With all the pain, and the suffering and the's who you are” he steps closer to her. “And the world would try and tame you” he offers. “When you should be set free” she looks up at him, he smiles at her and not a creepy 'I'm going to end the world' smirk, but a real, genuine smile, for her. She leans closer to him, searching his eyes with her own, trying to figure out if this is a game for him, if this is a joke. It's not. She sees nothing but admiration, longing, attraction. She's going to kiss him. Or she's thinking about it. She lingers closer to him, noses almost brushing against one another's. So close. So very closer. He doesn't force it, he waits for her. But she's struggling against herself. She closes her eyes.

“I can't” she whispers pulling away, he touches her arm and gives her a sadder smile. He knows she'll struggle with physical contact, and he could use the sceptre, he could make her, but that would make him no better then the Midgardians that hurt her first, and he is better then them. She walks back to the bar and pours herself a drink, Loki sits on the couch setting the sceptre at his side, he rests back an arm along the back of the chair watching her, she's thinking, doubting herself. Doubting her choices. She takes a large drink from the glass before licking her lips and taking a breath. “No one's ever kissed me before” she admits, Loki raises an eyebrow. That, he was not expecting. He sits up a little. “Back...” she clears her throat. “It wasn't done out of love, or affection, or attraction.....there was never any....and after I never trusted anyone enough to let get that close” she looks down, Loki stands, leaving the sceptre behind as he approaches her, rounding the bar to stand with her, he holds out his hand, showing her he means to touch her before lifting her chin, she looks to him.

“Darling” he whispers, her eyes are lost, pained. He draws his fingers along her jaw and gives her a small smile. “I'm going to kiss you” he tells her, warns her. “You can say no” he assures her, moving closer to her. “And I won't...but something tells me that you want this, that you see something different in me....” she nods a little. “You want to trust me and you can trust me” he assures her, he gently cups her jaw and tilts her head slightly. Searching her eyes for that no, but he doesn't see it. He leans closer and ghosts his lips over hers. Her fingers reach for his armour and curl into the fabric as he deepens the kiss, she kisses him back, letting him touch her like this, he pulls her closer and brushes his tongue along her lower lip, she whimpers a little against his lips and lets him slip his tongue past her lips. 

Chapter Text

Violet leans on a balcony looking out over the city, when was the last time she saw this, when was the last time she took the time out to enjoy a view, whether New York or any other. She's never really stopped. Always running. From her past. From herself. From who she is, who she was. Her pain. From all of it. She looks to her drink and sighs.

“They'll be here soon” Loki states behind her, watching her. She's been quiet since their kiss, he doesn't blame her, with her history things are going to take time, she's going to take time to work through it. She looks to him and he can see the moral dilemma behind her eyes. Born to be a villain by blood but years of heroism make her question her stance. Even with her freedom at stake. She moves towards him and gives him a worried smile, his eyes catch something behind her, them Iron Man flies towards the tower. Loki pulls Violet into the tower. “Get comfy” he offers, she nods and walks to the seating area. Loki heads out onto the balcony ready to meet Iron Man.


Iron Man arrives at Stark Tower where Selvig activates the CMS device holding the Tesseract.

“Sir, I took off the arc reactor. The device is already self-sustained” Jarvis tells him.

“Shut it down, Dr. Selvig”

“It's too late! It can't stop now. He wants to show us something! A new universe”

“Okay” Iron Man comments flatly not really knowing what else to say in response. He aims his hands toward the CMS and fires. The energy from his boosters shatters with a deafening crack! Selvig falls backwards. Down below, citizens of New York look up at Stark Tower, Iron Man stares in disbelief at the CMS ... unharmed.

“The barrier is pure energy. It's unbreachable. The Mark VII is not ready to be deployed”

“Skip the spinning rims. We're on the clock” Iron Man lands his suit and goes through the gauntlet and unsuits him. Loki looks up at him, smiling. They proceed to walk into the penthouse. Loki walks in, holding the scepter. Tony casually walks down the steps, towards the bar, he glances to Violet sat with her arm set over the back of his couch, she twirls a coin in her hand, between her fingers, she curls her hand and stops as she watches him.

“Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity” Loki comments moving to place himself between Tony and where Violet sits.

“Uh...actually, I'm planning to threaten you”

“You should have left your armor on for that” Loki adds.

“Yeah, it's seen a bit of mileage. You've got the blue stick of destiny. Would you like a drink?” Tony asks.

“Stalling me won't change anything” Loki answers.

“No, no, no! Threatening” Tony corrects and looks between them. “No drink? You sure? I'm having one”

“The chituri are coming, nothing will change that. What have I to fear?” Loki asks instead.

“The Avengers” Tony answers, Loki looks at him, confused. “It's what we call ourselves, sort of like a team. `Earth's mightiest heroes' type of thing” Violet snorts in amusement giving Tony a look.

“Seriously?” she asks.

“Well we're no X-men” Tony counters, she rolls her eyes.

“Yes, I've met them” Loki comments.

“Yeah, takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one” Tony offers. “But, let's do a head count here. Your brother, the demi-God; a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breath-taking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella, you've managed to piss off every single one of them” Loki smirks.

“That was the plan” Loki points out.

“Not a great plan. When they come, and they will, they'll come for you” From underneath the bar table, Tony pulls on colantotte bracelets, a honing device.

“I have an army” Loki points out.

“We have a hulk”

“I thought the beast had wandered off” Loki comments.

“You're missing the point. There's no throne, there is no version of this, where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we'll avenge it” Loki slowly walks towards Tony raising the sceptre.

“How will your friends have time for me, when they're so busy fighting you?” Loki taps Tony on the chest with his sceptre. PING! Nothing. Confused, Loki tires again. PING! Nothing. “It should work”

“Well, performance issues. You know?” Tony comments. In anger, Loki grabs Tony by the throat and flings him across the room. “Jarvis. Anytime now” Loki grabs Tony by the throat again. “You will all fall before me” Loki throws Tony out the window. Tony freefalls down the tower. From behind Loki, an elevator opens and a red pod shoots out, knocking Loki over as it shoots out the window and down the side of the building. Loki pushes himself to his feet and looks to Violet who is now behind the bar pouring herself a drink, he shoots her a look.

“What?” she asks. “Looked like you had it covered” she teases a little, Loki watches her as she takes a drink from her glass. “What?” she asks noting his look.

“Nothing” he answers turning away but smiles a little.

“You don't get to look at me like that and not explain yourself” she scolds walking towards him.

“Alright” he gives turning back to her. “I was thinking how beautiful you looked just then” he admits, she snorts and turns away. “Honestly I was” he assures her following her as she walks away. “The light, the mirror....”

“Stop” she scolds turning to him. “Just stop...I don't...” she takes a breath. “Stuff like that, not going to work on me” she tells him. “Men complimenting me means nothing” he still steps closer to her.

“Oh, Darling” he whispers softly. “If that's not the saddest thing I have ever heard....” she rolls her eyes, he takes her hand and sighs. “Midgardian men know not how to treat women the way they are meant to be treated....I am no a Midgardian man” he pulls her closer to him. “And I will not treat you as if I was” she looks up at him and then shifts closer pressing her head to his chest, wrapping her arms around him, he sighs softly and hugs her back. 

Chapter Text

 Loki looks to Violet as she sets down her empty glass, she licks her lips and then sighs. He raises an eyebrow as he approaches where she sits. Letting out another breath she crosses one leg over the other.

"Is villainy always so boring?" she asks looking to him, he chuckles a little and moves to sit at her side. "I thought there would be more....I don't know...."

"Villainy?" he asks, she smirks a little and looks down, a small blush working on to her cheek, he brushes a knuckle over the heated flesh and she closes her eyes letting him. His touch doesn't make her stomach coil, his touch doesn't make her skin crawl, his touch doesn't fill her head with images of pain and hurt. His touch fills her with warmth despite the chill to his skin. His touch fills her with this feeling of...home. And part of her hates that to, but part of her yearns for it. He gently raises her chin, his eyes searching hers. If there is something she's noticed it's his eyes. The blue that they were when they first met is changing to green. His lips brush over hers, testing, waiting for her to react. She lets out a shaky breath and then it kissing him back. Unpractised and slightly sloppy but she's getting there. He raises an hand to her face and cups her cheek pulling her closer to him. He pulls away first letting her breath, he smirks though at the flushed cheeks and wide eyes that Violet displays. He stands and holds his hand back down at her. "I want to show you something" he whispers as she takes his hand and she allows him to pull her onto the balcony outside. He lifts her chin to the sky so her eyes find the open portal above them, she breaths out a impressed breath, more at the vast image of space then the fact he's basically blown up the sky. His free hand touches her shoulder, wrapping around her as they watch the Chitauri army spill out of the portal riding flying chariot, carrying energy rifles. Iron Man can be seen flying up towards the portal. From his shoulders, a miniature multiple rocket launcher, pops out and fires. Several targets are taken down but it's useless. Thousands of Chitauri fly out. Iron Man flies towards the city. Violet's expression changes as she watches the Chitauri devour the city in front of her.

"This is wrong" Violet whispers, Loki looks down at her.

"What?" he asks her, she looks up at him.

"Innocent people are going to die" she offers.

"Humans" he argues back.

"Children" she counters, he stares at her.

"Midnight" he starts softly.

"Children can be saved" she offers. "Their beliefs changed....they are innocent" she motions beyond them. "Is this what you want?" she asks him. "To be responsible for the death of hundreds...thousands of humans....of mutants....of children?" he clasps her face in his hand, eyes boring into hers.

"I can't stop it" he admits, the last of the blue in his eyes disappearing. "I can't...." his voice gives a little as realisation floods him, staring into her eyes it all comes crashing down. "I can't stop it" he whispers more horrified.

"Just turn off the Tesseract" she offers, he shakes his head.

"No, I can't" he brushes his thumbs over her cheeks. "If I fail, what comes is so much worse then me" she stares up at him. "I have to do this...."

"Then what makes you different to all of them?" she asks motioning out at the city. He kisses her, desperate this time. She clutches to the front of his armour, the leather uncomfortable in her hands but she doesn't care. He pulls back, resolved.

"There's too much good in you" he strokes her cheek and sighs sadly.

"There is good in you too" she argues. "I can feel it....amongst all that darkness, there is light...." he shakes his head.

"No, no there's not" he presses his forehead to hers and then closes his eyes. She reaches up and wraps her fingers around his wrists. "I'm truly sorry, darling" he tells her with utter honesty before he plunges the sceptre through her chest, she gasps, eyes wide as she clutches to him, he holds her in his arms as she sags. Green eyes filled to the brim with emotions that threaten to take over him. Tears that threaten to spill. Thor lands behind Loki as Loki releases Violet, she falls to the ground seemingly dead. Loki closes his eyes and fights his emotions before opening his eyes, bright blue as he turns to Thor. Thor looks to Violet before looking back to his brother.

"Loki" he scolds eyes wide, Loki looks down at the sceptre in his hand, Violet's blood dripping from the end. Thor's features tighten in disappointment and anger. "Turn off the Tesseract or I'll destroy it!"

"You can't. There is no stopping it. There is only the war!"

"So be it" Loki and Thor rush at each other. They and their weapons collide. The two battle -- Loki unleashing another pent-up rage and jealousy, Thor having no choice but to defend himself. Thor and Loki battle savagely. Loki fires energy from the sceptre, sending Thor sliding across the floor. Hawkeye banks the jet toward Stark towers. Aims a minigun at Loki who looks up in time to see the attack coming. Loki sends a sceptre blast at the quinjet as Thor gets to his feet, running to tackle Loki down hard. The quinjet is on fire as it spirals towards the city, dropping out of the air. Then slams into the street. Thor holds Loki's head straight ahead, forcing him to watch the city falling to ash.

"Look at this! Look around you! You think this madness will end with your rule?" Thor asks and then moves Loki's face to Violet. "Look at what you've done" Loki tries to look away but his eyes keep drifting to Violet.

"It's too late. It's too late to stop it" Loki argues the blue seeping out of his eyes again.

"No. We can. Together" Loki looks at his brother, showing a sign of hope. Then... Loki stabs Thor with a small knife. Thor keels over.

"Sentiment" Thor gets up, kicks Loki and lifts him into the air. Thor then slams him down, hard. Loki, bleeding, rolls over the edge. Thor looks down to find Loki riding on a flying chariot. Chitauri follow his lead. Thor turns and moves to Violet, he kneels beside her and brushes her hair from her face, his fingers finding her neck for a pulse but he's caught off guard when she sucks in a breath and starts coughing. Eyes wide Thor lifts her up, cradling her in his arms.

"I've got you" he assures her as her eyes look to him. "You are alright" she grabs onto his armour and takes a deep breath, her free hand clutching to her chest where Loki impaled her. 

Chapter Text

Thor carries a barely conscious Violet back into the tower, her arm around his neck, fingers in his hair, he's pretty sure she doesn't know she's doing it. He walks across Stark's living room, ruined from Loki's attack.

“Dark” Violet mumbles, Thor looks down at her. “Put me somewhere dark” she whispers her eyes fluttering. Thor looks around before moving to the door behind him, shifting Violet slightly in his arms he turns the door handle and opens it to reveal a dark storage room, he looks to Violet who nods against his arm the shadow already moving to meet her. “This is good” she slurs slightly reaching out, the shadows wrap around her wrist. “Put me in; on the floor”

“Inside the closet?” Thor asks already moving with her to set her down inside of it. She hums a little leaning back against the wall, her fingers sticky with her own blood, it's not been this bad since the concentration camps, after she never let anyone get close enough to hurt her like this. Thor crouches at her side. “Midnight” he whispers, she glances to him. “I am truly sorry” he goes to stand but she grabs his wrist. 

“Wait” she keeps one hand on her wound, letting the shadows and the dark flow through her. “....He's not lost” she reminds him. “Amongst all that darkness inside of him there is still light”

“He hurt you” Thor argues. “And you're still defending him”

“Because I see him” she admits. “All of him. Me and him, we're not that different, not really. All the hurt. All the pain. It's warped us” she cringes a little. “I saw it” she adds. “A waver in his stance; he doesn't fully believe in the cause” Thor crouches and brushes her hair back, noting how pale she currently looks. “I'll be fine” she assures him. “Just need time to heal” she closes her eyes but feels his fingers on her cheek, she's too weak to stop him.

“I will come back” he assures her as he stands, she hums acknowledging him.

“Close the door” she asks of him, Thor watches her a moment before shutting her into the dark. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath absorbing the darkness around her.


Later: Loki sits in the ditch the Hulk had dumped him in, he lost, he knows he has. And more then just the battle. He looks to his hands, the metaphorical blood on them, her blood. How could he do that to her? The Avengers stand over him and he sighs looking up at them. They all glare back at him, Thor's more disappointed then the others.

“If it's all the same” Loki comments looking to Stark. “I'll have that drink now” Hulk snorts and huffs out a breath in annoyance as Loki moves slightly sitting. Behind them the elevator pings open; Fury steps out and looks around the room, all of the heroes gathered with Loki, all except one, the one he knew would make a run for it, of course she did. Fury crosses his arms over his chest.

“Where is Miss Shaw?” he asks, Loki hangs his head closing his eyes tightly. “Midnight” Fury elaborates, Tony and Steve share a frown before Thor realises he forgot to let her out.

“Oh” he mumbles and walks passed the group. “I put her in the closet” he announces, everyone frowns at him. “After Loki stabbed her....”

“You stabbed her?” Tony asks. “Thought she was on your side” Loki clenches his jaw in annoyance, he does not want a reminder of what he did and he does not understand why Thor put her body in the closet.  


Violet doesn't know how long she's in the closet, her wound healing but it exhausts her. She takes a breath and sighs. She supposes being in the closet is a lot better then being out there in the fight. She looks up as the door opens and Thor comes into view, he gives her a small smile.

“You remembered” she mumbles pushing herself to her feet, the wound in her chest now gone completely, she slips past Thor and enters the room, Loki's wide eyes on her. Disbelieving what he's seeing. She seems no worse the wear for the injury he gave her, he really thought he'd killed her. She glances to the others who stand and move towards her. “You guys won, congratulations” she comments to the 'Avengers' dryly. Fury drops the collar down through his fingers and Violet purses her lips turning to him.

“Time to go” Fury tells her. She scoffs and shakes her head. “How did you think this was going to end?” Fury asks her. “You made your loyalties very clear.....”

“It's not over” Violet comments with a dark smirk.

“It is for you” Fury argues. She laughs a little.

“It's really not” she offers. “Did you really think I was just going to stand here and let you put that thing back on me?” she asks as a jet appears outside. “Let you walk me off and put me back into that cell?” she backs up and shrugs. “I spent how ever long I was healing in that closet communicating with an old friend.....and that's my ride....” she comments and winks at Loki and then glances to Thor. “Thanks for looking out for me, Barbie....”

“I can't move” Steve complains.

“Of course not...” A voice states behind Violet she steps aside to reveal Magneto. “How many of you are wearing metal right now?” he asks reaching Violet's side. “Sister” he greets, Violet smiles, real and genuinely smiles at him.

“Brother” she greets back warmly. “Let's get out of here....” Erik hums in agreement and takes her hand easily. Violet glanced to Loki who conveys his apology in his eyes, she knows he is sorry, she knows. But she still leaves with Erik. 


Logan and Charles are on the jet waiting for her, she gives them a small smile and touches Charles' shoulder.

“Thank you for coming” she tells him, he places his hand over hers.

“Of course” he counters releasing her, she moves to sit away from them. If all she wanted was freedom; then why does it hurt to walk away from them? Charles and Erik share a look, Erik shrugs back and sits giving Violet her space. Violet spins a swirl of darkness in her hand and transformed it into a dagger, she watches it as it forms before looking to Logan who raises an eyebrow at her. Logan is the closest someone outside of Charles and Erik had gotten to pulling down her walls, someone that lives like she does, long, bloody, pained. He understands better then anyone. He moves to her and sits at her side, leaning on his knees, he scratches at his nose waiting for her to start.

“How is she?” Violet asks Logan who nods know who she is talking about, that little mutant girl she saved.

“Good” Logan answers. “Feeling a little...guilty for what happened” she nods and sighs before leaning against his side, he looks to her surprised as do Charles and Erik. Violet wraps her hands around his arm and closes her eyes getting comfy. Logan looks to Erik and Charles for a answer to her sudden need of physical comfort, neither have an answer for him. This is new. 

Chapter Text

Violet smiles at the girl before her, the girl she'd saved, the girl she'd sacrificed her freedom for. Her pink hair swirls with a life of it's own as she talks to Violet animatedly about the life she's got here now. Kira. A name she'd chosen when she was little and on her own on the streets abandoned by her parents because of her hair. She's already made friends here, excelling at literature, her powers more controlled and contained. She's come so far and Violet missed it all because she was locked away. Violet watches as Kira jumps up from her seat and moves to her friends as they enter the room, they excitedly include her, Violet's smile is warm but longing. She never had friends as a child. She had her sisters and that was it. Then they were killed and she was left alone. She stands and leaves the room, letting the girls have their cheer and fun.


Violet peers around the door into Erik's guest room before her smile fades, realisation hitting her.

“You're leaving” she accuses as Erik pulls on his coat, she lingers in the doorway watching him, he sighs and turns to her.

“You know I can't stay here” he points out. “That feeling of overwhelming heroism is seeping in to my bones making me want to do good” he teases, she smiles a little resting against the door frame.

“I try to ignore that feeling” she comments. “Most of the time” she adds.

“How's Kira?” he asks knowing the heroism that she meant, she nods.

“Adjusting.....she's never had people care about her before.....” Erik smirks.

“Just like you once” he comments, she shrugs and then nods.

“Perhaps” she admits as he moves towards her. He cocks his head and then lets out a little sigh.

“What was that with Logan?” he asks her. “On the jet...” she shrugs a little.

“I don't know” she admits. “I just...needed comfort”

“Since when?” he asks her, she shrugs again, unsure of the answer, these last few days have changed her in ways she's still not ready to admit. She doesn't feel the same. She feels as though some of her pain, some of her instinct to flinch is gone. And she knows it's because of Loki....and Thor, because though she has spent less time with the blonde the way he looked at her, talked to her, touched her, it changed her, it is continuing to change her. She lifts her eyes to Erik.

“There was this guy.....” she starts talking about Loki, Erik raises an eyebrow. “He kissed me....and I liked it” Erik's eyebrow raises higher. “He spoke to me like I was a goddess; like he was unworthy of being near me, like he.....” she looks away a little.

“You are going soft in your old age” Erik teases a little moving towards her. “Was he there?” he asks her. “At the tower?” she nods. “And you left”

“I had to” she points out, he moves to her. “They would have locked me away again” he touches her cheek, curling his hand around it softly. Erik is one of only two men, she supposes it's different now, but Charles and Erik have been the only men she's been comfortable with touching her for years. She leans into Erik's hand and closes her eyes. He pulls her closer into a hug, letting her curl into his chest.

“Maybe it's time” he offers. “Maybe he's different...”

“He is different” she agrees. “He's....not from around here” Erik's hand stills on her back. “He's an alien”

“Of course he is” Erik teases. “No human man would ever be enough for you” she smiles a little. “Maybe that is why...because he is not human and as such you do not see him as one....”

“Hmm” she hums a little in agreement.


It's sparse, the cell Loki is given, empty save for the hard 'bed' and the bathroom just off the room, the only place for privacy or him. There are a pile of clothing set on the bed, grey trousers, grey top, plain prison clothing. He's already been stripped of his armour and placed in an all grey outfit, clearly the one on the bed is his spare. Thor steps up to the glass and sighs softly.

“Brother” he starts, Loki looks down where he stands on the other side of the glass. It kills Thor to see his brother like this. “I will be returning to Asgard to discuss your fate” Thor admits. “Father will have the final say” Loki swallows and nods stiffly. He already knows how this will go. He will either be left here to rot or be returned to Asgard where he will be placed in the dungeons and left to rot. This is his future no matter how he looks at it. His mind shifts to Violet, to those eyes, to her lips, to her hand in his, he looks up at Thor.

“Do they know where she is?” Loki whispers, Thor knows instantly who his brother is talking about.

“Midnight is safe from you; that is all that matters” Thor points out crossing his arms over his chest.

“It was never my intention to harm her” Loki admits. “I don't know why I did....” he looks to Thor who sighs seeing the truth and meaning in his words. “She is magnificent and I didn't mean to hurt her, it just happened....”

“That is always your excuse” Thor comments. “It just happened....but you never do anything without careful thought and planning...”

“I did not plan to hurt her” Loki snaps.

“Well you cannot hurt her again” Thor states. “I will make sure of it” Thor then walks away, Loki takes a breath and sits on the 'bed', his eyes finding the bracelet on his wrist, meant to cut off his magic, and it's working. He has no power here. And he does not care. He hurt the one person that chose to stand at his side, by choice, not by obligation. The one woman that had captured not jut his gaze but his heart; because it was more then just because she could help him. He was attracted, is attracted to her. She is special.


Chapter Text

Violet stands with Erik, Charles, Hank and Logan, it's been about three weeks now since she ran off from Fury and the Avengers. Three weeks of hiding out in his decrepit old house. Now Erik is back and wanting to go after the other mutants Shield have. The ones Violet knows they have. It's between her and Logan, down to them as to which will be infiltrating. Both have the healing factor, making it less of a risk for them to go. Violet has more patience then Logan. Logan is more willing to kill. It's even at the moment. Violet sighs and closes her eyes. Because she knows. She knows it has to be her.

“It's got to be me” she admits looking to Charles who watches her sadly. “It has to be me” she repeats. “They'll be looking for me already; so it won't take much to alert them”

“I don't like this” Logan points out crossing his arms over his chest. “I could do it”

“You don't have the patience” Erik scolds. “You'd be bored and twitchy within a day” Erik looks to his sister. “It has to be Petra” Hank holds up a small tracker and moves to Violet, she sighs and looks to him.

“Where do you want it?” he asks her, she twirls her wrist to produce a dagger before she lifts it, pressing it to the forearm of her opposite arm, then cuts, opening her flesh, Hank quickly slots the tracker under her skin before her skin heals. “It's a polymer of my own invention” he informs them. “Metal detectors won't pick it up.....” Hank turns her arm slightly. “I also double checked that body scans won't bring it up should be all when you're ready....pop the tracker's jacket and it'll release the nanites into your bloodstream...”

“Remember” Charles starts, she looks to him.

“Make sure the cells are full before I make the call” she rabbits back. “Yes, I know”

“You know this could take months” Erik makes sure she knows the risks. He hates the idea of her being locked away again. Even voluntary.

“I am aware” she admits looking to him. “Mutants, Erik” she reminds him. “I'd do this for the mutants” he smiles proudly at her. This is something they've always shared. The mutant fight. “Hopefully they'll return me to my old cell” she adds running her thumb over her skin where the tracker is hidden.

“Humans are creatures of habit” Erik offers.

“I don't like the idea of sending you in a cell at all” Charles argues sadly, Violet shrugs.

“Maybe it's all I'm good for” Violet counters looking down. Erik flicks her ear. “Ow!” she complains shooting him a glare.

“Never, ever utter those words in my presence ever again” he scolds. “In fact, just never, ever...anywhere to anyone” he adds.

“For once” Charles starts. “We are in agreement” Violet hangs her head again and closes her eyes.

“Can we just get on with this?” she asks. “All this fluff is making me uncomfortable” she motions around the room and then flees. Erik and Charles share a look.


Violet has half her suit on when Erik walks into her room, she glances to him and then goes back to getting dressed.

“I'm not going to let anything happen to you” Erik promises, Violet takes a breath and nods.

“I know” she assures him pulling on her leather jacket. “I'll be alright” she assures him. “I can do this" she looks to him. “I left that place knowing that they were there” she reminds him. “This is on me”

“It's on them” he argues pointing out the window. “On the humans.....not on you”, he cups her face and sighs. “Have you thought any more about....about your alien friend?”

“What about him?” she asks.

“Have you thought about contacting him?” she snorts.

“Erik, brother” she starts and smirks. “He wasn't a hero” she admits. “He was the villain” he raises an eyebrow, she shrugs. “Yeah, so no, no contact” she snorts. “What the hell was I thinking?”

“If he makes you happy; if he makes you feel something other then that pit of despair you've been feeling since the dawn of time, then what the hell does it matter?” she smiles a little looking down at her gloves. “Make sure he likes spiders first” Erik states causing her to frown and turn to him.

“Spiders?” she asks.

“I mean, it's been a while” he starts to smirk. “Bet there's a fair few cobwebs down there” she gasps in mock offense before throwing her glove at him, he laughs easily dodging it.

“Erik!” she scolds, he laughs and leaves the room. She shakes her head and smiles. She misses Erik. The ease of being around him. That family bond that reminds her so much of the one she used to share with her sister. But she's known Erik as her brother far longer than she ever actually knew her real sisters. How sad is that? Violet looks down a little and frowns. That is rather sad. She sighs and moves across the room to pick up her glove before she pulls it on, stretching her fingers in the leather she lets out a hum.


Loki looks up hearing the commotion, standing and heading to the front of his cell. Blonde hair and black leather and he knows instantly who it is. Can feel her. He knows instantly who it is. His breath catches as she screams kicking out at her guards who drag her towards the cell across from him. Fury follows behind her. The cell across from him is basic, bland, just as sparse as his and Loki watches Violet as she is thrust into the cell, barely catching herself on the wall, she turns and glares at Fury as he stands on the other side of the glass.

“Enjoy your stay” Fury offers. “You'll be lucky if they don't ship you off to the icebox for this, we had a deal” Fury reminds her. “And you betrayed that deal; there will be consequences” he comments and then walks away. Violet takes a deep breath and turns. She and Loki lock eyes and she starts to smirk, offering him a wink, he frowns confused. She hums softly and moves to sit on the bed. Why isn't she upset about this? Why isn't she upset about being locked away, again? Where is the fight gone? She looks up at one of the lights above her and scowls. Loki reaches up and touches the glass in front of him.

“Midnight” he states, loud enough that she can hear him.

“Hello, Loki” she greets turning her head to him. There is something new in her eyes this time. Fire. Determination. Something else is going on here. He cocks his head and she chuckles. “Relax” she teases. “Turns out I'm not all that suited for the outside world....what I am good for is making bad decisions....and getting caught” she taps on the collar around her neck. “Oh well,” she shrugs.

“No” he states, frowning because something is bugging him about this, she's too at ease, too relaxed. “What's going on?” he asks her, she smirks and chuckles a little before laying back on the bed.


Chapter Text

Violet hums a little sat on the floor of her cell, she's been here two days now, settling in. This time at least she has Loki across from her to keep her company, and he has been. He's asked her questions about mutants, well after he apologized for hours for 'killing' her. She'd snapped at him to shut up about it before they both fell silent. When he spoke next it was a question about her powers and it had gone from there. He's seen something new in her. Something has shifted inside of her. Her eyes aren't as guarded and pained as they were weeks ago. They're brighter and softer. He's been finding himself falling into them a lot more, even from across the two cells. She's still beautiful, even wearing the grey clothing, her hair pulled up roughly onto the top of her head, she actually appears younger. He watches her now. Just watches her from his bed. This beautiful, powerful and lost woman he's crazy about. A woman he hurt, like all the other men in her life have. He clenches his jaw at that, he's not like the other men, he swears he's not like them. He looks up slightly hearing heavy footsteps. His brother's footsteps. Loki stands as Thor approaches his cell, both brothers sharing a look, Thor's been visiting every few days, sitting and talking with Loki, trying to draw out some of the old him, trying to prove his brother is still in there.

“You look better” Thor comments, Loki nods a little.

“The company has been more agreeable the last few days” Loki admits, Thor raises an eyebrow, Loki nods behind Thor who turns and sees Violet, she waves at him from the ground. Thor's features shift into sadness seeing her like that. He walks towards her cell.

“Midnight” he whispers. “What happened?” Thor asks her softly, she shrugs standing and moving to the glass to join him.

“Captivity suits me better than freedom” she answers folding her hands behind her back. “Plus screwed up, got captured....same old” she explains, Thor gives her a sad smile.

“I am sorry” he whispers, she nods.

“Yeah, sorry is the story of my life” she counters. “Least I have a great view from here” she points out, Thor smirks and looks over his shoulder at Loki in his own cell. Thor turns back to Violet.

“Has he been behaving?” Thor asks, she nods and shrugs a little.

“He's Loki” she answers and then sighs. “Between his complaints and the mutant down the hall that's been singing 'It's raining men' on loop for the last fourteen hours, I am about ready to lose my freakin' mind” Thor bits his lip amused. “It's not funny, I've only been here two days....” she scolds but she's fighting her own smile. Loki glares at the both of them from his cell.

“It is a little entertaining” Thor counters, they share a look, her features shift slightly as she cocks her head.

“I meant to thank you” she adds changing the subject. “For what you did for me....back at the tower”

“Loki will be punished for what he did” Thor promises her. She shakes her head.

“I forgave him already” she corrects looking to Loki who softens slightly. “He did not do it out of hatred, fear or disgust against me so...” she shrugs. “And it's not like he succeeded”

“You seemed to walk it off well enough” Thor agrees.

“People have been trying to kill me since I was a child” she points out. “And it never sticks....I'm just that lucky, or unlucky, whichever way you want to look at it”

“Which do you?” he asks her, she shrugs and smiles sadly.

“Unlucky” she answers. “When people find out you can't die....they use it as an excuse to push the limits on pain and suffering, they tear you open and mess with your insides whilst you scream for them to stop” Thor clenches his jaw and swallows harshly. It is cruel. Everything that has ever been done to her. And she has not and does not deserve any of it. “I lost count of the number of times I begged to die” she admits with a shrug.

“You didn't deserve any of that” Thor whispers.

“No, I didn't” she agrees. “I was a child and suffered because my father was a maniac and a sadistic uncaring man....and he mapped out a course for my life that I will never be able to escape”

“We define our own destiny” Thor corrects her stepping closer. “As long as you breath there is the chance of redemption” he assures her, they share a look.

“Is that what I deserve?” she asks him. “After what I have done...”

“You have done nothing wrong” Loki counters, arguing with her, she looks to him. “You reacted to an unjust and harsh reality around you, that is not your fault”

“Midnight” Thor states softly whilst shooting Loki a look to shut up.

“It's Violet” she corrects, both men look at her. “My name is Violet” Thor raises an eyebrow, she takes a breath and lifts her eyes to his. “You two have been far kinder then even those of my own race, I think you both deserve to use my real” she shrugs and looks down.

“Violet” Thor greets warmly, she lifts her eyes to his. He sees that look in her eyes too now, that one Loki saw earlier. The shift. Something is different about this Violet. She subconsciously rubs at her arm, Loki's eyes flickering to the movement and then back to her face.

“Loki told me you've been visiting him” She states with a smirk. “He told me how annoying you are”

“Hey” Loki scolds lightly with his own smirk. “I declared that in confidence” she shrugs and smiles, a real, pure, smile. Despite the location. Despite where she is. These two men fill her with warmth, just with their presence. Maybe Erik was right. Maybe it is because neither of them are human. She doesn't see them as such, they don't scare her, they don't fill her with that pure fear, she with them.

“Perhaps, now that you are here” Thor starts. “I could annoy you as well” she lifts her eyes to Thor's and nods slightly.

“It has to be better than listening to 'It's raining men' again” she counters dragging a finger over the glass. “Or staring at these walls” she looks around her cell, she turns back to Loki. “Even your brother might grow bored of me”

“Never” Loki argues, they share a look, emotions flickering between them. She takes a breath and looks down touching her arm again. She knows her time here has a time limit. Even if right now she doesn't want to leave, she will need to eventually. There was no plan for Loki, she wasn't aware he would be here. She shakes her head a little and turns back to her bed, Thor watches her as she sits down and rests her chin on her knees.

“Tell me a story?” she asks of the two of them. Thor and Loki share a look, Loki nods to his brother who nods back turning to Violet.

“How about the time Loki turned me into a toddler?” He asks, Violet raises an eyebrow and looks to Loki for confirmation. He nods back at her.

“It was the best 24 hours of my life” he admits teasingly. “I left him in the gardens”

“It was freezing” Thor scolds lightly, Violet rests her cheek on her knee as she watches them bickering slightly as they both tell the story. That brotherly bond that might have once existed shining on through.



Chapter Text

Thor sits across from Fury at his desk, Thor fidgets with his jacket zip, he's not sure he likes Midgardian clothing yet, it's constricting. He takes a breath, he and Fury have been going around in circles for a while now and he is about ready to spit lightning.

“Secure room, allow them some contact,” Thor tells Fury who raises an eyebrow. “Caging them in can't be good for them....” Fury smirks a little.

“Is this about them, or about you and her?” Fury asks, Thor clenches his jaw.

“It's about not treating my brother and his....” Thor takes a breath. “Our friend better than animals” Thor scolds. “They've been here for three months now and I've never seen them out of those rooms”

“Those rooms are safe and secure” Fury points out.

“And inhumane” Thor steps closer. “An afternoon, an evening, just allow them something....” Fury sighs.

“I'll admit that seeing Miss Shaw out of her cell I could see a difference in her behavior and her state of mind” Fury nods and takes a breath. “Very well,” he tells Thor who nods, his shoulders slumping slightly in relief.


“Hey” Loki whispers, Violet turns her head and looks to him, sees the concern on his face.

“I'm fine,” she tells him before he can ask, she knows she's been quiet, it's a bad day for her. He raises an eyebrow at her because he knows that's a lie. Some days are just worse than others, she's been lucky that she hasn't had one yet here, he hasn't had to witness this side of her. She just feels off. It doesn't help when she is cut off from her powers. Her powers are comfortable. Her powers are home. But here she just feels....dull. Loki moves to the glass as Violet turns to listen. Footsteps approach their cells, echoing down the hallway. Fury unlocks Violet's door and two agents step into her room.

“What are you doing?” Violet asks stepping back from the door.

“It's your lucky day,” Fury tells her as guards open Loki's cell too, he looks across at Violet who holds her head up. “Thor negotiated you both some time outside of these rooms” he motions Violet closer. “Some time in a secure room, to talk, to watch some tv, to read....”

“What's the catch?” Violet asks.

“None, no catch” Fury assures her. She doesn't look convinced.


Violet looks around the room she and Loki were locked in, together, which is suspicious in its own right, she assumed individual rooms, maybe some interrogation. Loki touches the back of the couch before taking a seat on it, his eyes tracking Violet as she starts to pace, she's more suspicious, more nervous about this sudden niceness to the both of them. The door opens and both prisoners turn to see Thor walking in. He smiles at them both, this is so much better, seeing them both here out of their cells. He doesn't feel like there is a barrier between them. Thor shrugs out of his jacket looking between the two of them but doesn't comment on the tension in the room, Violet's nervousness vibrating through her.

“Why don't you sit down?” Thor asks her, Violet shakes her head. Loki picks up the book from the side and turns it around in his hand before opening it. Thor moves to drop into a huge armchair set up next to Loki's couch.

“I thought you would be happy being out of that cell” he states reading from the pages.

“You don't know them like I do” she scolds a little. “Something else is going on” she whispers looking around. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Loki shrugs and goes back to his book.

“This book is interesting already” he admits.

“Which one is it?” she asks not looking to him.

“Moby-Dick” he answers, she hums a little.

“That one is a classic” she agrees with him. “It's based on real events” she states off-handed, Loki lowers his book to look at her.

“Excuse me?” he asks and looks at the cover of the book.

“Yeah, there was a whaling ship called the Essex” she answers. “It was attacked and sunk by a sperm whale in 1820” Loki raises an eyebrow.

“That doesn't sound that unusual....” she shrugs.

“20 men survived the attack. Severe dehydration, starvation, and exposure were pretty bad. They actually started eating the bodies of the crewmen who had died”

“Cannibalism?” Loki asks closing the book. “That story sounds infinitely more interesting than this one” he holds up the book and sets it aside. “Come sit down with me” he pats the seat next to him. Violet sighs and worries her lip. “Please” he adds, she does move towards him this time. She drops onto the couch beside him.

“What happened to the sailors?” Thor asks her.

“Eight were rescued more than three months later” she answers.

“And you just knew that story?” he asks her, she looks towards him and shrugs.

“My father may have been a monster but he made sure his daughters knew all the useless crap from history” she takes the book from him, he smirks a little. “Plus I like to read” she adds.

“What else do you know?” Thor asks her, she looks to him. He is genuinely curious. He scoots closer to her, Violet raises an eyebrow and glances to Loki who nods reassuringly back at her, she turns back to Thor.

“Ever heard of Corporal Wojtek?” she asks. Thor shakes his head. “He was a brown bear, some Polish soldiers raised him and he followed them into war....he lived off of beer and cigarettes and retired in Scotland at the grand old age of 21....” Loki smiles a little watching her. Thor is very interested in her story, because, whilst he has no idea what a bear is, he knows that it must be something out of the ordinary to impress the humans so. Violet looks to Thor. “You don't know what a bear is, do you?” Loki chuckles into his hand as Thor shakes his head. Violet holds out her hand to manifest a bear before she realizes, her smile falls as shadows stutter from her fingers. She huffs and closes her fingers into her palm. “Well, not like I can show you” she whispers sadly.

“Maybe I can ask Fury got a book” Thor offers just as the door to the room opens and a guard walks in, he moves to the table and sets down a handful of food menus and a six-pack of beer. “Can we get a book about bears?” Thor asks, the guard pulls a face and looks between the three of them before nodding. “Good man” Thor offers. “Now food” Thor states moving to the menus on the table, the guard leaves the room, shutting and locking the door behind them. “I told them you were both sick of the food they served in here....” Thor tells Loki and Violet. “Convinced Fury to let us have real Earth food” Violet stands and moves to where he stands, he looks down at her with a warm smile, watching her brush her hair behind her ear.

“Well, do you have a preference?” She asks. “You've been here a while now....”

“Stark introduced me to delicious pop tarts,” Thor tells her, she frowns and looks up at him.

“And that's all you've been eating?” she scolds him. “That's not good for you” she snatches the menus from him whilst he just smirks.

“Do I get a say?” Loki asks raising his hand, Thor turns to him. “I am hungry as well”

“What about spice?” Violet asks looking to Loki.

“We don't really do spice on Asgard” Thor answers.

“I would like to try it” Loki whispers taking the menu from Violet as she hands it over to him.


Violet rests her head against Loki's shoulder as Thor finishes the last of the food. Loki brushes his fingers through her hair and hums a little.

“Why were you counting?” Loki asks her, Violet looks to him and raises her eyebrow. “You were counting the empty cells as we passed them, why?” she touches her arm and runs her fingers over the place where Hank set his device, she shrugs a little.

“I don't know” she answers, he purses his lips knowing that she is lying to him.

“Violet” he whispers.

“Don't” she hisses under her breath. “They're always watching...always listening....” he understands and pulls back, she's not lying to him, she's lying to them.

[You could tell me like this] he states in her head, or he thinks he does, but her collar cuts off her connection to telepaths, including Charles and Loki. He frowns at her, realizing that she can't hear him. He reaches up and touches her head, she frowns at him.

“What?” she asks him, he shakes his head pulling his hand back.

“You can't hear me, can you?” he asks her, she cocks her head. “In your head”

“Oh, no” she touches her collar. “Stops my contact with're not the only voice I hear in my head” she teases a little. “They're worried about me socializing with others” she whispers, Loki takes her hand and pulls it closer to him as Thor turns from the table of food holding a small jar, his fingers dipped inside of it.

“What is this?” Thor asks licking his finger, Loki rolls his eyes a little.

“Mango chutney” Violet answers with a smirk.

“It's delicious” Thor points out setting it down. “Violet?” he asks, she hums. “These bears...” Thor starts thoughtful picking up the bear book. “Could I beat one in battle?” Violet covers her mouth to stop a snort-laugh.

“I don't know” she answers. “Bears are pretty strong animals...And deceptively fast” Thor narrows his eyes and glares at the cover over the book.

“I can take it” he whispers, Loki leans closer to Violet.

“Could he?” he asks her, she looks to him and nods.

“Probably” Violet admits with a shrug. “It's a big dumb animal” Loki bites his lip, he wants to counter that, he really, really does. But it's mildly mean.

“Thor or the bear?” he whispers, Violet shakes as she laughs at his side. “You know, he's probably going to leave here and go looking for one” Loki teases, his fingers touching her shoulder, she turns to him and smiles in agreement.


Loki stands with Thor now, Thor pulls on his coat, ready to leave, not that he wants to, he is finding his day with his brother and Violet much more enjoyable than he thought he would. Violet happens to be a vibrant young woman beneath all the dark and broody outer shell.

“I have to sign some forms,” Thor tells his brother who frowns at him. “Just some agreements for this” Thor motions to the limited freedom.

“You did not sell your soul for this...for us, did you?” Loki asks, Thor shakes his head.

“No, just the offer of aid when they require it” Thor answers. “It was worth it” Thor looks to Violet who rests on the back of the couch watching the tv behind it. “She seems better...”

“Yes,” Loki agrees. “It's not so bright in here”

“That bothers her?” Thor asks, Loki looks up at him.

“Her essence is darkness and shadow” Loki explains. “Ergo....light bad. Dark good” Thor purses his lips and nods in thought.

“I'll be right back” Thor states and then leaves the room. Violet glances across as the door closes, she raises an eyebrow but doesn't ask, she turns her attention back to the tv. Loki smiles, more genuine now, just him and her. Alone. Loki sits at her side and lays his head back to watch her smile, amused at the movie playing. He reaches up for her face, her eyes flicker to his hand.

“Loki” she states, a slight warning in her tone, he brushes his fingers over her cheek. He shifts closer to her.

“It's been agony you being that close to me” he starts. “And not being able to touch you”

“Loki” she warns and sighs. “I don't know what you want from me” she admits, he raises an eyebrow.

“Why must I want anything from you?” he asks. “You are remarkable and I am deeply attracted to you”

“That's it?” she asks, he nods.

“Basically, yes, that is it” he answers, she bites her bottom lip. “Can I kiss you now?” he asks her drawing his fingers down her arm. She nods and smiles at him, a real smile. He kisses her softly, she grabs at his arm as she kisses him back.

“I'm sorry I hurt you” he whispers against her lips.

“You knew it wouldn't kill me, right?” she asks pulling back, he looks down and shakes his head.

“I forget” he answers. “I didn't know” he lifts his eyes. “I don't know what I was thinking.....I am sorry” he lifts her chin. “I am truly sorry” he nudges her nose, she closes her eyes.

“I know” she whispers back and then pulls back from him completely. He reaches for her.

“Violet” he grabs her wrist. “Please tell me you forgive me” his eyes search hers. “Forgive me” he whispers, she pulls her hand back from his grip and reaches up to his face to brush his hair back. She leans closer to him, brushing her lips over his cheek.

“I forgive you” she assures him pulling back. “Loki” she cups his cheek. “People make's something extremely human” he wrinkles his nose. “Pretty sure it's universal” she points out, he smiles a little touching her wrist as she plays with his hair. “It's okay to make mistakes” she whispers. He nudges her nose and kisses her again.

“As long as you forgive me” he adds before kissing her cheek. The door opens and Thor returns with the guards. Loki pulls back from Violet who leans back away from him too. Thor gives them both a sad look, he doesn't want them to be locked away, he doesn't have the same issue with them that the humans seem to.



Chapter Text

Violet touches her arm where the implant sits and then sighs a little dropping her hand to her side. She walks with Thor and Loki, Fury and a team of armed guards, back to their cells. Loki's fingers brush against Violet's hand, she glances to his face, his lips spreading into a small smile, she smiles back and threads her fingers with his. He looks down at her as she watches their hands. His eyes soft, lingering on her, most of the blue in his eyes has gone now, the longer he spends around her, the more of the scepter seems to be leaving him. She looks up at him and gives him a sad smile, he squeezes her hand. Loki releases her hand when Fury clears his throat behind them. Loki glances back and glares at the man before turning his attention back to the front. Violet sighs a little. Fury and his men give the trio some space, allowing Thor to say his goodbyes to them alone, sort of. Thor turns to Violet as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“It was nice to finally meet you,” Thor tells her, she frowns and looks up at him, he gives her a warm smile. “The real you, Violet” she looks away from him, she bites her lip. Thor touches her arm, she looks up at him again before nodding.

“Thank you,” she tells him. “For getting me out of that cell, even if only for this evening.....” Thor leans closer to her and presses his lips to her cheek before pulling back from her. Violet takes a deep breath and looks up at him, he gives her a smile and then walks away. Violet looks down at her hands which shake. What is going on with her? With them? Fury clears his throat and Violet rolls her eyes and then heads into her 'room'. The door shuts and locks behind her, she glances back at it and then shakes her head moving across to her bed. She sits down and pulls her legs closer to her body. These Asgardians are screwing with her head. With her soul. She knows Loki is watching her from his own cell but she can't bring herself to look at him. She's changing. And she's not sure she likes it.


It's not long before Thor comes back, a few days actually. He doesn't stay away too long, Loki is here after all. Loki will never admit it, but he's starting to like Thor's visits. He sees some of the old Loki returning with Thor's presence. With no plot for world domination, no race for a throne, no chance of escape....he has nothing else. He is just....a brother. Violet leaves her small bathroom pulling her hair back into a ponytail. Thor is sat between her and Loki's cell talking with Loki who smiles seeing Violet, his attention now taken by her, as if Thor isn't even there. Thor turns slightly to see her too. He waves, she smiles and waves back as she moves closer to the glass to see him properly. She frowns and then cocks her head.

“What happened to your face?” Violet asks Thor noting the scratches now healing across his face, he shrugs a little and looks down embarrassed, Loki shakes his head and smirks.

“You didn't” Loki scolds teasingly.

“What?” Violet asks them, her eyes flickering between them.

“I....went looking for a bear” Thor admits, Violet and Loki share a look. “You were right, they are deceptively fast” Violet smiles and bites her lip.

“Thor” she starts.

“And big” he adds. “I did not realize they would be that big standing up” she smiles a little as he touches his face where the scratches are. His eyes meet hers as he lowers his hand, he shrugs a little. “I did the bear” he assures her softly. “And my face is healing” he turns to her, so he is directly between her and Loki, facing both of them. “Are you okay?” he asks her, she nods and sits on the floor of her cell, knees touching the glass of the cell.

“Just...fine” she answers with a shrug, they share a look. “Considering” she adds tapping on the glass in front of her. Thor nods a little. The three of them sit there in silence, comfortable though. They look up as a mutant is brought in. Violet's eyes shift to sadness, seeing her people treated like this, again. This is her curse. To watch her people treated like animals.

“It's full now” Thor comments, Violet seems thoughtful as she watches the agents throw the mutant in the last cell. Time to go then. Loki watches Violet as she touches her arm, her thumb pausing on her forearm. He frowns because he knows she's up to something.

“Yeah” Violet agrees sadly, Thor looks to her.

“Violet” he whispers, she shrugs.

“Mutants,” she tells him. “This is all we're good for in the eyes of the humans” Thor looks to her sadly. She sighs and shakes her head before walking away from the glass.

“Violet” Loki calls out to her, she disappears into her bathroom closing the door behind her. Thor sighs and turns to Loki. “Humans” Loki sneers. “They don't know how to treat those of superior power or race....” Thor hums a little. “She'll be fine,” Loki tells him. “Unfortunately, she's used to it”

“She shouldn't be” Thor grumbles and sighs.


Violet stares at the mirror, watches her reflection watching her back. It has to be now. She takes a deep breath and then punches the mirror, the glass shattering and raining down into the sink below. She flexes her fingers and then picks up a shard of the glass. She takes a deep breath and sets it against her arm, over the implant. She groans in pain as she opens her arm up, throwing the glass into the sink she quickly presses her fingers into the woman and seeks out the implant. When she finds it, she presses it between her fingers, breaking the protective shell and lets the nanites loose. Without access to her powers, the wound is going to need longer to heal. She grabs a handful of toilet paper and packs the wound before rolling her sleeve down to cover it. She just has to wait now.


Chapter Text

Thor is long gone when the commotion starts, Loki stood at the glass of his cell watching the Shield agents running around shouting orders and getting their weapons ready. Violet sits on her bed actively ignoring it, which of course means that Loki knows something is going on with her. He has noticed since she walked away from Thor, since they brought that last mutant in. Then....the lights go down and the collar around Violet's neck clicks before falling, she smirks and teleports out of her cell. Erik takes her arm as soon as she appears at his side.

“Let's go,” he tells her as the now freed mutants run towards them. Her eyes scan over each and every mutant that flees. Loki. He's not among them. He's not there with them. She pauses and closes her eyes. He's not a mutant, he wasn't part of the plan. But she can't leave him here. Something inside of her tells her she can't leave him here. She takes a few steps back and then starts running. She passes Erik who turns to watch her go.

“Erik” she begs turning to shoot him a look over her shoulder. Erik follows her with a frown.


Erik finds Violet at Loki's cell, she turns to him, her eyes pleading, she nods to the cell, he shakes his head.

“Open it” she begs of him. “Please” she pushes when he doesn't move. Erik holds out his hand and then rips the door from its hinges and Violet moves into the cell. Loki stares at her.

“What are you doing?” he asks her.

“I came back for you” she answers, he smiles softly.

“You should have run” he argues but he moves closer to her, his eyes searching hers before he leans closer and kisses her, his fingers threading through her hair holding her close to him. She clutches to the front of his shirt as she kisses him back.

“Now's not the time” Erik warns them but smiles a little. “We have to get everyone out before they regroup” Violet nods and takes Loki's hand and they follow Erik out of the cell.


Erik, Loki, and Violet reach a five-point crossroads in the hall, four of the halls leading to cells and one to the exit. They're not going to have enough time to get all these mutants out. She had no idea this place was so extensive. That there were so many of her people here. Loki places his hand on the small of her back.

“Split up,” Loki tells them, Violet looks to him sharply, he gives her a small smile. “I'm right behind you” he assures her. She nods back at him. He leans closer but doesn't kiss her, he's letting her close the distance if she wants to. And she does. She leans up and brushes her lips over his softly before she's gone, running down the hallway away from him, Loki smiles though. “What?” he asks noting Erik's look.

“Just trying to figure you out” Erik admits. “Why you? After all this time....why it's you that's broken down those walls” Loki shrugs and walks away. Erik watches him going before heading his own way.


Violet dodges gunfire and spins out of the way of it before she leans forward slightly, holding her hands back before letting out a scream, waves of grey energy erupt from her mouth and stream towards the approaching guards who are thrown back with the force. She stands up straight and hurries forward stepping over the unconscious bodies. She holds out her hand and concentrates. Tendrils of darkness flow forward, splitting and delving into the locks of the cells, she then closes her eyes and pulls with her hand. All the doors come flying from their frames and the mutants step out and look to her.

“This way,” she tells them waving them towards her, and they do not even hesitate to follow her. She leads them back the way she came, back towards Loki and Erik. She rounds a corner and finds it blocked, a small team of agents are waiting for them. “Down!” Violet shouts to the mutant who all duck out of the way of the gunfire. Loki grabs her waist and pushes her into a small alcove to shield her from the fire, she looks up at him, meeting his eyes as he looks down at her.

“We just got free” he scolds. “And you're already getting shot at” she shrugs a little

“I'm a magnet for trouble” she offers, he smirks.

“I'm starting to see that” he strokes her cheek. “Come on” he takes her hand and pulls her along after Erik as he walks passed them taking out the guards.


Violet makes sure the rescued mutants are secure on the X-jet, Logan waiting for them, helping strap a few of the younger mutants in. Loki and Erik stand outside the jet, waiting for the last of the free

“Valentino?” Violet asks recognizing the mutant from the helicarrier. He looks to her and gives a sad smile. “What happened?”

“I was on the ground during the battle in New York” he admits. “This kid was trapped”

“And you used your mutation to save them” she realizes.

“Caught on camera....locked away” he adds and shrugs. “I urm...I'm sorry”

“It's not your fault” Loki states passing them, Valentino's eyes follow him before turning to Violet.

“Can't be picky on allies now, Valentino” she scolds. “He helped us all escape...whatever he was before...he's on our side now” Valentino nods and sighs. She's right.

“So” Erik starts turning to Loki who sits at his side. “Do you like spiders?” he asks.

“Erik!” Violet scolds shooting him a look to shut up.

“I do not understand” Loki admits. Violet shakes her head.

“It's just Erik being ridiculous” she comments as Erik smirks back at her. Violet sits beside Loki and lets out a breath.

“Is that everyone?” Logan asks moving toward the cockpit with Scott and Jean are waiting.

“That's everyone” Erik answers. “Let's get them home” Loki holds out his hand to Violet who glances to it and then to his face, he smiles softly at her before she takes it, clutching to his hand as she leans against his arm, her free hand wrapping around his forearm. Logan stares at the scene and then looks to Erik who shrugs back. He has no idea why Loki either....yet.