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Midnight's Gods

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Violet hums a little sat on the floor of her cell, she's been here two days now, settling in. This time at least she has Loki across from her to keep her company, and he has been. He's asked her questions about mutants, well after he apologized for hours for 'killing' her. She'd snapped at him to shut up about it before they both fell silent. When he spoke next it was a question about her powers and it had gone from there. He's seen something new in her. Something has shifted inside of her. Her eyes aren't as guarded and pained as they were weeks ago. They're brighter and softer. He's been finding himself falling into them a lot more, even from across the two cells. She's still beautiful, even wearing the grey clothing, her hair pulled up roughly onto the top of her head, she actually appears younger. He watches her now. Just watches her from his bed. This beautiful, powerful and lost woman he's crazy about. A woman he hurt, like all the other men in her life have. He clenches his jaw at that, he's not like the other men, he swears he's not like them. He looks up slightly hearing heavy footsteps. His brother's footsteps. Loki stands as Thor approaches his cell, both brothers sharing a look, Thor's been visiting every few days, sitting and talking with Loki, trying to draw out some of the old him, trying to prove his brother is still in there.

“You look better” Thor comments, Loki nods a little.

“The company has been more agreeable the last few days” Loki admits, Thor raises an eyebrow, Loki nods behind Thor who turns and sees Violet, she waves at him from the ground. Thor's features shift into sadness seeing her like that. He walks towards her cell.

“Midnight” he whispers. “What happened?” Thor asks her softly, she shrugs standing and moving to the glass to join him.

“Captivity suits me better than freedom” she answers folding her hands behind her back. “Plus screwed up, got captured....same old” she explains, Thor gives her a sad smile.

“I am sorry” he whispers, she nods.

“Yeah, sorry is the story of my life” she counters. “Least I have a great view from here” she points out, Thor smirks and looks over his shoulder at Loki in his own cell. Thor turns back to Violet.

“Has he been behaving?” Thor asks, she nods and shrugs a little.

“He's Loki” she answers and then sighs. “Between his complaints and the mutant down the hall that's been singing 'It's raining men' on loop for the last fourteen hours, I am about ready to lose my freakin' mind” Thor bits his lip amused. “It's not funny, I've only been here two days....” she scolds but she's fighting her own smile. Loki glares at the both of them from his cell.

“It is a little entertaining” Thor counters, they share a look, her features shift slightly as she cocks her head.

“I meant to thank you” she adds changing the subject. “For what you did for me....back at the tower”

“Loki will be punished for what he did” Thor promises her. She shakes her head.

“I forgave him already” she corrects looking to Loki who softens slightly. “He did not do it out of hatred, fear or disgust against me so...” she shrugs. “And it's not like he succeeded”

“You seemed to walk it off well enough” Thor agrees.

“People have been trying to kill me since I was a child” she points out. “And it never sticks....I'm just that lucky, or unlucky, whichever way you want to look at it”

“Which do you?” he asks her, she shrugs and smiles sadly.

“Unlucky” she answers. “When people find out you can't die....they use it as an excuse to push the limits on pain and suffering, they tear you open and mess with your insides whilst you scream for them to stop” Thor clenches his jaw and swallows harshly. It is cruel. Everything that has ever been done to her. And she has not and does not deserve any of it. “I lost count of the number of times I begged to die” she admits with a shrug.

“You didn't deserve any of that” Thor whispers.

“No, I didn't” she agrees. “I was a child and suffered because my father was a maniac and a sadistic uncaring man....and he mapped out a course for my life that I will never be able to escape”

“We define our own destiny” Thor corrects her stepping closer. “As long as you breath there is the chance of redemption” he assures her, they share a look.

“Is that what I deserve?” she asks him. “After what I have done...”

“You have done nothing wrong” Loki counters, arguing with her, she looks to him. “You reacted to an unjust and harsh reality around you, that is not your fault”

“Midnight” Thor states softly whilst shooting Loki a look to shut up.

“It's Violet” she corrects, both men look at her. “My name is Violet” Thor raises an eyebrow, she takes a breath and lifts her eyes to his. “You two have been far kinder then even those of my own race, I think you both deserve to use my real” she shrugs and looks down.

“Violet” Thor greets warmly, she lifts her eyes to his. He sees that look in her eyes too now, that one Loki saw earlier. The shift. Something is different about this Violet. She subconsciously rubs at her arm, Loki's eyes flickering to the movement and then back to her face.

“Loki told me you've been visiting him” She states with a smirk. “He told me how annoying you are”

“Hey” Loki scolds lightly with his own smirk. “I declared that in confidence” she shrugs and smiles, a real, pure, smile. Despite the location. Despite where she is. These two men fill her with warmth, just with their presence. Maybe Erik was right. Maybe it is because neither of them are human. She doesn't see them as such, they don't scare her, they don't fill her with that pure fear, she with them.

“Perhaps, now that you are here” Thor starts. “I could annoy you as well” she lifts her eyes to Thor's and nods slightly.

“It has to be better than listening to 'It's raining men' again” she counters dragging a finger over the glass. “Or staring at these walls” she looks around her cell, she turns back to Loki. “Even your brother might grow bored of me”

“Never” Loki argues, they share a look, emotions flickering between them. She takes a breath and looks down touching her arm again. She knows her time here has a time limit. Even if right now she doesn't want to leave, she will need to eventually. There was no plan for Loki, she wasn't aware he would be here. She shakes her head a little and turns back to her bed, Thor watches her as she sits down and rests her chin on her knees.

“Tell me a story?” she asks of the two of them. Thor and Loki share a look, Loki nods to his brother who nods back turning to Violet.

“How about the time Loki turned me into a toddler?” He asks, Violet raises an eyebrow and looks to Loki for confirmation. He nods back at her.

“It was the best 24 hours of my life” he admits teasingly. “I left him in the gardens”

“It was freezing” Thor scolds lightly, Violet rests her cheek on her knee as she watches them bickering slightly as they both tell the story. That brotherly bond that might have once existed shining on through.