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Midnight's Gods

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Violet sits on a crate watching Thor moving bigger crates around the hanger, making a sort of make shift arena. Word has spread about Thor and the mutant, so a few agents have drifted closer to see what's going on. Thor pulls his cloak from his shoulders and sets it on a crate before turning to Violet who raises an eyebrow. Tony, Bruce and Steve have even wandered in to watch. Nothing better to do whilst they wait for their tests to run and well Steve is pretty useless now, like Violet. Violet rolls her wrists and produces two long blades, Thor shifts his hammer in his hand a little.

“Are you sure you would not rather use our fists instead?” Thor asks concerned. Violet spins her blades and smirks.

“You're worried about hurting me” she coos and makes a pouty face. “Cute” she offers. “Don't worry so much about me, Princess Barbie” she teases, Tony snorts and chuckles from the edge.

“That was a good one” he comments, Bruce and Steve shoot him a look. "What?" Tony asks. "It was"

“Make your move” Thor tells Violet, she shifts slightly and then launches her dagger at him. It's...a light-hearted battle, it's not meant to be serious, but from the stands it appears so, both concentrating, plotting, planning ahead. Thor has his size and his strength but Violet has her smaller frame, her speed and her flexibility. Plus he is going easy on her, she knows that. But she's going easy on him too, just as she had Loki. She doesn't want SHIELD to know the full extent of her abilities. She dodges, twists and blocks his attacks. The best defence if the best offence. Thor raises his hammer and brings it down, Violet's eyes widen before she smirks, she holds up her daggers which shift and change into a darkness shield, very much like Cap's in shape, the hammer hits the shield, whilst it doesn't hit her it does send her flying, she skids across the floor and then snaps her glare up at him. He smirks a little. She thrusts out her hand, a whip of darkness firing from her hand and wrapping around his ankle, he looks down, she smirks and tugs at the whip, it tugs his leg out from under him, and she uses the momentum to get back to her feet. She runs towards him, producing her daggers again, he stands ready to attack but stops. Violet has her darkness blade to his throat and the other between his legs, dangerously close to his Asgardian jewels. She raises an eyebrow at him and he smirks looking down between them to the second blade. He lifts his eyes back to hers. They are both breathing heavily, almost pressed up against the other, Thor staring down at her as she stares back up at him. Eyes locked. The black of her powers retreating from hers. A warmth in her chest that makes her uneasy, something she doesn't quite understand. She swallows a little and steps back from him, she looks away, around. Everyone is staring at them, at her, some with fear, some awe, worry, concern. She backs away grabbing her jacket before leaving the hanger, Thor looks around noting the looks. Humans. He thinks. How is this how they treat those more evolved then them? He grabs his cape and follows after her, Steve looks around disappointed as Tony sighs sharing a look with Bruce.


Thor finds Violet in her room, she paces running her fingers through her hair, he can see his brother's affect on her, the doubt, that seed that Loki planted, the humans just do more to make it grow. The distrust, the fear, the hatred. It's all working in Loki's favour. And she doesn't deserve for Loki to take her down too. She spots Thor and then growls a little under her breath.

“What do you want?” She snaps at him, he knows it's not about him, well it may be about him a little bit. There were stirrings. He felt it too, he saw it in her eyes. Something shifted. Being closer, that close to her, knowing she bested him in battle, knowing that there is a light inside of her.

“You fought well” he answers. “Interesting tactics” her glare softens and she turns away.

“Yes, well....thanks” she whispers moving to pulls her jacket off of her shoulders.

“I mean it” he assures her stepping closer. “That was just combat” he offers. “You used weapons. Your blades. Your shield. Your whip. Though extensions of your powers they were still only was very impressive” she looks to him and smiles a little. “You should smile more” he comments, she raises an eyebrow at him.

“Why's that?” she asks.

“Because when you are truly beautiful” she stares at him, he offers her a smile and then leaves her alone. She looks away from the door and tries to slow her racing heart. Since when did she react this way to men? First Loki getting into her head and under her skin. And now his enormous brother is right there with him. What is happening to her? Humans.....she pauses, that's the point though, isn't it? She asks herself. They're not human. They don't look at her with fear, or hatred, or animosity. Loki looks at her with acceptance, desire, like she some precious treasure and Thor....Thor looks at her like he sees kin, someone just like him, he looks at her with warmth and acceptance. She sits on the edge of her bed and using her powers pours herself another drink, the black darkness tendrils wrapped around the bottle of scotch. She sighs and grabs the glass. Not even two days, not even one day. And she's folding. This is why she prefers to be alone. She doesn't do well with others. Though that is a lie, considering the Xmen always looked to her after Charles, she never understood that either, she would have picked Storm or Scott above her or Hank. She downs the liquid and then licks her lips before standing. She's free of her collar. For now, she's going to enjoy it.