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Midnight's Gods

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Fury sets a tablet into Violet's hands and then moves away, she looks to it as a list of names appears. She cocks her head, some are familiar, others less so. Steve Rogers/Captain America, most know who he is and she's old enough to know, Tony Stark/Iron Man, most know of him too, she's aware of him, she watched the news before getting arrested. Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Are new to her, those she doesn't know. She clicks on Banner first.

“Those are the others that we are recruiting” Fury tells her. “And we're hoping they'll help” Fury offers. “We hope” he repeats.

“Wait” Violet starts. “I'm the only one you have, definitely, on board?” she asks. “We'll you are so screwed if I am the only one” she comments looking back at the tablet.

“You're pretty powerful” Fury comments.

“We both know I've gone against a god before”

“Apocalypse wasn't a real god” Fury argues. “He was a mutant with ideas of God hood” he offers. 

“You weren't there” she whispers and sighs.

“I watched” Fury admits. “I was a 22 year old military man, my entire team watched it on the news......we all feared for our lives, to me....” Fury starts and nods. “Watching the mutants save the world....” she looks to him. “Doing what man kind couldn't....It was....impressive”

“You were impressed?” she asks, he nods.

“I think a lot of people were, that's the moment a lot of people saw your kind as heroes”

“Is that why I was locked away?” she asks.

“You killed a man” he argues. “With a metal pipe” he adds. She tightens her jaw.

“Do you even know why?” she asks him. “Was I ever asked why I bashed that guys skull in with a metal pipe?” she offers leaning towards him. “Don't you wanna know?” she asks, he stares at her. “Not even the fact I didn't use my powers, that doesn't interest you?”

“Alright tell me” he answers, she makes a non-committal face and leans back.

“Nah” she counters. “I don't feel like it” she glances to the tablet watching the footage of the Hulk's attack on the Army at Culver University. “Is this Banner guy a mutant?” she asks looking to Fury. He shakes his head.

“It's the same thing that made Captain America, Captain America” He answers.

“So the same thing?” she asks. “Two different results?” he nods, she sighs. “This world....every time I think it cannot get any weirder” she mumbles. He smirks a little. She rubs her head and sighs watching the clips of Captain America play on the screen.

“Were you around for Cap?” Fury asks her. She rubs her arm and scoffs.

“I was a little busy being tortured and experimented on by my father to be awe stuck by some American guy with big muscles and a stupid name” she answers dryly. “After though...I heard after”

“You're American” he reminds her.

“But my heart is German and Polish” she argues. “I felt what they felt, I suffered as they suffered, I bled with them, and screamed with them, and was freed with them, they are my people” she looks to the tablet. “Mutants are my people” she adds to herself. Fury watches her a moment before turning away.


It doesn't take long for the jet to land on a helicarrier, Violet is....surprised a little by the sheer size of it, it puts the X-jet to shame. She steps down off the jet and looks around, it is huge, she smirks a little thinking of Erik trying to lift this thing.

[Their weaponry is impressive] Charles comments in her mind. [Bigger then we've ever seen before]

[I told you to be ready] she argues back in her mind. [I told you this was big], Fury glances to her and she shoots him a look back not giving anything away. [I don't trust them]

[You don't trust anyone] Charles counters slightly.

[It's served me well so face, I'm still alive, aren't I?] Violet asks back her eyes flickering around as she and Fury head onto the bridge. Charles is silent taking in what she sees as she looks around the set up.

“This way, Miss Shaw” Fury tells her, she turns to him. “We'll find you a room” he offers. She raises an eyebrow.

“A room or a cell?” she asks following him.

“A room” he answers, she moves to his side and walks inside with him. “We had a deal” he assures her, she eyes him carefully still not actually trusting him despite their deal, signed and everything she still doesn't trust he won't find a loophole to get out of it, humans are too crafty, too sneaky.

“Deal or not I don't trust you” she tells Fury.

“I don't trust you either, Miss Shaw” Fury counters glancing to her. “Don't think I don't know you've been communicating with the telepath” she raises an eyebrow, Fury holds up his phone. “It maps your brain waves” he offers. “The effects of telepathy give off their own signal which I am sure your Professor friend knows...what do you talk about?” he asks.

“I'm not going to tell you” she answers.

“Is he listening in now?” Fury peers into her eyes, as if he's trying to see Charles through her, she smirks a little and shrugs.

“Who knows” she answers. “Can I get some whiskey?” she asks. “I'm feeling a little parched” she adds, Fury stares at her a moment before walking away.

“Any particular brand?” he asks, she smirks following him.

“Strongest you can find” she answers. “The x-gene makes it difficult for mutants to get drunk” she admits, he looks over his shoulder at her, raising an eyebrow, she nods. “It's a injustice we bare” she teases.


Fury opens a door and walks in followed by Violet who looks around, she nods a little, it's better then her cell that's for sure.

“There is a change of clothes in the wardrobe and some...snacks in the draw as per your demands” She side looks at Fury.

“Jelly beans?” she asks, he nods. “Only the green ones?” she asks.

“As asked for” he answers. She nods a little and turns to look at the room.

“Not bad” she mumbles, Fury smirks slightly.

“What was that?” he asks, she shoots him a glare.

“Nothing” she answers. He nods a little.

“I'll have someone come get you when the others arrive and I'll send someone with your drink” he tells her and then leaves her alone in the room, she purses her lips and glances to the door before moving to open the snack draw, it's filled with green jelly beans, she smiles. The green jelly beans was just her way of pushing the demands and seeing how far they would go to get her to work for them, she knew her freedom is a stretch so she started asking for other things, small things, crazy things. Like just the green jelly beans.