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  • Carry On Countdown 2018 (CarryOnCountdown2018) by galaxiesandstardust

    Silhouettes of Baz and Simon wearing Christmas Hats on a background of trees in the snow.

    22 Nov 2018


    For the people who have never heard of the Carry On Countdown before; the Carry On Countdown is an annual event in which we have a month long countdown to Chapter 61 Day / Christmas. For each day there will be a prompt for which you can create your own fan content. This can be any kind of content as long as you made it yourself. (Fanfics, fan art, memes, music pieces, cosplay, whatever you can think of).

    This year, we'll be using this collection to organize the fic aspect on AO3. Still share your works on tumblr, this is just to keep everything organized over on this site.

    (Closed, Moderated)