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What's in a name

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Important note!

Hi guys! Please take the time to read this, thank you ^o^

Despite my radio silence, I just want to thank everyone who's still leaving kudos and comments on both this fic and Hydrangeas. It means the world to me! I stopped writing for a long time before starting on this series thanks to DBH, and it really is so great to see such a positive response and to even have a fic featured by Shipper's Guide to the Galaxy. This series is very near and dear to my heart.

That being said, I've definitely fallen somewhat out of the DBH fandom, and unfortunately, just haven't had time to write the rest of the chapters for this fic (although I have the basic storyline drafted still in a doc LOL).

It doesn't mean I'll never come back to the fandom, nor does it mean I'll never write for it again! However, this series I think will be suspended indefinitely until I get my motivation back for Detroit: Become Human.


Blanket permission?

I've had a few questions about whether or not somebody else can continue this fic, and my answer is yes! I'm giving blanket permission for anybody who wants to continue to write this Gavin900 fic. If you do, please link it to me, I'd love to read ^o^


Where else you can find me:

Find me on twitter (@_hiyodayo). I'm most active there!