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The wishes I've made are too vicious to tell, everyone knows I am going to hell

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“I had a weird dream today,”

“Is that why you look like shit?”

“Seokjin, you're no help,” Seokjin in front of him gives him a goofy smile, and continues fixing the dishes. “I dreamt I had babies,”

“Woah, dude,”

“Yes, I know! It wasn't a baby, Seokjin. There were five babies! Five! And then this girl appeared— I have never seen her before in my life, but she had horns and yellow, bright eyes, and she sat between the babies and started to play with them! I was just petrified, those couldn't be my babies, but deep down I knew they were,”

“Okay, what the fuck. That's creepy as fuck,”

“I know!” Taehyung shudders, and tightens his hold on the glass, “Anyways. I wake up to Wendy calling me, apparently she's got to talk to me tomorrow,”

Jimin, who had been quiet for the most part of it, snorts, looking up from his phone, “You're an ass, I hope you know that,”

“Geeze, thanks Jimin,”

Jimin rolls his eyes, “If you knocked up Wendy, I swear to God, Taehyung—,”

“Okay, okay,” Seokjin interrupts, “Dreams rarely are ever that explicit. Even if it means something, which I doubt, it won't mean Taehyung got his girlfriend pregnant,”

Jimin drops his phone hastily and turns to Taehyung, “You know what Wendy told me? Her parents are wondering when you two are going to get married. You guys have been together for nine years,” Jimin puts nine fingers in the air, “You guys don't even live together,”

“Our relationship—,”

“Is unstable. Nine years and it's unstable. I think it's time for you to put on some pants, and decide. Because not only are you wasting Wendy's time but yours as well. This is not only about you anymore, it hasn't been for the past nine years,”

“You two, stop fighting,” Seokjin warns, “Jimin, I know you care for Wendy but you shouldn't meddle in other people's affairs. Cool off a little, and go get me the box of lemons stashed in the back, please,”

Jimin huffs, but does as told without further complaint. Taehyung watches him go, in all his tiny glory, huffing and grumpy, so unlike him. But again, it's been like that for a while now.

“He means well,” is what Seokjin says.

“Yeah,” Taehyung clears his throat and looks at Seokjin again, “I guess he does,”

“You know how much Wendy means to him,”

“I know. I was there. We grew up together, Seokjin. The three of us,”

Seokjin sighs, and rubs a sore spot in his nape. Taehyung shrugs one shoulder and with a quick motion, he finishes off his drink. He peaks at his phone and sighs at the hour.

“It's late, already. I should probably go, before Jimin comes back and skins me alive,”

“Alright, be careful and stay safe,”

“Yeah, Jin. You too,”

Taehyung stands up and, grabbing his coat from the racket, he crosses the door and welcomes the chilling wind of spring nights. It's comforting, at least. Summer will arrive soon, he thinks.

Through the still very busy streets, Taehyung walks with lazy steps as he works his mind over what he talked with Seokjin and Jimin. It has been taking his mind the whole day, making his performance at work a pitiful one.

Jimin is right, Wendy was his best friend throughout his life and they started dating after that one party when they were seventeen and got smashed, and made out a lot locked up in that closet.

It's not that Wendy isn't attractive, she is. She's cute and sweet, and so smart. Taehyung doesn't remember liking her but when they started dating, it was normal. Natural. So they stayed together.

Taehyung walks into a Chinese restaurant, almost empty at this hour, and orders some takeout. He has some designs to go through, with a little bit of luck he will go to bed before two am. One can wish.

The reason Taehyung likes Chinese is because it's faster than say, McDonalds or PizzaHut, and it's also cheaper. Is not that Taehyung is tight on money, it's just he likes to save it up. He just doesn't know what for.

He thinks about Wendy and what will she have to tell him. It makes him slightly uneasy, the whole weird dream he had. Seokjin said it probably doesn't mean what they think it means, but it still makes him anxious.

Taehyung is too busy tangled in his own thoughts he doesn't see it coming, the crash.


Taehyung is on the ground in a matter of seconds. His world flips around and bum, it hurts. He’s on the cold ground, looking at the sky above them. For a moment he wants to stay there, not move, because everything is so exhausting, and just thinking of standing up and picking up his probably ruined food is too much. He’d rather not.

But then, there’s a face pocking into his line of view and— holy shit.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you,”

He doesn’t reply anything because he can’t. Standing in front of him, there’s a female with blue platinum hair and kittenish eyes that Taehyung had seen once glowing in yellow. There are no horns, her skin isn’t white like it was in the dream, but it’s the same face nonetheless. Taehyung wouldn’t ever forget it.

“Hey, you okay?”

“OH— yes, yeah,” Taehyung grunts, he manages to sit down, and the girl scrunching in front of him takes a few steps back. The second time Taehyung looks at her, he’s hit with the realization of how damn pretty she is. Damn, the girl is gorgeous, “I wasn’t… paying attention,”

The girl smiles, sheepishly, and shrugs one shoulder, “That would be both of us, then. Here, let me help you,”

She stands up and takes Taehyung’s hand to help him to his feet. Taehyung complies, grunting and sighing, and when he’s finally standing up— God, he wants to cry.

The girl is tiny.

Taehyung is at least half a head taller than her, and Jesus Christ, that only makes the other more beautiful than she already is. With a quick glance, Taehyung notices she’s wearing ripped jeans and a white t-shirt tucked in, with some words in Japanese he doesn’t take time reading in the moment. She’s also engulfed in a leather jacket but it seems so painfully thin Taehyung doubts it provides any protection at all to the cold night. She has a short haircut, it a little bit above her shoulders.

He hasn’t said anything in the past minute.

“Oh— sorry! I’m… I’m Taehyung,”

The girl scrunches her eyebrows in a funny way, and giving Taehyung a disbelieving smile, she nods, “I’m Yoongi. Sorry for crashing you, your food is probably ruined,”

“Oh, yes—” Taehyung looks at the ground, looks at the plastic bag he was previously holding. The contents probably spilt inside, “Yeah, I guess,”

“I’m sorry for that,”

“It’s okay! It is! It’s not your fault at all!”

Yoongi nods, and she looks across the street, probably looking for something. Then, she takes her hand out of his pocket and points somewhere behind Taehyung, “There’s a Wendy’s restaurant, let me pay you for a meal,”

Oh, the irony.

“That’s not necessary, it was just a simple mistake,”

But then Yoongi comes closer, and bats her eyelashes cutely, making a pout with her lips, “Please, I insist,”

“But it’s okay,”

“Aw, then make me company! I don’t wanna go home yet, I’ll be alone and bored! Save me from my boredom, Taehyung, you seem like a fun person,”

And she smiles.

Taehyung is rendered brainless. Yoongi’s smile is gummy and so cute, so soft to her features. But there’s something about her dark eyes, the glow there’s to them. Like a moth to the fire, the hairs in Taehyung’s nape stand on end, and he’s sure that following this person will be a very bad idea.

Taehyung smells jasmines, and he knows where they come from. Yoongi is looking at him with expectant eyes. Leaning against him, looking so tiny and so cute and so beautiful. Taehyung’s mind is filled with the person standing before him, the fact that he saw her in his dreams playing with his babies.

“To Wendy’s?” he asks.

“Yes, it’s right there, at the end of the block. It’ll be fun! The chance to meet someone new, you know?”

“You do this with everyone you bump in the street?”

“I don’t bump people in the street, Taehyung,” the saccharine smile that comes with those words makes Taehyung’s heart flutter in his chest. He can’t help it, he takes a shaky breath, “So?”

“Sure, yes,”

This is a terrible idea.


Yoongi is not a terrible person. In fact, she’s a wonderful companion. She keeps asking Taehyung things about him, his work. Taehyung weirdly notices how she doesn’t ask about his love life or is friends, but she asks a bit about his family. Then, when it’s Taehyung’s turn to make the questions, Yoongi is flustered to answer them.

“I come from a big, big family,” Yoongi says as she dips her fry in the chocolate milkshake she ordered, “Really big. My dad, well, he has a big business, and all of my siblings, we work for him,”

“So, a family business?”

Yoongi chuckles, “You could say, but it can get so boring. My dad always asks my older siblings to do all the work and I’m rendered useless,”

“You’re the younger?”

“The youngest, indeed,” Yoongi smiles, “I’m the baby of the family, dad says I’m too young for the business, but!” Yoongi pops the fry in her mouth and takes a sip of the shake. Taehyung is painfully aware of the way her lips close around the straw, “My time has come! That’s why I’m here! I’m new in the city, daddy finally allowed me to make an errand,”

Taehyung chokes around the food he was swallowing down. Yoongi laughs, it’s saccharine and sweet. Taehyung feels too flustered for his liking, and there’s the way his stomach turns in on itself when Yoongi looks at him through her lashes. His heart rate increases quickly.

“Say, Tae,” Yoongi leans against the table, “What is tasty around here?”

There’s something that goes wrong in this moment. Taehyung can’t think of anything to say, all he thinks about is the smell of jasmines filling up the place and how the temperature went up in the past few minutes. Taehyung’s head is filled with Yoongi, with her silky hair and her tiny figure.

She smiles wide, so wide. Taehyung sees that bright smile, she looks like one of those animals god gave too many teeth to.

“I’ll go pay!” she says cheerfully. She jumps out of the chair and walks to the cashier, picking up the jeans that are falling slightly off of her. Taehyung can’t take his eyes away. He can’t stop looking at her, as she plays with her hair and pays for the food.

Taehyung isn’t sure when did he stand up, but in a few short steps, he’s right in front of her when she’s turning around.

He cups her face, and he leans down to kiss her.

It goes down from there.

Taehyung kisses her cheeks, her face, she opens her mouth for Taehyung to explore. All the thoughts are washed away from his head when he takes Yoongi’s hand in his and they get out of the restaurant. Yoongi is giggling through the entirety of it, she holds onto Taehyung’s arm and buries her face against Taehyung’s coat, while Taehyung walks them quickly to his place.

He thinks of Yoongi with her siblings, and her dad, and her family. He thinks of Yoongi with horns, and yellow eyes, and white skin. He presses her against the wall of the elevator and sucks on her skin, which is sweet and saccharine as well and Yoongi threads her hands through Taehyung’s hair and pulls him closer, panting against his ear and giggling.

Taehyung doesn’t even stop to think how unlikely it is of him to attack this girl out of the blue. She was so shamelessly flirting with him and Taehyung couldn’t resist.

Because she’s so tiny and so pretty, and she fits perfectly against him when Taehyung throws her to the bed and places himself between her legs.

But then, he stops.

He looks up at Yoongi, with rosy cheeks and messy hair and swollen lips, panting. And then, he sits back, in a moment of clarity. She tilts her head, a question in her eyes.



Yoongi blinks. She prompts herself on the bed with the help of her elbows and frowns, upset at how they stopped what they were doing, “What’s wrong, Tae?”

“Yoongi, you’re a b-boy?”

Yoongi lets out a sigh and plops back on the bed, laughing. Taehyung can’t picture it, the way the pretty thing underneath him is a male, he can’t wrap his mind around it. But he felt it, the budge between her (his?) legs when Taehyung pressed himself against them.

Yoongi is a boy.

He made out with a boy. A boy was flirting with him and he openly kissed him and— fuck, what if the cashier knew he was a boy? What if everyone knew and they all think he’s gay? He’s panicking, that much is obvious.

“I’m flattered you really thought I was a girl,”

“You look like a damn girl,”

“Never been with a boy before, Tae?” Yoongi mocks. Then, he pushes himself up and wraps his arms around Taehyung’s neck, “It’s not so different, minus the boobs, of course,”


Yoongi presses his lips against Taehyung, “Hush, you want it, don’t you, hm? Don’t you want to fuck me? Isn’t that the only thing you’ve been thinking about?”

“I-I,” Yoongi trails kisses down his throat, and that’s not fair because then Taehyung can’t think properly. All he can think of is Yoongi’s hot breath against his skin, and he lets Yoongi pull him down again.

“We’ll have fun, Tae,” Yoongi whispers, “And if you absolutely hate it, I promise we’ll stop, and I’ll leave, okay?”

Well that’s oddly comforting. Yoongi is looking at him with expectant eyes, and he looks so cute and innocent laying underneath Taehyung. Taehyung is reminded once again just how tiny Yoongi is, and when he rolls his hips up tentatively, brushing against Yoongi’s crotch, the other closes his eyes, pushing his head back and eliciting a soft, grunted moan, that goes straight to Taehyung’s dick.

Okay, then. They’re going to do this.

“Fuck, Yoongi,” he whispers before kissing him again, and this time it’s so wrong, so sinful. It takes great. He grinds himself against Yoongi and the other keeps leaving throaty moans against Taehyung lips, while his hands skim through Taehyung's back, trying to grip him harder. Taehyung can’t stop.

“Hnng, Taehyung— ah,”

Taehyung pulls back again, just to grip at his t-shirt and, after getting it out of his jeans, he helps Yoongi to get it out of him.

Yes, Yoongi’s chest is flat. But as Yoongi stretches in Taehyung’s bed, under him, Taehyung hasn’t even seen anything so beautiful, so marvelous. His clean, pale skin is so soft and maddening, that all Taehyung can think about is marking it everywhere, leaving love bits all over the place.

“Ah, Tae—,” Taehyung sucks hard on Yoongi's neck, and his hands come to caress Yoongi’s sides. Soft, soft. Yoongi shivers under his touch.

Experimentally, Taehyung brushes Yoongi’s nipples. The reaction he gets makes his dick throb painfully, as Yoongi’s breath hitches and he lets out a high pitched sound. Taehyung does it again, pressing harder.

He never imagined a male having sensitive nipples, he knows he doesn’t feel anything there, only a slight tickle. It seems like Yoongi not only looks like a girl, but also reacts like a girl.

“You’re so cute, Yoongi,” Taehyung runs his tongue over the hardened nubs, and Yoongi wriggles panting.

“Taehyunggg,” he whines.

“Yes, baby?” Taehyung can’t help the smirk when Yoongi looks down at him, with pleading cloudy eyes.

“Please, do something,”

Taehyung finds himself willing to comply if it means Yoongi will keep making such sweet sounds. He pulls back, and unbuttons his jeans. Yoongi helps him with this, kicking his jeans away, and then spreads his legs wide for Taehyung.

For the second time in that night, Taehyung needs a moment to stop.

Yoongi is wearing panties.

It’s a silky tiny thing, fucking lingerie. Flower patterns can barely hold Yoongi’s dick in place. When he looks to meet a Yoongi, the smile on his lips is sultry, and he giggles.

“You like them, Tae?” Yoongi shakes his hips.

Taehyung has never been so painfully hard in his life.

There’s a guy in his bed, spreading his legs for him wearing fucking panties, and it’s so hot Taehyung thinks his head will explode any second.

Yoongi giggles, and he really needs to stop doing that for Taehyung's sake. He sits and hooks a finger in Taehyung's pants, “Shall we get rid of this, Tae?”

Yoongi is so hot. Everything about him is so hot. Taehyung is on the verge of tears. He helps Yoongi to unbutton his pants and Yoongi lets out a sigh when he sees how painfully hard Taehyung is through his boxers.

“Oh,” Yoongi's hands come to touch him. Now that he notices it, Yoongi's hands though pretty are far from feminine and maybe he just wasn't paying attention. He hisses when Yoongi outlines his dick with his fingers, being hyperaware of every tiny touch. Yoongi gets up, he pushes Taehyung off the bed and quickly places himself before him. He looks up at Taehyung before slowly sinking to his knees and the sight is almost too much. Taehyung's insides are burning and his movements become hasty because everything he can think of is how much he wants Yoongi to wrap his pretty lips around his cock. He hisses.

Yoongi places a kiss at the tip of his clothed dick, then looking up he asks, “Can I, Tae?”

Taehyung grunts. Yoongi smiles, it’s wicked, so lustful. He blinks his eyelashes and then pursues his lips in a pout, “Or would you rather be called... daddy?”

Taehyung didn't know he needed to hear Yoongi calling him daddy of all things, but the sensations that sent through his limbs, muscles aching for dominance, is something he will never forget.

“Yes, baby,” he says, a little more confident. Yoongi nods and nuzzles his crotch, taking a deep breath. Then he licks the fabric and Taehyung's hips stutter. Yoongi giggles, “C'mon, Yoongi. Don't be a tease,”

Yoongi giggles, “Sorry, daddy,”

Yoongi dips a finger past the waistband of his boxers and with a swift motion, he pulls them down, Taehyung's hard dick jumping on display.

“Ooh,” Yoongi coos. He takes Taehyung's dick in his hand and Taehyung's eyes close on his own. Except, he doesn't want to miss anything so he forces himself to look down, as Yoongi gives him a few tentative pumps that send sparkling sensations to his toes.

Then, Yoongi takes Taehyung's dick to his mouth, only suckling on the head, and it's almost too much. The pleasure, that's all Taehyung feels, Yoongi's hot mouth, his tongue circling his shaft, licking the underside of his head, curling around it, making Yoongi's spit slide down his shin. It's so wrong that it feels right.

Taehyung loves it. He groans, and takes a bunch of Yoongi's hair, gripping it hard. Yoongi moans around his dick but complies when Taehyung pushes him down to bob around his dick.

Yoongi sucks dick like a champ.

Taehyung can't get enough of the sensations, how well Yoongi's tongue makes him feel. His whole body tenses up with the pleasure and Taehyung closes his eyes so hard, he sees white every time.

“Ah, fuck, Yoongi you're so good,” he groans, “So good, so good, suck dick like a pro,”

“Hngg, daddy,”

Yoongi hums, the vibration make Taehyung's body shiver with pleasure. He feels like he's going to come any minute, with the way Yoongi's tongue licks long stripes from the base to the tip, his stomach is churning with how good he feels, Taehyung needs more, wants more.

His limbs move on their own when he takes Yoongi's arms and pushes him on the bed. Yoongi gasps, surprised.

“Ah, daddy— fuck,”

Taehyung grips Yoongi's hip hard. He looks at Yoongi, “I'm going to fuck you,”

“Yes, daddy, fuck me—,”

“I'm not sure if I—,”

“It's okay,” Yoongi hushes hurriedly, “Fuck me raw, I like it,”

Taehyung gulps, and nods. He lets go of Yoongi and the other turns around on his belly, getting on his knees and face planting himself to the mattress, literally presenting for Taehyung.

And fuck, Yoongi is so tiny. The fabric of the panties stretch around his ass, and Taehyung could get off just to the sight of it but he wants to fuck him, he needs to fuck him now.

He slides Yoongi's panties down, and there on display is Yoongi's pink asshole, so pretty, so willing to be fucked and fucked. “Fuck,”

“Daddy, please, fuck my ass,”

“Yes, baby, yes— fuck. It's so dry, baby, is it going to hurt?”

“Daddy, please, please, pleasepleaseplease,”

Taehyung couldn't ignore his request if he tried. Taehyung lines himself up against Yoongi's pink hole, and then he pushes in. Yoongi let's out a high pitched moan and Taehyung could get drunk on it. But that's not only it.

Yoongi's so tight, fuck. His pretty hole is sucking Taehyung in, and its so warm, so soft. Taehyung buries himself to the hilt and Yoongi's breath is uneven, strained, “Hnnggg... I love it, fuck,”

“You like my cock, Yoongi?”


“Want me to move, Yoongi?”


Taehyung groans, “So cute, baby, fuck—,”

Taehyung starts fucking into him immediately, moving his hips hard and fast, as the adrenaline pulls at his muscles. It's all fucking pleasure. Yoongi lets out amazing moans, and Taehyung feels his walls tightening around him, he knows he's not going to last long, because Yoongi is so tight, and so hot, and his ass is deliciously sucking him in. He's going to cry.

“Is it good? Hng, fuck— so tight, Yoongi, so—,”

“I love it,” Yoongi groans, “I love it, please, please, daddy, fuck me, ah!”

Yoongi’s thighs are shaking, his dick is hanging between them. Taehyung reaches out and wraps his hand around it, wanting to get Yoongi to make more cute sounds, needing to hear the way he begs. He pumps his hand in sync with his thrusts and Yoongi's cries of pleasure makes him delirious.

He needs more, wants more. He fucks harder into him, thrusting against his ass. The only sound being the skin against skin and Yoongi's cries, accompanied by Taehyung's grunts.

It's so fucking good, Taehyung's whole body is tensed with the pleasure, and he just keeps pushing in and out and in and out, he thrives on Yoongi's moans, gets drunk on them, and he wishes he could see his face.

“Fuck, daddy— yes, ah! Yesyesyesyes!”

“Hnnn, so cute, baby, you're so cute, so cute,”

Yoongi shivers underneath him, he pulls his head back and Taehyung sees the way he rolls his eyes when Taehyung is running a thumb around the head of his dick. Then he feels it.

Yoongi spams underneath him, his insides clenching around Taehyung's dick so hard, and Taehyung feels the warmth sticky liquid shooting from Yoongi's dick, into his hand, into his mattress.

Yoongi is letting delirious cries, as he goes sag against the mattress, “Fucking good, hng— daddy!”

But Taehyung isn't over yet. He lets got of Yoongi's dick to take his hips with both hands and fucking into Yoongi with renewed energy. He chases after his own orgasm, Yoongi's warmth driving him crazy as he fucks into the heat, throwing his head back and letting out grunted moans. It's so good, so fucking good, he's never felt this good in his life.

“Fuck. Fuck, I love your ass,”

“Hngg, yuh-yes daddy, fuh-fuck me!”

Taehyung groans, stilling as his whole body explodes in ecstasy and he cums, spilling into Yoongi. He catches his breath, and grinds himself inside Yoongi to ride out his orgasm, not feeling his toes, or his legs. Yoongi lets out soft high pitched moans, and Taehyung thinks he can get hard again any second.

Taehyung slides out of Yoongi, which makes Yoongi whine, and he flops down the bed. Regaining his breath.

So, that just happened.

He looks at Yoongi, who has a dreamy face and looks effectively fucked out of his senses. Yoongi smiles, saccharine as ever, “How was your first time with a dude?”

“Shut up,” Yoongi chuckles, and he prompts himself up, leaning down to place a kiss to Taehyung’s lips.

“Wasn’t so bad, was it?” Taehyung kisses him again, pushing Yoongi’s hair behind his ear.

“It was really good,”

“Hmmm, agreed. Best dicking of my life, 10/10 would do it again,”

Taehyung laughs, “Are you trying to get me hard again,”

“I mean,” Yoongi muses, “Can I? Is that a possibility?”

Taehyung chuckles, “Maybe, yeah,”

“Sick,” Yoongi says, and plops down again, letting out a sigh, “I was right, you see? You are plenty of fun,”

“Hmm,” Taehyung smiles, “I really do hope you don’t go around fucking all the people you bump with,”

“I’m clean, Tae, thank you very much,” Yoongi says in a annoyed tone, “Besides, I could say the same about you,”

“About me? Hah, no. I don’t do this shit,”

“So I’m a special case?” Taehyung turns to the side to look at Yoongi, whose eyes are on him, his pretty face smashes against the mattress.

“Yeah,” Yoongi smiles easily, and then drops his eyes shut.

“I’m giving you ten minutes for round two or I’m leaving. I want to ride you,”

“Fuck, don’t say shit like that,”

Yoongi giggles.


Morning comes with a dull pain in his lower back and a realization.

He had sex last night.

With a boy.

He had sex last night, with a boy that clearly wasn’t his girlfriend.

He cheated on his girlfriend, for fucks sake!

He springs out of the bed, looking around, but Yoongi is nowhere to be found. Nor are his clothes. Taehyung is wearing his pajama pants, and when he looks at his covers, there’s nothing of the sticky mess to be found. He frowns, deeply confused.

Was it a dream?

It was too livid, but there aren’t any signs that indicates Taehyung had any sex in his room last night. He looks around, still drunk with sleep and disoriented, trying to find something, anything that proves he cheated on his girlfriend with a trap.

In the kitchen, on the counter, there’s a bad of takeout unopened.

So it was a dream after all.

He sighs, relieved.

He gets his phone and fast dials Wendy, who picks up in two seconds, “Hello?”

“Hi, babe,”

“Hi, love. What’s up?”

“Hey, nothing. Just, I just woke up, I was wondering if we’re still having lunch today?”

“Well, of course, silly. Yes, be there,”

“Alright darling, how was your morning?”

“Super busy!” Then she proceeds to tell him everything about her morning as Taehyung pays little to no attention while he gets ready for the day. Eventually, she tells him she has to go and that she can’t wait to see him for lunch. Taehyung hangs up the phone and takes a quick shower before going out.

Taehyung is not going to lie, he feels great. Despite the ache in his muscles, he feels like he really had mindblowing sex last night. It makes him slightly uneasy.

What is it that he’s feeling? Is it… disappointment?

Could it be Taehyung wanted it to be true?

He shakes the thoughts away and takes the bus to work. He has characters to work one, and a release for the company’s new video game is soon enough. Besides, he’s meeting Wendy, his only girlfriend, the love of her life. It’ll be okay.

Let dreams be dreams.


When lunch arrives, Taehyung goes to a family dinner café where Wendy loves to go, and there she finds her, in all her glory.

She works for an important editorial house, being chief editor in the romance section. She’s the epitome of hardworking and dedicated, Taehyung’s parents love her, they are happy and proud that Taehyung got himself such a centered, pretty woman.

When she spots Taehyung, she stands up and gives him a quick peck on the lips.

“Hey, baby,”


“I already ordered for you, they should get it any second now,”

“Ah, thanks,”

“Yes. So,” she claps her hands together, “I wanted to tell you, Tae. I’m not sure, and I have yet to go to the doctor, but. Well, my period has been delayed this whole month and I think, I think maybe I’m pregnant,”

Taehyung feels a void eating up all of his organs until he’s rendered and empty shell of what he was once. He simply blinks, not feeling his fingers, so he moves them there where they are perched against the edge of the table.

“Wow, I’m— wow,” he breathes out, nervously, “That’s… unexpected, wow,”

“I know!” Wendy smiles, bright and sweet, but all Taehyung feels is the bile rising up his throat and he makes a big effort to hold it in. He remembers his dream, with five babies and a demon Yoongi playing with them. This is wrong, “You went pale, Tae. Are you that surprised?”

“It takes me for surprise, but wow,” Taehyung says, taking a deep breath, “You… pregnant, us. A baby,”

“Yes! Well, it’s not official, but just think of the possibilities!” Wendy sighs, smiling, “Isn’t this a sign, that we’re ready for something more? Something bigger?”

“W-we are?” Taehyung tries to sound nonchalant, but it must be obvious he’s panicking because Wendy takes both his hands across the table and squeezes them.

“I know it’s scary, but Tae. It’s been nine years, I think it’s more than obvious that we’re sticking with each other for a while,” she laughs, softly, “And it doesn’t have to be now, you know. It’s just… I really want that, Tae, don’t you?”

Taehyung presses his lips in a thin line, his brain is not providing anything good to say when Wendy is looking at him with bright, hopeful eyes. In all honesty, all he wants to do is run away.

“Taehyung? OH!”

Wait, that voice.


Effectively, right in front of them, there’s Yoongi. Undeniably Yoongi. Wearing once again ripped jeans, combat boots and— is that… a crop top? He blinks hard. Yoongi’s long hair is gone, his platinum blue hair is short now, even has an undercut, and is stylized backwards, exposing Yoongi’s forehead. More than that, Yoongi has one long earring in his right ear, and in the other he has plenty piercings.

“What a surprise to find you here! Ehm, excuse me, I don’t think we’ve met, I’m Yoongi!” Yoongi sticks out his (masculine) hand for Wendy to shake which she does, confused and surprised. Taehyung notices that his nails are painted black, “You are?”

“I’m… W-wendy?” she looks at Taehyung with a questioning look, Taehyung ignores her.

“Oh, Wendy! Taehyung has talked so much about you,”

“He has?”

“I have?”

Taehyung looks at Wendy who seems just at disoriented as him. Yoongi nudges Taehyung’s shoulder, “Of course he did. You see, we met yesterday— can I sit with you?” Wendy nods quickly, suddenly interested in Yoongi’s story, “It was an accident. But still, we met and I invited him to eat because I hate eating alone, so we eat at Wendy’s,” Yoongi chuckles, “And Taehyung just kept laughing at how funny it was. You know, because his girlfriend’s name, meaning you, is Wendy. Isn’t that cute?”

Fuck, what is going on.

“You… went to eat with him?”


“You didn’t tell me about this, Taehyung,”

“I didn’t— I—,”

“That’s fine, I bet he thought he wouldn’t see me again. Taehyung, you should give me your number, we can hang out again. You can bring Wendy, it’s going to be fun!”

“Uhm, sure?”

“It’s settled then! Tae, your number,”

“Ah, yes,” Taehyung, still stunned by everything that was going on, told Yoongi his number which he typed quickly in his phone. Now Taehyung noticed that Yoongi’s nails weren’t painted black, but a dark, dark electric blue. Then, he takes the phone to his ear, and Taehyung’s phone rings from his pocket. Yoongi giggles and it sends Taehyung on edge.

“There you have my number,” Yoongi stands up, “Then, I’ll leave you guys. I’m here to grab something to eat, I have plenty to do. Please enjoy your meal! Wendy, it was a pleasure,”

“Uh, same?”


When Yoongi leaves, he doesn’t walk to the cashier to order something, he goes to the bathroom instead. Wendy hums, appreciatively, and intertwines her hands under her chin, “Well that was… something,”

“We just met yesterday,” Taehyung explains, “But he’s uh, festive,”

“Chaotic, I’d say,” Wendy smiles, “But he seems nice, I’m glad you have more friends,”

That only makes him feel worse. Jesus, he’s going to hell.

“Right, do you mind if I— to the bathroom, a second?”

“Be my guest,”

“Alright, babe”

Taehyung can’t seem to organize his thoughts, but he hurries to the bathroom with a pounding feeling in his gut and his head spinning widely. Once he gets inside, there’s no one in there, no feet standing behind the stalls.

He’s surprised when the door closes behind him.

“You’re so predictable,”


He turns around and yes, there’s Yoongi walking towards him. The male wraps himself around him, and smiles wickedly. It’s saccharine.

“What the fuck, Yoongi,”

“Could say the same. Didn’t mention Miss Right over there,” Yoongi pouts, “Tell me, Taehyung. Do you get off on two timing that poor girl?”

Taehyung should peel Yoongi away from him but he can’t, he can’t because Yoongi is rutting himself against one of Taehyung’s legs and instead what he does is grip him hard against him, his dick hardening in interest.

This is so wrong.

“Fuck, Yoongi, we can’t,”

“I’ll make it quick,” Yoongi whispers, and one of his hands trails down Taehyungs torso, all the way down to his pelvis, and cups his crotch, “You know how good I am with my tongue,”

“So it wasn’t a dream?”

“It was whatever you wanted it to be, Taehyung,” Yoongi smiles, already unbuttoning his pants, “Like right now. If you want me to, I’ll get on my knees and suck you off. Mark my words, you won’t last five minutes. If not, well, I’ll leave and you’ll stay here,” Yoongi dips his hand into Taehyungs boxers and grips at his dick in the restrained space. Taehyung’s hips stutter. Yoongi gets on his tips and whispers to Taehyung: “Just say the word, daddy,”

Taehyung screws his eyes shut. It’s so hard to fight it. His dick is standing in all its glory, and Wendy is outside, waiting for him. She just told him she thinks she’s pregnant for fucks sake! But Taehyung can’t think of that, can’t think of any of that.

All he thinks of is Yoongi’s hand pumping his hard dick, sucking at his jawline.

“Fuck, on your knees, baby. Suck daddy off,”

Yoongi giggles, and Taehyung want’s to fucking die.


True to his words, Taehyung doesn’t last five minutes. Hell, he barely makes it to the three minutes mark before he’s cumming down Yoongi’s throat, the other humming happily as he sucked him into oversensitivity. Taehyung is shaking at the end of it, all his energy drained from him, while Yoongi washes his hands and fixes his appearance.

“I like the haircut,”

Yoongi smiles, wide, “I’m glad. Was worried you were painfully straight,”

“Yeah, I think I’m way past that,”

“I’m flattered,”

“This is so wrong,”

“You, relax. Wendy doesn’t have to find out,”

“All those things you said about her—?”

“Invented. Made you look good. Welcome, you absolute asshole,”

“Yoongi, what the fuck are we doing?”

“We?” Yoongi smiles, “You mean you. I have no responsibility here, I came here for the dick, and last night you didn’t mention you were taken,”

Taehyung only falls deeper into despair. Yoongi giggles, and places a soft kiss against his lips, “I’ll go first. Go attend your pregnant girlfriend, Taehyung,”

“How did you—?”

“Bye! Can’t wait to see you again!”

Then Yoongi is gone, and Taehyung is left alone to ponder about his own stupidity. He’s the only one to blame, and he knows it. But the guilt building up in the back of his throat paralyzes all of his other emotions and he’s too numb, too frantic, too scared to know what to do.

He washes his hand and goes to sit with Wendy.

“Sorry for taking too long,”

“Hm? Not at all, you were gone two minutes tops,”

Well, that’s weird. He was definitely gone almost ten minutes, he’s sure of it. Maybe she was distracted and didn’t notice the time going by. Whatever was the reason, the less explaining he had to do, the better.

“Anyway, Tae. That was that. I’ll go to the doctor next week, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come with?”

“Hm? Yeah, of course, babe,”

“Excellent! Oh, here comes the food!”

Taehyung isn’t hungry anymore. Absentmindedly, he saves Yoongi’s number in his contact list and opening the messenger app, he sends him a smiling emoji.

Yoongi replies a second later, with a wink.

Well, fuck.


He’s having an affair with an stranger, that’s something he’s only coming to fully understand two days later when he’s in his bed, Wendy sleeping next to her, and Yoongi is sending him flirty messages. He takes a moment to gather his thoughts, looking at the ceiling.

It’s so fucked up.

The moment Wendy finds out, everything is over. She’s going to be so pissed, so angry. She’s going to dump him, and Taehyung is going to be the only one to blame. It’s so damn fucked up. Taehyung’s chest grows heavy with the thoughts, and then his phone is going off again and it’s Yoongi, sending pictures of his dick.

And that’s another thing, he’s cheating his life-long girlfriend with a man.

He’s so fucked up.

He calls Yoongi, and the other picks up at the second dial, “Someone’s eager,” Yoongi purrs in his ear, and Taehyung sighs.

“Wendy is sleeping next to me,” he says, quietly, “I can’t do much,”

“Ooh, kinky,” Yoongi mocks, “Well, if you can’t play with me, then why’d you call, hm?”

“I want to hear you,”


“Touch yourself, baby. For me. Thinking of me,”

“Damn, and here I thought you were a two dimensional dude, you just keep surprising me,” Yoongi laughs, “Hng, but your wish is my command, daddy,”

“Good boy,”

“Ahh, daddy,” Yoongi gasps, with his saccharine voice, “Do you play with Wendy like this?”

“Careful,” Taehyung warns, “Just be a good boy, and play with yourself, hm? Make daddy happy,”

“I could make daddy feel good, so good,”

“I know, baby. You’re so good to me. So good to daddy,”

“Ahh, daddy. I’m so empty, so so empty, I want you to fuck me,”

“Yes baby boy, daddy will fuck you,”

Because Taehyung can’t stop fucking things up, can he.


Things go even more wrong, real, real quick, when Yoongi invites them both (he gets Wendy’s number out of his ass, apparently) to Seokjin’s bar. Narutally, Yoongi can’t know that Taehyung knows Seokjin and Jimin, can’t know that Taehyung spends more time here than he does at his place. But that’s how it goes.

Wendy is the one to tell that this is Seokjin’s place, Jimin’s older brother (she also provides information about Jimin, how the four of them grew up together and how Taehyung, Jimin and she were inseparable when they were children). Yoongi thrives on this information.

Yoongi listens to it happily. He makes funny remarks when needed and incites her to drink more alcohol. Seokjin adores him within the first half an hour because he always laughs at his jokes.

But Yoongi doesn’t only laughs, Yoongi also flirts because, the little Taehyung knows him, that’s Yoongi’s second nature.

It’s slightly annoying, the way he rejoices in Seokjin’s personality, going as far as to grip his forearm when he speaks. His forearm. Taehyung is moving his leg quickly, trying to canalize all of his emotions, trying to not do something stupid like go off in the middle of his group of friends and his girlfriend, and out himself like the cheater he is.

Cheater cheater best friend eater.

“Darling, you feeling alright?” Wendy gently grips his tight under the table. It’s not meant to be provocative, because it isn’t, but it still startles Taehyung. Taehyung looks down at his girlfriend and he nods, affirmatively. Wendy doesn’t question it, because she’s slightly tipsy and her face is turning red. Instead, she leans in and kisses Taehyung.

Taehyung kisses her back, but it’s all so wrong.

“Ah, young love,” Yoongi says, downing his drink, “You guys make such a great couple, if I didn’t know better I’d say you guys married long ago,”

Wendy giggles, “Yoongi, what are you saying! No, we haven’t married, yet. But, well,” Wendy looks at him, smiling warmly, “Who knows, maybe,”

“It must be nice,” Yoongi says through his teeth, “Finding the right one, right?”

“Trouble in the love department, Yoongi?” Seokjin asks. Taehyung thanks his friend for the indirect change of subject as Yoongi’s words replay in his mind. The right one. That’s Wendy… right?

“Ah, with my kind of work I never can stay in a place for long. It’s always,” And Yoongi is looking at him when he says this, “Short affairs,”

“What do you do?”

“Coaching,” Yoongi smiles, widely, “Well, something like that. You could say, I help my clients to figure out what they want to do with their lives,”

“That’s very inspiring!”

“I guess!” Yoongi grins. He motions to Seokjin to refill everyone’s shots and then raises his tiny cup, “For true love!”

Taehyung’s stomach is in a state of perpetually turning on itself from the moment Yoongi called them to meet up in this bar. He’s there, sitting in his own thoughts, about how last night he masturbated to Yoongi’s voice and this morning he called Wendy to wish her a good day, he wonders how can he be so damn selfish, so disgusting, but finds it himself unable to stop.

When he sees Yoongi bating his lashes at Seokjin, all he feels is anger. What a fucking joke.

True love, Yoongi said.

“Yoongi, can I talk to you for a second?”

“Hm? Sure, Tae,”

“Oh let’s go eat!” Wendy says, cheerfully, “Let’s go to Wendy’s!” then she giggles happily. Jimin, who has been quiet for the most part, nods, and stands up.

“Let’s get going, Wendy,” then, he sends a glare to Taehyung and, sweet Jesus, if stares could kill, “Yoongi and Taehyung will catch up, I hope,”

“We’ll be there!”

Taehyung nods. Wendy then starts to go off about things she finds funny, while she stumbles with Jimin holding her by her arm, never the other way around. Taehyung sighs.

“Thanks for the drinks, Jin,”

“It’s my pleasure, bring this cutie back any time, Taehyung,”

“Oh, stop it,” Yoongi laughs, and Taehyung feels the need to make him shut the fuck up for once and all.

“Come,” he grips Yoongi’s arm and pulls him out of the bar. Yoongi wraps himself around his own arm.

Taehyung isn’t thinking clear, but he never is when he’s next to Yoongi. He hates himself for being this angry, but all he can think about is the way Yoongi was so shamelessly flirting with him, like he did with Taehyung on that first day, when Taehyung thought Yoongi was a girl and he seduced him in fucking a boy for the first time in his life.

Maybe that’s why he guides Yoongi to the back of Seokjin’s bar, and presses him against the cold bricks of the next building.

“Ah, Taehyung~ Aren’t you daring?”

“You did it to rile me up,”

“Me? I would never— ah,” Yoongi gasps when Taehyung pulls his stupid ripped jeans down. No underwear. He laughs, it’s a sweet sound at the back of his throat, “Is daddy that angry?”

“Hm,” Taehyung muses, caressing the curve of Yoongi’s ass, “You’re mine, baby,”

“I had no idea, daddy,” Yoongi groans, “Tell me, is it fair when you’re not mine?”

“Don’t play games with me,” Taehyung fiddles with his own pants and with the one hand he’s not pining Yoongi against the wall, he manages to get his cock out.

“Me?” Yoongi gasps, when Taehyung lines himself against his hole and pushes in, going past the first ring of muscle, “Ah— you’re the only playing here, daddy,”

“How is that?”

“Is it— ah, fuck. Daddy,” Yoongi stumbles upon his own words, “Isn’t it obvious? You—ah, you’re mad buh-because you can’t choose,”

“Shut up, Yoongi,”

“It’s the truth,” Yoongi says stubbornly, “You’re not angry at me, you’re angry at you-uh-self,”

Taehyung pushes his fingers into Yoongi’s mouth, because he doesn’t want to hear him. Specially, because he’s right, and the reality is something he can’t face in this moment.

Instead, he fucks into Yoongi’s heath, but there’s nothing of the desire from their first time. This time, Taehyung hides his face against Yoongi’s neck and closes his eyes. He chases his own release, Yoongi is moaning just for him, writhing just for him, spreading his legs and letting him profane him in a dirty alley, late at night. They met barely a week ago, and Yoongi already managed to turn Taehyung’s head upside down and fuck it up.

But in reality, that’s all Taehyung’s fault.

With the guilt and the anger and the self loathing, when he comes inside Yoongi, he’s crying in his neck.

Taehyung wants to die.

Yoongi turns around, shaking and weak, and cradles Taehyung against him. Taehyung holds onto him, and it must be a very ridiculous sight, two men hugging, one of them crying while the other has his pants pooling at his feet in the chilling spring night.

He cries and Yoongi hugs him. But Taehyung is too distressed to notice that he’s missing Yoongi’s heartbeat in his ears.



Taehyung wakes up immediately. There’s Wendy, her face red and scrunched up in anger, and Taehyung’s sleepiness goes away immediately when he remembers last night’s events and looking at his side, he finds Yoongi sleeping peacefully. Naked. His whole world freezes in that exact moment.

“What the fuck is going on here!”

“Wendy, listen—,”

“What do you mean listen?!” Wendy is screaming at all her capacity, which yes, isn’t that high, but Yoongi will wake up any minute and things will get worse soon, “You bail on us last night and me, like the worried stupid girlfriend I am, come to check on you just to find you’re in bed, naked with… with… another man?!”

“Tae?” Yoongi blinks, sleepy, “W-what’s wrong?”


“Woah, Wendy,” Yoongi meddles, covering his body with the covers, “Listen, this is—,”

“Shut up! Shut up!” she moves her hands around, exasperated, “For how long?”

“Wendy, I—,”

“For how long, Taehyung,” she asks, and she’s on the verge of tears, “Fucking tell me,”

“Almost a week,”

“Ah,” she sounds like a dog run over for a car, “Fuh-for a week,”

“Wendy, I’m sorry—,”

“NO!” she breaks down crying, and Taehyung feels miserable when he sees the way her cute face scrunches down in pain. He forgets last night he was the one crying, and instead is washed over by a deep feeling of regret and guilt, rendering him useless as she bawls her eyes out.

He’s the worst of the worst.

Yoongi next to him, sighs, “It seems like we’ve reached the end,”

Then, he stands up. And Taehyung has to make a double-look, because coming out of Yoongi’s head there are two big, black horns that curls backwards following the shape of his skull. Taehyung frowns.

Out of the back of Yoongi there are two black, bat-like wings, and there’s a black, thing and point tail coming out of the lower back of Yoongi. Taehyung has to rub his eyes. When he looks at Wendy, she’s just as surprised.


Yoongi snaps his fingers and she falls to the ground.

“WENDY!” Taehyung lurches forward and picks her up from the ground, her face is lifeless, her pretty swollen eyes closed, but when he presses his head to her chest, her heart is beating. He holds her close, scared shitless, and then looks up at Yoongi.

The other is looking down at him, crossing his arms in a disappointed demeanor, and yes, there they are, Yoongi’s wide, yellow eyes.

“I dreamt with you,”

Yoongi nods, “I always announce my arrival, I’m dramatic like that,” he smiles.

“What are you?”

Yoongi shrugs, “Figure it out, genius,” then he motions to Wendy, “She’s alright, by the way. She’s going to wake up and forget me. Everyone will. Except you,”

Taehyung is confused, “Why me?”

“Just because,” he shrugs, “You were in a complicated moment of your life, and I took advantage of it. I do apologize, but I like to think that I helped you,”

“Exactly, how. You ruined my life,”

Yoongi laughs, “That you did yourself, Taehyung. I never forced you did I?” he says, with a bitter undertone. He grunts, “I did you a favor. You were unsure and unhappy, weren’t you? I woke you up! Now the choice is yours— you can decide whether you want to have a better life with Wendy, or break it off and find something new, now that you know what it could be like,”

“That’s fucked up, Yoongi,”

“I’m a demon, what were you expecting,” Yoongi smiles, saccharine, “I’ll be honest, though. I was hoping this would last more, you are delicious. But I’ll take what I can and I’ll leave. Unlike you humans, we know no greed. Sins are for the mortals,”

Taehyung’s ears are ringing. He feels his stomach drop, and he frowns, “Y-you are leaving?”

Yoongi nods, “I am, Tae,”


“Why?” Yoongi laughs, “This is not my realm, not my world. I have to take all of your semen and go get women pregnant— and, by the way. Wendy is not pregnant, she never was. It was all my doing,”

Taehyung’s chest goes cold. All the rollercoaster of emotions come crashing down and he can’t breathe. He’s chocking, tears welling in his eyes. The whole past week, will be gone in a second, and he can’t— he doesn’t understand. It was planned? All of it? Yoongi planned it all?

“Oh, don’t cry, you big baby,” Yoongi says, sweet and kind. He comes and cups Taehyung’s chin and kisses his lips, “For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed my time with you,”


“Shhh,” Yoongi kisses him again, soft and sweet, and it’s almost too much, “Tae, listen. This is important: don’t look for me. My father, Ashtaroth, dislikes humans with a passion. He’ll cut you to shreds,”

“Wait, Yoongi, just—,”

“Bye Taehyung,”

In the blink of an eye, Yoongi is gone.


Taehyung wakes up in his bed. Alone. He blinks at his ceiling, and the he lets a long sigh, rubbing his head. Then, it hits him: Yoongi.


He stands up and gets his phone, instantly searching Yoongi’s conversation, but it’s nowhere to be found. He groans, and instead, looks directly in his contacts list, his call log, but he doesn’t find anything. He can’t remember it either.

He looks around the room and there’s nothing that serves proof for what happened last night, or yesterday. As usual, he’s wearing his pajama pants and not t-shirt, but he has never slept shirtless on his own accord. It has to mean something.

Doesn’t it?

Is Yoongi gone?

He hears the main door open and he gets up from the bed, picking up a clean shirt from his closet and putting it on.

“Tae?” Wendy walks into the room, she gives him a hesitant smile, “Hey, baby. I was worried, last night you didn’t show up—,”

“Do you remember Yoongi?” he interrupts her. Wendy is clearly taken aback, surprised. She blinks.

“Yoongi? Who's Yoongi?”

It only makes Taehyungs frustration grow. He takes off his pajama pants and reaches for a pair of jeans.

“Yoongi! Like this tall, silver hair, always dresses like a sexual deviant and is too nice to be a stranger. Feminine, tiny, looks like a girl?”

“Doesn't ring any bells?” Wendy is frowning, as if trying to remember. Taehyung stands up, his jean unbuttoned and grips her from both arms, looking directly into his eyes.

“I cheated on you with him! The first night I met him! Then he gave me a blowjob in the bathroom when you met him! And then I fucked him in the back of Seokjin's bar!”

Wendy’s face goes pale. The surprise is evident in her pretty features, and his eyes soon fill with tears, “You... you cheated? O-on me?”

“With Yoongi!”

“I don't know any Yoongi!” Wendy screams, pushing Taehyung away from him.

“Yes you do!” Taehyung cries, “Yes, he met you. At the family dinner restaurant! You found him funny! And he invited us to drink with him in Seokjin's bar last night!”

“I don't... don't recall that. Taehyung?”

Taehyung’s head is a mess with memories and feelings, but for once in his life he has never seen things any clearer. As Wendy is standing before him, her memory clean, he has an opportunity to make up for his mistakes and become the man he should be, love her properly and make a family with her. He has that option.

But that’s not what he wants, not when all he can think about is Yoongi.

“You're not pregnant, Wendy. You are not. Go to the Doctor, they'll tell you that. And I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore, I don't love you anymore, Wendy, I don't want to marry you or have children with you. You are my best friend, and I care for you, but that's all. I don't love you,”


“I'm sorry...,”

He leaves, because he has to find him and he’s not going to do that in this place, not next to Wendy.


He strides in Seokjin’s bar and the first thing he says is: “I broke up with Wendy,”

Seokjin is nowhere to be found, Jimin looks at him, with a serious expression, “Why?” he asks.

“I can’t make her happy, and she doesn’t make me happy either,”

And he thinks Jimin will get angry and punch him for hurting the one girl he so obviously had a crush on, but instead the older male nods, solemn, and shrugs one shoulder, “I hope you find your happiness, Taehyung,”

Taehyung is amused, “Wait, is that all? Aren’t you angry with me?”

“I wasn't angry because you were with her, dumbass,” Jimin scoffs, “I was angry because I knew you didn't lover her anymore yet you kept misleading her,” Apparently he’s that transparent.


“Yeah,” Jimin snorts, “Huh,”

“I am an asshole,” Taehyung realizes, and he rubs his eyes and his face to try and conceal his thoughts.

“That you are,” Jimin sighs, “Hey. I don't know what has gotten into you but, whatever it is, hold onto it. I haven't seen you this... alive, in years,”

“I haven't felt this alive in years,” he confesses.

Jimin nods. He reaches out for a tiny glass and pours a shot of vodka on it. He leaves it in front of Taehyung, and says: “Find what you love, and let it kill you,”

Taehyung downs his shot, and leaves.


“I think I told you not to look for me, Taehyung,”

Taehyung’s whole being lights up when he hears that voice and he looks up from where he’s sitting, the conjuring spell he just made. Standing in the middle of a pentagram, there’s a tiny demon with yellow eyes and white skin, naked in all his glory. Taehyung has never felt happier in his life.

“Where’s the fun in doing what you’re told,”

Yoongi smiles, it’s saccharine, “I like that line of thought,”

Taehyung stands up, he circles Yoongi’s middle and pull him close. Yoongi melts against him, curling his arms around Taehyungs shoulders. Taehyung takes a deep breath, and smells of jasmines.

“Still, I didn’t think you’d be that stupid to look after me,”

“Then you underestimated how stupid I really am, Yoongi,” Taehyung kisses Yoongi, enjoying the saccharine taste in his own tongue, the warmth and the softness, because Yoongi is always soft.

“Are you for real? I guess you did the research, and know that a life with me leads to no good,”

“I want you to do me no good, Yoongi,” Taehyung confesses, “When I first meet you, I remember not seeing anything so beautiful in my life. Greed, lust, envy. You said those are human feelings, but up until that day, I had never felt them before. Life was dull,”

“Hm, yeah. You were a pretty dull human,” Yoongi smiles against him. His tail wraps itself around Taehyung’s leg.

“I don’t want that anymore,”

“So you looked for me,”

“I looked for you,”

“I’m flattered, but human emotions, that I don’t know. I don’t do love, or affection,”

“Just let me stay with you for the rest of my mortal days,”

“Those are going to be very short if you’re going to let me feed off your sexual energy,” Yoongi says, frowning.

“Well, this is what I want, don’t you see?” he nuzzles Yoongi’s nose, and kisses his forehead before smashing the tiny demon against his chest, “I fucking chose. I chose you,”

“I was never an option, though,” Yoongi frowned.

“But you’re the one I picked,”

Yoongi smiles. This time it isn’t wicked or saccharine, it isn’t intoxicating. He nods, and gets on the tips of his feet to kiss Taehyung, soft and sweetly. He had broken off and fixed plenty of relationships but, no one had ever chosen him, to this day.

Ah, well. Fuck it.

Taehyung did go through all the trouble for him after all.

“You’ll turn into a demon, you know that, right?”

“Stop scaring me off, Yoongi,” Taehyung sighs, “This is what I want. You, here, now. Always.”

Yoongi nods. He grabs Taehyungs hand, intertwining their fingers, drags them to hell.