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3 times aizawa was suspicious of hitoshi and midoriya's relationship + 1 time he got an answer

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The first time Aizawa saw something, was at the cultural festival.

It was the second year Aizawa was teaching his class. At least, this time, the students weren’t the ones participating in any performance. The only reason he was at this festival was to be with Eri, who had begged to go a second time.


Eri had willed Aizawa over to the ice cream stand. A first-year used her quirk to fill a cone with thick vanilla ice cream. They both sat down at one of the red picnic tables in front of the stand. Eri lapped at the treat, the melting dessert trickling down her hands and face.


Aizawa drew a few napkins from the carton in the center of the table. “Eri, look at me.” The girl looked up from the cone with a grin. Aizawa couldn’t help but smile. He dabbed the napkins at her hands and face, soaking up the patches of white.


When he looked up from what he was doing, he couldn’t help but notice Shinsou ordering at the cotton candy stand. Right next to him was Midoriya. Their hands were barely touching; knuckles bumping, fingers brushing. Nonetheless, Aizawa noticed.


The boy behind the stand swirled a cloud out of his puffy fingers. A girl with bright orange hair stood behind him, squirting a pink juice into the cone the boy created. It dyed the cloud a light pink. He handed the treat to Shinsou, who payed and walked away, Midoriya by his side. Midoriya plucked a piece from the top and pushed it past his lips. He smiled up at Shinsou, who in return, gave a gentle laugh.


“Dad?” Eri stared up at Aizawa. Aizawa blinked, tearing his gaze from his son. “Can we go to the petting zoo?” Aizawa nodded, standing and grabbing Eri’s hand. He tossed the used napkin on the way out.




The second time was during class.

Shinsou had been moved to the heroics course some time during first year. Naturally, he was placed in 1-A in place of Mineta. Now, in 2-A, he sat next to Midoriya. He’d let them all pick their own seats at the beginning of the new school year.


He didn’t really mind what the kids were doing right now. A good portion of the class needed time to catch up on material, so he had given a day for the class to get their stuff together. It was like a study hall.


Yaoyorozu was all caught up. She read a book silently. Kaminari scribbled down notes that Kirishima passed to the right of him. In the front of the class, Ashido and Uraraka shared a textbook.


Small whisperings came from the back corner, though. Aizawa peeked his eyes over the book he was half interested in. The noise was coming from Midoriya and Shinsou. They muffled snorts and laughs, glancing at each other while trying to do their work. Shinsou looked up from his paper and Midoriya couldn’t help splutter a laugh.


“Keep it down,” Aizawa glared.


“Yes, sensei, sorry.” Midoriya looked down at his paper, a smile still stretched over his features. Shinsou bit his lip and looked away. Throughout the rest of class, he snuck small glances of the other boy.



The third time was out in public.

At home, the Yamada-Aizawa family cat, Scruffy, had run out of food. Scruffy yelled out his mewls, screaming at Yamada’s feet. “I told you, we have none!” Yamada put his hands on his hips and looked down at the brown furred animal. “Shouta, I got it last time.”


Aizawa groaned loudly from his spot on the couch. He flung the remote at Yamada, who caught it with a single hand. “I’ll be back. Eri, take care of him.” The white-haired girl leaning into Yamada as saturday cartoons played on the screen yawned and gave a thumbs up. Yamada crossed his arms and scoffed playfully.


The local store was only a block away. Aizawa decided to walk rather than use a car. The roads were too packed full of people to really drive, anyways. He jogged to the main square, shuffling through the bunch of people in the noon crowd.


At around 11:45, Shinsou had left the house with casual clothes and a twenty dollar bill. He told Yamada and Aizawa he was hanging out with a friend and left it at that.


A brown brick building eventually came into view. It had a single window in the front, with a fruit stand of a rainbow of foods outside. It was relatively small. Not many people were inside either. It made it easy for Aizawa to grab a bag of cat food in less than five minutes.


Once he emerged from the store, he began to walk back towards the apartment building his family stayed in. But, before he could pass the coffee shop next to the market, he heard an all too familiar laugh.


A laugh that belonged to Midoriya Izuku.


Aizawa turned his head to look at the table it came from. The green haired boy sat at an outside table. An umbrella hung above his head. The pole stood up from the center of the table. And, right across from Midoriya, sat Shinsou.


“Hitoshi, where did you get that from?” Midoriya snorted. Hitoshi?


Shinsou sat a small rabbit plush onto the table. His face was flushed a violent red, but his eyes still stared at Midoriya. “What, don’t like it? I can always take it back…” At that, Midoriya snatched up the palm-sized plush and held it to his chest.


A stranger bumped into Aizawa’s shoulder. “Oh, I’m so sorry!” She said, flustered. Aizawa snapped out of the way he stared at the two boys. He turned away and made his way home. Once he got onto his street, away from everyone else, he thought, ‘First name basis?’




The last time, was behind the dorms.

The day had been long and exhausting. Physical training was the main focus of the day. As usual, Bakugou had been a bit too rowdy, resulting in major damage to the grounds. The teacher dorms were right next to the students, so Aizawa had no other choice but to pass it.


Gravel crunched under his feet as he walked. Cold air blew around his face and hair, the fall breeze making him shiver. He was so close, so close to the teacher dorms, but a single sound stopped him in his tracks. The sound of lips smacking.


Aizawa stood frozen in between the dorms. There was a small laugh, and Aizawa’s curiosity took over. He stepped off the course. The teacher now walked on the grass next to the student dorms. He stopped at the end of the wall, and if he just peeked over…


A scarred hand tugged at purple hair. Midoriya’s legs wrapped around Shinsou’s waist as the latter pinned him to the back wall of the dormitory. Midoriya’s forehead leaned against Shinsou’s, both student’s breathing heavily. Midoriya pulled Shinsou by his lavender locks to meet him at his lips. Shinsou turned his head to fix the angle. He bit down on Midoriya’s bottom lip, and before he could pull, Aizawa cleared his throat.


Shinsou yelled in surprise, dropping Midoriya onto the ground. Midoriya whined and rubbed at the spot where he bumped his ass. “Midoriya.” Aizawa turned to the student. “Hitoshi.” He turned to look at his son.


Midoriya scrambled to his feet. “Mr. Aizawa! I- We can explain!” Aizawa looked between Shinsou’s face that begged forgiveness and Midoriya’s pleading eyes and felt something bubbling in his chest.


Suddenly, Aizawa let out a deep laugh. The two teenagers looked at each other, then back at Aizawa. Their brows were raised in surprise. “You aren’t...mad at us?” Shinsou asked with hesitance.


The teacher let out a smaller, breathier laugh. “What? No, no, I’m not mad. Well, maybe a little.” Midoriya and Shinsou braced for a scolding. The scolding never came. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me, Hitoshi.” Shinsou’s face was swarmed with red. “I would’ve embarrassed you more.”


After Aizawa’s talk with Shinsou, he turned his attention to Midoriya. The other boy gave a nervous smile and waved. “But, out of all the people,” He scanned the scarred boy. “Problem child?” This time, Midoriya’s face felt like a heater. “Out of everyone, you chose the problem child.” A teasing grin split onto Aizawa’s cracked lips.


Shinsou grabbed Midoriya by the sleeve. “Well, let’s get going, night dad!” The words were rushed and Shinsou tried to slip away.


Aizawa yelled out a, ‘wait .’ “Midoriya,” The mentioned teen turned. Shinsou groaned. “Know that I welcome you into our family whenever you want or need. But if you ever, ever hurt Hitoshi,” Aizawa made the motion of breaking someone’s neck. Midoriya cringed.


“Goodnight, sensei.” Midoriya waved. A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead.


Aizawa nodded in his direction. He looked at Shinsou and gave another nod before walking away to his own dorm.

As Midoriya and Shinsou walked back, the purple haired boy raised his brows. ”Problem child, huh?”


Midoriya groaned into his hands.