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Lancelot jolts awake as the door opens.

"How have you been, Lan-chan?"

Lancelot says nothing.

His throat clenches around nothing, his stomach empty, so empty...

"Well, looking at you, not very well." A dry laugh. "You should stop doing this to yourself, you know." His voice has lowered, tantalising. "All you have to do is let me help you."

So empty, so parched, so hungry

Vane lifts a small container. Unable to help himself, Lancelot's eyes zero in on it, a dry swallow racking his throat as Vane opens it.

"It's fresh, you know." Vane lifts a slice to his mouth, swallowing and licking his fingers clean. He smiles at Lancelot. "All you have to do is ask."

Food. foodfoodfoodfoodfoodfo-

"Never." Lancelot chokes out, the words dragging at his throat as they try to climb back inside. "I'll never eat that."

Vane blinks. Then he laughs, a deep, full laugh that echoes harshly against the walls.

"Oh, Lan-chan."

Vane doesn't say anything after that.

As Lancelot's eyes greedily follow every swallow despite all of his efforts, he realises he doesn't need to.