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Jeongguk still remembers it perfectly, the strange hot and tingly feeling under his skin, that first time he’d laid eyes on Jimin. The rapid beats of his heart, the fluttering feeling in his chest. The sudden urge of protectiveness, the realization that it was something beyond his control, something he couldn’t ever ignore.

It was fated. Call it destiny. Call it luck.

He might not ever know.

But it doesn’t really matter. A whole bunch of months later, Jeongguk is still helplessly head over heals for Jimin. And Jimin still utterly despises him. He’d hated him since the very beginning and Jeongguk is clueless as to why.

He still can’t help it, though. How his eyes follow the boy’s every move. How his heart, mind and soul tell him he has to ―no, needs to― get closer, to hold him, to nuzzle his nose in his neck and take him all in.

He can’t stop.

And he know that, if things keep up this way, he will forever be in pain and in sorrow, he’ll never be entirely happy, he’ll always feel empty and not complete. But there’s not much he can do. Jimin seems to have made up his mind about him and he has no idea why or how to change it.

Still, though, Jeongguk finds himself staring at him, sitting a few desks away from him. He’s dressed up so good today. Black tight jeans that wrap perfectly around his clearly strong thighs, a white plain t-shirt, tucked inside the jeans. And a black leather jacket that gives him this vibe that Jeongguk finds so extremely attractive.

Well, he looks too hot for Jeongguk’s liking and he hates how horrifying it feels to see other people checking him out.

He feels a growl at the back of his throat when the girl in the front row ―he doesn’t really remember her name― spares him a long glance, eyes sparkling with emotion when Jimin smiles at her, upon catching her watching.

Jeongguk suddenly feels like whining upon the lack of attention from the boy he so much wants and needs.

He clears his throat, trying to prevent himself from acting like the animal he is.

The noise seems to spread completely across the classroom and Jimin’s eyes ―finally, yes― settle on him. But there’s pure hatred in them, anger.

Jeongguk looks away, trying hard to not jump and try to talk some sense into the older one. Tell him that he needs him, that he won’t be able to keep up with his hate forever because he’ll be broken for not having him.

But he can’t do that, so he remains as calm as he can, grateful that nobody can be able to smell the distress in his scent. Not even Jimin, of course, because he’s human, completely human and he probably knows nothing about Jeongguk and the actual world that surrounds his life.

The bell rings, signaling the end of the class and Jeongguk fumbles on his seat, to get up, desperately in need to take his chance at being close to Jimin. It happens every Friday, the only day they have a lesson together and Jimin seems to hate him even more, every single time.

Jeongguk doesn’t plan on stopping, though. It’s the only thing that keep him sane, because it’s as close as he can get to the older one.

So, he makes his way between the desks, bumping into Jimin in the way, making the older one groan and mutter an insult under his breath.

“You really don’t have to take this way to the door, yet you do it every fucking Friday. How funny, don’t you think?” he asks, his eyes flaring with more anger than ever.

Jeongguk loves that Jimin is directly talking to him, even if his voice and words are full of hatred.

“I can do whatever the fuck I want” he replies, showing him a smirk and giving himself a little moment to smell his sweet honey scent. It’s strange he smells so good, seeing as he’s just human, but Jeongguk can only guess it’s because, well, because of his feelings. Because in Jeongguk’s world ―and hopefully in the human world too― they are destined to be together.

“Fuck you” Jimin spits out, crushing Jeongguk’s thoughts incredibly fast.

He opens his mouth to reply, but the older one is already busting out of the room, leaving him with the emptiness in his chest and the lingering honey scent, that drowns in his nostrils and forces him to close his eyes. It drives him crazy, but he loves it so much.

When he manages to pull himself together, he lets out a long and tired sigh, eyes casting downwards, his heartbeat growing fast when he sees the notebook on Jimin’s desk. It’s a perfect excuse to go searching after him and Jeongguk takes it without a second thought.

He leaves the classroom in a hurry and immediately bumps into Jimin. He know because of the intense honey scent that quickly surrounds him, as soon as Jimin’s nose accidently bumps against his neck.

Oh, God.

Not good.

But Jimin is already cursing at him.

“Can’t you fucking watch where you’re going?” he demands, pushing him away and snatching the notebook from between his hands.

Jeongguk is still so dazed and dizzy from the smell that he doesn’t even find it in him to answer. He knows Jimin is fuming, but all he can think about is the scenting, the accidental scenting, of course. What it’s doing to him. It’s taking over his body quickly and he knows he needs to be alone soon, or else he’ll totally embarrass himself.

He doesn’t even answer.

He leaves. He doesn’t care he’ll miss his last two periods, because he can’t think about that. He can’t even think about anything that’s not getting home so he can make the heat pooling in the pit of his stomach disappear.

It hurts. It’s painful. And he need to get rid of it. As soon as possible.

It’s a good thing he lives alone, because as soon as his front door closes behind him, he lets his hands fall over his crotch, desperately trying to chase away the heat. He can’t help wonder if it’s maybe Jimin’s strange scent that’s triggered this heat inside him. This isn’t supposed to be happening so soon, after all.

But there’s nothing he can do about it now, because he’s trying to just get to his bedroom, so he can sink in his bed and imagine it’s Jimin touching him, Jimin helping him with the intense arousal he’s feeling. Jimin taking care of him, as it’s supposed to be.

So, he does just that. He lays down and finally let’s his hands drown under his briefs.

Finally, thank God.

His fingers are nothing compared to what he actually wishes he could feel, but they’ll have to do, because there’s no possibility of Jimin ever helping him out with that.

He strokes his cock slowly, wondering if that’s the way Jimin would take care of him. Slowly and lovingly. Or maybe it would be angrily. Yeah, angrily seems more accurate and his grip on himself tightens as he tries to exchange the pain for something better, for something pleasurable.

He knows he probably looks more like an animal that like a human right now, hips grinding against his own hand, groans and growls escaping his lips at every strong thrust. Whimpers now and then, when Jimin’s plump lips appear in his mind, making him wish they were wrapped around him instead of his fingers.

It only takes him a few miserable minutes, before he’s coming into his hand, legs shaking, muffled moans trying to escape from beneath his free hand, covering his mouth to prevent the noise from becoming too loud.

He wants to feel ashamed, but he can’t. Because Jimin is still clouding his mind. His scent still lingering around him. And anyway, it’s the older one’s fault.



“Well, someone looks like shit” Namjoon says, when Jeongguk sits next to him.

He feels tired and stressed out because he spent the whole night thinking and thinking about Jimin. He’s confused and hurt, and the feeling is everlasting. Never changes, no matter how much he’s grown accustomed to being hated by Park Jimin.

“Are you sleeping with someone?” the older on asks, suddenly.

Jeongguk lifts and eyebrow.

“No?” he somewhat asks, confused at the sudden question. “Come on, Joon hyung, you know I have no one to sleep with”.

“You smell… different” Namjoon explains, shrugging his shoulders and looking ahead.

Jeongguk frowns.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean. Your scent has changed. You smell like, I don’t know, honey?” he further explains.

Jeongguk feels his heart jump at the sudden realization and he turns completely to face Namjoon, who still is looking ahead, apparently lost in the beautiful scenery the sun is creating ahead of them.

“Oh, God. Are you sure?” he asks, the older one nodding, finally paying attention to him.

“Why do you smell like honey, Jeongguk?”

“I didn’t know it was possible but, I think Jimin accidently scented me?” Namjoon lifts and eyebrow, seemingly trying to discover if Jeongguk is just playing with him but once he sees the younger one is being serious, he frowns. So Jeongguk continues with his explanation. “We bumped into each other and his nose nuzzled my scent gland barely, but it made my whole world spin and well, apparently, it let you smell it now too”

“I’ve never smelled Jimin before” Namjoon says. “I mean, whenever he’s near, I don’t get any sort of smell from him. But somehow I can catch his scent when mixed with yours?” his question is curious and genuine and definitely not meant to have an answer. He smiles. “That’s so interesting. Do you smell him?” he asks, now seeming incredibly curious.

Jeongguk nods.

“I mean, I always do” he says.

Namjoon’s eyebrows lift, surprise evident in his features.

“You do?”

“Yeah, I’ve always thought it’s because… well, because he’s my mate” he confesses, shrugging in an attempt to make it seem like it’s less important. But truth is, he hurts just by knowing he’ll never get to be with the person that he’s destined to be with for the rest of his life.

“Wow” Namjoon states, simply nodding, as if he understood absolutely everything. “I’m gonna do some research on that. Didn’t know it as possible” he decides, then. “Also, I think you have to be careful, I can smell your rut. It’s low, but it’s there. It could hit any moment, if you’re not mindful of it” he advices.

Jeongguk makes a face.

“I think Jimin might have triggered it” he says, pulling softly at his hair, trying to distract himself from the nervousness that has been on his chest since he had the idea that Jimin could had made his rut come before than expected. “After his scent invaded me, I just lost it. Had to leave college to be able to calm down” he confesses.

Namjoon nods.

“Then really be careful. Maybe it was Jimin’s scent. And being near him could trigger your rut even sooner” he agrees.

“I’m dreading Friday” he replies. “I’m so scared, this has never happened before”

The older one pats his back reassuringly.

“It will be ok. I feel like your rut is still far away, not that close. Just don’t let it be forced on you sooner. Stay calm” he suggests.

Jeongguk nods.

“Thanks, hyung” he answers, and gives the older one a reassuring smile.

And so, they both continue staring ahead of them at the now slightly different landscape that’s formed.



Next Friday arrives before Jeongguk is ready to face it and he finds himself praying to God that it won’t be as hard as he thinks it’ll be. He prays to God it was just a one-time thing, something that isn’t likely to be repeated. He prays and prays and stops abruptly when Jimin’s scent invades him, as the older one makes his way inside the classroom. It drives him crazy, makes him want to throw himself at him and just nuzzle against his neck, get a better sniff, be surrounded completely by it, with nothing and no one in the way.

But it’s not that strong, now that he comes to think of it. It’s there and it has Jeongguk hyper aware, but it doesn’t seem to make him want, need. It doesn’t seem to make him hard. Thankfully.

The class begins, but Jeongguk can’t find it in him to pay attention, because Jimin looks beautiful today. Well, clearly, he always does, but today he’s gone for a much softer look. Blue jeans, not as tight as the ones he used the day before and a large oversized sweater that hid half his small hands and seemed to make him look smaller than ever.

“So, the project will be in pairs that I will chose and is to be handed in two weeks, so I suggest you all get to working on it sooner than latter” the teacher says, finally catching Jeongguk’s attention.

He has no idea whatever is happening, but the sudden realization that the teacher will choose the pairs has him extremely nervous. He wants to be paired with Jimin, but also dreads it. He’s not ready to be close to him, he’s scared of what it will cause in him.

“Park Jimin, you will be working with Jeon Jeongguk” the teacher announces, again gaining back Jeongguk’s attention.

Oh, no.

He wasn’t really expecting that to happen and he feels his heart start beating faster when his eyes meet the older’s. He seems extremely angry and annoyed and Jeongguk wonders if he’s trying to kill him with his eyes. He wonders, too, if there’s a possibility of changing that hate he was, of making him fall for him, change the anger for something better, more gratifying. Even just managing to make him accept him as a friend would be enough for Jeongguk.

But he lost hope a long time ago.

When the class is over, and everybody leaves quickly, to get to their next class, Jeongguk tries to think of something, anything to say, but he’s cut short when, instead of having to make his way towards Jimin, he’s met by him exactly in front of him.

“Listen here, you dumbass. I hate that the teacher paired us together but I’m not gonna act like a child and ask for a change, so we’re doing this and we’re getting over it today” he says, all fast and steady, anger lacing with his voice.

Jeongguk wonders if he practiced that in his mind or if he just made his way towards him with the need to spit out the first thing he managed.

“Well, hello to you too. Always so cranky, I see. Did you not have a good night, Jimin? I think you need to find yourself something to entertain you more. That way you wouldn’t be so mad all the time” Jeongguk shoots back, a smirk plastered in his lips, as usual.

Jimin looks furious, immediately.

“I don’t need anything to entertain me, thank you. I’m perfectly fine. You make me cranky. I hate you” he says, just like that, shrugging like it’s no big deal.

The words seem to shatter Jeongguk’s heart into a million pieces and he tries hard not to let it show, even though he feels as if he just lost a part of him. A part that he needs so much. His mate, even if Jimin doesn’t know he is. And it hurts, because he’ll never have him.

“Aw, how cute of you. I make you cranky because you actually love me and hate that I’m not even the slightest bit attracted to you” he replies, just as easily as Jimin seems to come up with remarks.

“Fuck you” he spits, grabbing his books tightly against his chest, as if it was a way to protect himself. “I get home after lunch, we’ll do it there and finish it tonight” he states, then, eyes focused on anything but Jeongguk.

The younger one feels bad, his wolf whining upon the clear pain he just caused his mate. Jimin looks hurt, yes, but he’s good at hiding it. Only, Jeongguk can smell it, perks of being a werewolf and being able to catch the subtle pain in Jimin’s aroma.

“Fine” he replies, not wanting to say anything that will hurt him more.

He hates that he hurt him, but it’s because the older one started it. What’s Jeongguk supposed to do? Just sit back and let the older one hurt him and keep hurting him when all he can do is love him desperately?

Hell, no.

If Jimin was to find out about his feelings, God forbid it, he might find a way to completely shatter Jeongguk’s heart in a billion pieces he’ll never be able of getting back together. He isn’t going to risk it. Plus, this way, at least he has some of the older one’s attention. Painful, but he has it, as masochist as it seems.

Jimin sticks a hand out, handing Jeongguk a post-it with his address and then leaves, not sparing him another glance and not bothering to say goodbye.

Jeongguk feels his chest hurt and he tries hard not to let his emotions take over him. He wants it to stop, but there’s no way of managing that. So, all he can hope for is that they’ll finish the project fast and get it over with as soon as possible. So, he can stop hurting Jimin and Jimin can stop hurting him.

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He is nervous.

It’s hard to stay calm when he doesn’t quite know what to expect. Jeongguk normally only reacts to whatever Jimin says, so, he knows that, as long as the older one doesn’t say anything remotely hurtful, he’ll manage just fine.

But when the door opens and Jeongguk is met with Jimin, everything is thrown out the window because Jimin’s first words are:

“You’re late”

Jeongguk tries hard not to answer back, but it’s no use, really.

“Shut up, now. I gave you time to make yourself at home. You should thank me” he replies.

He wants to make it more dramatic and push past Jimin, but honestly, he’s scared of hurting him again, just with words or actions. So, he remains quiet and waits. Jimin rolls his eyes, upon hearing him and steps aside.

He doesn’t say anything that signals he’s letting him in, but Jeongguk takes his back as a queue to actually follow. He closes the door and tries hard not to think about the intense scent that surrounds the place completely. Jimin’s scent. It’s starting to grow too big for Jeongguk to feel like he can survive it.

Jimin makes his way up the stairs and Jeongguk has no other choice than to follow. So, he does. He follows slowly and trying to not get closer than necessary, because he’s scared of whatever will happen if Jimin triggers his rut again. What if it triggers it for real now? Not just a minor hard on he can get rid of, but a constant pain and heat he needs to subside by being inside of the older one. He can’t risk it.

So, he follows not so close and when the door to the older’s room opens, he understands he’s been an idiot. It smells so much of Jimin that he feels his nostrils flare with the honey scent, that seems to pull him and lure him in. He closes his eyes, the scent driving his wolf crazy.

He courses under his breath.

“Where’s the bathroom?” he asks, immediately, trying to concentrate so he doesn’t lose his shit in that moment.

Jimin seems taken aback for a moment, but answers nonetheless.

“End of the hallway” he states.

Jeongguk nods and quickly makes his way towards there, not sure how the hell he’ll be able to survive that day when Jimin’s scent is so strangely intense he feels like grinding against him.

Fuck it. He’s in his own torturous hell.

He texts Namjoon, desperately trying to keep his mind off the massive hard-on he has, but it’s really impossible when he can almost taste Jimin against his tongue, that intense is his scent. And it hurts. It hurts so much. It’s the second fucking time in the laps of a week and he’s getting irritated by the way his body seems to react to Jimin.

But it’s his mate, after all, what else can he expect?


Hyung. It’s bad. It’s so bad.

Jeongguk, what’s wrong? Are you alright?

No, I’m not alright. He’s everywhere.

He’s invading me. I can almost taste him. Fuck.

Calm down, Jeongguk.

Tell me what the hell happened.

You were right. His scent is driving my wolf crazy.

And it’s really inconvenient because I’m in his fucking house.

Do I even wanna know why you’re there?

A school work. Fucking paired us.

What do I do hyung?

I can’t leave the bathroom like this.

Fuck. This is bad.

First of all, you have to calm down.

Second, do you think your rut just kicked in?

I’m not really sure.

It just hurts.

And I need…


Ok, you know what to do, then.

Let’s just hope it hasn’t triggered your rut yet.

If it did, though.

You immediately get the hell out of there.

Are you seriously suggesting I jack off to the thought of Jimin?

When Jimin is in the other room.


Do you have something else in mind?

Someone kill me now.

Good luck, Gguk.


Jeongguk closes his eyes, leaving his phone next to the sink.

He can’t do it. He can’t do it when Jimin is in the other room, probably thinking he’s some sort of creep for acting so bipolar half the time. Oh, God. Thinking about Jimin is not the right choice. He lets his hands fall on the wall, preventing himself from falling to the ground. He moves a hand, but stops himself.

He’s ashamed of his needs.

But he can’t help it.

This time, when his hand moves, he doesn’t try to stop himself. He needs to get rid of it fast and find out if his rut has actually kicked in because if that’s the case, he might as well bolt the hell out of there, before he finds himself bending Jimin over and taking him without a single second thought.

There’s pure roughness in his movements, it feels like punishment, how he glides his hand up and down his cock. It’s rough and even painful, but mostly because he’s not inside something, not inside Jimin. Oh, God, how he wishes he was inside of Jimin?

The thoughts make his legs shake, makes him want to slide down the wall and just continue to pleasure himself as he thinks about Jimin, how good he would make him feel. How fast he’d take the pain away. How easily he’d let him fuck him.

He tries so hard to keep quiet, drowning his teeth in his free hand, still supported on the wall. His other hand keeps moving, keeps making him drowse between reality and unconsciousness, because damn, he can almost imagine it’s Jimin touching him, especially since his smell is absolutely fucking everywhere.

The thought alone makes a small whine escape his lips and he freezes, upon hearing a knock on the door, just a second after the sound escapes his lips. He’s so sure he just fucked up. He’s so sure everything is about to go to hell.

But Jimin only says:

“Is everything alright?”

Jeongguk feels the need to laugh, but damn it he has a hand stroking his dick and another muffling his groans. He absolutely can’t. How the fuck is he even supposed to answer the mother fucking question?

“Y―yeah” he stutters, hoping the pleasure doesn’t lace with his words. Hoping Jimin will be oblivious. “Just um. Just need a minute” he manages.

There’s silence and Jeongguk, maybe a bit to punish himself for his animalistic instincts, strokes himself harder, daring himself to remain quiet as Jimin is still on the other side of the door.

“Ok. I’ll be in my room” Jimin answers, fucking finally and Jeongguk sighs when he hears his small footsteps walking down the hallway.

So Jeongguk takes that as a hint to hurry up. And he does. It doesn’t take him long, not when Jimin still is everywhere. He shudders upon his release and moans into his hand as silently as he can, trying to regain his breath as he notices his hard-on is no longer there, which means no fucking rut.

Thank God.

He feels messy and dirty, though. But still, he takes it as a punishment for himself. He hates how hard it is to control himself, he hates how badly he wants Jimin and he hates the older one doesn’t want him back.

But there’s not much he can do.

So he sucks it up and after adjusting himself in his shorts, he finally makes his way back to Jimin’s room, though he stays outside.

“Can we go to the living room?” he asks, as if nothing had just happened. “Your room smells like shit”.

Yeah, well, he’s also annoyed with himself and Jimin’s scent. He can’t help snapping. Jimin exits the room fuming ―as always― and spits out a remark.

“My room smells perfectly normal, dumbass. But fine, whatever, I just want to get this over with” he states, gathering his books and notebooks against his chest and going back to the living room.

There, at least, the scent isn’t so strong and Jeongguk needs that in order to be able to concentrate for the rest of the evening. He plans on leaving the house without having fucked up. And he hopes he makes it.

They silently read over the indications the teacher has left and Jeongguk wonders how they’re gonna manage with all the hate and frustration that always seems to flow through them.

“I’m sure we can finish this today. I don’t want to see you any more than necessary” Jimin says, as casually as possible.

“I’m sure we’ll manage just fine as long as you don’t open that little mouth of yours” he replies, folding his arms over his chest.

“Well then how the fuck do you expect us to do this if we don’t communicate?” Jimin demands, cocking an eyebrow.

Jeongguk wants to kiss him, then. It’s strange, the need to strangle him for hating him, but at the same time, the desire to lean closer and finally kiss him. He really would like to kiss him. He’s always wondered how his plump lips would feel against his own.

“I mean” he begins, remembering he has to keep talking to not look like an idiot. “As long as you don’t say anything remotely stupid, we’ll be just fine”

Jimin snorts and rolls his eyes.

“Don’t make me, then” he replies, concentrating his gaze on his notes, quite fast.

“Don’t provoke me, then” he shoots back.

When he sees Jimin’s lips twitch as if he was about to smile, he smiles to himself, too. Victory. Small but obvious victory. It’s the first time Jimin has showed a remotely nice emotion towards him and he’s not about to ruin it, so he doesn’t say anything else and focuses on the work too.

Surprisingly, almost three hours later, they’ve successfully finished three quarters of the work. There’s only a few details left to organize, but Jeongguk feels like they really won’t be needing to meet up again. And he’s saddened by it, but he obviously doesn’t say anything.

“I’m fucking hungry” Jimin announces, then.

Jeongguk just notices he, indeed, has an empty stomach and a lot of hunger.

“We should order pizza” he suggests, a bit surprised they aren’t even snickering at each other.

That’s a new for sure.

“It will take too long” Jimin says, scrunching his nose.

Jeongguk feels like leaning close to kiss him, again.

God, he’s so whipped.

“So, what other suggestion do you have?” he asks.

Wow. They really are have a civilized conversation. Surprising. And it also makes his heart flutter, he doesn’t miss that detail.

 “Do you like Nutella?” Jimin asks, suddenly.

Jeongguk lifts an eyebrow.

“What kind of question is that one?” he demands. “I fucking love Nutella”.

That makes a small smile appear on Jimin’s lips and Jeongguk loses his shit again, but manages just fine to cover it with an awkward cough and moving in his chair, as if he was trying to accommodate himself.

“Come on, then. I’ll make Nutella sandwiches” Jimin says, getting up, before Jeongguk has the guts to say something.

This is not happening. It’s too good to be true, honestly.

Jimin makes the Nutella sandwiches silently, at first, until Jeongguk mentions he seems to add a little too much Nutella on the bread, which follows in Jimin replying it’s fucking Nutella. And then Jeongguk laughs, because he can’t help it. Jimin follows. But then an awkward silence surrounds them, as Jimin makes another pair of sandwiches.

It’s strange to be having a good time with Jimin, but Jeongguk really, really doesn’t mind. He loves it, of course, it makes him happy and makes his heart flutter in his chest. His wolf is extremely happy too, he likes the improvement. He likes that things are better between them.

Jimin accidently spreads a bit of Nutella over Jeongguk’s hand, then, as he passes him a sandwich and Jeongguk doesn’t miss the way his cheeks turn slightly pink. Flustered Jimin is suddenly his favorite concept.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry” he mutters, moving around, probably trying to find something to clean Jeongguk’s hand with.

But Jeongguk, in a moment of weakness, can’t help but use the opportunity to bother Jimin. An excuse, for sure, to get close.

He drowns his fingers in the Nutella and slides them against Jimin’s arm. The older one opens his mouth, surprised and Jeongguk is please to see no anger in his features. If anything, there’s a daring look in his eyes.

“Excuse me?” he asks, moving to drown his fingers in the Nutella too and then, he spreads more of it over Jeongguk’s hand, up his arms, smirking in satisfaction.

Jeongguk moves too and soon they’re laughing around, trying to get as much chocolate on the other as possible. Until Jeongguk decides enough is enough and he grabs the container, lifting it above his head and using his height to prevent Jimin from getting more Nutella on his fingers.

“That is not fair” Jimin sort of whines and suddenly is on his tip toes, one hand on Jeongguk’s shoulder and his chest almost touching the younger one’s face. Jeongguk is invaded by Jimin’s scent, immediately and he knows it’s over for him in that exact moment.

Jimin easily takes the Nutella from his hands and drowns his fingers in it, oblivious to the fact that Jeongguk is losing control, quickly, too quickly. He closes his hands in fists and tries hard not to concentrate on the scent, but it’s everywhere. Even with the Nutella, the honey scent is above all.

“Jeongguk?” Jimin’s voice interrupts his thoughts and he sees the older one has left the Nutella on the counter a small frown taking over his eyebrows. “Are you ok?” he asks, slowly.

No, he is not ok. He is seconds from jumping on Jimin and fucking him. He needs it. He needs to be inside him, and he suddenly understands Joon was right. For not being mindful, his rut had just kicked in, all because of Jimin’s scent. It’s his fault and his wolf wants nothing more than to punish him, make him his. Mate him, finally.

“I― I have to go” he stammers, trying to get past Jimin, but the older one doesn’t step away and remains planted in front of him, avoiding his escape.

“What happened? What’s wrong?” he asks, taking a step forward.

Don’t” Jeongguk warns, taking a step back.

He definitely cannot have Jimin coming any closer. The smell increases and it drives him crazy and he’s gonna end up doing something stupid if he doesn’t leave now.

Jimin stares at him for a long while and Jeongguk decides he has to leave if he doesn’t want to make the biggest mistake of his life. So, he manages to bolt out of there, ignoring Jimin’s call and runs home as fast as he can. It’s a good thing he lives nearby, but when he’s finally behind his front door, he can’t help but think about the massive hard on he has and how desperate he feels to make it disappear. Oh, he wishes he could make it disappear inside of Jimin. But that isn’t about to happen, and he knows this rut, being induced by Jimin’s scent will be harder and more painful than any other.

He almost misses the loud knocks on his front door because he’s so stupidly lost in the need to just get off. He groans and tries to collect himself wondering who the fuck is knocking on his door when it’s so late and when he’s about to endure the worst rut of his life.

He doesn’t bother waiting and bursts the door open, only to freak out when Jimin’s scent invades his whole living room. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. No. This isn’t good. This is bad. So, so, bad.

“Jimin, leave” he growls, under his breath.

He’s not sure why the older one is suddenly worrying so much about him and even though in any other situation or moment he would have been jumping in one foot, right now he just wants him to leave so he stops being invaded by images of Jimin being bent over and Jeongguk fucking him senseless.

Jimin is quiet, still. His eyes travel downwards and Jeongguk is painfully aware of Jimin’s eyes on his crotch, still so hard it fucking hurts. He swallows. He’s going to be consumed by it soon, the rut taking over him and turning him almost animalistic. He needs Jimin to be gone soon, or else. Well, better not think about it because it turns him on so much more.

“I did that” he mutters, then, so suddenly, Jeongguk is sure he’s imagining it.

“What?” he asks, voice cracking because of surprise and the arousal taking over his abdomen. He needs to pound into something as soon as possible, damn it.

“I mean, I forced your rut, didn’t I?” he asks.

Jeongguk is taken aback by the question, but his hazy mind isn’t capable of formulating a response. He just needs Jimin to leave so he can take his own pain away once and for all. He isn’t even fucking conscious about the fact that Jimin just said he knows exactly what’s going on with him. He does, though, soon enough and he’s suddenly growing nervous. Scared. Oh, no. How the fuck does he even know what a rut is?

“I forced you into rut” Jimin repeats, though this time, it’s not a question, it’s a statement, signaling he’s very well aware of what’s going on.

Jeongguk shakes his head.

“H―how…?” he never finishes his question, eyes closing because Jimin moved and suddenly, the scent is too intense for him. “I need you to leave, Jimin. Leave, please” he starts begging, because it hurts and he’s so close to just letting go and forgetting about inhibitions.

He needs it so bad.

“You’re in pain because of me” the older one says, taking a step closer.

Jeongguk let’s go of the door and backs up as much as he can, almost tripping on his feet. Jimin closes the door behind him and Jeongguk panics even more.

“Why are you closing the door?” he asks, shaking his head. Jimin comes closer and Jeongguk turns around because fuck it, he needs Jimin so bad and he’s seconds away of giving up and just fucking him. It would be so, so, good. So easy. “Jimin, please” he keeps on begging, shaking his head. “Please don’t touch me” he says, eyes closing in an attempt to concentrate, but he can’t. It’s too much. Jimin is so close and his scent is invading Jeongguk and he wants to just turn around and make him his.

God, he wants it so much.

And Jimin touches him, not listening to his words, clearly. His small fingers wrap around his mother fucking wrist and it’s too much to handle because it’s scenting, accidental, again, but it is, and it drives Jeongguk crazy, being filled completely with Jimin’s scent. He loves it.

“You’re gonna regret this, Jimin” he murmurs, eyes on the floor, what’s left of his self-control almost lost completely. He knows Jimin is now standing in front of him and he know he’s about to give up, but he manages just a moment longer.

“It’s my fault and I know it hurts” Jimin says, then. Jeongguk closes his eyes when he feels the older one drown his fingers in his hair, forcing him to look up. Damn right it hurts. Jeongguk wants to be inside of Jimin, right now. “Let me take care of you” he finishes.

Jeongguk wants to talk, wants to say something, but suddenly Jimin’s hand is under his briefs and he’s touching him and Jeongguk has completely lost control over himself.

“Fuck” he mutters, forehead falling onto Jimin’s shoulder, nose searching for that place he so much has wanted to nuzzle before. He does that. He drowns his face completely in Jimin’s neck and sighs when he feels the older one’s fingers tighten around him, move faster and make pleasure shoot up to his abdomen. “Jimin, what are you doing?” he asks, even though it’s quite obvious.

It’s unrealistic and Jeongguk wonders if suddenly his imagination is so good this feels incredibly real. But it is happening. He knows because oh my God, Jimin’s fingers are delicate but steady on his length and are driving him crazy.

It’s awesome.

God, it feels so good. It feels incredible and Jeongguk doesn’t need anything else, ever again. Jimin’s honey scent is everywhere, it makes him want to mate him, bite into his skin and make him his fucking finally. Jeongguk can feel his wolf taking over him, a sense of possessiveness and need to show dominance overshadowing everything else.

“You are really gonna regret this” Jeongguk growls hands falling on Jimin’s hips and pushing him against the counter, hard and with no type of restraint.

Jimin gasps but his fingers remain in their place, in fact, they move faster over Jeongguk’s cock, managing a moan out of him, forcing him to grind his hips forward. Holy shit, it feels good. So good.

“Not enough” he groans and Jimin stops, all too suddenly, making Jeongguk whine in protest. “Jimin” he whimpers, stupidly, even though he just said it’s not enough. He wants more, but he sure as hell doesn’t want him to stop.

“Tell me what you need and how you need it, Jeongguk. I’ll give you whatever you want” he says.

Holy shit. Ok. Definitely must be dreaming because he never thought he’d hear those words come out of Jimin’s lips. Never in a million years.

“Faster” he murmurs, forehead falling on Jimin’s. Jimin does as he’s told. He moves his hand faster and Jeongguk let’s out a growl that tilts more towards an animalistic one than a human one. “Harder” he says, when it still isn’t enough. Jimin obliges. Jeongguk is close. So fucking close. And so fucking fast. “Fuck” he courses, when Jimin slowly slides his thumb against his slit.

That’s all it takes to have him coming into his hand, body trembling and loud groans escaping his lips. It doesn’t subside, the pain. It’s still there and he’s still painfully hard and he really wants to be inside Jimin.

His wolf wants him to take over, not care about anything, but he’s fighting it, in fear that Jimin will regret it and back out suddenly. He doesn’t want to force himself on Jimin. He doesn’t want to make a mistake.

“Still hard” Jimin whispers. Jeongguk lifts Jimin up from the floor and sits him on the counter, settling in between his legs and pushing him as close to the border as he can, so their flush against each other. Jeongguk feels Jimin’s crotch against his own, hard too and it makes his heart do something strange because he loves that he’s done that. He loves that Jimin wants him just as much as he wants the older one.

He grinds his hips against Jimin’s and is rewarded with a soft moan from him. The best thing he’s ever heard. He does it again, grateful for the friction his cock is finally receiving. God, had he needed it so much.

“I― I need―” Jeongguk can’t manage to finish a sentence because each one of his thrusts make his head spin with pleasure and the pain is fucking finally subsiding. And anyway, he doesn’t have an idea of what he needs.

“I know” Jimin answers, though, as if he actually does know, even when Jeongguk himself doesn’t.

And maybe he does, because his legs wrap around Jeongguk’s waist and he grinds his hips against the younger’s, matching his thrusts. It’s fast and with no sort of coordination, but Jeongguk feels it building inside of him, just by moving against the older one. He can only imagine how good it will be once he’s inside him. Because he will definitely do that.

Jimin doesn’t even bother to keep quiet, he moans and whimpers with each of Jeongguk’s moves, his hands falling onto the younger one’s ass and griping it tightly, forcing him to grind harder on Jimin.

“Holy shit, that feels so good” he moans. His lips find Jimin’s neck and the need to bite and mate is immense, but he manages to control his instincts, knowing that biting him will not just result in him becoming his mate, but also in turning him into a werewolf and he doesn’t even know if Jimin is conscious he’s about to have sex with a motherfucking werewolf.

It takes him just a few more seconds, before he’s coming again, body shaking uncontrollably, just by mere superficial touches.

It’s not enough.

He needs more.

“More” he growls, an arm wrapping around Jimin and taking him off the counter, guiding them down the corridor, to Jeongguk’s room.

Jimin hasn’t come yet and Jeongguk feels slightly disappointed but he needs more soon, because he’s painfully hard again and he wants to be inside of Jimin fast.  He throws Jimin onto the bed and fumbles with the buttons of Jimin’s blue jeans, but the older one pushes his hands away, making him growl.

Oh, no he won’t.

He catches Jimin’s wrists and pins them down to the mattress, hovering over him.

“Calm down” Jimin says, voice strangely soothing as he remains calmly pinned to the bed. “I’ll do mine, you do yours” he explains and Jeongguk feels calm again. Or, well, as calm as a werewolf in rut can get.

He ―thank God― is only wearing trousers, so he takes them off in a swift movement, boxer briefs sliding down with them. His shirt is off too, in a matter of seconds and Jimin is just starting to slide his pants down. He stops, though, eyes scanning completely over Jeongguk’s body, taking him all in.

“Oh, God” he whispers and Jeongguk loves how his cheeks turn a soft shade of pink.

He smirks and quickly takes advantage of his momentary shock, finishing sliding his pants down and moving for his briefs, they’re off quick and Jimin has already taken his shirt off and they’re naked and Jeongguk really needs more now.

He wants to just drown inside of Jimin but the sane part of him reminds him Jimin needs some sort of prepping before anything. Jeongguk doesn’t want to hurt him. But it hurts not being inside him already. He’s having an internal debate with himself, but Jimin is fast to move and slide up the bed, until his head is on the pillows, he then tilts sideways, to search for the lube and he finds it quite easily, in Jeongguk’s first drawer.

Jeongguk observes, his resolution breaking and finally deciding he needs to go on fast. But Jimin is suddenly wrapping his lubed fingers around his cock, stroking it until it’s completely covered in the lube. Jeongguk closes his eyes, grinding against Jimin’s touch.

“Now” Jimin states, finally letting go. His legs wrap around Jeongguk’s waist and his hands drown in the younger one’s back, making him groan.

“Prepping” Jeongguk manages to whisper, but Jimin shakes his head.

“No need” he replies. “Now” he repeats and Jeongguk, forgetting about patience and gentleness again, moves to get inside him in one swift movement.

“Oh my God” he moans, as soon as he’s inside Jimin.

Jimin is panting and has his eyes closed and Jeongguk wonders if he hurt him, but the older one starts lifting his hips to force Jeongguk to move and he obliges, immediately. There’s clearly nothing gentle or delicate about it. It’s fast and sloppy and Jeongguk can feel his knot starting to swell and he suddenly remembers Jimin is human and he’s about to mother fucking knot him.

He freezes and Jimin lets out a whimper.

“Don’t stop” he says, eyes opening and ankles drowning in Jeongguk’s ass, pushing him forward, desperate for him to keep moving.

“It―” he stumbles with his words, not sure what the hell to tell him. He wants to keep moving so bad, he needs it, but he’s aware of how painful it might be for Jimin and he doesn’t know if he capable of hurting him knowingly. “It’s not the same” he finally chokes out.

“I know” Jimin answers, quite quickly, hands sliding to his ass once more and forcing him to move. Jeongguk groans, face drowning in Jimin’s neck, taking in his honey scent, that somehow was so much more arousing. “Don’t. Stop” he repeats.

 Jeongguk doesn’t. He grunts, hips thrusting harder against Jimin’s. He curls a hand around Jimin’s right knee and he lifts it, almost bringing it to his chest.

“Oh my God, Jeongguk. Like that. Just like that” he moans.

Jeongguk can see the tears forming in the corner of his eyes and he knows it will get worse in a moment, so he tries hard to calm down and to concentrate on him before anything. He lets go of Jimin’s knee and the older one manages to keep it almost in place, leg wrapping around Jeongguk. The younger one angles his hips so the tip of his dick hits Jimin’s prostate with every thrust and is content and proud of the loud moans that are escaping the older’s lips. He goes as fast as he can manage and lets his hand wrap around Jimin’s cock, untouched and hard.

Jimin whimpers upon feeling Jeongguk playing with him, fast and quickly, helping him chase his orgasm. And it hits him suddenly, forcing cries out of him, screaming Jeongguk’s name for what feels like forever.

Jeongguk loves every second of it.

That’s when he finally lets himself go. He hears the older one whimper because of the over stimulation, but he continues, hips moving fast against Jimin’s. His knot swells and he hears Jimin gasp in pain, his fingers drowning painfully in the skin of Jeongguk’s back, but he takes it, because he knows Jimin’s pain is about to get so much worse.

He hears the older one’s cry, as he finally knots him, releasing all of his come inside him. He feels it drip between them and notices just now that they haven’t even thought about condoms but Jeongguk honestly can’t even think about using one because he hates the idea of being separated the slightest bit from Jimin.

Soon his mind comes back to Jimin, who has tears streaming silently down his cheeks and Jeongguk kisses them trying to sooth the pain away. He hates that he’s hurt him, and he hates that it won’t subside for a few more minutes but the pleasure is so intense he can only drown his face in Jimin’s neck. He still wants to bite so bad, but he’s managing quite fine to stop himself from doing it.

As he starts to slowly come down from his orgasm, he finds his mind clearer and he just notices he hasn’t kissed Jimin once since whatever they just did started. The older one still has tears pooling in his eyes, but he’s stopped crying.

He stares at Jeongguk and Jeongguk stares back.

And finally, he kisses him.

It’s gentle, in contrary from the hard and rough sex they just had.

Jeongguk brushes his lips softly against Jimin’s, happy that the older one doesn’t back off. He lets him kiss him and kisses back. He drowns his hands completely in Jeongguk’s hair and he closes his eyes, a more peaceful expression taking over his features.

The pain is clearly disappearing and Jeongguk is grateful for it. But he knows he’s about to get hard again and he’s gonna want to fuck Jimin again and it’s gonna be a cycle for however long it takes for his rut to disappear. So, he kisses Jimin to show him how much he loves him, even if the older one doesn’t understand it.

He kisses him desperately, knowing that lust and need will take over him again soon and that he need to use this chance to finally let him understand that he actually is in love with him, no hate. Just pure and destined love. A bond he will never be able to break.

“I’m sorry” he whispers.

Because he has loved him in silence for so long.

Because he hurt him with his words before.

Because he hurt him a second ago.

And because he’s about to hurt him once more.

Chapter Text

When Jeongguk finally feels like his rut is over, his muscles are sore for going at it for endless hours and he feels extremely tired. But he can feel Jimin’s body under him, his chest moving up and down with every soft breath he takes, under his cheek.

And Jeongguk can feel his small fingers drowning in his hair, tugging at it softly and sort of combing it backwards with a gentleness Jeongguk can’t quite describe. He loves it, of course, but it’s so strange to be in Jimin’s arms in that moment, even after what’s happened. Things have definitely changed, and he can’t even think about a reason as to why. Nearly everything that has to do with Jimin doesn’t have an explanation for him, honestly.

He moves slightly, deciding he’s finally calm and conscious enough to try and talk with Jimin.

He feels the older one’s fingers still, before they disappear, just as he begins to lift his face towards him. Their eyes meet, and they remain silent for a while, just taking each other in. Jeongguk can feel himself falling for Jimin over and over again. Specially, now that they’ve, well, been together.

The thought makes Jeongguk’s body move on its own, a strange desire to be as close as possible to the person he’s supposed to be with for the rest of his life. He lifts his lip to Jimin’s, feeling the older’s body tense for a second, but relax, as soon as their lips touch.

It’s different, somehow, from the past hours. Its soft and gentle and full of emotions Jeongguk can’t even begin to describe. Jimin’s fingers are back to his hair, both hands now pushing the strands backwards in a soft and caring way. It’s unrealistic. It’s the best thing that has happened to him.

He moves slightly, in order to get closer, but the older one winces, backing away.

“Please don’t get excited again, my ass hurts like hell” he murmurs, voice drowsy with sleep.

And Jeongguk, without being able to stop himself, laughs. He laughs, drowning his face in Jimin’s neck and feeling his heart flutter with joy. Jimin is laughing softly, too, but he still seems pretty lost in sleepiness.

“It’s over don’t worry” he manages, when he calms down.

Jimin hums but doesn’t answer. And Jeongguk lifts his head again, he’s met with Jimin looking at the ceiling, as if he was sort of lost in his own world.

He wants to ask. He has so many questions. He wants to know so many things and he wants to know how it will be between them now. He will, obviously, but he doesn’t say anything just yet.

“I’m sorry” he repeats, then, for what feels like the hundredth time. He’s said it so much throughout his whole rut that he’s lost count of the times. Jimin, as all the other times, just shakes his head.

“It was my fault” he murmurs, softly.

Jeongguk stares at him, until Jimin’s eyes slide back to him, a soft smile playing on his lips. He doesn’t say it’s his fault as if he was sorry. He says it as if he though it was inevitable, something he wasn’t planning on stopping.

“Jimin” Jeongguk whispers, closing his eyes and kissing him again.

He feels the older one’s lips curl up slightly, but go back to their place, quickly kissing him back. It’s not so soft anymore, it’s rough and fast. It feels passionate, suddenly, as Jimin’s tongue slides against his own, forcing a sigh out of him. He isn’t planning on ever having to stop kissing the older one. In fact, as long as it depends on him, he’ll kiss him forever. For the rest of his life.

His hand slides involuntarily towards Jimin’s knee, curling around it and lifting it up, to pass his leg over his waist.

“Jeongguk-ah” Jimin murmurs, but there doesn’t seem to be any sort of warning in his voice, nothing that signals he wants him to stop. It actually comes out more like a sift sigh, mixed with a moan or a whimper. Jeongguk’s not quite sure.

He let’s his hips push against Jimin’s, immediately eliciting a heat of desire to pool at the pitch of his stomach, his length gliding along Jimin’s, making them both moan.

“I thought your ass hurt” he murmurs, then, without being able to stop himself and that makes Jimin groan, slapping his back and muttering under his breath something he doesn’t get to catch.

They remain quiet for a while, trying to calm down their breaths, that turned heated quite fast after their kiss. Jeongguk nuzzles his nose in Jimin’s neck, to be invaded by his scent, but it doesn’t feel like enough. So, he wraps his fingers softly and delicately around Jimin’s wrist and puts it against his scent gland, eyes closing and a sigh of relief leaving his lips, upon the invasion of honey scent.

“You’ve been doing that a lot, since your rut started” Jimin whispers, his breath fanning against Jeongguk’s forehead. He feels at peace just like that and he’s so sure he never needs anything else in life but Jimin next to him. Or under him. He’s not being selective, no. “Why?” he asks, then.

Jeongguk figures it’s the opportunity to finally talk about everything Jimin could possibly know. And about everything that’s happened, of course. But he doesn’t really want to move away, so he puts an arm over Jimin’s naked chest and lets his chin fall there, giving him a full view of Jimin’s beautiful face.

“Your scent invades me” he says, sincerely. “It’s calming. But it can also drive me insane” he goes on, figuring a little bit of an explanation won’t hurt, specially since Jimin seems to know a lot already.

“It forced your rut” Jimin says, as if that was the explanation.

Jeongguk nods.

“Yeah, it did” he replies, softly.

He waits for a second, not sure how to ask for answers nor how to start the conversation that’s bound to take place.

“What does it smell like?” Jimin asks, then, curiosity lacing with his words and also showing in his features.

“Honey” he answers, eyes closing once more when Jimin slides his fingers against that point he must believe is Jeongguk’s scent gland. Or maybe he just does it because he’s been observant of Jeongguk’s actions, trying hard to get the touch in his neck, always. Either way, he nails it, because he’s invaded by the scent once again. “S―sweet honey and there’s something more, very far away” he adds, when the pressure against his scent gland grows and the scent becomes almost to much. His whole world gets dizzy and he’s having a hard time breathing correctly.

“Yeah?” Jimin’s voice seems to puncture through his hazy mind. “What’s that other something?” he asks, though Jeongguk catches the smirk in his words, the amusement upon catching a glimpse of how easy it is to have Jeongguk in his hands. He’s always had him, anyway. But he’s just found out.

“I― I don’t know” he whispers and freezes, when Jimin’s lips slide against his neck. “Oh, God” he whispers, eyes still closed, and mind completely lost in the feeling. But then it’s his nose sliding there, and it almost feels as if they were together, finally mated, finally destined to never be apart. “Jimin” he murmurs, when the older one stops, and his touch disappears, disappointingly.

 “How come you never call me hyung?” he asks, then.

Jeongguk sighs, because he misses his touch already, but he doesn’t complain, instead deciding to answer.

“Because I thought you hated me” he answers. “Didn’t think you’d want that”.

Saying it out loud feels painful, for some strange reason and he doesn’t lift his eyes from Jimin’s chest, suddenly feeling lost.

“You can call me hyung” he says, then, after a moment of silence.

Jeongguk tries hard not to think too much about it, but he noticed Jimin didn’t deny hating him and he can’t help but wonder if he still hates him. If what happened between them was really just sex and a favor, as Jimin had made it sound while saying it was his fault Jeongguk’s rut kicked in suddenly. Still, though, he did say he could call him hyung, after Jeongguk said that he thought he couldn’t because of the hate.

Then maybe that means he doesn’t hate Jeongguk?

Hyung” he tries, finally lifting his gaze towards Jimin.

Jimin shows him a small smile and Jeongguk smiles back, without being able to stop himself. It reassures him, but not as much as he wished.

“How did you know about my rut?” he asks, then. “How did you even know it was a rut? How did you even know what a rut is?” the questions reformulate out of his lips without him being able to stop himself and he sees Jimin’s eyes light up slightly, with humor.

He doesn’t answer, though, not immediately.

He takes a moment and Jeongguk can almost see Jimin making up his mind about the best answer to give. Finally, he does.

“Well, werewolves go through ruts, don’t they?” he asks.

Jeongguk bites his lip but makes his next question quite fast.

“How did you know I was a werewolf?”

Jimin, again, seems to take his time. And Jeongguk can’t help wondering why it could be. It almost feels as if he was hiding something. And his wolf hates it. Hates that there’s anything in between them, secrets and hidden truths. But he figures he’ll have to wait for things to become that type of intimate between them. So, he tries to calm his wolf down, reassuring him that time will take them there.

“My brother’s a werewolf” he finally answers, making Jeongguk snap back his attention to him. “He was turned, though, he wasn’t born that way” he explains further on.

Jeongguk frowns upon hearing that because he sure as hell doesn’t remember smelling anything other than Jimin’s scent when he arrived at his house.

“I didn’t smell him” he says, even though he’s not sure Jimin will understand what he means.

“I used his blockers” Jimin says, then. “I didn’t want you to know” he adds.

Jeongguk searches for his eyes, trying to find the truth in them, but he seems to be very good at hiding whatever it is he isn’t saying.

“Why not?” he asks, softly.

Jimin slides his hand into his hair, pushing it backwards and then lets it go back down to settle on Jeongguk’s back, drawing soft unconscious patterns on his skin.

“Because then you’d know I knew about werewolves and I wasn’t planning on ever telling you” he answers, his sincerity seeming to claw right into Jeongguk’s chest. He’s not quite sure, though, we it hurts him. “Clearly, that didn’t go well” he adds, then.

Jeongguk doesn’t agree. In his mind, everything went perfectly well. He doesn’t say that, though.

“Huh” is the only thing he manages to get out, because he’s so lost at words. He’s confused and not sure about where this conversation is going. He suddenly feels as if he could ruin it in some way. As if using the wrong words will make Jimin bolt and they’ll go back to cero or to wherever they were before his rut. “Why did you help me?” he finally asks, but regrets it, as soon as the words leave his lips.

Oh, he wishes he hadn’t said anything, because he feels Jimin’s body tense under his and it makes him really nervous, even if the older one doesn’t make a move to signal he wants Jeongguk to get off of him.

“I told you, it was my fault” Jimin answers, then

He thinks about what his next words should be and finally decides he has to know or else it will drive him insane.

“The truth” he replies, softly, not urging, not as if he was trying to force him to tell him.

“That’s the truth” Jimin stubbornly answers, but Jeongguk is not having it.

He grabs Jimin’s wrists and pins them down on the bed, smirking at the surprise that takes over the older boy’s features. He then slowly traces his plump lips with his own, almost losing it upon hearing the soft whimper that escapes Jimin’s lips, so soft it’s barely audible, so soft it seems to vibrate inside of him, specially when he rocks his hips against Jimin’s again, a loud moan now escaping his lips. It makes Jeongguk’s heart swell, it makes him feel things he likes too much and hopes he’ll never have to let go.

“The truth” he whispers, again, after breaking apart and staring at Jimin from above, his smirk growing when the older one makes an annoyed expression, because he definitely got distracted in that little encounter they just had.

Jeongguk let’s go of Jimin’s wrists, softly and slides his thumbs against the soft skin, wishing it would cause in the boy the same thing it caused him, but Jimin had no scent glands to drive him crazy upon the friction, so he just massaged the skin there, before letting go and settling against Jimin’s chest, once again.

The older on stared at him for a long moment, surprise evident in his features and Jeongguk wondered if maybe he was giving too much away. If maybe, he was showing him too much affection. What if he knew what mates were? What if he found out that he was Jeongguk’s mate? He didn’t want to scare him away, specially since he’d just gotten to have him.

“When my brother was turned, we had no idea what was happening to him” Jimin starts, finally and Jeongguk get’s the strange feeling that the story is going to be a lot for him to digest, but he’s ready because for Jimin, he could do anything. “Dad had left a year before and mom had died out of sadness, a few months later” he goes on.

Jeongguk feels his chest hurt upon the news and out of instinct, he slides his nose against Jimin’s neck, trying to sooth him and make him feel better. He feels small hands on his shoulder blades, sliding against them. Jimin’s body relaxes under him and he can almost feel him get better, sadness doesn’t seem to be present but he’s no sure if it’s because of his actions or because he’s long ago gotten over the loss.

When he settles again, Jimin has his eyes closed and his hands still slide against Jeongguk’s skin.

He starts talking again.

“At first, we thought he’d just gotten attacked by some strange type of wolf, but when the first full moon came―” he stops, as if collecting his thoughts and emotions, memories from that night. “That day, he turned. I was all alone and had to take care of my little brother and I had no idea what to do, you know?” he asks, but he doesn’t really seem to be looking for an answer. He just goes on, a second later. “He was screaming and yelling and sweating and I had no idea what to do to take it all away. And then I saw how his body was changing, morphing into something that seemed unexplainable. I knew it wasn’t something normal and I knew there wasn’t anything I could do to help. So, I locked him up in his room and heard him yell in pain for what felt like forever”

Jeongguk hates how bad it feels to be hearing the story, but he also likes how close he feels to Jimin, so much closer. Something that’s not there even during sex. Something beyond explainable. Destiny. Huh.

“After that day we investigated and tried to find out everything there was to know about werewolves. So, the next time, we were ready. But sure, it was difficult to know when he’d turn, there wasn’t exactly a cycle for him, it just came and went, for some time and it started to settle after some more. But then, his first rut came in. Of course, it was another thing we weren’t expecting and something we conveniently left out of our investigation. He was hot, sweaty and moody for a few days and then one afternoon I came home to find him grinding on his pillow” he says, a chuckle escapes his beautiful lips and Jeongguk smiles widely upon seeing it. “It seems hilarious now, but I lost my shit that day, I swear. And he kept on saying he couldn’t stop, that it hurt and well, of course, again, I had no idea how to help him. This time, though, he was the one who’d been changing and learning the new things about himself. He was the one who knew what it was to be a werewolf. He locked himself inside and spent his next days there. It was another painful and never-ending time. After that we studied some more and tried hard not to leave anything out, but again, we forgot about a little something. But he found out after, when he met Ash. Her mate” the story seems to end there, though when Jeongguk’s about to talk, he says something more. “That’s why I helped you. I heard and knew the pain it meant for my brother, every time he went into rut, while he still didn’t have Ash. When she came around, his pain was reduced to something impossible to see. I knew it would hurt you and it was my fault, I couldn’t just stay back and pretend I didn’t know you’d be forced to suffer alone for a long while”.

Jeongguk’s not sure what he feels, he’s not even sure this is real. It feels like a dream, one he will inevitably wake up from. But right now, he hasn’t, so he might as well make the best of it.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. Alone. I’m not sure what to say, I wasn’t really expecting you to know so much about werewolves, about my world. I never knew you’d come into it so easily, so voluntarily and I’m really thankful you decided to help me. I’m thankful you came here, you followed me and let me―” he stops, mid-sentence and remembers the knotting and the pain that was evident in Jimin’s expression, the first times it happened. “D―did you know?” he asks then, noticing how the older one’s cheeks turn red, embarrassment taking over his features. “Did you know how it would be?”

Jimin nods, slowly.

“Ash, my brother’s girlfriend, is human” he says, making Jeongguk’s eyebrows shoot up with surprise. He didn’t know it was that frequent for a werewolf to have a human mate. In fact, he thought he was one of the unlucky ones when he felt it happen. “The first time he came into rut while being with her was hectic. It kicked in sooner, maybe it was because of her scent, but we didn’t know then. He begged her to leave but she didn’t want to because she felt something was wrong. I don’t really know if it was the mate thing what made her feel that way, but it forced her to stay and my brother could only take it for this long, before he gave in to what he needed. Ash went with it, but when…” he trails off, but ends up continuing. “When that happened, she lost her shit” he finishes.

Jeongguk laughs, without being able to stop himself and Jimin follows, a second later. For a long moment, they’re just laughing hard and nonstop. But eventually, they calm down and Jimin decides to continue.

“After that my brother told her everything and it took her some time, but she came around” he says. “Anyway, I knew it would be different, I didn’t think it would hurt much, but―” he’s interrupted by Jeongguk, that second.

“I’m so sorry, hyung” he whispers, drowning his face in Jimin’s neck and nuzzling his nose against his skin. “I didn’t want to hurt you”.

Jimin’s finger tips slide against his skin and he relaxes against his body, happily.

“It’s fine, really” Jimin murmurs, softly. “It wasn’t bad. I mean, at first it was a bit painful, but then it was― I felt… full” he whispers. Jeongguk lifts his face to look at him, trying to understand what he’s trying to say. “I mean, complete. Like there was nothing missing, like it was how it was supposed to be” he further explains.

Jeongguk swallows, completely taken aback by his words, not really having expected to hear him say all of that. It makes his heart flutter with excitement. Maybe it will be ok. Maybe he’ll end up with Jimin. If Ash came around, why not Jimin?

“I felt that way too” he mutters, as soon as he collects himself.

It feels like his words aren’t enough, but at the same time, it feels as if they were just enough.

They both remain quiet, again, until Jeongguk decides he wants to move and clean them because they’re all covered in sweat and in cum and now it’s starting to feel sort of sticky.

“Do you want to shower?” Jeongguk asks, a small smile appearing on his lips.

Jimin smiles back, though there’s something unsettling about it, something Jeongguk doesn’t quite like.

“Yeah, let’s do that” he murmurs.

Jeongguk nods and, without thinking about it any further, he moves and takes Jimin’s hand in his, guiding him towards the bathroom.

Chapter Text

It’s been days Jeongguk.

I really hope this doesn’t mean your rut kicked in.

And if it did, I hope you managed to get away from Jimin before anything.


It did kick in.


I’m not feeling well.

What happened?

What do you mean you’re not feeling well?

Can I come over?


Yes, of course you can. The door will be unlocked.


Jeongguk enters Namjoon’s house with a tired sigh. He feels heavy and tired, but he’s not sure if it’s because of the few days he spent going at it for hours, or if it’s something else. Someone else.

Jimin, to be precise.

It is him, of course. He just doesn’t want to think about it.

Namjoon is in his room and Jeongguk let’s himself fall on his bed, next to him, groaning and trying to keep his annoyance at bay. But truth is, all the negative things seem to make him angry and annoyed, so he knows it’s no use to try and feel better, more relaxed.

“You’re stinking my room with your annoyance, thank you” Namjoon mutters, setting aside the book he’s reading. Jeongguk feels his long fingers pet his hair and he sighs in relief because he damn well needs a little bit of warmth to feel better, specially after the coldness Jimin’s absence has left. “Tell me what’s bothering you” Namjoon says, finally.

Namjoon is sort of like a father for him, the only one who has been there for him since the beginning, before he turned for the first time, before he even knew what being a werewolf was. Namjoon has always been there and he’s forever going to be grateful, specially because he never fails to make him feel better.

“So, Jimin and I, we um” Jeongguk stops, not quite sure how to tell him about it. He himself is completely unsure of what’s happened.

“Please tell me you guys didn’t fuck” Namjoon says, sighing.

Jeongguk feels his cheeks flare with heat, even though it’s not his fault. Of course, it’s not. It’s all Jimin’s fault. He didn’t leave when Jeongguk begged him to, he kept coming at him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Until he gave in to what he wanted and needed so much.

“It’s Jimin’s fault” he murmurs, turning on his back and facing the ceiling.

Namjoon, against all odds, laughs.

“Oh, God” he says, shaking his head. Jeongguk can see it from the corner of his eye.

“I begged him to leave, Joon hyung. But he didn’t listen. He stayed. He―” he stops, willing himself to calm down.

“Tell me how it all happened” Namjoon says, again threading his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair.

So Jeongguk tells him absolutely everything, trying hard not to skip any important detail. Namjoon listens carefully, nodding from time to time and raising his eyebrows in surprise, whenever he hears something apparently new to him.

“So, Jimin knows you’re a werewolf” he says, as soon as Jeongguk finishes. “And he helped you through your rut willingly, even though he’s human and he knew his body wasn’t made to take what you had to give” he goes on. The younger one nods and closes his eyes, again the feeling of tiredness taking over him. “And after he left that day, you didn’t talk to him again and now he’s not going to class, huh?” he inquires, rubbing his jaw with his hand. “Do you think maybe he’s freaking out now that he’s come back to his senses?” he asks, then.

Jeongguk groans.

“I have no idea what to believe, hyung” he states. “That day I felt like something was off, something about his unfocused expression. It seemed as if he had something else in his mind and it left me with an unsettling feeling. I’m scared, hyung. What am I supposed to do? It’s gonna kill me” he whispers, feeling tears starting to form in his eyes. He knows how painful it will be, because apparently he’ll really never have Jimin. Jimin will never be his. And werewolves can only last this long without their mate. “I can’t―” he’s cut off by Namjoon’s voice.

“Listen, Gguk” he begins. “First of all, you have to calm down. I think you should try talking to him. You know where he lives. So, if he doesn’t show up, you can always look for him”.

Jeongguk thinks about it, sighing.

“And what am I supposed to tell him?” he asks. “Mind helping me with my rut again?” he sarcastically answers himself.

Namjoon shakes his head.

“You’ll know once you’re in front of him” he replies, calmly.

Jeongguk doesn’t answer, because he doesn’t really know what to say. He’s scared and nervous and worried, but he knows mopping around won’t get him anywhere so he decides to follow Namjoon’s suggestion and nods.

“Ok, I’ll try that” he whispers.

“Everything will be alright, Jeongguk” the older one says, patting his head. “He’s your mate because it’s destined. It’s like that for a reason, keep that in mind”

Jeongguk does. Or tries, if anything. Because it’s hard when what’s supposedly destined isn’t happening and he’s, once again, starting to lose hope.


Jimin doesn’t go to school. Or maybe he does, just he doesn’t show up in the lesson he has with Jungkook. He’s nowhere to be seen and Jungkook can’t even feel him close. He doesn’t even catch a whiff of his scent. No honey. No nothing.

No Jimin.

It hurts. It hurts more than it’s ever hurt.

Wherever he turns, he wants to see him, but he’s not there. And that’s not how it’s supposed to be.

He’s tried texting him, but he hasn’t gotten an answer. He’s tried calling, but still, no answer. He even went to his house, but it seemed to be empty. Jungkook didn’t even smell the werewolf brother.

Did they leave? Did Jimin leave?

Oh, God. Jungkook would never be able to live with it. Why would he leave? Everything was perfect. It was supposed to be perfect. He’d been kind and attentive with Jimin after the rut situation. They’d talked, they’d kissed. They’d been… ok.

What the hell had changed and why?

As Jungkook walks down the empty streets, he tries to remember clearly every single word he exchanged with Jimin the day after his rut was over. He tries to find something to tell him what went wrong and when. But there’s nothing he can find. He did nothing wrong, that’s why he can’t find anything. Whatever it is that had made Jimin run has nothing to do with him.

He sighs and drowns his hands in his pockets, only to take them back out in a second, his body becoming alert with the scent that enters his nostrils. There’s another wolf in the alley he just turned into, he can smell him and, not too long after, he sees him.

He’s not that tall and his posture doesn’t seem threatening. He’s alert too, though, so Jeongguk remains alert also. He takes a few steps forward and tries to identify the wolf, but he doesn’t recognize him, and his scent doesn’t seem familiar either.

“Who are you?” he asks, taking a few more steps forward.

The other wolf doesn’t move, but he does answer.

“That’s not going to be necessary. I’ve come to talk to you about my brother.”

Jeongguk frowns, confused.

“What does that even mean?” he asks.

“Jimin. I’ve come to talk about Jimin,” the wolf explains, finally.

Jeongguk’s interest spikes at the mention of his soulmate and he feels a tug on his heart. So, this is the oh so famous wolf brother Jimin had talked to him about. And the younger one had come searching for Jeongguk, but why? Why not Jimin?

“Okay,” he says, a bit more softly. They both put down their alert postures and the wolf comes closer, until he’s in front of Jeongguk. “Is he ok?” he finds himself asking, a bit nervous.

If he’s being honest, he has no idea what to expect from this conversation.

“Yeah.” His brother’s answer is simple, but when he shakes his head, Jeongguk wonders if he’s being sincere. “No, he actually isn’t, but that’s his fault for being such a stubborn brat,” he adds, finally.

Jeongguk lifts an eyebrow. This guy is younger than Jimin, but he’s the one talking about Jimin as if he was the oldest of them both.

“What’s happening?” he asks, confused.

The wolf sighs.

“I don’t have much time, so I’ll explain it to you very fast,” the other one starts. Jeongguk doesn’t even have time to nod or agree, before he’s on to his story. “I guess my brother hasn’t told you any of the important stuff, so I’m just going to say it all. I was turned a few years ago, it was a late night and I was coming back to a party. And this guy comes out of the blue, he was choking, or so I thought. He was actually turning, though I didn’t know that then. He bit me. I turned for the first time not much after. This guy… the one that turned me,” he stops and Jeongguk wonders why. Maybe it’s still painful for him to talk about it and Jeongguk can understand, even if he’s never gone through that situation. He was born a werewolf, no being turned for him. “He’s your brother.”

He doesn’t elaborate, but he doesn’t have to. Jeongguk remembers it perfectly, even if he wasn’t there. His brother had bit someone the day he first turned. It had happened while he was out, and he hadn’t been prepared for it. They never knew anything about who he’d bit and Jeongguk finds it almost ironical that he’s finding out just now and that it’s none other than Jimin’s little brother.

This is fucked up.

“At first, when I first started turning and discovering everything about this new world, I hated him. I hated him for changing me into something that could hardly separate from an animal. I hated him because I had no control over my body and I was sure I’d never be happy again. Then Ash, my girlfriend, came along. Having her helped me go through it and come to terms with the fact that this is who I am now and there’s no way to change it. I forgave him, your brother. I stopped resenting him,” he explains. He has his hands in his pockets and really looks relaxed. Jeongguk believes that he really has forgiven and he’s happy about that, because his brother has been making himself crazy wondering what happened to the boy ―yes, he was a boy back then― he’d bit on the night of his first turn. “Jimin didn’t.”

Jeongguk suddenly feels like he knows where this story is heading, and he can’t believe his actually this unlucky.

“Jimin knows you’re his brother. He’s hated you for so long. I was so confused when he told me that he’d helped you through your rut. He tried explaining it, but I know better, he’s my family for a reason. He’s been secluding himself since that day and he refuses to come out because he says that he doesn’t want to know anything about you.” The words pain Jeongguk. Jimin hates him. Jimin will always hate him. And it will drive him crazy, that’s for sure. “But I don’t believe him. He hated your guts, yet he let you fuck him, knowing it would be different than normal sex. He doesn’t want to come out of his room because he’s scared and angry of what he feels.”

Jeongguk knows those words should reassure him, but in all honestly, with Jimin, he can never assume. He gave himself to Jimin during his rut, even if it seemed as if Jimin had been the one to give his body. Jeongguk gave his soul to Jimin those days and he wasn’t getting it back. He doesn’t want it. He wants to feel like he’s a part of Jimin.

Jeongguk is conscious about the fact that he’s not talking at all, but he can’t find the strength in him to answer or reply. He’s shocked and scared.

“Tell me, Jeongguk. Jimin is your mate, isn’t he?”

The question seems such a normal one to ask, yet Jeongguk feels his heart start beating faster and he wonders if this guy will tell his brother. If he’ll tell Jimin the truth. He doesn’t think about lying, though, because he’ll gain nothing from it.


It’s the only word he’s said in a while and it feels strange leaving his lips.

“He feels something for you. He’s only scared and thinks it’s wrong because of what happened to me, but that’s not ok. And I know you’re going to take care of him. I feel it. I felt it when your scent changed at the mention of Jimin’s name. So, go for him, please. He’s at our house, but he used blockers to keep the scent away. He’s going to be stubborn and he’ll maybe even try to hurt you with words, but he feels something. And you know it too.”

Jeongguk has no time to answer of to try and understand what’s happening, because the wolf is gone within seconds, leaving him with a trail of thoughts and wonders and much more confused than he was when Jimin suddenly disappeared.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk stares at the door for what feels like a whole lifetime. He doesn’t smell anything, as Jimin’s brother said, so yes it must be the blockers. He’s nervous, because he knows how Jimin is, he knows he can use his words very well and he’s so afraid of getting hurt.

He wonders if he should knock. Or if it’s a better idea not to. He wonders if maybe the brother left the door opened. He goes for that and, successfully, opens the door. He smiles but goes back to being nervous because he knows he’s about to see Jimin again and it feels like forever since the last time he saw him, but it also feels like he’s about to propose or something to the love of his life. Which is true… the love of his life part, of course.

He takes a deep breath and finally comes in, closing the door behind himself and closing his eyes briefly. Jimin’s scent is there, he can smell it, only a bit, because the blockers are doing their job. He follows the faint trail that leads him to the kitchen and he stops on the doorway upon seeing Jimin.

The older one is with his back to Jeongguk and seems concentrated on something. Jeongguk catches a sniff of Nutella and smiles. Of course, he’s making Nutella sandwiches. Jeongguk tries to gather enough strength for what he knows is coming and he takes a step forward, thinking about what word to use.

He’s clueless. He only knows he needs to make sense come into Jimin. If his brother was right, then Jimin does have feeling for him and if he does, then there’s no reason for them to be apart.

“Jimin,” the older one’s name comes out of his mouth before he can stop himself and the other one jumps, turning around with a knife in his hand.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Jimin’s question comes out hard and it seems to stab Jeongguk in the heart. It feels like an attack, it feels like it’s meant to hurt him, and he tries to keep the feeling away, but he feels Jimin’s death glare.

“I came to talk,” he replies, slowly.

He’s scared of saying something wrong, of making Jimin bolt before they’ve even started talking.

“Didn’t you get the hint?” Jimin replies, putting the knife aside. “I don’t want to see you.”

They burn. So bad. Jeongguk remembers the brother’s words. He’s going to hurt you. He knows.

He’s never been so cautious around Jimin. He’s always been there to snap back at the older one’s words. Maybe that’s what he need to do now.

“I don’t give a fuck. We’re talking,” he states, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jimin eyes him out, suddenly seeming a bit confused.

“Leave, Jeongguk. I’m serious,” Jimin says. His voice has changed, but it still feels angry and decided.

“I’m serious too, we have to talk,” he says, not moving an inch.

“I have nothing to talk with you!” Jimin snaps, all too suddenly but Jeongguk doesn’t feel affected. Well, he does but he does his best to avoid showing it.

“Like hell you don’t. We fucked!” he snaps back. He wanted to think of it as making love, but it was clear it had been fucking because when ruts are involved, it can hardly be considered slow and passionate. It’s rough and fast. It sure as hell had been that way between them.

“Exactly,” Jimin says, crossing his arms over his chest, imitating Jeongguk. “We fucked. Nothing more. So, I have nothing to say to you. It happened and it’s over. I don’t want to see you anymore, get that into your head.”

Jeongguk looks away. He wonders what’s the best way to do this, to approach Jimin and try to make him understand that they’re made for each other. That the reason he’s been angry all this time is dumb and that it can be easily solved, that if Jimin has feelings, Jeongguk reciprocates them.

“You liked it,” he says, then. Jimin’s eyes fume with anger. He lets go of his arms and his fists fall at his sides, clenched, knuckles white with the effort. Oh, yes. Jeongguk knows what he need to do. He need to make him angry. “You loved it, actually. You were screaming my name so hard. And you took my knot so willingly.”

“Shut up, Jeongguk,” Jimin snaps.

Oh, no. Jeongguk isn’t going to stop. Not until he gets what he wants.

“You felt so full. You said that. Remember?” he asks, slowly taking a step forward. Jimin doesn’t even seem to notice, his eyes still sending daggers into Jeongguk’s skull. “You said you felt complete. You loved how I fucked you. I fucked you brainless and I can do it again, you just have to say it. I’ll do it.”

“I don’t want to even see you, why the hell would I want you to fuck me again?” Jimin asks. This time, it’s him who takes a step forward. Jeongguk almost feels intimidated by that little step. It holds so much power over him, he isn’t exactly sure why. “I was only helping you with your rut, in case you didn’t notice. I did it because I felt sorry for you,” he says, taking another step forward. He points a finger at Jeongguk and he braces himself for the hurtful words that he’s sure are going to come. “I felt pity for you.”

Jeongguk looks away, briefly. He tries to pull himself together but it’s hard when Jimin isn’t giving him a break, he’s spitting out word after word, all to hurt him. Why is he accepting this? Why is he putting up with it? Because Jimin’s his mate, his soulmate, the person he’s destined to be with for the rest of his life.

“Really?” he asks, when he manages to control the pain in his heart. “Because I remember quite clearly that you were saying: just. like. that. Or am I wrong?” Jimin glares. Oh, God, if looks could kill. He’s angry. Really angry. Jeongguk takes advantage of it. “You sounded so needy, Jimin. You needed my cock. I remember it perfectly. You begging throughout the whole night. You moaning my name. You fucking wanted my knot.” Jeongguk doesn’t even know what he’s saying, but he’s trying so hard not to let his resolve fall. He needs to get it out of Jimin, make him fall, make him finally break and let it all go. “You can tell me you felt pity for me, but you can’t fool yourself, Jimin. You needed me to fuck you. And that’s all that I did. I gave you my cock.”

The words slice through the silent air and Jeongguk sees how Jimin’s face falls. It’s brief and he covers it up quickly with anger, but Jeongguk saw it. He hates himself for it, for the hurt in his expression. Jimin doesn’t say anything else, he remains so quiet Jeongguk’s just waiting for him to snap again. But the older one doesn’t. He turns around and Jeongguk, without being able to stop himself, takes a few quick steps forward, wrapping his arms around the older male. He’s almost there. He can feel Jimin’s resolve breaking, he can feel him giving in. He nuzzles his nose against his neck, where his scent gland would be if he was a wolf. He feels like he just hurt him too bad and he hates it, he hates the feeling, but he knows he must pull Jimin’s right strings to get him to react and that’ll be enough to accomplish what he came for.

Jimin, against all odds, relaxes into his touch.

“I’m sorry,” Jeongguk whispers, softly.

That’s when Jimin seems to notice that he’s relaxing, apparently.

“Fuck you,” he spats, drowning his elbow in Jeongguk’s ribs, making him flinch away.

There goes the need to apologize. Jeongguk won’t be doing that again, not until he wins this. So, he grabs Jimin’s hips roughly and he pins him to the counter with his hips. Jimin gasps, his hands falling onto the counter in front of him, probably trying to stabilize himself.

Jeongguk growls, even though he knows it could have no effect whatsoever on Jimin because he’s no wolf, no omega to feel intimidated by his demonstration of power. But Jimin flinches, falling a bit forward, though Jeongguk’s not sure if it’s because of the growling or because of their position.

He’s gone past the talking with hurtful words.

He’s going to show Jimin what he could have. He’s going to make him remember. And he’s going to make him beg all over again. If that’s what it takes to make him confess, then so be it.

He takes his lips to Jimin’s ear and closes his eyes because his scent is intense, it’s growing, as the blockers seem to be going away and Jeongguk is being surrounded by it. He loves it, but it also distracts him too much.

“You say you hate me, yet you turn into a mess when I pin you down like this, when you feel me behind you. You can’t even speak, Jimin. Doesn’t that say enough?” he asks, slowly.

Before Jimin can talk, Jeongguk slides his lips against the skin of his neck, nibbling on it, sucking on it, making sure to leave marks. Jimin might not want them now, but if Jeongguk manages to win this, he’ll love it, the younger one is sure.

“Tell me you hate me, Jimin,” Jeongguk whispers, letting his breath fan against the wetness he’s left behind. “Tell me,” he demands, with a growl.

“I hate you,” Jimin spits the words, effortlessly, apparently unaware that he just obeyed to Jeongguk’s orders.

Jeongguk turns him around with a single movement and he faces the older male, eyes cast downwards towards him. But Jimin isn’t looking, he has his eyes straight ahead, right on Jeongguk’s chest.

“Look me in the eyes while you say it, Jimin,” he says, grabbing his chin with force and lifting his gaze towards his eyes.

“What the fuck are you even doing?” Jimin asks, glaring at him as he’s been doing since Jeongguk arrived. “Don’t come pulling your alpha shit on me, I’m no werewolf you can control. You don’t―,” he’s stopped, when Jeongguk rocks his hips against Jimin’s. The older one lets out a shaky breath, his eyes fluttering slightly, but never closing completely. Jeongguk knows he has him already. Pleasure is a very powerful thing and Jeongguk is about to use it to get what he wants.

“Look me in the eyes while you say it, Jimin,” he demands, digging his fingers deeper into the older one’s skin.

Jimin is still, but his eyes find Jeongguk’s as he opens his mouth to talk. Only, he doesn’t manage to say anything, because Jeongguk leans in closer, his lips floating just above Jimin’s, who doesn’t even bother to try and talk. His eyes close now completely and Jeongguk smiles to himself. There it is, the effect he has on him. The brother was right. Jimin feels something. Even if it’s just physical attraction, it’s there.

“Look at you,” he whispers, sure to keep his lips close to Jimin’s. He wants to kiss him. There’s nothing he wants more. But first he needs that confession, he need to be sure. He’s not about to break his heart all over again. “I have you wrapped around my finger. You see? You need me to fuck you.”

Jimin’s eyes open then and they aren’t angry anymore. They’re full of tears.

Jeongguk feels as if his heart is being torn out of his chest. But he can’t stop. He’s almost there.

“Say it, Jimin,” he whispers, eyes drowning in the older one’s. “Tell me the truth.”

Jimin shakes his head, but that feels like enough for Jeongguk. It means there’s a truth behind his anger, a truth he’s scared of letting go.

Jeongguk doesn’t wait.

He slams his lips against Jimin’s, hoisting him up, having put his hands on the back of his thighs. He hears Jimin’s sigh of relief and he tries not to smile because he’s getting the reactions he was looking for, the demonstration that he, indeed, felt something else for Jeongguk. It’s all he needs to keep moving.

He makes sure to sit him right on the border of the counter, pushing aside the half-made Nutella sandwich and setting his hands on the counter, caging Jimin in between his arms. The other one doesn’t say anything, he doesn’t even move an inch, hands on the counter too, next to his legs. Jeongguk slides his nose against Jimin’s neck and starts nibbling on his skin again, noticing how the older one tilts his head sideways, granting him more access.

He’s got him now. And there’s no turning back.

His hands move to settle on Jimin’s hips and he feels hands fall on his biceps, probably because he’s trying to steady himself.

He slowly grinds his hips against Jimin’s, marveling in the soft moan that escapes his plump lips. He breaks apart from the skin of his neck, just to be able to see how he throws his head back in pleasure. Yes. This is what he wants. He wants Jimin to be wrapped around his finger. He wants to break him. He wants to get the truth out of him.

He repeats his motion, grinding his hips against Jimin’s, now faster and repeatedly. It doesn’t take long for him to get hard, with Jimin’s moans and the constant rocking of hips. And Jimin is hard as well. His hands are no longer on Jeongguk’s biceps, they’re on his ass again, making him grind his hips harder against him.

“Jeongguk,” he breathes out, suddenly and the younger one, motivated by it, lets his hand fall over Jimin’s abdomen. He’s expecting to be pushed away, then. But it doesn’t happen. Jimin is too busy grinding still against Jeongguk’s hips. His legs are wrapped around the younger one’s waist and he’s so lost in the pleasure he doesn’t notice that Jeongguk’s is smiling to himself. Jimin really can’t resist him.

So, Jeongguk sliding his fingers under Jimin’s shirt. He lets them go under Jimin’s trousers and he cups him over his briefs. Jimin’s whole body comes to life. He lets out a long, dragged moan, bucking his hips forward, seeking the friction. Jeongguk gives it to him. He palms his cock softly, lips pressed into Jimin’s temple, without even noticing he’s doing it.

Jimin seems oblivious, too. He can only seem to focus on the pleasure.

Jeongguk moves his hand to bring it into Jimin’s briefs, finally skin to skin.

He slides his hand up and down Jimin’s length, the older one’s whimpers entering his ear with each stroke. He goes slowly, wanting to have Jimin a whimpering mess in his hand, but he doesn’t wait much before he puts more speed into it. He feels Jimin bite into his neck, trying to muffle his sounds, but his heart jumps when it happens because it’s the closest he might ever be to mating. He finds it hard to control himself and he also brings his teeth to Jimin’s neck.

He doesn’t bite. Not strong enough, anyway. His teeth graze the skin, but remain there, as his fingers tighten around Jimin’s cock, earning himself another moan, followed by another bite of skin from the older male.

Jeongguk is enjoying this too much, but he’s impatient and now that he has Jimin in his hands, he’s not going to wait any longer. He stops his movements and closes his eyes when Jimin whines in protest.

“Bedroom,” he murmurs, wrapping his free arm around Jimin and hoisting him up again, to carry him to the bedroom.

He remembers which room is Jimin’s, so he lets his feet guide him there, as he sucks on the skin of Jimin’s neck, keeping him concentrated. But the older one doesn’t seem to need that reminder, because he’s grinding his hips against Jeongguk’s, probably still seeking the friction. Jeongguk doesn’t mind. But it’s getting uncomfortable to be in his jeans. It’s too fucking tight.

He throws Jimin on the bed, no patience left in himself to hold on any longer.

He doesn’t waste any time pulling Jimin’s trousers off, followed by his briefs. He strips too, as Jimin takes his shirt off. They’re naked within seconds and Jeongguk desperately wants to be inside him. He looks for the lube and finds it easily in Jimin’s night stand drawer. He stokes himself, spreading the lube completely over him and he groans because he’s already so hard and ready to be inside of Jimin.

He positions himself over the older male, the tip of his dick right on Jimin’s rim. But the other one puts his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders and shakes his head.

“Prepping,” he whispers, breathing unsteadily.

Jeongguk swallows, feeling the need to be inside him grow. He needs it now. He doesn’t want to wait.

“I thought you said no prepping,” he mutters.

He’s sweating, Jimin is sweating too and their skin is sliding against each other, which makes the whole situation a lot more arousing. Jeongguk is finding it hard to stop himself.

“I’d prepped that day,” Jimin whispers. It’s a confession. The first confession. Jeongguk feels it that way.

“You’d prepped,” he repeats, confused.

“I knew what I was going for. I knew what was going to happen and I knew wolves don’t exactly have patience when they’re in their rut. So yes, I prepped before going to you house.”

Jeongguk doesn’t know what to do with that information, but strangely, it turns him on even more.

He groans and drowns his face in Jimin’s neck, torn between sliding into him without waiting a second more, or prepping him to make him ready for his cock. The latter wins, of course, but Jeongguk doesn’t take his time on it.

He coats a finger with lube and with no previous warning he slides it into Jimin, earning a moan, followed by a whimper.

“Oh my God,” Jimin mutters, eyes closing, back arching.

He looks just like Jeongguk wanted to see him: a whimpering mess.

He slides his finger out of him, before bringing it back in. He does it slowly and steadily, crooking it when it’s deep inside Jimin, searching for his prostate. He doesn’t find it until he adds the second finger. Jimin cries out loud when he manages to stroke that part of him and he repeats the action, closing his eyes because it drives him crazy to hear Jimin. He’s loud. Jeongguk really does love it.

Third finger comes in fast and by then Jeongguk is staring completely at Jimin, studying the way his body reacts to his touch, how he moves and tries to get away, but also opens his legs further, nails sliding against the skin of Jeongguk’s back. He’s begging for more, too. He’s begging and begging and begging and it clouds Jeongguk’s mind.

“It’s going to be fast,” Jeongguk whispers, taking his fingers out and slamming into Jimin with one swift motion. Jimin cries out again, mouth open in a big “o”. Jeongguk doesn’t move for a second. He lets Jimin get accustomed to it, before he keeps going. When the older one starts whining, moving his hips to get Jeongguk to move, he complies, but not before saying a last few words. “I’m going to blow your mind Park Jimin.”

And so, he does.

Pleasure invades him as he starts grinding his hips against Jimin’s. He forces the older one’s legs to lift higher and he locks them behind his back, angling his hips so that he hits Jimin’s prostate with every thrust. It is fast. Jimin moans and cries and whimpers, hands sliding against the sheets, clenching them in fists, before letting them go and going to Jeongguk’s hair. He pulls at it as his body keeps sliding upwards with each one of Jeongguk’s thrusts. The headboard of the bed is slamming against the wall and it just adds up to Jeongguk’s lost mind. He needs more. He needs to hear Jimin come.

“Fuck,” he mutters, when he feels his knot swell.

He stops, trying to regain control over his body. He’s not planning on making Jimin feel pain again.

“Don’t stop,” Jimin whines, moving his hips against Jeongguk’s, eyes still closed.

Jeongguk has to completely slide out of Jimin because if he keeps moving that way then he won’t be able to stop himself from knotting him. Jimin is whimpering, eyes finally opening and hands pulling at Jeongguk’s waist, trying to bring him closer.

“Just a second, baby,” Jeongguk mutters, concentrating, even though Jimin is still begging for him to not stop.

When he finally manages to calm down, he slides inside of him again and picks up his pace. Jimin is still close, he can feel his walls clenching around his cock and it feels amazing, just as the first time. Jimin moans when Jeongguk hits his prostate again. He goes as fast as he can and groans when he feels his orgasm close.

“Jeongguk, I’m gonna―,” Jimin’s words get stuck in his throat as his orgasm hits him suddenly.

He cries out loud Jeongguk’s name as if it’s a mantra, cum falling on both their abdomens and Jeongguk follows him just a second later, teeth scratching against Jimin’s skin, but never biting into it.

He feels high on his orgasm, but after a while, he manages to calm down.

Jimin is silent underneath him. And Jeongguk takes his time lifting his gaze to look at him.

The older one doesn’t seem mad, but he also doesn’t seem happy. His face is blank and he’s still having a bad time breathing correctly.

“Jimin,” Jeongguk tries, softly.

He slides out of Jimin, feeling the cum spill in between their legs. Again, no condom. He doesn’t have mind to worry about it now. He’s concentrated on Jimin, who still doesn’t say anything. He’s silently looking at Jeongguk. Until he’s not. His eyes close and silent tears slide down his cheeks. Jeongguk’s heart hurts at the sight.

“Don’t cry,” he whispers, sliding his fingers into the older one’s hair and kissing his eyelids to somehow stop him from crying.

He notices that, as the first time, he hasn’t kissed him yet.

So, he does.

He kisses Jimin’s lips softly and nibbles on his plump bottom lip, sighing in relief when he opens his mouth and lets his tongue play with Jeongguk’s. They kiss for a while and Jeongguk can feel Jimin’s salty tears still sliding in between their lips. It’s bothering him, he hates that Jimin is crying, his wolf hates it. He wants to make it better. He separates, to slide his nose against his neck, as if he was scenting him. Jimin sniffles, but his hands drown in Jeongguk’s hair and keep him close. Jeongguk is completely confused what all that is happening. Jimin is giving him mixed signals. But he’s taking his time to make him feel better, he can worry about answers later.

Only, Jimin starts talking suddenly.

“I hated you,” he whispers, into his ear. It’s a soft murmur he doesn’t seem to really want to let go, but he’s doing it anyway. “I hated you for so long. I was so immersed in it I didn’t notice it shifted into something else. I started hating you for what I felt. I wanted to be closer to you. It’s something I still don’t understand, and I still hate it, but yes, there’s a truth: I feel something for you. It’s there, it pulls me, and I can’t stop it.”

Jeongguk’s heart starts beating faster. He knows what it is, but he can’t say it, not yet. Jimin’s not ready to hear it and Jeongguk first needs to understand it himself. Jimin is human, he shouldn’t be able to feel the mate’s bond, but he apparently does, though he doesn’t know it’s that. Jeongguk needs to look into it, talk to Namjoon, to be sure.

But there’s a part of him that already knows it’s what he believes.

He doesn’t say so, though. He nods and kisses Jimin’s cheek.

“It’s ok, Jimin. I know why you hated me, I know about your brother and mine. I know everything. And I understand. I understand how you felt, but I―.” He stops. Jimin seems surprised, but he doesn’t say anything, waiting for Jeongguk to continue. “I want you. I like you. I’m attracted for you. I feel something for you. And I want to be with you. Let me show you that it’s ok, let me show you that you don’t have to hate what you feel anymore,” he’s begging now.

He doesn’t care anymore. He just wants Jimin and he’ll do anything in his possibilities to get him.

“Why?” Jimin asks, in a small whisper.

Jeongguk smiles and slides his nose against Jimin’s.

“For the same reason you seem to want to be with me,” he replies, because it’s the best answer he has. It’s close to the truth and that’s all that matters.

Jimin looks at him closely, as if he’s studying him. Jeongguk lets him, not breaking eye contact.

“Ok,” Jimin finally murmurs, nodding softly.

“Ok?” Jeongguk asks, a bit surprised he’s gotten the answer he wants.

It’s Jimin’s turn to smile.

“Yeah,” he whispers, almost shyly.

Jeongguk’s smile widens.

“I’m going to blow your mind, Park Jimin,” he repeats.

They kiss again. It’s soft and delicate and it feels like they have all the time in the world. Jeongguk loves every second of it.

Chapter Text

Jeongguk  lets himself fall next to Jimin, sitting with one leg at each side of the bench, eyes steady on the older one.  

Jimin keeps talking, as if nothing has just happened and  Jeongguk  groans softly, only for him to hear it, before sliding closer to him, his legs so long, one of them is completely behind Jimin and the other is bumping into Jimin’s legs, stretched out in front of him, under the table.  

Jiminie ,”  Jeongguk  whines, into his ear, before nuzzling at his neck and closing his eyes. “Don’t ignore me,” he whispers, softly.  

Jimin keeps talking, still ignoring  Jeongguk Jeongguk  looks briefly at Namjoon, sitting in front of Jimin, smirking because the younger one is being ignored. He rolls his eyes and goes back to trying to catch Jimin’s attention.  

“Baby,” he whines again, letting his lips put and slide softly against the skin of Jimin’s neck.  

It happens suddenly and so naturally. He bites down on his neck, in that exact place where his shoulder and his neck connect. Flesh tears, breaks and makes Jimin let out a soft moan, followed by a pained yelp. The bond makes  Jeongguk’s  heart pound, suddenly, as it forms and brings them together, turns them into one.  

But then it’s gone and Jimin is turning into a werewolf, hatred in his eyes.  

Jeongguk wakes up in a startle, having a hard time to breathe properly. His shirt clings to his chest and back, because he’s been sweating in his sleep. In his nightmare. He swallows and tries to breathe better, tries to calm his heart down.  

Hands slide on his back, softly and he feels a small kiss being placed on his shoulder blade. 

“Another nightmare?” Jimin’s soft voice manages to sooth him and calm him down faster. He nods and covers his face with his hands. “It’s ok, Jeonggukie. I’m here. Just a dream, yeah? Lets go back to sleep,” the older one suggests, tugging softly at Jeeongguk’s neck and making them fall back on the mattress. 

Jeongguk sighs and closes his eyes when Jimin snuggles by his side, arm wrapping protectively over his chest. The older one lets his lips slide against Jeongguk’s scent gland and immediately honey surrounds him, taking the distress away. He brings Jimin closer, arm wraping around his waist and hand falling on his hip. 

“Feeling better?” Jimin asks after a while of just scenting Jeongguk. Time has gone by, they’ve grown closer and Jimin has learned a lot about werewolves. He knows what to do when Jeongguk is feeling distressed, or when he’s feeling sad or when his rut kicks in. Jimin knows everything now. Except, of course, the dreams Jeongguk has been having, about mating him. 

“Yeah, thank you, hyung,” he whispers, lost in his thoughts. 

He’s so lost in them that he doesn’t notices Jimin is moving his hand to the younger’s cheek and forcing him to look into his eyes. 

“Want to talk about it?” he asks, softly. 

There’s love in his eyes. It took time, for Jimin to finally embrace his feeling completely and understand that Jeongguk and him were meant to be together, but he’d come around and time had gone by incredibly fast. The younger one didn’t even remember the last time he felt empty. Jimin fills in every little blank space. 

“It’s fine, I don’t really remember,” he lies, giving him a small smile and kissing his lips softly. “Go back to sleep.” 

Jimin purses his lips and keeps looking at Jeongguk for a long while. 

“I know they’re about me,” he mentions, then. Gaze sad. Jeongguk feels his wolf whine at noticing Jimin’s sadness. “Don’t ty to lie to me, Jeongguk. I’ve seen the way you look at me after you wake up. Sometimes you can’t hide it in time,” he explains. 

Jeongguk gulps and lets his forehead fall on Jimin’s, closing his eyes, wondering how long he can go on without telling Jimin about the mate thing, about the mating bond he’s been dreaming of for such a long time. It had started a few months after they became official. Everything was fine, they were together, they were making love and the next second, Jeongguk had lost control over his wolf and had started to bite into Jimin’s neck. 

It had only taken a second for him to acknowledge what he was doing, but he’d done it. Jimin hadn’t said anything, had just drowned his fingers in Jeongguk’s hair and brought him closer, kissing him to make him forget. But Jeongguk hadn’t, his mind still kept reminding him, his dreams kept driving him crazy. 

“Is it because I hurt you for so long?” Jimin asks, softly. “I’m really sorry, I—,” he begins to apologize, but Jeongguk is already shaking his head and cupping his cheek with his hand. 

“Don’t, Jimin. It’s ok, it’s not about that, I promise. Just, I don’t know. They’re all weird wolf dreams, nothing you have to worry about, ok? Don’t worry about it, baby,” he says, brushing his nose against Jimin’s. 

“Are you sure?” the older one asks, worry still in his features. 

He nods. 

“Yeah, definitely wolf things,” he assures, because it is true, sort of.  

Jimin doesn’t look convinced, but he nods and slides his small fingers into Jeongguk’s hair. 

“Talk to Namjoon, then? Promise me?” he asks, softly. 

Jeongguk feels his heart tug —as it always does— because of Jimin’s worry for him. He still can’t believe it actually all worked out in their favor. He can’t believe he actually gets to be with his mate. It’s unreal, yet perfect and there’s not a day that goes by in which he doesn’t try to show Jimin with all he can, that he loves him and that he’ll never stop. 

“I will, hyung. I promise. Go to sleep, yeah? I hate it when you don’t sleep because of me,” he whispers, leaving small and fast kisses over Jimin’s plump lips. It takes a few seconds to have Jimin smiling widely, nodding in agreement. 

“Fine, yeah. You sleep too. Goodnight, Ggukie,” he whispers, eyes closing and peaceful expression taking over his face. 

Jeongguk sighs in relief and wraps his arms completely around Jimin. He wants to sleep, but he can’t. He doesn’t.  He lays awake the rest of the night, terrified and scared of dreaming again. How to tell Jimin that he wants to mate him, that he wants to bite into the skin of his neck and make him his, forever? He can’t. Jimin is human. Surely, he has to tell him at some point, but that’s something he’s been struggling with for a long time already. 



“You’ve been dreaming about mating him and just now you decide to come to me?” Namjoon’s question is accusing, eyebrows knitted together, as he crosses his arms over his chest, clearly not happy. 

Jeongguk sighs. 

“I didn’t think it was much of a big deal, but now it’s becoming frequent and I can’t stop thinking about it. Whenever I’m with Jimin, kissing him or too close to his neck, I get this need to bite him, to make him mine. And I know, hyung. I know it’s the mating bond, even if it’s not exactly formed yet, but I feel it. It tugs at me, makes me lose it. I can’t help it. Jimin is starting to notice,” he explains, quickly, because he wants to just get it all out as soon as possible and find a solution. 

“Of course he’s starting to notice. He’s come to me like four times in the past month, asking what’s going on with you,” Namjoon mutters, shaking his head and letting his arms go, to sit on the couch of his living room. Jeongguk slides his fingers in between his hair, feeling exhausted with the little sleep he’s been getting. He didn’t know that Jimin had been asking stuff to Namjoon. He hates he’s made the older one feel insecure and worried. “I hadn’t asked you anything because I was waiting to you to come to me, I was expecting you to do it, eventually. And the only thing I’m going to tell you is that I think it’s time for you to talk to him about being mates and about what you’re dreaming about,” he continues, enter whining his fingers in front of him, elbows setting on his knees. “Why are you scared, Gguk? After all you two have been through, he’s proved to you that he loves you, hasn’t he? There’s no hate left inside him. Why are you so scared?” 

Jeongguk pinches the bridge of his nose. He’s scared. He’s mortified. Because he can’t mate Jimin. If he does, Jimin will turn. And Jimin doesn’t want to be a werewolf. How could he? He’d hated what it had done to his brother. Jeongguk wasn’t going to put Jimin in the position of deciding. He was scared of doing so to, he was scared that Jimin would leave him. 

He couldn’t lose Jimin, not now that he finally had him, not now that everything was perfect between them. 

“He hated what being a werewolf did to his brother. He hated my brother for being a werewolf. He hated me because I was one too. How could I mate him if it means turning him into something he’s hated so much before?” Jeongguk asks, shaking his head. 

“But Jimin doesn’t hate that anymore. He loves you, doesn’t he? Doesn’t that say enough?” Namjoon asks. 

Jeongguk is too scared. So, no. It’s not enough. 

“I can’t. Not now. I don’t know when. But not now,” he replies, shaking his head. 

Namjoon sighs, but nods in understanding. 

“Take your time, Jeongguk. Just try to stop making Jimin so worried. He keeps looking at you as if he was scared you’ll disappear any second.” 

The younger one nods. 

“Yeah, I will,” he assures, standing up, just in time with Namjoon. “Thank you, hyung,” he whispers, giving the older one a hug. 

“Any time you need me, Jeongguk,” he says, patting his back. 




Jeongguk manages just fine for a while. He assures Jimin he’s fine and that after talking with Namjoon he feels better and that now he understands. He tries to not be too distracted and he tries to remain as quiet as possible every time he wakes up after nightmares, in the middle of the night. 

But it’s only natural time makes it explode at some point and when that moment comes, Jeongguk doesn’t even feel slightly ready to tell Jimin the truth. 

It happens on a Friday night. They’d been drinking, Jimin more than Jeongguk and they were hot and bubbly with the alcohol under their skin. Jeongguk can’t keep his eyes off Jimin. Sure, he’s never been able to, but recently, it’s been feeling a lot more intense and a lot more difficult to stay away. Not that he has to, unless he’s desperate to mate. If that’s the case, he stays away. 

Tonight, though, alcohol has him relaxed and slumped against the sofa, while Jimin dances, moving his hips from side to side, provocatively. Oh, God. Jeongguk has been trying to stay away, he hasn’t made love to Jimin in a while, mainly because during those times, his wolf tries to take over his body and at occasions he can’t help himself from trying to get his teeth to sink into the elder’s skin. 

But, then again, the alcohol has him distracted from that tonight. So, when Jimin straddles his hips, suddenly, he doesn’t move away, he doesn’t try to cool down the moment. He’s hot all over and he wants to feel Jimin, he’ missed it too much. His hands settle on Jimin’s hips and bring him down, flush against his own hips. They both sigh in relief, built up tension finally seeming to give away.  

They kiss fast and desperately and it takes no time for Jimin to have Jeongguk’s shorts down, with his underwear, bare for him. No prepping, again, apparently. Jimin takes his own shorts off and straddles Jeongguk’s lap quickly, wasting no time in getting the younger one inside of him. They moan as their bodies finally connect and Jimin lets his head fall backwards, eyes closing, lips parting, it’s all the usual, it feels like it’s been too long. And Jeongguk hates it. 

He kisses down Jimin’s neck, to where it meets with his shoulder and he slides his lips there, softly against the skin. He doesn’t even know what he’s doing, he doesn’t even understand until he’s opening his mouth, teeth grazing the skin softly, delicately. But even then, he doesn’t find it in him to stop. He bites down softly, really softly, not enough to make any bond, but enough for now. Yet as everything with Jimin, a moment comes when it’s not enough anymore. He breaks apart and opens his mouth more, ready to bite. He wants to feel the skin giving in under the pressure and the bond forming, finally. 

Jimin sighs and tilts his head sideways, giving him more access to his skin. 

“Are you going to bite me, Jeongguk?” Jimin’s question seems to be the only thing that Jeongguk’s hazy mind needed to remember what the hell he was doing and how much he’d been trying to keep himself away from the situation. 

He pushes Jimin off of him, suddenly scared of himself and gets up, trying to catch his breath, trying to calm down so he doesn’t try to mate Jimin again. Oh, God. Almost ruined. He’d almost ruined it. He takes a step back when Jimin moves to stand and when he finds the elder’s eyes on him, he feels his heart hurt. Jimin’s expression shows sadness and pain and Jeongguk is the one that caused it. He hates it. 

“Jimin,” he whispers, reaching out his hand to Jimin. “I’m sorry,” he adds, softly, when Jimin doesn’t move. 

“What the hell is happening, Jeongguk?” Jimin snaps, hands closing in fists, at his sides. In any other moment, Jeongguk would’ve thought it was cute, but now he’s worried and scared of what’s going to happen. “And you better stop fucking lying to me,” he adds, looking away. There are tears in his eyes. Jeongguk sees them glisten with the light that illuminates the living room. “Is it that you don’t want me anymore? Is that it? Did I do something wrong?” he asks, shaking his head. The tears come down his cheeks and Jeongguk still finds it so hard to see, how Jimin is now completely open about his feelings, doesn’t hesitate to show them to Jeongguk. “Is it because I’m human?” he asks, then. 

Jeongguk frowns and shakes his head immediately. 

“Jimin, no. Never. I love you just as you are, I don’t care that you’re human. I want you. Always,” he says, cupping Jimin’s cheeks with his hands and leaning his forehead onto his. 

“Then what is happening, Gguk? Please, talk to me,” Jimin whispers, hands sliding against Jeongguk’s back, reassuringly. 

Jeongguk swallows. He knows it’s time to tell Jimin. He knows he can’t keep it hidden any longer. He nuzzles his nose against Jimin’s neck, seeking comfort and closes his eyes when Jimin does the same thing to him, honey invading him completely. He can do this. It’s just a talk. Only an explanation, he won’t demand anything, ask for anything. He won’t lose Jimin. 

“There’s something I should tell you,” Jeongguk whispers, when Jimin’s scent calms him. “I should have told you sooner, but I didn’t know how to and, we’re ok, we’re perfect now, I didn’t want to risk scaring you, I didn’t want to risk losing you because I can’t. Physically speaking. Also, emotionally. But physically, I need you. You know what it means, you know what it is. So, you don’t need me to explain that to you. But—,” he stops, nervous, but continues because he need to get it out, or else he’ll keep it in once more and it’ll just take some more time for it to blow up again. “You’re my mate, the person I’m supposed to be with for the rest of my life. The person I need to be ok. We’re destined.” 

Jimin remains silent for a painfully long time, hands still settled on Jeongguk’s back. He’s not moving away. Surely, that’s good news, right?  

“I know that, Jeonggukie,” Jimin whispers, finally. 

Jeongguk snaps his head away from Jimin’s neck, as soon as he hears the words. He searches for his eyes and tries to catch a hint of what he’s thinking, of what he’s feeling. Jimin just looks back, thumbs moving softly in circles, reassuring. 

“I understood why I couldn’t stay away from you. I think it works both ways, even if I'm not a werewolf. I’ve never been able to stay away from you, that’s what I hated so much with time. And since we’ve been together, I feel complete. I feel like I’ll never need anything more in life,” he explains, softly. His words. Every single one of them, make his heart start beating faster. He feels overwhelmed with this new piece of information. He’s confused of how Jimin always seems to be a step ahead from him. “I know we’re meant to be together forever. But that’s not all of it, is it?” He asks then, hands cupping Jeongguk’s face. “There’s more. You’re scared when you look at me. Why? D-Do you think I'll leave?” he asks, stuttering. 

Jeongguk nods, because partially, yes, he’s scared that Jimin will leave if he tells him. 

“It’s not exactly like that,” he whispers, closing his eyes as Jimin’s thumbs slide against his cheekbones. It’s soft and reassuring. “We’re destined but we aren’t mates quite yet. Do you understand that, Jimin? There’s something that need to be done so we’re mates, really bonded, tied together forever,” he explains, softly. He opens his eyes to be able to see what Jimin is thinking or feeling with this information. 

“You have to bite me,” he says, a moment later. “I know that. I know it’s the only way the bond becomes an actual one, strong and... forever. I know that, Gguk,” he says, arms wrapping around Jeongguk’s neck, bringing him close. He slides his nose against Jeongguk’s scent gland, calming him down, easily. “What does it have to do with your nightmares?” he asks, softly. 

Jeongguk shakes his head, suddenly not wanting to talk about it. He’s scared about the whole situation, because Jimin is so calm and so collected and seems to know perfectly well what is happening. Last time he knew that much, he disappeared for too long. Not that Jeongguk doesn’t trust him, he’s just scared it might turn into too much for him. 

“Hyung, lets just forget it, yeah? Lets—,” he tries, but Jimin shakes his head and asks again. 

“Tell me what it has to do with your nightmares, Jeongguk-ah,” he repeats. 

The younger one sighs and looks away, but is forced to look back when Jimin cups his cheek and searches for his eyes. Jeongguk talks because he just can’t help it. He’s at mercy of Park Jimin, he can’t stop. 

“I keep dreaming that I mate you,” he whispers, feeling tears forming in his eyes, though he doesn’t quite know why it happens. Jimin brushes away the few tears that escape and he takes a step closer, his warmth embracing Jeongguk. He feels Jimin’s other hand close to his wrist, fingers pressing into his scent gland, it takes his breath away, but it’s soothing, it’s calming, it’s what he needs. 

“What exactly is the part that scares you, baby?” Jimin asks. 

Jeongguk sniffs, embarrassed with his crying. He shouldn’t be, there’s no reason. Jimin is still there, isn’t he? He hasn’t ran away. It’s just that, Jeongguk has been scared about it for so long. Too long. It’s finally coming out of him. Maybe they are tears of relief that everything will be ok, despite his terrible desires. 

“That I won’t be able to stop myself and that you’ll hate me afterwards,” he whispers, closing his eyes, when Jimin kisses his cheek softly, in a caring and reassuring way. “I don’t want to lose you, Jimin. You— I love you so much.” 

“You won’t lose me,” is the first thing Jimin says, he presses his finger deeper into Jeongguk’s wrist and the honey scent turns overwhelming. He opens his eyes, shocked and swallows, his heart starting to beat faster, too fast. “Don you want that?” Jimin’s question sets fire alarms in Jeongguk’s head, immediately. 

“No, hyung. Don’t consider it. I know it’s not something you want and that’s fine. I don’t need it. I—.” 

“Do you, Jeongguk?” Jimin asks, firmly. 

Jeongguk bites his lower lip and tries hard to keep away the images of biting Jimin’s neck that come to his mind. But he can’t. He does want it. He wants it so bad. 

“Yes,” he whispers. 

Jimin nods softly and forces Jeongguk to look at him. 

“Come here,” he says, also in a whisper. 

They kiss. It’s soft and feels like it has a whole bunch of emotions being poured out of them. Jeongguk sighs when Jimin drowns his fingers in his own hair and he can’t help but pull Jimin closer by the waist, desperate to have him closer. He doesn’t even know when they stopped being drunk, because obviously, alcohol is long forgotten. Jimin moves Jeongguk until he falls seated on the couch and he wastes no time straddling him, kissing him like his life depends on it. 

“Jimin...” he trails off, head falling backwards, as Jimin slides his plump lips down Jeongguk’s throat, closer and closer to his scent gland. Then on his scent gland. He sucks on that spot, softly, nibbling on the skin. 

“Does it work both ways?” he asks, softly, still against Jeongguk’s skin. And the younger one is so lost in it that he just answers, not even thinking about it. 

“For werewolves, yes, it does,” he whispers, groaning when Jimin lets his fingers pull at Jeongguk’s hair. 

“So, I have to be a werewolf,” Jimin whispers, moving his lips to slide them just beneath Jeongguk’s ear. 

“Yeah,” the younger one breathes out, hands sliding up Jimin’s sides, to his back, into his hair. He’s so distracted by it, he’s missed this, being with Jimin, so close, kissing him, taking his time to make love to him. He’s been holding back for so long, too long. 

Jimin pauses and puts his face right in front of Jeongguk’s. 

“Then you have to turn me,” he whispers. 

Jeongguk’s heart stops for a whole second and he stares at Jimin as if he was expecting him to take it back any second. But the older one doesn’t, he just looks back, firmly and decided. 

“No, hyung. Don’t do this. You don’t want it, you hated—.” He’s interrupted by Jimin’s voice, still decided. 

“I want to be with you forever too, Gguk. I told you. I feel it too, inside of me. But it’s not enough, I need the bond too, even if I don’t know why.” 

Jeongguk leans his forehead forward and lets it fall on Jimin’s chest. 

“I don’t want you to regret it. We’re young and you’re human. Your whole life would change and I’m scared you’ll never forgive me if you decide you don’t want it anymore,” he whispers, hiding his face from Jimin because he doesn’t want the older one to see how scared he is about it.  

“We’re meant to be together, aren’t we, Jeongguk-ah? We’re destines, you said so. I’m scared, yes. My life will change, yes. But I want to be with you forever and that feels like just enough to take the risk. I’m sorry for how I was, ok? I know that’s part of the reason you’re so cautious around me in the present, but I've changed, things have changed. And I want this,” he says. It all comes out in hushed whispers, full of meaning and honesty. It makes Jeongguk feel incredibly happy, even though he’s still scared out of his mind. 

“Lets talk about it tomorrow, ok? I don’t want you to make a decision so suddenly, something you could regret,” he says, kissing Jimin's soft lips and connecting his forehead with the elder’s. 

“My decision won’t change, but yeah, I can wait until tomorrow,” Jimin whispers, smiling reassuringly. 

Jeongguk smiles back. 

He’s scared. But he’s also glad.  

Maybe, maybe, he’ll finally get to mate Jimin as he’s wanted for such a long time. 

Chapter Text

Jimin’s first turn is the worst thing that has even happened to Jeongguk. It’s painful for him, even if he can’t feel it. Jimin’s screams fill the house only a few hours after Jeongguk bites him. It had been difficult, the hardest decision Jeongguk had had to make. 

“I still think like last night,” Jimin mentions, as soon as he opens his eyes. He sighs, hope that Jimin has changed his mind quickly being thrown away. “I want it, I want you. I want us.” 

Jeongguk  hugs Jimin tight and nods, even though he’s still completely unsure about it all. 

Lets  do it, then,” Jimin announces, moving to get up. 

Jeongguk  shakes his head, stopping him. 

“Chose a day, in the next three months, and please don’t say tomorrow. We’ll do it then,”  Jeongguk  says, because yes, he’s been thinking about it all night too, in case Jimin was really sure about it. 

Their eyes meet and Jimin nods softly. 

“Two months and three days,” he states, immediately. 

Jeongguk  frowns. 

“Huh? So fast and decided?” he asks. 

“That day will be two years since we’re together,” Jimin answers, smiling shyly. 

Jeongguk  shakes his head but smiles widely, without being able to stop himself. 

“Ok, then,” he whispers. 

Maybe Jimin will take it back, eventually. Maybe he’ll decide he doesn’t want It anymore.  Jeongguk  hopes. 

He stays at the other side of the door, because he can’t find it in him to come into the room, he can’t see Jimin hurting and turning and crying. Namjoon is in there, though. Jeongguk would never leave Jimin alone, especially after something so... important. He’d talked to Namjoon about it all, about his conversation with Jimin, about the decision of doing it. Namjoon had helped him through it. 

So  you have a date for this,” Namjoon says, nodding and scratching the back of his neck ,  looking at  Jeongguk  as if he already knew everything . Maybe he does. He’s lived so much more. “How do you feel about it?” 

Jeongguk  lets go of a humorless chuckle. 

“I’m scared,  hyung . What if he regrets it later? What if it makes him hate me again?” he asks. 

Namjoon pats his back reassuringly and shows him an affectionate smile. 

“Jimin wants you forever,  Jeongguk . Didn’t he say that himself? He won’t hate you and, anyway, you have time for him to change his mind,” Namjoon says. “Everything will be ok,” he adds. 

“Promise me you’ll be there,  hyung . I don’t think I’ll be able to hear it, how he turns for the first time. I don’t think I'll...” he trails off, sliding his fingers in between his hair. 

“I’ll be there,” Namjoon assures, without needing  Jeongguk  to finish. 

It feels like forever when Jimin’s screams start dying down. Jeongguk can feel his eyes puffy and his face sort of swollen, because he’s been crying silently all along listening to Jimin hurt. He didn’t think it would be so hard to get through it, he didn’t think it would hurt him as much. But he has no right, because Jimin must have been in a pain beyond his. 

He’s thankful, suddenly, that he made the decision of not letting Jimin’s first mark to be the mating mark. It would have been a mistake. It would have been ten times more painful for Jimin and he wouldn't have had a good memory of it. Jeongguk didn’t want that. 

“What do you mean you won’t mate me that day?” Jimin asks, voice annoyed and somewhat hurt. 

Jeongguk  slides his hands down Jimin’s arms to sooth him. 

“I don’t want your first mark to be the mating mark, it won’t be a good memory. And I want it to be the best memory,” he explains, kissing Jimin’s pouty lips softly. “I’ll mate you as soon as you stop feeling the pain, yeah. When you present...” he trails off, suddenly remembering Jimin will present. 

He wonders what it is that Jimin will present as. Could be an omega. Jimin is small and cute. But he’s also fierce and stubborn, could also be an alpha.  Jeongguk  doesn’t really care. He’ll be with him anyway. 

“Present?” Jimin asks, frowning. 

Oh, God. How could he forget about that? How did he not explain that to Jimin? He slides his fingers in his hair and swallows, trying to calm down because everything is fine, Jimin wants this, he said so himself. 

“You can present as an alpha or an omega. Maybe even a beta, but it’s not likely,” he explains. “Do you know what that is?” 

Jimin nods, but still seems a bit unsure. 

“I know a bit, from the time I investigated with my brother. Not much, though. Is there anything important I need to know?” he asks, shyly. 

Jeongguk  hugs him tight and drowns his face in Jimin’s neck. 

“Nothing important, don’t worry. You’ll see when it happens,” he answers. “You’’ ll  have scent glands, though. You’ll love them, I promise,” he adds, making Jimin laugh against his chest. “I love you, Jimin,” he whispers. 

Jimin wraps his small arms around  Jeongguk’s  waist and sighs in content. 

“I love you too,  Jeonggukie ,” he whispers. 

“Well, the worst part is over,” Namjoon’s voice startles him and he rises from his seat, immediately. “Jimin turned and is now back to human. It will stay like that for now, I taught him how to control it, he’s been managing very well. It’s been a few days, Jeongguk. Don’t overwhelm him, he’s exhausted.” 

Jeongguk nods and wonders how on earth a few days went by so fast. He can’t even believe he managed to survive hearing Jimin hurting during such a long time. He hugs Namjoon to gain a bit of strength because he has no idea what to expect. 

“Do you know what he’ll present as?” Jeongguk asks, as Namjoon breaks away. 

The older one nods but doesn’t say anything about it. 

“You’ll smell it once you get in there,” he replies, turning around and walking towards the door. Jeongguk drowns, a bit confused as to why he’s leaving, but he doesn’t take long to put two and two together. Namjoon is an alpha, Jimin’s scent is starting to grow, which means, Namjoon felt the need to stay away. 

Jimin will present as an omega. 

Jeongguk feels his heart thump in his chest. He doesn’t know what it is that suddenly has him so nervous and excited, but he doesn’t want to waste any more time away from Jimin, it’s been long since the last time they spent so many days apart. It feels almost painful. 

He quickly makes his way to the room in which Jimin has been for the last days and, as soon as he opens the door, he’s met with peaches. It’s intense, so intense. It’s everywhere. Peaches, sweat, peaches. He inhales, his eyes closing because it smells so good. There’s honey there too, the usual honey scent Jimin had always had, but now it’s mixed with that peachy scent, that little something he hadn’t ever been able to recognize before. 

His lips part and he has to force himself to calm down because now is not the time to get excited with Jimin’s scent.  

When his eyes open again, he sees Jimin is laying on the bed, sweat covering his whole body. He’s naked, of course he is, but Namjoon covered the essential parts, before leaving. Jeongguk sees how Jimin’s body has changed now that he’s turned and is going to present as an omega. His hips are a bit wider, his skin looks softer —it seemed impossible for that to happen, but clearly it wasn’t— and, when his eyes open, they’re almost glowing, yellow finding Jeongguk’s eyes. 

Jimin’s scent turns more intense, almost as if he was trying to make Jeongguk only be able to think about that.  

“Y-You—,” he stutters, eyes fluttering shut and fingers curling to clench the sheets. Jeongguk does what he hasn’t been able to do with Jimin, ever. He releases pheromones to calm the new born wolf down. Jimin sighs in relief, only a second later and his fingers let go. Jeongguk observes and is wondered by it completely. It’s not something he’s used to, obviously. His pheromones have never had an effect on Jimin, seeing as he was human, but now they make him... compliant, they calm him. He loves it too much already. He loves everything about werewolf Jimin. His now magnified scent, the effect pheromones have on him. He wonders what Jimin must be feeling, if it’s better now that the pain has subsided. 

“Baby,” he whispers, moving gently towards the bed. Jimin doesn’t move, probably because he’s still lost in the pheromones Jeongguk is releasing to keep him calm. “How are you feeling?” he asks, softly. 

Jimin opens his eyes slowly, a blush creeping at his cheeks. 

“What is that?” he asks, in a barely audible murmur. “Are you getting all alpha on me?” he asks, in a soft whisper. 

Jeongguk chuckles, inevitably and shrugs. 

“They’re called pheromones and they calm you down,” he answers. “Why were you distressed, Jimin hyung?” he asks, finally taking a seat on the bed. But it seems to be a bad idea because suddenly, Jimin’s fingers clench the sheets again and he closes his eyes turning his face away from Jeongguk. “What’s wrong?” he asks, confused. 

“Y-You smell so—,” he cuts himself off when Jeongguk shifts slightly. Oh. He gets it now. Jimin is also affected by Jeongguk’s scent. 

“What do I smell like, Jimin?” Jeongguk asks, amused. He likes this, the discoveries Jimin seems to be making, watching it unfold before his eyes. He loves it.  

“Like... I don’t know, I can’t— I don’t—.” 

Jeongguk uses Jimin’s distraction to move his thumb and slide it softly over the scent gland on his wrist. The effect is immediate. Jimin gasps, body moving to sit, fingers curling around Jeongguk’s wrist. Immediately, Jeongguk is invaded by Jimin’s honey scent, peaches a lot more prominent now. He also smells it, the omega pheromones, how they twist and twirl around him, how they’re becoming... oh. Jimin is going to present and go through his first heat any second now. Again, a small detail he’d forgotten. He takes his phone out, decided to text Namjoon, expecting his rut to kick in forced by Jimin’s own heat. He needs to let Namjoon know.  

Ok, it’s probable the older one already knows it, but still, better prevent. 

Just as he unlocks the screen, fingers pull at his wrist and suddenly he’s on his back, on the bed, Jimin crawling to straddle him. Oh, no. He quickly tries typing, but Jimin snatches the phone away and throws it to the other side of the room. Oh. Jeongguk is ashamed to notice his dick twitches in his pants. He likes this Jimin too, that’s for sure. 

“Scent glands are a motherfucking turn on,” he announces and then kisses Jeongguk as if life depends on it. Jeongguk can already smell it, the slick pouring out of Jimin. He feels heat pool in his abdomen and he lets his hands find their way to Jimin’s hips. The older one frowns and grinds his ass against Jeongguk’s dick, successfully managing to get Jeongguk hard. It should be embarrassing, but he’s too lost in it all, the smell, so intense, slick, the feeling of Jimin against him, the fact that he’s now a werewolf. Oh, God. “What’s happening?” Jimin asks, but doesn’t stop moving over Jeongguk’s lap, like he can’t help it. 

And, well, he can’t. 

“Heat,” Jeongguk manages to mumble. “You’re presenting as an omega, so you’re going to go through your first heat,” he trails to explain, but it’s difficult when Jimin is giving him such a hard time. 

“What’s a heat?” Jimin asks, mouthing at Jeongguk’s scent gland, right where his neck meets his shoulder. It’s ten times better than it’s ever been.  

“Similar to a rut, but in omegas,” he explains, shortly, because honestly, he can sense the tingly feeling of his own rut in the pit of his stomach and he wonders if it will kick in any second or if it will take longer. He figures it depends on how lost in Jimin he gets. “You produce slick, do you feel it?” he asks, trying to calm down in order to able to explain at least a bit, but Jimin is too busy trying to undress him. Though he suddenly blushes and stops, letting go of Jeongguk and covering his mouth with his hands. 

“Oh, God. What is this?” he asks, lifting himself on his knees and feeling over his butt. Jeongguk tries hard to control himself and to not laugh at confused Jimin. He’s cute, too. Really cute. Jimin makes a face when his fingers come back forward, wet and sticky. He sits up straight to be at his height. 

“Slick, self-lubricator, to make it easier to... you know,” he explains softly. 

Jimin’s eyes open wide and he stares at Jeongguk, hands falling onto the younger’s shoulders, to steady himself. He seems horrified that he’s just put his slick covered fingers on his shoulders, but Jeongguk kisses the tip of his nose to reassure him. 

“Am I going to lose my shit like you do during your ruts?” he asks, cheeks still blushing. 

“Yeah, “ Jeongguk mumbles, drowning his face in Jimin’s neck. “But first,” he whispers, sliding his lips against Jimin’s scent gland. The older one freezes and suddenly whimpers, arms wrapping around Jeongguk’s shoulders, to keep him close. He drowns his face in Jeongguk’s neck and also slides his lips over his scent gland.  

This. This right here. Something so intimate and full of meaning. This is what Jeongguk has wanted for a very long time. And he has it. He loves that he does. He can’t believe that he does, but he’s grateful for it. 

“You’re everywhere,” Jimin mumbles, lips still glued to the younger’s neck. “I can feel you everywhere, oh God,” he’s speaking nonsense, but Jeongguk understands it just perfectly because he feels the exact same way about Jimin. 

Jimin is burning, his skin has been gaining temperature since the moment Jeongguk came in and now he’s hot, too hot. The scent is even more intense and he knows Jimin will lose his mind and body to the heat any second. 

So, he starts talking fast. 

“Jimin, heats are intense, especially first heats. Ok?” he asks, releasing pheromones to catch his attention. He moves Jimin’s face until it’s in front of his own and the older one nods, but seems lost in another world, honestly. “It can force my rut earlier, also. So, expect that to happen. And, I'll mate you. Mating is something very intimate and it’s only natural that it happens during sex, so I might not even be in my right mind, but know that I love you and that I'm ready for this, to be with you forever. Ok? After I bite you, you have to bite me. Ok?” Jimin nods along the way and kisses Jeongguk briefly. 

“I love you too,” is the only thing he whispers, before letting go of a long, drawn out moan. It vibrates inside of Jeongguk and he feels his heart start beating faster. “I love you so much,” he whispers. 

Those are the final words he says consciously. Jeongguk sees it happen, how Jimin’s eyes start glowing again, yellow and blown out. He pushes the younger one back and moves but notices —Jeongguk himself hadn’t even noticed it— that the sheets are clinging to Jimin’s hips. He stands up, hovering over Jeongguk, a foot at either side of Jeongguk’s hips and he pushes the sheets away. Wow. It’s not that Jeongguk hasn’t ever seen Jimin naked. Clearly, he has. But Jimin’s scent is intoxicating and arousing and he’s hard and will be a moaning and whimpering mess any second now. 

Jeongguk falls in love all over again. 

“It hurts,” he whines, coming back down to settle on Jeongguk’s belly. It’s clear that he doesn’t really know what he needs and Jeongguk is looking forward to teach him. Jimin’s fingers move to his dick, but Jeongguk stops him, shaking his head. The older one whimpers again. “Please, Jeongguk-ah. Hurt so much,” he mumbles. Jeongguk lets his own fingers wrap around Jimin’s cock and slides his hand up and down, earning himself a moan from the older one. Jimin lets his head fall backwards and he sighs. “It still hurts,” he says, after a moment. He motions towards his belly and Jeongguk nods. 

“I know, baby. Let me make it better for you, yeah?” he mumbles. “Trust me?” Jimin nods, hands drowning in Jeongguk’s hair. Jeongguk grins and quickly pushes Jimin onto the bed. The older one whines, but there’s arousal in his scent and Jeongguk understands he likes it. Of course he does, even if he doesn’t understand it or notice it, his body just needs it. So, he’s going to give it to him. He turns Jimin around to have him on his stomach. He wastes no time unbuttoning his pants and he slides it down, with his boxer briefs. Then, in one swift motion, he slides into Jimin, easily. Oh, God. It’s so wet. 

Jeongguk feels it then, his rut, bubbling and coming, quicker, suddenly. Jimin’s scent morphs and he moans, face drowning on the sheets and fingers clenching the sheets with force. 

“Oh, God,” the older one manages. Jeongguk tries hard to control himself, to not get lost completely in his rut, but Jimin moves his ass up and he loses it, definitely. He groans and pushes back, forcing Jimin’s hips to fall forward and probably have his cock grinding against the bed. Oh. Jimin moans louder. “Please. Please. Faster, Jeongguk. It still hurts. Make it stop,” he begs. He’s begging. It’s hot. 

Jeongguk is going to give it to him. 

He grabs Jimin’s hips and slides out of him, just to push back in, roughly. 

“Fuck,” Jimin mutters, another moan escaping his lips as Jeongguk repeats the motion. One. Two. Three times. Fast. They’ve never made love like this. Scratch that. They’ve never fucked like this. But it somehow feels more intense, probably because of Jimin’s heat and Jeongguk’s rut right around the corner.  

Jeongguk’s trail of thought is interrupted when Jimin whimpers and comes, suddenly. Jeongguk stills for a second, completely taken aback and he moves out of Jimin, to turn him back around. The older one lays his head on the pillow eyes closed and peaceful expression on his face. 

“Wow,” he whispers, sighing in content. 

Jeongguk waits for a few seconds, patiently. And then Jimin’s eyes open once more, desperate. 

“It hurts again, why does it hurt again?” he mumbles, whimpering. Jeongguk makes his wrap his legs around his own waist and he slides inside of him again. 

“I’ll make it stop,” he promises, loving how Jimin’s eyes flutter close and his nails drown in Jeongguk’s back, sliding downwards, as moans just pout out of him with each of the younger’s thrusts. He’s not sure if it’s maybe Jimin’s heat that has him so protective, if it’s that what’s letting him keep conscious enough to help the older one through it. Because normally, his rut forces him into unconsciousness, primal needs and animalistic desires controlling him completely. 

He doesn’t think much of it, as he feels his knot swell. This time, thankfully, there’s no need to stop. He thrusts into Jimin deeper and faster, angling his hips so that he can hit his prostate. Sure enough, the older one lets out a cry, tears spilling down his cheeks as he yells Jeongguk’s name. He’s clenching around Jeongguk’s knot. 

“Oh, fuck. Yes. It feels so good, Jeongguk. Don’t stop, please,” he whimpers, nails still clawing at Jeongguk’s back, pulling him flush against his body. 

When Jeongguk’s knot secures inside of Jimin and he comes, Jimin moans and comes too, tears still rolling down his cheeks, body wet with sweat, from the heat and from the amazing sex they just had. Jeongguk, even though lost in the pleasure, moves up to have Jimin straddling his lap, still inside of him. Jimin whines, forehead falling onto Jeongguk’s shoulder, probably from exhaustion. But the younger one needs it now, needs to make Jimin his, forever. 

He slides his lips softly against Jimin’s scent gland, scenting him and nibbling at the skin of his neck softly. Jimin sighs and tilts his head a bit more, giving him full access. Jeongguk groans and sinks his teeth into the skin, not breaking it, but making Jimin whimper in surrender. 

“Mate me,” the older one murmurs, desperately pulling at Jeongguk’s hair. “Now, Jeongguk. I need you know,” he begs, clinging to Jeongguk like his life depends on it. And now, it will. Now they’ll be one. Jeongguk will be Jimin. And Jimin will be Jeongguk. And they’ll need nothing else in the world.  

“You’re mine,” Jeongguk says, licking over the small bite he’s left on Jimin’s neck. “Forever.” 

This time, when his teeth bite on the skin, it breaks and causes a pained gasp to escape Jimin’s lips. It only lasts a second, though, because then he sinks his teeth into Jeongguk’s neck and it burns. It burns in the best way. He feels the bond, stretching and sliding inside of him, connecting with Jimin. The world seems to tilt and turn into something entirely different from everything Jeongguk has ever known. He feels complete, now. He needs nothing more. 

He detaches his teeth from where they are and licks over Jimin’s wound, coaxing the older one to do so to, with the one he created.  

They stay like that, hearts beating fast and at the same time.  


Jeongguk loves the sound of that.