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For my Sake

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Catra whimpered, clutching the skinny purple arms that held her waist as if she feared they would drop her and let her fall to her death.

Catra didn't dislike flying.

She HATED it.

There was nothing natural about it. Sure it had some perks, but it mostly made Catra want to puke.

How could Alondra have put up with her own flying abilities?! Catra only had more respect for the first Queen of the Magicats.

"Are you alright?" Angella asked, an amused pitch in her tone.

"Aside from the fact that you're trying to kill me?!"

Angella let out an elegant laugh. "Don't worry. We'll be there soon."

Catra didn't answer. She closed her eyes instead, hoping it would calm the nausea.

Angella had found her in the courtyard where the party had taken place the night before, chatting with Netossa and Spinnerella about the Dissidents and the plan the Alliances had agreed upon. The queen had asked for a private conversation with Catra, specifying that she wanted to speak in a particular part of the Whispering Woods.

If Catra had known Angella wanted to go there with her own wings, she wouldn't have agreed.

"I'm starting our descent. Beware of the branches!" Angella warned. Catra opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of the trees coming her way dangerously fast. She protected her face with her arms, but Angella handled the flight perfectly. When they landed, Catra had no bruises on her skin, to her surprise.

"Never flying again," Catra grumbled as she loosened her turtleneck, feeling breathless somehow. "So where did you kidnap me to, Angella?"

The Queen of Bright Moon took her time folding her wings and brushed some leaves off her clothes. Then she smiled at Catra and gestured for her to follow. Catra walked beside her, feeling weirdly anxious as she waited for the queen to talk.

"What should I call you in private?" Angella asked. That was an unexpected question.

"Catra is fine."

"Alright, Catra. There are a lot of things I've been wanting to tell you."

Catra didn't break the silence that followed. Angella had this way of inspiring respect that Catra couldn't comprehend.

"How are you feeling amongst the Magicats?"

Catra shrugged. "Fine, I guess."

"Did they welcome you warmly?"

There was no suspicious tone in her voice. Angella was genuinely curious, and even sounded a little concerned.

"As warmly as they could given the circumstances," Catra answered. "Could have been worse."

"I see," Angella smiled. She seemed hesitant to pursue. "Have you found your parents?"

It was like a stone had just dropped in Catra's stomach. She averted her gaze. She had definitely not expected their talk to start that way.

"No. Only Anya survived."

"I'm so sorry…"

"It's fine."

Angella bit her lip, seemingly trying to find the right words. It was an odd situation, in her defense. Not so long ago, Catra would have laughed at the very concept of having a friendly chat with the queen of Bright Moon.

"I suppose you've gathered by now that I've had a personal connection with the Magicats, and especially with Katriska." Angella breathed in and out. "Learning that you actually are my old friend was not easy to process."

"If it makes you feel better, your friend isn't here anymore," Catra replied bitterly. "I don't have any memory of Katriska's life and I don't feel like her, so don't bother having an existential crisis for me."

"That is not what I meant," Angella said softly. "I just wanted to tell you that despite everything that happened in the past, everything that opposed us, I am glad I can now work alongside you and your people."

Catra observed her warily. She stopped walking and faced the queen. "Have I told you how weird you are, Angella?"

Angella raised her eyebrows. "You haven't."

"I did everything I could to defeat you. I destroyed your kingdom. I kidnapped your daughter. I harmed your people. When you offered me a way to redeem myself before the trial, I was unwilling to admit I acted wrong or even say sorry or thank you. Even now, I'm clearly working for my own interests. I would feel threatened and pissed off in your place. Yet here you are, still fair, still…" Catra paused to find her words. "Still treating me as your equal."

Catra felt embarrassed when she heard the vulnerability in her own voice. Angella's soft and comprehensive smile didn't help her compose a straight face. "I just don't get you, Angella," she blurted out, averting her gaze from her.

"First of all," the immortal queen stated, "I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. With that in mind, you shall be treated with respect and have a voice to be heard just as much as any other leader or soldier fighting for our cause."

Oh, this. This unearthed something warm in Catra's heart. For all her life, Catra had tried to gain respect and prove her worth in the Horde, to no avail. And to think all she had to do was wake up as a queen and bring the Magicats back to the Rebellion. Something was equally wrong in that. But for now, it soothed her need for validation.

"Second, you have to take our past into account. I, too, have things to make amends for."

"Yeah, I remember," Catra brushed it off. "You still blame yourself for not listening to Katriska before Hordak attacked Halfmoon."

"It's not only that."

Catra saw Angella's face twitch into a painful expression. Her tail swished in discomfort. She had the feeling she knew what the queen was about to say.

"I'm pretty sure it's my fault."

Catra held her breath, waiting for her companion to pursue. She had never seen the queen so anxious before.

"Hordak infiltrated Halfmoon using a secret entrance to your kingdom," Angella said as she averted her gaze. "Nobody but you-I mean Katriska-and your closest counsellors knew about this entrance."

Angella... Help...

Katriska! What happened? You're-you're dying!

Catra's heart pounded against her ribcage. A familiar feeling of dread spread in her chest. A ghost of the past rising to take over her mind.

Need… Lucio… Please, take me to Halfmoon.

"But you had to-"

"Stop!" Catra shouted. She grasped her head to control the headache. Her breathing wouldn't calm down. The whistling in her ears got stronger. The memory wanted to come up to her.

"Are you alright?" Angella put a hand on her shoulder. It helped Catra focus her mind on something else than the memory. Soon enough, she let go of her head, and she stopped panting. She realized she had scratched her scalp in the process. There was blood under her nails.

"I'm okay. Let's just drop this. Nobody blames you."

Catra didn't give Angella the time to reply. She moved on between the trees, struggling to hold back the tears.

Catra couldn't face her memories.

She couldn't.

Angella caught up to her, and silently indicated the way. After a minute of silence, they reached a clearing full of stones erected on the ground, decorated with flowers, rocks and objects.

… A graveyard?

"Catra, I brought you here because-"

Angella didn't have the time to finish her sentence. Another voice broke the peaceful silence of the Whispering Woods, attracting the queens' attention.

"I'm sick of this, Mom! I'm not going to pray the First Ones for Dad when we could be taking action!"

"Eren, I wish you would stop speaking that way. This is not how I raised you."

Angella and Catra walked discreetly in the direction of the duo. A teenager around fifteen years old, with antlers on his head was standing next to his mother who was kneeling in front of a grave. The flowers were fresh on the stone.

"You mean the way you let the Horde and that feral woman destroy our villages and kill Dad?"

"We've already talked about this, Eren…"

"Yeah, and I don't care if she's your precious lost queen or whatever. She killed dad!"

Catra's breath hitched. This teenager. He had wrath in him. He was hurt and angry. He wanted revenge. It felt so familiar.

"She went to the Forbidden Zone," his mother answered. "She got her punishment."

"And now she's back with all the glory she could dream of and you all kiss her ass like nothing happened!"


"Hey, kid!" Catra shouted. The two civilians turned around in surprise and reacted very differently at the sight of the queen marching towards them. The mother paled in horror whereas her son tightened his fists.

"Your Majesty!" the woman stuttered. She saw Angella behind Catra and looked like she was about to throw up. "Eren didn't mean it. I'm so sorry!"

"That's not true!" the boy raged. He locked murderous eyes with Catra. "I mean every word. You should have stayed in the Forbidden Zone and died."

"Eren, shut up! You're gonna get us in trouble!"

"I don't care! If I don't speak up, nobody will!"

"Nobody wants to insult the Queen of the Magicats," his mother protested.

"That's what you all think, but if you actually talked to people my age personally, you'd be surprised!"

"Eren," Catra just said. The kid stopped bickering with his mom and looked at her again. His angry face, full of pain, suddenly brought her back to darker times in her own past.

When she felt powerless under Shadow Weaver's abuse. When she was rejected by her comrades for no reason. When she didn't get the praise from Shadow Weaver she thought she would after winning a fight against Adora, after kidnapping Glimmer, after becoming a Force Captain... When she shredded Adora's pillow after she defected. When Hordak betrayed her.


The Horde and her own need for validation had rendered her powerless and hurt.

And she had done just the same to a kid she didn't even know.

"I…" she swallowed. Her throat was too dry. Eren frowned in confusion as he realized what Catra was trying to say. "Eren, I'm-"


Eren darted towards Catra with a scream of rage. Catra was so surprised she couldn't avoid his fist. It connected with her face with a violent smack. Catra fell on her side. Her jaw was throbbing. It felt like it was about to explode. She grunted as she realized her shoulder had not taken the hit against the ground that well, either.

"Eren, you idiot!" his mother exclaimed.

Catra looked up. A mix of emotions was swirling in Eren's eyes-fear, ecstasy, rage. "You don't get to say sorry!" he shouted.

"Young man, that is enough!" Angella said severely.

Catra could see he was not listening. He couldn't focus on anything else but her. There was only him and Catra. Only him and the person responsible for the loss of his father. And he obviously wanted her to suffer as much as he was suffering.

But his anger and pain only met Catra's sudden, unbreakable calm. Her piercing eyes didn't show half of the remorse she should be feeling in his opinion, but Catra knew that if she showed pity he would only grow more upset.

Eren's hand hooked in his pocket to reveal a knife, unclasping in a metallic sound. Angella and his mother widened their eyes as Eren raised his weapon above Catra.

The magicat didn't give him the time to act further. She swiftly jumped to her feet, crouching to his knees' level. She swung her leg and swiped his feet off the ground. The teenager fell on his front, losing his knife in the process. Catra grabbed his arm and locked it behind his back, making sure it was firm but not painful.

"Let me go!" the teenager yelped, tears coming out of his eyes. His mother was a crying mess next to them, weeping in Angella's robe.

"Katriska, please," Angella pleaded.

When Eren stopped struggling, Catra finally spoke.

"Eren. I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm sorry."

He opened an eye to take a good look at her. The two other women stared at the magicat with an equal intensity. Catra didn't need to see their expression to know it was an important moment. The ex Second-in-Command of the Horde was finally recognizing her misdeeds.

"What I did was wrong," Catra pursued. "I took someone you loved. I wish I could undo the harm I've caused you and your family. But I can't. And I know whatever I do to make amends won't be enough for you. I understand that."

Angella was listening to her words with fascination. It wasn't how Catra wanted to show her feelings to her fellow queen, but she had to express them to this kid today. Even if it wouldn't change anything, even if it wouldn't ease his mind, Catra had to show she wasn't as heartless as people made her out to be before she became Katriska in their eyes.

It wasn't the grand apology the Rebellion probably wanted, but to Catra it was more important. It was a small heart-to-heart with a kid who'd been destroyed by the war. Just like that toddler Catra had saved in Mystacor when she had tried to escape. These moments meant more to Catra than any big ceremony.

She knew she would have to make one someday, though. A proper public apology.

"You think that's gonna change anything? I hate you!"

"I know."

"I'll kill you!"

The teenager was ugly crying, his voice raspy and desperate.

"I'm really sorry, kid. But I can't let you kill me today," Catra shook her head. "So let's make a deal. When the war is over, if you still hold a grudge against me, come and find me. Whenever you want, even in ten years. I'll be waiting and we'll settle this."

Eren's jaw dropped in shock.

"But this time, you'd better be ready, because I won't just disarm you," Catra concluded dangerously. "This time, I'll fight back."

She finally loosened her grip on Eren. The teenager stood up and eyed the queen warily. His mother hooked her hand around his arm and tugged.

Catra picked up his knife. She clasped it and handed it to Eren. He stared at the weapon, then back at the queen. Finally he put it back in his pocket. He glared at Catra, then followed his mother out of the graveyard.

Catra sighed and sat down, holding her aching jaw. Angella walked towards her.

"This was…peculiar," she said. "You do realize that you might face more of these young people after the war if this kid spreads your word?"

"Yeah, well," Catra shrugged. "I'll need something to keep me busy anyway."

She saw Angella's eyebrow raising. She was seeing through her, but she didn't comment, to Catra's relief. Catra was not the best at expressing remorse.

"Now may I show you why I brought you out here?" the winged queen asked.

Catra only nodded, not wanting to aggravate her tender jaw. She followed Angella through the graveyard. A lot of the stones looked recent. Catra assumed she probably was responsible for a lot of them… She averted her gaze, ears drooping, as she kept on going to the oldest part of the cemetery.

A name caught her attention on their way.

Micah. King of Bright Moon.

Sparkles' father.

He used to be a good friend of the Magicats, too. He'd died during the first war against Hordak after insisting on avenging her people. Avenging her, Katriska.

"Here," Angella broke her daze.

Catra found herself facing an old tomb. A very old one.

"What is this?"

"This is the grave of the fifth Queen of the Magicats. The only one who wanted to be buried here instead of Halfmoon."

Catra raised her eyebrows in surprise. She had never heard of a queen buried outside of Halfmoon. She squinted to read the degraded inscription.

"It's… Vikatriya 'the Warrior'. It's the queen who started the Endless War, right?"

"Yes," Angella smiled. "She had so many enemies it's a surprise she lived to be 150 years old."

"Why is she buried here?" Catra frowned.

"Because she loved the people living here. At the time, Bright Moon was ruled by a mad king. He was not my ancestor, thank the First Ones. I would be ashamed to have him in my family tree."

Catra bit her lip to avoid pointing out that Angella had no family to put on a tree except for Glimmer.

"Vikatriya was furious that Mystacor only tried diplomacy to reason with the mad king," Angella continued. "It was absolutely not working. The people were dying from starvation because he took all their resources. And no other kingdom lifted a finger."

"That's why she started the war."

"Yes. She and the Kingdoms of the South allied themselves against the mad king. In retaliation, he claimed it was against the ancestral rules of the First Ones kept in the Sacred Writings of Mystacor. They assert that wars and conflicts of any kind disrupt the flows of energy and hurt Etheria. That's why it's always been unnatural for us to fight or even mingle in other kingdoms' business. The mad king used the Sacred Writings to convince people that Vikatriya would lead the world to destruction. Some kingdoms of the North thought it actually made sense, and-"

"And the war turned even crazier."

"Spot on. But Vikatriya didn't let go. She was so angry with everybody. So tired of the system. She wanted to change it all. Her stubbornness even earned her some enemies among the Magicats, who were tired of fighting a war for people who never would for them."

Catra's mind drifted at these words. Angry with everybody… Tired of the system... It reminded a lot of what she had felt many months ago, when Madame Razz revealed her prophesized destiny. Catra was so annoyed she had to fix the mistakes of their parents and ancestors.

She had been even more angry later when she'd realized she couldn't change anything until the prophecy was fulfilled.

"So she listened to her people in the end," Angella continued with the story. "She backed away a little. She kept protecting Bright Moon's citizens as best she could, but she stopped leading the main conflict. She lost hope and died hated by a lot of people, including some of her own."

Catra gulped. She didn't like how the story ended. "Why are you telling me this, Angella?"

"I wanted to show you that you are not the first controversial queen, and you won't be the last. But you shouldn't lose hope if you feel like what you are doing is the right thing. Your altercation with Eren corroborates my word. You are in a complex situation, but I know that you've found your path, even if I don't understand it quite yet."

Catra stared at the queen. Angella, the Immortal Being, the embodiment of knowledge and rightfulness…

There was so much she didn't know. So much Catra wanted to reveal right now. But she'd promised herself she would wait. First, defeating Hordak. Then they would talk.

"How can you be so sure that I'm doing what's right for everyone?"

Angella looked at her with surprise. "Because you came back."

"But… I don't get it."

"You found your past. You found your people. I trust the Magicats to want the right thing for Etheria, but even aside from that I know that you have changed. You're moving forward, Catra. You've entered another chapter of your own story. Being Hordak's Second-in-command was a terrible part of your life for us and for you, but it is so insignificant compared to everything you are and could be. It would be a shame to close the door to you now of all times."

Catra's eyes were as big as saucers. Angella's unwavering forgiveness and fairness made her uncomfortable. She didn't really know how to react to that kind of attitude. She preferred to face people like Eren. It was much easier to handle.

"You're so weird…" Catra huffed. "So you're giving me your support now even though you were so pissed earlier that I decided for you all that the Dissidents will get the Fright Zone?"

"I was displeased, it is true. But I understand why you did that. Both Halfmoon and the Horde are important to you. You wanted to be sure there would be a future for the people living there."

Sort of.

"I just wish you would trust us more," Angella said with a sad smile. "I can't blame you for being cautious, but we need mutual trust if we want to win this war together."

"We'll get there," Catra gave her a genuine smile. Angella liked it, she could tell.

"To end the story on a lighter note." Angella turned to look back at the grave. "Vikatriya was remembered as a very belligerent queen, but she was adored here in Bright Moon, and a lot of Magicats remembered her change of heart in the end. She listened to them and tried to do what was best for everyone she loved. She might have failed to stop the mad king and calm the tensions, but the people who loved her remember what she did right."

Catra averted her gaze in discomfort. She didn't want to think of what people would think of her, Catra, by the end of the war. They only saw her as Katriska now anyway. It was easier. Why look at the ex-Horde soldier who assaulted them, when they could see the returned queen, the savior, instead?

If only Catra hadn't ignored the pain she had inflicted on innocent people…

If only she had discovered her origins earlier…

If only she hadn't been so obsessed with winning the war against Adora and the Princesses...

If only Shadow Weaver hadn't destroyed her and pushed Adora and her against each other all their lives…

What the hell are you doing, Light Spinner?!

Catra blinked furiously. Images flashed before her eyes. A whistling exploded in her ears, increasing exponentially. She shook her head.

You're not supposed to be here, Queen Katriska.

Angella was watching her with worry. Catra gripped her temples with both hands. The headache hurt. So bad. She could hear someone screaming. She had a feeling it was her own voice.

"Excuse me?! You drugged me after the meeting and stole my mask. I want it back."

"With all due respect, Your Majesty, you are out of your mind."

It hurt. It hurt. It hurt.

"Stop lying. The mask calls me when it's not next to me, and I can feel it's here."

Katriska collapsed on the ground. She felt so weak. Something was definitely wrong with the mask.

"Are you okay, Your Majesty? You look very sick. I could help you, if you desire…"

"No!" she yelled. "Stay away from me! You're doing something to the mask. I can feel it."

Light Spinner squinted. "Did anyone see you come here, Your Majesty?"

Her heart raced. She had to lie. "Of course. Angella knows where I am, and my mages are on their way."

"On their way from the locked-down Halfmoon? I don't think so. Nobody can reach your people now that you've decided Hordak is your enemy."

Katriska cursed internally. "I am the Queen of the Magicats. If you think I don't have ways to contact them-"

She had to stop talking for a few seconds. Her head was spinning. Her body was shaking. She felt like she was about to throw up. Her arms couldn't even support her weight.

"It's a shame you decided to come here in Mystacor all alone for one last meeting before retreating yourself in Halfmoon." Light Spinner crouched in front of her. She grabbed her chin and tilted it up. In her eyes, there was only unhealthy fascination. "I wonder which one of my spells put you in this state…"

Katriska's mind was paralyzed in fear. Light Spinner's touch was as deadly as her magic.

"It's a good thing you came to me, Katriska," she whispered. "This way I can see the effects of your mask directly on yourself."

"I'll- You'll pay for this!"

"Oh no, I won't, my dear queen," Light Spinner chuckled. "I'll wipe your mind when I'm done with you. You won't remember your mask was even stolen."

Katriska wanted to scream. She had acted so stupidly. How arrogant of her to have thought she could handle being alone in Mystacor during the lockdown. Staying close to Angella had definitely not been enough.

Light Spinner stood tall before Katriska. She showed the mask that she'd been hiding in her robe. It was glowing in an unsettling dark purple light. Light Spinner murmured a spell. Katriska screamed in pain. She felt the Cat coming out from the depth of her body. It was strong but unstable. It wanted to get rid of the pain. It hurt too much.

Katriska roared. She leapt on Light Spinner, who looked terrified and unprepared for her fate.

Katriska unsheathed her claws.

She lashed out on Light Spinner. The sorceress cast spells to defend herself. But the Cat was stronger.

She scratched and scratched, until she collapsed from exhaustion.

She turned back to herself. She grabbed her mask, and crawled back outside of Light Spinner's room. She tried to call for help, but she didn't have enough strength.

A few seconds or a few hours later, she could hear steps and a worried voice.

"Katriska? Katriska!"

She opened her eyes and smiled weakly. Her friend was here. It was going to be alright. "Angella! Help…"

"What happened? You're- you're dying!"

Katriska could barely whisper. "Need… Lucio… Please, take me to Halfmoon."

"I'll get some help. Casta can help you."

"No!" Katriska gripped Angella's arm. She couldn't trust any sorceress. Not in that state. Not when she was sure now that Hordak had infiltrated their ranks. "Halfmoon! Now!"

"But Halfmoon is locked down, remember?" Angella said softly. Nobody could come in or out of the kingdom except for the queen and a few counsellors who knew the secret entrance. Nobody else, not even a magicat, was allowed to know its exact location.

But it was Angella. Angella was young, but she was the most reliable person in the world.

Angella would take the secret to her grave.

"I'll show you the way…"

Angella was her friend. Angella would never hurt her, and Katriska would never hurt her either.

Catra crawled on the ground.

Her pain was so intense she couldn't even scream. She didn't know how long she had dragged her own body on the moss of the forest.

Angella was her friend. Angella would never hurt her, and Katriska would never hurt her either.

Catra wanted to empty her stomach, but she didn't even have the energy for that. Her head was tortured by a hammer of flashes and memories. She'd never had such a disastrous flashback before. It was unnatural.

Her vision was blurry. But she could decipher her claws and hands. Covered in blood.

She didn't know who it belonged to.

Angella was her friend. Angella would never hurt her, and Katriska would never hurt her either.


Her voice was hoarse. As if she had screamed a lot.

An eternity later, or so it seemed, she heard another voice above her.

"Catra? You okay there? Oh man, are you hurt?!"

That was the dumb horse Adora loved so much.

"I- Please… Adora…"

Catra needed her right now. She needed her to hold her. She needed to cry in her arms. She needed to forget about the most awful flashback she'd ever had.

"Don't worry, Catra! Swift Wind is here to take you back to Bright Moon safely!" the unicorn exclaimed in a dramatic tone.

"No! No flying! Can't…"

The prospect of flying made her want to rip her heart out of her chest with her bare hands.

"Alright. Since you're so ill, I won't take offense," Swift Wind neighed. "I'll go fetch Adora! I'll be there in a minute!"

What had she done to deserve such pain? Why had Shadow Weaver done that to her?

Why did she keep hurting her even in past lives?

It had to be her. Shadow Weaver must have triggered that memory on purpose. There was no other explanation.

Wait. Whose blood was on Catra's hands?

And where was Angella? She was there before her mind went blank… Wasn't she?

Catra was scared. Catra had a feeling she had screwed up.

"Adora!" she wailed. Where was she? Why wasn't she with her?

Why was she alone?

"Wildcat! Are you okay?"

She looked up. She hadn't heard Scorpia arrive. She looked so worried. Her presence soothed Catra a little.

"We need to find Angella!" Catra suddenly blurted out, shaking from head to tail. "She must be… I think I…"

Hurt her.

"Shh, it's okay. Don't worry about that now."

Scorpia inspected her and saw that she wasn't injured. Then she took her in her arms and rocked her gently. Catra hugged her friend back, finally crying heavily against her chest.

It was fine. She would be fine. It was just a memory.

A few minutes later, Anya joined them, expressing her worries for Catra, but letting her get over whatever happened. She warned Scorpia that she should go back to the camp as soon as possible, since her return was still a secret.

None of them realized that Swift Wind was back, a few feet away from them, hiding behind a tree with Adora. He was looking at his partner in awe, wondering why she wasn't running towards her Catra.

Adora's fists tightened.

She was staring at Scorpia, who was supposed to be in the desert with the Magicats, but who was currently in the Whispering Woods, taking care of Catra so lovingly.

Adora was staring at Catra, glaring at Catra, who looked so broken but had blood on her claws. Angella's blood.

Catra, who was hiding things. Catra, who was a liar.

Just like everyone else.

Jealousy and betrayal clashed against her concern for Catra in her chest. Adora was terrified of seeing Catra so hurt. But she was also so angry and confused.

Adora wanted to confront her. Adora wanted to comfort her.

But She-Ra wanted to come out. If She-Ra took control…

Adora turned around, and walked away from Catra.

"Mom? Mom!" Glimmer smiled when she saw Angella open her eyes. "How are you?"

"Glimmer… I…"

The queen winced in pain. She put a hand on her stomach, where large bandages constricted the wounds.

"Don't touch it, Mom. It's too fresh."

Glimmer took her hand, and felt tears run down her cheeks. She couldn't hold them back. Anger and pain were swelling in her chest. Her mom had been really close to dying, and she was still heavily injured, despite She-Ra and Castaspella's good care.

"What happened?" Angella asked feebly. She looked quickly around her. She was in her room, surrounded by the princesses and the captain of the royal guard. All looking at her in worry.

"I was hoping you would tell us, Mom."

"I- I don't-" Angella frowned then her face fell all of a sudden. She remembered. Her skin turned pale. She shook her head. "It's not- I can't believe…"

"What? What is it, Mom? Who did that to you?"


Glimmer dropped her mother's hand. A strange calm took over her body as she stood.

She couldn't hear the princesses' shocked exclamations around her. Her mind was only focused on one thing right now.

"Guard," she told the captain. Her aura was ice cold. "Lock the gates of Bright Moon. No Southerner may pass until the situation is resolved. And if you encounter Queen Katriska," she added with murderous eyes. "Tell me so that I can greet her properly."