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For my Sake

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A year after the battle of Brightmoon, Commander Catra of the Horde has captured Adora, Princess of Power, her ex-best friend, and made her a prisoner in the Fright Zone.

Her success in her new rank and her final victory over Adora has Catra on cloud nine. She brags about her power to Adora and Shadow Weaver, feeling almighty in front of the two women who meant the most to her in her childhood.

However, despite what Catra says, she hasn't grown indifferent to Adora's betrayal when she left her behind to fight against the Horde. She also hasn't really fallen out of love with her ex-best friend. That's why when Hordak orders Catra to behead Adora on the spot, she does what she can to stop it, to the point of giving Hordak suspicion about her loyalty. Octavia, who's been lurking around, envying Catra's position, sees this happen with great pleasure.

Adora gets saved by Glimmer and Bow, who have infiltrated the Horde thanks to Kyle, a nobody cadet who's keen on spying on people and has been giving intel to Bow for a few months. On their way out of the Fright Zone, they encounter Entrapta, who agrees to help them and keep their escape a secret, for old times' sake.

Catra, unaware that Adora is alive at Brightmoon, reconsiders her life goal and her ambitions. Was it really all because of Adora? Can't she do things for herself? What will she do now that Adora is gone for good? She has no time to ruminate as the next battle is on the way, starring Hordak himself as their main leader.

Meanwhile in the Rebellion, people are preparing themselves for the battle. They know Hordak plans to raid Salineas first as a bait and then attack Brightmoon. The Princesses want to stay all together at Brightmoon to end the war once and for all. But for this, they need to sacrifice Salineas. Mermista is furious.

While they wait for the Horde, Adora reflects on her relationship with Catra, and what her ex-friend has become. She knows there is some good in Catra. She knows she still cares.

The battle bursts at dawn, pitting hundreds of robots and tanks against the Princesses. Catra is leading the catapult team on the cliff, and that's where she sees the Princess of Power attacking Hordak. Adora is alive!

Hordak replies with his tech magic. During his fight with She-Ra, he reveals that they are both from the same planet, Eternia. Adora doesn't believe him and hides this information from her friends afterwards.

Catra is fighting to the death against Octavia, under Hordak's orders. Catra has been betrayed! She sets up an explosion and burns her back badly in the process. Octavia catches her and shows Catra off on the battlefield. Hordak threatens to kill Catra unless Adora surrenders, and Adora nearly agrees. It doesn't go unnoticed by Angella, who realizes how important Catra is to Adora. Catra, on the verge of being strangled by Octavia, plucks Octavia's last eye out of its socket, freeing herself from her grasp.

Catra is now after Hordak while Adora tries to keep up with the fight. Seeing this battle reverse against him, Hordak decides to use his secret card. He inserts a yellow rock on Catra's mask, inducing a shockwave on the planet and turning her into a giant feral beast! She's released into the Rebel safe camp, ravaging it before running off into the Woods. Over there, she meets Madame Razz, a funny witch who puts a blue rock on the mask which turns Catra back to herself. A new power wave shakes Etheria, reinvigorating the Princesses.

New allies arrive to bring the Horde down. The Sorceresses of Mystacor, led by Castaspella, magically transport themselves to Brightmoon just when they feel Catra's mask's magic.

Feeling defeated, Hordak orders a retreat. Adora leaves immediately with Swift Wind to search for Catra. She realizes the Woods are finally healing! Is it caused by the power waves? Adora finally finds Catra inside Light Hope's ruined Temple. That place has been guarded by the Horde for about six months after an invasion, and completely destroyed with the crystals and First One tech robbed. Adora destroys the Horde camp all by herself, feeling weirdly drunk on her new power.

Inside the Temple, Catra is unconscious. Adora wants to take her back to Brightmoon, where the severe burn on her back can heal. Catra refuses to follow her, but she's so exhausted she falls asleep in Adora's arms. Adora takes it upon herself to carry Catra to Brightmoon. When Catra wakes up, they're close to the castle. She tries to run away, using the power of the mask again, but is too weak, and is easily taken down by the Rebels. Adora is furious with her allies' behavior. Catra deserves a fair trial and needs to be treated with respect.

Meanwhile in the Horde, Hordak is pissed at himself. He acted recklessly during this battle. He decides to open up about his past and his plans to Entrapta. He reveals he comes from Eternia, a planet outside the Despondos system. His magic isn't working well on Etheria. It took him two decades to improve his tech to a decent level. Hordak thinks he needs the runestones of the Princesses to go back to Eternia, hence his conquering aspirations. To be sure Entrapta would remain loyal to him, he wants to cut her arm off and replace it with a robotic hand of his own design. Entrapta doesn't really have a choice and agrees half-heartedly.

Back with the Alliance, Castaspella and Angella tell the tragic story of Catra's people, the Magicats. They were an important kingdom that disappeared fifteen years ago, wiped out by Hordak. Their story started a thousand years ago, when the Great Chaos killed half of the population. Most of the knowledge from the planet got lost, and She-Ra disappeared from Etheria. Only one prophecy remained: She-Ra would come back when they needed her most.

The world was divided into kingdoms protected by Princesses linked to the old runestones. Some smaller kingdoms were ruled by Princesses without runestones.

Mystacor took the position of pacifier and knowledge keeper. They recruited people like them who could use magic at their will with spells and objects, and taught them how to master the art. They intervened in arguments between kingdoms, trying their best to maintain peace for the planet's wellbeing.

The Magicats were the only ones besides She-Ra that got a portable runestone, within the mask of their queen. They were a special kingdom, very influential as well as altruistic.

The Magicats and Mystacor became strong groups around which people gathered at the time to survive and reorganize themselves.

The Magicats have always disagreed with Mystacor about how to protect the planet. Mystacor, as self-proclaimed experts at analyzing the flows of energies of the planet, thought it would be better for each kingdom to mind their own business as much as possible with few alliances. It prevented wars. The Magicats, on the contrary, claimed that Princesses needed to unite, make alliances, and work together to prevent the deterioration of the planet.

Few people believed them. Etheria seemed to be doing much better over the years after the Great Chaos, and following Mystacor's ways seemed to work just fine. Only a few kingdoms in the far South believed the Magicats were right. A few centuries of disagreements later, these kingdoms cut ties from the North, deciding they couldn't deal with them any longer. Nobody ever saw them again, and they were declared dead in the desert. As for the Magicats, they stayed in their kingdom, Halfmoon, never letting go of their task. They were still beloved by the people despite being misunderstood.

When Hordak arrived out of nowhere on Etheria with his army about twenty years ago, he introduced himself as a space traveller who got lost on his way. For a couple of years, all the Princesses and Mystacor accepted him in their kingdoms, thrilled to know more about his stories.

Katriska, the last magicat queen, was the only one who warned them not to trust him. Nobody listened to her until a Sorceress stole her mask and tried to mess with her runestone under Hordak's influence. That Sorceress, Light Spinner, confessed during trial that Hordak had told her that the runestones had to be united to unlock great ancient power that would save the planet, and that the portable runestone must have been special.

Light Spinner was banished into the Forbidden Zone, and Bright Moon declared war on Hordak. Angella and her husband Micah struggled to create the very first Princess Alliance, as it was not in the traditions. Mystacor refused to join them, convinced it would only disrupt the flows of energy and mess with the planet's wellbeing and the First Ones' will.

Just as the Alliance was about to attack, Hordak invaded Halfmoon and slaughtered all the Magicats. Katriska was killed and her mask lost. The Rebellion blamed themselves for that disaster, especially Angella, who used to be friends with Katriska. The first Alliance decided to honor the Magicats and fight Hordak anyway. They lost the battle. Many soldiers were killed, including King Micah. The Alliance broke apart, convinced their union had been a terrible mistake and they should have listened to Mystacor. They retreated each into their own kingdom, resisting against Hordak until the return of She-Ra. They kept faith that this great warrior would come back soon.

The Princesses all lost a great deal of their power after that massacre. They also realized that what the Magicats had predicted for centuries was finally happening. The planet was deteriorating. Suddenly, with the loss of a runestone, the desert started spreading more, and the Whispering Woods grew smaller.

It all changed when the mask and its runestone reappeared on the battlefield, on Catra's forehead. Its magic was back. Catra is the last magicat, but also the magicat queen. Her blue and yellow eyes are the mark of the spirit of the Queen of the Magicats.

Now Etheria is finally complete, the Princesses are stronger and can win the war, and the planet will stop dying. As for Catra, she has to face a trial for her crimes as the Horde Commander, not as the last Queen of the Magicats. Adora decides to become her defense witness in the trial, and does her very best to make people understand Catra and put her behavior into perspective. The prisoner, on the other hand, is still angry at Adora. She doesn't want her help and doesn't believe the Rebellion can conduct a "fair" trial. In her opinion, they already doomed her, especially Mystacor. Adora doesn't like that Catra is judging them without knowing them at all.

Adora keeps visiting Catra in prison, twice a day, to take care of her wound. She tells her everything she learned about the Magicats and their history with the Rebellion. She talks to her about the trial, and tries to convince her to join the Rebellion as a condition for her pardon. Adora also opens up to her about what Hordak told her about her own two young women get closer, embracing the longing they have felt for so long. However the tension of their long conflict hasn't dropped yet.

Catra gets visited by more Princesses, including Perfuma, who's making the balm for her wound, and Angella, who reiterates Adora's invitation to join the Rebellion. She also explains how she used to be Katriska's friend, and how she let her down. Before leaving she asks about Hordak's plan regarding Salineas, because Mermista has fallen sick in a magical way. Catra says he planned to study the Sea Pearl in the Fright Zone but not damage it. Angella gathers that Mermista's illness comes from the removal of her runestone from its connection point, and is impressed by Catra's willingness to help.

The Princesses decide to contact Entrapta through Kyle to solve the Mermista problem. Kyle, who was mad at the Rebellion because his best friend Rogelio lost his legs and has been in a coma since the battle, wants to use this to his advantage. In the meantime he has learned that Entrapta needs a hair from Angella to unlock some encrypted data from Light Hope's Temple. Entrapta discovered that First One descendant's DNA is the key to these data, and is convinced that an Immortal Being like Angella must be a descendant.

Kyle creates a bargain between the two groups. He tells Bow that Entrapta will move the runestone back to Salineas if the Rebellion provides the hair, and he tells Entrapta the contrary. In exchange for being the messenger, he asks Entrapta to heal Rogelio and bring him back to life. Octavia has ordered the doctor to cut off his life support if he's not out of the coma in a week. Entrapta eventually finds out the deal was Kyle's idea, but honors their agreement anyway. Healing Rogelio's legs will be her first attempt at using Hordak's tech magic.

Glimmer refuses to hand over her mother's hair. She'd rather give her own hair, but doesn't trust Entrapta. She's convinced Entrapta told the Horde that Adora was alive, explaining why Hordak wasn't surprised to see her on the battlefield.

Glimmer visits Catra and asks if Entrapta told her Adora was alive, in an attempt to gauge Entrapta's trustworthiness. A scene of jealousy occurs between Catra and Glimmer, who has a crush on Adora. Adora is mad at Catra for playing with her own feelings just to get to Glimmer. She's also mad that Catra doesn't seem to realize that Adora's trying to save her because she doesn't want to lose her. A positive thing comes out of the exchange, though. Glimmer finally thinks she can trust Entrapta enough to give her own hair, but not Angella's. Indeed Catra was definitely not aware that the genius princess helped them escape from the Fright Zone. Entrapta hasn't betrayed her old friends.

The hair retrieval meeting takes place between Bow and Kyle, who unfortunately attracts Octavia's attention. Satisfied, Entrapta convinces Hordak to move the runestone back to Salineas, with the argument that the stone is losing power when it's out of its connecting point. Only She-Ra's sword and the mask of the Magicats are portable runestones. Hordak thought it would be interesting to make the Princesses lose power by draining the Salineas runestone's powers, but then changes his mind because he needs the runestones operational to reach Eternia.

Entrapta keeps her promise to Kyle. She creates leg prostheses for Rogelio, using Hordak's tech magic. To make it work, she has to connect her own legs to the machine, with Emily's help. It almost turns to disaster. Entrapta and Rogelio have a seizure, and Ferrarius, the Horde doctor, fights against Emily along with Lonnie to stop the process. It ends well for Rogelio who wakes up from his coma able to walk on his new legs. Entrapta unfortunately loses her own walking abilities.

In her cell, Shadow Weaver asks Hordak to give her back the position of Second in Command since Catra is gone now. Hordak agrees to give her another chance. He asks for her mask and promises to free her once he's done tinkering with it.

Back in the Rebellion, Mermista is finally doing better. Everybody is moving to Mystacor for Catra's trial. Adora and Catra meet the defensor, a warlock named Vassilis who looks excited at this opportunity. Before the trial, Catra tries to escape from Brightmoon, but unfortunately for her Adora catches her. They argue, they talk about their conflict and latent feelings for each other… and they kiss!

Adora now knows how deep her feelings for Catra are. Catra on the other hand is confused and rejects Adora after the kiss.

In Mystacor, while Adora and Glimmer are reading about the magicat queens and wondering why the first queen Alondra was named after a bird, Adora apologizes to Glimmer for putting her second since Catra has been around. Glimmer is still a bit jealous inside, but she wants her friend to be happy. She doesn't like Catra, but she knows how devastated Adora would be if Catra was sentenced to death. Still, she feels guilty for not helping Adora prepare for the trial.

Finally the trial happens. 21 persons are members of the jury. 7 Princesses, 7 Sorceresses, and 7 civilians. Queen Castaspella is presiding over the court. Hermès, the prosecutor, appeals to the emotions of the jury. He claims that Catra is a monster and asks for the death penalty to honor the many people the Princesses promised but failed to protect against the Horde. Adora realizes Glimmer is the prosecution's witness. She's pissed, but Glimmer does her best to help Catra.

Vassilis is pleading guilty for Catra. Yes, she did horrible things, and she has to make amends. But he tries to make the jury understand what drove Catra to act like this. He makes Adora talk about their upbringing, forcing Adora and Catra to relive some of their most traumatic memories. His other argument is that Catra is Queen of the Magicats, the last of her kind, and an ex-Horde Commander who knew everything about their enemy, it would be pretty stupid to get rid of her. The Rebellion and the civilians let the Magicats down once, and owe it to them to protect their last survivor. He also calls to the jury's faith in the First Ones. They surely wouldn't have made She-Ra and the last magicat come back at the same time and be intimately linked since childhood for nothing?

Hermès uses his final card: Adora's scars. Catra did not know the scratches she had given Adora in her She-Ra form had persisted. She feels terrible about it. Hermès says that, according to the Sacred Writings of Mystacor, it's the symbol of She-Ra's true enemy. The enemy of the heart.

In the Horde, Entrapta is having issues. First of all, she learned extraordinary and dangerous things through the Temple of Light Hope. It's Etheria's history book! She is scared of everything she's learned and knows Hordak mustn't know any of it. Second of all, Kyle has been put into jail by Octavia, who is interrogating him and might learn from him how Entrapta betrayed Hordak. It's crucial to get him out of there quickly. Entrapta learns, thanks to Hordak's spy, that Catra is currently on trial and might get killed, which would really be a bummer. Last of all, Hordak decides to launch his secret missiles on Mystacor while the whole Rebellion is gathered there.

Entrapta wants to warn Bow but is scared that Hordak might find out. Eventually she calls Bow and warns him that the Horde might do something today. Bow tries to talk with the Princesses, but they're making their decision about Catra, and nobody can disturb them. He's kicked out of the room, and Catra, who heard him, is on her guard.

Finally her sentence is pronounced: she is going to be exiled into the Forbidden Zone, an alternate dimension from which almost no one returns. If she can overcome her demons and escape, the Rebellion will be ready to welcome her back.

Just at this moment, Hordak's missile blows up Mystacor. Chaos spreads among the people, who run for their lives. Catra makes Vassilis set her free from her chains. She gets her mask back from Castaspella, then she gives a kiss goodbye to Adora, who's stuck, and flees amongst the crowd. Another missile crushes a wall, killing dozens of people. Just as Catra is about to flee, she sees a little boy who's trying to wake up his dead mother. Catra saves him from the stones falling around him.

At this moment Adora arrives in the form of She-Ra. She looks pissed, but she lets Catra go.

Catra is caught outside. When she tries to use the power of her mask, a spell Castaspella has set on her mask stuns her. Mystacor had anticipated her escape attempt! Catra is put into jail, and so is Adora, who was seen letting the prisoner go.

Mystacor is furious and imprisons the Princess Alliance. Angella is the only one allowed out to negotiate with Mystacor. But the Sorceresses are out of their minds. They have to act fast to protect their kingdom from the Horde that could strike again.

They decide to send Catra to the Forbidden Zone as soon as possible.

Meanwhile in the Fright Zone, Entrapta decides to act. She explains the whole situation to Scorpia, Lonnie, and Rogelio. She has discovered crucial information thanks to the crystals from the Temple of Light Hope. Some of this information is about Catra. They need to go save her. They also need to keep the crystals away from the Fright Zone. It's too dangerous to keep them so close to Hordak.

Unfortunately Entrapta can't come because of her metallic hand. She doesn't know yet how it works, but she's sure it'll bring them trouble. Besides, she has to monitor the cameras to help them get out of the Fright Zone.

Scorpia refuses to leave Entrapta behind. Lonnie doesn't want to leave the Horde, but now that she knows things too and is friends with Kyle, she might be targeted by Octavia as well. Eventually, Entrapta blackmails them out of the Fright Zone. They get Kyle out of prison and run away with the crystals while Entrapta erases all her data and her own memories until a few weeks before the Horde invaded the Temple of Light Hope. Before she does it, Entrapta orders Emily to keep the secret and hide from her.

Scorpia, Rogelio and Kyle are now alone on a skiff, with only a bit of food and water, and Catra's signal beeping on their tablet. On their way out of the Fright Zone, Lonnie had to sacrifice herself to let the group escape.

In her prison cell, Adora is furious with everybody. She never thought the Rebellion could act so mercilessly. Catra did some awful things, but she doesn't deserve that horrible and useless sentence that leaves no room for redemption. Glimmer appears in the prison. She's been released because Catra is already on her way to the Forbidden Zone. Glimmer decides to help Adora. She teleports her where Catra is, but it's too late. Catra falls into the other dimension right before her eyes.

Angella decides to oppose Mystacor. She thinks the Forbidden Zone sentence is cruel and won't serve either the Rebellion or Catra. Unfortunately she was too late to save Catra. She feels like a terrible queen, and now it's time to become a real one. She orders Mystacor to release all the Princesses, and claims that now they will stay independent from Mystacor.

Adora is devastated about Catra's situation, but she doesn't give up. She tells Bow and Glimmer her decision to go find a way to rescue her in the Forbidden Zone. At this moment Madame Razz appears in her bedroom. She gives Adora magical berries that will help her go in and out of the Forbidden Zone, then disappears. Bow and Glimmer try to stop Adora but she is already gone.

In the Forbidden Zone, Catra faces her demons. She sees her deepest fears materialized in front of her. Fears of what she could have become if she had continued on the path of revenge. Fears of losing Adora. Fear of staying in Adora's shadow forever.

Just when she's about to lose courage, Madame Razz chases them away. She gives Catra her mask back, which she has just stolen from Mystacor, making sure a guard saw her to prevent any suspicion from being directed at the Princesses.

Madame Razz then explains to Catra that they have met before. She was the one who gave her the blue rock on the battlefield. She tells her that her mask has another special property. Catra can use the blue rock to view memories from the past magicat queens and her own. As proof Catra tries and sees her first memory of Adora, back in the Fright Zone when they were around five years old.

Madame Razz shows her Queen Katriska's last memory. Catra recognizes the scene from her nightmares. Houses on fire. Dead bodies on the ground. A queen who looks a lot like Catra is fighting desperately against Hordak. Hordak snatches the golden rock from her mask. Katriska turns into an uncontrollable giant feline. She knocks Hordak out and runs away, until she turns again into herself. She's dying. She can't move anymore.

A much younger Madame Razz joins Katriska, who tries to give her the broken mask. Madame Razz takes the blue rock, severing the queen's connection with her runestone. Then she makes Katriska eat magical berries and kisses her forehead. Katriska turns into a little toddler. She tells her she will have no memories of her previous life, apologizes and disappears, leaving the young child alone. Hordak finds her, realizes she is Katriska, and takes her and her broken mask with him. He names her Catra.

Catra is furious and scared. She can't believe what she just saw. Madame Razz tells her that a thousand years ago, a prophecy was made. The next She-Ra would come back in time of Etheria's greatest need. But there was another part to the prophecy, unknown to the Rebellion: She-Ra would save the world along with Katriska. Katriska, the Queen of the Magicats, would grow up with She-Ra, and both would influence each other their whole lives.

Unfortunately, Katriska was born long before She-Ra. Madame Razz took the responsibility of destroying her first life.

Catra is extremely angry. Angry that her previous life was erased for Adora. Angry that her future is already decided without her having any choice. She threatens to kill Madame Razz if she ever sees her again. Madame Razz apologizes but doesn't ask for forgiveness. Then she shows Catra how to find Adora in the Forbidden Zone.

Adora is completely consumed by her fears. She's scared of She-Ra, and some part of her is still scared of Catra. Scared of Catra as her enemy. Scared that she might be different than what she thought. Adora's demons take the shape of Catra, confusing Adora when the real one finds her. The real Catra fights against Adora's demons but she has to use her mask and share a common memory with Adora to convince her she's the real one.

A demon who took the shape of She-Ra tries to kill Adora. Catra kills it, and the action terrifies Adora, who is still vulnerable emotionally. Her demons try to separate them. Catra cries and apologizes, which finally convinces Adora to believe her.

Catra shares her memories and emotions with Adora in a chaotic blur. It's powerful, painful but comforting. Catra shows Adora how grateful she is that Adora came to find her. She's also sorry for hurting her and her friends. Catra kisses her. It finally breaks their fears. The Forbidden Zone releases them from its grip. They reappear in the Whispering Woods, where they spend a few hours resting in each others arms.

When they wake up, Catra reveals everything she learned from Madame Razz. Adora is distraught. She hates the concept of the prophecy controlling their future. She never meant for Catra's life to revolve around hers to the point of losing her past. She freaks out at the idea that their relationship might not be real. What is real and what is not? She can't handle the secrets and manipulation around her, even if it's for the greater good.

What is right and what is wrong anyway? The Rebellion she swore to protect against the bad guys were actually not all good either.

Adora's demons got her fears right. She's lost.

Catra comforts her as best she can. It's not Adora's fault. This all happened because the 'adults' fucked the world up and manipulated them. But their future, their choices belong to them. They have to discover the truth by themselves and decide for themselves what the right thing to do is.

For this, Catra has to leave. She needs to find out what she can about the Magicats, and take Hordak down. She doesn't want to come back to the Rebellion right now anyway. And she has to find herself on her own, away from Adora. Catra loves her, but she won't let some old witch make her future dependent only on Adora.

The Princess doesn't know what to do. She is so pissed at the Rebellion, the shady sorcerors of Mystacor and the merciless civilians. She doesn't know if she can fight for them blindly anymore. She was blind under the Horde's command for so long, and now she realizes she has done just the same with the Rebellion.

Catra tells her to focus on Salineas. Mermista seems like a nice person. Adora can focus on liberating her kingdom from Hordak, for starters. And then think of what she wants to do.

As for their relationship, even if Madame Razz set them up by reuniting them as kids, the rest was their doing. Adora and Catra became best friends and then more by themselves. This is no trick.

After an emotional embrace, the two women are joined by Scorpia and the two boys, who followed Catra's tracker. They explain the Horde situation and their escape, then Scorpia gives a video message from Entrapta to Catra. She listens to it in private, as Entrapta requested. When she's back, she tells them all that Entrapta gave them a place to go and a mission to follow. Catra can't tell Adora about it. Adora understands but feels a bit sad and worried. She has to let Catra go for now.

Catra promises to come back to her, but she doesn't know when. Adora, in the meantime, will have to keep the secret of Catra's escape from the Forbidden Zone, as well as Scorpia's from the Fright Zone. She can only tell Glimmer and Bow.

After a kiss goodbye to Catra, Adora uses Madame Razz's magical berries to blink back to her room in Mystacor. Catra's crew heads out on their new adventure.

In Mystacor, Mortella finds a little Horde spy bot snooping around. She uses it to call Hordak, and warns him that since he broke their pact, Mystacor will go to war against him. Hordak is unfazed by her threat. He teases her about the trustful relationship Mystacor has with the Princess Alliance. The robot self destructs after the call. Right after that conversation, Hordak is interrupted in his thoughts by one of his Force Captains, who announces that Lonnie has escaped from her prison cell.

Nine months later, the Alliance and Mystacor unite their forces to take Plumeria back. Hordak has developed new missiles tech that She-Ra can counteract with the powerful ray of the Princesses working together, but it takes a lot of energy. The Princesses are on the verge of calling a retreat when they're saved by a new group of warriors emerging from the woods.

The Magicats.

The supposedly dead warriors help the dumbfounded Princesses win Plumeria.

And they're led by a powerful queen. A queen that will raise many questions and bring old conflicts back to the table of the Rebellion. Catra-or rather, Katriska.