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For my Sake

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9 months later…

The war had been raging for two days now. Plumeria was attacked from all sides by the Rebellion. Frosta's and Mermista's troops were controlling the north front, Angella's got the west, the princesses of the Alliance blocked the Horde's backup coming from Salineas in the east, and Mystacor's forces were protecting the southern side, giving a hard time to any trooper from the Fright Zone to even reach the Whispering Woods because of their storm magic.

They should have been winning. But the Horde were heavy opponents. They still had miles of galleries filled with emergency robots popping here and there around the kingdom, messing with their siege.

They had tried to send a missile on their different camps too, but the princesses had retaliated with the force of the Alliance. They had found a way, a few months ago, to control the rainbow wave power in a new manner. They could now blow it as an anti-missile ray, destroying the Horde's missiles in the air.

Once Hordak had discovered that, he'd spared his new weapons. They were long and tedious to create, and he didn't want them to go to waste.

Unfortunately for them, the tyran had also realized that this new technique took a lot of energy from the princesses, hence why using one little missile during the current battle had served him in the end. The other downside for the Rebellion was that the Alliance had to always stay together to boost their synchronized energy, therefore leave their troops alone on their respective front.

The princesses were having more and more trouble defending the east side. Yet most of the Horde forces of Plumeria were busy fighting on the other front, only a little handful of them blocked the princesses from coming in. Their real problem was Force Captain Grizzlor who was harassing them, sending more and more robots from Salineas relentlessly.

That kept them so busy they didn't really have the opportunity to break through Plumeria, whereas it was now the weakest front… They only needed a little luck, a little push… And they could take that kingdom back.

"Adora!" Glimmer appeared next to the eight-foot-tall warrior. "I know it's risky but… Can't we use our rainbow ray to pierce through Plumeria once and for all?"

"Pierce through- Glimmer, it's a ray that can blow up a missile flying a few miles up in the air. We're going to destroy the kingdom if we do that!"

"Yeah but…" Glimmer leaned on her thighs, panting heavily. "I don't feel great, I think we used too much energy…"

Adora cut a robot in two, then looked around her. The trees of the area were all destroyed, burning or broken, making an artificial clearing in the landscape. Robots were coming from all sides, so the princesses had to form a wide circle around the clearing to protect themselves, while some of their troops tried to break Plumeria's defenses.

As for the princesses themselves… Frosta's ice was thinner than usual. Angella couldn't fly for long anymore. Perfuma's plants were easier to break…

Glimmer was right. The Alliance, alone with some of Spinnerella's troops, was breathless. They would have to retreat soon… And lose Plumeria, because of the Salineas backup that would be able to take the clearing over.

It wasn't fair. This battle was supposed to be theirs. And if they could finally take Plumeria back… The road to Salineas would be wide open.

Adora sighed. Maybe the ray wouldn't be as powerful as the first time, since they were so tired. But there was still a high risk of harming Perfuma's runestone, and fainting from the effort. Then it would all be useless…

Adora was about to talk about Glimmer's idea again, but she stopped in her track, snapping her head in the direction of the valid trees framing the clearing. Glimmer followed her line of sight, frowning in confusion.

"What is it Adora?"

"Didn't you see something? Like a shadow in the branches…?"

"No… I can't see from that far anyway. It must be some more robots!" She shrugged.

Adora squinted her eyes, unconvinced. At this moment, the defense from Plumeria's side decided to attack. They must have received order to strengthen their front when they realized the princesses were weaker.

The rebel troops took shelter where they could under the rifle attacks.

"Adora get down!"

The princess turned her sword into a shield. The bullets bounced on the metal, but they wouldn't stop coming. How many munitions did they have in these galleries?! From the corner of her eyes, she could see new robots from Salineas entering the clearing. Angella shot a purple ray at them, but it wasn't enough.

This looked like the end… They had to retreat if they didn't want to lose more people for nothing.

Just as she was about to call the rest of the Alliance, Adora saw them again.

The shadows, bouncing from branches to branches, from tree to tree, getting closer and closer to the Plumeria defense watchpoints…

Glimmer had seen them too, and was looking in awe, not able to distinguish what these creatures were…

Suddenly some shrieks erupted from the Horde's side. Some rifles stopped, and Adora lowered her shield to see what was happening.

Some people had jumped from the trees, sneaking directly inside of Plumeria. She couldn't see them, but she could hear the ruckus inside the base.

"Adora look!"

On the other side of the clearing, where Angella and the others were being attacked by robots, new people were coming out of the trees the same way, scratching robots on their way down.


...with claws, big pointy ears and a tail swaying behind their back.

Adora widened her eyes.

"For Queen Katriska!" The warriors yelled as they pierced through the lines of robots.

"Hey Adora."

Her heart stopped.

She could see Glimmer looking agape behind her.

Adora slowly turned around and saw her.

Sitting nonchalantly in a tree, leaning on a hand, with her legs crossed like she was at a dinner party.

With that damn smirk on her face, that never failed to make Adora melt inside.

"Long time no see, Sparkle."

Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail. She had a new outfit, dark red and golden, sticking to her skin. Her mask's runestone was glowing brightly, in sync with the intensity of her eyes.

How could she just pop out of nowhere after months of complete silence, just when they desperately needed help? She'd always had a thing for theatrical entrances…

"Well… I'd love to stay and enjoy this awkward silence with you guys, but I think my people need a bit of help."

Catra grinned, showing off her fangs. She jumped off of the tree, walking slowly past the two princesses who were still in shock, and sent a hand signal to her troops

At this moment, Angella seemed to realize who was leading the army of what should be in her vision the ghosts of the past… Angella's jaw dropped even lower, her eyes staring intently at Catra.

The Queen of the Magicats nodded to the Queen of Brightmoon, a grave expression on her face. Then she pushed the golden runestone on her mask before lowering it on her face.

A second later, a magnificent feline stood on fours, roaring so hard in the clearing it made the troopers near her lose their balance.

"Long live Queen Katriska!"

At the end of this acclamation, the Magicats all turned into the same kind of warrior, bigger than the Horde bots, stronger than Frosta's ice, running head first into the Salineas backup lines on one side and Plumeria's defense wall on the other... The Horde had no chance against them. The soldiers inside Plumeria must have been in big trouble as well, facing the feline intruders.

The princesses were still too shocked to move, especially Angella, who kept shaking her head in denial, mouthing the name of the supposedly dead queen like she was trying to understand a secret meaning she wasn't aware of before.

"What are you guys doing?!" Glimmer yelled. "Come on, let's get moving, we can win this now, go, go, go!"

That order took them all back to reality. The troopers shouted for victory, hurrying against the defense wall behind the Magicats, while the Princesses helped the rest of the cat people chase the robots from the clearing.

Adora joined them, searching on her way with her eyes for the biggest of the Magicats… The one who got a mask over the eyes. She smiled when she saw her destroy with one headbutt the wall of Plumeria, showing no mercy for the soldiers on top of the watchpoints.

Adora smiled.

"Hey Catra."