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For my Sake

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It was cold. So cold.

It was the kind of cold that crept under your skin, sneaked inside your chest, and subsided no matter how much your muscles shivered, no matter how many times you rubbed your hands together.

Catra had to move, if she didn't want the cold to paralyze her. But she had to get rid of those handcuffs in her back first. She had been scratching them for hours with her claws, relentlessly, her heart beating fast as she checked her surroundings regularly.

The fog was so thick she couldn't see further than two feet away.

The rocky ground under her feet was the only indication of the kind of place she had been thrown in. Some sort of mountain…

Her stomach grumbled loudly. Another problem she would have to deal with soon… Was there anything to eat in this place anyway?!

"Fuck…" she cursed several times as she intensified the friction. Her arms were sore, her fingers hurt just below the claws, and she didn't think she was making any progress… She couldn't even check behind her back.

Catra suddenly shut her mouth. Her ears were raised on her head, tail stiff, pupils narrowed into two slits.

The whispers were back.

Catra fell as silent as she could, only hearing her pulse and shaky breath.

It had been lurking around her, hidden in the fog, ever since she woke up on the cold ground… She couldn't understand what it was saying, but feeling it so close, waiting for the right moment to strike gave her goosebumps.

She would gladly provoke it, if she didn't have her hands tied in her back…

A shadow.

Catra snapped her head on her right. No, there was nothing.

Her breath condensating was the only movement in her vision. She couldn't even hear the whispers anymore. They had probably left, but Catra didn't dare resume her work on her cuffs.

"You think you're strong Catra?"

She yelped. Nobody was around her. She was alone.

Yet the sharp whisper felt like it was inside her ear…

A giggle echoed in the fog, far away.

Catra's heart pounded in her chest. She had to move. But now she was truly paralyzed, stuck against the rock she was leaning on.

"Such a brave face for someone so weak…"

Catra jumped on her feet. She steadied her breath as she studied the fog, perking her ears up. It was just like Shadow Weaver's mind tricks. She was used to it. She could endure it. The humiliation, the degrading, the condescending, the inferiority complex… These weren't demons that could break her anymore. She had already faced them all.

She unsheathed her claw and resumed scratching the metal. She wouldn't let the Zone get to her.

"You think you can get out of here by yourself?"

She jumped on the left, her ear twitching. "Enough! Show yourself!" she shouted. Only a creepy chuckle answered her. She took a few hesitant steps, her eyes squinting to see better in the fog.

"So many fears in you…"

She shivered. She bit her lip hard, focusing on the metal.

The whispers tickled both her ears at the same time. "You can feel them too, right Catra?"

"Shut up, you're not real!" She could feel her breath hitch at the sound of footsteps tiptoeing around her.

"What you hear and's all real… All inside your heart…"

"I'm not scared of you!" Catra kicked a rock in the direction of the noises.

"Do you know what's not real though? The feelings she's showing for you…"

Catra froze. A memory popped in her mind. A kiss, sweet moans in the silent cell… A new promise...

"You think she's coming to save you?"

Something cold and sharp ran down her spine. Her wounded back exploded from pain. Her tail raised high in her back. Her feet were planted in the ground. Unable to move.

"You're scared she won't hold her promise once again…"

Another sharpness ran from her shoulder to her neck, scratching on her pulse…

Like a claw.

"But you don't really want her to save you, do you?"

Several claws were caging her throat now. She was completely still, internally shaking under the touch of…

"She messed you up big time…"

Then she felt it. A pressure in her back. A face snickering in her ear. A breath blowing on her cheek. She could easily picture the smirk showing off the feline fangs…

"What if we killed her when she comes?"

Catra yelped. She surged forward, and lost balance because of her ankle cuffs. She stood up with frantic efforts, and ran as fast as she could in the fog, not caring if she was noisy, or if she couldn't see anything.

She stumbled again, rolling on the ground. When she sat up, she saw her.

Little kid Catra, with her scruffy hair, wearing Horde pajamas. She was smiling at her.

"Don't be sad," she said with a brilliant grin. "I brought you a gift."

Catra had only brought Adora a gift once. She hadn't liked the dead mouse so much, so Catra never did it again.

"It'll make you feel better," little Catra smiled again. She extended her arm.

She was holding Adora's head. Blood was dripping from the base of the neck.

Catra screamed again. She stood and ran the other way, desperately tugging on her handcuffs.

"She's so good at charming everyone… She has them all wrapped around her finger… Collecting them like trophies… And you are her most ancient and faithful one…"

Catra raged as she ran, having no idea where she was going, or if she was going anywhere for that matter...

Suddenly she stopped. In front of her glowed two bright red dots… Two red eyes.


The nightmare started to invade her mind… She couldn't face that either. She turned around, hopping away from them.

"There's only one way to break free."

Teenager Catra and Adora were fighting in front of her, spears whipping at each other, like an old memory. Teenage Catra shouted, threw her spear in Adora's stomach. The weapon went all the way through her body. She pulled it off, snickering at the sight of Adora collapsing on the ground, red tainting the metal. She looked over her shoulder at Catra, a devious smirk on her face.

Catra charged the horrible vision, but it vanished in a foggy cloud. Catra panted, kneeling on the ground, waiting for the demon to whisper again. But an ominous silence surrounded her.

Then she heard it. The gnawing sound. Gross slurps and moans. She peeked on her right slowly. A figure was forming in the fog, crouching over a stiff figure lying on the ground. The fog was clearing itself around it, little by little. The crouching figure sat up, looking over at Catra. Blue and yellow eyes shone. A clawed finger came out of her bloody mouth with a pop sound. A snicker froze Catra's bones. Her eyes fell on the figure on the ground. Blond hair in a ponytail. A red pool surrounded her, dripping from her shredded stomach.

The scream got strangled in her throat as she tried to keep herself from vomiting.

She curled up in a ball, and closed her eyes. She was shaking hard, her body screamed at her to run again. But she knew there was nowhere to go. The demon would haunt her until she died from thirst or whatever came first. She could at least avoid the terrible images the Forbidden Zone created.

"Aw…" the sultry voice tsked.

She felt it next to her. She felt its cold claws brushing her hair. She couldn't open her eyes. She didn't want to see her.

"Look what she made you become…"

Catra shook her head, trying to chase the hand.

"Whatever you do, wherever you go… It always comes back to her, doesn't it? Even here..."

"Go away!"

"She always owned you. You will never be free from her influence…"

The claw traced her jawline, and grabbed her chin.

"And now she owns you in a different way…"

The claws turned smoother. A second later, soft lips pressed on her mouth, gently sucking on it… Catra's heart beat faster when she recognized the touch. But she didn't dare open her eyes…

Hands cupped her face as the kiss lingered for a long time. Catra couldn't help it. She sighed, leaning in the touch.

She knew she shouldn't, she knew she should push her away. But after seeing herself kill Adora again and again… How could she resist? She needed Adora with her right now, in that dark twisted place…


Oh, that voice. It made her finally peek an eye open. The feeling of relief when she saw her face made a tear escape and roll on the bridge of her nose. Adora smiled fondly, rubbing a thumb on her face.

Catra knew this was a trick. But she couldn't help it. She let her kiss her again. She let her straddle her hips. She let her grind smoothly on her.

"I missed you Catra…"

Adora had watery eyes, staring at her like she was the most precious thing in the world.

"Will you join the Rebellion with me?"

And Catra couldn't help it again. She was too exhausted. Too hurt. She wanted a way out, even if it was fake. She nodded.

Adora smiled, stroking her face and touching her forehead with her own.

"Will you stay with me forever?"

Catra nodded again.

"Will you follow me wherever I go?"

Her voice had changed. Something ominous lied beneath her tone. Catra looked up at her warily. Her guts told her to shove her, but she could hardly do anything in that position.

"Will you always make sure you're never out of my sight Catra? know I need to protect you all the time."

Catra didn't like that look in her eyes. It was too intense.

"I need you to be there for me Catra. I can't sleep without you being at the foot of my bed… I need to be sure you're faithful to me..."

Catra widened her eyes when she felt her hands move down from her face, to wrap around her neck slowly…

"Will you come with me to the next Princess Prom, as my date? I want to show you off to everybody… "

Catra wiggled under Adora, trying to release herself from her grasp, but she had steadied her body just at the right place to immobilize her.

And the hands were tightening around her neck.

"I could take care of you like before… And I could find you an occupation for the times I'm gone on a mission..."

"Let me go!" Catra finally shouted.

"I can't let you go back to the Horde Catra, or anywhere else actually," she shook her head slowly, her big blue eyes growing cold. "I won't let you get away from me anymore."

Catra gasped for air. She wiggled as hard as she could, panic taking over her.

"You are meant to be by my side forever…"

Adora squeezed harder.

"Stop…" Catra's voice was barely a rasp. Blood was rushing to her face. She was going to die.

But suddenly Adora was yanked away from her. Catra coughed, panting heavily as she rolled on her side.

"Don't worry Catra."

The voice sent a shiver down her spine. She looked up, and regretted instantly.

She saw herself, holding Adora in her arms. She saw her eyes, bloodshot, darkening a face twitched by an insane smirk. She saw her hand, holding a knife against Adora's throat.

She saw herself slit the flesh in one swift move, blood spilling everywhere on her body.

"She won't pull us down any longer."

Catra closed her eyes. This was not real. This was a nightmare. This couldn't be. She would wake up in her bed at the Fright Zone. She would have a good laugh with Scorpia at Entrapta's lab when she would tell them about that silly dream. And she would forget about it.

"Lord Catra, here's the tea you asked for."

Catra couldn't help looking once again. The bitterness of that familiar voice sent a new wave of panic through her body. Not her…

"It's cold Lonnie."

Her other self threw the tea at the buff girl's feet. She was sitting on Hordak's throne, wearing his cloak, caressing Entrapta's thigh who was sitting on her lap as she typed on her computer.

Oh no, no, no…

"Come closer," her other self said, a sadistic glint in her eyes. "Kneel."

Lonnie obeyed reluctantly, sending daggers to the feline.

"You know how I feel about failure… If you can't do your work properly… You need to be punished."

She slipped her hand under Lonnie's shirt, and from the way the girl winced, Catra could guess what she was doing.

"Stop it!" Catra jumped on her feet, but arms locked themselves on her body, holding her still.

"You don't want to watch our success?" the claws gripped her jaw with an incredible strength, forcing her to watch. "This is everything you've ever wanted Catra…"

"No…" she wailed, but she couldn't keep her eyes off of the scene. Her other self was laughing at the humiliation, thriving on bringing Lonnie to tears… "I'm not like this…"

"Um, Lord Catra?" Scorpia appeared out of nowhere in the scene, hiding someone behind her.

"I'm busy Scorpia."

"I know but um… It's the kid, he… He failed the exam."

Her other self pushed Lonnie aside, and stood up, sending Entrapta on the ground without a concern.

"Show him to me."

Catra could see a shadowy figure hidden by Scorpia, standing trembling in front of her other self.

"I don't accept failure in my ranks, soldier" Lord Catra's words were acid. "I thought I made it clear when I saved your miserable existence…"

"I want my mommy…" the kid cried. Wait...Catra recognized that voice. It was that kid…from Mystacor…

"Your mommy?" her other self crouched to his level, pity mixed with a glint of danger dancing in her eyes. "Your mommy's dead, soldier. She is never coming back for you…"

The kid hiccuped. Like he did when more rocks crushed his mother's lifeless body.

"But don't worry, I'll make sure you don't miss her anymore."

She turned to Entrapta, "erase his memories."


"What's the matter Catra? Don't you wish you too could forget about the ones who left you? Who betrayed you?"

"Fuck you! Let me go!"

"You know deep down that Shadow Weaver wasn't so wrong after all…" the claws moved back to her neck, pressing against her pulse. The scenery disappeared, leaving Catra panting, raging and crying in the grip of her demon.

"She taught you to hide your weakness inside, and see the others' weaknesses… She taught you how to use them to survive… It's what you're best at, right Catra?"


Change of scenery. This time it was a memory. A memory Catra remembered too well.

"What's wrong Lonnie, you're not in the mood?" the buff girl grasped her memory self's wrists, pulling away from the kiss.

"I don't wanna do that with you anymore."


Catra didn't want to look.

"Because it's getting too much for me, and'll never see me...any different. So I'd rather stop."

Tears rolled on her cheek as she watched her past self getting confused, then outraged, then pleading. She had needed Lonnie at the time. Not in the way that Lonnie would have wanted, but...she had seen more in her than a tool. She hadn't wanted to lose her…

"If you...if you leave then…" her memory self panted. "You're not a Force Captain anymore!" she yelled.

Catra closed her eyes. She heard Lonnie shove her against a wall. She didn't want to see the pain on her face again. The hatred she bore for Catra.

"Go ahead. I don't wanna be your Force Captain anyway. You're despicable."

"See Catra… It's better not to get attached. If you had just used her for sex like you intended to, you wouldn't have cried when she left…"

"Shut the fuck up!"

"She is right you know, you are despicable. You knew all along how she felt about you but you kept using her body… Look at how much she hates you right now for breaking her heart…"

"No…" Catra couldn't stop the tears. Lonnie had forgiven her. They had moved on. And Catra had even given her the Force Captain status back, but she had refused, preferring to stay a cadet. It wasn't real, it was just a mind trick…

But why did it work so well?

"What face do you think Adora will make when she realizes how despicable you are?"

"Shut up!"

Suddenly the hard grip of her demon loosened. Catra fell on the ground. She heard an inhuman whimper, and a few flashes blanked her eyelids, that she kept closed. She stayed still on the dirt, curled up in a ball, waiting for the next torture.

"It's okay Katriska, it's gone."

That wasn't a voice she knew. Catra opened an eye.

A weird old lady with huge glasses and scruffy grey hair was smiling at her, sitting cross legged next to her. She snapped her fingers. Catra felt her wrists and legs finally released. She jumped far away from her, standing in a fighting stance, her claws unsheathed. She was shaking, so she hissed to give herself strength.

"Madame Razz is not going to hurt you, dear. Madame Razz is not from here, you see."

Catra didn't relax. "Who are you?"

"Oh that's right! You don't remember!" the lady jumped on her feet. "Madame Razz has something that belongs to you and that will help you refresh your memories."

She slipped her hand in her robe, then handed to her the object that had caused such a mess in Catra's life.

In one leap, Catra snatched the mask from her. She examined it before squinting her eyes at the so called 'Madame Razz'.

"Where did you get that?"

"Madame Razz took it from Mystacor. It belongs to you."

"How will it make me remember?"

"Your mask has another special power, you see," the witch swept the dirt with her broom as she talked. "It holds the memories of all the Queens of the Magicats before you, as well as yours!"

"...what?" Catra looked at the mask. She brushed the shiny rocks and shivered.

"Yes. To see the memories… You need to wear the mask, and push on the blue runestone, while focusing on a queen, a moment, a feeling…"

"That is vague…" Catra said, suspicion tainting her voice.

"It also allows you to share memories with people. For that, you only need to hold their hands and focus just the same on what you want to share."

Catra didn't answer. She observed her with wary eyes.

She didn't like that woman who just popped out of nowhere to save her… It looked fishy. But...she freed her from her demons.

"Why are you helping me? We don't know each other."

"Madame Razz knows Katriska."

Catra's heart skipped a beat. A greedy curiosity awakened all her senses, but she brushed it off, forcing herself back to reality.

"The last people who told me they knew her sent me here in the first place," she spat.

"Madame Razz guesses you'll just have to trust me," a warm smile shaped her wrinkled eyes into two half moons. Catra spent another minute staring at her, indecision driving her mind crazy.

She groaned. What was the worst that could happen?

She motioned to put the mask on her forehead, but froze at the last second when she remembered what happened the last time she did that.

"Don't worry dear, Madame Razz took the Queen of Mystacor's spell off. You can wear it safely now."

She breathed in and out, bracing herself in case the witch was lying. She'd gladly endure that pain rather than the Zone's mental torture anyway.

She put the mask on, pushed hard on the blue runestone, clutching her knee at the pain, and let her head filled with the first person that came to her mind.

"Adora," Shadow Weaver's voice resonated in the room. "This is your new bunkmate. Her name is Catra. She's...quite of a troublemaker. I expect you to hold her into place, and tell me immediately if she causes any trouble."

The tall woman harshly pushed forward a scrawny little figure wrapped in a big cloak. Big ears, scruffy hair, lost mismatched eyes…

"Hi! I'm Adora!"

The bright little blonde hugged her. Catra hissed, jumping away from her.

"I'm sorry! I didn't want to scare you!" Adora held her hands up. Catra curled up in a ball in a corner, watching her suspiciously. Adora's face lit up as she got an idea. She went to her bunk, and took two rudimentary rag dolls from under her pillow. "Do you wanna play?"

Catra didn't answer, so Adora started to tell a story with the two dolls, making faces and funny voices. Catra's traits relaxed little by little, until she got completely mesmerized by the story. At some point, Adora handed one of the dolls to her. A clawed hand appeared from under the cloak. She took the doll, but planted the claws in it unconsciously.

"Hey! Careful, you're gonna tear it!"

Catra dropped the doll and took her previous defensive stance back. Adora looked like she regretted her words. She went back to her bunk, and this time took a metallic little bot from under her pillow.

"Here, take it, it's for you!" She handed the toy to Catra, who hesitantly took it with one hand. "Do you want to be my friend?" Adora asked, hope shining in her eyes.

"...okay." Catra's voice was already raspy. As if she had screamed a lot in her short life. The two kids played for a while, until Catra felt confident enough to loosen her grip around the cloak. The clothes fell, revealing the mask sitting between her legs.

"Oooh, what is that?" Adora motioned towards it, but Catra suddenly closed herself on it, hissing louder than the first time. "Sorry, sorry! So what is it?"

"...I don't know. I just have it. It's mine."

"Huh… You better hide it then, we can't have stuff," Adora said gravely, then grinned. "You can do like me and hide it under your pillow! We can be the secret pillow buddies!"

A small smile lit Catra's face as she looked at the funny blonde laugh at her great idea.

"Oh wait, you don't have any clothes, I'm gonna find some for you, come on!"

Adora reached out to Catra, who took her hand eagerly, for the first time in her life.


Catra took the mask off. It was like in the Temple of Light hope, or close. She saw her memories from an outside point of view, but still felt everything little Catra felt.

"Did you enjoy?" Madame Razz asked, a genuine smile on her face.

"...sort of," she relaxed a bit. At least she knew she wasn't lying. "So how did we meet exactly?"

"You can see it by yourself thanks to this now," she pointed to the mask. "Madame Razz was the one who gave you the blue runestone back."

"It was you?!"

A thousand questions barged in her mind. She didn't know which one to ask first…

"But how…"

"If you allow me, Katriska-"

"My name is Catra..."

"There is an important memory I need to show you with the mask. It will answer some of your questions."

Catra hesitated. She looked around her, not really feeling like plunging into another memory in the middle of the Forbidden Zone.

"Don't worry about the demons. They won't come back while Madame Razz is here."

That didn't reassure her so much. As far she as she knew, she was kinda crazy. Catra stared at her for a second, and once again caved. Curiosity would kill her someday…

The witch snapped her fingers. The blue rock pushed itself in the mask, hurting Catra again in the process.

It was hot…

The fire had destroyed what was left of the city. Hundreds of dead bodies were lining the ground. Robots were killing the last survivors, their screams filling the smokey air. The world had ended that night.

A survivor was crawling on the ground. Blood was dripping from the corner of her mouth. She was holding her stomach as she desperately tried to run away from him.

But he was faster than her.

The dark cloaked figure jumped from a blown up building, landing right next to her. He smashed a foot on her back, crashing her on the dirt. She yelped in pain.

He reached down, rolled her on her back, staring at the broken face with delight. Then he grabbed her by the neck, lifting her in the air.

She planted her claws in his hand, to no avail…

"It's over, Katriska…"

She hissed at him. A fire still burnt in her yellow and blue eyes, magnifying her even in that state.

She looked like her. An older version of her, with shorter hair, and maybe something a bit different on the face...

The mask was shining on her forehead. Katriska reached up, a shaky hand trying to lower it on her eyes. But Hordak reacted in a second. He grabbed her wrist, and squeezed until he heard the bones crack.

She roared in pain.

"You wouldn't survive a transformation in that state, am I wrong?"

"Go fuck yourself…"

Hordak cackled. He gripped her neck harsher. Katriska choked, her tail wiggling behind her back.

"I wonder what would happen if I broke your precious mask…"

He reached out to the golden runestone. When his nails clutched the rock, Katriska screamed, despite the lack of air. She lashed her claws on his forearm, but he pulled on the rock harder, a hateful scowl on his face.

The rock finally got ripped off of the mask with a horrible screeching noise.

A second later, giant paws slapped Hordak, as a powerful roar made the last walls of the destroyed city fall. Hordak crashed on a burnt tree behind him, watching the transformed queen whimper in pain, bumping into walls erratically.

Completely out of control…

Hordak put the stone in his pocket. He prepared his shotgun arm, aiming at the beast. The queen dodged the attack, then charged him full speed on. Hordak gasped when she headbutted him. She crashed him against a wall that crumbled under the impact.

Katriska leapt over the ruins and ran away, tripping on rocks and bumping against pillars on her way.

She eventually stopped at the foot of a destroyed shrine. The symbols of moons and suns were hanging sadly on a half broken pillar. She collapsed underneath them, her ears deflated and tail low. Her body turned back into its original form. She raised a shaky hand to her mask, and cried out when she took it off her forehead.

It hurt so much.

She was barely conscious. There was fire almost everywhere around her. It was a miracle she hadn't already passed out from the smoke and intensity of her wounds.

She looked around her, searching for something...anyone still alive.

But there was nobody.

She gripped her mask, gritting her teeth as she tried to move. But her legs were too strained. She had no strength anymore.

This was the end.

A pop sound made her ears perk up. She tilted her head and saw her. A tearful smile lit up her face.

"Ma'am… Madame…" her voice was hoarse and feeble. She reached out to the woman, asking her silently to come closer. The little woman with salt and pepper hair and big glasses kneeled in front of her. "Help me! Madame Razz..."

"Oh, Katriska…"

Madame Razz looked much younger.

"Help me… You gotta take it!"

Katriska leaned on an elbow, and extended her shaking arm bravely, holding out the mask. Madame Razz cupped her face, brushing the traces of dirt and blood away.

"Your time on Etheria is not over Katriska."

"I'm dying… Take it! Give it to-"

"Eat this."

Madame Razz put some green berries to Katriska's mouth. The fallen queen ate them slowly, struggling to swallow.

When she was done, Madame Razz grabbed the mask, eliciting a feeling of relief in Katriska. She let herself fall on the ground, ready to embrace death. Madame Razz rolled the queen on her back, then took her in her arms.

She snapped her fingers. The blue runestone popped off the mask, making Katriska scream again.

"It hurt for the last time. Your connection with the runestone is now severed. Madame Razz is sorry for that…" she sighed. She put some green berries in her own mouth. "And for everything else… Razzle Dazzle."

She put a kiss on Katriska's forehead.

An incredible shockwave broke the remaining of the shrine.

Madame Razz's hair grew longer and whiter. Her back hunched. Her face got more wrinkles. In her arms, Katriska grew smaller and smaller. Her wounds disappeared. Her face and belly got chubby. Her tail turned into a little fluff cone.

When the ground stopped shaking, a little magicat kitten was curling up in the arms of the old witch.


"Always keep that mask with you dear…"

No way…

"Madame Razz took all your memories away from you. So that you can start anew."

It's not possible…

The witch stroke the sleepy kitten face, then disappeared in a popping sound again.

The kitten was all alone now. She looked around her, but didn't recognize anything. She wailed. Pressing on her chest the mask that was too big for her now, she tried to raise on her feet, but lost balance. She whined, coughing from time to time because of the smoke.

Then a cracking noise made her jolt.

The kitten shrank her body behind the base of the shrine.

But the one who made the noise had heard her. A dark cloaked figure appeared in front of the shrine. He saw the fluff of the tail from behind the rock. He crouched and looked around.

His red eyes met the mismatched ones of the kitten.

She shrieked.

Hordak hoisted her up by the skin of her neck. The kitten screamed and wiggled, but he wouldn't let go.

"What on Eternia…" Hordak grabbed the mask, but the kitten kicked him with her little foot. He looked at the eyeholes. "Where is the blue stone?"

Since she was only whining, Hordak looked around him. He took a device from his pocket, and scanned the area.

"No. Living. Presence. Detected."

Hordak frowned. "Who did the magic then…?"

He put the little magicat on the shrine, holding a firm grip on her shoulder. "Are you…?"

He looked on the ground next to the symbols of moons and suns. Katriska's clothes were lying there. Hordak raised a doubtful eyebrow. He snatched a hair from the kitten's head, and put it inside his machine.

"DNA. Matching. Queen. Katriska. Identified."

"This is absurd…"

Hordak took a good look at her. He rubbed his chin, like he was assessing the possible outcomes from an experiment…

Then he smirked, took his cloak off and wrapped it around her small body. The kitten stopped crying. She stared at him with big expectant eyes. Hordak took her in his arms, and walked away from the shrine.

Away from the city in flames.

Away from the genocide he just committed.

"You're going to fit in just fine in my army… Catra."